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E L I M 8 4 2,4

K N I D N A T L A H P S A S OF BTR 5 |


Route 66--the fabled ribbon of asphalt and concrete still winds its way across the country from Chicago to L.A. And it has also wound its way into the very soul of America. Although superseded in the 1970s by the Interstate freeways, the magic and mystic of the Mother Road has never died. Within the pages of the superbly illustrated book is a colorful illustrated history of the road and its landmarks of the famed RT 66. Put that together with Jim Bush’s story of devotion and passion as he has dedicated a true epic of ink to the legendary RT 66 on his body to show tribute for all to see. We at Born to Ride are thankful and excited to tell both sides of the story. ABOUT THE BOOK: It started in the heartland and originally ended in Los Angeles (not, contrary to myth, at the ocean). It carried truckers crossing the country, Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl, vacationers seeking the sun. It was Americas Main Street, the Mother Road, the Will Rogers Highway, and, at its dangerous curves, Bloody 66. Get your kicks on Route 66 with this wonderfully illustrated tribute to the best-loved highway in this car-loving nation. Michael Witzel shares his expertise and wealth of personal, archive, collector, and contributing photographer images in these pages, offering a nostalgic tour of the charms and oddities of this road through American cultural history. Starting in Chicago and running to Santa Monica, this book BTR 6 |


highlights the sights along the highway with historic and current photos in then-and-now pairings, and includes Route 66 postcards, road signs, trinkets, maps, brochures, and advertisements. Here we see Route 66 as it was in its heyday and as it is now, the neon glamour of yesterday versus the ghost towns of today. Witzel and his wife, Gyvel Young-Witzel, recount the highways history, its role in popular culture, and its demise, as well as the individual stories of famous sights. Several profiles of those with close ties to the Mother Road, including the woman who played Ruthie Joad in the The Grapes of Wrath film, are included. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Michael Witzel and Gyvel Young Witzel are some of the best known American car culture historians. Michael is the author of Route 66 Remembered as well as a dozen other pop culture histories, including with co-author Gyvel, Soda Pop! and The Sparkling Story of Coca-Cola. Michael Witzel and Gyvel Young-Witzel reside in Austin, Texas. BOOK SPECS: Title: Legendary Route 66: A Journey Through Time Along America’s Mother Road Author: Michael Karl Witzel and Gyvel Young-Witzel ISBN: 978-0-7603-2978-8 Published: October 2007 Publisher: Voyageur Press Page Count: 256 Images: 252 color & 298 b/w photos

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This book is a must have, created by Michael Carl and Gyvel Young Witzel if you want to know about Route 66, this is the book to have in your collection.

Special thanks to Paul Garson and Jim Reveals for the amazing tattoo Route 66 story that combined to make this a BTR Classic.

Ron Galletti-Publisher

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About one minute into listening to Jim Bush’s bike and tattoo story I knew it traveled beyond the norm, if norm is ever used in the world of tattooing and custom bikes. The Bolingbrook, Illinois resident is a walking and talking monument for a major slice of American culture. He’s covered, figuratively speaking, with nearly 2,500 miles of ink stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. To be specific, he’s paved in the history of the famous Route 66. Route 66 is America’s first BTR 20 |


transcontinental roadway and the subject of countless stories, books, and songs -- not forgetting that famous 1960s TV show of the same name. Before we head down that road, a background check on Jim reveals that while he’s an engineer by training he’s an expert in “Loss Prevention” for commercial and industrial Fortune 500 companies. He adds, “It’s a career that pretty much will put you to sleep. It involves engineering work for an

insurance company that insures factories against business interruption.” Jim says its best to leave that explanation as it stands without delving further, and I agreed! My interest was his ink and bike story. The ink motoring down his arms is an incredible profusion of indelible images. It all started years ago when Jim decided to get his first tat, something patriotic. “I was just going to get a little American eagle and that was going to be it.” He began researching

Did You Know: It is no longer possible to drive Route 66 uninterrupted, but much of the original route are still drivable.

tattoo artists for that one and only tattoo, but a chance meeting between two motorcyclists set things spinning in all together different direction. “My wife Robyn, who rides her own 100th Anniversary Deuce, and I travel all over the country on bikes. One day I happened to be riding my ’87 Softail when I pull up beside a guy riding a 1990 Fatboy. We say hello, and he gives me his card saying he had just opened his own tattoo shop.” This may not have been a chance

happening but Fate. Jim pockets the card and brings it home. His wife looks at it and notices the name. It rings a bell, turns out she and Larry Brogan grew up as kids. Jim shows up at Tattoo City in Lockport, IL, gets his eagle tattoo and says good-bye to Larry who replied, “You’ll be back in six months.” “Yeah, sure,” said Jim. Larry’s “prediction” proved accurate and Larry returned first for some religious imagery, two sacred hearts, followed in sharp contrast by four outstanding pin-up girls on his legs

including one of Betty Paige. “Larry turned out to be an outstanding artist, and I’m completely loyal to him. He’s done all my work.” Now it’s time to get to the pies de resistance, Jim’s arms. “When I was nine years old I took my first trip on Route 66 with my grandparents, and that was the genesis for my artwork. As I grew up I lived near Route 66; even though it’s long been decommissioned I still use parts of it with my work.” After Larry had tattooed Jim over a

six-year period the Route 66 project began percolating. “I wanted to do a project on a grand scale, focusing on one theme, one topic and it was going to be on my upper torso. While people had done pieces about Route 66, nobody had ever thought of doing the entire route from Chicago to L.A.” After seeing the cover of a Route 66 enthusiast magazine From Pier to Shining Pier, Jim decided to begin the project. The unofficial starting point for Route 66 was

Chicago’s Navy pier and it’s termination point was the Santa Monica pier. “That was it. I’m going to start on my left wrist with Chicago and go through the eight states. I’ll pick all the icons, the hotels, the gas stations, the Mom and Pop restaurants, and go across my back and end at my right wrist with the Santa Monica pier.” That was the concept, but it took years for Jim to select all the myriad components, then took Larry about 18 months to draw up the entire project. He first took

contact paper and measured the dimensions of Jim’s arms and back, then composed all the hundreds of images. Each arm took twelve hours for the outlining, each completed in one day’s session. Then Jim began sitting for the coloring-in process, a true epic of ink. He sat one full day a week for a year straight. Jim counts 105 hours for his left arm and 95 for his right. In addition, his back is still a work in process and not yet unveiled. It would take a book or TV documentary to go

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through all the images but here’s some highlights. On Jim’s left arm there’s a turquoise ’55 Chevy with a license plate that reads 2448 that commemorates Route 66’s total mileage. The Standard Oil gas station attendant on his right arm is the image of his grandfather. “That filling station opened in the early 1950s on Route 66. It’s still there, owned by my family. My grandfather’s sons still work there with my cousins.” And if you look carefully you’ll find a Ferris wheel on Chicago’s Navy pier. Walking up to that Ferris wheel, Larry has drawn the figures of Jim, his wife, and his youngest son. Jim’s art is amazing but Jim also has an award show winning Black Pan, but that is another story for a future issue. Do you have a memory of Route 66? Tell us about your Route 66 story. Email content@ or call 888-795-5779.

Paul Garson BTR 24 |


Did You Know: Route 66 served as a major path for those who migrated west, especially during the 1930s.

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Did You Know: U.S.66 was officially resigned on June 27,1985. The D.O.T. decided the route was no longer relevant.

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Did You Know: Route 66 served as a major path for those who migrated west, especially during the 1930s.

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Legendary Route 66: A Journey Through Time Along America’s Mother Road.

Authors: Michael Karl Witzel and Gyvel Young-Witzel. Publisher: Voyageur Press

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Evel Knievel Born To Ride For Life...

ADRENALIZ e v i s u excl w e i v r e int

Theo Rossi


Kim Coates Katey Sagal

with r

on gal


It’s politically incorrect, adrenalized dra explore the desires of a notorious biker g ensuring their simple sheltered town of Charm Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has a sens

We were at The Born To Ride Day of the Dead Jam with three of these powerful actors, Katey Sagal who plays Gemma, Kim Coates who plays Tig and Theo Rossi as Juice; the interview all went down like this: Ron: It’s the Day of the Dead Jam here! We are so honored to have on “Born To Ride TV” the cast of Sons of Anarchy— The Greatest Drama on TV. It’s a Number 1 Rated show on TV. You guys just deliver every week. It’s twisted television and ultimate drama! Katey Sagal, it’s so great to have you here. What do you think of Florida and the Day of the Dead Jam so far? Katey Sagal: Wow! Well, I haven’t really walked around that much. I just flew in last night. So far I like it! I love your Born To Ride logos on your shirts! I’m sure this will be great. Ron: When I was promoting this, I thought this event has some powerful women here. Jeanette Lee, the Black Widow pool champion, Joan Jett and the BTR 46 |


Blackhearts, and yourself. That’s some woman-power right there. It’s great to have you here. You are such a great actress on the show. What’s the secret to how you deliver that and make it so real? Katey: Well, I’d say the writing. There’s a lot of things that go into actually developing the characters that we are portraying. The writing is where it starts. Then we all sort of commit to the situation we’re in. We’re actors. We play makebelieve and we do it pretty well, I think. If we were doing a lawyer show, we’d all be wearing three-piece suits and doing that pretty well. It’s what we do for a living. We step into the skins of other people. Ron: It’s like you say, it’s acting. People think the show is real. Katey: I know!! Ron: It’s really good that you can separate the difference here! Kim Coates: Let me tell you something … Theo Rossi has never been

this tall in all his life! Look at how tall this kid is! Holy Moly! Theo Rossi: And his hair has never been that high! Kim: Ah! The humidity here is taking on a life of itself! Ron: Theo, what do you think about being a part of this jam here today? We appreciate you guys being here. You did the promos for the show, it was awesome! Theo: (pointing to Kim) It’s always this guy! We were on set doing the promos. Listen, it was an honor. Anytime we can come out and see the fans. We truly are a fan-based show. The fans are so important to us. Without the fans we don’t have a job. We love our fans. A lot of shows roll around and never connect with the fans. With the motorcycle community, with the rock music community, our fans are all tied in; military and

ama with darkly comedic undertones that gang who protects their livelihood while ming, CA remains just that charming. Sons of se of humor of the dark side of the moon.

Ron: That’s great! And I know you have great fans with Sons of Anarchy. We talk about the writing. What a twisted show! Sometimes you watch it and. … Kim: You say, “Who is HE?” (looking at Katey) Katey: He’s not as twisted in real life (talking about her husband/Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter) Ron: You can feel the pain! You feel the passion. It’s like when you’re watching it you say, “Wow!” That’s some heavy stuff. What do you think about that? Katey: This season in particular is kind of sad. It’s very emotional. A lot of the relationship between Jax and Tara is very heart breaking. Theo: Watching the season as a whole is a true masterpiece of the story. Kim: Theo just said it. We are, and I say this a lot, on the other side of the mountain now. We have one more season

after this season on television then it is over. So to be able to connect with our fans everywhere, it is an honor. It’s great to see everybody because it is such a huge hit around the world and people just love our show. It’s on its way out now. That’s going to be a really sad day next year. Ron: I think it’s a testament to the relationships of the actors playing off each other. You have to live off from her lines and his lines. How do you keep up on that? You keep delivering. (Looking at Kim) You’ve done theatre. How does that relate to what you’re doing now? Kim: As Katey says, it’s about the writing. I don’t know how Sutter does it. I don’t know how he continues for 10 leads plus all these amazing guest stars every week. Katey and Theo know that everyone wants to be on our show. I mean EVERYBODY in Hollywood wants to be on our show! That’s an honor because of the

writing, because of the story telling. I don’t know how this is going to end and I don’t think Katey knows how it’s going to end next year. Maybe she knows but isn’t going to tell me. Ron: (looking at Katey) Your character is so complex. It’s so diverse. It’s twisted and it’s so awesome. People live by your character. They live through you. They feel it. How does that make you feel? Katey: Well, I always think to see strong women, whether they are doing heinous acts or loving acts on television is awesome. I think cable is finally offering opportunities to women of a certain age. I will say, there are amazingly strong women in my age group that are on cable television. So I will say that. It’s also cool to have so many women watch the show. Our female demographic went way up this year. That has a lot to do with the guys on the show. But I also like to think that they are relating BTR 47 |


to a strong female influence. You know, she (Gemma) just speaks her mind. It’s not always politically correct. Theo: The reason why we’re a biggest selling show is “What would Gemma do?” Because that’s part of the deal, and at the heart of it it’s a family drama. She’s the head of the family. It’s a family drama and that’s why people relate to it. From the beginning, this was a group of character actors. These are people who just love to go to work. We are blue-collar actors from the beginning that’s why we never change. We relate to one another, we love one another, and that’s why we relate to this show. That’s it. Ron: Like the Twilight Zone, back in the day with Rod Serling, everyone wanted to be on that show. All these actors wanted to be on his show. Actors were making those appearances, like you said. When you’re watching Sons of Anarchy, you’re disturbed by it. You say, “That’s disturbing, man!” What do you say to that? (looking at Kim)

Kim: Theo and I were just in Texas. A lot of the fans were saying, ‘I’m anxious. I have anxiety, but I can’t wait for next week. I can’t wait to see what happens, but I am anxious.’ Yeah! This show’s got it all! Ron: The anticipation of Sunday night, Monday night, and it’s finally Tuesday, then it’s like ‘C’mon FX!’ Then it’s on three times in a row! Katey: It’s good story telling! It’s like reading a book; you just can’t wait to turn the page and get to the end. That’s the job of the story teller is to put that all together. We’re just little pawns in his play. Ron: I can’t thank you enough! One more question, Theo. I know you’re involved in a charity for the troops. You want to promote that? Theo: Yes! You can go to We’re doing stuff like that. We’re constantly promoting military charities like that. Katie sings; Kim and I go all over. We want the troops to know that when they come back we give back. That’s always a big thing for us.

Ron: Thank you! You guys are awesome! These are super TV mega stars because of S.O.A. and they don’t forget where they came from—no, not at all. I was so impressed to see them with their fans. They’re down to earth, grounded, and passionate about what they do. That’s why S.O.A. is such a success. The artists who go to work and act out the story telling that Curt Sutter has created are exceptional! Thank you for taking the time to give Born To Ride a little insight. I’m sure our readers have really enjoyed it and that’s what BTR is all about, cutting edge on the front lines, getting the story, bringing it home, and putting it on the street.

this just in: After seeing the final episode of Season

6, I was blown away. The chilling climax burned images into my brain the way a classic horror movie does or special scenes from The Godfather every time I see it. Katey Sagal is unbelievable and so is Sons of Anarchy.



For those of you who just listen to the radio, here’s a thumbnail sketch of the hit FX TV series “Sons of Anarchy.” The setting is a fictitious California town called “Charming.” Right off you gotta know the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has a sense of humor of the dark side of the moon kind. So Sons of Anarchy was his baby and born wearing a black leather diaper chomping on a silver M-16 rattle. BTR 54 |


The show’s radical press kit perhaps best sums it up: “FX’s original series Sons of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores the desires of a notorious outlaw motorcycle club (MC) to protect their livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of charming, California remains exactly that: charming. To achieve this, the MC must confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers and overzealous law officers. Behind the MC’s familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegally prosperous arms business.” The cast of SOA characters includes the family of Club Prez Clarence “Clay” Morrow (played by Ron Perlman of Hellboy film fame), his stepson Jackson “Jax” Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam, seen in “Children of Men”), and Jax’s mom, Clay’s wife, Gemma Teller Morrow (played by Katey Sagal famous as Peg Bundy in “Married with Children”). The club member characters, distinctly carved out by their veteran actors, includes guys with names like “Tig,” “Bobby,” “Chibs,” “Half-Sack (RIP),” “Juice,” “Happy,’ “Opie,” “Piney.” The show’s other lead character include the lovely Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) as Jax’s sweetheart. (Guys, ladies, I only get X amount of words, so please pardon further mention of your real names and many achievements. Readers can check the details out at the show’s website.) After getting an invite to the studio, I rode on over to the N. Hollywood Occidental Studios where several sound stages have been built for the SOA series, the show’s publicist Dominic Pagone does the meet and greet and takes me on the tour. He and I sit down at one of the tables of the club house, prop beers and cigs still in place....about as real as it gets. There’s the well-stocked bar, the strip-club dancing pole, the pool


CHIBBS, PLAYED BY TOMMY FLANAGAN Question #1 : Do you watch SOA? If so how many times a month?

So, Dominic, has the SOA show got any heat from the real world, like the Law, bike clubs, the organizations represented by the Ethan Zobelle (Season II) character? Says Dominic, “No, nothing like that. We did get one complaint about Jax wearing tennis shoes when he rides, but we explained that today you do see the younger guys riding with them, so that’s the word on that.” Then we put the question to Dominic, why has SOA gained such a wide and enthusiastic audience even though it’s politically way incorrect. “I think a lot of people enjoy living vicariously through BTR 55 |



Michael Ornstein

not saying these are the good guys … they run guns and drugs and shoot people, but maybe the appeal is that they protect a small town in Americana and they are intensely loyal to their extended family, the club, so call it a new spin on family values. The audience also likes the looks of Charlie Hunnan, a very charismatic lead. As for Katey Sagal, while people are used to seeing her in comedies, it’s like, wow, when they watch the dramatic character she creates. And yes, a fair amount of real world bike club research went into preparing this show to keep the authenticity edge sharp. It boils down to the fact that when people first check out the show, they get drawn into it, because ultimately television is about writing, it’s about character, and this show has both.” It’s also about bikes, Harleys specifically. Orchestrating the transport of the bikes and all vehicles for the show is Chris Gorden, the Picture Vehicle Coordinator, and member of the Teamsters Local 399. Says Gorden, “Kurt Sutter writes it, then I find and build it for the show. Kurt has an image in his mind and it’s up to me and my crew to make it come to life. We’re also responsible for transporting all the actors’ facilities, all the filming equipment, all the trailers, you name it.” Keeping the bikes running safe and sound and tuned to the max is John Landon’s gig, the show’s chief mechanic. “We have nine main cast member motorcycles to keep tip top,” says John as we walk through the back lot toward a 50-foot truck in which the bikes at the moment were loaded, ready for transport to the next shooting location somewhere in the Sunland area.

“All our cast bikes are Harley Dynas … Dyna Wide Glides, Dyna Super Glides, Dyna Lowriders from ’99 to 2007. As far as the bikes used for different episodes, we’ve had Panheads, Knuckleheads, Sportsters, custom bikes, baggers, you name it and we just added Harley’s new three-wheeler, the Tri-Glide trike. All our stunt bikes are real Harleys, even our crash bikes. We bought them from rental companies, from private parties, and they’re all real world motorcycles, all registered.” The bikes are “personalized” for each character, like the tank art for the club’s president has the full SOA California MC patch while the VP’s bike, Jax’s ride, features only the Reaper with the crystal ball and the M-16 with the scythe blade, the club’s logo. As far as riding skills, while several of the actors had experience on bikes, all took instruction to prepare them for the many action sequences. At this point, up rolls David Labrava who portrays the SOA club member “Happy.” His bike in the show, the “Reaper of Death,” also happens to be his personal ride. “Says David, “It’s 2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Superglide with a 124-inch motor , a .650 cam, a 61mm throttle body, forged rocker arm supports, rolling rockers, a lock-up clutch, and a Sputhe motor kit… you just can’t get a better bike than this.” David, among other pursuits, is an accomplished writer, a certified Harley mechanic plus owns a tattoo shop in Oakland called Evil Ink. The passion and intensity you hear in his voice when describing his bike gives you a clue why Sons of Anarchy has got the juice it has with the ratings, the critics and the international viewing audience. Story By Paul Garson & Phantom Photos provided by FX

We wanted to get the Phantom’s take on Sons Of Anarchy so we had him review the 1st TV season and this is what he came up with.

Born To Ride’s continuing sequence of movie reviews for your entertainment carries on this month with a segment I like to call “Hollywood goes Cable.” I am an aficionado of biker films, and if you will “Biker Exploitation” pieces. So when asked this month to review “SONS of ANARCHY” Season one, I was at first taken aback, secondarily confused, and finally resolved to try to explain the material that resided on the DVD issued to me for m y perusal. You see, most of the time I am the reviewer of “B” movie (read typical) biker flicks that in some cases I find entertaining, but most of the time are a waste of Mylar. Overall movies are one thing and serial episodes are altogether something else. Kurt Sutter on the other hand, began something in between when he conceived the original Pilot and some subsequent thirty or more installments of Sons of Anarchy. Others have fallen into place as writers to keep the series going, but overall, the Sons of Anarchy series is one of those ‘ongoing sagas’ that could have actually been a 2-hour feature film. Don’t be surprised when this “Modern Biker Exploitation” piece makes it to the big screen! All that being said, and then immediately put aside, you as a viewer of this series must understand that this particular chain of episodes, which is based upon a hardcore or “One Percent Motorcycle Club” is strictly fantasy in many aspects. With modern technology in place, and current law enforcement tactics being considered, there is no way that an intelligent watcher of the program(s) could believe that in this day and time a group of thugs could simply go out and kill multitudes of people while being observed by some unscrupulous or otherwise ‘paid for silence’ law enforcement folks whom are already savvy to the gang’s illegal arms trade. Although entertaining and dramatic, Sons of Anarchy is not a realistic representation of the current day “Motorcycle club.” In reality however, the (real) LEO employees are probably enjoying the fact that the general public will watch these programs and they will amass more ‘fear’ for those motorcyclists that are involved with ‘patched’ clubs, thus insuring their future employment as “Gang Busters.” In the first group of episodes, the club’s VP Jax Teller spends a good amount of time examining a manuscript written by (you would be compelled to assume) “Sam Crow.” In actuality, SAMCRO is simply an acronym for ‘Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original’ which is a club based in the fictitious town of Charming, California. Typically the protagonist, and as a newer member of the club Jax begins a several episode long secondary theme of questioning the basis of the club, and his role in it. Allegedly, the original manuscript was written by his deceased father John Teller, who with the help of “Piney” founded the club after returning from Vietnam in 1967. We will begin with the Pilot episode, in which a rival club breaks in,

cleans out and then destroys the Sons of Anarchy’s warehouse where they store their illegal firearms, which by all sense of viewing is their main source of income. Led by Clay, and Jax, the club commences to wreak havoc on their enemies for the intrusion and theft, and as they retrieve their ill begotten firearms, the episode takes a fork in the road when family issues take center stage with a medical emergency involving Jax Teller’s newborn son. As we move on into the first installment, the club deals with the aftermath of their attack, and the Deputy Chief of Police poses a new threat to SAMCRO’s reign over Charming. Jax continues to worry about the fate of his prematurely born son and begins to question the club’s tough way of doing business. This theme will continue on in the progression of the series as the club seems to work together with the local authorities to quell the influx of other ‘street gangs’ who deal meth into Charming, but at the same time it seems that the club sells illegal weaponry to the very same gangs. This puts the Sons at odds with the white supremacist “Nords” gang, who are the major distributors of the meth in the area. Oddly enough the Sons appear to not be unnecessarily racially motivated due to their alliance with the AfricanAmerican street gang the “One-Niners,” while on the other hand they are at ‘war’ with the “Mayans” a predominantly Hispanic Motorcycle club from neighboring Oakland. You will also see the Sons involved with the IRA who supply them the illegal Russian made weapons and even some members of the Chinese American Mafia! Sound’s confusing? No, not really. It’s a true Hollywood expose with high-octane action and drama. … It’s a lot of chaos most of the time, but the entire 13 week series is all I could stand to review at one or two sittings. I’m sure that a lot of you have seen this series on FX, and if not, it’s available on DVD. The DVD version offers the usual behind the scenes stuff that you won’t get to see on FX. Although entertaining, I must once again submit that this is literally Hollywood, and the entire plot is not realistic in comparison to what most ‘club’ individuals do on a day-to-day basis. Overall, I don’t think you will be extremely disappointed while watching this program, but there’s a ton of drama and hype that only a fictional Hollywood piece could provide. It’s not even a movie (yet) so I won’t issue the usual “Stars” points here, but I will suggest that you watch it yourself, and see just how much of this you find believable! So until next month, stay tuned for more real movie and book reviews here at Born To Ride magazine and television. So there it is the hottest talked about show on cable. Sons of Anarchy, jarring and outrageous, it’s adrenelized drama witth dark undertones. The seduction of money, power and blood. Be sure you soak it up each week on FX!

BTR 74 |


Special Thanks Katie Segal, Theo Rossie, Kim Coates for the interview. Also thanks to Paul Gars

son and FX for the photos and story. For more information on SOA, go to

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The Harley-Davidson Museum® Special 2015 Exhibit features Willie G. Davidson. Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend opening next summer

The Harley-Davidson Museum is excited to announce its special summer exhibit for 2015, which will honor motorcycling’s legend behind the legends - Willie G. Davidson. The exhibit, titled Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend opens June 13 and runs through Sept. 7, 2015. Housed in the Garage special event space, visitors will experience a celebration of the artistry, influence and impact of a man whose designs have defined American motorcycles for generations. Key elements include previously unseen historical artifacts and items from Willie’s personal collection that provide insight into his unique perspective, personal style, creative process, inspiration and influences. In addition, one-of-a-kind vehicles, original designs, art, rare artifacts and media paint an engaging portrait of this iconic figure, his influential career, legacy, and current work. Additional details about the Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend exhibit will be released next spring. Biographical information: Willie G. Davidson serves as Chief Styling Officer Emeritus and Brand Ambassador at Harley-Davidson, Inc.

He is affectionately known by millions of motorcycle enthusiasts as “Willie G.,” and he is the grandson of one of the original founders, William A. Davidson. For 49 years, Davidson helped shape the look, sound and feel that define Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In 1981, he was one of 13 executives who raised more than $75 million to purchase Harley-Davidson from AMF Incorporated. About the Harley-Davidson Museum The Harley-Davidson Museum is located at 400 West Canal Street in Milwaukee and provides a glimpse of American history and culture like you’ve never seen it before – through the lens of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. The Museum, a top destination in Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin, is open year-round and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area each year. The 20-acre campus offers abundant and free parking, and includes MOTOR® Bar & Restaurant and The Shop. For more information on the Museum’s galleries, exhibits, special events, tickets and more, visit

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*Discount applies to new Motorcycle coverage only. Offers, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Membership benefits vary with membership levels and are subject to change without notice. 15-MS-1855

Born To Ride Lifestyle Magazine 10  

Born To Ride Lifestyle Magazine 10

Born To Ride Lifestyle Magazine 10  

Born To Ride Lifestyle Magazine 10