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The Get Moving Guide The best way to look better, feel amazing, improve your health, and live longer is to get moving! Maximize your efforts by choosing the best tools and exercises that actually support your health (not harm you, or our planet!). Let’s rock this movement!

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Greening up isn’t a trend, like platform shoes and banged haircuts. You’re living green. You reuse, you recycle, you even reduce. You care. You exercise because it makes you feel good, or maybe it’s because it’s all part of your plan to stay healthy. You should pat yourself on the back for that. But, if you look closely, you’ll actually realize that there are many aspects of your routine that are insanely ironic and highly hypocritical (mine too, by the way). Get as fit as you can while taking care of the planet and enjoying the summer outdoors. Focusing on a few of the following steps means we can walk down a new greener path together. As always, it’s about being flexible and we will each be able to adapt to certain steps better than others…set your own pace.

1. Go Outside. Ever wonder why it’s called, working “out”?

7. Generate energy while you expend it. If you have

Burn calories, not kilowatts. Try walking outdoors instead

watched Ed Begley Jr. power his toaster oven by peddling

of on a treadmill, running up and down stairs like Rocky

his bike and just are not “there” yet, at least try powering

instead of being on stair machine, riding a bike instead of

your gadgets with a hand crank charger. You won’t believe

peddling nowhere, gardening, hiking, swimming, or

how much energy you’ll capture.

playing frisbee! The list is endless, and it’s good to connect with the environment and your community too.

8. Make your own energy bars. Do a simple search online for a recipe that appeals to you. The amount of money and

2. If you are inside, demand more and use less. Your

the amount of packaging you will save will make that one

health club should in fact support good health. Ask them

sticky bowl worth it. And, you’ll be pretty proud of

to clean without chemicals and refrain from selling bottled

yourself for eating actual food over a packaged “good”

water at the very least. If we all ask, we can expect


change. Take fewer towels and don’t use disposables in the change room and bathroom.

9. Now this is fitting – buy eco clothing. Did you know that 10% of all pesticide use worldwide is for cotton

3. BYOW. Bring your own water in your reusable bottle.

crops? Choose responsible clothing – and, please don’t

Drink and repeat.

just trust a tag that says “green” or “eco”…look at the tag

4. Be Anti Anti-Perspirant. Antiperspirants work by

the way you read a nutritional label.

blocking, clogging and closing your pores with powerful

10. Pick up speed with eco-happier shoes. It’s no easy

astringents such as aluminum salts so that they can’t

feat, but companies are recycling shoes into playground

release sweat. Deodorants are preferable because they

“pavement”, phasing out the use PVC and using more eco

don’t interfere with sweating, a natural detoxifying and

materials. Remember to ask for “responsible” footwear.

cooling process. Check products on the EWG’s Skin Deep

Where there is demand, there will be supply.

Cosmetic Database for safety, and join the Just Beautiful Campaign by Environmental Defence.

Of course, it’s certainly smarter and better for you to exercise than to sit on your couch pondering the eco-

5. Workout with a friend. By chatting instead of plugging

impact of going for a run. I can’t think of much that we do

into something, you are reducing energy usage, you will

daily that doesn’t have some negative environmental

dispose of fewer batteries and most importantly, you’ll

effect. Do the best you can given the circumstance, and

catch up on the latest gossip.

think more about what you are doing daily, that should

6. Buy less. And when you do buy, buy recycled and

always inspire you to make positive changes.

natural. Those workout gizmos are NOT replacements for

In terms of fitness – work “out” as much as you can, stay

proper exercise and diet (but you know that, and that’s

healthy, eat well and enjoy knowing you’re making a

why you’ll find so many of these treasures at garage sales).

difference with every green step you take. And, make sure

PVC- and Phthalate-free is better for you and for all of us.

your changes make you relax and say “om”.

Build Your Strength Flex your muscles and your purchasing power by choosing the smartest strength builders to support your health. These tools are all non-toxic, latex-free and phthalatefree , and well designed to work for you at any stage of your fitness journey. There's no sense in working out while toxifying yourself.

AeroMAT Kettlebells

Wood Balance Board

Adjustable Resistance Tube Kit

Burst Resistant Exercise Ball

Bounce + Spin Rev your lymph flow and boost your immune system with a daily dose of these fun activities for kids and adults alike. Each can be enjoyed as quiet alone time, or with a friend, as a family or in a group for great social benefits too!

Spring Free Trampoline

Children’s Bike Coverts + Grows

Recycled Jump Rope

Recycled + Bamboo Roller Blades

Mind + Body Stretch Increase your range of motion and possibilities by going beyond your comfort zone. These healthy tools will help you ease into your stretch and push your limits to grow stronger both physically and mentally.

Yoga Mats Free of Phthalates, Latex, and Heavy Metals

Sit On It Meditation Pillow

Handcrafted Mala Beads

Natural Cork Yoga Block

Perspiration Preparation Perspiring lets the toxins out - now that's natural cleansing! While you don’t want to offend those around you, you can totally manage your sweat and your stink while still promoting and supporting a healthy detox with a little help from these fitness accessories.

Moisture Wicking Headband

Clean + Effective Natural Deodorant

Microfibre Exercise Towel

Glass + Silicone Drink Bottle

Breathable Wearables You want to make sure your threads will help you move forward in all of your health goals, not hold you back! Choose responsible threads like hemp, organic, and recycled materials that are also super-breathable and naturally antibacterial. Check your tags, and feel good about who made your clothing!

Organic Cotton + Tencel Breathing Tank Top

Quick Drying Printed Leggings

Organic Built-in-Bra Tank

Men’s Transporter Short

Fit Feet Nothing can slow you down faster than sore feet! The best fit is one that supports you and our world too. While the majority of shoes are mass-produced by factory workers overseas at a huge cost to our health and our environment, it's important to reward the efforts of companies making strides in the right direction.

Breathable, Vegan Barefoot Trail Shoes

YogaToes Toe Stretchers

Lightweight, Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Organic Cotton Sport Socks

Trek Tunes Although we believe you don't need gadgets and gizmos to get a good sweat, there's nothing like some high energy tunes to keep you going, and going, and going. Check out this sound system powered by sunshine, and some equipment made with safe materials by great people!

Solar Powered Sound System

High Def PVC-free Earbuds

Case Protects + Strengthens Signal

FSC Certified Wood + Stainless Headphones

Active Apps Sometimes you just need some inspiration or community for motivation when you're struggling to reach your fitness goals, bored of the same old routine, or hit a workout plateau. Check out these exercise apps and networks for extra support when you need it most.

Activity Performance Tracker

Online Yoga Classes

Get Back In Shape Online Community

DJ Produced Workout Music Playlists

Take a Hike There’s nothing quite like spending quality time in the great outdoors to both energize and relax us. But don't weigh yourself down with lots of stuff - bring only the essentials so you can focus on breathing in the fresh air, and taking in some great views.

PVC-free Over the Shoulder Sling Pack

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Charcoal Water Filter

Organic Cotton Cap

Fast Food Fuel Most energy bars and fitness foods are inconveniently filled with nasty preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and ingredients we can't even pronounce. Instead, enjoy these “fast foods� that are delicious, nutrient dense, and actually REAL.

Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free Superfood Instant Oatmeal

Organic Whole Food Fuel

Vegan, Organic, Gluten-free Super Scoops

Real Live Granola Bars

Power-Aid When working out, your body sweats, and if you aren't storing enough fluids, you'll get dehydrated, leaving you feeling tired or even making you sick. Of course, you're bringing your own water for your work out, but if you want that extra boost of energy, then these are excellent options.

Raw Plant Based Protein Powder

Powdered Coconut Water

Instant Cordyceps

Raw Chia Kombucha

Power your Performance

Make your own incredible smoothies with our free workbook (just follow the link)

The Blender Girl

Superfood Smoothies

Smart Snacking for Sports

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