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AUTUMN TEXTURES Fashion that feels great!

Life after Presidency From the four men who know

ITALIAN BELLE Monica Bellucci

Miriam Dalli “I love high heels and challenges”




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We talk to Malta’s four living ex-Presidents about life after presidency Style icon Miriam Dalli on embracing life’s challenges

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Mediterranean beauty Monica Bellucci chats to Style

AAA volunteer Romina Formosa gets glam from head to toe

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The beauty products to see you through the season

Our pick of the latest must-have coloured jewels

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Whether rough or smooth, let texture into your home

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Malcolm J. Naudi speaks to Maurice Mizzi about life in the fast lane

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Milliner Rosanne Spiteri Stafrace lets us into her workspace

Whatever the colour, pick leather this season Embrace classic rouge hues for updated style

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Denise Mulholland muses over whether the end is nigh for high-end fashion

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COVER Miriam Dalli Photography by Brian Grech Art Direction by Stephen Azzopardi


Miriam wears Bvlgari-Bvlgari white gold necklace €3700, Bvlgari-Bvlgari Revamping bracelet with diamonds €8900, matching earrings €3250. All by Bulgari, available at Sterling Diamonds.

Sometimes you find yourself in situations

touchy-feely velvet, patent, leather and silk,

those moments when you glance around,

we combined items to create fun-filled, yet

that, quite simply, seem to defy reality; take stock and wonder how you’ve ended up there. I found myself reeling in this way

while taking tea with Malta’s four living ex-Presidents – men who have changed the course of our country’s history and met

with other world leaders, yet are still happy to chat to me about their highs, lows and life after presidency. Read this fascinating interview on pg 13.

In the spotlight this month is local style

Editor’s Letter

icon Miriam Dalli, a career chameleon who constantly evolves as she raises the bar

on each of her projects. Meeting with her

in her home, as she launches into the new role as editor of Bliss Magazine, we explore her career highs and fashion favourites to

discover what makes this award-winning


and we had a ball on both photoshoots as stylish, contrasts. Our home stylist’s tips will help you to do the same.

Our makeover section this issue was particularly close to my heart, as we gave

AAA dog sanctuary volunteer Romina

Formosa a pampering session and new look.

Content House Ltd Mallia Buildings, 3, Level 2, Triq in-Negozju, Mriehel QRM3000 Tel: 21 320712/3 Fax: 21 320714

Like so many of Malta’s volunteers, across


she finds little time for herself, and this was

Editor Jo Caruana

the sectors, after all the hard work is done our way of saying ‘thank you’.

Meanwhile, all of our favourites are back,

including our PAPPED! in Style section, beauty, fashion and food pages, reviews, and stories to get you talking. Happy reading!

journalist and presenter tick.

As the Style team delved into the musthaves of autumn, we found that texture is

everywhere. From our homes (pg 62), to our wardrobes (pg 26), the looks to love involve

Production & DESIGN briangrech Stephen Azzopardi E-mail:

Art Direction Stephen Azzopardi Photography briangrech

Contributors Nadia Busuttil Carina Camilleri Nicola Culley Trinity Fava Denise Mulholland Malcolm Naudi Diane Nikolic Advertising Content House Ltd


Advertising Executive Matthew Spiteri

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L E V E L 0 B AY S T R E E T đ S T. J U L I A N S - T E L . 2372 07 1 2 307, F E R R E R I A PA L AC E , R E P U B L I C S T R E E T đ VA L L E T TA - T E L . 2 1 23 3 87 7


SETTING A presiDENT Photography by briangrech

Stories that changed the course of our country’s makeup, and memories that live on in our daily lives... Jo Caruana relishes the unique opportunity to take tea with four of our islands’ most important men, take a trip down Malta’s memory lane and discover what life is like after presidency.



It’s 6pm on a Thursday and in the Tabone household it’s time for tea. But as preparations are made and the teapot filled, Dr Censu Tabone and his wife Maria are looking forward to a tea party that’s a little out of the ordinary – a tea party that reunites Malta’s four living ex-Presidents for a jaunt down memory lane and the chance to relive their respective ups and downs as Malta’s leaders. As Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, Professor Guido de Marco and Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici arrive, the atmosphere is one of jubilation as the four men, nick-named ‘comrades’ by Dr Tabone, pose for photographs and quickly exchange notes on each other’s family news and latest activities. Each seems to have enjoyed the leisurely summer pace, a pace that they’ve all tuned back in to after having retired from their official posts. “Finishing my presidency felt like I was becoming a free man again,” smiles Dr Fenech Adami. “Your life slips back into a natural routine, as you wave goodbye to tight schedules and pressing engagements, and return to family life and more relaxed surroundings. “For me it was a very easy transition. Having been Prime Minister, by the time I got to be President it felt like I was already easing out slowly. I had a relatively quiet presidency.” Dr Fenech Adami says that a defining moment in his career will always be the signing of the EU Accession Treaty in Athens a few days after the electorate gave him the mandate for Malta to join the EU. “There’s no doubt that that was a career highlight, coupled with the 1987 Budget Speech

“Being President may well be the guarantee for a life of longevity!” – Dr Eddie Fenech Adami


that I made in Parliament in 1986 when we were still in Opposition, which will be forever etched in my memory,” he reminisces. Dr Mifsud Bonnici seems equally relieved that his time as President is up, and Dr Fenech Adami laughs as he recalls how he had needed to be coaxed into the position. “We had to push it down his throat!” he smiles. “It’s true, they did,” chuckles Dr Mifsud Bonnici. “And now I’m glad that life is back to normal! Life as President is very abnormal you see – we were always up to something. Admittedly I had a tough presidency, with two elections and changes in government. As President you are far more than a figurehead and sometimes your input can be the determining factor in national decisions. “At the end of it I was thrilled to move out of San Anton (which has been one of the conditions of my presidency), and return home to the house that I was born in. It felt like a true homecoming – I had missed hearing the bells of Cospicua. “Don’t get me wrong – of course there were satisfactions, like getting to meet Pope John Paul II and to spend some time with him, but I didn’t want to stay on for another term. Knowing that your role will be over after five years is part of that presidential package; Eddie had tried to tempt me to stay on but I was eager to go.” Professor de Marco, on the other hand, felt very at home in the role. “I didn’t feel shocked becoming President,” he explains, “and I didn’t feel shocked when it was over either; but I did take it all

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“It felt like a true homecoming – I had missed hearing the bells of Cospicua.” – Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici

“You stop belonging to the party that you have devoted a large part of your life to, and instead belong to the country as a whole.” – Professor Guido de Marco

very seriously. It was a chance that was given to me and I readily accepted it. When you become President you make a choice; you stop belonging to the party that you have devoted a large part of your life to, and instead belong to Malta as a whole. Deciding not to be partial anymore was the biggest break for me; it wasn’t always easy, but I did it.” As the four men agree on this point, they add that, from the start of your presidency onwards, you cannot turn back. “This can be a bit traumatic,” explains Professor de Marco, “as you realise you can no longer think of yourself as a party man. It was a hard decision but the benefits outweighed the difficulties. One of my favourite memories is travelling to Athens, when Dr Fenech Adami was Prime Minister on 16 April 2003, the day

Malta signed the treaty that adhered us to the EU. For me it was the culmination of my life’s work and I felt thrilled to have seen it through. “I also have fond memories of personally receiving Pope John Paul II in 2001. He had such a wonderful personality that endeared you to him immediately and we spoke at length while he was here. I recall that as he was leaving he took hold of my hand and didn’t let go until he got onto the plane; I can still feel the warmth of his hand today. It was a very special moment.” Smiling in agreement, Dr Tabone, now 96, recalls the ups and downs of his own presidency. Chatting away on his behalf, his wife Maria recalls the tears she shed upon learning her husband would be President. “When Censu broke the news to me, I burst



“After all these years, us comrades can still reminisce about the many things we have in common.” – Dr Censu Tabone

out crying! I remember a family friend coming over and asking if they were tears of joy, but they certainly weren’t. Moving to San Anton, and making the leap from politician’s wife to First Lady wasn’t easy. Having raised eight children, living in the three private rooms of the Palace, with people waiting on you hand and foot, was a shock to my system too! But we managed, and we enjoyed the highlights that the role brought and took the challenges in our strides,” Mrs Tabone asserts. Highlights and challenges aside, but with their memories of a career spent serving their country living on, all four men made the leap to life after presidency and each of them is relishing the sense


of freedom and accomplishment that comes with it. “Being President may well be the guarantee for a life of longevity!” smiles Dr Fenech Adami. And glancing around the room, at four of the men who have helped to shape Malta’s future, it certainly seems so. As the four get ready to head back to their separate schedules, it’s Dr Tabone who sums up the evening perfectly: “We will remember today,” he grins. “That after all these years, four comrades met up to recollect everything we have in common and the things we have all been through together. It has been wonderful.”

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STYLE interview

RUNNING Words by Jo Caruana Photography by briangrech Art Direction by Stephen Azzopardi

Make-up by Diane Nikolic, Hair by Clinton Attard - Hair Factory, Clothing by Sisley. All jewellery available at Sterling Diamonds. Miriam wears Bulgari Astrale necklace (special piece) €13500, Bulgari B. zero1 earrings €6500, both in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds and gemstones.


She’s a style icon, award-winning personality and career chameleon, but the heart of her focus remains getting to the bottom of the issues that matter most. Style on Sunday meets journalist, presenter and law student Miriam Dalli.



“My career will always be a main focus of mine, but today I understand the importance of balancing it with my personal life too.” Miriam wears Gucci Horsebit earrings in 18kt white gold and diamonds €4180, matching ring €4490, Gucci Marina Horsebit bracelet with diamonds €12900, Gucci Chiodo watch with diamonds €2300.


Miriam Dalli is fresh-faced and focused as we kick off her interview and photo shoot. Comfortably morphing between chatting and posing, she excuses the chameleon quality that has prevailed through her varied career so far as a journalist, presenter and newscaster. And that’s only the start of things. “I never stop searching for new challenges,” she smiles, “so I’m currently three years into a law degree and have just taken on editorship of Bliss magazine.” After years as head of news at One TV, her decision to step down may have come as a shock to some, but Miriam took it in her stride. “I absolutely loved that job and relished every second of it. Of course it was stressful and demanding, but that’s part of the fun of it. Giving it up wasn’t an easy decision, but I knew that I wanted to turn my focus to something else – my law degree. Law has always been of interest to me and the thought of taking it on had consistently lingered in the back of my mind. When I began my career, and took the decision to study communications at university, there had just been a boom in the number of local journalism opportunities and I jumped on them. Journalism is certainly the one thing that will always be a part of me; it’s what I consider myself to be first and foremost. The insight that journalism gives is unparalleled and you find yourself delving into new situations and issues every day. “Investigative journalism is especially interesting as it really can make a difference. I recall working on one story, for which we interviewed a young girl who had been chatting on the internet to older men. We actually managed to contact those men and to interview them as well. The story highlighted the dangers that young people can put themselves in online and, gauging from the response, it hit a chord with parents. You always think you and your children are immune, but the story was able to shed light on the issue and show that, even in Malta, you have to be aware. “I love that fact that journalism can help to bring issues to the fore. Anything to do with children really hits a nerve with me, and even though I don’t consider myself to be particularly maternal, I have devoted a lot of energy to doing my bit for children’s welfare – be it raising awareness for children’s cancer charities or dealing with issues of violence against them.” Showing us around another of her passions – her recently completed home – Miriam’s character shines through and its style is effortlessly ‘her’: smart yet welcoming, with her numerous awards (testament to her success) standing proudly next to beloved family photographs.

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“In life there’s always room for more shoes ...and more challenges!”

[Left] Miriam wears 18kt yellow gold ring with blue topaz €2220, matching bracelet €3435, necklace €4880. All by Casato. [Above] Bvlgari-Bvlgari white gold necklace €3700, Bvlgari-Bvlgari Revamping bracelet with diamonds €8900, matching earrings €3250.

“There’s no denying that my career has always been a major focus of mine. It always will be, but today I also understand the importance of balancing it with my personal life too. When I look to the future I know I want to be a lawyer, and a journalist, but I also want to be able to spend time with my family and boyfriend, John. I think that the juggling act is unavoidable in so many women’s lives, as they struggle to have it all. I think you can have it all, but it’s not easy.” With Miriam’s next project – editorship of weddings and homes magazine Bliss – kicking off, does she feel it represents her current state of mind? “No I’m not about to get married,” she grins, “although Bliss may offer me some inspiration for the future! I’ve never been the sort of girl to sit around dreaming about my ‘big day’ – I’m a little too practical for all that. I’m not really a romantic person as such, although I don’t exactly mind when people are romantic with me! Weddings certainly interest me and I’m fascinated by their behind-

the-scenes stories and plan to bring a lot of them to Bliss. Plus there’s the style element of homes and weddings which people are keen to read up on.” Style is clearly an element that means a lot to Miriam. “I do give fashion a lot of importance. But when it comes to my sense of style I’m not bothered about whether something is in vogue or not, but more about whether it suits me and makes me feel good. I think that’s the key to style – finding a look that works for you. “If I had to pick my one style staple it would have to be a pair of heels, because I do believe that they make all the difference to a look. They add confidence too and make me look and feel smarter; I wear them pretty much everywhere I go, whether I’m in jeans or dressed up for TV. But while I do have a good-sized collection of them, I’d certainly say there was room for more... My motto would have to be that in life there’s always room for more shoes... and more challenges!”





From wool to satin, velvet to silk and rubber to patent. As textures of all descriptions make a welcome return to the fashion world, opt for items that look great and feel fantastic.

Photography by briangrech Art direction by Stephen Azzopardi, Carina Camilleri Styling by Carina Camilleri Hair by Nadia Busuttil, PrivĂŠ Make-up by Diane Nikolic, Glow Model: Krista Decesare, Set design: Carina Camilleri, Henry Catania from camilleriparismode Shot on location at camilleriparismode, Rabat


Dress, shoes by Diesel; jewellery by Calgaro, available at Sterling Jewellers.


Dress, scarf and shoes all by Tommy Hilfiger; jewellery by Calgaro available at Sterling Jewellers . Cristal Champagne and accessories from Charles Grech & Co. Ltd.



[Above] Shirt, cardigan and belt (part of dress) all by Esprit; trilby by Calliope; jewellery by Calgaro, available at Sterling Jewellers . [Right] Skirt, jacket both by Promod; jewellery by Calgaro, available at Sterling Jewellers; San Pellegrino water from Charles Grech & Co. Ltd.






Cardigan, scarf by Calliope; beret by Esprit; bra, pants (part of pyjama set) by La Senza; shoes by Tommy Hilfiger; bag and luggage by Carpisa; jewellery by Calgaro, available at Sterling Jewellers.

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with diamonds amethyst and tiger print enamel €3500




steel and crystal €95


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CALGARO silver €120 GUCCI 18kt white gold with diamonds and onyx €2250

GUESS steel with crystals €195

VERSACE black ceramic and diamonds €4190

CALVIN KLEIN steel with black crystal €105

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BULGARI 18kt white gold with onyx €2900

BLISS steel €99

PASQUALE BRUNI 18kt white gold with diamonds and onyx €3295

BLISS steel with black enamel €99




She’s one of Italy’s most celebrated stars and one of the world’s most beautiful women. Style on Sunday speaks to icon Monica Bellucci.

Italian Belle Model, presenter and award-winning actress. Typifying the beauty of a Mediterranean belle, Monica Bellucci started her career hoping to become a lawyer, before modelling drew her in full time. Married to actor Vincent Cassel and mum to five-year-old Deva, she is also the face of Dior and cites that as one of the many highlights of her eclectic career. How would you describe yourself? I am audacious, I wouldn’t be in this line of work otherwise! But when you are daring in a film, it’s because you are playing a part. It’s not entirely us, it’s a little bit us, but not completely.

Name a highlight of your career so far. When the House of Dior contacted me, I had just turned 40 and I just had my daughter. It was a very special time in my life, the happiest. When I was 20, I never could have imagined that the happiest time of my life would be at 40! When you are 20 years old and you think of being 40 years old, it seems so far away. But in reality, time goes by very quickly. But it is true that, for me, 40 was a very important age. I think that when a woman becomes a mother, it’s as if she crosses a bridge, she enters into a new world, one of maturity and responsibility, but it is also a way to discover more about yourself.



“I think that it’s wonderful that a house of beauty would call on a woman when she has reached her maturity. Generally speaking, 40-year-old women are not usually used as the face of beauty.” In all actuality, you never really discover everything about yourself. I think that it’s wonderful that a house of beauty would call on a woman when she has reached her maturity. Generally speaking, 40-year-old women are not usually used as the face of beauty. Yes, they are used for the face of skincare treatments, but I never thought that I could be the face of make-up, for lipstick, mascara, or foundation. I think that today, a 40-year-old woman is a woman who is in a very powerful place. As I always say, 200 years ago, we women didn’t live that long, but today, at the age of 40, you can have a child and even see him or her grow up, since it is said that the average life expectancy of a woman is now 93 years. So we have a lot of time ahead of us, and you have to use that time, because, otherwise, you get bored. How did you feel when Dior contacted you? I was very touched because I don’t think of myself as simply an actress, but as a woman. It was quite flattering to my femininity. Representing a symbol of beauty, especially a house like Dior, is very flattering. You recently finalised the new campaign for Sérum de rouge by Dior – what’s it like to see 38

yourself in these photos? I like being surprised in the end. That way, I, too, become a spectator for a moment. Monitoring everything would take that magic away. And it’s true that I think the final result is beautiful. Following its publication, you never know how the public will receive the image. What is interesting is that we actors, we make photos, we make movies, but the way that others perceive that is completely out of our control. We make an image, and then people see you through that image. It is also surely a part of you, but it’s not entirely you. It’s a form of fiction, an image that is slightly fanciful, that was created in a moment of artistic magic. What kind of music resonates with you? Soul music is the kind of music that I like the best; I really like African-American music, the voices simply make me shiver. Do you have a favourite novel or poem? I really like Calvino. I am Italian, I love Italo Calvino. Where do you feel most at home? I am from the Mediterranean, so the sea is something that calms and relaxes me. Do you have a favourite smell? I really like smoky scents, but I also like vanilla.


I like scents that remind me of the Orient. Hypnotic Poison often reminds me of that. Are you a film buff? I am Italian, I go back to my roots. So I think of Rossellini, Visconti, De Sica, and all those wonderful Italian actresses that made me dream. That is one reason why I made movies. As the face of Sérum de rouge shades, which hue or shade do you like best out of the eight available? The range is so vast, the choice is really incredible, there are many different tones, and they are all really superb. Personally, I love the baby pink because it has a natural side to it, but it is true that all the other shades, even the reds, seem natural, because each of them has a transparent aspect. It will never be strong make-up, but always natural – the kind you can put on at any time of day. The Sérum de rouge range has so many colours, which shade would you chose today to define the colour of your life? Red, the colour of passion; it’s a very beautiful time in my life, the life of an adult woman, I certainly feel better now, than when I was very young. I don’t know where I am going, but at least I am grateful for what I have done up to this point, and that’s something. I could define my life as a life in red. Does your daughter Deva borrow your lipstick sometimes? Yes, when she’s playing, she’s a little girl. I love it when she puts on high heels and lipstick, and she pretends to be her mother: it’s very cute. I think that all children do that at some point. Did you do the same thing when you were little? I don’t remember what I was like when I was little, but I do remember images of my grandmother. Before going to church, very Italian, she would put on her red lipstick even though she was 80 years old, and I loved that, because it was such a beautiful image to see this 80-year-old woman putting on her lipstick before going out. It was like a ritual, taking out her lipstick and her mirror, as if she were a woman who still liked to feel feminine, who liked to play with her femininity, and it was wonderful to see that. Do you think that lipstick is the height of femininity and eroticism? Helmut Newton taught us that better than any other photographer. His models were always heavily made up, and lipstick was really a sine qua non condition,

a very important element in his photos. I think that Helmut Newton is someone who has portrayed eroticism better than anybody else, because there was also elegance. What would be in your beauty survival kit – the two or three products that you could not do without? Gloss, mascara, day cream. What are your personal plans for the future? To have time for my family because I think that life shows you that family, friendship, and human relationships, are what is most important and enriching. As far as professional plans, I am lucky to have a job that I love, for which I have a passion. That isn’t up to me, but it depends on the offer. Being Italian and having the possibility to work in France, in Italy, and in the United States, I think that I am a very lucky woman.

Monica’s make-up: Diorskin Nude 030, Diorblush 733, Style Liner Pencil 098, Khôl Pencil 099, 5 Couleurs Designer 708, Mascara Iconic Extrême 090, Sérum de Rouge 760. Clothing: Dior Couture All photography © Eric Nehr for Christian Dior Parfums




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CALLIOPE Red Coat, Level 1 Baystreet. €49.99.


Stylish and smart. This Bordeaux bag is both practical and chic, ideal for the office or informal meetings. €29.90.


A 100% cotton Polo Shirt with glittery Esprit Logo. €29.95.

FRED PERRY Red Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt. €40.

PRÉMAMAN Baby Spirit theme at Prémaman – part of a three-piece set Set: €37.42.


Padma by Samsonite. The Samsonite Store is located at the main entrance of the Malta International Airport. Stylish design and finish, with just a hint of femininity for maximum professional impact. €175.



t a ilo r e d f o r l i f e

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Business Hours Monday - friday 9:00am - 6:00pm Saturday 9.00am - 4:00pm

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Au revoir, Haute Couture

In this credit-crunch era, should we wave goodbye to our dreams of couture gowns and take down our shrines to designer shoes? Denise Mulholland muses over whether the end is nigh for Haute Couture. Certain moments in your life are seminal: losing your virginity; getting married (or getting married and then losing your virginity if my dad is reading this); becoming a parent; buying your first car/ house/pair of Choos; and realising, sadly, that you will never, ever, (even if you won the lottery) own a Haute Couture gown. ‘Haute Couture’. Magical words in the fashion industry. Now sadly bandied about by every Next Top Model wannabe (fashion morons who pronounce it HOT-KOH-CHEWER). Those words carry with them an almost mystical quality. Meaning literally ‘high sewing’, the term dates back to Charles Worth (ironically English not French) who first put his name on the label of clothes in 1858, in Paris. Times have changed since then (revolutions and stuff ), but genuine Haute Couture pieces are still the most expensive and finest creations to be had – the Ferrari’s of the fashion world if you will – and if you’re expecting any change from your €50,000 note, you’re in for a disappointment. Couture is the Hope diamond in the tiara of fashion – it shows craftsmanship, creativity and the free-flowing of new ideas. But as it also comes with a hefty price tag and, as many pieces never see the light of day, it begs the question: in our near-crumbling

economy does couture have a designer-clad leg to stand on, or is it as out-dated as last season’s metallic leggings? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that, on this planet, there are probably no more than a few hundred women who can actually afford to buy (and maintain) a Couture wardrobe. Not celebs-du-jour who are allowed to borrow a dress for the red carpet – but anonymous, non-publicist-hiring women curiously known as: customers. But, then again, hasn’t this always been the case? Has the current credit crunch affected les queues around le block at Maison Chanel? Or isn’t it the case that at this very high end of the market, clients seem impervious to economic downturns? Having done some research on the topic, it seems the high-end fashion house execs say they have witnessed no reduction of interest from their American clients (despite their economic problems) and also speak of increasing expansion into the Middle East, Asia and Russia. In addition, it is certainly true that the big hitters in Couture have made no effort to reign in their spending with regards to their HC collections. Karl Lagerfeld, for instance, publically said: “We have



no budget, we do what we want and throwing money out the window brings money back in through the front door. The bottom line is that I don’t deal with the bottom line.” So let’s face it: Haute Couture shrieks exclusivity and makes an important personal statement about the buyer. While most of us are trying to work out how to save enough money to fill up the family car, the lifestyles of the rich and the super-rich differ markedly from the average Joe. Malta’s very own high-end designers, Charles and Ron, confirm that they have noted little impact on their business. “We have a group of loyal customers and luckily we haven’t been affected by the credit crisis. That said, locally, prices are far more reasonable and the wedding gown/eveningwear market is still going strong”. But what about the so-called ‘Death of Haute Couture?’ Well that has been moreor-less a constant refrain of fashion critics; it seems to have been coming to an end ever since it started.


In recent years houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Emanuel Ungaro, Balmain and Scherrer, made the decision to close their Haute Couture doors and in May this year couturier Christian Lacroix launched insolvency proceedings. Lacroix has laid off all but 12 of his workforce and has set a sixmonth period to see if the label (which in 22 years has never made a profit and reported an €8 million loss in 2008), can turn itself around. This brings us rather neatly to the crux of the matter. Haute Couture is not the bread and butter of the high-end fashion house and any designer who believes he/she can survive on those sales alone will end up in the same situation as Monsieur Lacroix. In fact, more and more houses are shying away from producing this costly, niche line in favour of prêt-a-porter or ready-towear. Lacroix never fully balanced his couture with his RTW and many consider this one of the reasons he is in his current situation. To make any kind of profit, fashion houses cannot rely on Haute Couture for their main

income and have a real need to diversify, producing more realistic price tags for the majority. Designer Stephane Rolland was quoted as saying: “For us, the crisis is like an earthquake and some houses are going to fall.” So perhaps the new emerging paradigm – RTW – represents the possibility of secure foundations for these houses. The successful, or rather, surviving houses are those established ones that made a canny, directional switch when they realised the importance of ready-to-wear, cosmetics, perfumes, sunglasses and other product lines – Chanel, Armani, Gaultier and Dior to name but a few. These houses will survive even if clients are pulling in their Chanel purse-strings a little tighter than usual. Customer loyalty is not an issue for these decades-old couture houses, and crucially they have less labels to keep the couture side afloat. If Haute Couture is (unofficially) on life-support, the RTW collections are providing a faster and greater financial turnover. And, despite fears to the contrary, the new RTW collections aren’t just a bland rehash of the couture line – interesting, eclectic designs – such as those of Alexis Mabille are proving to be a kind of ‘HauteCouture-meets-RTW-melting pot’. So maybe couture isn’t dying, maybe it is simply evolving. But what does all this have to do with you? I’m going to make the daring assumption that none of you are actually in the market for Haute Couture, so why should its fate be of interest? Well, for the same reason that my dad will stop and admire a Rolls Royce even though he drives a Nissan. It isn’t about the expectation to own, it’s about an appreciation for the craft. Plus, couture has its ‘trickledown’ effect and whatever Lagerfeld does at Chanel’s couture collection will influence the prêt-à-porter collection… and whatever one sees there, will be recycled in no time by the highstreet shops us cash-strapped gals rely on. So eventually, you will be wearing some form of those mega-buck clothes at a fraction of the cost. It may not be hand-sewn or tailor-made but with a little flair and some imaginative accessorising you can still look and feel pretty damn great.

Photography by briangrech, Art Direction by Stephen Azzopardi, Model: Kristen, Hair: Joseph J Abela, Makeup: Diane Nikolic, Clothing: Masquerade Theatre Company

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Revive the effects of ageing and rediscover irresistible beauty. Style on Sunday discovers the secrets of Guerlain’s age-defying new must-have range, Success Age Splendid. Experiencing radiant maturity, but dealing with a changing body and face that betray the signs of ageing, while still feeling young, active and as dynamic as ever, is the paradox of the menopause.

For the full range of Success Age Splendid, visit Guerlain stocking outlets.

Glow and Be Beautiful At Any Age! Intense Magnolia Concentrate The magnolia, a tree that has defied time for millions of years, surprises with its incredible resilience and the amazingly delicate nature of its summer flowers. With its strength and elegance, the refined and delicate magnolia suggests the quintessence of femininity. Guerlain Research has applied all of its mastery of raw materials to its work with this fabulous plant, developing the Intense Magnolia Concentrate with targeted action that encourages newfound youthfulness. To restore the skin’s biological balance, its targeted technology relies on a 100 percent natural mechanism, and helps diminish the production of receptors available to androgens, thus stimulating the action of oestrogens. The effect of the ‘beauty hormones’ is thus boosted. The reduction of receptors helps restore the biological balance so that the skin metabolism resembles that of young, irresistible and radiant skin. It becomes more feminine and regains all of its sensuality. Nourished, as if filled out from within, it appears denser and recovers its bounce and shapeliness, and regains its support and resilience. The three of the other must-have products, all for the face, neck and décolleté, are:

Menopause is a step that fundamentally transforms the lives of women around 50. They experience moments of doubt and loss of confidence in themselves, their beauty, their femininity and their power of seduction. Designed with a specific, age-defying aim, the new Success Age Splendid range, by Guerlain, has been created for women who, from the age of 50 onwards, need skincare to help them reveal their beauty and femininity. The Success Age Splendid range targets the face, neck and décolleté, an area that is also weakened by slackening skin. The new line includes a day care, night care and oil-serum, for which Guerlain has created facial exercises to optimise its action.

Deep Action Day Care – Its rich texture melts deliciously into the skin for absorption with no rubbing so as not to stress the skin. Extremely supple and airy, it is a light skincare product that does not irritate or feel heavy on the skin, and fulfils the need for a daily care product. It acts within the epidermis for fuller, smoother skin that regains its resilience. Deep Action Night Care – Wonderfully thick and dense to express all of its richness, it instantly melts under your fingertips, making it easy to lift from the jar, blend in and smooth over the skin. The intense magnolia concentrate deploys all the power of its action to restructure the skin and combat its slackening. On waking, skin is intensely nourished, plumped and tautened. Deep Action Oil-Serum – With its extremely high-tech construction, this product heightens the effect of the rest of the range using its silky oil texture combined with specific facial exercises. Release two to three doses for the face, and three for the neck and décolleté for daily use under the cream, or a minimum of five doses for the facial exercises once a week, for supreme anti-slackening results.


Products used: Make-up and skin care: Sisley, Dior, Guerlain Maria started off by priming Romina’s skin using top products by Sisley, including Sisleya Eyes and Sisleya Face Cream. These unique products celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Most of the make-up used was by Dior. Maria made use of Dior Skin Nude Foundation and Fresh Powder Make-up, consisting of a formula that contains a unique blend of 100 percent mineral pigments and energising mineralized water. Dior Show Iconic mascara added fantastic volume and curl to Romina’s lashes, and the finishing, magic touch was Guerlain bronzing powder. Maria also emphasised on choosing the perfect perfume for Romina, helping her to feel fresh and feminine. She opted for In the Mood for Love, the new fragrance from Ferre.   Clothes supplied by Coconuda Shoes by Barratts Bags and accessories by So Divine All available at Franks Concept Store, Cornerstone Shopping Complex, Mosta.


Deserve a treat or know someone who does? Send your makeover nominations to Please include a recent photo of the nominee.


“This has been such a fantastic treat for me and I’m feeling so pampered and happy! My new hair feels great; I love the cut and colour that Joseph gave me because it feels different yet natural. They cut quite a lot off so I feel refreshed and lighter too. As I’m usually so busy with the sanctuary I never have time for this sort of thing – I normally only cut my hair once a year! I’m also amazed by the make-up because it looks glamorous yet natural and Maria seemed to choose all the perfect colours to complement my complexion and brighten my face.”


Romina Formosa is one of the hard-working volunteers that helps to keep the AAA dog sanctuary ticking over each month. While she also helps out with the care and cleaning of the many animals, she is primarily concerned with managing the charity’s members, who provide vital funding for these animals’ welfare. She was nominated by her friend Rosalind, who also volunteers with AAA. She said: “Romina deserves this. It would be lovely to see her devoting some time to herself, considering all the love and attention that she gives to the sanctuary dogs!” So after winning a top-to-toe makeover by the Style on Sunday team, Romina was treated to a complete transformation by top hair stylist Joseph at Privé Hair Salon and make-up artist Maria at the Franks Concept Store in Mosta. She also received a Salvador Bali relaxing bath pillow, Dior make-up pouch, five mini Dior eye-shadows, a Dior mascara and a mini Dior Forever Foundation.





T H E S T RA N D - SLI EM A. TEL: 2133 6962


Parure Gold Rejuvenating Gold Radiance Foundation & Illuminator In creating the Parure collection, Guerlain offers women the secret of radiance and, along with it, a beautiful new dimension in foundation – one that is more natural, more transparent and more luminous. It’s all about dazzling perfection, and its success prompted Guerlain to pursue the Parure adventure even further. Thus, a new line of unprecedented luxury, specifically conceived for skin that has been dulled by fatigue or stress, now delivers the promise of a spectacular rejuvenating radiance. When the complexion loses its lustre, women dream of a ray of sunshine to warm the skin. With Parure, a gentle, golden veil evens out their skin tone, shadows and tiny flaws vanish and their face glows – rejuvenated. For the first time, Eclat d’Or Pigments revive and illuminate the skin with a gentle glow, while the skin appears revitalised in the long term. Parure Gold foundation textures provide divine hold and offer every woman a choice for ideal comfort. To revitalise the skin, Guerlain chose a mythical plant that is the most precious of all: Myrrh. It is combined with a blend of peptides with lifting and smoothing properties, which stimulate the reconstruction of skin, rendering it firmer and more elastic. Day after day, the skin is revitalised. With continued use, results are striking: wrinkles and fine lines visibly fade, the skin becomes smoother and softer, the face glows. Now available, Parure Gold boasts two anti-ageing foundations: Parure Gold Rejuvenating Gold Radiance Foundation SPF 15 – Into this foundation, Guerlain slipped the magician’s cocktail of its Eclat d’Or Pigments and Precious Rejuvenating Complex. While the former illuminate, smooth and instantly correct the complexion, the latter acts to revive a youthful glow and the skin’s vitality. Guerlain’s colourists have created a range of six shades that were specifically crafted to cater to a woman’s expectations of youthful skin.

Discover a new line of unprecedented luxury. Style on Sunday celebrates the promise of spectacular rejuvenated radiance through Parure Gold 2009.

Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator – This travel-friendly brush, like a new-generation magic wand, awakens the skin’s youthfulness and glow, while erasing all traces of fatigue and the aggravations of time. Like the foundation, Precious Light contains the luxurious Eclat d’Or pigments and the Precious Rejuvenating Complex, to offer skin the glow of rediscovered youth day after day. With a single click and light touches of its flat brush, dull zones around the nose, fine lines around the lips or expression lines are reduced. Dark circles diminish, restoring freshness to the eyes. Like magic, the brush remodels lines, lending relief to the nose, the point of the chin or the top of the cheekbones. Available from Guerlain stocking outlets.



EDITOR’S PICK Yves Saint Laurent


L’EAU AMBRÉE Prada’s new fragrance for women has a discreetly impressive scent which combines an intricate and fresh approach to the balancing of the notes of citron, may rose and amber. It has a graceful presence, empowering but never demanding. Exclusively distributed by Ta’Xbiex Perfumery Ltd. Tel: 2133 1533.

PARISIENNE A scent that suits the eternal woman: she has personality, she is paradoxical, and she plays with convention. There is nothing obvious, only hints... A grand floral scent with a woody structure, luminous even in its mystery, PARISIENNE is the perfume of ultra femininity, warmed by the touch of the man who embraced her. Exclusively represented by C+M Marketing Ltd.

Yves Saint Laurent


Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30 and Anti-Aging Night Cream La Prairie’s new synergistic 24/7 treatment plan acts on both chronological and environmental aging, visibly reducing their impact on your skin. Together with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, specialised anti-aging peptides target fine lines and wrinkles, while a unique Moisture Compound assures “intelligent” long-term hydration, thus delaying the onset of premature skin ageing. For further details please call A.M.Mangion Ltd on tel: 2397 6000.

Jo Wood Organics

New Autumn Winter Look 2009/2010 Bronze Gold The splendour and magic of an evening in Paris, of light blending with baroque woodwork, gilded bronzes, and the crystals of magnificent chandeliers to embellish a woman’s eyes with precious radiance. Eyes rimmed with ebony and brightened with dazzling yellow gold, cheeks take on an amber hue, lips are adorned with voluptuous shine… TOUCHE ÉCLAT N° 1 – Luminous Radiance CRÈME DE BLUSH N° 3 – Silky Praline PALETTE Y – Collector Powder for the Complexion OMBRES 5 LUMIÈRES N° 7 – Bronze Gold GLOSS VOLUPTÉ N° 4 – Frosted Plum. Exclusively represented by C+M Marketing Ltd.

Organic Elements

Amka Organic Eau de Toilette Amka, meaning ‘to wake’ in Swahili, is an energetic and spontaneous fragrance. Following strict ECOCERT guidelines, the organic and eco-friendly oils used in Amka were obtained from sustainable sources using a method of extraction which does not involve solvents. Jo Wood Organics is exclusively distributed by A.M.Mangion Ltd and is available from Anici Pharmacy – Qormi, Melita Pharmacy – St Julian’s, Organic Elements – Sliema and Remedies Health & Beauty Centre – Ta’ Xbiex.

ef35 Eye Contour Feeder A repairing, smoothing cream for the eye zone. Honey, dogrose and other organic ingredients protect, vitalise and nourish the delicate eye area, exerting an anti-oxidant action to revitalise the skin, leaving it toned and elastic. Information and samples of the Eye Contour Feeder and other Oe products may be obtained during ongoing promotions at exclusive Oe stockists. For further information please contact A.M.Mangion Ltd on tel: 2397 6000.


[1] Make Up Fixer by Stage Line This no-gas spray, kept my make-up in place for an entire day. It is very easy to apply (ensure to maintain a 40-50cm distance from your face) and easy to remove.

Need make-up that lasts? STYLE reviews stay-put products.

[2] Rouge Dior Crème de Gloss by Dior Smooth, long-lasting and very handy, this lip gloss is a girl’s best friend. It also has a hint of shimmer, making it ideal for use both day and night.


3 2


[3] La Prairie Gold Illusion Line Filler A must-have from this coveted skincare brand, Style got a preview of their first jaunt into the world of make-up, and we loved it! This silky gel makes lines and wrinkles disappear, creating a flawless palette for make-up that stays on all day. Available late October. [4] Perfect Rouge Lipstick by Shiseido Beautifully packaged with a texture that glides on smooth and stays put. The tone is vivid and this makes the perfect addition to your autumn make-up bag. It’s hydrating, so your lips will love it too!




Maurice Mizzi shares some anecdotes on a lifetime of driving and his views on imported second hand cars as well as the need to introduce a scrapping incentive as a way to cut pollution levels.

One could forgive Maurice Mizzi for being so keen on new cars. After all, the company he runs imports German brands, including Porsche, Audi, SEAT and Volkswagen, and through other family companies imports eight further car brands. He has a genuine passion for cars, driving an Audi A6 3.2 TDI Quattro as his everyday car, and has a small collection of six classic cars, which he compares to women. Both need to be taken out. The A6 was actually a downgrade from the flagship A8, which I have also driven and written about in years gone by. What strikes Maurice about the A6 is its reliability and – being slightly smaller than the A8 – the fact that it’s easy to park. He was particularly attracted to the A6 because of its four-wheel drive system, which came into its own when he drove on the Continent to his Swiss skiing refuge in the Alps. Now he no longer drives overland, though he recalls many a time when he drove for 24 hours at a stretch, allowing him to eke out an extra day of skiing, coffee drinking and listening to music to stay awake. He recalls a frightening ‘overland’ experience – one night, while driving a Porsche 944 near Cosenza, in Italy, he overtook an articulated lorry and plunged into a fog bank.


He couldn’t see a thing and braked hard. Luckily, the car behind him saw the fog bank and was able to stop in time. Mr Mizzi has driven in some 20 countries. His first experience was travelling in a Hillman Minx overland from England in 1948, when roads were not quite the same as they are today. Among his outstanding experiences he lists driving the Porsche Cayenne at its launch in the deserts of Oman, sleeping in tents underneath the stars, and driving a Lada sideways through the snow in Russia, where at the time wipers had to be removed for fear of them being stolen. He has driven in places as far afield as Brazil and China, but also on the race track at several Porsche launches, including at the Salzburgring, Hungaroring and Cataluña circuits. It is impossible to have a conversation with Mr Mizzi without a mention of imported second hand cars, which he says have plateaud as new car sales have started to increase. “There are no more second hand bargains to be had,” he affirms. “A lot of cars being brought down are anything from five to 10 years old and many of them have had their odometers tampered. Now the price of second-hand cars in the UK has risen by about 20 percent due to the fact that supply has dried out. “Clients have come to our garages in tears as things go wrong with their

Collage Frames from €35

Big Time Clock- €81.80

Lamps from €50

Text by Malcolm J. Naudi Photography by briangrech

cars. We have ways of finding out the true mileage of their car, contacting the garage where it was last serviced. Cars showing 20,000 or 30,000 miles would have had 130,000 miles some two months before at their last service.” He makes an appeal to the government to launch a scrapping incentive, as was adopted in many European countries and the United States. Although scrapped cars would be a cost, he points out that the government would earn more from import taxes. “The government,” he adds, “has an obligation to promote sustainable transport solutions and the importation of cars that pollute less. “We are polluting the atmosphere, and affecting the health of our children and the whole world. Air pollution reduces our lifespan and brings more diseases. We have to play our part and reduce pollution by 50 percent in the coming years.” Mr Mizzi’s next car will be yet another Audi, the A5 Sportback, with a sunroof so that he can let bus drivers know that they have filled him with smoke. He would have preferred the coupé version but concedes that the Sportback is more practical for him.

Dinnerware from €6

Candles in a Box - €13.50

Coat Hanger Set - €19.90



Photography: briangrech Styling: architect Trinity Fava at archiTACT 62

Purple velvet chair, rug, mustard throw, patterened cushions, silver metal container, blacker wicker vase, wood vase, cane vase - all at Bo Concept.



TO IMPRESS Textures and patterns are the secret tools for successful interiors.

Fancy sprucing up a lacklustre space? A touch of texture and pattern is what you may need to get the results you are looking for! Quickly and effectively, texture and patterns add interest and character to an otherwise plain colour scheme. Naturally, your choice of patterns and textures will follow your decorating style, the limitations of your environment and your personal preferences. But use our images for inspiration and let your imagination go wild! 63


Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object APPEAR heavier, while smoother textures will make it feel lighter.

Cowhide rug, lime and turquoise fabric from B4 textiles; orange rug and glittery picture frame from Fino.

One of the basic principles of using texture has to do with weight. Rough, coarse textures tend to make an object feel heavier, while smoother textures will make it feel lighter. For example a polished white marble floor will feel lighter than hardwood parquet. Contrasts of smooth and rough, thick and thin, shiny and dull give an interesting overall effect and stop your space from looking too sterile. “It’s good to mix things,” explains stylist Trinity Fava. “I like mixing stripes with checked materials, putting plush rugs on

tiled floors, and marrying leather with wicker. A room full of the same style and form is boring. Instead, you could combine surfaces, finishes, and even eras. A 20th century cabinet, for instance, might be the perfect base for a set of stylish 1930s lamps. “Getting the look of your home right is all about creating magic, and magic happens when elements with assorted, quirky qualities come together. It allows you to refresh the items you have, to see them in new light.” Patterns can affect how you see things.


THE CPM SOFA At camilleriparismode we have been producing sofas in our own workshops for over thirty years. Our team dedicates no less than sixty hours to complete each sofa. A solid wooden frame with an effective steel spring suspension and right choice of cushioning all contribute to the comfort offered by the sofa. An appropriate fabric which matches your requirements is carefully selected and sewn into sofa covers by our experienced team.

Kindly visit: 54 st. catherine str., rabat, malta | tel: 20 10 20 30 | caruana & cini co ltd. (gozo representative) | tel: 21 55 19 18 40/41 capuchins str., victoria, gozo

... that little bit out of the ordinary RABAT




“magic happens when elements with assorted, quirky qualities come together.” – Stylist trinity fava


Chair, peacock fabric, stool, cushions, vase and flowers - all at camilleriparismode.



By following these rules of thumb, you can wisely select patterns to enhance any room.


Complex patterns (ones that use several colours and diagonal, criss-crossing lines) are busy to the eye. They can liven up a large area, but may be overwhelming in small spaces.

Vertical lines add height to a short room.

Horizontal lines add space and width to an area.

Bear the size and scale of your space in mind. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the space, the larger the print; the smaller the space, the smaller the print. That said, adding a large print to a small area can give it a feeling of grandeur.

The same grouping or pattern used throughout an area can make a wide, open plan space feel more connected. It creates a flow and sense of continuity.

Colours affect how we see patterns. High contrast patterns emit an energetic feel while similar hues create a more subdued environment.

Texture affects colour. Rough textures absorb light while smooth textures reflect it.

Black swivel chair - R Living; silver cabinet, white lamp, patterened boxes, black snake skin puff (with storage) - Home Trends; glasses, black and white patterened tea cups and saucers, tea pot, milk jug and sugar pot, coaster - all from Top Line.


If you’re building a new house, keep the element of texture and pattern in mind when selecting the finishes for your home. We live in an age of plastics, coloured glass, steel, vinyl and laminated wood, so do experiment with different combinations to create that hip look. There are many floor finishes from which to choose. Mix polished with matte tiles, combine parquet with marble. Even cement with wood inlays is a good-looking partner for contemporary residences. Ceilings and walls, depending on your decor, can be wallpapered, painted with textured paint or with a paint treatment such as sponging, or covered with a material such as tin or rich fabrics. Always remember to select patterns and textures that appeal to you and work well with your overall plan. It is always wise to collect samples of what you love, be they pictures, paint chips or colour swatches. Don’t hesitate to experiment! While texture is a relatively advanced decorative tool, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it!

Black chaise longue - R Living; textured plates, round metal dish/centre piece - Fino; cushions. patterned vases and patterned centre piece (underneath cushions) - One Two One Interiors.




Delicious fish and scrumptious pasta... Style on Sunday discovers dishes you should take your hat off to!

food by AL MOLO - PORTOMASO photography by briangrech art direction by stephen azzopardi mannequin by terranova


Gamberoni Croccanti su Insalatina di Arancia Crispy red prawns on a bed of fresh orange, honey and fennel tartare. A handful of fresh red prawns per person; an orange, peeled; fennel (chopped); honey. 1. Panfry the fresh, red prawns in a little extra virgin olive oil. 2. Lay them on the plated, peeled orange. 3. Make a jus from the orange juice and honey. Drizzle this over the prawns and orange. 4. Chop juliennes of fennel and sprinkle them on top for added crunch.



Tagliolini alla Chitarra con Verdurine Julienne e Gambero Rosso Homemade tagliolini with seasonal vegetables and fresh red prawns.


Fresh pasta (made from eggs, flour, thyme and bisque); fresh vegetables in season, julienned; extra virgin olive oil; garlic; shallots; red prawns; brandy; pepper. 1. While the fresh pasta is boiling, julienne the vegetables. Panfry the vegetables in olive oil with the chopped garlic, shallots and pepper. 2. Toss the prawns on the heat, adding olive oil and brandy. 3. Once the pasta is cooked, toss in the vegetables before placing the prawns on top.


Award winning Chef Karyanto and his team are offering the best of Asian cuisine in the contemporary and stylish ambiance of Eastern Breeze. The new menu at the Eastern Breeze features an exotic fusion of Asian avours using the best food signature products from the East. For those Sushi lovers, authentic Japanese creations are also on the menu and are prepared by Chef Handoko from an open stage kitchen in full view of all guests.

Do you live an InterContinental life?

For information or to make a reservation, please call 21 377 600 or email:

St. George’s Bay, St. Julians


Filetto di Vitello con Patate in crema di Brie e Salsa al Vino Bianco Veal fillet served with Brie and fresh cream baked potatoes, in a white wine sauce. 1. This is one of the most time-consuming dishes to prepare. Cook two veal medallions until brown in clarified butter, sage, and thyme in a pan. Finish off in the oven until the meat reaches your preferred cooking point. 2. The sauce, a pure delight for any meat lover, is the result of 20 hours of preparation whereby veal bones are cooked in a white wine reduction. 3. The dish is accompanied with a ‘tortino’ of baked potatoes, made from layers of finely cut potatoes, cooked in the oven with parmesan cheese, a Brie cheese fondue and a bit of thyme. The final touch is boiled broccoli, flavoured with citrus olive oil and some of the Brie cheese fondue.



Frangipane alle pere e cioccolato Frangipane tart with pears and chocolate. This frangipane is made of almond shortbread, filled with butter, sugar, eggs, almond flour, a fresh pear cut into small cubes and dark chocolate. It is cooked in the oven at a medium temperature and presented with a chocolate sauce. A zabaglione cream sauce with rhum finishes off this dessert perfectly.



RoSAnne Spiteri STAFRACE (La Rossa) Milliner An unusual headpiece, which I made out of pleated georgette.

Winter felt hats are made out of these felt toques which are then shaped into a custom fit.


Lace, pearls, sequins, crystals, diamante and braids are all very useful to decorate with, while combs and grosgrain ribbons are an asset for finishing every headpiece. Glues and starches come in handy in moulding and stiffening.

Rich materials such as guipure, embroideries and sequined materials are very useful when creating exquisite headpieces. I use silk, satin and crĂŞpe for more subtle results, and lining to finish the base. The basic assets of a creative designer are good scissors, steel pins, pliers, measuring tapes and, of course, a sewing machine.

I use feathers for a glam finish, and the wire for structuring and lining brims.

Buckrum and hat blocks are indispensable for base-making, while I need the steam iron for shaping.

I enjoy making Cossack-style hats out of furs of various tones.

Nets help to achieve a dramatic look, while I love using crinoline as its versatility complements creativity. Flowers are an all-time favourite for dressing up a hat.




AGORA The Malta premiere of the film Agora, shot entirely on the island in 2008. The film’s Oscar-winning director Alejandro Amenábar, and its producer and line producer, flew to Malta for the event, which was organised by the Malta Film Commission and held on the 23 September 2009. Local make-up artist Marcelle Genovese, Mario Genovese, Conrad Catania and Maria Borg Costanzi; C José Luis Escolar, the film’s producer Fernando Bovaira, director Alejandro Amenábar and Malta film commissioner Luisa Bonello; Local cast members Manuel Cauchi and Harry Borg are greeted by director Alejandro Amenábar; Local assistant director Pierre Ellul, José Luis Escolar and Anika Ellul.

OLAY Olay skin care line re-launch in Malta. Female members of the press were invited to a luxury treatment at Myoka, following a talk about the science behind the Olay line and the introduction of the full range locally. Perrine Renard, ABM, Wella and Olay Brand Manager Assistant at Procter & Gamble with Charlotte Ciantar, MS&P In-store Excellence at V.J. Salomone Marketing Ltd, with other guests at the Olay launch; Ramona Portelli, Anna Lisa Grech and Kyra Abela from KullHadd, Union Print and MediaToday respectively; Isabel Warrington, Jo Caruana and Charlotte Grech.


TAKE 2 The Launch on Take 2 Entertainment, at the Monte Kristo Estates Carlos Debattista; Kim Dalli, Debbie Xuereb and Ruben Xuereb; Andrei Xuereb, Justin Farrugia, Angelle Azzopardi, Noelle Fava, Chantal Fenech, Isaac Fenech, Clelia Abela Borg, Mirko Galea, Abigail Mallia, Justin Brincat, Eileen Spiteri, Carlos Debattista, Julian Calleja Ruben Xuereb, Terence Cuschieri and Louis Abela Borg; Abigail Mallia, Carlos Debattista and Sophie.


INTERCONTINENTAL InterContinental Malta’s end-of-summer party hosting its key Tour Operators to launch their Winter 2009/2010 campaign with the theme Hibernation in the Sun. Trevor Naudi, Julia Valentino, Mark Valentino, Amanda Bonnici and Simon Arrigo; Kristina Agius, Nicolette Baldacchino, Therese Mifsud and Shirley Psaila; Lucienne Galea, Giuseppe Vincelli and Emma Cristiano.


charles grech



CHARLES GRECH Launch of Givenchy’s new masculine fragrances ‘Play’ at the Charles Grech Perfumery, Valletta. Jo Caruana, Tiziana Meli, Christina Nielsen and Zoran Crncevic; Zoran Crncevic, Chiara Privitera, Brian Mifsud and Graziella DeCesare; Dancers Daron Galea, Clayton Mifsud and Dorian Mallia; Jo Caruana, Marie Benoit and Chiara Privitera. POMMERY Launch of Pommery Champagne at Tiffany’s, Portomaso. Piere Galea Souchet, Jean Galea Souchet, Martin Borg, Gilbert and guest; Nicky Baldacchino, Anthony Abela, Eva Vittoria, Kevin Grima and Andrea Djurevska; Richard Cleland, Lily Agius and Dr Joanna Delia.


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