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Summer Camps in Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Superior & Beyond!

Discover a summer of endless possibilities at the Y

At the Y, there are endless possibilities for fun, adventure and connection as well as countless opportunities to learn, nurture resilience and find role models. Whether it’s swim lessons or lacrosse, hockey or camp, the Y is here to immerse your child in an atmosphere that inspires, guiding them to live healthfully, help others and smile like they’ve never smiled before. REGISTER NOW FOR SUMMER PROGRAMS AT YMCABV.ORG.

YMCA OF BOULDER VALLEY Serving Boulder, Broomfield & Weld Counties

Plan your Summer Fun 175 camp sessions to choose from . . .

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Aug. 6-10

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Aug. 13-17

July 30-Aug. 3

July 16-20

July 23-27

July 9-13

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July 2-6

June 25-29

June 18-22

June 11-15

June 4-8


eeking more than day care from your child’s Summer Camps? Choose from 175+ exciting camp sessions, each designed to stimulate your child’s physical, mental and social development. Make your child’s summer both fun and enriching!

May 29-June 1

Biking • Climbing • Dance • Drama • Gymnastics • Tennis Education/Engineering • Goats & Gardens • Kidz Kamp • Sailing Pottery • Ultimate • Water Sports & More!

GOATS & GARDENS | WATER SPORTS CAMP provided through the City of Boulder Goats & Gardens

M-F, 8am-5pm

Water Sports Camp

M-Th, 8am-5pm

6-11 7-14





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KIDZ KAMP provided by the City of Boulder Kidz Kamp East

M-F, 8am-5:30pm


M-F, 8am-5pm

5-11 5-11


Kidz Kamp North



Kidz Kamp South

M-F, 8am-5pm



*Flex Reg. pg. 11

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GYMNASTICS | DANCE provided by the City of Boulder and Kinesis Dance Company Team Gymnastics Camp


Summer Recreational Gymnastics

M-F, 9am-12pm

Various Dance Camps

M-Th, 9am-12pm

13+ 5-12 4-8







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SAILING AT THE BOULDER RESERVOIR provided by Community Sailing of Colorado 5-7 8-17





M-F, 9am-3:30pm




M-F, 9am-3:30pm M-F, 9am-3:30pm

13-17 8-17

5 5

$445 $285-$445

Little Puffs

M-F, 9am-3:30pm

Beginning to Intermediate Sailing

M-F, 9am-3:30pm

Introduction to Advanced Sailing Advanced Sailing Camps Paddle Board + Windsurf + Sail

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TENNIS | SKYHAWKS | BIKING | ROCK CLIMBING | ULTIMATE | DISC GOLF provided by our partners Tennis Camps by Gonzo

M-F, 9am-12pm

Skyhawks Sports

M-F, 9am-12pm

Skills Camp at Valmont Bike Park

M-F, 9am-3pm

Girls Camp at Valmont Bike Park Rock Climbing & Slack Line Camp

M-F, 9am-3pm M-F, 9am-3pm M-Th, 9am-1pm & 9am-4pm M-Th, 9am-12pm

USA Ultimate Elementary Youth Disc Golf

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6-8 & 9-12



5-16 4-12 Gr. 2-11 Gr. 2-7 6-13







5 5

$419 $395







DRAMA CAMP provided by Boulder Dinner Theatre Drama

M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm

PLAY-WELL TEKNOLOGIES provided by Play-Well Teknologies Play-Well Camps

M-F, 9am-12pm & 1-4pm

POTTERY CAMP Provided by Studio Arts Boulder Studio Arts Pottery Camps

M-F, 9-12pm & 1-4pm

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For complete camp descriptions go to

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Susan France



ne look at this year’s Boulder Weekly Kids Camp and you immediately understand why giving your child a camp experience is so important... and fun. Not only do these camps give children a chance to make new friends and build stronger bonds with their existing pals, they also allow them to do so without the aid (or distraction) of a digital device as a go-between. Camps can give young people an opportunity to explore almost any niche interest from chess to archaeology, or from soccer to music. They can open a child’s eyes to a world they might not get to see or experience otherwise. For instance, reading about insects or the aquatic life in rivers simply can’t replace finding, catching, studying and learning to appreciate such things firsthand in the wild. And there’s so much more that can be learned. Overnight camps can be a first step toward the independence your children will need on their path to becoming healthy, well-adjusted adults. And who can argue that playing on a team, starring in a play or performing music in front of an audience of peers doesn’t increase self-esteem and build confidence? As in years past, Boulder Weekly has done our best to compile a list of the very best camps from all over Boulder County and across the state. Now it’s up to you to get your child out there exploring, learning and

Publisher, Stewart Sallo Associate Publisher, Fran Zankowski Special Editions Editor, Emma Murray Director of Operations/Controller, Benecia Beyer Circulation Manager, Cal Winn


Editor, Joel Dyer Associate Editors, Matt Cortina, Angela K. Evans, Caitlin Rockett

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Kaitlyn Culver performs dance moves on the floor of The Arts Hub in Lafayette

It’s almost that time... creating. If you are like us, you’ll find yourself wishing you were a kid again as you peruse category after category of remarkable camp opportunities, So, whether it’s for a few hours a day or a few weeks at a time, there is no reason for this summer to be slow or boring for your kids. Choose a camp that excites them and just watch their world expand. And most importantly, have fun this summer.

Assistant to the Publisher, Julia Sallo Circulation Team, Dave Hastie, Dan Hill, George LaRoe, Jeffrey Lohrius, Elizabeth Ouslie, Rick Slama 18-Year-Old, Mia Rose Sallo Cover photo: Kaitlyn Culver enjoys the dance facilities at The Arts Hub in Lafayette. Photo by Susan France.





















19 L RA NE











MARCH 8, 2018 3

June 4 - 8 Renaissance Adventures Adventure Quest

Ages 6 - 17

8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Renaissance Adventures Skirmish

Ages 6 - 17

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Super Creative Photography with Mary Anne Miner

Ages 8 - 15

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Geoscience Adventures with Stan Polley

Ages 8 - 15

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Magical Creatures with Jenny Bolch

Ages 5 - 10

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fiber Arts with Melody Parker

Ages 7 - 12

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tiny Houses with Jenny Bolch

Ages 6 - 12

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Revolving Art with Mary Anne Miner

Ages 8 - 15

12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Dungeons & Dragons

Ages 10 - 15

12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Sports & Science Camp - Coach Holloway & Mr. Lazartic

Ages 7 - 15

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Claymation with Digistars

Ages 7 - 14

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Nature Art & Science Camp with Jenny Bolch

Ages 5 - 10

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

CodeSpiration with CodeSpire

Ages 10 - 15

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Groove and Percussion with Sound Formation

Ages 5 - 9

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Story Telling with Jenny Bolch

Ages 7 - 12

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Spooky Circus with Storycamp

Ages 8 - 14

9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Drama and Comedy with Rocky Mountain Theater

Ages 11 - 17

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Camp Ooey Gooey with Lizzy and Erica

Ages 5 - 10

8:30am* - 12:00 pm

Robotics with Codespire

Ages 7 - 10

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Groove and Percussion with Sound Formation

Ages 10 - 15

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

PEACE OUT! with Lizzy and Erica

Ages 5 - 10

1:00 pm - 4:30 pm*

NASA: Academy of Future Space Engineers

Ages 6 - 12

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

June 11 - 15

June 18 - 22


July 23 - 27

July 30 - August 3 Graphic Design Camp with Gabi Scott

Ages 9 - 15

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Brilliant Board Games

Ages 11 - 15

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Hawaiian Hullabaloo with Lizzy and Erica

Ages 5 - 10

8:30am* - 12:00 pm

Intro STEM with LEGO w/ Play-Well TEKnologies

Ages 5 - 7

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Comic Book Camp with Pop Culture Classrooms

Ages 8 - 14

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Goldilocks & the Three Bears Play with Lizzy and Erica

Ages 5 - 10

1:00 pm - 4:30pm*

Little Medical School: Calling All Future Doctors

Ages 5 - 10

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

STEM Challenge LEGO with Play-Well TEKnologies

Ages 8 - 12

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Game Design in Python & JavaScript with CodeSpire

Ages 10 - 15

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Ages 11 - 15

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

First Time Coders with CodeSpire

Ages 5 - 7

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Geoscience Adventure Camp with Stan Polley

Ages 8 - 15

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

August 6 - 10

Because summers should be about your child’s passions, being creative, and digging in the dirt!

* Extended care available at no extra charge (8am start / 5pm end)


6717 South Boulder Road / Boulder / 303.554.2011

arts & crafts camps YOU ARE THE ARTIST, YOU DECIDE Tinker Art Studio moves to South Boulder

By Tiffany Bergeron


thing that really inspired me and opened me up f you walk into Tinker Art Studio’s new location in South Explore the was art. Just having an outlet through art helped Boulder, you might see “Tinker tots,” little ones no more than various work me open up to be able to talk and communicate 3 feet tall, hanging up their jackets and filing into their early stations at Tinkermill. Equipment is at with people more,” Pfeifer says. “When I have morning classes. Though they love their new neighborhood, your disposal to use, students in class that are a bit shy I just feel like I it was bittersweet for the staff at Tinker to leave their North create and expand can connect with them by asking them to open up Boulder home. They traded a 1,500-square-foot studio that was your artistic skills. through painting, drawing or pottery.” charming, but posed a bit of a challenge without interior walls diArt may have taught Pfeifer to open up and viding the large space. The new studio is double the size of the old studio, with five separate stations that include a ceramics Courtesy of Tinker Art Studio. area and kiln room, a painting and drawing studio, a mixeduse studio, a make-and-take space, and a patio space that allows teachers and students to work outside. For those familiar, Tinker is still offering quality art classes while gearing up for its summer camps. Come summer, Tinker will offer opportunities for kids to explore pottery, realistic drawing, collage work, printmaking, screen-printing, painting, wearable art and sewing in order to touch base with all facets of art. Tinker’s motto, “You are the artist, you get to decide,” epitomizes this. Founded by Christie Slater Hubley in 2012, “Tinker was born out of a desire to create a unique studio in which children have the opportunity to solve problems, make decisions, and push boundaries within a safe and supportive environment,” she says. “Our arts-integrated and whole-child approach to art and teaching sets our programming apart.” The studio believes in community and creating group projects, not only teaching children about art, but socialization and creating strong bonds that last outside the classroom. This year Tinker will work with the Denver YMCA on a group painting at the studio that will allow 70 students to each contribute. With more space, Tinker can now expand its offerings by maximizing use of its bigger studio. Consider, for example, the Make and Take studio, which allows children of all ages to drop into the studio at any time with an adult and choose an offered art project. It’s an opportunity for people to come in for an hour, pick their own project, and let the studio take care of the material supplies. Some other new programs express herself and that is why she is so dedicated to teaching — it’s include additional wheel-throwing and hand-building ceramics classes, giving back, in a way. figure drawing and Friday Art Nights, which happen every week. The studio perhaps reaches its busiest time during the spring and Tinker Time, an art and play time for little ones just 18 months old (parents welcome), makes sure everyone in the family has a chance to summer camps. “The summer camps are intense, energetic and go by fast,” Pfeifer explore their creativity. says. Summer sessions run for eight weeks withw continued classes “With our classes and programming continuing to fill, we are that meet every week. The summer camps are one week long, and run thrilled to be able to serve a larger number of students and expand for three months starting at the end of May. our class offerings,” Hubley says. The studio offers medium-based camps that include realistic Heather Pfeifer is the lead children’s instructor at Tinker, and in the four years she’s been teaching at the studio, she’s noticed the kids drawing, acrylic painting, printmaking, wheel-throwing and other rotating options. Some other interesting camps this summer always come in excited and ready for their classes. include glass art, comics, origami, game-making, toy-making, opti“They always love art especially on the [pottery] wheel; they just cal illusion art, yoga and art, artsy science and balancing art. The think it’s magical,” Pfeifer says. The students get really hooked on larger studio space allows Tinker to run four different camps each the wheel at Tinker, but they must be at least 8 years old to use it. week. Besides the wheel, Tinker’s newest endeavor is offering a variety of “In our summer camps, you’ll find a balance of structured art sewing-specific courses like Sew Fun for ages 8-12, and Sewer’s Camp projects and open art invitations. Our mission is for every student to for ages 13-16. have opportunities to grow as both a skilled artist and creative indi“We just purchased about 10 sewing machines. We’ve been teachvidual,” Hubley says. “As such, we teach artistic skills and techniques ing kids how to do basic sewing stitches on pillows and tote bags,” using authentic and high quality materials, while always supporting Pfeifer says. students to leave our studio with an enriched understanding of themPfeifer says her own love of art began as a kid. selves and the world around them.” “I was very shy, I wasn’t into sports very much and so the only



MARCH 8, 2018 5



lder V Bou



urt es



arts & crafts camps

Courtesy of YMCA of Boulder Valley

The YMCA of Boulder Valley art camps let kids work in various media.

storytelling outside, fantasy art techniques and LARPing. H FABRICATE SUMMER CAMP Boulder 303-997-8245 WWW.FABRICATEBOULDER.COM

ART AND CRAFTS DAY CAMPS H ART STUDENTS LEAGUE OF DENVER Denver 303-778-6990 WWW.ASLD.ORG At our visual art day camps and teen studio, explore the line between reality and fantasy with your imagination as muse! Join our professional art instructors for a summer of art fundamentals. One- and two-week, morning and afternoon camps, with additional supervised care are available. For youth entering grades one though 12. Scholarships available. H COLOR ME MINE Boulder 303-443-3469 WWW.BOULDER.COLORMEMINE.COM Join locally owned and operated Color Me Mine for a fun-filled, artistic summer! Walk-ins always welcome, or check out one of our fun Kid’s Night Out events. 6 MARCH 8, 2018


Check out our website for more information! H CRACKPOTS SUMMER CREATIVITY CAMP Longmont 303-776-2211 WWW.ECRACKPOTS.COM Kids learn and have fun while expressing their creativity. Pottery painting, glass fusing, clay and more! H DRUIDAWN SUMMER FANTASY CAMP Boulder 720-300-2216 WWW.CREATIVE-WRITING-SOLUTIONS. COM Druidawn Summer Fantasy Camp is a diverse, creative fun and imaginative camp that enables kids to explore their creativity. The camp consists of a variety of activities including advanced writing techniques and publishing opportunites, writing motivation and overcoming writer’s block, the Druidawn role playing game, sword-making and action scene demonstrations, live-action

Learn to sew at summer camp! Our experienced instructors will guide campers through funfilled, weeklong themed camps. Students will learn practical skills such as how to use and maintain a sewing machine, wind a bobbin, read, cut and sew from a commercial sewing pattern, install a zipper and much more, ultimately constructing garments, accessories and home decor. With an unlimited variety of projects, our sewing students will build on fundamentals as they gain confidence and hone skills. Please see our website to register. H LIVING ARTS SUMMER CAMP Niwot 720-383-4406 WWW.LIVINGARTSSCHOOL.COM At Living Arts Summer Camps, we offer your child the simple joy of making things with their hands. In a world that moves faster and faster, we advocate a slower, gentler experience, in a farmland setting that inspires creativity, connection and beauty. 2018 Summer Camps are inspired by “The Fantastical World of Magic” and include: Magic Potions, Tiny Worlds, Forest Dwellers, Wooly Tails, Spellbinders, Cauldron Cookery, The Odd Candy Shop

and Rainbow Dyeworks. Call Elizabeth or email for more information. Ages 6-12. Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. (Option of aftercare from 3-5 p.m.) H LIVING ARTS WEE FOLKS EARLY CHILDHOOD SUMMER CAMP Niwot 720-383-4406 WWW.LIVINGARTSSCHOOL.COM Join us for our sweet summer forest camp! We’ll be spending our mornings exploring under the trees of the enchanted cottonwood grove, and our afternoons relaxing inside the classroom and outside in the inviting play yard. All weeks of camp include a fun and balanced approach to the day, blending activities with outdoor free play, collaborative group play, music and storytelling. And of course, we enjoy eating together — all campers please bring a sack lunch, snack and water bottle. We will eat lunch before the 12:30 p.m. pickup for those children who are only staying for a half day of camp. Ages 3-6. H MACC SUMMER ART ACADEMY Denver 303-316-6445 WWW.MACCJCC.ORG MACC’s Summer Art Academy offers an extensive range of arts program for kids grades one through 12. The visual arts are vital to the development of your child’s imagination, self-esteem and interaction with the world. At MACC’s Art Academy, skilled artists, who are also experienced educators, nurture the creativity in every child. Students will have an intensive art experience using quality materials in a BOULDER WEEKLY

arts & crafts camps

Collaboration is key at several YMCA art camps.

Courtesy of YMCA of Boulder Valley

Open Hands Art is a collaboration between ceramic artist Sue Allman and painter Page Zekonis. We offer a variety of weeklong camps for children ages 7-12, a middle school camp we call “Finding Your Muse.” Various camps run June 4-Aug. 10.

All aboard! It’s full STEAM ahead as we celebrate children who crave creativity, savor science and love learning, building, discovering and crafting. These camps offer enriched learning experiences that focus on the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Swimming and field trips included. Session themes include cartooning and comic books, cooking, building and more. H STUDIO ARTS BOULDER Boulder 720-379-6033 WWW.STUDIOARTSBOULDER.ORG

H POSHSPLAT Boulder 303-442-7674 WWW.POSHSPLAT.COM PoshSplat is offering camp for kids ages 4-15 to improve their painting skills. Camps are offered Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., with a painting activity and lunch time. A longer day is also an option, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., with painting, a lunch break and another art activity with different materials.

Get messy this summer and let your creativity run wild! Studio Arts and Pottery Camps are for kids ages 6-16 and run in weeklong sessions June 5-Aug. 11. Clay camps themes include: pet monsters, gardening in clay, fairy tale friends, Harry Potter-y, dinosaurs, wheel-throwing and more. Clay camps are for beginner clay enthusiasts to expert potters.


y le

HTINKER ART STUDIO Boulder 303-503-1902 WWW.TINKERARTSTUDIO. COM Join Tinker for a summer full of art, movement and plenty of creativity! Morning and afternoon camps for ages 3.5-15 include clay, drawing, glass, painting, sewing, mixed media and theme-based visual art camps. Come tinker around! H YOUNG ARTISTS AT WORK Boulder 303-443-2122 WWW.BMOCA.ORG Each summer, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) overflows


l Va


The Arts HUB offers nearly 40 camps this summer in art, dance and theater including all-day camps, Fairy Camps, Play-Well Tek camps and IncrediFlix camps.

ld er

H THE ARTS HUB Lafayette 303-229-1127 WWW.ARTUNDER.ORG MC Ao fB



Courtesy of Y

studio environment. Whether shooting photography or a film, drawing with quality materials, working in an actual clay studio or creating an environmental artwork, students will enjoy being immersed in art.

with creativity as visiting artists share their talent and enthusiasm with youth through our signature and innovative arts education program. Our workshops immerse youth in new themes each week, including painting, sculpture, collage, photography, textiles, installation, jewelry, fashion, digital art and design. Visiting artists provide individual attention and encourage personal expression, creativity and the exploration of materials. For the full schedule, please visit our website. Ages 5-8 and 9-12. MARCH 8, 2018 7

Dog House Music is pleased to present...

THANK YOU for shopping locally with us! Proudly supporting the Boulder County SafeHouse and a dozen other meaningful organizations locally!


$5 OFF


2536 Spruce St. Boulder Like us on Facebook

a $20 or more purchase Limit one discount offer per day. Expires 8/31/18

Discover YOUR Adventures at Bixby Summer Camp!

P M A C L L O R & ROCK SUMMER 2018 Ages 11-18, Beginner to AdvAnced.

Learn or enhance your skills on guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keyboards. For beginners, advanced players and bands, this camp will give you the opportunity to expand or refine your abilities. With the help of our professional staff of instructors, in our 23 state-of-theart rehearsal studios, teen students will play in a band, write original music, and record a live CD! Junior Rock & Roll Camp also available!

Weekly themes, full day and camp day options for grades K-6! A camp where learning and playing go hand in hand. On-site pool and hot lunch!

To register for an extraordinary summer, visit: 8 MARCH 8, 2018


Hours 10-4 p.m.

June 4 - 8 June 11 - 15 June 18 - 22 June 25 - 29 July 9 - 13 July 16 - 20 July 23 - 27 July 30 - Aug 3 Aug 6 - 10 PLAY IN A BAND PERFORM LIVE






Forms available Online

6-10 year olds, 1∕ 2 day programs from 9am – 12noon. NEW... Be a trend setter and be the first in your neighborhood to experience our amazing new “Rock & Roll Birthday Parties”!!! Please contact us for more information.

ADDITIONAL INFO or call Dog House Music at:

303.664.1600 BOULDER WEEKLY


Ocean First summer camp teaches kids how to swim and save sea creatures

by Veronika Shemigon


iving in a land-locked state, how are Colorado kids supposed to learn about and appreciate the wonders of marine ecosystems? Ocean First Swim School has the answer with its Marine Science and Mini Swim Camp. The Boulder-based, weeklong mini-camp focuses on educating children ages 4-8 about ocean-dwelling animals, marine ecosystems, conservation and swimming safety. Campers spend each day learning about a different ocean-life concept in a classroom setting, where they conduct scientific experiments and engage in hands-on activities, crafts and games. “We teach them how Colorado and [its] rivers are connected to the ocean and how we impact the marine ecosystems, even from here,” says Lauren Pacheco, business development director and instructor for the swim school. “It’s also important to teach kids swimming as a life-skill. The second part of each day of the camp is an on-site swimming lesson with our instructors, where the kids will apply what they learned in class during pool activities.” According to Ocean Crusaders, each year 100,000 marine creatures and approximately 1 million sea birds die from plastic entanglement alone. The instructors at Ocean First’s Marine Science camp strive to instill young campers with a sense of urgency about this global issue. During “sea turtle day,” kids perform interactive experiments that highlight the dangers of plastic contamination in the ocean. They are taught how a plastic bag strongly resembles a jellyfish and how the bags often confuse and harm major predators, like sea turtles. Jellyfish are a major food source for sea turtles, which are often found posthumously with plastic bags in their stomachs. The kids are shown how their behavior can directly harm marine life, and are encouraged to develop good practices, like bringing reusable bags along on shopping trips. The hope is that campers will pass lessons on to their parents who will alter their own habits and shift toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. “Some adults are super set in their BOULDER WEEKLY


ways, and if their children are trying to pass along their knowledge, I think [parents] will be more likely to listen,” Pacheco says. The Schlut family has been taking lessons at Ocean First for years; the parents were scuba-diving-certified at the center and their two children are currently enrolled in swim lessons. Fiveyear-old Wyatt Schlut participated in the Marine Science Swim Camp last year and is coming back for seconds this summer. “Wyatt has always been interested in the ocean and fish, and it gave him something educational to do over the summer to fill the free time,” says his father, Joe. “We want him to learn as much as he can about the environment and how to preserve it.” Wyatt’s mother, Monica, says she appreciates the swim school’s small class sizes and “attentive, passionate instructors.” “You feel comfortable trusting your children with them,” she says. “Wyatt’s favorite part of the camp was definitely his instructors; he loved them so much.” His parents say Wyatt’s natural curiosity about marine life was fostered every day at camp, and his most memorable experience was the deep-sea creature day when campers learn how different marine animals communicate with each other through bioluminescence and electroreception. During the activity segment of camp that day, kids use flashlights and metal detectors to imitate these animals and signal each other. Later on, in the pool, the lights are dimmed so kids can pretend they are these creatures, swimming in the depths of the ocean.

The Schluts hope to pass on their love of scuba diving to their children when they are old enough. They plan to enroll their kids in increasingly immersive camps at Ocean First to teach them more skills, and it looks like the Schluts are in luck: Pacheco is currently

“These kids are the ones that are going to be growing up to protect what they know and love,” Pacheco says. “We are all about Colorado kids becoming stewards of the ocean, and you’re only going to love something if you learn about it.” Courtesy of Ocean First Swim School

developing a camp for kids 8-12 year old, which will offer snorkeling and scuba diving lessons. The swim school’s goal is to inspire a lifelong passion for the ocean in their students. “There’s a high school kid school who’s interning with us currently. He started out doing our swimming lessons. He then got scuba-certified here, and today he told us that he has done over 120 dives all around the world and that it has been a huge influence on his life,” Pacheco says. A fundamental education in marine life, conservation and ocean safety is where a child can develop an enduring passion for the ocean.

Students play with their crafts on Whale Day at Ocean First Marine Science and Mini Swim Camp.

MARCH 8, 2018 9


New this year, campers will be grouped by age, ages 5-6 in one room and ages 7-12 in another, for certain activities. This will allow us to better cater our curriculum to specific grade levels, enhancing the learning experience! However, all campers will be together for games, lunches and exhibit exploration.

At Boulder Country Day School, campers learn in the classroom and outdoors

ties. Children spend their time designing inventions and exploring connections between science, technology, engineering and innovation. Discounts are available — register today! H CHESS CAMP Boulder and Denver 866-949-4386 WWW.CHESSWIZARDS.COM Join us this summer for tons of challenging

Dawson School

H CU SCIENCE DISCOVERY Boulder 303-492-7188 SCIENCEDISCOVERY.COLORADO.EDU We offer more than 230 summer camps and high school programs for ages 5-18. Our half- and full-day programs offer unique summer experiences that cover a wide range of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) disciplines. For families taking advantage of our full-day options, we provide free lunch supervision — you provide lunch and we provide outdoor activities that foster lively summertime entertainment. Our programs provide an eclectic mix of engaging, experiential learning activities designed to inspire exploration, collaboration and fun! Instructors include CU faculty and under/ graduate scientists that are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A few new programs for 2018 include Coding with Apple Swift; Microbes: Pathogens and Protectors; Designing with Empathy; Get Moving at the CU Boulder Rec Center; Castle Ballistics; Paper Engineering; Remote Sensing; Vet Med; Science of Toxicology and Pharmacology; Meteorology, Specdrums: Turning Color Into Sound and We Share Solar. We have a little something for everyone! Register online. H USA CHESS CAMP Boulder 888-652-4377 WWW.USACHESS.COM

through arts, crafts, music, science cooking, drama, nature walks, fitness and games. Classes include sports, engineering, chess, art, cooking and more. Ages 3-16. H BUTTERFLY PAVILION Westminster 720-974-1861 WWW.BUTTERFLIES.ORG Butterfly Pavilion camps are designed to provide kids with memorable experiences that connect them to nature and encourage an appreciation for science. Led by a dynamic education team, our camps incorporate exploration, inquiry, art and play into programs that appeal to a variety of interests and abilities. Camps are offered during the summer, June-August. 10 MARCH 8, 2018


H CAMP INC BUSINESS ACADEMY Boulder 303-998-1900 WWW.CAMPINC.CPM A Jewish day summer camp where fourth through 12th graders develop confidence and leadership through hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and business. H CAMP INVENTION Arvada, Denver, Erie, Golden, Louisville, Longmont, Thornton 800-968-4332 WWW.CAMPINVENTION.ORG Led by local educators, the weeklong Camp Invention program immerses elementary school children in hands-on learning disguised as fun summer activi-

Any of these educational camps provide kids a way to learn and still have fun.

chess lessons, exciting games and cool prizes. You’ll improve your chess skills, meet new friends and work out your most powerful muscle — your brain! Our camps include fun team chess games (like bughouse), recess time (of course), snacks, tournaments and puzzles. Each camper receives a T-shirt, trophy and puzzle folder. Unleash your brain power and spend part of your vacation with Chess Wizards!

Campers experience chess lessons and play in a fun-filled environment. Lessons are designed to improve campers’ skills whether children are interested in casual or competitive chess. Instructors use a range of teaching tools including demo boards, worksheets, stories, computers and historic games to keep class time exciting. Each half-day consists of twohour lessons tailored to the ability of the children and one hour of practice to play against other students and instructors. H DAWSON SUMMER CAMPS Lafayette 303-381-0445 WWW.DAWSONSCHOOL.ORG/SUMMER Come join us this summer for eight weeks of Dawson’s 70+ exciting camps and programs for ages 5-15. Camp hours BOULDER WEEKLY

educational camps are 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Between June 4 and Aug. 3, we will offer various weeklong day camps in arts, tech, sports and more. Full hot/cold lunch in our dining hall. Take a break and cool off in the pool daily. There is an experienced adult director for every camp and a 5-to1 camper/staff ratio. Cost range: $300$450 per week. For a full listing of our summer camp information visit us online or e-mail summercamps@dawsonschool. org for questions.

challenges! How can we ensure each animal gets what it needs? How do you even begin tracking the nearly invisible and even unheard from? What role will you play once you’ve uncovered the secret connections that hold our world together? Campers connect with animals through zoo exploration, up-close animal

ture and creating healthy community. Curriculum includes wild edible and medicinal plants, animal tracking, natural shelters, making (and shooting) primitive bows and arrows, team building challenges, nature crafts, silly songs, storytelling, fun games and more! Co-ed and all-girls camps available for children 7-11. For children in

grams include Preschool Backyard Camp, Explorer’s Camps, Circus Classes, Cooking, Art, 3D Printing, Photography, Computer Programming, Architecture, Pre-Engineering and more. Licensed & accredited. Discounts available.

preschool, elementary or middle school, there are weeklong morning and afternoon sessions that run from June 4 to July 20. Programs include Preschool Backyard Camp, Explorer’s Camps, Circus Classes, Cooking, Art, 3D Printing, Photography, Computer Programming, Architecture, Pre-Engineering and more. Licensed and accredited. Discounts available. Details and registration online.

H GOATS have to stop just because school’s out. AND GARDENS — WITH BOULDER PARKS & RECREATION Boulder 303-413-7441 WWW.BPRCAMPS.ORG

Dawson School

H DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE & SCIENCE SUMMER CAMP Denver 303-370-6000 WWW.DMNS.ORG Each week, campers will take amazing journeys throughout the museum as they experiment, create, build, ask questions and learn — but most of all have fun! H DENVER ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHESS CAMPS Denver 303-770-6696 WWW.COLORADOMASTERCHESS.COM The 24th-annual Denver Rocky Mountain Chess Camps will be held June 4-8 and July 9-11. Participants will be taught scorekeeping, etiquette, tournament preparation, logical-thinking and strategic planning for all phases of the game. Also available throughout summer are two-day workshops, tournaments and follow-up classes. Founded in 1993, the Rocky Mountain Chess camp is the oldest and one of the largest chess camps in the country. Thousands of students from around the country, including state and national scholastic champions, have attended the camp for decades. Learn from National Chess Master and international best-selling author Todd Bardwick. Full and half-day options, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Eightto-1 staff to student ratio. Call or visit our website for details. H DENVER ZOO SUMMER SAFARI Denver 729-337-1400 WWW.DENVERZOO.ORG When school is out, Safari Camp is in! This summer, campers will puzzle out some of our planet’s most exciting BOULDER WEEKLY


experiences, engineering challenges, nature play and special camp-only zoo opportunities. Camps are for ages pre-K through eighth grade and run weekly. Registration is online only under “Classes & Camps.” H FEET ON THE EARTH PROGRAMS Boulder 303-642-0562 WWW.FEETONTHEEARTH.ORG Every day is a new adventure in nature! Children discover their strengths and build confidence while learning ancient skills for living close to the Earth. Each weeklong camp takes place in lower Lefthand Canyon (1.5 miles west of U.S. 36) and emphasizes building relationships with na-

H 'FRIENDS’ SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAMS Boulder 303-499-1999, ext. 223 WWW.FRIENDSSCHOOLBOULDER.ORG For preschool, elementary, middle school, ages 3-14, week long morning and afternoon sessions. June 4-July 20. Pro-

Learning doesn’t

Explore the wonders of Growing Gardens Children’s Peace Garden, get to know the goats at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy and finish off the day by swimming at the North Boulder Recreation Center. We will investigate the secret world of insects, create art from nature and explore the wondrous plants while making new friends. We’ll grow and taste from the famous salsa see EDUCATIONAL Page 12

MARCH 8, 2018 11

educational camps EDUCATIONAL from Page 11

garden and cook pizza using the power of the sun. We will spend time getting to know the goats and guardian llama, learn to walk the goats on leashes, feed the babies, make cheese, milk a goat and explore small-scale farming practices, all the while learning livestock management and the nutrient cycle. Ages 6-11.

Dawson School


H ID TECH CAMPS University of Denver, Colorado State University, University of Colorado Boulder, Mile High Academy 888-709-8324 WWW.IDTECH.COM Gain a competitive edge! Create iPhone apps, video games, movies and more at our weeklong, day and overnight programs held at the University of Denver, full summer calendar and CSU-Fort Collins, StanEducational sumprogram options online. mer camps are both ford, Princeton and other Overnight camps are fun and challenging. universities. We offer small also available. classes for ages 7-17 in a fun and challenging setting. H LONGMONT HUMANE Also two-week, teen-only proSOCIETY KIDS & CRITTERS grams are held at the University CAMP of Denver, Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Longmont others: iD Gaming Academy, iD Program303-772-1232, ext. 289 ming Academy and iD Visual Arts Academy WWW.LONGMONTHUMANE.ORG (filmmaking & photography). Overnight Wanted: Children ages 7-12 who love anicamps are also available. mals! Longmont Humane Society is holding animal care mini-camps this summer, with H KEYSTONE SCIENCE SCHOOL four half-day sessions of three days each SUMMER CAMP to choose from: Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 Keystone a.m.-12:30 p.m., June 4-6, 11-13, 18-20 970-468-2098 or 25-27. Enjoy a PAWS-itive summer WWW.KEYSTONESCIENCESCHOOL.ORG break while learning about proper dog Be amazed this summer at Keystone Sciwalking, animal body language and cat ence School as we celebrate 40 years of handling. Participate in interactive animalextraordinary experiences, best friends and themed games and activities and meet new insight into the awe-inspiring world of special guest visitors. $160/session. science, adventure and fun! Since 1976, Keystone Science School Summer Camp H OCEAN FIRST MARINE SCIENCE has taught kids social skills, independence AND SWIM MINI CAMP and friendship with the added elements Boulder of outdoor education and high-altitude 303-444-7234 adventure. Our day camp, for kids in WWW.OCEANFIRST.BLUE/SWIM kindergarten through sixth grade, features How do sharks find their food? Is coral a new theme each week and incorporates alive? Why are plastic bags dangerous for creative activities, team building and turtles? In our exciting Marine Science and investigative learning into each day. Find a 12 MARCH 8, 2018


Swim mini-camp, your child will explore these questions and learn about our amazing ocean and its inhabitants through hands-on activities, storytelling and games. Each day focuses on a different marine topic with an emphasis on how we can help protect the ocean. After our engaging time in the classroom, we’ll move the fun to the pool to practice swimming techniques and water safety skills. H OUT OF THE CLASSROOM AND INTO THE WORLD — COSTA RICA Costa Rica 303-710-5048 WWW.OCIWORLD.NET It’s time to get out and use your Spanish – whatever level you may be! Join us in Costa Rica for daily language instruction with a qualified teacher; service projects at local schools and/or organic farms; participation in conservation efforts being made to protect animals of the area; guided boat tour that brings you up close and personal with the unique flora and fauna of one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth. Plus: take a surf lesson, swim and boogie board, fly over the canopy on a zipline, horseback ride on the beach, hike to gorgeous waterfalls, relax by the water and listen to the waves.

Play-Well TEKnologies provides project-based programs designed to teach principles and methods of engineering to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, utilizing Lego products. Using over 100,000 pieces of Lego for each camp, we strive to build students’ problem-solving skills, foster a greater appreciation of how things work and encourage the qualities of inquisitiveness, self-reliance and self-confidence in children. Play-Well Camps in the Boulder area take place at Boulder Parks & Rec, Boulder JCC, Friends School, Boulder Country Day, Dawson School, The Bixby School, The Arts HUB, Bob Burger Rec Center and St. Vrain Memorial Building. H QUEST & QUILL WITH RENAISSANCE ADVENTURES Boulder 303-786-9216 WWW.RENAISSANCEADVENTURES. COM Adventure quest and creative writing! Questers write about the stories unfolding in their quests, their heroic character or any topic that inspires them. In the tradition of the Norse Skalds, we focus on the enjoyment of writing, self-expression and the oratory arts of reading aloud and hearing others. We do not focus on grammar, spelling or writing style. By participating in daily “Guild Challenges,” every Quester’s writing earns character powers and treasures in the Adventure Quest program that is a part of Quest & Quill. Quest & Quill Summer Quests give the opportunity to write and develop short stories, with the potential to craft a tale to include in the Adventure Quest: Stories publication (released in book stores and Amazon). See website for dates. Ages 9+.




Weekly camps include cooking, baking and fun in the kitchen. Menus include American, Asian, Caribbean, European, Mexican or Mediterranean. We pick fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables from our backyard garden. We eat what we make, so bring your appetite! Camps run in June and July, with half-day and full-day camps available. Ages 6-15.


H STORYCRAFT Boulder 720-323-6282 WWW.STORYCRAFTBOULDER.COM Storycraft Boulder offers a radically new kind of writing studio. Meet at the Boulder Public Library and then from there move to Pearl Street, the Trident or Red Rocks Trail. H STORYCAMP Niwot and Boulder 603-770-3358 WWW.CAMPSTORYCAMP.COM Children bring stories to life through visual art, stop motion animation, physical theater and interactive sculpture. We learn to walk on stilts, develop circus skills, use tools and re-purpose materials to build public art installations. This is collaborative fun that brings awesome to the community. We adventure out on many field trips. Our instructors are professional artists and experienced educators who have worked with children throughout the world. Ages 7-12. June -August. MondayFriday, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Aftercare is available until 5 p.m. For more information call or visit our website. H YMCA AND BVSD LIFELONG LEARNING SUMMER CAMPS Various schools around BVSD 303-443-4474 WWW.YMCABV.ORG The YMCA of Boulder Valley and BVSD Lifelong Learning are collaborating again to offer a fun and educational camp opportunity for youth in the community. There are numerous themes to choose from at multiple BVSD schools. This year’s options include Lego classes, STEM adventures, sports clinics, music, cooking, science and more.

At Crow Canyon’s High School and Middle School Archeology camps, brush away the dirt to uncover a piece of ancient pottery — and be the first person to touch that artifact in a thousand years! You’ll join our research team to help discover the ancient history of southwest Colorado. You’ll learn excavation and lab techniques, and work alongside our archaeologists at sites inhabited more than 1,000 years ago. Then you will help analyze ancient artifacts in the lab. It’s an authentic, hands-on introduction to archaeology at the pre-college level. You will learn about American Indian cultures, and explore the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde National Park. You’ll also try your hand at ancient H GLOBAL WORKS TRAVEL technologies, like Boulder-based with trips to throwing wooden Working as a multiple destinations spears with an team is a valuable skill taught at a va303-545-2202 atlatl, and making riety of educational WWW.GLOBALWORKSTRAVEL. fire with a bow camps. COM drill. In 2015 USA Today named our For 28 years, Global Works has been archaeology summer providing exceptional community camps one of the 10 best service, summer enrichment and adadventure camps for kids. venture travel programs for students Camps run June 17-23 and July 15-21. and groups. Choose from programs that H CROW CANYON ARCHAEOLOGICAL CENTER — FIELD SCHOOL Cortez 800-422-8975 WWW.CROWCANYON.ORG The intensive Crow Canyon High School Field School offers much more than the typical summer camp — here, you’ll become an important part of our research team. You’ll learn excavation and lab tech-



niques, then work alongside our archaeologists at a site inhabited by ancestral Pueblo people. You’ll also help analyze artifacts in our research laboratory, and enter data into our research database. The Field School also provides opportunities to learn about American Indian cultures, past and present. On weekends, you will take part in exciting adventures like hiking, camping and rafting trips. You can also earn high school or college credit and gain experience that will look great on a college application or a resume. Camp runs June 24-July 14, 2018.

focus on community development, language immersion, ecology and wildlife, and public health/medicine. Global Works international trips are the bridge for meaningful cultural exchange with people around the world. In all of our locations, we partner with communities and organizations to select and implement grassroots service projects that make an impact. Global Works offers summer service adventures for high school students and custom group

travel for schools and organizations. If you are looking for fun and adventure, and want to be a spark for positive change in the world, let Global Works be your guide! H SANBORN WESTERN CAMPS Florissant 719-748-3341 WWW.SANBORNWESTERNCAMPS.COM Since 1948, Sanborn Western Camps have been creating outdoor experiences of exceptional quality and depth. Sanborn’s fun, relaxed atmosphere and caring staff provide a supportive environment for individual growth in self-confidence, indepenDawson School

dence and awareness of others. Big Spring Ranch for Boys and High Trails Ranch for Girls lie at an elevation of 8,700 feet in the center of Colorado, 35 miles west of Colorado Springs. H HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER STUDY PROGRAMS University of Colorado Boulder 303-492-5148 WWW.COLORADO.EDU/SUMMER Summer Study Programs offer high school students a unique summer opportunity, providing the “total pre-collegiate experience” on the iconic University of Colorado campus. Amidst the majestic Rocky Mountains, students enrolled in our CU pre-college program can expect an exciting and educationally rewarding summer filled with dynamic enrichment.

MARCH 8, 2018 13

3340 19th Street Boulder

Alaya’s curriculum is experiential, play-based and grounded in the exploration and appreciation for the richness of ordinary, everyday life.

Call (303) 449-5248, email or visit our website for more information about our year round program including summer camp.



Alaya Preschool


200 E Baseline Rd., Lafayette

M u s i c c a m p s, c l a s s e s, wo r k s h o p s a n d co n ce r t s fo r a l l a g e s, a b i l i t i e s, a n d musical styles!


2018 Summer Camps

Studio Arts Boulder pottery lab Join us for a fun, messy camp in clay. Journey into the woods, travel through time and under the seas, and experiment on the potter’s wheel. Explore your creative side at Studio Arts Boulder!

Week-long camps • Mornings and afternoons June 6th - August 10th • Ages 6 - 16

Visit for complete camp offerings, details, & registration. Scholarships are available for those who qualify.

1010 Aurora Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302 • 720-379-6033 • 14 MARCH 8, 2018



performing arts camps PERFORMING ARTS DAY CAMPS H FREQUENT FLYERS AERIAL ARTS AND DANCE SUMMER CAMP Boulder 303-245-8272 WWW.FREQUENTFLYERS.ORG Has your child ever dreamed of flying — the amazing freedom, the fun, the excitement? Join professional teachers of aerial arts, dance and theater for this exciting camp! Students ages 4-18 are invited to Frequent Flyers’ Aerial Dance Studio to learn skills on trapeze, aerial fabric, aerial sling, dance and so much more. Help us transform the equipment into a magical world of flying bodies and soaring spirits! We will work to combine dance and improvisation to cultivate the skills necessary to become a performing artist. At the end of the week, there will be a small informal performance for family and friends in the studio. Visit our website for a complete schedule of full- and half-day offerings based on age and level. H ARVADA CENTER SUMMER ARTS CAMPS Arvada 720-898-7200 WWW.ARVADACENTER.ORG The Arvada Center performing arts camps offer creative experiences in theater and dance. Sessions include Musical Theater, Drama, Choreography, Storytelling, Improvisational Comedy and more for kids ages 3-18. Musical Theatre and Drama camps ranging from three to seven weeks are offered for kids ages 6-16. Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2018 catalog. Download a copy at education. H ARVADA CENTER SUMMER ARTS CAMPS — MUSICAL THEATRE TEEN INTENSIVE Arvada 720-898-7200 WWW.ARVADACENTER.ORG The popular Musical Theatre Teen Intensive camp is back for ages 14-18. In this year’s five-week session, teens will learn all the elements of creating the classic musical Pippin. Auditions will be used to determine casting and all students, beginner and experienced alike, will be given equal opportunities for participation in the musical. All performing arts sessions are taught by highly trained, knowledgeable teachers in a safe and fun environment. Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2018 catalog. Download a copy at H BOULDER BALLET SUMMER PROGRAM Boulder 303-443-0028, ext. 201 WWW.BOULDERBALLET.ORG BOULDER WEEKLY


Study ballet in an atmosphere of playful professionalism! The Summer Intensive is for experienced dancers, and runs July 9-27. The Master Workshop is Aug. 6-10. H BOULDER DINNER THEATRE ACADEMY Boulder 303-449-6000 WWW.BDTACADEMY.ORG

two-week camps are also held Monday-Friday, for ages 8-13, and will perform Hamilton songs and Sound of Music.

son room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels.



Students entering grades six through 12 are inThrough workshops, clinics and private instrucvited to participate in Drama Camp, an intensive tion, our comprehensive camp experience training in the dramatic arts, with an emphasis is designed to hone music performance and on singing, dancing and acting. Academy ensemble skills in a creative and fun environstudents will learn the basics of producing their ment. We know from experience that playing in performance from beginning to end, including a band speeds learning and creates “seasoned” lighting, sound, set design and stage managemusicians. Even relatively advanced musicians ment. BDT Academy’s Summer Drama Camp are amazed at the amount of progress they sessions are held twice each summer for three weeks. BDT Courtesy of The Arts Hub Academy also has summer drama camps for children ages 5-12, City Drama Camps, in cooperation with the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department. We offer nine weeklong drama camps from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. The camps are held at Salberg Park at the corner of 19th Street and Elder Avenue. Each week is different and uses the technique of “playmaking,” which lets the children use their imagination to adapt a familiar story or write their own script! Each day consists of script-writing or review, drama instruction, set and costume-making, rehearsal and outdoor playtime. There is a lovely playground/park at the drama camp site that we use for lunch and breaks. H BOULDER PERFORMING ARTS CO. Boulder 303-859-4195 WWW.BPAC.BIZ

Young folks can learn to dance, recite the Bard, play an instrument or build a set at one of Boulder County’s many performing arts camps.

Every camper will develop selfconfidence through singing, dancing, acting and art work. Using our weekly theme we will have fun wearing costumes, painting sets and props, as we sing and dance to create scenes with our favorite characters. All of our hard work culminates in a final performance on stage, free for family and friends. Register online; all camps have a $75 deposit balance due the first day and cost $250 for one week, and $600 for two weeks. All one-week camps run Monday-Friday, for ages 5-8, and will perform Moana, Dr. Dolittle, The Velveteen Rabbit and Peter Pan. The advanced

make when regularly playing with other musicians. Campers ages 8-18 wanting to participate in our camps should have at least six months experience in guitar, bass, keys/piano, drums or voice lessons before attending (sign-up for lessons before!). To enroll in a camp, payment is due in full at the time of purchase. Camps run Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. with the show on Friday! H BROOMFIELD SCHOOL OF ROCK PERFORMANCE CAMP Broomfield 303-325-3772 BROOMFIELD.SCHOOLOFROCK.COM We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the les-

Camp Oonie Koonie Cha is an action-packed music camp for children ages 4-9. Join us on the Islands for tropical tales of sharks, sea turtles and pirates in an adventure-filled week at Camp Oonie Koonie Cha. Dust off your ukulele, set your sails and follow Capt. Coconut to lands far away. Yo Ho! Campers will make amazing instruments, ocean drums and will also bring home a T-shirt and a CD of the music learned

at camp. The activity leaders and group guides are adults, professional musicians or teachers. Creative hands-on activities are designed to engage the whole child in an unforgettable camp experience. It’s well-organized, with a low student/teacher ratio of 8-to-1. Camp runs Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-noon. It fills up quickly, so shake a peg leg. Argh! Call or email for more information. H CAMP SHAKESPEARE Boulder 303-735-1181 WWW.CUPRESENTS.ORG/EVENT/10037/ SHAKESPEARE/SUMMER-CAMPS/ The Colorado Shakespeare Festival invites kids ages 9-18 to CU Boulder’s campus to study see PERFORMING ARTS Page 16

MARCH 8, 2018 15

performing arts camps There are plenty of productions being staged at local art camps.


Individual and group lessons, weeklong camps and special music classes are offered at the Center for Musical Arts from June 4-Aug. 11. For more information about programs offered or faculty available this summer, visit our website.



CenterStage Theatre Company is dedicated to extending quality theatre to the Colorado community, especially in Boulder County. CenterStage provides a rich atmosphere that leads young people into excellence in the vast world of theatre arts, thus building confidence, selfesteem, community awareness and friendships that last a lifetime. Our summer camps will be productions of Anything Goes at the Dairy Arts Center and The Lion King, Kids at CenterStage Studios at Koko Plaza in Louisville. These two-week, full-day camps are for kids entering fourth to ninth grade in the fall and will end with a complete musical production. Please visit our website for more details.

Writers ages 15-22 team with instructors to practice the art of playwriting and develop short new plays. Plays are produced over a weekend of performances using professional actors and directors. Two nationally renowned playwrights will lead day-long Master Classes during the Intensive, offering students the opportunity to learn from the leading voices in American theatre in an intimate setting.

urtesy Co

of The Ar ts H ub

Shakespeare with CSF professionals. Working in small groups, these students learn about Shakespeare by rehearsing, staging and performing a shortened play on the Mary Rippon Outdoor Stage. Camp Shakespeare is a fabulous way for kids and teens to build confidence, language skills, make friends and get to know Shakespeare in a creative and supportive environment. In addition to acting training, students participate in master classes with special guests from the CSF company. Campers also work with a stage combat professional to learn the safe way to fight onstage. Tuition includes one ticket to attend a CSF performance of Love’s Labour’s Lost on Sunday, July 22 at 7 p.m. Each session of Camp Shakespeare will culminate in free public performances on the Mary Rippon Outdoor Theatre. The first session runs Monday-Friday mornings, May 29-June 25. The second session runs Monday-Friday afternoons, July 23-Aug. 10.

H COLORADO CONSERVATORY OF DANCE’S SUMMER CAMPS Broomfield 303-466-5685 WWW.CCDANCE.ORG We have a summer program for every dancer, from beginner to advanced students, ages 3-22, as well as adult and adaptive dance offerings. With worldclass master teachers, performance opportunities for all age groups and broad-spectrum offerings in many different dance techniques and practices, the CCD Summer Programs will elevate your dancing to new levels of ability and intensity. Whether you’re looking for pre-professional preparation or a fun new extracurricular activity, make CCD your home for summer dance. H COLORADO MUSIC FESTIVAL AND ROCKY MOUNTAIN CENTER FOR MUSICAL ARTS Lafayette 303-665-0599 WWW.CENTERFORMUSICALARTS.ORG 16 MARCH 8, 2018


H DENVER CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS — EDUCATION Denver 303-446-4892 WWW.DENVERCENTER.ORG/ EDUCATION For students in grades pre-K through 12th, learn acting, singing, movement and design at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Day programs run 9 a.m.-4 p.m. June 4-Aug. 3; starting at $250. Scholarships may be available. H DOG HOUSE MUSIC ROCK & ROLL CAMP Lafayette 303-664-1600 WWW.DOGHOUSEMUSIC.COM Colorado’s first and most preferred rock ‘n’ roll camp. Our multiple weeklong programs teach students how to write three to four original songs as a band in our 22 fully equipped studios, and perform and record the show. Teens full day, junior rockers half day. H DRAMA CAMPS — BOULDER DINNER THEATER Boulder 303-449-6000 WWW.BDTACADEMY.ORG Boulder’s Dinner Theatre Academy offers 10 weeks of drama camps in conjunction with the

City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department. Camps run from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Some playmaking themes include Fairy Tale Fun, Pretty Princess, Fancy Nancy, Christmas in July, Dr. Seuss and many more! Ages 5-12.




All skill levels get their feet off the ground learning about circus arts and theatre. Fabric, web, swings, Chinese pole, teeterboard, circus bike and more! The week finishes with a show on the last day for an audience of family and friends. Sessions run July 9-13 and July 16-20. H NEW GENERATION THEATRE ACADEMY LONGMONT THEATRE COMPANY Longmont 303-772-5200 WWW.LONGMONTTHEATRE.ORG During the summer, Longmont Theatre Company offers several camps and workshops for youth theater, for all ages, from kindergarten through high school. The camps end with a live performance on the LTC stage. The workshops augment and extend the material learned in the camps. Christina Roberts returns as our director for our youth theater program. Christina has been teaching and directing theatre in the Denver and Fort Collins communities since 2007. See website for details. H MACC’S WOLF THEATRE ACADEMY Denver 303-316-6445 WWW.MACCJCC.ORG At the Wolf Theatre Academy, we set the highest standards for our faculty and students. Our students work with theatrical professionals who are experienced in the art of theatre education. At the younger ages, we emphasize a positive, nurturing style of teaching with students growing through encouragement in an environment that supports their development as individuals and as artists. H MOJO’S MUSIC ROCK N’ ROLL CAMP Longmont 303-776-3373 WWW.MOJOSMUSICACADEMY.COM All camps, open to musicians ages 8-10 and 11-16, will learn songs, write a song, record the song and perform a concert at the end of the week. All instruments are welcome, and the first week of camp is Monday, June 4. Camps take place Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. There are eight different weeks available. (Weeks of June 18 and July 16 we will offer to ages 8-10; ages 11-16 are eligible for all other weeks.) All camps cost $295 per week.

Parlando School of Musical Arts offers summer camps and programs for all instruments, ages and abilities, including half-day and full-day options in piano, musical theater, song-writing, intro classes for most instruments and more.

One-week workshops in which students will study a modern American musical, learn songs and dances and scenes, and perform them for parents on the last day. June 4-8 performs Mulan; June 11-15, Once on This Island; July 23-27, Elf, the Musical; July 30-Aug. 3, Annie; Aug. 6-10, Sound of Music. $250 per week. Register online or call. Ages 7-18. H ROCK AND POP MUSIC ACADEMY OF BOULDER Boulder 303-443-2222 WWW.ROCKPOPMA.COM This is not your average band camp. Boulder’s best summer camp has the kids rocking out. They are the band — they learn to play, write and perform their own songs. Choose from a variety of instruments and musical styles, and see website for specific camps throughout the summer. Ages 7-12 and 12-17. H ROCKY MOUNTAIN THEATRE FOR KIDS Boulder 303-245-8150 WWW.THEATERFORKIDS.NET Professional youth theater at its best! The fun of summer camp with the culminating high of a full-scaled theatre production. Don’t miss the professional theatre staff, a 10-to-1 studentteacher ratio, our own performance venues and daily camp curriculum sculpted by 22 years of experience. The Older Company performances will include: Oliver!, Mulan Jr., and James and the Giant Peach Jr. Ages 8-16. The Younger Company performances will include: Moana, The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz and more. Ages 5-8. H SHAKESPEARE’S SPRITES Boulder 303-735-1181 WWW.CUPRESENTS.ORG/EVENT/10037/ SHAKESPEARE/SUMMER-CAMPS/ Shakespeare’s Sprites is a playful introduction to the Bard for ages 6-9. Discover the fun of Shakespeare through pool-noodle fights, Elizabethan costumes, period insults, Renaissance songs and lively scene work. Each week culminates in a final showing for family and friends. This program is the perfect way to instill a love of language and theater in your child. Students enrolled in Shakespeare’s Sprites should have basic reading skills. Tuition includes one ticket BOULDER WEEKLY

performing arts camps to attend the CSF production of Love’s Labour’s Lost on Sunday, July 22 at 7 p.m. The first week runs July 9-13, Monday-Friday mornings. The second week runs July 16-20, MondayFriday mornings.



Open to advanced high-school and college students (ages 18-24), students receive an education that is unmatched anywhere in the country in breadth, depth and value during four weeks of

intense study. While participating in two weekly private lessons and orchestra concerts, students delve deeply into advanced chamber music and perform for their peers and the public at our historic concert hall and in the community. They may choose to participate in a Concerto Competition for a chance to perform with the Young Artist Festival Orchestra on June 30, compete in the inaugural Chamber Music Competition for cash awards of up to $5,000, apply for the

Young Artist Piano Trio fellowship, attend panel discussions about the music industry, and take part in mock auditions and receive feedback from seasoned orchestral musicians. Young Artist composers will have their pieces workshopped, performed and recorded by faculty and student musicians. Young Artist voice majors will have a rare opportunity to study with Cherity Koepke, director of Opera Colorado Apprentice Program, and coach with maestro Nicholas Carthy.

H JAZZ PROGRAM AT ROCKY RIDGE MUSIC CENTER Estes Park 303-449-1106 WWW.ROCKYRIDGE.ORG Open to music students ages 13-17 on any instrument, this program offers one week of immersion in the performance, theory and history of jazz. We welcome students of all levels, from those whose study of jazz is just beginning to experienced improvisers. Through individual instruction from our expert faculty, students explore improvisation within the jazz idiom and examine the solos of jazz legends. Performances in combos and small ensembles improve listening skills, teamwork and musicality; performances in large ensembles tackle Big Band tunes by greats such as Count Basie and Thad Jones. Students also have the option to study the theoretical side of jazz through Big Band arranging and composition classes. H JUNIOR ARTIST SEMINAR AT ROCKY RIDGE MUSIC CENTER Estes Park 303-449-1106 WWW.ROCKYRIDGE.ORG In two weeks of intense immersion in music, students hone their skills and develop their unique musical voices through composition, ensembles, performance and private tutorials. Additionally, students collaborate to compose a new orchestral work for the final concert. Opportunities for growth are unparalleled: Students may elect to explore jazz improvisation or mariachi, and can challenge themselves further through advanced classical repertoire or participation in the concerto competition. Ages 13-17. H JUNIOR MUSIC PROGRAM AT ROCKY RIDGE MUSIC CENTER Estes Park 303-449-1106 WWW.ROCKYRIDGE.ORG Faculty members guide students in developing their unique musical talents in a supportive and inspirational community. The camp curriculum is varied, comprehensive and fun: Students immerse themselves in music through private lessons, chamber ensembles, orchestra, choir, jazz improvisation classes and more. All students participate in creating an original musical theater piece by working together as composers, cast members, pit musicians and visual artists. Ages 10-15.



MARCH 8, 2018 17

Boulder Museum of Boulder Museum of Boulderof Museum Boulder of Museum of Contemporary Art Boulder Museum Contemporary Art Art Boulder Museum of Contemporary Contemporary Art Boulder Museum of 1750 13th Street Contemporary Art Boulder Museum of 1750 13th Street Boulder Museum of 1750 Contemporary Art 13th Street 13th Street Contemporary Art CO 80302 1750 13th1750 Street CO Boulder, 80302 Contemporary Art Contemporary ArtBoulder, 1750 13th Street Boulder, Boulder, CO 80302 CO 80302 1750 13th Street 303.443.2122 303.443.2122 Boulder, CO 80302 1750 13th Street 1750 13th303.443.2122 Street Boulder, CO 80302 303.443.2122 Boulder, CO 80302 303.443.2122 Boulder, CO 80302 Boulder, CO 80302 303.443.2122 303.443.2122 303.443.2122 303.443.2122

Rocky Mountain Theatre for

YAW Young Artists at Work summer art camps created by artists that encourage personal expression, fine art techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, fun!


For more information, visit or call 303.443.2122

Younger Company • Moana • The Little Mermaid

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art 1750 13th Street Boulder, CO 80302 303.443.2122

(ages 5-9)

• The Wizard of Oz • Charlotte’s Web & more

YAW Young Artists at Work summer art camps created by artists that encourage personal expression, fine art techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, fun!

A c t i v e L o u i s v i l l e Serving Ages K IFor more D S 6 weeks to 8 Years information, visit or call 303.443.2122

YAW Young Artists at Work summer art Artists at Work summer art camps created by artists YAW thatYoung encourage Young YAW Artists Young at Artists Work summer at art summer W Work E Eartists B E E that Sart encourage YAW YoungYAW Artists at Work summer art camps created by personal expression, fine art YAW Artists at Work summer art 6 weeks -that 18 months old YAW Young Artists at Young Work summer art camps created camps by created artists by expression, that artists encourage encourage camps created by artists that encourage techniques, material exploration, and personal fine art YAW Young Artists at Work summer camps created by art artists that encourage camps created by artists that encourage personal personal expression, expression, fine art fine art personal expression, art encourage most importantly, fun!fine techniques, material exploration, and camps created by artists that

L expression, Iart Lmaterial H O P Pexploration, E Rand S personal fine art personal expression, fine techniques, techniques, material exploration, and techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, 12 art months + walking - 3fun! years old and personal expression, fine techniques, material exploration, techniques, material exploration, and For more information, visit most importantly, most importantly, fun! fun! most importantly, fun! techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, fun! or call 303.443.2122 most importantly, fun! For more information, visit most importantly, fun! For more information, For T more visit C AT E Rinformation, Pvisit ILLAR S

Older Company

For more information, visit or call 303.443.2122 For more information, visit 2 1/ - visit 4 years old For more information, or call 303.443.2122 or call 303.443.2122 or call 303.443.2122 For more information, visit or call 303.443.2122 or call 303.443.2122 or call 303.443.2122

• Oliver • Mulan Jr.


Ages 4 years old & up New NATURE Preschool Option for our 4 years and up children

Nature Based programs and focus on outdoor learning • relationship based teaching • sensory learning & motor skill development • social growth and guidance through play and outdoor exploration • dramatic play, science projects, cooking projects, literacy activities, art projects, daily YAW Young Artists at Work summer , art book readings, music classes yoga and more camps created by artists that encourage personal expression, fine art Centennial 303-665-9669 • 1970 techniques, material exploration, and most importantly, fun!

18 MARCH 8, 2018


For more information, visit or call 303.443.2122


(ages 8-16)

• Anything Goes & more

Experience the RMTK Difference 9:1 student staff ratio, full production elements, professional venues, & summer camp fun.

303.245.8150 BOULDER WEEKLY


Traditional day camps help build well-rounded, resilient, unplugged kids

by John Lehndorff


Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Day Camp

y postcards home from summer camp are absolutely pitiful. I know because my mom saved them for me. I begged my parents to come and take me home ... and SOON. Everyone was so mean to me. And yet, I persevered. I kept going to day camps and overnight camps. I swam, rode a horse, shot archery and .22s, hiked and learned to make lanyards. We had water balloon fights, camped in the woods, located the constellations and figured out which berries weren’t edible. I loathed some of the activities but I wouldn’t have experienced any of them unless I went to camp. I even did a summer as a Boy Scout camp counselor and eventually sent my own son off to camps. Those were the kind of camps that David Hansburg attended as a kid. “At traditional New England camps, kids were exposed to all kinds of activities and sports and a large variety of programs. They developed independence and social skills,” he says. When it came time to send their three kids to camp, Hansburg and his wife found there were few general interest camps available. “One of the reasons my wife, Holly, and I created the Rocky Mountain Day Camp was because most of the camps in Boulder were specialty camps. We just didn’t think that was the best option. We had three children and it was hard to find a camp that all of them would enjoy,” says Hansburg, whose “other” job is director of athletics at Colorado School of Mines in Golden. He noted that there is a lot of pressure on kids during the school year to focus on single activities. “Camp should be that place where you discover yourself. It’s where you are respected as your own person and learn about being part of something bigger than yourself,” he says. The Hansburgs created Rocky Mountain Day Camp (RMDC) as a traditional summer camp for boys and girls, ages 5-15, with locations at elementary schools in Boulder and Superior.

One week is too short

From the start, RMDC has done a lot of things differently than other camps. “One problem with many camps is that you can’t do them for very long, BOULDER WEEKLY


usually just a week,” Hansburg says. “It’s in that second week when they really start to blossom.” The average camper stays at RMDC for five weeks, though some kids attend for 10 weeks. Each two-week summer session has a different program that doesn’t repeat. “Staying longer creates a long-term atmosphere,” he says. The camp is totally unplugged with no devices allowed. “The point is that you have to look up, not down. You have to talk to people and learn how to relate,” Hansburg says.

Camps with broad offerings give kids a chance to explore new activities, from arts and crafts to rocketry and everything in between.

Girls, boys and ‘bunks’

The camp doesn’t lump kids into one big group and divide it by interests. Campers spend the day with the same counselors and kids the same age and gender. There is a good reason for the separation, Hansburg says. “Take football as an activity. If you put 8-year-old boys and girls together you don’t get as good participation from the girls. In sports especially, girls are more apt to participate and lead independent of the boys,” he says. Each group has a room as a gathering spot called a “bunk” — a nod to traditional sleepover summer camp tradition. However, that doesn’t mean that the age groups don’t mingle at the camp. “We do lunch together every day. We do Color Wars with teams for competitions that are like field day at school. On Wacky Wednesdays we do out-of-the-box activities that the kids choose. That builds a sense of camp community. The requirement for Wacky Wednesday is that the group has to perform a skit about the activity they chose,” Hansburg says. As campers mature they move up. “Kids really look forward to ‘graduating’ to the next group,” he says. Those going into eighth or ninth grade can become a CIT (Counselor-in-Training) and help staff with younger campers for part of the day. The camp maintains a fairly high 6-to-1 camper-to-staff ratio.

From baseball to rocketry

To offer a diverse program — including archery, arts and crafts, baseball, drama, rocketry and music — RMDC operates two campuses at Heatherwood Elementary School in Boulder and Eldorado K-8 in Superior. The camps have full use of the schools’ fields, courts, playgrounds, gyms, cafeterias,

auditorium stages and other facilities. Except when Boulder campers leave to swim at local pools including Scott Carpenter Pool, Spruce Pool and the North Boulder Recreation Center, the camp doesn’t have a feature common to many programs: Long, hot bus rides on field trips to public facilities such as museums. The time is invested in activities with the camp community. RMDC is a full day with optional pre-camp and after-camp activities to make life easier on parents. The camp also has an ongoing community because some children

attend summer after summer. “We have kids who are entering their ninth or 10th season. They’ve been coming since they were 5 years old,” Hansburg says. One of the highlights of each summer for Hansburg is seeing how brand new attendees — kids who’ve never gone to a general camp — get a natural boost in self-esteem as they learn new skills and make friends on their own. “Their parents come to me and say: ‘What are you doing to my child? My kid is so happy. They’re glowing.’” MARCH 8, 2018 19















A few life changing spaces still available in our 6th and 8th grades. Guarantee your space in Watershed's high school now.



Real world learning for grades 6-12 in the heart of Boulder.

















A few life changing spaces still available in our 6th and 8th grades. Guarantee your space in Watershed's high school now.



Real world learning for grades 6-12 in the heart of Boulder.



general camps

Active Boulder Kids offers options for preschool and early elementary kids, ages 2.5-8, with flexible options for weeks and extended days. YMCA of Boulder Valley



H ALAYA PRESCHOOL SUMMER DAY CAMPS Boulder 303-449-5248 WWW.ALAYAPRESCHOOL.ORG The Alaya Summer Day Camp offers a rich, inviting and relaxed summer program to meet the needs of a variety of family situations. Our small groups and low adult-child ratios allow for individual attention and a comfortable environment of warmth and friendship. Each group is designed to provide an age-appropriate program of outdoor play, creative arts and crafts, nature lore, gardening, swimming, song and dance, dramatic play and social skills development. 22 MARCH 8, 2018

r Valley

“Almost a Man was a life-changing experience for my son and I. We connected at a depth that I never knew possible,” Lonnie Howell said in 2016. Instill creativity, play, laughter and fun at this camp. Introduce your son to the strength found in a circle of men. Show your son that you are aware and awake to his needs. Give the love, approval and blessings that a boy needs from his



old. Camps start Monday, June 4 and sessions vary from one to eight weeks. Camp times are typically from 9 a.m.-noon, and 1-4 p.m. through mid-August. Campers may also sign up for Lunch Bunch sessions from noon-1 p.m. and/or After Camp sessions from 4-5 p.m. All sessions are taught by highly trained, knowledgeable teachers in a safe and fun environment. Look for a complete list of camp sessions in our 2018 catalog. Download a copy at

of B





An exciting summer adventure with weekly themes such as Theater Production, Acrobats and Jugglers, Jurassic Park, and Ghanian Drum & Dance, in addition to art/crafts, outdoor activities, games, swimming, cooking and story/reading time. Special activities can include visits to areas outside Kids can hop into of Bixby, Avid4 father. The middle-school years are often new adventures Adventure and at one of the many the most awkward and difficult for a boy. camps across Boul- swimming lessons. der County. This retreat is designed to make that Bixby boasts three transition as smooth as possible, through shady acres with a the loving support of a strong father. huge sandbox, unique play structures, a large indoor pool and a H ARVADA CENTER SUMMER ARTS ropes course. Camp runs Monday-Friday, CAMPS 7:15 a.m.-5:45 p.m., for ages 5-10. For Arvada more information, call or visit our website. 720-898-7200 WWW.ARVADACENTER.ORG H BOULDER VALLEY WALDORF These inspiring and creative camps offer experiences in ceramics, dance, drama, music, photography, visual arts and more for children ages 5-18, and ArtStart camps for children 3-5 years


Our early childhood summer camps for ages 3-6 run 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. or 3:30 p.m., with optional after-camp care offered until 5 p.m. We have earlybird, buddy and multiple session discounts. H CITY OF LAFAYETTE SCHOOL AGE SUMMER DAY CAMP Lafayette 303-665-0469 WWW.CITYOFLAFAYETTE.COM/CAMPS Summer is a time for our imaginations to run wild; a time for laughing, making lifelong friends, learning through hands-on adventures and discovering ourselves through safe, fun and engaging activities. The City of Lafayette’s Summer Day Camp prides itself on these values and invites you to join in and see exactly what our staff has worked so hard to put together for your family. H DAWSON SUMMER CAMPS Lafayette 303-381-0445 WWW.DAWSONSCHOOL.ORG/SUMMER Come join us this summer for eight weeks of Dawson’s 70-plus exciting camps and programs for ages 5-15. Camp hours are 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday-Friday. Between June 4 and Aug. 3, we will offer various weeklong day camps in arts, tech, sports and more. Full hot/cold lunch in our dining hall. Take a break and cool off in the pool daily. There is an experienced adult director for every camp and a 5:1 camper/staff ratio. Cost range: $300- $450 per week. For a full listing of our summer camp information visit us online or e-mail summercamps@ for questions.


Kids and pre-teens will have a blast at our fun-filled five-day camps at the Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram in Eldorado Springs. Our program offers a fun, focused camp adventure on a meadow nestled at the foot of Eldorado Mountain, 10 minutes south of Boulder. In a beautiful, natural setting they will enjoy a free-spirited yoga arts and nature camp that integrates the wonderful body/ mind/heart benefits of Hatha Yoga with traditional summer camp activities including: music, theater, hiking, arts and crafts, swimming and games. Yoga and centering techniques infuse all camp activities. As a result, kids and teens come home feeling nourished and balanced. Our staff of dedicated long-term yoga practitioners offers a high teacher-to-camper ratio. H FOOD LAB COOKING CAMPS Boulder 303-953-8364 WWW.FOODLABBOULDER.COM

CampVentures, your child’s ordinary summer vacation is transformed into a fun and strong foundation for the future.

Come join us this summer for weekly themes and daily fun at three different locations: East, North and South! At the East camp, campers will swim every day, canoe and fish once a week and go on a weekly field trip rotating between Scott Carpenter Park/Pool and the Boulder Reservoir. At the North camp, everything kids love is packed in: Gymnastics at Boulder’s largest and best-equipped gymnastics facility, swimming in our newly-renovated pool, a weekly field trip, walks to nearby parks, gym games and crafts. Plus, we’ve extended the hours to better meet your needs. The South camp is new this year! Fun weekly themes and a weekly field trip to the East Boulder Community Center for access to a different pool and indoor climbing, this camp will be packed with fun adventures. Each camps

“All day adventures. All summer long.” At Kiddie Academy, we aim to make your child’s summer as educational as it is fun. Our CampVenturesSM program and curriculum do exactly that through themed events, activities and trips. From preschool through elementary school, your child will enjoy playing developmentally appropriate games. Throughout the summer we reinforce what your child has learned in school. With BOULDER WEEKLY


Whether they’re playing soccer, doing gymnastics or learning to cook, kids make lifelong memories and develop new passions at camp.



Food Lab will be running weeklong kids’ summer camps for ages 6 and up. They run weekly from end of May-August, 9 a.m.-noon, and will differ by week: Italian, Latin, American, YMCA of Boulder Valley Asian and baking. We teach knife skills, we cook from scratch and everyone eats what they cooked at the day’s end! H KIDDIE ACADEMY OF ERIE Erie 303-828-1030 WWW.KIDDIEACADEMY.COM

Da ws o


ol ho



general camps

has flexible options. Choose your weeks and sign up today. H LONGMONT SUMMER DAY CAMP Longmont 303-651-8404 WWW.LONGMONTCOLORADO.GOV This activity-based traditional summer day camp for ages 5-10 has swimming twice a week and weekly field trips to various Longmont parks. Flexible enrollment and payment options. Join us for a few days, a few weeks or all of summer!

At Mackintosh Academy-Boulder, we believe summers should be about your child’s passions, being creative and digging in the dirt. That is why this summer we are offering 37 specialty day camps for ages 5-17 to fulfill your campers’ wildest dreams. Choose between half-day and full-day Monday-Friday camp options to create your child’s own individualized experience. Specialty camp options include: Art, Photography, Theater, Music, Geocaching, Sports and Science, Nature Art and Science, Robotics, Coding, Graphic Design, Claymation, Engineering, Lego, Creative Writing, Dungeons & Dragons, Storycamp, Wilderness Medicine, Comic Book Camp, Artemis, Maker Camp, Camp Ooey Gooey, Magical Creatures, and much more! See our ad for a detailed listing of our amazing camps! Email with questions. H OFF BROADWAY PRESCHOOL OF FINE ARTS SUMMER CAMP Boulder 303-800-0324 WWW.OFFBROADWAYPRESCHOOL.ORG From printmaking to ukulele 101 to dinosaurs, our weekly summer camps are all about fun! Enroll for two, three, four or five days per week. Choose your desired weeks, or enroll for the whole summer for a 5 percent discount. Wholesome, organic snacks are provided. Children should also bring a water bottle, lunch, swim attire, water shoes, towel, extra clothes and comfortable walking shoes. see GENERAL CAMPS Page 24

MARCH 8, 2018 23

Best Kids Clothing Store

WE PAY CA$H FOR KIDS STUFF H Clothing H Furniture H H Toys & Books H Equipment H

general camps Susan France

• Just bring in your gently used items. No appointment necessary. • We will review your items carefully and select the items that meet current style, safety and condition standards. With This Coupon • We will offer you payment on the spot for all Expires 9/1/18 items accepted. 700 Ken Pratt Blvd. • Longmont, CO • 303-772-KIDS (5437)

20% OFF




Weeks with over 90 camps, youseven could attend With more than 70 camps over seven weeks, With more than 70 camps weeks, With more than 50 campsover over eight weeks, With more than 50 camps over eight weeks, you could attend a different camp every week! you could attend different camp every you could attend different camp everyweek! week! you could attend aaa different camp every week! a different camp every week!

Voted One of Boulder’s Best Summer Camps ! —Boulder Daily Cam era BoCo Gold


GENERAL CAMPS from Page 23

H PRIMROSE SUMMER ADVENTURE CLUB Lafayette 303-665-4769 WWW.PRIMROSESCHOOLS.COM This summer, imaginations take flight. Enter a whole new world of discovery at Primrose Summer Adventure Club. Ages 5-12 will enjoy exciting theme weeks like movie-making, robotics and the science of cooking. We combine learning, exploration and all-out fun. Old friends and new best buddies join forces to make it the best summer yet. H ROCKY MOUNTAIN DAY CAMP Boulder and Superior 303-495-5431 WWW.ROCKYMTNDAYCAMP.COM

We are Boulder County’s award-winning Spo 4-18 -18| 4 Kidsages ages5-18 5-18 Kids 5-15 summer day camp for boys and girls — More!1-84-GO-GAMEON

the only traditional day camp offered in the area. Sessions for 2018 are available from May 29-Aug. 3. H SUNFLOWER PREECHOOL Boulder 303-494-2012 WWW.SUNFLOWERBREESCHOOLBOULDER.COM 24 MARCH 8, 2018


The Sunflower Preschool Summer Camp has been a well-run, outdoor-oriented,

fun summer experience for young children Kids get handssince 1985. Each on with nature at summer camps day we emphaacross Boulder size the simple County. joys of summer with lots of time for water play, gardening, walks, outdoor projects and child-directed exploration of our multi-dimensional play areas and gardens. Since 2012 we have developed our outdoor classroom into the first Certified Nature Explore classroom in Boulder. At the same time we offer a Montessori-based classroom with a scientific-themed curriculum. H SUNSET ACADEMY SUMMER DAY CAMP Longmont 303-651-6600 WWW.SUNSETACADEMY.COM Sunset Academy offers a low-ratio summer camp for ages 5-12 that includes lots of onsite activities mixed with daily excursions to include swimming, skating, bowling, museums, nature hikes and more. There are weekly trips to places such as the Denver Zoo, Broomfield Aquatic Park, national parks and more. We have a fun and educational environment, a large field with gazebo, and even a garden. Program BOULDER WEEKLY

general camps fills up fast, so call for registration information or stop by for a visit! H YMCA TEEN DAY CAMPS (YMCA OF BOULDER VALLEY) Boulder 303-443-4474, ext. 4300 WWW.YMCABV.ORG

summer camp is for youth ages 11-13, and utilizes local opportunities and camper input. It includes swimming twice a week and weekly field trips. Expanded hours of camp available. Flexible enrollment and payment options.

H YMCA CAMP S’MORE FUN (YMCA Ensure your teen’s summer is OF BOULDER VALLEY) more fulfilling and Boulder, LouisCourtesy of Rocky Mountain Day Camp fun than playing ville, Superior and video games on Longmont the couch. Ultimate 303-443-4474 Teen Camp will WWW.YMCABV. send campers to ORG locales like Pirate’s YMCA Camp Cove, Jump Street S’more Fun is an and Water World. enriching traditional Participants make day camp experifriends and stay ence. Campers unentertained while plug, enjoy handslearning about on learning, build the importance of confidence and try respect, responsitons of activities: bility, honesty and archery, sports, caring. Our Teen swimming, STEM, Leaders in Training Camp gives particicrafts, outdoor education, ice skating, field pants the knowledge and experience to trips and more. Seven camp locations begin their journey as leaders, spending ensure we have the fun covered this suma bulk of their summer working with mer. Part-time and full-time available. younger campers. H THE COLORADO MOUNTAIN RANCH SUMMER DAY CAMP Gold Hill, Boulder 303-442-4557 WWW.COLORADOMOUNTAINRANCH. COM Boulder’s original summer day camp! The Colorado Mountain Ranch, nestled in the town of Gold Hill, offers children ages 7-16 the outdoor summer experience they are looking for. With our traditional camp spirit and vision for innovation, children get to enjoy a huge variety of activities out in nature. From horseback riding to mountain boarding, animal care to gymnastics, archery to yoga, there is something for everyone. Transportation provided from Boulder every day and an optional over-night each week. H TWEEN LOCO SUMMER DAY CAMP Longmont 303-651-8404 WWW.LONGMONTCOLORADO.GOV


H YMCA CAMP SHADY BROOK Deckers 303-647-2313 WWW.CAMPSHADYBROOK.ORG Tucked into the breathtaking background of Pike National Forest, Camp Shady Brook has been making memories in the mountains for over 65 years. We offer week- and two-week-long sessions for ages 6-17. Classic summer camp activities include archery, swimming, boating and challenge course, to name a few. Specialized sessions include Horsemasters programs ages 8-16, Mini Aspen for 6-8-year-olds and Adventure Camp for ages 10-15. Make friends, build self-esteem, gain independence, learn responsible decision-making and have an adventure! Campers enjoy camp in a safe environment designed to foster growth through fun, safe and challenging programs. Easy registration online.

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Toys & Treats • Collars & Leashes • Books • Bed & Crates Wild Bird Seed • Oxbow (small critter food) Dental Care • Self-Service Dog Wash & Grooming Supplements Skin and Coat Care

1225 Ken Pratt Blvd #108

(Between Le Peep & Breeze Thru Car Wash)

Longmont, CO • 303.485.1565

Go-Karts Golf Range Miniature Golf Batting Cages

Snack Bar Arcade Kiddie Karts Human Maze

FREE MINI GOLF ROUND with Mini Golf Round Purchase


Expires 10/31/15 Expires 10/31/18

303-442-4FUN (4386)

Since 1981, we have offered a small, hands-on, nurturing environment where children can learn through exploration and discovery. FAMILIES APPRECIATE OUR: • Eco-friendly child care and certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom • Consistent, professional staff and Montessori-based learning centers • Vegetable & flower gardens and hands-on science museum • Warm, home-like atmosphere • Strong sense of community • New longer hours (7:30 am to 5:30 pm)

NOW ENROLLING FOR SUMMER CAMP Call us today to schedule a tour • 303-494-2012

This experiential-based traditional BOULDER WEEKLY


MARCH 8, 2018 25



etting up rock climbs, backing up the trailer and navigating the trail are just a few of the tasks that need to be done at an outdoor education summer camp. At Women’s Wilderness, women do it all. And that’s huge, says executive director Emily Isaacs, as it’s key for girls to look up to their instructors and think: “That person looks like me.” Women’s Wilderness summer camps provide girls ages 8 to 18 opportunities to learn outdoor skills like backpacking, rock climbing, navigation, backcountry cooking and teamwork — all under the instruction of women. Camps are based out of Boulder and Jefferson County Open Space and offer day and overnight options ranging from All photos courtesy of Women’s Wilderness five to eight days. Overnight camps leave from Boulder and head to Zirkles Wilderness area near Steamboat Springs or Vedauwoo and the Snowy Range in Wyoming. The nonprofit’s mission is “to strengthen the courage, confidence and leadership qualities of girls and women through the challenge and support of group wilderness and community-based experiences.” Through activities like backpacking, hiking and rock climbing, the camp offers girls both the technical skills and the heart not just to survive in the wilderness, but to thrive in the great outdoors — and in life. Data shows girls’ needs are often overlooked in co-ed environments. Isaacs points to a recent Boulder Community Foundation report highlightWomen’s ing just how different boys’ and girls’ needs are. Surveys of Boulder Wilderness both Valley School District high school students found twice as many girls challenges and supthan boys reporting mental health challenges, including self-injurious ports girls ages 8 to 18, behaviors, feeling sad and hopeless, considering suicide and attempting as they test their limits in the great outdoors. suicide. Using an evidence-based curriculum that draws on camper feedback, Women’s Wilderness seeks to close the gender gap. Isaacs, who has a rich background in outdoor education, says in a typical co-ed environment, girls are often in a group with two other girls, five boys and two male instructors. “You end up with three girls quietly in the background doing everything at a high level and the boys are running around and need a lot of boundaries and structure.” Girls, on the other hand, need something different. Women’s Wilderness addresses those needs through a three-tiered approach, emphasizing a growth mind-set, emotional literacy and identity development. And they do it by affording girls the outdoor skills, leadership opportunities and role models they need to create a positive definition of womanhood. Moreover, they do it in an environment removed from the culture, social media, peer groups and families that can give girls the message, whether 26 MARCH 8, 2018



At Women’s Wilderness, girls learn outdoor skills like backpacking, rock climbing, navigation, backcountry cooking and teamwork.

overtly or subtly, that they are not good enough, Isaacs says. And in the process, the girls experience something special. “I’m confident that being at an all-girls camp allows girls like me to feel comfortable, secure and safe from any social pressures,” says Maya Maldonado, who identifies as Hispanic and attends Jefferson Academy Secondary School in Broomfield. The 15-year-old will return to camp for the fourth consecutive summer this year. Centaurus High School sophomore Mya Ormsbee agrees. “I feel like if we were with guys... if you messed up or were afraid, [the guys] would judge you. When you’re with Women’s Wilderness and you can’t [figure something out], they encourage you and give you tips and are there for you.” She feels the Women’s Wilderness staff creates a space where girls can be themselves, which is something that’s lacking in her other extracurriculars. Having attended camp since she was 8, Ormsbee says, “If you’re feeling scared or just not feeling that good they’re always there, and they make you feel like it’s OK.” Comprised largely of women in their 20s and 30s, the staff at Women’s Wilderness not only have extensive wilderness experience and training, including mandatory Wilderness First Responder certification, but also “get girls.” Addi Cantor is a JeffCo public school social worker with a background in Wilderness Therapy. Now returning to Women’s Wilderness for her second consecutive summer as an instructor, she was initially drawn to the program out of a desire to help young women “discover their best selves in the wild.” She calls Women’s Wilderness an inclusive, non-judgmental, supportive community, where “sisterhood is medicine.” Women’s Wilderness strives to include every girl who wants to participate, through its diversity and inclusivity efforts. To ensure that finances are never a barrier, the camp offer financial BOULDER WEEKLY


aid, made possible by grants, personal donations and corporate sponsors. And, according to Isaacs, a third of the campers identify as girls of color and half utilize need-based financial aid. The camp also offers programs specifically for girls who identify as LGBT. If Maldonado’s experience is any indication, Women’s Wilderness is on the right path to diversity and inclusion. She calls it “a place to break down the walls of any labels, stereotypes, peer pressure, insecurities or any form of discrimination.” It’s not just the campers who grow at Women’s Wilderness. Ormsbee’s mom, Kristi, recalls a time she was biking with her daughter at age 8. Ormsbee said she didn’t feel comfortable with the challenging route and wanted to stop. Kristi credits Women’s Wilderness not just with giving her daughter the confidence to speak up, but also for her own respect for her daughter’s request to stop. As a Women’s Wilderness participant, volunteer and board member, Kristi says she learned the importance of the organization’s deeply rooted “conscious choice” philosophy — which she feels is vital for teenage girls facing peer pressure. Women’s Wilderness is a place where girls learn to cook on a camp stove, pitch a tent and rappel down a cliff. It’s also a place where they celebrate themselves and their own unique gifts, buoyed by instructors and peers. As instructor Cantor puts it, it’s a place where “girls [are] empowered to be themselves and lift others up to do the same.”

a place where children create art and community together Open Hands Art offers week-long art camps for ages 7-14 and for middle schoolers in a creative, idyllic setting. Our indoor space includes a ceramic studio, a painting and mixed media studio, and a library/ “quiet space.” The spacious yard has a treehouse/painting studio, climbing tree and inspirational garden. Co-taught by ceramic artist, Sue Allman and mixed media artist, Page Zekonis, camps offer a different theme each week that children explore in clay, paint and mixed media. Our goal at Open Hands Art is to provide a supportive community where all have the freedom to explore and grow creatively. Visit for more details. MARCH 8, 2018 27

outdoor camps YMCA of Boulder Valley

Summer is the perfect time to be at camp, learning new skills, making friends and being outside.

OUTDOOR DAY CAMPS H ADVENTURE DAY CAMP (YMCA OF BOULDER VALLEY) Boulder and Longmont 303-664-5455 WWW.YMCABV.ORG Campers will unplug, enjoy hands-on learning, engage in multi-cultural experiences and build confidence. We accommodate the wide variety of interests our campers have and plan activities that support those varied interests. Activities include three on-site camp days and two field trips each week. The field trips include a day trip to our outdoor education center, Camp Ora Penn, a trip to a local swimming pool and other exciting options. Enthusiastic and well-trained staff ensure a safe and fun summer. H ADVENTURE MONTESSORI Lafayette 303-665-6789 WWW.ADVENTUREMONTESSORI.COM Our spacious camp features a farm area and plenty of room for outdoor splash days, gardening and learning about environmental education, caring for our gardens and our animals. A weekly trike-a-thon is also a favorite of our younger friends and prepares them for the longer elementary treks! Learning through experience is our year-round aim. H ADVENTURE QUEST WITH RENAISSANCE ADVENTURES Boulder, Longmont and Lyons 303-786-9216 WWW.RENAISSANCEADVENTURES.COM Your child is the hero of a mythic quest in an incredibly fun, award-winning outdoor experience like none other! In small 28 MARCH 8, 2018


groups of similar ages, the heroes read maps, solve mysteries and riddles, overcome dynamic challenges, and battle using safe, foam swords. As with all Renaissance Adventures programs, Adventure Quest is designed to develop teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, communication and other 21st-century skills. With highly-trained staff, multiple awards and more than 20 years experience, it’s no wonder Renaissance Adventures is so popular. Get a $75 discount for joining a summer quest for the first time and a $75 credit for referring others. Weekly programs all summer long and whenever school is out. Ages 6-17. H AEI Almont 970-641-4708 WWW.AEIBASECAMP.COM This camp is located 10,000-feet above sea level in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The spectacular scenery of the backcountry base camp is the perfect site for your wilderness experience. Activities include backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, inflatable kayaking, fly fishing, climbing tower, orienteering, adventure racing, day hikes, peak ascents, leave-no-trace ethics and more. Christianbased adventure camp programs available. H AVID4 ADVENTURE Boulder, Superior, Lafayette, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Golden and Highlands Ranch 800-977-9873 WWW.AVID4.COM This summer, experience the power of authentic outdoor adventure. Avid4 Adventure camps teach pre-K through seventh graders of all levels to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors. With help from our time-tested curriculum and insanely experienced instructors, we give campers solid skills and character-shaping confidence, launching them into a lifetime of empowering adventure.

H CLIMBING FOR LIFE Englewood 303-359-4438 WWW.CLIMBINGFORLIFE.COM Climbing For Life is a nonprofit organization devoted to healthy youth development in at-risk populations from the Denver metro area. Programs, including a long-term mentoring program, provide young people with challenging personal experiences through outdoor education. H CURE ORGANIC FARM KIDS’ FARM CAMP Boulder WWW.CUREORGANICFARM.COM Kids’ Farm Camp allows children to experience all the workings of a small, organic, diversified farm. From collecting eggs and feeding pigs to gathering flowers and planting and harvesting vegetables, campers will enjoy the full farm experience. Cooking and arts and crafts are a part of each week as well. Camps run weekly from June 4-Aug. 2. Ages 6-9. H GROWING GARDENS — CHILDREN’S PEACE GARDEN Boulder 303-443-9952 WWW.GROWINGGARDENS.ORG Spend an active week on our urban farm in the blooming Peace Garden. Experience the wonders of the garden, learn to care for plants from seed to plate and make new friends along the way! Instructors are experienced educators trained in CPR and first aid. Multi-camp discounts available. Please call or go online to enroll in any of our four camps for different ages ranging from ages 3-11. Monday-Friday. Full and half-day options. H KNIGHTHOOD CIT WITH RENAISSANCE ADVENTURES Boulder, Longmont and Lyons 303-786-9216 WWW.RENAISSANCEADVENTURES.COM BOULDER WEEKLY


Learn how to harness the winds at the Boulder Reservoir in more ways than one. This combo camp is great for an intro to multiple water sports. Campers test their balance on a board with a paddle and under sail. This three-day camp is perfect for a young adventurer looking to expand his or her water skills through adventure, games and challenges. Ages 8-17. H STAR QUEST WITH RENAISSANCE ADVENTURES Boulder 303-786-9216 WWW.RENAISSANCEADVENTURES.COM


Intrepid adventures in space! Star Quest is a science fiction live-action roleplaying game that is designed to develop the 21st-century skills of teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, communication and a love for learning. In this unique experience, the Questers band together in small groups of like age to discover strange new worlds, overcome dynamic challenges, negotiate intergalactic treaties, and battle using blasters (beanbags) and fusion blades (foam swords). The themes and settings explore futuristic mainstays like warp speed, mech suits, tapping into the “Meta” for telepathic powers, time travel, cyberpunk netrunning, alien “hive mind” sentience and more. Join us for exciting, active and mind-bending programs that are a short ways off, in a galaxy really, really close. See website for dates. Ages 10-17.

These camps are for beginning, intermediate and advanced sailors. Emphasis is on feeling comfortable on the water. Be ready to learn rigging, basic boat handling, terminology, docking, capsize recovery, knot tying and marine safety. Ages 8-17.


Laughing Coyote Project offers a variety of day camps with themes reflecting the practice of primitive skills and traditional knowledge, including: firemaking, archery, basketry, plant foraging, wildlife tracking, games, natural movement and camouflage. Day camps cost $300 and are co-ed. Ages 8-18, depending on the camp.

H LITTLE PUFFS CAMPS — WITH COMMUNITY SAILING OF COLORADO AND BOULDER PARKS AND RECREATION Boulder 303-757-7718 WWW.COMMUNITYSAILING.ORG These camps introduce students to water safety, sailing and boating while instilling new levels of confidence in a boat and on the water. The lake will become your child’s favorite new playground, as Little Puffs learn through games and activities led by qualified instructors and close supervision. Ages 5-7.



Spend the summer catching frogs, getting muddy, biking down mountain trails and exploring Colorado’s wild places with the Thorne Nature Experience Summer Camp! Thorne offers fun, hands-on nature “Camp Experiences” for children ages 3-15 in Boulder, Louisville and Littleton. Kids will have a blast practicing important survival skills, exploring forests and streams, learning about local plants and animals, and finding tadpoles, crawfish, grasshoppers and more. Our experienced, CPR- and first-aid-trained instructors help facilitate student learning and appreciation for the outdoors while keeping them safe. Students complete the program with a newfound respect for and

of Bo u

awe of nature, increased understanding of the environment, and a desire to get back outside.




lle Va er


For teenagers, the skills of leadership, self-accountability and integrity are learned and developed. The Knight CIT offering at Renaissance Adventures is a unique leadership program where teens become mentors to a group of younger kids and assist our adult counselors. Knights join an Adventure Quest group, who are playing the heroes of a mythic quest. Adventure Quest is experiential education through live-action role-playing, and the participants solve mysteries and riddles, overcome dynamic challenges, and battle foes using safe, foam swords. Knight CITs assist the Quest Leader to help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics, characters, safety and leadership. Join the quest! We also run exciting Heroes’ Alliance programs, Quest Leading Workshops and other programs for teens. Weekly programs all summer long and whenever school is out. Ages 14+.


outdoor camps

H TOMAHAWK RANCH Near Bailey 1-877-404-5708 WWW.GIRLSCOUTSOFCOLORADO.ORG Girl Scout camp is the leader in summer fun and adventure for girls at an affordable cost. You don’t have to already be a Girl Scout — new campers get a discount! Registration is open for day and overnight camps statewide. H WATER SPORTS CAMP — WITH BOULDER PARKS AND RECREATION Boulder 303-413-7441 WWW.BPRCAMPS.ORG Come join us for Water Sports Camp at the Boulder Reservoir! From stand-up paddleboarding to sailing, multi-craft water sports safety to swimming, your child will spend the week learning the basics, being safe and having fun. Campers will also enjoy playing group games, snacking and creating craft projects. New this year: extended hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and three weeks of five-day-aweek camp! Choose your weeks and sign up today. Ages 7-14. H WEE FOLK FOREST SUMMER CAMP Niwot 720-383-4406 WWW.LIVINGARTSSCHOOL.COM At Wee Folk Forest Camps, we’ll be spending our mornings exploring under the trees of the cottonwood grove, and our afternoons relaxing inside the classroom and outside in the inviting play yard. All weeks of camp include a fun and balanced approach to the day; blending activities with outdoor free play, collaborative group play, music and storytelling. Ages 3-6. Day camp is Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. (Option of aftercare from 3-5 p.m.) H WILD BEAR SUMMER CAMPS Nederland and Boulder 303-258-0495 WWW.WILDBEAR.ORG Fun, hands-on, arts-integrated nature camps for ages 3-15. NederRangers, ages 5-6; Mountain Rangers, ages 6-7; Wild Naturalists, ages 8-10; and Wild Workshops for ages 10 and older. Choose your own schedule. Camps in the mountains (shuttle provided) and on Fridays at NCAR in Boulder.

H YMCA CAMP ELKS (YMCA OF BOULDER VALLEY) Boulder 303-664-5455 WWW.YMCABV.ORG Camp Elks is an outdoor, nature-based program where campers make new friends through adventure, challenge and exploration. Campers will enjoy day trips to some of Colorado’s most beautiful hiking destinations. They will also spend their days shooting archery, cooling off at our on-site pool and expressing their creative side through arts and crafts, drama, sports and fun games. Part-time and full-time camps available.

OVERNIGHT CAMPS H ADVENTURE QUEST OVERNIGHT WITH RENAISSANCE ADVENTURES Jamestown 303-786-9216 WWW.RENAISSANCEADVENTURES.COM Your child is the hero of a mythic quest in an incredibly fun overnight experience like none other! In cabins of like ages, the heroes journey forth into the beautiful forests of Cal-wood, Jamestown to discover treasures, overcome traps and dynamic challenges, and battle foes using safe, foam swords. As with all Renaissance Adventures programs, Adventure Quest is designed to develop teamwork, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, communication and other 21st-century skills. With highly trained staff, multiple awards and more than 20 years experience, it’s no wonder Renaissance Adventures is so popular. July 31-Aug. 3. Ages 9-17.


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outdoor camps OUTDOOR CAMPS from Page 29


Experiential STEAM fun for ages 5-18! Summer Camps in Boulder | High School Classes in Denver

May 29 - August 10 Register online now:


Colorado Mountain Camp teaches kids of all levels in first through 12th grade to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors With help from our time-tested curriculum and experienced instructors (all 21-plus and certified in wilderness first aid and CPR). We give campers solid outdoors skills and charactershaping confidence they can use at camp and beyond, launching them into a lifetime of empowering adventure. One- and two-week sessions available June-August. H BLUE MOUNTAIN RANCH Florrisant 719-748-3279 WWW.BLUEMOUNTAINRANCH.COM Ride a horse through Pike National Forest on the way to our own outpost, The Meadow! Fish for trout or canoe in our lake, zip through the forest on our newly redone ropes course, or meet kids from all over the U.S. and many foreign countries. Our many returning staff members and campers ensure our spirit and family atmosphere. Coach Bill and Dorothy Allen created a children’s world where kids can grow in all ways in the great outdoors with the help of excellent counselors. H BOLD EARTH ADVENTURES 303-526-0806 WWW.BOLDEARTH.COM

From printmaking to ukulele 101 to dinosaurs, our weekly preschool aged summer camps are all about fun! Enroll for 2, 3, 4, or 5 days per week. Choose your desired weeks, or enroll for the whole summer for a 5% discount

Now enrolling children aged 3-5

1235 Pine St., Boulder 303.800.0234 30 MARCH 8, 2018


Bold Earth has organized adventure camps for teenagers since 1976, with over 17,000 participants having joined from all 50 states and over 55 different countries. The Bold Earth Team seeks to empower our teenage participants and celebrate the bold in everyone. Our summer programs have been developed for students ages 12-18. Offering both domestic and international experiences, Bold Earth teams will surf on the Kona Coast, backpack the Alaskan wilderness, ride camels while exploring the Sahara Desert in Morocco, hang with giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, rock climb in the Rocky Mountains, scuba dive in colorful coral reefs in Fiji, and so much more! If you are interested in adventure travel, community service opportunities, cultural and language immersion experience, and tons of fun, Bold Earth is the camp for you. Check us out on our website and schedule a call with an Adventure Advisor today. H CAL-WOOD EDUCATION CENTER OVERNIGHT CAMP Jamestown 303.449.0603, ext. 5 WWW.CALWOOD.ORG/CAMPS

Cal-Wood is a place for adventure — only 20 miles west of Boulder in Jamestown. Campers ages 5-17 will learn to embrace the mountains whether they are spending their nights in a quaint log cabin by the main lodge, sleeping under the stars in a tent on a beautiful remote piece of Cal-Wood’s land, or venturing out into local Colorado wilderness on a multi-day backpacking trip. This summer, we are focused on what Cal-Wood does best — that magical combination of original experiential education and true, authentic, Colorado mountain adventure including hiking, fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, rope course fun and much more! H CAMP CHIEF OURAY (YMCA OF THE ROCKIES) Granby 970-887-2648 WWW.CAMPCHIEFOURAY.ORG For more than a century, Camp Chief Ouray has been the adventure playground for boys and girls from around the world. Located on 5,100 acres of mountains, valleys, streams and meadows, boredom is simply not an option. Traditional Camp for kids ages 7-14 is designed to provide fun and growth through a series of exciting experiences in a beautiful mountain setting. Special attention is given to the development of positive human relations, leadership and character development. The week at camp is a mix of cabin activities, activities with kids of similar interests, camping out, hiking, camp-wide games, and a chance for campers to choose their favorite activities. Adventure Trips for teenagers ages 14-15 have a dynamic array of wilderness programs for campers looking for an added adventure. These exciting backcountry programs offer campers the chance to participate in rafting, mountain biking, backpacking, horse packing and kayaking adventures! Leadership Training Programs for teenagers ages 15-18 build community leaders. Camp Chief Ouray has many opportunities for teens to gain valuable leadership skills while participating in activities at camp and in the wilderness. H CAMP GRANITE LAKE Golden 720-249-2997 WWW.CAMPGRANITELAKE.COM Connect with friends, counselors and nature in a supportive, unplugged community! Campers choose from activities including: sailing, rock climbing, woodworking, canoeing, ceramics, stand-up paddleboarding, backpacking, archery, culinary arts, etc., throughout the beautiful 135-acre property with a private 8-acre lake located in Coal Creek Canyon. Two-week sessions are available for campers who have finished second through ninth grade. We are ACA-accredited BOULDER WEEKLY

outdoor camps

Don’t miss it... 2018

YMCA of Boulder Valley

...Coming May 24th


and CDHS-licensed, and offer discounts and payment plans. Visit our website or call to schedule a personal on-site tour or slideshow. H CHELEY COLORADO CAMPS Estes Park (winter) 303-732-6082 (summer) 970-586-4244 WWW.CHELEY.COM Since 1921, Cheley has provided an awesome 27-day overnight summer experience for girls and boys ages 9-17. Located in Estes Park, the camp attracts children from all over the world. Activities include backpacking, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, technical climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, crafts and more. There is also a Mini-Camp for ages 7-8, Aug. 6-11. H DEER HILL EXPEDITIONS INC. Mancos 970-533-7492 WWW.DEERHILLEXPEDITIONS.COM Deer Hill leads inspiring journeys in the Southwest and Costa Rica that combine wilderness adventure and service projects that benefit Native American families. No previous experience required. H SANBORN WESTERN CAMPS Florissant 719-748-3341 WWW.SANBORNWESTERNCAMPS.COM Since 1948, Sanborn Western Camps have been creating outdoor experiences of exceptional quality and depth. Sanborn’s fun, relaxed atmosphere and caring staff provide a supportive environment for individual growth in self-confidence, independence and awareness of others. Each child’s contributions are valued in a community based on BOULDER WEEKLY


mutual respect and shared adventures. Big Spring Ranch for Boys and High Trails Ranch for Girls lie at an elevation of 8,700 feet in the center of Colorado. The camps own more than 6,000 acres of open pine forest, wildflower meadows and rocky bluffs, an unparalleled setting for outdoor adventures. H WOMEN’S WILDERNESS INSTITUTE Boulder 303-938-9191 WWW.WOMENSWILDERNESS.ORG The Front Range wilderness program specializes in real adventure for girls ages 8-18. Attendees enjoy hiking, rock climbing, backpacking and canoeing. Our courses are taught by the best all-female instructor teams around — specializing in confidence, leadership and fun! Four- to eight-day courses, day camps and overnight camps are available. Courses start in Boulder and take place in the Boulder Open Space, Jefferson County Open Space, the St. Vrain river area, Vedauwoo and the Snowy Range of southern Wyoming. Full and partial need-based scholarships available.


Camps include Legos®, art, chess, sports, cooking, world language, coding, and more. Located in Gunbarrel State of Colorado licensed and ACIS accredited

Friends School teaches life skills that prepare students for success in any future. Challenging Minds, Nurturing Spirits

H YMCA CAMP SANTA MARIA Bailey 303-443-4474 WWW.YMCABV.ORG Set in the heart of the Rockies, YMCA Camp Santa Maria offers a classic resident camp experience. S’mores included! Campers kayak, paddle board, swim, enjoy crafts, learn archery, hike and explore, build gnome homes and learn outdoor skills. But the fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Evenings at camp are spent playing games, performing skits, singing songs or sitting by the campfire. Kids learn independence, challenge their own limitations and connect with the natural world.

Preschool-8th SUMMER PROGRAMS: Ages 3-14 303.499.1999 | MARCH 8, 2018 31

Summer Indoor + Outdoor

For Kids of All Ages and Abilities

Photo Credit: Angie Payne

Camps • Clubs • Classes • Outdoor Guiding • Bouldering

New Generation Theater Academy

• Top Ropes • Open Gym • Birthday Parties • Parent’s Night Out

June 11 - 22 Ages 8 - 10

June 4 - 8 Ages 5 - 7

High School Edition

June 11 - 29 Ages 11 - 13

July 9 - 27 Ages 14 - 18

Registration Now Open 32 MARCH 8, 2018


• Team

Enroll Today! • 303-443-5437 1960 32nd Street • Boulder


special needs camps FIRST DESCENTS


By Lisa Flowers


he world is full of inspiring stories about young people who have survived cancer. According to a February 2017 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, children who have beaten the disease are now living longer than ever. Groundbreaking medicine is a major factor in these successes, but the medical community has long understood that a positive outlook, as well as the support of others, is also crucial. Nevertheless, being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness can feel like an insurmountable summit, an apex so high that even reaching it can feel like an impossible task. One young survivor characterizes the feeling of being diagnosed as a kind of reverse awe. Another describes it as the future actually turning into a mountain, drawing itself up into a fearsome pinnacle. However one sees it, having cancer can be a major, albeit completely beatable, challenge. It would be easy to assume that having it when you’re young would be even more daunting, but by the same token, being young also equates to being resilient, which implies that triumphing over one’s diagnosis is not only possible, but hopefully likely. That’s the philosophy that Denver-headquartered First Descents embodies. Founded by professional kayaker Brad Ludden, the program, which facilitates outdoor activities in Colorado and elsewhere, empowers young adults to “climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, and connect with others doing the same.” That

means riding waves, skydiving, scaling heights that would make a mountain goat think twice, and taking on other challenges that are generally customdesigned for the courageous, determined and intrepid. Technically, “first descent” is a term that means paddling over a body of water that’s never been crossed before — a feeling that might resonate with cancer patients. First Descents organizes Colorado-famous activities like white water rafting and rock climbing throughout the year. All excursions are week-long events, so there’s plenty of time for participants to get into the joys of ice climbing in Ouray, or taking on 14,000-foot peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since its inception, the program has impacted the lives of hundreds of young adults in Colorado; 99 percent of Descents alumni say they would recommend the organization to other young people battling cancer. According to cancer survivor and First Descents alum Lisa “Wombat” Butch, the program also has the added advantage of allowing patients the freedom of being around other young adults who aren’t going to feel awkward about being around them. All of which equates to an experience where all awkwardness, including the stigma of having an illness that most of one’s young peers don’t have, is stripped away to make room for the essentials: fresh air, great scenery and reconnecting with one’s body again. Today, First Descents has what the organization calls tributaries, or outposts in most major outdoor

destinations throughout the West, as well as several locations throughout the Midwest and East, like Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin; Richmond Island in Maine; and Hunter, New York, in the Catskills... there’s even a climbing expedition in the Italian Alps coming up. But the program has also put itself on the map for another reason: all excursions are free for patients and survivors. The non-profit organization works with the Colorado Mountain School to facilitate their adventures, and guiding companies cover the cost of supplies. In other words, any young adult who has survived or is actively dealing with cancer is welcome to apply without having to consider their financial situation. Medical care is always available on-site, even when “on-site” means being out in the middle of the wilderness, and an oncologist is present on every trip. Meals, including those that entail special dietary restrictions, are also provided. This summer, young adults in Colorado will rock climb in Estes Park. According to Ray Shedd, First Descents’ director of development and marketing, the organization will be spearheading four week-long rock climbing programs for young adults, with each session designed to accommodate 15 participants. Climbers will “camp out” at First Descents’ home base at Overlook Ranch in Estes, which features panoramic views of Rocky Mountain National Park. Potential candidates can always find out more about Descents by watching Out Living It, the inspiring (and enthusiastically crowd-funded)

2012 documentary about the organization, which features extensive outdoor footage from First Descents outings, detailed descriptions of how the program works, and interviews with alumni and directors. According to a February 2017 report in the New York Times, cancer continues to be on the rise for young adults. As epidemiologist Rebecca Siegel of the American Cancer Society points out, people born in 1990 have “double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk of rectal cancer” compared to Baby Boomers. Thankfully 21st-century medicine has a way of keeping pace with these statistics. The ground-breaking “CyberKnife” robotic system, for example — which can essentially “tattoo” its way around malignancies — has revolutionized treatment by allowing doctors to zero in on areas of the body that are specifically affected by cancer. This method can drastically reduce the need for chemotherapy, which is traditionally dispensed throughout the body, and in turn into healthy cells; according to Radiation Oncologist Abraham J. Wu of Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center, the system has been instrumental in “targeting ... radiation very accurately by pinpointing the precise location of [tumors] during treatment.” You might say, then, that while cutting-edge treatment is busy targeting cancer, First Descents is busy targeting the joys of life, a combination that represents the best of both worlds: medicine and morale.


loved ones. During this extraordinary weekend, children learn ways to cope with their grief through workshops led by licensed social workers and trained bereavement professionals. A volunteer “buddy” system (with no more than two children to one adult) ensures that children receive plenty of personal, oneon-one attention. And, while children are encouraged to share memories and express their grief, Camp Comfort offers fun, too. The daily itinerary includes plenty of opportunities for recreation including swimming, horseback riding, arts and crafts, fishing and hiking. The total cost to attend Camp Comfort, including

all workshops, recreation, meals, snacks and overnight accommodations, is $150. Scholarships are available based on financial need. For more information or to receive a brochure, visit the Camp Comfort website or call Mt. Evans Hospice.

and beyond their parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem at University of Colorado Boulder serves children from all around Colorado and the Front Range. This will be our fifth year as a chapter, and this summer we plan to serve 120 children at camp. We love to have fun, play games, be creative and just be ourselves during camp. As we grow each year, our Kesem family becomes closer and stronger together. Come see what the magic of Kesem is all about!

H CAMP COMFORT Near Georgetown on I-70 303-674-6400 WWW.MTEVANS.ORG/CAMP-COMFORT Mt. Evans Hospice offers a summer weekend camp for grieving children. This unique bereavement camp is a way for children ages 6-12 to explore their feelings of grief and share memories of their BOULDER WEEKLY


H CAMP KESEM CU Boulder 720-371-6248 CAMPKESEM.ORG/CUBOULDER Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, supporting children through


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Cats Are NOT Small Dogs

special needs camps SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPS from Page 33


• Cats differ medically from dogs. They have different diseases, different nutritional needs, and different responses to drugs. • FREE feline medical advice at

Located in the REI/Marshall’s Plaza, on the north end next to Hazel’s Beverage World 1915 28th St Boulder, CO 80301 • 303-500-5158


Out of the Classroom & Into the World

Costa Rica

14-Day Programs: June 29-July 13, 2018 July 20-August 3, 2018 Cost (including airfare): $3,750 Grades 7 and up

Deepen your Spanish skills – whatever level you may be – through real-life, hands-on experience in beautiful Costa Rica. Your experience will include: Daily language instruction with a qualified teacher; service learning projects at local schools and/ or organic farms; participation in conservation efforts to protect animals of the area; guided boat tour that brings you up close and personal with the unique flora & fauna of one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth. Plus: take a surf lesson, swim and boogie board, fly over the canopy on a zipline, horseback ride on the beach, hike to gorgeous waterfalls, relax by the water & listen to the waves. Summer 2018 features Boulder teacher Kelly Cramer, Middle School Spanish Teacher at Friends School. OCIWorld operates in Ojochal, Puntarenas, Costa Rica Visit: • email: 34 MARCH 8, 2018


Courtesy of First Descents

We have programs that teach the skills of blindness and offer exciting recreational activities for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college prep. H COLORADO CONSERVATORY OF DANCE’S SUMMER CAMPS Broomfield 303-466-5685 WWW.CCDANCE.ORG/ SUMMER-PROGRAMS Ballet Expressions, a program designed for children with specific physical and cognitive needs, is offered for children ages 4-18. There is something for you summer in exploring the beauty and this summer at CCD! Call us or adventure that the Rocky Mountains please visit our website for has to offer! details about our summer At First Descents, programs. you get the freedom of being around H COLORADO LIONS CAMP others who won’t feel Woodland Park awkward about you 719-687-2087 being you. WWW.COLORADOLIONSCAMP. ORG


H ADAM’S CAMP Winter Park — YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch 303-563-8290 WWW.ADAMSCAMPCOLORADO.ORG Adventure Camp is a five-day-and-night sleep-away camp that is full of fun, challenge and adventure! Campers enjoy activities that expand social horizons and provide the opportunity to develop the courage to try new things while increasing independence and confidence. This program is designed for youth and adults with mild to moderate developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. Campers must be mobile and enjoy group activities. Campers participate in daily adventures, which may include zip-lining, archery, rafting, alpine slides, swimming, wall climb, tubing, low ropes course, hiking, talent show, campfires and a camp-wide dance. Campers stay in familystyle cabins with counselors, volunteers and peers. Our staffing of two experienced counselors and four volunteers per team of 10 campers allows for individualized relationships with each camper. Join us this

Residential camp program for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities; ages 8 and up. H FIRST DESCENTS Estes Park 303-945-2490 WWW.FIRSTDESCENTS.ORG First Descents is a nonprofit organization based in Denver that provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (18-39) with cancer. Since its inception in 2001, First Descents has successfully influenced the lives of more than 3,000 young adults with cancer, by hosting multi-day adventure programs that are free for participants. First Descents will host climbing programs in Estes Park this summer, as well as over 30 other programs across 12 states and multiple countries. H ROCKY MOUNTAIN VILLAGE Empire 303-569-2333 WWW.EASTERSEALS.COM/CO A comprehensive summer camp program serving children and adults with a wide variety of special needs. BOULDER WEEKLY

horsback camps


Courtesy of Colorado Mountain Ranch


HORSEBACK RIDING DAY CAMPS H A RISING STAR EQUESTRIAN SUMMER CAMP Arvada 303-431-4675 WWW.ARISINGSTAREQCENTER.COM Every day is an adventure in equine education, and fun is the emphasis! Starting with safety on the ground, students learn how to catch, halter, lead, groom and tack up their horses. Every day includes a group horseback riding lesson. Riding lessons are also available for hour-long and half-hour lessons. A Rising Star has experienced instructors on-site who teach a variety of disciplines, and if you don’t have a horse of your own, lesson horses and ponies are available. Camps are offered June-August. H ACADEMY STABLES Lafayette 303-665-4637 WWW.ACADEMYSTABLES.COM This camp runs weekly throughout the summer. Activities are designed for kids ages 6 and older, and sessions run from MondayFriday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Lessons include horse care, horse shows, horse safety, riding instruction, horse show and Friday pizza day. The cost is $399 per camp. Discounts for multiple sign-ups. Both English and Westernstyle riding available. Call for reservations. H COLORADO MOUNTAIN RANCH HORSE FOCUS CAMP Boulder 303-442-4557 WWW.COLORADOMOUNTAINRANCH.COM This is the horse lover’s dream as riders BOULDER WEEKLY



• independence • resilience • personal growth • creativity • friendships • problem solving • grit

There’s much to be learned at horseback riding camp, from how to ride to how to care for the majestic animals.

spend at least half of every day on horseback. The rest of the day is filled with learning more about horses, building relationships with the animals and caring for them. Days finish with ropes course challenges and choices from all the other activities. H SUN PONY RANCH HORSEMANSHIP CAMP Berthoud/Longmont 303-349-0779 WWW.SUNPONYRANCH.COM Campers get their own horse for a week and learn responsibilities to care for it, riding twice each day. Activities include daily riding lessons and bareback riding sessions, feeding, grooming, tacking and general care of your horse. Shampoo Day teaches how to bathe the horse, while Horse Show Day is a non-competitive show for family and friends. The camp is co-ed for ages 8-14. One-week sessions are offered every week from late May through early August. H SUN PONY RANCH “LITTLE BUCKAROOS” RANCH CAMP Berthoud/Longmont 303-349-0779 WWW.SUNPONYRANCH.COM Our “Little Buckaroo” campers will learn about life on a ranch, feeding and taking care of their own horses. Campers will learn and practice safety around horses and around the ranch. They will get to ride, try out some ranch chores and have special ranch fun every day. Activities are all-age appropriate for these younger kids and our camp counselors are ever-watchful to make sure all Little Buckaroos are comfortable with each activity. The camp is co-ed and for ages 5-7.

July sessions: July 9-13 M-F 9am-3pm Check website for specific weeks Boulder Circus Center 4747 N. 26th Street, Boulder, CO Presented By

Please call Marcy at 303-548-9340 or email for more information. Visit www.

Get your art on this summer! Half Day Camps Ages 3.5 - 16 Pottery, Printmaking, Sewing, Painting & More! All Summer Long!

303-503-1902 j

693B S Broadway * Great, new South Boulder location! MARCH 8, 2018 35

faith-based CAMP UNPLUGGED

Shambhala Sun Camp cultivates mindfulness and individuality for young campers

Courtesy of Shambhala Sun Camp

very own northern Colorado. Shambhala Buddhism, which is inspired by the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness, is a philosophy that influences the camp. It stems from Tibetan Buddhism, an ancient practice that spread rapidly in the 1950s after the Chinese takeover of Tibet caused the Tibetan Buddhist teachers to leave the country. Inspired by the Dalai Lama and his practices, 36 MARCH 8, 2018


and cleaning it up. Then, after a morning parade and raising of the flag poles, the day’s activities begin: playing games, connecting with others, participating in scheduled activities and relaxing with newfound friends. James Thorpe, Colorado regional chair of the Shambhala Sun Camp leadership group, first went to the camp when he was 10 years old, back in 1992. “Not much has changed except maybe

p Cam


campers of all faiths learn about its mindfulness, meditation and awareness practices and can cultivate his or her own being — without any technology present. Sun Camp runs a weeklong camp (or, there’s an option for older kids to stay longer if they participate in the Cadet Command Workshop or Rites of Warriorship) close to the Shambhala Mountain Center, about an hour west of Fort Collins. It starts the same every morning. Children wake up at 8 a.m. and put on their uniforms for a round of morning calisthenics followed by ten minutes of meditation. Breakfast comes shortly after with campers and staff members in charge of making it

Sun ala bh m ha

Co urt es


hyana Kida was 12 years old when she first attended the Shambhala Sun Camp nestled in the picturesque mountains of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Her parents had gone when they were her age, her brother has also attended, and then it was finally her turn. “I fell in love and went almost every year,” Kida, now 21, says. Her story is similar to most who go: they find themselves returning to camp year after year, eventually becoming staff members that guide the next batch of camp-goers. The Shambhala Sun Camp is held in only three places in the world: Limousin, France; Nova Scotia, Canada; and our

This unplugged summer camp goes beyond your traditional awayfrom-home experience.

of S

by Claire Lardizabal

the older [kids] still smoked back then,” Thorpe says with a laugh. Thorpe returned every year until he was 16 years old, and eventually became a staff member, then an organizer. “What keeps me coming back to it is that the magic is still very much woven into the fabric of the camp,” he says, referring to the special connections that stem from the simple experiences that occur in the wilderness without the distraction of cell phones and social media. Children are able to stay attuned to their surroundings and, most importantly, themselves, while discovering their own leadership potential, strength and personal power. Kida can recall one particular staffer named Corey, who she describes as a strong feminine role model. “She was extremely brave and piercing, yet still had sympathy and compassion,” Kida says. “She embodied this kind of woman that I wanted to be.” When Kida attended Boulder High School, she decided that the traditional route wasn’t for her, and she left. She enrolled in Boulder Universal Online School and completed high school online. “[Camp] shaped who I am in an abstract way,” Kida says. “It gave me the courage and bravery to face it and do it.” After graduating from high school, she began to teach at a preschool where she says she could pass on her knowledge from camp and cultivate the little ones into their own beings. Kida is helping organize the Sun Camp for this upcoming summer and will return as a staffer.

Chairman Thorpe says there are many benefits to attending Sun Camp. Besides making lifelong friends and learning how to live in the woods, a big one is practicing mindfulness, which many know as the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. From Thorpe’s point of view, it is the practice of engaging with your thoughts. Marisa Montagna, the family and children program coordinator at Boulder Shambhala Center says, “It’s one of the best experiences and something I look forward to every year.” Montagna thinks she’s probably one of the only returning staff members who did not attend the camp as a child, but has been part of the Shambhala community in centers such as Nova Scotia and Vermont since 2005. “It’s an ongoing question to me: Why is it so good?” Montagna says of what keeps her coming back to Sun Camp. “You get to live outside, it’s a basic schedule. Some of the younger children, it’s their first time away from home, but by the end of the week, children get to relax and stand up a little straighter and smile more than they did before. It’s wonderful to see.” The Shambhala practices are tailored for the children’s age, she says. “They develop something that makes them feel like they have power over their life and can learn to control their thoughts and feelings,” Montagna says. “They learn to check in with themselves and that goes a long way.” For more information, visit http:// BOULDER WEEKLY

u Bo

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urt es



faith-based camps FAITH-BASED DAY CAMPS H AEI Almont

H JCC RANCH CAMP Denver and Elbert 303-648-3800



WWW.AEIBASECAMP.COM This camp is located 10,000 feet above sea level in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The spectacular scenery of the backcountry base camp is the perfect site for your wilderness experience. Christian-based adventure camp programs are available, with an overnight option as well. H BOULDER JCC SUMMER SPECIALTY CAMPS AND PRESCHOOL CAMP Boulder 303-998-1900 WWW.BOULDERJCC.ORG We offer a variety of fun and educational weekly specialty camps for ages 4-15. Camps include Lego, farming, entrepreneurship, cooking, sports, dance, science, art, leadership, STEM and more. The Summer Camp at the JCC preschool is an enriching and playful experience for children ages 2.5-5 years old (entering kindergarten). H CAMP TIMBERLINE OUTTA BOUNDS

Locations along the Front Range 970-484-8462

WWW.CAMPTIMBERLINE.COM A day camp unlike any other for ages 6-12, with 10 locations along the Front Range. Camp runs Monday-Friday. H CHERRYVALE DAY CAMP Boulder 303-998-1900

WWW.BOULDERJCC.ORG Cherryvale Day Camp creates a vibrant, enriching and fun summer camp experience for children ages 5-12. Our program offers a variety of activities and options for our campers including sports, creative arts, farm activites, swimming and electives. Cherryvale Day Camp is based in Jewish values and open to children of all backgrounds, races and religions. H HIGH PEAK CAMP Estes Park 970-586-3311

WWW.HIGHPEAKCAMP.SALVATIONARMY. ORG Camps for children ages 7-17. Activities include hiking, arts and crafts, fishing, paddle BOULDER WEEKLY

boats, discovery center and Bible study in Rocky Mountain National Park. Overnight camp options also available.



Since 1953, the JCC Ranch Camp has been creating Jewish memories and friendships that Offering sports, mountain adventure and last a lifetime. Located in Colorado’s magnificent Black Forest, the Courtesy of Boulder JCC Ranch Camp provides children entering grades two through 11 with a truly Western Jewish experience. Held in one- to three-week sessions, the camp is a place where lifelong friendships blossom, Jewish identities are discovered and nourished, and children are challenged to grow in mind, body and spirit. Ranch Camp is also renowned for one of the most acclaimed equestrian programs in the country. Don’t miss the opportunity for you and your children to become a part of the Ranch Camp family this summer. Overnight camps are also offered. H KEITANAT HAR HASHEM DAY CAMP Boulder 303-499-7077 WWW.CAMPHARHASHEM.ORG

With a variety of specialty camps

backpacking for youth and teens ages 7-18, Sunday-Saturday.

Each week is filled throughout the sumwith games, swimH HIGHLANDS PRESBYTERIAN mer, the JCC has something for all ming, baking, crafts, CAMP & RETREAT CENTER ages. twice-weekly field trips, Allenspark 303-747-2888 music, building commuWWW.HIGHLANDSCAMP.ORG nity, making friends and more in a Jewish environHighlands offers programs and lodging ment! Make new friends and be for all ages. Register for Highlands Summer supported by an amazing staff including many Camps or plan your unique retreat or program terrific teen role models. Designed for kids in (family reunion, wedding, educational event) grades one through five, camps run Mondaylocated in the Rocky Mountains. Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. for one-week sessions. H MAURICE B. SHWAYDER CAMP OF TEMPLE EMANUEL Denver and Idaho Springs



Join us as we celebrate another season on the slopes of Mt. Evans. Our 242 acres of spectacular mountain forest provide us with a colorful, welcoming and awe-inspiring backdrop. In a small, close-knit community surrounded by the beauty and peace of majestic mountains and towering pine trees, we offer common ground in a safe environment to learn about Judaism and how it can enrich our lives. H SHAMBHALA SUN SUMMER CAMP Red Feather Lakes 970-881-2184

WWW.SHAMBHALASUNCAMP.ORG An outdoor camp for children ages 10-16 focuses on Shambhala Buddhist teachings. The camp provides an opportunity to leave behind technology and embrace nature. Various camps in July.

MARCH 8, 2018 37



M-F 10am-7pm • Sat 10am-6pm • Sun 10am-5pm


sports camps SPORTS DAY CAMPS

YMCA of Boulder Valley

Kick start a great summer at a sportscentered camp!



Join us for our full- and half-day, indoor and outdoor climbing camps. Camps feature indoor climbing, trips to local outdoor climbing areas, art, cooperative games, special events and quality instruction. All ages and abilities welcome. H BOULDER COUNTY FORCE SOCCER CAMPS Boulder 303-443-8877 WWW.FCBOULDER.COM FC Boulder Soccer Camps provide an environment for soccer development for players of all abilities. Our camps maintain a focus on the FC Boulder club values of community, character, passion and achievement. Players will receive small-group training involving soccer fundamentals, techniques and tactics. Activities will be designed to accommodate players of all skill levels and abilities. FC Boulder camps welcome recreational and competitive players who are looking not only to improve themselves as soccer players, but also to have fun playing the beautiful game of soccer. Ages 3-12. H BOULDER INDOOR SOCCER CAMP Boulder 303-440-0809 WWW.BOULDERINDOORSOCCER.COM Enjoy summer camps all summer long — morning, afternoon and full-day camps, with an evening option available as well. Your player can register for individual days or for the entire week. Discounts for multiple days of registration. H BOULDER KARATE Boulder 303-442-4330 WWW.BOULDERKARATE.COM The Boulder Karate Summer Camp is designed for kids to have a blast while learning important life lessons through martial arts. Fun karate activities and games throughout the day include: ninja BOULDER WEEKLY


dodgeball, kung fu relay races and suction cup ninja star throwing, to name a few. Character-building study of our five values (attitude, integrity, respect, self-control and heart) is included, as well. Learn interesting lessons on the five Shoalin animals (tiger, leopard, crane, snake and dragon). And to complete the experience, each child receives a uniform and a belt. Full days go from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., with half-day options available, from June-August. Ages 5-12. H CAMP RMTC AT ROCKY MOUNTAIN TENNIS CENTER Boulder 303-443-3172 WWW.RMTENNISCENTER.COM Welcome to Boulder County’s premier tennis camp. RMTC offers full- and half-day camps centering on tennis and featuring a full complement of sports and activities. Your children will enjoy tennis, swimming, basketball, soccer, the arts and overall athletic development. H CAMP TIMBERLINE OUTTA BOUNDS Locations along the Front Range 970-484-8462 WWW.CAMPTIMBERLINE.COM A Monday-Friday day camp unlike any other, for ages 6-12 at 10 different locations along the Front Range. See website for full details.

Kids Bowl Free is a program to give back to the community and provide a safe, secure and fun way for kids to spend time this summer. Registered children receive two free bowling games every day, all summer long; over an $800 value! Families can sign up children up to 18 years old. Substantial discounts are also available for shoe and family passes, so everyone can join the fun. Chipper’s participates in Kids Bowl Free and also offers a summer pass program that gives the same benefits to laser tag and arcade at a significant discount. Sign-up is free and open now! H EASTON TRAINING CENTER Boulder, Denver, Centennial, Arvada 303-938-1275 WWW.EASTONBJJ.COM Easton Training summer camp is an active week spent learning Brazilian jiu jitsu and Muay Thai with our staff of fun, energetic instructors. Jiu jitsu and Muay Thai are two of the most effective and practical martial arts kids can learn. Our gameand drill-based learning is ideal for kids to develop both real-world self-defense skills and lifetime physical fitness. We also emphasize character development through our daily Mat Chats, where instructors instill the fundamental martial arts values of respect, discipline and confidence. Ages 4-9. H GAME ON! SPORTS CAMP 4 GIRLS Boulder 847-229-9959 WWW.GAMEONSPORTS4GIRLS.COM

Game On! Sports Camp 4 Girls has been dedicated to empowering girls ages 5-14 of all skill levels since 2007. Through our unique multi-sport program, Game On! campers learn and play multiple sports daily, while learning valuable lessons in confidence, self-esteem, respect, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and more. In essence, we work to harness the power of sports to shape strong girls who develop into the valued teammates and high achievers of tomorrow. A typical camp day full of learning, confidence-building and play Game On! style may include: tennis, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, touch rugby, flag football, horseback riding, field hockey, team handball, badminton, water wars, tie-dye day and more. Every Game On! Girl experiences growth as an athlete and a person, along with a deep sense of what it means to be “GirlStrong.” Staffed by highly qualified coaches, teachers and athletes, Game On! is more than your average summer camp. H INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ROCK CLIMBING CAMPS — WITH THE BOULDER ROCK CLUB Boulder 303-447-2804 WWW.BOULDERROCKCLUB.COM The Boulder Rock Club’s expert instructors teach essential safety skills and climbing techniques in a fun, supportive and motivating environment. Camps are designed to challenge beginner to experienced climbers. Options include: indoor/outdoor, girls-only, and climb and slackline camps with one-, two-, threeand five-day options. Ages 6-14. H JUNIOR GOLF CAMPS — WITH BOULDER PARKS AND RECREATION Boulder 303-413-7270 WWW.BPRCAMPS.ORG The Junior Golf Summer Camp offers the chance for juniors to fully immerse themselves in the game or hone the skills that they already possess. With instruction from Assistant Professional David Talaba and PGA Apprentice Breighton Bardezbanian, the juniors will be guided through all aspects of the game including: fundamentals, course management, rules and etiquette, putting, chipping, pitching, iron swing and driver swing. At the end see SPORTS Page 40

MARCH 8, 2018 39

sports camps SPORTS from Page 39

of each session, every junior will receive personal drills for them to take home and further work on their game. All skill levels welcome. Ages 4-17. H LIFETIME SUMMER CAMPS Boulder, Broomfield, Superior 720-531-8000 WWW.LIFETIME.LIFE Our caring, creative, energetic staff brings the fun to every camp. Over the course of several weeks of fun activities, we’re excited to get messy, inspire ideas, try new things and get moving with your kids. H MOUNTAIN KIDS Louisville 303-665-8287 WWW.MOUNTAINKIDSLOUISVILLE.COM Mountains full of fun! Join us this summer as we rock out with Dog House Music, climb the walls at ABC Climbing Gym and Evo Rock & Fitness, tumble around in gymnastics, splash at every local pool and explore every kid-intended nook and cranny in Boulder County! Summer camps for kids — all with amazing new friends and our awesome counselors leading the way! H NORTHERN COLORADO FENCERS BEGINNING FENCING SUMMER CAMPS Boulder 303-443-6557 WWW.NCFENCERS.ORG Learn the challenging, exciting and safe sport of modern fencing at Northern Colorado Fencers. Suitable for children ages 8-12. Fencing equipment provided. Cost is $195/session. Please see our website for more information and to pre-register. Camp schedule is subject to change based on pre-registration. H PARKOUR SUMMER CAMPS FOR Louisville 720-645-1224 APEXMOVEMENTLOUISVILLE.COM/ SUMMER-CAMPS Parkour was in every single one of us as a kid, jumping off swings, climbing trees and hopping over cracks in the sidewalk. Parkour is a great way for youth to focus their energy into fun and functional movements. Training with us is fun and feels more like playing than exercising. Because of this, your kids will keep 40 MARCH 8, 2018


coming back for more, moving their body in challenging new ways, and gaining valuable strength and mobility needed to live a safe and healthy life. Come see why we have some of the best summer camps in Boulder County! Ages 5-17. H RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS — WITH BOULDER PARKS AND RECREATION Boulder 303-413-7270 WWW.BPRCAMPS.ORG Bounce, tumble, swing, balance, play games, make friends, swim and more! Beginner through advanced gymnasts will have the opportunity to learn, challenge themselves and have fun in our state-ofthe-art facility that includes three trampolines, two foam pits, a trapeze, rope swing, as well as the usual vault, bars, beam floor, pommel horse, parallel bars, high bar and rings. This gymnastics camp offers a great introduction to the sport and is a great way to continue learning at all levels. Campers will be grouped by age and ability. If you’ve never tried gymnastics, or if you’ve been tumbling for years, this camp promises a great experience. Ages 5-12. H SINGLETRACK MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURES Boulder 303-447-8014 WWW.RIDESMBA.ORG Featuring a flexible schedule, Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures (SMBA) offers weekly summer camps, after-school rides, weekend rides, half-day camps and race series. SMBA introduces youth to the exhilaration and adventure of mountain biking. Easy to advanced trail riding allows for mastery of new skills in a fun, safe and supportive environment. SMBA provides an atmosphere where riders have the opportunity to develop a range of skills and interests, from a 7-year-old beginner to a mature racer.

sports: football, basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer. The camps provide a chance to work with CU coaches and athletes, experience life on campus and play where the Buffaloes play. H VARIOUS SPORTS CAMPS — WITH BOULDER PARKS AND RECREATION Boulder County 303-413-7441 WWW.BPRCAMPS.COM With more than 175 camp sessions sprinkled throughout the summer, there’s something for everyone to get excited about. Each camp is designed to stimulate your child’s physical, mental and social development, and will include: gymnastics, dance, tennis, biking skills, rock climbing, slack lining, ultimate frisbee, golf, discgolf, girls-only options and more! H XTREME ALTITUDE GYMNASTICS Lafayette 720-887-6752 WWW.XTREMEALTITUDE.COM At Xtreme Altitude and Flatirons Gymnastics, we offer exciting theme-based camps that give children a place to fuel their imaginations. Boys and girls will build confidence, self-esteem and gymnastics skills in a fun, rewarding atmosphere. H Y RIDERS CYCLING CAMP (YMCA OF BOULDER VALLEY) Boulder 303-443-4474 WWW.YMCABV.ORG Y Riders Cycling Camp has taught local kids and teens to ride successfully and safely for more than 25 years, taking them from training wheels to trails. Children learn how to ride a two-wheeler in Learn-to-Bike Camp and build their skills in Y Riders Basic Skills. Junior Y Riders and Local Adventures programs offer skills in path riding and mountain biking.



This is the opportunity to learn your favorite sports from your favorite team, the Colorado Buffaloes. CU Athletics offers summer sports camps for the following

Bend it like Beckham, pass like Peyton and lead like LeBron. YMCA campers will explore the wide world of sports through team-building, skill progression and tons of playing time. Campers also experience

our “Y Way to Play” philosophy. They will enjoy swimming each week and love the sports-specific field trips, including the Colorado Rockies and Denver Outlaws games.

OVERNIGHT CAMPS H CAMP TIMBERLINE Estes Park 970-484-8462 WWW.CAMPTIMBERLINE.COM Offering sports, mountain adventure and backpacking for youth and teens ages 7-18, Sunday-Saturday. H SINGLETRACK MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURES Boulder 303-447-8014 WWW.RIDESMBA.ORG SMBA Adventure Trips and Race Camps bring riders to some of the best riding in Moab, across Colorado and beyond. SMBA is the longest-running independent junior mountain bike program in Colorado. Our programs introduce young riders to the exhilaration of mountain biking in a safe and fun environment. H WOODWARD COPPER Copper Mountain Resort 970-426-0191 CAMPWOODWARD.COM/COPPER There’s nothing that says learning and growing can’t be fun. Woodward Copper takes pride in empowering kids to progress and advance in sport using worldclass facilities and professional staff. Woodward Copper offers overnight and day camps for skiing and snowboarding on real Colorado snow, as well as skateboard, BMX, mountain bike, scooter and cheer camps. Select weeks give campers a change to meet and train with their favorite pros and VIPs. New for Summer 2018: Woodward Copper now offers Adventure Camp including hiking, overnight camping and more. All campers will enjoy access to the 19,400-square-foot action sports paradise, “The Barn,” and the all-new Woodward WreckTangle obstacle course, plus tons of other fun challenges and activities. See full Summer 2018 schedule and details online. BOULDER WEEKLY

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• LOUISVILLE’S GREAT FAMILY INDIAN RESTAURANT

Taj Mahal III Restaurant Wine, Beer & Food

303-926-0999 1075 E. South Boulder RD. Louisville, CO

$9.95 all you can eat lunch buffet...7 days a week!

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Indian Restaurant


$9.95 all you can eat lunch buffet...7 days a week!

1800 Broadway st. boulder, co 303-442-0999

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Food, Wine & Beer


INDOORFull SUMMER CAMPS or Half Days Weekly Rates Online Registration Ages 4 - 15 yrs.




$149 / Week

BIS Outdoor Training Field (3203 Pearl St.)

Select Weeks Only 303.440.0809

3 8 18 kids camp  
3 8 18 kids camp