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CHRISTMAS INDULGENCE How Alcoholics Face the Holidays

"I'm a mum, I multi-task!"




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Charlize Theron



t is common knowledge that style is something you either have or you don’t; something hard to pin down but desirable nonetheless. It is exquisite attention to detail, a sense of crème de la crème and a sprinkling of all the good things in life. It has gorgeous, scrumptious and universal appeal. The team behind Style on Sunday has injected all of the above into this first issue. Art direction, photography and design have been in the hands of two of Malta’s award-winning best – Brian Grech and Stephen Azzopardi. Accomplished stylist Lizzi Lowell has used her flair for fashion to take two of this season’s iconic looks from the catwalk to your wardrobe; award-winning make-up artist Diane Nikolic has coined the must-have make-up looks of the season and renowned hairdresser Joseph J. Abela has teased and preened to perfection.

Editor’s Letter

The festive season is packed with opportunities for stylish living. We’ve explored creative and exciting ways to do so. Read on to find out how to cook a delectable Boxing Day Brunch, how to decorate your home for New Year’s Eve and how to look your best throughout winter. We spent time with Sterling Group’s Chairman Alfred Fenech discovering the extraordinary investment potential of diamonds. We met up with Stephanie Spiteri - eminent television presenter, prosperous business woman and dedicated mum; chatted to the industrious woman behind Franks perfumery’s distribution arm Marcette Fabri; and glanced in the car of entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti. No stone has been left unturned on our search for stylish living. We hope you enjoy it. All the best for the festive season,

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Stephanie Spiteri wears black dress by Wallis, diamond necklace in 18ct white gold and matching earrings, by Bulgari, available at Sterling Diamonds. Hair by Joseph and Nadia at Privé Make-up by Diane Nikolic Photography by Brian Grech ( Art Direction by Stephen Azzopardi Styling by Lizzi Lowell


Style on Sunday is a quarterly high-end magazine which epitomises quality lifestyle and refined living. The themes and personalities featured are observed from the ‘Style’ perspective: elegant, inspiring, exquisite. Style on Sunday is meant to stir the desires of men and women, catering for their pleasures and needs.

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Sober this Season:

Fighting the urge to indulge WORDS BY PIA ZAMMIT

Imagine walking into a rehab centre brandishing bags of cocaine or other drugs and handing them out to the patients – it’s unfathomable. So what about the boozy indulgences of the festive season for a recovering alcoholic? How on earth do they cope with the abundance of celebratory champers, wine and spirits around every Christmas corner? “When I used to drink, Christmas was my favourite time of the year,” laughs Lisa*, who’s now in her 40s and has been sober for 20 years. “That said, when I was drinking, every day



“I would drink the dregs everyone else had left behind” was Christmas! I didn’t need an excuse to drink and it certainly wasn’t an option for me. “Alcoholics feel at ease during the holidays because everyone around them is at it and they don’t stick out like a sore thumb for once. I would go to all the parties and dinners, blending in much better than I did during the rest of the year. Hampers were like Santa’s gift of course, as they were brimming with bottles and I didn’t have to worry about how to get rid of them. I recall drinking a bottle of wine right before my husband came to look for it – it was a special Spanish one that he had been saving apparently but I had no idea, they were all the same to me! “I would also throw as many parties as I could and was sure to invite people who drank as much as I did. I would even go around drinking the dregs of everyone else’s drinks at the end of the party – it seemed like such a waste to throw them away! I always drank around a pattern so if I had been entrusted with something (such as cooking Christmas lunch) I would plan around it so as not to ruin it. After everything had gone well I would then reward myself – with a drink of course and so it would all start again. “There was a very ugly side to it all too. I remember one year I had bought my husband a present and hidden it away, but I’d done that when I was drinking and blacked out; when I woke up I had no idea where I’d put it – I was so embarrassed. At family dos I would make a fool of myself because I had already been drinking for hours by the time I got there. Inevitably, a massive fight would ensue but I would placate myself, persuading myself that it was because everyone was drunk, not just me. “I would have terrible mood swings – happy and laughing one


minute while putting up the Christmas tree or wrapping presents, and verbally aggressive the next. I would pick fights and then drink to block them out. That was the pattern year after year. “During my recovery period I used to wonder how I would ever get through Christmas. Alcohol had always been my crutch and I was very shy without it. I was fortunate that two Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members were also going through their first sober Christmas at the same time, so we were crutches for each other. Of course it’s hard when everyone around you is drinking and you’re sipping fizzy water, and I found those first years very lonely. There were days when I was close to falling off the wagon – especially after an argument or when I was frustrated but I would go to an AA meeting and share those feelings instead of acting upon them. Nowadays I know my state of mind is strong enough to handle it – but only because I accept wholeheartedly that I am an alcoholic and always will be.” The years have passed and Lisa’s two children – who were both toddlers when she finally stopped drinking – have thankful few memories of their mum’s past life. “I don’t remember it,” explains Darren*, 19, “but I never assume or take for granted that she’s never going to drink again either. I never look at a problem and presuppose that she will handle it in the same way as every other person in the world because alcoholics are very sensitive. As a family we are understanding to it, helped by the fact that she is open and communicative. I don’t remember the Christmases when she was drinking, but I know she appreciates the festivities much more these days.” Megan’s* story is similar, although her children were adults before


THE WAREHOUSE Merchants Street, Valletta – Tel: 2258 4443 St. Anne Square, Sliema – Tel: 2258 4430


ugh “I di dn’t know if I could ma ke it thro Christmas sober, alcohol ha d always been my crutch”

she finally managed to give up drinking; she’s now been sober for seven years. “In my line of work I was required to work during the holidays, but I was soon drinking at work too. I would go on long binges and then have terrible withdrawal symptoms – it would be four days of solid drinking and then five days in bed; I would be so hyper-sensitive that even my hair would hurt. I couldn’t take my dog out either so there would be a mess all over the kitchen; it was a nightmare. There are stories that I look back on and laugh – I remember that at family occasions the host would go around the table pouring the wine and only give me a tiny drop in an attempt to avert my drunkenness! It never worked of course. “The final straw is still vivid in my mind. I had gone into work drinking and locked myself in the back room. In the end, my daughters and mother called the police because I wouldn’t come out. When the police arrived I started attacking them viciously. It was a massive scene and all the neighbours were watching on in horror. That night I swallowed my whole stash of tranquilisers and sleeping tablets, and my daughter had to force me to throw them up. My mother brought a psychologist to talk to me but I remember adamantly telling her that I needed a priest not a doctor. Through religion, spirituality and the AA I’ve really found my life again. Back then I was just existing but now I’m thrilled to be living again.” Despite the relatively recent proximity of the events, her daughter *Names have been changed to protect the identities and families of those involved.

Mia* has blurred memories of those Christmases. “Mum has never been a Christmas person so it wasn’t a big deal to our family. But I do recall putting bottles in the fridge and coming back to find they had gone! I would walk into our house and know immediately; the smell would hit me. The worst part was coming home and not knowing what state I would find her in. During the early days of her recovery I would hide the alcohol but we’re long past that now. Christmas is infinitely happier these days because there isn’t any fear to accompany it; we can just get on with enjoying it as a family.” Psychologist Roberta Zahra de Domenico believes that Christmas is a very difficult time for alcoholics and recovering alcoholics alike. “Christmas is stressful, we know that. Plus there are so many invitations, some of which are hard to turn down, so the temptation is all around. But it’s so important to try to stay away as such situations could easily trigger a relapse. If it’s impossible not to go then it’s vital to have a supportive friend or relative on hand to help you through it. Loneliness at Christmas is rife and alcohol is well known for numbing the pain. If you are predisposed to the stress of Christmas then plan ahead, attend meetings, speak to people you trust and fill your time positively. Make a list of all the good reasons to stay sober, most recovering alcoholics know that their addiction has probably ruined many celebratory events in the past while all they remember is a boozy blur. Having a concrete list of positives is a great incentive for staying sober.”



“Diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, but lazy days are great fun too.”

Juggling is a woman’s way in the modern world. Jo Caruana meets Stephanie Spiteri – TV presenter, business woman and mum.

SHOT ON LOCATION AT CASA BERNARD, RABAT photographY BY BRIAN GRECH STYLING BY LIZZI LOWELL HAIR BY JOSEPH & NADIA AT PRIVÉ MAKE-UP BY DIANE NIKOLIC LIGHTING BY NEXOS Top and trousers by Wallis, jewellery from the “Perfect Gold’ collection by Calgaro, available at Sterling Diamonds.




ou won’t have missed Stephanie Spiteri in recent weeks – she’s the stunning face of Sterling Jeweller’s 2008 ad campaign, the face smiling back at us from billboards and bus stops around the country. As we meet up for a coffee she’s as gorgeous in person, a more laid back and relaxed version of the now iconic image of herself; glossy hair, soft features and a towering frame that most catwalk models would be jealous of. “I started out as a model,” she says, smiling back at the memory of her 1988 self, representing Malta at the Miss Universe contest. “So I understand the importance of taking pride in the way I look. People take note of what you wear on television and I often receive comments from viewers based on the clothes I wear; I always ensure my looks are thoughtthrough and polished. I think viewers also appreciate my approach to modesty – I’m not a fan of very short skirts or super low-cut tops; people are faced with so much unabashed, in-your-face sexuality these days and that’s not what I’m about. I prefer to be the girl next door, it’s a more realistic representation of my personality.”


POP copy.indd 1


Level 1, Baystreet Complex, St. Julian's. Tel 23 721 100 34, Republic Street,Valletta. Tel 21 236 246

7/11/08 6:2



urrently Stephanie’s world is more than bursting under the weight of the many projects she’s involved in. But none are more important to her than her time with her six-year-old son, Michael. “He’s my world, and I’m sure many mothers can relate to that. Everything else pales in comparison and I absolutely adore the time we spend together because we have so much fun. When you grow up it’s hard to retain that sense of spontaneity you had when you were younger, but I love sharing that with Michael and we both act like kids when we’re together. Driving along we scream, yell and wave at people we don’t know, or in the supermarket I’m liable to jump in the trolley and race around! I love acting crazy because it’s so special, we’re only children once and I’m set to enjoy every second of Michael’s childhood. But there’s no getting away from the fact that Stephanie has umpteen things she needs to fit into her day – between her popular TV show Malta l-Lejla, the stationery shop which she runs and being a proud home owner.

“I love acting crazy because it’s so special, we’re only children once and I’m set to enjoy every second of my son’s childhood.” Shirt by Calliope, trousers by Terranova, jewellery by Casato from the ‘Venus Animal’ collection available at Sterling Diamonds.

“I love my space and cannot live with it being upside down, so it’s something I make time for. You’re likely to find me scrubbing the floors in a pair of shorts at all hours of the day or night; my latest cleaning gadget is a steamer which has injected a new lease of life into half

23:49 PM



“I give myself a DIY facial at 11pm and run up and down the stairs for exercise...”


Jacket and skirt by Laltramoda, bag by Carpisa, jewellery by Gucci, available at Sterling Diamonds.

Eva Mendes



Dress by Kyoto, shoes by Soul, jewellery by Pasquale Bruni available from Sterling Diamonds.

the things I own! I guess the secret to that is to find joy in everything you do, it’s my aim to never huff and puff through my day or chores, there’s fun to be found in all of them. “Of course my manic lifestyle has meant that some things have had to go. I used to love spending time at the beautician for instance, having my nails done or popping to the gym. Now I give myself a DIY facial at 11pm and run up and down the stairs as exercise. Would I go out without make-up? Of course! I cannot imagine spending hours of my time in front of the mirror. It’s lovely to be dolled up, dripping in beautiful diamonds, but practicality dictates I need to roll out of bed and head straight to work. That’s why I try to merge my two selves, being part of the Sterling campaign reminded me how much fun it is to feel so glamorous. If you’re organised you can manage and I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on too much – at the end of the day it’s all about making time for Michael. I’m a mum – I multi task! “Evenings are my time with Michael as during the day it’s a mad rush between everything else. I believe a child needs its mum and my son knows I am 100 per cent there for him. He’s my child, I don’t like the thought of handing him over. “He’s super inquisitive so he enjoys accompanying me to work sometimes. We have an agreement: he behaves and then we can spend some ‘us time’ together. We love to cook as a duo and it’s great therapy, I would recommend it to any mum. We choose a recipe to make together and he’s always so proud of the end result, plus he chatters away while we cook so I get to hear all about his life without the fear that we’ll be rushing off somewhere else at a moment’s notice. I love watching the look on his face when he hands me a freshly baked cookie and I tell him how good it is. “I haven’t always been a deeply maternal person, but I had a scare when I was 32-years-old and it frightened me to know that I might not be able to have children. It hit me like a bolt and turned my world upside down, and that’s when I knew. Now he’s here I’m glad I waited – I cannot imagine what it must be like to have children young when you still feel like you haven’t lived your own life yet. I don’t hold any resentment to motherhood, I don’t feel like there’s anything I’ve missed out on. There’s no Life Manual – I wish there were! I believe it’s important to do what your heart tells you to – his smile offers me the greatest satisfaction so I must be doing something right!”


The December Dining Room Event

NOEL BORG | Birkirkara | Christmas Street Decorator | 25 years of making our Christmas memories brighter! MODEL: Fly (Dining Table) by Rossetto, Dining Table Chairs by Tonin Casa. Elizabeth Hurley - City

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“Believe it or not, I never thought of owning a Jaguar,” Hugo Chetcuti tells me as we sit at one of his venues in Paceville late one morning between cloudbursts of rain.


He recounts how he was driving his Porsche Cayenne along the Mriehel bypass about a year ago when he first spotted the car in its showroom. His immediate reaction was: “Wow. What is that?” So, he immediately drove round and went into the showroom for a second look. “It was beautiful in the flesh and I immediately fell in love with it. I saw a great resemblance with Aston Martin sports cars.

“I had owned a two-seater sports car before, which was also beautiful and had great style, but the ride was hard.” What Hugo was looking for primarily was a comfortable ride and a car he could use every day. “I promised myself that if it were comfortable, like a luxury saloon, I would buy it. I was impressed when I took it for a spin. “It’s so comfortable, with supple suspension, a good quality finish and a great ride. It’s a car that you can drive every day, not like many twoseater sports cars. They aren’t everyday cars.” Apart from its elevated levels of comfort, Hugo also found Jaguar’s sportier image and the quality of the marque appealing. He stresses once more that he never quite saw himself owning a Jaguar: “I often thought to myself that, when I get old, I might buy a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, but I never considered Jaguars.”



When it comes to cars, Hugo is the first to admit that he is like a kid after a new toy: “I want it straight away. I wouldn’t wait two to three months for a car. In fact I went in and sealed the deal immediately. All the formalities were completed and I had the Jaguar XK on the road within two days.” Having driven the XK for almost a year now, Hugo says he loves the power of the 4.2-litre engine with its automatic transmission and pushbutton start. He considers a satellite navigator as essential for driving abroad. While he has not yet driven the XK beyond Malta, he has extensive experience of taking to the road overseas and drove down a sports car with a friend only a few months ago. “These types of cars come with a lot of features that I appreciate, including electrically operated leather seats, air-conditioning with climate control, electric windows and a good hi-fi system.


For Hugo Chetcuti it was love at first sight. The moment he cast his eyes on the Jaguar XK he knew that was to be his next car. Text by Malcolm J. Naudi Photography by Brian Grech

“But there are many features that we don’t really need locally, like heated seats. These features are standard though and I don’t mind having them.” Hugo has always had a passion for good-looking cars and has owned a few, too. Although he enjoys his cars, and is the first to admit that they are a fast depreciating asset, he always wants to have the latest models. He is not a collector and will not own more than one car at a time. “I buy a car and use it. I would never buy a car to save it for Sunday drives. I change my cars when I see something else that I like. Actually, I never get fed up of them. It’s just that when a car catches my eye, I go for it.” With his roving eye, Hugo never knows when he will be sitting at the wheel of a new car. “The last time I was in England I fell in love with the Mercedes CL. The problem is the engine, which is a 6.0-litre. If the new registration tax weren’t so high, I’d change my car even more often!”




o. 1 f o o t c a r e s p e ’s n cia


ld or

Give Comfort This Christmas Slip into something comfortable this Christmas. Scholl’s indoor slippers provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Made to fit the natural contours of the foot, Scholl indoor shoes are made with special technologies that not only feel great, but look great too. Give a truly special gift this Christmas... give comfort. And, if you just can’t choose, gift vouchers are available for our full range of products.

AVAILABLE FROM: THE SCHOLL FOOTHEALTH CENTRES IN VALLETTA, SLIEMA, ZABBAR AND MOSTA 46''0-, 7"--&55"t"#&-"4)&"-5)"/%#&"65:$&/53& (0;0"/%"---&"%*/(1)"3."$*&4


ONLY the BRAVE Gerry Scotti needs little introduction locally. His TV programmes Chi Vuol Essere Millionario?, Paperissima, La Corrida and Passaparola have brought him straight into our living rooms for years. Jesmond Saliba headed to Mediaset’s studio in Milan to meet the man himself.



Gerry Scotti, Michelle Huzinker and the rest of the Paperissima crew

Gerry Scotti in one of the scenes of the his new TV film, C’era una favola


: You started your career as a radio DJ. Do you prefer working on radio or TV shows? A: Well, television has given me a lot – fame, fortune and probably everything that I have today. But radio was where it all began. TV is like a wife to me, but radio will always be my first love. Q: What genre of programmes do you feel most comfortable working on? A: I believe that my ability to present several kinds of shows and to feel comfortable in whichever role I’m in, is what contributes to my fame. The variety of shows I work on, gives me the opportunity to present myself to audiences at 360 degrees. In itself this became my peculiarity and I want to retain it. I don’t have a preference for any of the programmes I do; all genres have their own demands and give me different satisfactions. Yet I think I am lucky enough that my personality allows me to retain my own character in all of the things I work on. Q: Everyone wants to become a millionaire. Short of winning your show, what other ways are there to succeed at this? A: Yes, everyone wants to be rich! I have special admiration


for those who manage to become ‘millionaires’ thanks to their hard work, those who have built their own fortune, starting off humbly and climbing the rungs on the ladder of success. I can’t say that I don’t admire those who have inherited family goodwill and improved on it, because once again this reflects their hard work and vision. On the other hand, those who were born into richness and who spend their life squandering their wealth are a category of people whom I like a little bit less. Q: We’re feeling the pinch of a global economic recession and the value of money has decreased. It’s a sad fact that people are losing their lifelong savings and that the poor are getting poorer. How do you react to this? A: This is a great question as it gives me the opportunity to express myself on these topical issues which go beyond the topics I normally get to cover on my shows. I’m in my 50s and come from a generation that experienced and lived the sense of sacrifice. Even those families with a strong financial base did not waste money on useless or unnecessary things. Today we’re faced with middle-class heads of families who struggle to make ends meet at the end of each month. Today we’re bombarded with

How can you resist the new C5, its dynamic and fluid lines, its generous and elegant curves? How can you not be tempted by its first class comfort and its remarkable silence which emerges while on board? Difficult, right? Well, practically impossible. C5 HDI 138 DPFS 16V (Urban (l/100km) 7.9, Extra Urban (l/100km) 4.9, Combined (l/100km) 6.0, CO2 (g/km) 157. C5 1.8i 16V (Urban (l/100km) 10.8, Extra Urban (l/100km) 6.2, Combined (l/100km) 7.9, CO2 (g/km) 188



needs which go beyond the basic ones of food and shelter. Not

long ago, in Italy, one would only go to the bank for a car loan or

a home loan, today we need credit to buy the latest mobile phone, the trendiest MP3 player for plastic surgery or for an exotic holiday.

Q: You sound like a politician, a post which you actually held back in the 1980s. What do you recall about this time in your life?

A: I don’t think I had the necessary maturity to fit the shoes

of a politician. I was 30 at the time and back then I didn’t have

enough experience. I actually don’t talk much about that part of my life because I prefer to speak about the positive things I’ve

done and the ones which have contributed something to society. That wasn’t one such experience. So far I haven’t contributed

anything to politics and politics hasn’t contributed towards my

career. Today, given the trust people have in me, thanks to my TV career, I feel ready to serve in some form of institutional position, whereby together with other trusted people I can contribute

towards the overall improvement of the country. I am in favour

of valuing people for their abilities and not necessarily for their

political allegiances or colours. It’s time for collaboration and not for resistance.

Q: If you were not in the media, what would you be doing?

A: I studied law because back then we used to study for those

careers which opened doors to a secure career and future. I would have loved to be a journalist, as my father used to work at Il

Corriere della Sera as an operator, and that would have meant

an improvement on what he did. Another secret dream of mine was to become an architect – I wanted to learn about the way

in which the functionality and beauty of what is necessary for humanity is created and built.

Q: So you would have liked to become a journalist. Will you ever read the news?

A: In a way I already did that, by reading the satirical news on

Striscia la Notizia. However I don’t think it’s something I’d like to do. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind a future as an anchorman, like Piero Angela.

Q: Have you ever been to Malta?

A: Not yet, even though I was invited several times. As the Latin

saying goes, ‘Verba volant, littera scripta manet’ (spoken words fly, writing remains), so I ask you to write this as a guarantee of my Gerry Scotti in his daily show Chi Vuol Essere Millionario?

pledge to spend a week in Malta next summer.


D Salon would like to thank its esteemed clientele on it's First Anniversary and would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all. Triq il-Keffa corner with Triq il-Qantar Ibrag Tel: 21371245

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Most Useful Basic Garment This Winter

With so many cropped sleeves around on coats and jackets, you will need a warm basic layer underneath for the winter months. For this season the most useful layering must-have will be the polo neck sweater. This slim-fit polo neck is also the perfect garment to team with the equally sought after biker jacket. Above. Wallis black knitted polo neck.

Wardrobe Essential - The winter coat


“Fashion fades, only style remains...” Coco Chanel


One of the most important investment pieces in your wardrobe should be a good quality, excellently cut winter coat. This is one item well worth a budgetary splurge. Buy into this one early (in a neutral colour) and you could be wearing it for a long time to come. Alternatively, buy it in a vibrant colour for maximum visibility, wear it all winter, lay it to rest and bring it out of retirement in a year or two.

The Plaza Shopping Centre, level 0, Bisazza Street, Sliema




Tel: (+356) 2132 2533 email: CM





If you’re inspired by more casual dressing try adapting Gucci’s Russian/Cossack/Folklore department of the hippie wardrobe, using creamy coffee and chocolate colours in textures such as lamb’s wool, velvet or cotton. The resulting look is younger, fresher and far more relaxed – perfect for cosy, down days.


It’s easy to put together a look that suits your lifestyle and budget. Individually, these are pieces that won’t date quickly and can be incorporated with other items within your wardrobe. Wear the coat with black tailored trousers, or casually with a pair of dark denim jeans and shiny ankle boots. The blouse can be worn loose and belted at the waist, or left flowing; the woollen bomber jacket can be dressed up when worn over a simple minimal dress in a subdued colour.

Style Magazine’s Style Tips… The Hips Have It large hips – no one Don’t wear low slung hipster jeans if you have n top. wants to see your underwear or your muffi hips and a larger bottom, Same goes for skinny jeans – if you have wide ad opt for a boot-leg cut don’t wear jeans that are too tight and inste lower half. which will add a balanced proportion to your ht, wear jackets that end If you’re not blessed with supermodel heig your body and also on, or just below, the waist. This will elongate accentuate your curves. – they can make you look Beware of wearing belts which are too wide ing the eye to a part of the boxy when worn on the hip as you are draw body many people would rather hide. g – you won’t be turning Dress your age! While it’s great to feel youn great style comes with the back the clock by dressing like a teenager – om to know what works. confidence of knowing your self and the wisd

Gucci Look

Chocolate jeans – Diesel Puffy shirt – Tommy Hilfiger Boots – Diesel Belt – Diesel Scarf – Accessorize Woollen jacket – Golddigga Satchel – Diesel

49 Tower Road, Sliema Open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7.00pm Saturday 9.30am to 7.30pm




GAS €89

Purple FEVER




SOUL €91.50

GAS Purple ladies’ shirt available at Gas, Baystreet and Valletta €89 TOMMY HILFIGER An ideal gift among a wide range of Christmas gifts for both him and her, available atTommy Hilfiger, Baystreet €120 CARPISA High street fashion puffed purple bag exclusive from Carpisa €29 CALLIOPE Purple puffed jacket available from all Terranova outlets €29.99 SOUL Purple satin court shoes with crafted rouched peep toe detail €91.50 WALLIS Royal purple coloured pea coat from Wallis €99 STERLING Chic Violet ring in 18ct white gold with clear amethyst €975




t op ned quin k se €14.99 blac . This e par ty v festi is pe

Prepare to sparkle this Christmas with sequins and sheers, lace and frills. Black is back this season.

t f or r f ec Straight-leg trous ers can give a ve ry flattering silho uette. €19.99

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p to nt .99 a eg €9 el ist. s i th tw ve ern i g od ls ai a m t e


to uaranteed h bag is g 9 tc .9 lu 4 c 1 n € ti t-Me sa our look. This Look-A finish off y

This is the essential high mus ward t-have for -waisted b robe this s any wom elt a easo n. €1 n's 2.99

Dress it up for a party or down with a cardi, this black prom dress hits the spot. €29.99

Calliope Baystreet Complex Level 1. Tel: 21 377 449




SOLID AS A ROCK Diamonds are the must-have investment of the 21st century. Jo Caruana meets Sterling Group’s Chairman Alfred Fenech to discover why these rocks really are forever.

There’s quite a lot of truth to the age-old cliché that diamonds are forever – and not least because they are the strongest mineral on earth. So strong, in fact, that many tools (such as oil drilling equipment) include an industrial diamond for added force and precision. Considering they are generally regarded as fragile and beautiful they are deceptively sturdy. At 4,500 degrees the melting point of a diamond is also unbelievably high, especially when you consider that steel melts at 1,500 degrees. “But it doesn’t stop there,” smiles Mr Fenech. “Diamonds are usually representative of a special occasion or memory, so they live forever in that too. They are so precious that the longer they are in your possession the higher their value will be. When I look at the way diamond prices have soared in the last 30 years or so, their investment value becomes evident, especially on

brilliant-cut, good-quality stones. Unlike gold, for instance, their value has always appreciated. Thus, if you insure and protect these unique stones, they really will last forever.” Why should I invest in diamonds? With the turbulent stock markets, worldwide currencies and property markets as fragile as they are, history has shown that diamonds are the only items to appreciate in value while you are enjoying them! At Sterling we are very proud to have had a regular clientele for many years and they truly have felt the value of their investment. Where do Sterling’s diamonds come from? Our diamonds are all sourced directly from the De Beers Group sight holders, which has an estimated 40 per cent share of the diamond market worldwide. De Beers sell to their sight holders in London on a monthly basis and I have the privilege of buying






directly from them. This means that there is no middleman pushing up the prices of our diamonds and this makes our prices very competitive. Apart from seeing the diamonds myself before buying, how can I be sure of their authenticity? All of my diamonds are certified by the best international labs in the world – the GIA, IGI and HRD. This is your best protection against buying a low quality diamond at an inflated price. How do I know that the diamond I am buying and having mounted matches its certificate? We always ensure that clients watch as we mount their diamonds in our Valletta workshop, thus its value is preserved; they can watch as the official seal is broken. We also advise that any future cleaning should be done in front of the client too. What is the difference between buying diamonds to wear and diamonds for investment? Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that size does matter! When you’re wearing a diamond the size is visually important, followed closely by the colour and cut. For investment purposes you will want to look out for a rare diamond as the age-old rule applies: the rarer a diamond the more it will be desired. Rocks that are flawless, or internally flawless, will serve you best. What is the perfect diamond investment? A flawless, ‘D’ colour, one-carat diamond would certainly be as close

to a perfect investment as you can get!

How easy is it to upgrade from a diamond I have already got?

It is quite a simple procedure, starting with our evaluation of the stone already in your possession and based on the going rate of

today’s market. You can then choose the diamond you would like to upgrade to and pay the difference.

Should I opt for a solitaire or a trilogy?

It all depends on the size of each individual stone. Plus it depends on budget as there is a huge difference between a one-carat solitaire and a one-carat trilogy. It does also come down to individual taste.

You recently launched the Sterling Diamonds brand. What is it and what has it meant for your company?

Sterling Diamonds was a diamond collection, launched in 2006 and inscribed with our brand name. It was made and designed by a top

Italian designer and mounted locally in our workshop. Quality was our ultimate priority and today Sterling Diamonds has grown to

become the top segment within the Sterling Group. In 2007 it was so successful that we also decided to brand a shop with the name,

incorporating our top jewellery brands including Bulgari, Pasquale

Bruni, Salvini and Gucci. Also included are our fine timepieces from brands like Bulgari, Corum, Tag Heuer, Gucci, Versace and our own brand of 18-carat gold watches, Sterling Timepieces.

This certificate shows the superb quality, colour, clarity, finish and proportions of the diamond it authenticates. This in turn reflects its fantastic investment potential.

Alfred Fenech at the new Sterling Diamonds outlet the Strand, Sliema.


Acqua di Parma The prestigious, time honoured Italian perfume Also available from Rebelli in Portomaso and Puer in TignĂŠ Street, Sliema annunciation square, sliema | tel: 21 344 838 - 21 317 072 |

... that little bit out of the ordinary











[1] CALGARO bracelet in 18ct yellow gold with citrine €3075 [2] CALGARO ring in 18ct yellow gold and citrine €1090 [3] BULGARI “Bvlgari Bvlgari” yellow gold pendant with cotton cord €1600 [4] NANIS necklace from the “Lentil” collection in 18ct yellow gold and natural stones €2800 [5] VERSACE ceramic watch €4190 [6] BULGARI “Monologo” yellow gold band ring with pave diamonds €2900 [7] CASATO bangle in 18ct yellow gold with tiger eye enamel and diamonds, from the “Venus Animal” collection €7760 [8] ROSATO “Paris” bracelet in 18ct yellow gold with enamel, from the “City Charm” collection €1726 All items exclusively available at Sterling.













13 12

9 11


[1] GUCCI watch in steel €695 [2] STERLING ring in 18ct gold€1275 [3] GUCCI ring in sterling silver 925 €140 [4] BULGARI “Bvlgari Bvlgari” white gold necklace with black onyx and pave diamonds €9800 [5] BULGARI earrings from the “Bvlgari Bvlgari” collection in white gold with diamonds €2850 [6] VERSACE black ceramic watch with diamonds €4840 [7] STERLING TIMEPIECE in 18ct gold with diamonds €5625 [8] PASQUALE BRUNI “Amore” ring in 18ct white gold with diamonds €5500 [9] STERLING DIAMONDS bangle in 18ct gold with diamonds €7000 10] PASQUALE BRUNI “Prato Fiorito” ring in 18ct white gold and diamonds €5170 [11] SALVINI ring from the “Olimpia” collection in 18ct white gold with diamonds €3350 [12] BULGARI “Monologo” ring in white gold with diamonds, starting from €7800 [13] CORUM “Admiral Cup” timepiece with diamonds €6500 All items exclusively available at Sterling.




There’s more to the beauty industry than meets the eye. Style on Sunday chats to Marcette Fabri, General Manager for renowned beauty distribution company X-Treme. 62



ith beauty in her blood, Marcette Fabri was born to be a leader in the local cosmetics world.

“Women are multi-taskers and the world revolves around us!”

“While I didn’t go through my childhood and teens determined to break into the beauty industry, it was a bit of a prerequisite. My mother has always been very keen on skin care and make-up so self-care was drummed into me from an early age. Not being allowed to go out was my punishment for not taking my make-up off properly! I loved the idea of beauty products and was forever fiddling with my mother’s bottles and creams. ” As it turned out her foot in the door was a chance encounter. “I joined Franks as a stepping stone having just finished my Sales and Marketing degree. I had spotted the vacancy advertised and encouraged my friend to join. She got the job but after starting had persuaded me that I would be perfect for the role too. I remember being relieved that I would finally be earning money at Franks and not spending it! As it turned out I still spent a fortune as it was so tempting to be around all those products all the time. “I soon realised that there was a career behind life on the shop floor of Franks – I think a lot of people forget that. There’s so much knowledge which goes into it and it’s very technical. I loved it because it fit me like a glove and I was keen to move forward; opportunities quickly presented themselves. Within the first six months I was selected to go to Milan to train at Versace. I then launched the make-up brand locally. The same thing happened with Sisley and other such brands – the minute I became involved I fell in love with the industry as a whole.” After five years with Franks, Marcette decided to move sideways to work with its sister company X-Treme, the distribution arm of the group. Shortly afterwards she was appointed General Manager, a huge achievement for a




woman of 26. Today she is immersed in the company while currently completing her Masters in Business Management. She jokes, “Juggling is an unavoidable part of my life. That’s OK because women are multi-taskers – the world revolves around us!” She’s had many successes to date. “We took over the distribution of Dior in 2003 which was a dream come true for both myself and the company. At the time it was a bit of a dying brand but Galliano brought it back; today it remains one of the strongest ones we have. “Guerlain is another very important brand in our portfolio. It differs because it is a heritage brand that has been inventing and creating fragrances and cosmetics for 180 years, many of which have proved to be enduring landmarks in the history of perfume. They really are The Perfumers of the perfume industry – where talent and know-how were passed from generation to generation, assuring Guerlain a prominent place in the perfume history books.. In Paris you can go to Guerlain boutique and choose your scent as well as a ‘bee-bottle’ that is personalised with your initials; when the perfume runs out you simply take it back to their perfume fountain to refill. I absolutely treasure my bee-bottle: it is truly unique. “There’s so much magic and tradition that comes with Guerlain, while Dior is more trendy, fashionable and a lot of fun. It doesn’t stop there of course, there are so many wonderful brands that we deal with.” Marcette explains that the work involved with managing any brand is phenomenal, with so much going on behind the scenes. The local industry also has its unique strengths and challenges. “We work very well within the industry and there is nothing that we shy away from locally. The only real difficultly is volume because you cannot magic numbers up from thin air; Malta’s size limits us. On the other hand it also means we are very close to our customers, we know exactly what they want and how to please them. This is a constantly evolving industry with changes occurring almost daily. I still go gaga on every new product we receive and want to try it out and live it. While understanding the industry is an important asset, I believe that having the passion for it is equally important – I could never work to half measures!” Marcette really does live and breathe X-Treme, as well as each of its associated brands. The fact that the group have now expanded to import clothing, shoes and accessories collections like Laltramoda and Furla too means she has little choice but to immerse herself there too. “I’m a shopaholic so the fact that I can view collections before they even hit the shops hasn’t helped! After 11-and-ahalf years as part of this industry there hasn’t been a day when I didn’t feel like coming to work. I absolutely love it.”

The CRÈme de la CrÈme

Marcette’s BEAUTY REcommendations We have so many wonderful products in our ranges, but it’s impossible not to have favourites. These are mine: 1 I love looking after my skin and moisturising, right now I’m fanatical about Guerlain’s Orchidee Imperiale. It focuses on the DNA of the skin and is the product of seven years of research. It takes a kilo of orchid roots to create just one gram of extract. 2 As a skin primer I love Guerlain’s L’Or which sets make-up and firms the skin. It has real 24 carat gold particles in it so it adds vibrancy. It’s perfect for busy women as you can trust that your make-up will stay on all day. 3 When it comes to mascara no one does it better than Dior – I love their Dior Show Blackout (for depth and volume) and Dior Iconic (for irresistible curl). I use both together. 4 Guerlain’s foundation Parure Extreme is super because it’s water proof, transfer proof and lasts. It’s also got great coverage – I really rely on it. 5 It’s vital to have a good highlighter – I use Dior Skinflash because it is a fantastic highlighter which brightens the complexion and hides shadows and imperfections while still providing a natural finish. 6 I can’t live without a good bronzer and I think it’s one of the staples of any make-up bag. Guerlain’s Terracotta is the bronzing powder of all bronzing powders and was invented in 1984. A Terracotta product is sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds. 7 I love the tanned look and rely on Lancaster Sun products as they enhance your natural glow with the legendary Lancaster golden tan while ensuring you are properly protected. 8 As a finishing touch I love Guerlain’s Meteorites Pearls, a product they first came out with in 1987. It corrects and enhances the complexion giving a unique brilliance.


Skin care and foundation by Dior, Capture Totale (Highlighter), Dior Skinflash. Make-up used: The Midnight Butterfly Collection by Guerlain, Make-up by Maria Borg at FRANKS, Hair by Marielle at PRIVÉ.


Bag by Furla, Dress by Laltramoda, Shoes by Barrats All available at FRANKS – The Art of Living Beautiful, Level 1, Baystreet


“I feel fantastic! The make-up that Maria chose is lovely and the colours really suit my skin tone and go great with the outfit. It was nice to be pampered, especially as I will soon be having an

operation on my knee. I also love what Marielle did with my hair – it’s been years since it was curly

and I’m always too busy to do anything with it so it just stays straight. The dress is one that I would never have chosen, but I think it looks lovely on – I’m really thrilled with the overall effect!”

MAKEOVER IN STYLE Mum-of-six Jane Pillow was

nominated for this makeover by her daughter Diane.

Deserve a treat or know someone who does? Send your makeover nominations to



GOING FOR GOLD Award-winning make-up artist Diane Nikolic guides on how to create a stunning Christmas look

Start with your base: Apply your pre make-up cream, concealer, foundation and a touch of powder. Step 1 Apply a gold shimmer eye shadow all over the base of your eyes. You can use other colours if you prefer, such as champagne or baby pink. A good brush is essential so invest in one. This will save you both time and money in the long run. Apply the shadow evenly all over and apply a small amount in the very corner of the inner part of the eye. Step 2 When your base is on, it’s time to apply your warm colour. This should be a nice mauve or a chocolate brown or maybe even bronze. Apply this on the corner of the eye and create a V-shape. Blend well. Step 3 (optional) You can now blend a bit of black eye shadow into the outer corner creating a V to add drama. This transforms it into the perfect evening look.


This is the time of year to be extravagant and false eyelesses add glamour and effect. A good tip is to cut the lash in half because if the lashes are all the same length you can use one lash for both eyes. If it is longer on one side you will need to use the outer part and apply it carefully to the outer corner of the eye. This will give a really nice, natural look. Make sure to use the glue that comes with the packet or proper eyelash glue. With a bit of patience and a steady hand you will manage yourself, alternatively a friend will probably secure them better than you can!


3 2




[1] Diorskin Icône Photo Perfect Creme-to-Powder Make-up This make-up base has a great long-lasting mattifying and smoothening effect. It is very easy to apply and also contains SPF10. [2] Matis Make-Up Base This one smells fantastic and has a very silky texture. My skin absorbed it quickly and made me look less tired while my make-up held for longer. I also loved the packaging. [3] Inglot Under Make-up Base I immediately noticed that my make-up stayed on for longer and I didn’t need to touch up, plus it added radiance. It gave me that soft, baby skin feeling, kept my face oil-free, and filled in fine lines. It is the perfect base to use before applying foundation.


The first step of anything is always the most important. Make-up bases are all the rage and for all the right reasons. The Style on Sunday team reviewed six of the best ones around.

[4] L’Or by Guerlain With twinkling specks of real, 24-carat gold, this make-up base is something special. It is radiance-enhancing and left my skin feeling instantly tighter, more taut and glowing. Perfect for underneath festive looks. [5] Inglot Eye Make-up Base This has a lovely rich and creamy texture. It moves easily, adding light around the eyes and is moisturising so it in turn works as a good base as it avoids accentuating fine lines caused by powdery eye-shadows. Also had a light cover-up effect. [6] Environ C-Quence Creme Rich texture, very natural ingredients and rich in anti-oxidants. Skin felt energised and fresh while my foundation blended in better when compared to a normal moisturiser.



Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Usually served at around 11am, brunch or bruncheon is eaten when there is no time for breakfast. We could call this a late breakfast and since Boxing Day is a day to relax and take stock of our Christmas presents, this might be better than waking up early for breakfast! Brunch food is always slightly more filling than breakfast fare and there are endless scrummy options to choose from.

BoxingDay BRuNCH Food and Words by Concita Demicoli Ingredients from ARKADIA FOODSTORE, PORTOMASO & ARKADIA, GOZO Photography by BRIAN GRECH Styling by STEPHEN AZZOPARDI


Dandy gold coffee cup and saucer by Richard Ginori 1735, Linea Gold stainless steel cutlery set by Mepra, Jingle gold napkin ring. All available at camilleriparismode.


Banana muffins

Makes around 10 2 tablespoons golden syrup 30g butter 2 large ripe bananas 150g plain flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon Place the golden syrup and butter in a small pot and melt over low heat. In the meantime mash the bananas with a potato masher or a fork. Add the syrup to the bananas and mix. Next stir in the flour, cinnamon and baking powder into the banana mixture. Now spoon the mixture into a muffin tray and cook in a pre-heated oven at 160C for about 15 minutes. To make sure your muffins are ready, pierce one of them with a toothpick, if it comes out clean your muffins are done. You can prepare the mixture the night before and simply bake them in the morning. These muffins will keep in a tin for about 5 days but are at their best when eaten just out of the oven.

French Toast

To serve 4 4 slices of thickly cut French slice bread 2 eggs 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 100ml milk 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Butter Place the eggs, milk, cinnamon and the vanilla in a bowl and beat lightly with a fork until all the ingredients are incorporated. Place 1 slice of bread into the bowl and allow it to soak the eggy mixture. Make sure to soak the bread on both sides. Now place about a tablespoon of butter into a pan and heat until the butter is melted. Next place the soaked bread into the pan and cook until the bread is sealed and has turned golden. Serve this toast with a generous helping of maple syrup or honey. Voila!



Left-over Turkey sandwiches

1 mutli-grain loaf of bread Turkey cut into small pieces – bones removed Mango chutney to spread 12 cooked asparagus spears Place the turkey pieces into a bowl and stir in enough mango chutney to completely coat all the turkey pieces. Spread some turkey and mango on a slice of bread. Top with the asparagus spear and serve.

Cranberry Buck’s Fizz

1 part champagne 2 parts Cranberry Juice Pour the cranberry juice into your glasses and top up with the champagne. The amount of cranberry juice should be double the amount of champagne added.

Diva champagne flute (tritan crystal) by Schott Zwisel, Jingle gold napkin ring, Dandy gold fruit saucer by Richard Ginori 1735. All available at camilleriparismode. 73


Low carb scrambled eggs To serve 4 1 tablespoon butter 4 eggs 200ml cream 4 slices smoked salmon

Start off by melting the butter in a pan. Whilst the butter is melting, beat the eggs and cream lightly with a fork. Pour the egg mixture into the pan of melted butter and stir, using a wooden spoon until your eggs scramble! Serve the eggs warm with a slice of smoked salmon on top. Linea Gold stainless steel cutlery set by Mepra, square glass bowl (part of gift set).

All available at camilleriparismode.



Ring in the New Year

The New Year brings with it a longing for lavish parties, luxury and plenty of fun. Plus it’s the one time of the year when it’s OK to be kitsch! DAVID NCUBE explores how to set the scene for welcoming in the 2009.

Bougies La Francaise candle holder. Hand blown glass with gold decoration. Set of three. €35 Available at Fino Leaf centrepiece in polished aluminium. €32 Available at Ideacasa


At-home parties are the in-thing for the festive season, so what’s the best route for making sure yours is chic and memorable for both you and your guests? New Year’s Eve isn’t just about balloons and party hats, it’s one of the most opulent and lavish days in the whole calendar and your chance to go all out. And as the team behind this issue’s Style at Home demonstrates, it’s easy to transform your home into the perfect NYE party venue. When setting up, it’s important to bear your guests in mind – you will want them to feel comfortable yet glamorous at the same time; you will need to set the scene for a fantastic night of no-holds-barred partying. “This apartment is a luxury one so I wanted

to further enhance that feel by using rich, elegant and classic colours such as blue and silver which are timeless celebratory hues,” explains interior designer Mario Cassar. “Blue also happens to be one of the predominant colours here at this apartment within Ville Michel, so it worked out perfectly.” You can feel free to select any of the principal colours from your home when developing your scheme. Silver or gold will work with most other colours and instantly adds a sense of charm. Pick a dramatic, high-contrast colour palette to liven up the night. Bring in a little sparkle with a metallic accent. “You will want your guests to feel at ease so make sure they are comfortable.


Haviland Limoges France champagne flutes. €51.25. Available at Fino. [Below] Bougies La Francaise scented candle in glass container with bamboo lid. €19.

By adding welcoming touches – textured cushions, the warmth of the fireplace and fresh flowers – you will be instantly and effortlessly setting the scene. It’s the little touches that ensure your party decor will be elegant and memorable.” If you want something completely different then try other themes on for size. There is no shortage of fun, fashionable and stylish ways to see in 2009. Take your pick from: a murder mystery, a 1950s theme, Hollywood glamour, on the beach, the roaring 1920s or black and gold. Pink, purple and lime green are other must-use hues of the season and they really will add a touch of decadence to your celebrations.

What We Chose

We went for chic and classic. Simple yet effective accessories will make all the difference when you’re adding drama and glamour to the look of your home. When scouting for items we looked out for things with added sparkle and oomph as these are the items which stand out. We were particularly drawn to gold, silver and blue – whether it’s crockery, cutlery or those extra items which add atmosphere. (We especially loved the silver and glass candle holders and glitter infused plates currently available on the market). Remember it’s the little touches which will bring your home to life for one of the most magical nights of the year. 77

BOV Motor Loan Borrow between €600 and €20,000 Repayment period up to 5 years No security required Advantageous rates

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Ville Michel is a development of 35 luxury apartments and two penthouses in Mellieha. Every inch of this expansive complex reflects the combined touch of skilled workmanship and sophisticated décor well suited to modern, opulent living.


Broggi stainless steel water pitcher. €79.20. Available at Fino. Louis candle holders in silver glass. €43. Available at Ideacasa. Herve Gambs white glass vase and floral bouquet of roses available at camilleriparismode.

Choose classy candles – Simple candles on glass candle sticks will add a touch of colour and glamour; an easy way to incorporate your chosen colour scheme. Scented varieties will add atmosphere too.

Add sparkle – Sprinkle sparkly confetti or shiny-wrapped chocolates on the table for added oomph. Fill large bowls and vases with shiny ball ornaments, colourful vase gems, or mini disco balls. Place cards – These can be great fun and you can make them to match your colour scheme. You could go for something demure and elegant or something wild and whacky depending on your theme.

Top Tips for Effortless NYE Party Decoration:

Flowers – If you want to add some ‘zing’ opt for exotic flowers. A small bunch will go a long way – pop them into a wide glass and sprinkle them with glitter. Party bags – A fun throwback to the days of yore but with a grown-up twist! Fill little bags with fun adult treats like luxury chocolates, mini champagne bottles and a personal touch such as tiny bottles of perfume or little, lush soaps. It’s retro chic!



Keeping up with the Joneses used to be the order of the day, but now that’s been replaced by the need for individuality and personality to shine through. Style on Sunday looks at how ‘unique’ is the new black.

As Unique As You

Avantgarde, “but they are afraid that it will bring with it Ever walked into a shop and thought: ‘Wow! If only that were expenses would be a perfect Berlin City · 10789 slightly Berlin · larger/rounder/bright-orange Lietzenburger Straße 44-46 ·itTel.: 0 30-2128 50 |fit!’ Wohnkontor · beyond their budget. At Avantgarde our slogan is Around You’ and therefore there are few dreams Whereas in decades fashion 3 Altes Lager · Treuenbrietzener Straßepast 43 it· was Tel.: the 0 33 72- 40to 43glance 81 | over Karl the Woller · ‘Designed 21037 burg · Allermöher Deich 70 · Tel.: 0 40-73 75 423 | Rick Mulligan baeder · 40212 Düsseldorf that we cannot fulfil. Uniqueness shouldn’t be perceived as boundary wall for inspiration and then march out to acquire nstrasse 20 · Tel.: 02a1186 22 | Badewelten 45739 Oer-Erkenschwick 30 · impossible and shouldn’t cost the earth.” replica of385 whatever your next· door neighbour had recently· Holtgarde 0 23 68-89 2150 | Jasken · 49733 Haren-Rütenbrock · Röchlingstrasse 24 · Tel.: 0 59 34True to his promise, Mr Vella flips through images of attained, today things are a little more complicated. Today we 22 | Bad Kultur Beuttenmüller · 70184 Stuttgart · Alexanderstrasse 20 · Tel.: 0711- 23 67 111 that really do scream individuality. And he’s proud of to stand out for ·our and to shine our0 72 very dmann Lindenbergerwant · 75177 Pforzheim Amindividuality Hauptgüterbahnhof 26 ·for Tel.: 31- 58bathrooms 000 | his company’s portfolio of exciting and imaginative bathrooms own sense of unique style. But is that easily achievable? Küche-Raum Rebel · 76275 Ettlingen · Kronenstrasse 26 · Tel.: 07243-77776 | Dross & Schaffer 33 München · Brienner Strasse 14 · Tel.: 0 89 - 28individual 66 080 | ideas Ludwig Theodor Meyer · which 82362they have completed locally. Personalised items allow your to run riot – and eim · Holzhofstrasse 2 · Tel.: 60 individual 50 | Ludwig Meyer 86899 Landsberg · “The sky’s the limit really. We recently completed a bathroom which space08is81more thanTheodor a bathroom? The· drawback wiesenstrasse 9 · Tel.: 0 81 91- 42 99 42 that has zebra-patterned, real-hide tiles on the wall – they of course is that, traditionally, designing a bathroom offers added both zany colour and fantastic texture to the room. We either take-it-or-leave-it options involves exorbitant costs. re Exclusive-Partner-Ausstellungen bald auch in or Ihrer Nähe. hit the nail on the head for the client who wanted to create “People often long to express their individuality through r GmbH · Tel.: 0 23 68 - 91 87 - 0 · something unimaginable.” their bathroom,” explains Joe Vella, Managing Director of 80

STYLE HOME And it hasn’t stopped there as Mr Vella has also played a part in completing a bathroom that has a glass floor and a design feature underneath, rooms with translucent walls that light up and an overflowing bath that is filled from the ceiling. “You bring us your ideas and the measurements of your room and we’ll turn that into reality,” he smiles, assuring me that my dreams of purple-coloured sanitary ware can easily become a reality. “The important thing is that you bring us your thoughts and from then on we can handle every step – from concept to installation. “We can work around any budget, shape and style, and we fully understand the importance of finding a solution that suits you to a tee. Nothing is too farfetched – which makes a change. I firmly believe that modern living is all about personality and we really can create a bathroom that’s as individual as you.”

At Fino a similar sense of passion is reserved for individuality and an essence of it is injected into every task at hand. “We all agree that taste, and subsequently taste in design is extremely subjective,” explains Marketing Manager Alex Frendo. “However, original designs are always that bit more special to us as they physically express the inner emotions of an individual, of an artist. “Today it’s all about being unique and original. People are more knowledgeable about what is available on the market and so are open to more ideas and are keen to explore them.” Aside from designer pieces from brands such as Ligne Roset and Alivar, Fino offers Corian®, a unique product extremely well-suited to today’s demands. “The uniqueness in Corian® is derived from its flexibility, durability, versatility and other features like the fact that it is easy to clean, joins together seamlessly and has numerous colour variations. And Corian® is not just for kitchens. On the contrary its versatility allows you to create unique shapes for accessories and furniture, wall lights (thanks to its new translucent colours), wall cladding, sublimation (applying printed images) and a host of other applications found all over the house and in commercial areas such as clinics and hotels. “With a product like Corian® the initial outlay is a bit more than that of other products but the end result is priceless as a Corian® piece, with its unique feature of perfect reparability (unlike materials like glass, wood and marble) can last forever. Plus its whopping 10-year warranty offers peace of mind to boot.”



“Modern living is all about perso nality”

Likewise at camilleriparismode individuality can be communicated in a myriad of ways. The most straightforward being the introduction of individuality into a room that is simply a blank canvas. “Starting from scratch means that a person’s ideas for a room can be given a totally free rein to source fabric and furniture which best interprets the selected theme and function of that space,” explains Mara Camilleri. “There is always something which triggers off an imagined theme for the design of the room. It may be a luxurious piece of fabric, some elegant trimmings or original tiebacks. “That is the starting point and the concept then develops from there, often with unique results. The general function of the room and the mood one would like to create must always be given their due attention. Each room has particular requirements that need to be kept in mind when furnishing it.”

Of course there are times when a blank canvas is not the starting spot. The interiors can be created around an existing focal point in the room, such as a fireplace or a family heirloom. “In the past, when design rules were so much more rigid, this would have been very restrictive. A classical piece would require a classical style of wallpaper or curtain fabric. Nowadays, this is seen as an opportunity to create something special and to fashionably mix styles. The end result is entirely unique.” Any product can be used to reflect a person’s individuality. The products which are to be found at camilleriparismode are carefully selected to ensure that they reflect the current trends and yet still offer something different. In fact, the company slogan clearly reflects this in that the products are ‘that little bit out of the ordinary!’ There are simply no rules to individuality!


I have designed costumes for so many pantomimes over the years. This one dates back to the early 1990s and was used in my second-ever panto.

I love making headpieces for shows because they are so extravagant. This one is made from ostrich feathers from Vienna.

I love designing and making period costumes – this one was used in Masquerade’s show Amadeus and it’s one of my favourites.

Fabric is obviously a big part of what I do. I spend hours cutting away, getting it to sit perfectly.

I’m currently working on costumes for Jo Zette, the Manoel Theatre pantomime’s dame. This is one of 15 for the show.


I create detailed designs as the first step of any creation. I spend ages dreaming up the ideas but my sewing background means they’ll also be practical in the long run.

I’m renowned for using beads, sequins, Swarovski crystals and diamonds on my creations. I love sparkle and keep a huge stash in my workroom. I get them from Switzerland, Paris and London.



CAMILLERI I collect antique mannequins. This one is from the 1970s and was given to me by a friend. I have a huge collection of thread reels – thousands and thousands in every colour imaginable. You can never have enough!

I use industrial sewing machines because the smaller ones just don’t manage the work that I do – costume material is often very thick.

Feathers are an addiction, I put them on as many things as possible.



STYLE living

Over a cup of tea in his cosy Naxxar home, Peter Howitt, Oscar-winning film and theatre designer extraordinaire, talks to Pia Zammit about his life in films, department stores, and... various hospitals.

I want to talk about his Oscar, not to mention the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but I’m clearly making him uncomfortable. “That’s not what I’m about,” Peter smiles. “All I ever wanted to do was be an artist and paint”. I do however persuade him to share a couple of film star stories with me... but first more about the man himself: a chap with an impressively long list of films under his belt. His CV is pretty much the length of my arm and spans five decades. No mean feat for someone who is still working. “I've retired but I get bored”, he grins. “I was born and bred in London during the war. I was about 14 years old when it ended

and I wanted to take up an artist’s career but was having a bit of a struggle. My stepdad had an ammunitions factory and my wanting to be an artist didn’t go down very well with him. My mum however was on my side so I did go to art school and I passed all my exams earlier than I should have by the age of 17”. Peter knew that theatre design was where his heart lay, however the chances of a 17-yearold getting that sort of job were slight. So, he accepted a job as a scenic painter at Covent Garden. “It was good training for a future as a designer as I learnt to paint in a different way”. He stumbled into the film world quite by chance: “I was asked to act in a religious film

and I was not too keen on it – I kept saying ‘I want to paint, I want to paint’. Eventually they realised that I was a lousy actor and they let me into the art department. “So I was happy for a while but then the firm collapsed and there was a slump. I found myself out of work so I waltzed in Selfridges and asked if they wanted to hire an artist and designer. I got the job. Actually I got more than one job as I also started doing the designs for Harrods and Liberty too. I kept them all secret from each other. I made a lot of money going from store to store. At the time I was also doing some theatre work and street decoration. I did the street decoration


STYLE living wonderful designer – John Box. We got on like a house on fire and he gave me some advice. He told me to stop floating from little job to little job and to concentrate on doing big films. That film was a turning point for me. We won so many Oscars for it. At that time it was different – the whole department was given an Oscar. We didn’t all get individual ones as you do now. “I worked on quite a few films with John Box and I was getting reasonably well known and sought after. I also did films which were made on a shoestring budget – like the Carry Ons. Oh those were fun – they were just like working on a pantomime.” I gently persuade him to tell me some Famous People Stories. He’s reluctant to name drop but is eager to tell me how real and warm-hearted the stars he met were. When they get bad press it really upsets him. “I had worked with Laurence Olivier on a couple of films and then we met again on the set of Othello. During the strangling of Desdemona (Maggie Smith) scene he asked me ‘what do I look like?’. I told him that I thought he looked marvellous – just like Shirley Bassey. So when Desdemona was duly strangled and the camera stopped rolling he regaled us with a Shirley Bassey impression! “We were filming The Mirror Cracked and I invited Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson round to dinner. However on that day I was called onto the set and had to work late so I didn’t manage to get dinner ready. I got home to find both Elizabeth and Rock crouched down in their car so the neighbours wouldn’t see them. They volunteered to help me prepare dinner. Now I had prearranged with a friend to casually pop by as he was a big fan of Elizabeth – and I had warned him not to make a big fuss and to treat her normally – he walked into my kitchen to find Elizabeth Taylor peeling potatoes! “Stars are very ordinary but the public don’t want to know that. Lots of them have done so many nice things – it makes me

very upset when they’re given a bad rep in the press. “For example, when there was the tsunami in Thailand, Roger Moore rang me up to say ‘that’s where we used to sit on the beach (while filming Moonraker) – I’m sending money’. So I sold some of my pictures and sent them money too. “On another film I was on with Elizabeth Taylor in London, there was a man at the gate with a little girl who had leukemia. Elizabeth paid for the girl to go to America to get treatment”. Peter has been coming and going from Malta for around 45 years. He’s been semi permanent here for the last ten. Initially, though, he used to live on Gozo. “I had some trouble with a house I used to own in Libya so I first came to Malta to find a lawyer to help me out. I visited Gozo and fell in love, and bought a house there instead. I love the Gozitans and I spent many happy holidays there. I eventually moved to Malta as I needed to be in hospital after falling off my roof. Actually I’ve fallen off lots of things. Ladders too,” he adds with a grin. He goes on to recount another accident which landed him in a Moroccan hospital for two years. ”I get bored doing nothing. I’ve got five shows on at the moment and I’m working almost full time. I’ve just finished the sketches for the MADC panto and I think it’s going to be great fun. I really like the fact that they’re taking my advice. I’ve worked on big sets before – like the Indiana Jones films and The Mummy – and the MFCC is a much larger space than the Manoel Theatre. We’re designing the front of the theatre too. I’ve taken some drawings I had done for the Superman and the Indiana films, and developed those. I think it’s going to be spectacular and I really want the audience to cheer.”

“He walked into my kitchen to find Elizabeth Taylor peeling potatoes.” 89


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