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I’VE BEEN THINKING OF WRITING A BOOK. One of suspense, intrigue,

mystery and all things “hot” inside

were added in 1949, 16 more in 1958,

Several years ago when OSU

and fluorescent hues in 1972 (of

fans decided the right ORANGE

course it happened in the 1970s).

was in vogue, it seems all kinds of

Textile and manufacturing

ORANGE products began popping

college sports. I’ll call it 50 SHADES OF

companies caught on and began

ORANGE . Surely that would have

cranking out all kinds of products

favorite shoes, clothing and depart-

been a better title of the book by

in various shades of ORANGE .

ment stores. Fans began to ask, “CAN

up. People began to look for it in their

E. L. James. Even for those of you

So, beware the bogus ORANGE!

I GET THAT IN ORANGE ?” Just about

who loved the new gray infused into

There are ORANGE purses,

the time I think I have seen everything,

the uniforms last year, everyone

watches, boots, belts, cups, coffins,

someone walks past me with an

knows ORANGE is way more

wash-and-wear, underwear and

original ORANGE product that tops

steamy. I have some great ORANGE

everything in between. If it can be

them all.


creatively crafted and communicated

Perhaps I’d be better off steering clear of the “shady” side of things and focus on something I know a little bit

to creators, they can make it in

ORANGE . But the real question is: IS IT THE

It just so happens that ORANGE “pops” well off of black, white and, yes, gray. I’ve decided ORANGE is a very distinguishing, flattering and unique

about: ORANGE . In 1903 Crayola

RIGHT ORANGE ? There is amber,

color, and that sets us apart from

developed a new product called

apricot, tangerine, peach, pumpkin,

most all the rest of the sporting world.

Crayons. Eight basic colors were

rust, burnt orange, safety orange …

produced, the brightest of which was

you get the idea.

ORANGE . Forty additional colors


JULY 2012

I like it. It’s distinctive. In fact, I believe ORANGE makes people look smarter. After all, I bet the sharpest crayon in your box of 64 was … ORANGE .



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