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On The Cover Busted Knuckles Stunt Tour: King Tony, Photo By: Erick Runyon

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Stopping your motorcycle in the shortest possible distance is another valuable skill that street riders need. When an obstacle appears in front of you and swerving is not an option because there are no escape routes available (a piece of furniture falls off of the truck in front of you), then stopping becomes your only option to avoid a collision. The term “maximum braking” is used when both brakes are applied as firmly as possible without locking up either wheel, typically in an emergency situation. To achieve maximum braking, simultaneously squeeze the front brake and clutch levers, and press the rear brake pedal with firm pressure. Apply the brakes smoothly—avoid “grabbing” or “stabbing” the brakes, as the harsh application is more likely to cause a skid or other upset to the chassis. During maximum braking, keep the motorcycle in as straight a line as possible to reduce lean angle and the likelihood of the wheels losing traction. Remember, if either wheel is skidding, maximum braking power is not being applied to the road surface. Keep your body centered over the motorcycle and look well ahead, not down. Maximum braking, like swerving, is a critical skill that should be practiced. It is wise to occasionally go to a clear (not wet or oily), safe area and practice maximum braking maneuvers to accustom yourself to how much braking force can be applied before your wheels begin to skid. This is especially the case if you have recently purchased a new or different motorcycle and need to discover its unique braking characteristics.

JAN 17,18,19 GIBTOWN

Held in conjunction with Gibtown Bikefest on January 17th, 18th 19th 2020, Born to Ride Media presents the Chopporama Chopper Show! A three day chopper extravaganza of some of the most talented known (and unknown) builders around the U.S. This ain’t a competition, just a gathering of chopper lovers young and old alike dedicated to those carbed custom machines of years gone by. Don’t worry there will still be Ride In Bike Shows Saturday & Sunday. You ask who are these Builders? For the most part, these builders are what I call the ‘new generation of builder’. The thought process of most of the new generation builders and riders is completely different than it was 10, 15 or even 20 years ago. Back then, a whole generation of builders were influenced by the $50,000-$100,000 bike builds seen on build-off’s and series aired by the Discovery Channel. Today’s bulder, rider BTR 10 | BORNTORIDE.COM

seems more content to build and ride what they can with what they have available to them. If that means buying a 15 year old Sportster for $2500 and turning it into an awesome home built custom build so be it. In my opinion there is a sense of history that these guys (and girls) connect with and inspires them to keep things simple, stylish and connecting them to the past. ‘This’ is the new generation, and Im hoping to bridge the gap at this event. From the older enthusiast decked out in black leather drinking a cold brew to the enthusiast wearing khakis and Converse All Stars drinking a Latte, this should appeal to everyone. * For a chance to have your chopper build included contact me, Erick Runyon at or call: 888-795-5779 Now it’s time to learn a little about some of these very talented builders that will be part of Chopporama.


Builder Profile Bill Dodge: All around great guy and prolific bike builder Bill Dodge has been riding and building bikes since he was a kid in Compton,California. His passion was strong at a young age, and his hard work ethic and talent eventually ended up with working as shop foreman for Jesse James at West Coast Choppers. In the ‘hey day’ of the West Coast Choppers era, if you did business at WCC, you came into contact with Bill. It was there that he became widely known for his easy go-

For a chance to have your chopper build included contact, Erick Runyon at

bike as easily as you can spot a Picasso. Like Picasso, his builds have similar traits. but are all glorious works of art to be respected by peers and connoisseurs alike. We’re lucky enough to have him join us as an invited builder to Chopporama. You can see his bikes as well as the work of many other talented builders at the Chopporama experience by Born to Ride during the Gibtown Bikefest January 17th, 18th and 19th.

ing ‘what can I do for you’, ‘how can I help? After spending 8 ys at WCC Bill packed up and moved to New Jersey where he opened up Bling’s Cycles.. Bill spent some time in Jersey, then met a girl in Kentucky and moved Bling’s to the Blue Grass state. The two fell in love and decided Kentucky was too damned cold. They packed up and headed to the promise land of bike builders, Daytona Beach Florida. Bill has established himself as one of the premier bike builders in the industry. His work is precision like, and if you’re familiar with Bill’s work, you can spot a Bill Dodge


Brian Buttera of Buttera’s Metal Werx, Lakeland, Florida has spent most of his life doing metalwork and fabrication. All the way back in 2017, (and I say that tongue in cheek) Brian was motivated to build his first custom bike by his friend and accomplished bike builder Ryan Gore of Paper Street Customs. The bike, a red or call: 888-795-5779, Check Out and Like Our Page.

shovelhead was taken to The Rats Hole Bike Show in Sturgis where it won ‘Best in Show’. From Sturgis, the bike went to Swiss Moto Zurich where it won 1st Place Radical Class and Best in Show. His next stop was in Abu Dhabi where his bike won Best in Show at Custom Show Emirates where he won Best In Show. You’d think that would be enough for the average builder. First bike, and it takes the world by storm. Nope, Brian recently took his second build to Los Angeles for The Golden Bolt Competition. Unlike many of today’s shows, this competition wasn’t only based on cosmetics, but also on performance and reliability and the bikes were put through the paces throughout the LA traffic, etc. The grand prize winner would go home with $30,000. Brian took top honors and headed back home to Lakeland with a second great show-stopping motorcycle and a pocket full of cash. We’re excited that Brian accepted our offer to be a part of Chopporama! He may be a ‘new kid on the block’ but his work is timeless and in a class by itself. All of the builders have something unique to bring to the table. We’re looking forward to seeing everybody come together for the sake of ‘the all mighty chopper.’ BORNTORIDE.COM | BTR 11


Today we wanna highlight another great dude bringing a couple nice builds to Chopporama, Jeff Lovelady of GraySpeed Cycles! After 12 yrs of working for the city, he quit his 9-5 and went to MMI. He would come home to his wife and kids on the weekends then do the MMI thing during the week.. After he graduated MMI, the next item on his list was to open up his shop. He did it big by purchasing a former church in the grand Central District on 1st Ave in St.Pete and converted it into a beautiful space so nice that it would make the designers on HGTV jealous. His first chopper build out of the shop was,a beautiful ‘59 pre-unit Triumph he named ‘Snowblind’. The bike was photographed and published for issue #77 of Dice Magazine. Jeff explained that he couldn’t have achieved any of his goals without the love and support of his family and that Snowblind wouldn’t have happened without the support and help of his friends. Jeff is a great example of a family man and a business man who followed his dreams to success. We’re excited that he accepted our invitation, and we’re looking forward to seeing the bikes he’ll bring to the table at Chopporama.


Eric Allard of FnA.Custom Cycles. Based out of Lakeland Florida, Eric has a reputation for being relatively quiet and and unassuming. He’ll give you the shirt off his back,but prefers to keep to himself and let his builds do the talking for him. Prior to getting his first street bike in 2006, Eric was into dirtbikes and four-wheelers. Once he acquired that first bike, a ‘77 Shovelhead, his view of the two wheeled world changed forever. He worked on friend bikes, and builds of his own for a couple years until her came to the decision in 2009 to open ‘FnA Custom Cycles’. His work can be best described as ‘stylishly unique’. Whether taking a classic BMW and creating a steam punk BTR 12 | BORNTORIDE.COM

style monster that you could see in a ‘Mad Max’ movie, or taking a Kawasaki 750 H2 powerplant and turning into one of a kind digger style chopper, he has a flair for the unexpected.

Eric also has the mind of a scientist that never sleeps. He is constantly coming up with ideas and designs to help improve upon the reliability of those Harley and Triumph Motors of yesteryear. He’s developed a seal kit that people can’t get enough of, and he’s also come up with a couple unique magneto systems for Shovelheads etc. that will keep you running down the rode with more dependability than ever. We’re excited that Eric along with amny other talented builders accepted our invitation to join us at Chopporama. It will be a great event highlighting some of the industry’s most creative, and artistic builders. It’ll be a fun for all ages thrill ride, and we look forward to seeing you there!

To Be Continued Next Month. Find Out What Other Incredible Creators of Iron & Steel are Coming!

For more information on Chopporama go to: or Call: 888-795-5779

Looking for Tattoo’d Sweethearts for this Show who want to WIN CASH, Contact: Erick Runyon at

Tiny Trailer Nation Making a Big Impact in the Biker Community

During a weekend camping outing, the thought of sleeping on the ground in a tent was just not appealing anymore. Randy Clouse looked for an inexpensive alternative to travel trailers. One day, he came home with a brand-new enclosed utility trailer with the idea of tricking it out as a camper, but during the building stage, he decided that he also wanted to travel/ camp with his Harley-Davidson. The result was not only a camper but a toy hauler. After much encouragement and being tired of the slow seasons at work, he decided to venture out on his own building these Tiny Trailers. BTR 16 | BORNTORIDE.COM

“Tiny Trailers let you live in comfort on the spot; eliminating hotel costs while taking your bike with you anywhere”

One year later, Tiny Trailer Nation now exists, and sales have boomed to over two dozen custom builds. Randy not only caters to motorcycle enthusiasts but also

to recreational campers and musicians; of which Randy is one himself. He transforms any enclosed utility trailer into a customized home on wheels including electric/ water hookup, microwave, refrigerator, sink, paint, flooring along with many other options including rooftop A/C, awnings, oil-resistant flooring, bike tie-downs, outdoor showers, charging stations, televisions, and convertible beds just to name a few. Builds can include one or two bike capacity. The average price for a Tiny Trailer is approximately $6k depending on the building design; which is considerably less than any full-size camper or toy haul-

“Randy is the Hardest Working Man in Selling Your Dreams of Travel and Adventure”

Ron Galletti

er. Completion of a Tiny Trailer can even be accomplished in as little as one week! This year alone, Tiny Trailers have traveled to Sturgis, Daytona Biketoberfest, Myrtle Beach, and frequently to Scooter Haven Country Club. One even ended up used in the Panhandle during Hurricane Michael cleanup/renovations. All of Randy’s Tiny Trailers can be pulled by a normal vehicle with at least the recommended 6-cylinder engine. As a musician, Randy has played the drums for many bands in the Tampa Bay area over the past 20 years. In his early career, he played for national recording

“As a Musician, Randy has played the drums for many bands in the Tampa Bay area over the past 20 years”

artists such as Leon Russell, Rick Derringer, and Derek St. Holmes. As a small business owner, Randy also believes in giving back to the community, caring for

Let Born To Ride help Market your Products with our Multi-Media, 888-795-5779

disabled veterans for the past 14 years by building wheelchair ramps, providing household maintenance, and running needed errands. Tiny Trailers let you live in comfort on the spot; eliminating hotel costs while taking your bike with you anywhere. Randy and Tiny Trailer Nation can be seen at various Bike Festivals, Harley-Davidson Dealership Grand Openings, and some local Bike Nights or at 12847 66th Street N, Largo FL. You can also look them up at Let Randy build you the Tiny Trailer of your dreams!



For more info on The Great American Motorcycle Show • • 770-279-9899

As a youngster growing up, we were so fortunate to experience the joy and fun of camping. Every summer, my parents would take us on an adventure to places we would read about in school. Now that I’m older, the thought of getting back into camping – AND taking my motorcycle along – is more intriguing, thanks to my conversation with Marc McAdams of Creative RV Atlanta! Creative RV is an amazing company whose headquarters are located in Chino, California. “We are technically the largest bus sales company in the nation. We specialize in buses also; school buses, church buses, tour buses, etc., 35 years in buses. The RV side of the business is three years old. The way we got into the RV world is through a company called Forest River RV. They are an RV/Bus company (a Warren Buffett Company). They are the third-largest RV manufacturing company in the nation.” Forrest River approached Creative RV asking them to sell the RVs thanks to the reputation, manpower, facilities, etc. of Creative RV. “We have locations in Chino, CA, Washington state, Arizona, Atlanta, BTR 22 | BORNTORIDE.COM

Jacksonville, Florida, and a facility in Pennsylvania.” Marc was hired to run the RV side of the business. “I came from Maryland to Georgia. I am the manager for the east coast. My job is to build up the business on the east coast. There is another guy that mirrors my job out on the west coast. This year in May, we had matched the number in Atlanta from last year. We doubled our numbers before this year was over – thanks to the biker community!”

Travel & Adventure, The RV Lifestyle Coincides with the Biker Lifestyle

Marc was quick to mention that their success was due, in part, to Ron Galletti of Born To Ride. “It’s not through natural leads like Craig’s List, RV Trader, our website, etc. It’s because we are in the motorcycle community. We do bike events and did a Born To Ride event with Ron at the Great

American Motorcycle Show here in Atlanta, showcasing our toy haulers for bikers. Having a toy hauler AND your motorcycle can make all the difference in the world when you’re on a trip. “A lot of bikers have never been in a toy hauler. At our shows, we expose them to the toy hauler lifestyle and understanding that if at age 60, for example, you’re going to Sturgis, you don’t need to be riding. Having a toy hauler, you have your “motel,” your bike is not in the elements or in the threat of getting stolen or damaged, and you are living in luxury.” Most floor plans are pre-arranged. You can deviate from an established floor plan; if you want a king-sized bed versus a queen. But, if you want to get into changing color schemes, it’s not cost-effective. “All floor plans are going to have the same tank capacity. But the manufacturers have gotten away from doing one-off units. It’s a road we prefer not to go down because the costs are substantially more to the customer.” Toy haulers start at $22,000. This is a 26’ rig standing strong at 5,000 pounds. “You can put two Harleys in this rig AND it can be towed with a Ford F150/Chevy 1500, 866-201-8990 • Atlanta, GA 770-795-4295, We Deliver Anywhere in the U.S.

pickup truck! Payments are really low when purchasing a new toy hauler. It’s simple interest with no pre-payment penalties. If your taxes are done properly, you can write off the first 5 years of interest because the IRS sees RVs as a home.” In order for the IRS to see this as a home, the RV has to have a bathroom, kitchen, and a place to sleep. It’s tax-deductible as a second home! Under $50,000 you can finance up to 15 years, over $50,000 you can finance up to 20 years. The Vengeance 5th wheeler, tri-axle RV (my personal favorite) is the most popular unit Marc sells. Selling at around $56,000, payments can be in the neighborhood of $400 or so a month. Marc explained, “Our price point starts at the low $20s to $100,000. We can fit any economic situation including finding the right RV for you and your truck.” Marc is a rider, owning a Hayabusa motorcycle. Technically, it’s the fastest production bike made, and he loves riding it! “I started riding at the age of eight with dirt bikes in Maryland where I grew up.” Why a toy hauler? “The RV lifestyle coincides with the biker lifestyle. Three of my new RV/toy hauler customers

just returned from Sturgis. They were all together and met new people at the campsites they stayed at. In fact, they sent me pictures of the little town they all created at this campsite! They didn’t need to get a hotel every night, they stayed in their RV, they were out of the elements because they were in their trucks, they get their bikes out and rode, came back to their little town with their little house, and it all just comes together. You find yourself seeking out other places to go! You want to be free and see stuff that you wouldn’t normally see as a typical person.” Normally, our vacations are based around an air flight and a rented car. Marc clarified, “You are limited. If the airport is a bit away from the ‘fun stuff,’ the best food, the best of America, you’re not going to see it because you’re basing a trip around that airport. Your hotel is in conjunction with the airport – and you’re limited. You have to check out at a certain time, you can’t bring your dog, you’re limited on how many people can stay in one room, etc. You have a rental car. You don’t have your stuff in your car, you may smoke but can’t in a rental car, you may have a limited amount

of miles you can drive. Again, you’re restricted. With your own! toy hauler, you can avoid all the stuff we just mentioned and do what you what, when you want! It changes the whole outlook by taking time off.” Quick weekenders are the most fun. If you own an RV, you can jump in the truck, drag the RV and head out to a place 45 minutes from home! It may cost you less than $100 for the weekend! Last thoughts today, Marc? “I’d like to convey that we are RVers. We live the lifestyle and we are bikers. We know how to maximize the fun level. When we share something with you, we are telling you the truth. This is our passion. Hopefully, it will be yours too! Why get caught in a torrential downpour on your motorcycle and stay at a nasty hotel? An RV will eliminate that trouble.” Be sure to tell Marc that you read this story in Born To Ride magazine. You will receive a unique Born To Ride pricing when you purchase a toy hauler at this event or at their showroom! Thank you, Marc, for sharing your story with the readers of Born To Ride magazine! Susan Hurst

Let Marc McAdams Help you find your Dream, 470-259-7630, Creative RV,


Ramble On

Harley-Davidson Falcons Fury


eteran’s Day. I am writing this column on Veteran’s Day. After waking up to a quiet morning, nestled in my comfortable bed, in a warm house, on a safe street, with a hot cup of coffee waiting to warm up my insides. No drama. And I usually take it all for granted. Today I say, “Thank you veterans!” The sun is shining, my neighbors are out walking their dogs before going off to work, and my 2 dogs sit in the window barking “good morning”, or maybe they’re actually barking “time to go for our walk”. Either way. I feel safe. Comfortable. Thank you veterans! I can turn on the TV and watch the news. I can listen to the radio. I can hop on my Harley and go for a ride, anywhere I please. Safely.Thank you veterans! For our Freedoms, Choices, Beliefs. Thank you veterans! I was able to hop on my Hog and travel to Falcon’s Fury Harley-Davidson’s 5 Year Anniversary Party last July, after already celebrating our freedoms during the Fourth of July celebrations earlier in the month. Thanks to the Freedoms that Veterans ensure us, it was a day of fun, laughter, bikes, bikinis, beer, music, stunts, venders, prizes….and even more! Thank you veterans for the freedom to enjoy Falcon’s Fury 5th Anniversary. Thank you Harley-Davidson for supplying our military, during the war years, with the mobility of a motorcycle. A dependable, long-lasting, BTR 26 | BORNTORIDE.COM

American-made Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Thank you veterans for keeping your oath. When I woke up early Saturday morning, preparing for my ride I noticed that the weather temperature was in the low 30’s. But it goes without saying, that it’s never too chilly to take a ride for chili. And after a hot bowl of chili, I warmed up nicely during the afternoon, and so did the weather. Thank you veterans! Please understand that tomorrow, I’ll wake up to another quiet morning, nestled in my comfortable bed, in a warm house, on a safe street, with a hot cup of coffee waiting to warm up my insides. Again and again I say, “Thank You Veterans!” As you read these words, it’s probably chilly outside, and we are already in the month of December. Remember that Falcons Fury Harley Davidson is sponsoring their 2019 Toy Run on Saturday, December 14 and Santa is returning to Falcons Fury on Saturday, December 21. Be there for fun, food, drink, and photos with Santa! Christmas is a time to worship, or not to worship… whatever, however, we choose. Thank you veterans for keeping us a free nation and being able to decide for ourselves whether to worship or not, without any government interference. Now, as I always end my column, until next month “keep your knees in the breeze and stay riding free.” “Thank you veterans.”

Falcon’s Fury Harley-Davidson , 900 Dogwood Dr, SE Conyers, GA 30012 • 770-979-7999




Falcon’s Fury Harley-Davidson , 900 Dogwood Dr, SE Conyers, GA 30012 • 770-979-7999

Movie Review

on a northern California beach. She runs away sans clothes, but they meet again when she runs Bronson off the road. Jim catches up and lets her driver door have it with a kick of his boot. Off he goes, suitably avenged. At a gas stop, they meet again, where the convertible driver becomes a passenger on the Sportster, abandoning her car as the result of a curious policeman’s questions. From here on love fitfully blooms. On the road to New Orleans they slowly figure each other out. However, on arrival they realize they need to part, he to continue his quest for meaning and her to return to the very thing that had scared her onto the road with Jim. They part and Bronson rides into television history over the next 2 years and 26 episodes. What is interesting is the kind of biker Bronson is. He’s not a tear-it-up terrorizer of decent common folk, as so many movies make us out to be. Neither is he the trendy young motorcyclist so many Honda ads of the time purported us to be, riding our little, brightly colored scoots, wearing white slacks and boat shoes, and with a pert college girl on back. What Bronson was, and what I aspire to be as a biker and a person, is a self-reliant man in charge of his bike and his life, not the pawn of others. He’s quiet and a thinker, and not afraid to get his hands dirty for that next tank of gas and a bit of food, or wrenching his ride on the side of the highway. He’s not a

Nineteen sixty-nine was a pivotal time in American history. It was also a beginning of sorts for my love affair with motorcycles, begat in large part by a short-lived television series starting that year—Then Came Bronson. I was 12 years-old and devoured every episode of the lonely stranger and his eye-emblazoned Sportster wandering across the country. This movie introduced Jim Bronson (Michael Parks) to the world. The film begins with Jim’s friend, Nick (Martin Sheen) in crisis and disillusioned with life — as so many young men are. Part of the “Stompers” motorcycle club, Nick had settled down with a wife and a “real” job—offering much promise for advancement according to his wife—but he knows better. Dead end, dull job, responsibilities, and no resources—is that what life is all about? The only thing he has worth anything is his Sportster, so under the Golden Gate Bridge he asks Jim to buy it from his wife and then promptly jumps to his death, Jim returns to the office of his once-valued profession, a reporter, only to realize he is facing much the same as his friend—a dull job and an industry hungry for unsavory stories, ones that “show people at their worst.” Jim loads up the Sportster and hits the road. He doesn’t get far before he eyes a young girl (Temple Brooks, played by Bonnie Bedelia), running away from her pending life of responsibility, shedding her wedding dress and engagement ring BTR 32 | BORNTORIDE.COM

Bronson rides into television history over the next 2 years and 26 episodes

pushover, but neither is he a troublemaker. He leads himself and is not led by others. He lives by his own rules, but they are not thoughtless or selfish rules and he listens more than he talks. What it all comes down to is his choice of going out and living his life, instead of accepting life as other people tell him it is or should be. Bronson is so soft-spoken I occasionally had to back up to catch quiet bits of dialogue set against the unmistakably late 60s music. Maybe someday that music will attain an aura of classicism, but to my ears it is awkward. The movie, however, makes up for that music by a couple instances of a nice rendition of “Wayfaring Stranger” sung by Michael Parks and Bonnie Bedelia. For an observant rider, little things like the magical appearance of knobbies on the Sportster (really a Jawa) for the hill-climbing scene may disturb the flow a bit, but the story is worth putting up with little inconsistencies. Many viewers will not even notice the poetic license taken here and there. If you recall the show from your youth and enjoy an occasional blast from the past, pick up this flick. Be warned—you may end up following your viewing with online searches for TV episodes and “Bronson Bikes.” You may even think about your life, your choices, and what you love about riding. This DVD is available from. The Phantom

Do you have a favorite Biker Movie we don’t have? Let us know:

Women’s World

Bikes, Bluetooth and Banter

As you may remember from a previous column, I’m still a new rider and I live and ride in the city. I know! Most people learn on the open road, way before taking their bike into a city with heavy traffic. Living in the city when I got my license and bought my bike made the reverse more logical. Especially when I could practice during the few times when the streets were almost empty, like early Saturday and Sunday mornings before the malls open and the church services start. I’ve practiced enough riding in my familiar surroundings that I’ve even gotten comfortable in heavy, stop ‘n go traffic. The city is a great place to practice stops and turns. Maybe I became a little too comfortable riding solo in my own neighborhood. I longed to get out of my comfort zone and venture onto the open road. This spring a guy I’d met on one of my few group rides reached out and invited BTR 34 | BORNTORIDE.COM

Michael, my new riding friend and I went to a large church parking lot where he had me practice several maneuvers while he was ‘in my ear’ via Bluetooth giving me in-themoment instructions and suggestions. A great teacher, he was able to quickly help me to correct some of the mistakes I was making and point out some bad habits I’d developed. When we got back on the road he encouraged and guided me. A cheerful “Come on!” when I was lagging encouraged me to increase my speed. I’d gotten very comfortable riding at 25 to 35 miles per hour in the city. That wouldn’t work on the highway! He knew I was having trouble knowing when to change gears, so he talked me through that a few times. All the classes and instruction I’d had previously was done on a training course or a parking lot. Having someone talk to me and guide me in real-time while going the speed limit was incredibly helpful in getting me to stretch my comfort zone. It also helped to follow someone who could tell me when a turn was me to ride with him. I was eager to go and coming up or there was a hazard to watch glad he was patient enough to take on a for. beginning rider. Other than using the Bluetooth for GPS I didn’t figure I’d use it much after I became more comfortable riding. Why would I need to talk to anybody other than for directions? And then he introduced me to the guys! Riding with a couple of his guy friends we were all four connected via Bluetooth. Not only did I get encouragement, One of his first suggestions was that I purchase a Bluetooth headset for my helmet. instruction, and someone to navigate, but I was included in their banter, heard Back when I rode as a passenger with my comments about previous rides and laughed late husband, people often asked if we used along with their jokes. headphones to talk with each other. We Riding with a small group through easy didn’t and I didn’t see the point. We enjoyed country roads, gentle curves and a few the sounds of the highway and didn’t talk tighter twists reminded me what I loved much as we rode. about riding! It pushed my skill level enough Still, I could see the benefit of having to be exciting but not scary. It was the first someone talk to me in real-time as I tried time I felt like I was riding instead of learning to get more comfortable riding and increase to ride. I can’t wait to do it again! my skills. By Myra McElhaney If you or someone you know has a unique story contact

“It was the first time I felt like I was riding instead of learning to ride”

Robert Greer had recently bought a 2,200 sq ft. “Lodge” near Robbinsville, NC. Robert, a member of the Sylvester, GA American Legion Riders Post 335, asked some of the Legion Riders members if they wanted to stay a weekend and ride the mountains, to which four of us emphatically said “YES!” Much to the disconcertment of our spouses, Robert said this was to be a man’s run only. On a Thursday morning, Legion Riders: Dana Ashberry, Tommy Bruce, Jay Lewis, Robert and I departed South GA for a 1,200-mile round trip to the NC mountains. The forecast was a 40% chance of rain, but this was the only weekend that Robert had the lodge. Instead of taking I-75 to Atlanta, we rode the interstate to Forsyth, then a scenic route on Highway 83N through Trisha Yearwood’s hometown of Monticello; then Madison, Highway 441 Athens to Dillard, reaching the famous Dillard House just in time for lunch. At the Dillard House, they bring an assortment of Southern entrees to your table, which of course, rounded out the meal with peach cobbler and ice cream. After lunch, we continued on our scenic BTR 36 | BORNTORIDE.COM

trip by Tallulah Gorge, Franklin, Stecoah and then before going to the lodge, a trip to the top of the nearby Fontana Dam, the largest dam in the Eastern United States. We then left the dam and headed for the lodge and its difficult winding gravel rock driveway. The road to the house was covered with rocks, ½

“Friday morning took us to the famous Deals Gap, Tail of the Dragon, this was my 7th time there”

the size a fist which caused the front wheels of our bikes to waver back and forth going up and down the driveway. At different times going up and down this path, we tried going slowly and then fast and never did find a happy medium, just went rockin’ n rollin’ on this driveway. Friday morning took us to the famous Deals Gap, Tail of the Dragon. This was

my seventh time there. The first time was many years ago, coming from the TN side, which at that time there was no warning that you were on the Dragon until I saw a sign at the top of a curve with someone’s picture on it that had gone off the edge. This time we were on the NC side where we checked out the souvenir shop and those of us that served in the military were given a dragon decal with our branch of service stenciled on it, three USMC and one USAF. It had been 11 years since the last time I rode the Dragon and on a Road King that was 2 inches lower than the Road King I was driving, so my 76-year-old body didn’t take the turns as I had done before so I took my time. The hardest part was ignoring the opposite traffic coming around the curves and wondering if they will cross the centerline. The others that I was with had this happen. I wanted to enjoy the rest of our trip since the last time I was there we had a rider go down on a curve and broke his collar bone. He never knew what happened. We all made it through the Dragon without incident. Instead of being full of the usual “metric bikes,” this time the

Dragon was full of Miatas. After completing the 318 curves in 11 miles, we rode up the Foothills Parkway which had been extended longer than the last time I was there and went through Wears Valley, TN. We wanted to go up to the 4154 ft. Cove Mountain, but it was too foggy, so we continued on to Pigeon Forge to the Harley dealership. Just as Robert drove into the parking lot, he noticed his tire was going flat, so while they were fixing it, we went across the street to Calhouns Restaurant for their famous ribs. Instead of having to buy a new tire, Robert got off easy. They replaced the band around his wire wheel as well as a new tube. We continued through Pigeon Forge and on highway 441. It started to rain as we rode

headed back to the lodge and up the rocky driveway. This time I went up faster and it seemed a little more stable. Saturday morning, we had a great

breakfast at Robbinsville Huddle House. They had some breakfast specials and I was glad I passed up the big specials.

ride was my favorite, the Cherohala Skyway, unlike the hectic “Tail of the Dragon,” this what I call a leisurely 43-mile trip from off of highway 129 to Tellico Plains, TN. I say leisurely, but it had warning signs. What was interesting is that they had objects that looked like telephone poles donated by Duke Electric, to allow the rare Northern flying squirrel to launch themselves off the poles and glide across the road. If it were not for them, they would not cross on their own due to cars and predators. Just before reaching Tellico Plains, we took a slight detour to the scenic 90-foot, Bald River Falls. As we were leaving the Skyway, they even had another Harley boutique that we stopped at on the Cherohala near Tellico Plains. From

across the Great Smokey Mountains through Newfound Gap, which is on the TN/NC line and into Cherokee, with a stop at the Cherokee Harley boutique shop. (I call it that when they have no bikes, just clothes). We were thinking of going to Maggie Valley, but the weather looked too dark in that direction and it was getting too late to go to the “Wheels Through Time” museum, located in Maggie Valley. We headed to Bryson City and back to the Fontana Dam. Some of the guys wanted to see the bottom of the dam, which was also impressive. Afterward, we

It wasn’t too long after we got to the Nantahala National Forest that some of the guys that had a big breakfast were looking for a bathroom. We went to one overlook area and there was none. It was getting serious when Robert found a bathroom near the forest entrance. After that break, we then went up a dead-end road by the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Park and up to the Maple Springs overlook in the Nantahala National Forest. They were reconstructing the overlook with new timber and it really worth the trip up due to the view. The next

Tellico Plains, were rode on a scenic winding highway 360 to Venore with a lunch stop at Hardees and then on highway 72 back to highway 129 on the TN side, stopping at a new Dragon Harley boutique store and riding the Dragon from the TN side to the NC side completing 2 dragon runs each way in 2 days. After stopping at the Fontana Village grocery store for supplies, back to the lodge, we rode. Of course, the day we were leaving and the last ride down the rocky path ended up in me trying to cut around the rocks and onto the slippery grass with morning dew

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“It started to rain as we rode across the Great Smoky Mountains through Newfound Gap”

and down my bike went landing down the hill at a forward 30-degree angle. Dana stopped on the rocks in an effort to help, but he too went down. We were able to check my front wheel with a rock and with it in gear, lifted the bike up with no damage to either bike. We were glad that part was over with. The route home was a little longer and again we tried to stay off the interstate, coming back through Andrews, Hiwassee, across Blood Mountain and decided to go BTR 38 | BORNTORIDE.COM

up the highest point in GA, Brasstown Bald, 4,783 ft. The ride up to the gate was almost as treacherous as the dragon. We then headed to Cleveland and with dark clouds ahead, we stopped at El Campesino Mexican Restaurant for lunch in hopes that it would blow over. After lunch, we decided to put on our rain gear and were glad we did. Before, we went in and out of the rain, but this time it came down hard all the way to Gainesville, GA.

It let up a bit around Athens and we took the reverse route back to Forsyth and then got back onto I-75 to home. After the ride, we all agreed our spouses would not have enjoyed the twisting and turning roads, as well as the rain that we encountered on our trip. We had ridden around 1,200 miles, 500 of them in the mountains. If you asked all of us if we would do it again, we all agreed ... Heck Yeah! Paul “Gadget� Murray

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Events www.B December 1 Asheboro, NC 33rd Annual Randolph County CBA Toy Run 10am Randolph Mall. Ride goes to Mills Children Home in Thomasville, police escorted Ride is free but please make a monetary donation or bring an unwrapped gift for a teenage boy or girl. Visit our Fb page for more info December 1 Charlotte, NC CBA USMC Toys4Tots Run 11am Bojangles Arena. Join the Charlotte CBA & USMC on Annual Toys4Tots Ride! Police Escorted Ride to Independence H-D in Matthews where the FREE Party Awaits! Harley is cooking up some good grub and Free Beer (a donation would be appreciated and goes towards the Toys4Tots Too!) (Vendors are welcome at both locations, the Bojangles Lot and at Independence Harley. 704-7269444 December 1 Knoxville, TN Biker Rags Motorcycle Swap Meet 10am 1st Sunday of every month). Buy, Sell, Trade New and Used Motorcycle Parts and Accessories. No Setup Fee - Everyone Welcome! December 3 Tampa Bay, FL Born To Ride Radio Live! Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm Call in 813-525-5560 December 7 Cottondale, AL Photos with Santa at T-Town Harley-Davidson 11am2pm. Photos with Santa are FREE so spread the word to all your friends and family. Bring your fur babies too! Visit our Fb page for more info December 7 Eldridge, AL 17th Annual Eldridge Toy Run 9am Eldridge Children’s Home. We will be having a bike ride in from several locations and a car, truck, bike, and trike show! This event will take place rain or shine! Visit our Fb page for more info


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ride to Chattahoochee Baptist Association KSU 11am. Bring an unwrapped gift for a for a child ages 0-14 yrs. December 8 Vidalia, GA Angel Run For Meloney Stutts 12pm Leather Love & Freedom. We start meeting up at 12pm and kickstands are up at 2pm sharp ride ends back here at the shop. We will have auction items as well anyone is welcome to bring cakes or other auction items as well, $10 minimum donation per rider. Meloney has been battling breast cancer for a while now and needs our help. Visit our Fb page for more info December 10 Tampa Bay, FL Born To Ride Radio Live! Every Tuesday 7pm9pm Call in 813-5255560 December 10 Cartersville, GA Southern Devil Harley-Davidson Harley Holidays with Santa 6pm-9pm. Live Music, Games, Complimentary Taco Bar for TACO TUESDAY! We will also have Free Beer, Pictures with Santa, Free Raffles, and an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. Visit our Fb page for more info December 13 - December 24 Maryville, TN Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson 12 Days of Christmas. Twelve days of Holiday Deals! December 14 Dothan, AL Meet Santa at Dothan H-D11am-2pm. Stop in for our Christmas Promotion. 334792-0063 December 14 Athens, GA Santa Claus is Coming to Cycle World of Athens

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11am-3pm. Free Santa photos, kids of all ages are welcome. 706-548-3300 December 14 Augusta, GA Pictures & Pancakes with Santa at Timms Harley-Davidson 10am-2pm. Santa is coming! Bring the whole family to enjoy pancakes, hot chocolate and cookies along with crafts and of course, get a FREE picture with Santa & Mrs. Claus. There may even be a GRINCH sighting! Event is free to the public. Visit our Fb page for more info December 14 Columbus, GA Donuts with Santa at Chattahoochee Harley-Davidson 10am-12pm. We are hosting Santa for a meet & greet and photo’s! (free digital copies!). Not to mention, Free Donuts, coffee and hot chocolate! Visit our Fb page for more info December 14 Conyers, GA Falcons Fury H-D Toy Run 12pm. Bring a new unwrapped present for a child. Free food, drinks and live music provided. Gifts will be delivered to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. December 14 Macon, GA Christmas Bike Ride 10am Macon H-D. Enjoy a long country ride ending at the Methodist Home for Children & Youth. The event benefits Boys & Girls at the Methodist Home; 50/50, door prizes and lunch. Visit our Fb page for more info December 14 Savannah, GA W4WW Ceremony Motorcycle Escort 7am Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. Escorted ride to Warriors Walk. Here at the ceremony, we assist the family, friends and loved ones by securing the Christmas BORNTORIDE.COM| BTR BTR 45 BORNTORIDE.COM || BTR BORNTORIDE.COM 4543 wreaths at our Fallen Heroes trees. Visit our Fb page for more info December 14 Swainsboro, GA 20th annual Toys for Boys and Girls Motorcycle Ride 10am Biker Nation. Registration will start at 10am in Swainsboro at Biker Nation 111 S Central St or 9am Statesboro Powersports. In Statesboro the ride will leave at 10:30am and be escorted to join the Swainsboro group where we will then be escorted to Herrington Homestead for lunch and fun with the kids. Your donation of $25 will include lunch, t-shirt & ticket. 478-494-7992 December 14 Gastonia, GA Hellfighters Toy Run - 11th Annual 10am Eastridge Mall. Please bring a new unwrapped toy for boys & girls 1-16 704-853-9853 December 14 High Point, FL 22nd Annual Brenner Children’s Hospital Toy Run 10am Riding High H-D. Registration starts at 10am Kickstands up at 1pm. Bring An Unwrapped Toy or a $10 Donation, Rain or Shine. Visit our Fb page for more info

December 14 Raleigh, NC Wreaths Across America 10:30am. Remember our fallen Veterans and Honor those who serve. Join us for the Wreath Deployment & Ceremony at Raleigh National Cemetery. Revenantwarriors. org

December 15 Beaufort, SC Southern Scooters 39th Annual Toy Run 1pm Beaufort Town Center. Donation of a new, unwrapped toy of at least $10 in value. All donations go to Salvation Army for distribution in Beaufort area. 843-846-2188

December 14 Abbeville, SC Harleys for Hounds 11am-2pm Woodlawn Baggers. Great lunch, motorcycles, and hounds! Visit our Fb page for more info

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December 21 Conyers, GA Santa is Returning to Falcons Fury H-D 2pm-4pm. Food & Drink and photos with Santa.

December 14 Greenville, SC Harley-Davidson of Greenville Photos with Santa 2pm-3pm. Bring your friends and family. Visit our Fb page

December 14 Monroe, NC 15th Annual CMOU Thumper’s Run 12pm Iron Horse Motorcycles. All are welcome to join your CMOU friends and Harley Santa for Thumper’s Turning Point Run. Please bring a gift for boys and girls up to 12yrs. Cages welcome. No weather cancellation. 704-840-9710

December 14 Little River, SC Julies Kids 5th Annual Poker Run All Day Finish Line Grill. Julies Kids 5TH annual poker run will raise funds to provide the youth with Christmas & necessary supplies that they need. 843467-5145

December 15 Pinehurst, NC Sunday Cruise-in Cox’s Double Eagle H-D 1pm-4pm. Cars, Trucks & Bikes Welcome. Enjoy food, beer, and rock music for the ages! All proceeds go to Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore County. Visit our Fb page for more info

December 14 Rock Hill, SC Cox’s H-D Photos with Santa 2pm-3pm. The Big Guy and his beautiful wife will be at the dealership for pics with your little ones (or big ones, or whatever)!

December 21 Lake Park, GA 27th Annual Toy Ride 9am Lake Park Plaza. Please bring a new unwrapped toy. There will be door prizes and 50/50. Toys to be distributed by the Salvation Army. 229-460-2521 December 21 Longs, SC Carolina Knight Riders MC 39th Annual Christmas Party 9pm-2am Carolina Knight Riders Clubhouse. 910872-9232 December 24 Tampa Bay, FL Born To Ride Radio Live! Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm borntoridetvmagazine. Call in 813-525-5560 December 31 Tampa Bay, FL Born To Ride Radio Live! Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm

borntoridetvmagazine. Call in 813-525-5560 January 17 - January 19 Gibsonton, FL Gibtown Bike Fest at the International Independent Showmen’s Association in Gibsonton. Dubbed at “Florida’s Most Entertaining Bike Week,” Gibtown Bike Fest is packed with vendors selling apparel, bike accessories, all the food that you can imagine, plenty to drink, and much more. January 17 - January 19 Gibsonton, FL Chopporama. Held in conjunction with Gibtown Bikefest. Born To Ride Media presents the Chopporama Chopper Show! A three-day chopper extravaganza of some of the most talented known (and unknown) builders of the southeast. This ain’t a competition, just a gathering of chopper lovers young and old alike dedicated to those carbed custom machines of years gone by. *For a chance to have your chopper build contact us at January 25 - January 26 Atlanta, GA The Great American Motorcycle Show Cobb Galleria Centre. See & compare the 2020 cycles, plus parts, accessories, and everything you need to get on the open road. February 14 - February 16 Sarasota, FL Thunder By The Bay at Sarasota Fairgrounds. Freestyle acts, 17-class bike show, vendors, live music. burnout contest, charity Poker Run, and more.

Fuel Tank Rusty? Craig Can Fix It!

On a motorcycle, your fuel tank is the heart and soul of your machine. What do you do when it’s rusty, when it leaks? Radiator shop over-the-counter stuff? You know it doesn’t work, try anyways and guess what? It doesn’t work. I offer an alternative service for the inside of your tank, I remove all rust clean them out and coat them with epoxy tank liner that’s clear and works, I guarantee it with gasoline and even methanol. I even repair failed Kreme and Redkote liners. I save vintage tanks that leak, rusty tanks that nobody would ever think of using again. I turn them around quickly within three days Many of the leading motorcycle dealers use me on a regular basis, (Tampabay Powersports, Tampa Triumph, and Eurocycles Tampa) when they’re tired of cleaning carburetors they call Craig. Prices are 129 any tank any condition, three day turn around. • 813-407-2226

Craven Moorehead CHRISTMAS

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and most of Cyber Monday. This was an easy task largely because I had no money to waste on things that I don’t really need. Although the desire is there to spend on the people I care about, it is an impossible feat without the necessary funds. Commercialism aside, there are a lot of valid reasons to enjoy this time of year. If you ignore all the ads, come-ons and deals you can’t live without and then simply focus on what you do have – and not what you want, a certain sort of peace will come over the chaos that roars on in your head and heart. It’s okay to want things, but if you cannot afford those things it’s better to just forget about it and move on. It seems to work well for me, but I’m not suggesting that you should think the way that I do. After all, it is a dark and disturbing place in what remains of my mind! Originally, we were all taught that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the census among the scientific community suggests that the event didn’t really happen during the winter, if it happened at all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the ability to practice their own religion. Scientists do not profit at this time of year but the commercial entities certainly do. Some of us simply try to remember the story as told in the Bible and let that be profit enough. (It took me several minutes to decide not to use the word ‘prophet’ in that sentence, instead of profit – levity resides in the aforementioned ‘dark’ areas of my mind.) Although it’s difficult to be comedic at times, if you are me then it just sort of rolls out usually to the disdain of those listening. Thankfully for you, my dedicated readers, you don’t have to hear all the crap because you simply read whatever drivel I put in this column - or you just put it down and not read it – and then make colorful comments about my existence. It’s okay. I’m used to it. …

I think as we get older, some of the magic and mystery of Christmas sort of fades away. The beauty and meaning of the holiday; however, seems to be intensified the farther you progress in life. Once you get past 6 or 7 years old, you begin to not believe in Santa Claus and begin believing in … I, however, still believe in Santa Claus because every time my dogs come back into the house from the yard they have sandy claws. Plus, I know for a fact that Santa frequents the Gentlemen’s Clubs. I have actually seen him there. Although he didn’t have on the red suit, I knew it was him because he kept bellowing out “Ho Ho Ho” and throwing cash around. The unmistakable long white beard and rosy-red face couldn’t have been attributed to the double vodkas he was drinking, could it? I used to think he only liked eggnog and cookies, and then I remembered that most of the eggnog that I have consumed contained a fairly good amount of alcohol. So, whether you believe in Santa or not, I suppose that it doesn’t really matter. I mean after all, everyone needs to have something to believe in, so I believe I will have another beer! This particular holiday has a lot of different meanings to a variety of people. I certainly do enjoy it, and of course it would be a lot more fun if I had some cash – but I never worry. I just wish everyone peace on Christmas and remember to do something nice for folks that need it. As bikers, we know how much love is spread around this time of year for those in need. Countless toyruns charitable poker runs and other events are occurring as we speak, and there are scant few days before the actual celebration of Christmas arrives. I appreciate all the efforts of those that give back to the community from behind this keyboard and it’s a blessing that this old-parts computer is still serving me well enough to allow me to send this important message to my readers. Anyhow, don’t think that I am nuts because I still believe in Christ and still give all I have. I also believe that Christmas itself brings people together and when people get together, great things happen! Just remember what the true meaning of this holiday is and do your best to enjoy it! Remember, just a few days after all the presents are unwrapped and the turkey is eaten, we once again gather together to celebrate the arrival of a new year. This is another great holiday because the new year often brings hope and prosperity to those that don’t wake up with a horrible hangover. When we make all those resolutions that we never keep, we can always remember the great times we had with family and friends during this wonderful season. And then, it’s back to work! May God bless you and all your people during this most joyous time of year! Hey! See ya’ll next year and until then speed safely!! CRAVEN

R.I.P. Craven Moorehead, Your Words Will Live On Forever


Christian Motorcyclists Association Jesus is the Ultimate Road Captain One great benefit of riding in a group with friends is the variety of talents and abilities possessed by members of that group. Today, I am thinking primarily of those who are blessed with a good sense of direction, and willing to lead the group to the ride’s destination, the Road Captain. They also often have the responsibility of arranging reservations at the restaurant we will be visiting. One favorite spot of the group I ride with needs to know when we are coming, as our group easily fills half of the seating. When I lead that ride, I always call the restaurant and give them a heads up and a count of how many will be coming. This is done so the restaurant will be prepared to receive our group. I was once tasked with leading a different ride of about 60 miles, a relatively short ride. Unfortunately, about half of the ride was fairly straight with no side roads. I felt it would be a good idea to hit some side roads to prevent boredom, so I went to my trusty satellite map to find some alternative routes. I found what looked like a great side road, with an assortment BTR 48 | BORNTORIDE.COM

of mild curves that would break the monotony of a more than 20-mile straight away. As I was patting myself on the back for preparing the way on that ride, I noticed that something looked a little off on the satellite map. When I did a deep zoom on the road, I had picked I discovered that it was about 5 miles of lime rock road, what a disaster that would have been. Had I not been carefully planning a safe and interesting ride, and a place to stop for a meal, it would have been a dismal ride! Road Captains are an integral part of the success of the ride. One item that is sometimes missed is planning stops along the way. We are all capable of going different distances without a break, and having over tired riders is no fun, nor is it safe. Next time you go on a group ride be sure to thank the Road Captain for keeping the ride safe and fun! In John 14:2-3, Jesus says, “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” Jesus is the ultimate Road Captain, He not only prepares the way, He will be there to meet us at the end of our journey. His map is the Bible, His directions are from the Father, and He does all of this for you and for me. What a great ride it is that we face! The next time you go on a ride, think about how Jesus has prepared the way for you and for me! In The Wind, Denny Dingler Check out for more articles from the CMA

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Born To Ride Southeast Motorcycle Magazine December 2019, #82  

Born To Ride Southeast Motorcycle Magazine December 2019, #82

Born To Ride Southeast Motorcycle Magazine December 2019, #82  

Born To Ride Southeast Motorcycle Magazine December 2019, #82