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Tailgating Season

“ARE YOU READY for SOME FOOTBALL?” That phrase, put to music by Hank Williams Jr. years ago, set

There are barbecue smokers

bring as sundry lawn games, check-

so massive they require their own

ers and various outdoor diversions. Others resort to good old fashioned

in motion a series of productions

trailer hitches (you know who you

for the sport that has become

are). Are we smoking entire sides of

people watching. Though, between

a spectacle (and the norm) for

beef or what? Those quantities may

you and me, here’s a word to the

networks across the country. It’s

be in order if the crowds around

wise. While you may not feel like

not just a game anymore. It’s an

many tents are indicative of how

you are exhibiting behavior worthy

entertainment event.

many are eating there. Appetites

of watching, you just might be

are hearty and voracious. And they

game-day amusement for the group

all agree, everything tastes better

around the corner.

As far as I can tell, singing, football and television first were coupled on ABC’S MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL in

when cooked over an open flame —

the mid-1970s. HOWARD COSELL (love

especially 600 pounds of cow.

him or hate him) was the main talent. His quirky personality, sometimes

Your proximity to the grill is in direct proportion to the month.

Lastly, the technology is astounding. Just because fans are in the parking lot does not mean they have to miss their second-favorite

strange antics and distinct manner

November, real close. September,

team (or team they love to hate) play.

of speaking was a constant from

not so much. If you can think of

There are televisions of all shapes,

play-by-play to the halftime high-

it, it’s fair game to be grilled, fried,

sizes and price points. No screen is

lights. Frank Gifford provided the

skewered or sautéed.

too big for tailgating.

expert analysis. Don Meredith was the singer. Playing the “Aw shucks, good ‘ole

The table fare is only half the

And if they’re going to the trouble

issue. The other is the decor. If you

of toting the television, they typically

are not a frequent tailgater, you

go all-in and bust out the portable

boy” role, Don was genuinely funny.

may be asking, “YOU DECORATE YOUR

satellite dishes. In fact, there are

His humor was never forced, but


enough signals being emitted and

revealed itself in a flowing, honest

Of course! Many spaces have

received, I’m sometimes fearful of

manner that made audiences feel

an ensemble that would make a

interfering with aircraft transmission

he was a long-lost friend from high

furniture store salivate. There are

at nearby Stillwater Airport.

school. When Don sang, “Turn out

couches, tables, chairs, lamps, rugs

the lights, the party’s over,” there

and home furnishings of all shapes,

would be time left on the clock, but

sizes and … well, just the one color.

through the area. Get some tailgate

the outcome of the game had been

Someone call Southern Living.

grub. Find a screen and have a seat.

Most of the spreads are picture

Put your feet up. Many tailgates

decided. When OSU fans mention being ready for some football, they are usually talking about tailgating,


perfect. Then again, others look like

have enough monitors and satellites

something I’d throw out there.

to make NASA … orange with envy.

But even then, relaxing on the

which seems to be a spectacle all its

couch-away-from-home is not

own. You can see it all in the parking

enough. There has to be pre-game

lots, this commotion created by the

entertainment, too. Some tailgaters

pick-up truck.


Don’t believe me? Get to the game early and make a pass