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Editor Jo Caruana

77 Interview 11 Making Her Own Rules Jo Caruana meets successful make-up artist Tamara Burr

Style In-Depth 17 Specialists in Style

We meet four local experts at the top of their game

Style Fashion 29 Spring Trends

Style’s Top 10 of the season




Photography briangrech Kris Micallef Alan Carville

Tamara wears Marco Bicego – Jaipur Collection 18ct yellow gold bracelet (€4,100) and 18ct yellow gold earrings (€1,675) all available at Classic Jewellers. Photography: BRIANGRECH Make-up: Justin Brincat (7909 4497) Hair: Christian Galea, Michael & Guy Hair Stylists Styling: Drew Warhurst Clothing: Guess Location: M Space, Msida


59 In The Kitchen With… Style is invited round

77 It’s All About the Ingredients

Live a life of style

Fresh, local produce and recipes to whip up


33 Black and White Magic

82 Papped! in Style


30 The Style Report

Monochrome reigns this spring

41 Blooming Marvellous Floral new-season fashion

Style sees and is seen!

55 Seeing Blue and Green It’s THE look of the season

42 Scrumptious Treats

Beauty items to covet

45 A Jewel Amongst Us

56 Editor’s Pick

Style Home

We chat to top international jewellery designer Francesca Grima

65 Homeward Bound

51 It’s a Real Stunner

67 New Season Inspiration

We test-drive the new Peugeot RCZ

Add a touch of spring to your home

We present the latest trends for your home

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“Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.” – Denis Waitley, author and motivational speaker When working on this issue, the above quote made me stop and think. Can we ever stop learning? Of course the resounding answer is ‘no’. After all, how horrible would it be to sit back, accept your lot and never feel inspired by anything again? Many of the people in this edition of Style make perfect reminders of that. Take the four specialists in our group feature on page 17, for instance. From the worlds of wine to restoration, and physiotherapy to weddings, they have reached the top of their game – but they are far from resting on their laurels. Their individual stories show the success that comes from striving to be the best at what you do, as well as the importance of remembering you will always have something new to discover. Meanwhile, our beautiful cover interviewee, Tamara Burr, is testament to that too. As a successful make-up artist, she is always keen to learn something new, as well as to pass on her skills to others. Read her story on page 11. Additionally, it’s time to invite a burst of spring into our lives courtesy of Style’s many creative pages. From the block black-and-white colours of our fashion shoot (pg 33), to the international inspiration used in this month’s home shoot (pg 65), it’s time for a breath of fresh air. Embrace it, be inspired by it, and never stop trying something new. Happy reading!

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We would like to dedicate this issue to the continued recovery of one of Style’s creative founders, Stephen Azzopardi. We all wish you well!


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Photography: BRIANGRECH Jewellery: Available at Classic Jewellers Make-up: Justin Brincat Hair: Christian Galea, Michael & Guy Hair Stylists Styling: Drew Warhurst Clothing: Guess Location: M Space, Msida


Making Her Own Rules Successful Malta-raised makeup artist Tamara Burr has made a name for herself working with international celebrities and on high-profile projects – as well as for her trademark sense of style. Here she chats to Jo Caruana about fashion, fun and thinking outside the box.

Tamara Burr is the sort of person you’re drawn to immediately. Her wide smile and gentle manner mean she makes friends easily, and it’s quickly clear why this approach has made her very popular – whether as a professional make-up artist, or simply as a budding local style icon. From her years in London working with top beauty specialists, to her more recent experiences on movie sets and fashion shoots, she injects passion and a sense of fun into everything she does. This, in her words, is her story. “I love new challenges, and I think that has defined my career so far. I am not afraid to try anything, and will always throw myself headfirst into a project. I believe the devil is in the detail and will keep trying

until I get to a result I am happy with. Whether when I’m doing makeup or coming up with a fashion style, I like to seek out the one thing that will make something stand out. “As the eldest of four sisters, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I had it hardest when I was a kid! I think it made me very responsible and gave me a strong sense of empathy. From day one I was required to take the lead, and eventually that came naturally. I always like to have contingency plans; if something doesn’t work out the first time, I’ll just find a different way of doing it. “My make-up artistry path began when I was living in England. After working my way through the ranks, I found myself coaching

Tamara wears Miluna Collection - Fresh water pearls 18ct earrings white gold (€920), fresh water pearls necklace AAA from Asia 9mm-9.5mm (€1,750)



“Working in London inspired my style and really honed my fashion sense.”

make-up lessons and hosting training sessions. I started working for a well-known high street shop, but stopped as I wanted to secure some qualifications – which is when I enrolled at the Christine Blundell Make-up Academy in London. Christine is an Oscar-winning artist, and it was incredible to learn from her. During that time I was lucky enough to work as a trainee on London Boulevard, a film starring Kiera Knightley, as well as at the BBC. A highlight was helping to knot eyelashes at a renowned wig-making company. I loved the fact that I could be so hands-on, while working with incredible people and on top-notch projects. I even watched them make Dumbledore’s wig for one of the Harry Potter films. “After training, I applied to work with MAC – one of the world’s leading make-up brands – three times, eventually securing a spot as a supervisor at the Selfridges branch, the second-highest taking store in the world. We were a team of 70 and it was incredible – sometimes there were queues around the block as people sought to get their hands on the latest item.


“Working there inspired my style in so many ways and really honed my fashion sense. We were required to wear 100 per cent black, which may sound limiting but was actually incredibly liberating. Anything from wild hats to fancy dress was OK, so long as it was black. I was completely inspired by everyone around me, and would team vintage items with braces, hats and feathers. I think it was the only time, so far, that I felt I could wear anything and be accepted. I loved it. “But after seven years away I decided to return to Malta in 2011, when I was 26. Looking for a few challenges on my return, I got in touch with make-up artist Marcelle Genovese, who has worked on many of the blockbuster movies made in Malta. She gave me an opportunity to work on a film and I have never looked back. I am so grateful to her for her guidance, and it felt incredible to be working in such a creative environment. “Now make-up for the arts is something I am incredibly passionate about. I grew up dancing, working and performing with YADA, and it feels innate to be part of this world. I am inspired by the transformation aspect of it all – I love picking up a brush, working with my hands and building on the textures and colours. Make-up is very constructive, and you have to start with a good base. “There have been numerous highlights since my return. Working on World War Z, assisting Brad Pitt’s make-up artist Jean Black, was incredible. I met Brad on a few occasions and he was very pleasant and easy to work with. Other projects have included the French production of Asterix and Obelix, the TV series Games of Thrones, and the Red Electrick DVD – The Unplugged Sessions. I have also worked on fashion shoots for Woolrich Italy and the German fashion house Klingenthal. Plus, I am honoured to consider Suha Arafat, the widow of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, one of my personal clients; I have done her make-up for CNN, Al Jazeera and Chi Magazine. “Now I’m thrilled to have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline – including creating make-up videos and teaching make-up to up-andcomers, both of which I am very passionate about. I love the feeling that comes with knowing you have made a difference and helped to inspire someone. “Of course fashion and style remain a very important part of my life, and I do think the way I dress says a lot about me. Ever since I was little, my sisters have laughed at me for dressing differently, but I relish the individuality of it all. I often buy things and have them ‘edited’ by a seamstress – adding buttons or making them fit differently. I feel more secure with old things, and I love the stories they have to tell. “The world of vintage is a passion I share with my boyfriend, Peter Borg, a musician. We met when I did his make-up on a shoot with his band, Red Electrick. I really appreciate the fact that he lets me be me, which feels amazing. I believe in the importance of accepting people for who they are – it is a philosophy that has worked for me my whole life and one that I live by now. Whether it comes to style, relationships or my career, I like to make my own rules.”

Tamara wears Marco Bicego – Paradise Collection – 18ct bracelet (€1,400), 18ct chain (€2,525), 18ct earrings (€480)



TAMARA’S My favourite designer would have to be Vivienne Westwood – I love her jewellery and bags. When it comes to vintage, I have some Moschino, Chanel and Jean Franco Ferre accessories in my collection. Vintage designer items are pretty hard to come by, so it’s always a thrill when I find something. The UK will always be my favourite shopping destination, especially the east end of London. The fashion there is very raw, and I love trawling through the racks and rails of vintage items. Berlin is next on my list. Leather jackets are a perennial wardrobe staple for me – I have one from the 80s that I absolutely love. Silk scarves also come in very handy, especially when I want to add a pop of colour; I have a lot of vintage ones that my Granny gave me. I also have bags and bags of clip-on vintage earrings. When I have some down time I love to lose a few hours to a good book or film. One of my favourite movies is Diane Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, a biography about the noted Vogue fashion editor. When it comes to books I am a fan of gothic fiction. My collection includes a Maison Martin Mangela limited edition fashion look-book that I found in a second-hand shop. It’s very valuable and I adore it. If I had to pick a dream destination it would be a warm sandy beach, with crystal clear waters and the fragrance of sea salt. I love open spaces, and was lucky enough to enjoy places like that while working aboard a cruise ship for two years.

“I feel more secure with vintage items – I love the stories they have to tell.”


I am passionate about lots of things but, most recently, I have become interested in cancer research. My grandmother passed away from cancer, so I am more aware of it now. I would love to raise awareness and donations in order to help find the cure. If there is one thing that defines my character, it’s that I am extremely accepting. I live by a ‘live and let live’ philosophy, and would never say something bad about someone’s lifestyle. After all, I would never want them to say something bad about mine. o

Tamara wears: Exclusively designed for Classic Jewellers 18ct white and yellow gold chain (€1,475)


From left: Michael Tabone, Sarah Young, Konrad Buhagiar and Samantha Bonnici

Specialists in Style Knowledge is the new black, and from wine expertise to architectural proficiency, success, style and know-how have become intrinsically interlinked. With that in mind, Style on Sunday meets four well-known local experts to discover how they each made it to the top of their game. Words by Iggy Fenech and Jo Caruana


Shot on location at the Inquisitor’s Palace, with thanks to Heritage Malta





“It’s the high stakes and strong emotions that make it so incredibly rewarding.” – Sarah Young










arah Young is easily one of Malta’s best-known wedding planners, with countless successful events in her portfolio at Y Plan Events Ltd. “In my line of work trends change all the time and you need to keep up with them. That said, just because bright pink is in vogue doesn’t mean it will look good on everybody. This job is all about finding the balance between what clients want, and what works. You can never sit still. The day you stop growing and learning is the day your career ends. “I specialise in the foreign market and have clients who have come from across the globe to get married in Malta. When I started out


things were completely different. I had just finished reading for my Masters in the UK when my friends started asking if I could lend a hand on their weddings. It’s funny, but at the time there were no wedding planners anywhere on the island – it was a completely new concept. I can remember going to suppliers and them telling me my job wasn’t really useful. Thankfully that’s changed over time and, in the span of just over a decade, I’ve had all kinds of challenges – including planning a wedding for 1,700 people, as well as one with a budget of a quarter of a million euro. Organising around that kind of money is a headache and an art in its own right!

“Today I still work with some of the people who were with me on day one, and that makes it all the more special. There’s so much heart that goes into this job that you need a strong team around you. Weddings are emotional affairs and handling them is harder than you might think. Sometimes you need to be strict and firm to get the point across, but you must always be nice. It’s only now that I fully appreciate why my course had so many psychology modules to it! Of course, it’s the high stakes and strong emotions that also make it incredibly rewarding, and which have ensured I’ve never, ever wanted to do anything else.”

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onrad Buhagiar is a founding partner oof Architecture Project (AP), with a particular focus on the restoration and rehabilitation of historical buildings. “I was on a scholarship in France, studying the language, when, by sheer coincidence, I spotted a chapel that I had a stamp of. So I decided to visit it. Then and there I fell in love with the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut, designed by Le Corbusier, in Ronchamp. I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of that world and I’ve never wanted to do anything else since. “So, with an added interest in history, I was really happy to be given the opportunity to travel to Rome and study restoration there – it taught me how to understand and read buildings. At one stage I had a professor called Joe Spiteri, who was a truly brilliant architect. He once said: ‘When you finally understand architecture you die’ and that struck me; I found it funny, but it’s also very true. “I think most people have an opinion about architecture and that’s understandable – especially as it’s always there, whether you like it or not. But I like to challenge those opinions, and, as much as I appreciate criticism, I believe it needs to be justified. That is why when people at dinner parties complain a buiding isn’t beautiful, I always ask them one thing: ‘Why?’ I believe it is important to know why you think things, and not just to think them. “For our company’s 20th anniversary we released a book called ‘A Printed Thing’ and it raised a few questions. One that made me stop and think was: ‘What happens to a building once the architect is done?’ It’s all so interesting and there’s a never-ending set of questions to think about. “I believe an architect is also an artist and that he has the responsibility to show people how to see things in a different way. But, ultimately, it is the people living and using the building who give it life.”

“When it came to my career, I have never wanted to do anything else.” – Konrad Buhagiar




“Wine has taken me on an incredible journey.” – Michael Tabone


ine connoisseur Michael Tabone has been instrumental in encouraging locals to embrace international viticulture. Among many successes, he tutors several wine groups and has strong ties to the Saint Emilion wine region in France. “The world of wine is continuously evolving so it’s vital to stay up-to-date. Especially in Bordeaux, which is the region I specialise in, every vintage brings on a new expression of a particular wine. There are always properties that are changing hands or changing styles and, of course, consumers are always interested in discovering good wine, especially when it comes to value for money. “My route into this business wasn’t planned at all. It was by pure coincidence that I ended up doing what I do today. I didn’t even grow up surrounded by good


food or wine, but developed an interest when I moved to London in the 80s. The real spark came when I visited France in 1990, and I will never forget a dinner I attended at Chateau Beausejour Becot in Saint Emilion, where we drank vintages from birth years of all those present – including 1964, 1955 and 1921. It was also the first time I tasted sweetbreads – my favourite food to this day. “By 1992, when we moved back to Malta, we had amassed a nice collection of around 300 bottles of very good wine. We assumed it would last a while but, a year later, realised we would soon need more – so we went to get some. We sourced them from producers we had met on visits to Saint Emilion and it was suggested we should buy extra and sell the surplus. So that’s what we did. “Since, there have been all sorts of highlights. From tasting great vintages to

meeting interesting people, wine has taken me on an incredible journey. My connection with Saint Emilion and the work we do within the Jurade there is also of great satisfaction to me. I am thrilled by the links that have been built between Maltese wine lovers and wine growers from that region. I am also proud of the concerts we have held there, with tenor Joseph Calleja. Additionally, the success of the various wine groups has been a great achievement for the advancement of wine knowledge in Malta. “Nevertheless, to this day my absolutely favourite thing about wine would have to be the people that grow and drink it. I am a firm believer that you don’t need to be an expert or to spend a lot of money to enjoy wine, and hope to encourage more people than ever to learn to relish its incredible culture.”



amantha Bonnici is a top sport physiotherapist who SAMANTHA has worked with everyone from international dancers to BONNICI athletes at the Olympics and on London’s Harley Street. “I originally planned to become a doctor, but, when my mother was undergoing physio, she suggested I should consider it – and I did! I have certainly never had any regrets since. I love the fact I get to treat patients with my own hands rather than with medication. “So far my biggest career highlight would have to be working on the London Olympics. It was a big deal both personally and professionally, and it felt amazing to be part “I love the fact I get to treat of something so monumental. I was living in patients with my own hands London at the time so I watched the whole rather than with medicine.” thing unfold. It was incredible to work with – Samantha Bonnici some sporting stars – whose names I am


afraid I cannot divulge! – as well as with the Matthew Bourne Dance Company, while they were performing Swan Lake in London. “One of the things most people don’t understand is that you have to be openminded in this job. You can never stop researching and growing. At the same time, you have to be professional and to know when it’s best to refer your patients on to someone else. There are, of course, different kinds of physiotherapists – some treat very specialised respiratory or neurological conditions in a hospital settings, while others are more sportsfocused like me. “Whatever the case, my reward always comes from knowing I have helped someone. I love it when a patient calls and elatedly tells me he has finished a race or reached a personal goal. Nothing beats the knowledge that you have facilitated their achievements in one way or another.” o

Merchant Street – Valletta. T: 2258 4442 St. Anne Square – Sliema. T: 2258 4434



Chic & Sheer


Bermuda Shorts


All Things Monochrome


Statement Sunglasses






60s Inspired


Ruched & Ruffled

Spring Updates


Gladiator Heels

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THE STYLE REPORT The new season items we covet for a life of style…

Fringe Fest

From Versace to Nina Ricci, the spring catwalks were awash with fringes. Models were seen in fringed skirts, fringed trousers and fringed shawls. It’s a great look, but if you feel it might be too much, choose the toned down route – with this gorgeous fringe bag from Coco Barclay.

Colour Pop

One of the best ways to ensure you stand out this spring, is by embracing colour. And we don’t mean a lighter shade of blue than you would normally wear – we mean COLOUR. Think yellows, bright pinks and vivid greens – just as seen on the catwalk of London-based designer Henrietta Ludgate.

Back To The Future

Futuristic designs are popular this spring, with items that both baffle and excite. Materials are sleek and shiny, and styles are striking. In keeping with that, we love this unusual pair of shoes by London-based architect-turnedfootwear-designer Julian Hakes.

Black or White

But of course colour isn’t everything this season, and many of us are thrilled with the prospect of the flattering tactics of monochrome. Ideal for spring weddings, there’s a touch of class to be enjoyed by simple black and white – just like with this dress by Jason Wu and jacket by the Celeb Boutique. and

The Bermuda Triangle

With warmer weather around the corner, we’re all looking forward to being a little laid back this season – and thankfully fashion is on our side. Bermuda shorts are one of the breakout trends, as seen on catwalks for Peter Som and DKNY.

Darling, It’s Denim

Back in a big way, denim returns to the catwalks this spring. Designers such as Stella McCartney have released a variety of styles (we love these skinnies, in an unusual shade), and denim shoes mean you can do doubledenim without going overboard. and


On The Road Again

This spring, no fashionista is complete without an on-the-go accessory. For some it’s the perfect designer cover for your tablet, while for others it’s a chic cup set in luxury leather. We’re head-over-heels for this minty number by Daines & Hathaway.

Sliema - The Strand


Valletta – Palace Square


Tigne – The Point


Baystreet – St George’s Bay

STYLE FASHION Photography - Kris Micallef Styling - Caroline Paris Hair - Christian Galea, Michael & Guy hair stylists Make-Up - Jacqueline Spiteri using Clarins Model -

BLACK& WHITE MAGIC Monochrome is the trend everyone is wearing this season – so from tailored fits to flowing fabrics, make your wardrobe staples black and white. Dress – Sandro Ferrone Gloves, bracelet, ring – Accessorize




STYLE fashion

Dress, earrings – MaxMara Bangles – Sandro Ferrone Ring – Accessorize


Dress – Monsoon Leggings, bracelets – New Look Clutch bag – Accessorize Ring – Massimo Dutti


Dress – Diesel Necklace – Massimo Dutti Shoes, bag – Aldo Bangles – New Look

Dress, necklace – New Look Watch – Diesel Ring – Accessorize



Jacket, top, jeans – Massimo Dutti Necklace – Sandro Ferrone Shoes – Aldo


Tower road · Sliema / merchanTS STreeT · ValleTTa / The PoinT ShoPPing mall · Tigne Tel: 2060 1075 · email:


wishes all a

Happy, happy, happy


EASTER good things come in threes






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Taking inspiration from international catwalks, Style embraces striking prints and luxurious fabrics.

1 Accessorize

Collar necklace – €19.90, multi-bib necklace – €19.90, collar necklace – €19.90, statement necklace – €24.90, collar necklace – €15.90

2 Fred Perry

Bandana-print dress (Amy Winehouse Collection) – €80





Fred Perry

Massimo Dutti

Safari jacket, animal print skirt, animal skin bag – . ******

Men’s paisley shirt – €69

Positional print shirt – €69.95




Massimo Dutti

Embroidered top – €75, jeans – €70, daffodil scarf – €45

Silk printed dress – €99.95




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Galbusera RisoSuRiso Petali Croccanti

These delicious crackers are made from puffed rice and a tint of rosemary, and can be enjoyed instead of bread or as a snack. T: 2149 7800, 7949 7800.

Gozo Cottage

Let’s Dig In!

Founded in 2003, Gozo Cottage strives to rediscover and revive old recipes and traditions. Today it offers a wide range of gourmet foods including jam, marmalades and carob syrup. Gozo’s famous honey, as well as Gozitan all-time favourites like sundried tomatoes, capers, cheeselets and sea salt are available, plus limucell and Ggantija olive oil. All Gozo Cottage products are reasonably priced and available in supermarkets and shops. T: 2122 3755, W:

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Opposite Ta’ Xbiex Yacht Marina Blue Harbour Business Centre Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1027 +356 21 324 990

M AxM AR A.c oM


a Jewel

amongst Us A beautifully-crafted piece of jewellery can take an outfit from simple to stunning, and stunning, bespoke jewellery is what the London-based Grima Jewellery is all about. Chiara Bonello meets Francesca Grima, daughter of iconic jewellery designer Andrew Grima, whose works, worn by the likes of the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Jacqueline Onassis and Miuccia Prada, will form part of an exhibition to be held at the Casino Maltese later this month.

SLIEMA 46-48 Tower Road Tel. 21 341 961

“Seeking inspiration is like seeking love: you never look for it, it just comes to you”

Francesca Grima photographed by Andrew Macpherson

The yellow gold, diamond and tourmaline crystal cross necklace that will be exhibited in Malta.

“One of my favourite memories of my father is of having drawing competitions in the three-star Michelin restaurants we would visit. Starting on paper my father would get carried away and draw on the plates. We now have a large collection of these at home,” Francesca recalls nostalgically. Born to iconic jewellery designer Andrew Grima and his wife Jojo, whose family was in the jewellery business, Francesca explains that her parents took the time to design with her and include her in business dinners from a very early age. There was never any doubt in her mind that jewellery would be her future career. “At the age of 18 I was incredibly rebellious and my school was threatening to expel me. My father agreed to employ me, to my mother’s dismay, but in truth we both knew I was wasting my time at school. Art was the only subject I excelled in, and jewellery design would have been a natural progression after school anyway.” Her father had come into the jewellery design business in 1946, after five years as an engineer with the 7th Indian Division in Burma. He joined his future father-in-law’s jewellery business in London, where he assumed design responsibilities. He then founded Grima Jewellery, which is today run by Francesca and her mother, in the 60s and, in the 1970s, opened galleries in New York, Sydney and Tokyo. The yellow gold, diamond and tourmaline ring that will be exhibited in Malta.



Andrew Grima in front of his Jermyn Street shop, London (circa 1974)

Andrew Grima and his wife Jojo in their London flat (circa 1982)

“A prolific painter, he approached each piece as a painting, which was the beginning, and remained, the start of his design process,” she continues. Even though she never really thought of him as famous, but simply as the father she loved and respected, Francesca admits that life was very different when he was around. The family would travel around the world, and she didn’t even know what a bus was. “Today, though, the Number 94 from Bayswater to Piccadilly Circus is my daily mode of transport,” she quips. Like her father, she loves the design process, but also revels in interacting with clients, as she claims that there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone wear one of her pieces. Her father, who passed away in December 2007, invented various design techniques in the 1970s, which her mother has since mastered. Meanwhile, Francesca creates the more modern pieces, always inspired by her father, perhaps with a more feminine approach. On the subject of inspiration, she says “seeking inspiration


“My father came from a large artistic family, many of whom were Maltese” is like seeking love: you never look for it, it just comes to you.” She explains that she loves the irregularity of her ‘Arabesque’ and ‘Reed’ pieces, and her favourite stones are tourmalines, as they come in every colour spectrum imaginable. “My ‘Arabesque’ ring is my all-time favourite,” she smiles. Their jewellery is sought-after by royalty and celebrities alike, among them Queen Elizabeth II, who commissioned numerous pieces from Francesca’s father. “The most important was the textured wire and citrine brooch given by the Queen to Madame Pompidou on a state visit to France,” she says. His creations also earned him worldwide acclaim. Suffice to say that, in the 1960s, Grima Arabesque yellow gold and won 12 De diamond ring by Francesca Grima Beers Diamond International Awards and, in 1969, was

commissioned by Omega to create a collection of watches. Beyond that, his creations featured in several international fashion magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. To this day the Grima’s salon is found on upmarket Albemarle Street in Mayfair, London, where clients are seen by appointment, but they also exhibit in New York in October and Hyde Park in June. Next up, though, is something a little different – and closer to home. “We were very honoured to be asked to loan some pieces from our personal collection to the exhibition to be held in Malta. My father came from a large artistic family, many of whom were Maltese, and he would be proud and honoured to have his pieces featured in such an important exhibition of Maltese heritage,” she says. “The tourmaline cross, which will form part of the exhibition, is a stunning piece which will be given to me by my mother as a wedding gift in May. The beautiful tourmaline ring was given to my mother by my father.” Francesca, who admits that one of her father’s regrets was that he never had the chance to visit the island his family was originally from, says she intends to visit in the near future.

358, Naxxar Road, B’Kara BKR 9040, Malta Te l : ( + 3 5 6 ) 2 1 4 4 1 3 2 8 | F a x : ( + 3 5 6 ) 2 1 4 4 7 1 8 8 w w w. b a t h r o o m d e s i g n . c o m . m t


Ursula Andress modelling Grima jewellery

Vanity, Profanity & Worship: Jewellery from the Maltese Islands For the first time in Malta, an exhibition will bring together spectacular pieces of jewellery loaned from Maltese private and church collections which rarely, if ever, are seen in public. The exhibition ‘Vanity, Profanity & Worship: Jewellery from the Maltese Islands,’ to be held in the sumptuous and historic building of the Casino Maltese, is a unique opportunity to view such a collection of artistic and historic jewellery under one roof. Over 500 jewellery items will give a clear snapshot of jewellery in Malta from ancient times to the present, among them some stunning Grima creations. It will shed light on the beliefs, customs and fashions of a people over the centuries.  A full programme of activities, including lectures and workshops, will run throughout the exhibition, which is organised by local non-profit Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti. The exhibition will be held at Casino Maltese, Valletta, between 31 March and 26 May. It will be open every day from 10am till 6pm, and until late on Friday. For further information, send an email to: or visit



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“The feeling that you get inside the new Peugeot RCZ coupé is that you are in a real sports car.”

New RCZ is a Real Stunner Style on Sunday test-drives the new Peugeot RCZ and discovers this is no ordinary coupé. If the original Peugeot RCZ was a stunner, then the new RCZ is certainly a super stunner. The French designers were indeed quite disciplined to further strengthen the original RCZ but, at the same time, to limit their intervention to doing just that. As the saying goes, you certainly do not want to change a winning formula, and the new RCZ is clearly not a departure from the original, with most of the improvements carried out to the front end. We suspect that the actual makeover on the front was motivated by the aim to get in line with the new ‘brand face’ of the French marquee rather than by necessity. Having said that, the French designers managed to replace the rather large grille on the front with a more stylish adaptation that includes

a more sober grill combined with a creative body colour design, as well as better looking headlamps. The new RCZ is not like any ordinary coupé. It belongs to the limited class of cars that can clearly be classified as a ‘sports car’ across the board: the sharp stunning curves on the exterior, the sleek sporty interior and its performance on the road have consolidated the perception that the RCZ is not a conventional saloon that has been tweaked to look sexy and curvy. There is much more to it and the overall feel of the car – from the exterior to the interior and to road handling – compares very well with the classic German sports cars that are sold for three to six times as much as you would pay to get your hands on the RCZ (the price for the new RCZ starts from €31,600).


STYLE LIVING The feeling that you get inside the new Peugeot RCZ coupé is that you are in a real sports car. The sporty (rather low) seating position, the creative console (which has only been tweaked in this mid-life makeover), the chunky steering, the revolutionary double roof and the performance on the road, all contribute to making it look and feel rather special. Driving the RCZ is a truly distinctive experience with the sharp road holding and the firm (but not too firm) steady ride clearly reaffirming its credentials as a genuine sports car. Yet the car – and that includes its comfort levels, the ride and overall performance – was clearly designed in a ‘hybrid’ way, thereby living up to its expectation as a sports coupé and yet serving as your every day functional car. Not many brands have managed to combine pleasure with functionality in such a brilliant way. Performance wise, the choice of the engines makes it possible to get away with a rather

cheap road licence while, at the same time, having the performance that you would expect from such a mean machine. For instance, both the 1.6 petrol engine and the 2.0 litre diesel engine models deliver output in the region of 160bhp, which is fantastic considering the size and light weight of the RCZ. Then there is a sports 1.6 model that manages to deliver 200bhp. The model we drove was the 2.0 litre engine, which really impresses on our roads – excellent torque, very smooth and a highly responsive engine. All models are very well equipped and the list of ‘extras’ that are considered as ‘standard’ is quite impressive. And this is what makes the RCZ a rather special proposition – you’re not paying for a sports car, but you end up getting one; you’re buying a sports car without having to keep up with a huge recurrent expense both in terms of road licence and fuel consumption.

The new RCZ has just arrived in Malta and can be viewed at Michael Attard Limited’s Peugeot showroom in National Road, Blata l-Bajda. To book a test drive you can also call on T: 2123 8854, 7940 6607 or E:



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Seeing Blue & Green

As seen on the catwalks of Stella McCartney and Fendi, there’s a blue/green edge to make-up this season. Highlighting Mediterranean influences, it is all about jade, turquoise and aqua shades – worn with confidence for both day and night.

Make-up: Maria Borg at Franks, using Guerlain Hair: Christian Galea, Michael & Guy Hair Stylists Model: Anastasiya@

Step 1

Start with a clean, crisp skin surface. For the best results, begin with a make-up base. The one we used – Guerlain L’or – is truly worth its weight in gold; not least because it contains 24-carat gold! This cooling gel sinks in and retains moisture. Applied to bare skin, it smoothes fine lines and tightens facial features to give your makeup an even finish – which is essential if you want to bare a little more in time for spring.

Style Tip:

Step 2

Next, use a good concealer to cover any problem areas or pigmentation. Then, apply a really good foundation – such as Guerlain’s Parure de Lumière, which keeps skin smooth and hydrated. Set with a matte translucent powder.

Step 3

Focus on your eyes – working from a palette of pretty blues and greens. Our favourite is Guerlain 4-Colour Eyeshadow (shade number 12 – Les Aqua), which looks gorgeous, and is long-lasting and creaseproof. Use a shock of colour that will encourage your eyes to pop and stand out.

Step 5

Step 4

Finish the eyes off with a slick of good, black mascara. We recommend Guerlain Noir G, which adds volume and definition while helping to fortify lashes at the same time.

Complete the look by brushing Guerlain’s Terracotta Light onto your cheekbones to highlight them. It’s the perfect way to see in the start of the warmer weather – by giving your face that pretty sun-kissed glow!

The bright colours on the catwalks mean there’s all the more reason to have fun with your make-up this spring, so why not push the boat out and experiment? Remember that make-up is the ultimate disposable accessory – it washes off!



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This perfume is inspired by the moment of awakening when a girl becomes a woman. It is very fresh, with frosted notes of neroli, as well as the gentle femininity of apple blossom, the voluptuousness of gardenia and the rounded notes of white musk. This is a fruity, floral fragrance created by Olivier Cresp, the master perfumer for Nina. Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery Ltd. T: 2133 1553.



Inspired by Valentina, Acqua Floreale is a unique and elegant floral fragrance. The sparkling freshness of bergamot is combined with more delicate, feminine notes of neroli, and a harmonious blend of mimosa, jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. The result is an elegant and sophisticated eau de toilette full of luminosity, energy and freshness. Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery Ltd. T: 2133 1553.


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Lil-Lets is the UK’s number one brand for female hygiene and it’s now available in Malta. The range includes tampons, pads, teen pads and panty liners. Lil lets tampons expand width ways not length ways, which gives better protection and a more comfortable fit. Lil lets is available in most pharmacies across Malta. NM Arrigo Ltd. T: 2122 3755.


If your nails are soft, brittle and in need of some TLC, you can protect them with Mavala 002 – a clear base coat that forms a flexible barrier between nails and nail polish. It prevents pigments in nail polish from coming in direct contact with the nail plate and causing staining, and also improves the adherence of nail polish and makes every manicure last longer. C+M Marketing Ltd. T: 2142 4079/80/82.


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STYLE living

in the kitchen with… It’s the heart of our home and says so much about us. Here Style on Sunday is invited into the kitchens of well-known individuals to discover their approaches to food, treasured touches and tried-and-tested recipes.

“I love the outdoor/ indoor feel of our kitchen. Nothing beats a relaxed breakfast outside in the sunshine.”

Being a mum means that I do cook now, whereas before it was mostly my husband Andrea’s domain. Our girls – Georgie, 8, and Sophie, 6 – are starting to enjoy the foods we do, so meals are becoming more of a family affair. When we entertain it is usually done through food – we recently had people over for a Moroccan tagine, for instance, but in the past it could also have been a fish night, a BBQ or something vegetarian. Andrea is usually the one to do the cooking, while I make nibbles and ensure the place looks pretty. We picked this room to be our kitchen because it has the most light – and I love the outdoor/indoor feel as it leads onto our courtyard. I also like the fact that it still feels like a room (as opposed to just a functional space), and the Nina Campbell Birdcage Walk wallpaper is my favourite feature.

Kate De cesare A busy mum and the marketing manager for the Eden Leisure Group, Kate enjoys entertaining at home. Her kitchen is the perfect reflection of her chic style and practical approach.

I don’t eat meat, so I substitute it with Quorn or soya quite a lot – just like in this Bolognese. I find it to be just as tasty, and much healthier too. My baking attempts were a disaster in the past, but my recent acquisition of an electric mixer changed all that – and I’ve finally had some success since! The girls love to get involved in the kitchen and we make things like cupcakes and cookies, as well as this banana and walnut loaf. You put it together by mixing a mashed banana, butter, soft brown sugar, some milk, chopped walnuts, a handful of chocolate chips, plain flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, dark chocolate and two free range eggs, then baking in a greased loaf tray in a hot oven (160ºC) for around 50 minutes.



Entertaining is definitely a passion for us – we love it. This New Year’s we hosted a dinner for friends, with eight courses and accompanying wines. It was one of the most complicated things we’ve ever done but it was such fun, and it helped to be very well prepared in advance.

“Entertaining is a passion. We hosted a New Year’s meal recently, and served eight courses with accompanying wines.”

Lara: We both love cooking. I think ahead and plan recipes for the week, and Paul is keen on making things look good. He won’t rest until a dish looks perfect! Paul: We try to come up with new recipes every time we entertain – in the past it’s been things like quail stuffed with foie gras or a Maltese buffet with snails, deep-fried ravioli and kusksu (broad bean soup). We also made tortelloni with pumpkin and parmesan from scratch once – it was a group effort with friends all cutting and stuffing the pasta, based on a traditional recipe from an Italian friend. Paul: Meat is something I love, and this recipe – roast fillet of beef with mushroom stuffing – always goes down well when we entertain. You start with a really good piece of beef, and create a filling of soaked porcini mushrooms, wild mushrooms, garlic, butter and thyme. You spread the mushroom mixture on the beef and tie it up, then pan fry it for 10 minutes until brown, and roast it for 25 minutes (for a mediumrare result). It’s then topped with a sauce made from brandy, beef stock, mustard and crème fraîche. When it came to planning our kitchen practicality was high on the agenda. We picked the biggest room of the house, and have a pantry next door. There’s a strong sense of design too – in the blinds, marble and little touches; it feels very ‘us’.


Paul AND Lara Camilleri Paul, of camilleriparismode, and Lara, a pharmacist, redesigned their Naxxar home from scratch – including this stylish kitchen. They love entertaining, and regularly host foodie-focused events for friends.


Irresistible has a new meaning... “As an artist visuals are important, so colour is a focus of my dishes too.”

I am a big time foodie, and love to experiment with colour and texture. Flavour is vital of course, but so is health. I also love my food to reflect my travels, particularly in Asia. My favourite dishes would include hearty salads, quinoa, plenty of fish and roast vegetables. I also enjoy making Vietnamese spring rolls.

Caroline Navarro The artist and member of the slow food movement is inspired by healthy, fresh food with oodles of colour. She loves entertaining with meze-style nibbles and vibrant stir-fries.

My time overseas in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Australia has definitely inspired the things I cook. Japanese-style salmon – seared in soy, ginger and honey – is a recipe I return to again and again, as are rice vermicelli noodles with mint, avocado and prawns. There’s a fusion flavour to my cooking too. As an artist visuals are important, so colour is a firm focus – I believe that using the freshest ingredients gives the best results. I work as a freelance chef on super yachts during boating season, and find that bites and nibbles go down really well. I generally make lots of plates of little things to reflect wherever I am in the world. I live with my family and our kitchen is a reflection of us – free, fun and eclectic. It’s definitely the heart of our home.

A kitchen is the one piece you can never be without! Aster takes things a step further, making our kitchens not only “irreplaceable” but also “irresistible”. Every single one of our collections is all about arousing strong emotions and telling a story. This is why Aster believes in throwing itself wholeheartedly into offering the most flexible combinations you can ever dream of that work for you.

... Aster Cucine, it’s the only choice worth making. Brands International Ltd. Triq tal-Balal, San Gwann SGN9016, Malta Tel: 2144 4110 | 2744 4110 | 7977 1100 e-mail:

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When I entertain here, I love to make three or four dishes – such as a salmon tartar, a salad and a stir-fry – and serve them with plenty of prosecco so people can help themselves. This recipe for Japanese noodles always go down well: Put the Japanese udon noodles in boiling water, cover and leave for 10 minutes. Fry some red onion and garlic, add shitake mushrooms, bok choy, oyster sauce and sweet sherry. Cook it all together until it begins to bubble, then turn off the heat before adding fresh bean sprouts and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.




Parador vinyl flooring is distinguished by its high durability, a resistance to damp, easycare maintenance and a waterproof finish, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Brands International, Triq tal-Balal, San Gwann. T: 2144 4110, E:, F: BrandsInternationalLtd


This complete system for hanging 10 picture frames quickly and precisely, is ideal for use anywhere is your home or office. It uses an architectural design to fit industry building standards for walls and stair cases , and has a variety of finishes to suit both classic or contemporary settings. W:



The Koziol lighting range makes every room dazzle – with an assortment that includes the ‘Josephine’ – with its striking, diamond-cut look, and the ‘Stella’ with inner bevelling. Various styles, colours and sizes are available. 153 Tower Road, Sliema. T: 2134 1302.


Brands International introduces Aster Cucine, an innovative new kitchen brand from Italy. It offers an immense variety of customisation options and materials, in both modern and traditional designs, to suit all tastes and budgets. Brands International, Triq tal-Balal, San Gwann. T: 2144 4110, E:, F:


This innovative Superline model is ideal for mirror and cupboard lighting, with only 2.6W consumption. Brighter Solutions Ltd, Tal-Balal Road, Gharghur. T: 2142 4750.


Design your own sofa with Fama. Produced in Spain, Fama is a world-renowned brand promising the utmost in comfort, quality and fabulous designs. Fama offers a lifetime guarantee on the framework of all sofas and armchairs, and gives you the freedom to design your own thanks to the wide selection of fabrics and colours on offer. HomeTrends, Industrial Estate, San Gwann. E: shop@, W:


The Rug Company’s new collection, designed by Jonathan Adler, is now in Malta. Part of the Studio Collection, the designs are a masterclass in colour and graphic design, but at affordable prices. The rugs are handmade in Nepal using Tibetan wool, the thick lustrous threads creating a wonderfully dense texture. The Rug Company also offers a home approval service so you can try the rugs at home first. Area F, Blue Harbour Business Centre, Ta’ Xbiex. T: 2132 4990, W:


Denby has always been made for real people and real homes. From the smallest cup to the largest casserole dish, it can be used with confidence in the oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher, and will make whatever you serve look and taste even better. Enjoy! 153 Tower Road, Sliema. T: 2134 1302.


The Outback Gas BBQ Drifter Plus is part of the Outback range, which promises to be one of the best names on the island when it comes to quality gas BBQs. HomeTrends, Industrial Estate, San Gwann. E:, W:

V I SI T OU R N E W W E B SI T E AT LOF T.C OM .M T Zone Deco sofa and Small Table 42 by Vibieffe | Tel: 20 9999 66. Triq San Pawl, Naxxar.


Add character to your walls by hanging an impressive masterpiece at an affordable price. A new collection of textured group-art hand-finished oil paintings is now in stock. W:



Fashion For Your Home 2013’s Top Trends From gorgeous graphic prints to touchable textured accessories, this year’s must-have trends will transform your home. Photography by Alan Carville Styling by artist and designer Luisa Diacono Shot on location at the Mediterranean Conference Centre

Five centuries of history but an eternity of opportunities The Mediterranean Conference Centre – a monument to our past – looks to the future by meeting the corporate business needs of today. Rediscover the charm of Malta’s most coveted meeting venue. Dare to be different and unique, and be inspired by the unconventional. MCC prides itself on the level of customer support service it offers through its dedicated and highly motivated staff. No matter what the size of the event being organised the Mediterranean Conference Centre can cater for all your requirements.

• Conference halls accommodating more than 2,700 persons • Magnificent exhibition spaces totaling over 3,400sqm • Unique medieval venue for themed events • Superb contrast of modern facilities with old stone • Eclectic design in a historical setting • Multi-functional conference centre

T: +356 255 95 215, F: + 356 21 245900 E: W:


As one of the strongest looks around this season, graphic and geometric prints are everywhere. Typified by bold colours and strong hues, this trend started out on the catwalks but soon made its way into the home. You can choose to go all out with a graphic rug print or linear-theme wallpaper, or simply update your room a little with a cushion or throw. Pot and plant, wooden chests – HomeTrends; bowls in copper-coloured net, teak stool, folding chair in oak/ black leather-look seat, cushions, storage boxes made from recycled t-shirts and paper – BoConcept; lantern, metal spheres – Loft; Syrie Yellow rug by Jonathan Adler – The Rug Company; Painting – Luisa Diacono.



mon 1 > sun 7 april’13 st


opening hours > every day till 8pm > including Saturday and Sunday




Nothing shouts ‘spring’ like the addition of pastel colours. So, this season, lock the darker hues away for a few months and bring out the mint, lilac, apricot and baby pink. Pretty accessories in these cute colours are no longer only at home in a little girl’s bedroom – they are out, proud and deserve to be shown off. Use them to add softness in bold-coloured rooms, choosing accessories in lighter shades than those you currently own. This look is all about balancing colours and shades rather than having one very definite colour contrasting with another. White shelves, artificial plants, artificial orchids, purple vase, white cane lantern, beige cushion with flower – HomeTrends; set of turquoise ornaments, white wicker baskets – Loft; Union Jack cushion, turquoise and maroon cushion, square teal and cream cushion, blue, black and white rectangular graphic cushion – BoConcept; Key Emerald cushion, Key Aqua cushion, Amli Navy cushion, Toubkal Blue cushion, Haveli Chevron Blue Dhurrie, Jali Grey Dhurrie – The Rug Company.








PHONE. 21 499 699









The latest twist on contemporary living, metropolitan style blends classic elegance with modern touches. Inspired by the ‘big city’, it is glamorous yet practical. Recreate it with luxurious fabrics (such as leather, velvet or suede), block colour accents and a culture reference or two (such as black and white photos, or piles of coffee table books). Lamps, artichoke ornaments, candlesticks, green urn – Loft; Ross living chair in rust fabric with chrome legs, purple and pink rectangular cushion, green and pink rectangular cushion – BoConcept; table, frame – location’s own; white pot and artificial plant – HomeTrends; Garden rug by Annabel Grey, Key Sand cushion, Orb cushion by Vivienne Westwood – The Rug Company.



Because our family cares


Touchable textures make a welcome return to our home this year – not least because they add interest and make them so much comfier. Embrace this trend with touchy-feely fabrics (like satin and silk), shag pile rugs, natural materials (such as slate, stone and wood), textured wall coverings, plants and faux fur. Armchair, white pot and artificial plant, spherical artificial bush and white pot, white pot and plant, purple artificial orchids – HomeTrends; cushions, brass vases, teak vases – BoConcept; frames, side table, wooden container with lid, metal bag, large green cacti – Loft; Ombre rug by Kelly Wearstler – The Rug Company.



THE TREND REPORT The new season items we covet for a life of style…

Following on from our own pages of trend-inspiration, we cast our eye internationally to discover the must-have home items from top designers.

Metropolitan Glamour Enveloping you in style and glamour, this velvet chair is typical of the budding metropolitan style – which has come into the spotlight this year. Add focus with monochrome cushions, or inject some glamour with accessories in silver or gold. Complete the look with framed black and white photos (ideally of old-school movie stars) and few statement pieces.

Going Graphic From living rooms to kitchens, super sharp graphics are turning heads in the home. Complementing that come bold, Arab influences in earthy terracotta reds, punchy oranges, electric blues and aqua shades. We love this Ottoman Empire inspired table by Amsterdam-based artist and designer Mariska Meijers.

Transformative Textures Mixing, matching and blending textures instantly adds interest – especially if you also play with colour. We adore this bright cushion, which is made from 100 per cent silk. Just like a textured carpet, wall covering or naturalmaterial accessory, it will effortlessly create a focal point in your room.

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Perfect Pastels Originally found in the traditional bistros across France and first designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934, this chair is now back in vogue thanks to its clean lines and pretty pastel colour. There’s also a touch of vintage to it, which we can’t help but fall head over heels for.


It’s All About The Ingredients With a focus on fresh, seasonal, local produce, Style on Sunday presents three scrumptious recipes for you to enjoy this spring. Food by Executive Chef Saul Halevi, Pegasus Restaurant, Hotel Phoenicia, Floriana

Scampi Dressed in Black

With Crunchy Lollipops of Foie Gras and Mandarin - Serves 4 Ingredients: 120g foie gras pâté; 20g toasted hazelnuts; 4 good-sized Maltese scampi; 1 mandarin; 50g black olive powder (half breadcrumbs, half black olive and a touch of garlic and oregano, blended together and dried in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°C); 4 (candy floss) sticks Take the pâté and roll it into a small ball, then insert the stick into it so that it forms a lollipop. Roll it over the crushed, toasted hazelnuts. Peel the scampi and separate the head. Roll the raw body in the black olive powder. Peel the mandarin and cut into segments. To plate, place the lollipop on the left side of the dish, the raw scampi in the middle, and the mandarin (on a bit more of the black olive powder) on the right.



Maltese Lobster Ravioli

Serves 4

Ingredients: For the stuffing 400g lobster meat; 300g ricotta; 2tsp thyme; 1tsp garlic; lobster bisque (made from the lobster shells); salt and pepper to season For pastry 500g wheat flour; 250g semolina; 6 whole eggs; 3 yolks; 50g nero di seppia (to mix into the dough) For the sauce 200g good quality butter; chopped parsley Boil the lobster, then peel and chop it. Mix it into the ricotta and add the garlic – which should be fried briefly in olive oil and thyme. Season. To make the pasta, mix all the ingredients together, adding water until you have a stiff consistency. You can choose to add nero di seppia to some for the dough to make it black, and keep some of it white. Make the ravioli in the traditional way, by rolling out the pasta, filling each ravioli with the lobster mixture, and sealing each one. Cook the finished ravioli in boiling, salted water for five minutes and then toss in a pan with the bisque, butter and parsley. Plate, and garnish with some of the leftover meat and olive oil.



Pistacchio Di Bronte Semi Freddo

Serves 4

Ingredients: 4 egg whites; 500g fresh cream; 120g caster sugar; 350g well-toasted pistacchio nuts; 30g ricotta di bufala Beat half the sugar with the egg whites, then beat the other half of the sugar with the cream. Blend the two mixes together with the pistacchios and ricotta until it all reaches a stiff consistency. Place into moulds and allow it to set for 12 hours. Serve, with the whipped ricotta di bufala, and red or blue berries, to garnish.




in Style

Launch of the new Vodafone Offices AT the Skyparks Business Centre

Left: Melanie Cremona, Marcel Grech-Mallia and Romina Buttigieg Right: Antoine Galea, Gabriella Galea Gusman and Andrew De La Torre

The Irish Embassy's official St Patrick's Day celebrations at the Phoenicia Hotel

Top left: The Inis Ealga Dancers with Jean Marc Cafa, Jo Caruana and Jim Hennessy Top right: Monica Hennessy, Irish Ambassador Jim Hennessy, Gabrielle Sargent, President George Abela and George Vella Bottom left: Jim Hennessy, Desmond Guinness and Irish Maltese Circle President Mick Higgins Bottom right: The Inis Ealga Dancers with Irish Emerald Society President Pat Staff and Jim Hennessy

Launch of Talbot & Bons at the Skyparks Business Centre

Top left: Mandy Buttigieg, Francesca Borg, Marilyn Busuttil and Kim Talbot Top right: Amy Talbot, Alan Borg, Alan Mercieca Bons, Janice Dingli and Philip Bonnet Left: Amy Talbot and Alan Mercieca Bons

The Island Hotels Group Charity Ball in aid of The Malta Community Chest Fund Winston V Zahra, Dolores Zahra, President George Abela, Margaret Abela, Winston J Zahra and Gaby Zahra

Local launch of the Ericson Laboratoire beauty range

Left: Antoinette Pace, Gabrielle Zammit Grungo, Romina Talbot, Kristina Mallia and Fabienne Prudent Right: Donatella Vella, Fabien Prudent and Antonella Vella

The opening of the Phoenician Hall at the National Museum of Archaeology Left: Senior Curator Sharon Sultana with Daniel Micallef, his wife and two daughters Below: Heritage Malta Acting CEO Kenneth Gambin and Daniel Micallef

Prof Carmen Depasquale promoted to the rank of Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques by the Ambassador of France

Left: President George Abela, Carmen Depasquale and the French Ambassador Michel Vanderpoorter Right: Anton Depasquale, Carmen Depasquale and Michel Vanderpoorter




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