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Transforming treatment for women across Dorset for years to come



Fundraising enhances the patient experience above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

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Transforming treatment for women across Dorset The Jigsaw Appeal for Women aims to raise £1.5m to build a brand new Women’s Health Unit at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

With your help and support we can transform treatment for women and families across Dorset for years to come.

It will be a centre of excellence to screen, diagnose and treat patients with breast and cervical cancer, for families touched by the tragedy of having a miscarriage and to provide teaching and training to the next generation of doctors and nurses.

Why fundraise?

Why women? Some people ask why women’s health, what about men’s health? They’re right, men’s health is just as important. But it’s not just one in eight women who will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime, its one in eight families; a husband, a sister, a son or a daughter.

Without fundraising our patients would still have excellent clinical care, for example we have some of the best breast cancer survival rates in the /uk. However we want to provide the best facilities as well as treatment. Fundraising enhances the patient experience above and beyond what the NHS can provide, given there are so

One in six couples will have a miscarriage. Wouldn’t it be better for them to have space to come to terms with their loss, instead of the small, cramped rooms they currently use?


many competing demands. We want a world class facility to match our world class service. A new unit will mean that for the first time, our patients will have their hospital visits, treatment and minor surgery all within one area. Privacy and dignity will be at the heart of your loved-one’s journey through this difficult life event. Over the following pages you can read about our services and hear from two women about their experiences.

Life changing experience for Tracy Bartram Tracy Bartram’s life changed completely when she discovered a lump on her breast. At 40, with two young children - Heath, 5, and Miles, 8 - she began months of surgery and chemotherapy. “I first came in to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital to have a lumped checked out. Mr Perry told me that day there was something of concern so I had a number of scans. He then diagnosed me with breast cancer “We were devastated. You don’t ever think you will get cancer. We didn’t know how to tell the children, but with the help of the nurses we did; mummy was poorly and needed some medicine to get better. My youngest said he was going to help me and put me to bed at night! “I started six treatments of chemotherapy over four-and-a-half months. I also had to come in to hospital to have pre and post blood tests to make sure I could have the next round of chemotherapy. I then had a lumpectomy and lumph-node 4

removal before finally radiotherapy. Tracy was given the all clear in November 2010. Husband Vince Bartram, former Arsenal footballer, said “The nurses and the staff were beyond amazing both helping us come to terms with what was happening and getting us through the treatment and surgery as a family. She’s living proof that with excellent treatment you can beat breast cancer.” Tracy added: “The new unit will mean that women not only receive excellent care but it will be delivered in the best way possible. It’s a life-changing, traumatic time so fewer visits to hospital, more day treatment and greater privacy and dignity will transform the hospital experience not only for the women receiving treatment but also for their families.” Tracy spends her spare time raising awareness and funds for the Jigsaw Appeal for Women, and cancer research, in thanks of the excellent care she received from our staff.


Every year around 250 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the Bournemouth area alone.



Here for patients at every stage of their breast cancer The Breast Care Service at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital includes diagnosis, support and treatment of breast conditions and all aspects of breast care. Breast Care Nurses provide specialist knowledge about breast cancer, treatments and side effects as well as ongoing emotional and psychological support for patients at a very anxious time. Liz Gifford, Specialist Nurse, says: “We support patients to help them come to terms with their diagnosis. We treat each patient as an individual, providing information and advice and developing care plans to meet their needs so that they can make informed choices.

“We aim to always be there at their diagnosis and when patients are given any results We also try to visit them on the ward following surgery and telephone them when they have gone home to see how they are, but also to make sure they know who and how to contact us. “We are there for patients at every stage of their cancer pathway, whether that’s early stage treatable breast cancer or disease that has spread to other parts of their body and is no longer curable”, added Liz.

“We spend time developing relationships with our patients so that we can get to know them. We offer practical support from how to explain their diagnosis with their family and children to, relationship, financial or employment problems. We also link patients with support groups and buddies. 6

The new unit will have treatment and minor op rooms near consulting rooms so women won’t have to visit different areas of the hospital, on different days, giving faster more dignified treatment. There will be space for them to relax with their loved ones and with other breast cancer patients going through a similar life changing experience. The new unit is not just enhancing, it is transforming the way we are able to care for our patients.

Dexter Perry, Consultant Surgeon. 7

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* An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb.


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Lynsey Miller


One in six couples will have a miscarriage.


Supporting early pregnancy The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit provides an emergency service for women experiencing problems in early pregnancy (between 6-14 weeks). This includes assessment, ultra-sound scanning, offering support, advice and diagnosis. Women are often accompanied by their husband or partner who share in the concerns for their pregnancy. Sadly, there are times when news isn’t good and we find that the pregnancy has been unsuccessful. Each year one in six couples is touched by the tragedy of having a miscarriage. They would feel uncomfortable being with those whose scan was good news. We would like to offer a suitable environment to break bad news and offer bereavement support. A private area which enables privacy for couples to openly express their grief and where care can be delivered with dignity and respect for their emotional pain. With increasing developments in technology and advancing treatments we want to provide the

best care available. This means more choice in the treatment options we can offer and in an environment designed to meet ever-changing needs. Pregnancy loss matters, bereavement hurts. Like a pebble in a pool we understand the ripple effect of the pain felt by others in the family. So help us make a difference, to make a difficult time a little easier. It could be someone you know.

Hysteroscopy Clinic In the Hysteroscopy clinic we see women with a range of menstrual problems that can cause anaemia, considerable pain and emotional distress. Women we see tell us that it affects their work, they feel socially isolated and embarrassed and their sexual relations are often affected. Women are referred either because of concerns that they may have womb cancer or with non cancer (benign) conditions such as fibroids. We see women of all ages from teenagers to very frail, 11

elderly ladies who often are immobile and are wheelchair users. Women are often supported by friends or relatives. Bleeding from the womb is embarrassing and distressing. The assessment and treatment requires an environment that can deliver high quality care in a safe and relaxing environment that is centred around maintaining privacy and dignity. Our current facilities have been adapted from the old inpatient hospital facilities and not kept pace with the advances in diagnostics and therapeutic medical device technology. We urgently need to reconfigure the space. Your support and donation will help us deliver a high quality patient centred environment. You or your partner, wife, daughter, mother, friend, neighbour can be assessed and treated with state of the art equipment in an environment that maintains privacy and minimises stress and anxiety.

Urogynaecology and Urodynamics Incontinence and bladder problems are distressing and very common among women of all ages. It can have a huge impact on a woman’s quality of life effecting body image, day to day activity and relationships. Some women feel they can’t participate in exercise, wear attractive clothing or even enjoy playing with their children or grandchildren. Urogynaecology is one of the many subspecialties under the umbrella of gynaecology and helps women with urinary incontinence. There are lots of different reasons why this can happen and it’s not always due to just to having children. One of the main investigations we use in urogynaecology is a test called urodynamics. This involves filling the bladder, using a catheter, so that we can observe and measure what happens when it is put under stress following, for example, a cough. The aim is to reproduce our patient’s symptoms so that we can decide on the best care and treatment for them.


Many women find urodynamics worrying and sometimes undignified. We are aware of this and always ensure that the investigation is conducted with the upmost discretion. A purpose built facility would allow women to be cared for in more suitable surrounding; appropriate waiting, changing and toilet facilities and good sized ventilated examination rooms. We can’t change the way we do the test but we can try and improve the over all experience women in our care.


Without fundraising our patients would still have excellent care, but we want to provide the best facilities and treatment. The new unit will be a centre of excellence to screen, diagnose and treat patients with breast and cervical cancer, for families touched by the tragedy of having a miscarriage and to provide teaching and training.


Alex Taylor, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.


We fundraised because...

We donate uthbourne Rotary Club: The Boscombe and So d facilities, an t en eive the best treatm to ensure patients rec n provide. above what the NHS ca ising groups proide support to fundra The Jigsaw Team can

Dexter Perry, Consultant Surgeon: I ran in the London marathon because I want our new unit to be a centre of excellence.

Walk for Women : Led by the BBC ’s Sally Taylor ov raised over £19, er 320 people 000 by walking ei ther 1k, 5k or 10 reason for fundra k. What will be yo ising? ur Ask for a copy of our fundraising pa ck to help your co build and raise fu lleagues team nds.


We have places in other marathons and runs. Let us know if you want to take part.

Alison Abra ms: I rowed X miles to fundraise to say thank y ou to the do and nurses ctors who took c are of me. Let us know about your fundraising activities an d we can h elp with promotion.

I gave olmes: poorly H ia d Ly elp year-old presents to h Seven y a re. Birthd up my ave better ca h women

Five intrepid explorers to Mount Sina in Egypt. W i e did a spo nsored clim that staff ca b so n provide th e best serv for patients ice . Each year w e have at le ast one trek Register yo . ur interest a t www.jigsaw .uk.

thon: four-hour Zumba West Hants Club cilities for provide better fa We fundraised to one day r know if you will women. You neve . become a patient ways to ary for more fun di ts en ev r ou e Se fundraise. 15

How you can help You can:

Come along to one of our many Jigsaw organised events

Organise an event for the Appeal

Become a regular donor

Consider us in your Will and leave a gift





Keep in touch or contact us The Jigsaw Appeal Office 01202 704060 Email: Sign up for regular news and information at Follow us on Facebook

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