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staff Ivy Moylan, Executive Director Ned Hinkle, Creative Director Kate Fitzpatrick, Associate Director Gabriel Moylan, Operations Manager Brandon Constant, Marketing Manager

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Annual Re

On the cover: Stills of Psycho, Klown, My Worst Nightmare and To Kill A Mockingbird

2013 board of directors Derek Baumann Ned Hinkle Thomas Lee Calvin Lindsay, Jr. Brian Murphy Jerry Murphy

Scott Mustard Karen Signorelli John Sten Daniel Thompson Astrid Tsang Lawrence Yu 2013 advisory board Brad Anderson Miguel Arteta Ted Hope Megan Hurst David Lynch Albert Maysles Gordon Willis Mary Yntema

Photography by: Brandon Constant Derek Kouyoumjian Schuyler Pisha


Nathan Hoefgen-Harvey Member since: 2002

“ I started going to the Brattle Theatre when I

was 13 and I’ve loved it ever since. No theater in the Boston area offers a more eclectic mix of films and I don’t have to feel guilty about supporting a giant corporation because the Brattle is local and non-profit! ”


Jeffrey Mayersohn Donor since: 2005

“ Two weeks before my wife and I bought the Harvard Book Store, I

attended my first book store event at the Brattle as the prospective owner. The speaker was the Slovene philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek. Every seat was taken and Zizek was brilliant and hilarious; the crowd loved it. Whatever trepidation I had about buying the business disappeared that very night. You walk into the Brattle and you know that they are all about great movies; you walk into our store and you know that we’re all about great books. I think that this kind of obsessive, and somewhat idiosyncratic, devotion to curated content by local businesses is an invaluable part of any community’s cultural fabric.”


to our

supporters Here we are, halfway through 2013, and last year seems a distant memory. Indeed, a Brattle highlight from early 2013 that we’re not supposed to write about in this review of 2012 is front of mind. (Hint: It rhymes with “flicksmarter.”) And it’s so darn exciting that you can’t pretend it’s not on your mind too. But that’s not fair to 2012, which was also pretty darn exciting. The Boston Underground Film Festival returned to the Brattle; we screened premieres of The Story of Film, The Color Wheel and For Ellen; we hosted special events like the screening of Nosferatu with live accompaniment; and we paid tribute to Robert Downey, Sr. We delivered those programs even while we prepared our flicksmarter surprise. There were clues to our plans in our annual report last year and in talks during our 2012 events, like our annual Oscar Party and Gala soiree. Think about what else we can accomplish behind the scenes when we have such great support from the world’s finest patrons and members. (That means you, in case you were wondering.) Trust us, more good surprises are on the way. Perhaps you’ll even find clues to our plans in this report or at our events this year… Speaking of which, if you haven’t come to the Brattle recently, we must insist that you do. You’ll really enjoy the changes we’ve made, in sound and vision, comfort and ambiance. See you soon! Thank you again for your incredible support,

Ivy Moylan Larry Yu Executive Director

President, Board of Directors



and premieres


ver the past year, we premiered 27 feature films and produced 29 repertory programs. All together these films garnered 21 three- and four-star reviews. Nineteen of the films we premiered appeared on 2012 Top 10 lists for the leading local and national film critics; the top ranking film was The Comedy, which received seven mentions. We also hosted 10 regional film festivals and continued to develop partnerships with local cultural organizations, ensuring that we offer a diverse range of programs. Highlights of the year include:

Series and Premieres Modern China on Screen In collaboration with the American Repertory Theater and their production of Wild Swans, we screened a pair of films highlighting the changes in China since the revolution. Included in the program were Tian Zhuangzhuang’s The Blue Kite and Jia Zhangke’s 24 City.

Wild at Heart

Nicolas Cage: Greatest American Actor Inspired by an Internet fad pointing out Nicolas Cage’s many over-the-top performances, we took the opportunity to highlight the career of one of America’s most fearless actors. Though the title is tongue-in-cheek, we paid homage to some of Cage’s riskiest and most rewarding roles from the Coen Brothers’ Raising Arizona, to David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, to his Oscar-nominated turn as twin brothers in Adaptation.

Robert Downey, Sr. We were honored to host legendary subversive filmmaker Robert Downey, Sr. on our stage in conjunction with a retrospective of his early films dating from 1964 to 1975, each hilariously crude and fiercely experimental. Universal’s 100th Anniversary Celebration It’s practically unprecedented for the Brattle to devote an entire month to a single series (the last time we did it was for Janus Films’ 50th birthday) but we did just that for Universal Studios’ centennial, screening over 50 films from their first 100

Laura Feldman and Jonathan Mitchell enjoy the Oscar Party.

Written on the Wind

years—many of them in new or restored 35mm prints. From Dracula to Written on the Wind to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, we worked to show the impressively diverse and accomplished films that have come out of this studio. The Story of Film: An Odyssey While each of our repertory series has the ability to educate the audience on a specific topic, issue or film artist, we took it a step further this past summer with Mark Cousins’ remarkable 15-part cinema history series, The Story of Film: An Odyssey. We presented each hour-long episode alongside a selection of the films that Cousins discussed. We also distributed episode guides with the entire list of films mentioned so that audience members could continue their viewing at home. We know that many of you enjoyed this “summer school” series as much as we did.


Noteworthy Premieres Although we are known for our classic film and repertory programming, the Brattle hosts premiere runs of a wide selection of new films each year. This was no different in 2012 when we presented everything from destined-to-be-classic international films (Silent Souls, Kill List, The Day He Arrives), to new films by Brattle-favorite directors (Guy Maddin’s Keyhole, Takashi Miike’s Hara Kiri), to challenging, boundarypushing independent films (The Comedy, The Color Wheel, Klown). We also made room for two acclaimed rock documentaries (Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story and Shut Up & Play the Hits).

Cure For Pain

Special Events For the third year in a row, the Brattle Film Foundation (BFF) hosted a record number of exciting special events, including author readings, theatrical performances, comedy shows and live music events, as well as film directors, actors and other professionals. Independent Film Festival Boston We have proudly participated in the Independent Film Festival of Boston since their first festival in 2002. It was so exciting to see the festival reach its 10th anniversary and to witness how it has developed into the city’s premiere film festival. Annual Oscar Party In its 12th year, this is our longest-running fundraising event. The Oscars are the Super Bowl for movie lovers, and what better way to celebrate than with a cinema full of Brattle members. We roll out the red carpet, plug in the lights and invite our members to watch the Academy Awards on the big screen! There are also great auction items and delicious food donated by local restaurants—an event not to be missed.

An Evening with Susan Orlean We were ecstatic to partner with Grub Street to present one of their Publish It Forward events. In July, we welcomed acclaimed author and “Queen of Twitter” Susan Orlean back to the Brattle for a lecture. After her talk, Orlean introduced a screening of the silent classic Clash of the Wolves starring Rin Tin Tin—the subject of her most recent book.


Nosferatu with Andrew Alden Ensemble We were thrilled to welcome a new voice, the Andrew Alden Ensemble, to our ongoing series of silent films featuring live scores. On Halloween night, Mr. Alden and his group, all students or graduates of Berklee College of Music, presented a stirring and suspenseful score for F.W. Murnau’s horror classic Nosferatu. Boston Society of Film Critics This event has turned into one of the premiere film gatherings in Boston and a great way to meet all of the local film critics. We were honored to be one of the 2012 award recipients for our Nicolas Cage series. The event includes an awards ceremony and a screening of one of the award-winning films. This year’s selecton was Moneyball, which was awarded best screenplay by the Society, with an appearance by screenplay contributor Stan Chervin.

BFF President, Larry Yu, welcomes guests at the Oscar Party.

Susan Orlean

Annual Brattle Watch-a-Thon Our annual Watch-a-Thon is just like those walking and running fundraisers, but without all the pesky walking and running. Instead, supporters raise funds for the BFF by doing what they love: watching movies! This year we turned the event into a two-day marathon over Columbus Day weekend, challenging participants to watch 12 hours of classics and another 12 of cult films. The individuals who raised the most money and watched the most films are both awarded prizes. Will anyone beat our reigning champion, Brian Paik, who has won both prizes for the last three years in a row?


Ian Brownell Ian Brownell is an independent producer and director based in Medford. Member since: 2008 Donor since: 2008

What was the first movie you saw at the Brattle? “ I can recall where I saw pretty much every film I’ve ever seen in my life, but I’m not so good with when. I know I was in high school when I first came to the Brattle, and I think that the first film I saw there was Gillian Armstrong’s My Brilliant Career, but I can’t be sure.” Why do you support the Brattle? “ Even though I haven’t lived in Cambridge for more than 10 years, I still consider the Brattle to be my local theater.


Two years ago, when many film houses were in danger of closing, I decided I’d better start voting with my dollars by stepping up my financial support of all the independent cinemas I love in MA and NY, and making much more of an effort to go out and see films when they are screened in theaters. Those of us who love movies must not assume that magical places like the Brattle will always be here. If we care about watching movies as they were intended to be seen—communally, on a big screen, without interruptions and distractions (but with beer!)—then we must lend our support.”

What is the highlight of our last 10 years for you? “ Seeing gorgeous 35mm prints of every film in 2009’s Encounter David Lean series was a dream come true. Getting to see Howard The Duck in 35mm again at 2011’s Schlock Around The Clock was a close second.”


the year in



ince 1953, the Brattle Theatre has been a ways to get your information, there are also so many destination for provocative, engaging and ways to have conversations about film. In 2012, we entertaining movies. Now, 60 years later, the used all of them to do just that. And also gave you Brattle Film Foundation is maintaining this legacy— a peek into our Foundation office and some of the inspiring the minds and hearts of us all. things that we talk about during the day. Over the The BFF proudly carries out its mission to celebrate year, we grew our Facebook friends by 26% and our film as a popular and fine art form with significant presence on Twitter to over 4,000 followers. cultural and historical value through our programs at the historic Brattle Theatre. We believe that viewing film Pouring Pints with Our Popcorn is both a community and personal experience and are You asked for it. You got it. In June, 2009 we began excited to have been able to provide this experience to serving beer and wine at the Brattle. We carefully hundreds of thousands of community members over select our offerings from local brewers; just another the past decade. way that coming to the Brattle is a special experience. 2012 was another busy year for the Brattle Film Each year since we have seen our revenue grow by Foundation: we expanded our board of directors as leaps and bounds. 2012 was no different: we sold well as our Foundation staff—the latter for the first time 24% more beer than in 2011! since our founding. We also grew in many important business areas. Prepping for a Big Campaign 2012 in numbers These included: In 2011, we were given the bad news that our HVAC system 132 special guests • Memberships increased by 5% needed to be replaced. Then 433 films screened • Foundation support improved in 2012 we watched as digital 499 members by 13% projection expanded into the 50,436 attendees • Attendance grew for the classic and independent film $193,159 contributions 5th year in a row markets at an accelerated pace. $493,789 earned income We knew that these were makeModern Times or-break investments but we We continue to modernize the didn’t have the funds to make Brattle’s operations behind the these improvements. scenes. You may have noticed With our strength in grassroots that we’ve begun using iPads fundraising, we felt that one of at the box office. This is the first the new crowdfunding sites was step of merging our on-site and the best match for us. After a online sales with our membership year of planning and preparation, and mailing list databases. As a we launched a Kickstarter small business these changes are campaign in January 2013 to challenging, but also incredibly fund these two large capital rewarding. investments. We successfully Facebook, Twitter, Pinterist, raised the funds by March with YouTube, LinkedIn. With so many your support. Thank you!


the year in


3+10+2453L 28+35+37L 3+16+192339L Corporations 3%

Foundations 10% Fundraising Events 10%

sources of philanthropic support

Individual Donations 53%

Individual Memberships 24%

sources of philanthropic support Individual Donations............................................................. $104,699 Individual Memberships.......................................................... $47,850 Fundraising Events................................................................... $20,531 Foundations............................................................................. $20,080 Corporations............................................................................... $5,000 Total.......................................................................... $198,159

Philanthropic Support 28%

Program Revenue 37%

income categories Program Revenue.................................................................. $257,041

income categories

Philanthropic Support............................................................. $193,159


Total......................................................................... $686,949

Other Earned Revenue.......................................................... $236,748

Other Earned Revenue 35%

Fundraising 3%

Business & Administration 16%

expense categories

Rent & Building 19%

Payroll 39%

Programming 23%

expense categories Payroll....................................................................................... $274,166 Rent & Building....................................................................... $136,728 Business & Administration..................................................... $110,945 Programming......................................................................... $163,213 Fundraising................................................................................$23,549 Total.......................................................................... $708,601





s part of the BFF’s 10th anniversary as a nonprofit, we created a series of new giving levels. These levels offer you, supporters of the Brattle Theatre and its future, the opportunity to help support the Foundation while enjoying the many benefits we have to offer. As a way to show our appreciation, and in recognition of your commitment, we are pleased to offer premium benefits, including tickets to events and screenings, free parking, private receptions and more! balcony club — $1,000 • E-newsletter highlighting upcoming events and screenings • Reserved seating at author readings • Invitations to special events throughout the year • Advance access to select events and tickets for premium shows, including: Casablanca on Valentine’s Day, It’s a Wonderful Life in December and select sneak previews and premieres

premiere club — $2,500 All the benefits of the balcony club plus: • Two tickets to the BFF Gala • Two tickets to the annual Oscar Party • Reserved seating for all BFF film screenings • Private pre-screening lecture introducing a film series, given biannually by the Foundation’s Creative Director

William Mendelsohn Member since: 2005 Donor since: 2005

“ I support the Brattle because there

is nothing like it in the Boston area. Thanks to their programming I’ve been exposed to any number of movies that I would otherwise never have encountered. Even with Netflix, TCM and other options for seeing great movies at home, I can’t imagine not coming to the Brattle for the shared experience of seeing these movies with others. Several years ago I brought my children to see Planet of the Apes. Neither one knew anything about the ending, so I could watch their minds being blown by the final shot.”

silver screen society — $5,000 All the benefits of the premiere club plus: • Free parking at University Place Garage when attending an event or screening • Four tickets to the BFF Gala • Four tickets to the annual Oscar Party • Private reception with Executive and Creative Directors, and backstage tour prior to a screening for up to 10 guests red carpet society — $10,000 All the benefits of the silver screen society plus: • Eight tickets to the BFF Gala • Eight tickets to the annual Oscar Party • Private rental of the Brattle Theatre (off hours rental only)

Mopsy Strange Kennedy, Denise Jillson and Rachael Solem at the Gala.


you, our


Thank you! Your support helps to provide high quality films for the public and to expand our outreach and educational programs. Thank you! Red Carpet Society $10,000 and above National Endowment for the Arts Anonymous Silver Screen Society $5,000–9,999 Harvard Cooperative Society Anonymous (2) Melissa Nelson-Yu and Larry Yu Balcony Club $1,000–2,499 Cambridge Brewing Company John and Maria Doukas Foundation, Inc. Irving House Robert Strange Family Fund at The Boston Foundation Anonymous (2) Lenice Armour Jane and Paul Athanas Ian Brownell Elizabeth Coffey Scot and Michael Colford Richard Gillis In memory of Cyrus I. Harvey, Jr. Barry Hershey Priscilla and Richard M. Hunt Thomas Lee Raymond Mannos Kara Morin and Rogelio Fussa Brian Paik Jill and Garrett Quinn Jennie Rathbun

Georgina Ropes James T. Salini Karen Signorelli Rachael Solem Jo and Maxwell Solet Clive Standley Scott Steward Elizabeth and Daniel Thompson Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon Kristina and Robert Xavier In memory of E.S. Yntema Mary Yntema and Eric Scace $500–999 Halderstein Owl Trust Risman/Marvin Kaplan Insurance Agency Tern Foundation Stephen G. and Rosemarie Torres Johnson Family Foundation at The Boston Foundation Anonymous (2) Derek Baumann Tod Beaty Ann R. Flather Anthony Groves Josefina and Gregory Lyons Katherine Champion and Brian Murphy Scott Mustard MacLaren Randall Joel Rosenberg $250–499 Bernard, Johnson & Co. P.C. Big Picture Framing The Chiappa-Blanco Charitable Fund Anonymous (2) Alicia Anstead Barbara and Jonathan Beckwith Bruce Bowden Charlotte Burgess-Auburn and Mark Hanlon

Gina Terenzi, Tony Groves and Melissa Nelson-Yu at the Gala.

Sophia Chaknis and Joseph Levy John Cogan, Jr. Franklin Crownover Robert Cunningham Elizabeth Curran Caitlin Frank and Andrew McLaughlin John DiGiovanni Andrea V. Doukas and Richard Behrman Abigail Harmon and Adam Mersky Allison Howe Carmen and Jake Jacobson Lydia Kuhn and Zak Lee Victoria Large Rob Larsen Timothy League Maryel Locke Emily Nord and T. K. McClintock Mameve and Howard Medwed Brian Travis Mitchell Garry J. Monahan Stephen Mullen Sara Rubin and David Montanari Clare and Geoffrey Nunes Sarah and Christian Slubowski Astrid Tsang and Will Toubman Susan Savoca and Stanley Twarog Alec Walker

Kaj Wilson Susan Wolf and John Gregg $100–249 David Abrams Charitable Fund Cambridge Community Television The McClean Family Foundation Anonymous (10) Judith and Gerald Abrams Sarah Abrams Gretchen Adams and Rob Hayes Maureen Ahern Jennifer Baldwin Pandora Berman and Alan Bawden Adam Berrey Susan Block and Andy Billings Hilary P. Bracken McGhee Bing Broderick Susan Bruce Leslie Brunetta and Peter J. Loftus Andrew Bujalski and Karen Olsson In honor of Ben Auburn Anne Burling Ellen Casey James Chung Patty and Todd Davis Melanie DeCarolis


you, our


Alexis Dearborn and Brian Pinagree Janet Dickinson Kate Doyle Michael Dumbroski and Matthew Woodward Ryan Evans Peter John Flynn Joyce Friedman Amy Geller and Gerald Perry Stewart Goodwin Kal Gupta Michael Halal Claudia Haydon Richard Heller Marcia Hern James Hinkle and Roy Hammer Michael Jackman Margaret Jacobson-Sive Jennifer Jubinville and Michael Bowes Mrs. Elizabeth B. Johnson Jane Kamine and David Holtzman Jacqueline R. Kates Mopsy Strange Kennedy Gregory Kohl Sherri Kraft Jennifer Krebs and David Jennings Lyda Kuth and Kent Christman Ulysses Lateiner Christopher Leitner Susan M. Lewinnek Amy Lewis and Doug Mayo-Wells Angela Locknar Mackevicius-Lambert Family Zoran Malesevic Kai and Marion Marcucelli Mark Marino Linda C. McClain and James E. Fleming Leigh Montgomery and Christopher Hartman Federico Muchnik John and Anna Mudd

Michael Newcomb Scott E. Norwood Steven Orzack In Paik Eugene Papa Margaret Patton Holladay and Richard Pontius Barbara Popken A. G. Prat Gus Rancatore Linda Reinfeld and Constantine Alexander Jennifer Regan Joseph David Reno Krystal and James Rheinwald Norma Ricci Charlotte M. Robinson Rebecca Rogers and Marc Tanner Lawrence Rosenberg Carolyn Rowland Peter Septoff Elisabeth Shaw and Jim Bredt Elsa Dorfman and Harvey Silverglate Alley Stoughton Karen and Daniel Taylor Rachel Thurlow Douglas Urbank Sunny and Stewart Vandermark Rosamond B. Vaule Hwa-Nien Yu Carolyn Ziering Liz Zucker $0–99 Goodsearch Anonymous (8) Rena W. and W. H. Abelmann Mary Albon Lindsay Miller and Peter Ambler William Ambler Hilary Anderson Stelling John Antonellis Jane Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arnold Robert Baber

Ken Bader In honor of Jane Trevithick Joyce Barnes Michael Beachy Eve Belfer-Ahern John Michael Bell Amanda M. Bellamy Jill Berger Timothy Betjemann Doris Birmingham Laura Blacklow Nan Borod Christopher Boucher Keith Brown JoĂŤlle and Lawrence Cabot Kevin Cafferty Nathan Canty Rebecca Johnson Carazza Mark Careaga Gerald Carney Elizabeth Carter Jennifer Christian Jennifer Chu Ray Chun Nancy and Daniel Coffey Sheldon Cohen Paul Conley Alexandra Crean Bryan Crean Evan Crean Fran Cronin Katherine D. Cunha Jeffrey M. Czekaj Patricia E. Dardano Bug Davidson Nicole Davis Daniel Dehainaut Joe Della Penna Jessica Dillon Wylie and Scott Doughty Marybeth Duffy Bunny Duhl Christine Dutt and Douglas Whittington Alison and Jim Dunyak Paul Elsasser Ellen Ernst

Charles Evans Deirdre Festa Jonathan Fisher Eddie Flanagan Ilene and Bruce Fleischer Susan Fleischmann James E. Fleming Susan Flink Kara Flyg Katherine Frumin Zygmund Furmaniuk Amy E. Galante Peter Gelling Elizabeth George Teresa Gilman Alexander Gontar Sarah Goodman Lauire J. Gould Sheila Grant Joe Grassia Kimberly Hamad Henry Hammond Patrick Haney David Harrison Michael Healan Inez Hedges and Victor Wallis Constance S. and Edwin Higgins Jay Lawrence Holman Adam Hoover Jessica Huddy Alice L. and Paul Johnson Susan Jones David Holtzman Neal Karasic Jane Kelley Judy Khy Mary Ellen Kiddle Sebastin Kolmsn Matt Kowalski Deborah Krupenia Steven Kruszkowski Larry Kyrala Bill Laskin Meredith and James Laudisio Vanessa F. LeFevre Jackie Leckas Ellie Lee


Raymond Mannos Donor since: 2005

“ About 25 years ago, I was excited

to attend a film noir double feature of Sudden Fear and Another Man’s Poison. It was the first opportunity for me to see these films since I saw them in the ‘50s, and yet on a double bill. It was a rainy night when I came to see it so I parked in the lot and walked in the rain to see this wonderful double feature. I love the old movie houses that I grew up with. Unfortunately, most of them have been extinguished. There are so few left and I think it is important to preserve the few we have. Congratulations to Ivy and the wonderful staff for keeping it alive.”

Michael Leibensperger Carrie Lenahan Trisha Lendo Jen and Jonathan Lenicheck Diane E. Levin and Gary Goldstein Summer Dare Litwin Michael Lord Sarah Lukachko Chad Luongo Linda Lynch Brian Magee Debra H. Mandel Elizabeth and Clifford Mansfield Maureen Marinelli Anne Matthews and Edward Fay, Jr.

Kevin McCoy Margaret McMahon John McPhee Leonard C. Medlock Thomas Meek III Heather Mell Alvin Menon Nathalie Merchant Melissa Merenda Uriel Meshoulam James Metz Sarah Morris and Jeff Michael Florence Michel Rene Milet Joel Miller Sarah G. Murphy Julia Nahmias

Gary Nicholson Judith Norsigian Vicki Oleskey Mary Ann Pappanikou Kim Paradiso Mike Pattberg Haeden Peaslee Christine Peterson Marisa Petrillo Carrie Pinsker Jack Porter Adele Pressman and Robert Gardner Keri Pyke William Reilly Ashley Rhodes Paula Rhodes Kathleen Riley Jason Romanowski Richard Rose In honor of Eric Scace and Mary Yntema Joydeep Roy Virginia Savage Charles Schille Francis X. Scire, Jr. Timothy Scott Megan Serpa Asako Severn Claire Sheth Effie Shumaker Lindsay Silverman Ellen Sisco and Hugh Gerechter Alan Stansler Neal Stearns Scott Stolzar Tracy Strain and Randall MacLowry Irma Stratton Kelly C. Teer Michlyne and Dan Thal Kara Todeschini Mario Torroella Bruce Tsiknas Quentin Turchette Joyce Valente

Adam Van Voorhis Mary Vasquez Susan Vik Daniel Weller Connie White and Gregory Kendall Amrys O. Williams Dean Wilson Jessica Wollman Evelyn Wyman Bff presenting sponsor Harvard Cooperative Society gala sponsors LEAD SPONSOR The Charles Hotel COMPANY SPONSOR Irving House TABLE SPONSORs Cambridge Brewing Company Harvard Cooperative Society oscar party sponsors IN KIND SPONSORS Abigail’s Area Four Cambridge 1 Craigie on Main Garden at the Celler Henrietta’s Table Derek Kouyoumjian Veggie Galaxy

And a special thank you to the many businesses and individuals who contributed to our Gala and Oscar Party silent auctions. Every effort has been made to be accurate. We apologize for any omissions or errors. Contact Ivy Moylan at 617.876.8021 with any corrections.

come for the classics stay for the premieres 40 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138 617.876.8021

Melanie DeCarolis Member since: 1997 Donor since: 2005

“ I support the Brattle because

the moviegoing experience has gotten so processed and sterile‌ but at the Brattle, stories matter. Film matters. Hell, even real buttered popcorn still matters.�

Visit for more information or to make a donation.

2012 Annual Report Brattle Film Foundation