The Guide to Packing Eco Delicious Lunches

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Guide to Packing Eco-Delicious Lunches When you throw things away, where exactly do you think "away" is? Exactly! No. Such. Place. Are you aware that taking or buying a disposable lunch to school or work each day creates a total of 30 kilograms of waste every year? (fyi - that's about the weight of a grade 2 student). Packing a litterless lunch can save you money AND time (now we've got your attention!), and it's certainly healthier. So, get flipping through our guide and get packing! Content, product testing and layout by Borden Communications + Design

Change the way you pack lunch Making your lunch at home and taking it each day to school or work is not about carving love notes into a banana peel or cutting sandwiches into cute little shapes, it's simply about being better to our bodies and better to our planet. Follow these 6 shopping suggestions to help you navigate the aisles, build a great pantry and be a lunch trendsetter. 1. Buy in Bulk...or avoid all individually packaged items. Try a full size container of organic yogurt over conventional single servings. It's only a myth that it's easier and quicker to pack an individual granola bar over a handful of pretzels. It's not only healthier, but you will be surprised when you add up the savings. 2. Buy Fresh...and organic and local if you can. It improves the nutritional quality of your food and tastes better also. Let your spouse and kids shop with you. (Many of you are probably rolling your eyes and are ready to dismiss everything written at this point, but stick with us). The real trick is to shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store...think about what you buy from the middle aisles (packaged foods, food wrap, chemicals). 3. Read your Labels...because a long list of ingredients often indicates the presence of questionable chemicals - MSG (yuck!) has so many ways of disguising its name, you would not believe the products it is found in. Take extra time to think about each item before you put it in your shopping cart even if you are in a rush to get to carpool or home to your couch. If you can't pronounce the ingredient, you shouldn't be using it, and certainly shouldn't be ingesting it. If you spend the time, you will find a healthier option, with fewer ingredients for all of your favourites (if not, find a new store!). 4. Resist the Marketing...Virtually all foods marketed to children and adults alike are low in nutrients and high in calories, salt, saturated fat, and refined sugars. As parents, we don't have Dora, Scooby-Doo, pop celebrities, sports stars, contests, prizes, surprises or the latest market research tools to help us persuade our kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. As shoppers, we are also programmed to look at what is not in our packaged food, over caring about what is in it. Trans fat free? Why was there trans fat in there to begin with? And, just because something has a green health seal on it, does not mean it's certified healthy by anyone but the company making it. 5. Stop Making Garbage...This is even more important than recycling…why use in the first place? A wastefree lunch means you have no packaging to throw away when you're done -- nothing other than apple cores, banana and orange peels or cherry pits. 6. Find a Champion…or be one. Inspire your workplace to institute rules about take out. Ban the disposable coffee cups and bottles of water to start. Take action at your school to reform the food served and the way food is brought into schools or workplaces. A passionate, informed, persuasive and committed champion can be an effective cheerleader and major force in creating healthier and happier communities. You are making an impact with your choices whether it's negative or positive. Choose to make a positive impact and watch how others follow. We know that you will set a trend in lunches for 2013-14 by choosing your lunch profile (or a combo of multiple ones) over the next pages!

READ The Conscious Kitchen, by environmental journalist Alexandra Zissu, walks readers through the kitchen decisions based on what's good for you, our planet, and what tastes great! It’s really what we all need to read. Alexandra Zissu’s must-read, simple, easy to digest books are all available via

FUNDRAISE Forget cookie dough and magazines - It's time to start fundraising with a purpose. It doesn't matter if you're a school, day care, sport team, club, camp, community group, or anyone wanting to raise funds - making great choices and buying litterless lunch products will save you time, money, your health, and our planet (now that's something worth considering!). Ask your fundraising companies about using all of the wonderful products you’ll find over the next pages. You can also be in touch with our offices at 416-484-6489 or, and we will connect you with options for your school or organization.

JOIN Join the campaign to reduce restaurant waste at Say NO to unnecessary packaging and start bringing your own reusables from home. It’s free and you’ll find lots of helpful tips and products to get you TakingOut WithOut!

Glass Gear It’s incredible how one of the oldest natural materials is making a comeback in reusables (cue cheering!). There are lots of amazing glass products, but these are our favourite for taking on the go.

Vibrant and functional, these mobile food storage containers come in 1, 2, and 4 cup sizes to help you transport all your snacks and meals. Wrapped in a silicon sleeve, your glassware has that extra layer of protection, and are dishwasher safe too. Lifefactory Food Storage

Stainless Stuff High quality stainless steel is shiny and safe, free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates and is durable, unbreakable and recyclable. Use them and reuse them. Rinse and repeat.

These trusty insulated containers are ideal for taking hot or cold foods with you wherever you go. They’re durable, shatterproof, leak-proof, and even have a lifetime warranty. Just toss them in your bag and be on your way! Klean Kanteen Food Canisters

Portable Packs From toting lunch to school, to snacks for a play date, from breakfast on your commute in to work, to power lunches, these bags will serve you well!

Your snacks and sandwiches will attract a lot of well deserved attention packed in these functional zipper bags after you customize them with your own designs! They’re made in the USA, and can go with you anywhere- think work, or after school program snacks! Neat-os

Designed to carry a lunch for big

Unlike brown bags, you'll want to use

appetites, this large capacity insulated

this organic cotton bag over and over

lunch bag has plenty of room for your

again. With its flat bottom, it’s ideal for

healthy foods and drinks. Lead-free and

your mixed lunch containers. It’s lining

BPA-free, simply zip close, roll down,

is food-safe, and phthalate-, bpa- and

and strap over your shoulder or pack

lead-free, and the fabric is silkscreened

into your backpack or briefcase.

in Toronto with water-based pigments.


Fluf Bag

Amazing Accessories One never should over-accessorize, but when it comes to litterless lunches, it’s important to have a little eco-reusable-bling.

Fresh Finds When you enjoy your litterless lunch, let your peers steal glances, but not because of the mess left on your face or garlicky breath!

Smart Sandwich You never outgrow some childhood favourites, but since the PB & J sandwich that we grew up eating is no longer allowed in schools due to an increase in allergies, we created the SB & S (sunbutter & stuff).

Take two slices of gluten-free, sprouted bread and spread both with Organic Sunbutter, add a little Manuka Honey and Canadian Hemp Seeds on one side. (of course you can use jam or your favourite fresh fruit, too) Close and cut any way you like‌crust on or off?


Silver Hills Bread

Hemp Seeds

Manuka Honey

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