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Best of Bowen

Aaron’s run, and much, more in the weeks ahead

Theatrical recognition

Bowen actor nominated for award

Let us fall

Guest editorial by Bowen kids

Last Sunday, the Bowen Island Fish and Wildlife Club hosted a record number of little people for the annual Coho Bon Voyage event. The children in attendance had the opportunity to release the last of the hatchery-raised coho into Terminal Creek, where they will begin life in the wild. Meribeth Deen, photo

With bike park flattened, community engagement on the park begins MERIBETH DEEN EDITOR

Thirteen year-old Finn Corrigan-Frost says he was one of four “hard-core” users of the bike park on Mount Gardner Road, and that there were at least four other kids who used the park two or three times per week, most weeks. For CorriganFrost, the bike park consumed last summer entirely, from dawn until dusk, he says, and he was hoping that this summer would be the same – aside from the time he planned to spend working shifts as a dishwasher at Tuscany, a job he picked up THE CAPE ON BOWEN R001799974 BI03

in order to pay for a new bike and the shovels he used to rebuild jumps at the park on a regular basis. The bike, he says, is designed specifically for pushing up hills and flying off jumps like the ones at the bike park, so isn’t of much use now. His two shovels, he says, are now lost under the earth compacted by the bulldozers that flattened the park last week. The group of dedicated bike park users went unacknowledged on May 26, when Bowen’s municipal councillors voted unanimously to dismantle the park and flatten its dirt jumps. Three times during the roughly fifteen minute conversation, various members of council questioned whether members of

the island’s mountain biking community had been consulted, or whether there was anyone present who could represent this community. Bob Robinson, superintendent of public works, presented the bike park report put together by the municipal engineering assistant, Al Fontes, and mentioned that Fontes had been in touch with “Dangerous Dan,” referring to local mountain biker Dan Cowan. Cowan says he had a conversation with Fontes around Christmas and he knew the issue would be going to council at some point this spring, but didn’t know when. continued, PAGE 3

22 • FRIDAY JUNE 6 2014 2014


Taste of Bowen kicks-off Bowen’s relationship with West Van Chamber of Commerce that call the West Vancouver Chamber every single week, and now they can point those tour groups in our direction.” For the West Vancouver Chamber, having a connection to Bowen Island means that the lack of tourism opportunities within West Vancouver is suddenly filled. “In the US, all chambers of commerce also act as tourism offices as well, so when they are looking for things in Vancouver, we pop up,” says West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Leagh Gabriel. “We’re happy to receive these calls and would like to take on that role as well, but until now we’ve had nowhere to send people. In West Vancouver, we have one chamber member that offers accommodation, a bed and breakfast. In all of West Vancouver there is only one motel; that’s in Horseshoe Bay.” Gabriel says she sees potential to make Bowen a destination for people in West Vancouver who might have family coming to visit. “Instead of putting your family up in a hotel in North Van, why not send them to Bowen, and turn the visit into a real experience?” The West Vancouver Chamber runs a series of other “Taste of ” events in various communities within its mandate. Gabriel says that she hopes that the Taste of Bowen grows bigger year after year. The Taste of Ambleside, for example, sold more than 300 tickets this past year.


By the beginning of this week, the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce had sold 40 of 100 tickets to the inaugural Taste of Bowen event. Participants, who at this stage will come almost entirely from off-island, will hold a passport to be stamped at all participating businesses and in return receive a small sample demonstrating what the business is all about. “This means 40 people, at least, who might not otherwise have even come to Bowen will be opened up to what Bowen businesses have to offer,” says Kevin Manning, the First Credit Union branch manager and West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce board member. “So many people think they have to pay a return ferry fare to come over here, and when they look at the price they change their mind. An event like this starts to change that.” Manning says that so far, 18 Bowen businesses have joined the West Vancouver Chamber, which is half the membership of the Bowen Chamber before it dissolved. “For me, the benefits are really clear,” says Manning. “The West Vancouver Chamber is established. It has its own office. It has paid staff. It has a website that is updated constantly, and a newsletter that goes out to thousands of people every single week. There are tour companies BOWEN ISLAND MUNICIPALITY B o w e n I s l a n d M u n I c I pa l I t y R001801126 BI03 ManageMent Strategy for Mannion


CoMMittee of the Whole Meeting Monday, June 9, 2014 at 6:30 pm Municipal hall, 981 artisan lane Bowen island, BC To ensure environmental vibrancy and socio-economic stability, Bowen Island Municipal Council has scheduled a Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss options for long-term strategies in Mannion Bay. You are invited to attend this Committee of the Whole meeting in Council Chambers at Municipal Hall. Background information, including the latest staff report regarding Mannion Bay, is available on the municipal website under “Current Topics” at


Bowen LIFT (Linking Islanders through Friendly Transportation) is growing and we’d like to give you an update. Our goal is to have 400 members on our Facebook group by the end of 2014 – and we are already at 316! These members post both rides offered and riders looking for rides for destinations on and off island. Also coming soon, our Bowen LIFT Ride-Share Superstar, highlighting community champions who are walking and riding the talk! Go to to find out more or to join the Bowen LIFT Facebook group.

BC FERRIES R001799942 BI03

Notice to the Public

for More InforMatIon call 604-947-4255

Members requested for the Transportation Advisory Committee Bowen Island Municipal Council is requesting applications from members of the public interested in joining the Bowen Island Municipal Transportation Advisory Committee (BIMTAC). The Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council and staff on transportation services to, from and on Bowen Island and to ensure that transportation services meet the needs of the Bowen Community. Please visit the Committee’s page on the BIM website for more information, including the Terms of Reference: Those interested in sitting on BIMTAC are asked to fill out an application form: Please submit your completed application via email, fax or regular mail by Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. to: Hope Dallas, Acting Committee Clerk Bowen Island Municipality 981 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 EMAIL: WEBSITE: PHONE: 604-947-4255 FAX: 604-947-0193

Bowen Island Municipal Ferry Advisory Committee Meeting Tuesday, June 10, 2014 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm Bowen Island Municipal Hall For more information please contact: Adam Holbrook or Alison Morse, Co-Chairs Bowen Island Municipal Ferry Advisory Committee Phone: 604-947-4255 or Darin Guenette, Public Affairs Manager BC Ferries 1-877-978-2385 (toll free) or


Youth, parents mourn the loss of bike park from PAGE 1 “I thought I’d be notified,” says Cowan, who played a key role in the construction of the park, and has used it over the years as part of the youth bike camps he runs. “Over the past few years I’ve had conversations with people in the municipality about changing the park, making it more sustainable and easier to maintain, but I was really hoping that we could have that conversation before going ahead and bulldozing the whole thing.” The municipality’s lease on the Metro Vancouver land where the bike park stood had run out in 2011, and in March 2012 council requested a staff report on how to proceed on the issue. “Metro Vancouver didn’t like their property being used for this purpose,” says Councillor Cro Lucas, who was acting mayor on May 26. “There were a number of measures that we could’ve taken to mitigate their concerns, but the cost of those combined with the yearly maintenance costs were significant, especially for a facility that didn’t appear to have a high amount of usage, and did not have a specific group taking responsibility for it.” Those measures, as outlined in the report, include creating an official Bike Park Policy with inspection and maintenance schedules; creating signage on Mount Gardner Road warning drivers that they are approaching a bike park; a crosswalk between the parking lot at Killarney Lake and the bike park; fencing around the park; and the removal of both overgrown bushes and debris. The cost of making these changes was estimated to be close to $8,000. The cost of yearly maintenance and inspections of the bike park was estimated to be $12,000. According to the staff report, the bike park was used by an average of one person per-day, for fifteen minutes to one hour. In discussing these numbers at council, Bob Robinson described his perception of the usage of the bike park. “Whenever I drive by there, all I ever see is people picnicking,” he said.

Dan Cowan says that as he is not actually a big user of the park, he didn’t have any more accurate numbers to offer in terms of how many people used the bike park on a regular basis. “I do know that a lot of people would come with little kids and just play on the wooden jumps,” says Cowan. “And I will be the first one to admit that this is not an appropriate use of the park, and that it is problematic. It is part of the reason why I agree that the park needs to be changed and updated.” Cowan says his vision is for the creation of a “pump track,” a looped dirt path with rolls and various angles along the side that a biker could use to build momentum and also to jump off of. “These structures are really popular with younger kids, and they’re a really great way for mountain bikers to start out and build skills,” says Cowan. “Also, because this kind of facility is made up of a dirt track, it would be a lot easier to maintain.” Cowan says he also knows of people on Bowen who have both the know-how and the machinery to build a pump track. “I only hope that if we bring this idea forward, it can get done more quickly and with fewer meetings than it took to get the bike park built,” says Cowan. The bike park was first proposed in the late 1990s, but was not actually built until 2006. Finn Corrigan-Frost says he is hoping that the construction of some sort of bike park can get underway this summer. “My friends and I are willing to help in whatever way we can,” says Corrigan-Frost. “If there’s no bike park on Bowen, then I’ll end up spending my summer on the ferry trying to get to a bike park in Vancouver. If I’m lucky, maybe I can get up to Whistler a couple of times.” For his mother, Caitlin Frost, these are not appealing options. continued, PAGE 8


Finn Corrigan-Frost returned to the bike park on Monday to look for his shovels. He says he never noticed the signs saying the bike park was closed, because they were not posted on any of the entrances or exits used by people on bikes. Meribeth Deen, photo BOWEN ISLAND MUNICIPALITY R001801127 BI03

Members requested for the Infrastructure Advisory Committee Bowen Island Municipal Council is requesting applications from members of the public interested in joining the Infrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC). The Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council and staff on opportunities/requirements for infrastructure-related matters on Bowen Island. Members should be a resident or property owner of Bowen Island and have some general knowledge related to infrastructure development or infrastructure-related issues. Please visit the Committee’s page on the BIM website for more information, including the Terms of Reference: Those interested in sitting on the IAC are asked to fill out an application form: Please submit your completed application via email, fax or regular mail by Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. to: Hope Dallas, Acting Committee Clerk Bowen Island Municipality 981 Artisan Lane Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G2 EMAIL: WEBSITE: PHONE: 604-947-4255 FAX: 604-947-0193

NOTICE TO BOWEN ISLAND PROPERTY OWNERS 2014 Tax Notices were mailed on May 29, 2014 and Payment is DUE on or before 4:30 pm, JULY 2, 2014 A Penalty in the amount of 10% on outstanding current taxes will be applied AFTER July 2, 2014 If you have not received your tax notice, please call the Bowen Island Municipality office at 947-4255 as soon as possible. Property owners are encouraged to POST DATE tax payments to JULY 2, 2014 and MAIL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to ensure that payment is received in the municipal office on or before the due date. Payments may also be made through telephone or on-line banking with most Canadian Financial Institutions. (HSBC does not accept payments for Bowen Island Municipality)

POSTMARKS ARE NOT CONSIDERED AS THE DATE OF PAYMENT After hours, please use the mail slot drop off at Municipal Hall - 981 ARTISAN LANE to ensure that your payment is received in the Municipal office on or before 4:30 PM, JULY 2, 2014 to avoid a 10% penalty.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HOMEOWNER GRANT: If you are eligible for the Homeowner Grant, you are required to apply by filling out the application on the back of the tax notice. The Homeowner Grant application must be returned to the Municipal office either in person, or by mail on or before July 2, 2014. They cannot be processed by your financial institution. Homeowner Grant amounts owing are subject to a 10% penalty if not submitted to the Municipality by July 2, 2014 Please make cheques payable to BOWEN ISLAND MUNICIPALITY.

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Crushed Dear Editor, It was with a heavy heart that I watched a machine crush the earth moguls at the bike park last Thursday. We were at our son Conrad’s graduation when Municipal Council decided to dismantle the park, and we had just watched Conrad give his Senior Project on Mountain Biking, a passion which grew from his many experiences riding right here on Bowen Island at the Bike Park. He went there with his friends; he went there on his own; he spent hours at that Bike Park, learning new moves, pushing the envelope, and practicing what he loves. It was a springboard for his first trips to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, and provided a great start to what promises to be a lifetime of riding. I was saddened to hear the news that the park would be dismantled, and even more disappointed that there was no opportunity for public input. As we were out of town when the decision was made, we didn’t have a chance to let Council know what a critical part of the island it is for some people. Yes, I know that it didn’t look tidy, and that it didn’t appeal to everyone. But for the youth of this island, who already need to take the ferry for swim lessons, ice hockey, and a myriad of other interests, it was something they could do here. Now, they can’t. Karin Heath

Move the statue! Dear Editor, Surely it is the right of the owner/organization who now owns this sculpture to decide its location. With all due respect to the artist(s), their role ends with the completion of their work. What seemed right during the Olympics is not in tune with the history and role of the old General Store or our library. Move the statue! Renate Williams

Signs and sculptures Dear Editor, To begin with, what happened to the sign, just up from the dock, welcoming people to our beautiful Island, an Island within the Islands Trust? There was no advance warning before it simply disappeared. Should we look in the mayor's back yard? He has voiced reservations about our being within the Trust. Who else may have reason to remove it? The totem in front of the Old Store is certainly out of place, and hasn't even attractiveness to recommend it. (I know, totems are not carved to win beauty contests. I usually find them attractive, probably because they convey a message.)What purpose does this one have? There is no aboriginal village here, and there never has been, Bowen was a stopping-off place on trips up and down the Sound and between Vancouver and Sechelt. Maybe the carvers know why this pole was blessed. I guess some attractive shrubbery around it might make it less out of place, but the Old Store is a Bowen heritage building and shouldn't be obscured.

Anyone seen Grandpa? Dear Editor, On behalf of Alice Jennings and the entire Jennings family I am pleased to report the 7th Annual David Jennings Memorial Canadian Hosers Themed Tournament on May 31st was an over -the-top-success. Seventy-three participants, most of who dressed like real hosers, honoured a great individual, husband, father, grandfather, and friend. Ironically, Dave hated the game and thought anyone who played was a bit odd, if not a hoser perhaps. In addition to celebrating Dave’s memory, the tournament provides a wonderful means for a broad crosssection of friends and strangers to get together for a great time, some spirited competition, and to raise monies for the development of junior golf on the island. Over the years Alice/the family have raised many thousands of dollars, all of which helps our golfing youth. What an honourable bonus. As always, Alice went above and beyond in her spirited and giving way to ensure the event was perfect in every way, including a first this year with entertainment from one of Bowen’s newest and best upcoming musical groups, Grandpa’s Missing, a trio of golfers consisting of Peter Clarke, Ralph Keefer and Peter MacLean, who obviously entertain as well as golf. There was not a dry Depends in the audience. We thank all those who supported this highly popular event, all of whom look forward to the 8th Annual Dave Jennings Memorial Golf Tournament next year. Bruce Russell

In a spirit of positivity Dear Editor and Community, It is in the spirit of positive growth, stimulation and friendship that I have worked with many other islanders over recent months to create an event we are calling the Howe Sound & Spirit Festival. The festival, which will take place on Bowen in mid-August will have guests from the mainlaind (including Adham Shaikh, the award winning World Fusion artist, and Violin-DJ Michael Fraser) as well as the participation of many local buisness owners and wellness practicioners. The event aims to open Bowen up to the mainland, to rebrand youth pop-culture to social responsibility, and bring the community together for skillssharing, healing, and a celebration of life. This event will also be a fundraiser for the Bowen-based non-profit, the Neurological Wellness Association. Currently we are in the permit-application stage with the local council, the event is pending approval. To support this cause, your welcome to email them at or visit their website to register a workshop, performance, artwork or vendorship. Sincerely, Jan Joubert

Yours truly, Jean Jamieson

Sue Hetherington (left) and Alice Jennings (right) kick up their heels after the Dave Jennings Memorial Golf Tournament. Lorraine Ashdown, photo

6 • FRIDAY JUNE 6 2014 2014


Bowen actor nominated for theatre award Vancouver in May 2013 at the rEvolver Festival at The Cultch. The play was the winner of the 2010 Samuel French Canadian Playwrights Award and its environmental message, combined with a strong story and compelling characters, made it easy for Hogan to say yes when offered the role. “I think this is an incredibly timely piece,” says Hogan. “It is one woman’s perspective on global warming, seen through the prism of the loss of her son - and her realized culpability. This play will change the way you think of climate change and how easy it is to make it someone else’s problem. It becomes personal. It’s a story of catastrophic global proportions, told through the heart, for the love of her son. It is a love story. It is a story of regret.” A minor problem for Hogan in preparing her character, Susan Hogan played a woman forced to open her environmental eyes when tragic family events overwhelm her. Annie Iversen, was that Annie is unaccustomed to kayaks, yet She’s been nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award for her work in the compelling drama Kayak. spends the entire play in one. Photo courtesy Alley Theatre So after 15 years on Bowen in a family that possesses a veritable fleet of kayaks (which Hogan production of Kayak. MARCUS HONDRO and her family spend time in as The Jessie Richardson Awards have been often as their schedules allow) Hogan had to CONTRIBUTOR around since 1982 and are given for excelplay a neophyte paddler. Long-time islander and actor Susan lence in Vancouver theatre and Hogan Indeed, Annie begins the play saying that she Hogan has done her community proud with said she’s thrilled to get consideration for doesn’t like kayaks and that “one second you’re a Jessie nomination. The nominations were Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a sitting there, the next you’re upside down and announced in May and the affable, uberLead Role in the small theatre category. underwater,” but her view is an ocean apart talented, and hard-working Hogan has been Kayak is an environmental drama from from that of the woman portraying her. nominated for her role in Alley Theatre’s 2013 playwright Jordan Hall that played in WEST VANCOUVER CHAMBER OF R001801124 BI03

Taste of Bowen


“I was constantly having to remind myself in rehearsal that I don’t know how to hold the paddle correctly and should feel insecure and tippy,” says Hogan She noted that an even bigger challenge was that the kayak was suspended four feet off the floor on a wooden stand - for the entire show. Hogan adds that it didn’t deter her enjoyment of the play, and the rehearsal process and run of Kayak was among the finest theatre experiences she’s had. “It really was so much fun; I had great co stars in Marisa Smith and Sebastian Kroon, who were fabulous to work with every night,” she said. “And the extraordinary Rachel Peake directing, she is forever bringing such creative offerings to the rehearsal hall. All of that and the amazing words, courtesy of Jordan Hall. What a joy.” Despite years of acting in great Vancouver productions that received fantastic reviews, this is Hogan’s first Jessie nomination. Originally from Ontario, she graduated from the National Theatre School in Montreal where she met her husband and biggest fan, Michael, 35 years ago. She did five seasons at the Shaw Festival and another at Stratford before moving West. Her list of play credits is lengthy and includes Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen (costarring with Brent Carver) at the Playhouse Theatre, King Lear with Toronto’s renowned Necessary Angel Theatre Co. and Age of Arousal for Touchstone Theatre. Her TV and films credits number more than a hundred and include multiple episodes on Battlestar Galactica, which Michael had a leading role on. continued, PAGE 7



Saturday, June 14th, 2014 10:30 am to 2:30 pm Tickets $15 (adults) $5 (children under 12)

The West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present the inaugural “Taste of Bowen” featuring a taste of Bowen Island businesses in Snug Cove, Village Square, & Artisan Square Visit 30+ businesses, sample food, wine, and coupons for great deals!

Calling all Bowen Babies born in 2013! Come and join us Father’s Day at Crippen Park-Bowfest field for individual photos and the group shot.

SUNDAY JUNE 15TH 10AM – 11AM Tickets available on Bowen Island at: Bowen Technology Shop, Cates Pharmacy, Cocoa West Chocolatier, First Credit Union, The Snug Cafe and online: ★ 604-926-6614 West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, 2235 Marine Dr., West Vancouver

Partial proceeds to benefit “Steamship Days” on Bowen Island

PLEASE RSVP TO Bonnie at Phoenix 2793 or Sponsors: Phoenix on Bowen, Bowen Island Family Place, First Credit Union and the Village Baker


The Best of Bowen Island

Jessie Awards from PAGE 6 Hogan, along with director Peake and co-actors Kroon and Smith (who’s Alley Theatre’s artistic producer) got great reviews for their production from a bevy of local papers including the Georgia Straight, Vancouver Courier, Gay Vancouver, WE Vancouver, and the North Shore News. Does all this make you regret not seeing it? Well, you still can see Kayak as the play has been picked up by Donna Spencer and the Firehall Theatre Centre in Vancouver and runs there from Jan. 8-17. So come winter it will be back into rehearsal for Hogan - and back into a kayak suspended four feet in the air. Before that though, the Jessie Award ceremonies will be held June 23 at the Commodore and one of Bowen’s finest thespians will happily play her part. “As you get older, it’s not something you think about much, to be nominated or win an award,” she said. “You just get on with the work. So the call came right out of left field and I feel so humbled and so honoured. So, yes, I will definitely be there.” CLOUDFLOWER CLAYWORKS R001800262 BI03


2014 SUMMER CLAY CAMPS Aug. 11 -15 Kids $115 per camp 1. Mud Puppies (4 -7) 10:00-11:30 Adults $150 per camp 2. Clay Cats (8-12) 11:30-1:00 Schedule 3. Adult Camps (14+) July 7-11 Aug.18 -22 1. Mud puppies (4-7yrs old) 10:00-11:30 2. Clay Cats (8-12 yrs old) 11:30-1:00 3. Adult Camps (14+) 2:00-4:00 2km participants waiting eagerly to start, sporting their ribbons which identifies there distance (no numbers for this event). Dee Elliott, photo


Want to be a part of the best of Bowen Island? Sometimes our fair isle is not so fair with dissension knee-capping movement on issues and projects. Even Bowfest, our beloved annual summer festival, was almost paralyzed last year for lack of agreement. I am grateful to say Aaron’s Run is the polar opposite. Volunteers, sponsorship, and product are generously offered every year. It’s the Bowen Island we adore, the community we love that I see in spades. So thank you, Bowen Island for putting your best foot forward and helping to create Aaron’s Run. Once again, the finish-line refreshments are beyond fabu-

Don’t forget to check out the ANNUAL GRAD EDITION of the Undercurrent! (June 13)

lous thanks to the following businesses that donate their product every year: Village Baker, Savary Island Pie, McTaggart Water, and Artisan Eats. Heather Hodson, Katherine Gish, and Judi Gedye are choreographing all the fresh pie, muffins and fruit. Thank you! Phoenix is once again generously supplying 19 red and white balloons representing Aaron Sluggett’s 19 years. So come walk, jog, shuffle, or shimmy for 10km, 8km, 5km or 2km on Saturday June 14 and embrace the best of Bowen Island, where the essence of our community is alive and thriving. Proceeds benefit the Aaron Sluggett Memorial Scholarship awarding this year’s recipient with $1000 for post secondary education. Check out: for routes, start times, and registration.

Open HOuse Bowen Island Fire & Rescue

Open House BIFD Volunteers would like to invite you to the Annual Open House! This year it will take place at the

DEE ELLIOT R001801125 BI03

New Satellite Fire Hall @ 1421 Adams Road

Saturday, 14thfrom from Saturday, June July 27th 11:00 to 3:00 3:00 p.m. p.m. 11:00 a.m. a.m. to • Fire Safety House

Art at Endswell

June 8 2014 th

1:00 - 3:00 pm

1521 Mt Gardner Road

Come and enjoy an afternoon of art and community. 50% of all proceeds will be Art at Endswell June 8 2014 donated Bowen Come to and enjoy an afternoonChildrens of art and community.Centre th

1521 Mt Gardner Road

Sponsored by: Sponsored by:

1:00 - 3:00 pm

50% of all proceeds will be donated to Bowen Childrens Centre featuring the artwork of

Nicolette (Cross) McIntosh featuring the artwork of


Nicolette (Cross) McIntosh

• Fire Extinguisher Use & Servicing • Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness Info • Hot dogs, cookies & refreshments

Join us!

Meet your Volunteers Meet your Volunteers andand check check out the Hall & Fire Trucks. out the new Hall & Fire Truck

Open HOuse

July 14 -18

1. Mud Puppies (4-7) 10:00-11:30 2. Clay Cats (8-12) 11:30-1:00 3. Adults (14+) 2:00-4:00 Family Drop in Sundays 12-4 all summer $15/hr per person

1. Mud Puppies (4-7) 10:00-11:30 2. Clay Cats (8-12) 11:30-1:00 3. Adult Camps (14+)

589 PROMETHEUS PLACE, ARTISAN SQUARE, LOWER LEVEL ISLAND PACIFIC SCHOOL R001800004 Island Pacific School invites you to attend our BI03

Masterworks presentations

All grade 9 students will publicly present their self-selected independent study projects.

June 10


Emily Carlington How Yoga Assists a Football Player Both Mentally and Physically


Maya Matthews The making of a ballet dancer


Phineas Wrenshall

What Does It Take? The Rebuilding of a Honda CB400

June 11


Hamish Bryan

A Photojournalist’s story – Sustainability on Bowen

10am Liam Coyle

<!DOCTYPE masterworks> My journey into the land of programming

11am Olivia Vallee

What is lost when a language dies? Language loss and language sustainability.

June 12


Jessica Cormack

Manga for the Masses – The Making of a Web Comic

10am Zoe Tokarchuk

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: A Study in the Science of Happiness.

11am Katrina Snowball

Dancing, Sailing, and Spooking. Musical storytelling through the Romantic era’s elements.

Small by design. Distinctly different.

Middle school matters most

and kids like it here.

FRIDAY JUNE JUNE 66 2014 2014 88 •• FRIDAY


Keep emergency medical Rotary supporting Bowen youth information at hand CARING CIRCLE SUBMISSION

If a person is found unconscious or in a non-communicative state, getting accurate medical information can be as challenging as it is critical. In order to make it easy for people to have this kind of information in convenient and accessible locations, the Caring Circle has produced an Emergency Medical Information Form for people to fill out and place in easyto-find locations, such as by the phone

or taped to the fridge door. Once filled out, it will contain a summary of your current personal information including any medications you are taking or medical conditions you might have. It will also include a list of emergency contact numbers belonging to your friends and family. These forms are available at the Caring Circle, Cates Pharmacy, the doctors’ offices, and the library. They will also be showing up in mailboxes soon. Fill one out! It might save your life.

STACY BEAMER R001800003 BI03

Help us send off Constable Froats and family!

Goodbye for Now June 13, 5-7 at the ball field, weather permitting. Face painting, bouncy castle for the kids. BBQ and refreshments available. Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land Take notice that Murray and Jane Hardisty on Bowen Island, BC, have applied to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), Lower Mainland/Surrey, for a Specific Permission for a Residential Private Moorage situated on Provincial Crown land fronting Lot 16, Block A, DL 1545, Bowen Island, PID: 008-498-351 (1801 Arbutus Point Drive, Bowen Island, BC). The Lands File for this application is file #2410980. The Lands File for this application is file #2410953. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to the Senior Land Officer, Lower Mainland / Surrey, MFLNRO, at Suite 200, 10428 153rd Street, Surrey, BC, V3R1E1. Comments will be received by MFLNRO up to July 4, 2014. MFLNRO may not be able to consider comments after this date. Please visit the website at for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be considered part of the public record. For information, contact the Freedom of Information Advisor at Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations Office in Lower Mainland / Surrey.

The Bowen FC Under-6 players with their coach Deidre Farah (top left), mentor Auri Barrera, Bowen FC board member Julian Barrera, a member of the Rotary Club, manager Gillian Drake and coach Devon Thompson. Debra Stringfellow, photo


A little rain never stopped even the youngest members of BIFC from having a little fun on the field. The Rotary Club proudly donated soccer shirts with their logo on the back for the Under 6, Under

8, and Under 10 development groups. The Bowen Island Rotary Club has sponsored the Operation Red Nose campaign for four years now and all the proceeds raised go back into our community by supporting youth activities. This year the funds went to sponsor the Bowen Island Football Club and the Cates Hill Soccer Club.

Hoping demolition can spark constructive conversation about the bike park from PAGE 3 “We’re here on this island and it is beautiful and natural and I don’t like the idea of spending the summer trying to get him elsewhere so that he can ride his bike,” she says. “Everyone is always talking about wanting kids to take responsibility, and here is an example of kids taking responsibility, but now the thing they loved and cared for is gone. Not only did the bike park get Finn off the computer, but every time it rained he and his friends would call each other and figure out who’d be heading out to fix the jumps.” Frost says she hopes that this situation will start a conversation that will lead to a positive outcome, with possibly better facilities for mountain biking on Bowen than what existed at the bike park. Councillor Lucas says he has been surprised by everything that has happened since council voted


on the resolution to dismantle the bike park last Monday. “First of all, I was surprised at how quickly staff actually moved to take down the park, I didn’t expect they’d head out the next day to actually do it,” he says. “Also, we were surprised about the dialogue that has emerged since then. We took the staff report at face value, I know we’ve tried to engaged the biking community in the past and it hasn’t amounted to anything. Now that we know, we can actually engage in a new way.” Dan Cowan, Caitlin Frost and Finn Corrigan-Frost address council on Monday, June 9 on the topic of the Bowen Island bike park. Cowan says that he would love to hear from anyone who has thoughts or concerns on the bike park, and what should happen moving forward. He can be reached at HOME FARMS GARDEN R001801277 BI03

Asking $25,000

The perfect on-island job. Includes all equipment: brand new sprayer, power roller system, ladders etc. worth roughly $10,000. I will work with the new owner as an advisor for as long as is needed. Equipment only is also an option.

Local, family owned and operated, Landscape Company are now hiring Lawn Maintenance Crew and Landscape installation. Please send resume to or call


We look forward to hearing from you. Make hay while Sun shines!


On the Calendar


Aaron’s run, continued 9:15 - 8km start Aaron’s Field, The Ridge at Evergreen 9:15 - 5km start next to Dog Ranch driveway Adams Rd. 9:30 - 2km start at Firehall All distances finish at Bowfest Field. Full event details and registration:


Youth Centre drop-in 6pm - 9pm Dinner at the Legion 5pm open, 6:30pm dinner

Tourism Bowen Island Pancake Breakfast 7:30am - 10:30am on Doc’s Patio Pancakes by donation. All proceeds go toward tourism programs and events on Bowen.

Bowen Island Community Transit Fare-Free Day


Bowen Island Yacht Club Round Bowen Race Race starts at 10am and boats head around the island depending on the wind and tide Registration still open, $50 for members of Bowen Island Yacht Club and $60 for non-members

IPS “Happy Hackers” Golf Tournament 11:30am-4:00pm, Bowen Island Golf Club

Youth Centre drop-in 6pm - 9pm

Taste of Bowen, presented by the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce 10:30am to 2:30pm and will feature a taste of Bowen Island businesses in Snug Cove, Village Square, and Artisan Square. Tickets available at: West Van Chamber office & online, Bowen Technology Shop, Cates Medicine Centre Pharmacy, Cocoa West Chocolatier, First Credit Union, The Snug Cafe

Tir-na-nOg Theatre School’s 26th Annual Youth Festival of Plays A Servant To Two Masters, 7p.m. Tickets at Pheonix



IRLY Spring Swing Golf Tournament and Junior Golf Giveaway draw

Annual Phoenix Baby Shoot & Family Place Father’s Day Picnic 10am - 12pm at the Crippen Park Picnic Area 10am - photo for Bowen Babies born in 2013 For the picnic, bring food and of course don’t forget Dad. For more information about the picnic or Family Place programs, please contact Tracy McLachlan at or 604-947-2717.

Tir-na-nOg Theatre School’s 26th Annual Youth Festival of Plays A Servant to Two Masters, 8p.m. Tickets at Pheonix


S.K.Y. (Seniors Keeping Young) 9am to 10:40:am Seniors Yoga, Exercises, followed by singing w. Rob Wall 11:00 to Noon: Potluck Luncheon for Members & Guests - Bring your favourite dish. Caring Circle walking group 10a.m. contact the Caring Circle at 604 - 947-9100 or


AA Meeting Collins Hall 7:15pm


Island Pacific School Masterworks Presentations grade nines present on an independent study topic that has been self-selected, self-directed, and researched throughout the year. It’s like IPS’s own version of a TED talk.


Duplicate Bridge at the hall at Bowen Court. For more info call Irene Wanless 947-2955

Island Pacific School Masterworks Presentations grade nines present on an independent study topic that has been self-selected, self-directed, and researched throughout the year. It’s like IPS’s own version of a TED talk. Youth Centre drop-in 6pm - 9pm


Bowen Nature Dive 11am to 1pm on the beach below Mt. Gardner Dock (End of Mt Gardner Road) Divers from the Underwater Council of BC and Marine Life Sanctuary Society of BC will be collecting creatures from the reef just off shore and displaying them in tanks on the beach. Marine biologists and naturalists will be on hand to identify the specimens and speak about their role in the environment. Parking is extremely limited to please carpool where possible.


It’s time to start thinking about being part of our 2011

Salute to Grads Issue Email a short bio and your favourite high-resolution grad pic by 4:00pm on June 9 to BOWEN ISLAND HOUSE ACCOUN R001801130 BI03


Aaron’s Run 9am - 10km start Windjammer and Spyglass Rd. BOWEN ISLAND HOUSE ACCOUN R001801271 BI03 The Gallery @ Artisan Square Presents Informed by Nature Featuring the work of Kathleen Ainscough & Jennifer Love 27 May – 22 June

Dr. Dana Barton

Naturopathic Physician Having a garage sale? S RECYCLING LANCE’S I’ll pick up your recycling and deliver to BIRC for $25/load Kindling $20/box at Building Centre

CALL 947-2430

We’ll post it here! This space available for all of your community bulletin board needs.

To advertise in the Bowen Business Bulletin Board please contact Maureen at 604-947-2442

596 B. Artisan Square

604-730-1174 Natural Family Medicine


Dr. Susanne Schloegl M.D.

Open Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

Call for an appointment Artisan Square



Diana Romer MEd, RCC

Dr. Gloria Chao

Bowen and West Van offices

Health Page

Artisan Square • 604-947-0734 Alternate Fridays 10am-4:30pm

call 604-947-2442

Horseshoe Bay • 604-921-8522

Dr. Tracy Leach, D.C.

595B Artisan Lane Tuesdays Call for an appointment

(778) 828-5681

ToCOUNSELLING advertiseTHERAPIST on the 604.290.6407

Family Dentist


Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist ❦


Registered Massage Therapist (Available Mondays through Fridays)


Registered Physiotherapist ❦


Registered Massage Therapist (Available Thursdays through Sundays)



10 10 •• FRIDAY FRIDAY JUNE JUNE 66 2014 2014


Celebrate Dads at the annual Father’s Day Picnic


J ULY 4, 2014

The Wood bre LNG Project is a proposed small-scale lique ed natural gas (LNG) processing and export facility, located approximately seven kilometres southwest of Squamish, British Columbia. You are invited to participate in the second round of Wood bre LNG-led consultation, which is in addition to regulator-led public comment periods that will be part of the environmental assessment for the Project.

You can learn more at wood and provide feedback by: •

Reading the consultation discussion guide and completing the feedback form (available June 16)

Attending a small group meeting or open house (see schedule below)

Providing a written submission: •

Email: info@wood

PO Box 280, Squamish, B.C. V8B 0A3

Small Group Meeting Schedule If you would like to attend a small group meeting, please email info@wood or call 1-888-801-7929 with your name, contact information and the date, time and location of the meeting you would like to attend. As space is limited for small group meetings, please RSVP.

Heated competition at last year’s Father’s Day Picnic. Bowen Island Family Place, photo FAMILY PLACE SUBMISSION

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Family Place is once again hosting a Father’s Day picnic to celebrate the important role fathers play in their children’s lives. Come and enjoy this free community event from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 15, in Crippen Park at the picnic area (Bowfest Field). Face painting, cupcake walk, crafts, and games are just some of the fun

things young children and their fathers can participate in to celebrate Father’s Day together. Bring a picnic, join in the fun, and don’t forget to bring Dad! The annual Phoenix Baby Photo Shoot for babies born in 2013 is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., also in the picnic area, making it easy for families wishing to participate in both events. For more information about the picnic or Family Place programs, please contact Tracy McLachlan at coordinator@bowenislandfamilyplace. com or 604-947-2717.






Monday, June 16

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort 40900 Tantalus Road


Tuesday, June 17

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Delta Whistler Village Suites 4308 Main Street

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Furry Creek Golf and Country Club 150 Country Club Road

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort 40900 Tantalus Road

Furry Creek


Tuesday, June 17

Wednesday, June 18

Open House Schedule Open houses will be a drop-in format. No RSVP is required. COMMUNITY





Monday, June 16

5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort 40900 Tantalus Road


Wednesday, June 18

5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Executive Suites Hotel & Resort 40900 Tantalus Road

Wood bre LNG will provide a Project update and will seek feedback regarding proposed mitigation measures for Project-related e ects. Input received will be considered by the project team, along with technical and socio-economic considerations, in Project planning and in preparing the Application for an Environmental Assessment Cert cate.


12 12 • FRIDAY JUNE 6 2014 2014


Scouts - not just for kids…. CONTRIBUTOR

Weekend camping trips, exploring nature, adventure hikes, canoeing and kayaking are just some of the great experiences both kids and adults can enjoy by joining Scouts Canada. In 2010 Leslie and Steve Blais decided to revive Scouts on the island. At the time their kids were at the “Beavers” age, so this was a natural starting point. This quickly grew into two more groups, Cub Scouts (ages 8-10) and Scouts (ages 11-14) with a total number of 17 registered members and five dedicated parents serving as leaders. At the end of May, the Cub Scouts held their end of year barbeque. This also served as a goodbye party for the Blais family, who have just relocated to Ontario. In proper Scout fashion before they roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire, the kids all learned the fine art of Tyrolean traverse. Tyrolean traverse is a mountaineering technique of crossing a space with ropes and harness between two high points. The leaders tied ropes from tree to tree around the picnic area of Killarney Lake and the kids each got a turn trying to traverse over the tables.

Being a part of Scouts is not just a chance for boys and girls to have adventures and learn skills, but it is also a great excuse for adults to continue to learn and have fun in the great outdoors. Scout leaders teach kids how to lead by example and also how to work as a team. The Bowen branch is looking for volunteers to be leaders next year. Many of the current leaders will be stepping down and this organization depends on volunteers to survive. If you’d like to get involved visit for more information. Top photo: Cub Scouts with leaders (from left) Frank Olsen, Leslie Blais, Steve Blais, Michael Kerr, David Jones, Judson Berry. Middle photo: Scout leader David Jones demonstrates the Tyrolean traverse. Bottom photo: A newt joined the scouts’ celebration. All photos by Debra Stringfellow


In Effect May 15 to October 13, 2014


5:30 am ** 6:30 am 7:30 am * 8:35 am 9:35 am # 10:35 am 11:40 am 12:45 pm 3:10 pm 4:15 pm † 5:15 pm 6:20 pm 7:20 pm * 8:15 pm # 9:10 pm 10:05 pm

VANCOUVER Horseshoe Bay 6:00 am 7:00 am * 8:00 am 9:05 am# † 10:05 am 11:05 am 12:10 pm 2:35 pm 3:45 pm 4:45 pm 5:50 pm 6:50 pm 7:50 pm * 8:40 pm # 9:40 pm

weekend weather




00:34 14.1 13:13 9.8

07:54 18:14

7.2 7.9



01:10 14.1 14:53 10.5

08:37 19:20

6.2 8.9


Sun. 01:48 14.1 16:04 11.5

09:18 20:33

5.2 9.5

Mon. 02:27 14.1 16:59 12.5

09:58 12.5 21:41 9.8

Tues. 03:07 14.1 17:48 13.5

10:38 3.3 22:40 10.2

Wed. 03:48 14.1 18:34 14.1

11:20 2.3 23:33 10.5

Thurs. 04:31 14.4 19:17 14.8


Distance: 3 NAUTICAL MILES Crossing Time: 20 MINUTES

Leave Horseshoe Bay

Leave Snug Cove






Mix of sun and clouds

H:20 L:13


Friday, June 6, 2014  

The Friday, June 6, 2014, edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent.

Friday, June 6, 2014  

The Friday, June 6, 2014, edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent.