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SESSION FOUR Sterling Silver Lot 1000 - 1226 Thursday 22 March 11am start

Lot 1018



1000 Pair Late Vict/Edw VII S/S Tapersticks with fluted knops on stepped shaped square bases, London, 1900 & 1906, maker T.B. $300 - 400 1001 Pair Geo II S/S Table Candlesticks traditional form with double knopped stems on shaped square bases, engraved crest, London, 1730, maker, James Gould, 16.5cm height $800 - 1,500 1002 Pair QEII Candlesticks plain tapering stem on stepped circular base, maker ATC, Birmingham 1974 $600 - 800 1003 Geo III S/S Salver shaped circular with gadrooned rim on 3 scroll legs with hoof feet, large engraved central armorial, London 1770, maker I.C, 39cm dia. $750 - 1,000 1004 Pair Geo III S/S Gilt Card Trays with engraved border and central family crest on three bracket feet, London, 1789, 17cm dia (overcleaned) $400 - 600 1005 Rare Pair Irish Georgian S/S Wine Coasters with gadrooned rims, lattice and lyre bodies, initialled cartouche, crowned harp and Hibernia hallmarks and makers initials L H, split to one rim, 12.5cm dia. $600 - 1,000


1009 Geo V S/S Porringer traditional circular footed two handled form, with rococco scroll handles and applied leaf decorated border, London, 1910, maker, Lambert & Co (Herbert Charles Lambert), makers name and address also engraved to the base $200 - 300

1018 Vict Scottish S/S Spirit Kettle footed circular shape with swing handle, flaming finial to the lid, embossed floral sprays and baskets of fruit the base with pierced scroll decorated apron on acanthus topped legs on leaf and scroll pad feet, Edinburgh, 1860, maker, James McKay $3,000 - 4,000

1010 Geo VI S/S Jug baluster shape with fluted scroll handle, hand hammered decoration, London, 1938, maker Robert Edgar Stone $300 - 400

1019 Vict S/S Three Piece Tea & Coffee Set neo-classical design, quatrefoil shape, engraved with flowers, swags and cartouche, London, 1871, makers, John, Edward, John Junior & William Barnard $1,000 - 1,500

1011 Pair Geo V S/S Gravy Boats with gadrooned rims, acanthus scroll handles on shell top hoof feet, Sheffield, 1919, maker, William Hutton & Sons, Ltd $350 - 500 1012 Geo III S/S Milk Jug baluster shape with engraved bright cut decoration and initialled cartouche, London, 1812 $150 - 250 1013 Geo III S/S Milk Jug plain oval shape with fluted rim and handle, London 1796 $150 - 250 1014 Vict S/S Melon Shape Teapot with fluted bands, engraved monogram, ivory handle and finial, London 1867, maker Robert Garrard $600 - 800

1006 Geo III S/S Wine Funnel traditional form with clip, split to fluted band, London, 1805, maker, John Emes $150 - 200

1015 Geo III S/S Oval Teapot with bright cut engraved bands and cartouche to each side, London, 1792, maker, Thomas Graham $350 - 500

1007 Geo II S/S Porringer traditional form, fluted handles, part fluted with raised gadrooned band and initialled cartouche, London, 1743, maker, Richard Gosling $800 - 1,500

1016 QEII S/S Three Piece Teaset by Walker & Hall footed circular with egg and dart rim, engraved initials, Birmingham, together with S/P bon bon bowl $600 - 900

1008 Geo V S/S Porringer traditional two handled form with dragon form handles, wide acanthus leaf border, engraved initials, London 1928, makers Garrard & Co $150 - 200

1017 Wm IV S/S Three Piece Teaset shaped circular with engraved foliate and rococco scroll decoration, cartouche with initials on acanthus top scroll feet, London, 1835, makers, Edward, Edward Junior, John & William Barnard. $1,500 - 2,000


1020 QEII S/S Coffee Pot of Queen Anne design, plain tapering form, domed lid and bird form spout, Sheffield, 1970 $400 - 600 1021 Edw VII S/S Ewer neo-classical vase shape, the hinged lid with urn finial, fluted band and circular base, London 1909, maker, Horace Woodward & Co, Ltd. $300 - 400 1022 Vict S/S Sugar Basket neo-classical boat shaped design with engraved bright cut decoration and cartouche with monogram, swing handle on quatrefoil shaped base, London 1873, makers John, Edward, Walter & John Barnard (Barnard & Sons Ltd) $300 - 400 1023 C19th European Silver Chocolate Pot with spiral fluted baluster body, turned ebonised wooden side handle, on scroll legs $350 - 500 1024 Austro-Hungarian Silver Tea Caddy of bombe form, the hinged lid with floral and leaf finial and floral corners and similar outset corners below on scroll feet, makers initials KA. $300 - 400 1025 Set Six European Silver Coffee Cups & Saucers with scroll decorated borders $250 - 350 1026 Set Eight S/S Finger Bowls with a fleur de lys decorated border $400 - 500








1027 Fine Pair Geo IV S/S Circular Salts with shell and gadrooned rims, floral, scroll and cartouche bodies on lion mask legs with paw feet, gilded interiors, London, 1825, maker, Robert Hennell $300 - 500 1028 Vict S/S Mustard Pot cylindrical with hinged lid, engraved foliate decoration and initials, London, 1868, maker, Goldsmiths Alliance Ltd (Samuel Smily), with an Old English S/S spoon $150 - 200 1029 Set Of Four Vict S/S Salts oval two handled shape with pierced scroll, shell and mask decorated rims and bases and bird form handles, London, 1895, maker Charles Edwards $300 - 400 1030 Edw VII S/S Footed Table Bowl two handled quatrefoil shape, London, 1907, makers, Josiah William & Co (George Maudsley Jackson & David Landsborough Fullerton) $350 - 500 1031 Queen Anne S/S Lidded Tankard of plain slightly tapering form, the lid with scrolling thumbpiece and shaped front, raised bands to the base, Brittania standard marks to the shoulder and lid, London, 1702, makers mark of PE with 3 mullets (remnants of old inscription on the front) $1,500 - 2,500 1032 Edw VII S/S Tankard tapering form with banded decoration, London, 1903, makers, Daniel & John Wellby $250 - 350 1033 Pair Geo V S/S Tazza plain circular two handled form, London, 1912 $200 - 300 1034 Pair Geo V S/S Stemmed Tazza circular waved rims, ring handles, Birmingham, 1929, maker Henry Matthews 1035 Geo IV S/S Teapot oblong part fluted shape, lid with flowerhead finial, the spout with mask decoration on scroll topped paw feet, London, 1822, maker Edward Farrell $350 - 500



1036 Geo V S/S Gravy Boat by Mappin & Webb Sheffield 1922, together with pair embossed S/S vase shape pepperettes $150 - 200 1037 Vict S/S Sugar & Cream circular part fluted with shell and gadrooned rims and acanthus topped scroll handles, London, 1894 $150 - 250 1038 Set Six Vict S/S Tablespoons fiddle pattern with engraved crest, London, 1862, maker Chawner & Co (George William Adams) $300 - 400 1039 Set Six Vict S/S Tableforks fiddle pattern with engraved crest to the backs, London, 1862, maker, Chawner & Co, (George William Adams) $300 - 400 1040 Set Six Vict S/S Dessert Spoons fiddle pattern with engraved crest, London, 1862, maker, Chawner & Co (George William Adams) $200 - 300 1041 Set Six Vict S/S Dessert Forks fiddle pattern with engraved crest to the backs, London, 1862, maker, Chawner & Co, (George William Adams) $200 - 300 1042 Six Georgian & Vict S/S Dessert Spoons fiddlle pattern, including a Dublin example, all engraved with crest or initials, various makers and dates. 1043 Five Various S/S Spoons Old English pattern comprising, a pair of Vict dessert spoons and three tablespoons, various dates and makers $150 - 250 1044 Birks 49 Piece S/S Suite Of Cutlery with scroll and shell tops, comprising, a pair of large serving spoons, 3 tableforks, 5 dessert forks, 8 dessert spoons, 8 teaspoons, 7 cake forks, 8 table and 8 dessert knives all with pistol grips $1,000 - 1,500

1045 Danish S/S 108 Piece Cutlery Suite Savoy pattern by Frigast of Denmark, comprising, soup ladle, pair salad servers, large serving spoon, sauce ladle, sifter spoon, cake slice, pair jam spoons, pickle and bread forks, 8 tablespoons, 8 tableforks, 9 table knives, 8 dessert spoons, 8 dessert forks, 8 dessert knives, 8 teaspoons, 8 coffee spoons, 8 cake forks, 8 butter knives, 8 fish knives and 8 fish forks. $3,000 - 5,000 1046 Towles El Grande 1964 71 Piece S/S Cutlery Suite ornate fancy scroll design, includes also carving set, cake slice, salad servers, cheese knife, serving and sifter spoons, sauce ladle etc, in a mahogany canteen, also a small group of plated cutlery odds $2,500 - 3,500 1047 Set Eight C19th Irish S/S Dessert Forks single struck Kings pattern, probably Cork, 1800, maker FS (Reference see Jackson page 718) $350 - 500 1048 Geo III S/S Soup Ladle Old English pattern, London, 1792, maker, George Smith (III) & William Fearn $150 - 200 1049 Geo IV S/S Basting Spoon Old English pattern with engraved initial, London, 1824, maker, Randall Chatterton $150 - 200 1050 Geo III S/S Sauce Ladle Old English pattern with engraved initials, London, 1807, maker, Thomas Hayter, together with a pair of S/S Old English sugar tongs 1051 Three Vict S/S Tablespoons rattail pattern, London, 1888 makers, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, (William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman) 1052 Set Four Geo III S/S Tablespoons Old English feather edge pattern with engraved crest, London, 1776 & 1781, maker, George Smith III $200 - 300 1053 Set Five Geo III S/S Tableforks Hanoverian pattern, London, 1781, maker, Stephen Adams $150 - 250






1034 • 1033









1054 Composed Set Six C19th S/S Dessert Spoons Hanoverian pattern $150 - 250 1055 Set Six Geo III S/S Dessert Forks Hanoverian pattern with engraved crest, London, 1813, makers, William Ely, William Fearn, & William Chawner. $200 - 300 1056 Set Twelve Vict S/S Teaspoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials. $300 - 500 1057 Vict S/S Teapot footed squat circular shape, the lid with acorn and leaf finial, allover engraved foliate decoration and armorial, London 1855, maker, Edward Kerr Reid $400 - 600 1058 Geo III S/S Teapot plain oval shape, Sheffield, 1783, maker, John Love & Co, together with a pair of S/S topped glass condiments $350 - 400 1059 Composed Geo III Irish S/S Sugar & Cream melon shape on a scrolling feet anthemion base, Dublin, 1809 & 1811 $300 - 500 1060 Vict S/S Three Piece Batchelors Teaset oblong part fluted with gadrooned rims, engraved monogram, Birmingham, 1900, makers, Brown & Clark. $450 - 600 1061 Geo V S/S Three Piece Batchelor’s Teaset footed circular shape with embossed scrolling band, Birmingham, 1910 $400 - 600 1062 Fine Quality S/P Banquet Drinks Tray oblong shape with wide pierced foliate scrolling rim, engraved border and central armorial, by H. B. Crouch, Co, Los Angeles, 53cm width. $300 - 500 1063 Large S/P Banquet Drinks Tray oblong two handled with quatrefoil outline. 1064 Large European Silver Mounted Glass Vase two handled mount on tall cut glass body engraved with hobnail cut floral decorated lozenge panels and star cut base, 42cm height. $350 - 500 52


1065 Edw VII S/S Hot Water Jug plain baluster form, the hinged lid with urn shaped finial & rattan bound scroll handle, London, 1909, makers William Comyn & Sons $100 - 150 1066 WMF Claret Jug baluster glass body engraved with flowerheads with traditional Art Nouveau s/p mount. $300 - 400 1067 C19th Sheffield Plate Coffee Pot baluster part fluted form, the lid with pineapple finial 1068 Sheffield Plate Coffee Pot plain balsuter shape, fluted lid with urn shaped finial 1069 C19th Sheffield Plate Chamber Candlestick together with a pair of candle snuffers, tray and a small pair of tongs 1070 Pair Vict Sheffield Plate Table Candlesticks tapering form with gadroon, scroll and shell borders, together with Sheffield plate wine ewer $150 - 200 1071 Pair Edw VII S/S Specimen Vases plain trumpet shape, Birmingham, 1904, makers, James Deakin & Sons, (John & William F Deakin), 24cm height. $200 - 300 1072 Pair Vict S/S Specimen Vases plain trumpet form on circular green onyx bases, London 1898, makers Sampson Mordan & Co, 22cm height $200 - 300 1073 Edw VII Large S/S Sugar Caster baluster shape, the pierced dome cover with urn shaped finial, Sheffield, 1902, makers, Harrison Brothers & Howson (George Howson) $200 - 300 1074 Queen Anne S/S Sugar Caster footed baluster shape, the pierced dome cover with urn finial, embossed floral and scroll decoration, engraved crest, Brittannia mark, London 1708, maker Charles Adams $400 - 700

1075 Geo VI S/S Sugar Caster Art Deco octagonal tapering form pierced lid with carved bone floral finial, London 1938, makers Josiah Williams & Co. $150 - 200 1076 Indian Silver Art Deco Three Piece Tea Set circular footed shape, ornately engraved all over in a traditional paisley pattern, the bases stamped SILVER. $600 - 1,000 1077 Geo V S/S Three Piece Teaset footed circular with egg and dart rims, Birmingham, 1932, maker, T.S $500 - 700 1078 Geo VI S/S Teapot footed octagonal form with gadrooned rim, Birmingham 1937 $350 - 500 1079 Edw S/P Deskstand cruciform shape with two detachable glass wells and central baluster pot, the lid with horse finial, by Thomas Otley & Sons, Sheffield 1080 Edw S/P Novelty Golfing Deskstand oblong shape with gadrooned rim, the well formed as a golf ball with 2 crossed clubs, together with pair S/S topped glass specimen vases 1081 WMF Art Nouveau S/P Deskstand oblong shape with lidded central inkwell $200 - 300 1082 Geo III S/S Deskstand boat shaped with fluted rim, engraved centre with central oval lidded box, detachable inkwell and posset pot on scroll legs with shell decorated feet $200 - 300 1083 Geo V S/S Deskstand oblong shape with D ends, shell decorated rim, two hinged wells on four scroll feet, London, 1913, makers, Elkington & Co $250 - 350 1084 Edw Horse Hoof S/P Inkwell the hinged lid with engraved presentation inscription relating to the Tweedy family of Thirsk in Scotland and dated 1908. $350 - 500


1009 • 1008 • 1007



1085 Geo V S/S Lidded Inkwell on faceted square glass base, engraved inscription to rim, Birmingham, 1925

1092 Wm III S/S Cup circular part fluted shape with beaded scroll handle, engraved initials and date, London, 1699, maker Thomas Parr I, (small split to rim) $400 - 700

1086 Vict S/S Top Inkwell on square hobnail & leaf cut glass base, the hinged lid with engraved crest and motto, London, 1894, maker Brockwell 1093 Geo V S/S Christening Mug plain & Son (Henry Titterton Brockwell) baluster shape, Birmingham, 1921, $150 - 250 together with S/S spill vase by Walker & Hall 1087 Geo V S/S Topped Inkwell on square baluster shape glass base, 1094 Geo IV S/S Milk Jug neo-classical Birmingham, 1923 oval shape with bright cut engraving, initialled cartouche, London, 1827, 1088 Arts & Crafts S/P Hot Water Jug together with pair S/S circular salts tapering form inset with green and $150 - 250 blue enamel cabochons. 1095 C19th S/S Gravy Boat waved 1089 Dutch Silver Cylindrical Tea Caddy rim on shell top legs with hoof feet, with detachable cover, embossed in together with low S/S two handled relief with two panels C18th figures in bowl & Vict S/S circular salt a landscape $100 - 150 $150 - 200 1096 Vict Scottish S/S Mustard Pot 1090 Indian Silver Lidded Bowl ornately cylindrical shape, hinged lid with floral decorated in low relief with a finial, acanthus top scroll handle, continuous theme of running animals Edinburgh, 1851, makers Mackay & in a landscape Chisholm $150 - 250 1091 S/S Sugar & Cream Set footed circular stamped LL STG SIL, possibly NZ or Australian. $200 - 300

1097 Geo II S/S Hot Water Jug baluster form with raffia bound handle terminating in leaf motif, embossed decorations, fluted & acanthus spout, engraved armorial, London 1763, makers Thomas Whipham & Charles Wright $500 - 800 1098 Geo III S/S Prize Cup traditional two handled footed form, engraved initials, London 1804, makers Peter, Ann, & William Bateman $250 - 400 1099 Geo V S/S Christening Mug with dragon form handle, acanthus leaf border, engraved initials, London 1927, makers Garrard & Co. 1100 Edw VII S/S Prize Cup two handled footed form, Chester 1909, makers Barker Bros (Herbert Edward Barker & Frank Ernest Barker), together with small European silver two handled oval salt $150 - 200 1101 Art Nouveau S/S Tea Caddy oval shape, the hinged lid with urn finial, the body with stylized motifs, Sheffield, 1904, makers, James Deakin & Sons, (John & William F Deakin) $150 - 200



1102 Geo V S/S Gravy Boat with acanthus scroll handle, waved rim on shell top legs with hoof feet, Sheffield, 1929, makers, Atkin Bros. $150 - 200 1103 Early C18th Style S/S Bleeding Bowl circular baluster form with pierced scroll handle, maker William (Bill) Hull Cochrane (1927-2015) $200 - 300 1104 Vict S/S Tea Caddy bombe form with embossed floral and leaf decoration on four scroll feet, London, 1896, maker, Henry Stratford, the base stamped with retailers name of Rowlands & Frazer, Regent St, London. $200 - 300 1105 Geo V S/S Bowl By Mappin & Webb plain circular with gadrooned rim, Birmingham, 1923, 17cm dia. 1106 Edw VII S/S Bon Bon Bowl flowerhead form with three embossed panels and stylised animal form supports, Chester 1907, together with plain S/S sugar bowl $150 - 200 1107 Edw VII S/S Bowl plain circular baluster form, London 1903, maker R. H. Halford, together with small S/S alms type dish by Mappin & Webb $150 - 200 1108 Geo V S/S Card Tray shaped circular on 3 bun feet, Birmingham, 1925, together with a smaller S/S card tray. $150 - 200 1109 Vict S/S Circular Card Tray with central engraved crest in a laurel wreath surround, on three ball and claw feet, London, 1875, maker, Alexander Macrae, together with 2 modernist Danish S/P oval dishes. $150 - 250 1110 Pair S/P Dwarf Candlesticks neoclassical design on square stepped bases, together with a pair of S/P candlesnuffers and tray



1111 Pair Victorian S/S Dwarf Candlesticks neo-classical elliptical shape with fluted design, Sheffield, 1994, maker, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, (William Gibson & John Lawrence Langman) loaded bases $200 - 300 1112 Geo V S/S Candlestick plain hexagonal form, Birmingham, 1912, 17cm height, together with a smaller S/S candlestick 1113 WmIV S/S Cream Helmet neoclassical design on square base, London, 1831, maker, John Whiting, $150 - 250 1114 European Silver Bon Bon Basket of neo-classical design, quatrefoil shape, pierced openwork design with swags and cartouche and gilded interior 1115 Edw VII S/S Rosebowl circular footed with castellated rim, London, 1909, makers, William Hutton & Sons, Ltd. $200 - 300 1116 European Silver Beaker with everted rim, engraved French names around the top. 1117 Geo III S/S Christening Mug plain cylindrical with later engraved name and date, London, 1801 $150 - 250 1118 Geo III S/S Sugar Bowl two handled oval shape with fluted rim, London 1801, maker Solomon Hougham $150 - 250 1119 Wm IV S/S Chrstening Mug tapering form with fluted bands and engraved central band, London, 1837, makers, Richard Pearce & George Burrows $150 - 200 1120 Geo III S/S Mustard Pot plain cylindrical with domed lid, London, 1786, maker, Thomas Chawner, with a 1804 Geo III S/S Old English pattern spoon.

1121 Geo III S/S Oval Salt with beaded rim, pierced body on claw and ball feet, London, 1817, together with a cylindrical pepperette and two Old English S/S mustard spoons 1122 Two C19th European Silver Beakers both with engraved foliate decoration. 1123 S/S Two Handled Sugar Bowl oval part fluted shape, together with a S/S two handled table lighter 1124 Vict S/S Milk Jug melon shape, London, 1860, maker Elizabeth Ivory, engraved to the front, Made From Silver Taken From The Imperial Summer Palace Peking Oct 8th 1860. $200 - 300 1125 Pair Edw VII S/S Candlesticks Corinthian columns on stepped square bases, Sheffield, circa 19001910, marks rubbed, maker, Thomas A Scott, (one af), 21cm height $250 - 350 1126 S/P Chamber Candlestick with gadrooned rim, the detachable conical snuffer with flaming finial 1127 .800 Silver Three Piece Cruet Set with part fluted bodies and gadrooned rims 1128 Pair Geo V S/S Pepperettes baluster shape with fluted band, London, 1926, together with a pair of S/S circular salts and spoons and a cloisonne matchbox holder 1129 S/S Circular Powder Box with hinged lid, together with Vict S/S circular salt and bright cut fiddle pattern spoon 1130 Pair Geo IV S/S Tablespoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials, London, 1829, maker William Bateman II, together with pair S/S dessert forks & S/S fiddle pattern dessert spoon. $150 - 250 1131 Two Pairs Geo III S/S Tablespoons Old English pattern $150 - 250




1010 • 1013 • 1012



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1132 Seven S/S Table & Dessert Spoons comprising six Old English and Hanoverian pattern, Georgian & later dates $150 - 250

1142 Set Twelve Vict S/S Teaspoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials, London, 1891, makers, Samuel Hayne & Dudley Carter. $200 - 300

1153 Set Four Vict S/S Dessert Forks fiddle pattern with engraved initials, London, 1865, maker, John Robert Harris $150 - 200

1133 Geo III S/S Punch Ladle with spiral twisted whalebone handle, the oval bowl with inset coin, together with pair Geo III S/S tableforks by Thomas Whipham & Charles Wright, London 1770 & S/S dessert fork

1143 Geo III S/S Punch Ladle with spiral twist whalebone handle, circular bowl with beaded rim, together with a smaller ladle similar.

1154 Set Twelve Vict Scottish S/S Dessert Spoons fiddle and shell pattern with engraved initial, Edinburgh, 1844, maker, Mackay & Chisholm. $400 - 600

1134 Set Six C19th Silver Tablespoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials, stamped AK 13. $200 - 300 1135 Set Five .800 Silver Tablespoons fiddle and thread patterns $200 - 300 1136 Set Six .800 Silver Tableforks with ribbon edge and floral decorated handles, engraved initial, makers mark for C. A. Beumers. $200 - 300 1137 Set Six .800 Silver Tableforks fancy handles with engraved initial Z $200 - 300 1138 Set Six Russian Silver Coffee Spoons with spiral handles and orb finials, stamped MH 73. $200 - 300 1139 Three Georgian S/S Tablespoons comprising, 2 Scottish provincial spoons both Edinburgh & fiddle pattern spoon by William Bateman $150 - 250 1140 WmIV Scottish S/S Sauce Ladle fiddle pattern with engraved initials, Glasgow, 1830, maker Robert Gray & Sons, together with an Irish S/S fiddle pattern tablespoon & Old English tablespoon $150 - 250 1141 Five Vict & Later S/S Spoons of three Old English and one fiddle pattern tablespoons & Old English dessert spoon. $150 - 250



1144 Pair Peter & Anne Bateman S/S Dessert Spoons Old English pattern, London, 1791 with engraved initials, together with another Old English dessert spoon and a pair of Georgian tablespoons. $200 - 300 1145 Set Six Belgian Silver Tablespoons fiddle and thread pattern, the bowls with pointed ends, stamped Bourdon $200 - 300 1146 Set Seven S/S Handled Table Knives Kings pattern $150 - 250 1147 Geo III S/S Meat Skewer top with fixed loop handle, cartouche with engraved initials, London, date letter worn $150 - 200 1148 Four Geo III Style S/P Meat Skewers traditional form with ring handles 1149 Four Georgian S/S Dessert Spoons Old English pattern with engraved initials, various dates and makers 1150 Geo IV S/S Sauce Ladle Old English pattern, together with pair S/S fiddle pattern dessert spoons, teaspoon & European Art Nouveau silver tablefork and tablespoon $150 - 250 1151 Vict S/S Caddy Spoon Old English beaded edge, with scallop shell bowl, London, 1871, together with 2 pairs of S/S sugar tongs. 1152 Four Georgian S/S Tableforks fiddle pattern including 2 Irish forks. $150 - 200

1155 Ten Various S/S Teaspoons all Old English pattern 1156 Pair Geo III Irish S/S Tableknives Dublin, 1800, together with Dutch silver caddy spoon, Old English S/P dessert spoon and a pair of S/P knife rests. 1157 Set Six S/S Coffee Spoons seal top rattail pattern, together with two S/S fiddle pattern mustard spoons & three S/P mustard spoons 1158 Pair European Silver Salad Servers with fancy pierced scrolling handles, together with pair S/S jam spoons, pair fiddle & shell salt spoons & S/P lobster fork. 1159 George Jensen 42 Piece S/S Cutlery Set comprising, 11 dessert forks, 6 soup spoons, 6 dessert spoons, 6 tableknives, 6 dessert/butter knives, 2 sauce ladles, cheese knife, cake fork and 3 teaspoons. $2,000 - 3,000 1160 Seven C19th S/S Tablespoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials, 3 various makers. $300 - 500 1161 Set Four Belgian Silver Tableforks fiddle and thread pattern by Bourdon, together with matching tablespoon. $150 - 200 1162 Pair Of Geo III S/S Tablespoons Old English pattern with engraved initials, London, 1818, maker, Paul Storr $300 - 500 1163 Pair Geo III S/S Sauce Ladles double struck Kings pattern, with engraved crest, London, 1784, maker, Walter Brind $200 - 300









1164 Five Georgian S/S Tablespoons fiddle pattern with engraved crest $250 - 350 1165 Set Eight S/S Vict Dessert Forks fiddle pattern, London, 1842/43 $300 - 400 1166 Eight C19th S/S Dessert Forks fiddle pattern with engraved initials, various makers $300 - 400 1167 Set Four Vict S/S Dessert Forks fiddle & thread pattern with engraved crest, London, 1865, together with four S/P forks $150 - 200 1168 Three Belgian Silver Tableforks fiddle and thread pattern by Bourdon, together with four European silver fiddle pattern tablespoons & forks $400 - 600 1169 Set Six Wm IV S/S Dessert Spoons fiddle pattern with engraved initials, London, 1836, makers, John, Henry & Charles Lias $250 - 350 1170 Compsed Set Georgian S/S Tableforks fiddle pattern, various dates and makers. $250 - 350 1171 Set Four Edw VII S/S Circular Salts with beaded rims on hoof feet, Sheffield, 1908/1909, with 4 salt spoons 1172 Modernist MOP Butter/Jam Dish with applied silver mount and matching spoon and knife 1173 Cased Geo VI S/S Three Piece Cruet Set vase shaped, Birmingham, 1948 1174 Pair Vict S/S Sauce Ladles with scroll decorated handles and engraved crest, London, 1848, together with 6 S/S handled cake forks, five knives, S/S mustard spoon $150 - 250 1175 Pair Modernist S/S Dwarf Candlesticks by Meister, Switzerland, together with pair S/P candlesnuffers



1176 102pce American .925 Sterling Cutlery Suite fancy urn fiddle pattern type comprising two serving spoons, 15 table forks, 15 dessert forks, 15 soup spoons, 14 table knives, 13 dessert spoons, 16 lobster forks and 12 butter/side knives $3,000 - 4,000

1185 Mid C19th European Fine Cut Crystal of two silver handled dishes, domed cheese dish cover, salad & dessert dishes

1177 Christofle 66 Place Suite of Cutlery fiddle pattern comprising, 24 tableforks, 12 tablespoons, 24 tableknives, soup ladle, basting spoon, pair sauce ladles and pair serving forks, in original green faux leather box $400 - 600

1186 Pair Geo V S/S Circular Salts with gadrooned rims and scroll feet, Birmingham 1916, together with octagonal S/P sugar caster & milk jug

1178 Christofle 36 Piece Dessert Set fiddle pattern, comprising, 12 forks, 12 spoons and 12 knives, in original faux alligator skin box. $300 - 400

1188 QEII S/S Toastrack four division, Sheffield,1969, together with small S/S stemmed cup with Celtic design band

1179 Cased Pair Art Nouveau S/P Berry Spoons with fancy scroll handles and stylised floral gilt bowls. 1180 Geo III S/S Cruet Stand with fixed fluted handle, the circular four division base containing two original bottles with stoppers, one with S/S Chilli-Vin label, the other with S/S Cayenne label, London, 1794, maker Robert Hennel. together with four other various bottles $200 - 300 1181 QEII S/S Salver shaped circular on 4 scroll legs with hoof feet, London, 1983, maker, William Walter Antiques Ltd, 31cm dia. $400 - 600 1182 Sheffield Plate Sauce Tureen oval baluster two handled form with detatchable lid, together with an oblong entrĂŠe dish and a pair of circular bon bon dishes. 1183 Two Geo III Style S/P Salvers one with shaped edge and scroll feet, the other with gadrooned rim, together with S/P chafing dish 1184 Edw VII S/S Sugar & Cream octagonal shape with scroll decorated rim and feet, Sheffield 1907

1185a Victorian Ornate Sheffield Plate Bottle Coaster pierced body raised on foliate feet

1187 Pair S/S Specimen Vases together with pair of bon bon dishes with pierced scroll decorated borders

1189 Three S/S Circular Pin Dishes together with small Sheffield plate coaster 1190 Pair Vict S/S Pepperettes balsuter fluted form, Birmingham 1896, together with three small S/S cruets, three salt spoons 1191 Seven Various S/S Napkin Rings of sizes 1192 Six S/S Napkin Rings comprising, two pairs and two single, together with a S/P ring & S/S egg cup with engraved name. 1193 Ten Various S/S Napkin Rings 1194 Geo VI S/S Bowl circular with engine turned border, London, 1937, 12cm dia, together with, five S/S napkin rings and a S/S handled button hook. 1195 Group Small S/S Items comprising, a 3 piece cruet set, oblong mustard pot, 2 napkin rings, also a S/P napkin ring. 1196 Geo III S/S Mustard Spoon Old English pattern with bright cut engraving, London, 1808, together with a boxed S/S napkin ring, pair of S/S thistle top salt spoons & compact













1197 Vict S/S Mounted Leather Chatelaine Spectacle Case with chain and pierced circular belt clip, London, 1876, maker, together with 2 S/S napkin rings, and S/S port and whisky decanter labels $150 - 200 1198 Five Small S/S Items two circular napkin rings, salt and pepper pots & larger circular salt 1199

1200 1201


1210 Geo V S/S Cigarette Case engine turned, engraved initials to one corner and gilded interior, Chester, 1927, together with cased six S/S Old English teaspoons

1221 Set Twleve Vict S/S Teaspoons with scroll decorated handles, together with set six S/S teaspoons with fancy scroll handles 1222 Pair Geo III S/S Old English Sugar Tongs together with two S/P sugar tongs, and a .830 Asian silver caddy spoon

1211 Four Boxed Sets Of S/S & S/P 1223 Set Six European Dessert Spoons Cutlery comprising S/S christening Art Deco style with floral, fluted set, six S/S coffee spoons, six S/P cake and heart decorated handles, with Six Small S/S Items two napkin rings, forks & six MOP handled afternoon grapefruit spoons, fork Brandy label, mustard pot, oblong glass tea knives trinket box & circular pill box 1224 17 S/S Cutlery Pieces comprising, 1212 S/S Paper Knife By Penny Aldred, 13 tea, coffee and salt spoons, three Cased Set 12 S/S Dessert Knives London with hand hammered handle, forks, butter knife & Forks with MOP handles, Sheffield, together with a floral handled jam 1951, makers Mappin & Webb spoon. 1225 Small Collection Asian Silver $200 - 300 Cutlery chiefly spoons, and a niello 1213 Small Group of Mixed Vict S/S handled cake slice. Cased Set Six S/S Gilt Coronation Cutlery fiddle pattern sifter ladle, pair Teaspoons Birmingham, 1936, fiddle pattern salt spoons, Old English 1226 Geo III S/S Punch Ladle with spiral together with a cased S/S egg spoon mustard spoon, pr MOP handled whalebone handle, together with a and pusher pickle forks & bone handled fork smaller example, four Eastern silver dishes Cased Set Six S/S Teaspoons 1214 Nine S/S Teaspoons & Two Forks together with 2 S/P cruet sets. various dates and makers.

1203 Set Six Oak Cased Edw VII Fish Knives & Forks with ivory handles and floral engraved blades & tines, Sheffield, 1904. $150 - 250 1204 Cased Set Twelve Edw Dessert Knives & Forks with S/S collars, the bone handles decorated with game birds $150 - 250 1205 Cased Set Twelve S/S Dessert Knives & Forks with carved bone handles, Sheffield, 1889 $200 - 300 1206 Cased Part Set Edw VII Dessert Knives & Forks comprising, four forks and seven knives, Sheffield, 1907 $150 - 200 1207 Late Vict Oak Cased Four Piece Carving Set with marine ivory handles and steel blades by William S Burton of Oxford St, London. 1208 Cased Set six S/S Art Deco Coffee Spoons by Mappin & Webb, together with a cased set of six S/S handled afternoon tea knives


1209 Cased Set six S/S Coffee Spoons with coloured plastic tops


1215 Five S/S Old English Teaspooons with engraved initials, together with a pair of S/S fiddle pattern sugar tongs. 1216 Set Six Vict S/S Teaspoons Old English pattern, with engraved initial, London, 1896, maker Josiah Williams & Co (George Maudsley Jackson), together with pair S/S fiddle, shell and thread sugar tongs. 1217 Set Ten .800 Silver Teaspoons fancy handles engraved initial Z, together with S/P asparagus tongs and 2 spoons. 1218 Set Six Edw VII S/S Dessert Forks double struck Kings pattern,five Sheffield, 1907 & other $200 - 300 1219 Composed Set Six Georgian S/S Dessert Spoons Old English pattern, all London, various dates and makers $200 - 300 1220 Nine S/S Fiddle Pattern Spoons pair of slat spoons, seven teaspoons, bone handled sauce ladle & caddy spoon.

SESSION FIVE Accoutrements Coins Lot 1227 - 1400 Thursday 22 March 2pm start



1227 Faberge 18ct Gold, Enamel & Diamond Ice Bear Egg the egg is made of 18kt white gold covered with multiple layers of turquoise enamel on a guilloche ground, the egg is crowned with a faceted white topaz and adorned with ice crystals of white gold. The opener is in the form of an ice crystal and set with diamonds (0.17ct) . When the egg is opened you see a mother ice bear with 2 little bears of 18kt white gold sitting on an ice floe of sardonyx. The pedestal is made of frosted rock crystal on a base of polished rock crystal with a golden surround, and comes in a fitted wooden case with original box and certificate of authenticity, limited edition number 24/75. The egg is 12cm height, and designed exclusively for Faberge by Victor Mayer. $10,000 - 20,000




1228 Rare NZ Made 18ct Gold Presentation Cigarette Box oblong shape, the hinged lid with engraved Rhodes family crest and presentation inscription which reads, Presented to Col The Hon Sir R Heaton Rhodes, K.B.E., V.D., MP, by the constituents on his retirement as Member of Parliament for the Ellesmere Electorate after 25 years continuous service 1900-1925. 19.5cm width, 6.5cm height, 10.5cm depth, probably by Frank Grady, Wellington, (For similar hallmarks see Gold & Silversmithing in Nineteenth Century New Zealand by Winsome Shepherd, 1995, Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of New Zealandm page 223) $22,000 - 28,000 1229 Geo V S/S Hip Flask engine turned decoration, Birmingham, 1929, maker, F Burton Crosbee $150 - 200

1230 Edw VII S/S Calling Card Case allover embossed floral and scroll decoration, Chester, 1903, maker, William Neale, in original velvet lined black morocco case $150 - 200

1235 Geo V S/S Cigarette Box plain oblong shape with engraved name and date to the lid, together with a S/S sprial fluted shaped calling card case. $150 - 200

1231 Edw VII S/S Calling Card Case neo- 1236 Geo VI S/S Cigarette Case oblong classical design with embossed ribbon shape, engine turned, Birmingham, and swag decoration, Birmingham, 1951, together with a rattan bound 1910, maker, Charles S Green & Co, hip flask. Ltd $150 - 200 1237 Geo V S/S Calling Card Case engine turned decoration and roundel 1232 S/S Compact square shape with with engraved initials, Birmingham, engine turned decoration 1915, together with an oblong bowed case with foliate engraved decoration. 1233 .800 European Silver Cigarette Box shallow oblong with ornate 1238 Edw VII S/S Oval Trinket Box machine decorated cover with embossed decoration of $100 - 200 cherubs,London, 1901, together with S/S circular jewellery box & small 1234 Edw VII S/S Cigarette Box oblong eastern silver pill box shape, the hinged lid embossed with a lioness, London, 1905, maker, William 1239 Art Deco European S/P Jewel Box Comyns & Sons lobed sided machine turned cover $150 - 250 together with other



1240 Edw Tortoiseshell & Bone Mounted Cigarette Box oblong shape on paw feet. $150 - 250 1241 Vict MOP Calling Card Case traditional lozenge panels, spine with faults 1242 Small Vict Tortoiseshell Purse the top with inset shield 1243 S/S & Ivory Paper Fold with rattlesnake tail style handle 1244 Late Vict Ivory & S/S Pepper Grinder churn shape with three S/S bands, London, maker EB $200 - 300 1245 C19th Irish Bog Oak & Silver Seal the handle with button top and knop and carved with traditional Celtic designs, the seal engraved, Handle Of Bog Oak From Donahadee The Whole Of Irish Workmanship Silver From Co Wicklow To John Martin From John Ward, 11.5cm length $350 - 500 1246 1247

1248 1249

1250 1251 1252 1253

1254 Two Pairs C19th French Opera Glasses both painted in enamels, one with sweethearts, bird and butterfly, the other with floral vignettes (both with faults) 1255 Pair C19th French Opera Glasses painted with classical romantic landscape views, black enamelled 1256 Pair Vict Gilt Metal & MOP Opera Glasses with folding handle, together with a pair of chrome plated folding glasses 1257 Pair Vict Gilt Metal & MOP Opera Glasses together with pair chrome plated folding glasses 1258 Pair Vict Ivory Opera Glasses with silver bands, together with other & pair WWI field glasses 1259 Two Pairs Late Victorian Opera Glasses in original leather cases

1260 Set Six Edw VII S/S Menu Holders formed as a pair of owls, Birmingham, 1905, together with a set of 6 Asian S/S menu holders. C19th S/S Babys Rattle with whistle, $200 - 300 six bells and coral teether $200 - 300 1261 Small S/S Capstan Inkwell together with small pair of circular photo Victorian Fancy Gilt Metal Single frames & pin dish. Lens Lorgnette together with a cased pair of pince nez 1262 S/S Pocket Watch Stand with ornate scroll decoration, together with Pair Art Deco Lorgnettes with an oblong box and pin dish enamel decoration to the handle 1263 S/S Calendar Stand together with Pair Vict Gilt Metal Lorgnettes S/S mounted glass vesta holder & with engraved floral sprays to each magnifying glass. side 1264 Small Gilt Metal & Enamel Pair Tortoiseshell & Gilt Metal Timepiece the front painted with Lorgnettes together with a larger sweethearts in a landscape pair $150 - 250 1265 Vict S/S Key Wind Pocket Watch with a S/P stand Pair Vict Gilt Metal Lorgnettes 1266 Pear Shaped Pewter Hip Flask Pair Victorian Gilt Metal & MOP engraved with armorial crest Opera Glasses with folding handle 1267 Vintage Crocodile Skin Travelling Pair Victorian Gilt Metal & MOP Case the fitted satin interior with five Mounted Opera Glasses with S/S topped glass bottles and original folding handle & red velvet pouch canvas outer case $150 - 200 $300 - 500 1268 Vintage Burgundy Leather Dressing Table Suitcase the fitted interior with mirror and various original brass top glass bottles



1269 Art Deco S/S & Blue Enamel Eleven Pce Dressing Table Set comprising, oblong tray, powder bowl, button hook, shoe horn, comb, oblong baluster shape jewellery box and two pairs of brushes, some enamel faults, Birmingham, 1930. $350 - 500 1270 Vict Rosewood Portable Dressing Table Box the fitted interior with various S/P accessories and MOP handled manicure items $200 - 300 1271 Five S/S Dressing Table Accessories comprising, cherub decorated hand mirror and trinket box and 3 various S/S backed brushed $150 - 250 1272 Small Group S/S Dressing Table Items comprising, a S/S lidded glass powder bowl, S/S top salts bottle, S/S lidded oval trinket box, S/P circular box and ivory glove stretchers, and S/S needle case 1273 Vict S/S Three Piece Dressing Table Set with embossed scroll and mask decoration comprising hand mirror and 2 brushes, Birmingham, 1897/98. 1274 Rare McIntyre Bird Egg Scent Bottle with S/S lid. $200 - 300 1275 European S/S Circular Scent Flask moonflask shape, each side decorated with a cherub on a swing. 1276 S/S Topped Cylindrical Scent Bottle with Derby Imari pattern body 1277 Carved Ivory Scent Bottle & Stopper baluster shape with floral top and bottom on circular base, the stopper with pierced top. $200 - 300 1278 Late Vict Papier Mache Snuff Bottle baluster shape with inlaid gold diaper pattern 1279 French Art Deco Glass Atomiser square baluster form painted in yellow and black and signed DAC.



1231 • 1233 • 1232 • 1230

1250 • 1248 • 1249 • 1251 • 1247

1239 • 1234 • 1236

1255 • 1257 • 1254





1280 Vict S/S & Glass Scent Flask the tapering glass body with engraved floral sprays to each side, Birmingham, 1893 $150 - 250 1281 Vict Scent Bottle with green flashed faceted glass body 1282 Geo III S/S Nutmeg Grater ribbed barrel shape, London, 1808, maker, Thomas Meriton $150 - 250 1283 S/P Meat Skewer formed as a 18th century hunting party and hung with 3 small coins and cherub pendant 1284 Pair S/S & S/P Novelty Pepperettes in the form of Scottish curling stones, the S/S example by Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh 1285 Vict S/S Vinaigrette engine turned, the lid with blank cartouche, maker ES 1286 Geo III S/S Etui machine turned engraving, raised scrolling bands, the top engraved Mr Byles Spitalfields and with his initials to the front also, no interior fittings, marks worn $150 - 250 1287 Vintage Crocodile Leather Wallet with engraved S/S shield to the front together with another leather case. 1288 Collection Seven Vintage Leather Cased Sporting & Other Accessories comprising small outdoor stove, hipflask, mirror, hot toddy glass, faceted glass with drinking glass etc $500 - 800 1289 Early C20th Green Leather Travelling Case all fitted with ten lime green enamel vanity bottles & brushes, with canvas outer cover together with plastic vanity set $200 - 400 1290 Cased Set Six Garrard & Co Shirt Buttons 18ct gold, MOP & coral in original fitted leather case $300 - 500 1291 Selection Assorted Buttons together with thimble, needle case, horn spoons, teak box , MOP game counters etc



1292 Two Pair Art Nouveau Coloured Enamel Buckles together with two pairs of Art Deco buckles 1293 Three Pairs Georgian Steel Shoe Buckles together with a single buckle, 9ct gold collar bar, .900 portrait brooch, two European silver chatelaine clips $150 - 300

1305 Geo V S/S Circular Trinket Box with S/S bladed pocket knife, two S/S thimbles, small S/S & enamel glass salts bottle, button hook and shoe horn 1306 Art Deco S/S & Enamel Vesta Case together with a S/S Masonic medallion, S/P thimble and a carved Vict Stanhope with a view of Littlehampton

1294 Art Nouveau S/S Belt with pierced graduated links the clasps with female portrait medalions

1307 Three S/S Decanter Labels & Chains comprising a matched pair of Vermouth & Brandy Port label

1295 Edw VII S/S Chatelaine Spectacle Case with ornate scroll decoration to the case and oval belt clip, Birmingham, with a pair of pince-nez $150 - 200

1308 Japanese Tsuba with gold floral and scroll mounts on a shagreen style ground. $200 - 300

1296 Two Chinese Cloisonne Carp Pendants in coloured enamels with articulated bodies and silver hanging chains 1297 9ct Gold Thimble with applied shield and engraved initials $150 - 250 1298 C19th Silver Snuff Box octagonal shape the lid and base with inset agate panels, together with an oblong brass snuff box inset malachite panels 1299 Two .800 Circular Snuff Boxes both with engraved initials 1300 Geo V S/S Art Deco Vesta Case engine turned decoration, Birmingham, 1932, together with a smaller engraved S/S vesta case 1301 Chrome Plated Oblong Cigarette Box with glass lid, together with two S/P cig cases, small metal box and snuff bottle. 1302 Pair .800 Silver Wine Tasters circular shape, one with double pierced scrollwork handles, the other with matching single handle 1303 Vict S/S Snuff Box oval shape with hinged lid, allover engraved decoration and initials, Birmingham, 1887, maker, Colen Hewer Cheshire 1304 Geo V S/S Cigarette Box square shape with canted corners, Birmingham, 1933

1309 Fine Japanese Gold Lacquer Circular Box together with snuff box & modern lacquered box 1310 Tumbridge Vesta Box together with tortoishell box & others (6) 1311 Early C20th Patchwork Leather Car Knee Blanket 1312 Jaguar Marmot Full Length Fur Coat trimed with ranch marmot $300 - 500 1313 Art Deco Black Beaded Net Tabard with silk underdress (faults) 1314 Early C19th Floral Embroidered Pink Silk Shawl 1315 WWII English Propaganda Hankercheif 1316 1915 Embroidered Silk Egyptian Souvenir 1317 Two Edw Cotton & Lace Baby Cot Gowns 1318 Three Edw Cotton & Lace Baby Cot Gowns 1319 Vict Net Lace Bonnet with lace lengths, collars etc 1320 Vict Net Lace Veil with fur stole 1321 Edw Cotton Lace Cot Gown & various 1322 Edw Lace Full Length Petticoats with shawl & three later

1284 • 1286 • 1282 • 1285


1275 • 1274 • 1276 • 1278

1293 1289






1245 • 1246




1323 Collection Fans, Scarves with two embroidered costume art works

1342 1927 Gold 20 Francs Switzerland, $250 - 350

1324 Victorian Top Hat with leather carry case (faults)

1343 1927 Gold 20 Francs Switzerland $250 - 350


1344 1927 Gold 20 Francs Switzerland $250 - 350

1325 1887 Sovereign Melbourne mint $350 - 450

1345 1915 Gold Ducat Austria, later restrike, UNC

1326 1891 Sovereign Jubilee bust, Fine $350 - 450

1346 1935 NZ Threepence

1378 1935 NZ Threepence

1347 1935 NZ Threepence

1379 1935 NZ Threepence

1348 1935 NZ Threepence

1380 1935 NZ Threepence

1349 1935 NZ Threepence

1381 1935 NZ Threepence

1350 1935 NZ Threepence

1382 1935 NZ Threepence

1351 1935 NZ Threepence

1383 1935 NZ Threepence

1352 1935 NZ Threepence

1384 1935 NZ Threepence

1353 1935 NZ Threepence

1385 1935 NZ Threepence

1354 1935 NZ Threepence

1386 1935 NZ Threepence

1355 1935 NZ Threepence

1387 1935 NZ Threepence

1356 1935 NZ Threepence

1388 1935 NZ Threepence

1357 1935 NZ Threepence

1389 1935 NZ Threepence

1358 1935 NZ Threepence

1390 1935 NZ Threepence

1359 1935 NZ Threepence

1391 1935 NZ Threepence

1360 1935 NZ Threepence

1392 1935 NZ Threepence

1361 1935 NZ Threepence

1393 1935 NZ Threepence

1362 1935 NZ Threepence

1394 1935 NZ Threepence

1363 1935 NZ Threepence

1395 1935 NZ Threepence

1364 1935 NZ Threepence

1396 1935 NZ Threepence

1365 1935 NZ Threepence

1397 Group of German 5 Reichsmarks 19 total, 1934 - 36, total 7.63 oz

1327 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1328 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1329 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1330 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1331 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1332 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1333 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1334 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1335 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1336 1974 Sovereign UNC $350 - 450 1337 1981 Sovereign in fitted plush case, Proof $350 - 450 1338 1889 Sovereign Jubilee bust, Fine $350 - 450 1339 1873 Gold 20 Lire Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II obverse, gF/VF $250 - 350

1366 1935 NZ Threepence

1340 1913 Gold 20 Francs Switz, AU $250 - 350

1368 1935 NZ Threepence

1341 1915 Gold 20 Francs Switz, AU $250 - 350

1367 1935 NZ Threepence

1369 1935 NZ Threepence 1370 1935 NZ Threepence 1371 1935 NZ Threepence



1372 1935 NZ Threepence 1373 1935 NZ Threepence 1374 1935 NZ Threepence 1375 1935 NZ Threepence 1376 1935 NZ Threepence 1377 1935 NZ Threepence

1398 1897 Rouble Russia, Nicholas II obverse, ** mintmark, aF 1399 Small box of mostly Italian Silver including 1873 & 79 5 Lire, assorted 500 Lire commemoratives, 25 coins 1400 20g Fine Gold Bar $800 - 1,200

SESSION SIX Jewellery Lot J1 - J360 Thursday 22 March 4pm start

lot J63




J1 J2





Victorian 18ct Pearl & Diamond Cluster Ring central natural pearl with surround of rose cut diamonds ‘17 Replacement $2,770 $500 - 800 Victorian 18ct Emerald & Diamond Ring central mixed cushion cut light green emerald with six Swiss cut shoulder diamonds ‘17 Replacement $7,560 $1,800 - 2,200 9ct & Palladium Three Stone Diamond Ring raised double claw set round brilliant cuts 0.61cts, 0.48cts (2) ‘17 Replacement $12,500 $1,600 - 2,000





18ct Five Stone Diamond London Bridge Ring scroll gallery set old European cuts approx 2.55cts tdw (one diamond chip missing) ‘16 Ins $23,200 $5,000 - 6,000

18ct White Gold Eleven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring raised cage claw set old European cut diamonds central stone 1.00cts, ten approx 0.98cts tdw ‘17 $Ins $17,650 $6,000 - 8,000

All Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring four claw set modern round brilliant cut approx 3.25cts with two shoulder pear shaped brilliant cut diamonds 0.62cts tdw ‘17 Replacement $92,000 $35,000 - 40,000






All Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring double corner claw set round modern brilliant cut approx 2.00cts with two pear shaped brilliant cut shoulder diamonds 0.40cts tdw, shank pave set with 66 diamonds approx 0.68cts ‘18 Replacement $59,000 $20,000 - 24,000 18ct 15stone Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring central octagonal step cut bright green emerald with surround of brilliant cuts, 0.686 tdw ‘17 Ins $33,740 $12,000 - 14,000 Pair All Platinum Diamond Stud Earrings each four claw set round brilliant cut, approx. 0.35cts, pierced ‘17 Replacement $13,900 $4,000 - 4,500




Pair 14ct White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings each of round modern brilliant cut, approx 1.72cts tdw ‘17 Ins $9,500 $2,500 - 3,000


Pair 14ct White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings each of round modern brilliant cut, approx 1.31cts tdw ‘17 Ins $7,250 $2,000 - 2,500


All Platinum Rubellite & Diamond Cluster Ring central round rub over deep red rubellite, modern channel set surround of diamonds with six shoulder diamonds, approx. 1.05cts tdw ‘06 Ins $11,370 $3,500 - 4,000


Tiffany & Co All Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring raised six claw set round brilliant cut, approx 2.07cts ‘15 Ins $81,000 $30,000 - 34,000 Cartier 18ct Yellow Gold Citrine Dress Ring oval cut citrine in rub over mount, ltd ed no E94194 in original box ‘99 Cartier Ins 3,200 UKP $3,000 - 3,500 Piaget 18ct Set of Three Cirtakis Band Rings interchangeable bands of solitaire diamond oval brilliant cut, approx 0.33cts & other of single mid blue sapphire oval mixed cut approx 0.54cts ‘99 Ins 5,160 UKP $6,000 - 8,000 18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum Gents Solitaire Diamond Dress Ring box set round brilliant cut approx 1.00cts ‘18 Replacement $22,000 $5,000 - 6,000 All Platinum 28stone Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Band continuously channel pave set baguette cuts. Approx 2.52cts tdw, approx 3.3cts total sapphire weight ‘18 Replacement $18,000 $4,000 - 6,000 All Platinum 3stone Diamond & Sapphire Ring central oval deep blue sapphire approx. 1.95cts, with two asscher cut diamonds, approx 1.02cts tdw ‘18 Replacement $22,500 $6,000 - 7,000


















J19 J20









Unmounted Ruby oval mixed cut bright red ruby, 3.12cts ‘18 Replacement $28,000 $6,000 - 8,000 Pair Late C19th 18ct White Gold Diamond Pendant Brooches fancy pear drop set with rose cut diamonds, converted to brooches from earrings ‘17 Indemnity $2,400 $800 - 1,000 Art Deco 14ct Diamond Brooch fancy rectangular bar set with central band of six early brilliant cut diamonds approx 1.44cts tdw with scattered rose and Swiss cut diamonds ‘17 Indemnity $5.050 $1,600 - 1,800 Victorian Gold Renaissance Revival Pendant formed as two peacocks studded with emeralds, diamonds, rubies, sapphires & natural pearls $3,000 - 4,000 Edwardian 9ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Brooch fancy panel design set with two large deep blue sapphires, all scattered with old cut diamonds ‘02 Ins $13,000 $3.500 - 4,000 18ct Amethyst & Diamond Brooch large single bright purple amethyst with shoulder of six diamonds, textured bamboo stem & leaf cross over frame ‘13 Ins $3,530 $1,500 - 1,800 18ct Jade & Diamond Bar Brooch central bright green oval jade panel with surround of 30 single cut diamonds ‘02 Ins $5,500 $1,500 - 1,800 Early-Mid C19th Gold (18ct) Garnet Bracelet eight graduating lozenge cabochon garnets set in ornate scroll work linked frames $2,000 - 3,000 Vintage 18ct Rose Quartz Bracelet four deep pink rose quartz cabochon gems interspaced with fancy filigree panels $1,200 - 1,500




J30 J31





18ct 9stone Star Ruby Bracelet claw set rubies highlighted with four panels each with three brilliant cut diamonds, multi circular bracelet $2,500 - 3,000 Late C19th European 18ct & Silver 24stone Sapphire & Diamond Bracelet hinged Rococo style panels set with sapphires & articulated rose cut diamonds (one diamond missing) ‘17 Ins Indemnity $2,400 $800 - 1,000 14ct Tricolour Bracelet fancy pattern wide mesh style ‘16 Ins $9,000 $2,500 - 3,000 18ct White Gold Diamond Bracelet 18 channel set round brilliant cut diamonds, approx. 3.61cts tdw ‘18 Ins $28,000 $8,000 - 10,000 18ct White Gold 31stone Diamond & Ruby Necklace fancy rail design on modern wheatsheaf pattern chain ‘16 Ins $5,500 $1,200 - 1,600 18ct Ilias Lalaournis 22stone Diamond Pendant design of circle & squares each claw set with single diamonds on trace link chain ‘15 Ins $25,600 $5,500 - 6,000 Art Nouveau 18ct 6stone Ruby & Diamond Enamel Pendant scrolling enamel frame holding three old European cut diamonds & three rubies on 14ct chain ‘15 Ins $12,000 $3,000 - 3,500 All Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring raised four claw set round modern brilliant cut, approx. 1.52cts together with 17stone diamond eternity band ‘16 Ins 37,500 (solitaire only) $12,000 - 14,000





J40 J41 J42 J43


18ct White Gold 3stone Diamond Bridge Ring raised claw round modern brilliant cuts, approx 1.80cts tdw with 56 diamonds studded to claw mounts and shoulders ‘17 Ins $19,500 $7,000 - 8,000 18ct 32stone Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring central pear shape Ceylon blue sapphire surrounded by swirls all channel set baguette cut diamonds ‘15 Ins $24,000 $8,000 - 9,000 All Platinum 3stone Diamond Ring centre brilliant cut diamond 0.403cts, G near colourless with 18ct Rose Gold 9stone diamond wedding band ‘14 Ins $5,500 & ‘15 Ins $1795 $3,000 - 3,500 18ct & Palladium 7stone Diamond Cluster Ring floret star burst design old mine cut diamonds, approx. 1.452cts tdw ‘17 Ins Replacement $7,450 $1,500 - 1,800 22ct 4stone Diamond Ring raised four claw modern setting with wide shoulders, approx. 0.824cts tdw ‘17 Replacement $8,150 $2,000 - 2,500 18ct 4stone Diamond Ring raised four claw modern setting with wide shoulders, approx. 0.936cts tdw ‘17 Replacement $9,430 $2,500 - 2,800 18ct 5stone Diamond Bridge Ring modern claw set round brilliant cuts approx. 0.984cts tdw ‘127 Replacement $3,910 $1,000 - 1,400 All Platinum Zircon & Diamond Cluster Ring round brilliant cut aqua blue zircon with surround of 32 single cut diamonds ‘17 Ins $8,000 $1,500 - 2,000 9ct Blue Topaz & Diamond Dress Ring three mixed cut glacial blue topaz, central pave set diamond surround $1,000 - 1,200










J46 J47 J48

J49 J50 J51 J52




9ct White Gold Blue Jade Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco Style Ring circular jade panel supporting gems with gadrooned frame $600 - 800 18ct Single Cultured Pearl Ring 8.8mm pearl set with two shoulder diamonds ‘02 Ins $1,700 $500 - 600 18ct 3stone Diamond Ring crown claw set, early brilliant cuts, approx. 0.60cts tdw ‘17 Replacement $5,370 $1,200 - 1,500 18ct White Gold Diamond Fancy Band Ring 18 baguette channel set with surround of brilliant cuts, approx. 1.05cts tdw ‘16 Retail $6,600 $2,500 - 3,000 18ct 5stone Diamond Bridge Ring scroll claw set old European cuts ‘16 Retail $5,000 CDN $1,200 - 1,600 18ct 5stone Diamond Bridge Ring scroll claw set old European cuts ‘17 Replacement $4,200 $800 - 1,000 18ct 10stone Diamond Modern Band Ring rub over baguette cut diamonds ‘04 Replacement $4,500 $800 - 1,000 18ct White Gold 24stone Diamond Eternity Band continuously box set, approx. 0.60cts tdw $600 - 800 18ct Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring central rub over oval ruby with surround of channel set diamonds & baguette cut rubies ‘12 Ins $4,260 $1,200 - 1,500 14ct Ruby & Diamond Ring central rub over natural ruby with 16 shoulder diamonds ‘12 Ins $3,780 $800 - 1,000


J55 J56 J57



J60 J61



14ct 7stone Ruby & Diamond Band Ring modern pave set rubies with two pointer diamonds ‘12 Ins $2,060 $500 - 600 Pair 18ct White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings asscher square cut diamonds, approx. 0.60cts tdw ‘15 Ins $4,400 $1,500 - 1,800 Pair 18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Pendant Earrings removable pendants on plain hoops, all pave set with diamonds, central diamond round brilliant cut approx. 0. 42cts each ‘17 Ins $6,000 $1,800 - 2,000 Pair 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings central gypsy set diamond with surround of channel set diamonds, approx. 0.38cts tdw $1,000 - 1,200 18ct White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Art Deco Style Ring seven bright blue sapphires surrounded by frame of modern brilliant cuts ‘14 Retail $3,200 $1,500 - 1,800

J64 J65 J66

J67 J68 J69


14ct White Gold 3stone Tanzanite & Diamond Ring cross over set with matching curved band $600 - 800

Victorian Grand Tour Italian Pink Coral Bead Necklace matching bracelet, pendant earrings & pendant of large single coral framed with seed & half pearls $800 - 1,200

Victorian Coral Bead Necklace with double flower head pendant, pair urn carved coral earrings and acorn earrings $400 - 600 14ct & 18ct Hunting Jewellery Suite design of oak leaf & acorns mounted with deer teeth consisting of multi chain & panel necklace, bracelet, pendant, stick pin, his & hers dress rings $3,000 - 5,000


J72 J73


Late C19th Gold & Enamel Cuff Links & Studs decorated with lap dog portraits on chased ground $400 - 800 Late C19th Gold Tile Brooch painted with portrait of reclining dog on cushion (some faults) $200 - 300 Cultured Pearl Uniform Five Strand Necklace on fancy 18ct articulated floret clasp set with three emeralds and diamond chips $1,000 - 1,500 Cultured Pearl Graduated Single Strand Necklace .800 silver gilt heart clasp $100 - 200 Imitation Pearl Graduated Single Strand Necklace in original box Goldsmiths & Silversmith, Glasgow $100 - 150 Renaissance Revival Gold & Silver Pendant Brooch foliate design set with early brilliant cut diamonds, rose cuts, eight emerald cut emeralds, four Baroque pearls $800 - 1,400 Mid C20th 18ct Sunburst Brooch central cultured pearl with five rubies, blue enamel highlights $600 - 800 18ct Spray Brooch central tourmaline with 16 single cut diamond ribbon, two cultured pearls ‘16 Ins $4,000 $1,000 - 1,200 18ct & Platinum Cultured Pearl Bar Brooch with six brilliant cut shoulder diamonds ‘16 Ins $2,600 $500 - 600 Early C20th European 9ct and Silver 47stone Diamond Circle Brooch open fancy design set with old diamonds $800 – 1,000 18ct Ruby & Diamond Bar Brooch cross over design set with central round ruby, two old European cut diamonds & 28 single cut diamonds ‘14 Replacement $5,000 $1,200 - 1,500





























J77 J78 J79





18ct White Gold & Platinum Art Deco Bar Brooch central three pearls, the lozenge bar all pave set with diamonds & four green garnets ‘14 Replacement $3,200 $1,000 - 1,200 Victorian Double Strand Garnet Bead Necklace finely faceted beads interspaced with gold beads & panel clasp $700 - 1,000 Single Strand Amethyst Bead Necklace finely faceted uniform spherical beads $500 - 600 Green Peridot Nugent Form Necklace with two matching bracelets $200 - 300 Single Strand Lozenge Black Pearl Necklace each pearl banded with diamante, matching bracelet & earrings $800 - 1,000 Pasquale Bruni Diamond Heart Pendant ‘Prato Fiorito’ Flowers in the Meadow Collection in 18ct white gold 353 1.88cts of diamonds, made in Italy on fine chain ’17 Ins $24,000 $5,000 - 6,000 Pasquale Bruni Diamond Heart Pendant in 18ct 89 1.17cts of diamonds, made in Italy on fine chain ’17 Ins $18,300 $4,000 - 5,000 Piero Milano Mimosa Collection Diamond Tennis Bracelet articulated claw link 59 1.89cts of diamonds in 18ct white gold, made in Italy ’17 Ins $11,100 $3,000 - 4,000 Piero Milano Diamond Band Ring articulated link set with 19 diamond in 18ct white gold matching above lot ’17 Ins $4,500 $1,400 - 1,600

J84 J85

J86 J87

J88 J89

J90 J91 J92

Diamond Bangle channel set 35 princess cut diamonds 1.40cts in 18ct yellow gold and platinum ’17 Ins $11,900 $2,600 – 3,000 Pair 18ct 26stone Diamond Hoop Earrings pierced, channel set round brilliant cuts similar matching to above lot ’17 Ins $5,500 $1,200 - 1,500 Diamond Bangle oval profile rubover set four round brilliant cut diamonds 1.00cts in 18ct white gold ’17 Ins $13,700 $2,800 - 3,500 Pasquale Bruni Avant Garde Collection Pendant in 18ct white gold single blue topaz cabochon cut with surround of 28 0.35cts of diamonds, made in Italy on fine chain ’17 Ins $10,100 $2,000 - 2,500 Pasquale Bruni Earrings matching above lot, pierced ’17 Ins $6,500 $1,200 - 1,500 Pasquale Bruni Amethyst & Diamond Pendant Drop Earrings each of cabochon amethyst mounted with diamond clusters ’17 Ins $9,500 $2,000 - 2,500 18ct Collar Necklace rounded wheat link with black pearl drop pendant, 13.5mm mounted with 18ct ’17 Ins $3,000 and $3,500 $1,200 - 1,500 Pair 18ct Black Pearl Pendant Hoop Earrings pierced, matching to above lot ’17 Ins $2,470 $600 - 800 Chopard 18ct Trace Link Neck Chain 44cm ’17 Ins $5,900 $800 - 1,200



J95 J96

J97 J98

J99 J100 J101 J102



Chaumet Mini Liens Pendant cross design set with 10 diamonds in 18ct rose gold on fine chain, made in France ’17 Ins $4,200 $1,000- 1,200 Chaumet Liens Heart Pendant black ceramic heart with 18ct white gold diamond cross over setting on braid, made in France ’17 Ins $3,500 $500 - 600 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring six claw set round brilliant cut 0.60cts with 18ct plain wedding band ’17 Ins $6,150 and $1,100 $2,500 - 3,000 Chaumet ‘Liens’ Collection Diamond Dress Ring wide rounded band with six diamonds in 18ct rose gold ’17 Ins $6,100 $1,500 - 1,800 Chaumet Diamond Band Ring individual hexagonal box setting of 28 diamonds in 18ct rose gold ’17 Ins $5,100 $1,800 - 2,000 Pasquale Bruni 18ct White Gold Fancy Band Ring design of seven hearts each set with pink sapphire and eight diamonds ’17 Ins $4,700 $1,400 - 1,600 18ct Diamond Band three emerald cut diamonds (faults) ’17 Ins $3,500 $850 - 1,000 18ct White Gold 10stone Diamond Eternity Band ’17 Ins $2,120 $550 - 600 18ct White & Yellow Gold 10stone Diamond Eternity Band ’17 Ins $1,500 $400 - 500 Garavelli Pair 18ct White Gold 76stone Diamond Set Hoop Earrings pierced, made in Italy ’17 Ins $8,600 $2,200 - 2,500





















J112 J103 Pair 18ct 104stone Diamond Set Half Hoop Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $10,950 $3,000 - 3,500

J110 Pair Louis Vuitton Monogram Clear Resin Hoop Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $550 $100 - 200

J104 Pair 14ct Mabe Pearl Stud Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $3,500 $800 - 1,000

J111 Tiffany & Co ‘Key to My Heart’ Pendant 18ct key with Tiffany 18ct white gold ‘Crown Key’ diamond pendant on 18ct chain ‘18 Ins $2,900 and $3,250 $2,500 - 3,000

J105 18ct Interchangeable Hoop Earring Collection of plain hoops with large and small Mabe pearl heart shape pendants, plain ball drops, pierced ’17 Ins $5,700 $1,200 - 1,500 J106 Pair 18ct Curved Loop Quarter Hoop Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $2,300 $500 - 600 J107 Pair 18ct Twist Hoop Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $3,220 $600 - 800 J108 Pair 18ct Small Hoop Earrings each set with five diamonds, pierced ’17 Ins $2,000 $500 - 600 J109 Pair Louis Vuitton Pomme d’Amore Lock Me Earrings pierced ’17 Ins $650 $100 - 200




J112 Christian Dior Blue Diorissimo Leather Tote near new, purchased 2016 with paperwork & dust bag ‘16 Retail $5,300 NZD $1,000 - 1,500 J113 Christian Dior Cobalt Blue Cannage Quilted New Lock Wallet on chain, near new with dust bay ‘16 Retail $1,800 NZD $300 - 600






Franck Muller Cintree Curvex Classic Automatic Gents Wrist Watch in 18ct rose gold, no 1923, silvered guilloche dial, black Arabic numerals date window applied works ‘Franck Muller Geneve Platinum Rotor’ on brown alligator strap ‘18 Replacement $22,000 $5,000 - 7,000 Piaget Tonneau Series 18ct & Diamond Ladies Wrist Watch automatic wind, MOP dial with double surround of pave set diamonds on fabric strap, model GOA27063 with original fitted case ‘17 approx. retail $26,000 $6,000 - 8,000 Maurice Lacroix Stainless Steel Calendrier Retrograde Gents Wrist Watch hand wind with three movements on .925 silver dial, see through sapphire crystal back on leather strap with case #76840 Approx Retail Replacement $14,000 $5,000 - 6,000 IWC Stainless Steel Schaffhausen Chronograph Gents Wrist Watch automatic wind silvered dial with two movements and outer seconds dial on leather strap #2678159 Approx Retail Replacement $12,950 $4,000 - 5,000 Rolex All 18ct Rolex Oyster Perpetual Gents Wrist Watch automatic wind day date movement on integral bracelet strap $10,000 - 12,000 Cartier All 18ct Tank Française Ladies Wrist Watch automatic wind on integral bracelet strap with packaging and certificates $6,000 - 8,000 Cartier 18ct & Diamond Elisee Ladies Wrist Watch automatic wind square dial pave set with diamonds on Cartier leather strap, plated buckle with packaging certificates ’17 Replacement $24,000 $4,000 - 6,000

























J121 Omega All 18ct Ladies Wrist Watch automatic wind silvered circular dial on integral bracelet strap $4,000 - 6,000 J122 Omega All 18ct White Gold Ladies Dress Wrist Watch circular silvered dial with surround of 20 brilliant cut diamonds on integral textured strap $800 - 1,200 J123 J124





All 14ct Ladies Cocktail Wrist Watch hand wind silvered square dial on mesh strap $700 - 900 Omega Stainless Steel Classic Pocket/Wrist Watch hand wind white enamel dial with Arabic numerals see through crystal back on leather strap #6035762 $500 - 800 Longines Stainless Steel Classic Pocket/Wrist Watch hand wind white enamel dial with Arabic numerals see through crystal back on leather strap #2167907 $500 - 800 Chopard La Strade Stainless Steel Dress Wrist Watch automatic wind rectangular dial on leather strap #697643 ’17 Replacement $2,250 $500 - 600 Chaumet, Paris Class One Model Stainless Steel Dress Wrist Watch automatic wind circular dial with black enamel panels interspaced with 13 brilliant cut diamonds ’17 Replacement $2,500 $500 - 600


J128 Issey Miyake Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Wrist Watch designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, black enamel circular dial with four movements $300 - 500 J129 Longines Les Grandes Classiques Gold Stainless Steel Wrist Watch automatic circular dial on integral bracelet strap $300 - 500 J130 Zenith 18ct Open Face Lever Wind Pocket Watch Grand Prix Paris 1900 with mop dial, Arabic numerals and seconds movement on fancy albert chain with case $1,000 - 1,500 J131 18ct Hunter Cased Lever Wind Chronograph Pocket Watch white dial with two subsidiary movements, two swept hands, B & Co #129923 ’14 Value $6,850 $1,800 - 2,200 J132 14ct Open Face Lever Wind Fob Watch fancy dial, engraved and enamel outer cover with bow brooch, original case (missing hanging ring) $350 - 500 J133 9ct Open Face Lever Wind Fob Watch gilt dial with engraved back cover, original case $250 - 350 J134 9ct Open Face Key Wind Small Pocket Watch foliate gilt dial with enamel beauty portrait to back cover (slight enamel faults) with original box $300 - 500


J135 Art Deco All Platinum Diamond Ladies Cocktail Wrist Watch hand wind rectangular dial with pave set diamond frame on integral strap linked panel design all set with diamonds $800 - 1,200 J136 Art Deco 14ct White Gold Diamond Ladies Cocktail Watch rectangular dial with diamond surround converted to fob watch on s/s bow brooch $200 - 400 J137 Early C20th 9ct Cased Ladies Wrist Watch silvered round dial in squared case $100 - 150 J138 Early C20th 9ct Cased Ladies Wrist Watch circular dial with roman numerals together with other gold plated $100 - 150 J139


Omega Automatic Wind Seamaster Wrist Watch Titane quartz on titanium/gold bracelet strap in unisex size $300 - 500 9ct Manual Wind Gents Wrist Watch plain silvered dial Arabic numerals for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co., London presentation Thames Board Mills Ltd, 25 Years Service $200 - 300

J141 Victorian 9ct Rail Link Albert Chain with boar tusk pendant attached (clip and ‘T’ bar plated) $700 - 900 J142 Victorian 9ct Tiger Eye Rail Link Albert Chain with gold stone compass fob attached (clips plated) $200 - 300
















J143 9ct Uniform Curb Link Albert Chain $800 - 1,200 J144 Victorian 15ct Trace Link Muff Chain with memorial hair locket attached $600 - 800 J145 Late Victorian Fancy Gold Plated Muff Chain with sovereign case attached $150 - 250 J146 Pair 1926 Sovereign Cuff Links $800 - 1,000 J147 Pair 9ct Cuff-Links oval panels applied with trout and engraved initials in Asprey box $150 - 300 J148 Pair 14ct Plain Cuff-Links with pair 9ct greenstone panel cuff-links $150 - 300 J149 Mid C20th Norway Sterling CuffLinks two other pairs with boxed shirt studs and quartz tie-tack $100 - 150 J150 Pair 9ct Cuff-Links oval panels with boxed Mikimoto pearl and tortoise shell cuff-links and three shirt studs (fault to one cuff-link) $150 - 250 J151 Pair 9ct Cuff-Links machined engraved and initialled oval panels $100 - 200 J152 Pair 9ct Cuff-Links engraved panels dated 1958 $100 - 200 J153 14ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring raised four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.70cts with eight channel set shoulder diamonds ’16 Ins $4,500 $1,000 - 1,200 J154 14ct White Gold Seven Stone Floret Cluster Ring six claw raised cage set with ten channel set shoulder diamonds, round brilliant cuts approx 0.66ct tdw ’17 Ins $3,600 $600 - 700



J155 18ct 25stone Diamond Marquise Cluster Ring dome claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.50cts tdw ’17 Ins $3,500 $500 – 600


J156 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring crown claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.20cts ’17 Ins $3,150 $500 - 600


J157 18ct Five Stone Emerald & Diamond Bridge Ring raised claw set ’17 Ins $3,350 $500 - 600


J158 18ct Four Stone Diamond Modern Cluster Ring corner claw set princess cuts approx 0.35cts tdw with eight channel set shoulder diamonds $500 – 600 J159 18ct Three Stone Ruby & Diamond Ring cross-over set round mixed cut ruby approx 0.36cts ’17 Ins $3,200 $600 – 800 J160 Platinum 28stone Ruby & Diamond Band Ring continuous set pave set square cut rubies, round brilliant cut diamonds $600 - 800 J161 18ct White Gold 32stone Sapphire & Diamond Band Ring half pave set with two bands gems set in groups of four $400 - 600 J162 18ct & Platinum Three Stone Diamond Bridge Ring modern rubover set round brilliant cuts approx 0.75cts tdw $1,500 - 2,000 J163

18ct & Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring vintage setting of seven claw set diamond on fancy shoulders with four shoulder diamonds $300 - 500

J164 18ct & Platinum Two Stone Diamond Ring vintage individual box set on raised scrolling gallery $300 - 500


J169 J170



J173 J174

Antique Gold Nine Stone Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring raised central ruby with surround of old mine cut diamonds $500 - 600 Antique Gold Eleven Stone Ruby and Diamond Ring central ruby flanked by old diamonds on crossover diamond set band $400 - 500 Antique Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring rub-over set old rose cut diamond on scroll fancy gallery $200 - 400 Antique Gold Pearl and Diamond Cluster Ring twin cluster design of central natural half pearl with surround of old rose cut diamonds $400 - 600 Antique Gold and Silver Fancy Panel Ring old rub set old square cut diamonds (one missing) $150 - 300 18ct White Gold Single Diamond Ring raised claw set heart shape cut diamond approx 0.33cts with wit shoulder diamonds ’13 Ins $4,000 $900 – 1,200 Pair 14ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings each of four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.41cts ’16 Ins $3,550 $900 – 1,200 Pair 14ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings each of four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.33cts ’16 Ins $4,500 $900 – 1,200 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring rubover set round brilliant cut approx 0.35cts with eight shoulder diamonds ’12 Ins $5,100 $1,000 – 1,200 18ct Five Stone Diamond Bridge Ring scroll claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.26cts tdw ’17 Ins $2,300 $450 – 600



























J175 9ct Seven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring modern raised claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.50cts tdw ’17 Ins $2,000 $350 – 500 J176 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring modern four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.25cts ’16 Ins $3,400 $500 – 600 J177 18ct Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Fancy Band Ring rub-over set gems with six diamond single cut shoulders on a love-knot type shank $600 - 800 J178 14ct Single Green Sapphire Gents Dress Ring four claw set on heavy stepped platform and shank $500 – 600 J179 14ct Single Ruby Gents Dress Ring four claw box set on heavy shank $500 – 600 J180 18ct White Gold Single Star Sapphire Gents Dress Ring four claw set on textured finish heavy shank with silver band $500 – 600 J181 9ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.50cts with 40 shoulder and gallery diamonds ’17 Ins $3,150 $600 - 800 J182 18ct Five Stone Sapphire and Diamond Bridge Ring oval mixed cut mid-blue sapphires $800 – 1,000 J183 18ct Five Stone Sapphire and Diamond Bridge Ring round mixed cut light blue sapphires with old mine cut diamonds ’17 Ins $3,000 $450 - 600 J184 18ct Three Stone Diamond Band Ring gypsy set old mine cuts ’17 Ins $2,400 $450 – 600



J185 18ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring rub-over set princess cut approx 0.21cts ’12 Ins $3,750 $500 – 600 J186 9ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.50cts tdw ’17 Ins $2,550 $500 – 600 J187 9ct 23stone Diamond Cluster Ring central row of baguette cut diamonds with brilliant cuts surrounding approx 0.72cts tdw ’17 Ins $1,900 $400 – 500 J188 18ct White Diamond and Cultured South Sea Pearl Necklace and Earrings Necklace of single large silver-grey pearl with modern diamond pave set cross mount on choker length omega link chain with matching pendant earrings (pierced) Necklace ‘01 Ins $7,900 Earrings ‘03 Ins $7,800 $3,500 - 4,500

J194 J195 J196 J197 J198 J199 J200

J189 14ct Mounted Single Cultured South Sea Pearl Pendant approx 11mm dia $350 - 500 J190 Pair 18ct White Gold Paua Pearl Earrings each of single large purplegrey pearl in rub-over triangular mount, approx 14mm dia, pierced $1,000 - 1,400 J191 18ct 22stone Ruby and Diamond Bracelet four oval mixed cut rubies interspaced with diamond set fancy rails on domed rail link bracelet $800 - 1,200 J192 14ct Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond Scroll Pendant modern double loop design claw and pave set with six pear cut sapphires, six marquise cut rubies and 16 diamonds $500 - 600 J193 14ct Diamond Scroll Pendant 41 pave claw set round brilliant cut diamonds on fine chain $350 - 500



18ct White Gold 28stone Diamond Heart Pendant all pave set on fine 18ct chain ’17 Ins $2,000 $450 - 550 14ct White Gold Single Diamond Pendant four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.46cts ’16 Ins $2,150 $350 - 450 9ct 15stone Diamond Hinged Snap Bangle channel set round brilliant cuts $500 - 700 22ct Hinged Bracelet Indian design, open filigree style ‘13 Ins $6,950 $1,600 - 2,000 18ct Ruby and Diamond Cluster Stud Earrings each of central native cut ruby, 12 diamond chip surround $350 - 500 18ct White Gold Chryosphase Pendant Drop Earrings pierced $200 - 300 New Zealand Colonial Gold (18ct) Brooch and Earrings the brooch of oval form detailed with mountain, waka and kiwi to the foreground with matching pendant earrings Note: this set likely to be from the same work studio as the brooch and earrings Dunbar Sloane sold 13-14 July 2016 for $103,000 inclusive of buyers premium $30,000 - 50,000 New Zealand Colonial 15ct Hinged Snap Bracelet fancy design head with central target panel set with single opal and four rubies with box stamped for B Petersen & Co, Christchurch and H Kohn, Auckland $1,000 - 2,000 Australian Colonial 18ct Target Brooch plain circular with central cushion cut diamond, reverse engraved Mizpah 3 May 1889, maker H. Steiner, Adelaide $600 - 1,200



























J203 New Zealand 9ct Trace Link Charm Bracelet mounted with 25 greenstone charms, greenstone panel mounted shield padlock clasp $2,500 - 3,000

J215 9ct Single Oval Panel Greenstone Brooch with pair 9ct stud earrings, screw backs ’17 Replacement $1,430 $150 - 250

J204 Unmarked 18ct Mere Railway Pass $1,250 - 1,500

J215a Modern Polished Greenstone Slab with adze $200 - 300

J205 1896 US $10 Gold Coin 15ct brooch mount set with two oval opals, marked jeweller’s initials JF $800 - 1,000

J216 Victorian 15ct Amethyst & Half Pearl Pendant central round mixed cut amethyst with loop design surround ’17 Replacement $3,200 $600 - 800

J206 Colonial Gold Shovel Brooch the spade set with stone (unmarked) $250 - 400 J207 Gold Nugget Natural Form Pendant $500 - 600 J208 Marked Sterling Silver Plain Watch Strap/Cuff $100 - 150 J209 Mid C20th NZ Jeweller S/S & Greenstone Necklet $400 - 600 J210 Modern NZ Jeweller Greenstone Pendant $200 - 300 J211 New Zealand Greenstone 9ct mounted pendant, bar brooch with heart drop and bangle $100 - 150 J212 New Zealand Greenstone pair pendant earrings, 9ct mounted bar brooch, sword pin brooch, tiki charm and greenstone piece (small faults) $100 - 150 J213

18ct Tiki Charm together with three other charms, ivory tusk pendant & other $100 - 200

J214 Single Strand Graduated Greenstone Bead Necklace 9ct clasp with matching bead ring in 9ct and pendant earrings ’17 Replacement $2,530 $400 - 600

J217 Edwardian 9ct Amethyst & Pearl Heart Shield Pendant on fine curb link chain ’17 Replacement $1,960 $300 - 400 J218 Pair Edwardian 9ct Amethyst Pendant Drop Earrings screw backs ’17 Replacement $1,030 $150 - 250 J219 Pair Victorian Turquoise & Seed Pearl Pendant Earrings screw backs with box $300 - 400 J220 Pair 14ct Sapphire & Seed Pearl Flower Burst Earrings screw backs $200 - 300 J221 9ct Edwardian Two Stone Pink Peridot Drop Pendant on trace link chain $400 - 600 J222 15ct Victorian Two Stone Garnet & Green Peridot Pendant floral and box frame all pave set with seed pearls on 9ct chain (one pearl missing) $300 - 500 J223 9ct Edwardian Amethyst & Quartz Bug Brooch $150 - 250 J224 9ct Framed Portrait Cameo Brooch $100 - 200 J225 18ct Portrait Brooch oval printed porcelain tile set with single ruby and diamond in fancy scroll trellis frame ‘17 Ins $3,150 $600 - 800

J226 Victorian Gold Plated Framed Mosaic Brooch rose and forget-menot on black $150 - 300 J227 Victorian 15ct Seed Pearl Star Burst Pendant/Brooch on fine 18ct neck chain ’17 Replacement $2,690 $500 - 600 J228

Victorian 15ct Opalised Glass Star Burst Pendant ’17 Replacement $1,340 $300 - 400

J229 Art Nouveau Three Stone Aquamarine Pendant on fine chain $300 - 500 J230 Art Nouveau Two Stone Amethyst & Single Half Pearl Pendant on fine chain $300 - 500 J231 Art Deco 9ct Fancy Lozenge and Chain Link Muff Chain $300 - 500 J232 Victorian 9ct Fancy Link Bracelet spring linked with pear shape amethyst, turquoise bead surround mount (faults $400 - 600 J233

18ct Fancy Triple Textured Scroll Link Bracelet mounted with nine sapphires (two stones missing) $800 - 1,200

J234 Edwardian 9ct Slave Bangle machine engraved bright cut pattern $300 - 400 J235 Victorian 9ct Bamboo Style Hinged Snap Bangle ’17 Replacement $1,680 $300 - 400 J236 Victorian 9ct Hinged Snap Bangle half engraved (fault) with s/s snap bangle ’17 Replacement 1,400 $250 - 350 J237 Victorian Gold Plated Curb Link Bracelet with heart padlock clasp in original box $200 - 300























J238 Edwardian 18ct & 9ct Seven Stone Citrine Necklet oval and pear cut pendant with six graduating oval pendants, single matching earring ’17 Replacement $2,510 and $810 $500 - 600

J250 All Palladium Solitaire Diamond Ring corner claw set princess cut approx 0.51cts with ten shoulder diamonds ’12 Ins $5,20 $1,200 - 1,400


J251 18ct White Gold Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring oval cabochon fiery blue green opal with individual set surround of 18 diamonds ’16 Ins $5,000 $1,200 - 1,400

J240 J241

Edwardian Amber Necklet five faceted pear shape pendants interspaced with faceted beads on plated chain ’17 Replacement $1,760 $250 - 350 Edwardian Amber Necklet similar to above lot with heart pendant drop earrings $200 - 300 Edwardian Amber Necklet linked plain rectangular panels with Victorian pendant drop earrings $200 - 300

J242 Edwardian Cornelian Necklet oval beads on 9ct fine chain with pair bead pendant drop earrings $200 - 300 J243 Pair 18ct Single Pendant Cultured Pearl Earrings screw backs ’17 Replacement $1,850 $200 - 300 J244

Two Pair 9ct Single Cultured Pearl Earrings pierced and screw backs with pair citrine earrings $150 - 200

J245 18ct Single Cultured Pearl Pendant approx 12mm $150 - 250 J246 Double Opera Length Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Necklace 196cm length $150 - 250 J247 Single Strand Cultured Tri-Colour Fresh Water Pearl Necklace 119cm length $100 - 200 J248 Single Strand Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Necklace 102cm length $100 - 200 J249 Single Strand Culture Pearl Graduated Necklace (need restringing) $100 - 200

J252 18ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring raised six claw set round modern brilliant cut approx 0.50cts with 16 pave set princess cut shoulder diamonds approx 0.96cts ’16 Ins $6,250 $1,400 - 1,800 J253 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring raised double corner claw set modern princess cut approx 0.50cts together with 18ct 13stone diamond eternity curve band $2,2000 - 2,600 J254 18ct Solitaire Synthetic Cubic Zirconia Ring plain modern rubover round brilliant cut approx 5.57cts ’18 Ins $4,400 $800 - 1,000 J255 18ct Three Stone Diamond Bridge Ring modern scroll claw set with four spacer diamonds $800 - 1,000 J256 18ct & 9ct Five Stone Diamond Bridge Ring rub-over set old European cuts ’17 Ins $3,400 $800 - 1,000

J259 J260 J261



J264 J265 J266 J267

J257 Edwardian 18ct 17stone Sapphire and Diamond Square Cluster Ring central square mixed cut sapphire with pave set diamond surround ’17 Ins $2,900 $600 - 800

J258 18ct Three Stone Diamond Ring rub-over early brilliant cuts ’17 Ins $2,400 $600 - 800



18ct 16stone Diamond Cluster Ring fancy raised scroll claw individual set round brilliant cuts ’17 Replacement $2,000 $500 - 700 18ct Seven Stone Sapphire & Diamond Ring central oval sapphire with diamond spade shoulders $400 - 600 18ct Three Stone Sapphire Bridge Ring round deep blue sapphires interspaced with four old cut diamonds ’17 Ins $2,300 $350 - 450 18ct Three Stone Sapphire Bridge Ring round mid blue sapphires interspaced with four rose cut diamonds ’17 Ins $2,400 $300 - 400 Victorian 18ct Five Stone Ruby & Diamond Bridge Ring scroll claw set round mixed cut rubies interspaced with old European cuts $600 - 800 18ct Single Garnet Ring rub-over set cabochon ’17 Replacement $1,970 $250 - 350 18ct Single Amethyst Dress Ring large oval mixed cut (chip to edge) ’13 Replacement $1,645 $250 - 350 14ct Single Smokey Quartz Dress Ring round mixed cut with fancy leaf scroll mount $150 - 250 9ct Single Garnet Ring scroll claw set oval mixed cut ’16 Ins $1,195 $150 - 250 Chinese 18ct Single Panel Jade Ring oval panel of emerald green jade $150 - 250 18ct Solitaire Diamond Ring modern raised six claw round brilliant cut approx 0.20cts with 18 diamonds set to double cross-over shank $500 - 700



J270 9ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring modern raised four claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.36cts tdw ’17 Ins $2,150 $400 - 500 J271 18ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring modern raised four claw set $200 - 400 J272 9ct Seven Stone Diamond Floret Cluster Ring modern raised claw set round brilliant cuts approx 0.50cts ’17 Ins $1,550 $300 - 400 J273 9ct Four Stone Cluster Ring modern corner claw four princess cut diamonds on shoulder channel set with 12 diamonds 0.33cts tdw ’17 Ins $1,550 $300 - 400 J274 9ct Modern 62stone Diamond Dress Ring all pave set rectangular platform and stepped shoulders $300 - 400 J275 14ct Modern 85stone Diamond Dress Ring all pave set square three tier head on split shoulders $300 - 400 J276 9ct Solitaire Diamond Ring modern four claw set round brilliant cut approx 0.20cts with 12 channel set shoulder diamonds ’17 Ins $1,750 $300 - 400 J277 9ct White Gold 20stone Diamond Band Ring modern box set round brilliant cuts ’17 Ins $1,600 $400 - 500 J278

J281 14ct Nine Stone Diamond Ring fancy target type setting brilliant cuts approx 0.23cts tdw ’17 Ins $2,350 $350 - 450 J282 18ct & Platinum Five Stone Diamond Eternity Band milligrain box set with all platinum plain wedding band $300 - 500 J283 9ct Eleven Stone Opal Triplex Cluster Ring raised rub-over set ’17 Replacement $2,320 $300 - 400 J284 9ct Single Opal Triplex Ring rubover scroll mount ’17 Replacement $1,150 $150 - 250 J285 17ct Single Synthetic Sapphire Ring raised four claw set round purple hue gem ’17 Replacement $700 $100 - 200 J286 Three 14ct & 10ct White Gold Single Cultured Akoya Pearl Dress Rings fancy scroll framed (one with faults) ’17 Replacement $1,000, $1,080, $900 $400 - 500 J287 9ct Single Cultured Pearl Ring with three gem pearl and turquoise bar brooch $150 - 250 J288 Synthetic Ruby Jewellery Suite 17ct single marquise cut ring, 17ct single oval cut ring, 20ct brooch styled as grape bunch, 20ct nine stone bracelet & stud earrings ’17 Replacement $3,850 $700 - 900

9ct 17stone Emerald and Diamond Band Ring modern set vertical J289 Chinese 21ct Bracelet five fancy foil channel set gems backed panels on bracelet strap with $200 - 350 pair 21ct mounted stud earrings and 19ct single panel ring J279 9ct Three Stone Emerald Bridge ’17 Replacement $2,540, $960, $1,140 Ring scroll claw set interspaced with $800 - 1,000 four diamonds $200 - 350 J290 19ct Wide Hoop Earrings fancy bright-cut patterned, pierced J280 9ct Eight Stone Emerald Band ’17 Replacement $2,250 Ring channel square cut emerald with $600 - 800 six gallery diamonds $200 - 350



J291 9ct Four Stone Opal Ring cabochons claw set on split shoulders with pair opal stud earrings $200 - 300 J292 9ct Single Opal Triplet Ring cabochon claw set with rope twist shoulders with pair stud earrings $200 - 300 J293

18ct Plain Wide Wedding Band ’17 Replacement $2,050 $300 - 400

J294 Chinese 17ct Plain Wedding Band ’17 Replacement $1,100 $300 - 400 J295 All Platinum Plain Wedding Band and 18ct plain wedding band $400 - 500 J296 18ct Floret Chased Buckle Ring with 18ct plain wedding band $300 - 400 J297 Platinum & 22ct Plain Wedding Band $200 - 300 J298 9ct 16stone Diamond Cross Pendant channel set on fine chain ’17 Ins $1,100 $300 - 400 J299 9ct Edwardian Green Peridot & Seed Pearl Scroll Shield Pendant $150 - 250 J300 9ct Edwardian Two Stone Amethyst Shield Pendant $150 - 250 J301 Edwardian 9ct & Silver Buckle Brooch all pave set with rose cut diamonds $400 - 500 J302 18ct Single Opal Triplet Pendant plain four claw oval cabochon ’17 Replacement $1,520 $200 - 300 J303 9ct Pendant formed in two sections as spider and web $300 - 400 J304 9ct 64stone Diamond Fancy Link Bracelet grain set single cut diamonds approx 0.35cts tdw with pair matched earrings, pierced ’17 Ins $2,300 $500 - 800

J305 9ct Curb Link Bracelet heart padlock clasp $100 - 250 J306 9ct Multi Trace Link Bracelet heart padlock clasp $150 - 250 J307 9ct Art Deco Sapphire & Rose Cut Diamond Bar Brooch $200 - 300 J308 9ct Three Stone Amethyst & Diamond Bar Brooch split bar design $150 - 250 J309 9ct Bar Brooch set with single round cut topaz & two half pearls $100 - 200 J310 Edwardian 14ct Star Burst Brooch all set with seed pearls and central diamond $150 - 200 J311 9ct Bee and Clear Resin Pendant $100 - 200 J312 S/S Curb Link Charm Bracelet 52 charms attached $200 - 400 J313 Victorian Wide Hinged Snap Bangle floral bright-cut half engraved $100 - 150 J314 Art Nouveau S/S & Single Amethyst Brooch with garnet target brooch $100 - 200

J320 Stainless Steel Nine Stone Diamond Cross Pendant large heavy design gypsy set diamonds on bead link chain ’09 Ins $650 $150 - 200


J321 Edwardian Rose Quartz and Crystal Bead Necklace carved pendant drop (repaired) with drop earrings, screw backs $100 – 200

Vintage Collection of Opals natural form contained in oil filled bottle $100 - 200

J322 Two Art Deco Bead Necklaces with earrings of lapis with heart pendant and egg-shell green bead both with crystal spacers $100 - 200


Two Unmounted Opal Triplets $100 - 200


Pair Victorian Gold Single Garnet Pendant Earrings with tassel fringe and Edwardian three stone amethyst circlet pendant $200 - 300

J323 Single Strand Graduated Large Bamboo Coral Necklace $150 - 250 J324 Single Strand Mali Wedding Bead Necklace mixed flat and rounded multi-coloured beads $150 - 200




Four C19th 18ct & 15ct Finger Rings set with multiple gems (some faults) $300 - 500 Victorian Petra Dura Floral Brooch with earrings, carved ivory rose pendant and other $100 - 200

J326 Single Strand Carved Bone Bead Necklace $75 - 150

Collection Six Vintage Rings with pearl stick pin and 9ct wrist watch $200 - 300


J327 Antique Single Strand Venetian J340 Lamp-work Ruffled Bead Necklace graduated with jet and clear crystal spacers $75 - 150 J341 J328

J316 Sterling Denmark N.E. From Necklace and Earrings floral roundel linked design with matching earrings (clip-ons) $200 - 300

J329 Art Deco Graduated Crystal Bead Necklace with earrings, crystal and greenstone bead necklace and frosted bead necklace $100 - 200

J317 .925 Silver Panel Bracelet and marcasite bow brooch $100 - 150

J330 Collection Un-mounted Gem Stones amazonite, amethyst, jades and others of larger sizes (11) $200 - 500

J331 Collection Un-mounted Gem Stones multiples of topaz, amethyst, garnets and others $200 - 400

J319 Chinese Silver Gilt, Enamel and Green Gem Bracelet $100 - 200

Collection Un-mounted Gem Stones similar to above, multiples of smaller sizes $200 - 400

J338 J325 Single Strand Mali Wedding Bead Necklace all flat multi-coloured beads $150 - 200

J315 Luiber .925 Silver & Marcasite Bow Brooch set with five amethyst $100 - 200

J318 Siam Silver Gilt Brooch as a dancing figure $75 - 150

Collection Un-mounted Gem Stones similar to above $200 - 400

Mid C20th Venetian Amethyst Bead Necklace $100 - 200

J342 J343



9ct Key Brooch with silver coin cufflinks, studs and other $100 - 200 Three Edwardian 9ct Bar Brooches gem set with cross and other $150 - 250 Mexican Silver and Abalone Necklace of fish links with two silver bracelets $100 - 150 Three Edwardian 15ct & 9ct Bar Brooches $150 - 250 Edwardian 9ct Amethyst & Seed Pearl Spray Brooch with swallow pins and two stick pins $150 - 250 Art Deco Single Imitation Ruby Bar Brooch with garnet star burst brooch $100 - 200 ANTIQUE & DECORATIVE ARTS



9ct Wide Wedding Band with two 9ct neck chains $200 - 300

J347 .925 Silver Filigree Neck Chain of fancy link design with filigree flower brooch and butterfly brooch $75 - 120 J348 9ct Photo Locket with two neck chains, wristwatch, earrings and various $200 - 300 J349

J350 J351 J352 J353

J354 J355 J356 J357 J358


Three Edwardian Silver & Plated Photo Lockets with heart locket, snap bangle, two brooches and 1837 church token $200 - 300 Modern 9ct Smokey Quartz Pendant with pearl pendant and 9ct white gold diamond pendant $150 - 300 9ct Three Stone Garnet Ring with ruby and diamond band, crystal ring $150 - 300 9ct Cameo Portrait Brooch with three pairs earrings, pierced $100 - 200 Turquoise & Pearl Necklet with three Edwardian brooches, pair amethyst earrings and Scottish agate brooch $150 - 250 9ct Single Citrine Pendant on curb link chain, citrine bar brooch and pair earrings (one af) $200 - 300 Two 9ct Edwardian Fancy Photo Lockets with baby ring $150 - 300 Victorian 9ct Mizpah Brooch with target brooch and stickpin, original boxes $150 - 200 Victorian 9ct Bar Brooch with s/s turquoise bar brooch, original boxes, medallion and silver plated purse $150 - 250 Art Nouveau 20ct Pendant with 9ct cross and chain, two 9ct neck chains and three Murano pendants $200 - 400


J359 9ct & 18ct Horse Shoe Charms with 15ct stickpin, 9ct initial pin, cameo brooch, chain (faults) $200 - 400 J360 Victorian Large Gold Plated Oval Photo Locket with double photo locket brooch and stickpin $75 - 150

FI NE J EWELLERY J ULY 2018 Entr i es c ur re n tl y i nvi t e d f or N Z ’ s O nl y S p ecialist J eweller y Au ct i on

ENQUIRIES Bettina Frith | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |



S T U DIO P OTT ERY & AP P LI ED ART 11 & 12 AP R I L 2 018 E n tr i es clo se 9 M a rc h ENQUIRIES Wellington | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Auckland | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |

Illustration: Ann Robinson Hand Blown Glass Flowers Est $6,000 - 10,000



NEW Z E A L A N D & I N T ER N AT I ON AL FI N E A RT 11 & 12 APR I L 2 018 E n tr i es clo se 9 M a rc h ENQUIRIES Helena Walker | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |

Illustration: Francis McCracken Still Life with Cyclaman Est $7,000 - 10,000



A N TIQUAR I A N BOOK AU GU S T /S E PT E M B E R 2 018 E n t r ies I nv it ed ENQUIRIES Anthony Gallagher | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Illustration: Signed letter by Horatio Nelson, dated 1801



MI LI TAR I A J ULY 2 018 Ent r ies C u r rent l y I nv it ed

ENQUIRIES Bettina Frith | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |



A N TIQU E & D ECOR AT I V E ARTS J ULY 2 018 E nt r ies I nv it ed

ENQUIRIES Bettina Frith or Anthony Gallagher | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |



A F R IC A N , OCEA N I C & M AOR I A RT EFACTS MAY 2 018 E n tr i es I nv it ed

ENQUIRIES Anthony Gallagher | TEL +64 4 472 1367 | Dunbar M Sloane | TEL +64 9 377 5820 |



N E W Z E A L AND ’S LEAD I N G valuation service

Dunbar Sloane is entrusted to value the nations most precious objects including Parliamentary Historical & Art Collection Te Papa Tongarewa Maori & Pacific Artefacts Te Papa Tongarewa Historical, Photography, Ephemera, Book & Natural History Collections New Zealand Archives & Department of Internal Affairs The Nelson Museum Numerous Government Department Collections Private collections and estates New Zealand Wide

ENQUIRIES Wellington | +64 4 472 1367 | Auckland | +64 9 377 5820 |



specialist valuers nationwide

Dunbar Sloane Head Office • 7 Maginnity Street, Wellington CBD Email • Phone: (04) 472 1367

W ellington Anthony Gallagher Antique & Decorative Arts Antiquarian Books • Estates 5


Bettina Frith Antique & Decorative Arts Jewellery • Militaria • Toys Helena Walker New Zealand & International Fine & Applied Arts Auckland Dunbar M Sloane New Zealand Historical Fine Art • Antiques • Jewellery



Dunbar Sloane Auckland 375 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland Email Phone: (09) 377 5820



Buyers Guide If you have not bought from Dunbar Sloane before, please read the following notes. They are set out in the order you are likely to come across them in the process of buying at auction. Staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. BEFORE THE AUCTION The terms and conditions under which the buyer acts at a sale are detailed at the back of this catalogue. We recommend that you read and understand these conditions of business before registering to bid at an auction. This sale is subject to the conditions of business printed in this catalogue and to the reserves. Viewing All lots are available for inspection prior to the sale. Although staff will endeavour to answer your enquiries, and give advice, the final decision to bid, is at your discretion and liability. Pre-Sale Estimates

If you are unable to attend the auction, you can elect to bid by telephone (subject to availability). Telephone bidding must be arranged with Dunbar Sloane Ltd prior to the sale and is subject to a minimum lot estimate of $1,000 or greater. Please note that the auctioneer determines the increments in bidding, not the telephone bidder. We accept no responsibility if for whatever reason we are unable to contact you and as such recommend leaving a covering bid. Buyers Premium The buyer shall pay to Dunbar Sloane Ltd a premium of 17% of the hammer price plus GST on the premium only–effectively adding 19.55% to the hammer price. AFTER THE AUCTION

The estimated prices printed below the catalogue descriptions are in New Zealand dollars and are the approximate prices expected to be realised, excluding buyers premium. They are not definitive, they are prepared well in advance of the sale and they are subject to revision.

Payment Payment for purchase is due in New Zealand dollars within 48 hours from the date of sale by cash, cheque or eftpos. Alternatively payment can be made by telegraphic transfer direct to our bank: (Please add $25NZ to cover New Zealand bank charges)

Condition reports


Dunbar Sloane Ltd will provide a verbal condition report if you would like an opinion on any particular lot prior to purchasing. All goods are sold “as is” and it is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves as to the condition of an item before the auction.

06 0501 0524945 00 Swift Code ANZBNZ22 Dunbar Sloane Ltd

THE AUCTION Registration To bid at the auction you will need to register for a bidding number at the front desk either during the viewing or prior to the auction. Buying at the Auction Please bid clearly and promptly using your bidding number. When you successfully purchase a lot the auctioneer will ask you for your number, and this will show on your invoice. Approximate Selling Rate Auctions are generally conducted at the rate of about 100 lots per hour. However, this can vary. Absentee Bidding If you are unable to attend the auction, Dunbar Sloane Ltd can bid on your behalf according to your written instructions. This is a free service for intended buyers. Please complete clearly the form at the back of this catalogue and submit it to Dunbar Sloane Ltd at least 24 hours before the sale to ensure it is safely received. Lots will be purchased for you as reasonably as possible, subject to other bids in the room and to reserves.


Telephone Bidding


Please include details of sale date and lot numbers with all payments. Collection of Purchases Property purchased can be collected as soon as full payment has been received. Any items not collected within seven days of the auction may be subject to a storage and fee. Insurance (subject to terms and conditions) applies for up to TWO working days from the date of the sale whilst items are in our care. Purchases are insured for a period of 48 hours after the auction day.

Items must be paid for straight away and a second account for courier/freight charges will follow approximately 6 days later when we have had time to confirm courier charges. Packaging and Transportation We advise buyers to arrange transport and insurance with their preferred provider/s. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage in transit. For smaller items able to be couriered, Dunbar Sloane Ltd can pack and courier for a fee. This is to be paid before the goods leave our premises. We pack with care, however we take no responsibility for damage once your goods leave our premises. It is up to the buyer to arrange insurance to cover any damage or loss in transit.

ABSENTEE BIDDIN G F ORM 7 Maginnity Street, Wellington PO Box 224 Wellington CBD, New Zealand Phone: +64 4 472 1367 Fax: +64 4 475 7389 Type of Auction Date Please bid on my behalf at the above sale for the following lots. These bids are to be executed as low as permitted by other bids or reserves. I agree to comply with the Conditions of Sale as printed in the Catalogue. Full Name Address Phone



Email Signed

OVERSEAS BIDDERS MUST COMPLETE THIS SECTION and provide photographic proof of id - passport or drivers licence together with proof of address - utility bill, bank or credit card statement etc. Failure to provide this may result in your bids not being processed. For higher value lots you may also be asked to provide a bank reference. Please provide your credit card details. Alternative methods of payment can be arranged if successful, however we still require this information. NOTE Individual bids registered by overseas bidders must be over $500 in individual value Cardholder Name Card Number



Mastercard (Please tick one)

Expiry Date Cardholder Signature LOt Number

Title / Description (use block letters)

Maximum Bid Price (excluding premium)

PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BIDS AND READ TERMS BELOW Please submit your bid as early as possible. In the event of identical bids, the earliest will take precedence. 'Buy' bids are not accepted. The limit you leave should be the amount to which you would bid if you were to attend the Sale. Alternative bids can be placed by using the word 'OR' between Lot Numbers. Buyers are reminded that there is a 17% buyer’s premium on the hammer price plus GST on the premium. See conditions of sale.



Conditions of Sale 1 The highest Bidder is deemed to be the Buyer, and if during the Auction the Auctioneer considers that a dispute has arisen, the Lot in dispute shall be immediately put up again for sale. 2 The Auctioneer has the right to refuse any bid and to advance the bidding at his absolute discretion. 3 a) The Seller shall be entitled to place a reserve on any Lot and the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller for any Lot on which a reserve has been placed. b) Dunbar Sloane Ltd have the right to withdraw or divide any Lot or to combine any two or more Lots at their sole discretion. 4 a) The Buyer shall forthwith upon the purchase give in his/her name and permanent address. b) The Buyer may be required to pay down forthwith the whole or any part of the Purchase Money, and if he/she fails to do so, the Lot may at the Auctioneers absolute discretion be put up again and resold. c) The Buyer shall pay to Dunbar Sloane Ltd a premium of 17% on the hammer price together with GST at the standard rate on the premium, and agrees that Dunbar Sloane, when acting as agent for the Seller, may also receive commission from the Seller. 5 a) Each Lot sold by the Seller thereof with all faults and defects therein and with all errors of description and is to be taken and paid for whether genuine and authentic or not and no compensation shall be paid for the same. b) Dunbar Sloane Ltd act as agents only and neither they nor the Seller are responsible for any faults or defects in any Lot or the correctness of any statement as the authorship, origin, date, age, attribution, genuineness, provenance or condition of any Lot. c) All statements in the Catalogues, Advertisements or Brochures of forthcoming sales as to any of the matters specified in (b) above are statements of opinion, and are not to be relied upon as statements of representations of fact, and intending purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise as to all of the matters specified in (b) above, as to the physical description of any Lot, and as to whether or not any Lot has been repaired. d) The Seller and Dunbar Sloane Ltd do not make or give, nor has any person in the employment of Dunbar Sloane Ltd any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty. e) In any event neither the Seller nor Dunbar Sloane Ltd are responsible for any representation or warranty, or for any statement in the Catalogues, Advertisements or Brochures of forthcoming sales. 6 Not withstanding any other terms of these conditions, if within 7 days after the sale Dunbar Sloane Ltd have received from the Buyer of any Lot notice in writing that in his view the Lot is deliberate forgery and within 9 days after such notification, the Buyer returns the same to Dunbar Sloane Ltd in the same condition as at the time of sale and satisfies Dunbar Sloane Ltd had considered in the light of the entry in the Catalogue the Lot is a deliberate forgery then the sale of the Lot will be rescinded and the purchase price of the same refunded. 7 a) To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in settlement of Purchase, no Lot can be taken away during the times of sale, nor can any Lot be taken away unless it has been paid for in full. b) All lots are to be paid for and taken away at the Buyer’s expense within TWO working days from the sale. Purchases, whilst in our care, will be insured for this period (subject to terms and conditions). 8 On failure of a Buyer to take away and pay for any Lot in accordance with Condition 7, Dunbar Sloane Ltd reserves any other right or remedies. i) To resell the Lot or cause it to be resold by public sale, any money paid in part payment being forfeited, any deficiency attending such resale after deducting all costs incurred in connection with the Lot to be made good by the defaulting Buyer, and any surplus to be the Seller's or: ii) To store the Lot or cause it to be stored whether at their own premises or elsewhere at the sole expense of the Buyer, and to release the Lot only after payment in full of the purchase price together with interest there on of 5% above Bank minimum lending rate, the accrued cost of removal, storage and insurance (if any) and all other costs incurred in connection with the Lot. iii) If the Lot has been in store pursuant to (ii) for more than 6 months, to remove the Lot from store and to exercise the right set out in (i).



Antique & Decorative Arts Auction - Day Two  

22 March 2018 Dunbar Sloane - Wellington

Antique & Decorative Arts Auction - Day Two  

22 March 2018 Dunbar Sloane - Wellington