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Your Guide to Eco Fashion Care about the shirt on your back. And the socks on your feet. And the people who made your jeans. If you care, there is good news. There are so many companies doing better, and taking care of our earth, while making garments that will suit us all well. Content, product testing and layout by Borden Communications + Design

A few GOOD Shopping Tips: 1. Don't listen to the fashion industry. The reason fashion “trends” change so quickly is to create the “need” for you to keep buying, perpetually. Slow fashion down. 2. Pay attention to WHERE your garment was made. Domestically-made wins over China and Bangladesh - makes perfect sense, right? 3. Know what it is made from. The great thing about fashion is that the ingredients are actually fully labeled (better than on our food for the most part). Organic cotton beats out cotton, wool isn't eco, unless it's #GoodWool, upcycled textiles can be great too. And careful with that rain gear... make sure it's PVC-free. 4. Care. Know that your good fashion decisions are better for you, better for animals, better for how you feel, and better for our world. 5. Buy better, and buy less. Buying classic pieces that will last and look good through changing trends is a great strategy. Add eco-beautiful accessories to keep your look fresh and fun. Like with anything, from food, to fashion (and everything in between), every dollar you spend is telling the industry or company that you want more of it…it's never been a better time to vote with your eco-friendly, pvc & heavy-metal-freewallet, and the money in it.

You are what you wear. Care about the shirt on your back. And the socks on your feet. And the people who made your jeans. And the chromium in your belt. And the phthalates in your shoes. And the toxins in your kids' pyjamas. If you care what you wear, there is good news. There are so many companies doing better (more and more everyday) who are fully disclosing about their textiles, tools and labor practices, taking care of our shared earth, and our bodies, while making garments that will suit you well.

Wonderful Undies There’s nothing closer to you than your undies, so make sure they’re actually clean (how they are made and the materials - not referring to your laundry routine!). Stock your drawer with “drawers” that are comfy, conscious, and chemical-free so you feel great from the inside (of your outfit) out.

Pact Organic Boxer Brief’s help grow Urban Gardens

Patagonia Organic Barely Bikini

Skin Organic Thong

Pact Organic Brief

Bras that lift us up Fast lingerie (like fast food - cheap and poor quality) is an unfortunate trend that has taken the romance out of wearing something truly beautiful. If you spend a little time uncovering where and how it was made, you'll look great and feel even sexier!

Omgirl Organic Cotton Asana Bra

Only Hearts Organic Cotton Ply Bralette

Huit Biotiful Organic Wire-free Bra

Clare Bare Bamboo+Organic Cotton Bustier

Sensitive Socks Don’t get caught uncovering dirty socks when you take off your shoes. Wear comfortable, great looking hosiery that comes from a mill that uses healthy textiles, and employs fairly paid staff - then, you’ll be looking for any excuse to take off your shoes and show off your happy feet.

Minga Berlin Organic Egyptian Cotton Unisex

Zkano Organic Cotton Made in USA

Pact Organic Tights

Pact Organic Work Sock

Shoes that Fit Pump up your style with really good shoes. Most are mass-produced by off- shore factory workers at a huge cost to our health and environment. Always try and reward the efforts of responsible companies like these. It’s worth it for all of us.

NAE Vegan Cork Pump

Men's Vivobarefoot Tennis Shoe

Po-zu Coconut Boots

Organic Cotton + Wild Rubber Sneaker

Talking Tees When you want to share your message loud and proud, wear it boldly across your chest - wearing is caring! These shirts are great conversation starters, so don’t be surprised by the attention you’ll get from people who share your passions!

Doug McNish’s Organic+Recycled Tee

Sevenly Charity T-Shirts

We Add Up Organic Cause Tees

Sosnicki Organics Tee

Pleasure Pants Pull up your pants and feel good about it! When you find that pair that slides on, does up effortlessly, looks good, can be dressed up or down, and is made by people who are paid and treated fairly, you'll find that you strut your stuff and stand just a little taller!

Second Clothing Yoga Jeans Made in Canada

Pact Organic Leggings

Patagonia Organic Cords

Good Society Organic Fair Trade Denim

Evening Dress If you want to make a statement when you walk into a room, make it meaningful. Try on “I’ve arrived, I’m healthy, I’m conscious, and I look fabulous.” Now that’s something to celebrate!!

Alchemist Human + Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Indigenous BCorp Organic Fair Trade

H&M Conscious Collection

Eileen Fisher Organic Fair Trade Made in USA

Precious Jewelery Your jewelry is a subtle yet powerful form of expression, so show the world you shine with ethical, handmade, quality pieces of pure beauty and style. Remember: Eco-bling packs a bigger sparkle!

Green Karat Eco Engagement Ring

Tiny Devotions Aventurine Admiration Mala

FELTandGEM Recycled Necklace

Sort of Coal Binchotan Bead Bracelet

Well Suited The only thing more attractive than a man in a suit, is a man in a good suit. A good suit is handmade with skill, love, and high quality materials by people in clean and safe production facilities. Now that’s hot.

Custom Suits made by MADE in Canada

Nau Recycled Polyester Riding Jacket

Patagonia Organic Straight Leg

Knowledge Cotton Organic Oxford Shirt

His Accessories Stand out in a really good way! Sophisticated style is all in the details - like handmade, upcycled, reclaimed, fairly made, and wrapped up in a conscious package.

Sonic Fabric Upcycled Audible Neckties

AYLA Reclaimed Pocket Squares

Collard Greens Made in USA Bowties

WEWOOD Scrap-Wood Watches

Sweaters + Blazers Keep your conscience and your clothing clean by avoiding purchasing new items made with conventional wool. Good wool is precious and rare, but if we demand more of it, we can all feel warm and fuzzy about creating real positive change.

GGO Organic Little Boy Jacket

Indigenous Free Range Wool Sweater

Reclaimed Wool Sweater Dress + Cropped Blazer

Alchemist Ethical Sweaters

Super Sweatshirts Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops, making it dirty and harmful for us and our world. Instead choose happy cotton that is clean and organic. Your skin will thank you, and so will everybody else.

Knowledge Cotton Organic Sweatshirt

Prairie Underground Organic Cloak Hoodie

OOM Organic LKING Hoodie

FIG Organic Blu Canyon Sweater

Outerwear Elements Keep warm and dry in something stylish that will take you through rain, sun, wind, and even snow. Many manufacturers are taking enormous strides to lead fashion in a sustainable direction with great made-to-last pieces.

Nicole Bridger Ethically-Sourced Materials + Dyes

MEC Ethically Sourced Backbeyond Jacket

Patagonia PVC-free Kids’ Jacket

Nau Recycled Polyester Trench

Bags without Baggage Regardless if you’re going to the market, the airport, or out on the town, there’s a bag for you that’s functional, fashionable, and made by good people in a "fair" way. These bags look so good because they are so good.

Matt & Nat Mitsuko Vegan Handbag

Nau recycled Polyester Lightbeam Tote

Flip&Tumble 24/7 Reusable bag

Totem Upcycled Messenger Bag

Sound Sleepwear Set the mood for a solid slumber with something safe and cozy to slip into. The right pair of jammies can make all the difference between battling big bad flame retardants, or dancing on cloud nine in something truly natural .

ferm LIVING Organic Cotton Robe

ALAS Women's Organic Cotton Onesie

Kids Organic Long John PJs

Punjammies Fair-trade, Organic Freedom Tee

Infant Essentials Babies have such soft, fresh skin so let’s dress them in the safest pieces possible from their head to their teeny toes. Think of all the details from the fabrics, to the snaps and closures (heavy metals!), the tags, and the screenprints (phthalates) that decorate those little teeny garments.

Growing Up Wild Organic Cotton Booties

Frugi Organic Penguin Knotted Hat

Mini Mioche Organic Fleece Romper

Maggie's Organic Fair Trade Socks

Toddler Togs It’s never to early to learn about compassion, and that our choices have an impact - even our kids’ clothing. It’s passed through many hands before it’s even worn (the farmers, manufacturers, retailers) so choosing healthy clothing is best for your little ones, and everyone else too.

Kate Quinn Organic Motorcycle Jacket

Mini Mioche Organic Sweatshirt

WoBabyBasics Organic Cotton Reversibles

Mini Rodini Organic Cotton Dress

Kid Couture Besides being an astronaut, pro snowboarder, or musician, the main thing your kids want to be when they grow up is happy and healthy. Get them further in conscious, organic threads. Kids make a difference too (we all do!), and there’s nothing cooler than caring (and handing clothes down!).

Shampoodle Organic French Terry Sweater

PLB Design Ethical Sweatshop Free Tee

Serendipity Organic Cotton Dress Shirt

Frugi Organic Spotted Pants

Sand + Swim Gear It’s great to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Keep your beachwear clean and simple with a few stylish necessities that are well made, and protect your skin and our world too.

Lole Recycled Polyester Rashguard

Marimekko Organic Cotton Beach Towel

Arbor Poly/Nano Bamboo Boardshort

01m Biodegradable Water-Friendly Footwear

In the Sun If we aren’t frolicking in the sunshine, then we are certainly dreaming of the warm rays hitting us and the surrounding natural landscape. It’s important to always practice safe sun care to protect ourselves from the UV, and choose responsible gear to protect the ozone layer too.

Wooed Sunglasses Handmade with Reclaimed Wood

Free People Organic Raffia Hat

Feel Goodz Natural Rubber Flip Flops

Patagonia Organic Cap

Keeping Clean Don’t douse your wearables in toxic chemicals that are harsh on your skin, your health, and our world- what goes on our clothing and down our drains is here to stay. Reliable and effective laundry tools will treat stains while treating you and our world well, too!

BaaLLS Dryer Balls Handmade in Canada with Organic Wool

Berryplus Truly Clean + Safe Laundry Soap

Fresh BaaLLS Blend of Pure Essential Oils

Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover

Taking Care Give your clothes a little extra TLC and they’ll stay with you and look great a lot longer (and NOT buying new clothes is the most eco thing we can all do!). Like your clothing, choose quality care tools and appliances that are well made by responsible brands that stand behind their products.

Use an Energy + Water Efficient Washing Machine

Large Wood Rack to Hang Dry

Eco + Non-toxic Dry Cleaners

Bamboo Laundry Hamper

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