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6 Brighton & Hove Independent Friday, December 13 2013


That’s good news! The Argus will try to look on the bright side of life Greg Hadfield @BrightonIndy The Argus newspaper has promised to turn over a new leaf. Its New Year’s resolution is to try to start looking on the bright side of life. Heaven knows, it can be miserable. The newspaper, which used to sell 100,000 copies a day,

but now sells fewer than 6,000 in Brighton and Hove - is famous for its depressing diet of drink, drugs, crime, arrests, violence, traffic chaos, and road accidents. From January 7 that will change. A little. The Argus is promising a “That’s Good News” campaign with at least two articles every day that are uplifting. It will be supported by a Twitter hashtag.

The good news was announced by John Keenan, the newspaper’s ever-cheerful business editor, at a meeting of the Brighton and Hove Economic Partnership. What the new campaign logo could look like

A selection of The Argus headlines in the last few days - before the launch of the campaign

Tha goo t’s new d s!

Brighton & Hove Independent - 13 December 2013  

Brighton & Hove Independent - 13 December 2013

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