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Brand appeal & the BR-ND outsider

What about your brand appeal? Brands are wonderful phenomena. In some way, they are able to touch you. You may even love them. Often, it is hard to explain why. Some brands just ‘feel’ better than others. They have more ‘brand appeal’.

What is the BR-ND outsider?

An online research tool that measures the brand image of organisations and products. It is a brand health check that is used as the base for brand analysis and a brand reality check vis-a-vis competition. Â Key competitor brand profiles are normally also included which allows for brand benchmarking.

Why is the BR-ND outsider useful?

Regardless of the corporate efforts to position a brand on the market, the brand is what individuals make of it. Do they know the brand? What are their expectations from it? How appealing is the brand to them? Would they recommend it? The Outsider explores how the brand touches individuals and wins their preference. At the same time it engages your stakeholders.

Questions answered by the outsider

The BR-ND Outsider answers questions about your brand to define the composition of your brand appeal. Awareness (spontaneous & aided) Free associations Emotional benefits (current & desired 23plusone profile) Functional benefits Net promotor score Room for customized (closed & open) questions

Intuitive, fun, quick. Engaging. Resulting in better respons and better results.

Playing with science

Online research tool. 100% science-based content, including 23plusone. Measures & engages. Easy to access, fun to do. Average duration 12 mins

23plusone inside

To uncover what people really feel, we use 23plusone, our easy-to-use emotional language.

Invite who you want

Your clients, your suppliers, prospects, friends, your hairdresser. Anyone who has an important stake in your business. Anyone you want to treat like a special person.

Easy does it

Give us your email database and we do the rest. Programming, data gathering and analysis. We present the results and create a report.

BR-ND outsider facts

About 15 companies preceded yours. And many brands were studied throughout the years. Easy to benchmark. For an integrated view on your organisation, results can be linked to the BR-ND Insider. Clients

Big Graphic Europe, Koga-Miyata, Essent, NIBC, Kips, Pickwick, LEAF, St. Antonius, De Telefoongids & Gouden Gids, REAAL, CPO, NykampNyboer, Phoenix Executive and more.


We are an Amsterdam-based boutique consultancy with a passion for creating and transforming brands. We believe that only happy and inspired people can make organizations successful. That is why we specialize in emotive branding. |

BR-ND Outsider  

Online brand experience tool. Unique survey to engage your stakeholders and let them inspire your future. 15 minutes, lasting effect.

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