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years Come for the classics. Stay for the premieres.

Brattle Film Foundation 2013 Annual Report 3

Staff Ivy Moylan, Executive Director Ned Hinkle, Creative Director Kate Fitzpatrick, Associate Director Gabriel Moylan, Operations Manager Brandon Constant, Marketing Manager

Board of Directors Derek Baumann Ned Hinkle Thomas Lee Calvin Lindsay, Jr. Brian Murphy John Sten Daniel Thompson Astrid Tsang Lawrence Yu

Advisory Board Brad Anderson Miguel Arteta Ted Hope Megan Hurst David Lynch Albert Maysles Gordon Willis Mary Yntema

Photography Brandon Constant Derek Kouyoumjian


Table of Contents To Our Supporters . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Highlights and Premieres . . . . . . . . 6 The Year in Review . . . . . . . . . . . 10 The Year in Numbers . . . . . . . . . . 11 Leadership Giving . . . . . . . . . . . 12 You, Our Supporters . . . . . . . . . . 13


Pardis Saffari Member since: 2009 Donor since: 2010

I support the Brattle because I have a passion for film and appreciate the eclectic and fun atmosphere that the Brattle provides. And it’s local! One of my favorite Brattle memories is watching The Maltese Falcon in a sold out crowd a few years ago. What a wide array of people were there to appreciate a great film. Also the line during Dark Crystal is always fun. Seeing other folks passionate about movies you enjoyed as a child helps you realize that even in the digital age you can create and feel community around movies.



Mike Solet Member since: 2005 Donor since: 2005

For those of us who grew up in the last half of the 20th century, the movies were our very own art form. The Brattle preserves what came out of that period and leads the way in recognizing the art being created today and in the future. My oldest Brattle memory, and one of my favorites, is attending Casablanca during Harvard’s reading period, when audiences would stand, raise glasses and sing La Marseillaise with Victor Laszlo. However, my personal favorite has to be when my son Paul’s first feature film, Grace, was shown at the Brattle and he did a Q&A with the audience after the screening.


To Our Supporters The Brattle Theatre celebrated its 60th birthday in 2013, but we’re not feeling our age. Indeed, last year we used the most modern of fundraising methods—Kickstarter—to reach out to patrons and fans all over the world. Over 2,000 answered the call, and we successfully funded a state-of-the-art digital projector and a new HVAC system, both sorely needed investments. And we didn’t stop there. We also installed the historic murals rescued from Casablanca restaurant by our generous landlord, Bill Poorvu, which are now displayed in prominent locations inside the theater. We upgraded our point-of-sale system to improve your ticket buying and concessions experiences. And while doing all that we hosted nearly 100 special guests including Edgar Wright, Ang Lee and Jane Powell and premiered a record number of films. We aren’t letting our age hold us back! Instead it’s a reason to do more, and to do it better. While we were hard at work behind the scenes last year, we also got a surprise from all of you: more people visited the Brattle than any year since 2003! This was the icing on our birthday cake. It was, quite frankly, our best year ever as a non-profit organization—even setting aside the support we received through Kickstarter. Thank you for proving that the Brattle, in her 60 years of cinema, means as much to you as to us and for giving us so many reasons to celebrate!

Ivy Moylan Executive Director

Larry Yu President, Board of Directors


Highlights and Premieres

Oscar Isaac

Death Row Woman

Over the past year, we premiered 36 feature films and produced 25 repertory programs. All together these films garnered 53 three- and four-star reviews. Fifteen premieres appeared on yearend top-10 lists from leading local and national film critics; the top-ranking films we premiered were Upstream Color and Leviathan, which both received five mentions. We also hosted 10 regional film festivals and continued to develop partnerships with local cultural organizations, ensuring that we offer a diverse range of programs. Highlights of the year include:

Premieres & Series Noteworthy Premieres While known for our repertory programming, we strive to bring the latest features and documentaries to the area with our premieres. The first film shown on our new digital projector was the area-premiere of a locally produced documentary, Leviathan,


An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

which emerged as one of the most revered documentaries of the year. We continued to showcase captivating documentaries spanning a variety of topics: American Promise, Pervert’s Guide to Ideology and The Punk Singer. We also screened some genre-bending independent films: Upstream Color, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty and Sightseers. With our new digital projection system, we presented some stunning restorations of classic films: Journey to Italy, Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Badlands. Best of Bogart This year marked the 60th anniversary of the Brattle Theatre as a cinema, and what better way to honor this milestone than to pay tribute to Humphrey Bogart! The Brattle and Bogie have been linked since the 1950s, when we began the annual tradition of screening Bogart films during Harvard’s reading period, resulting in a “Bogie cult” which revitalized his popularity. 60 years later, he still draws the crowds with classics like Key Largo, The Maltese Falcon and, of course, Casablanca. Tarantino Chronicles For this series, we paired each of Quentin Tarantino’s features with a film it references as inspiration: Inglourious

Kim Taylor

Basterds with The Dirty Dozen, Reservoir Dogs with The Killing, and Jackie Brown with Foxy Brown. These double features allowed audiences to brush up on their film history and revel in Tarantino’s fanboy obsessiveness at the same time. Guns, Girls & Ghosts: The Warped World of Shintoho Films Shintoho Studio was one of the most prolific Japanese studios of the postWWII era. During a 14- year period, Shintoho produced over 500 features spanning a wide variety of genres from crime thrillers to campy horror and exploitation films. In the same vein as Roger Corman’s films, these low- (or no-) budget productions have since become cult classics and we were excited to present newly remastered versions of these hidden gems. Silent Screams For our favorite fall holiday, we presented two classic horror films with live musical accompaniment. First, Not So Silent Cinema performed a brand new score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Then the next night, Andrew Alden Ensemble presented an alternative live musical soundtrack to George Romero’s zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead.


Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer

You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine: The Neil and Amanda Double Features Author Neil Gaiman and musician Amanda Palmer shared a personal (and important) moment in their relationship as a couple with our audience: screening a beloved film the other hadn’t seen. Neil selected Drowning by Numbers and If, and Amanda programmed Santa Sangre and King of Hearts. They introduced each film, explained their personal importance, and watched them with our audience. DCP Debut Thanks to our Kickstarter campaign, we installed a DCP projection system alongside our 35mm and 16mm projectors. To showcase this new technology, we programmed a series of classic films, all digital-only restorations that are heralded as exceptionally beautiful. This also allowed us to play films we normally couldn’t in past years due to limited or no print availability, such as Jaws, which we screened for a soldout audience on July 4th! The Complete Coens Two of the most fascinating and stylish filmmakers of the past 30 years, this team of writer/director/producer brothers has a restlessly creative spirit. Their films range

Ang Lee

from intense thrillers to film noir homages to absurdist comedy and beyond. Besides presenting a full retrospective of their career-so- far, we were lucky enough to have a sneak preview of their latest film, Inside Llewyn Davis, with leading actor Oscar Isaac present for a Q&A following the screening.

Special Events In 2013 we continued to host a variety of compelling special events, including author readings, theatrical performances, comedy shows and live music events, as well as film directors, actors and more. Royal Wedding with Jane Powell and Leonard Maltin We were thrilled to host one of the stops on Turner Classic Movies’ Road to Hollywood film tour with special guests, film author and historian Leonard Maltin and actress Jane Powell, leading a discussion before a packed house for Royal Wedding. Cornetto Trilogy with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Huge fans of the Brattle, director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost premiered the last film in their “Cornetto Trilogy,” The World’s End. We

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

screened the first two films in the trilogy, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, as a special triple feature and complemented the event with some of the films that inspired them, creating an action-packed weekend. Ever anxious for the big day, audiences set a new record for ticket sales, selling out the triple feature in just seven minutes! Boston Asian American Film Festival It was an honor to have acclaimed director Ang Lee appear on our stage as part of the opening night program for Boston Asian American Film Festival. He introduced a special 20 th anniversary screening of The Wedding Banquet, recounting the difficulties he encountered trying to get the film made. Annual Gala To celebrate the Brattle’s 60th anniversary as a cinema, we recreated Rick’s Café from Casablanca at the Regattabar at the Charles Hotel. A troupe of actors circulated among the guests to create an interactive cinematic experience unlike any other! Our guest of honor for the evening, Cambridge City Manager, Richard C. Rossi, recounted his personal experiences working at the Brattle.




Richard Hunt Donor since: 2005

My wife and I left New York City and migrated to Cambridge back in 1956. At the time, we were ardent film fans and we immediately found the Brattle Theatre as a place to go to for a special evening. For over 50 years we have continued to support the Brattle because it has been, and continues to be, important in our lives. After all, viewing movies in a theater is the way we were brought up. In my mind, I can recall countless memorable screenings at the Brattle. An evening long ago, I took my British goddaughter to the revival of the film Giant. She was captivated by Rock Hudson and James Dean, I of course fell for Elizabeth Taylor. Although the Texas world of cattle ranching and oil drilling was foreign to both of us, we were enthralled by the story, the acting, the color and the family drama of the film. I have always remembered the experience and I believe the same is true for her. I hope the Brattle will last a long, long time.


2013 The Year in Review


ince 1953, the Brattle Theatre has been a destination for provocative, engaging and entertaining movies. Now, 60 years later, the Brattle Film Foundation is maintaining this legacy— inspiring the minds and hearts of us all. The BFF proudly carries out its mission to celebrate film as a popular and fine art form with significant cultural and historical value through our programs at the historic Brattle Theatre. We believe that viewing film is both a community and personal experience and are excited to have been able to provide this experience to hundreds of thousands of community members over the past decade. 2013 was a momentous year for the Brattle Film Foundation. In addition to celebrating the Brattle’s 60th anniversary as a cinema, we screened a record number of films, upgraded our ticketing system and integrated it with online sales, and installed DCP projection and a new HVAC system. Highlights of our incredible growth for the year include: • Raising over $170,000 in 34 days through our Kickstarter campaign • Growing attendance by 22% • Increasing memberships by 5% • Expanding foundation support by 26%

Casablanca Murals The closing of our longtime neighbor Casablanca restaurant was a sad loss for Harvard Square. Started by the same duo who founded our beloved cinema, Casablanca was a link to the heyday of Humphrey Bogart Festivals at the Brattle, when Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon would bring out Harvard students by the droves to soak up Bogie’s ineffable cool.


Not all of Casablanca’s atmosphere has dissipated however, as we are pleased to be the new home for some of Casablanca’s iconic murals! Now moviegoers can once again appreciate the work of David Omar White and reminisce about times gone by. Thanks to our landlord Bill Poorvu and Brattle Square Associates for loaning us these artworks and Gianfranco Pocobene and his son for assistance with the installation. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Kickstarter Thank you! In early 2013, because of you, we succeeded in a significant fundraising campaign to install state-ofthe-art digital projection and replace our obsolete HVAC system. The largest portion of this campaign centered on Kickstarter—the online fundraising platform. One of the most gratifying aspects of running a Kickstarter campaign is that success comes from community support. It was exciting to see our efforts championed locally by our regular patrons and business partners. It was equally thrilling to see strong support from those we don’t see every day— including some well-known “Twitterati” such as director Edgar Wright and author Neil Gaiman. In a period of just over a month, more than 2,000 individuals and businesses donated to the campaign, from all corners of the country, and helped us surpass our goal. But raising those funds was only the beginning…then it was time to actually undertake the upgrades. First we installed the brand new DCP (or Digital Cinema Package) projection system, along with a number of other small upgrades to our booth. That work

99 special guests 451 films screened 550 members 55,393 attendees $220,056 contributions $567,433 earned income $170,323 contributions to our Kickstarter campaign

was completed in June. In September (just in time for a bitterly cold winter!) we installed the new HVAC system—which included cutting a hole in the side of the building and craning out the old unit and in the new! Both projects have been immensely beneficial to the Brattle and we hope you have been able to personally enjoy them. Again, thank you.

Record Revenue We are excited to say that 2013 was officially our best year for program revenue since the Foundation started in 2001. We are particularly thrilled with the increase in film attendance. Since 2010 we have been on a slow rise out of a ticket sales slump that began in 2003 but the 2013 numbers are a significant jump. The initial decline has been blamed on the rise of Netflix and other on-demand services that are an ongoing challenge for the big chain theaters. The increase in sales, particularly for classic cinema, indicates a renewed interest in seeing films, both classic and new, on the big screen. And happily, 2014 is looking even better!

The Year in Numbers


Sources of Philanthropic Support Categories


corporations 12%




Individual donations

Fundraising Events

Individual Donations......... $110,081 Individual Memberships...... $50,337 Fundraising Events............. $27,558 Foundations....................... $27,080


individual memberships

Corporations....................... $5,000 Total........................ $220,056

Income Categories


Other Earned Revenue


Program Revenue

Program Revenue............. $340,821 Philanthropic Support....... $220,056 Other Earned Revenue...... $226,612 Total........................ $787,490


philanthropic Support


Expense Categories

Fundraising Expenses



program expenses


BusinesS & Administration expenses


Payroll............................ $280,392 Rent & Building................ $137,109 Business & Administration... $119,185


Rent & Building Expenses

Programming................... $185,535 Fundraising........................$24,277 Total......................... $746,498


Leadership Giving


ur leadership giving levels offer you the opportunity to support the Brattle Film Foundation while enjoying the many benefits the Brattle has to offer. As a way to show our appreciation and in recognition of your commitment we are pleased to offer premium benefits, including tickets to events and screenings, free parking, private receptions and more!


Michael Colford Member since: 2001 Donor since: 2002

I support the Brattle because I am a film buff, unabashed, unembarrassed and enthusiastic. I support the Brattle because of the movies. Whether it’s a classic film that entertains and illuminates a piece of history, or a modern drama from another country that teaches me about another culture, I’ve probably seen it at the Brattle, and it’s probably contributed to my overall experience of the world. 12

Red Carpet Society • $10,000 All • • •

the benefits of the Silver Screen Society plus: Reserved table at the BFF Gala Eight tickets to the annual Oscar Party Private rental of the Brattle Theatre (off hours rental only)

Silver Screen Society • $5,000 All • • • •

the benefits of the Premiere Club plus: Free parking at University Place Garage when attending an event or screening Four tickets to the BFF Gala Four tickets to the annual Oscar Party Private reception with executive and creative directors, and backstage tour prior to a screening for up to 10 guests

Premiere Club • $2,500 All • • • •

the benefits of the Balcony Club plus: Two tickets to the BFF Gala Two tickets to the annual Oscar Party Reserved seating for all BFF film screenings Private pre-screening lecture introducing a film series, given biannually by the Foundation’s creative director

Balcony Club • $1,000 • Invitations to special events throughout the year • Reserved seating at author readings • Advance access to select events and tickets for premium shows, including: Casablanca on Valentine’s Day, It’s a Wonderful Life in December and select sneak previews and premieres

You, Our Supporters Thank you! Your support helps to provide high quality films for the public and to expand our outreach and educational programs. Thank you!

Red Carpet Society $10,000 and above National Endowment for the Arts Anonymous (2)

Silver Screen Society $5,000–9,999 Harvard Cooperative Society Massachusetts Cultural Council Anonymous Melissa Nelson-Yu and Larry Yu

Premiere Club $2,500–4,999 BioMed Realty Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Balcony Club $1,000–2,499 FoleyHoag Glendon/Tung Fund John and Maria Doukas Foundation, Inc. MIT Robert Strange Family Fund at The Boston Foundation Anonymous Scot and Michael Colford Ellen Epstein and Ian Brownell In Memory of Cyrus I. Harvey, Jr. Barry Hershey Rob Larsen

Thomas Lee Raymond Mannos Jerry Murphy Katherine Champion Murphy and Brian Murphy Georgina Ropes Jo and Maxwell Solet Elizabeth and Daniel Thompson Astrid Tsang and Will Toubman Mary P. Yntema

$500–999 Forest City Halderstein Owl Trust Irving House at Harvard Stephen G. and Rosemarie Torres Johnson Family Fund The Lyons Family Charitable Fund The Sentinel Fund The Willlam & Karen Tell Foundation Anonymous Julia Ananina Lenice Armour Tod Beaty John Cogan, Jr. Elizabeth Curran Ann R. Flather Amy Handler George Krupp Chuck Longfield G.J. Monahan Brian Paik Jill and Garrett Quinn Jennie Rathbun Francis X. Scire, Jr. and Cassius O. Johnson Rachael Solem Clive Standley Amy and John Sten

$250–499 Cambridge Trust Company The Chiappa-Blanco Charitable Fund The McClean Family Foundation Anonymous Anne and Thomas Anninger Barbara and Jonathan Beckwith Sarah Bixler and Christopher Tonkin Bruce Bowden Charlotte Burgess-Auburn and Mark Hanlon Marissa Caney Franklin Crownover Josh Csehak Beatriz Alba del Rio John DiGiovanni Andrea V. Doukas and Richard Behrman Cheryl Eagan-Donovan Roger Gill Nancy Elizabeth Glowa Michael Halal Nathan Hoefgen-Harvey Allison Howe Victoria Large Joseph Levy Maryel Locke Emily Martin Jeffrey Mayersohn Kara Morin and Rogelio Fussa Emily Nord and T. K. McClintock Mameve and Howard Medwed Uriel Meshoulam Ari Miller-Sisson Stephen Mullen Margaret Patton Kitty Pechet Lawrence Rosenberg

Jane and Richard Rossi Sara Rubin and David Montanari Lisa Rubin-Johnson James T. Salini Santhan Shanmugaratnam Scott Steward Susan Savoca Twarog and Stanley Twarog Elizabeth Yntema and Mark Ferfuson

$100–249 Coxe/Forney Fund David Abrams Charitable Fund Flather Family Fund Anonymous (6) Judith and Gerald Abrams Maureen Ahern Eric Albert Ken Bader Joyce Barnes Pandora Berman and Alan Bawden Susan Block and Andy Billings Annette L. Born Paris Boyce Justin Broderick Leslie Brunetta and Peter Loftus Anne Burling Ellen Casey James Chung David Cianciarulo Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan Patty and Todd Davis Melanie DeCarolis Louis DePasquale Kate Doyle J. Darcy Duke and Ryan Evans Michael Faigen


You, Our Supporters



Leon Fernandez Caitlin Frank and Andrew McLaughlin Joyce Friedman In honor of Susan and Stanley Twarog Alice Hall David Harrison, Jr. Rob Hayes James Hinkle and Roy Hammer Deborah Holt Margaret Jacobson-Sive Mrs. Elizabeth B. Johnson Carrie Jones and Peter Galison Jacqueline R. Kates Mopsy Strange Kennedy Bruce Kingsley Kathleen and David Knisely Gregory Kohl Sherri Kraft Jennifer Krebs and David Jennings Lydia Kuhn and Zak Lee Anne Marie Lambert and Arvydas Mackevicius Christopher Leitner Diana Lempel Emanuel Lewin Amy Lewis and Doug Mayo-Wells Angela Locknar Linda Lynch Zoran Malesevic Suzanne and Allan Mann Marion and Kai Marcucelli Felicia and Michael Mathias Jeff McLamb Thomas Meek III Nathalie Merchant Judith Merryman Kathy Metcalfe Brian Travis Mitchell Dale and Robert Mnookin Michael Newcomb Scott E. Norwood Clare and Geoffrey Nunes Karen Olsson and Andrew Bujalski Steven Orzack In Paik Eugene Papa Julie and Michael Powers Barbara Popken and David Howell Gus Rancatore MacLaren Randall Linda Reinfeld and Constantine Alexander Norma Ricci Sue Robinson Rebecca Rogers and Marc Tanner

Jeff Schwotzer Ellen Semonoff Peter Septoff Ellen Sisco and Hugh Gerechter In Memory of Robert Murnick Judith Ellen Smith and Lawrence Blum Albert Steg Karen and Daniel Taylor Gina Terenzi Michlyne and Dan Thal Brian Thompson Patty Toland Claire F. Umanzio Rosamond B. Vaule Ron Yeany and Marlin May Arlene Yu and Mark Stephen Mongold Hwa-Nien Yu Liz Zucker

$0–99 Arnold Robbins Revocable Trust Goodsearch J. Petrowsky Gift Fund Anonymous (11) Micaya Rena W. Abelmann Jonathan Aibel Mary Albon Colette Aliman Rani Aljondi Michael Altman Bryan Andrews Jane Arnold Alexander Arruda Jabari Asim Will Attwood-Charles Eileen Babbitt Susanna Baird Anne Barrett Michael Barrette Elyse Bartlett Thomas Batcho Justin Battles Cynthia Bauman Aimee Bearer William Beasley Robin Beck-Miller Stephanie Bennett David Bentley Kate Berman Laura Bethard Doris Birmingham Scott Bishop Laura Blacklow and Peter L. Fougere Bradley Bolman Nan Borod Matthew Bowditch Michael Bowen

Stephen Bowman Charles Brackett Courtney Breese Sarah Brinks Keith Brown David Burdelski Danielle Butler JoĂŤlle and Lawrence Cabot Catherine Cabrera Mark Careaga Emily Carini Jonathan Carr Sadiya Carr Jonathan Carter Max Cavallaro Suzanne Christensen Jennifer Chu Nancy and Daniel Coffey Peter Colao Paige Colton Jaime Comber Paul Conley Brian Connor Timothy Connor Timothey Conway Evan Cordeiro Austin Corgan Nancy Cronan Katherine D. Cunha Andrew Curran Daniel Curran Maureen Curran Joanna Curtis Michael Curtis Jeffrey M. Czekaj Mike Daley Sarah Daley Jared Dalgleish Matthew Dallimore Patricia Dardano Julie Dasalvo Jeffrey Davis Karen Davis and Lewis Bushnell Gregory Day Austin de Besche Paloma de Rezende Jennifer Deaderick Bartholomew Devon Janet Dickinson Jessica Dillon Jane Doctoroff Craig Donnelly Elsa Dorfman and Harvey Silverglate Wylie and Scott Doughty Arwen Downs Joshua Dreyfus Marybeth Duffy Scott Dugas Karen Dupre Grace Durnford Christine Dutt and Douglas Whittington

Stacey Ehmer Victoria Ellis Scott Emblidge Thomas Engelman Christina Englund Danielle Erdmann Alexis Ertzner Jennifer Fauxsmith David Fessler Deirdre Festa Carissa Fish Kat and Sharky Fitzgerald Susan Flannery and Stephen Coren Ilene and Bruce Fleischer Susan Fleischmann James Fleming Susan Flink Heather Foley Nicole Forbes Jan Franco Irina Franklin Cary Frederick Josh Freiman Allyson French Nathan Gamache Sara Garver Barbara Geoghegan Teresa Gilman Justin Gilman Julia Gilstein Bob Gladstein Nate Glass Howard Goldberg Joshua Goldenberg Merle and Marshall Goldman John Goldrosen Stewart Goodwin Joseph Gosselin Susan Goudreau Sara Gouveia Joe Grassia Christopher Gray Alesha Gunn Kalyan Gupta Anya Guyer Gary Hammer Dan Harrold David Hart Bruce Harvey Angela and Josh Harvey Nancy Haslett Claudette Hawk Barbara Herbst Michael Herlihy Gene Heyman Howard Hiatt Steven Holland Jay Lawrence Holman Jeff Howanek Brenda Huggins Lauren Huyett Jonathan Hyde Ramon Imery Sara Itkis Mary Janeway Emilio Jasso

Lois Jenness Alice L. and Paul Johnson Susan B. Jones and Howard Kaplan Doris Kalthofer Jennifer Kapuscik Keith Karkane Jared Katz Steve Kenton Sandra Kesselman Dorothy Keville Mary Ellen Kiddle Tim Kilroy Ann Kim Gavin “King of AB Cambridge” Kleespies Jennifer Knight Frank Kramer Angelika Kratzer Silva Krause Deborah Krupenia and Robert Weir Larry Kyrala Paula LaGambina Isabella Lara Bill Laskin Bertrand Laurence Ellen Lawton Robert Leahey Ellie Lee Becky Leifer Jen and Jonathan Lenicheck Harold Lewis Summer Dare Litwin Diane Lopez Michael Lord David Lozier William Lubelski Henry Lukas Brian Magee Caroline Magnain Debra H. Mandel Rachel Mansfield Robert Marchione Mark Marino Amanda Markell Megan Marshall David Mastroianni Mark Matteson Anne Matthews and Edward Fay, Jr. Jeffrey Maynard Caleb McCandless Christine McCarthy Hilary P. Bracken McGhee Greg McGurk Margaret McMahon John McPhee John McSorley Rowan McVey Heather Mell Avery Meltzer Catherine Merican James Metz Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler Eddy Miramontes Jason Mitchelitch

Lira Mondal Sarah Moore Scott Morabito Katie Mountain Maria Mulkeen Hubert Murray Susan Nalband E. Carolyn Nalbandian Charles Nash Micha Neugut Markus Nispel Lauren Noonan Eileen M. O’Brien Nancy O’Brien Bill O’Connell Fran and Bob O’Reilly Warren O’Reilly Jack Odell Idris Oladipo Sigrid Paddock Joseph Palandrani Glenn Palmer Steven Palmer Emily Pardo Lucy Patton Nicholas Perry Joseph Petringa Lance Pierce Tricia Poles Holladay and Richard Pontius Jason Potz Judith and Kenneth Proctor Eric Propp Keri Pyke Joshi Radin Elizabeth Ramirez Antonio Regalado Jennifer Regan Benjamin Reichman Joseph David Reno James Reynold Jane Ritchie Christine Rogers Stephen T. Romano Diana M. Ronell Briana Ross Alexander Roy Libardo Rueda Ginger Russell Johanna Salmons Emily Sample Chris Saphire JB Sapienza David Sasso Emily Schipper Alexis Schulman Melissa Schumacher Lawrence Schwartz Timothy Scott Alicia Sedlock Dan Seitz Juliette Selb Jung-Hoon Seo Amber Sermabeikian Asako Severn Katelynn Shimkus Emily Shoov

Karen Signorelli Dawn Simmons John Simmons Stephen Skuce Birute and Romas Slezas John Small Kenneth Smith Marc Smith Michael Smith Justin Snow James Soper Maria Spiridigliozzi Maggie St. Germain Lisa Starobin Ludmila Staroselsky Hilary Anderson Stelling In honor of The Marucelli Family Zachary Stetson Teri Swartzel and John Hallam Chris Swenson Paul Tamburello Chris Taylor Lauren Teller Maynard Terrell Vanessa Thompson Shari and Robert Thurer Rachel Thurlow Kara Todeschini Pablo and Mario Torroella Lorreen Towle Scott Trainor Sandra Tramontozzi Thalia Tringo and Andrew Zamore Joyce Valente Stefanie Valovic Jeff Van Dreason Doug van Etten Robert Van Houten Eric Van Leuven Sunny and Stewart Vandermark Xavier Vazquez Katherine Venetsky Maricia Verma Jason Vinci Mary Weber Judith Webster Danny Weiner Daniel Weller Mary Werowinski and Bruce Tsiknas Anne Whitaker Connie White and Gregory Kendall David Williams Rosalind and W. Gary Williams Sara Willig Robert Wilson Melanie Wisner Ezra Wyschogrod Natasha Yakovina Jasper Yeo Michael Yereniuk Gabriel Ytterberg Alexander Zane


Come for the classics. Stay for the premieres. 40 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 617.876.8021

Visit for more information or to make a donation.


Rachael Solem Donor since: 2005

I support the Brattle Theatre because the programming and the space provide a much needed cultural presence in Harvard Square and the greater Boston community. While it is important and delightful to be able to see old films, and new films that are not part of the mainstream, and even new films that are or will be part of the blockbuster collection, seeing these films in the theatre with an enthusiastic audience is a rare and wonderful experience. My favorite experience was attending a concert of folk artists to see the film, For the Love of the Music. The audience was a collection of legendary musical artists and their most ardent fans. It was a memorable evening.� 3

2013 Annual Report Brattle Film Foundation  
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