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Parish Magazine Abbey & parish church Of St. peter & st. paul

Serving the communities of Bourne, cawthorpe, dyke, twenty With church & parish news www.bourneabbey.org.uk

february 2019


Said Eucharist (Common Worship. Traditional language) 10am Sung Eucharist (Common Worship. Modern language) 6.30pm Choral Evensong (Third Sunday of the month.)

10am 8.30am 5.15pm

Thursdays The Communion (1662) Weekdays (Except Thursdays) Morning Prayer Evening Prayer

Father Chris would be glad to be informed of sick people and others who would appreciate a pastoral visit. Cover photograph by Jonathan Smith


Decluttering Decluttering my life is something I struggle with. At the moment I am on retreat with the wonderful C. of E. monks at Mirfield and am impressed by their attitude. One of their vows is that of poverty. They recognise poverty as having two different meanings. Firstly, the poverty of the deprivation of essentials which is bad because it stunts life, enslaves people, prevents them living full and free lives and allows them to be exploited. But there is also a wholesome Christian poverty which is to do with living simply and is good as it sets people free, it imitates Christ. Jesus himself spoke of how hard it is for rich people to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Thousands of Christians have given themselves to eradicating the first sort of poverty. But poverty is relative. The monks don’t have a salary, no disposable income to go out and buy the latest smart phone but on the other hand they live in security, in heated buildings and eat well. (Their food is well cooked from cheap ingredients, much of which they grow – thus a good place for a retreat!) They have holidays. Thus I find them a realistic example: life is not all work and shouldn’t be spent totting up the pennies and feeling guilty about pleasures. Their life style gives them a freedom to follow Christ and be committed to the poor, making choices to help others out of bad poverty. Each of us can think of plenty of clutter to tackle in our own lives, physically and spiritually. This month sees the count down to Lent, traditionally the time for us to take stock of ourselves. This Lent will be a particularly challenging one for Sarah and myself as we leave the comforts of life here in Bourne. I have been called to be Bishop in Mahajanga (or Majunga), Madagascar, one of the poorest dioceses in our Church. At the time of writing I am ordering some of the (absurd?) clothes bishops are expected to wear and we face the prospect of an empty house with removals from here being out of the question. So we are facing in a direct way: what is really essential? The question reminds me that many of the essentials don’t fit in a suitcase: love, prayer, and friendship. These are things we have experienced in abundance here in Bourne. One of the joys of a Christian community is that it gives one a fast track to these. The editor permitting, I will write and tell you how our sudden decluttering goes! May our Lenten disciplines, be it the traditional giving up of chocolate, alcohol, etc., or the discipline of doing more - more healthy exercise or more prayer; may it be a liberation. God bless. Fr. Hall




Churchwardens Chat This article was written on Sunday 20th January, the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The Bishop of Lincoln has written about the speech he made in the House of Lords concerning Brexit. He called for respect for the views of people on both sides of this bitter argument, and suggested that we now need to work together for the common good. The most important thing that Christians can now do is to support our members of parliament as they grapple with this difficult situation. One of the ways we can do that is through prayer. The Bishops of Lincoln, Grimsby and Grantham support this initiative: one of the prayers said routinely in Parliament is suggested as appropriate to the current political situation and useful for our private use in daily prayer as well as in public worship. However you pray, your prayers are important! “Lord, the God of righteousness and truth, grant to our Queen and her government, to Members of Parliament and all in positions of responsibility, the guidance of your Spirit. May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals, but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind: so may your kingdom come and your name be hallowed. Amen�. A large amount of this article has been copied from the pew sheet for Sunday 20th January 2019, our thanks to Derek Page! Merryn & Dudley


THE JULIAN MEETING COME UNTO ME People who have not been to a Julian meeting may wonder what we gain from sitting together in silence for half an hour. We find that it is helpful purposely to set aside time in our diary to be quiet with God and I believe He is delighted with us when we make it a priority in this way. Being in a group is a special experience different from praying on our own and encouraged by Jesus who promised that “Where two or three are gathered together in My name I am there in the midst of them”. We cannot guarantee at all that we will be able to approach our half hour with our minds and hearts calm and focussed as we might prefer them to be. But the most important thing is that we show up and present ourselves honestly as we are, and not pretending to be “holy”. As we strive to be honest with God about how we really feel and what our concerns are we open a way for Him to meet us and set to work on us. “O Lord, you have searched me And you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise. Your perceive my thoughts from afar….. You have laid your hand upon me.” Psalm 139. 1-5 As I prepare to fly into an uncertain future in a far country, I am much comforted by this psalm which provides such reassurance: “If I rise on the wings of the dawn, If I settle on the far side of the sea, Even there your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast.” Next Julian Meeting: Abbey

Monday 4th February 2019 at 10.00 in the


Knit & Sew Friendship Group It may be chilly outside but there will be a warm welcome for you down at the Church Hall at our next meeting on Wednesday 20 February. This group is for anyone who loves to knit, crochet or do sewing or embroidery. Rosie Cudmore. 423569


Social Committee SATURDAY March 23rd Quiz with Supper in the Abbey Church Hall 7.0.p.m. prompt. Further details in the March magazine and on the pew sheet.

Thought for the Month I grumbled because I had no shoes until I saw a man without feet.


Bourne Abbey and Elsea Park Primary Schools Perseverance On Thursday 9th January, Leigh Smith from Bourne Baptist Church came in to Bourne Abbey to kick start our new Christian Value for the term—Perseverance. Leigh began by asking the children what perseverance means. Sophie in Year 1 explained it means ‘keep going’. Leigh then posed some questions to the children asking each time ‘does it matter?’. Does it matter if you have an odd sock when you have four other pairs? Patricija in Year 2 thought that it doesn’t matter as it’s not important as there are four other pairs. Does it matter if a tree branch has broken off? Lucy in Year 2 explained that it does matter as the tree’s branch is like its arm and it would be terrible if it lost a part of itself as trees are also living things. Then Leigh asked the children to imagine they are a shepherd with 100 sheep. One of those sheep went missing. Does it matter? Alexa in Year 2 passionately responded with: “Yes it does matter, each sheep is our pet and we love them all the same.” Leigh explained that in the Bible there is a parable called The Lost Sheep. The shepherd kept looking for his sheep and never gave up. He persevered until he found the lost sheep. Through this parable, Jesus shows us that he is looking for us all the time and he never gives up on us. This term, we will be thinking about and reflecting on the parable of The Lost Sheep and how it reminds us to never give up and that the love of Jesus is always there.


Bourne Abbey Mothers’ Union January Report. For our January meeting, we held our Annual Meeting (Chaired by Father Chris Atkinson) with 14 members, one visitor and Canon David Staples. Ann gave her report to the Branch and said that as she had been Branch Leader and Enrolling member for the past 8 years it was now time to hand over this office. She said that she was delighted to report that we had enjoyed another year, both in fellowship and helping others .We have an average attendance of 15 at most of our meetings. We enrolled Joan Norville and Wendy Moody during the year, but we lost two members. (Avice Budd who has moved and sadly Margaret Normington who had been a member of Mothers’Union for over 60 years.) After the reports ( Secretaries ,Leaders and Treasurers were given ) The election of Leader took place. Merryn Woodland was proposed, seconded and duly elected to serve for the following 3 years. And will be Commissioned at a later date. She thanked Ann for all her service to the Branch and presented her with a small gift from the members. Following this meeting another was convened to elect a Committee. The following were elected. Jean Fownes, Ceri Guppy, Allison Johns, Ann Northen, Judy Smith and Pauline Willingham . They are now planning the programme for 2019. Ann Hewitt was thanked for her years and service on the Committee, but did not wish to stand again. We meet in the Abbey Church Hall on the first Wednesday of each month at 2.15p.m. unless otherwise stated. Reminders go on the Pew sheet. Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings. We are continuing to support the Baby Basket, see letter received from them and S.A.L.D.O.S.(Formerly Boston Women’s Aid.) (See page 16) Mrs.Elizabeth Page then gave a talk on Mothers’ Union Listen Observe and Act, our theme for 2019. She took as her text “The Samaritan Women” and asked us to discuss various aspects. Reflecting on Mothers’ Union‘s calling to the judged/marginalised DATES FOR YOUR DIARY February 6th Members, husbands and friends at The Wishing Well at Dyke 12.45p.m. for 1.00p.m. Menu’s from Jean Fownes. Annual Subscriptions are now due. Please pay Merryn.Woodland (cheques to be made payable to Bourne Abbey Mothers’ Union for £24.) Yours Ann



Lilies will be arranged at the High Altar and in front of the Pulpit in memory of loved ones. Please forward names plus £3.00 to Ann Northen, 24, Fir Avenue, Bourne PE10 9RY (423353) by April 7th. Cheques to be made payable to Bourne Abbey P.C.C.(Flower Fund) . There will be a full list in the June edition of the Church Magazine and in front of the two displays.

Too Good for this world Jane was quite a character. It appeared that she never washed or changed her clothes except from summer to winter, and vice versa, so the ‘perfume’ heralded her arrival. One Sunday morning after service I noticed that her hands were filthy so I remonstrated with her. This did not rile her at all. She merely replied quite serenely “Well you see sister, it’s like this. I usually make a pastry on Saturday but I couldn’t yesterday. That’s why me hands are dirty today”’


Muddy Feet Garden Maintenance Hedge Cutting,

Shaping, Pruning, & Felling of Small Trees Conifer Topping & Reducing Beds & Borders * Weed Maintenance Shrub Reducing * Garden Clearance Fence & Shed Repair Rotavating Fully Insured RELIABLE, HONEST & TRUSTWORTHY CONTACT KEITH

01775 841165 OR 07497 486189

Your Local Registered Specialist Guitar Tutor New Guitar For Christmas? News Year’s Resolution to learn? Contact: Bourne 01778 423905 For reasonably priced lessons from An experienced tutor and Performer. Two places available. DBS Cleared – teacher guitargem@icloud.co.uk


BOURNE ABBEY MOTHER AND TODDLERS GROUP MEET WEDNESDAY 9.30a.m to 11.30a.m. (During Term Time only) All welcome- pre-school age, including grandparents, aunties etc. £1.50 per session for family. Refreshments at 10.15 a.m.

Children’s Society Box Opening The Children’s Society Box Opening month is March this year. I will be holding a coffee morning on Monday March 4th at 5 Sycamore Close, Bourne, from 10am to 12noon for box holders and friends, which will include a raffle, and bring and buy stall, with all proceeds going to the Children’s Society. Box holders can bring their box to the coffee morning to be emptied. Boxes can also be handed to Elizbeth Page at church or please contact me if you would like your box collected. Sarah Roberts (01778 426255 or email Roerts.sarahm@gmail.com.)

March 2019 Magazine Contributions for the March 2019 magazine should be with Carol Atkins by lunch-time on Sunday 17th Feruary They can be given to her at church, or sent to—10 Broadlands Avenue or sent by email attachment preferably as a Word document to: carol_atkins@btinternet.com


A lunch in memory of NELLIE SANDERS To be held on Sunday 10th Feb 2019 12.30 for 1pm At the Abbey Church Hall, Bourne Proceeds to ST.BARNABAS HOSPICE & DEMENTIA SOCIETY Gift stall, children’s toys, jewellery, handmade greetings cards, tombola and much more Ticket £12.50 Please contact Teresa Dunthorne for info and tickets Tel: 423564


A Blessing Comes

It’s good to get away from noise From chaos and from din, To seek in solitude and peace The beauty that’s within To go into a quiet place Where all is fresh and green, And contemplate in silent clam Great truths and things unseen.

The mysteries of the universe The wisdom of the sage, Or take some old and lovely thought From a bygone age, And meditate upon the good The honest and the true, This calms the mind and you will find A blessing comes to you. Kathleen Gillum



Recipe of the Month Saffron Rice Salad The exotic flavour and colour of saffron, this attractive rice salad is perfect for lunch served with fresh, crusty bread. This versatile recipe gives you scope to experiment with a whole range of different ingredients. 4 Servings Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 clove garlic, crushed 225g (8oz) long grain white rice 500ml (18floz) vegetable stock 4 strands saffron 50g (2oz) frozen peas ½ red pepper, seeded and diced Selection of: 50g (2oz) salami slices 50g (2oz) chicken livers 50g (2oz) chicken breast, cooked and diced 50g (2oz) tuna, flaked Salt and Pepper Tomatoes, lemon slices, black olives, fresh basil leaves, to garnish Method 1. Heat oil in sauce pan, add garlic and rice and sautÊ for a few seconds. Add vegetable stock and saffron. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 15 mins, until rice has absorbed all the liquid. 2. Remove from heat and leave to cool. Add peas and peppers. 3. If using chicken livers, sautÊ for 5 mins and dice. Add salami, chicken breast, chicken livers and/or tuna to rice and mix well. Season. 4. Arrange in serving dish and garnish with tomatoes, lemon slices, black olives and basil. Serve. For a vegetarian alternative, substitute the meat and fish with a selection of cheeses. Brown rice will give the salad a nuttier flavour.


DO YOUR FEET HURT? Specialist footcare treatment in the comfort of your own home.

“For head to toe healthcare”

Treatments include: Routine nail care, ingrown toenails, Corn & callous removal, bunion care, Fungal nail treatment, Diabetic foot health.

Osteopathy Chiropody & Podiatry Acupuncture Clinical Hypnotherapy Nutritional Therapy Reflexology Medical Herbalism

Your feet take an average 5000 steps a day for you; take one for them: call 01476 550206 or mobile 0771 3004779

13 Abbey Road (next to ‘time for tea’) Tel: 01778 392832

Sharon Brewster, MCFHP.MAFHP


Registered member of the British Association of foot health professionals.


Bourne, Corby Glen, Swayfield, and surrounding area

All practitioners are fully registered and insured

Local and Established




Adults - Children

If your ironing is getting you down give Steamers a ring on

01778 571563

01778 700292 07967 268038

Pete Shaw www.peteshaw.co.uk



MUSIC TUITION All Ages All Stages Bourne Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Brass and Theory Joyce A. Mason L.R.A.M, A.I.M.I.T Tel. 01778 421295 Email joyceamason1935@hotmail.co.uk

To advertise here please call Carol on 01778425760 or

Email to;carol_atkins@btinternet.com


Quiz Page These are all places in England which possess a cathedral or minster. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Ride fast on a horse, hide something in the ground Leave the room, hesitate Piece of a chain, not off Natural sources of water Not there, river crossing Leader of Christ’s disciples, town Have a victory, trunk, hesitate Rest in peace, not off Dr. Foster went to - - - - - - - - - Not north, not ill Be sent there in disgrace Important horse race Rise from sleep, meadow The grand old duke had 10.000 men Home city of the Beatles Opposite of white, ignite Harbour entrance Male person, thorax, hesitate Not old fortress Royal porcelain or pungent sauce

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Answers to last month’s quiz Liverpool 11. Bournemouth Scarborough 12. Newquay Yarmouth 13. Fort William Blackpool 14. Belfast Bridlington 15. Folkestone Cardigan 16. Douglas Brighton 17. Torquay Eastbourne 18. Bath Norwich 19. York Skipton 20. Minehead


Margaret’s Page I recently had a friend staying with me for a few days and, as she is a keen birdwatcher, I decided to take her over to Rutland Water to the bird sanctuary at Egleton. We stopped on the way at the car park at Sykes Lane, near Empingham, as there is an excellent information centre there. I needed a new map as the one I have been using is about twelve years old and ‘slightly out of date’. While we were at that first car park I decided to visit one of the tourist attractions which I had never explored before. It is called Bugtopia and I had always assumed it just contained a variety of creepy-crawlies, but how wrong I was! In fact, we both found it fascinating. Yes, there were lots of glass cases containing insects, but there was much, much more. There were a number of lizards, chameleons and iguanas in various colours and sizes. And then we went into a walk-through section where there were birds and mammals ‘doing their own thing’. We saw parrots and cranes and water-fowl, but also a lot of small animals which we had never seen before. How I wished I had my camera with me as I could have got a wonderful photo of a hyrax sitting up eating a carrot which it was holding in its paws like a squirrel. A hyrax looks rather like a beaver without a tail but, in fact, according to my dictionary, its nearest relative is an elephant. It is certainly the size of a beaver and there were a number of them running around and swimming in the pool. I can heartily recommend a visit if you can’t believe my description. After an excellent meal at the Whitwell Arms we eventually arrived at Egleton nature reserve. Janet lives near the Suffolk marshes so she is an expert on ducks, geese and birds of prey, but there is one bird that she has never seen – a great northern diver. On holidays in Scotland we have scoured numerous lochs and lochans looking for one, with no success. We looked at the visitors’ book to see what had been sighted that day and, lo and behold, there had been a number of sightings of great northern divers. We asked in which lagoon they had been seen and, armed with a map, set off on our search. We ignored every hide on the way and headed for the hide from which they had been spotted – a very long walk. We settled down with our binoculars and scoured the lagoon for a great northern diver. There were lots of grebes, shags and cormorants as well as the usual collection of mallards, but eventually Janet spotted what she truly believed was her first northern diver. It was on its own in a large expanse of water, behaving exactly as you would expect it to. I found it too through my binoculars and was convinced that Janet was right – it couldn’t be anything else. But then it climbed up onto a small island and we could see quite clearly – it was either a shag or a cormorant. What a disappointment! Despite her disappointment Janet enjoyed her visit to Rutland Water so much that we have decided to use it as a base for our summer holiday. By then the great northern divers will all have migrated back to Scotland.



Chartered Certified Accountants


8 Exeter Street, Bourne, PE10 9NJ Tel. 01778 393147


Assistance with completion of self assessment tax return forms and preparation of accounts.

Home visits by appointment

Assistance for people starting a new business

Telephone: 01476 550503 Mobile: 0794 3041 506

Personal and friendly service

Anne Marie Lilly


Professional Beauty Treatments facials, non-surgical face-lifts, eyebrow shaping and tinting, waxing, manicures, pedicures Gift Vouchers available 01778 426676 www.simplybeautybourne.co.uk


Fit Feet - Tracy MAFHP MCFHP Routine foot care Corn removal

Toe nail trimming Callus (hard skin) reduction Thick nail reduction Ingrown toe nails Fungal infections Diabetic foot care Cracked heels Verruca treatment In the comfort of your own home 07799 250581 tracyhankin72@gmail.com fit feet with Tracy Hankin Bourne – Stamford & surrounding areas


Gas Plumbing Services The complete service Dry Cleaning – Seasonal Bargain Packs Shirt Service Washing and Ironing Service Curtains Carpet cleaner for hire Repairs and alterations Parking available outside shop

Office: 01778 392608 Mobile: 0795 0901007 0782 8423514 Boiler breakdown, service and repair specialists including combination boilers. For domestic Gas and LPG appliances, System breakdowns, Fault finding.

Opening times Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm Sat 8am – 12pm

Unvented hot water cylinder.

Cherry Holt Road Bourne PE10 9LA 01778 420904 On going sale of surplus linen stock.

Certified Landlord inspections. Energy efficiency certified.


ANDY TAYLOR Carpenter & Joiner


01778 421120 Mobile 07792 332280

INDEPENDENT FAMILY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Giving a complete 24 hour personal service by caring and dedicated staff



No job too small

Tel Bourne: 01778 422240

A local tradesman


We have a Fabulous range of men’s and lady’s fashion, lingerie and accessories, gifts, cards, wrapping paper, candles, bags, purses, wallets, jewellery and more. Men’s Evening Wear and Wedding Hire.

21-23 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE www.jessiebellamy.co.uk

01778 422359

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 5pm




Bourne Corn Exchange Invites you to hear

For a sympathetic & professional service call

Brett Wales Concert Show

01529 301972

Wednesday 20th February

Free home visits

7.30pm start

Regulated & Insured

Members £5.00 Non-members £6.00

Competitive fixed fees

Tickets available at the door or from John & Linda Wass- 01778 424947

Legally qualified advisor


No pushy salesmen Free no obligation initial visit

Also Neal’s Hairdressers South Street, Bourne

Please give us a call and see what you think




ALEC DAY Butcher & Fishmonger 17A Abbey Road, Bourne Tel: 01778 422281

Repairs to all leading makes of: Washing Machines Dishwashers Tumble Driers Electric Cookers

FINEST ENGLISH Beef, Lamb & Pork, Chicken & Turkey LINCOLNSHIRE SAUSAGE Made to our own traditional recipe HOME COOKED Cold Meats and Haslet Traditional and Gourmet CHEESES A selection of FRESH FISH Available Tuesday to Saturday Also FRUIT AND VEGETABLES

No call out charge on accepted estimates

Over 40 years experience

01778 343870


Richard Arden


Painter & Decorator

All aspects of garden & exterior work considered, including

Professional Service Interior and exterior work Wallpaper hanging All aspects of decorating

grass and hedge cutting garden clearance fencing maintenance shed & garage clearance landscaping shed bases.

Competitive prices Free no obligation quote Mobile. 07759 638612 Tel. no. 01778 422195

PLEASE RING 07890998781


Did you know There is now a St. Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice Bereavement Group in Bourne. It takes place at the Cedars Nursing Home on a Thursday morning 10.00am to 12noon. For more information phone Betty Cross on 01522 518221

Donations Although the magazine is free we are always grateful for sponsorship and donations. Please either contact Arthur Lightfoot or put your donation in and envelope, marked MAGAZINE DONATION and hand it to one of the churchwardens or put it in the wall safe in church.


Nature Notes from Bourne Woods- February 2019 From a distance the woods would appear to be dormant, hiding away to escape the cold days and colder nights. However they are light sleepers, showing cryptic messages that they are merely biding time until the warmer weather arrives. Look closely and some plants are already racing away to live their lives before they are cast into shade by the developing canopy. White dead-nettles are in flower beside the woodland paths, milky white flowers arranged around the stems in whorls. As suggested by the name the leaves look like nettles although they do not sting. Easily overlooked they are a sign of seasons to come. My book says that they flower March through to December though perhaps this should be rewritten as they were in flower from mid-January. Above them the hazel catkins are fully out, blowing in the wind releasing that all-important pollen. They too started early- some were already on the cusp of being ready in December, then measuring 6 cms or more. Sometimes the catkins are so plentiful the trees appear from a distance to be green, as if in leaf. The birds too are looking for an early start, with great tits and nuthatches calling loudly. I enjoy their song- it banishes the winter blues and is a foretaste of those wonderful dawn choruses to come. With all this going on we can see that the woodlands are not really asleep. My dog is similar- she is happy curled up in her basket or in front of the fire, occasionally snoring loudly! And yet at the slightest rustle of her lead she is instantly awake- ready for another potter around her wood! For more information on the Friends of Bourne Wood see www.friendsofbournewoods.org.uk or phone Sarah on 07760468052.




Letter from the Bishop of Lincoln

An email received from Lincoln on Wednesday 9th January. “I write to let you know that I have been advised that we will no longer be sending out letters from the bishops for possible publication in parish magazines. As you may appreciate, of late it has been difficult to meet the varied deadlines of so many valued publications, and so I hope that this email reaches you at an appropriate time in the planning of your next issue.”


DID YOU KNOW It’s impossible to sneeze with our eyes open. A polar bear’s skin is black. Its fur is not white, but actually clear. If you keep a goldfish in the dark room, it will eventually turn white. “I am.” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.



Baldocks Mill, 21 South Street, Bourne, PE10 9LY Tel 01778 424740 Once a working watermill, powered by the Bourne Eau. Now a Heritage centre displaying information and artefacts relating to the town and Raymond Mays. Exhibitions on three floors. Charles Worth Gallery now open. OPENING TIMES: Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 2- 4pm All year round. ADMISSION: Free of charge. LOCATION: On A15, 200 metres south of town centre, near Red Hall. CIVIC SOCIETY Jonathan Smith Monday 18th February “BRM - Pride of Bourne, Pride of Linconshire”. The Abbey Church Hall With a well-equipped kitchen, the Hall is available for hire at very reasonable rates for all regular groups such as Weightwatchers, karate, yoga and dancing, table-top and jumble sales, tea dances, coffee mornings, talks, slide shows and art exhibitions, lunches, anniversaries, receptions etc. Children’s parties are very popular at £30 for 4 hours. For more details of Hall charges and to make a booking, contact: Churchwarden Merryn Woodland 01778 423232

Thinking of making or up-dating your will? If so, please consider bequeathing a gift to Bourne Abbey. A legacy would help to secure the future of the church and its work with future generations. Don’t forget that legacies to charities are free of Inheritance Tax. Thank you.



Weightwatchers 9.30—11.00a.m. (Every Monday except Bank Holidays) Karate 5.30-7.30pm (tel. 01780 762261 Circuit Training 7.45pm


U3A Art 9.00—11.30am Slimming World 5pm—01529 497274

WEDNESDAY Toddler Group 9.30—11.30am Mothers’ Union 2.15—4.00 pm (1st Wed. in month) Knit & Sew Friendship Group 2.00—4.00p.m. (3rd Wed. in month) 01778 423569 Weightwatchers 5.30-7.30 pm Zumba Dancing 7.45pm (Tel 07818 516 7070) THURSDAY

Line Dancing 10.00am—12.00pm ( 421932) Garden Club 7.30pm—9.00pm (3rd Thursday in month) Whist Drive 7.00pm-10pm (Last Thursday in month) Nubourne WI 7.30pm (1st Thursday in the month)


Contemporary Fit 9-11 (tel: 07490082886)

Bookings for the Hall contact Merryn Woodland 01778 423232




Expert planning & monitoring for the elderly/older people when needing care services.


No job too small Domestic and commercial Extra sockets Rewiring Lighting 3 Phase *Part P* Approved

If you are worried about yourself, a relative or neighbour do call us. *30 Years experience. *An alternative to using services. *No contact centres to go through or waiting lists. Our website contains information on the service we can provide. Please phone, email or arrange to meet us at offices in Oakham or Stamford. Alternatively we can come to your home. Phone 01572-756666

Please call me on 01778 393982 or 07792 261781 E-mail: mikedunnelectrician@hotmail.co.uk

Email agecareadvice@gmail.com Find us at www.agecareadvice.co.uk


JASON KENDALL References, Insured Free Quotes Tel no. 01778 426 409


FROM THE REGISTERS Dates from the registers will be in next months magazine. Happy Birthday to 5th Christopher David Watson 5th Phoebe Louise Carter 12th William Cudmore 13th Judy Smith 20th Theo Mason Carter 21st Sue Casey In Memorium 2nd Roland Adnitt 25th James Hilborne 27th Marjorie Spencer 28th Doulas Reeson


February 1st & 8th Mrs.A.Northen th nd February 15 & 22 Mrs.E.Boss Ash Wednesday March 6th No Flowers until Easter Day Sunday April 21st

Candles 15th In memory of Patrick English Nunn


YOUR PARISH CHURCH SERVES YOU BAPTISM, CHURCHINGS AND WEDDINGS, are by arrangement with Father Chris….01778 422412 OUR FELLOWSHIP FLOWERS IN CHURCH Mrs A Northen 24, Fir Avenue……………………………….01778 423353 HALL BOOKINGS Merryn Woodland …………………………………………… 01778423232 MAGAZINE EDITOR Mrs Carol Atkins, 10 Broadlands Avenue…………………….01778 425760 Sub Editor Margaret Shephard, 12 Baldwin Grove……………………….01778 425778 WEBSITE MANAGER Jonathan Smith, 71 North Road, Bourne……………………...01778 422798 ............................... Email...jpsmithpix@yahoo.co.uk MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION MOTHERS' UNION Mrs A. Northen, 24, Fir Avenue ………………………………01778 423353 RINGERS Mr A.G.Payne, Oldhall Farm House Wilsthorpe.……………...01778 560633 SERVERS PARENT, BABY & TODDLER GROUP Clair Carter, 5 Poppy Place, Bourne…………………………..01778 394230


WHO'S WHO VICAR The Revd Father Chris Atkinson, The Vicarage, Church Walk 01778 422412 CHURCHWARDENS Mr. D. Guppy…16 Gladstone Street……. …………………...01778 423873 Mrs Merryn Woodland, 26 Harvey Close, Bourne……………01778 423232 VERGER DIRECTOR OF MUSIC John Saunders, Mellstock, Bourne Road, Essendine………….01780 480479 Email jclementsaunders@gmail.com Assistant Organist—Stanley Godfrey Deputy Organist Peter Page, 48 Grosvenor Avenue, Bourne, PE10 9HU……….01778 393031 P.C.C. SECRETARY Mrs. C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street Bourne………………...…01778 423873 SAFEGUARDING OFFICER Karen Key, 5 Exeter Close, Bourne, PE10 9NP……………….07956 382066 Email : Karen key@nhs.net P.C.C. TREASURER Mr A. G. Payne, Oldhall Farm House, Wilsthorpe …………...01778 560633 READER Mr D.H.Page, 3 Sycamore Close

…………………………...01778 422512

MANDATED MINISTRY TEAM Mrs J Smith, 60 Gladstone Street …………………………...01778 422219 ELECTORAL ROLL OFFICER Jonathan Smith ………………………………………………...01778 422798 STEWARDSHIP /GIFT AID OFFICER Mrs C Guppy, 16 Gladstone Street, Bourne, PE10 9AX………01778 423873


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Bourne Abbey Parish Magazine - February 2019  

Bourne Abbey Church and Parish Magazine - February 2019

Bourne Abbey Parish Magazine - February 2019  

Bourne Abbey Church and Parish Magazine - February 2019