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Friday, August 23 2013

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A FLOOD of information about Brighton and Hove City Council is to be released in a radical shift towards greater transparency. Detailed results of more than 1,000 requests a year made under the Freedom of Information Act are to be published online, Brighton & Hove Independent can reveal. It will also be easier for citizens to make requests, following a pioneering agreement with mySociety, a charity that uses digital technology "to help people become more powerful in the civic and democratic parts of their lives". Currently, only the person who makes a direct request to the council sees the response. Today, we can also report for the first time that recent Freedom of Information requests have disclosed: • £51,690 has been spent on legal services for evictions of travellers from illegal encampments across the city since 2004; the legal costs involving Wild Park alone total £3,810;



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£39 • £52,471 has been received in revenue from the Horsdean site since 2010; • The council had only 19 onebedroom homes available to let in June, when 568 households were deemed to be "under-occupying" and in need of only one-bedroom properties; • The council has 930 employees whose contractual actual earnings




205 205






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Brighton – Dover Brighton – C. Lo were between £15,000 and £18,000 Brighton did not– Luton receive a reply. a year - at an estimated cost of The figures so far this year from: from: from: £19,269,629 (including employers' are: 726 requests - of which 643 national insurance and pension have resulted in full disclosure; 14 contributions. have resulted in part-disclosure; Last year, the council received Brighton and–50 have been refused. The Portsmouth Brighton – Southampton Brighton – Eastbo 1,159 FoI requests - of which 998 council sought clarification about from: from: resulted in full disclosure; 18 23 requests, but did notfrom: receive a resulted in part-disclosure; and 131 reply; four request requests were were refused. The council sought withdrawn by the individual. clarification about 10 requests, but Continued on page 3


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2 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013



6 8 - 7 1 P R E S TO N S T R E E T B N 1 2 G H

How will we remember them? Council to release flood of information Continued from page 1 A minority of FoI requests to Brighton and Hove City Council - about 10% of the total, it is estimated - are already made by way of the What Do They Know? (, Hadfield aGreg website created by mySociety that allows users to make Countlessand dead and the countless requests share responses names on war memorials we has with other users. The website revere once a year on Armistice processed 172, 926 requests to Day. But, morebodies often than not, we 15,635 public across the wander by with barely a glimpse, country since it was conceived barelyyears a thought seven ago. On August 4 it 2014, Since 2008, has Brighton processed and Hove will join the nation 622 requests to Brighton and in remembering the among first day55 of Hove City Council; conflict in the First World War, the unitary authorities like Brighton war that like so many others – and Hove, only Bristol City was the war end all more wars. Council has to received Great plans are already under requests (653) by way of What way. And our city is certain to do Do They Know? what it can. One recent request that made Brightonrecently and Hove is home headlines was fromto Ben scores of war memorials to those who Benterman, who has made a total died between 1914 and 1918: 81 in of 23 requests since July 2011 by Brighton and 39 inDo Hove, according way of the What They Know? to the War Memorials Archive held website. by Mr the Imperial War Museum. Benterman, of Ladies It Road, is, of course, the lives and Mile Patcham, asked

Brighton&&Hove HoveIndependent IndependentFriday, Friday,August August239 2013 2013 33 Brighton

for detailed information about procurement and corporate credit cards issued to council officers and councillors in the 2012-2013 financial year. The response showed ÂŁ2,942.75 was spent on air travel and sacrifices of on men, women anda ÂŁ10,127.26 train tickets; children the people behind the further ÂŁ18,314.95 was spent on names on the memorials that hotels and ÂŁ5,455.34 on meals. must be forgotten. In anever statement yesterday, A Brighton Museum-led project Jason Kitcat, the council leader, has already begun, to collect First confirmed mySociety technology World War stories, photographs will power the council's FoI and mementoes forno a landmark system - although launch date exhibition next year. Much more is has yet been announced. being Theplanned. new system, the first of For its Brightonwill & Hove its kind inpart, the country, allow Independent is committed users to review all requests to and photographing and mapping responses, regardless of how all the the war memorials withinincluding our requests were submitted, city, with the keen desire the by paper; it will also allowthat users families of the fallen may also to discover related responses. come forward share public their Responses willand be made stories with our readers. upon disclosure of information. How yousaid: think Brighton Mr do Kitcat "This isn't and Hove should mark just about technology but the centenary next changing the way citizens and year? Email: views@ council officers work in sharing brightonandhoveindependent. information to improve services Twitter: @BrightonIndy and ensure accountability."

The truth about roadworks "hell" on the seafront

What do they know? mySociety tells you

IT WAS described as "Summer Hellidays" - in a front-page article Myf Nixon about "non-emergency" roadworks planned to coincide with the IN 2006, mySociety invited "busiest" time of the year. members of the public to pitch The about only problem ideas what itswith nextthe major two-fact article? Neither fact was project should be. The winning correct. concept was a website that would Newspeople that a to busy seafront stretch allow make and browse ofFreedom the A259ofwould be closed for Information (FoI) three weeks is inevitably of interest. requests. And You for headline-writers, any of traffic may not have heard congestion is bound to provoke mySociety - although the chances "anger" - or "ire" if headline are that you have used onespace of isthe tight. many websites that they "Traders andby councillors have run. Founded Tom Steinberg asked why non-emergency work is (pictured), its mission is to make being carried out now at the height online tools that give easy access oftosummer when the city is on show civic and democratic rights. to the world," one local newspaper The issue of freedom of reported. information was an ideal The truthfor is that the roadworks candidate a mySociety clogging up the road outside the project. Not everyone is aware Hilton Brighton Metropole where that you have the right to Brighton Hove Independent request & information from anyhas itspublicly-owned offices - are thebody. resultEven of a gas leak requiring emergency repairs. people who did know may have Abeen temporary "fix" management stumped about where to of what threatened to beaarequest. continual begin to make such problem proved inadequate. aimed to Hence work. makethe theurgent process as easy, and as “Many would think this transparent, as possible. is indeed an emergency," a Previously, FoI requests spokesman for Brighton and Hove were conducted in one-to-one City Council said. "There has correspondence between thebeen

Brighton shop given alcohol ban

Pride weekend inspires sell-out of 100th issue F.A.O: Richard Collins

A SHOP IN THE CENTRE of Brighton has had its licence to sell alcohol revoked. B&W Stores, in York Place, Brighton, was banned from selling booze after systematically selling super-strength alcohol to street drinkers despite warnings from the police and council. Brighton and Hove City Council said: “There was also evidence of sales to underage children at the off-licence.� The London Road Local Action Team requested a review of the licence and representations were made by 24 different organisations, residents and businesses. A council licensing panel heard THE 100TH ISSUE of Brighton evidence from Sussex Police, one & Hove Independent wasBrighton an of the local councillors, unprecedented success. Housing Trust (BHT), which a special front to hasWith offices nearby, thepage council’s mark Pride weekend, a record Trading Standards Department number of copiesofficer. of your favourite and a licensing weekly newspaper were printed and The off-licence’s designated distributed. premises supervisor Wahid Lynn James, our sales manager, Ibrahim was asked why he had and Mark Ansell, our managing not taken action to stop the sale of

alcohol to street drinkers. Mr Ibrahim was questioned about how often he was present at the premises. The panel heard that he had other business interests, acting as a medical consultant and as the licence holder of premises in another town. He volunteered to accept a condition on the premises licence restricting sales to alcoholic drinks with an ABV content of 6 per cent or less. The panel felt that the measure was too little too late and was also concerned about the lack of training for staff. B&W Stores has given a series of “yellow cards� by the police and directordating (both pictured), joined council from 2009. a team of distributors on dutydetails at Sussex Police submitted Brighton Station to greet the crowds of 33 separate alcohol-related arriving oninFriday. incidents York Place between Byfour Sunday, nearly all our 100 over months to the start of pick-up points across the city were August. empty. Councillor Deane said: “The Despite urgent panel felt the onlyefforts coursetoof action replenish stocks with extra left to us was to revoke thecopies licence with emergency stocks, demand in order to protect the public.�

She was joined on the panel by Councillor Dee Simson and Councillor Penny Gilbey. Dr Tom Scanlon, the director of public health for Brighton and Hove, said: “We know that alcohol brings many economic benefits to the city but local residents will be all too aware of the problems that it brings as well. “I am really pleased to see that the Licensing Panel took firm action with someone who was clearly endangering the health of adults and children by repeatedly selling alcohol to people who were already drunk or underage. “We want to work with businesses so that we have high standards of alcohol retailing continued toand outstrip In in Brighton Hovesupply. and I am short, we ran out of copies in less happy to say that many are cothan 72 hours. operating. So remember: your copy “But if licence get holders are every Friday morning. Before it's intent on breaching their too late! and endangering the conditions To find outwellbeing where you can health and of residents get your copy, visit: www. and visitors then this action brightonandhoveindependent. shows that the council will not sit by and watch.�

“The works have been a gas leak close to the junction of implemented in a way that most West Street for some time, which reduces disruption to traffic. has been managed rather than requestor and the authority; now, for the same information. “August is not in anyand case permanently fixed. publishes As well as browsing the ‘busiest time’ on the A259 "This temporary repair was both the request and the response making requests, you can signin up Brighton. Traffic is quieter than done in the expectation that in a permanent public archive. to receive email alerts whenever months winter, this result gas main project would The is that anyone can amany certain wordin orthe phrase is because there are fewer vehicles commuting provide a permanent solution by search and read the thousands of mentioned, or when a request orsubmitted doing the school run.body. decommissioning problematic responses that arethe already online is to a given “The gas company a section of gas main that currently - and if their question is still not Subscribe to Brightonalso andhad Hove narrow window of opportunity requires frequent repair, often at answered, they can submit their Council, for example, and you'll between the latest Labour Party shortrequest. notice. own really be Pride on topand of the Conference to do the work “If the planned work on the Such transparency isn't just developments in our city. and to avoidNixon, these two major events gas main were postponed, the gas great for users; mySociety also Myf who lives in in the city's calendar.� company could well have to return calculates that it saves authorities is marketing and PLEASE REPLY Brighton, NO LATER THAN: 18/07/2013 It may be hell. Butmanager it is an to make in the time andfurther money,repairs as people areroad less communications emergency. in theto meantime. likely submit duplicate requests of mySociety. Tom Steinberg. Photograph: Andrew Hasson




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5FTUFNPOJBMT Testimonials %S-VLF.BEEPDLT Completely free of it in one treatment. It really is a miracle. I've been giving out your number to lots of colleagues and patients. I hope they book up. Thank You. +BDLJF.BSUJO My partner & I had the treatment on 21st Dec 2010. We are still non smokers, so it worked for us. /JDL0MJWFS5BZMPS Sorry i couldn't take your calls. Thanks for the messages. Despite one of the most stressful weeks ever, I am still not smoking. Thank you so much!

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Brighton and Hove Stop Smoking use the latest Bioresonance technology as featured on BBC News 24, Richard & Judy and in The Telegraph. The BBC and Richard & Judy reported 9 out of 10 people give up smoking with bioresonance. Treatment takes just one hour Drug free, painless, non invasive For a free information pack

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4 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

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Planting schemes increase biodiversity - and are cheaper

@Love_Brighton Did you know that #Brighton Royal Pavilion hosts events throughout the year inc music concerts & art exhibitions?

@LoveableRogues Off to Brighton today to make some final tweaks to the next single :) feeling slightly worse for wear- Eddie

@SkyNewsBreak England cricketer Monty Panesar to leave Sussex County Cricket Club at end of season after investigation into incident at Brighton nightclub

@lindsayyellis back in brighton 3 weeks tomorrow; excited is an understatement

@MillieHickish 90% sure I just saw Paul Hollywood in Brighton station. Unlikely to be him but very tempted to go over and ask for angel cake tips..

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Jason Kitcat The recent campaign by Greenpeace and others highlighted the plight of bees, who are struggling to find enough food. Not only are bees much-loved neighbours in our environment, but we are absolutely reliant upon them to pollinate our crops. As many gardens are paved over, or are turned into relatively-sterile lawn, bees and other insects are losing their food sources. For the last few years, the council has been introducing more diverse and sustainable planting in areas we maintain. This includes perennial plants that bloom every year and more native flowering plants that do their bit to support our local ecosystem. For example, wildflowers are now planted on the Lewes Road central reservation and grassed areas on several housing estates. We have also

Working with Kew Gardens on new ways to harvest local seed

replaced a number of more traditional flower beds with perennial schemes. As well as increasing biodiversity, the schemes are also cheaper to maintain, as they require less-frequent mowing and are cheaper than annual plantings. We also recently converted two redundant bowling greens in Preston Park to wildflower meadows, which are attracting bees and butterflies to

the park. All the work has been led by gardeners and other Cityparks staff, supported by many volunteers. Working with the national park and neighbouring authorities, we have been granted funding to create 15 “B Banks�. B Banks are artificiallycreated nature areas to encourage wildflowers, bees and butterflies. So far, B Banks are in place at Dorothy Stringer School and Varndean School -

as well as in Roedean and Greanleas. Finally, we are working with Kew Gardens on new ways to harvest local seed from the countryside to grow in the city; the first plants to be grown using this method will be coming to a park or garden near you next year. For more information on the types of plants you can grow to support bees and other insects, visit:

Jason Kitcat is Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council. Email him at: or follow him on Twitter : @jasonkitcat



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Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 5

Balcombe protestors fight on By Ian Kostrzewski “IT IS NOT OVER” was the steadfast message to fuel prospectors, Cuadrilla, as a protest camp at Balcombe, organised by No dash For Gas, this week came to a controversial end. The six day protest, in support of Frack Free Sussex, has seen over 30 people arrested for public order offences, including Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion. Ms Lucas said: “Risking arrest isn’t something I did lightly, but there are times when nonviolent peaceful direct action can be legitimate. That is the case

officer concerned and gave an assurance that every officer at such events is under constant scrutiny. More arrests have been made this week and nine people have so far been charged with public order offences, others - including Ms Lucas - were released on bail and will find out next week whether they will be charged. Ms Wicz said: “The fact an MP is prepared to take action sends a really strong message. She has empowered residents and given legitimacy to what we are saying.” Anti-fracking groups suggest Downing Street support for sites like Balcombe demonstrate

especially when the Government is risking a breach of its global commitments.” She said on her website that ministers refused to listen, causing a democratic deficit so huge people were left with no alternative but to take action. When asked whether the police response was appropriate, Cuadrilla’s spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on Ms Lucas or any related matter, only that the police took the necessary action.” Ewajasie Wicz from No Dash for Gas described the police’s actions as contradictory: “They were very much hands off at the camp but the approach to protest activity was heavy handed, aggressive and provocative. “The protest was about civil disobedience, and was not criminal. The police were trying to undermine the message we were trying to get across.” Some of those arrested plan legal action against police but Superintendent Lawrence Hobbs defended officers saying the protestor’s intent had changed and at times restraint techniques had to be used although he denied allegations of kettling. “Restraint can look very physical and, particularly if you’ve never seen it before, quite alarming” he said. Accusations have also been made that at least one officer was not wearing the epaulettes used as identification. Supt Hobbs has said he will be seeking clarification from the

a U-turn in the government’s sustainable energy policy and test drilling should not be given a green light until more is known about the procedure’s long term environmental effects. Fracking or hydraulic fracturing pumps water, chemicals and sand into rock, usually shale, at high pressure to release gas and is said to pollute water supplies as the chemicals seep into the water table. Cuadrilla was also blamed for two earthquakes in Blackpool in 2011 after using the procedure, forcing a government review which cleared the technique. The company stressed fracking is not considered an option as data shows little gas in the chalk and limestone bedrock and drilling was purely to identify whether a commercially viable source of oil could see Balcombe operate alongside 52 other wells in Sussex. However, the Balcombe site was drilled by US prospectors, Conoco, in 1986 but is not listed on a government report of substantial UK oil reserves discovered since 1982. If sufficient gas reserves were found, Cuadrilla assure villagers that extraction would be subject to rigorous assessment, planning and licensing which would take any concerns into account. Despite these assurances the parish council has already said it will oppose future plans to frack at the site. Cuadrilla maintain an open dialogue with Balcombe parish Council and residents which

they said was about sharing information, educating the community and reaching a peaceful conclusion to the matter. Drilling at the site has been temporarily suspended over fears for staff security, it is planned to resume as soon as police deem the area safe. No Dash for Gas said they will continue to campaign alongside Balcombe residents and will

Onshore discoveries in Sussex since 1982 Year 1984 1986 1987 1989 2010

Well name Baxters Copse 1 Storrington 1 Lidsey 1 Singleton 1 Markwell's Wood

Original operator Conoco Conoco Carless Kelt Northern

also support local and political protests at other proposed fracking locations across the country. Ms Wicz said: “Hundreds of

County W.Sussex W.Sussex W.Sussex W.Sussex W.Sussex

Type Gas Oil and gas Oil Oil Oil

people are motivated to take direct action to stop Cuadrilla and other companies like it drilling all over the UK.”










SUNDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 01273 603580 | *Terms & conditions apply. Advance bookings only. Price per person and includes VAT. Race times are subject to change. For full details please visit our website. Registered charity number 1018759

J3436 BRN Rockinghorse FFD_158x257 - Gatwick.indd 1

20/08/2013 15:26

6 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Mr Tourism’s fond farewell to Brighton Frank le Duc ADAM BATES has the £1 billion job. That’s how much money tourism and the conference trade generates for the local economy. After ten years as the head of tourism in Brighton and Hove, Mr Bates is leaving at the end of the year to set up his own conference business – His job title has changed a few times over those years – he is now the head of tourism and leisure at Brighton and Hove City Council. And the value generated by visitors probably exceeds the £1 billion estimate produced two years ago by researchers in a report about the economic impact of tourism. He occupies the Mayor’s office at Brighton Town Hall. He said: “When I started, I was put in here and told it would be temporary. Ten years later, I’m still here.” The Mayor and her team are billeted next door. If that’s not enough to lift the spirits, a glance at Brighton’s record as a destination over the past ten years ought to gladden the hearts of those who care about our city by the sea. Mr Bates said: “The value of tourism grew by about £195 million between 2003 and 2010. So the city has done OK in the face of stiff competition. “But the last few years have undoubtedly been tough for local businesses. “The Brighton Centre generates events with a value of around £60 million to the economy each year and the Convention Bureau generates a similar amount of new business each year.” Next month the Labour Party conference arrives in town, with dozens of hotels full booked. Many more pubs, bars and restaurants can expect to do a good trade. The Convention Bureau attracts not only the high-profile annual party conferences but year-round bookings from trade unions and a host of academic, medical and religious organisations among others. The British Red Cross, the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival and the Brighton Marathon exhibition are all booked in over the coming year. Mr Bates returned to Brighton to start his current job in 2003. He spent four years here as a student. He did a degree in hotel and catering management at the poly – now Brighton University. Then he went to work for Disneyland Paris as a management trainee. From there he joined the British Tourist Authority which rebranded itself as Visit Britain ten years ago – the same year that Mr Bates came back to Brighton. It wasn’t long before the new head of tourism was running Visit

Adam Bates has spent ten years promoting Brighton to the world

Brighton. He is proud of setting up Visit Brighton “and its transition from a service with no partners to one with 450 and from a service which relied upon printed brochures to one driven by a digital offering”. The money contributed by those 450 partners pays for the way Brighton promotes itself to tourists, the conference trade and a host of other visitors. Mr Bates said that it has played a crucial role in helping new events and attraction come to the city – everything from helping get the Marathon and Brighton Wheel taken through the permissions required. He has also played a role in the re-establishment of Brighton and Hove’s Commemorative Plaque Panel and is delighted to see blue plaques remembering notable lives and their local links. He was involved in securing the booking for the Council of Europe conference in Brighton last year. The world’s media reported from the town, generating millions of pounds of free publicity. Bids for conference business involve the tedium of completing lengthy tender documents. And the competition from rival resorts is fierce. But Mr Bates said: “All of these (conferences) have been with the aim of securing opportunities for employment for our communities and local people.” The visitor economy is reckoned to keep more than 18,000 people in work – the equivalent of more than 13,000 full-time jobs. Brighton’s rivals were once considered to be the likes of Bournemouth and Blackpool. Mr Bates is far too diplomatic to describe somewhere like Blackpool as the last resort. But he suggests that these days Brighton is more of a global competitor up against the likes of Melbourne, Barcelona and Copenhagen. He doesn’t have the budget to advertise heavily. Instead Visit Brighton courts the media around the world. Mr Bates said: “It’s about getting

new and repeat business to the city. We do that in three ways. “The Visit Brighton website – it’s gone from 10,000 to 1.8 million unique users a year since it was set up eight years ago and 12 million page impressions. “We facilitate the press, hosting 100-plus journalists a year, mostly international, getting reach in publications and feeding them with good images and providing stock pictures.” He is mindful of the debate about the Brighton Centre and calls to replace it. He played a key part in the refurbishment since when tens of millions of pounds of bookings have been generated. He said: “It would be lovely to have a new conference centre but it’s not going to happen any time soon. Not in this economic climate. “You wouldn’t get a lot of change out of £120 million for a new Brighton Centre. “The absolute trick to our future success is not about bricks and mortar. It’s about events. It’s about reasons to visit. And it’s about balancing out the seasonal impacts. The biggest event coming up for Mr Bates, 44, a married father of two, is his departure from the council. He said: “It’s a destination comparison website for conference organisers. One of the principle choices a conference organiser makes is about their location. “There’s a £121 billion spend on travel and tourism in the UK and business tourism accounts for a third of that with conferences accounting for third of that. “The site is UK-based but international and high end. It’s Trip Advisor for the conference trade. “I hope to develop a business which can employ talented local people. I hope it will succeed internationally and will be associated with Brighton and Hove.” Frank le Duc is founder and editor of Brighton and Hove News, the leading daily online news service for Brighton and Hove. Visit www.

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 7

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8 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

A theatre of cruelty – a fear factory

In 2011, Londoner Chevonea Kendall-Bryan, just 13, also fell to her death, in her case 60 feet from her bedroom window. A month before she died, she had reported rape by two boys. Mobile-phone footage and a video of the alleged assaults were passed around her school. She died in view of one of her abusers. She had begged him to delete the mobile footage and texted a friend: “He wants me to jump”. Last year, in Hove, Poppy Freeman, 12, was forced to leave two local schools after deaththreats were posted on Facebook. She survived, but said: “I started

The Cybersmile Foundation is a registered charity in England No. 1147576

The humiliation of cyber-bullying is often the final straw for victims who have experienced other abuse and, typically, have not been protected by adults



THREE WEEKS ago, 14-year-old Hannah Smith hanged herself at home in Leicestershire after months of bullying. Users of the social-networking website, Ask. fm. called Hannah an “ugly f****” - urging her to cut herself, “drink bleach”, and “get cancer”. Last July, Daniel Perry, 17, died after jumping from the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland. He had been targeted by blackmailers on Skype, who demanded payment after telling him they had film of a sexual indiscretion with a teenage girl. He died after pleading: “What can I do to stop you showing this to my family?”

responsibility for bullying. Such victimblaming is far from rare. The so-called "noblame" approach that provides the IN ASSOCIATION WITH framework for many schools’ antibullying policies provides no effective protection to victims. Nor is it uncommon for victims to be forced into humiliating apologies and "contracts" that take no account of their powerlessness The Cybersmile Foundation is the UK’s first dedicated or the way these Cyberbullying charity. We offer useful guidance, advice and tips regarding cyberbullying and online hate campaigns. may be used to We work with children, parents/carers, schools and the authorities to raise awareness reinforce bullies’ of the growing problem, to reduce the number of cyberbullying incidents and to offer help and direction to victims suffering depression, social isolation and any other victim control. related problems. As adults, we Please visit our website at to find out more about our services and how we can help you or need to ask what is anybody you know with cyberbullying and online hate campaigns. it about our society Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our newsletter for the chance to win our regular competitions with prizes such as signed Premiership football merchandise from all the top clubs, days in the recording studio with top chart acts and days on as a whole that set with film and TV celebrities. encourages cruelty Don’t respond – The bullies want a reaction What you can do from you that’s why they do it. and bullying. A Victims Story feeling Save all evidence - Saving and logging all the “Being cyberbullied is the worst evidence means that you can prove everything like it i’ve ever had. Everything I do feels We need to should the problem escalate. feeling that and ope microsc a under is don’t never goes away, day or night. I Tell someone - It’s very important to tell someone hurt acknowledge that it think people understand how much what is happening as soon as it starts. You will be they are causing not just to the victim able to deal with it better with the the help and the families as well. The worst to but infects every aspect support of a friend, family member or teacher. There are many ways in which you can show your support part for me was seeing my mum I The Cybersmile Foundation. Firstly you and your cry, it felt like it was my fault and Contact professionals – Make contact with for say friends can sign our online petition calling for a change couldn’t make it stop. If I could of our lives - not organisations such as the Cybersmile Foundation would it llies cyberbu my in the law. You can do this by visiting our website at to one thing for advice and guidance. i’m chance a me give it and following the link. By signing up for our be, please stop to just our schools. a really nice person once you get Remember you are not alone – Cyberbullying newsletter not only do you get entered into our superb prize draws but you can then forward our newsletter to your friends. know me.” is very common so try not to isolate yourself or J, Year11, Manchester. feel lonely. Talking to others that have experienced Why expect Finally if you are interested in becoming part of Cybersmile you it can help. may be eligible to become a Cybersmile Ambassador. Please email with your contact details. teachers to stamp out bullying, Helpline 0845 6887277 when bullying has poisoned our society to such an extent that at many school gates and in many workplaces and Why bother telling children at each other - and politicians and neighbourhoods - people know no not to hurt each other, when so journalists mock opponents for other way of bonding as friends (at many adult television programmes their physical characteristics: their least while sober) than by sharing involve sexual or other violence weight, gender, breasts, blindness, in the vilification of others? and verbal abuse - and where adenoidal voices, or speech It is pointless to plan antithe appeal of low-budget reality impediments? bullying strategies for schools, as if programmes rests on adults Our culture has become a they were the site of the problem, insulting, ridiculing or humiliating theatre of cruelty - a fear factory. when so many children return each each other? I long for political leaders with day to homes in which mothers Why should children stop the courage to acknowledge this suffer domestic and sexual violence bullying when political leaders - and the vision to do something and children endure abuse. attend parliament to hurl abuse about it.


Jean Calder

writing notes about how I wanted to kill myself. I felt so horrible and alone.” Poppy’s father set up Cybersmile, a Brighton-based charity that campaigns to make cyber-bullying illegal. He feels police and schools “simply do not do enough” to support victims. I am sure he is right - and hope Poppy and he have been heartened by recent increased media and police awareness of abuse on Twitter. I worry, however, that a tooexclusive focus on cyber-bullying and the mechanics of website management - both of which fascinate the media - diverts attention from the grubby reality that all forms of bullying remain widespread. It’s true that the internet allows anonymity to abusers, while giving them unprecedented access to victims. But it is bullying that is the problem. Child-suicide following bullying is nothing new. In 2008, Belinda Allen, a West Sussex schoolgirl of 14, hanged herself from a tree after she was verbally bullied by classmates. A year earlier, 11-year-old Ben Vodden, a student at the same school, hanged himself after bullying on the school bus. In fact, at least 20 child-victims kill themselves each year. The humiliation of cyberbullying is often the final straw for victims who have experienced other abuse and, typically, have not been protected by adults. Prior to her death, Chevonea Kendall-Bryan endured three years of physical, emotional and sexual bullying at the hands of 11 boys, which she and others had reported. Teachers dismissed the abuse as “kids being cruel” and she herself was called a “narcissistic attentionseeker”. Chevonea started to self-harm in class and tried to take an overdose there. She was made to sign an “anti-bullying contract” with six of her tormentors, implying equal

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Planners to decide on future of three Hove schools

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 9

For sale board proves costly for Brighton estate agent A ‘FOR SALE’ board erected in a central conservation area has landed a Brighton estate agent with fines and costs of nearly £1,000. A representative from Sawyer & Co Sales and Lettings Ltd appeared at Brighton Magistrates court last week and admitted erecting the board outside a property in Howard Place. Magistrates heard that Brighton

Aldrington Church of England Primary School wants to extend its current building

THREE MAJOR APPLICATIONS for Hove schools will be decided by the town’s planners at a meeting next week. Cardinal Newman Catholic School, in The Upper Drive, Hove, has applied to build a three-storey detached block on the northern side of its current buildings. It intends to relocate 40 parking spaces to the south east corner of the site. Aldrington Church of England Primary School in Eridge Road, Hove, wants to extend its current building and carry out alterations as it has agreed to take extra pupils. Brighton and Hove City Council has already agreed that the number of school places at Aldrington should rise to ease a shortage locally.

Aldrington intends to put up a two-storey block and build a link corridor. The school hall will also be extended and new parking spaces created. And the council’s Planning Committee will also look at a proposal for the old police station in Holland Road, Hove. The council is seeking permission for a change of use and to build an extension up to three storeys high. It wants to demolish the garages at the back of the building and carry out a number of other alterations to turn it into an annex of West Hove Junior School. Councillors are being asked to approve all three applications at a meeting at Hove Town Hall at 2pm next Wednesday (28 August).

Council takes action over unauthorised loft conversion A PROPERTY OWNER who converted the top floor of a listed building into two flats without permission has been told to change it back. Michael Hamdan, owner of 6 Palmeira Square, has been served with two enforcement notices by Brighton and Hove City Council. The planning enforcement and listed building notices give Mr Hamdan nine months to stop using the fourth floor and internal roof-space as two separate planning units and convert the space back to one single flat. The four storey terraced building is located on the east side of Palmeira Square within the Brunswick Square Conservation area. The building was listed in 1971. In April last year, Brighton and Hove City Council received a complaint that unauthorised building work was being carried

out at the property. A council planning enforcement officer visited the premises and advised the builder to stop work. The following month, following a successful prosecution for unauthorised works to a listed building, the officer made a second visit. He discovered that work had continued, and that the fourth floor and roof space had been converted into two flats. Neither planning permission nor listed building consent has been granted for the alterations. In August 2012 and January this year Mr Hamdan applied for retrospective planning permission to convert the fourth floor and roof space into two flats, both applications were refused. Officers concluded that the work had not only harmed the character of the listed building, but potentially weakened its structure.

& Hove City Council had warned the company about erecting boards in central residential conservation areas, following a similar incident in Buckingham Place. The company was fined £325 and ordered to pay £610 court costs and £32.50 victim surcharge. Councillor Phélim Mac Cafferty, chair of planning, said: “This prosecution shows that our planning

officers are committed to enforcing the ban on estate agent boards within the central conservation areas. “I would like to thank the majority of estate agents who are complying with the regulations. This prosecution should give them confidence that court action will continue to be taken against those estate agents that fail to comply with the regulations.”

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10 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Many ways to remember the First World War

It’s time we valued our councillors properly SHOULD councillors get paid? And how much are they worth? It was disclosed this week that the 54 elected members of Brighton and Hove City Council claimed a total of £865,357 for the 2012-2013 financial year, a sum that includes basic allowances, travel claims, and childcare costs. Unsurprisingly, Jason Kitcat, the council leader, claimed the most - receiving £39,179. Is that too much? Or too little? On average, each councillor claimed £16,025. To put it another way, councillors cost each one of us £3.15 a year - or 6p a week. Crude mathematical calculations, however, cannot answer the questions we posed. Surely, we need to know how hard councillors work. Attendance at meetings is one metric. Seven Green Party councillors reportedly missed more than one in five (22%) of their scheduled council meetings in the year to April 30. Nevertheless, six of the seven were able to claim their full basic allowance of £11,463. Attendance at meetings may be necessary. But it is not sufficient. There remains the question of how effective councillors are. How on earth do we measure that? We are perhaps on more certain ground when we compare earnings - leaving aside whether or not being a councillor is a part-time, or a full-time, job. Some 165 council employees - out of about 8,000 - earn more than £50,000 a year. In contrast, the Brighton Living Wage is

£7.45 an hour - equivalent to a salary of £13,560, assuming a 35-hour week. Clearly, we do not wish to be represented only by the wellheeled or the well-pensioned. In the end, perhaps the laws of supply and demand should decide. After all, we are not short of councillors. Or are we? The truth is that each of the main political parties finds it difficult to attract potential candidates, even in the minority of “winnable” seats. First-time candidates are vetted only by cliques of party apparatchiks, understandably keen to share out the mostwinnable seats among themselves and their ilk. Others are on the ballot paper simply because they are incumbent councillors - their canditatures barely questioned, regardless of their performance in office. Others are “paper” candidates - whose names appear on the ballot paper, but who have little expectation of winning - and even less desire to be a councillor. There is little preparation for well-meaning individuals aspiring to a job that has no job description, no definition of success, and little in the way of professional development. So how many candidates with a realistic chance of winning have the skills and experience to be good candidates and good councillors? Indeed, what constitutes “a good councillor”? Only once we have addressed these questions, can we sensibly ask how much councillors should get paid.

I LIVE in Hove and have a strong interest in the First World War. I am a member of the Western Front Association and the online Great War Forum - where I post regularly as “Michael Bully” - and have done some research on the First World War and Hove. With regard to “How will we remember them?” (page 3, August 9), perhaps Brighton & Hove Independent could publish a series of articles about individual men from Brighton and Hove who served. It would be good to ensure that the Royal Navy - and the newly-emerged Air Force - are remembered as well as the Army. Perhaps examples from the different fronts could be taken into account, to ensure the Gallipoli, Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Salonika

campaigns are not forgotten. Also, it would be great to have pictures of war memorials from around the city particularly from churches - and a guide to find war graves in the cemeteries. I have researched some of the First World War graves in Hove Cemetery. Finally, I would like to see coverage of daily civilian life during the war in Brighton and Hove, how the Indian soldiers came to stay, refugees who settled in the area, and how women’s lives were

I LOOK forward to seeing Kevin Toolis's Gordon Brown inspired play next month, mentioned in last week’s paper, although (because?) I am not a member of the Labour Party. Incidentally, in his piece for the B&H Independent, Kevin refers to his subject as "this superbly capable, moral man"; and he is of course entitled to his opinion, one that is, perhaps, shared by G Brown himself. I just wonder whether lumbering UK taxpayers

with massive debts for the rest of this century, and incidentally squeezing the life out of several hospitals and other institutions, all through his liberal use of the Private Finance Initiative, just so that he could keep the costs off the official books, is a sign of either capability or morality, as I understand the terms. Rather typically, perhaps, PFI was originally a scheme thought up by a Conservative Government,

but readily adopted by Brown during his Chancellorship. I find it interesting, too, that having criticised Brown's use of it, the present administration is now going back to the idea. All which reinforces me in my belief that the main political parties in this country are just wings of one central, but rather rightwardleaning party! Bruce Smith Gloucester Rd, Brighton

I WRITE in response to the article placed in last week’s issue regarding the Gordon Brown play – “The failure of a moral Politician.” Mr Toolis’ play about Gordon Brown sounds interesting, but “hope” as the thing we look for in a leader? The public now see through commodity clones. Obama and Blaire’s failure, Afghanistan, Iraq,

endless images on television in undeclared wars of children blown to death have led to the public way past considerations of leaders images – whether they are 5 foot 7 inches – they expect results. The public are sick and tired of “no results – failure – inevitability” politics. In my opinion, Gordon Brown was the only leader who did one thing at least; he brought

in Tax Credits that helped self-employment and therefore had the effect of facilitating individual enterprise, the realisation of ideas (for example the Princes Trust). What caused his failure? You would have to read psychologists Adler, Freud or Jung to work out that one. David de Pinna Oriental Place, Hove

Front page of 9th August issue changed. Also local conscientious objectors could be discussed. I would be pleased to share any information that I have. Michael Shankland

Brighton & Hove Independent is interested in hearing your views. Any views submitted for publication may be edited and must include a name and address or telephone number. Write to us: Suite 225, Regency House, 91 Western Road, BN1 2NW;; @BrightonIndy.

PUBLIC NOTICE I Gianfranco Zitoli do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply to Brighton and Hove City Council in the county of East Sussex for the variation of a premises licence or club premises certificate to use or permit the use of premises known as Franco’s Pizza & Pasta, No.4 Victoria Terrace or the following licensable activities/ proposed variation which it is proposed will be carried on, on or from the premises: - Serving alcohol in the restaurant with food - Changing of opening hours; Monday-Thursday 12.00pm – 11.00pm / Friday-Saturday 12.00pm – 11.30pm Any person who desires to make a representation to the variation, should send to

Assistant Director, Public Safety, Health & Safety and Licensing, Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JP no later than 12th September 2013 a brief written statement of the grounds of his/her objection. The register and records of applications may be viewed at the above council office during normal office hours; summaries are available via www.brighton – It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is currently £5000 [level 5].

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 11

Brighton Digital Festival organises Hackathon ON 13-15 September, a group of artists, designers, software developers and data scientists will come together for 48 hours at the Brighton FuseBox to try to explain one of the most baffling events of our time; the global financial crisis and the recession that it caused. Having assembled a large amount of public data about the crisis, participants will be asked to interrogate it to provide new insights and use digital and physical graphics and art to display their findings. So what exactly is a Hackathon? Traditionally, a Hackathon involves teams of computer programmers and developers collaborating intensively on problem solving and IT projects. Hackathons, or ‘hacks’, can last from a few hours to a few weeks and often involve participants working, eating and sleeping at the event. What makes this event stand out? The organisers are aiming to do something special by combining the two biggest talent pools in the city of Brighton and Hove – ‘technologists’ and ‘creatives.’ Co-organiser Peter Passaro explains: “Hackathons are a disruptive force. The stuff you can do with data now is incredible and our event will combine cutting edge

technology with data experts and creative minds to generate a unique output that will be interactive and artistic.” Brighton has built a reputation as a digital and creative hub. With over 1,000 digital and technology companies in the city, 1 in 5 jobs are within creative industries (source: The Drum). “It’s the perfect place to run a Hackathon,” comments fellow organiser Sam Zindel. “How many cities in the world could boast the array of talent in Brighton? It’s a playground of innovators, digital specialists and artists. “One of the most exciting things is we have no idea what will be created in the FuseBox during the 48hr projects. So there’s no telling what will be on display in the gallery space!” Previous hackathons have generated an iPad app that shows you what is on the other side of the planet when you point it at the ground, a ‘data-dress’ made from Tweeted images during London Fashion Week and a searchable map that simulates the weather in a city of your choice using running water, heat lamps and a fan. Brighton Digital Festival is a month-long celebration of

3D printing to come to Brighton Digital Festival WITH THE help of an installation artist, expert sand sculptor, fibreglass guru, and some technological wizardry, Developing Dreams are dragging the concept of the photo booth kicking and screaming into the age of 3D printing and low cost 3D scanning. As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, you can visit the interactive installation ‘Break The Mould’ to get scanned, digitised and recreated as a 3D printed mini you. The installation will be hard to miss as it is housed inside a stunning 4m high maternal sculpture. It will make its debut at the Brighton Maker Faire on 7 September at the Corn Exchange and will be on tour during the festival: Corn Exchange (7 – 8 September); Jubilee Library (9 – 22 September); Clearleft’s new gallery space at 68 Middle Street (24 – 29 September); Mad Hatter Cafe (30 September – 4 October). Kati Byrne of Developing Dreams, the Brighton based digital agency behind Break the Mould, said: “We wanted to give people the opportunity to experience this emerging technology in an immersive environment that is personal, memorable and engaging. Many people have heard about 3D printing, but only a few have seen it in action, which is something we would like to change. It’s not a

revolution, but evolution of fabrication and liberalisation of individual expression.” Emilia Telese, the artist who designed the giant sculpture, is known for her installation of the Royal Pavilion made out of rice, and has exhibited worldwide at the 51st Venice Biennale, Tate Britain, Royal Festival Hall, and the Louvre. She said: “3D printers are very mechanical and impersonal. I wanted to add something feminine to a male dominated world such as the technology industry, which is where the idea of motherhood came from. Getting a little sculpture of yourself is like giving birth to a little you. I hope this installation will help make 3D printers more human and accessible.” Mark Anderson, a renowned sand sculptor and founder of Sand World in Weymouth, was commissioned to create the giant 4m tall woman as a mould testing a new way of making casts. To avoid shifting thousands of tonnes of sand, the sculpture is being carved in the Redhill sand quarry to the delight of Sibelco quarry workers. The installation already has the backing of some of the big names within the 3D printing industry and the Brighton digital scene including iMakr, Faberdashery, MCR print and Brighton’s new digital hub The Fusebox.

international digital culture, which takes place from 1st to 30th September 2013 in various venues across Brighton. Co-ordinated by Wired Sussex and funded by Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove City Council, and partnered with Brighton & Hove Independent, events include exhibitions, performances, conferences, meetups, hackathons, workshops and outdoor events, which run alongside some of Brighton’s iconic digital design conferences.

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12 Brighton & 268x335 Hove Independent August 23 2013 TMH ad SP_BHI.pdf 1Friday, 10/07/2013 16:20









Exemplary Patient Focused Care

In the heart of Brighton & Hove For all enquiries please call 01273 828120 The Montefiore Hospital 2 Montefiore Road, Hove BN3 1RD

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 13

My message is: “get a life” Mike Holland WOULDN’T IT be great if our politicians did what we asked them to do instead of what they think we want? The only way we are going to achieve that is to all participate in the running of our country and actually vote. Apparently, according to statistics, circa 40% of us on the electoral register never vote at all. I firmly believe it should be as compulsory to vote as it is to fill in the census form in order to obtain a true picture of what people actually want from government. A vote for or against any ruling party is far more powerful and infinitely more democratic than any demonstration. In fact I believe in many cases demonstrations are counter-productive and alienate people who would otherwise be

supportive to a cause. Currently I would say that the Balcombe rent-a-mob we see everywhere, at every demonstration, are turning more people away from the very sensible notion that searching for shale gas in the proposed manner is not a good idea. They seem to think that turning up at these events is somehow cool and making our planet safer. The reality is that most of us are simply sick of hearing from these idiots and tend to dismiss whatever they are talking about as complete nonsense, which is why I say they are counterproductive. We do have to look at alternative means of energy though and we should all be lobbying our MPs to do so. It’s not just about high powered climate change conferences which most of us feel about as far removed from as the notion that we are all going to jump on a bike and start cycling in mid-winter. We were once a nation of leaders in industry with many of the best inventive minds in the

world on our shores. The rest of the world followed us and we were a proud nation. Now we follow Brussels directives and simply talk of meeting recycling and energy quotas by some distant date in the future. What a terribly sad situation we are in and our politicians for the main part follow along with this nonsense like sheep. Why are we not pushing ourselves as a nation to become world leaders in alternatives to fossil fuels? Let’s stop worrying about who we upset and encourage this great British entrepreneurial nation to rise up to the challenge and show the world the way. What happens on this tiny island has only approximately 0.01% of the world’s pollution problems to deal with but with our inventive skills we can make a huge difference worldwide in showing others the way. In 1887 the man I believe was Brighton’s greatest inventor of all time was the first person to export an electric cart. He sent it off to one of the Sultans of Turkey. The following year he sent the Sultan an electric

boat. Yet 127 years later I am driving an electric car which still only has a range of 80 miles before charging. This cannot be right in an age when we run our lives with a microchip in our mobile phones, ipads and laptops. Are we really suggesting in 2013 that this is the best we can do?

My message to these counterproductive eco warrior wingers is; “get a life”, re-join the rest of society and push for change along with the rest of us rather than alienating people with these continual small child antics. @RealMikeHolland

Do you agree with Mike Holland? Let us know your thoughts. @BrightonIndy


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14 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Local accountant joins NSPCC 1600 Club Superhero family fun day PLUS ACCOUNTING, a firm of chartered accountants in Brighton, are one of the many local businesses that have already joined the NSPCC 1600 Club. The NSPCC is calling on businesses in Brighton and Hove to sign up to the 1600 Club Challenge, to help raise funds for ChildLine. Businesses that sign up to the 1600 Club set themselves a target to raise a minimum of £1,600 to help protect vulnerable children and young people in Brighton and Hove and across the UK. £1,600

could allow ChildLine to train one new volunteer counsellor, or to answer 400 calls from a child in need of help or advice. Throughout the challenge, businesses can access fundraising support to help them reach their target. In 2012-13, ChildLine received 994 calls from landline numbers in Brighton and Hove, an increase from 434 the previous year. Vicky King of Plus Accounting was first introduced to the 1600 Club after hearing about it from a colleague who sat on the NSPCC’s

Brighton Business Board. Vicky said: “We became involved in the 1600 Club in June 2012 – the NSPCC is our nominated charity. It’s such a worthwhile cause so it’s great for us as a company to be able to support them, but being a part of something like the 1600 Club also has a knock-on effect in other areas of the business.” To find out more about the 1600 Club, visit uk/getinvolved, or contact NSPCC corporate fundraising manager Ros Bird on

Free swimming for under 16s*

Get down to your local pool today to register for free swimming. Children who live within the boundaries of Brighton & Hove City Council can swim at the following public swimming times: 11 years and under - weekdays from 3.30pm during term time, weekends all day, school holidays (not inc. inset days), bank holidays. 12-16 years - weekends all day. Available at King Alfred Leisure Centre, Prince Regent Swimming Complex & St Luke’s Swimming Pool. *Terms & conditions apply.

phone 0845

803 5519

visit for swimming times

A LOCAL children’s charity will be the beneficiary of a Superhero Family Fun Day next month. Rockinghorse Children’s Charity has teamed up with Brighton Racecourse for the Superhero-themed Family Fun Day on Sunday 1 September – an afternoon of racing and entertainment for all ages – sponsored by Gatwick Airport.

With seven races across the course of the afternoon, fairground rides, face painting, a mascot race and the chance to meet your favourite superhero, it’s a great day out for all the family in support of Rockinghorse. As the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, and a vital supporter of the Trevor Mann Baby Unit, Rockinghorse raises money for life-saving and cuttingedge medical equipment whilst ensuring that children are treated in an environment better suited to their needs. Advance tickets are £10 for adults or admission on the day is £15 into the Grandstand and Paddock enclosure and free entry for under-18’s. Premier enclosure tickets can also be purchased for £25 per person. Gates open at 1pm and racing starts at 2pm with the last race at 5pm. Book your tickets online at or call 01273 603 580.

Campaigners target Tesco over sale of lads’ mags

This Saturday (August 24), campaigners from Brighton and Hove will be participating in a national day of action to urge the retailer Tesco to stop selling pornographic lads’ mags. They will be asking Tesco to drop publications like Nuts and Zoo from their stores because they fuel attitudes underpinning violence against women, and exposing customers to them can constitute sexual harassment or sex discrimination under the Equality Act. Tesco is under fire for selling pornographic lads’ mags because research shows they fuel sexist attitudes and behaviours. Thousands of people have called on the retailer to take action through an online petition and social media, while organisations backing the campaign include End Violence Against Women, Imkaan, Equality Now, Local Mums Online, Gransnet and writer Natasha Walter. 18 top lawyers specialising in equality and discrimination law have also signed an open

letter calling on retailers to lose the lads’ mags. They write that selling and displaying lads’ mags and papers with Page 3- style front cover images can constitute sex discrimination or sexual harassment. Employees could take legal action on this basis and, where the magazine is visibly on display, customers could also have a claim. As the UK’s largest retailer, the implications for Tesco are substantial. Tesco operates 3146 stores. Polly Neate, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said: “This campaign is a brilliant way to show retailers and publishers that the public will not stand for casual misogyny any longer. Young women should not have to walk past images which show them as passive sex objects and legitimate targets for male sexual aggression every day, as they do now. Lads’ mags are not ‘banter’, they repeat damaging sexist ideas and objectify women. We urge retailers to take note of this campaign and act to remove these magazines before they face a full legal challenge.”

Laura Lockington The Crocodile by the Door, by Selina Guinness HOT TOWN, summer in the city. Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty... it is a great song, isn’t it? And I’m sure we’ve all had that feeling over this summer. A stifling night can take its toll on even the most ardent of city-dwellers. Sometimes, the lure of some cool green fields is just too tempting. Then one’s thoughts turn to: could I live here? What would it be like to live in the country? On a farm, maybe? The easy way to find out, before rushing to the estate agents, is to read this book. When Selina Guinness and her partner, Colin, both young academics, moved in with Selina’s uncle, Charles, an elderly bachelor, they had no idea what the coming years held for them: a crash-course in farming, tense discussions with helicopter-borne property developers, human tragedy, and the challenge of dragging a quasi-feudal estate at the edge of Dublin into the

21st century. This is a fascinating book, which gripped me with tales of lambing (something I never thought I’d be gripped with, frankly), Kafkaesque bureaucracy, and the importance of the right sort of Wellington boots. I loved this book and the writing is a joy to read; the sense of place and home makes you feel that you could be walking the muddy fields with her. But would I swap living in the hot city by the sea? Err...No. No thanks. My Wellington boots simply aren’t up to the job.

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 15

College’s Student Centre ready for action HAVING BEEN CONFIRMED once again as Sussex’s top achieving College for 16-18s, City College’s student support teams are raring to go for the busiest time of the year as GCSE results are announced. Enquiries and visitors to the Pelham Street Student Centre are predicted to soar as young people come to explore the many options available to them at City College. The friendly and professional team are available to school-leavers to chat about what courses are open to them based on their results and availability of places. Exciting options include Acting & Dance, Music Technology, Public Services and Business as well as practical trades such as Plumbing and Painting & Decorating. “The team find August an incredibly rewarding time as they’re helping so many young people make a positive move for their futures”, says Kate Edwards, City College’s Head of Student Services. “Making the transition from school to college is a big step for students so we ensure that they get plenty of support and encouragement throughout their time with us”, she adds.

The City College Student Centre team

The courses the College runs are vocational and provide high quality industry recognised training. This is a great way to study and equips students with the key skills needed to progress into work or on to HE courses. City College knows that employers value work based skills as well as qualifications so its courses are designed to meet equip students with the qualities that employers require. The

College’s facilities reflect that, from its industry standard training kitchens to life-size construction rigs, specialist electrical facilities, theatre, training restaurant and hair and beauty salons. Many of these facilities are open to the public and serve real clients. For more information, visit the City College Student Centre on Pelham Street or call 01273 667759.

16 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013


GCSE results: How ou Greg Hadfield THIS YEAR’S GCSE results in Brighton and Hove schools showed a significant improvement - with Brighton College, a private school, claiming the title of the country’s highest-performing co-educational school ever. Provisional results for state schools showed an increase of nearly six percentage points overall. The percentage of pupils achieving the

Brighton College Easter Road Brighton BN2 0AL 2013 A*/A grades: 95.3% At least five A grades: 100% 103 (out of 144 candidates) secured A/A* in every exam 838 A* grades and only 6 C grades

Cardinal Newman Catholic School The Upper Drive Hove BN3 6ND 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 73% EBacc: 44% Five or more GCSEs in any subjects: 80+% A*-C English: 78% A*-C mathematics: 82%

Hove Park School and Sixth Form Centre Nevill Road Hove BN3 7BN 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 65%

benchmark of five good GCSEs - five grades A*-C, including English and mathematics rose to 62%, from 56% last year. Councillor Sue Shanks, chair of the council’s children and young people committee, said: “We’re pushing hard for excellence in all our schools. “Our schools team has developed a new approach to school improvement over the last year. There’s a sharper focus on analysing performance data, getting schools to work more closely with each other, and targeting support at where it is most needed.” Cllr Shanks highlighted the “exceptional progress” made by Portslade Aldridge Community Academy and Blatchington Mill School.

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 166 Five or more good GCSEs: 100% EBacc: 76% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 100% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 100% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 99% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 99%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 337 Five or more good GCSEs: 69% EBacc: 33% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 69%

Jenny Barnard-Langston, chair of governors at Blatchnigton Mill, said: “Our results fly in the face of the national picture of turbulence. Our story is one of staff focus, partnership with parents, and the sheer hard work of the students.” At Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, James Fox, the principal, said: ‘’An improvement of more than 50% is a great achievement and today’s exceptional results are all about hard work - by our students and by our staff. This is the best set of GCSEs ever for the school - not just as an academy, but for Portslade Community College too, I believe.” William Deighan, headteacher of Varndean School, said 63% of

Brighton and Hove High School Montpelier Road Brighton BN1 3AT 2013 A*/A grades: 60% A*/A grades in art: 95% A*/A grades in biology: 82% A*/A grades in chemistry: 79% A*/A grades in physics: 76%

Dorothy Stringer School Loder Road Brighton BN1 6PZ 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 71%

2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 66% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 59% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 56%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 287 Five or more good GCSEs: 61% EBacc: 13% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 63%

Patcham High School Ladies Mile Road Brighton BN1 8PB 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 57%

2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 44% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 41% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 27%




2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 50%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 235 Five or more good GCSEs: 45% EBacc: 8% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 45%

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Lewes Road Brighton BN1 9PW 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 46%

2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 37% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 43% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 41%

Course Advice Team

Tel: 01273 667759

Longhill High School Falmer Road Rottingdean, Brighton BN2 7FR

Notes: Five or more good GCSEs = five or more GCSEs grades A*-C, including English and mathematics; EBacc = English Baccalula

ur schools performed students gaining five or more GCSEs, including English and mathematics, was the school’s highest-ever result: “We are thrilled for the students and for their teachers, who worked so hard in achieving this result. The work we do with the Secondary School Partnership (SSP) across the city continues to be a positive force in raising standards.” Richard Cairns, headteacher of Brighton College - where 95.3% of students gained A*/A grades and all students gained at least five A grades - said: “I think it is a proud moment for the city that a Brighton school can outperform much more selective schools in London and elsewhere in the southeast.”

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 73 Five or more good GCSEs: 96% EBacc: 68% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 96% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 91% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: -

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 335 Five or more good GCSEs: 67% EBacc: 30% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 67% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 74% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 63% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 66%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 178 Five or more good GCSEs: 57% EBacc: 6% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 57%

PACA's Luke Shaw, William Mullen, Joe Mack, Oliver Jacob and Jake Binnie

Roedean School Roedean Way Brighton BN2 5RQ 2013 A* grades: 36% (32% in 2012) A*/A/B grades: 68% (62% in 2012) A*-C grades: 91% (84% in 2012) Fifteen (of 62 candidates) achieved A*/A grades in all exams

Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form College Nevill Avenue Hove BN3 7BW 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 72% Five or more GCSEs in any subjects: 84%

Varndean School Balfour Road Brighton BN1 6NP 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 63%

2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 51% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 37% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 37%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 109 Five or more good GCSEs: 40% EBacc: 6% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 40% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 37% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: N/A 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: N/A

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 64 Five or more good GCSEs: 89% EBacc: 78% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 91%

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 17

SECURE YOUR PLACE FOR SEPTEMBER City College runs hundreds of industry focussed courses designed to kickstart your career

2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 94% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 18% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 0%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 309 Five or more good GCSEs: 61% EBacc: 21% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 61% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 58% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 65% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 63%

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 237 Five or more good GCSEs: 56% EBacc: 14% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 57% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: 55% 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: 58% 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: 47%

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy Chalky Road, Portslade Brighton BN41 2WS 2013 Five or more good GCSEs: 60% Five or more GCSEs in any subjects: 87% (70% in 2012)

aureate - English, mathematics, a science, a language, and a humanities subject.

2012 Number of Key Stage 4 students: 117 Five or more good GCSEs: 38% EBacc: 1% GCSEs A*-C in both English and mathematics: 38% 2011 Five or more good GCSEs: N/A 2010 Five or more good GCSEs: N/A 2009 Five or more good GCSEs: N/A

Pop into the Student Centre at our Pelham Street campus to get some advice from our friendly staff or call us on 01273 667759

Course Advice Team

Tel: 01273 667759

18 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

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Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 19

We are Brighton & Hove Independent

Greg Hadfield, Editorial director

THIS NEWSPAPER seeks to celebrate our city – and the achievements of all the people who make Brighton and Hove what it is. The people are the city. We are independent: independently-owned; independent in our approach. We are Brighton & Hove Independent. We want to add value to the city – and not extract profits to be shipped to shareholders in London or in the United States. Of course, our city has its challenges. And we are not afraid to address those. With passion and with purpose. We want to work with our fellow citizens to build a 21st-century media platform for a 21st-century city – a platform on which the city can have a conversation with itself, on which businesses can do business. We all deserve better than what is currently on offer. So what is our plan? We don’t have one. This is a journey. Not a map.

And you are our companions. Our mentors. Our guides. Our compass. Together, we are Brighton & Hove Independent. Together, we can draw some lines in the shifting sands of our lives, our city: • We will not lie; we will not knowingly disseminate untruths;

• We may not always tell the whole truth; nobody can; • We will correct factual inaccuracies; we will let others tell their truths. (Truth is a noun, with a plural as well as a singular.); • We will earn your trust; • We will publish for – not at; • At our best, we will publish with.

Because this is our city. Currently, Brighton & Hove Independent is a newspaper. Soon, it will have a new website. Within two years, we hope it will be ubiquitous, as omnipresent as the air you breathe, wherever you want it, whenever you need it. We hope to execute and inspire

journalism as a service, not as a product. We cannot do it by ourselves. We may not be able to do it, even with your help. But we will try. Please help us. Join us on the journey We are Brighton & Hove Independent.

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Where to pick up your copy of B City Centre • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brighton Train Station - Queens Road BN1 3XP Churchill Square - Russell Place BN1 2RG Hove Town Hall - Norton Road BN3 4AH Hotel Langfords - 8-16 Third Avenue BN3 2PX Mulberrys - 18 Church Road BN3 2FL Imperial Hotel - First Avenue BN3 2GU The Wick Inn - 63 Western Road BN3 1JD Global links - 85 Western Road BN3 1JB The Temple Bar - 121 Western Road BN1 2AD Staples - Peacock Industrial Estate, Davigdor Road BN3 1SF Montefiore Hospital – 2 Montefiore Road BN3 1RD Cookes News - 1 Montefiore Road BN3 1RD Good Companions - 132 Dyke Road BN1 3TE Seven Dials Flower Shop - 129 Dyke Road BN3 1TJ The Cow - 95-97 Dyke Road BN1 3JE Burnetts Newsagents - 62 Preston Street BN1 2HE The Royal Sovereign - 66 Preston Street BN1 2HE Brighton Hilton - Kings Road BN1 2FU The Grand Hotel - 97-99 Kings Road BN1 2FW The Brighton Centre - Kings Road BN1 2GR Brighton Thistle Hotel - Kings Road BN1 2GS The Hut - 16 Duke Street BN1 1AH Domestic & General - 15 Queen Square BN1 3FD Thomas Cook - 58 North Street BN1 1SQ MyHotel - 17 Jubilee Street BN1 1GE Prince Regent Swimming Complex - Church Street BN1 1YA Jubilee Library - Jubilee Street BN1 1GE John Proctor Travel - 4 Church Street BN1 1UJ Crowns Brighton - 9-10 Cranbourne Street BN1 2RD Molly Malones - 57 West Street BN1 2RA Queens Head - 69 Queens Road BN1 3XD City Skills & Jobs - 6 Queens Road BN1 3WA The Hop Poles - 13 Middle Street BN1 1AL Hotel du Vin - 2 Ship Street BN1 1AD Juice FM – 170 North Street BN1 1EJ Gaff Rugs - 66 Trafalgar Street BN1 4EB City College - Pelham Street BN1 4FA The Prince George - 5 Trafalgar Street BN1 4EQ The Eagle - 125 Gloucester Road BN1 4AF Gloucester News - 107 Gloucester Road BN1 4AF B&W Stores - 29 York Place BN1 4GU The Hobgoblin - 31 York Place BN1 4GU

Hove and Portslade • • • • • • • • • • • •

Beer and Wine Store - 40 Goldstone Road BN3 3RP Hove Hair Clinic - 42 Goldstone Road BN3 3RH Hove Train Station - Goldstone Villas BN3 3RU Hub Hove - 118 Church Road BN3 2EA IEP Financial - 119 Church Road BN3 2AF Slug & Lettuce - 4-5 George Street BN3 3YA Hotel Langfords - 8-16 Third Avenue BN3 2PX Imperial Hotel - First Avenue BN3 2GU Bali Brasserie - Kingsway Court, First Avenue BN3 2LR Council Building - Kings House, Grand Avenue BN3 2LS King Alfred Leisure Centre - Kingsway BN3 2WW Acumen Business Law - Audley House, Hove Street BN3 2DE

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Engleharts Solicitors - Vallance Hall, Hove Street BN3 2DE Drury Coffee - 12-18 Richardson Road BN3 5RB Red Bed Company - 116 Portland Road BN3 5DN Portland Road Mini Mart - 230 Portland Road BN3 5QT Intenso Café - 236 Portland Road BN3 5QT Portland Convenience Store - 240 Portland Road BN3 5QT Lookers Mercedes – Victoria Road BN41 1DY Chandlers BMW – Victoria Road BN41 1YH Cartridge World - 39 Station Road BN41 1AG Bikram Yoga - 26-28 Franklin Road BN41 1AF Heart FM - Radio House, Franklin Road BN41 1AF David Maslen - 174 Church Road BN3 2DJ Tates Cars - 94 – 106 Old Shoreham Road BN41 1TA Suzuki - 267 Old Shoreham Road BN3 7ED

Hollingbury & Falmer • •

Renault - Carden Avenue Holling Gap Solutions - Enterprise Busin Hollingbury BN1 8AF AMEX Stadium – Reception BN1 AMEX Stadium - Dick’s Bar BN1 AMEX Stadium – 1901 Club BN1

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John Hoole Estate Agents - 214 D Preston Park Petrol Station - 193 Withdean Sports Complex - Tong


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Brighton and Hove Independent Stamner

Hove Park




Preston Park



Centre Woodingdean

City Centre

Pick-up points Doorto-door delivery

Brighton Marina and click ‘Find your copy’

gbury BN1 8AF ness Park, Crowhurst Road

1 9BL 1 9BL 1 9BL

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Carters - 19-29 Preston Road BN1 4QE David Maslen - 290 Ditchling Road, Five Ways BN1 6JF

Shoreham • • •

Greg Stone Flooring - 1-3 William Street BN41 1PZ Frosts Cars - 69/75 Brighton Road BN43 6RT Shoreham Yacht Club - 85/89 Brighton Road BN43 6RF

Woodingdean Kemptown & Brighton Marina

arade, Woodland Drive BN3 7LU Dyke Road BN1 5AA 3 Preston Road BN1 6SA gdean Lane BN1 5JD

• • • • •

Asda - Brighton Marina BN2 5UT Rendesvouz Casino - Brighton Marina Village BN2 5UT David Lloyd - Brighton Marina Village BN2 5UF Stanley Deeson Leisure Centre - Wilson Avenue BN2 5PB Brighton Racecourse - Freshfield Road BN2 9XZ

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The Whitehawk Inn – Whitehawk Road BN2 5NS David Maslen - 39 Lewes Road BN2 3HQ The Vapour Trail - 26 Elm Grove BN2 3DD The Hanover - 242 Queens Park Road BN2 9ZB The Southover - 58 Southover Street BN2 9UF The Reservoir - 1 Howard Road BN2 9TP New Madiera Hotel - 19-23 Marine Parade BN2 1TL Amex Building - Edward Street BN88 1AH Gala Bingo - 1 Freshfield Way BN2 0LE K&A News - 5 St. Georges Road BN2 1EB Mulberrrys - 32 Upper St James Street BN2 1JN David Maslen - 62-64 Warren Road BN2 6BA Sussex Blinds - 36 Warren Road BN2 6BA Java Café - 23 Warren Way BN2 6PH

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22 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Mark Ansell Managing Director Mark is the managing director and founder of Brighton & Hove Independent. He formed the newspaper in August 2011 after deciding that the city lacked a quality weekly newspaper that properly served the community and supported local business. After working in insurance and pensions for a number of years, Mark joined a Chichester-based newspaper in 2008 as an advertising executive. After three years, he was not only managing the sales department, but also responsible for the operations, distribution and finances for the newspaper. Having lived in Brighton most of his life, Mark took the experience gained and brought the free local newspaper concept to Brighton and Hove. Despite a volatile economy and tough competition, since the launch in August 2011, the team has grown from two to seven staff and circulation has increased by 400%.

To establish itself further as a trusted and authoritative newspaper, Greg Hadfield – a former Fleet Street newspaper executive - joined Mark as editorial director in July 2013. Greg Hadfield Editorial Director Greg was the first national newspaper journalist to leave Fleet Street for the internet in the mid-1990s. A former news editor of The Sunday Times and senior investigative journalist for the Daily Mail, he and his son, Tom - then aged 12 - created Soccernet, the world’s most popular football website, in 1995. Four years later, after Soccernet was sold to ESPN for $40m, Greg created Schoolsnet, an education website, which he sold to a company co-owned by Jeremy Hunt, now Secretary of State for Health. More recently, he was head of digital development at Telegraph Media Group and director of strategic projects at Cogapp, a Brighton-based digital agency. After organising the UK's first

Open-data Cities Conference in April 2012, he became co-owner and editorial director of Brighton & Hove Independent in July 2013. Three times winner in the British Press Awards, Greg - who is married with two grown-up children - has lived in Brighton and Hove since 1986. Twitter: @GregHadfield Lynn James Advertising Manager Lynn joined Brighton & Hove Independent in January 2012 and has played a key role in increasing advertising revenue to fuel the newspaper's expansion over the last year. Before joining Brighton & Hove Independent, Lynn gained more than 15 years’ experience in various mediabased industries across London. Her knowledge of the industry ensures constant development of the product to ensure the newspaper serves advertisers effectively and successfully. Now living in Brighton, Lynn has

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previously lived and worked in Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong. Megan Hedges Sub Editor and Designer Megan is the subeditor and designer of Brighton & Hove Independent. After graduating with a first in BA (Hons) Graphic Design from UCCA (formerly Surrey institute of Art) in 2009, she started working for a Chichester-based newspaper as a graphic designer, where she met and worked with Mark Ansell. After working together for three years, Mark made the decision to leave and start his own newspaper. Megan, along with Mark, initially developed the concept of Brighton & Hove Independent in early 2011. After creating the entire brand image and newspaper design, Megan has been designer and sub editor since the newspaper’s launch. Richard Morris Journalist and Contributor Regular contributor Richard Morris

has a background in local journalism and his work has also featured in a number of national newspapers and magazines. He trained at City College here in Brighton and is currently working as a freelance journalist. Richard’s responsibilities include our ‘Week in the City’ feature as well as our fantastic coverage of Brighton & Hove Albion. Frank le Duc Journalist and Contributor Frank le Duc is the founder and editor of Brighton and Hove News (www. Frank, a freelance contributor to Brighton & Hove Independent, has been a journalist for more than 25 years. He worked at the Financial Times and The Times before becoming deputy editor of The Argus, a Sussex newspaper with offices in Brighton. A former editorin-chief of East Surrey and Sussex News and Media, he is now also a columnist for Latest magazine.

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 23


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24 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Sussex CCC



Bank Holiday

ONE-time spin king Monty Panesar has played his last game for Sussex after the County Ground club confirmed it was releasing the England hopeful. Sussex took the decision to loan him to Essex until his contract expires after investigating recent off the pitch behavior.

THREE local schools have major planning applications being decided this coming week. Aldrington Church of England Primary School, Cardinal Newman Catholic School and West Hove Junior School will all be discussed during Wednesday’s 2pm meeting at Hove Town Halll.

Brighton Racecourse is having a superhero family fun day to raise money for the Rockinghorse charity. It is taking place on Sunday September 1 and will include a mascot race and seven other races. Information online at

Brighton will once again welcome hundreds of mods and scooterists this weekend as the city hosts its annual celebration. Highlights include live bands, bike cruise along the coastline, market stall and an exhibition. See for more information.


Brighton and Hove Albion



GREEN MP Caroline Lucas was among those arrested during demonstrations against fracking in the nearby village of Balcombe. She said: “Along with everyone else who took action today, I’m trying to stop a process which could cause enormous damage for decades to come.”

A Week in the City Compiled by

Richard Morris

Panesar loaned out ahead of release

Decisions due on school building work

Caped crusaders to fly into racecourse

Mods scoot into town for weekender

MP arrested during protest

Player delivers baby at home SEAGULLS striker Craig MackailSmith had to deliver his own baby when he wife went into labour at home. He had just seen his native Scotland lose 3v2 to England but couldn’t contain his joy at the arrival of little Isla, who weighed six pounds and 12 ounces.

A PUB is serving up a new real ale named after the recently arrived Prince George. The Trafalgar Street bar, which shares its name with the royal, asked Sussex brewery Franklins to concoct a commemorative tipple and it went on sale at the weekend.

THE popular Yellowave sports venue on Brighton Beach has been planning permission to add a £120,000 club house to its facilities. The Madeira Drive venue opened in 2007 and has just enjoyed its busiest summer yet. It is hoped the club house will allow it to operate all year round.

Fracking II




A STACK of abandoned bicycles have been restored and sold to generate welcome funds for Sussex Central YMCA. The bikes were donated by the city council and made more than £5,000 once repaired and sold. They had been found in the city and never been claimed.

The Brighton Centre has secured a three year contact to stage the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) South East Conference and Exhibition. Early estimates suggest the deal could bring in around £2.4million to the city’s economy.

THE wonderfully titled Great Elephant Adventure morning is being held between 10am and noon on August 30 at Wish Park – with the city council hoping local youngsters will head down and help inspire the artists planning how best to decorate a new playground shelter.

Hove MP slams ‘lifestyle protestors’ THE TORY MP for Hove meanwhile took a very different stance on the Balcombe debate. He criticized what he called “professional protestors” who he says “have latched on to the anti-fracking cause without really assessing the evidence”.

Recycled bikes raise charity cash Monty Panesar has bowled his last ball for Sussex County Cricket Club

Ale fit for a future king

Brighton Centre deal worth £2.4million

Seafront venue’s expansion boost

Elephant ideas needed for new shelter

Brighton & Hove Independent and City College Brighton and Hove are offering six-month internships in multimedia platforms. FREE training to become a qualified journalist including valuable work-experience at the leading city newspaper - will be provided from Sept 2013. Email your CV to by Aug 27 To be eligible, you must be under 19 on Aug 31 2013

For more course information visit:

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 25

This view of The Clock Tower in Brighton dates from about 1910.The distinctive view is taken looking down North Street, with the White Lion Hotel - now Boots, of course - on the left. In the early 1970s, the old building was home to one of the first Virgin Record Stores to be opened. (Old photograph courtesy of Step Back In Time, of Queen’s Road, Brighton.)

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Yum Yum Ninja launches Brighton man all set for ‘best job in the world’ the ‘Business Ninja’ lunch A LOCAL restaurant has launched a new concept designed as a modern take on cyber café culture. Yum Yum Ninja, Brighton’s newest Pan Asian restaurant in the heart of the old Lanes, launched the UK’s first ‘Business Ninja Lunch’ on 15 August 2013, as a modern twist on the cyber café and coffee culture. Business Ninjas will have access to free WIFI and a £5 lunch menu for those laptop-carrying freelancers and other professionals in need of tasty refreshment, as well as the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded ‘ninjas’. Joint owner Robert Shenton explains: “We’ve noticed that the coffee drinking WIFI users of Brighton and Hove are getting thinner and unhealthier. We therefore want to offer them a

tasty and nutritious meal and the opportunity to network with each other. “We look forward to announcing the first business deal secured at one of our ninja lunches. “Come along, you never know who you might meet!” The Business Ninja menu is available from 12-2pm Mondays –Thursdays at a specially reserved Shoji table with plug points available. The menu will also be changing on a weekly basis. Find Yum Yum Ninja in the heart of The Lanes at 15-18 Meeting House Lane.

RICH KEAM, from Brighton, is all set to fly off to Australia this week to take up a life-changing role as a Taste Master in Western Australia – claimed to be one of the ‘best jobs in the world.’ Rich, a singer/songwriter and passionate foodie, has beaten 90,000 applicants from around the world to be crowned Western Australia’s Taste Master. This dream job involves foraging out the State’s finest produce from seafood and chocolate to bush tucker and black truffles and blogging about its best bars, restaurants, wineries and micro-breweries. It also comes with a $100,000 salary and expenses package (approximately £67,380). Rich flies to Western Australia to start his six month tenure as Taste Master this month. The role will be based in WA’s vibrant capital city Perth, which has been going through a dining boom with new bars and restaurants popping up everywhere. However, Rich will also travel the length and breadth of the State from the Mediterranean south, famous for its boutique wineries in Margaret River, all along the pristine

coastline to heli-fishing and cattle mustering in the outback. His first task will be to travel to the Kimberley, in Australia's North West, to explore tropical Broome, a pearling port with has some great local delicacies from pearl meat to mango beer, try his hand at mud crabbing and spear fishing with local aboriginal guides and visit cattle stations the size of European countries. You can follow his journey through blogs, photos and videos on www. Best Jobs in the World is a global campaign targeting the

international youth market (18-30 year olds), encouraging them to take advantage of the tourism and employment opportunities available through Australia’s Working Holiday Visa programme. In the UK, there was a total of 41,712 Working Holiday Visas granted for the 12 month period ending June 2012, representing an increase of 7% compared to the same period the previous year. The positive trend is continuing in the UK with the latest available figures for the Working Holiday grants showing year on year growth of 11% to 30 April 2013.

City College and Mears backing new ‘Traineeship’ programme WIN A FAMILY PASS TO THE GATWICK AIRPORT SUPERHERO FAMILY FUN RACE DAY IN SUPPORT OF ROCKINGHORSE Brighton Racecourse is delighted to have a Family Race Day back for the 2013 season, the perfect way for the family to end the summer holidays. The Gatwick Airport Superhero Family Fun Race Day in support of Rockinghorse on 1st September features some great entertainment including your opportunity to meet some of your Superheros, a Mascot Race, a soccer skills session with the Albion

in the Community and the ‘Kids Love Racing’ zone. With all of this going on, and seven great races, there is something for all of the family at this meeting. By booking in advance you can save £5 per person, with children under 18 coming in for free. For your chance to win a family pass (Two Premier Badges and a free ice cream for up to six people), answer the following question:

Q. What day is the Family Race Day on:

A) 31 August B)1st September C)11th September Please send your answer, name and telephone number to Answers to Closing date is Friday 30th August 2013 at midday with the winner to be informed that day. One lucky winner will be selected at random. To enter this competition you must be 18 years old or over at the time of entry. Prize is nonexchangeable. No cash alternative. Only one entry per person. Information will not be kept on BHI file.

CITY COLLEGE BRIGHTON AND HOVE has confirmed that from 9th September, it will be offering 16-18 year olds the chance to embark on a Traineeship, a new governmentbacked programme for young people who want to work but need the extra support to get an Apprenticeship. Learners that take part in a Traineeship will be supported by the College to develop the skills and workplace experience to make them more attractive to employers

to start their career through an Apprenticeship programme. Amongst the local employers who will be working with the College to support the programme is social housing repairs and maintenance provider, Mears. “Experience shows that employers are seeking young people that have the right attitude and skills when applying for an Apprenticeship which is why City College is committed to helping them to achieve exactly that”,

said Claire Chowen, Traineeship Manager at City College. “Those who enrol for a Traineeship with us will have an opportunity to undertake a work placement as well as work skills training plus support to improve their Maths and English.” “Mears is delighted to support the Traineeships programme through work placements as it ties in strongly with the work we’re already doing to support apprenticeships in partnership with City College”, said James Cryer, Mears Partnership Manager. Depending upon the young person's needs, a range of support and flexible training can help with quick progression onto an Apprenticeship. All learners looking to start a Traineeship will be subject to a prescreening interview to ensure they are ready for this opportunity. The course structure provides up to 6 months of support from City College and a local employer before transferring (where possible) to a full Apprenticeship. The course will intake new learners in October, January and February. For further information or to apply, please email Trainer, Kyle Holman on, call 01273 667788 ext 484 or call or text TRAIN and your name to Kyle on 07912 387126.

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The city has come to life Stuart Dorn

Brighton Racecourse

WELL it seems like the city has come to life with sport over the last couple of weeks. We had Australia down at Hove with Sussex Cricket Club, the Albion kicked off this season’s campaign and then we had our August Racing Festival. This year the festival featured something for everyone, starting with the thirteenth year of support from John Smiths with their race day and the John Smiths Brighton Mile. This was followed hot on the heels with Frosts Ladies Day, with a fantastic array of outfits and hat on display! For 2013 we finished the Festival with Fundraising Friday, raising funds and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust, Chrones In Childhood Research Association and a charity based in the City, Whoopsadaisy. Just to make sure everyone closed the Festival in

Ladies from race sponsor judge best groomed Horse Inset: Scouting for Girls performed to a sell-out crowd at the racecourse

a party mood, the outstanding Scouting for Girls took to the stage. It was not just the themes that we had over the three days, we also featured some fantastic racing and were fortunate enough to welcome great jockeys to the course. Champion Jockey Richard Hughes came down, one of the world’s best Ryan Moore came and did not win but his sister Hayley did!

One of the things that stood out for me was how over the three days we had nearly twenty thousand people coming through the turnstiles. At the end of all the sporting events mentioned at the start of this article, it never ceases to amaze me how the City gets behind all of the sport taking place – part of what makes living and working here so great!

Now for our next race meeting with our Gatwick Airport Family Fun Day in support of Rockinghorse on Sunday 1st September followed with the Harrington’s Lettings Landlord and Tenants Day on the 2nd September – two great days for all of the family, and a perfect way to finish the summer holidays, especially as children under 18 are free!


The Rendezvous to launch Motown & Soul nights IN THE heart of Brighton’s vibrant marina, only a few minutes from the city centre, The Rendezvous Casino is launching regular nights of great music, absolute floor fillers with like-minded people having a great time through music and friendship. The music itself will feature Classic Motown and soul music with Detroit, Memphis bands and artists like the Supremes, The Temptations, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr. These will be played alongside music from Memphis Soul artists like Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Chic, Candi Staton and many more. The night will be hosted by Video DJ Peter Phillips with help from Sunday Soul Breakfast Presenter, “Mr Lurve “, Ambrose Harcourt of Brighton’s Juice 107.2. Nick Pardo, the Venue Director said: “The feedback on the first event was very good so we are delighted to be able to offer these special Nights of Classic Motown and Soul Music plus that something extra to our customers to show that the Rendezvous is so much more than a casino.”

7 – 9 AUGUST 2013


What will you be wearing?

For race times and full details please visit our website.

We’ll take the time to help you get the right cover for your business. Call 01273 724286 for a quote or pop in NFU Mutual Office, 144 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2DL

NFU Mutual is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers. For security and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.

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Arts and entertainment

Sponsored by Sea Life Brighton

Washington and Wahlberg join forces 2 Guns (15)

they’re not quite as laugh-outloud hilarious as the filmmakers obviously think they are. On top of that, Kormakur maintains a decent pace throughout and orchestrates a number of satisfying shoot outs and suspense moments along the way.

Running time: 109 mins Director: Baltasar Kormákuri Starring: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Bill Paxton

Enjoyable, pacily directed and pleasingly old fashioned buddy cop thriller enlivened by a witty script and engaging chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington. What’s it all about? Directed by Baltasar Kormakur, 2 Guns is based on the Boom! Studios graphic novels by Steven Grant and stars Denzel Washington as undercover DEA agent Bobby Trench, who robs a than they were expecting, they are bank with motor-mouthed partner forced to go on the run, pursued Michael ‘Stig’ Stigman (Mark by their respective bosses (Robert Wahlberg) – unaware that Stig is John Burke and James Marsden), also an undercover agent, for Naval the cartel and a ruthless CIA Intelligence - in order to infiltrate hitman (Bill Paxton). a Mexican drug cartel headed by Papi Greco (Edward James The Good Olmos). However, when the pair Wahlberg and Washington have get away with much more money1 12/8/13 an appealingly Love Brighton-1608:Layout 14:00 sparky Page chemistry 1

that harks back to the likes of classic buddy cop thrillers such as Lethal Weapon – there’s even the regulation “manly tussle in the dirt” scene. Wahlberg is particularly good value, talking nineteen to the dozen throughout and basically winging it, while there are colourful turns from the likes of Edward James Olmos

and James Marsden, though the supporting honours are roundly stolen by Bill Paxton, who’s both chilling and darkly funny as the CIA-sponsored killer. The plot is basically nonsense, but the script has fun with the various twists and turns and the dialogue frequently throws up an amusing one-liner, even if

The Bad It’s fair to say that some of the comedy character moments don’t quite ring true (such as Washington insisting on shooting Wahlberg because he shot him in an earlier scene, like a school bully who always has to get in the last punch). Similarly, Paula Patton is distinctly under used as Bobby’s colleague-slash-love interest, though in a testosterone heavy film like this, that’s not particularly surprising (the only other female character is a waitress Wahlberg flirts with in the opening scene). Worth seeing? 2 Guns isn’t exactly breaking any new ground, but it’s a solidly enjoyable buddy cop thriller with a decent script and a winning partnership between Wahlberg and Washington. Worth seeing.


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Send your answer, and include your full name, address and a contact phone number to competition@ One lucky winner will be selected at random. Closing time is Tuesday 27th Aug 2013 at midday - The winner will be notified later on that day. Last weeks winner was Jacqueline Knights from Saltdean. Brighton & Hove Independent competition terms and conditions apply.

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What’s on in Brighton and Hove! Friday 23rd August • Giant Maze - A stunning summer maze attraction on the Eastern Lawns of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, until 3rd Sept , for locals and visitors to enjoy, 11am-7pm, £4 –Royal Pavilion Gardens • Krater Comedy Club - Eat, drink, watch and laugh as 3 top stand-ups and one of the best MCs on the comedy circuit entertain you, Please see for opening times, Fri, Sat and Sun £6 £31 – Komedia • Brighton Rocks - This summer, Churchill Square Shopping Centre will be celebrating the iconic Brighton stick of rock - the traditional sweet souvenir of every British seaside holiday - with Brighton Rocks, 10am, free – Until 25th Aug. Churchill Square Shopping Centre • David Bowie Night - This is a must see show for any David Bowie fan... book your tickets now, 7pm, £13.50 – Concorde 2 • Speakeasy Club Night - Step inside and enjoy an evening of 1920s speakeasy entertainment! 7pm, £34 per person inc meal – Proud Cabaret Brighton • Music & Wine at St Luke’s - David Angel and David Elwin present an evening of vibrant and thrilling works for violin and piano from three centuries. 7.30pm, £7/£5/£3 Under 12’s – St Luke’s Church • Talent Show - We’re searching for variety acts, dancers, musicians and singers for our latest talent show, 8pm. free entry. All votes on the night require a 50p donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care – Grosvenor G Casino • Tensnake - You know it’s going to be a big night when German producer Marco Niemerski aka Tensnake is coming along for the ride, 11pm, £8/£10 – Concorde 2 Saturday 24th August • Brighton’s Big Screen - Showcasing some of the recent box office hits

including, Les Miserables, Life of Pi & Oblivion along with a mixture of movie classics & live sporting events. Every morning children will be entertained with short films & stories – Brighton Seafront (near Brighton Wheel) • Brighton & Hove Albion v Burnley -The Seagulls hope to gather early momentum with another victory as they take on Burnley in the second home league match of the season. 3pm kick-off, from £25 for Adults - American Express Community Stadium • Katsuma from the Moshi Monsters - Back by popular demand, Katsuma from the Moshi Monsters will be at the Park to meet and greet visitors. Don’t miss the chance to see the friendly and popular monster appearing at intervals throughout the day. Standard admission and times – Drusillas • PrestFest 2013 - PrestFest is a free, family event in Preston Park, by the men’s bowls pavilion, on Saturday 24 August from 11 to 5pm. The aim of the day is to have fun, to enjoy the park and to celebrate local talents and businesses, 11am-5pm – Preston Park • George Ezra @ The Loft Sessions Live - The Loft Sessions Live’ is a showcase of some of the best talent, mixing some of the best the country has to offer with some of the best our beloved Brighton has to offer. 7pm: £5otd. £3.50adv - The Blind Tiger • Le Chat Noir - Oh La La! Proud Cabaret Brighton takes a French twist on Saturday nights at Le Chat Noir! £44 per person inc 3 course meal – Proud Cabaret Brighton • Harris & Day - Presenting a wow factor packed evening of entertainment. The show is full of stunning harmonic vocal numbers all blended with the own brilliant comedy routines & observations, 10pm, free – Grosvenor G Casino • A Taste of Italy - Medfood London Italian Market is innovative

and authentic, comprising a number of mouth-watering stalls bringing you all the wonderful tastes you would expect to get in Italy – Until Monday Brighton Marina • Brighton Mod Weekender - August bank holiday will see the Mod Scene return to its spiritual home. NUT’s Brighton weekender was voted the number one weekender in the UK by Mod Generation readers in 2011 and 2012 – Various Venues • The Wedding Present performing ‘George Best’ & The Hit Parade At this year’s festival The Wedding Present will be playing George Best on the first night and all The Hit Parade A-sides on the second, 3pm, £20 single event tickets OR £35 weekend passes – Concorde 2 • Party In Style - Relax with the voice of Curtis Edward Skinner before Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes light up the evening with funk filled riffs and infectious floor fillers. The partying is for a good cause as the proceeds go to Chestnut Tree House and St Barnabas House hospice. www. - £12 in advance (£15 door) 8.00pm - 11.30pm Brighton Racecourse Sunday 25th August • Punch & Judy Shows - Family fun with a traditional show plus join-in activity session, 12.30pm, 2pm & 3.30pm, £2 – Opposite the Fishing Museum • Scratch Sessions - New poetry, script, short story, stand up; anything goes, 3pm, £1 on the door – The Old Market • Weekend Music Performances - A series of free music events to enjoy alongside the musically-inspired Resonance exhibition, 3-4pm – Fabrica Monday 26th August • Regency Colour - Regency Colour and Beyond, 1785-1835, is on show from 15 June to 13 October 2013 and includes two display areas and

EVENTS LISTINGS PROVIDED BY new interpretation exploring Regency understandings of colour and the interior decor of the Royal Pavilion Royal Pavilion • The Fat Controller - The Fat Controller will be causing a locomotion, when he alights at the Park to take control of the efficient running of the Thomas & Friends™ railway. Make tracks to Tidmouth Hault and enjoy photo opportunities with Sir Topham Hatt himself – Drusillas • Alternative Notting Hill All Dayer - Live Music - DJs - Jamaican BBQ – face painting - stalls & loads more... Free & fun for all the family! 3pm, free – Concorde 2 Tuesday 27th August • Brighton Sand Sculpture Festival - Over 20 world class artists have turned thousands of tonnes of sand into an exhibition.Visitors can experience the wonder of this magical art and will also have the chance to get involved. Sand sculpture workshops, live demonstrations, guided tours, unique photo opportunities, a children’s sand pit, café and much more will be on offer to all. – Black Rock • Kids’ Summer Fun at Borde Hill Gardens - Includes activities such as Arts and Crafts, Storytelling, Giant Garden Games and Seed-Planting, 10am-6pm, £5-£7 Wednesday 28th August • Creatures of the Deep - Same Sky are back this summer with free children’s make and take workshops. Back by popular demand these sea creature themed art workshops are a great way to keep the kids entertained, 11am-4pm, free – Brighton Marina • Peppa Pig & George - Join in the excitement and snorts of laughter as the lovable Peppa Pig embarks on

a Drusillas Park adventure, with her brother George. The cheeky pair will be making appearances at various intervals throughout the day – Drusillas • Share a Coke Tour - Come down and tell the team who you want to Share a Coke with, and get your personalised bottle! For info and a map of the route, visit www. – Brighton Marina • Lunchtime Recitals - The perfect way to spend a relaxing lunchtime in the middle of a busy week with high-quality performances from outstanding musicians, 1pm-2pm, free – All Saints Church • Leonard Cohen - Acclaimed musical legend and recent JUNO award winner, Leonard Cohen is set to entertain Brighton as he returns to the UK in 2013, 6:30pm, £50-£75 – Brighton Centre • Groundation - The internationally renowned band takes the art form to new heights, blending jazz, funk, salsa, fusion, and transcendental dub, 7pm, £20 – Komedia What’s on at the Funkyfish this weekend Friday 23rd August • Comedy Night Doors 7.30pm – Show starts at 8pm The debut comedy night, featuring graduates of Brighton Comedy Course! Entry £7.00 • Thank Funk it’s Friday DJ Antony Funk-Disco-Dance-Pop 10.30pm till late Free entry • Saturday 24th August Old School Saturdays DJ Sean Quinn 70s/80s/90s 10pm till late

For more listings, visit

30 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

6.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Saturday BBC1 Kitchen Best Bites. 11.30 Football


Matthew Rhys Matthew Rhys The Americans ITV, 9.55pm The Americans You’ve got to hand it to ITV, 9.55pm Philip and Elizabeth – You’ve to hand to despitegot growing upitunder Philip and Elizabeth – of the harsh Soviet regime despite growing up under the 1950s and 1960s, the harsh Soviet regime of they’ve managed to blend the 1960s, into1950s US lifeand seamlessly. they’ve blend Despitemanaged this, theirtomarriage into life seamlessly. isn’tUS a happy one, with little Despite theirbemarriage wonder;this, it can’t easy isn’t a happy aone, withlife. little maintaining double wonder; can’t be easy But theiritprofessional maintaining double relationshipahas beenlife. But their professional successful – until now. The relationship has beenthe FBI now know about successful – until planted now. Thein bug the Jennings FBI now know about Weinberger’s office,the and bug the determined Jennings planted they’re to in Weinberger’s office,sooner and unmask the spies they’re determined rather than later. Astoa unmask the spies result, they’ve set sooner up a trap rather than later. As a to snare them. result, they’ve set up a trap to snare them.

Brenda Blethyn Brenda Blethyn Vera ITV, 8pm Vera Brenda Blethyn returns for ITV, 8pm a third series of the hit Brenda BlethynThis returns crime drama. time,for DCI aVera thirdStanhope series of and the hit her crime drama. ThisAshworth, time, DCI sidekick, DS Joe Vera Stanhope and are investigating theher brutal sidekick, Joe Ashworth, murder ofDS young are investigatingLizzie the brutal physiotherapist murder of young Faulkner, who was gunned physiotherapist country down at a luxuryLizzie Faulkner, who was gunned retreat. It’s a tragic tale, but down at aaluxury country one with personal aspect retreat. It’s a tragic tale,it but for Ashworth because aspect one withhim a personal brings face to face with for Ashworth because it ghosts from his past he brings him face to face with thought he’d buried long ghosts from his past he ago. Lizzie’s holiday had thought he’dfrom buried long been a gift grateful ago. holiday hadthe clientLizzie’s Corinne Franks, been a giftwho fromdesigned grateful the architect client Corinne the complex whereFranks, she was architect staying. who designed the complex where she was staying.



BBC2 6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.30 BBC2 Formula 1: Belgian Grand Prix –

ITV 6.00 CITV: Jake and the Neverland ITV Pirates. 6.15 Jake and the

CHANNEL 4 6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 CHANNEL The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The4 Hoobs.

CHANNEL 5 6.00 Milkshake! 10.00 Power CHANNEL 5 Rangers: Megaforce. 10.35

Focus. 12.00 BBC News; Regional 6.00 Breakfast. News; Weather.10.00 12.10Saturday Live Formula Kitchen Best Bites. 11.30 1: The Belgian Grand PrixFootball – Focus. 12.00 BBC News; Regional Qualifying. 2.15 Live Challenge Cup News; Weather. 12.10 Live Formula Rugby League. 5.15 BBC News; 1:Regional The Belgian Grand Prix – News; Weather. 5.35 Qualifying. 2.15 Live Challenge Cup Pointless Celebrities. Rugby League. 5.15 BBC News; 6.25 That Puppet Game5.35 Show. Regional News; Weather. With comedian Jack Dee and Pointless Celebrities. The One Show’s Alex Jones. 6.25 That Puppet Game Show. 7.05 With I Love My Country. comedian Jack Tinchy Dee and Stryder, Rita Simons, Chris The One Show’s Alex Jones. Packham, Rachel Riley, Alex 7.05 IJones Love My Country. Tinchy and Peter Shilton Stryder, Rita Simons, Chris demonstrate their knowledge Packham, Rachel Riley, Alex of all things British. Game Jones Peter show,and hosted byShilton Gabby demonstrate their knowledge Logan. of all things British. Game 7.50 show, The National Lottery: hosted by GabbyBreak the Safe. Nick Knowles Logan. hosts the game show in 7.50 The National Lottery: Breakin which three pairs compete the Safe.quiz Nickrounds, Knowles several with the hosts theplaying game show in winners for the which moneythree in thepairs safe.compete Includesin several quiz rounds, the the National Lottery with results. winners playing for the 8.40 money Casualty. Ash impresses in the safe. IncludesLily when he dives into the sea to the National Lottery results. save a teenager in distress, 8.40 Casualty. Ash impresses while Fletch and Rita treatLily a when dives into thetosea youngheman claiming be to save a teenager in distress, the reincarnation of an while Fletch and Rita treat a elderly woman’s brother. young man claiming to be 9.30 the Michael McIntyre’s Comedy reincarnation of an Roadshow. Withbrother. John elderly woman’s Bishop, Justin Moorhouse, 9.30 Michael McIntyre’s Miles Jupp and TerryComedy Roadshow. With John Alderton. (R) Bishop, Justin Moorhouse, 10.00Miles BBC News; Weather. Jupp and Terry 10.20Alderton. Match of(R) the Day. Including highlights Fulham v 10.00 BBC News;ofWeather. Arsenal; National Lottery 10.20 Match of the Day. Including Update. highlights of Fulham v 11.45Arsenal; The Football League Show. National Lottery Highlights of today’s games Update. in the Championship, League 11.45 The League OneFootball and League Two.Show. Highlights of today’s games 1.00 Weatherview. 1.05 BBCLeague News. in the Championship, One and League Two. 1.00 Weatherview. 1.05 BBC News.

Practice One. (R) 8.10 Formula 1: 6.00 ThisGrand Is BBCPrix Two. 6.30 Two. Belgian – Practice Formula Belgian1:Grand PrixGrand – (R) 9.551:Formula Belgian Practice One. (R)Three. 8.10 11.05 Formula 1: Prix – Practice Coast. Belgian Grand Practice Two. 11.30 The A toPrix Z of–TV Cooking. (R) 9.55Caribbean Formula 1: Belgian 12.15 Food MadeGrand Easy. Prix – Practice Three. Challenge. 11.05 Coast. (R) 12.45 University (R) 11.30 The A to Z of TV Cooking. 1.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 12.15 Caribbean Food Made Easy. 2.00 Exploring China: A Culinary (R) 12.45 University Adventure. (R) 3.00 Challenge. Wild China.(R) 1.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 4.00 Urban Jungle. 4.30(R) Final 2.00 Exploring China: Score. 5.30 Flog It! A Culinary Adventure. (R) 3.00 Wild China. 6.00 Dragons’ Den. (R) (R) 4.00 Urban Jungle. 4.30 Final 7.00 5.30 Proms Extra Score. Flog It! 2013. Including a review of Nigel 6.00 Dragons’ Den. (R)Kennedy’s performance of Vivaldi’s Four 7.00 Proms Extra 2013. Including Seasons. a review of Nigel Kennedy’s 7.40 performance Dad’s Army. of The platoonFour Vivaldi’s competes for the honour of Seasons. guarding Winston Churchill. 7.40 Dad’s (R) Army. The platoon competes for the honour of 8.10 guarding ThatcherWinston – The Downing Churchill. Street Years. Margaret (R) Thatcher’s second term in 8.10 Thatcher office. (R)– The Downing Street Years. Margaret 9.10 Thatcher’s America’ssecond Stonedterm Kids.inThe impact(R) Colorado’s office. legalisation of marijuana may 9.10 America’s The have on theStoned rest ofKids. the US. impact Colorado’s 10.10legalisation QI XL. WithofRoss Noble,may marijuana Daraon O Briain and have the rest of Jeremy the US. Clarkson. (R) 10.10 QI XL. With Ross Noble, 10.55Dara TOTP2: Summertime O Briain and Jeremy Special. Featuring the Clarkson. (R) Undertones, Fun Boy Three, 10.55 TOTP2: Summertime Bryan Adams, Girls Aloud Special. the and ELO.Featuring (R) Undertones, Fun Boy Three, 11.55Bryan Film: Adams, My YearGirls Without AloudSex. (2009) woman recovering and ELO.A(R) from an aneurysm is advised 11.55 Film: Sex. to giveMyupYear sex,Without which proves (2009) womanforrecovering difficultAadvice her and from an aneurysm is advised her husband to follow. toComedy give updrama, sex, which proves starring difficult adviceand for her Sacha Horler Mattand Day. her husband to follow. 1.25 Film: Homicide. Comedy drama, (1991) starringCrime thriller,Sacha starring Joeand Mantegna. Horler Matt Day. 3.00 This Is BBC Two. 1.25 Film: Homicide. (1991) Crime thriller, starring Joe Mantegna. 3.00 This Is BBC Two.

Neverland Pirates. 6.25 Poppy Cat. 6.00 CITV:Poppy Jake and (R) 6.40 Cat.the (R)Neverland 6.50 Pirates. 6.15 the Canimals. (R)Jake 7.00and Bookaboo. (R) Neverland Pirates. 6.25 Poppy Cat. 7.15 Almost Naked Animals. (R) (R) 6.40 Poppy Cat. (R) 6.50 7.30 The Avengers: Earth’s Canimals. 7.00 7.55 Bookaboo. Mightiest (R) Heroes! Kick (R) 7.15 Almost– Naked Animals. (R) Buttowski Suburban Daredevil. 7.30 8.10The KickAvengers: ButtowskiEarth’s – Suburban Mightiest 7.55 Kick8.30 Daredevil.Heroes! 8.25 ITV News. Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil. Dinner Date. (R) 9.25 Saturday 8.10 Kick Buttowski Suburban Cookbook. (R) 10.20– Murder, She Daredevil. ITVSaturday News. 8.30 Wrote. (R)8.25 11.20 Farm. Dinner Date. (R) 9.25 Saturday 12.20 ITV News; Weather. 12.25 Cookbook. Murder, She The Chase.(R) (R)10.20 1.25 Film: Problem Wrote. (R) 11.20 Saturday Farm. Child. (1990) 3.00 You’ve Been 12.20 ITV(R) News; 12.25 Framed! 3.30Weather. Midsomer The Chase.(R) (R)5.30 1.25Regional Film: Problem Murders. Child. (1990) ;3.00 You’ve Been Programme Weather.5.45 ITV Framed! (R) 3.30 Midsomer News; Weather. Murders. (R) 5.30 Regional 6.00 You’ve Been Framed! Programme ; Weather.5.45 ITV Featuring a dog with a News; Weather. lightsaber. (R) 6.00 You’ve Been Framed! 6.30 Featuring You’ve Been a dogFramed! with a Comical clips, lightsaber. (R) featuring a quad bike with a mind of its 6.30 You’ve Been Framed! own. (R) Comical clips, featuring a 7.00 quad Film:bike Harry Potter andofthe with a mind its Half-Blood own. (R) Prince. (2009) The wizard must uncover the 7.00 Film: Harry Potter and the secrets of Lord Voldemort’s Half-Blood Prince. (2009) past to try to end the evil The wizard reign must of uncover sorcerer’s terror. the secrets of Lord Voldemort’s Fantasy adventure sequel, past try toRadcliffe end the evil withtoDaniel and sorcerer’s reign of terror. Michael Gambon. Fantasy adventure sequel, 9.55 with The Daniel Americans. Philip Radcliffe andand ElizabethGambon. devise an exit Michael strategy before meeting The 9.55 The Americans. Philip and Colonel and begin to suspect Elizabeth devise an exit it could be a set-up, while the strategy before KGB aborts an meeting importantThe Colonel begin to series. suspect mission.and Last in the it could be a set-up, while the 10.50KGB ITV News; Weather. aborts an important 11.05mission. Film: American Dreamz. Last in the series. (2006) Satirical comedy, 10.50 ITV News; Weather. starring Hugh Grant. 11.05 Film: American Dreamz. 1.00 Jackpot247. 3.00comedy, The Jeremy (2006) Satirical Kyle Show USA. 3.40 ITV starring Hugh Grant. Nightscreen. 1.00 Jackpot247. 3.00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 3.40 ITV Nightscreen.

(R) 7.00 British F3. 7.30 The Grid. 6.00 People. (R) 6.10 8.00The TheTreacle Morning Line. 9.00 The Hoobs. The Hoobs. Frasier. (R) (R) 9.306.35 Frasier. (R) 10.00 (R) 7.00 British F3.Raymond. 7.30 The Grid. Everybody Loves (R) 8.00 The Morning Line. 9.00 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. Frasier. (R) 9.30 Frasier. (R) 10.00 (R) 11.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) Everybody Raymond. 11.25 The Loves Big Bang Theory.(R) (R) 10.30 Loves(R) Raymond. 11.55Everybody The Simpsons. 12.25 (R) 11.00 The Big Bang Theory. Jamie Does Athens. (R) 1.30 (R) 11.25 The4 Big Bang4.10 Theory. (R)Dine Channel Racing. Come 11.55 The(R) Simpsons. (R)Dine 12.25 with Me. 4.40 Come with Jamie Does Me. (R) 5.10Athens. Come (R) Dine1.30 with Me. Channel Racing. 4.10 Come (R) 5.404Come Dine with Me. Dine (R) with Me. (R) 4.40 Come Dine with 6.15(R)Come Dine with Me. 5.10 Come DineMe. withChris Me. Sheppard hosts theMe. final (R) 5.40 Come Dine with (R) dinner party in 6.15 Come Dine with Me. Chris Worcestershire. (R) Sheppard hosts the final 6.40 dinner Channel 4 News. party in 7.00 Worcestershire. Film: Mission: Impossible (R) 2. (2000) A secret agent 6.40 Channel 4 News. battles a former spy-turned7.00 Film: Mission: Impossible criminal mastermind intent 2. A secret agent on(2000) stealing a deadly manbattles a former spy-turnedmade virus. John Woo’s criminal mastermind action thriller sequel,intent starring on stealing deadly manTom Cruiseaand Dougray made virus. John Woo’s Scott. action thriller sequel, starring 9.20 Tom Film:Cruise The A-Team. (2010) and Dougray Four soldiers jailed for a Scott. crime they did not commit 9.20 Film: The A-Team. escape from prison(2010) and track Four jailedAction for a downsoldiers the culprit. crime they did noton commit adventure based the TV escape prisonNeeson and track series, from with Liam and down the culprit. Action Bradley Cooper. adventure based on the TV 11.35series, Tim Minchin andNeeson the and with Liam Heritage Orchestra Live at Bradley Cooper. the Royal Albert Hall. The 11.35 Tim Minchin and the Olivier Award-winning Heritage Live atis composerOrchestra and performer the Royal Albert Hall. The joined by the 55-piece Olivier Award-winning Heritage Orchestra, led by composer and performer is Jules Buckley, for a concert joined by the mixing music55-piece and comedy at Heritage led by the RoyalOrchestra, Albert Hall. Jules Buckley, for a concert 1.05 Film: MacGruber. (2010) mixing music and comedy2.35 at Hollyoaks. (R) 4.45 Deal or No the Royal Albert Hall. Deal. (R) 5.40 Baking Mad with Eric 1.05 Film:(R) MacGruber. (2010) 2.35 Lanlard. Hollyoaks. (R) 4.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.40 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R)

6.00 Breakfast. 8.35 Match of the BBC1 Day. (R) 10.00 Sunday Morning

BBC2 6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.10 Film: BBC2 Bachelor Mother. (1939) 7.30

ITV 6.00 CITV: Jake and the Neverland ITV Pirates. 6.15 Jake and the

CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 6.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 6.05 6.05 The Hoobs. (R) 6.30 Ironman CHANNEL 47.55 CHANNEL 56.15 Fifi and the Flowertots. (R) 2013. 7.00 FIA GT Series.


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Live 2013. 11.00 Homes Under the 6.00 Breakfast. 8.35 BBC Match of the Hammer. (R) 12.00 News; Day. (R) 10.00 Morning Weather. 12.10Sunday Live Formula 1: The Live 2013. 11.00 Homes the Belgian Grand Prix. 3.15Under Summer’s Hammer. (R) 12.00 BBC News; Supermarket Secrets. (R) 4.15 Weather. Live Formula 1: The Escape to12.10 the Country. (R) 5.00 Belgian Grand Prix. 3.15 Summer’s Songs of Praise. 5.35 Britain’s Big Supermarket Secrets. (R) 4.15 Wildlife Revival. Escape to the Country. (R) 5.00 6.35 of BBC News;5.35 Regional News; Songs Praise. Britain’s Big WildlifeWeather. Revival. 7.00 BBC Countryfile. John Craven 6.35 News; Regional News; visits Devon and recalls Weather. memorable days out featured 7.00 Countryfile. John Craven on the programme, from visits Devon andattempt recalls at Ellie Harrison’s memorable days out winter surfing to Mattfeatured on the programme, fromin the Baker’s search for deer Ellie Harrison’s attempt at Highlands. winter surfing to Matt 8.00 Baker’s Antiques Roadshow. search for deerFiona in the Bruce and the experts return Highlands. to Wightwick Manor near 8.00 Antiques Roadshow. Fiona Wolverhampton, where Bruce the experts return items and include drawings by toJMW Wightwick Manor near Turner and objects Wolverhampton, where once owned by the last items include survivor of thedrawings Titanic. by JMW Turner and objects 9.00 once Whatowned Remains. by theNew lastseries. A detective is called in when survivor of the Titanic. a couple discover a body in 9.00 What Remains. New series. the flat above their new Ahome. detective is called in when Murder mystery, astarring couple discover a body in David Threlfall the flat above their (Shameless), withnew Russell home. Tovey.Murder mystery, starring David Threlfall 10.00(Shameless), BBC News; Regional News; with Russell Weather. Tovey. 10.25BBC Room 101 –Regional Extra Storage. 10.00 News; News; With Clive Anderson, Alex Weather. Jones and Jack Whitehall. 10.25 Room (R) 101 – Extra Storage. With Clive Anderson, Alex 11.05Jones That Puppet Game Show. and Jack Whitehall. With comedian Jack Dee and (R) The One Show’s Alex Jones. 11.05 That (R) Puppet Game Show. With comedian Jack Dee and 11.45The Film: A Walk to Alex Remember. One Show’s Jones. (2002) Romantic drama, (R) with Mandy Moore. 11.45 Film: A Walk to Remember. 1.20 Weatherview. 1.25drama, BBC News. (2002) Romantic with Mandy Moore. 1.20 Weatherview. 1.25 BBC News.

Around the World in 80 Gardens. 6.00 This Gardeners’ Is BBC Two.World. 6.10 Film: (R) 8.30 (R) Bachelor (1939) 7.30 9.30 9.00 TheMother. Beechgrove Garden. Around the World in 80 Gardens. Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. 11.00 (R) Gardeners’ (R) The8.30 Incredible SpiceWorld. Men. (R) 9.00 The Beechgrove Garden. 9.30 11.30 Live MotoGP. 1.00 Saturday Kitchen Bites. 11.00 EastEnders. 2.50Best Triathlon. The Incredible Spice Men. (R) 6.00 Flog It! From Southend-on11.30 Live MotoGP. 1.00 Sea, Essex. (R) EastEnders. 2.50 Triathlon. 6.30 Flog Iolo’sIt!Great Parks. 6.00 FromWelsh Southend-onNewEssex. series.(R) Iolo Williams Sea, explores four historic 6.30 Iolo’s Great Welsh with Parks. estates, beginning New series. IoloPark. Williams Cardiff’s Bute explores four historic 7.00 estates, The Great British Bake beginning with Off. ThirteenBute contestants Cardiff’s Park. battle it out to be named Britain’s 7.00 The British Bake bestGreat amateur baker. (R)Off. Thirteen contestants battle it 8.00 out Dragons’ Den. A publisher to be named Britain’s proposes a business strategy best amateur baker. (R) that goes against magazine 8.00 Dragons’ Den. A publisher industry trends, while three proposes business strategy former adamen turn the that goes tables by against putting magazine some tough industry trends, three questions to thewhile Dragons. former ad men turn the 9.00 tables The Hairy Bikers:some tough by putting Restoration Road Trip. Si questions to the Dragons. King and Dave Myers work 9.00 The Hairy Bikers: on steam train the Night Owl, Restoration Road Trip. Si forging a steel wheel taller King and Dave Myers work than they are for the biggest on steam train the Night Owl, locomotive restoration in forging a steel wheel taller Britain. Last in the series. than they are for the biggest 10.00locomotive QI. With Jeremy Clarkson, restoration in Jason Manford and Sandi Britain. Last in the series. Toksvig. 10.00 QI. With Jeremy Clarkson, 10.30Jason JamesManford May’s Toy andStories: Sandi Flight Club. James sets out Toksvig. to break the British record for 10.30 James May’sflight Toy by Stories: the longest a toy Flight glider.Club. (R) James sets out to break the British record for 11.30the Film: The Hoax. (2006) longest flight by a toy Fact-based glider. (R) drama, starring Richard Gere, Alfred Molina 11.30 Film: The Hoax. and Hope Davis.(2006) Fact-based drama, starring 1.20 Sign Zone: Countryfile. (R) Richard Gere, Alfred Molina 2.15 Holby City.Davis. (R) 3.15 This Is and Hope BBC Two. 1.20 Sign Zone: Countryfile. (R) 2.15 Holby City. (R) 3.15 This Is BBC Two.

Neverland Pirates. 6.25 Poppy Cat. 6.00 CITV:Poppy Jake and (R) 6.40 Cat.the (R)Neverland 6.50 Pirates. 6.15 the Canimals. (R)Jake 7.00and Bookaboo. (R) Neverland Pirates. 6.25 Poppy Cat. 7.15 Almost Naked Animals. (R) (R) 6.40 Poppy Cat. (R) 6.50 7.30 The Avengers: Earth’s Canimals. 7.00 7.55 Bookaboo. Mightiest (R) Heroes! Kick (R) 7.15 Almost– Naked Animals. (R) Buttowski Suburban Daredevil. 7.30 8.10The KickAvengers: ButtowskiEarth’s – Suburban Mightiest 7.55 Kick8.30 Daredevil.Heroes! 8.25 ITV News. Buttowski – Suburban Daredevil. Country House Sunday. 9.25 The 8.10 KickKyle Buttowski – Suburban Jeremy Show USA. 10.15 Daredevil. 8.25 ITV News. 8.30ITV Murder, She Wrote. (R) 11.15 Country House Sunday. 9.25 News; Weather. 11.20 Ade inThe Jeremy Show Film: USA. 10.15 Britain. Kyle (R) 12.25 Columbo: Murder, (R) 11.15 Now YouShe SeeWrote. Him. (1976) 2.20ITV A News; Weather. 11.20 Ade in Tea Touch of Frost. (R) 4.25 Film: Britain. (R) 12.25 Film: Columbo: with Mussolini. (1999) Now You See Him. (1976) 2.20 A 6.30 of Regional Programme; Touch Frost. (R) 4.25 Film: Tea Weather.(1999) with Mussolini. 6.45 Regional ITV News;Programme; Weather. 6.30 7.00 Weather. Tipping Point: Lucky Stars. Atomic Kitten’s Liz 6.45 ITV News; Weather. McClarnon, Dancing on Ice 7.00 Tipping Point: Lucky Stars. skater Dan Whiston and Atomic Kitten’s Boyzone singerLiz Keith Duffy McClarnon, on Ice take part in Dancing the quiz show, skater Whiston and hostedDan by Ben Shephard. Boyzone singer Keith Duffy Last in the series. take part in the quiz show, 8.00 hosted Vera. New series. The by Ben Shephard. detective the Last in theinvestigates series. murder of a young 8.00 Vera. New series. The physiotherapist at a luxury detective investigates country retreat. Crimethe murder a young drama, of starring Brenda physiotherapist at aLeon. luxury Blethyn and David country retreat. Crime 9.55 drama, ITV News; Weather. starring Brenda 10.10Blethyn The People’s Medal. and David Leon. Natasha 9.55 ITV News;Kaplinsky Weather.takes a behind-the-scenes look at 10.10 The People’s process Medal. for the the selection Natasha Kaplinsky takes a – royal British Empire Medal behind-the-scenes an award for thoselook whoathave the selection process for for the done remarkable things royal British others. (R) Empire Medal – an award for those who have 11.10done Murder, She Wrote. (R)for remarkable things 12.05others. The Store. (R) 2.10 Motorsport UK. 2.55 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The 11.10 Murder, She Wrote. (R) Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 12.05 The Store. 2.10 Motorsport UK. 2.55 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Make sitting & rising easier from £199 BACK-CARE sittingRECLINERS RECLINING Make & rising easier from £199

Slugterra. 11.00 Inside Hollywood. 6.00 Milkshake! 10.00 PowerThe 11.05 Celebrity Big Brother: Rangers: 10.35 Police Big TwistMegaforce. – Live. (R) 12.30 Slugterra. 11.00 Hollywood. Interceptors. (R)Inside 1.30 Film: 11.05 Celebrity Columbo Likes Big the Brother: Nightlife.The (2003) Big Twist – Live. (R)(1970) 12.30 Second Police 3.50 Film: Patton. Interceptors. (R) 1.30 Film: World War biopic, starring George Columbo C Scott. Likes the Nightlife. (2003) 3.50 Film: Patton. (1970) Second 6.55 War 5 News Weekend. World biopic, starring George C7.00 Scott.Cricket: The Ashes. England Australia. Mark Nicholas 6.55 5vNews Weekend. presents action from day 7.00 Cricket: The Ashes. four of the Fifth TestEngland at the vOval, Australia. as theMark final Nicholas match of the presents action from series continued. day four of the Fifth Test at the 8.00 Oval, NCIS.asAthe marine while final dies match of the savingcontinued. the life of a foreign series defence secretary, and the 8.00 NCIS. marinetodies whilethe team isA asked protect saving the life of a foreign politician’s daughter while defence secretary, and the she studies in America. (R) team is asked to protect the 9.00 politician’s NCIS. A marine’s teeth and daughter while fingertips found in a(R) she studiesare in America. pickpocket’s stolen purse, 9.00 NCIS. A marine’s teeth and but the team discovers the fingertips found a his real targetare may haveinbeen pickpocket’s stolen purse, ex-girlfriend, a skilled player but the team discovers of computer games. (R)the real target may have been his 9.55 ex-girlfriend, 5 News Weekend. a skilled player 10.00ofCelebrity Biggames. Brother. computer (R)A to catch up with all 9.55 5chance News Weekend. the action from the star10.00 Celebrity Big Brother.asAthe studded compound, chance to catch up with all celebrities continue to cope the from the starwithaction the challenges of living studded compound, as the under constant surveillance. celebrities continue to cope Brother’s Bit 11.00with Celebrity Big the challenges of living on theconstant Psych. New series. under surveillance. Psychological analysis of the 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s housemates’ behaviour.Bit on the Psych. New series. 12.00Psychological SuperCasino. analysis 4.00 Wildlife of the SOS. (R) 4.25 Makebehaviour. It Big. (R) 4.50 housemates’ Roary the Racing Car. (R) 5.00 12.00 AngelsSuperCasino. of Jarm. (R) 4.00 5.10 Wildlife Hana’s SOS. (R) 4.25 MakeAngels It Big.of(R)Jarm. 4.50 Helpline. (R) 5.20 Roary the Racing Car. (R) 5.00 (R) 5.30 The Funky Valley Show. Angels of Roary Jarm. (R) 5.10 Hana’s (R) 5.40 the Racing Car. (R) Helpline. (R) 5.20 Angels 5.50 Hana’s Helpline. (R)of Jarm. (R) 5.30 The Funky Valley Show. (R) 5.40 Roary the Racing Car. (R) 5.50 Hana’s Helpline. (R)

DIGITAL BBC Three DIGITAL 7.00 Greg & Jen @ Reading 8.00

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FoalsThree @ Reading 9.00 Chase & BBC Status & Jake Bugg @ Reading 7.00 Greg & JenHoward’s @ Reading 8.00 10.30 Russell Good News Foals Reading Chase & 11.00@Family Guy9.00 11.50 American Status & Jake Bugg @ Reading Dad! 10.30 Russell Howard’s Good News BBC Four 11.00 Family Guy 11.50 American 7.00 Precision: The Measure of All Dad! Things 8.00 Tiger – Spy in the BBC Four Jungle 9.00 Film: King of Devil’s 7.00 Precision: The Measure of All Island (2010) 10.50 Film: Richard Things 8.00inTiger – Spy in the Pryor Live Concert (1979) Jungle 9.00 Film: King of Devil’s ITV2 (2010) 10.50 Film: Richard Island 3.00 Film: Mighty Ducks Pryor Live inThe Concert (1979) (1992) 5.10 Film: The Scorpion ITV2 King (2002) 7.00 You’ve Been 3.00 Film:9.00 TheThe Mighty Framed! XtraDucks Factor (1992) Film: TheHouse Scorpion Rewind5.10 10.00 Film: of Wax King (2002) 7.00 You’ve Been (2005) Framed! 9.00 The Xtra Factor ITV3 10.00 Film: House of Wax Rewind 2.10 Film: From Time to Time (2005) (2009) 4.00 Film: Death Becomes ITV3 Her (1992) 6.05 Murder, She Wrote 2.10 From Time11.00 7.00Film: Foyle’s WarTime 9.00toLewis (2009) Film: Death Becomes Wire in4.00 the Blood Her (1992) 6.05 Murder, She Wrote ITV4Foyle’s War 9.00 Lewis 11.00 7.00 3.00inFilm: Paths of Glory (1957) Wire the Blood 4.50 Film: Aces High (1976) 7.00 ITV4 Black Gold 8.00 World of Sport: 3.00 Paths of Mark GloryCavendish: (1957) CrazyFilm: Racing 8.10 4.50 Aces HighCycling: (1976) 7.00 BornFilm: to Race 10.00 Vuelta Black Gold11.00 8.00 World of Sport: 57 a Espana Film: Passenger Crazy Racing 8.10 Mark Cavendish: (1992) Born to Race 10.00 Cycling: Vuelta aE4 Espana 11.00 Film: Passenger 57 5.30 The Mindy Project 6.00 The (1992) Big Bang Theory 7.00 Suburgatory E4 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.30 5.30 TheEndings Mindy Project 6.00Nine The Happy 9.00 Film: Big Bang(1995) Theory11.05 7.00 Suburgatory Months PhoneShop 7.30 How Met Your Mother 8.30 11.35 TheI Inbetweeners Happy Endings 9.00 Film: Nine Film4 Months (1995) 11.05 PhoneShop 3.05 The Trap (1961) 5.35 11.35 TheParent Inbetweeners The Lord of the Rings: The Film4 Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 3.05 Theadventure, Parent Trapstarring (1961) Elijah 5.35 Fantasy The Lord9.00 of the Rings:(2008) The Fantasy Wood. Twilight Fellowship of the Ring (2001) romance, starring Kristen Stewart. Fantasy adventure, 11.25 Hobo with a starring ShotgunElijah (2011) Wood. 9.00 Twilight (2008) Fantasy romance, starring Kristen Stewart. 11.25 Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

DIGITAL BBC Three DIGITAL 7.00 Formula 1: The Belgian Grand

Bubble Guppies. (R) 6.25 The Mr Prix Three Highlights 8.00 Haim & the 6.00 Peppa Pig. 6.05 Men Milkshake!: Show. (R) 6.40 Chloe’s Closet. BBC Lumineers @ Reading 9.00 Fall Out Fifi and the Flowertots. (R) 6.15 7.00 Formula 1: The 6.50 Roobarb and Custard Too. (R) Boy & Disclosure @ Belgian ReadingGrand 10.00 Bubble 6.25 The Prix Highlights 8.00Boom HaimTown & the 7.00 Bananas Pyjamas. (R)Mr 7.10 Family Guy 10.45 Men Show. (R) 6.40 Chloe’s Closet. Lumineers @ Reading 9.00 Fall Noddy in Toyland. (R) 7.25 City of 11.15 Biffy Clyro @ Reading Out 6.50 Roobarb and Little Custard Too. (R) Boy & Disclosure @ Reading 10.00 Friends. (R) 7.40 Princess. BBC Four 7.00 Bananas in Pyjamas.of (R)Bottle 7.10 Family Guy 10.45 Boom Town (R) 7.55 The Adventures Noddy Toyland. (R)Friend 7.25 City of 7.00 Proms on Four: 20th Century 11.15 Biffy Clyro @ Reading Top Billinand His Best Corky. Friends. 7.40 Little Princess. Classics (R) 8.10(R) Angelina Ballerina. (R) BBC Four9.00 Flamenco: Gypsy (R) 7.55 of Bottle Soul 10.00 Storyville: Richard 8.25 BertThe andAdventures Ernie’s Great 7.00 Four: 20th Century Top Bill and His Corky. PryorProms – Omitonthe Logic 11.20 Film: Adventures. (R)Best 8.30Friend Rupert Bear. Classics 9.00 Flamenco: Gypsy (R) 8.10 Angelina Ballerina. (R) Richard Pryor Live in Concert (R) 8.45 Ben and Holly’s Little Soul 10.00 Storyville: Richard 8.25 Bert and Great (1979) Kingdom. (R)Ernie’s 9.00 Toby’s Pryor – Omit the Logic 11.20 Film: Adventures. (R) 8.30 Rupert ITV2 Pryor Live in Concert Travelling Circus. 9.10 RoaryBear. the Richard (R) 8.45Car. Ben(R) and9.25 Holly’s Racing JellyLittle Jamm. 3.50 The Xtra Factor Rewind 4.50 (1979) Kingdom. (R)Rangers 9.00 Toby’s 9.45 Power Samurai. (R) Film: Mamma Mia! (2008) 7.00 ITV2 Travelling Circus. 10.40 9.10 Roary 10.20 Slugterra. Insidethe Film: The Wedding Singer (1998) Racing Car. (R) 9.25Celebrity Jelly Jamm. 3.50 Xtra Factor Hollywood. 10.45 Big 9.00The Film: Shaun of Rewind the Dead4.50 9.45 Power Samurai.BB(R) Film: Mamma Mia! (2008) 7.00 Brother. (R)Rangers 11.45 Celebrity (2004) 11.00 Film: The Nutty 10.20 Slugterra. 10.40 Inside Film: The Wedding BOTS: Rylan’s Supersized Sunday. Professor (1996) Singer (1998) Hollywood. 10.45 Celebrity Big 9.00 Film: Shaun of the Dead 12.40 Cowboy Builders. (R) 1.40 ITV3 11.00 Film: The Nutty Brother. (R) 11.45 BB (2004) Film: Hitch. (2005)Celebrity 3.55 Film: BOTS: Rylan’s Supersized Sunday. 3.50 Wycliffe 4.55 Murder, She Professor (1996) Stand By Me. (1986) 5.30 Film: 12.40 CowboyPet Builders. (R) (1994) 1.40 Wrote 5.55 Agatha Christie’s Poirot Ace Ventura: Detective. ITV3 Film: Hitch. (2005) 3.55 Film: 8.00 Film: Housesitter (1991) 6.55 By 5 News Weekend. 3.50 Wycliffe Murder, SheFilm: Stand Me. (1986) 5.30 Film: 10.05 A Touch4.55 of Frost 11.45 Wrote 5.55 Cruelty Agatha Christie’s 7.00Ventura: Cricket: Ashes. (1994) England Ace PetThe Detective. Intolerable (2003) Poirot 8.00 Film: Housesitter (1991) Australia. Mark Nicholas 6.55 5vNews Weekend. ITV4 A Touch of Frost 11.45 Film: presents action from the final 10.05 7.00 Cricket: The Ashes. England 11.00 LiveCruelty British (2003) Touring Car Intolerable day of the Fifth Test at the vOval, Australia. Nicholas Championship. Coverage of the as theMark last match of the ITV4 presents action its from the final seventh round of the season from series reached 11.00 Live 6.00 BritishBRDC Touring Car 4 day of the Fifth Test at the Knockhill. Formula conclusion. Championship. Coverage of7.00 the Oval, as the last match of the Championship Highlights 8.00 series Once reached Upon a Time. round ofa the season from its Greg and seventh Cycling: Vuelta Espana 8.00 River Tamara enlist Hook’s help. Knockhill. Formula conclusion. Monsters 6.00 9.00 BRDC Film: The Deer4 Championship Highlights 7.00 9.00 Celebrity Big Brother. The 8.00 Once Upon a Time. Greg and Hunter (1978) Cycling: Vuelta a Espana 8.00 River ups andenlist downs of BBhelp. life. Tamara Hook’s E4 Monsters 9.00 Film: The Deer 10.00Celebrity Film: ErinBig Brockovich. 9.00 Brother. The 3.30 How I Met Your Mother 5.30 Hunter (1978) (2000) factups and Oscar-winning downs of BB life. The Mindy Project 6.00 The Big based drama, starring Julia E4 10.00 Film: Erin Brockovich. Bang Theory 7.30 New Girl 8.00 Roberts. 3.30 I Met(1995) Your Mother (2000) Oscar-winning factFilm:How Clueless 10.00 5.30 The 12.35based Law &drama, Order:starring Special Victims The Mindy Project 6.00 TheTrust Big the Julia Inbetweeners 10.30 Don’t Unit. (R) 1.20 SuperCasino. 4.00 Bang Theory 7.30 New Girl 8.00 Roberts. B**** in Apartment 23 11.00 Alan Wildlife SOS. (R) 4.25 Make It Big. Film: (1995) 10.00 The Carr: Clueless Chatty Man 12.35 LawRoary & Order: SpecialCar. Victims (R) 4.50 the Racing (R) Inbetweeners 10.30 Don’t Trust the Unit. (R) 1.20 SuperCasino. 4.00 Film4 in Apartment 23 11.00 Alan 5.00 Angels of Jarm. (R) 5.10 B**** Wildlife SOS. (R) (R) 4.255.20 Make It Big.of 3.10Chatty Home Man Alone (1990) 5.25 The Hana’s Helpline. Angels Carr: (R) 4.50 Roary the Racing Car. (R) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Jarm. (R) 5.30 The Funky Valley Film4 5.00 Angels of Jarm. (R) 5.10 (2002) 9.00 Avatar (2009) Sci-fi Show. (R) 5.40 Roary the Racing 3.10 Home Alone (1990) 5.25 The Hana’s (R) 5.20 Angels Car. (R)Helpline. 5.50 Hana’s Helpline. (R)of adventure, with Sam Worthington. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Jarm. (R) 5.30 The Funky Valley (2002) 9.00 Avatar (2009) Sci-fi Show. (R) 5.40on Roary the Racing many Cut out and post this for FREE Car. (R) 5.50 Hana’s Helpline. (R) adventure, withcoupon Sam Worthington. models catalogue, fabrics card & direct prices on many Cut out and post this coupon for FREE ELECTRICALLY

Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 6.05 Hoobs. Ironman 8.25The Frasier. (R) (R) 9.006.30 Frasier. (R) 2013. 7.00 FIABrunch. GT Series. 7.55 9.30 Sunday 12.30 The Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) Big Bang Theory. (R) 1.00 The Big 8.25 BangFrasier. Theory.(R) (R)9.00 1.30Frasier. The (R) 9.30 Sunday(R) Brunch. 12.30 The Simpsons. 2.00 The Simpsons. Big (R)Trek 1.00IV:The TheBig (R)Bang 2.30 Theory. Film: Star Bang Theory. (R)(1986) 1.30 The Voyage Home. 4.50 Simpsons. (R) 2.00 The Simpsons. Location, Location, Location. (R) (R) 2.30 Film: 4Star Trek IV: The 5.50 Channel News. Voyage Home. (1986) 4.50 6.15 Film: ChaletLocation. Girl. (2011) Location, Location, (R) Premiere. A skateboarding 4 News. 5.50 Channel champion out of her comfort 6.15 Film: Chalet Girl. zone working at a (2011) ski resort Premiere. competesAinskateboarding a prestigious champion out of her comfort snowboarding contest. zone working a ski resort Comedy, withatFelicity Jones competes in a prestigious and Ed Westwick. snowboarding contest. 8.00 Comedy, Celebritywith DealFelicity or NoJones Deal: GokEd Wan. The style guru and Westwick. tries to win up to £250,000 8.00 Celebrity Deal or No for charity, joined by Deal: familiar Gok The style guru facesWan. including Melanie tries to win up to £250,000 Sykes, Kim Woodburn and for charity, joined familiar Gaby Roslin, whoby help to faces Melanie open including the mystery boxes. Sykes, Kim Woodburn and 9.00 Gaby Film:Roslin, The Mechanic. who help (2011) to Premiere. A hitman teaches open the mystery boxes. his murdered mentor’s son 9.00 Film: The Mechanic. the tricks of the trade (2011) so they Premiere. A hitman teaches can seek vengeance together. his murdered Action thrillermentor’s remake, son the tricksJason of the Statham trade so and they starring can seek vengeance together. Ben Foster. Action thriller remake, 10.50starring Film: The Sixth Sense.and Jason Statham (1999) A child psychologist Ben Foster. takes on the case of a boy 10.50 Film: ThebySixth Sense. terrified ghostly (1999) A childMpsychologist apparitions. Night takes on the case of a boy Shyamalan’s supernatural terrified by ghostly thriller, with Bruce Willis, apparitions. M Nightand Toni Haley Joel Osment Shyamalan’s supernatural Collette. thriller, with Bruce Willis, 12.50Haley Catherine Tate: Laughing at Joel Osment and Toni the Noughties. Collette. (R) 2.40 Nashville. 3.25 Three in a Bed. (R) 4.20 Deal 12.50 Tate:Baking Laughing or No Catherine Deal. (R) 5.15 Madat the (R) (R) 2.405.40 Nashville. withNoughties. Eric Lanlard. Kirstie’s 3.25 Three in a Bed. Vintage Gems. (R) (R) 4.20 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.15 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R) 5.40 Kirstie’s Vintage Gems. (R)

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Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 31



6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 10.00 BBC1 10.00 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC1 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) Homes Under the Hammer. (R)

11.00 Countryside 999. (R) 11.45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Regional News; Weather. 1.30 Perfection. 2.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 4.00 Doctor Who at the Proms. 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.15 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 6.30 The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013. 7.30 Fake Britain. (R) 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 Fightback Britain. 9.00 Ultimate Swarms. 10.00 BBC News. 10.20 Regional News; Weather. 10.30 Match of the Day 2. 11.30 Film: Eastern Promises. (2007) Gangster thriller, starring Naomi Watts and Viggo Mortensen. 1.05 Weatherview. 1.10 BBC News.

11.00 Countryside 999. (R) 11.45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Perfection. 3.00 Escape to the Country. 3.45 Wanted Down Under. (R) 4.30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Holby City. 9.00 New Tricks. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather.; National Lottery Update. 10.35 My Hero: Ben Miller on Tony Hancock. 11.35 Paul O’Grady’s Working Britain. (R) 12.35 Weatherview. 12.40 BBC News.

6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.20 Homes BBC2 6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.05 Homes BBC2 Under Under the Hammer. (R) 7.05 the Hammer. (R) 7.20

11.00 Countryside 999. (R) 11.45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Perfection. 3.00 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.45 Wanted Down Under. (R) 4.30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Celebrity MasterChef. 9.00 Who Do You Think You Are? 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather.; National Lottery Update. 10.35 The Call Centre. 11.35 The League Cup Show. 12.40 Weatherview. 12.45 BBC News. 6.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC2 7.00 Countryside 999. (R) 7.45 Don’t

Countryside 999. (R) 8.05 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. (R) 8.35 Animal Park. (R) 9.20 Film: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. (2003) Animated adventure, with the voice of Brad Pitt. 10.40 Equestrian. 12.40 Film: El Cid. (1961) Historical epic drama, starring Charlton Heston. 3.35 Talking Pictures. 4.15 Journeys from the Centre of the Earth. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Flog It! Trade Secrets. 7.30 Only Connect Special: Champion of Champions. 8.00 University Challenge. 8.30 The Incredible Spice Men. 9.00 Horizon: Dinosaurs – The Hunt for Life. 10.00 The Sarah Millican Television Programme. (R) 10.30 Film: Last Chance Harvey. (2008) Romantic drama, starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. 11.55 Sign Zone: Rick Stein’s German Bite. (R) 12.55 This Is BBC Two.

Countryside 999. (R) 7.50 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 8.20 Sign Zone: Saints and Scroungers. (R) 9.05 You’ve Been Scammed. (R) 9.35 Summer’s Supermarket Secrets. (R) 10.35 HARDtalk. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Magnificent Doll. (1946) Historical drama, starring Ginger Rogers. 1.30 Film: The First of the Few. (1942) Wartime biopic, directed by and starring Leslie Howard. 3.25 Talking Pictures. (R) 4.15 A Picture of Britain. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Flog It! Trade Secrets. 7.30 Only Connect Special: Champion of Champions. 8.00 The Great British Bake Off. 9.00 The Midwives. 10.00 Family Tree. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip. (R) 12.20 Sign Zone: What’s Killing Our Bees? A Horizon Special. (R) 1.20 This Is BBC Two.

Get Done, Get Dom. 8.15 Sign Zone: The A to Z of TV Gardening. (R) 9.00 Rick Stein’s India. (R) 10.00 Helicopter Heroes Down Under. (R) 10.30 Robbed, Raided, Reunited. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Tall in the Saddle. (1944) Western, starring John Wayne. 1.25 Film: Fort Apache. (1948) Western, starring Henry Fonda and John Wayne. 3.30 Talking Pictures. (R) 4.15 A Picture of Britain. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Flog It! Trade Secrets. 7.30 Only Connect Special: Champion of Champions. 8.00 Restoration Home. 9.00 Martin Luther King and the March on Washington. 10.00 The Culture Show at Edinburgh: Happy Birthday Traverse. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 The Midwives. (R) 12.20 Dara O Briain’s Science Club. (R) 1.20 Sign Zone: Australia with Simon Reeve. (R) 2.20 This Is BBC Two.



6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Star Treatment. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Storage Hoarders. 3.00 Secret Dealers. 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Long Lost Family. (R) 5.00 Take on the Twisters. 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Live UEFA Champions League. Arsenal v Fenerbahce (Kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 ITV News London; Weather. 10.35 UEFA Champions League: Extra Time. 11.20 In Plain Sight. 12.15 Jackpot247. 3.00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA. 3.40 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)


Channel 4

Channel 4

6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 10.30 Film: Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star. (1973) Crime drama, starring Peter Falk. 12.00 Star Treatment. 1.00 ITV News; Weather. 1.15 ITV News London; Weather. 1.20 Storage Hoarders. 2.20 Secret Dealers. 3.20 Take on the Twisters. 4.20 Film: The Incredible Hulk. (2008) Comic-book adventure, starring Edward Norton. 6.25 ITV News London; Weather. 6.40 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 You’ve Been Framed! (R) 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Film: The Bourne Identity. (2002) Thriller, starring Matt Damon. 11.05 ITV News; Weather. 11.20 Benidorm. (R) 11.50 The Unforgettable Norman Wisdom. (R) 12.20 Jackpot247. 3.00 Champions League Weekly. 3.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things: Best Bites. 7.10 According to Jim. (R) 7.35 Will & Grace. (R) 8.00 Frasier. (R) 8.30 Frasier. (R) 9.05 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 9.35 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.05 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.35 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.05 Film: BenHur. (1959) Oscar-winning epic, starring Charlton Heston. 3.10 Countdown. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Attack of the Zeppelins. 9.00 Benefits Britain 1949. 10.00 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell. 10.55 Top Boy. (R) 12.00 Random Acts. 12.05 Run. (R) 1.00 Misfits. 1.55 Film: Our Family Wedding. (2010) 3.40 Three in a Bed. (R) 4.35 Celebrity Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.30 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R) 5.55 Kirstie’s Vintage Gems. (R)

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things: Best Bites. (R) 7.10 According to Jim. (R) 7.35 Will & Grace. (R) 8.00 Frasier. (R) 8.35 Frasier. (R) 9.05 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 9.35 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.05 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.35 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. (R) 1.10 Film: Doctor in Distress. (1963) Hospital comedy, starring Dirk Bogarde. 3.10 Countdown. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Double Your House for Half the Money. 9.00 Top Boy. 10.00 Rude Tube. 11.05 Random Acts. 11.10 My Phone Sex Secrets. (R) 12.10 Poker. 1.10 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 1.35 Beach Volleyball. 2.30 The Grid. (R) 3.00 British F3. (R) 3.30 Ironman 2013. (R) 3.55 FIA GT Series. (R) 4.50 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.45 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R)

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 Channel 5 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Cowboy

Builders. (R) 12.10 Celebrity Big Brother. (R) 1.10 Neighbours. 1.40 Film: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. (1994) Comedy, starring Jim Carrey. 3.20 Film: Dracula: Dead and Loving It. (1995) Spoof horror, starring Leslie Nielsen. 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 World’s Most Pampered Pets. 7.00 World’s Biggest Pets; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 World’s Scariest Animal Attacks; 5 News at 9. 9.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 10.00 Under the Dome. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.55 SuperCasino. 3.55 Great Scientists. (R) 4.20 Divine Designs. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff. 11.10 Cowboy Builders. (R) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Celebrity Big Brother. (R) 1.15 Animal A&E. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 NCIS. (R) 3.10 Chinese Food in Minutes. (R) 3.15 Film: Ties That Bind. (2010) Mystery, starring Kristanna Loken. 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Animal A&E. (R) 6.30 NewsTalk Live. 7.00 NCIS; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 The Killer Prophet: Born to Kill?; 5 News at 9. 9.00 CSI: NY. 10.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.55 SuperCasino. 3.55 Great Scientists. (R) 4.20 Divine Designs. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Star Treatment. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Storage Hoarders. 3.00 Secret Dealers. 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Long Lost Family. (R) 5.00 Take on the Twisters. 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 ITV News London; Weather. 10.35 Great Night Out. (R) 11.35 The Dales. (R) 12.00 Jackpot247.3.00 BritishTouring Car Championship Highlights. 4.15 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things: Best Bites. 7.10 According to Jim. (R) 7.35 Will & Grace. (R) 8.00 Frasier. (R) 8.30 Frasier. (R) 9.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 9.35 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.30 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. (R) 1.10 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures. 1.25 Film: The Ghosts of Berkeley Square. (1947) British supernatural comedy, starring Robert Morley. 3.10 Countdown. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 How Not to Get Old. 9.00 24 Hours in A&E. 10.00 The Last Leg. 10.50 I’m Spazticus. 11.25 Random Acts. 11.30 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell. (R) 12.25 V Festival 2013: The Best Bits. 1.20 Shameless USA. 2.15 Film: Behind Enemy Lines: Axis of Evil. (2006) 3.55 Three in a Bed. (R) 4.50 Countdown. (R) 5.35 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard. (R) Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 6.00 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Cowboy

Builders. (R) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Celebrity Big Brother. (R) 1.15 Animal A&E. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 NCIS. (R) 3.10 Film: Cabin Pressure. (2001) Disaster movie. 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Animal A&E. (R) 6.30 NewsTalk Live. 7.00 The Hotel Inspector; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 Nurses; 5 News at 9. 9.00 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. 10.00 Wentworth Prison. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.00 The Aussie Millions Poker Championship. (R) 12.55 SuperCasino. 3.55 Great Scientists. (R) 4.20 HouseBusters. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

N OW O P E N A MODERN MIX W I T H A C L A S S I C A L TO U C H 6 8 - 7 1 P R E S TO N S T R E E T B N 1 2 G H

11.00 Countryside 999. (R) 11.45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Perfection. 3.00 Escape to the Country. 3.45 Wanted Down Under. (R) 4.30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Celebrity MasterChef. 9.00 DIY SOS: The Big Build. (R) 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Who Do You Think You Are? (R) 11.35 Film: Bad Company. (2002) 1.25 Holiday Weatherview. 1.30 BBC News.


6.00 This Is BBC Two. 6.05 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 7.05 Countryside 999. (R) 7.50 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. (R) 8.20 Sign Zone: The A to Z of TV Gardening. (R) 9.05 The Sheriffs Are Coming. (R) 10.05 Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well. (R) 10.35 HARDtalk. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Magic Town. (1947) Satirical comedy, with James Stewart and Jane Wyman. 1.40 Film: Two Rode Together. (1961) 3.25 Talking Pictures. (R) 4.15 A Picture of Britain. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. 6.30 Flog It! Trade Secrets. 7.30 Only Connect Special: Only Connect vs Eggheads. 8.00 Dara O Briain’s Science Club. 9.00 The Men Who Made Us Thin. 10.00 Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 Horizon: Dinosaurs – The Hunt for Life. (R) 12.20 Sign Zone: Maureen Lipman: If Memory Serves Me Right. (R) 1.20 What Remains. (R) 2.20 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Star Treatment. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Storage Hoarders. 3.00 Secret Dealers. 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Long Lost Family. (R) 5.00 Take on the Twisters. 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Kids Without Dads: Tonight. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. (R) 9.00 Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 ITV News London; Weather. 10.35 Film: Syriana. (2005) 12.50 Jackpot247. 3.00 Kids Without Dads: Tonight. (R) 3.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R)

Channel 4

6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things: Best Bites. 7.10 According to Jim. (R) 7.35 Will & Grace. (R) 8.00 Frasier. (R) 8.35 Frasier. (R) 9.05 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 9.35 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.05 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.35 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. (R) 1.05 Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures. 1.20 Film: Springfield Rifle. (1952) 3.10 Countdown. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Location, Location, Location. 9.00 Burgled. 10.00 Derren Brown: Svengali. (R) 11.35 Random Acts. 11.40 24 Hours in A&E. (R) 12.40 Benefits Britain 1949. (R) 1.35 Attack of the Zeppelins. (R) 2.30 Secret Eaters. (R) 3.25 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent. (R) 4.20 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.15 Countdown. (R) Milkshake! 9.15 The Channel 5 6.00 Wright Stuff. 11.10 Cowboy

Builders. 12.10 5 News. 12.15 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. (R) 1.15 Animal A&E. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 CSI: Miami. (R) 3.10 Chinese Food in Minutes. (R) 3.15 Film: Mystery Woman: Oh Baby. (2006) Detective drama, starring Kellie Martin. 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Animal A&E. (R) 6.30 NewsTalk Live. 7.00 Titanic Train: Monster Moves; 5 News Update. 8.00 The Railway: First Great Western; 5 News at 9. 9.00 Celebrity Big Brother. 10.00 The Man Who Ate Himself to Death. 11.00 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.00 Cricket on 5. 12.55 SuperCasino. 3.55 Great Scientists. (R) 4.20 HouseBusters. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

11.00 Countryside 999. (R) 11.45 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Perfection. 3.00 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.45 Wanted Down Under. (R) 4.30 Put Your Money WhereYour Mouth Is. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day; (R) BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 Celebrity MasterChef. 9.00 Big School. 9.30 Mrs Brown’s Boys. (R) 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather.; National Lottery Update. 10.35 Would I Lie to You? (R) 11.05 Pramface. 11.40 Film: The 51st State. (2001) Action comedy, starring Samuel L Jackson. 1.05 Weatherview. 1.10 BBC News. 6.00 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) BBC2 7.00 Countryside 999. (R) 7.45 Don’t

Get Done, Get Dom. 8.15 Sign Zone: The A to Z of TV Gardening. (R) 9.00 Hebrides: Islands on the Edge. (R) 10.00 Animal Park. (R) 11.00 BBC News. 11.30 BBC World News. 12.00 Film: Scott of the Antarctic. (1948) Fact-based drama, starring John Mills. 1.45 Film: In Which We Serve. (1942) Second World War drama, starring Noel Coward. 3.35 Talking Pictures. (R) 4.15 A Picture of Britain. (R) 5.15 Vintage Antiques Roadshow. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. 6.30 Flog It! Trade Secrets. 7.30 Only Connect Special: Only Connect vs Mastermind. 8.00 Mastermind. 8.30 Gardeners’ World. 9.00 The Burrowers: Animals Underground. 10.00 The Trip. (R) 10.30 Newsnight. 11.00 Weather. 11.05 Reading Festival Highlights 2013.12.35 Film:The Quatermass Xperiment. (1955) Sci-fi horror, starring Brian Donlevy. 1.55 Sign Zone: David Starkey’s Music & Monarchy. (R) 2.55 This Is BBC Two.


6.00 Daybreak. 8.30 Lorraine. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Star Treatment. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News London; Weather. 2.00 Storage Hoarders. 3.00 Secret Dealers. 3.59 ITV London Weather. 4.00 Long Lost Family. (R) 5.00 Take on the Twisters. 6.00 ITV News London; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 UEFA Super Cup Live. Bayern Munich v Chelsea (Kickoff 7.45pm). 10.10 ITV News; Weather. 10.40 ITV News London; Weather. 10.45 Film: The Boat That Rocked. (2009) Comedy, starring Bill Nighy. 1.10 Jackpot247. 3.00 Film: Columbo: Death Lends a Hand. (1971) Detective drama, starring Peter Falk and Ray Milland. 4.15 ITV Nightscreen.

Channel 4

6.00 The Treacle People. (R) 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 The Hoobs. (R) 7.00 Hugh’s 3 Good Things: Best Bites. 7.10 According to Jim. (R) 7.35 Will & Grace. (R) 8.00 Frasier. (R) 8.30 Frasier. (R) 9.05 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 9.35 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.05 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 10.35 The Big Bang Theory. (R) 11.00 Undercover Boss Australia. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. (R) 1.05 Film: The Last Command. (1955) 3.10 Countdown. 4.00 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Four Rooms. 9.00 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: The Luck of the Irish. 10.00 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. 11.05 Rude Tube. (R) 12.05 Random Acts. 12.10 The Last Leg. (R) 12.55 I’m Spazticus. (R) 1.20 New Girl. 1.45 The Mindy Project. 2.05 The Ricky Gervais Show. (R) 2.35 St Elsewhere. (R) 3.25 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent. (R) 4.20 Deal or No Deal. (R) 5.15 Countdown. (R)

Channel 5

6.00 Milkshake! 9.15 The Wright Stuff. 11.10 Cowboy Builders. (R) 12.10 5 News Lunchtime. 12.15 Celebrity Big Brother. (R) 1.15 Animal A&E. 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 The Mentalist. (R) 3.10 Film: Accidental Friendship. (2008) 5.00 5 News at 5. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Animal A&E. (R) 6.30 NewsTalk Live. 7.00 World’s Biggest Pets; (R) 5 News Update. 8.00 Construction Squad: Operation Homefront. 9.00 Celebrity Big Brother: Live Eviction. 10.30 Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. 12.00 SuperCasino. 3.55 Motorsport Mundial. 4.20 HouseBusters. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. (R) 5.10 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

32 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

Food and drink

Sponsored by Sun Harvest

Brits still going bananas says smart survey

The nation gets ready as the Great British Bake Off returns

BANANAS remain top of the tree when it comes to the UK’s favourite fruit, according to the latest shopping insights provided by Shopitize. In its July insights survey, one of the questions Shopitize asked shoppers using its app was ‘what is your favourite fruit?’ Over 2,600 unique responses show that the banana has once again come out on top. According to these Shopitize app users, 26% say the banana is their favourite fruit, with 23% backing the apple, 19% saying grapes, 11% oranges and 7% pears. The banana owes its enduring success to being both healthy and affordable, say the experts from Shopitize. Bananas are one of your ‘five a day’ essentials and are seen as a healthy tasty snack that fuels the body with slow release energy. Bananas are also one of the cheaper fruits on the market with prices halving in the last ten years. According to the Fairtrade Foundation the price of bananas in the UK has dropped from £1.10 a kg in 2002 to just 68p today. Supermarkets are selling ‘everyday value bananas’ for as little as 14p each.

THE AWARD-WINNING Great British Bake Off is back on our screens and Waitrose is already seeing keen bakers stock up on homebaking essentials. Shoppers are preparing their kitchen for the next ten weeks of baking challenges by stocking up on new equipment. Sales of 1litre Pyrex bowls are up by 107%, rolling pins by 40% and measuring jugs by 313% at the supermarket. Shoppers are trying to create Mary Berry’s signature bake, the Victoria sponge, with sales of sandwich tins up by 80%. A focal point in the shows’ ‘technical challenge’, digital kitchen timers are up 60%, helping to ensure there are no ‘soggy bottoms’ this year! Style as well as substance is important for showstopping cakes. Sales of decorations such as shimmer sugar and edible glitters are up by 173% at Waitrose - adding a touch of glitz and glamour to homemade sweet treats. Also proving popular are natural food colourings up 64% and cupcake decorations up 63%. Key store cupboard staples

are being restocked with sales of flour up by 20%, sugar up by 13% and other ingredients such as baking powder and bicarbonate of soda rising by 18%. Sales of traditional cooking fruits such as raisins, sultanas and cherries are also up 47%, as the popularity of traditional bakes continues to increase. Baking beginners are trying

their hand in the kitchen too, with sales of fuss free cake mixes up 44%. The supermarket launched these cake mixes earlier this year in their essential Waitrose range, so shoppers can whip up freshly baked cakes without the need for multiple ingredients. Jo Heywood, Waitrose Homebaking Buyer says “The

anticipation for the Great British Bake Off is already building and yet again set to cause a stir with our shoppers as they rise to the challenge of recreating recipes from the show. In time for the new series we have our biggest homebaking range yet, so the nation's homebakers will be able to create some sophisticated and classic cakes and bakes”.

Al fresco dining for the great British summer

The only way is British with Essex grown figs

THE GREAT British summer season is in full swing and the longer, lighter days we treasure have returned for another year. There has never been a better time to move the dining room outdoors for a relaxed al fresco banquet in the evening sun. It’s often the hassle of cooking dishes in a hot kitchen, which put people off making homemade meals during summer, but why not dust off the BBQ, which provides you with a healthy way to enjoy food. Try a Tuna with Black Bean & Mango Salsa recipe, which allows you to grill the tuna steaks on the BBQ. Plus, black beans are a great source of fibre, which aids with digestion and canned mangoes, in their own juice, counts towards your 5-A-DAY. Tuna with Black Bean & Mango Salsa Serves: 4 Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Ingredients 4 tuna steaks 4 Tbsp light soy sauce 1 Tbsp olive oil Seasoning For the salsa: 400g can black beans, drained 400g can mango slices, drained and finely chopped 2 chillies, chopped Juice of 1 lime

THIS AUGUST, Sainsbury’s will be the first and only major supermarket to sell fresh figs grown in Britain. Starting with stores in Essex and London, the home country grower has successfully taken on the challenge to grow fresh fruit that is traditionally found in warmer climates such as Spain and Turkey and as far afield as California. The figs were initially trialled last summer and the crop has expanded due to trees flourishing so well. The cold weather at the beginning of the year means the fruit have taken some time to reach optimum size however the summer heatwave has helped with the ripeness of the figs. The Taste the Difference Figs have been tested and approved by customers, offering the great flavour of the Mediterranean while being home grown. Initially just a handful of fig trees were grown recreationally by the Sicilian growers at the supplier farm Abbey View. However, following Sainsbury’s 20x20 pledge to sell more British produce, Abbey View launched a trial to consider the figs for commercial production. Due to the growing demand for the fruit and the successful acclimatisation of the trees they increased the crop to more than 300 trees.

6 spring onions, chopped Method Marinate the tuna steaks in the soy sauce whilst preparing the salsa. For the salsa, combine the black beans, chopped mango, chillies, lime juice and spring onions. Heat a griddle plate or BBQ. Dry the tuna on kitchen paper, rub with olive oil and season well. Place the tuna on a griddle or barbecue and cook for about two minutes each side – this will depend on the thickness of the tuna, but avoid overcooking. Serve tuna immediately with mango salsa. Hints and Tips Using canned foods minimises mess – they are already prepared in the can and don’t create leftover food waste.

Sainsbury’s exotic fruit technologist Sam Taylor said: “We’re always looking for new ways to offer more great tasting British products in our stores and figs come as the latest success. This is good for British Farmers who want to diversify as well as customers who we know look for UK produced products. It’s been a tough season for our growers so we’re delighted that the crop has flourished so well and we’d encourage our customers in Essex and London to take advantage of this exclusive offer.” Sainsbury’s has been working

with Abbey View growers in Essex for over 50 years, to provide customers with great quality British produce including tomatoes, cucumbers and even peppers and aubergines. The local launch of these Essex-grown figs marks another example of the retailer’s commitment to offer British varieties wherever possible. Figs are a really versatile fruit and make an ideal addition to salads and cheeseboards served fresh, dried or even as a base in preserves. For a simple yet exotic dessert, they’re great poached in syrup with vanilla ice cream.

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 33

Sun Harvest Ltd

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Fashion and lifestyle

Makeup - Do we really need so much? End of an era: knee high socks face defeat A GARMENT which once symbolised Britain’s imperial might is marching into history, new figures reveal. Demand for men’s knee high socks has slumped, bringing an end to a century long role of traditional male dress, says high street store Debenhams. Instead, modern men are opting for ankle socks, ultra short sport socks, or in high fashion circles; no socks at all. Said Debenhams spokesperson Ed Watson: “The common phrase ‘pull your socks up’ could mean nothing to future generations.” “Knee length socks once conquered an empire, but now they seem to be fading into history.” Long woollen knee high socks were once standard issue for both the British army and the navy. They were regarded as essential to protect soldiers in the trenches, helping to prevent foot rot which maimed so many troops during World War One. Officers had socks made of a softer, finer weave, while other ranks made do with coarser material. Thousands of women across the UK knitted long socks to send to the troops during both World Wars. So vital a part of life were they, that the Imperial War Museum still

has a collection of knee high socks worn by British military personnel throughout various campaigns. Cold weather was by no means the only reason to wear them; long socks and shorts were also worn by the British army in tropical climates, such as India. The practice of wearing long socks continued into British civilian life when millions of troops were demobilised after World War II. Many were worn with discreet calf garters to prevent them from slipping down the leg. However, the increasing popularity of central heating in British offices and homes saw knee high socks begin their first decent from grace in the 1960s. Modern lightweight shoes have also made wearing thick woollen socks impractical and uncomfortable.

MOST WOMEN underestimate just how much the contents of their make-up bag costs, and in fact the average make-up bag clocks in at around £172 - more than the latest smart phone. But do we really need all these products? The professional spa therapists say no., the UK’s spa bookings specialists, asked leading spa professionals to recommend their top facials for minimising make-up and looking great: Penny Holland, the Spa Director at Moddershall Oaks in Staffordshire commented, “We all know the key to looking good naturally lies in having great skin and having regular facials will both repair and protect skin. Facials are often seen as a luxury or a treat but in fact they are essential skin maintenance especially if you live in a city, as skin is more likely to need a deep clean. “A facial at least 4 times a year would be ideal, using the changing seasons as a guide. If you are taking care of your skin this should enable you to minimise your make up, particularly when it comes to coverage!” Moddershall Oaks recommends the Elemis Modern Skin Facial. This particular treatment is designed for skin challenged by modern living. Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, this purifying treatment

helps remove damaging toxins, regenerates skin cells and rebalances sebum. The result? Re-mineralised, rebalanced and renewed skin. Modern spa The Malvern in Worcestershire offers REN Bespoke Facials which are tailored to skin’s specific needs, so whether skin is congested or acting up from stress this facial tackles problems head on. The luxurious treatment incorporates REN’s exclusive Japanese Kobi-Do facial massage technique and steaming with rosefragranced hot towels to create a luxurious, de-stressing experience. The iconic Ragdale Hall offers

the Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial. In this relaxing facial a powerful blend of aromatherapy oils tailored to treat your skin concerns are combined with a 100% natural mask, packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Stress simply melts away thanks to five deeply relaxing massage techniques including Decleor's iconic back diagnostic massage. Skin is left deeply cleansed, replenished and glowing with natural radiance. To book one of these top facials, book a spa day or spa break at Day Spa packages start from £32.50.

Horoscopes from Kimi

16th August - 22nd August

Aries 21 March – 20 April You are a bit of a social butterfly and are in great demand this week. Make sure you get to enjoy the events you are invited to, as well as the attention. That secret you’ve kept and feel a little uncomfortable about. Don’t worry this will resolve itself you don’t have to break any ones trust or feel disloyal. Taurus 21 April – 21 May It may be you or someone close to you who is in search of intellectual expansion this week and this could involve searching out courses or simply indulging in the reading of some heavy tome. You are feeling particularly light about your career and achieve results effortlessly and are seen as a rising star. Bank this with your superiors! Gemini 22 May – 21 June Financial issues are high on the agenda. And things on that front are looking good. You could be moving up the financial ladder career

wise or investing in a project or just rescheduling your current debts. Anything involving the written word will also prove to be profitable both emotionally and financially. You could be publishing, educating or writing. Cancer 22 June – 22 July You have been putting off change for so long it has become a bit of a habit. Now you are beginning to question the logic of your reticence and ask yourself why have I waited so long. Don’t worry change will gather apace once you have set the wheels in motion. Exciting times are ahead either on many fronts! Leo 23 July – 22 Aug Keep a weather eye on your finances. This is not a time for splashing the cash. That said some past investments should prove to bring profit, if not substantial then certainly sizeable. If you are in a partnership, looking is okay but don’t get caught having a roving eye. If single, then the look is

likely to be returned. Virgo 23 Aug – 23 Sept Now the door is open, walk right through. There are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you. Some suggestions made by friends may at first seem a little bizarre and pushes you outside your comfort zone but you need to adopt the why not approach if you are to fulfill your true potential creatively and emotionally. Libra 24 Sept – 23 Oct Watch your diet and get yourself down the gym or at least take yourself for a bit of stroll. Have a makeover. You will need to feel fighting fit and look your best this week as you are you will be attracting lots of attention. Could even be an old flame that is getting you all worked up! Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov Travel is on your mind and I don’t

mean a trip to town. You are beginning to think far and wide and perhaps not just for a holiday! You can think big because fortune favours the brave. There may be issues surrounding children, ones already here or prospective! These issues won’t go away so you need to talk things through. Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec Your family is in need of some TLC this week. They may be feeling ever so slightly left out. Spend a little time with and reassure them of your continued love and support. As you will need theirs over the coming weeks if you are to put into operation what was once a dream and is now a feasible plan. Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan You are sometimes fearful of putting into words what you want to achieve for fear of being seen as fanciful. Don’t be so diffident these projects should be successful particularly if they involve others, as anything community based

is well favoured. There is nothing wrong with you making a profit from a project that benefits others! Speak up! Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb This week could find you being propositioned by people you feel uncomfortable about. Though not illegal the ventures they are proposing are by your standards unethical. These projects you know will swell your bank balance but can you really live with the compromise your conscience will have to make? Only you know the answer to this! Pisces 20 Feb – 20 March Children and young people should be your focus. Whether it is helping out with a youth group or simply doing a bit of babysitting for a friend your services will be in demand. Being philanthropic will not only earn you Brownie points amongst your friends, colleagues but should also throw you in the path of a new and important connection!

Brain Gym

Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013 35

Double Crossword


Last week’s solutions:

CRYPTIC - Across: 1 Lassie; 4 Cloche; 9 Battle honours; 10 Uniform; 11 Ether; 12 Aglow; 14 Using; 18 Horde; 19 Steeple; 21 Water-biscuits; 22 Paying; 23 Aligns. Down: 1 Labour; 2 Sitting pretty; 3 Igloo; 5 Lancets; 6 Caught napping; 7 Ensure; 8 Thumb; 13 Overrun; 15 Show up; 16 Astir; 17 Senses; 20 Excel. QUICK - Across: 1 Remark; 4 Erects; 9 Spring balance; 10 Loiters; 11 Theme; 12 Again; 14 Adept; 18 Refit; 19 Luggage; 21 Plain-speaking; 22 Esteem; 23 Ledger. Down: 1 Result; 2 Marriage feast; 3 Range; 5 Related; 6 Contemplating; 7 Seeker; 8 Abuse; 13 Intense; 15 Triple; 16 Slope; 17 Beggar; 20 Grade.

Choose either quick or cryptic clues.

Cryptic Clues:

Codeword Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.

1 2












Last week’s solutions: 1














































1. Way over the mountains, presumably (4-4) 5. Part of the Cannibal Islands in Indonesia (4) 9. A slight legato effect (4) 10. Desert transport for moving houses (8) 11. Enumerates the venues for the tournament (5) 12. Calling for a taxi when it is doing this in the winter? (7) 13. A source of current attraction (7-6) 18. Seen in sack-cloth, a riotous libertine (8) 19. The bearing of a man sounds parsimonious (4) 20. Gasp about complete necklace (7) 21. Prohibit nearly everything commonplace (5) 22. Takes the fare (4) 23. Scarcely incline to one in crafty setting (8)

2. Unfortunate disposition of estate showing malice (3-4) 3. Eric gets involved with the nonconformist (7) 4. Historically ill-timed (13) 6. Nights associated with Scheherazade..... (7) 7. .....showing imaginative perception in visual range (7) 8. The greatest numbers will provide Quick Clues: a guiding principle Across to the first letter (6) 1. Crafty trick (8) 13. Surpass a natural 5. Breeding farm (4) phenomenon (7) 14. Incorporated in a 9. Employer (4) different text, but no 10. Incursion (8) longer in being (7) 11. Purloin (5) 15. They provide capital 12. In the fashion (1,2,4) adornments (6) 13. Thoughtfulness (13) 16. Although he’s 18. Charm (8) associated with 19. Bird’s home (4) clubs and bars, he’s 20. View (7) in good physical 21. Flaming (5) shape! (7) 22. Ancient Roman 17. As a pupil I make a garment (4) raucous noise, one 23. Protected (8) hears (3-4)


2. A stew (7)

3. Raids (7)

4. Regaining health (13) 6. N. African port (7) 7. Dark cell (7)

8. N. American country (6)

13. Cigar (7) 14. Nil (7)

15. Sloping type (6) 16. Stress (7)

B e n i h s d n Rise a











Give yourself ten minutes to find as many words as possible using the letters in the grid. Each word must use the central letter and at least 3 others, and letters may be used only once. You cannot use plurals, foreign words or proper nouns, but verb forms ending in ‘s’ are permitted. There is one 9-letter word to be found.









8 10

17. See (7)

Scribble pad






20 28

Fill in the white squares with numbers 1 to 9. Each horizontal block must add up to the number in the shaded square to its left, and each vertical block to the number above. Numbers may be used once in each block. Last week’s solutions:

32 35 14 13

How you rate:

Last week’s solutions:

10 words - average; 15 words - good; 20 words - very good; 25 or more - excellent.

aegis, aged, ages, agile, allege, alleged, alleges, dags, degas, digs, eagle, edge, edges, gads, gale, gall, galled, galls, geed, gees, geld, gelds, gelid, gelled, gels, gild, gilds, gill, glad, glade, glee, glide, glides, lags, ledge, legal, legalise, legalised, legs, liege, sage, sedge, siege, silage, slag, sledge.
















7 6 2 5 5 3 5 9 8 3 2 4 1 9 6 2 5 3 5 8 9 6 3 1 4 5 6 9 7 2 5 1 1 2

4 7 8 1 2 7 3 4 6 7 5 9 9 6 2 9 6 3 3 4 7

4 5

Fill in the grids below so that every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9.



L O H K O V N A ? A I A S T N O O R

Last week’s solutions: The letter represented by the question mark is M. Magellan, Amundsen, Messner, all explorers.

Alphamuddle Rearrange the letters in the grid B to make five words that read both across and down. Five letters have been placed to start you off.


4 1


4 6

Sudoku Simple

Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be arranged to form words on a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark?









Last week’s solutions: >


From top to bottom Simple, Intermediate, Difficult








Last week’s solutions: Regal, Eerie, Grasp, Aisle, Leper.

The best THE cleaners you have ever JUICE BREAKFAST SHOW with tried, or your money back!

DAN GASSER & HANNA NETER PutDAN them toGASSER the test &riFOXY Australia's number ! n o t h g one cleaners B e n i h s d Rise an FROm 6Am mON - FRI See website for details

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36 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013


Alarming ‘flash for crash’ tactic on the rise MOTORISTS are being warned about a dangerous new tactic being employed by criminals running ‘crash for cash’ fraud rings. Flashing headlights to entice innocent drivers into the path of a deliberate collision at junctions or whilst exiting fuel stations has emerged as a worrying trend since the turn of the year. As Police, insurers and authorities clamp down on the traditional modus operandi of roundabout rear-end accidents, automotive anti-fraud investigation specialist, APU, has identified the new, more complex, method. Dubbed ‘flash for crash’ by APU’s unique team of formerPolice officers and forensic data investigators, the new tactic makes it harder for an innocent party to prove fault in the event of a legal dispute. Some 380 false insurance claims are made daily, costing the motor industry £1.7m a year and pushing up insurance premiums. “It is yet another example of how criminal gangs are becoming more sophisticated and

attempting to stay one step ahead of suspicion,” says Neil Thomas, APU’s Director of Investigative Services and former Detective Inspector of West Midlands Police. “The adoption of flashing headlights and beckoning the driver results in a ‘your word against mine’ situation when it comes to apportioning blame. By appearing to offer the right of way, the criminal simply continues his journey into a collision, holding the victim at fault for turning across him which, of course, cannot be denied under law.” In the more traditional rear-end shunt, criminals deliberately cause accidents by braking sharply in front of victims for no reason. They often also remove brake lights in order to reduce the victim’s reaction time. The latest tactic sees cars lying in wait for victims to exit from shops, car parks or fuel stations. The fraudster flashes their headlights, offering the victim a right of way to join a main road,

but then speeds up to ensure their car is hit side-on. The Insurance Fraud Bureau is currently investigating 49 rings, responsible for around £66m in false claims. In the five years since its inception, APU has been instrumental in the successful conclusion of some of the biggest motor fraud cases ever prosecuted in the UK, including the sentencing

of fraudster Masi Naqshbandi, who was jailed for seven years and three months for staging 260 fake accidents over a 15-month period, netting around £6.5 million in false insurance claims. Thomas said that, while motorists should be vigilant for any suspicious activity on the road, they should, at all times, maintain their concentration on the basic

rules of safe driving. APU is uniquely staffed by former Police officers and forensic data analysts who marry innovative technology and realworld police processes to identify fraudulent activity, protect insurer liability and help reduce insurance premiums. APU is part of the Automotive & Insurance Solutions Group plc.

driving has been launched. The innovative design commissioned by Sheilas’ Wheels follows a simulator study by the company which found that driving in flip flops slows braking time by 0.13 seconds – the equivalent of travelling three and a half metres further at 60mph compared to driving in more sensible shoes. According to the study’s research, flip flops not only

impair motorists’ movement between the brake and accelerator pedals by up to 0.1 seconds, but also reduce the driver’s braking force by three per cent compared to safer shoes - the equivalent to travelling four metres further at 60mph. The new safety accessory from Sheilas’ Wheels tucks easily into a glovebox and securely customises any flip flop providing extra foot support around the heel while offering added stability on the pedals. The ‘flipcessory’ can also be scrunched up to fit inside a handbag or pocket. The design and simulator findings follow a poll of British motorists which found that over half (59 per cent) drive in unsuitable footwear while one in five (20 per cent) continue to wear shoes that they have had a near miss or accident in. A worrying one in four motorists

(24 per cent) have got their shoe stuck under a pedal whilst driving – a wardrobe malfunction that can have disastrous consequences. Over a third of drivers (38 per cent) admit driving in flip flops is a nightmare while 27 per cent have had a mishap behind the wheel whilst wearing them. One in ten (11 per cent) admit their flip flops have become stuck under a pedal and seven per cent blame them for a past near miss or accident on the roads. Top five summer footwear Brits struggle to drive in: 1. Flip flops (51 per cent) 2. Bare feet (49 per cent) 3. Wedge heels (38 per cent) 4. Espadrilles (25 per cent) 5. Sandals (18 per cent) One in five drivers (20 per cent) said they had never even considered that their footwear might affect their safety behind the wheel. Just 14 per cent have chosen not to drive due to concerns about their footwear with 36 per cent of safetyconscious women carrying a pair of driving shoes in the car – compared to just 12 per cent of

men. Over half of motorists (53 per cent) called for further guidelines and advice on the impacts of driving in different footwear to be made available as a quarter (26 per cent) admit to choosing style over safety, picking out their footwear based on whether it goes with their outfit. A further one in ten women (10 per cent) reveals that they have even worn shoes behind the wheel that they have struggled to walk in. Jacky Brown, at Sheilas’ Wheels car insurance, said: “It’s worrying that so many drivers out there do not realise the impact their footwear choices can have on their safety at the wheel. Millions may think they can drive safely but may not realise the shortcomings of the flip-flop until it’s too late - putting themselves, their passengers and other drivers at risk every time they get in the car. "Our Sheilas’ shoe design could provide drivers with the ultimate fashion accessory for the car and handbag this summer – allowing women to be both stylish and safe whilst driving.”

Flip without the flop

FLIP FLOPS are more dangerous to drive in than heels according to new research. A third of motorists (33 per cent) wear this flimsiest of footwear behind the wheel and confessions by drivers now indicate they could be responsible for up to 1.4 million near misses or road accidents each year. Now, a new design concept tackling the dangers of flip flop

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38 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, August 23 2013

North Stand Cult Hero

#3: Michel Kuipers


The former Dutch marine enjoyed a particularly good relationship with fans during his decade long spell as the club’s custodian. A fierce competitor and determined professional, he overcame a number of serious injuries during his spell in Sussex. An excellent shot stopper, Kuipers saw off competition from a host of rival keepers to prolong his stint between the Seagulls sticks.

Young prospects given a chance by Garcia INJURIES to key players have severely restricted Oscar Garcia’s selections so far this season – meaning more minutes for the club’s young English prospects. Reigning player of the year Liam Bridcutt, record signing Craig Mackail-Smith and creator-in-chief Andrea Orlandi are among those tied to the treatment table ahead of tomorrow’s visit from Burnley (Saturday). Will Hoskins remains a longterm absentee while Bruno and recently-arrive Adam Chicksen have both missed out on minutes because of niggles and Ashley Barnes sat out training earlier this week due to a hip injury. However, the upshot of the lengthy injury list has been more playing time for the Albion’s youngsters. Last season Gus Poyet was criticised by some for not making more use of the Seagulls’ development squad. In fact, he fielded just three English players aged 21 or under across the entire campaign. Lewis Dunk made eight league appearances for a total of 498 minutes; George Barker three for 24 minutes and Jake ForsterCaskey three matches for just ten minutes playing time.

Ward hopes Albion can help him return to international football WHEN Wayne Bridge opted to sign for Reading over Brighton it was clear the Albion desperately needed a replacement left back. Now the man charged with filling the former Manchester City loanee hopes the Seagulls can help him in his bid to break back into the international fold. Stephen Ward joined the Albion on a season long loan deal from League One Wolves after being told by Kenny Jackett he would likely be one of a string of stars overlooked in favour of developing young talent at the West Midlands club. With Wolves looking to cut costs as they adjust to life in

Hopefully it is the start of a good run and we can kick on from here

Lewis Dunk hopes to be given more minutes under Garcia

If you count all 48 of the Albion’s league matches (includes the two play-off games) the club had a total league playing time of 47,520 minutes, calculated by multiplying the number of games by 90 (minutes per game) and then that total by 11 (positions on the pitch). Dunk, Barker and ForsterCaskey totalled just 532 minutes across the season – although this does not include injury time. And that works out at just 1.1 per cent of the Albion’s total playing time. This season though Oscar has

already given Foster-Caskey half an hour at St Andrews during the 1v0 win and allowed livewire Solly March a fleeting four minutes against Derby. Rohan Ince, who along with March impressed in pre-season, managed 80 minutes of the home match with Derby County, meaning under 21s have clocked up 121 total minutes this season in just three games. That works out at four per cent of the total possible playing time and the hope is the trio take their chance and establish themselves in Oscar’s first team thinking.

Paralympic star inspires Sussex teenagers at the Amex NEARLY a year on from his success at the London Paralympic Games, judo player Ben Quilter has been inspiring a new generation of young people at the Amex Stadium. The 31-year-old from Brighton, who won a bronze medal at last year’s games and also competed in Beijing in 2008, was at the stadium delivering a motivational workshop to around 100 local

Name: Michel Kuipers Date of Birth: 26 June 1974 Place of birth: Amsterdam, Holland. Position: Goalkeeper Albion years: 2000-2010 Albion league stats: Appearances: 247

16/17-year-old students as part of Albion in the Community’s National Citizen Service (NCS) programme. Quilter, who became Britain’s first ever visually impaired world judo champion in 2010, talked to the students for over an hour about being diagnosed with Stargardts disease, a rare degenerative and genetic sight condition, and his experience of being a top level paralympian.

He said: “It was fantastic to come to the Albion and be involved in such a great project. They all seemed to have got a lot out of the NCS project and really enjoyed it.” Albion in the Community will be running an autumn NCS programme during October half-term. To find out more information and how to register for NCS e-mail dan.garrett@

the third flight, the Seagulls made their move and Ward made a sure-footed debut in last weekend’s welcome win at Birmingham City. Despite the earlier arrival of Adam Chicksen from MK Dons, Ward will almost certainly be Oscar Garcia’s first choice left back and the player hopes a run in the team could bring him back to the attention of Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni. He has not played for his country for nine months but the 18-cap defender revealed he has spoken to the Italian boss and vowed to win back his place after a nightmare two years during which he suffered back to back relegations with Wolves. Speaking after last Saturday’s away win, Ward said: “I felt I needed a fresh start and I am thankful Brighton gave me that. I hope I can repay their faith. “It is always nice to start with a win and I thought the lads were excellent today. “From watching them last season and playing against them it is a team I have admired. “It is something every football wants – to play in a team that likes to pass the ball and keep it and I thought we did that terrifically at times today. “Hopefully it is the start of a good run and we can kick on from here. “There are the players to get promoted here and there is no reason why we can’t be up there challenging. “Hopefully I can help the team go one better than last year.”

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Next up...

Burnley The Amex August 24, 2013 Kick off: 3pm

Big Match Preview:

In-form strike pair not to be taken lightly THE ALBION rear-guard will have to be on their toes to shackle one of the league’s in-form strike pairs. Danny Ings and Sam Vokes have both found the net twice in Burnley’s opening three games, helping the Lancashire outfit to two wins and a draw. The Clarets were widely tipped to struggle this season after the departure of chief goal-grabber Charlie Austin but Sean Dyche’s charges sit fourth in the league and head south full of confidence. Much of that belief is down to the early season form of Ings and Vokes, the latter of whom spent a stuttering loan spell at The Amex during the 2011-12 season. The Welsh international managed just three goals in 15 matches and his form last season at Turf Moor was hardly prolific – scoring just four times in 49 outings. This term though he already registered two goals and an assist and is developing a good partnership with Ings. Only QPR and Wigan have registered a higher number of average shots per game than Burnley and the team’s physical, slightly direct approach is reflected in their division topping 62.7 per cent success rate in aerial battles. Full back Kieran Trippier

Can Matthew Upson build on his impressive performance last weekend?

Oscar Garcia “I am very proud to be the coach of these players and I want to dedicate the win to the fans, especially those who came all the way from Brighton [to Birmingham] - they support us all the time, every game, so the win is for them all. “We deserved to win; we played a fantastic first half and created a lot of chances to score. I am happy because the players work hard and deserved to win other games but it was not possible. But today it was the first one.

remains an influential figure but the Albion’s chances have been boosted by the news Burnley midfield maestro Ross Wallace will be missing after going under the knife earlier this week. The Seagulls will look to Gordon Greer and Matthew Upson to build on their impressive performance during last weekend’s away win at Birmingham City where the pair kept their seventh clean sheet in the 14 matches they have appeared together. Greer was in particular dominant form at St Andrews and will relish the physical battle with former teammate Vokes. Liam Bridcutt and Andrea Orlandi are still missing for the Seagulls and Ashley Barnes is a

Albion Team News Likely line-up: Kuszczak, Calderón, Greer, Upson, Ward, Andrews, Agustien, Crofts, Buckley, Lopez, Ulloa.

Likely subs: Ankergren, Dunk, El Abd, Forster-Caskey, Ince, March, Lua Lua. Treatment Room: Liam Bridcutt (hernia surgery), Andrew Orlandi (knee), Bruno (hamstring), Will Hoskins (knee), Craig Mackail-Smith (achilles), Ashley Barnes (hip).

TICKET HOTLINE Tickets for Albion’s next home game against Burnley on August 24, 2013 are now on sale. Grab yours now!

TEL: 0844 327 1901

doubt after sitting out training with a hip concern. Oscar is therefore likely to continue to use Will Buckley in a more central role alongside Leo Ulloa, the club’s only fully fit recognised striker. Keith Andrews will continue to fill the void left by Bridcutt, with the Irish international one of the stand-out performers last weekend. Match winner Andrew Crofts has been urged to build on his strong showing by head coach Oscar and Kemy Agustien will almost certainly complete the midfield triumvirate. Youngster Rohan Ince, Jake Forster-Caskey and Solly March should make the bench again after making encouraging starts to the season.

League Tables 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Nottm Forest Watford Blackpool Burnley QPR Leicester Bournemouth

Fan’s prediction

Glen Morris “Easy three points”


GD 5 6 3 3 3 2 -3

PTS 9 7 7 7 7 7 6

Latest match betting Home 21/20 Away 13/5 Draw 12/5 Worth a fiver... Worth a fiver... Brighton to win 2-0: 17/2

“I am strong and we are working hard and in a good way, so we knew the first win would come soon and it was here.


“At times it seemed like the same film of the other games but in the first half we played our best football of the season.

“It was a fantastic action by three or four players to get the goal and Crofts’ finish was really good. “It is not easy to play at this stadium against Birmingham.

“Stephen [Ward] understood perfectly how we want to play after one day, and Keith [Andrews] is also an experienced player and they both performed very well.”



Squad number: 4


Age: 33

Height: 6ft

Career League Apps/goals: 334/42






TACKLES MADE Statistics for league appearances this season only.

Keith Andrews arrived on a season long loan from Bolton Wanderers after finding himself surplus to requirements at the Reebok Stadium. An experienced international, his signing has taken on extra importance with the injury to Liam Bridcutt, missing with a hernia. Andrews impressed during last week’s win at Birmingham and will continue to fill the deep midfield slot tomorrow.

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