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Parish Magazine Abbey & parish church Of St. peter & st. paul

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JUNE 2019


Said Eucharist (Common Worship. Traditional language) 10am Sung Eucharist (Common Worship. Modern language) 6.30pm Choral Evensong (Third Sunday of the month.)

10am 8.30am 5.15pm

Thursdays The Communion (1662) Weekdays (Except Thursdays) Morning Prayer Evening Prayer

Father Chris would be glad to be informed of sick people and others who would appreciate a pastoral visit. Cover photograph by Jonathan Smith


BOURNE VICARAGE . CHURCH WALK . BOURNE . LINCS . PE10 9UQ chris_atk@yahoo.com Dear Friends, Every night I sit and watch the 10 o’clock News, and my heart sinks as soon as the ‘Brexit’ item comes on. Why is it they cannot come to a common mind? Why are they so tribal at a time when the nation is desperate to reach a decision and move on? Prayers are said each day when Parliament is sitting. Yet few appear to be listening. But try listening to these words from one of today’s bible reading from St. Paul to the Ephesians – the people who lived in the town of Ephasus. “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Take the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.” Those who are meant to lead us are in chaos, and are unable to listen to each other or have faith in the processes that centuries of layer upon layer of democratic tradition has given us. We live in a country where the Christian tradition extends even further back than the first recorded bishop in 314 AD. So perhaps it might help if they were to listen to these words of St. Paul to recall them to their duty. And for that matter let the bishops who sit in the House of Lord stand up and add their words to those of St. Paul, who reminds them where authority and duty lies. Perhaps then those who are elected to serve us would see their duty lies not with their own interests, but with the greater good of God’s people. And starting from that position, to see more clearly what God’s purpose is for us at this present time - whatever that might be. We are in the process of forgetting who we are, and our democracy and democratic institutions are bound to suffer as a result. St. Paul reminded the Ephesians of their duty under God and how to achieve it. He used military analogies (which might make some of us uncomfortable), but these analogies are ways of expressing a way of introducing faith, truth, righteousness, salvation, and peace – all of which are manifestations of God’s love for us. Not all of us are Christians, but all may benefit from the Christian gospel. Perhaps we need to remind those in positions of power and responsibility that they are where they are because of centuries of Christian witness which has given us so many of the things that define us as a democracy and a people under God. As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it. But our system is nearing breaking point, so… Your Friend and Priest, Fr. Chris.




Churchwardens Chat You may recall that several years ago we wrote about the many steps that had to be followed to enable new work to be completed in a church. We attended a Diocesan course entitled “Faculties made easy.” A misnomer! We learnt all fourteen steps to be completed by the churchwardens in applying for a faculty, how to ensure that all building and legal requirements were scrupulously obeyed. Each stage was carefully described and illustrated with a small picture. The north aisle and the west end may look like a building site, and the organ is wrapped in a protective plastic sheet. We do, however, believe that all the final stages are rapidly nearing completion, but there might be a hiccup in finishing the new servery. June is a busy month for Bourne Abbey. This year the novena of prayer and contemplation “Thy Kingdom Come” commences on Friday 31 st May and finishes nine days later. Further details of Thy Kingdom Come are included in this magazine. 9th June is Whit Sunday, Trinity Sunday 16th, and the celebration of our Patronal Festival will be transferred by one day to 30 th June. Our Archdeacon will hold her Visitation Service for Churchwardens on Sunday 23 rd at Edenham. We look forward to hearing what she would like us to do in the coming year. Finally to return to the first paragraph, the fourteenth stage did not detail any work whatsoever, only a picture showing two deckchairs separated by a palm tree on a sunny beach. A table between the deckchairs carried two tall glasses. Each glass was a third full, and contained ice cubes, a slice of lemon and there was a bottle of either tonic water or gin on the table. Each deckchair was occupied by a contented churchwarden in deep relaxation. On reflection perhaps in this idyllic scene there should also be a third glass on the table and a third chair with a clerical collar hanging over the back!! Merryn & Dudley


Bourne Abbey Mothers’ Union - May On Wednesday 14th April 14 members met in the Church Hall. Following Prayers they enjoyed a lively and uplifting talk by Terri , who is the Treasurer for the “Friends of Nyansakia”. Terri had been to speak to us some years ago when the project was first started and it was inspiring to hear of the progress that they have been able to kick-start in that area of Kenya. They have enabled concrete floors to be put in the school buildings, funded extra teachers to bring class sizes down from 60+ to 50+. bought two huge cooking pots to provide food for the children and provided bunk beds for the children with special needs. Afterwards members and friends enjoyed a cup of tea and looked at the pictures which Terri had brought with her. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 1st May when Jonathan Smith will talk about “20 things you might not know about Bourne Abbey” at 2.15p.m. in the Church Hall. Wednesday 5th June. We shall meet at 2.15p.m. in the Church Hall. Felicity Rogan will talk with us informally about her work with Joe in Bosnia and the situation later on. Bourne Abbey Mothers’ Union - June On Wednesday 1st May a group of members and friends met at the Church Hall . Our prayers were led by Ceri Guppy who reflected on “Listening” as our theme this year is “Listen, observe, act, in step with God”. After this, Jonathan Smith gave an illustrated talk entitled, “20 things you might not know about Bourne Abbey”. We were fascinated! It has made us determined to ask Jonathan back, when he has the time and the dust has settled in Church, to take us round and explore our own Church. It has certainly made us look again at parts of the building we just take for granted. The World Wide President of the Mothers’ Union will be at Uppingham on Tuesday 28th May and Merryn and Elizabeth will be going to meet her as well as anyone else who wishes to go. Merryn asked for any new money raising ideas for our Coffee Morning on Friday 19th July in the Church Hall from 10.00a.m.-12.00. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 5th June at 2,15p.m. in the Church Hall. Judith Watson will lead our prayers and then we shall talk informally with Felicity Rogan about her work with Joe in Bosnia.


Knit & Sew Friendship Group Our next meeting is on Wednesday 19 June from 2.00 to 4.00 pm in the Church Hall as usual. Look forward to seeing you there! Rosie Cudmore 423569 .


SATURDAY 29TH JUNE STRAWBERRY TEA. To take place in the Abbey Church Hall 2.30.p.m. to 4.30.p.m. Tickets are £5 available from Mrs.J.Smith 01778422219

Thought for the Month We make a living by what we get, But make a life by what we give Winston Churchill


EDENHAM REGIONAL HOUSE The Vicarage, Church Lane,Edenham, Bourne, Lincs PE10 OLS Telephone: 01778 591358 Email: edenhamoffice@gamil.com Friday 21st June 2019 – Friends’ AGM, Worship and Supper. Worship in Edenham Church at 6.30 followed by supper and AGM. Wednesday 26th June – Wedding flowers with Karen Lawrie Wedding flowers-Wednesday 26th June 2019 10.00 until 1.00pm with a Bring and share Lunch. Beginners more than welcome. This course is aimed to give you a flavour of how to plan and arrange some of the flowers for a summer wedding. Specifically, a table decoration will be demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to take home one that you have completed. Before lunch we will be making an informal corsage for you to also take home. After we have completed out work, as is the usual practise at the regional house, we will share a summer lunch to which we have all contributed a small part. The cost of the course is £15.00. Attendees will only have to bring their scissors and a sheet to catch debris under their table. All other materials will be supplied by Karen i.e. oasis (or biodegradable equivalent), fresh flowers and greenery. Thursday 11th July 2019 – Walk to Grimsthorpe Castle & Garden Tour Two hour walk through fields and woodland from Edenham Vicarge to Grimsthorpe Castle. Lunch in Coach House or own picnic lunch followed by tour of the garden with the head gardener Jim Handley. Walk back to Edenham, appropriate shoes and clothing for weather necessary. If you do not wish to walk you can meet the group at lunch time in the Coach House. Friday 11th October 2019 – Women in World War One. Julie Pirie is happily able to give her talk, which was cancelled last year. Julie will talk about ‘the price of peace’ from the perspective of the fiancé, wife and mother using poetry and extracts to read. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Ascension is the day when we remember Jesus’ return to heaven after his resurrection and Pentecost is when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples. The nine days between these two key celebrations offer us an opportunity for prayer and reflection as we long for that gift of the Holy Spirit for ourselves and our communities. In this in-between time, we invite you to pray with us, “Thy Kingdom Come” – that the Holy Spirit would come and bless and challenge us to witness to God’s life-changing work. In our parish we intend to offer time each day (12noon to 12.30pm) on Fri 31May/Sat 1 June and Mon 3 to Sat 8 June to join us in the Abbey using the prayer resources provided by the Canterbury Novena Team, as we did in previous years. You are welcome to attend all or some of these days as you wish. Look out for the posters which will be displayed shortly at the back of the church.


What not to wear

It was naturally, being female, a matter of great concern while I was preparing to come to Madagascar what clothes I was going to wear. Hall’s wardrobe was quite straight forward, just unbearably hot. As the retired Bishop of Sydney remarked to me while he was here for Hall’s consecration, the church in Australia has adjusted its clerical and ecclesiastical wear to the climate. He pointed out that all the traditional episcopal robes, worn in several layers at a time, were designed for a cold climate to keep warm. The Anglican Church here, in this as in most things, remains fossilised in a 100 year old time warp, and the bishops continue to sizzle. It is, nonetheless, hard to imagine in February in England what it feels like to be hot. As a person who, by reason of age and unsightliness, has chosen to wear trousers to the extent that I do not possess a skirt, I had a problem. I decided that, since there is the largest Muslim community in Madagascar resident in Mahajanga, the best plan would be to acquire some long tunics to wear over trousers. On a visit to my daughter in Cardiff I spent a happy morning trying on tunics in the Muslim Relief Charity shop and came away with a bag full at the fraction of the price I would have paid for new. Alas, once in the heat, I realised that more than half of the clothes I had brought with me were of unsuitable fabric for the temperature, being either synthetic or too thick. Most of the tunics are useable with the sleeves removed. But the trousers are worse, being either black and soaking up the sun, or jeans of a far too casual design. I rapidly discovered that trousers are considered rather racy and only to be worn, if at all, in strictly non church environments. As my readers will already know, white is the optimal colour to wear, which leaves navy blue and black way down the bottom of acceptability. The outfit I had fondly imagined would be suitable for the consecration, trousers and tunic in navy blue, were far too hot to even consider putting on. White did not feature in my available wardrobe at all. Time being limited and not enough of it to start buying new clothes, I was stuck with the acute embarrassment of being the only woman in church at Hall’s big service wearing jeans and an informal top, which I am sure partially accounts for the pained expression on my face. The impending Mothers’ Union weekend get together which starts tomorrow has galvanised the organising committee into action to deal with the problem of Neny having nothing white to wear on Sunday, when I am due to be received as a new member in the diocese. Consequently I was taken shopping this morning by Noelline, wife of the Venerable. This, too, proved an embarrassing experience as all ready made clothes are for women a great deal shorter and slimmer than I am, and every sales assistant shook their head when they summed up the size required. Nothing daunted, Noelline took me to buy material in a booth beside the road and then summoned her sister in law to the booth to take measurements and do the sewing. I have selected the same material as the clergy wives’ suit’s thereby aiming


to kill two birds with one stone. The outfit, which will consist of a long skirt and short sleeved jacket, will be ready tomorrow evening. If it is a success, it is clearly the way to go, as the entire cost of material and sewing is under £20. After the event You will all be relieved to know that my white suit duly arrived, fitting in the main, and I dressed up in it on Sunday morning, feeling like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. However, as soon as I arrived at the Cathedral I felt properly dressed for the occasion. I also thought “Drat!” Not only were all the M.U members clothed in pure white, and I realised mine was cream, but also they all had blue and white stoles wrapped round themselves. I felt I could never win! Why had nobody said I needed a stole as well? Oh she of little faith. Less than half an hour later I was called to the front and the President of the Diocese wrapped round me the most beautiful blue and white silk stole you have ever seen, specially ordered from the capital with the MU emblem woven into it. I was very moved indeed, and had a special blessing from the Venerable as well. So all was well and more than well in the end. Sarah Speers Bourne Abbey and Elsa Park Primary Schools Trust Our theme at Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy for Term 5 is ‘Trust’ and of all our Collective Worships one in particular stood out which was delivered by our very own KS1 Collective Worship Council. Telling the parable of The Bags of Gold, Alex clearly read the story whilst Maisie, Mia, Brandon, Connie and Darcie confidently acted the story out to the KS1 children. Together they explained that one day a master gave each of his servants a bag of gold. To one he gave five bags, to the second he gave three bags and to the third he gave one bag. He gave them enough bags according to their talents. The first servant gained five more bags with his talents, the second servant gained three more bags, while the third servant buried his bag to keep it safe and gave back his one bag to the Master. The Master was very annoyed that the third servant hadn’t even bothered to put it the bank to gain interest! The Master called him lazy and said he had not used his talents to the best of his ability and therefore would only be trusted with one bag of gold. He threw a party for the other two servants and said he trusted them with even more bags. Through the parable the children explained that God trusts us to do the best we can with the talents he has given us and if we use our God given talents, He will trust us with so much more.


The Julian Meeting Monday 3rd June 2019 in the Abbey Come, Holy Spirit While we rejoice at the dramatic coming of the Holy Spirit with fire at Pentecost, we want to become increasingly aware of the presence of God within us at all times. As we spend time in silence before God we become more aware of our breath, the breath which gives us life. The risen Christ appeared to his disciples and breathed on them, saying “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20.22). God is with us, not just as the root of our being, nor as an energy, nor in the form of any other impersonal principle we might think of, but as a presence, a personal presence, as Jesus repeatedly makes clear: "I in them and you (the Father) in me “ (John 17.23). We can spend the whole of our lives ignoring God’s presence in us, just as we can constantly fail to notice the breeze on a seashore if each time we go there we never pause and listen, we never try to be mindful to where we are and to what is meeting us in that particular experience. Spiritual authors unanimously consider this realisation as the major challenge of spiritual life. Touched by God by Luigi Gioia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First reading God’s Spirit of life approaches us so silently that we do not become aware of him immediately. Prayer is the ability to listen so that we can welcome a presence, and this requires interior and exterior silence. Suddenly we become aware in our heart of him towards whom our whole being is oriented. We become keenly aware of God and this awareness yields a response which is worship, joy and full self-mindfulness. From: Touched by God Silent prayer for half an hour Final reading Breathe on me, breath of God, Fill me with life anew, That I may love what thou dost love, and do what thou wouldst do. The Grace Next meeting: Monday 1st July


Recipe of the Month Welsh Lamb Stew Tender chunks of lamb, flavoured with leeks, herbs and lemon, make a delicious casserole. Served with baked potatoes, it’s a substantial family meal. For 4 servings: Ingredients. 575g (1 ¼ lb) lamb fillet 1 Onion 1 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp cornflour 150ml (1/4 pt) milk 2 leeks, washed 50g (2oz) mange touts uice of ½ lemon 1tbsp chopped fresh tarragon Salt and pepper Prepartion 1.

Trim lamb of any excess fat and cut into 2.5cm (1 in) cubes. Slice onion. Heat oil in a flameproof casserole dish and fry meat and onions, stirring occasionally, for 40 mins, or until tender.

2. Blend cornflour with a little of the milk to form a smooth paste. Stir in the remaining milk. Trim and slice leeks, top and tail mange touts. 3. Add leeks to the casserole and cook for 10 mins. Add milk mixture, manage touts, lemon juice and herbs. Bring to boil and boil, stirring, for 5 mins. Season and serve.


Muddy Feet Garden Maintenance Fencing Hedge Cutting,

Shaping, Pruning, & Felling of Small Trees Conifer Topping & Reducing Beds & Borders * Weed Maintenance Shrub Reducing * Garden Clearance Fence & Shed Repair Rotavating Fully Insured RELIABLE, HONEST & TRUSTWORTHY CONTACT KEITH

01775 841165 OR 07497 486189

Bourne Tuneless Choir

To advertise here please call Carol on 01778425760

The choir for people who love singing but just can’t do it in tune. New members are welcome to join in the fun of

Singing like no one is listening We meet most Wednesdays at Bourne Abbey Church 7.30 – 9pm

£10 for registration, songbook & first session £7 thereafter pay as you go, or £40 per 8 week block


Email to;carol_atkins@btinternet.com

Contact Linda on 07949 057811 or Email bourne @tunelesschoir.com


A young man preached his first sermon at a country chapel. During the following week the steward went to see if he would take the service the next Sunday as the planned preacher was ill. The young man said “Oh dear, you realise that I have only just started preaching and I have only the one Sermon prepared.” “That’s all right”, said the steward. “We can’t remember a word you said last week, but we did enjoy it”.

BOURNE ABBEY MOTHER AND TODDLERS GROUP MEET WEDNESDAY 9.30a.m to 11.30a.m. (During Term Time only) All welcome- pre-school age, including grandparents, aunties etc. £1.50 per session for family. Refreshments at 10.15 a.m.

July 2019 Magazine Contributions for the July 2019 magazine should be with Carol Atkins by lunch-time on Sunday June 16th. They can be given to her at church, or sent to—10 Broadlands Avenue or sent by email attachment preferably as a Word document to: carol_atkins@btinternet.com



Responding to climate change together The Diocese of Lincoln and the University of Lincoln are seeking to be leaders in Lincolnshire in responding to climate change through the staging of a conference focused on science and theology. The international conference, which is to be held on the 30th and 31st of August and 1st of September 2019 at the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Cathedral, will offer lectures, discussions and workshops with the aim of identifying responses to reduce human-induced climate change. The conference will feature speakers from Lincoln, Polynesia, New Zealand and the United States, and will see dialogue between the disciplines of theology and science in seeking to reduce the size of the carbon footprint inherited by future generations. A further intended outcome of the conference will be the launch of an updated environmental policy for the diocese and details of processes designed to measure the effectiveness of actions taken. Bishop Christopher has invited participants from Polynesia to tell their story of rising tides and severe storms. In looking ahead to the conference, the bishop has said: “Water can take life and give life. It is easy for us to lose touch with nature but the reality is that rising tides and tropical storms combined with drought and falling reservoirs leaves us with too much water and not enough water. In the UK we are somewhat shielded from the impact of such threats but places like Fiji and Tonga, which have endured immense changes in weather patterns, are a wake-up call for us all.” Bishop Christopher is hoping that as many people as possible will be able to attend the conference, and as well as the lectures there will be art displays, a market place showcasing the work of groups and businesses seeking to lower their carbon footprint, a dinner and a service in Lincoln Cathedral. Speaking with regard to the new diocesan environmental policy, the Revd Richard Steel (diocesan Mission Team Leader) has said: “Our environmental policy will include commitments about how we run the diocesan offices and the use of glebe land, and it will encourage churches to take their own actions, as part of our commitment to the national ‘Ecochurch’ scheme. We will also be including a section detailing possible personal actions, with many practical suggestions. “We believe that taking practical action in our care for creation is no longer a fringe interest for activities but rather a vital contribution that Christians can make to the future of this planet that God has given us, and a ‘core concern of the Church’s evangelising work’.” For more details, including ticketing information and speaker biographies, please see www.wateroflife2019.eventbrite.co.uk Enquiries may also be made by calling 01522 50 40 50 or by emailing wateroflife.conference@lincoln.anglican.org The carbon footprint of the conference will be calculated and offset with a tree planting project in Lincoln.


DO YOUR FEET HURT? Specialist footcare treatment in the comfort of your own home.

“For head to toe healthcare”

Treatments include: Routine nail care, ingrown toenails, Corn & callous removal, bunion care, Fungal nail treatment, Diabetic foot health.

Osteopathy Chiropody & Podiatry Acupuncture Clinical Hypnotherapy Nutritional Therapy Reflexology Medical Herbalism

Your feet take an average 5000 steps a day for you; take one for them: call 01476 550206 or mobile 0771 3004779

13 Abbey Road (next to ‘time for tea’) Tel: 01778 392832

Sharon Brewster, MCFHP.MAFHP


Registered member of the British Association of foot health professionals.


Bourne, Corby Glen, Swayfield, and surrounding area

All practitioners are fully registered and insured

Local and Established




Adults - Children Learn at your own pace.

Is looking for new customers If your ironing is getting you down give Steamers a ring on

01778 571563

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Pete Shaw www. pete@peteshaw.co.uk



MUSIC TUITION All Ages All Stages Bourne Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Brass and Theory Joyce A. Mason L.R.A.M, A.I.M.I.T Tel. 01778 421295 Email joyceamason1935@hotmail.co.uk

Vinko Bosnjak Builder and Interiors Email: building.work. bosnjak@gmail.com Facebook: Builder Vinko Mob: +447732507680 Mob: +447743961793 Our choice for high quality workmanship Exterior and interior


QUIZ PAGE Fruit and vegetables 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

New Zealand bird Not good looking Vehicle, go bad Taxi, how old you are Tall building in London Short Thomas, digit on a foot It makes you sneeze Good at painting, dangerous attempt to swallow River blockage, male child Inflate a tyre, relation Golfing term, cut Candy, painful growth on foot Chinese language Season before Easter, sick Hit severely, underground part of plant Myself, nearly a lion Male person, move away Almost a month, baby’s bed Female gander, put under the ground Athletic legume Answers to last month’s quiz

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Osborne House Balmoral Castle Buckfast Abbey Chatsworth House Hatfield House Kensington Palace Oakham Castle Rockingham Castle Tintagel Castle Woburn Abbey

Margaret’s Page Like most people of my age, as a child I went regularly to Sunday School. The highlight of the year was the Sunday School annual outing. For me, this was a mixed blessing, as I suffered badly from travel sickness. I could travel anywhere by train but I only had to step inside a bus to start feeling queasy. There were three possible venues for the outings – Skegness, Mablethorpe or Wicksteed Park. I used to pray for Skegness as, with the help of travel pills, I could just about make it. There was very little hope of reaching Mablethorpe without problems as it was nearly ten miles further, and Wicksteed was over twenty miles further, so I’ll leave that to your imagination. At college I made friends with a girl called Janet who was an even worse traveller than me and we spent many ‘happy’ holidays in her mother’s car visiting the Isle of Wight being sick together. Many years later when I had my own car we set off in it for a holiday in Yorkshire. I knew I would be all right – drivers are very rarely sick – but I knew we would have to make many stops for Janet. To my amazement she was fine all the way and showed no signs of the dopey drowsiness that travel pills caused. She told me that she had discovered travel wrist bands and she could now travel anywhere so long as she was wearing them. She persuaded me to buy some and although I was very sceptical I discovered that I too was able to travel by car or bus without any ill effects. Many years later we have both discovered that we are almost completely cured and no longer need travel bands for long journeys, except on very bendy roads when we keep them ready for use in case of emergency. Last week I went on a coach trip to Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex, a very long journey. Four and a half hours after setting off we arrived at the gardens and wow! I have never seen such spectacular gardens anywhere, absolutely full of rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias of every imaginable colour. They were definitely worth the effort of getting there and I would heartily recommend them to anyone, with one reservation. Some of the paths were very steep and were rather a challenge to the less mobile members of the party. Nevertheless there was a house they could look round and an outstanding display of dolls houses and model- sized courtyards, stables, workshops and rural crafts. The one disappointment was the food. The cafes had very long queues and very, very, very slow service. There were no hot meals available apart from jacket potatoes and toasties, so by the time I reached the service station on the way home I was ravenous. I treated myself to a large plateful of Harry Ramsden fish, chips and mushy peas and boarded the coach wondering if I had been rather foolish as we still had two hours to go on our journey home. I need not have worried; I discovered that I have indeed been fully cured of my travel sickness. My travel bands had stayed firmly in my handbag and I hope I shall never need them again.



Chartered Certified Accountants


8 Exeter Street, Bourne, PE10 9NJ Tel. 01778 393147


Assistance with completion of self assessment tax return forms and preparation of accounts.

Home visits by appointment

Assistance for people starting a new business

Telephone: 01476 550503 Mobile: 0794 3041 506

Personal and friendly service

Anne Marie Lilly


Professional Beauty Treatments facials, non-surgical face-lifts, eyebrow shaping and tinting, waxing, manicures, pedicures Gift Vouchers available 01778 426676 www.simplybeautybourne.co.uk


Fit Feet - Tracy MAFHP MCFHP Routine foot care Corn removal

Toe nail trimming Callus (hard skin) reduction Thick nail reduction Ingrown toe nails Fungal infections Diabetic foot care Cracked heels Verruca treatment In the comfort of your own home 07799 250581 tracyhankin72@gmail.com fit feet with Tracy Hankin Bourne – Stamford & surrounding areas


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Office: 01778 392608 Mobile: 0795 0901007 0782 8423514 Boiler breakdown, service and repair specialists including combination boilers. For domestic Gas and LPG appliances, System breakdowns, Fault finding.

Opening times Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm Sat 8am – 12pm

Unvented hot water cylinder.

Cherry Holt Road Bourne PE10 9LA 01778 420904 On going sale of surplus linen stock.

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Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm




Bourne Corn Exchange Invites you to hear

For a sympathetic & professional service call

Wednesday 16th June

01529 301972 Free home visits

Andrew Nix

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7.30pm start

Competitive fixed fees

Members £6.00 Non-members £7.00

No VAT Legally qualified advisor

Tickets available at the door or from John & Linda Wass- 01778 424947

No pushy salesmen Free no obligation initial visit

Also Neal’s Hairdressers South Street, Bourne

Please give us a call and see what you think




ALEC DAY Butcher & Fishmonger 17A Abbey Road, Bourne Tel: 01778 422281

Repairs to all leading makes of: Washing Machines Dishwashers Tumble Driers Electric Cookers

FINEST ENGLISH Beef, Lamb & Pork, Chicken & Turkey LINCOLNSHIRE SAUSAGE Made to our own traditional recipe HOME COOKED Cold Meats and Haslet Traditional and Gourmet CHEESES A selection of FRESH FISH Available Tuesday to Saturday Also FRUIT AND VEGETABLES

No call out charge on accepted estimates

Over 40 years experience

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Richard Arden


Painter & Decorator

All aspects of garden & exterior work considered, including

Professional Service Interior and exterior work Wallpaper hanging All aspects of decorating

grass and hedge cutting garden clearance fencing maintenance shed & garage clearance landscaping shed bases.

Competitive prices Free no obligation quote Mobile. 07759 638612 Tel. no. 01778 422195

PLEASE RING 07890998781


Did you know There is now a St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice Bereavement Group in Bourne. It takes place at the Cedars Nursing Home on a Thursday morning 10.00am to 12noon. For more information phone Betty Cross on 01522 518221

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Nature Notes from Bourne Woods- June 2019

The spectacle of colour created from the swathes of bluebells has merged into a brilliant green carpet, interspersed by the bright yellows of the yellow archangel and delicate whites from the falling blossoms of the attractively named “Queen Anne’s Lace” plants. There is still plenty of light percolating through the canopy above but the ash trees will soon be out in full leaf, joining the oaks which are already in flower. The increasing density of leaves makes it more difficult to spot the resident birds but they still announce their presence with their calls. At least 2 (possibly 3) male cuckoos are calling, trying to attract the attention of any female cuckoo nearby. In previous years I have only been sure of a single male so perhaps things are looking up for them locally after several years of decline. I was surprised when I was walking with a colleague the other day to learn that he had never heard a real cuckoo! If you too have not heard one then get down to the woods soon. The old adage says that “in May I sing night and day, in June I change my tune” (still a “cuck-oo” sound but in a different key), and “in July far, far I fly” (to Africa no less!). Let us enjoy them whilst they are still here! Other birds to listen out for include the nightingales, which have returned to the same patch of woodland again. This year there are at least 3 delivering those wonderful varied notes and sounds. These will be the males hoping to attract a female. Apparently she is not impressed by the ownership of a fast sports car but will be attracted to the bird which gives the greatest variety of tunes with the biggest gusto! Perhaps male opera singers enjoy a similar attraction from female fans? My dog seems to like the voices of her friends- she will often stop and listen if she hears the distant woof of a particular Labrador whom she admires (Milo)! Come and visit us on our stall at the Classic Car Show on June 16th to see more what we do.

My husband became Free Church Minister to a group of hospitals. One day he was doing his rounds in a geriatric ward with his note book in his hand. He approached one lady in bed who called out “Don’t come to me I’m insured with the Co-op”.




John’s Garden Care Fully insured, reliable and reasonable rates For all general garden work, Lawns, Hedges, Fence painting and more. One off or regular visits. Please call; 01778 421243 Email; john54stokes@gmail.com

CAN YOU SPARE A FEW HOURS TO BE A VOLUNTEER SITTER? We urgently require more Sitters to meet Carers' needs. - Are you interested in doing something rewarding and worthwhile? - We are looking for kind, caring individuals with an interest in people. - Our Volunteers, known as ‘Sitters’, provide a respite service to Carers. - They provide companionship while the Carer goes out. - This is a sitting service only with no nursing duties involved. - CSS covers Bourne, Stamford, the Deepings and surrounding villages - Mileage expenses. Training given. Just 2 hours a month appreciated. For more information please contact the Coordinator at: Carers Sitter Service, Wake House, 41 North St, Bourne. PE10 9AE Tel: 01778 420257 Email: carersitterservice@gmail.com Registered Charity No. 1040408



Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, Bourne, PE10 9LY Tel 01778 424740 Once a working watermill, powered by the Bourne Eau. Now a Heritage centre displaying information and artefacts relating to the town and Raymond Mays. Exhibitions on three floors. Charles Worth Gallery now open. OPENING TIMES: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 2- 4pm All year round. ADMISSION: Free of charge. LOCATION: On A15, 200 metres south of town centre, near Red Hall. CIVIC SOCIETY Monday 17th June Visit to Warner’s Printers

The Abbey Church Hall With a well-equipped kitchen, the Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates for all regular groups such as Weightwatchers, karate, yoga and dancing, table-top and jumble sales, tea dances, coffee mornings, talks, slide shows and art exhibitions, lunches, anniversaries, receptions etc. Children’s parties are very popular at £30 for 4 hours. For more details of Hall charges and to make a booking, contact: Churchwarden Merryn Woodland 01778 423232

Thinking of making or up-dating your will? If so, please consider bequeathing a gift to Bourne Abbey. A legacy would help to secure the future of the church and its work with future generations. Don’t forget that legacies to charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Thank you.



Weightwatchers 9.30—11.00a.m. (Every Monday except Bank Holidays) Karate 5.30-7.30pm (tel. 01780 762261 Circuit Training 7.45pm


U3A Art 9.00—11.30am Slimming World 5pm—01529 497274

WEDNESDAY Toddler Group 9.30—11.30am Mothers’ Union 2.15—4.00 pm (1st Wed. in month) Knit & Sew Friendship Group 2.00—4.00p.m. (3rd Wed. in month) 01778 423569 Weightwatchers 5.30-7.30 pm Zumba Dancing 7.45pm (Tel 07818 516 7070) THURSDAY

Line Dancing 10.00am—12.00pm ( 421932) Garden Club 7.30pm (3rd Thursday in month) Whist Drive 7.00pm-10pm (Last Thursday in month) Nubourne WI 7.30pm (1st Thursday in the month)

Bookings for the Hall contact Merryn Woodland 01778 423232




Expert planning & monitoring for the elderly/older people when needing care services.


No job too small Domestic and commercial Extra sockets Rewiring Lighting 3 Phase *Part P* Approved

If you are worried about yourself, a relative or neighbour do call us. *30 Years experience. *An alternative to using services. *No contact centres to go through or waiting lists. Our website contains information on the service we can provide. Please phone, email or arrange to meet us at offices in Oakham or Stamford. Alternatively we can come to your home. Phone 01572-756666

Please call me on 01778 393982 or 07792 261781 E-mail: mikedunnelectrician@hotmail.co.uk

Email agecareadvice@gmail.com Find us at www.agecareadvice.co.uk


JASON KENDALL References, Insured Free Quotes Tel no. 01778 426 409


FROM THE REGISTERS Baptisms April 7 Henry and Dennis Brierley Marriages None Funerals April 3 Sheila Falkner 8 Joan Ebling 15 Beverley Clayton 17 Christina Smitheringale 23 Malcolm Mould 25 Paul Woodman Happy Birthday 1st Brenda Jones 4th William (Bill) Jones 8th Arthur Lightfoot 14th Guy Cudmore 16th Alexander Joseph Casey 21st Jim Moody 23rd Darcey Ann Smith June 6th Congratulations and Best Wishes to Jim and Wendy Moody on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. FLOWER ROTA –JUNE June 7th ( WHITSUN). June 14th & 21st. June 28th ( PATRONAL) July 5th LADY CHAPEL June 7th (WHITSUN) June 28th (PATRONAL) ST.PAUL’S CHAPEL June 7th (WHITSUN) June 28th (PATRONAL) HIGH ALTAR

Martha Mrs J Sharpe

Mrs A Northen

Candles In memory of Derek Glover.


- Mrs.C.Bentley – Mrs.J.Payne - Mrs.M.Roberts. - Mrs.M.Roberts - Mrs.A.Northen. - Mrs.C.Guppy -Mrs.A.Northen -Mrs.C.Penhay.

YOUR PARISH CHURCH SERVES YOU BAPTISM, CHURCHINGS AND WEDDINGS, are by arrangement with Father Chris….01778 422412 OUR FELLOWSHIP FLOWERS IN CHURCH Mrs A Northen 24, Fir Avenue……………………………….01778 423353 HALL BOOKINGS Merryn Woodland …………………………………………… 01778423232 MAGAZINE EDITOR Mrs Carol Atkins, 10 Broadlands Avenue…………………….01778 425760 Sub Editor Margaret Shephard, 12 Baldwin Grove……………………….01778 425778 WEBSITE MANAGER Jonathan Smith, 71 North Road, Bourne……………………...01778 422798 ............................... Email...jpsmithpix@yahoo.co.uk MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION MOTHERS' UNION Mrs Merryn Woodland, 26 Harvey Close PE10 9QJ…………..01778 423232 RINGERS Mr A.G.Payne, Oldhall Farm House Wilsthorpe.……………...01778 560633 SERVERS PARENT, BABY & TODDLER GROUP Clair Carter, 5 Poppy Place, Bourne…………………………..01778 394230


WHO'S WHO VICAR The Revd Father Chris Atkinson, The Vicarage, Church Walk 01778 422412 CHURCHWARDENS Mr. D. Guppy…16 Gladstone Street……. …………………...01778 423873 Mrs Merryn Woodland, 26 Harvey Close, Bourne……………01778 423232 VERGER DIRECTOR OF MUSIC John Saunders, Mellstock, Bourne Road, Essendine………….01780 480479 Email jclementsaunders@gmail.com Assistant Organist—Stanley Godfrey Deputy Organist Peter Page, 48 Grosvenor Avenue, Bourne, PE10 9HU……….01778 393031 P.C.C. SECRETARY Mrs. C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street Bourne………………...…01778 423873 SAFEGUARDING OFFICER Karen Key, 5 Exeter Close, Bourne, PE10 9NP……………….07956 382066 Email : karenkey@nhs.net P.C.C. TREASURER Mr A. G. Payne, Oldhall Farm House, Wilsthorpe …………...01778 560633 READER Mr D.H.Page, 3 Sycamore Close

…………………………...01778 422512

MANDATED MINISTRY TEAM Mrs J Smith, 60 Gladstone Street …………………………...01778 422219 ELECTORAL ROLL OFFICER STEWARDSHIP /GIFT AID OFFICER Mrs C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street, Bourne, PE10 9AX………01778 423873


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Bourne Abbey Parish Magazine June 2019  

Bourne Abbey Church and Parish Magazine June 2019

Bourne Abbey Parish Magazine June 2019  

Bourne Abbey Church and Parish Magazine June 2019