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Remembering Bill Spurr AO Former AHA|SA President, Peter Hurley AO, delivered the following tribute to the late Bill Spurr AO.


Boylen gives an example of how to improve website results. T H I S


Our Shout - AHA|SA Podcast Understanding your wine list with Geoff Merrill, plus an interview with Heath Johansen of Uraidla Hotel.


How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google’s Top 3 Results?


JULY 2022

SA’s Best Pub Burger

The humble pub burger was centre stage in July, as 12 hotel finalists battled it out for the title of SA’s Best Pub Burger 2022.


End to Single-Use Plastics

Annual Wage Review 2021-22

19 More Choice for Organic Shoppers as Winesmiths Releases New Organic Collection

25 Should Health Trends Influence Your Menu?

The State Government has sent a strong signal that it intends to take more steps in banning all single-use plastic products.

15 June 2021, the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review Panel handed down their decision in the 2021-22 Annual Wage Review.


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20 How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google’s Top 3 Results? 22 Ravo’s Bush Telegraph 23 Time to Start Planning for End to Single-Use Plastic Products

26 Annual Wage Review 2021-22 29 2022 Hotel Awards for Excellence 31 AHA|SA Corporate Partner Directory 32 Gaming Care 33 AHA|SA Corporate Partners 2022-2023

24 AHA|SA Podcasts

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| Hotel SA | 3

From the General Manager IAN HORNE – AHA | SA GENERAL MANAGER

Vale WT (Bill) Spurr AO It was with great sadness that we informed members of the passing of Bill Spurr AO on 4 July 2022. President David Basheer is currently travelling out of the country, but joins me in acknowledging the enormous contribution Bill made to tourism and hospitality in this state. Bill was the CEO of the Australian Hotels Association SA Branch between 1982 and 1986. As a 38-year-old, Bill left the AHA|SA to head up the new tourism and hospitality school at the Light Square Campus. This venture included Bill establishing with the AHA|SA, Australia’s first commercial training hotel, the College Arms in Currie Street. The College Arms (formerly the Armstrong’s Tavern) was eventually demolished to make way for an expansion of the Adelaide TAFESA Tourism and Hospitality School. Under Bill’s watch the AHA commenced its Hospitality Group Training Company in 1983. He saw the expansion of Sip & Save Liquor Marketing Group and established the Town & Country Pub Accommodation scheme designed to utilise the hundreds of traditional pub style rooms across the regional and remote areas of South Australia. It was during this time that the Adelaide Hilton International was opened (October 1982), the first Grand Prix hit the Adelaide streets (3 November 1985)

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and the Adelaide Casino launched on 12 December 1985. John Bannon AO was the Premier and Gavin Keneally was Tourism Minister. Bill was an extraordinary leader and mentor, taking leadership roles not just within the AHA. During his career he went on to be both CEO and Chair at the Adelaide Convention Bureau, CEO of SA Tourism Commission, Chair of Study Adelaide, Australian Major Events and Adelaide Venue Management Board that incorporates the Adelaide Convention Centre and Entertainment Centre, Board Member of the Zoo, Adelaide Festival Centre, the former Government’s Economic Advisory Council and the Adelaide Fringe and many other advisory boards and roles. Bill remained a close friend of the hotel industry and was a significant contributor to the development of South Australia’s tourism and hospitality industry. He credited his time at the AHA SA as being the catalyst for his subsequent interest and finally passion for tourism and hospitality. He will be greatly missed by generations of operators, students and industry participants. We send our deepest condolences to Bill’s wife Helen, his children Debbie and Craig, and all his family.

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Bill Spurr AO with AHA|SA General Manager, Ian Horne.

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Rodney Harrex Chief Executive Officer SA Tourism Commission

TOURISM CHIEF RODNEY HARREX SAYS FAREWELL After helping steer South Australia’s tourism industry to new heights before navigating the pandemic, SA’s Tourism Commission CEO Rodney Harrex is moving on. Rodney will finish as Chief Executive later in July after nearly a decade in the role. Rodney has been a fabulous leader of the SATC departing at a time interstate visitor spending hits a post-pandemic record of $1.8bn for the year to March. Rodney directed the SATC efforts as pre-pandemic visitor spending hit a record high $8.1bn in the visitor economy, which created jobs and opportunities for thousands of people across the state, then as domestic spending broke records later in the pandemic. He led the SATC through extremely challenging times and successfully initiated the Great State Voucher program that allowed recently completed hotels to open and existing operators a chance to recover some of their debilitating losses during COVID-19. His work has ensured that the state’s tourism industry is poised to bounce back strongly. Operators right across the state know what Rod has achieved over his tenure, that he’s always been available on the other end of a phone and how hard he has worked to get the brand of South Australia out to the markets far and wide. 6 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

His passion, drive and insight has supported the industry through its most challenging times. It has ensured we are now in a very strong position to capitalise on opportunities and keep the momentum of the COVID-19 recovery going. Thank you Rodney for an amazing nine years that saw records broken, investment in tourism accelerate and subsequent jobs generated. The hotel industry wishes you the very best for your future both privately and professionally. A job very well done, Rodney.

Ian Horne, AHA|SA General Manager

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Annual Wage Review 2021-22 

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Years Serving the SA Hotel Industry

Book Your 4th Booster Dose Now Help Keep Our Hotels Open You can now get your 4th COVID-19 vaccination 3 months after your third dose. But if you’ve had COVID-19 since receiving your booster shot, you have to wait until three months after you acquired the infection. Australians aged 30 and older.

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| Hotel SA | 7

(Back L-R) Peter Brien, Rick Lovell, Greg Fahey, Bill Spurr AO, (Front L-R) Ian Ravenscroft and Peter Hurley AO.

Remembering Bill Spurr AO FORMER AHA | SA PRESIDENT, PETER HURLEY AO, DELIVERED THE FOLLOWING TRIBUTE TO THE LATE BILL SPURR AO AT A MEMORIAL SERVICE AT THE ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE ON JULY 13. One of the few issues my best mate of 40 years and I used to argue about was, who was going to do who’s eulogy. I would have insisted he pre-record mine if I had any notion that he was likely to jump the queue. Bill came into our lives, indeed into the hotel industry family, exactly 40 years ago. I was on the AHA|SA Council. The great and long serving Bill Connolly was retiring. By way of background, President Peter Whallin AM was a daily communicant at St Francis Cathedral. The staffing of the AHA|SA office was largely a Protestant-free zone. So it was a surprise that a young Anglican-raised academic got the job. And on big bucks. $25k plus Super. A youth policy had not previously been on the AHA|SA agenda. I was the youngest person on Council. Bill and I were the only under 40s at the table in the smoke-filled Council meetings. So its unsurprising that the Spurrs and Hurley families quickly became close friends. Such is the human

magnetism of the man that our children, and their significant ones to this day always refer to him as Uncle Bill. His impact at the AHA|SA was instant. He, along with President Peter Whallin and VP Fred Basheer, quickly established a trusting relationship with the new John Bannon-led government. Sunday trading was an early success, albeit initially 2 x 2 hour sessions for tourism hotels only. Bill was an advocate of upskilling the industry and established what rapidly became the largest Group Training scheme in the state. He recruited a young and bearded Ian Horne to head up Hospitality Group Training. Bill also employed Mike Shelley, which was the start of the Sip n Save march to dominance of retail liquor marketing under the AHA|SA banner. It was an exciting era in South Australia. During Bill’s relatively short time at the AHA|SA much happened. • The Adelaide Hilton opened. • The Convention Centre opened.

8 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

• Hyatt commenced building to enter the local market. • The Casino opened in October 85. • And biggest of all, 1985, Adelaide came alive with the first F1 Grand Prix. Bill Spurr carried the AHA|SA flag to the table for the logistics management and IR coverage that made all those things happen. For the first time, the AHA|SA was front and centre for all tourism and event initiatives both metro and in the regions. Bill laid the foundation for the AHA|SA to become the most respected and influential hospitality and tourism industry advocacy Association in the State. He remained a close industry ally for the rest of his life. In his own words, the AHA|SA role sowed the seed for a life in hospitality and tourism. His first gig after the AHA|SA was to head up and establish the TAFESA school of tourism and hospitality city campus. During that chapter he coerced the Liquor Trades union and the AHA|SA to fund the nation’s first dedicated Back to Contents

Bill Spurr speaking at an AHA|SA event.

training hotel, The College Arms. It may have dented the AHA|SA cash reserves but it established us as a serious player in industry skills training. Literally thousands of graduates of the courses Bill created in tourism, event management and food and beverage spread their wings around the world and remained in the Bill Spurr fan club forever. Many of them have confirmed that in social media over the last week. This is in addition to calls and messages from the Premier, ex Premiers and ministers - and from the immediate past Prime Minister. Next it was Australian Major Events under the Chairmanship of the recently deceased John Heard. They were a powerful combo. Andrew McEvoy commented to me this week- and I quote: “Bill created an era...the best in SA's tourism history. Look at the legacy - just the events calendar on its own. Name an event he has not had an involvement in bringing, winning or creating...” He worked with others to make these happen of course. Premier Back to Contents

Dean Brown, Premier John Olsen, Roger Cook, Minister Joan Hall, Minister Kevin Foley and Andrew Daniels to name a few. • Police & Fire Games • Tasting Australia. • Tour Down Under. Which Dean Brown reminded me yesterday was propped to his government by Bill, as Australia’s version of Tour de France. • Ring Cycles. • The biggest accommodation seller of all, the Adelaide 500. A John Olsen idea. • The two Great Australian Outback Cattle Drives and many more. The Cattle Drives even garnered appearances on prime time US talk shows. Boy, did he get into the spirit of the Cattle Drives. He started appearing in the suburbs in elastic sided RMs, moleskins, checked western shirts, even the wide rimmed Akubra. He was knocking about the Flinders Ranges with his bushy mate Keith Rasheed, getting the feel of life in the Outback preparing for long days in the saddle.

On occasions the perfect Bill took it a bit far. Breaking bread one evening (it would have been damper if he was hosting) he announced to me that he was booking in for laser eye surgery. “That’s madness,” I counselled. “It’s too risky. You have perfect vision with your glasses. “ This was his reply. No lie. “Yes, but John Wayne didn’t wear glasses” From Major Events on to SATC The pinnacle of his career, and Carlo (D’Ortenzio, COO of the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust) will expand on the magnificent successes of that era. All the while, he was serving on multiple boards, committees and advisory boards. He was the go-to “Mr. Fixit “for successive governments. • Festival Centre • Education Adelaide. • Study Adelaide. • Convention Centre • Entertainment Centre • Convention Bureau.

W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

| Hotel SA | 9

Ian Horne, Bill Spurr AO and David Basheer.

• History Trust • Museum Board • Zoo Board • Premier Marshalls’ Economic Advisory Board • And then Chair of the AVMC from its inception. Bill and Anthony Kirchner have done a stellar job of managing the unlikely merger of the Entertainment Centre, Coopers Stadium and the Convention Centre. His Chairmanship of Study Adelaide, managed initially by Denise von Wald, then Karyn Kent, was an extraordinary success. They grew South Australia’s international student numbers from 6,000 to in excess of 30,000. Not only did they make education the state’s biggest export earner but also massively bolstered our pool of hospitality and tourism workers. Both the universities and the hospitality sector need that 30,000 number restored urgently. Another less well known semiretirement role was his appointment as a Director to the Board of then unlisted public company, ferry operator Sealink. At a AHA|SA public event I satirically questioned the wisdom of appointing a bloke who couldn’t swim, didn’t know port from starboard, didn’t know the bow from the stern, onto the Board of a ferry operator He and Jeff Ellison were a formidable team. A small example

of how his obsession with detail added so much value for the shareholders.

who were fortunate enough to have been drawn into his sphere of influence.

He called one day and said that Jeff was preparing a tender document for the operation of a ferry between Darwin and the Tiwi Islands.

Another thing he ought to be remembered for is his gold standard performance as a family man. Craig and Deb will share their good fortune in having front row seats there.

“Your mate Mick Burns that operates the Croc farm seems like the type of bloke who would know the Chief Minister,” said Bill. I advised Bill that Mick and the Chief Minister work out at the gym together five mornings a week. “Good. If I go up, take Mick to dinner and brief him on Sealink’s credentials and the tender, do you think he would have a word to the boss about it.” “That’s the way business is done in the Top End “ I replied. That happened. Sealink won the contract. Another Bill Spurr inspired win-win. The success of that era is probably best summarised this way. He joined the Board of an unlisted public company with a market capitalization of circa $60m and retired from the Board of a listed company with a market cap circa $1billion. All that said, the legacy of this irreplaceable bloke fit into two pigeon holes. He mentored, motivated, developed and inspired literally dozens of young people into being the best they could be. That has opened doors around the globe to those

10 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

This bloke has had the broadest reach and been the greatest servant to our state in the modern era. Pinnacle recognition for this extraordinary service came in the form of recognition in the Australia Day civic honours in 2015. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for his distinguished service to tourism, to education, particularly through international marketing, to the arts and sport as an administrator of institutions and events, and to the community of South Australia. Bill Spurr AO. What a proud day for the family when they went to Government House to be presented with that by his close friend, His Excellency The Honorable Hieu Van Le AC. We went on a house boat trip on the Mighty Murray a couple of weeks later and the entire crew referred to them only as Sir Bill and Lady Helen. Our state, indeed our nation, needs more like him. You are never dead Bill, while you live on so large in the hearts and minds of so many. I invite you to applaud the ego-less life of the irreplaceable Bill Spurr. Back to Contents

AHA|SA Podcasts



Understanding Your Wine List with Geoff Merrill PLUS AN INTERVIEW WITH HEATH JOHANSEN OF URAIDLA HOTEL As we head into mid-winter, our host Mandy from the Lady Daly brings you all the latest in news, trends and stories from the SA hospitality scene. We kick things off with a chat between the AHA|SA's GM, Ian Horne, who flips the mic to Deputy GM, Anna Moeller. This is a fantastic opportunity to get to know your AHA a little better and hear all about what Anna's been working on behind the scenes.

takes place in The Tank. If you're intrigued, we recommend booking! Finally, Mandy has a long and colourful chat with the owner of Geoff Merrill Wines… Geoff Merrill. With decades of experience in wine-making, Geoff and Mandy talk about how much the industry has changed, and why it's important


for publicans to ensure their staff understand the stories and flavours that come with the wines on their wine list. So click on the link to listen to the latest episode on your favourite podcast platform, and don’t forget to recommend it to all your industry mates. Until next month, cheers!

AHA|SA’s Scott Vaughan with Uraidla Hotel’s Heath Johansen.

We then head to a very cozy rendition of The Front Bar as Scotty heads up Greenhill Rd to sit by the crackling fire and chat to GM of the Uraidla Hotel, Heath Johansen. We learn about how far trade has come since the days of lockdown, and Heath tells us about the hotel's wine-tasting experience, which Back to Contents

W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

| Hotel SA | 11

Aldinga Hotel Makes SA’s Best Pub Burger! decision by the three expert judges. “The Aldinga Hotel presented a really beautiful looking burger today. It looked fresh, you could see all the ingredients, and it tasted great too!” said judge Christine Stephan. “The most important things about a burger are flavour, seasoning and balance, and the Aldinga burger achieved all these things.”

The humble pub burger was centre stage in July, as 12 hotel finalists battled it out for the title of SA’s Best Pub Burger 2022. Although the competition was fierce and the standard was high, it was the beef burger at the Aldinga Hotel  that won the title of SA’s Best Pub Burger 2022, in a unanimous

“We are a small little pub down south that has been renovated into something bigger, and this is great for us. It’s going to help let people know what we are doing down there. “The Aldinga Hotel is a beautiful place to come have a meal, have a couple drinks, try one of my burgers

Head Chef of the Aldinga Hotel, Brett Tilley, said his preference for a great burger was to keep it simple and to focus on making sure all the flavours were perfect. His winning recipe features a beef brisket patty (with the meat ground inhouse) on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, aioli, and a housemade BBQ sauce. “Winning this award is a great achievement for me and the team at the hotel,” said Brett.

12 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

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or something else off the menu, and we are only four minutes away from a beautiful SA beach.”

AHA|SA CEO Ian Horne congratulated the Aldinga Hotel on taking out the top honours.

The Aldinga Hotel is a family-owned business, with the Rickett family owning the hotel since 1991.

“The Burger is often the signature menu item of the hotel, with venues putting their own spin and style as a point of difference. Along with other traditional pub fare, a burger offers great value and is still incredibly popular.”

“Head Chef of the Aldinga Hotel, Brett Tilley, said his preference for a great burger was to keep it simple and to focus on making sure all the flavours were perfect.” Back to Contents

The SA Best Pub Burger Challenge is in its 13th year and is an official Tasting Australia Winter Series event, held under the Gawler Place canopy in Rundle Mall in front of an expert judging panel and live audience. The other finalists in the competition were: Alma Tavern, Atura Adelaide Airport, Belair Hotel, Bridgeway Hotel, Feathers Hotel, Hotel Eyre, Pier Hotel Glenelg, Hilton Hotel, Hilton, Strathmore Hotel, V Hotel, Woodside Hotel.

Burgers were judged against a list of criteria, including presentation of the chef, ingredients and burger, taste, meat content and value for money. The expert judging panel consisted of Chris Stephan – Pen & Palate, Johnny Von Einem – CityMag/ InDaily and Shane Wood – Thomas Foods Australia. Thank you to all the event sponsors: Burger Challenge Major Sponsor – Thomas Foods Australia, Event Partner – Tasting Australia, Burger Challenge Supporters – Stoddart, Novatech, The Banner Crew, FIVEaa, InDaily ALDINGA HOTEL $25.00 CHEF – BRET T TILLEY Recipe: Beef brisket patty (patty meat is ground inhouse) brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon, aioli, and housemade BBQ sauce.

W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

| Hotel SA | 13

Government Launches $10 Million Live Music Support Package The Malinauskas Labor Government will invest $10 million to deliver a suite of measures to bring live music back in South Australia, as the industry seeks to recover, and musicians strive to get back on stage and performing. The music industry has endured a tough period that saw major job losses, the cancellation of thousands of major events, and the closure of many small businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. The See it LIVE Music Package – which delivers on another Malinauskas Labor Government election commitment – includes a range of grants, a voucher scheme, mental health support programs, financing for venue upgrades, a live music advisory council, and an events cancellation fund to support the industry’s recovery. Applications are now open for: • Event Grants of between $5000 to $50,000 for SAbased promoters, organisations and businesses, to help meet costs. • Venue Improvement Grants of $5000 each to help venues with upgrades to cater for live music performances. • E-vouchers worth $400 each for venues to host live music. The Live Music and Event Cancellation Fund is available from July and provides financial assistance of between $10,000 and $250,000 if an event or live music performance is cancelled or rescheduled due to the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions. Meanwhile, $250,000 will be provided to the Support Act music industry charity, which offers a free, confidential phone counselling service staffed by psychologists for those in the music industry. This grant will also ensure South Australian music workers have access to a range of industry specific prevention, education and training programs. A $500,000 grant will see live music return to the Royal Adelaide Show’s program for the first time in 20 years and will feature South Australian and Indigenous artists. The plan to revive the state’s live music industry also includes the establishment of the Premier’s Live Music Advisory Council.

“The live music industry has been through the toughest of times in recent years. MusicSA applauds the Government of South Australia for the $10m See It Live package, which provides simple and accessible building blocks for rebuilding. See It Live is a call to action that benefits all the moving parts of the live music ecosystem from artists to venues to hospitality and major events. There is nothing better than the live music experience seeing artists live in local venues!” CHRISTINE SCHLOITHE CEO OF MUSIC SA

The Council will leverage the participants’ collective industry connections and expertise to revitalise live music in South Australia. 14 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

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| Hotel SA | 15



It was a great day at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel  on 29 June, for the Eyre Peninsula regional meeting and lunch. A massive thanks to Boxer, Boof and all the staff at the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel Motel for being sensational hosts. Also a shout-out to Bucky for providing entertainment throughout the afternoon. There won’t be a 12-year gap before the next regional in this beautiful part of our great state.

16 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

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It was a wonderful day on 21 June at the Prince Edward Hotel Wallaroo  for the Yorke Peninsula regional meeting for hotel members, followed by lunch with our wonderful corporate partners. A big thanks to Tracy and Thomas along with the Prince Edward team for hosting the event.

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| Hotel SA | 17

Solutions, Not Problems! J.L.Lennard offers a range of food service solutions that ensure maximum quality of production with minimum effort or skill.

HENNY PENNY MARKET LEADING FRYING AND HOLDING SOLUTIONS • Featuring digital count down timers for consistent cooking results and an integrated oil filtration system for oil and energy savings. • Heated Holding Solutions for cook and hold menu items. This will ensure minimal food waste and faster service.

XLT CONVEYOR AIR IMPINGEMENT OVENS • Consistent cooking of pizzas, breads, vegetables, grilled seafood, meats, ribs and wings. • Available in a variety of sizes.

TAYLOR SPEED, CONSISTENCY, EFFICIENCY • Double-sided “clam grills” deliver high speed, efficient and consistent grilling at the push of a button. • Soft serve Machines for cost effective desserts. • Frozen Beverage Machines for efficient service of shakes, slushies and frozen cocktails.

RETIGO COMBI OVENS • Fully programmable recipe book and touch screen for ease of operation. • No chef required!

PRATICA VENTLESS HIGH SPEED OVENS • Simple to use, icon-based menu structure. • Best possible cook in the fastest possible time!

Full Color-Gradients - Print/Web

and impact, it is important to retain a designated minimum ‘clear go. This area is designated as being equal to the height of the ‘X’ never be intersected or intruded upon by any other graphic object

ademarks (XLT trademark name and XLT logo) have achieved mark status in most countries where XLT conducts business.

Contact J.L.Lennard for Complete Food Service Solutions 1800 777 440 18 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

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More Choice for Organic Shoppers as Winesmiths Releases New Organic Collection

2-litre cask wine industry leader Winesmiths is introducing a new collection of certified organic wines to its portfolio in July 2022, in response to consumer demand for more sustainable drinking options. Certified by Australian Certified Organic, Winesmiths Organic collection has been audited from vineyard to pack, with strict criteria that promotes environmental biodiversity and eliminates the use of chemicals from vine to bottle. Winesmiths Senior Brand Manager Lisa Antoney highlighted the importance of offering organic shoppers the choice of purchasing wine in a more environmentally-conscious pack in comparison to glass. “Consumers want their beverage choice to meet their ‘better for me, better for the environment’ needs," she said. "Not only is the cask pack a more sustainable option than glass, our organic certification guarantees chemicals will not spoil the healthy pH balance of our soil, harm beneficial insects and flora, or pollute our groundwater and local waterways." Winesmiths Organic aims to attract wine drinkers to the cask category by combining the benefits of a more sustainable pack with organic wine. Variety selection is also driven by consumer insights, including organic Back to Contents

category staples and an exciting growth variety1 to promote trial. As well as its own initiatives including nature conservation and wastewater reuse, Winesmiths is a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia which as a group acts to continually lessen the environmental impact of the Australian wine industry. As with all of our products, Winesmiths aim to deliver bottle quality wine in a more sustainable package. Winesmiths consumers Sacrifice Nothing with premium, vintage wines with cask offering a number of benefits. “At Winesmiths, we've always thought beyond today's glass of wine," explained Lisa. "We leave out animal products, making our wines vegan-friendly. After opening, the flavour is kept fresher for longer, so you don’t need to waste a drop." "Our packaging has just 13% the carbon footprint of bottled wine. Our packs are made from minimum 75 per cent recycled materials and we are actively undergoing pack research and trials to find a compostable bag solution." Winesmiths Organic Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon 2-litre are available to order now through Samuel Smith & Son. RRP $24.00. W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

| Hotel SA | 19

How Long Does it Take to Rank in Google’s Top 3 Results?

We’ve all received the spam emails from an anonymous Gmail account promising to get our website to the top of Google’s search results page within 30 days.

approach it the way you deal with customer service or cleanliness or the quality of your food. You don’t treat those as a campaign that you can turn on and off.

It's a load of nonsense, with these people harvesting your email address and then sending the same message to millions of people.

SEO is the same. It’s a process, not a campaign. It needs to be “always on”.

They have no idea of what your site needs. All they are after is for you to take the bait. However, it raises a question Boylen  gets asked a lot: how quickly can I expect results? The answer is that you could expect to see results within a month. But if you are currently ranked in position 100 for a search term, you can’t expect to go to position one in 30 days. The sensible business strategy is to

If you keep working at it, the results will come.

WHAT WAS ACHIEVED? Website Design Adelaide

Web Design Adelaide

21 June



29 June



11 July




You can see that it took us about three weeks to get to page one.

We’ve been running a campaign for the search terms “website design Adelaide” and “web design Adelaide” for our own company, Boylen +.

Potentially we might slip back for a bit but we expect to steadily improve because we can see the areas of greatest opportunity.

We had taken our eye off the ball and slipped back to page two.

Based on some sound research, a site with a good domain rating and that can achieve 25 other websites pointing to it will take about 100 days to get into the top 3 results.

So we hit the problem with significant resources, putting a minimum of two hours a day into a range of areas that needed improving.

20 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

We’ve invested over $8,000 of staff time to get fast results. (But as the

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owner, I am doing a lot of the work after hours because I enjoy it and that way it doesn’t detract from our day-to-day operations.) WHAT STEPS DID WE TAKE? The first step we took was to work out what search terms (keywords) generate the most searches in our sector. Those I’ve listed - “website design Adelaide” and “web design Adelaide” – are just two of many we are tracking. We know they generate a significant amount of traffic and that’s what we want. The same applies to hotels. Find out what the keywords are that will give you the best return. But make sure they are achievable. For example, if we tried to rank for the word “SEO”, the competition would be 100 times greater than the two terms listed previously. Next, we ran a series of audits on our website. In total honesty, it: 1. Was too slow to load. 2. Provided a poor mobile experience – as we had added to the design on desktop, where we get most traffic, the mobile version had suffered. That’s now been fixed but we’re still working on it on a weekly basis. 3. Lacked good content. 4. Wasn’t properly optimised for the keywords we were chasing. 5. Had issues with backlinks. Because we’re AHA|SA silver partners, we’ll be completely upfront and let you know that our actual list is much, much longer than that. We keep some of our intellectual property under wraps because our competitors are always researching what other website design agencies and SEO Adelaide firms are doing. We’ve worked on all aspects of our website. Google has at least 200 factors it considers when determining where you rank. The trick is to apply the 80/20 rule to start. The closer you get to the top Back to Contents

of page one, the more you need to focus on the 80% that gets you the final 20% of traction. We’ve got a plan that will carry us through the next six months. In time we will scale back to a few hours a week, although that may change if we find that intense competition is eroding our popularity with Google for our target keywords. WHAT CAN HOTEL STAFF DO? Perhaps you have marketing staff or someone in your office who manages your website as part of other responsibilities. Or maybe you own a small hotel and you’ll be doing the work yourself. Look to see if you have Google Analytics in place. I’d be amazed if you don’t. This will give you data about your traffic and how people are finding you. Next, use Google’s Keyword Planner tool to find out what actually drives the most traffic to pubs – and then see where you rank for those terms. A note of caution: you can’t put search terms into your computer and expect an accurate result. Google adapts your results based on your previous searches. You need to use one of Google’s tools or one of the free online tools to get a true, unbiased picture. Setting up a Google Ads account is a good idea because it offers a treasure trove of insights. STAFF NORMALLY CAN’T DO IT ALL Usually, we find staff across all industry sectors are only able to succeed up to a certain level. There is so much to know and the tech is changing so quickly that only full-time SEO people have all the answers. The good news is that you might find that getting started, reading “how to” articles and doing your best will give you great results. This would be especially true if you are in a country town where there is low competition.

FINAL TIP As I’ve written in the past, focus on your location (ie. suburb or town). Google Local Search drives a lot of traffic, especially if you show up as one of the three companies on the Google Map result at the top of the search results page. I would suggest you type in “pubs in (name of suburb or town”). When you use the word hotel, you often come up against the big companies like Expedia that dominate the word “hotel”. For this exercise, I typed in “pubs in Burnside”. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, I looked at the section where Google lists alternative searches people type in. One of them is “pubs near me”. That is Google’s commitment to Local Search. It’s also how people think and type. Also, to be found locally, you need a Google Business Profile … but that’s a story for another day.

OUCH, THAT HURT! As I was writing this, an example of not expecting too much of your staff – which is mentioned in the main article – came to life in a rather dramatic fashion. The Boylen Help Desk advised me that a client’s website had crashed after one of the client’s staff installed a plug in. Clearly they had enough knowledge to do this themselves – but not enough knowledge to be able to anticipate this problem. We fixed the problem and found an alternative solution. I can pull a beer but I don’t know how to clean the lines. The same applies to SEO. There’s a lot that an interested person can do – but there’s a lot they can’t without training or years of experience.

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R A V O ’ S



Well this is my first Ravo’s Bush Telegraph contribution for a while, due mainly to the COVID-19 dramas we have all experienced in recent years. I chose to lapse this column for a while in respect to you all in the hotel industry who were undergoing enormous and unprecedented stress in our lifetime. Ravo felt for you all and hopes that we can soon get back to a normal and productive working life once again. FOOTBALL SEASON – YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL RUN INTO! I recently attended an amateur league footy match at the Campbelltown Memorial Oval, between Rostrevor Old Collegians and Port Districts football clubs. I must say I was very surprised to notice an ex-Chief Executive Officer of the AHA, John Lewis, who was involved with the college team as the team manager. His son was playing in the side. On catching up later, he mentioned the coach was Tony Franzon (John’s brother-in-law) and the well-known owner of several pubs in Adelaide, including the Grange and Bath Hotels. In fact, I must

say I was unaware Tony had been a footy player of some note, apparently playing around 240 games for the Old College team according to the honour board in the aforementioned club. Whilst there, the College team had a poor day with no wins, but both John and Tony enjoyed a beverage or two after the game and it was great to catch up with them. The sporting facilities at that venue were fantastic and are shared with the Rostrevor College Club in winter and the SACA premier grade club, East Torrens, during the summer. Worth having a look at if you are passing by!

Campbelltown Memorial Oval

Earlier in the footy season I also noticed Martin Palmer assisting at his old scholars college game, who had two sons playing in the amateur league club. If I recall correctly, Saint Peters Old Collegians. It hit me this season, whilst supporting the Port Districts Football Club (my son Mark is on the senior coaching panel), and having witnessed the contributions by the hoteliers mentioned prior, that our hotels very generously sponsor, support and fund so many sporting clubs and charitable causes in SA. They also find the time to support the clubs that their children participate in. The hotel industry and operatives truly do their bit in supporting many areas of community life in SA.

Embroidery Screen Printing Transfers Stubby Holders

- Quality before all else Jules Antal 0435 788 191 MORPHETT VALE @revitthreads_adl

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While touring the modern complex at Campbelltown Memorial Oval, with its outstanding change rooms and general facilities, I thought back to the era of 1971 when I played football at the Moonta Football Club. The wood chip heater would be lit at ¾ time to make the water warm for both teams post-game. The teams would shower together under just two shower heads in a corrugated iron shed (our club room) at the completion of the muddy game of footy. How things have changed in society since that era! Cheers from the Bush Telegraph, and I hope your sporting teams this winter have the success you all strive for at the conclusion of the current season. Back to Contents

Time to Start Planning for End to Single-Use Plastic Products The State Government has sent a strong signal that it intends to take more steps in banning all single-use plastic products. Hospitality was specifically mentioned by Environment Minister Susan Close at the July release of Green Industries SA’s (GISA) latest public consultation report . “It is abundantly clear the public wants action on single-use plastic and we will continue to engage with business, including the hospitality sector, about the best way forward,” she said. “Single-use plastic is part of a linear economy, where we take, make and waste materials. That’s a loss of the energy, water and materials and it’s not the circular economy we want for South Australia. “The cost to the environment and the massive carbon footprint of singleuse plastic can’t be ignored. If we want to address climate change, we must change what we buy, how it’s packaged and how we recover materials.” The GISA public consultation report “shows businesses, industry groups and householders want to phase out a range of single-use plastic products”. The new report - Turning the Tide – calls for single-use plastic products including cups, food containers, bowls and plates to be the next items to be phased out. Easily replaced items like plastic stemmed cotton buds and confetti will be phased out sooner rather than later, with items like single-use plastic beverage containers and lids requiring further consultation on how quickly phase out can occur. More than 3,500 South Australians provided their feedback on these items with an overwhelming 97 per cent of respondents agreeing that single-use plastic was a major issue that needed to be addressed. Also in July, Queensland announced it would ban a range of products including plastic microbeads, polystyrene packing peanuts and plasticstemmed cotton buds by 1 September 2023. Since starting in 2019, the Plastic Free SA program has helped SA businesses remove more than five million single-use plastic items, including more than 1.5million single-use coffee cups. The complete list of responses and feedback to government is available at  and 

“It is abundantly clear the public wants action on singleuse plastic and we will continue to engage with business, including the hospitality sector, about the best way forward.”

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AHA|SA Podcasts

The AHA|SA now has a range of podcasts available for members, to suit all your needs and interests. Podcasts are a great way for you and your staff to receive up-to-date information for the hospitality industry, access important resources, and learn more about SA pubs and publicans, both old and new. Whatever your mood, there’s a podcast for you. Tune in via your favourite podcast app!
















Our Shout is the official podcast of the SA Hotel industry, brought to you by the AHA|SA. Hosted by Mandy Collins, publican of the Lady Daly Hotel, Our Shout is a great 30-minute listen to keep you and your team up-to-date with the latest hotel industry news and information, interesting pub stories and business tips from our corporate partners. Published on the last Monday of every month, this is a podcast not to be missed!

The last two years have been incredibly challenging for the hospitality industry, so the AHA|SA and corporate partner EML, have created the Check Inn - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Hospitality podcast to help those in the industry. Hosted by Tim Boylen and Organisational Psychologist Hayley Lokan, this series of six podcasts covers various topics in short, easy-to-understand episodes for you and your staff.

In the brand new podcast series, Behind the Bar - Stories of SA Publicans, SA publicans recall “the way things used to be” - the days of SP bookies, paying off police and hotels doubling as prisons and morgues. Listen to tales of the day beer ran out, memories of the “six o’clock swill” and previously untold stories of political intrigue, as well as Peter Hurley’s thoughts on Nick “No Pokies” Xenophon.

Topics include resilience, managing stress, emotional intelligence, managing change, wellbeing and dealing with difficult customers.

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Should Health Trends Influence Your Menu? Over half of Australians (54%) go down the health food aisle as part of their weekly shop. That gives you a clue that at least some part of your menu should be targeting health conscious consumers. That doesn’t mean you have to swap a schnitty with tofu – but why not trial a healthy option on the front bar menu?


Plant-based foods are growing like wildfire. People saying they are “vegan” in the U.S. has increased by 600% in the US in the last three years. It’s hard to believe but no and low-alcohol beer, wine and spirits are predicted to account for 31 per cent of the market by 2024, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. The statistics vary but a growing number of people are prepared to pay a premium for environmentally responsible food (eg. sourced locally, branded organics etc). And don’t forget the Cornell Uni study that revealed patrons spent 8% more when menu prices are displayed in numerals without a dollar sign.




“Being known for serving local produced and organic food can be an important point of differentiation in the market place, giving a competitive advantage to the restaurant.” (Gagic, Erdeji, Miksoc, & Petrovic, 2015)

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On 15 June 2021, the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Review Panel (Panel) handed down their decision in the 2021-22 Annual Wage Review. The Panel decided to increase the modern award minimum wages by 4.6% subject to a minimum increase for adult award classifications of $40 per week. The $40 per week increase is based on a 38-hour week for a full-time employee. The Panel determined that there were exceptional circumstances that existed which justified a delay in the operative date of the wage increase for 10 Modern Awards in the aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors.

a number of submissions from various parties including state and federal government, unions and employer associations.

changes in the economic context weighed in favour of an increase to the NMW and modern award minimum wages.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) proposed a 5.5 per cent increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and modern award wages, whilst the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Australian Industry Group proposed an increase to minimum wages of between 2.5 and 3 per cent.

In reaching their conclusion as to the quantum of the wage increase, the Panel concluded that if they were to accept the proposed wage increases of the employer bodies it would result in a reduction in real wages for award reliant employees. Conversely, they accepted the need to constrain inflationary pressures that may arise from their decision and factors such as the 0.5 per cent increase in the Superannuation Guarantee rate and the removal of the $450 per month superannuation threshold from 1 July 2022.


The Panel took into consideration economic data from a range of sources including the Reserve Bank of Australia’s May 2022 Statement on Monetary Policy and the Consumer Price Index over the year to the March quarter 2022.

The Panel as part of the Annual Wage Review process received

Having reviewed the economic data, the Panel concluded that the

26 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

INCREASE IN MODERN AWARD WAGES In regard to the quantum of the increase, the Panel determined that Back to Contents

there should be a proportionately higher increase to the lowestpaid employees, resulting in an increase to modern award minimum wages by 4.6 per cent subject to a minimum increase for adult award classifications of $40 per week. The effect of their decision is that for modern award minimum wage rates above $869.60 per week there is an increase of 4.6% and for wage rates below $869.60 per week there is an increase of $40 per week. For the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 (HIGA), the effect of the Panel’s decision is as follows (see table below): To put the increase into context, for a Casual Food & Beverage Attendant Wage Level 2 classification under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 the rate of pay for ordinary hours Monday to Friday will increase to $28.46 per hr and for a Casual Food & Beverage Attendant Wage Level 3 the rate of pay for ordinary hours Monday to Friday will increase to $29.40 per hr. COMMENCEMENT DATES & EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES The Panel was satisfied that exceptional circumstances existed such as to warrant a delayed operative date for modern awards in the aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors. As a result, for 10 Awards which included the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020, Restaurant Industry Award 2020

and Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2020, the commencement of the increase was delayed to the first full pay period on or after 1 October 2022. The Panel was not persuaded however that there were exceptional circumstances that warranted a delay in the commencement of the increase for the remaining modern awards. For all other awards including the General Retail Industry Award 2020 the increase takes effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2022. WAGE SCHEDULES The AHA|SA will provide wage schedules for the following awards and collective agreements: • Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 • AHA|SA/LHMU Collective Agreement • General Retail Industry Award 2020 • Restaurant Industry Award 2020 • Registered & Licensed Clubs Award 2020 A more detailed Wage Rate and Allowances Guide will also be produced for the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020, Restaurant Industry Award 2020 and General Retail Industry Award 2020. A wage schedule and wage rate and allowances guide for the General Retail Industry Award 2020 has

been developed and is available on the members section of the AHA website. Wage schedules and pay guides for the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020, Restaurant Industry Award 2020, Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2020 will be made available closer to the commencement date of the variation. ENTERPRISE / COLLECTIVE AGREEMENTS Members who have an Enterprise/ Collective Agreement in place will be affected if the wages in their agreement are less than the minimum rates in the relevant modern award as at the first full pay period commencing on or after the applicable commencement date of the modern award increase. INDIVIDUAL FLEXIBILITY AGREEMENTS ( IFA’S ) & SALARIES If an Individual Flexibility Agreement (‘IFA’) is in place, Members will need to review the IFA, in order to ascertain whether any increase may be applicable. Members will also need to review salaries which have been calculated in accordance with one of the salary arrangements within the applicable Awards or Collective/Enterprise Agreements to ensure the salary is sufficient in line with the relevant Award or Collective/Enterprise Agreement provisions.

HIGA Classification Level

Percentage Increase in Minimum Hourly Rate



Wage Level 1


Wage Level 2


Wage Level 3


Wage Level 4


Wage Level 5


Wage Level 6


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Superannuation Changes from 1 July 2022 INCREASE TO SUPERANNUATION GUARANTEE RATE The Superannuation Guarantee percentage rate will increase by 0.5% on 1 July 2022 to 10.5%. The new rate will apply to any superannuation payments made to employees on or after 1 July 2022, even if some or all the pay period is for work performed before 1 July 2022. REMOVAL OF $450 MONTHLY INCOME THRESHOLD The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Superannuation Outcomes for Australians and Helping Australian Businesses Invest) Act 2022 (Amendment Act) commenced on 22 February 2022. The Amendment Act, amongst

other changes, removed the monthly minimum income threshold for salary and wages to count towards the superannuation guarantee. The amendment is applicable from 1 July 2022. So effective from 1 July 2022, the $450 monthly income threshold for superannuation eligibility will be removed which means that employees regardless of how much they earn will be eligible for superannuation payments. The practical implication of this change is that some employees who previously would not have received superannuation payments for working a very minimal number of hours in a month will become eligible to superannuation payments. FAIR WORK COMMISSION HIGA & RIA SUPERANNUATION CLAUSE VARIATION The Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 and the Restaurant Industry Award 2020 both currently provide a lower superannuation minimum income threshold

28 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

provision of $350 in a calendar month. These are the only two modern awards with such a provision. With the removal of the income threshold from the Superannuation Guarantee Act from 1 July 2022, the FWC has of their own motion varied these two awards to remove any ambiguity or uncertainty. The variation is simply to remove the reference to the $350 minimum income threshold. The variation will take effect from 1 July 2022. EMPLOYEES UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE Irrespective of the removal of the monthly income threshold, employees who are under the age of 18 years will still need to work 30 hours or more in a week to be eligible to receive superannuation payments under the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (Cth) (Superannuation Guarantee Act). If any members have any questions about these changes, please contact the AHA|SA Workplace Relations Team. Back to Contents






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SA Hotel Industry

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Adelaide’s Best Hotel Website Design Company 

Adelaide Web Designer  08 8233 9433 30 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

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Coms Systems 0408 462 321

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GBay/Aruze Gaming 0424 700 888 G A M I N G L O YA LT Y

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Bluize 1300 557 587

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GAMING CARE works with all South Australian Hotels with gaming machines to reduce the harm caused by problem gambling.  Providing the hotel industry with the capacity to respond to community concerns related to the harm associated with gambling by contributing to early intervention and support for problem gamblers and their families.  Minimising the harm caused by problem gambling behaviour by fostering a compliant and proactive industry that works with regulators, gambling help services and gaming patrons to minimise harm caused by gambling.  Assisting licensees and hotel staff with their compliance obligations, and supporting venue staff through education and training regarding the recognition of problem gambling indicators and assisting in accurately documenting patron behaviour.  Providing licensees and hotel staff with the confidence and skills required to engage directly with patrons who are showing indicators of potential problem gambling, enabling them to intervene early and refer the patron to a gambling help service, or other support options if required.

Contact your local Gaming Care Officer, or our Office, for information on how Gaming Care can assist your venue.


32 | Hotel SA | W W W . A H A S A . A S N . A U

For any assistance or support please contact your local Gaming Care Officer, or our office for information on how Gaming Care can assist your venue. Back to Contents

Corporate Partners D I A M O N D




131 733 S I L V E R For full product range and details of your nearest branch

Ainsworth Game Technology

Bunnings Group

Liquor Marketing Group

Ryan & Co. Solicitors

Australian Liquor Marketers

Digital Marketing AOK

Samuel Smith & Son



Novatech Creative Event Technology

Big Screen Video



Independant Gaming Analysis


Konami Australia Pty Ltd

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Oatley Fine Wine Merchants OneMusic Options Craft Liquor Merchants

18/05/09 11:47 AM

Scientific Games Stoddart Food Equipment Tanda Winnall & Co


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BK Electronics BOC Limited Cardtronics

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Supagas The Banner Crew Trans Tasman Energy Group Wallmans Lawyers

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JUNE 2022






Hindley St Music Hall (formerly The Hindley)

149 Hindley Street, Adelaide


Hindley Street Music Hall Pty Ltd

The Rosey Hotel

160 Hindley Street, Adelaide


RD Jones Rosemont Pty Ltd

Penneshaw Hotel

17 North Terrace, Penneshaw


Penneshaw Pub Co Pty Ltd

Hotel Commonwealth

73 Commercial Road, Port Augusta


Welcome Park PA Leasehold Hotels Pty Ltd

British Hotel North Adelaide 58 Finniss Street, North Adelaide


Tanmatt Pty Ltd

First Commercial Inn

29 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide


Salty Dog Investments Pty Ltd

Pastoral Hotel Motel

17 Stirling Road, Port Augusta


Duxton Risdon Custodian Pty Ltd



Smokelovers Bar O F F I C E


3/288 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton SA 5063 P (08) 8233 9433 W


TIM BOYLEN Managing Director

Level 4, 60 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide SA 5000 POSTAL PO Box 3092, Rundle Mall SA 5000 PHONE (08) 8232 4525 TOLL FREE 1800 814 525 FAX (08) 8232 4979 EMAIL WEB


President Vice President Deputy Vice President Secretary Treasurer Executive Council Executive Council Executive Council

COUNCIL Andrew Kemp Andrew Plush Anna Hurley Brad Barreau


P U B L I S H E R 

Corey Farmer Darren Steele Elise Fassina Guy Matthews

James Franzon Jason Fahey Jason Kelly John Giannitto

Karen Milesi Tony Franzon Peter Johnson Trent Fahey Simone Douglas Trevor Evans Tom Hannah


MADELAINE RASCHELLA ELLIOTT Studio Manager/Graphic Designer

Reach the decision makers in SA hotels by advertising in Hotel SA.

A D M I N I S T R AT I O N IAN HORNE General Manager ANNA MOELLER Deputy General Manager BRONTE McCARTHY Finance & Administration OWEN WEBB Workplace Relations GARY COPPOLA Legal and Advocacy SCOTT VAUGHAN Membership & Business Services KATHERINE TAYLOR Communications and TAA (SA) LUCY RANDALL Events & Partnerships DIDIER VOLLERIN Liquor & Gaming LIZ TURLEY Training Coordinator Views expressed in Hotel SA are not necessarily those of the AHA|SA or the publisher and neither can accept, and therefore disclaims any liability, to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. We do not endorse any advertising materials, services offered within advertisements or products, special offers or goods promoted therein.

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