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Enveloped in a Mother’s Love

A symbolic moment as a bride wears her mother’s gown

The Journey Where Forever Begins On location at the Valley’s newest wedding venue

The Evolution of Receptions

Leaning on the experts to design your reception menu

Bare Necessities

Spring/Summer 2011

The power of intimacy

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SPRING/SUMMER 2011 Publisher / Editor-in-Chief: Mira Jantz Executive Editor / Writer: Betty Mantel Lee Creative Director: Mira Jantz Design Team: Anthony & Vanessa Luna, Kameron Olds Interactive Media Designers: Anthony & Vanessa Luna Layout Design: Jose A. Rosas Contributing Writer: Tawny LaBarbera Contributing Photographers: Anthony & Vanessa Luna, Kameron Olds, Stephanie Baker, Brandon Aguiar, & Mark Verschelden Fashion Interns: Amrita McIntyre, Lindsay Santini-Pinheiro Marketing Director: Michael Jantz Bridal Couture Magazine by Mira Spring / Summer 2011 1201 J Street, Modesto, Ca. 95354 Sales and Advertising Information (209) 552-6575 Talent submission:

About the cover: Model: Sarah Bollerud Photography: Shooting Gallery Photography and Stephanie Baker Photography Hair/Makeup: Hector John Gown Designer: Pronovias, 2011 Collection from Mira Bridal Couture Flowers: Michael Hernandez of Simple Flowers Shoes: Bonnie J Jewelry: Harland Jewelers Location: Viaggio Winery in Acampo, Ca.

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available at Mira Bridal Couture B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Behind the Scenes with Bridal COUTURE Magazine Left, Sex in the City premier party in May. Starting left, Ms. Modesto, Emilie Haarsma, Mira Bridal Couture consultant Jenna Weatherred, Bridal Couture Magazine intern, Amrita McIntrye, and Mira Jantz In action at the Viaggio Winery photoshoot. Above, Hector John touching up hair & make up. Right, Vanessa Luna catching model Sarah Fields in the right light.

October Bridal Fashion Week in New York. Left, Mira Jantz with Jim Hjelm Designer Francesca Pitera. Top right. Mira with Jovani design team. Bottom right. Mira and Bridal Couture Magazine model Victoria Popoff at the Priscilla of Boston Runway Show.

Featured left at the NWM to raise funds and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Mira Bridal Couture sponsored Dawn Ramirez, Traci Bergmann, Makenzie Bergmann, and Elsa Palacious

Pretty in Pink Fundraiser in October at Bella Vagos. Right, Featured Bride, Jennifer Romero along with friends, Victoria Popoff, Liz Camara, and Maria Mendoza. At left, Justin Smith, model for Bridal Couture Magazine hosting.

Life’s First Impressions

“Life's First Impressions was bar none, essential to our magical day! From day one consultation to the ongoing spruce of ideas. Our beautiful day was stress free and smooth as we would of expected it. Thank you so much Athena!”

“Creating memories to last a lifetime”

As event coordinators, our purpose is to help you fulfill every life celebration you desire. Our passion is to help make your celebration come alive. Our commitment is to ensure the quality and beauty of your event and to make every celebration memorable for a lifetime. Elegant Wedding & Professional Consultation & Design zYears of experience zCaring & affordable budget planning zProfessional live hosting & entertainment zCreative & unique specialties

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-Cathy & Jhemee Married June 2009

Call us today for a free consultation!

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z z

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From the front line with Mira Jantz Publisher/Editor-in-Chief “this journey has uncovered the real me” With my 5 year wedding anniversary quickly approaching, I look back and wonder where it all went. What happened to the countless hours we spent deciding on whether we wanted it big or small, with chicken or beef, and the endless search for just the right flowers? I was too close to the project to see clearly, but on that day-- yes, THAT day, those things didn’t matter. They didn’t matter because I was walking toward him. In hindsight, it may have been “wedding withdraw” that fueled my motivation to work within the wedding arena. Or just maybe I wanted to pass along to joy that I felt on that special wedded day some years ago. Regardless of my motivation, this journey has uncovered the real me, where happiness and passion collide. I can no longer keep it quiet-- I have a deep desire to encourage others as they plan their big day. Helping her find those little details that mean so much and add a smile to her face is what makes it all so special: the first dance that left her father tearing, the cake that had everyone talking, or the picture that will hang over the mantle for the rest of their lives. If it’s not obvious yet- I have a weakness for weddings. Deep inside me there is a fervent desire to help make each girl’s day special as I watch them shop, plan, and blog about the details leading up to the big event. This appetite for bridal style and wedding pride has driven me here, anxious to provide you with all the resources you desire at your fingertips. Inside these pages you will find valuable tools, professional opinions, and our region’s leading vendors all waiting to serve you, future brides and grooms.

Plan in peace and revel in love. 69

Enveloped in a Mother’s Love 12 From the Runway 25 On Location: Viaggio 32 Featured Weddings 53 The Evolution of Receptions 69 Platinum Vendors 77 Culinary Adventures for the new Mr. & Mrs. 88


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We asked some of our contributors, “What was your most memorable moment at a wedding?” One of our groom's asked Anthony to drive his vehicle from the church to the photography location. While driving, I noticed Anthony driving erratically behind me and signaling me to pull over. As we did he refused to get out of the car. When I approach the driver's side window I looked in to see that his pants were torn from the zipper to his ankle. Luckily, we lived close by and he was able to run home to change while I handled the group shots, but I had to explain to everyone why he was not there. He said he bent over to take a picture and before he knew it he was leg out! Anthony & Vanessa Luna My brother got married at John Thurman Field. They exchanged vows at home plate. As they kissed, Lou Gehrig’s voice suddenly echoed through the stadium: “... today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.” For baseball fans, that was huge. For hopeless romantics, even bigger. Betty Mantel Lee

After shooting ceremony and all of the guests were outside, I walked back inside to get some of my gear when I noticed the mother and father of the bride standing at the altar, arms clenched around each other. I watched them for a minute just stand there silently holding one another. I can only imagine the memories they were reminiscing over in their minds. I was able to witness a candid moment that many never saw and it will forever be an example as to why I love weddings. Brandon Aguiar

The most memorable wedding moment for me would have to be at my own wedding when I got talked into taking a double shot of whiskey with my cousins. I had never really ever taken a shot so needless to say the rest of the night was a blur!  Lindsey Santini Pinheiro

Luke and Amber's, in the chapel of UOP at night and it was lit by candlelight and absolutely breathtaking. I remember at the reception seeing Luke dancing with Amber and someone leaned over to tell me that he took lessons with her to make sure he would get it just right (precious!). Their centerpieces were a different cake for each table! This guest was so happy to be a part of their special day. Tawny LaBarbera

“My most memorable moment is one from my own wedding, when my brother was telling me that I could still run and he'd go and get the car for me, as he was walking me down the aisle." Amrita McIntyre

We were at a bride’s home shooting away and as a photographer you sometimes put yourself in compromising positions to get the right shot. As I got on the floor to take the photo, I hear a loud “POP”… there went the inseam to my britches! Already horrified, the bride screeches with laughter…”Are you wearing lime green undies?”Kameron Olds

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B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Enveloped in a Love


Photography: Stephanie Baker Model: Sara Rocha Hair: Nichole Staten of Bella Vagos Make up: Amber berg B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

When Sara Rocha got married in October of 2009, she chose a lace gown by Pronovias that echoed the lace gown her mother had worn at her own wedding years before. Sara’s mother, Margarida, was married in 1982 in a small church in the village of Topo on the island of Sao Jorge in the Azores. The dress was designed and sewn by a neighbor using lace imported from Lisbon, Portugal. While there are complicated methods of preserving gowns these days, Margarida preserved her gown by hand-washing it in the natural spring, letting it air dry, and storing it in a cedar chest.

Jewelry can be layered around the neck and wrist, and shoes, of course, can add a whole new feel to your ensemble.

Wearing a mother’s (or other relative’s) dress can be so symbolic on a special day. It can conjure up memories of playing dress-up and trying on mom’s clothes, heels and makeup as a small child. As a young woman remembers the comfort and love she felt then surrounded by her mother’s things, the wedding dress becomes more than something borrowed... it becomes something treasured.

By bridging events in a family’s history to special events in a family’s present, hopes of several generations can be brought together in one dream-come-true event.

Yet how can you update a dress from decades ago to reflect the taste and trends of current bridal fashion? There’s no need to chop it up and use bits and pieces (as the sister did in “27 Dresses”). Modernizing a vintage dress is as easy as adding a gorgeous sash or colorful belt full of flowers or feathers.

Sara has enhanced her mother’s gown with an Erica Koesler Cage Tulle Veil with Ostrich Feather hair piece, Erica Koesler Cameo brooch, fashion bracelets, and a silk organza belt with swarovski crystals by bridal designer Marisa. Available @ and Mira Bridal Couture,

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B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

AISLE STYLE: Color School Youthful yellows mixed with sassy slate

Tuxedo and bridesmaid dresses available at The Wedding Party by Mira @ Jessica Simpson heels available at Grace & Daniel. Necklace available at Bonnie J.

M 16

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AISLE STYLE: Color School Reinventing reds for mother’s and your wedding party.

Add some flair to tie in your red with cherry gerbera daisies and ruby red martinis to match.

Cocktail dresses by Jovani, Melissa Sweet, and Lazaro. Shoes by Enzoani, all available at The Wedding Party by Mira Neck tie available at Rossini Formalwear @

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B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine 1201 J Street B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Overdue I Do... A Bridal Couture Unveiling of Obstacles to the Altar. When the website for Wheeler & Williams photography first loads, the song that immediately engages the visitor is “Mango Tree” by Angus and Julia Stone. In some cultures, the mango is a symbol of attainment and its leaves and flowers are used in the celebration of weddings. It is poignant, then, that a wedding ceremony is proving unattainable (for now) for Lena Wheeler and Alicia Williams. Lena and Alicia met in 2005 through mutual friends. “It took me awhile to wear her down and win her over,” laughs Lena. “But when I saw her walk down the stairs in the backyard where we met, my jaw dropped and my breath left me and my eyes locked onto her until I couldn’t see her anymore.” Winning Alicia over wouldn’t be easy. For one year Lena worked hard to earn Alicia’s friendship, and out of that came trust. With trust came attraction and out of that came love and, finally, a proposal.

I wish I had a Mango Tree “Lena had arranged for our friends Marci and Shelby to come over (in December of 2009) to take photos of us together in our first house by our first Christmas tree,” Alicia explains. What seemed like simple plans quickly turned complex when Lena sent Alicia to change into something ‘better’ for the shoot as she hid the engagement ring (tied with black and gold ribbon) on the branches of the tree. Instructed by Lena to find her favorite ornament from among those hanging, Alicia tried several times to find one for the photos before eventually stumbling onto the ring. “I was stunned and dazed,” smiles Alicia. “Cameras were flashing and people were staring at me. I couldn’t get the ‘yes’ out of my mouth fast enough.”“I thought for a second that she was trying to figure out a way to say ‘no,’” Lena says.

With you standing next to me The couple immediately knew what they wanted their ceremony and reception to look like. They would marry in the backyard where they met, on the stairs where Alicia first caught Lena’s eye. The reception would be held at an adjacent backyard with amazing food, good wine and plenty of white lights strung throughout because Lena is, well, obsessed with the ethereal look of the white bulbs. Though Alicia and Lena knew exactly what they wanted their day to look like, they didn’t know when to schedule it. Prop 8 had passed in the November 2008 election, but the Perry v. Schwarzenegger outcome in August of 2010 was making it look as though the ‘when’ may be imminent. On August 4, 2010, Chief Judge Walker ruled that Proposition 8 violated the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment. Friends and family quickly set in motion to help Lena and Alicia finally have their wedding day.

Down the street we would run, to scratch our name in the path, young and free in the sun

“I could not believe how fast the wedding came together,” remembers Lena. Friends stepped forward with everything from decorations to photographer to amazing prices on food and drink. The couple was euphoric as they began to register at Macy’s, and due to time constraints began sending out save the date invitations on Facebook. Everyone was on call for August 21, 2010. “I went down to the County Clerk’s office, but was told they couldn’t issue me a license until they had received official instructions from the state,” Lena explains. “They also reminded me to bring Alicia with me when I came back.” Lena soon learned, however, that the official word would not arrive at the Clerk’s office. On August 16, 2010, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the judgment stayed pending appeal. “Those were awful days,” Alicia remembers. “Though our friends and family were so supportive, it was heartbreaking to have to notify everyone that plans were on hold, indefinitely.” They sent out the notice on Facebook and called Macy’s to cancel their registry. Gifts they had begun to receive were promptly returned.

M 20

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

“We were a mess for a while,” Lena shares, as she tears up at the memory. “We got so many calls from friends saying ‘Do (a ceremony) anyway, do it for you.’ It irritates me to admit that the piece of paper is important, but it is, and we knew beyond a doubt that we would postpone until we were given that basic right: the right to express and share our love for each other in an official ceremony and rite of passage.” Despite the tumult of planning and then postponing their marriage, Alicia and Lena concur that they would do it again in a heartbeat. The passage of time hasn’t lessened their desire to marry. In fact, watching their window of opportunity shut faster than it opened only increased their hopes. “We have already gone through so much in our five years together,” explains Alicia. “Especially those devastating 72 hours.” “Those 72 hours, though, solidified for me that this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” says Lena. “Crying, wiping each other’s tears and emerging from the sadness together only validated for me that I Alicia is my best friend; she is the very best part of me and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

I said you do.

While the passage of time also hasn’t changed the design of their ceremony, they agree that when they are able to resume planning, it will be nice to send out real invites and to be able to have time to get out-of-state family flown in. There will be no cap on the excitement of preparing, because next time there won’t be a need to worry about losing the right just as it’s been granted. And perhaps the most emotional change for next time will be Alicia finally joining Lena to exchange vows and demonstrate their love and commitment on the stairs where they first met, now adorned in mango leaves and flowers for the occasion… with lots of white lights.

Betty Mantel Lee

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

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AISLE STYLE: Groom’s Corner

LEADING MEN. With all of the dominant male roles played out in social media, television, movies, and on the red carpet, men are taking charge of their attire for their wedding day, too. While it may not involve trying on jackets after jackets, or the unending decision of bow tie or not to tie, men deserve the right to appoint their selection. Contrary to appearances, not all tuxedos are the same. Subtle differences in jackets, collars and pant styles can be flattering or fatal depending on your body type. Pick the tuxedo that suits YOU best.

Let your leading man head down the aisle in style.

Tuxedo and suit rentals at

1201 J Street, Modesto

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3224 McHenry Avenue Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 529-6860

Aisle Style: Bridal Appointments and Choosing the Gown Making a Decision Without Losing Your Dignity

We have all seen it on T.V. and heard the scary stories about “Bridezillas.” Some have witnessed it first-hand. What forces this first appearance by a harried bride-to-be? Often it’s the challenge of saying yes to the dress. Why is it so easy to tell a fiancé, “Yes, I will spend the rest of my life with you!” yet so difficult to commit to the gown? A common first mistake brides make is to put too much pressure on the bridal appointment. Bridal appointments are designed to be unique, thrilling, and stress-free shopping experiences, until it becomes more about trying to deduce which dress out of twenty is more flattering and within budget. Want another tip from the bridal gown experts? Don’t forget to do your homework! Save pictures from bridal magazines, review designer websites for styles that appeal to you and set a realistic budget with clearly defined limits. Find designers who have collections within your budget range, and discuss that range with those who will be shopping with you so that they can offer sound advice in and help you find ‘the one.’ Once you have done your homework, call the boutique and make an appointment. Typical appointments last one and a half hours. Average brides have decisions made in an hour, with the rest of the time spent reviewing measurements, color and fabric choices, and selecting matching veils and accessories. Some other important tips: Limit the amount of friends and family you ask to come along. Two guests is realistic. More then two is too much. You’ll be faced with too many opinions, too much chatter, and too much frustration. Once you make your gown purchase you can bring friends in to see the dress or opt to keep it for the big day and surprise them all when you walk down the aisle. You’ve put this much effort into planning your appointment to shop for you gown, now invest in a babysitter for children. The majority of brides that try to shop while a younger child is present cannot make a decision and soon find that the focus is on the toddler in hysterics on the floor instead of on her and the gown selections. Leave cameras for the Big Day. Most designers have strict policies about not allowing photos to be taken of the collection. Keep in mind that the goal is not to try on twenty dresses and take pictures in them all. The objective should be to try on styles and designers you have been yearning to get your hands on and to make a decision. Above everything else, choose a shop that employs a staff with a reputation of being experts in bridal fashion and pros at keeping brides pampered and peaceful.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 23

martina liana available at B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine


October 2010 hosts New York’s Bridal Fashion Week for the 2011 Spring and Summer Collections. From feathers to lace, classic to avant-garde, silk to satin. From A to Z, the hottest designers present their newest collections and we were there to bring it to you first. B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 25


Jim Hjelm

Blush by Jim Hjelm

M 26

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Melissa Sweet

Vineyard by Priscilla of Boston

Priscilla of Boston

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 27

Melissa Sweet

Priscilla of Boston

Occasions by Jim Hjelm

M 28

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Mother of the Bride & Groom - Collection 20 by Watters

Fabulous finds for Mother’s from the Lazaro and Jim Hjelm collections

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 29

Designer Profile An interview with Francesca Pitera Designer for Jim Hjelm Bridal, Blush and Occasions. You have a gift for using unique detailing in all of your work. From the Spring 2011 collection, what are the stand-out details inspired by the 1950’s glamour? What modern detailing is your favorite in the collection? A few of my favorite details in this collection are the amazing crystal embroidered neck pieces, the draped tulle shrug with crystal embroidered sleeves and the wrap vest with the dramatic pleated collar. I love how all of these elements give a unique twist to accessorizing that can also change out the look of the brides gown throughout the day. The stand-out details inspired by the 1950’s glamour are a combination of the dramatic silhouettes in the collection mixed with beautiful crystal embroidered accessories. You have stated that a most important end-result for the design is that in the gown the woman feels gorgeous. What is the design feature, in your experience, that accomplishes this most often? From a design standpoint, why? All women are unique in their own way of what makes them feel beautiful. I feel that the design feature that accomplishes making a bride feel gorgeous is all in the right fit and cut of the gown. When the bride steps into the gown for the first time she should feel effortlessly beautiful. What gives you the deepest sense of pride once you are able to see your designs on the runway or on a bride? I love what I do and feel so blessed to be able to create beautiful gowns for such an important day in a person’s life. I think what gives me the deepest sense of pride once the collection is complete, is seeing a bride with tears in her eyes because she found the gown of her dreams. Your preference: Embroidered Neck Piece, Shrug or Dramatic Collar? I love them all!

M 30

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine



B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

MADLY IN LOVE WITH MAD MEN The music can still make your hips sway (dare you to sit still while “Let’s Twist Again” plays). The drinks are still a party staple (who hasn’t closed an evening with a Dirty Martini and woken to a Bloody Mary?). The fashion, in all of its smooth elegance, can still turn heads on a swivel. Imagine the groomsmen at your wedding as they sit down to dinner in their Don Draper finest. They ease back into their chair to survey the scene. Single 32 BRIDAL CO


women swoon as the men lift their highball glasses to sip their Whiskey Sours, exposing vintage cuff links in their shirtsleeves. As dinner is served, they look out at the guests once more and dare to dream of a lovely dame for dessert, or just dancing. At the other end of the table, your bridesmaids are taking Bobbie Barrett’s advice to heart as they express the powerful business of being a woman. Beginning with gowns that have taken inspiration from U T U R E Magazine

themselves from your giggling girlfriends to your fellow wedding warriors. They know a smoking hot pair of stilettos on their feet can render a man’s knees weak. Adding accents like vintage brooches, opera gloves or hats and hairpieces of lace and feathers has changed conversations, or stalled them altogether, as they’ve arrived at the soirée. As you read the stories told by these photos, turn up the slow jazz. Pour yourself a Sloe Gin Fizz. Glance

back in time for inspiration and bring in your own colorful and creative touches to form a foundation for an event which conveys to your guests that marrying the love of your life has given you “everything good all at once.” Writer: Betty Mantel Lee Photography: Stephanie Baker On Location: The Man Cave at Viaggio Winery, Dresses: Mira Bridal Couture Suits: Selix Formalwear

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 33

On Location: Viaggio Winery The archway to the Viaggio on the River Estate and Winery reads “Where the Journey to Forever Begins.” Viaggio is Italian for ‘journey’ and forever has never had such a magnificent launch site. The journey into Viaggio sets the stage for whisking you away from reality and into your own private world for an event, tailor made to take your breath away. The striking architecture and warm colors join the vineyards and other gorgeous landscaping to begin your transition from Central Valley of California to destination dreams come true. When Kent and Tamara Raverty started the development of the vision of Viaggio, they began with existing buildings. To see the estate now, it is scarcely believable that the structures were once open air buildings and rustic barns. One expects to see the luscious potted gardens, beautiful olive trees and expansive vineyards.

Via d’Amore. This scenic footpath would be a perfect place to take a soothing pre-ceremony stroll, or a charming location for gorgeous post ceremony photos.

What does come as surprises are the hand painted wine barrels, the vintage phone booth and an antique gas pump, all surrounded by colorful foliage and landscape.

M 34

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

On Location: Viaggio Winery There’s a song from centuries ago about a bicycle built for two. The young man croons to his lady that though they won’t be able to afford a stylish marriage, he’s half-crazy in love with her, and that should count for something. Trends for bridal wear today would force a man to drastically alter the lyrics to that song. Let the lyrics to your remake of that centuries-old song tell the story of an incredibly trendy marriage to a man completely-crazy for you and your panache!

Vino di Vita. The wine room is one of the most elaborate tasting areas around. Sample the Viaggio wine offerings surrounded by vintage model airplanes and other treasured items of sentiment. With a spiral staircase heading down in the middle of the room, an almost gothic conference table in a side dining alcove, and huge wooden doors saved from the buildings prior to the remodel and preserved as art, you can truly feel the elegant simplicity of times past bridging into and merging with the originality of the moment.

Photography: Vanessa and Anthony Luna Stephanie Baker, and Kameron Olds Mens Wardrobe: Selix Formalwear Ladies Wardrobe: Lazaro and Watters Bride from Mira Bridal Couture Hair and Make up: Hector John

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 35

On Location: Viaggio Winery

The Mansion. Regal lion fountains flank the infinity pool, which is as symbolic of enduring love as a circular ring, continuing on with no end. Mermaids frolic around the lampposts that line the patio and balcony.

As you are granted a glimpse inside you are greeted by frescoes gracing the walls behind the baby grand piano and marble carvings of mythological muses and nymphs that frame the fireplace. A commanding double-staircase beckons you to its landing with a beautiful view of the river. The atmosphere is airy, sleek and cool with an aura of fun built into the 1950’s vintage diner where you are greeted by Betty Boop on roller skates and an antique payphone hanging from the wall.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

On Location: Viaggio Winery

We are proud to take you on this journey inspired by the agricultural wealth of our region, and wishes every bride the confidence to:

“Strut your fluff in a flock of feathers!”

A Cave of Flaunting Feathers Female contributors may not have been granted access, but who could deny the flight of beauties that came calling in their gowns of organza and silk… and feathers. The men were powerless against them, and opened wide the doors to the Man Cave. It has long been legend that the ostrich hides her head in the sand. When the models donned the plumage, however, that myth became scarcely believable. As the five beauties drifted through the room, the warm lights turned the straw golden and shimmered off of the gowns’ layers of organza with pleated and shredded edges which complimented and accented the downy designs.

Photography: Stephanie Baker, Kameron Olds, and Anthony Luna Fashion Stylist and Set Director: Mira Jantz. Mens Wardrobe: Selix Formalwear from The Wedding Party by Mira Ladies Wardrobe: Vintage Suit & gowns from Mira Bridal Couture Hair and Make Up: Hector John Shoes: Bonnie J

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 37

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

AISLE STYLE: Bouquets & Boutonnieres Fresh Ideas for your BIG day. “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” - Emma Goldman

M 40

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 41

AISLE STYLE: Health & Beauty Planning a day-time wedding? Maybe an evening under the stars? We spoke with Norma Burns and Amanda Bertram, make up artist at Bella Vagos for some ah-ha products advice. "For your day time wedding, consider choosing a softer look to enhance your features while photography may take place in possible shadows or bright lights. We've selected browns and bronze pallets for your outdoor bliss.” Gold Digger Eye and blush pallet with Spice Lip Pencil and Sex on Heels Lipstick.

Evening Elegance

"With candle lit tables at your evening event, we suggest you take it up a notch. It’s fine if you don’t wear bold colors day to day, but you’ll want to spice things up a bit for your night-time wedding." "Start with a subtle base color. We have picked out Rice Eye Shadow. Smoky shadow by Blackstar added to the corner crease of your lid gives a dramatic eye. Followed by a Baha Blush’s matte pink blush to contour your cheek bones."

The Mineral Icing Sugar Wand or Crushed Mineral Shadow. A beautiful added bonus used to highlight cheek bones and give you the perfect glow. “Use our Le Rose Lipliner lip pencil to create a bolder lip and top it off with high-shine pink lipstick by Ticker.”

Want to add a little shine before the big day? Pick up some Moroccan Oil, Intense Hydrating Mask. A simple 5 minute treatment will give your hair the added moisture it longs for.

M 42

Dimitry T. Philipovitch D.D.S

$50 off ZOOM

General and Cosmetic Dentistry your 2813 Coffee Road, Suite B-2 Modesto,C a. 95355 when you mention this ad. 209-526-4884

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

AISLE STYLE: Health and Beauty Redefining Workouts With all of the wedding planning and plotting taking place, and all of the to-do lists to check off, why would a bride want to take a break for a tired-out workout? These days, she wouldn’t! But with all of the options in the area, this year’s brides are taking time-outs to mix it up, relieve some stress and have a blast being the calm in the eye of the storm!


M 44

Spice up ab-toning, burn more calories and have a party while you drop a few pounds. Grab a little salsa, sprinkle in some cha-cha, pour in a little tango, a taste of hip-hop and a dash of belly dancing… and you have just created the perfect recipe for Zumba! Zumba with Tawny offered at Core Fitness. 209-544-1144

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

AISLE STYLE: Health and Beauty Redefining Workouts

Look upwards as you focus on balance and core strength. Keep your spine tall and legs flexible. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathing slowly in any position will instantly calm your mind, especially when you are ready to say

Yoga Reforms! As spring nears, and the weather warms, if the four walls of yoga studios have you feeling boxed in, try taking your OM outside. Allow calm winds to assist your reaches towards the sky and reaches within yourself to find your center during the chaos of wedding planning. Open yourself up to the positive energy coming from within, and steady yourself in the wake of any negativity (seating charts and arrangements are to be far from your mind). Allow the poses below to strengthen your spirits, shoulders and resolve for the weight they’ll be carrying as you design your wedding day. Don’t forget to give yourself time to chill out.

“I do”.

Balance the mind and body

Extend your hands outward as if your arms are being pulled away. Tighten those buns as you lower your body into this lunge position.

Want a great back view in that dress?

Side plank will tone all the muscles in your back and shoulders, while challenging you to focus on your alignment.

Location: Viaggio Winery Pilates Instructor: Victoria Popoff Photography: Kameron Olds

Perfect your posture and mentally prepare yourself for that important moment. Imagine you are being pulled upwards as you stretch, elongating your body. Find a focal point and mentally rehearse your big day going effortlessly.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 45

AISLE STYLE: Storyboard for the peacock lover in you. By: Dayna Autry of Twenty 20 Event Design

When working to achieve a memorable event, the most common detail couples incorporate into their décor is feathers. The feather used most often comes from the peacock. This particular element can inspire an entire wedding, right down to the jewelry and hair accessories, due to its complex detail and chic pallet of colors. The peacock feather can be used in any season. For summer or spring, pair it with cooler hues of green, turquoise and whites. Fall or winter is the perfect time for deeper purples, turquoise, chocolate and ivory. The pallet compliments either silver and gold, and achieving either a modern feel or vintage look is possible. To create a distinctive signature for your event, use the peacock pattern with unconventional colors such as pinks, reds or yellows. With the endless choices of hues, plans for wedding party attire

M 46

can be infinite, but not complicated. An elegant yet austere look would have the bridesmaids in black dresses with floral bouquets of deep purples, greens and, of course, peacock feathers. One note of caution: overdoing the peacock hues can start to tend towards a Mardi Gras atmosphere. Remember that simple is stylish. In whatever way you blueprint the peacock theme it can be impressive, unique and memorable. The feather itself is naturally inspirational, dazzling and romantic… a perfect representation for an event of passion and bliss.

Photography: Mark Verscheldon and Stephanie Baker Set Design: Dayna Autry Dresses, Heels, & Parasol:Mira Bridal Couture Invitations & Menu Cards: Papel Lindo Floral Decor’: Allen Flowers

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Your Traditions , Your Memories ...Your Day dayna autry â– twenty 20 event design 209.988.2188

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M 47


Gift Buying They have helped you through gown buying, tuxedo selection, planned your parties, and listened to you talk endlessly about your big day for months. Show them you care by selecting some of these noteworthy ideas for gifts.

Colonial clock by Interlude $80 at Portico Home & Garden Mirror compacts. $15 at Lino Bella Corkscrew in leather pouch by Chateau Laguiole $198 and up. at Portico Home & Garden

Lady Primerose Lotion & perfume gift set $64 & lip gloss $20, both available at Portico Home & Garden. Monogram candles by Illume $15 at Portico Home & Garden Sonia Spencer tile cuff links $37 at Lino Bella

Give a little bling! Bride, MOH, Bridesmaid lace thongs by Hanky Panky, at Mira Bridal Couture $24 & up.

Leather money clip $15 at Rossini Formalwear.

Pher’omone Fragrance $62 at Rossini Formalwear

The perfect wedding tank in various quotes and colors for your bridesmaids, mother’s and more. $28 and up. Mira Bridal Couture

Gift buying guide can be found on page 96

M 48

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Enraptured with ETSY

Linden Lovebirds creates “thought boards” for the fun loving couple looking for playful ways to interact with their guests. Visit them at shop/lindenlovebirds

M 50

Papel Lindo creates noteworthy Save the Date Magnets and custom invitations. Find her at or see her on page 47

Since Etsy was founded in 2005, it has registered approximately 750,000 members and currently has 100,000 vendors from around the globe. On a normal business day, 15,000 items are sold from Etsy shops and 20,000 new items are advertised. 

For the eclectic groom that wants his own personal style, shop Customized Bow ties & pocket squares by Duffy

Fresh Water Pearl Cluster earrings by Len Designs Jewelry at shannonlen

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

A well-established designer from Armour sans Anguish is taking the phrase, “someone else’s trash” to another level and creating couture from recycled and salvaged materials. ArmoursansAnguish

Customers can shop by color or by category, and these finds are all with in your own backyard. If your wedding calls for one-of-a-kind, know that with Etsy the potential for exclusive is endless and we have found some of the most talented designers in our region.

For the eco-chic reception table, driftwood and moss tea light candle holders by Natures Cabinet at

Custom garters, feather head pieces designed by Beau & Arrow Boutique at BeauAndArrow

Engaging in her father’s scrap metal, Sierra Metal Design transforms would- be trash into handstamped personalized napkin rings and wine charmes. Create wedding favors and personalized gifts for your wedding party at

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Vintage-inspired jewelry for the chic indie bride by Rue Dauphine Bridal at RueDauphineBridal

M 51

Aisle Style: Advice from the new Mrs.

What brides are saying after their big day. I would generally considered myself a pretty organized person, love to organize parties, entertain etc.. and I am a City Planner by profession, so when it was time to plan my wedding I thought, piece of cake. This was true until a point. I had several friends that had recently been married, so I had all the references and they could back up their vendors, so I thought for sure I had it all figured out. My first error; the DJ I booked flaked at the last minute. The replacement D.J. our original recommended met us the week prior the our wedding so we could give him the disk with all of the important songs. We thought we were good. WRONG. Right before the wedding party arrives to the reception he tells my coordinator that he did not have our entrance song or the Groom and Mother of the Grooms song. (By the way THANK GOD I decided to get a day of coordinator, best advice I could give anyone). Had he not considered calling me in advance? Thankfully my coordinator pulls out her iPhone, purchased the song through iTunes, flips it in airplane mode, and plugged it in to the D.J.’s equipment. My other words of wisdom would be Don’t D-I-Y. My husband and I chose to have our wedding reception on his family’s ranch in a barn. I imagined this look of ‘country chic’... all-in-all I think everything looked so beautiful, but we did not get there not without some unnecessary stress! Rather than have your run-of-the-mill flower arrangements which I thought would be such a waste since they die right away and can get very costly... I thought I would save a lot of cash and have something unique if I did “several hundred” little pots of planted herbs. So I invested countless hours of mine and my mother’s time in what I planned to be decor’ to give to friends and family with out really thinking it though. So remember when it comes to the DIY, make sure it can be finished and done WAY before the wedding and leave it to the professionals.. there is a reason they are out there! Erika Hollander Durrer June 2009

The one thing that I knew I always wanted was a long engagement. I wanted to give myself ample time to plan every single small detail down to the tee.  I also knew that I wanted a fall wedding so when my husband proposed in April of 2008 we knew we would shoot for November of 2009, 18 months sounded like a good time frame to lay out everything I envisioned.  Well after a year or so of planning and multiple venue changes I was burned out when it came time to make the real decisions. When I look back now I am filled with such regret that I didn’t enjoy every single second of planning but I know that it was because I had just spent too much time dwelling on little things! 18 months is a long time and if I had it to do over again I would keep the engagement at a year, max!  Lindsay Santini-Pinheiro Married November 2009 Make sure you plan a few quiet moments with your new husband during the wedding day. That day can go by so fast and before you know it, it’s the end of your reception and you may not have had any alone time the whole day. With all the prep before the ceremony, all the pictures after the ceremony, all the socializing during the reception, it can be easy to forget this very important moment. Those 5 minutes were still to this day my favorite and most precious memory of the day. So make sure and find time to spend with only your spouse that day, don’t wait until the wedding night, make this a priority Ashley Chamberlain Married September 2010

Verschelden Photography Weddings



209.404.3900 www.

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B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Aisle Style: Featured Weddings Presented to you by Bridal Couture Magazine We asked our photographers to submit some of their most distinctive weddings for 2010. Allow these intimate details to inspire your big day.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 53

Yolanda and Jason Torter Married September 25, 2010

Yolanda and Jason never imagined their wedding planning process could be so simple. Once they announced their engagement they heard stories of ill fated wedding plans, chaos around the day, unplanned and unfortunate circumstances, but not for Yolanda and Jason.

Their winery-themed wedding in Lodi with their closest friends and family left them thrilled. They wanted nothing more then a simple day for everyone to enjoy -the uniting of two families to one.

“We chose vendors that took care of everything for us, we showed up and had nothing to worry about.� Within this planning came shades of wine; grape, purple, deep red, and eggplant. Wine bottle stoppers were chosen as favors to marry the theme and floral arrangements were designed in shades of Merlot and Rose’.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Although everything could not have been any more perfect, Yolanda offers a few words of wisdom to future brides. “We attempted to have our bridal party dresses made. Between a language barrier and the shorter time frame it was never anything I would recommend. We have 2 children, planning a wedding around their schedules and mine became an obstacle at times, however my most memorable moment was our “Sand Ceremony”. Jason and I included the children in our service to symbolize our families coming together”.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Photographer: Nfinity Productions Entertainment: Sounds in Motion Bridal Gown: Mira Bridal Couture Location: Wine and Roses

Jennifer and Steve Morgan Married October 10, 2010

Depending on whom you talk to, 10-10-10 could mean just about anything. By numerologists it is considered a date of renewal, the closing of an old chapter and starting a new one. To Jennifer and Steve, this day would be their new beginning. Jennifer and Steve met when she was hired as a personal trainer for his company. As their courtship grew stronger, Steve’s romantic side set in as he proposed several times. Never doubting they would marry, it took one quiet evening at dinner for them to set a date 6 months out.

M 56

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Jennifer and Steve’s passion for walking their dogs on the Carmel beach helped make their decision on their wedding location and the sand ceremony which they included their children in. The scheme of sand, surf, and turf inspired her colors of champagne, soft ivory and grey. Their intimate wedding and reception included their closest friends and family of 30. As her father escorted her down the sanding aisle, and their children awaited, she locked eyes with Steve in an emotional encounter bringing tears to all. As they shared their first dance, the chorus illustrated their love. “When I hold you in my arms , I’ve got all I’ll ever need, thanks to the keeper of the stars”. Until that day, Jennifer had never heard the depth of Steve’s love, not until their minister shared special notes she had the couple prepare before the wedding. With those vows, Jennifer and Steve married on their date of renewal.

Photography: Brandon Aguiar Photography Location: Castle Rock Beach and Little Napoli’s Wine Bar, Carmel, Ca.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 57

Jennifer and Noel Romero

Married August 20 and August 27, 2010

As the bride and groom descended down the hallway to the grand staircase of the San Francisco City Hall, family watching, they never could have imagined that this would be the most romantic and moving moment of their lives. “It was very emotional for both of us and so important. It was real, we were actually getting married, and it was official,” Jennifer recalls her moment standing with her hands in Noel’s in the middle of the Rotunda.

A week long wedding adventure Jennifer chose to customize her Henry Roth gown with Mira Bridal Couture and her seamstress, Arte at Sewing and More. In planning her look she opted for a retro feel to match the look of the glamorous history of the San Francisco City Hall. Peep toe heeled, Jennifer teared as she said “I do”. The family celebrated with a small reception in Pleasanton just before Jennifer and Noel would embark on a week long wedding in Cancun with their closest friends. B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

August 27th, one week later, Jennifer modified her look, walked down the aisle off the azure Caribbean Sea wearing her custom gown, carrying a bright gerbera daisy bouquet, her cathedral veil blowing in the ocean breeze, escorted by her sister, and friends by her side.

“We wanted to be in a tropical setting, with beautiful beaches, and looked for a resort that could offer everything for us and our guests.” The trip was planned for 15 of their friends from San Jose, Modesto, and Los Angeles. As a last minute surprise, Jennifer’s sister Jolyn flew in to join the celebration. As guests arrived to their rooms overlooking the dolphin lagoon, they were greeted with beach bags filled with sun block, aloe vera, cotton candy, chocolates, aspirin, water, personalized bottles of Tequila from Mexico, and Swarovski crystal “Team Jen” and “Team Noel” tank tops. The week long celebration included group snorkeling, pool basketball, beach lounging, lots of dining and dancing, and a trip to Xel-Há, an eco-adventure attraction. “Both weddings were amazing, but the ceremony at the City Hall was better then I ever imagined, it did not feel like a “quickie” wedding, everything was perfect.”

San Francisco City Hall Photography: Brandon Aguiar Dreams Resort Photography: Juan Navarro Bridal Attire: Mira Bridal Couture Custom Tailoring: Sewing and More Floral Bouquet in San Francisco: Simple Flowers

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 59

Holly and Jordan Phippen Married June 12, 2010

When Baxter, Holly’s dog was having trouble with his collar, Jordan was quick to ask Holly to fix it.

Beyond her wildest dreams, attached to Baxter’s collar was a ring, The ring. Holly’s heart filled with glee. Words could not express her excitement and shock. 5 years into their courtship, Holly and Jordan said those little words in front of their friends and family at Del Rio Country Club.

“Saying our vows was so special, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry! But hearing Jordan repeat the vows was really romantic, and it was hard not to tear up.”

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Holly and Jordan picked June 12, 2010 because it was the anniversary of their engagement date and held significant meaning to both. With the assistance of her friends, family and well renowned floral designer, Michael Hernandez, the air was filled with love, laughter, and everything

Wedding Venue: Del Rio Country Club Reception: Del Rio Country Club Bridal gown and tuxedos: Mira Bridal Couture Photographer: Stephanie Baker Floral Decor’: Simple Flowers Entertainment: Johnny and Kelly Cake: Tiers for Two

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Kristin and ChristianSafian Married April 9 and May 2, 2010

On a cloudy evening in Cabo San Lucas, Chris prepared a picturesque setting on the beach outside the Westin. He had

a small light placed in the ring box so Kristin could distinguish the beauty of the ring they designed together. Before they could join, rain appeared and the evening’s events were quickly moved inside. Showers did not delay their engagement. Chris proposed, Kristin accepted and the date was set.

Their wedding was not a casual affair. Kristin had a uncanny ability for event planning and design, which would not go unnoticed at their formal wedding. No expense was spared in joining this couple in love. Kristin helped with every decision, meticulously planning every detail down to the linens, centerpieces, floral arrangements, menu, place cards and gowns. They chose a venue near Fresno with a lake view. Their ceremony was held in a garden setting with wisteria vines climbing the arbor. The bridesmaids wore strapless black mermaid style gowns, while Kristin graced the aisle wearing a strapless lace gown with a sweetheart neckline. Unbeknownst to the guests, Kristin was also wearing a Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty garter given to her by Chris. As they exchanged vows, Kristin and Chris could not contain their happiness, as they both eagerly said, “I do� and Chris kissed his bride. The reception was custom and sophisticated. Guests all signed a magnum bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that the couple plans to open on their anniversary. To capture individual congratulatory greetings from their guests, they video taped live messages. Kristin made sure every guest had a personalized name card and menus at each setting.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

White lights adorned the outdoor venue overlooking the lake, and Kristin recalls that moment as, “everything I wanted, it was my dream wedding with the perfect man.” The dancing started and Kristin and her maids retreated to one of the guest cottages. When they returned, the maids zipped off the bottom half of their floor length gowns to reveal shorter, dance worthy dresses. Kristin expressed her modern twist with an ostrich feather cocktail dress as her reception attire. The couple returned to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their honeymoon in a luxury beachfront villa.

Once the couple returned from their tropical getaway, the wedding duties were not over yet. They had yet to celebrate the family tradition of a Chinese wedding. Kristin’s new mother-in-law was thrilled to give the new couple everything they wanted. A traditional red, gold and silver Chinese Kwa couture gown was made for Kristin for their ceremony and a hot pink Cheongsam gown for her reception. The details continued with custom-designed red silk envelopes with gold paper inserts, guests were entertained by the lion dancers from the Beijing Olympics, orchids shipped from Thailand adorned the tables and they gifted their guests with personalized gold chopsticks. Having endured two wedding ceremonies, two receptions, four wedding dresses and over 300 guests, Dr. and Mrs. Christian Safien now peacefully reside in Fresno, Ca.

Photography: Stephanie Baker Cake: Old Tyme Pastries Locations: American Wedding Wolf Lakes Chinese Wedding Hong Kong Flower Lounge American Gown: Tara Keely

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 63

April & Scott Enos Married September 18, 2010 With a passion for being out on the water and enjoying the lake, the perfect setting was Bethel Island to exchange vows. April and Scott chose her parent’s home as the backdrop to their nautical themed wedding, located on the Delta. The bride arrived on a duffy boat with her father awaiting at the top of the gangway, while the groom and groomsmen arrived in the bed of a lifted truck.

This couple knew what they liked and designed their wedding after their favorite things. April and Scott love to barbecue, so they whipped up an extra large batch of their favorite BBQ sauce, had it bottled and personalized labels to give as favors at their wedding.

M 64

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

April gushed about her photographer, Sherri Brusseau of SDB Photography, saying, “the detail she captured blew me away. All the little details that I thought about were actually noticed and the photos caught every little piece.�

Photography: Sherri Brusseau, SDB Photography Location: Bethel Island, Ca.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 65

Rich & Lucia Spott Married October 2, 2010

Lucia and Rich never imagined that the defeat of blind dates and mutual friend set-ups would lead to the online dating revolution of eHarmony that they both found them self entangled in. She was at the end of her subscription when Rich messaged her. They exchanged long emails and lengthy phone calls before they arranged their first date at the Stanford University Museum.

M 66

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

After one year of dating, Rich whisked Lucia off to Napa for the weekend before Christmas of 2009. Unknowingly to Lucia, Rich had already asked her father for her hand in marriage, but opted to save the secret from her mother in fear that their close relationship would lead to a break in silence. While relaxing in their room after a flawless day of wine tasting, Rich walked in with a tray of cheeses, wine and a peculiar box. Without taking a breath, Lucia began to cry. Rich expressed his love and desire to spend his life as her partner and she accepted without hesitation.

Lucia’s passion for art inspired her creative details such as the salsa music, her custom gown, the handmade cake topper, and her floral bouquet. On their wedding day, they made sure to go back to their first date location of Stanford University Museum to capture priceless photos where love first sparked. Lucia and Rich now reside in Palo Alto, happily ever after.

Photography: Kia Gregory Venue: St. Thomas Church, Palo Alto Reception: Stanford Park Hotel, Menlo Park

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Heidi and David Ellinger Married July 19, 2010

Heidi and David met in college through mutual friends on a camping trip to Lake Berryessa. Their friendship blossomed into a romance in 2003. They continued their courtship, moving in together and talking about their lives together. Heidi and David knew they wanted to marry, so they moved in together 3 years later. Although they talked about the future and getting married, David surprised Heidi with an engagement on Christmas Eve of 2009. He had bought the ring a month ahead of time, but each time he tried to make plans to propose, an event would interfere with his well thought out plans. On Christmas Eve, the couple was at Heidi’s grandmothers home and David asked Heidi to open her Christmas gift. It was wrapped in a large box, and she didn’t know what he had gotten her. She wasn’t expecting the proposal, but welcomed it after seven years of dating the love of her life. The engagement was quick 7 months. Heidi and David chose a winery in Lodi to tie the knot and the onsite coordinator made planning a breeze, as they supplied the cake, food and a vendor list for all other necessities. She recalls the moment she walked down aisle as one of the most special moments of the day. Seeing her soon-to-be husband watching her take her final steps as a Miss and joining in holy matrimony was an emotional and special moment for Heidi. Heidi and David recall sitting at their reception and looking out at all their friends and family thinking, “it’s perfect.” After their wedding was complete, the couple honeymooned in Jamacia to celebrate their new life together. The couple resides in Vacaville, where she teaches Kindergarten and he works in Engineering. Photography: Briggs Photography Venue:Wine & Roses

M 68

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

THE EVOLUTION OF RECEPTIONS The prospect of designing the wedding menu can seem daunting, especially in the midst of thousands of other event decisions being made. Lean on the experts here in the community, like the connoisseurs at Galletto Ristorante, to reduce the stress of planning the meal and infuse fun into the preparation process.

Bartender Jeremy Baggese is a pro when it comes to designing a cocktail menu that is classic and innovative all at once, giving your event a signature flair and variety. The Aviation Aviation Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, a drop of cherry juice, and a lemon twist for decor.

Frasier River Raspberry Martini Hanger 1 Frasier River Raspberry Vodka, Framboise Liqueur, fresh lemon and lime juice, splash of 7 Up, finished with sugar coated cherries.

Persimmon and Spiced Pear Martini Hanger 1 Spiced Pear Vodka, Muddled Persimmons, Fresh Lemon Juice, and a touch of Agave Nectar. Seasonal based on Persimmons.

Ruby Red Martini Hanger 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka, fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, fresh lime juice, Agave Nectar. Seasonal based on Ruby Red Grapefruit.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 69

Wine Cellar Master, Nick Richars William Hill Central Coast Chardonnay is very well balanced so it is enjoyable to most Chardonnay drinkers. It undergoes malolactic fermentation, which serves to round the wine out and impart the oft-called for “buttery” quality associated with Chardonnay. There is also a refined acidity that balances the wine, making it more food-friendly. The result of two of California’s wine making pioneers, Louis M. Martini Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a stellar example of where California wine making has been, and where it is going. This Plumy Cabernet is well balanced with velvety tannins. It is drinking nicely now, but will also age for 3-4 years. Veuve Clicquot Brut is an icon in the world of Champagne. Madam Clicquot was one of the early pioneers in making Champagne what it is today. From the development of “riddling” to extract the yeast after the second fermentation, to being one of the first major exporters of Champagne, we who love Champagne owe a debt of gratitude to her. Veuve Clicquot Brut, colloquially referred to as “Yellow Label”, is well balanced and creamy, with lovely notes of toasted biscuit.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Executive Chef, Jesse Layman is always ready to help create menus for any event, and top of the list is weddings. Elegant dishes and appetizers with graceful presentation are a signature of Chef Jesse’s, and small samplings of menu ideas are included here. “We are proud to serve the finest local ingredients. As your private chef for the day, we will work with you to create food that is as beautiful and memorable as your special day”.

Late-harvest Figs are served with herb goat cheese drizzled with golden balsamic and micro-salad.

Double R Tenderloin is pan seared with Brussels sprouts and housesmoked bacon, then served with an herb risotto.

Antipasti Freddi is a cold appetizer presentation that includes imported salami and local Fiscalini cheeses.

On Location with Shooting Gallery Photography

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 71


Choosing your reception dessert will be a piece of cake.

M 72

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Village Baking Company & Cafe

1700 McHenry Ave, Suite 18 Modesto, CA 95350 (209) 522-9057

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 73

209.523.8061 1660 California Ave. Modesto CA. 95358


EVENTS AT CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY STANISLAUS Whether the plans for your next event call for a small, informal gathering, an offsite business meeting, or the wedding of your dreams, the grounds and facilities of California State University, Stanislaus offer everything you need to make your event memorable.

• Convenient location

• Indoor & outdoor venues • Professional catering

• Park-like setting

• Experienced staff

Catering by Chartwells ~ Featuring superior cuisine and impeccable service, Chartwells offers catering packages for both formal and casual dining.

M 74


Events at California State University Stanislaus (209) 667-3913

CSU Stanislaus alumni receive a 10% discount on rental fees!

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Sewing & More Alterations by Arte Found your gown but not quite the perfect fit? Trust in the best. Arte. 903 West Roseburg Avenue Modesto, CA 95350

(209) 523-7189

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 75

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

introduces you to our Platinum vendors. Pages 78-80

Say “I do� with B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine as we present you with Platinum! Platinum Advantage Program is our exclusive circle of partners that we have pulled together to offer you the Platinum Advantage Card.* Our editor turns to these vendors when searching for the most distinctive and creative events. These talented wedding professionals are here to assist you in creating your perfect day. To learn more about the Platinum Advantage Program and how you can save on your wedding expenses, visit us at *Platinum Advantage Card available at

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 77

George Gonzalez Sounds in Motion D.J.

George Gonzalez owns and operates Sounds In Motion disc jockey service. With over 20 years of experience, you will always be treated with professional, quality and respectful service. Sounds In Motion holds a very reputable name in the wedding industry as the most demanded DJ/MCs in the Central Valley. The success of Sounds In Motion is embraced in the astounding number of weddings where expectations were exceeded. Over 250 weddings per year are entertained by the team at Sounds In Motion.

209.845.2280 •

Dayna Autry Twenty 20 Event Design

Roxanne Catti Gift Registry Consultant at Keller’s Gifts

209.988.2188 • John Surla Owner & Executive Chef Surla’s Restaurant Entrepreneur and owner of Surla’s Restaurant, has been cooking since third grade. A graduate of the Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California, John studied and mastered Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, and Restaurant Management. With over 17 years of experience in the food industry and has cooked for world renowned companies such as Lucas Film, Robert Mondavi, and Galletto Ristorante. In 2009 he opened his own restaurant which showcases his talents in California cuisine. There, everyone is able to taste his passion for food and wine!

Our experienced staff provides you with expert guidance as we help you create a registry tailored to your personal styles of entertaining and decor. Trusting in our knowledgeable and well established staff will give you the peace of mind you need during your wedding planning. Your guests can shop for your gifts with ease knowing they are visiting Keller’s Gifts.

209.577.2590 • Calvin Lee, MD Surgeon, Acupuncturist & Botox Artist Surgical Artistry / Tammy Wu, MD “I give individualized injections of Botox based on difference in anatomy, age, and goals. Each repeat visit is also different. I prefer a natural result using the smallest amount of Botox possible. Dr. Tammy Wu (my wife), plastic surgeon) and I consider cosmetic injections to be an extension of our surgical skills. I also perform vein sclerotherapy acupuncture: if you like needles, you’ll like me.”

209-550-5555 •

209.551.1888 •

Diane Flores. Owner and Fitness Instructor Venus Pole Fitness of Modesto

The Venue at CSU Stanislaus Monica Doll, Special Events Coordinator

Warm, giving, sexy and confident. Diane founded Venus Pole Fitness with a vision as big as her heart. Her goal, to provide a safe effective sanctuary for women to exercise and discover their inner and outer strength and beauty in profound new ways.

209-529-POLE (7653) •


“We at Nfinity Pro know how important it is to have amazing photos of your special memories, and with nearly 20 years combined experience, we are confident that we can make that happen. From Presidents to pregnancy, Olympians to wedding day, we’ve done it all! With a flair for the unusual, we are sure to please the most modern of tastes.”

209.522.5999 •

I was in your excited shoes once. Planning one of the most memorable days of your life has a ‘to-do’ list a mile long. Your wedding day will go by in a blur. Will you remember every moment and detail? Trusting your photographer to capture those moments is important. Let’s meet soon to chat about how I can help you shorten your ‘to-do’ list.


Amy & Jesse Velasco Nfinity Pro

A Central Valley native, Monica has more than five years of event management experience. The stunning natural beauty of the University’s 228-acre campus is the perfect backdrop for outdoor wedding or event. Whether your event is small or large (Monica has planned weddings for more than 400 guests and corporate events for 1,500) your event is in good hands. Monica and her team will go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

209.667.3808 •

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Shawna and Richard Briggs Briggs Photography Briggs Photography is an International Award winning husband & wife team. Awarded one of the top wedding photographers in San Joaquin and recently photographed a wedding for TLC Battle of the Wedding Designers. Shawna’s artistic eye for beauty and form, with Richard’s attention to detail along with his sense of humor and easy-going personality makes every moment for you easy and totally stress free, Both work together to give you a refreshing blend of cutting edge imagery.

209.239.7542 •

Kia Gregory Photography

Weddings are a passion of mine. I love the diversity each wedding brings and the connections and relationships I am able to be a part of with the bride, groom and their family and friends. I believe photography is one of them most important aspects of your wedding day. I would love to connect and meet with you to find the best combination for what you are looking for.

209.834.7048 • Dawn, Angie, Jenna, & Bea Mira Bridal Couture & The Wedding Party by Mira Sales Consultants

Brandon Aguiar Brandon Aguiar Photography Weddings are a passion of mine. I love the diversity each wedding brings and the connections and relationships I am able to be a part of with the bride, groom and their family and friends. I believe photography is one of them most important aspects of your wedding day. I would love to connect and meet with you to find the best combination for what you are looking for.

209.495.1406 •

For the modern bride & groom. Visit the talented and tenured staff at our new location for Mira Bridal Couture and the new Wedding Party by Mira. Now at 1201 J Street, We offer the latest trends and styles to fit everyone’s desire. We specialize in bridal attire gift registry. Including our new lines of accessories from Hanky Panky, Hollywood Tape, Enzoani and Enzoani Heels, and more. Bridal by appointment. Call us for your appointment today!

209.338.9333 •

Erin Doran-Gonzalez The Platinum Photo Booth Erin owns and operates three exuberant companies in the wedding industry. The Platinum Photo Booth, a modern photo lounge, provides exquisite photo booth rentals for weddings and special events. Platinum Bridal Kits are stylish bridal emergency kits which assist brides and her bridal party from any potential mishaps on her wedding day. Aqua Bliss offers glamorous spray tanning, body wraps and swimwear. All three companies are located in one convenient and lavish location in downtown Modesto!

209.648.0490 • Stephanie Baker Photography An Eye for elegance and Beauty

Stephanie creates images of romance, beauty, and grace through her artistic vision. Stephanie’s style is to see things and make them beautiful. Her goal is to create images that reflect the essence of inner beauty and grace.

209.648.4844 •

Special Event and Catering Director Galleto Ristorante Nicole Smith & Cheryl Colt Let us help you celebrate your wedding in a picturesque Tuscan inspired setting, located in the heart of downtown Modesto. We will help you coordinate your engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, intimate ceremonies, wedding receptions, and bridal showers with an elegant style.

209.523.3165 • Loni Silveira Owner & Creative Designer Papel Lindo Owning Papel Lindo has been a dream come true for graphic designer Loni Silveira. Within weeks of opening it’s doors, Papel Lindo experienced double honors with designs featured in world-wide and local wedding publications. Loni’s casual and creative personality makes the design process fun and relaxed for the bride and groom. She sees each wedding as a new adventure to create a personalized design that sets the tone for your wedding day!

209.505.0874 •

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 79

Sarah and Emma Grover Portico Home & Garden

Meagan Burns and Arica Carranza Bella Vagos Salon.Spa.Cafe

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” -- When Harry Met Sally Portico is here to get your life together started. As owner and Interior Designer, I invite you to take advantage of all we offer. From gift registry, floral design, Interior Design, unique ideas for your wedding and home, we are here to make every day beautiful and unforgettable.

209.544.2354 •

209.573.8605 •

Life’s First Impressions Athena Herrera

Anthony & Vanessa Luna Moondog Photo

Life’s First Impressions is a five star event planning service, lead by Athena Herrera who is dedicated to creating a dazzling occasion for every customer. With over 13 years in event planning experience, every detail is accounted for in flawless and meticulous fashion. For over a decade, our team has managed every type of event from conception through to completion. We focus on infusing our customers’ needs with our creative guidance in building a spotless moment and a picture-perfect memory.

209.495.0340 •

Shooting Gallery Photography Kameron Olds

Viaggio Winery Acampo, Ca.

209.250.0046 •


Anthony and Vanessa Luna, otherwise known as Moondog Photo, are a husband and wife photography duo specializing in weddings and engagements. Moondog Photo offers modern couples the opportunity to “Relive the Moment” through wedding photographs that are “Fresh. Modern. Priceless”.

209.762.2523 •

Unique.Modern.You! …this is our statement. As modern, lifestyle wedding photographers, our commitment to a higher standard of creating the total experience that is both unique and modern, but personalized specifically to every one of our couples, is what sets us apart from the rest of the field. We’re passionate and excited about everything we do, and love to share our artistic vision with our couples to tell their story.


Meagan Burns and Arica Carranza, co-owners of Bella Vagos Salon, Spa and Cafe have a passion for beauty. Bella Vagos is a full service salon and spa. They offer specialized bridal consultations for hair and makeup. Bella Vagos also caters intimate weddings, spa bachelorette parties, bridal showers and engagement parties. Bella Vagos offers more than just a service, but creates an experience.

Viaggio is nestled among fertile Lodi vineyards and farmland, along the shores of the magnificent Mokelumne River, Viaggio Estate and Winery holds all the wonders of a perfect wedding experience: beautiful surroundings, delicious food and wine, and endless possibilities. With so much to offer Viaggio is a must for all events. Our attentive staff will take care of you and your guests from the moment you arrive.

209.368.1378 •

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine


Survival Guidance for Enduring the Merge

The wedding bells have rung their last. The honeymoon luggage is unpacked and souvenirs have been delivered to family and friends. The house has a peaceful but eerie silence to it, and all around a phrase is echoing: “Now What?” As that question bounces back and forth, the bride loses sleep because her husband snores and he’s losing weight because grilled cheese is, so far, all she’s mastered. Advice comes in by text, email and telephone: “Don’t take each other for granted.” “Keep it interesting.” “Be sure to do little things for one another.” “Have fun with each other.” While the clichés offer food for thought, they do not offer how-to’s or step by step instructions. The information on the following pages, however, does. B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 81


Who says you can’t ask for what you really want? Our shopping team along with the professionals at Keller’s Gifts, Lino Bella, and Portico Home & Garden bring you what’s hot in registry and gift registry tips. 1. Register early. I recommend you tackle this shortly after you announce your engagement, and please do it together. Believe it or not there are lots of fun finds for the groom too.

Picnic time wine cooler and cheese tote from Keller’s Gifts.

2. Consider your lifestyle. don’t feel you have to register for cliche items. What do you need? What will you use day to day? Will you have dinner parties? If so, put lots of thought into the type of dinner ware and dining decor that fits your style.

Bambu low cork bowl, Keller’s Gifts.

Bride & Groom First and Forever Cookbook at Lino Bella

Monogram Stones customized through Portico Home & Garden Mudpie initial napkin holder and initial napkins from Keller’s Gifts

Piggy Wiggy Timer Keller’s Gifts

Nomniware Tea Pot from Keller’s Gifts

M 82

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Kuhn Rikon Wisk. Keller’s Gifts

3. Be considerate to your guests by selecting a range of price points and don’t forget to send thank you cards. Notes for gifts received before the wedding should be sent with in two weeks of receiving them. For gifts received at the wedding or after, notes should be sent with in a month after you return from your honeymoon.” Le Creuset Caribbean Pitcher with matching utensils. Available at Keller’s Gifts.

Mudpie initial glass tumblers. From Keller’s Gifts.

Dolce Vivere soaps from Lino Bella. Illume candles from Portico Home & Garden

Bedding Towels Gifts Home Accessories Pillows & Comforters

Modesto . McHenry Village . 209.491.0931 Stockton . Lincoln Center . 209.933.0441

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 83


Packing for your honeymoon can be a bit tricky when you are already consummed with so many wedding tasks. We’ve shopped our favorite local retailers for some of the latest trends.

For him

For her

Silk eye blinder for some peaceful sleep from Lino Bella.

American Essentials crew neck t-shirt and boxer briefs from Rossini Formalwear

Caswell Massey bathing gift set from Rossini Formalwear

Michael Toschi vacchetta flip flops, available at Rossini Formalwear

For a little more casual day time outing, try this look from Grace and Daniel. William Rast shorts, Bourdocaux tank and Sam Edalman shoes.

Help him pack by pairing these Toschi flip flops with a cool pair of khaki shorts and brown short sleeve button up from Rossini Formalwear. Tourquise necklace from Ritzy Ragz & Thingz

Agave Denim and button down available at Rossini Formalwear AmeriMichael Toschi “mario” slip ons. At Rossini Formalwear

Maroon Calvin Klein dress, Black clutch, Necklace and black Nina shoes all available from Ritzy Rags & Thingz. See ad below.

Ritzy Rags & Thingz Designer Consignment Unique Fashionable Funky & Fun 209.527.4233

M 84

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

We asked our newlywed contributing photographer and his wife about their honeymoon. Here’s what they had to say! Favorite Part? Renting a golf cart in Catalina and Brandon letting me drive. Thanks to my wonderful driving skills, we were chased out of a few non-golf cart places. Oops! What would you change? Our cruise line. But it was a great learning experience. Stories you’ll be sharing with friends for years to come? Our cruise line broke my suitcase and we had to tie a string from a sweatshirt around the suitcase to get it to hold together while we left the ship. It was the longest hour in debarking, ever. When booking our trip, I picked this cute little boutique hotel to stay at in Long Beach. Our walls were paper-thin and our bathtub wouldn’t drain. So much for cute!

In Catalina we rented the golf cart and I think we had the only one that would backfire every five minutes. It was the loudest noise on the little island and people would stare at us like we had let off a bomb. As we drove around in our back-firing cart we got lost and decided we would take a turn onto what looked like a “main street.” It ended up being “The RE_DP-w_Bridal Guide SeptOct 2010:AMR BridalG DR-w DP SeptOct2010 6/2/10 12:33 PM Page 1 Promenade” where only walking was permitted. We were yelled at and chased after with a guy screaming “You can’t be in here!” That’s what happens when I drive! Brandon and Valerie Aguiar Married May 29, 2010 ONE DREAM.

Two gifts to help you share it. BOOK YOUR




One magical celebration. Two lovers. Eleven spectacular tropical locations. Unlimited-Luxury ® privileges including your room or suite with private balcony. 24-hour room service. Multiple gourmet restaurants. Unlimited premium beverages. Sensuous spas. Land and sea recreation. Evening shows. Infinite pleasures at huge limited-time savings.

B R I D A L C O U T UCome, R liveEyourMagazine dreams at or call your travel professional.

Aisle Style: Behind closed doors. A Journey into the Intimacy of “Happily Ever After” What I know is this: on this side of forever, relationships still contain some mystery. Those on this side of “I Do” still have control of the speed and depth to which aspects of life are revealed, as the other person continues to dig deeper and to know more. Before deciding on becoming husband and wife, the shared experiences between couples can sometimes be a joyful foreshadowing of what’s to come. And sometimes, it’s the time and work invested into getting along that make two people decide to stay together for a lifetime. Standing on the ledge and staring across the chasm to marriage, I’m fully aware that my view is greatly limited as to what happens on the other side. Yet I also know this: one dress, two people, and three short letters later, the stakes of the game invisibly change. The commitment and the connection made between two people is fully understood only within that union, and the secret ingredient to success has yet to be uncovered. At the beginning, life together may seem simplistic and idyllic. “Pity all newlyweds. She cooks something nice for him, and he brings her flowers, and they kiss and think: How easy marriage is,” said Migon McLaughlin, American author and journalist. Sharing life with another person means that your raw self can’t hide any better than an elephant can hide in your backyard. As women, we are sometimes afraid that our most unglamorous self will be exposed. I asked women, in all different phases of marriage, to share some of their most intimate moments; moments that they couldn’t have planned on, that helped deepen the connection with their spouse. that they couldn’t have planned on, that helped deepen the connection with their spouse.

The underestimated quiet and simple moment, “I love it when he helps me zip up the back of my dress,” said Diana Sauer from Walnut Creek. “One thing I have always been embarrassed about is my underwear. When we were first married I didn’t want [him] going anywhere near them... even the ones fresh out of the dryer. [I feared him] discovering that I am not always ‘fresh and clean.’ Once, he tried to lighten up the situation and grabbed a pair and put them on his head. I stood there like a 5-year old and cried. But, as we have grown closer together, and I trust that [he] loves me as I am, things have changed,” said Lindsay from Manteca. JeaNell, originally from Modesto and who now lives in Minnesota shared similar growth in this area, “There’s Diana & Jason Sauer something stunning about intimacy. I no longer run the faucet turn on the fan, and lock the bathroom door when I have to go. I no longer fear that he’ll realize that when I sweat my armpits stink. I’m not afraid that he’ll be grossed out by my period. My bikini area is not always pristine and he knows that when it is, it’s because I shaved it and not because I’m a superhuman goddess. I’m lazy about tooth brushing at night and don’t always do it. I have been known to pick my nose. And [he] loves me with a fierceness and tenacity that never ceases to amaze me. He still thinks I’m sexy!” Something else I know is this: though I shudder to think of myself in these instances, I’m also beginning to believe that there are actually people with healthy and realistic expectations out there and hope is beginning to bloom. The hope comes just in time to process what happens when marriages are put to heart-wrenching tests. “Five years of infertility will really show your true colors in a marriage. Jake has seen me at my worst. He has seen me curled up in a ball on the floor of our bedroom, covered in snot and tears, surrounded by baby shower invitations and negative pregnancy tests, and has told me that he’s never loved me more.”

M 86

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

“There’s something stunning about intimacy”. The changes in a woman’s body due to an achieved pregnancy can really take a toll on her mind as well. Kristy from Oakdale said, “[After having 3 kids] I don’t even think I looked like the same person. I was embarrassed for him to see me naked after kids, but we are married and try as I might to hide from him, it didn’t work. He eventually asked me what the deal was. When I ‘fessed up, what he said shocked me. He told me that he loved the way I look now, more than ever, and that the reason my body looks the way it does is because of the three wonderful kids I had for him. He could never ask for anything more out if life than that.” “[After having 3 kids] I don’t even think I looked like the same person. I was embarrassed for him to see me naked after kids, but we are married and try as I might to hide from him, it didn’t work. He eventually asked me what the deal was. When I ‘fessed up, what he said shocked me. He told me that he loved the way I look now, more than ever, and that the reason my body looks the way it does is because of the three wonderful kids I had for him. He could never ask for anything more out if life than that.” Jessica from Modesto said that she felt the most intimate when the fantasy receded and real-life took its place. “The most intimate and un-sexy thing we encountered was ‘sex clean up.’ You never see this in the movies, and you never hear about it. The romantic idea of holding each other and then falling asleep is shattered by the quick and undeniable realization that there is a mess to deal with. It’s so... unglamorous. It is one of the many things that strip down any sense of privacy and self.”

“Sometimes, just being a woman is shocking enough to our spouses”. Melissa from Modesto had this true-life story: “One weekend during the ‘honeymoon’ phase of our first year together, my husband and I were working on a few fix-it items around the house. He ventured into the Master Bathroom to work on some plumbing issues under the sink. The next thing I heard was him yelling, a loud bang and then… complete silence. Imagining the worst, I rushed to his aid, only to find him on the floor of our bathroom, with his hands full of my secret stash of hair extensions.

Melissa and Stephen Neece He had he thought it was an animal and attacked it with his wrench. Guess I forgot to disclose that bit of information.” Even though marriage can be defined as both routine and a roller coaster in the same breath, Sarah from Clovis found the key to her life of intimacy:

“Marriage means no more pretending.” What I have learned so far is this: Vulnerability can be just as sexy as confidence. Trying to hide behind a veneer of perfection doesn’t do anyone in a relationship any favors. The women featured here have unlocked the mystery and discovered that real life is the one that you live when the façade is down and the stakes are high. I may have a lot more to learn about intimacy, but I look forward to meeting the man who will be a good teacher.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Tawny LaBarbera

M 87

Aisle Style: Culinary Adventures for the new Mr. & Mrs. For any couple needing rescue from the post-nuptial menu of boxed macaroni and cheese and Chinese takeout, the first call should be to Chef John of Surla’s restaurant and catering. Chef John is one of the area’s most inventive chefs and has built a reputation on signature cuisine and off-site catering. He is accustomed to advising brides and grooms on exceptional reception menus, where he is seeing a rise in cocktail receptions with highend food stations and hors d’oeuvres. Specialty buffets and innovative “Chef’s Stations” are also in demand from the professional staff at Surla’s. Reception-planning aside, one of Chef John’s latest endeavors is the off-site Cooking Class. One of the hottest trends in dinner parties is to merge a fantastic menu with an easy-to-follow lesson in pulling it all together. The couple, such as Jeff and April Duarte featured here, provides the environment and the table setting. Chef John provides the know-how.

Salad Castroville Artichoke Prosciutto Salad Arugula, Radicchio, Endive, Fennel, San Joaquin Goat Cheese, Lemon, Thyme Vinaigrette April captained the creation of the salad by breaking pieces of Prosciutto Di Parmaand adding it to the salad. The rest of the guests were given instructions by Chef John on how to prepare the artichokes.

Pasta Mushroom Raviolis Shitake Mushrooms, Spinach, Ricotta Cheese, Sage, Truffle Cream Sauce Jeff and his guest, Mike, tackled this course by dicing mushrooms and adding them to a mixture of ricotta cheese and spinach. They tried their hands at making the pasta but struggled so long and hard that Chef John eventually had the ladies take over.

M 88

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

The Entrée Miso Glazed Salmon Miso, Ginger, Soy Sauce, Calamansi Beurre Blanc Chef John taught the party the difference between the right and wrong ways to skin/scale the salmon. At this point, the hunger is setting in and the delicious Duarte wine has prepared everyone’s palate for a delicious meal.

Dessert Profiteroles with Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Sauce Just because the dessert course was finally on the table didn’t mean the party was nearing its end. Lively conversations continued on, and a new tradition of regular dinner parties combined with cooking class was born.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 89

Surla’s is proud to support local farmers: Bella Vina Orchards, Cippoineri Orchards, Duarte Nursery, Fiscalini Cheese, Foster Farms, H. Naraghi Farms, Hollander Squab, J.S. West Eggs, Joseph Farms Cheese, Kline Organics, Narsai’s Specialty Foods, Organic Farm Co-Op, Rodin Farms, Sciabica Olive Oil, Stanislaus Food and Traina Sun-Dried Tomatoes. Executive Chef: John M. Surla Sous Chef: Paco Martinez, Pastry Chef: Miguel Martinez Surla’s Restaurant, 431 12th St. Modesto, Ca. 95354 209.550.5555

M 90

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Aisle Style: Postnuptial bliss The vows have been spoken, the rings have been given, the tears have been shed, the aisles have been emptied, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have been tossed, the dances have been danced, and the gifts have been opened. It’s just you and the love of your life, a mind full of precious memories and timeless photos to remind you of your perfect day. Now to begin your new life together. You know you love your new partner, but the question settles in, do you love where you live?

Whether you’re looking to make the move from apartment life to your first home or just want a fresh start in a place more suitable for two, buying your first home as a couple can be both an exciting time of life as well as your first opportunity to experience the lessthan-fairytale side of marriage. Chances are you might just discover that while he didn’t have much to say about the shade of white for the roses and spent most of his time browsing Facebook while you sampled frostings for your wedding cake, he might just surprise you with a pocketful of objections as you start your search for a home. Let’s take a look at five ways to keep the honeymoon alive as your start searching for your future love nest: First things first - take the guesswork out of your finances. Don’t waste any of your time speculating on what you can afford or what that missed payment on your Macy’s account did to your credit score. As newlyweds, you have a lifetime to find things to argue about and fighting over the potential impact of past financial blunders need not be one of them. Pay a visit to a trusted local lender and let them help you get a pre-qualification based on your current financial status. Your lender will help you identify a budget for your home search and put your mind at ease offering you the plain and simple facts. Work up individual wish lists and rank each feature or quality on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is unimportant to you and 10 is an absolute must. Is there a neighborhood that you have always dreamed of or is it critical that you have a formal dining room? Do you prefer to avoid a second story or are you adamant about having a master bathroom? Chances are you might find out that you have more in common than you expected and if not, the ranking will help you identify which areas are worth compromising. Acknowledge that your first home might not be your absolute dream home, but it’s a step in the right direction. With rates and housing prices at record lows, now is a great opportunity to get in at the ground floor and build equity as you make your payments and take advantage of upcoming increases in property values. Don’t put the cart before the horse, or, in this case, the couch before the home. As you settle in to your current home together, try to avoid furniture stores and car dealerships. Chances are, if you can qualify for a home today, you will be able to qualify for that car or couch later. However, straining your credit with that new dining set today could lead to an impact on your credit score that will end up costing you more money on your future monthly mortgage payment or take you out of the home buying game completely.


Remember, home is where the heart is. It is you as a couple that will make the house your home. Wherever you live, the key is to love where you live and enjoy this new phase of your life as a couple. Sarah Fields 91 E Magazine


B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

BARE NECESSITIES We have found the gift that keeps on giving. No, sensual side and empowers her to express it’s not a new car, no video games, or football her inner sexuality. Local photographer, tickets. The average male gift just Vanessa Luna of Bella Boudoir is boudoir: a womans doesn’t work anymore. None of the helping not only brides, but the bedroom or private sitting area. above will replace the intimate everyday working woman identify powers of boudoir. her intimacy through photography Brides are shopping for and art. Be it your back yard, your intimates and working with their bedroom, or the studio. Creating a photographers to create a gift he will scene that only you and your future husband cherish for life. As we review modern will share is becoming the modern gift for the photography, boudoir showcases a womans groom on his wedding day.

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 93

Betsey Johnson Chiffon & Heirloom Lace Babydoll and In Bloom by Jonquil Tiered Babydoll available at Hanky Panky Intimates available at Mira Bridal Couture at

M 94

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Cosabella top and pajama bottom and Cosabella Chamise Cosabella Chamise available at the Boutique at Salon Salon.

On Location: Bella Vagos-Spa-Cafe Photography: Bella Buodoir Photography Hair: Judy Kinerson of Bella Vagos Make Up: Norma Burns of Bella Vagos

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

M 95

Aisle Style: Vendor List Accessories & Apparel Beau & Arrow beauandarrow

Ritzy Ragz & Thingz T: 209.527.4233

Entertainment D. Ferreira T: 209.345.8235

Health & Beauty

Continued Venus Pole Fitness T: 209.529.7653

Sounds In Motion T: 209.522.5999 Invitations Papel Lindo T: 209.505.0874 Event Design &


Life’s First Impressions Jewelers T: 209.762.2523 Ciccarelli Jewelers T: 209.524.7746

Men’s Clothing

Rossini Menswear & Formal Wear T: 209.529.6860 The Wedding Party by Mira T: 209.338.9333

Real Estate

Sarah Fields 209.988.3239

Four Seasons Farms/ Greens Market T: 209.521.8001 Galletto Ristorante T: 209.523.3165 Pageo Lavender Farm T: 209.604.8888 Surla’s Restaurant T: 209.550.5555

Twenty 20 Event Design Photography T: 209.988.2188 Atiza Photography Transportation The Reata T: 209.846.9531 Luxury Limo Alterations T: 209.845.9855 Floral Design T: 209.537.5466 Sewing and More Allen Flower Shop T: 209.523.7189 T: 209.668.6018 Bella Boudoir Studio Viaggio Winery T: 209.495.7618 Travel Bakery T: 209.368.1378 Four Seasons Farms/ & Honeymoon Creative Cakes Greens Market Dreams Resorts T: 209.544.1451 T: 209.521.8001 Brandon Aguiar Specialty Rentals Photography Venue Tiers For Two T: 209.495.1406 California State University Platinum Photobooth T: 209.543.6777 T: 209.648.0490 Twigs & Stems Turlock theplatinumphotobooth. T: 209.667.3808 Village Baking Company T: 209.521.8944 com Briggs Photography & Cafe T: 209.239.7542 T: 209.522.9057 For more information on our elite vendors, their services, villagebakingcompany. Gift Registry and resources. Keller’s Gifts com T: 209.577.2590 Kia Gregory visit us on the web at T: 209.834.7048 Bridal Lingerie kiagregoryphotography. Classy Bride Inc. Lino Bella com T: 866.925.2779 T: 209.491.0931 Moondog Photography T: 209.495.0340 Mira Bridal Couture Portico Home & Garden T: 209.338.9333 T: 209.544.2354 Nfinity Productions T: 209.845.2280 Bridal Salons Health & Beauty Mira Bridal Couture Bella Vagos T: 209.338.9333 Salon.Spa.Cafe SDB Photography T: 209.573.8605 T: 209.480.4082 Catering Four Seasons Farms/ Photography Core Fitness Pilates Greens Market Shooting Gallery & Yoga T: 209.521.8001 Photography T: 209.985.5393 T: 209.678.0142 Dimitry Philipovitch DDS Galletto Ristorante T: 209.526.4884 T: 209.523.3165 Stephanie Baker Photography T: 209.648.4844 Surgical Artistry Surla’s Calvin Lee MD T: 209.550.5555 General Surgery & Verschelden Photography Tammy Wu MD T: 209.404.3900 Plastic Surgery T: 209.551.1888

M 96

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

B R I D A L C O U T U R E Magazine

Bridal Couture Magazine  

Spring/Summer 2011