The Healthy Holiday Drinking Guide

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Whether you're a social drinker, a celebratory sipper, or just need a stiff one to get you through the holidays, then we've got the spiked spirit for you. If you're a non-drinker or a minor, don't fret, we have a sweet spirit for you, too! Raise a glass and celebrate life - and do it well. Content, product testing and layout by Borden Communications + Design

What's a flu-fearing, germ-wary, anxiety-ridden person supposed to do during the holiday (read: flu) season? Party it up in style and in good health. Add the following to your holiday list to stay healthy and happy, then, you’ll be able to knock a few back with your friends and family rather than getting knocked off your feet! No Mwa Mwa. How about forgoing those

Avoid M.C.I.S. You can prevent M.C.I.S. - Mistaken

handshakes and social kisses for a good ol' fist

Cup Identity Syndrome (you know, when someone

bump? Against what you might believe, a scientific

takes a cup and puts it down next to another, and

study actually showed that people who greet each

then both people have to get new cups or

other with handshakes are much more likely to pass

inadvertently drink from each others??). If you are

on flus, colds and stomach bugs, than cheek kissing

using disposables - buy cups made from better

each other. It makes sense when you think about it,

materials (labeled “compostable” or "100% recycled

plus you have no idea what someone has been

content" etc...). Have everyone mark their cup with

touching before you greet them. I guess this isn't

a marker (get creative!). You can also use window

perfectly adaptable advice for a work event, but for

markers to write on your glassware (it will come off

your social circle, it could be a good option!

in the wash, but not on your guests' hands), or

Sharing is Caring? Not for everything. While sharing is one of those first “kind” lessons we learn as kids, there are exceptions. It goes without saying that there should be no sharing of eating utensils,

better yet, a different accent coloured glass straw in everyone's drinks serving double duty as identification and eliminating those plastic straws or stir sticks.

drinking glasses, towels or other personal care

Wash your hands CLEAN. The 3 crucial components

items. Community food is, um, gross. Dishes of

to a good hand washing: warm water, soap, and

snacks that people reach into for a nibble are germ-

friction (nothing beats this!). It decreases your

ier than you can imagine (don't ask for more

likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth

details). When serving guests, put utensils with

or other people. Wet your hands with warm water,

each dish so people can spoon out or fork over the

lather well by rubbing hands together (be sure to

food instead of reaching their hands in. And

cover all surfaces and in between fingers) while you

certainly, no double dipping!

sing the ABC's (in your head if you are tone deaf like

me), or feel free to choose your favourite song. Rinse

Take cover. Stay home when you are sick. It's the

thoroughly and dry well. A cloth hand towel is the

right thing to do for everyone, including you,

eco-friendly choice, but we're going for health-

because when your immunity is low you can pick

friendly at holiday parties, so recycled paper towels

up other germs more easily‌yuck. Steep some tea,

will do the trick (unless you have lots of cloth

pour a bowl of soup, crank up the vitamins and rest,

napkins and lots of laundry). Wash your hands

allowing your body to heal. Don't let stress

before eating, before AND after going to the

undermine a quick recovery and try and enjoy your

bathroom (your hands should be clean before you

forced time out. If you are hosting and someone in

handle!), after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your

your home has a bad cold or the flu, cancel. Even if

nose, before preparing food and after handling any

you confine a sick child to their room for the party,

raw meat/poultry/egg, and certainly a good wash is

it doesn't confine the germs around your home

called for as soon as you come home.

from earlier in the day. Yes, it's a disappointment,

Be Anti-Anti-Bacterial. Firstly, many sicknesses are viral, not bacterial, so plain, old soap and water will get you just as clean as any anti-bacterial product

but your guests will be much more upset if they catch something and have to spend the rest of their holidays in bed.

(see above). Our culture is germ obsessed and our

Take cover, some more. Cover your mouth when

obsession has encouraged the flood of products on

you sneeze (with your arm, not your hand), and

store shelves with anti-bacterial or anti-microbial

avoid anyone who doesn't (teach your kids!).

claims. It's always best to wash your hands clean in a sink, but especially when on the go, with kids, or

Drink and be merry. Staying hydrated is one of the

party hopping, keep something on hand (pun

best things you can do for yourself. Always. The

intended) that will clean and sanitize safely-

suggestions in the Borden Communications Holiday

without triclosan or other nasty chemicals.

Drinking Guide should help you take care of this one with ease!

This holiday season, we hope that you are able to share great times with your friends, colleagues and families without sharing your germs. Raise a glass to toast good cheer and good health! Happy Holidays!

Whether it's stored baby fat or you're growing a belly to keep warm over the holidays, we aren't judging... we promise! Chug Away!

Artisanal Beer

What a Steel

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company believes quality comes from using the best ingredients - local spring water and 100% certified organic malt and hops. There are 600ml of tasty beer in each custom moulded glass bottle. Share (or don’t!). Beau's Beer at

Put down the plastic and pick up a pint. Steel that is. This 16oz durable, dishwasher safe, stainless steel cup won’t fill your garbage can or landfill like that all too common red cup. Cheers, to the beginning of the end of the single-use plastics. Steel Pint Cup at

Reform Yourself

Straight from the Root

Upcycled from actual beer bottles by being heated and then reformed, each one of these glasses is a true original. The artists making these in Ontario have been dedicated to glass blowing for over 25 years.

The best part of what’s in this glass bottle? This super tasty craft soda has no calories and no nasties! These nonalcoholic bottles of root beer will make everyone happy. Great tasting on it’s own, or as a float.

Organic Beer Glass at

Birdie and Bill’s Root Beer at

No, we're not talking about your behavior at your family events!


Anti-Snob Wine

The grapes used to make this Red Grape Juice are organic, and biodynamically grown in Niagara Ontario. This gives it a distinctive taste that you just won’t find anywhere else. 100% juice. 0% alcohol.

Connect with friends (and the environment) over a bottle of carefully blended VQA wine made with organically grown grapes that is also certified biodynamic. Bonus: bottles are made from glass from the Ontario Bag-it-Back program.

Organic Red Grape Juice at

Connect Red at

Perfect Punts

It’s in the Skins

Wine Punts collects bottles from local restaurants in their community and gives them a beautiful new life. These artful drinking glasses are handmade from the old wine bottles so you can feel good about doing good with every sip you take.

Throw in a scoop of Bioflavia’s organic red wine grape seed powder (no, not alcoholic!) into your smoothies. This superfood booster gives you a high dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Bonus that they’re grown in Canada!

Wine Punts at

Bioflavia at

A boost to help you stay healthy and keep up with your happy, cheery celebrations!


As Green as it Gets

Hydrate and nourish your body and soul with this beautiful and delicious bev that has chia seeds suspended in fruit juices. Each glass bottle is packed with heart and brain healthy omega 3’s, and they’re all certified organic, and gmo-free too!

Wheatgrass is packed with antioxidants and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream giving you an instant boost of energy. If you’re not buying fresh and juicing it yourself, not to worry, you can buy it in frozen cubes or powder format too.

Mamma Chia at

Organic Wheat Grass at

Smooth Shrooms


This mushroom hot chocolate shot is smooth, creamy, antiageing and stress relieving. XOCO Blue contains log grown red Reishi mushroom extract, cacao powder, and herbs and spices for a warm, healthy dessert superfood beverage.

Kombucha, an effervescent fermented tea-based beverage, tastes a bit like soda pop and might even remind you of beer (except it’s sold in grocery stores). There are many flavours, but all have a long list of anecdotal health benefits.

Four Sigma at

Tonica Kombucha at

Chat your way through everything with grand finesse!

Smooth Sipping

Smoothe as Sake

Daedra’s handmade glass straws look fabulous, come with a lifetime guarantee and will keep you from putting toxic plastic in your mouth and drink. As a bonus, everything goes down smoother (and tastes better) with a straw.

Is it a wine? Is it a spirit? This fermented organic sake deserves it’s own category. Its body and flavour goes down smooth and is unparalleled by any other beverage experience. Drink it straight or mix it up into a tasty cocktail. Organic Junmai Ginjo Craft Sake at

Strawesome Glass Straw at

Blend 'n Snap

Create your Own

You may not realize that you need this appliance, but it’s life changing (seriously). Fully automatic (once you add ingredients, of course) making smooth drinks, plus hot soups and cool ice cream in just seconds.

If egg nog isn't for you (and we really can't blame you) or you are trying to lighten up (calories or packaging) then throw your fave fruits, some ice and any liquid (almond milk, coconut water, juice, etc...) and blend it up. It just doesn't get any smoother!

Blendtec at

Get deeply steeped before you get deeply engaged in holiday activities!

The Bee's Knees

Hanging Loose

Manuka Honey has clinically proven anti-bacterial and anti-inflamatory properties, plus it’ll naturally sweeten your tea. Good for everyday use, but make sure you use extra of this raw honey to fight flus and a sore throat.

Why cramp tea leaves into a potentially toxic little bag when you can let whole tea leaves (with their oils in tact and not crushed) float around and result in a delightful and tasteful cup of tea full of antioxidants to enjoy?

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey at

Level Ground Teas at

Better Bags

A Clean Steep

You can’t always steep a pot of loose leaf when you’re on the go, but you can always carry with you some bags filled with hand picked organic and fair trade teas and herbs. Numi’s are blended with real fruits, flowers, and spices - nothing else.

Make the perfect cup of tea without bleached tea bags, strings and staples. Your loose leaf has a cover to keep the goodness in, then flips off and over to be a coaster, so you can reuse your leaves for another cup.

Numi Organic Tea at

NewLeaf Glass Tea Mug at

Too hot to handle? Not you! Housewarmings or Body Warming, but not Global Warming.

Green Beans

Keep it on the inside

Good on our tastebuds, and on our planet too. Made with certified organic Arabica beans, this fair-trade coffee is roasted to perfection in Toronto. If you’re a double/double kind of person, this stuff might make you go black.

It keeps your hot drinks toasty for 6 hours (and cold drinks frosty for up to 24 hours) - and with its leakproof lid, you can make a beverage to go & throw it in your bag. Great for taking hot drinks to the ski mountain or ice rink.

Roasted Coffee at

Insulated Kanteen at

Let it Mellow

Chocolate Hottie

Tastes like marshmallow, but thankfully is not anything like those conventional ones (do you know what's in those?! total yuck). Stir a spoonful of this white fluffiness right into your hot chocolate or scoop a dollop on top.

Fair trade, organic, pure and unrefined, plus made by the most incredible, socially responsible company we know, these chocolate “pucks” melt into your cup, satisfy all of your coco cravings and will put an smile on everyone’s face.

Ricemellow Creme at

Drinking Chocolate at

Drink a lot if water. Every single day. It’ll help you look younger and feel younger. Cheers to that.

Lump o' Coal

Pure as Water

This year, you'll only get a lump of coal if you’re really, really good! Fill this handmade glass water bottle with tap water, and the White Coal (black in colour) will absorb chlorine, improve the taste, and add minerals for pure hydration.

With its natural, innovative design and a resolutely green approach, this water filtration unit's technology is truly inspired by nature. It also happens to be exquisite to look at. Why try to improve perfection?

Sort of Coal at

Aqua Ovo at

On the Rocks

Simply Charcoal

You don’t want to worry about BPA and other plastic chems becoming part of your ice cubes, right? These trays made from high quality stainless steel will keep you and your family safe, plus your drinks icy cold too.

Kishu Charcoal sticks are the new, old way to filter tap water! The charcoal takes away all the bad stuff in water, but knows to leave the good stuff in. Fully compostable and reusable, you can even place it in the fridge to wick away odours.

Stainless Ice Cube Tray at

Kishu at

Stay hydrated, it's one of the best things you can do for your body (hair, skin, and nails too!)

Coo Coo for Coco(nut)

Micro Greens

Rehydrate and replenish with nature’s sport drink and best electrolyte. With more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added and no cholesterol, you should be chugging lots of this water....often. Coconut Water at

Super greens, brightly coloured fruits & vegetables, phytonutrients, and a potent blend of digestive plant based enzymes, with no artificial anything. Mix with water, coconut water, or juice and you'll get a super-hydrator beverage.

Drink your Produce

Power Powder

The water from fruits and veggies is one of the most nutrient dense liquids nature has provided us. But don’t buy juice filled with added sugars and preservatives, make your own (with organic produce of course) so you know exactly what’s in it. And drink right away for ultimate quality and freshness!

This highly concentrated dry formula contains the juices from fresh organic coconuts that you add to your good local water source. Bring this with you anywhere, anytime, to get instant on-demand electrolytes and a natural energy boost.

BIOCORE Food Science at

Coconut Powder at

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