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The Abundant Community: Launching Students

Dear Brebeuf Jesuit Friends, Cover photo: Picture taken in Zimbabwe, by current parent Kent Hiller Back cover: Brebeuf Jesuit students with local Zimbabweans. Photo taken by current parent Kent Hiller.

Because it “strikes home” with the Hayes family, I chuckled at the storyline in the movie “A Failure To Launch” - the young adult having difficulty leaving! I start this way because it is the opposite of what we are striving for at Brebeuf Jesuit. We want our students to launch as men and women for others into a world that is crying for ethical and faith-based leadership. The title of a recent book caught my eye: “The Abundant Community.” The book, written by two social analysts (Peter Block and John McKnight), focuses on the power of the local community to take responsibility to take action and address issues that impact its members. The authors describe an abundant community as one which “has at its center two sources of power: the expression of our gifts and their manifestation through association with our neighbors.” In the spring of 2010 I had an “exit interview” with most of the graduating seniors and during the summer of 2010 I have met with the parents of every new Brebeuf Jesuit student. The first group often spoke about how Brebeuf developed a sense of community among students and between students and teachers. A number of them also echoed the idea that while here they developed consciousness and confidence about their gifts and passions. Among new parents a common theme continues to be an attraction to a school of such networks. Alumni consistently report the power of relationships and community as they reflect back on their Brebeuf Jesuit experience. For our current students, this association with one another is a major opportunity for them to understand their gifts and to use their gifts on behalf of others. Our hope and expectation is that power and the sense of community at Brebeuf Jesuit will launch our students into the world. In this issue of Bylines you encounter a compilation of different “reflections” – from current students and a staff member – who have experiences with community service in other communities and countries. These "Brebeufians” have launched or are in the process of launching into a life of service on behalf of others. They do so because of their experience of knowing their gifts through the four years here. Brebeuf Jesuit is an abundant community. It allows for the expression of gifts and the development of deep associations with others both within and outside the walls on West 86th Street. A powerful experience no doubt that helps one become a Brave! St. Jean de Brébeuf would be proud. As I end this letter I would be remiss not to note a powerful symbol of this abundant community: the President’s Dinner which will take place at the Indianapolis Conrad on November 17. I have the delight to honor two individuals who have abundantly contributed to this community in so many ways: Mrs. Anna Dillon, who oversees the second generation coming through, and Mr. Fred McCashland, who used his gifts to bring out the gifts in so many “generations” of Brebeuf students. May you be blessed with abundant gifts and contribute them to others.


Matthew J. Hayes president, brebeuf Jesuit


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 Jennifer (Infanger) Fitzgerald ’97  Wally Brant ’67 Kevin Burgun Fr. Michael Christiana, SJ Isaiah Clark ’11 Jamie Elkins Kayleigh Geisse ’12 Matthew J. Hayes Glennis Henderson ’11 Sam Pence ’12 Annie Sheppard ’11 Madeleine (Briscoe) Smith ’00 Molly Sollie Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11 Theresa Willard

22  Commercial Artisan

  Kevin Burgun Casey Cronin ’74 Kent Hiller 

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Bylines is published by the Communications Office at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, 2801 W. 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268


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Institutional Advancement News and Events

Brebeuf Jesuit’s Rich Tradition and Values Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends of Brebeuf, As I write my very first Bylines column, I have just completed 60 days as the Vice President for Institutional Advancement. I write with much enthusiasm, genuine interest, sincere gratitude and a growing understanding of the Brebeuf tradition. Serving in an educational institution provides one the opportunity to never stop learning. In my 60 days at Brebeuf, I have learned about distinguished faculty members like Sara Compton and Fred McCashland. I have learned about the transition of being an allmale student body to its current status as co-ed. I have learned about the strength and legacy of our athletics programs, and the Braves of note who have paved the way. I have learned from a handful of alumni the passion that a Brebeuf graduate has and will always have for the school. I have learned about the heartfelt impact of Fr. Paul O’Brien and how he touched the lives of all who knew him.

notch in their fields of expertise, commitment to the students and develoment of the whole person. The staff addresses each task at hand with the care of the student in mind and all work toward the mission of the school. I hope to learn from you. I’d like to know about your Brebeuf experience and how it has impacted your life or the life of your children. It is my goal and the mission of the Advancement Team to strengthen financial sustainability, foster communication, cultivate relationships, reinforce existing ties, and promote our mission and the institution. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you, and encourage you to contact me so that we can connect and benefit from your expertise. Please know how truly excited I am to serve Brebeuf, and I look forward to updating you with progress, great stories, features on alumni, signature celebrations and significant milestones. Warm regards, Jamie L. Elkins Vice President for Institutional Advancement

32nd Annual President’s Dinner Wednesday, Nov. 17, at the Indianapolis Conrad 50 West Washington Street Honoring 2010 President’s Medal recipients Mr. Fred B. McCashland and Mrs. Anna C. Dillon Over the course of 34 years, from August 1965 to the end of the 1998-99 school year, Fred McCashland served many roles in the school: as teacher, counselor, administrator and even as interim President. He has also served on the Board of Trustees, been a donor to the school since 1971, and, until recently, was an active member of the Archives Committee. Mr. McCashland is married to his wife, Gail, and is the stepfather of three Brebeuf graduates (John ’75, Bill ’75 and Robert Borinstein ’77). Anna Dillon is not only a past parent of two Brebeuf graduates (John Dillon ’78 and Denise Perry ’80) and a grandparent of five students (Jack ’09, Robert ’11 and Stuart Dillon ’14; and Jim ’11 and Michael Perry ’13), but has

I have learned that the students at Brebeuf are truly incredible, and not just because of their academic standings, but because of their deep commitment to Mrs. Dillon with her service of their school, community and five grandsons the world. Faculty members are top



Anna C .


BREBEUF JESUIT MAGIS SOCIETY The Magis Society at Brebeuf Jesuit comprises a group of generous major donors who contribute to the Annual Fund with gifts of $1,500 and more each year. Magis is a Latin phrase meaning “the more,” used by St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, in his writings entitled “The Spiritual Exercises.” We thank this special group of committed stewards of the school’s mission who pledged their support at the Magis level for the 2009-2010 fiscal year and gratefully acknowledge them below. Magis Society Honor Roll of Donors Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. John Ackerman Dr. and Mrs. Duane W.H. Arnold Dr. and Mrs. William N. Arnold Ms. Karen Burch and Mr. Willis G. Ashby '73 Dr. Laura J. Bloem and Dr. James E. Audia Drs. David and Catherine Bain Mr. and Mrs. James K. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Dean Barnhard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Blackwell (Tom '78)

Fred B. McCashland

served as a long-standing donor to Brebeuf since 1962. In addition, she was an instrumental leader in establishing the Archives Committee and working to preserve our school’s history. The evening will begin at 6 pm with a complimentary cocktail reception and entertainment by the Brebeuf Jesuit Camerata Orchestra, with dinner and the President’s Medal Presentation and Program following at 7 pm. Event proceeds benefit the 2010-2011 Annual Fund—supporting each and every student—fulfilling Brebeuf Jesuit’s mission to prepare students to become men and women in service to others.

Dr. and Mrs. Greg Blitz Mr. and Mrs. E. Steven Bluestein Ms. Carol Bockelman Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Bodner Mr. and Mrs. John S. Browner (Christine Kennedy '88) Dr. Valerie Bruemmer and Mr. Timothy Bruemmer Ms. Betsy Kovacik and Mr. James C. Buehler Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Bumol Mr. and Mrs. James G. Burkhart Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Burks Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Caponi Ms. Elizabeth Casalini Dr. and Mrs. John D. Chase Dr. Janet C. Clark and Mr. J. Murray Clark '75 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Clark Mr. and Mrs. David Cobb Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Coffey Ms. Paula Ingram-Coleman and Mr. Gregory H. Coleman '78 Ms. Sara Compton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corr, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Casey M. Cronin (Casey '74) Mr. and Mrs. James A. Crossin (Jim '81) Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Dawes Mr. and Mrs. John Demaree (Elizabeth Haimbaugh '83) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew DeRyckere Mrs. John J. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dillon (John '78) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Dobbs Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Drew (Phil '73) Drs. Kevin and Charlotte Dugan Dr. Karen Ehrman and Mr. Mark Ehrman Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Enright Mr. and Mrs. William Estes Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Falender Mr. and Mrs. George S. Farra Mr. and Mrs. Bain J. Farris Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ferrell Mr. JD and Dr. Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fivel Mr. and Mrs. David R. Frick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Froehle, Jr. Dr. Connie Gapinski and Mr. Mark Gapinski Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gargula

Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Gaylord Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Geisse Dr. Patricia Treadwell and Mr. Eric L. Gillispie Mr. and Mrs. William Gorge Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Gould Mr. and Mrs. John B. Graham Mr. Michael J. Grande '96 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Green Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Green Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Gregor Mr. and Mrs. John H. Grogan Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hackett Dr. and Mrs. Douglass S. Hale Mr. and Mrs. Lucius O. Hamilton, III Ms. Diana Hamilton and Mr. John R. Hammond Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Hayes Dr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Hegeman Ms. Denise J. Herd '83 Dr. and Mrs. James B. Hermiller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hicks

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Lingeman Mr. Frank J. Loughery '70 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Malone Mrs. Virginia Marten Ms. Patricia A. McCarthy and Mr. J. Michael McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. W. Tobin McClamroch Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. McGoff (Kevin '71) Mr. Thomas K. McGowan '83 Mr. and Mrs. John E. McKenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hill Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hoard Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoernemann Dr. and Mrs. James Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Hovde Mr. J. Mark Howell Mr. and Mrs. John Huguenard Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Hullett Dr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Hupfer (Gini Marten '84) Mr. and Mrs. Needham R. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Needham S. Hurst Ms. Anne Nobles and Mr. David L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Kennedy (Jay '75) Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Kennedy, Jr. (Lair '90) Mr. and Mrs. J. B. King Ms. Patricia A. Halloran and Dr. Patrick C. Kippenbrock Ms. Catherine Melfi and Mr. Michael A. Klein Mr. J. Fritz Kreutzinger '70 Dr. Kathy A. Kroeger and Mr. David Kroeger Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Kroot Ms. Rosanne Ammirati and Mr. Kevin Krulewitch Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Laikin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lange Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Larman (Phil '77) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Laskey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Laudick Dr. and Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Lehman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Leipzig Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lilly, II

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mohr Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Nelson (Dean '77) Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Okenfuss Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon C. Ort Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Osborne, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Pahud Mr. and Mrs. Brian Payne Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pence Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Joel Perry (Denise Dillon '80) Ms. Janis M. Frazier and Mr. Robert W. Poorman, Jr. '68 Mr. and Mrs. David Ralls Mr. and Mrs. Ted Repass Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rocap, III (Jim '67) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Rose (Tony '82, Marya Mernitz '80) Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Rose (Doug '76) Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Schlater Mr. and Mrs. Brian Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Sheehan Dr. and Mrs. George J. Sheplock Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Sherlock Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Shikany (Joe '67) Mr. David Sibley Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Smith, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Speer Mr. Stephen Taylor and Dr. Eiry W. Roberts Dr. and Mrs. William C. Tellman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tenbarge Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Terrell Mr. and Mrs. James E. Thomas, Jr. The Hon. and Mrs. John D. Tinder (John '68) Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Trapp (Greg '74) Dr. and Mrs. James W. Van Tassel Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Vander Kooy Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vargo, II Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Larry S. Wechter Dr. and Mrs. Joe Wernicke Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Whistler Mrs. Norma L. Winkler Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Wong Mr. and Mrs. Ian G. Worden Mr. and Mrs. James H. Young (Jim '74) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Zachary (Pat '90)



President’s Office

New Brebeuf Jesuit Board of Trustee members At the May 10, 2010, Brebeuf Jesuit Board of Trustees meeting, Chair Ernie Vargo II announced the appointment of the new trustees for the 2010-2011 school year. The new trustees will begin their terms on July 1, 2010. Celeste Burks actively volunteers throughout the Indianapolis community. She and her husband, Derrick, are the parents of three daughters, Channing (Brebeuf Class of 2004), Ciersten (Brebeuf Class of 2009) and Courtney (Brebeuf Class of 2013). Fr. Tom Doyle, SJ, was ordained as a member of the Society of Jesus in 1997. He currently serves as the Vice President for Jesuit Identity at St. John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo, Ohio. Tom Froehle is Chair and Chief Executive Partner at Baker & Daniels. Tom and his wife, Jennifer, have two children, Kristin (Brebeuf Class of 2010) and Joseph (Brebeuf Class of 2013). Brian Pahud is President of Landmark Properties, Inc., a commercial real estate development company with a

Celeste Burks Fr. Tom Doyle, SJ Tom Froehle Brian Pahud Fr. Brian Paulson, SJ



focus on office, medical office and retail projects in central Indiana, which he founded in 1989. He and his wife, Margot, have four children, Beau (at Purdue University), Jake (Brebeuf Class of 2010), Chad (Brebeuf Class of 2013) and Lainey (at Creekside Middle School). Fr. Brian Paulson, SJ, has served since 1999 as President of Saint Ignatius College Prep in Chicago, with his tenure ending after the 2009-2010 school year. He is now serving as rector of the Jesuit Community at Loyola University Chicago, and superior of one of the four main communities there. Fr. Paulson entered the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus in 1981 and was ordained in 1992. Lauren Salerno holds a Bachelor of Science in finance and marketing from Syracuse University, and a law degree from John Marshall Law School. She is an active member of Christamore House Guild and the Parent/Teacher Organizations at her children’s schools. She lives in Carmel with her husband, Chris, and two children, Rachel and Zachary. Chris, a cardiothoracic surgeon, is the Director of Corvasc Research Institute and Surgical Director of the Heart Transplant and Mechanical Assist Device Program for the Heart Center of Indiana.

Trustees John Ackerman and Jon Hand were voted in for a second term of service. Departing members of the Board are Shaun (Healy) Clifford ’78, Patti Halloran and Kevin McGoff ’71. Officers for 2010-2011 include: Ernie Vargo II, Chair, Senior Consultant at Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates Mark Gargula, Vice Chair, Partner in the International Tax Practice of Ernst & Young Denise (Dillon) Perry ’80, Secretary

Student Honors and Activities

Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11 selected for 11th annual Molecular Medicine in Action Seminar On March 7-8, 2010, Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11 was one of a select group of students who attended the 11th Annual Molecular Medicine in Action Seminar (MMIA) program at Indiana University School of Medicine. Fifty of Indiana’s best high school science students were selected – from 220 applicants – for the two-day program, during which they worked alongside top research scientists learning hands-

Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11

Discussion included the idea that environmental threats can harm children and make it more difficult for them to succeed in school. These threats include lead poisoning, air pollution, mercury and misuse of pesticides. Low-income families, minorities, children and the elderly suffer disproportionately from substandard housing, 95% of which are private rental units or owner-occupied houses, according to the American Housing Survey and other sources.

schools to compete in the decathlon, and each school had six representatives, for a total attendance between 40 and 45. A toolkit was provided to each student team, including project ideas and resources to spark students’ ideas. Brebeuf students were advised by current Santa Clara students, Ben Knapp

on laboratory techniques used in modern biomedical research. Conservation Club participates in Santa Clara’s Sustainability Decathlon “Beauty and the Beast” Brebeuf Jesuit presented Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” as its spring musical March 4-7. Ticket demand was high, and the normal four showings were expanded to six (four performances were completely sold out). Because of the high number of shows, the title characters were split. Belle was played by Sara Owens ’10 and Lily O’Brien ’11. Beast was played Tommy Spears ’10 and Grant Nice ’12. Of the 35 student actors, 21 had never been on the Brebeuf stage before (including Owens and Nice). Ben Thomas ’12 and Zach Manges ’12 practically stole the show as the comedic duo of Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Spring 2010 Diversity Dialogue As part of Brebeuf ’s continuing commitment to care for God’s creations, Brebeuf Jesuit’s Conservation Club and Diversity Department teamed up to present the April 2010 Diversity Dialogue. The guest speaker was Jodi Perras, Executive Director of Improving Kids Environment, and she addressed environmental justice in Indiana.

The Brebeuf Jesuit Conservation Club recently participated in Santa Clara University’s Sustainability Decathlon. The Sustainability Decathlon, which was created by Santa Clara students in 2007, is an opportunity for high schools to develop a culture of sustainability on their campuses and communities, with the help of mentors. The 10 categories of the decathlon help youth identify the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability. Out of the ten decathlon categories, all which encompass the three vital aspects of the sustainability revolution – economic, social and environmental – Brebeuf Jesuit came in first in two events: Science & Exploration and Free Choice / Interdisciplinary. (Other categories included: Technology, Collaboration & Leadership, Environmental Justice, Art, Economics/Fundraising, Recycling/Conservation and Connections with Nature and Awareness.) Brebeuf Jesuit was one of six

Connor Glass ’11 as Gaston BREBEUF JESUIT BYLINES / AUTUMN 2010


2010 Brebeuf Jesuit Dance Marathon

(Brebeuf Jesuit Class of 2009) and Molly Kagel. With the help of Ben and Molly, as well as Jen LaMaster, Brebeuf Jesuit’s Education Technology Coordinator, the team created a video to present at the Decathlon. (Posted on YouTube: ConservationclubBJPS#p/a/u/0/ D7U0cDGV9uE) Members of Brebeuf Jesuit’s Conservation Club, as men and women for others, feel it is their social obligation to continue working towards a safer and healthier school and community environment.



Brebeuf Jesuit Dance Marathon raises more than $12,000 for Riley Hospital for Children The Brebeuf Jesuit Student Council partnered with Purdue University Dance Marathon to host its second annual Brebeuf Jesuit Dance Marathon (BJDM) last Saturday, April 17, from 4 to 10 pm at Brebeuf. Total funds raised at the end of the night were $12,303.21, and all proceeds benefited Riley Hospital for Children. Approximately 220 Brebeuf Jesuit students participated in the dance marathon, along with other members of the Brebeuf Jesuit community, including parents, faculty and staff. All

student participants received a t-shirt and free food throughout the evening, and were part of some unforgettable fun and heartwarming experiences.

Brebeuf Jesuit Asian Festival On March 19, Brebeuf Jesuit’s Asian Club hosted the 11th Annual Asian Festival. The Festival offered cultural booths from the Asian countries of India, China, Pakistan, Korea, Israel, Laos, Sri Lanka and more, and an authentic Asian lunch buffet. A henna artist designed henna art tattoos, and guests were entertained by the

Indianapolis Japanese Minyo dancers, and student performances of the Filipino Bamboo Stick dance, Turkish belly dances, and North Indian Bhungra dances.

2010 Hispanic Festival

Coffeehouse-in-the-Library The annual Coffeehouse-in-the-Library is held each year in April to celebrate National Library Week. It was started in 1998 to showcase student and faculty/ staff talent, and in years’ past, Coffeehouse has had magicians, vocalists, Irish dancers, performance artists, poets, pianists, music videos, original music, comedians and more. The library mood changes on this day with a dark, candlelit atmosphere, with small tables and lots of food and drinks, all free for the students. Last spring, Coffeehouse-in-theLibrary was held on Tuesday, April 6. Some of the more memorable acts were: John Yoo ’12 breakdancing; Tommy Spears ’10 and Tyler Matthews ’10 storytelling song of a dragon that cried

Sean McWeeny ’11

jellybeans; Lindsay Lord ’10, Shelby Kroeger ’10 and Sara Owens ’10 singing; and Fr. Paul Peterson, SJ, reading poetry. This year’s Coffeehouse will be held on Monday, April 11.

Brebeuf Jesuit Hispanic Festival After a five year hiatus, Brebeuf Jesuit’s Spanish Club resurrected its Hispanic Festival on Tuesday, May 18. The Club hosted guitarist Ernesto “Caruso” Marquez, a current Indiana resident hailing from Durango, Durango, Mexico, and, by way of Venezuela, Erica Dominguez of Indianapolis’ FlamencOle. Ernesto “Caruso” Marquez is a wellknown guitarist from Durango, Durango, Mexico, with over four decades of artistry behind him. Erica Dominguez was born in Venezuela, began her studies in dance there and has performed all over Venezuela and the United States. She has been a resident of Indianapolis since 1996 where she leads her own dance company, FlamencOle, which specializes in teaching flamenco and Latin dance.

2010 Music in May award recipients Freshman Orchestra Award: Abby Matt ’13 Freshman Band Award: Joel Shapiro ’13 Sophomore Orchestra Award: John Yoo ’12 Sophomore Band Award: Meridith Meyer ’12, Jon Okenfuss ’12 and Ben Thomas ’12 Arion Award: Ali Grile ’11 and Jason Hoard ’11 Brebeuf Jesuit Director’s Award: Kristin Froehle ’10, Edite Grendze ’ 10, Sean Kwo ’ 10, Katherine Overhage ’10 and Ellen Wray ’10 United States Marine Corps Sempre Fidelis Award: Melissa Cobb ’10 and Kelsey Martin ’10 John Philip Sousa Award: Joseph Vore ’10 National School Orchestra Award: Mercedes Lysaker ’10

National Forensic League tournament results Kansas City, Mo., June 2010 The final placings were: Sara Staszak ’10: semi-finalist in




Congressional Debate, House Kristen Froehle ’10: semi-finalist in Congressional Debate, Senate. Also, semi-final Presiding Officer (Big Gavel)

Forum Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Congressional Debate, Original Oratory, United States Extemporaneous Speaking, International Extemporaneous Speaking, and Humorous, Dramatic, and Duo Interpretation—as well as seven consolation and supplemental events. For more information, visit the tournament website:


Hunter Goble ’10: 13th in the nation in the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, beating out over 230 other national qualifiers and surviving 12 rounds of competition. (This is the highest placing for an Indiana Lincoln-Douglas debater in about 10 years.) Special thanks to Coaches Dale Kantz, Bill Hicks and JD Ferries-Rowe, as well as Ben Florencig ’07, who helped with transportation and judging. About the NFL National Tournament

More than 3,200 students participated in the NFL National Tournament, one of the world's largest academic contests. The Park Hill and North Kansas City school districts hosted the “Jazzin’ it up in KC” national tournament, which drew visitors from across the country and as far away as China.

$200,000 in college scholarships are awarded to high achieving students at the tournament. To attend, students must place among the top competitors at one of NFL’s 106 district tournaments. National competition occurs in ten main events—Policy Debate, Public

Save the Date

Brebeuf Jesuit’s Band and Orchestra Holiday Concert Show Dec. 12, 2010 Indianapolis Museum of Art 7:15 pm All are welcome



About the National Forensic League

The National Forensic League (NFL) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit honorary society created to recognize high school students in speech and debate. Its mission is to promote high school and middle school speech and debate activities as a means to develop a student’s essential life skills and values. This year, more than 112,000 high school and middle school students, representing more than 2,800 high schools and nearly 100 middle schools, built their communication, leadership, cognitive, and presentational skills as members. Since 1925, more than 1.3 million students have found their voice in the NFL. For more information about the organization, objectives and history, please visit

Brebeuf Jesuit Debate Team is Catholic National Champion in Congress Over the 2010 Memorial Day weekend, Brebeuf Jesuit’s Debate Team competed as a member of the Indianapolis Archdiocesan Team at the Grand National Tournament in Omaha, Neb. Congratulations go to Kristen Froehle ’10, as she competed as a semifinalist in the Congress. Her achievement, along with competition points from fellow

Brebeuf Jesuit Annual Fund

j Did you know? Brebeuf Jesuit offers $1.5 million each year in financial aid, and the Annual Fund is instrumental in making this possible. Please consider your gift today. You can make your donation online at or by contacting Madeleine Smith ’00, or 317.524.7046.

congressmen Aditya Krishnan ’10, Ben Sander ’10 and Patrick Kennedy ’10, was enough to allow Brebeuf to bring home the Dr. Paul E. Ward Memorial Trophy. This trophy is a cumulative trophy. Each year, points are earned by competing in the various aspects of Congress. When a school wins the award, their points are reset to zero. There are a number of schools who compete for decades and never see this award. Even more significant, Brebeuf Jesuit

also won the award 15 years ago. Winning the award twice in 25 years of national competition is a rare accomplishment. Furthermore, schools who win the award repeatedly seldom have the same head coach. Congratulations to the team, and to Brebeuf Jesuit Debate Coach Bill Hicks on reaching another milestone in his amazing coaching career.

Admissions News


MONDAY, MARCH 15, 2010

Yearbook Awards • 1st Place from the American Scholastic Press Association • Silver Medalist with Two All-Columbian Honors in Writing and Photography • from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association • First Class from the National Scholastic Press Association

Prelude Competition Finalists Film and Video

Mitch Overley ’10 Michael Witczak ’10

NFL National Qualifiers Policy Debate

Class of 2014 Brebeuf Jesuit welcomed 191 members of the Class of 2014 this fall, representing 39 different sending schools in and around the Indianapolis area. Seventyfive have a sibling who is or has attended Brebeuf, and thirty-six of them have had at least one parent graduate from Brebeuf Jesuit. Save the Date: Open Houses

Sayler Palabrica ’10 Public Forum Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debate National Senate National House of Representatives

NFL Academic All American

• Thursday, November 4, 2010 • Thursday, January 20, 2011 • Thursday, March 10, 2011

This year, there is a change in the Open House format and Brebeuf will host three Open House dates during the upcoming school year. Gone is the traditional two and a half hour, Sunday afternoon event. We now have three full days where families can “Come See Us in Motion.” The events will run from 9 am to 7 pm and occur during the school day so that students and families can experience what a Brebeuf classroom experience is really like. Families are invited to take a tour, talk to teachers, coaches and administrators, peek in on a classroom and see what Brebeuf Jesuit is all about.

Kaitlyn Colin ’13 Nicholas Hohman ’10 Aditya Krishnan ’10

Bob Lampert Visual Arts Award Louise Haugh Poetry & Fiction Prize Fred B. McCashland Endowed Scholarship Thomas Fialkowski Mathematics Award

Henry Gregor ’12 William Tenbarge ’12 William Hunter Goble ’10 Kristin Froehle ’10 Patrick Kennedy ’10 Sara Staszak ’10 Kristin Froehle ’10 William Hunter Goble ’10 Aditya Krishnan ’10 Sara Staszak ’10 Ian Kime ’10 Mercedes Lysaker ’10 Rachel Secrest ’10 Alexander Gault ’10

Stacey Hawkins Memorial Scholarship

Alexandra Simonton ’11

Daniel McShane Memorial Scholarship

Alice Jose ’10

Tim Boldt Memorial Scholarship

Seth Hensley ’10

Reader’s Digest Endowed Scholarship

Molly Dwyer ’12

J. Patrick Sheehy, SJ, Memorial Scholarship

Mary Willard ’11

J. Paul O’Brien, SJ, Endowed Scholarship

Taylor Craddock ’11 Lindsay Gay ’11 Nicholas Sayre ’11 Jasmine Williams ’11



Congratulations Class of Class of 2010 Baccalaureate Mass “Saint of God” Award

Class of 2010 Senior Awards Presented at the 45th Annual Commencement Exercises / June 6, 2010

Presented to Aiza Ashraf at the Class of 2010 Baccalaureate Mass Each year, the Religious Studies Department presents the Fr. Al Bischoff, SJ, “Saint of God” Award to a senior who best exemplifies the spirit of “sainthood” that Fr. Al (former Rector of Brebeuf ) shared with us while he was at Brebeuf Jesuit. The criteria of the award includes: being a man/woman for others; has a faith in God that is truly live, conscious and active; has an attitude of openness and respect for his/her own religion and the religion of others; maintained an “A” average in Religious Studies classes while at Brebeuf Jesuit.

The Community Service Award

Lauren Schommer

The Community Service Award is presented to the student who has contributed substantially to the progress and activities of civic and social groups for the individual good of the community principally outside the school. Lauren volunteered countless hours beyond the required course time for completion of Community Service. For the required Community Service class she elected to complete her service with hospice programs at St. Vincent Hospital. In addition to her required service hours, she is very involved in the No Boundaries Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation and serves on their Fundraising Committee. She has volunteered with St. Monica’s after school program, as well as served as the Curious George mascot at PBS Kid’s events. In addition, she has had a leadership role with the Key Club at our school for the past few years where she led most of the weekly meetings, plans service projects, and encourages students to get involved in the community.

BREB The J. Patrick Sheehy, SJ, Spirit Award

her, was other and brot 0, with her m nt” Award ai “S , Aiza Ashraf ’1 SJ f, of the Fr. Al Bisch nt presented with us studies stude tstanding religio ou an for being

The J. Patrick Sheehy, SJ, Spirit Award is named after one of the former Presidents of Brebeuf Jesuit who passed away while in office. Br. Sheehy served the school for 25-plus years in a variety of capacities. This award is presented to the student who has demonstrated the greatest enthusiasm for the goals of Brebeuf Jesuit as a community and who by his/her own actions has worked to communicate this attitude to a marked degree to his or her fellow classmates and to the Brebeuf Jesuit faculty and administration. From Seth’s beginning days as a freshman, he could easily be found around all spirited events at Brebeuf. His personality is positive, humorous, upbeat, motivated and yet just as enthusiastically caring, conscious and serving.

The Leadership Award

Yearbook edito rs Jenny Pence ’10 and Lizzie Totem to Br. Jo Hineman ’10 pr hn Buchman, wh esented the 2010 ich was dedicated to him.



Seth Louis Hensley

Kristin Froehle

The Leadership Award is presented to the student who has demonstrated to a marked degree responsible use of his/her talents in academic and extra-curricular pursuits; who embodies in his/her personal life the goals and ideals of Brebeuf Jesuit; and who has gained the respect of fellow students through his/her dedication to the goals and ideals of the Brebeuf Jesuit community. Kristin has demonstrated these traits in full

2010 fashion with passion and dedication. While at Brebeuf, Kristin was a Student Council officer, treasurer of the National Honor Society, and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper The Arrow. Vice president of Brebeuf's debate team, she was the 2010 state champion presiding officer in Congressional Debate and helped to win a national champion Congress award for her team. She has been named a National Forensic League Academic All-American. In Model United Nations, she received Best Delegate awards at the 2009 and 2010 Indianapolis conferences. At Brebeuf, she served as secretary, vice president and then president of the Young Democrats Club; lead Admissions Ambassador; and a solo violinist in the orchestra. She was a four-year member of the Academic Superbowl team and captain her sophomore year. She was also selected as a Wells Scholar at Indiana University, where she plans to major in public policy analysis and international business.

graduated with a 3.9 GPA, led a Kairos retreat, attended the Right to Life March in Washington, D.C., the past three years, is an Eagle Scout, and is an active member of his parish

Class of 2010 Achievements: • 6 National Merit Scholarship Finalists • 18 National Merit Scholarship Commended Students

BEUF • 3 National Achievement Scholarship Program Outstanding

The Br. John Buchman, SJ, Award

Stephanie Bruns


• One Indiana University Herman B. Wells Scholarship Recipient

New this year, the Br. John “Bucky” Buchman, SJ, Award will annually recognize a student who best demonstrates the character and inner awareness of Bucky.

Stephanie has been a selfless leader who puts the greater good of others before her. She has been a leader on Kairos and has volunteered at the Christian Legal Clinic where she provided translation for their Spanish speaking clients who can’t afford legal assistance. She was also the manager of the 2010 State Champion Volleyball Team.

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award

Craig Fisher

The Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award is presented to the graduate who most clearly represents a well-rounded person who is intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God. Craig

• One United States Air Force Academy Appointee • One Indiana University Cox Research Scholar

• One Indianapolis Star Academic All-Star Regional Winner

• A Richard G. Lugar Fund for Hoosier Excellence Minority Scholar • A St. Louis University Presidential Scholar

• One Center for Leadership Development/Manchester College


• One Prelude Award Honorable Mention in Video/Film • 5 National Forensic League Academic All-Americans • 11 IU Honors Program in Foreign Languages participants • 24 student athletes who will compete at the collegiate level • Completed more than 8,000 hours of external and supervised com-

munity service • 93% attended a Campus Ministry retreat while at Brebeuf • 21 students have experienced week-long programs in hurricane-dev-

astated areas of New Orleans, and immersion trips to El Salvador and Kenya Members of the Class of 2010 were granted a total of more than $17.7 million in scholarships. They have accepted offers of admission at 76 colleges and universities and scholarship packages totaling $5,355,892, making the average fouryear scholarship per student $26,514.



Joshua David Abrams Indiana University at Bloomington

Ryan West Huguenard Ball State University

Bradley Scott Altum Indiana University at Bloomington

Charles David Hurst Indiana University at Bloomington

Josephine Arnold Purdue University

Constance Rose Huscroft Indiana University at Bloomington

Aiza Syed Ashraf Kent State University

Ali Ahmed Hussain New York University

Fernando Xavier Avila Indiana University at Bloomington

Rebecca Marie Ilnicki Bluffton University

Eric Ross Bain Purdue University

Emily Jane Coan Ohio University

Matthew John Baltera Indiana University at Bloomington

Melissa Kellum Cobb DePauw University

Alexandria L Benifield Northwestern University

Jacob Markley Cook Butler University

Kevin Thomas Bennett Wabash College

Jackson Cristee Indiana University at Bloomington

Ashley Nicole Beuchel College of William and Mary

Brendan Pearce Cronin University of Denver

Madeline Renee Beuoy Purdue University

Samuel Tucker DeVoe Indiana University at Bloomington

Laura Katherine Blitz Indiana University at Bloomington

Charles Stephen Eberhardt Xavier University

Clark Wesley Bockelman University of Denver

Conor Stevens Egan Indiana University at Bloomington Kevin Michael Ellison Purdue University

Stephen Tyler Bowman Indiana University at Bloomington

Cathryn Alexandra Estes Elon University

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Cyla Alysse Ewing Indiana University at Bloomington

Mary Catherine Brody Denison University

Alon Farahan The George Washington University

Wesley Lawrence Bruemmer Santa Clara University

Victoria Rachael Figg Xavier University

Austin Michael Bruen University of Notre Dame

Benjamin Patton Fisher Purdue University

Stephanie Marie Bruns University of Notre Dame

Craig Thomas Fisher Butler University

Paul Joseph Burwinkel Xavier University

Hanna Molly Fogel McGill University

Brittany Marie Campbell Old Dominion University

Emily Michelle Francisco Butler University

Jessica Jordan Carr Indiana University at Bloomington

Hallie T Frenzel University of Dayton

Sophie Elizabeth Casalini Sweet Briar College

Kristin Leigh Froehle Indiana University at Bloomington

Paeton Elisabeth Chavis Indiana University at Bloomington

Alexander George Gault Indiana University at Bloomington

Angela Rae Cialdella Ball State University

Matthew Chiarelli Gehl Indiana University at Bloomington

Daniel Scott Clement Indiana University at Bloomington

Karly M Geisse Santa Clara University


Connor Francis Glass Indiana University at Bloomington William Hunter Goble DePauw University Christopher Scott Goodyear Indiana University at Bloomington John McHugh Graham University of Dayton Taylor Lauren Graham Indiana University at Bloomington

Courtland A Jackson Ohio Wesleyan University Bridget M Johantges Xavier University Catherine Nobles Johnson Georgetown University Clark Christian Johnson Indiana University at Bloomington Jessica Noelle Johnson Washington University in St. Louis

JESU Patrick William Darcy University of Notre Dame

Holly Vaughan Bindley Indiana University at Bloomington

Brendan James Bolander DePauw University

Regina Daly Gianaris Loyola University Chicago


Thomas Franklin Green Ball State University Edite Mara Grendze Purdue University

Sarah Louise Griffith The Ohio State University

Graham Robert Hale Loyola University Chicago

Kathleen Ann Hannah Xavier University

Michael Joseph Hannah Purdue University

Seth Louis Hensley Wabash College

James Patrick Hermiller Indiana University at Bloomington Brittany Lynne Hicks Xavier University Shelby L Hiltunen Indiana University at Bloomington Elizabeth Grace Hineman DePauw University Trent Steven Hoffman Indiana University at Bloomington Tyler James Hoffman Purdue University Brendan Andrew Hogan Hanover College Moriah D Hohman Marian University Chloe Marie Holewinski Miami University, Oxford Jane Elizabeth Hourigan Saint Anselm College

Alice Sullivan Jose Indiana University at Bloomington

Michael A Julovich Indiana University at Bloomington Mallory Elizabeth Kaehr Purdue University Briana Nicole Kagy Saint Louis University

Raghavendra M Kamalesh Brown University

Michael Robert Todd Kaplan Indiana University at Bloomington Daniel Joseph Keller University of Louisville John Patrick Kennedy Hamilton College - NY

Ian George Kime Indiana University at Bloomington Andrew Nicholas Kirkham Marquette University Kelsey Brianne Kirkpatrick University of San Diego Russell Scott Kowlowitz Indiana University at Bloomington John Ilija Krasich Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Jacob Joseph Krevda Creighton University Aditya Krishnan Carleton College Shelby Kathryn Kroeger University of San Diego Evan Michael Kroot Indiana University at Bloomington Stephanie Ann Kruse Xavier University

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Michael Page Witczak Wabash College Garon W Wolinsky Indiana University at Bloomington Ariel B Wong Indiana University at Bloomington Ellen Victoria Wray Fordham University Jack Kiepuraitis Young Regis University Sameer S Zaidi University of Michigan



ISAIAH CLARK ’11 “You will fall in love; it will break your heart and leave you ruined for life.” These are words that were described to me during my time spent in El Salvador this past spring break. I accompanied the spring break delegation of students and adults that Brebeuf sends to El Salvador every other year. I spent my week away from Brebeuf learning lessons in a different type of school. I didn’t study lessons of an academic nature; no, the instruction I received was in a much more important domain of education. The men, women and children of El Salvador had something to say to me. It was what they told me that ruined my life. And I am eternally grateful for this fact. Now you, like most others, might have a rather negative connotation associated with the word “ruin.” But, this is the best description and it is not something to regret. Quite on the contrary, I celebrate the ruining of my life or more accurately my reality. El Salvador affected me in the most beautiful of ways. In lessons of humility, gospels of love and lectures of generosity, I was taught to see the world through a new lens. The shiny clear veneer was blown away and I was able to perceive the gritty reality of our world. In the same moment I was given hope. A realization of a small part of our true nature became beautifully clear. It took me two days to fall in love with complete strangers or rather, two days to realize that I had always loved them. And furthermore, I discovered that I love everyone. I love them because they are me and I am them. We are all one in the same body. Separation is a simple trick of the light; an illusion that we are capable of seeing past.



So, when I say “ruined” I am referring to the daydream that I used to spend my hours contemplating. The love and generosity that I encountered in El Salvador has become my new ideal that I strive everyday to live out. The complete hospitality and beautiful sense of community that can be seen even towards a complete stranger was in stark contrast to the isolation and separation that we so desperately cling to in our lives. The mentality of “my slice of the pie” is not a part of the nature of humanity. It is decidedly uncivilized. The people of El Salvador do not need our charity. There is no burden for us to lift; there never was. What they need is our solidarity and our understanding. Forty years after his martyrdom, Oscar Romero is still very much alive in these people. He lives on in the people of El Salvador and if we stop talking long enough to listen we can hear them crying out in his name. The poor are not voiceless; they don’t need someone to speak for them. They desperately need someone to listen. And when we listen to the poor, their simple yet profound logic of community and love will ruin that certain perception of life which we tend to subscribe: ideology of the individual, focusing on doing whatever it takes to achieve wealth and success regardless of the human cost, preoccupation with preserving the status quo, accepting that the way “things are” is the way they ought to be. The Blood of the Martyrs can thrive in all of us. We just have to open up our hearts, let it flow and become alive. “Aspire not to have more but to be more.” ~Oscar Romero

MARISHA WICKREMSINHE ’11 There is a saying about visiting El Salvador. They say the experience will “break your heart, make you fall in love, and send you home ruined for life.” The weight of the truth of this statement is nearly unbearable. The week I spent in El Salvador was life-changing. I listened to the “Seventh Jesuit” speak – spared from death in the 1989 University of Central American Massacre because he was out of the country. I stood in the exact location of Monsignor Romero’s death and felt how willingly Monsignor Romero gave up his life to his people. I lived in a sheet-metal house the size of a Brebeuf Jesuit classroom, and I danced with a sea of Salvadoran teens attending a youth rally to commemorate Romero’s tireless fight for his people. El Salvador did break my heart. In the village of Joya Grande, where the Brebeuf Jesuit group spent three days of our week-long stay, I witnessed the destruction of homes, families and morale by heavy flooding and landslides. I met little children who cry whenever storms brew, because they are afraid that they will be evacuated, lose their homes, or lose their families. Yes, the people of El Salvador made me fall in love with them, with their culture, with their spirit, with their country. The generosity and hospitality of the people was striking. Despite their poverty, these families spent much of their weekly income to make our home-stay experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as they could. It is difficult not to fall in love with the El Salvadoran youth, who asked for our autographs, held our hands, and spoke endlessly to us about themselves, their families, their lives. And, undoubtedly, El Salvador sent me home ruined for life. However, El Salvador also opened my eyes to the world around me. El Salvador taught me to look underneath the surface – underneath the surface to see that an outwardly happy seven-year-old boy is still afraid of dark clouds because of the horror they may bring; underneath the surface to see that a natural disaster that is “being handled” by the government and disaster emergency organizations of the nation are being brushed under the rug, without delivering the vital aid to the sites of the catastrophe.

From top left: Isaiah Clark ’11; Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11; Sarah Melfi-Klein ’10, Emily Francisco ’10, Sawyer Greenberg ’11, Meagan Kelley ’11, Marisha Wickremsinhe ’11, Isaiah Clark ’11



Brebeuf Jesuit group with local El Salvadorans

MADELEINE (BRISCOE) SMITH ’00 Madeleine, a member of the Class of 2000, is the Director of Annual Fund at Brebeuf Jesuit. She accompanied Brebeuf students to El Salvador this spring. Two years have passed since I returned to Brebeuf Jesuit, my alma mater, to work in the Office of Institutional Advancement and, with each day that passes, I am inspired and renewed by the people who make this school so extraordinary. The students who are at the same time driven and compassionate, the devoted faculty and staff, the unfailingly supportive parents, the generous alumni and donors – they all remind me that I am fortunate to be employed by an institution which also has such great personal meaning for me. Without a doubt, the greatest blessing of my time at Brebeuf thus far came in March 2010 when I traveled to El Salvador with the Brebeuf student group. To be clear, ours was not a “service” trip. Rather, our goal was to immerse ourselves in the culture and politics of El Salvador, to better comprehend the nation’s violent history and to be in solidarity with the Salvadoran people. I already knew, at least in theory, of the long and intrinsic relationship between the Jesuits and El Salvador. What amazed me was the powerful love the Salvadoran people have for the Jesuits, and for the late Archbishop Oscar Romero in particular. We were able to participate in events surrounding the anniversary of Romero’s assassination, including processing along with thousands of Salvadorans and, though he has been gone for 30 years, we came to know that his memory is very much alive and well.



The hope offered by Romero and the Jesuits still resonates, but the situation for many Salvadorans is as grim as it was when Romero was alive. Poverty, lack of opportunity, corruption and injustice are visible all around. For many of us, the three days we spent living with Salvadoran families in the rural community of Joya Grande were the most impactful portion of the trip. You may have read about Joya Grande, its tragic flood in November 2009 and the incredible relief work that Beth Tellman ’05 is doing there. Several of our families had been displaced and were in temporary housing, and the destruction was quite evident. Our physical surroundings were modest at best, but I can say without reservation that the company of our Salvadoran families leaves me forever changed. Our hosts opened their homes and hearts to us with their only request being that we listen to their stories. Together, we didn’t solve any of El Salvador’s problems. Instead, we shared tears and laughter, we danced and sang, and we heard tales of loss that broke our hearts. Saying goodbye to our families was difficult. We left with a complicated mixture of emotion—gratitude, joy, sadness, and perhaps some anger at the fact that the situation in Joya Grande and hundreds of Salvadoran towns like it seems helpless. Under the unrelenting Salvadoran sun, I believe we all learned the lesson that, sometimes, making a real difference starts with simply being the messenger for those less fortunate. I think each of us who went to El Salvador intends to share the story of our new brothers and sisters with anyone who will listen.

GLENNIS HENDERSON ’11 Glennis traveled to Kenya on the Brebeuf-sponsored trip in the summer of 2009. She enjoyed her experience so much she wanted to go back and serve the country and its people on her own. After my trip with Brebeuf in 2009, I wanted to go back and spend the whole summer and learn more about Kenya. So this past summer, I lived in Kenya for five weeks, and during those weeks I learned so much more that I thought I would about this country called Kenya. While Fr. Terry Charlton ’66, the Chaplain and co-founder of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Preparatory School (a high school for kids who have lost a parent to AIDS and who are living in the largest slum in Africa – Kibera), was here at Brebeuf (fall 2009), I asked him if there was anything he needed and if I could come over and live in Nairobi for the summer. He said that there was always something at the school for me to do and that I should come. So, I went. It sounds easy, but plans don’t ever solidify in Kenya, so I was not sure if I would even be picked up from

the airport, but thankfully I was. I did find out that there was not a lot of need for volunteers at the school. But thankfully, I met some wonderful people from Malta and Korea who were working for St. Al’s and they took me in and found me a place to volunteer at a baby care center they started in a section of Kibera. It was really neat to live and work with such a global community. I met people from Kenya, Malta, Korea, Mexico, Sweden, China, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Ireland, Tanzania, Rwanda and America, and it made the World Cup really exciting!

Left: Glennis showing pictures from her digital camera to Kenyan children Right: Glennis and a student from St. Al’s

I gained such a valuable experience by living as a Kenyan would, and I learned so much about Kenyan society and a glimpse into why Kenya is the way it is, especially about the way that governments work in third world countries. I think that the experience has given me a totally different perspective on my last trip and what Kenya is really like.



KAYLEIGH GEISSE ’12 Brebeuf Jesuit students and adults traveled to New Orleans during Spring Break 2010 to help with the rebuilding and restoration of the areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Looking back, there was not a single moment that I wasn’t enjoying myself on the New Orleans service trip. From the initial tour of the city and getting to see firsthand the damage still apparent in the area after Katrina, to cleaning out trash from a dislodged grave to sorting beads to painting houses, everyday was a new experience. The most memorable part of the trip occurred on the last day of service. The entire day we worked on two houses, scraping off old paint, caulking the cracks and repainting. The work was exhausting but worth every minute to see the woman’s face afterwards. When we had to leave the house wasn’t completely finished but she continued to thank every single one of us; hugging each of us with tears in her eyes whispering, “Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.” This moment made the entire trip for me; it made it real, just our time and our effort can mean so much. The memories from this trip and this story will be etched in my mind forever.



Left: Brebeuf students work on a house affected by Hurricane Katrina Right: Andrea Grabner ’11 hugs the owner of the house Brebeuf students helped restore

ANNIE SHEPPARD ’11 Since 1962, the Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Languages (IUHPFL) has been sending Indiana high school students abroad to not only immerse themselves in language and culture, but also to gain a stronger sense of self. The IUHPFL has three main components: its academic focus; its Honor Code, which includes the Language Commitment; and the host family experience. This summer, I was a Spaniard. I, along with five other Brebeuf seniors, spent my summer in Spain through an immersion program run through IU. There are multiple cities in Spain where the program takes place, but I lived in a city located in Northwest Spain called Oviedo. For seven weeks, I not only attended school taught completely in Spanish, but I also lived with a Spanish family, celebrated the World Cup victory, and spent my afternoons walking through the picturesque city of Oviedo. I walked about 25 minutes to school everyday with my roommate and our other friends from the program. Often times, we decided to take the more scenic route to school, despite the fact that it was a bit longer of a journey. We passed through the main plaza where the Cathedral towered and locals socialized while drinking coffee. Most days after school, we Indiana kids met in

El Parque de San Francisco--which in my opinion, is more impressive than New York’s Central Park. We bought ice cream, played Frisbee, and after a few hours, returned home to our host families. I lived in an apartment with my roommate from the program my 3-year-old Spanish sister, my 12-year-old Spanish brother and my Spanish parents. The atmosphere of my neighborhood was incredible. While we were in a city, the people around our apartment building were so tightly knit. I felt like I lived more in the surrounding streets, miniature parks and restaurants near my apartment than in my actual apartment. When I left Oviedo, I felt like I was a part of my family and the Oviedo community.

Left: Annie (right) with her roommate, Katie (left), and her host mom, Mónica (middle) Right: Annie and Emily Davis ’11 (who also studied in Oviedo) on a day trip to Toledo, the old capital of Spain

On Fridays, our group of Americans traveled to other cities in Spain. We saw the beach, visited Roman ruins in the mountains, and even saw sites of historical Spanish battles I’d learned about in my Brebeuf Spanish classes. My Spanish improved while I was there, but more importantly, I genuinely came home a changed person. I meshed into a completely different culture and gained a better perspective of the world. I am so thankful for my time in Spain this summer–it was an extraordinary experience.



SAM PENCE ’12 Sam and five Brebeuf Jesuit students traveled to Zimbabwe during Spring Break 2010 to help construct a classroom at a small high school and deliver clothing and school supplies to children Before going to Zimbabwe last spring break, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Before leaving, a group made up of me and five other Brebeuf students had been informed of a small high school in the outskirts of Harare called Muguta Secondary School. The school had an endless list of needs to meet and problems to fix, and our group wanted to help out the school as much as we could with our small amount of people. A few months before leaving, we decided on a school block project, which called for the raising of at least $5,000 and a work force of kids that would be able to help construct the building when we got there. With the assistance of the Kuaba Foundation of Indianapolis, our group ended up raising around $12,000. A few nights before we departed, we all stood together in the France Stone Room, nervously filling up each of our supply duffel bags (filled with everything from clothing and school supplies to bubbles and inflatable sports balls) to the 50-pound weight limit that we were allowed on our plane. When we finally arrived together at Muguta Secondary School though, my nervousness vanished. Everyone at the school was so polite and friendly. They had all heard about how we were building a new classroom block for their school, and when they thanked us, I could tell that they really meant it.



This trip exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. Although we worked hard on the construction of the actual school block, we also had tons of fun. One of my favorite moments of the trip was when our group went to a nearby elementary school called Crowhill and did a clothing and school supply distribution. As we were handing out t-shirts and notebooks, one of us took out some bubbles and began blowing them around the kids. Immediately, all of the kids went wild and started to surround us, asking if they could try blowing bubbles in the few English words they knew. For me, it was like something out of a movie. These little kids had never seen bubbles before, and it was incredible how something so insignificant could bring them so much joy. This theme, which seemed to dominate throughout the trip, was displayed to me in many different ways. There were times when we would run out of notebooks and clothing during a distribution and only have a single wooden pencil for each of the kids, but it didn’t matter. No matter what they received, they were excited to have it and endlessly appreciative. It really got me to thinking how good we have it here in the United States. Overall, my experience was extremely positive and I hope to try and recruit a larger group next spring break to make the biggest impact I can for these kids who have changed my life.

ROPA MATEMAVI Ropa Matemavi is Headmaster of the Muguta Secondary School in Epworth, Harae, Zimbabwe. He visited Brebeuf Jesuit in September 2010. Due to the AIDS epidemic, most of Muguta’s students are orphans. As a result of hardships, families migrate to the poverty-stricken town of Epworth. Muguta, a fairly new school, started in 2006 at the peak of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown. It is primarily a “high school,” meaning that the ages of students range from about 14 or 15 years old to 18 or 19. Six hundred and twenty five students attend Muguta; however, there are approximately 5,000 people in the area, and far more children should be in school. The school has only five classrooms for the 625 students, and each classroom has a capacity of only about 40 students. One group of students attends school in the morning, the other group in the afternoon. The biggest area of need was the building of a classroom. So last fall, Sam Pence ’12 began conversations with Jayne During of the Kuaba Humanitarian Foundation in Indianapolis to organize a mission trip to begin building a school block and distribute materials needed by the students of Muguta and their surrounding community. Ropa Matemavi is the Headmaster at Muguta Secondary School just outside of Harae, Zimbabwe, in a poor community called Epworth. He joined the school in 2008, and intends to stay to ensure the development of the school. He expressed his gratitude to the Brebeuf Jesuit students who visited his school last spring. The Brebeuf students not only helped build a class room block and hand out school supplies and clothing, they threw a party for the students with local musicians for entertainment, something the students of Muguta never get to experience. Left: Sam Pence ’12 and Nick Kirkpatrick ’12 Right: Nick Kirkpatrick ’12, Sam Pence ’12 and Kyle Hiller ’12 Bottom Right: Kassie Dobbs ’12, Sam Pence ’12, Nick Kirkpatrick ’12 and Taylor Stevens ’12 with local Zimbabwe students

Thanks to the visit, a relationship was established between the two schools. Frequent communication exists between Muguta students and Brebeuf students, and while there are no plans in place as of yet, Matemavi hopes this is the start of a more formal exchange program.




BREBEUF JESUIT STUDENTS ANSWER A CALL TO SERVE Theresa Willard, mother of Jacob ’09, Mary ’11 and Simon ’13, wrote the below email to President Matt Hayes after witnessing Brebeuf Jesuit students as men and women for others.

Aug. 23, 2010 “A lot of people at Brebeuf know about our family’s commitment to Special Olympics. Today I am writing to tell you about some other Brebeuf students who answered the call to serve some of our community’s most marginalized members – not to fulfill service requirements for a class or an organization, not for the opportunity to travel to new places or experience new cultures, but simply because they were asked. “This past summer, our son David, a Special Olympics athlete on the Autism Spectrum, decided he wanted to play golf with Special Olympics. But to do so, he needed a Unified Partner – a non-disabled athlete to play with him as part of his team. Mary immediately thought of her friend and classmate Jon Osting (Class of 2011), a member of Brebeuf’s State Championship Golf team. Upon being asked if he would consider being David’s partner, Jon didn’t even hesitate before answering yes. Jon worked with David over the summer, spending blocks of his free time on the golf course with David to help him learn the game and improve his skills. Autism is a tricky disorder, but Jon was endlessly patient, never condescending, and ever the positive mentor and friend. David later told me that Jon had changed his life.

NEXT PRESIDENT OF JSEA IS FORMER BREBEUF JESUIT PRINCIPAL The Jesuit Secondary Education Association (JSEA) has appointed Jesuit Fr. James A. Stoeger, SJ, as its next president. Fr. Stoeger replaces Jesuit Fr. Ralph E. Metts, who is stepping down after serving the JSEA for over 22 years. Fr. Stoeger will begin his tenure on Aug. 1, 2011. He was Brebeuf Jesuit’s principal from 1988 to 1996. Fr. Stoeger has been a vice president of the JSEA since 2007. He was Provincial Assistant for Pastoral Ministries and Provincial Assistant for Secondary Education of the Chicago Province for over 10 years. He also served as Chair of the Provincials’ Assistants for Secondary Education (PASE) from 2002-2006, and he was the provincial’s representative to Cristo Rey Jesuit High in Chicago during its first ten years and a consultant to the replication projects. He has been headmaster of Gonzaga College High in Washington, DC; and teacher of religious studies at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati and Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois.



“All of our children play softball on Special Olympics Unified teams. Jake and Simon play on a more advanced team, while Mary plays with her brother David on a lower level team. This year both teams needed additional Unified Partners if they were going to compete in State games, a highly anticipated event for Special Olympic athletes. Again, Mary turned to her friends at Brebeuf. Andy Mattice ’11 and Clark Johnson ’10, like Jon Osting, never hesitated before stepping up to serve the Special Olympic community. Andy in turn asked Brebeuf junior Laura Rudicle ’12 if she would play as well. Again, there was no hesitation. Andy and Laura joined David and Mary’s team, and Clark joined Jake and Simon’s. Every week during the summer they attended practices and games, becoming friends and mentors to their Special Olympic teammates. Yesterday (Aug. 22, 2010) they competed in the State Games, where the teams took bronze and silver in their respective divisions. “It is difficult to describe the joy on the athletes’ faces as they participate in athletics otherwise denied to them. This summer, a handful of Brebeuf kids made it possible. People often ask us what it means to be a Jesuit school, and sometimes it is hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it. Maybe from now on we will just tell them about these four students who unselfishly gave of their best in service to others, just because they were called. “I hope you have a joyful start to the new school year. We feel truly blessed to be a part of the Brebeuf community.”

DID YOU KNOW? • There are roughly 18,000 Jesuits serving

on six continents and in 112 nations. • There are 386 Jesuits serving in the Chicago and Detroit Provinces of the Society of Jesus. • The Chicago and Detroit Provinces operate four universities: John Carroll University in Cleveland, Xavier University in Cincinnati, University of Detroit Mercy, and Loyola University Chicago.


New Vice President for Mission and Identity I am very excited to be once again a part of the Brebeuf Jesuit community. From 2003-2006, I was the co-director of Community Service, and then I left Brebeuf to study Theology at Boston College. After my ordination on June 11, 2010, I have been missioned to Brebeuf once again, as Vice President for Mission and Identity. In my new role at Brebeuf Jesuit, I will care for the spiritual development of the Brebeuf community in general, and specifically in nurturing Brebeuf’s Catholic and Jesuit identity, and how that identity is expressed in its interfaith context. To this end I will assist the Principal in faculty and staff formation, provide a ministry of presence to the students, and act as a liaison between the school and the Society of Jesus. The interfaith milieu of Brebeuf Jesuit is a rich treasure – a blessing to students, faculty and families. This treasure and blessing is not without its challenges – how best to remain faithful to Brebeuf’s Catholic and Jesuit roots? How do we help each student to grow in his or her own faith tradition? How do we best prepare our students for the interfaith dialogue which will be an unavoidable part of their lives in the future? I see this as an exciting, life-giving challenge whose benefits far outweigh the difficulties. I grew up an Episcopalian, and attended a Catholic grade school and a Catholic high school. I went to a Lutheran college (St. Olaf College) in Minnesota, and earned my Masters of Divinity at a non-denominational Divinity School (The University of Chicago). I lived in Thailand for one and a half years, and spent two months in a Buddhist monastery. For much of my life I have lived in ecumenical and interfaith settings. I feel that my life has been made much richer by these ecumenical and interfaith experiences, and I will bring this life experience to bear on my work here at Brebeuf Jesuit. What originally attracted me to the Society of Jesus was its intellectual tradition and its commitment to social justice. These two focuses are wellrepresented at Brebeuf Jesuit. I think of three alumnae I know from my first tour of duty here. Cara Caponi ’04 is starting her third year with the International Program of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, teaching the poor in Perú. Beth Tellman ’05, a Fulbright Scholar, lives and works in El Salvador, and in response to a recent natural disaster, founded an nongovernmental organization dedicated to disaster relief and to helping rural communities better prepare for such events in the future. Then there is Jenna Knapp ’06, another Fulbright Scholar, also in El Salvador, who is doing research on ways to reduce gang violence in San Salvador. The mission of Brebeuf Jesuit is to form servant leaders, leaders who are intellectually competent, and who have a special care and concern for the poor. Brebeuf Jesuit forms young men and women who will use their Godgiven talents to make the world a better a place. The motto of the most recent General Congregation (GC35) of the Society of Jesus was “Ite inflamate omnia” “Go forth and set the world on fire.” May God use this wonderful school to do just that!




Andy Enright ’11

Spring 2010 Sports Recap

Boys Lacrosse

Boys Golf

Kevin Perk ’10 and David McGlincy ’11 were both named Honorable Mention All-State Team by the IHSLA. Joe Demaree ’11 and Jarrod Stein ’11 were both named All Academic by the IHSLA. Alex Gault ’10 and Graham Hale ’10 were both named Academic All-State by the IHSLA.

Congratulations to Coach Ryan Brammer and the Brebeuf boys golf team for winning the state championship! The Braves shot a combined 562 in the two rounds, which bettered second-place Evansville North by six strokes. This was Brebeuf's first state championship in boys golf. Jacob Gould ’11 and Chris Goodyear ’10 were named to the All-State Golf Team, and Eric Ong ’10 was named to the Academic All-State Honorable Mention Team. Coach Brammer was named Coach of the Year by the Indiana High School Golf Coaches Association.

Track & Field In regional competition, the Braves placed 9th out of 27 scoring teams for their highest place finish in five years. Jason Hoard ’11 advanced to State, and finished 12th in the 1600 with a personal record of 4:19, and 25th in the 3200. Molly Winters ’10 and Rachel Whitman ’11 also advanced to state, both in the 1600. Molly finished 15th with a 5:17, and Rachel ran a personal record finishing 16th with a 5:18.


Jacob Gould ’11, Coach Ryan Brammer and Chris Goodyear ’10.



The 2010 varsity baseball team won its third straight sectional championship! The Braves defeated Beech Grove and Chatard in the initial rounds, and then knocked off Roncalli 7-3 in the championship game. Brebeuf's baseball program – freshman, JV and varsity teams – amassed an incredible 53-6 overall record this season. Five players were named to the Academic All-State team (Brad Altum ’10, John Krasich ’ 10, Brendan

Bolander ’ 10, Wes Bruemmer ’10 and Mitch Overley ’ 10), while seven players have committed to playing collegiate baseball.

2010 Graduates participating in collegiate athletics Congratulations to Brebeuf Jesuit’s 24 student-athletes of the Class of 2010 who will compete at the collegiate level next year!

Softball The Braves softball team fell to Chatard in the first round of sectionals. Becky Ilnicki ’10 was selected to the City/County Senior Softball Game, and Ellen Shapiro ’11 was named to the Honorable Mention All-County Team.

Kevin Bennett

Wabash College (football)

Brittany Campbell

Old Dominion (basketball)

Tres Eberhardt

Xavier University (baseball)

Cali Estes

Elon University (volleyball)

Tommy Green

Ball State University (baseball)

Sarah Griffith

The Ohio State University (swimming)

Seth Hensley

Wabash College (golf )

Michael Hannah ’10 and Isaiah Clark ’11, Silver in the Boys Second Four

Ryan Huguenard

Ball State University (football)

Tom Zitterbart ’12, 5th Boys Lightweight 4+

Ali Hussain

New York University (cross country)

Nathaniel Kallmyer ’12 and Michael Hannah ’10, 5th Boys Varsity 4x

Becky Ilnicki

Bluffton University (softball)

Nathaniel Kallmyer ’12 and Isaiah Clark ’11, 5th Boys Double

Jessica Johnson

Washington University in St. Louis (soccer)

Chole Follis ’13 and Lane Williams ’13, 5th Girls 2nd Novice 8+

Daniel Keller

Louisville (soccer)

Bridget Eckrich ’12 and Kaitlin Herd ’ 12, 6th Girls 2nd Varsity 2x

Evan Kroot

Indiana University (football)

Samuel Berron ’12, 7th Boys 3rd varsity 4+

Cody McFarland

SUNY Maritime College (baseball)

Abby Roach ’11 and Kayleigh Geisse ’12, 8th Girls Varsity 8+

Kevin Perk

Washington College (lacrosse)

Alexx Puckett

Coastal Carolina (basketball)

Congratulations to the Winter Sports Chief's Award Winners:

Mitch Overly

Ball State University (baseball)

Tyler Mathews ’10

Boys Swimming

Lauren Rafdal

University of Toledo (volleyball)

Sarah Griffith ’10

Girls Swimming

Lucy Reser

Wofford College (volleyball)

Austin Bruen ’10

Boys Basketball

Gabby Rubenstein

Butler (tennis)

Izzie Rosich ’10


Dakota Thatcher

Wabash College (baseball)

A'Ishah Newson ’10

Girls Basketball

Mike White

Holy Cross (football)

Clark Bockleman ’10


Molly Winters

Indiana University (track & cross country)

Jenny Pence ’10

Dance Team

Michael Witczak

Wabash College (baseball)

Jason Ort ’10


Crew Crew raced against 33 teams from Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Top finishes were:

Congratulations to the Spring Sports Chief ’s Award Winners: Pat Hermiller ’10

Boys Golf

Abby Roach ’11


Michael Hannah ’10


Becky Ilnicki ’10 and Valentine Louf ’10


Eric Bain ’10

Track & Field

Molly Winters ’10

Track & Field

Reggie Gianaris ’10

Girls Lacrosse

Kevin Perk ’10

Boys Lacrosse

Tres Eberhardt ’10


Mike White ’10, Kevin Perk ’10, Gabby Rubenstein ’10 and Brittany Campbell ’10 sign letters of intent




Fellowship through the Lilly Endowment Inc. Her project is called “Masimulizi (Stories in Kiswahili),” and she will travel to St. Aloysius Gonzaga Preparatory School for AIDS Orphans in Nairobi, Kenya, to collaborate with an English and journalism teacher at the school to create co-authored projects for Brebeuf and Kenyan students.




About Our Faculty and Staff Freezell Brown is now the Assistant Principal for Diversity and Inclusion. Over the summer, Latin teacher Rosina Catalan attended the 2010 Classics Seminar in Italy on a grant the Fulbright Commissions of Greece and Italy. And on Sept. 11, 2010, she married Nazmul Kahn. English teacher Gretchen Huntington and her husband, Michael, welcomed Noah James on July 31, 2010. Letha Keslar in the Business Office and her husband, Mark, welcomed Josephine Illingworth on Friday, Aug.13. Social Studies teacher Matt Mayer is now the Head Girls Basketball Coach (replacing Kendall Kreinhagen). Jen Money-Brady ’02 passed the NCE (National Counselor Exam) over the summer, which makes her a National Certified Counselor (NCC). Over the summer, English teacher Sean O’Neil went to Greece for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) Summer Session on a grant from the Bureau of Educational Affairs U.S. Department. Assistant Director of Admissions, Jason Smith, and his wife, Bridget, welcomed Garrett David on June 3. Garrett joins big brother Connor who is 2. Madeleine Smith ’00 (Institutional Advancement) is now Director of Annual Fund. English teacher Dr. Sharon Sperry was awarded a Teacher Creativity






Co-Director of Campus Ministry Mary Ann Wallace was awarded Faculty/Staff Jesuit Secondary Education Association at the Class of 2010’s Commencement Ceremonies. It is given to a member of the faculty, staff, or administration who models the Profile of an Ignatian Educator at Brebeuf Jesuit. Mary Ann was selected because of her open desire to engage fully in the following practices of Jesuit education: animating the Ignatian vision throughout the school community; caring for the individual; modeling Ignatian Pedagogy; and discerning ways of teaching and learning that build community and foster collaboration.

New Faculty and Staff Karen Beck joins Brebeuf as a new addition to the Spanish department. Karen previously served as the Indianapolis Public Schools World Languages Facilitator. Currently, Karen also serves as an Adjunct Spanish Instructor for the Department of World Languages and Cultures at IUPUI. Karen received the ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) Award in 2008 in recognition of her efforts to incorporate Service Learning Programs into the ATHS (Arsenal Technical High School) curriculum. Fr. Michael Christiana, SJ, comes to Brebeuf as Vice President for Mission and Identity. From August 2003 to June of 2006 Michael served his regency at Brebeuf. During his absence Michael has studied theology at Boston College and will receive his Licentiate in Sacred Theology in August, with his thesis entitled: "Touching the Ground: Bridging the Buddhist/Christian Divide.” Michael was ordained as a priest on June 11, 2010, in Milwaukee. Welcome back! Ann Coan has been employed as a dance coach at Brebeuf for several seasons, and we are pleased that during first semester she will teach an elective Physical Education course, entitled Dance Techniques. This is possible thanks to a grant from the Mothers Association. Ann has her B.A. in dance pedagogy from Butler University. She has a good deal of teaching and coaching experience, with areas of expertise including Vagonava and Pointe/Pas de Deux ballet, and West Coast, Luigi and Lyrical jazz. Kevin Dahlstrom is our new Physics teacher. Although Lakeland High School in Lagrange, Ind., is sad to see him go, Brebreuf is happy to have such a talented individual join the staff. Kevin has a background in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering, which in the past has allowed him the opportunity to work with distinguished companies such as RollsRoyce, BorgWarner Automotive, and International Truck and Engine.


Nick Klinger FAMILY:


Wife, Sarah; dog, Wrigley


B.S. in Secondary Education, Indiana University


Almost any type of pasta, but specifically gnocchi.


“Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall


National Museum of American History, Washington D.C.

I was teaching in Detroit as a Jesuit Volunteer and I was on a team of faculty that was asked to plan a day of service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (a day off from school in previous years). Initially the students were all pretty grouchy about losing their day off, but by the end of the day it was clear that the experience was very meaningful. The students had a newfound perspective on MLK and on what it means to serve others. FAVORITE TEACHING MEMORY:


Because we are a Jesuit school. Former Superior General Pedro Arrupe, SJ, once said: “Our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others …” Asking our students to serve populations that are truly in need, to build relationships with the people they serve, and then to reflect on these experiences is essential to the type of education we are called to provide as a Jesuit Institution.



Go for a long run on the Monon.


“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong because it is a wonderful world. WHO ARE THE INSPIRATIONAL FIGURES IN YOUR LIFE?

Cesar Chavez, Archbishop Oscar Romero, Billy Mills WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT BREBEUF?

The students. Be it in the classroom, running with the cross country team, or on a service trip, the students make my job very fulfilling.

Jamie Elkins began her role as Brebeuf ’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement on July 1. Jamie comes to Brebeuf Jesuit after serving the University of Evansville’s Development Department since 1996, most recently as the Director of Development. A graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in interpersonal communication, she has experience in major gift solicitations, planned giving, annual campaign development, donor relations, special event planning, management, strategic planning, capital campaign development and volunteer development. Robin Esteb comes to Brebeuf as a member of the Science Department. She comes from Brownsburg High School where she taught Honors Chemistry and ICP. Robin holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and is anticipating the completion of her master’s degree in education from Butler University in December 2010. Abbie Fulton joins Brebeuf as the new Stewardship and Event Coordinator. Previously, Abbie worked for Clarian North Medical Center in the Marketing and Public Relations Department. Abbie obtained her bachelor’s degree (summa cum laude) from Hanover College. Lisa Heck joins Brebeuf ’s English Department. She comes from Lloyd Memorial High School in Erlanger, Ky., where she taught Honors English I, American Studies (Pre-College English III) and Basic English III. Lisa received her bachelor’s degree in English/secondary education from Northern Kentucky University and her master’s degree in English from Xavier University. Lisa has served in the United States Army where she was named Soldier of the Year in 1995. Lisa, we thank you for proudly serving our country and we welcome you to Brebeuf. John Keele ’00 joins Brebeuf to teach part-time in the Learning Center. John obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics from Indiana University-Bloomington where he also received his master’s degree in mathematics. John comes to Brebeuf from Cascade Senior High School in Clayton, Ind., where he taught Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Probability & Statistics. Brebeuf welcomes Scott McClelland, who has been hired as boys head basketball coach and Assistant Athletic Director. Scott previously served as boys head basketball coach for the past seven years at Morristown High School in Morristown, Ind. Among coaching Morristown High School to sectional championships, the team became Shelby County Champions in 2005 and 2006. In 2007, Scott was named the Shelby County Coach of the Year. Congratulations, Mr. McClelland, and welcome to Brebeuf. Hadley Moore joins the Brebeuf faculty as an English teacher who previously taught at the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy in Baltimore, Md. In the summer of 2007, Hadley became a member of the 2007 Teach for America Baltimore Corps. During that time, Hadley taught students in each grade (9-12) a variety of courses that included American Literature, British Literature and World Literature. Hadley





Husband, RJ (Brebeuf Class of 1997); Daughter, Ellie (2 1/2 years old); and Frances, our 5 year-old basset hound


Brebeuf–1997; Miami (Ohio)–2001 (bachelor’s degree in Family Studies): IU–2006 (masters degree in Social Work) EDUCATION:



I don’t have one favorite book, but I love anything by Jodi Picoult or James Patterson. FAVORITE BOOK:

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a museum other than the Children’s Museum… not that I’m complaining - the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is pretty awesome! FAVORITE MUSEUM:


Serving your community is an essential piece of being a Man or Woman for Others. If we did not have the Community Service requirement, many students would never get to fully experience what that means.



Laugh and have fun


Definitely my parents, for


Seeing how much has changed, yet how much stays the same over the years. WHAT IS ONE THING MOST PEOPLE PROBABLY DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU?

I met my husband at Brebeuf.

obtained her bachelor’s degree in English and classical studies from Purdue University and her master’s degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Education in Baltimore, Md. Debra Ours joins the Brebeuf staff as the new administrative assistant in the Deans’ Office. She comes to Brebeuf with 20 years’ experience in similar roles in Lawrence Township. In her free time, Deb enjoys volunteering with several equine organizations, and is a Marion County 4-H Horse and Pony Leader. Carmen Ramos joins Brebeuf as the new Academic Counselor. For the past two years Carmen served as a 7th grade counselor at DeSoto Central Middle School in Southaven, Miss. Carmen holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and a master’s degree in school counseling from Butler University where she received the Eva Young Wiles Scholarship. Sonny Troutman ’03 is a familiar face at Brebeuf, and is now joining our staff full time in the IT Department as the new Hardware Technician. Sonny is an alumnus who returned to Brebeuf as an assistant boys basketball coach in 2008, continued in that role in the 2009-10 season, and was also frequently here last year as a substitute teacher. Sonny is a graduate of Ohio University, and has a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. Virginia Vasquez Vought will begin her role as Assistant Librarian in August, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to work with students and faculty on academic projects and research techniques, and is also eager to help promote recreational reading. Most recently, Virginia has been employed at the Indiana State Library in Library Services and also served as a Technology Act Grant Consultant there. She has her Master of Library Science and a Bachelor of Arts in English, both from Indiana University.

coming ... fall 2012

50th Anniversary of

Brebeuf Jesuit 1962-2012 more details to come




Dear Fellow Prepster, It is an honor to serve as President of the Brebeuf Jesuit Alumni Board. Somewhere, some former teachers of mine are rolling their eyes, wondering how the duties of such an office could fall into the hands of such a poor student! After all, I did spend more time in JUG than I did on the Honor Roll. Nevertheless, unless I’m impeached, you’re stuck with me for a year. So let me bring you up to date on how your Alumni Board works, along with stating some of the Board’s accomplishments of recent years and our challenges for the upcoming school year! The basic purposes of the Alumni Board are: 1) to foster ties between Alumni and our school, and 2) to help fund special projects that are not covered in the annual school budget. Our Alumni Board has only two fundraising events: The Alumni Awards Night in June and “The Braves Open,” our golf outing, in September. Both of these events are great ways to keep in touch with fellow alumni and to enjoy a value-packed event, while contributing important dollars to fund worthwhile projects. Fifty percent of all net proceeds from our two fundraisers go to the Alumni Legacy Scholarship Fund, which is a need-based scholarship for children of fellow Brebeuf Jesuit alumni. The remaining fifty percent of the net proceeds are available to assist in permanent school facility improvements (scoreboards, athletic field sprinkler systems, alumni memorial plaques and other special projects that will enhance the Brebeuf Jesuit community) and to help assist high profile events (such as special school spirit activities). The Alumni Board also sponsors and selects recipients for four alumni annual honors: • The McCashland Outstanding Alumnus Award honors an alumnus

achieving success in service to others, contributions to profession, business, and civic or social work.

I can’t express enough how much we want YOU to remain connected to Brebeuf Jesuit. We would like to hear from you, and we welcome your suggestions, complaints or ideas. Come on back to Brebeuf Jesuit! You don’t have to have your homework papers in ink and there won’t always be free French fries, but the place still has that warm welcome feeling. Sincerely,

Wally Brant ’67 president, brebeuf jesuit alumni board

2010-2011 Alumni Board president:

Wally Brant ’67


Jenny Keefe ’81

past president:

Phil Drew ’73


Kevin Quinn ’96


Amy Frick Longoria ’92

Brian Brase ’77 Bart Collins ’01 Sarah Dansker Cotterill ’96 Doug Fisher ’93 Matt Giles ’86 William Hawkins ’77 Marty Hill ’70 Grace Ganaden Hineman ’81 Brian James ’99

Jim Kiefer ’66 Chad Killian ’90 Matt Kirby ’97 Kevin O’Kane ’73 Lynn Smith ’78 Jack Woodside ’68 Richard Wynne ’87 Erin Mooney Young ’82

• The Echon Award is given to a current or former faculty or staff

member who best exemplifies the Ignatian principles and values of Jesuit Education. • The Fr. Paul O’Brien, SJ Service Award recognizes alumni for their

long-term and unselfish service to Brebeuf Jesuit. • The Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes up to five individuals and one

team who have made a significant contribution to the traditions and reputation of the athletic program at Brebeuf Jesuit. All former recipients of these unique recognitions are memorialized on plaques throughout the school. It is an impressive collection of Brebeuf Jesuit associates to show off to visitors, parents and prospective new students!

“The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” book discussion The Brebeuf Jesuit Mothers Association invites all alumni and their mothers to join us for lively discussions on the book “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” by James Martin, SJ. The facilitator will be Linda Hegeman who, along with special guests, will lead us during seven sessions spread over eight months: • Sept. 21, 2010

• Jan. 18, 2011

• Oct. 26, 2010

• Feb. 15, 2011

• Nov. 16, 2010

• March 15, 2011

• April 19, 2011



All sessions will take place on-campus in the France Stone Room from 9:30 to 11 am. About the book: The Ignatian goal of “finding God in all things” means that every part of our lives can lead us to God. “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything” shows us how this is possible, with user-friendly examples, humorous stories and anecdotes from the heroic and inspiring lives of Jesuit saints and average priests and brothers, as well as examples from Martin's 20 years as a Jesuit. The traditional wisdom that Jesuits use to help other people in their daily lives is easily applied, but not often explained well to the general public. The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything translates these insights of St. Ignatius for a modern audience and reveals how we can find God—and how God can find us—in the real world of work, love, suffering, decisions, prayer and friendship.

Dedication of Tennis Court 2 to Lee E. Hill ’77 / Saturday, Sept. 11 Lee was a varsity tennis player from 1975 until 1977, and his time at Brebeuf was instrumental in his life and his development as the man he would become. Lee’s life was cut short when he passed away Dec. 20, 2009. Due to the generosity of Lee’s classmates and friends, Tennis Court 2 was named the Lee Hill Court in celebration of his life and his memory. Carla Shaver, MacKenzie Hill and Doug Hill ’82 in front of the Lee Hill Tennis Court

IN MEMORY OF … Christopher J. Lindgren ’77 passed away on March 28, 2010. Chris was the son of Robert D. and Anna Marie (Dwyer) Lindgren, and was the brother to Mary (David) Garrison ’79 and Robert (Pat) Lindgren ’68. Also surviving are his six nieces and nephews. Janet McCarty survives as his companion. For the last four Chris worked for the Zionsville Library as the information technology assistant, and he was a member of Phi Beta Pi fraternity. Ronald A. Polk ’73 passed away on March, 24, 2010. After Brebeuf, he attended Michigan State University and Earlham College, then earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Indiana University. Ron worked briefly in cancer research at the Biochemistry Department at Purdue University. He also worked briefly for the City of Indianapolis in air pollution compliance. In 1989, he began work at Fort Benjamin Harrison. When the Fort closed in 1996, Ron began work at the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), trouble shooting in computer systems operations until his passing. He is survived by his wife Carmen; daughters, Vanessa ’02 and Patricia; mother, Mary Polk; brother, John W. Polk, Jr. and spouse Rita; and halfsisters, Carol Ollison and Gwendolyn Payne. Marilyn Jordan, mother of Christopher Jordan ’85, passed away on April 6, 2010. Guy F. Boyd Jr., father of Gregg Boyd ’72 and grandfather of Kristin Boyd ’01, Brian Boyd ’03 and Heather Boyd ’07 passed away April 3, 2010. Karen Dawish, mother of Adrianna Darwish ’08, passed away on July 19, 2010.


Alumni Weekend 2011 / June 24-25 Friday, June 24 Alumni Awards and Athletic Hall of Fame Reception

Saturday, June 25 Alumni Events and Reunions Reunion classes (classes ending in “1” or “6”): interested in planning your class reunion next summer? It’s not too early to start! Contact Molly Sollie, Director of Alumni Relations, for more information.




1960s After 24 years of private law practice in San Diego representing employees in labor and employment litigation (in solo practice the past 18 years), Michael Crosby ’69 has accepted a position as an administrative law judge with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.


Christopher into the world on Feb 6, 2010. He joins Isaac, Joshua and Adeline. Melanie Chernoff ’97 married Shawn Yesner on May 30, 2010. Amy Malooley ’97 is currently working in the residential real estate industry in Dallas/Fort Worth. Brieann Saxhaug ’97 married John Toste on July 25, 2010. Matron of Honor was Sara (Pryor) Osean ’98. Other alumni members of the wedding party included Christian Saxhaug ’98 and Sarah (Rembusch) Glasser ’97. The couple resides in Fishers, Ind.

Tom Bales ’73 and his wife, Marianne, have moved to Costa Rica to open a new restaurant, Mirador. The cuisine is primarily Italian with a few Spanish dishes. Mirador is located at 4th floor Sea Tower Building, Tamarindo, Guancaste, Costa Rica. IVANCEVICH-HAYES WEDDING



Jetta Hawrluk ’81 and Dallas Boschen ’81 were married on Aug. 28, 2010. Peter Crean ’84 was redeployed in late January after spending a year in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan where he was the Theater Fuel Manager. In May, he was promoted to Colonel, and he and his family moved to Washington, DC, where he is currently the Director of the Army Center for Military History.

1990s Elizabeth (Gabig) Houdek ’94 welcomed Henry Alexander on March 5, 2010. After graduating from Hanover College, Jonas Talkington ’95 spent a year working as a scientist. He then joined the Peace Corps and served in Bulgaria where he worked on ecology, biology and youth issues. While living in Bulgaria, Jonas began to act in American movies filmed in Eastern Europe. He has acted in 39 films and has been a casting director for 25. He works as a speech coach, a legal clearance advisor and an assistant film director, and currently resides in Bulgaria. Jake Kaczmarski ’96 married Carol Bravo on Jan. 23, 2010, in Miami, Fla. Members of the wedding party included: Kathleen (Kaczmarski) Bradley ’98, Michael Kaczmarski ’04, Paul Kaczmarksi ’01, Luke Drake ’96 and Kevin Quinn ’96. Jake is a cardiac anesthesiologist at Baptist Hospital in Miami. Bethany (Lucas) Sullivan ’96 and her husband, Jonathan, welcomed Levi

he works at SAP Americas as a business analyst.

Alex Eble ’01 just started the Ph.D. program in economics at Brown University. John-Paul Felter ’01 was named the 2010 INCPAS Outstanding Accounting Major for IUPUI. HARPER SMITH WILSON

Erica (Smith) Wilson ’97 and her husband, Brandon, welcomed daughter Harper Smith on June 30, 2010 Daniel Worth ’97 completed an American Humanities Certificate in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Montana in 2010. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in intercultural youth and family development, also from the University of Montana. Daniel and his wife, Phoebe, are currently Peace Corps volunteers in the Dominican Republic. Katie (Raker) Ewing ’98 earned her Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in 2009. She currently lives in Charlotte, N.C., and works as a school psychologist in the Lancaster School District in South Carolina. Katie married James Ewing ’98 in 2002.

Brady Hart ’01 married Bethany Brewer on April 24, 2010, in Chevy Chase, Md. He also received his Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology. Natalia Ivancevich ’01 married Gregory Hayes on Sept. 4, 2010, in Land O’Lakes, Wis. Kelli Raker ’01 recently completed her Master’s of Art in higher education and student affairs at Ohio State University. She is a Rape Prevention Education Coordinator at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Ben Bush ’06 married Jennifer in her parent’s home town of Seoul, Korea. Ben just graduated from Princeton, and he and Jennifer relocated to Philadelphia, where

Jenna Knapp ’06 was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. She is currently in El Salvador focusing primarily on the question of gang violence and will study the effectiveness of various violence prevention strategies that are currently underway in Salvadoran prisons and communities alike. Coincidentally she will be living with Beth Tellman '05 , who is also in El Salvador on a Fulbright Scholarship. Leah Sargent ’06 was recently accepted into the Directors Guild of America's Training Program for Assistant Directors (in conjunction with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers). The program consists of job placement on 400 paid on-set days of television and feature motion picture production (credited as DGA Trainee) as well as observational days within the industry and a number of seminars. Upon successful completion of the program, Leah will be eligible to join the Directors Guild as a 2nd Assistant Director. Neil Shah ’06 just graduated from the Georgetown School of Business, and has recently founded Compass Partners (, an organization devoted to teaching social entrepreneurship to college students. Neil and Compass Partners have been featured in national news media.

Lisa (Bennett) Gethers ’98 practices health law at Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis. Cory Hebenstreit ’98 recently earned his MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. He is an investment banker in the Diversified Industries group at J.P. Morgan. Meghan (Green) Webster ’99 earned a master’s degree in architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2008, and is currently employed by Behnisch Architekten in Boston.

Matt Giffin ’06 was recently accepted to Harvard Law School.

Ten Malone ’10 is a student representative at Howard University. Janay Winston ’10 was elected treasurer of her freshman class at Howard University. LEVI CHRISTOPHER SULLIVAN



2010 Alumni Weekend 10th Annual Alumni Awards and Athletic Hall of Fame Reception Alumni and friends of Brebeuf Jesuit gathered in the West Gym on Friday, June 18, to celebrate Brebeuf ’s 10th Annual Alumni Awards & Athletic Hall of Fame Reception. The efforts of the Brebeuf Alumni Board paid off with a wonderful evening for all who were in attendance.

June 18-19, 2010

Members of the 1966 Track Team – Rodney Lunderman ’68, Stu Countryman ’66, Sammy Carter ’68 and Dana Harrell ’67

the honorees of the evening were William J. Witchger ’66 The Fred B. McCashland Outstanding Alumnus Award Denise (Dillon) Perry ’80 The Fr. Paul O’Brien, SJ, “Obie” Service Award Fred B. McCashland The Echon Educator Award athletic hall of fame inductees L. Sherard Clinkscales ’89 Marlin Stewart ’92 Kevin Sumlin ’82 Elizabeth (Turner) Suscha ’94 1966 Track Team Alumni Service Project On Saturday afternoon, alumni and friends met at Brebeuf for a campus clean up event and to help out with a variety of projects around campus including landscaping, cleaning, painting and other tasks as assigned. This was the first year for the Alumni Service Project. Class Reunions

Bill Witchger ’66 and his daughter, Colleen (Witchger) Furey ’94

The Classes of 1985, 1990 and 2000 celebrated reunions this summer. Reunion events included a brewery tour, dinner, dancing and a Sunday brunch. All classes enjoyed seeing and catching up with friends.

Emcee Brian Brase ’77 and Kevin Sumlin ’82

reunion Class of 1985 32


Alumni 5K and 3K Fun Run On Saturday morning, June 19, alumni, friends and current parents and students participated in the second annual Brebeuf Jesuit Alumni Fun Run. The run was held on the Br. Sheehy Cross Country Course, one of the best in the state, which surrounds Brebeuf ’s campus. A special thanks goes to Brebeuf ’s cross country team and coaches, who hosted the event. Runners get ready

Brad Countrym an ’88; Sara Co mpton; Brad’s teacher Layton wife, Eileen; an Elliott ’98 d math

line yes crosses the finish President Matt Ha

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his ily – John ’78; The Dillon Fam 0 ’8 y rr Pe ise en his sister, D

mother, Anna wife, Anne; his

d his wife, Effy Matt Euson ’94 an

Fred McCas hland and B rother Buchm an



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Brebeuf Jesuit Bylines Fall 2010  

Alumni magazine of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Brebeuf Jesuit Bylines Fall 2010  

Alumni magazine of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School