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BRANDT Total Acre


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Total Acre



BRANDT’s Total Acre is a science-based approach to crop production that combines expertise in agronomy and data management. Total Acre is made

The cornerstone of Total Acre that uses specific points of field data and

up of four key modules.

algorithms to create ‘Mineralization Zones’. These zones are key to discovering the occurrence of naturally released nutrients.

Seed Rx®

R Stage™

A proprietary technology that assists growers selecting hybrids and varieties that are tailored to varying field conditions.

Is a late season stress mitigation module that reduces plant stress from dis-

Micro Rx™

ease, nutrient imbalances and insect damage while improving harvestability.

Examines plant’s responsiveness to secondary elements.






Total Acre enrollment and schedule GPS soil testing




Seed Rx (phenotype grouping)

Micro Rx recommendations

Application of Micro Rx

AUG Nutrazone recommendations

R Stage RX application



Variable Rate Application of Lime, Phosphorus, Potash and Nitrogen



Selection of specific hybrids and populations

Seed Rx Utilizing exclusive Brandt technologies, Seed Rx pulls records both past and present to make detailed recommendations that are customized to environmental factors in your field. With Seed Rx, growers are now able to match population and hybrid seeds to the field’s soil productivity. The Seed Rx system uses field history and data that places hybrids in the proper zones, maximizing each field’s true yield potential.

The Seed Rx System groups seed, hybrids and varieties into phenotypes. A phenotype is the set of physical characteristics, like height, root type or ear placement that result from the plant’s genetic makeup. The differences in characteristics give each phenotype a specific advantage in certain zones, which allows seed type to be effectively matched to the field based on field fertility levels, drainage conditions, soil textures and mineralization.



Nutrazone Nutrazone allows you to analyze your yield and soil data to maximize nutrient decisions. The final output is a custom nutrition plan including a balanced nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and lime recommendation. Nutrazone develops the plan creates a prescription and your precision equipment follows it. Nutrazone provides built in quality control by allowing growers to set up confidence blocks that compare prescription rates against normal rates. These confidence blocks are placed to verify yield response to

the change in nutrient application, thereby giving you greater control over the processs. As Nutrazone works to correct nutrient inefficiencies, field nutrition becomes more effective.

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BRANDT Total Acre booklet 2013  

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