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Good Gift Guide The “new” present is one that inspires people to live healthier lives, makes the world a better place, supports good people and companies, doesn't create excess waste… And, of course, makes your getters really, truly, very happy! We’ve got the goods inside this guide, so wrap up your gift giving, easily and eco-ly!

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On Changing the Present Instead of careening madly around stores desperately purchasing gifts this holiday season (translation: possibly useless stuff that is not needed or wanted), make the getting and giving of gifts smart and easy - change the present this year! The “new” present is one that inspires people to live healthier lives, makes the world a better place, supports good people and companies, doesn't create excess waste…and of course, makes your getters really, truly, very happy! Remember that your money is your power and every penny you spend is a vote for something. Buying made-in-China, lead-laced toys or buying an organic piece of clothing made in Canada tells the maker to make more…what do you want more of in our world? Spend wisely, and buy from your own local businesses that support good values. Aside from the many wonderful online eco-focused stores, there are many local retailers featuring smarter products these days - so think outside of the giftbox and wrap it up our way! We hope our Good Gift Guide inspires you in your quest to give the perfect eco-happy present.

Stop before you shop! (and read this)



If you have great taste and talent (or are just creative), have a good

We know these do not seem as indulgent or as romantic as some

time putting these gifts together - they will be truly appreciated.

other gifts may be, but they are useful and will save time, money,

cook or bake something and deliver it once a month knit mitts [scarves sound much easier though] offer up what you're good at [babysitting? handywork?] put together a photo album or make a video collect your favourite recipes and put them into books or boxes create a masterpiece - photography or art

health and the planet, so consider them! reusable (safe) water bottle or mug stuff to make a home really clean & chemical-free safe toys - no plastic! non-petroleum crayons - beeswax or organic soy tree-free paper goods Local, weekly fruit and vegetable boxes


books for inspiration + enjoyment set of organic cloth napkins

These are our favourite to receive (and if you are a really good friend, you can tag along, too!) It's also a great way to support the

reusable bags (foldable AND washable)

businesses you already appreciate.

litterless lunch products

a membership - art gallery, zoo, gym

eco-fied first aid/emergency kit

a night out at the movies, tickets to a show or concert

solar or crank powered gadgets

an experience [a weekend away, spa services, day trip]

a tree to plant

a session with an “eco coach”or green cleaning service a donation to a favourite charity downloadable music certificates cooking class or go out to dinner [local and organic, of course!]

BE CREATIVE! The last time we checked, wrapping gifts was not on people's fun things to-do list (We personally use unwrapped gifts as an opportunity to be both lazy and eco-responsible…see how it all works out?)

GIVE GIFTS THAT ARE INDULGENT [BUT NOT REALLY!] Items in this category can soothe the soul and be luxurious yet not take a huge toll on our world. fair-trade chocolate, coffee or tea organic, toxin-free cosmetics and personal care products organic bedding or bathrobe local, organic wine

use reusable containers or bags to package use old newspapers, magazines or comics to wrap did you know that newspaper strips curl like ribbon? use tea towels, microfibre cloths or clothing to envelop use scarves, bandanas, belts or shoelaces to tie use fresh herbs, old buttons or cut up textiles to adorn use tree-free cards or make your own (even from other cards!)


Fitness Freak Whether you have made the decision to start committing to a workout plan, you’re a working stiff trying to squeeze in some squats, or you're a gym-a-holic and you downward dog all day long, get armed with these essentials.

Bend and Stretch Your mat matters. These WovnBranch mats are PVC-free and toxin-free, and made with a 100% recyclable, eco-friendly TPE material so you can focus on your health and fitness instead of nasty chems. Even more, with every purchase from this Toronto based company, a bed net gets donated to a family in Africa to help keep them safe from malaria. Now that’s zen. WovnBranch www.wovnbranchcom

No Sweat

Perfect Reflection

Super Powers

Don't wipe your sweat on those

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the

Scoop this super protein into any

bleached, white towels the gym gives

fittest of them all? You are, since you're

smoothie for some real organic plant

you, that are washed in toxic detergent

staying hydrated drinking from your

power. This triple source vegan protein

(yuck). Be a trendsetter and take your

sleek 100% stainless steel bottle (both

is fueled by sprouted rice, dulse red

own 100% organic cotton, fast-drying

inside and out). No paint, no plastic

algae, and cranberry. Burn fat and

beautiful hand towels. The hang tag

and a sustainably harvested bamboo

boost energy, all in a days work! No

makes it easy to attach on to clothes,

lid, makes this bottle truly one of a

fake junk in these bags and great for

bottles, or backpacks.


kids too. It’s really good for you. Really.

People Towels

Klean Kanteen Reflect

BOKU Super Protein Powder


Multitasking Maniac Since we cannot clone ourselves (tragic!), we need hard-working gifts that are "get-methrough-the-day" helpers! These are welcome additions to life - try them!

Step on This Enjoy all the benefits of acupuncture...anywhere you go or anywhere you sit. The travel-size mat is perfect to rest your feet on while watching tv, under your desk while working, resting it on your neck, or even sitting on it! The Spoonk Mat’s spikes increase blood circulation, boost energy levels, release muscle tension, heal joint pains and induce deeper sleep. Bonus? It takes no extra time out of your already busy day. The Spoonk Mat

Sweet Dreams

Ultimate Aroma

Extra Mile

When a chance for some “you” time

Combining traditional Chinese culture

Go faster, longer, and stronger with

presents itself (whether or not it was

with modern technology, this essential

this blend of schisandra, goji berries,

forced), these pleasure pillows filled

oil aroma diffuser also plays soothing

rhodiola and eluethero. Mix into water

with organic flaxseed and natural

music, and creates an ambience with

and sip to help increase your strength

lavender and chamomille flowers,

soft LED colours. With a handcrafted

and stamina, boost energy, and prevent

provides soothing relief whether you

maple base and hand-blown glass top,

fatigue. Powered by just 4 adaptogen

heat them up or cool them down, giving

this design recalls the concept of yin

herbs - no fillers, gluten, caffeine,

you maximum therapeutic benefits.

and yang to create harmony.

sugar, additives, or preservatives.

Mette Vangso Eye Catcher

Puzhen Aroma Diffuser

Four Sigma Foods


Happy Homemaker Happy Homemaker or perhaps the aggravated I Have-To-Do-All-These-Chores-Maker! Regardless of the spin, these are the healthy helpers we all need!

Tumble These! Nothing makes for a happier home then a good set of BaaLLS. Save time, money, your health and our planet by using dryer balls made from 100% certified organic wool. Reducing your drying time by 40% and softening your clothes all without the use of chemicals (imagine that!). Add a couple of drops of the Fresh BaaLLs Blend of pure essential oils and your BaaLLS (and clothes) will smell nature! BaaLLS

Walk All Over Me

Just a dose

What's on your ear?

The professional cleaning industry

Get real clean with eco-effective Molly

Have you ever thought about how greasy

believes that 85% of indoor dirt is

Sud’s laundry powder that cleans

fingerprints, dirt, oil, and disgusting

tracked in from the outdoors on our

without harsh chemicals, fillers, or

bacteria live on your cell phone? Think

shoes and pet paws. Remove shoes at

anything toxic or carcinogenic. Made

about where you place your cell...the bottom

the door - toxins won't come in, and

up of just 5 earth derived ingredients,

of your purse, a checkout counter, the dirty

you'll have an excuse to buy a new pair

only 1 tablespoon is needed per load.

drink holder in your car (eek!). Available in

of (eco) slippers! Get a doormat and

Safe and gentle for your skin, your

January 2013 - Spread the gossip, not the

make sure it's PVC and phthalate free!

clothes, and our world.


Pictured is a doormat made from recycled flip flops

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder

E-cloth Cell Phone Cleaning Cloth


Eco-Bully These products are perfect for the ones that think they know every eco-trick and product in the book. Not only will the eco-bully/know-it-all be amazed at how genius these green gifts are, but they will be super impressed that you found them first! P.S. There really is no such thing as a "green" product - everything has an impact!

So much more than a glass drinking straw Ever thought about how many plastic straws get tossed each day? So many are left in the bottom of takeout bags or removed from the drink and put onto the table or bar without even being used. Aside from ensuring that you'll never sip out of toxic plastic again, these glass straws come with a lifetime guarantee - yes, they are that confident. Strawesome Glass Straws www.

No Strings Attached

E is for Eco

Plate it Forward

You know by now that skipping the lineup (and the trip to the bank) for your tea and making your own loose leaf at home is healthier for you (goodbye bleached bags and staples). Wanna go the distance? Compost those used tea leaves too! It's eco-intelligent and healthy for all!

A fun, inspiring, perspective changing read that not only identifies what we should be avoiding to lead a heathier life, but also simple solutions to immediately replace the “bad” with something better...or even, nothing at all. This nonpreachy, lighthearted book is short and to the point - try doing a letter a day!

The best way to get people in the eco spirit is with the newest way to “pay it forward”! As they nibble away at your plate of freshly baked goodies, they'll uncover a message that encourages them to bake, plate, and deliver to another unsuspecting recipient. Doing good has never tasted better.

Bola Glass Teapot

Alphabet of Avoidance

Boom Boom Cards


Very Vegan Whether you're already in the raw, trying to convince someone to go vegan, you're a wannabee in the making, or a vegan veteran, these usables will have everyone cheering for kale chips!

Blend and Snap! You may not realize that you need this appliance, but you do. You really, really do. Fully automatic (once you add ingredients) making smooth drinks, hot soups and cool ice creams in just seconds. Blendtec Designer Series

Kitchen Staple

As local as it gets!

Spiral or Slice

A collection of 175 raw, vegan and

Hire a farmer to tend to your yard and

gluten-free recipes that use 5

yield the best organic crops the season

spiralize them into a delicious noodle recipe

ingredients, and take only 15 minutes

has to offer. Don't have the landscape?

or slice them perfectly in just minutes. Raw

Take your favourite raw veggies and

to prepare! From hearty breakfasts, to

Have local and organic fruit and

zucchini turns into amazing spaghetti the

satisfying soups, to main courses, and

veggies delivered right to your front

kids will even eat (plus it’s carb free!). You’d

desserts, each recipe is easy to follow,

door on a weekly basis. Now that's a

be surprised how many different dishes this

and incredibly delicious.

fresh gift idea.

tiny hand powered appliance can create.

Raw, Quick & Delicious by Doug McNish

Our Choice of Toronto Services:

Vegetable Spiral Slicer


Eco-Kid Children are our future. Teach them well and arm them with products that they'll love (and serve a purpose too). It'll inspire everyone to make better choices. That's a guarantee.

Tick Tock What’s impressive about this kid-friendly watch is that the company fully discloses their green efforts on their website, and they don’t claim to be perfect! We’re all for transparency and companies doing their best... And kids learning to be on time of course! Sprout Watches

Colour your World

Stay Warm

Arm Candy

These colouring blocks are made from

With a great selection of children’s

Infused with elements sourced from

pure beeswax with colouring agents

clothing and jackets, Patagonia believes

the highest and lowest points on Earth,

that are safe for our health and the

in doing everything they can to share

the white ball, carries water from Mt.

planet. Their size and shape are

our undomesticated lands and waters.

Everest, and the black ball holds mud

designed to fit in a child’s hand and

Their revamped Footprint Chronicles

from the Dead Sea. Clear beads link the

appeal to their senses. They encourage

showcases their transparency in all

two, signifying that throughout life’s

creativity and deliver beautiful effects.

that they do.

circular journey, your path is your own.

Stockmar Wax Blocks




Gadget Guru You know those crazy long lineups queued around corners when the newest gadgets are due to arrive? Know someone who might be standing in one? These "e-wasters" will need to learn that they can get all they need without the negative impact on their health and our world.

Take Cover The Pong's radiation reduction case promises to protect you from radiation, while the form fitting case protects your ipad. The patented multi-fold cover is the only iPad case that doesn’t decrease 3G reception, plus, it comes with all the radiation redirecting technology that makes it a Pong. Carrying an iPad may not be original, but this case is. Pong Radiation Reduction Case

Shield Extreme

Electrifying Stuff

Turn it Up

Radiation from our electronics is

Know someone who is constantly on

The solar powered, portable, bluetooth

dangerous, especially for our kids. Stick

the search for the next best product?

sound system, with high efficiency

this silicon based microprocessor on

Maybe you? Watch and share The Story

solar panels, can connect to your smart

your phone to neutralize harmful

of Electronics, it will get everyone

phone, tablet or computer via

radiation. Picking up your phone may

thinking in a whole new way (it's free,

Bluetooth so you can play your tunes

be unavoidable, staying safe doesn't

short & online!). Do you think our stuff

anywhere you go. Now this is

have to be.

is designed for the dump?

something to start a rukus over!


Story of Electronics

Eton Rukus


Beautifying Bella A girls' cosmetic routine can be as unbreakable as her love for Brad Pitt. However, if you have ever glanced at an ingredient list on your soap, concealer, lipstick or body lotion (if there was even a list at all) it would make going all-natural a no brainer. Do not fret, there are safe alternatives and you don't have to compromise quality.

A Shinier, Healthier Smile These products help your skin feel beautiful long after you wash your face. A natural fermentation process brings out the best of their already amazing ingredients, producing enzymes, proteins and amino acids that literally feed your skin. The combination of locally harvested Canadian Glacial Marine Clay, organic coconut oil, and flower water leaves your skin always looking and feeling healthy. Haut Cosmetics

Instant Life

Face Food

Stay Polished

The Stratus Instant Skin Perfector can

Don’t dry out! Keep your face looking

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or a

be rubbed all over for a flattering

its best with this deeply nourishing

salon-going-manicure-maven, make

healthy glow. With certified organic

Rosehip Oil that is certified organic.

sure that what you're putting on your

ingredients, natural mineral pigments,

Naturally loaded with essential fatty

nails is safe. Try cruelty-free polishes

and antioxidants, this beauty stick

acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, your

that are made without harsh chems,

delivers the performance of a luxury

skin will instantly feel smoother and

like Aquarella’s water-based polishes -

highlighter without any chemicals.

softer, and restore your healthy glow.

safe for even your youngest bella!

Vapour Beauty




Music Maven Tune into your favourite playlist with the respect it deserves. These innovative music accessories are not only head turners and crowd pleasers, but they’ll do your music justice.

Music to Your Ears You don't have to sacrifice on quality to help save the environment. Cables made from PVC-free material and housing made from wood means you can rock out without toxins coming in. Best part? The sound is even better than you would get from conventional headphones. Big sound, small footprint. Thinksound Ear Buds

Rise Up

Big Sound, Small Footprint

And listen up! These over-ear

Need big sound? No big deal. Bring

headphones are sound isolating and

your fave iPod or iPhone tunes with

engineered to play your music with all

you and blast it on the portable

the energy and emotion intended. They

speakers for all to hear. Too sunny to

deliver a crisp and clear sound, and are

stay inside? Even better. With the high

made with earth friendly materials so

efficiency solar panel, it charges itself

you can enjoy your tunes knowing you

with just the power of the sunlight (so

made a difference.

leave the batteries and cords inside).


Eton Soulra

Music to Your Ears! Every aspiring guitarist should own one of these! Use your own credit cards, old driver’s license, student Id’s, or whatever you can find to create unique guitar picks. Pick Punch is available in 5 different shapes to suit your preference and express the true artist in you. Strum away. Pick Punch


Sustainable Stylist Style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. It’s all about knowing what’s behind the label and what’s attached to it. Be fashion forward, while having minimal impact on our environment. Look good. Feel even better.

Zip It The term “puffy” doesn’t apply here. The unique diamond-shaped quilting creates a beautiful, flattering silhouette. Made with 100% recycled polysester and filled with renewable goose-down, this supremely warm jacket is an eco must-have for winter months. Nau 3 Simmer Down Trench

Throw On

Sock it to Me

Slip In

On a mission to keep things simple and

Colourful, cozy and stylish socks for

These are boots with a truly good sole.

essential, FIG manufactures every piece

men, women and kids. Made by a

Made from coconut husk, these just

of their clothing line entirely in Canada.

LOVELY company in the USA that uses

might be the comfiest shoes your feet

They are committed to creating comfort

low-impact dyes, no bleach, and

will ever slide in to. You really need to

with local and organic fabrics. Whether

Certified Organic Cotton. They are so

read about the company’s dedication to

pairing over leggings or

soft and comfortable you’ll never want

goodness and style to believe it.

jeans, this

cozy shawl hooded sweatshirt will be

to take these off, making for eco-happy

Thankfully, Po-zu now ships all of their

one of your fave fashion staples.

feet all winter long.

footwear worldwide.

FIG Clothing


Piper Tan Boot


Wonderful Wrapper Being eco means not buying and wrapping everything up in sight without thought. Get creative with wrapping by using reusable bags, old newspapers or magazines, tea towels, scarves, shoelaces to tie, old buttons or cut up textiles and tree-free cards or make your own. The bonus is that you are giving so much eco-ness along with each gift!

A Gift within a Gift Instead of wasting your time and money wrapping up big elaborate (and disposable) baskets, make this already beautiful market basket part of the gift itself! It has a sturdy frame, comfy rubber handle, and tearproof fabric available in a variety of colours and patterns. Reisenthel Carry Bag

Re-use It

Smart Clip It

Read it and Wrap

These colourful reusable bags are

With a colourful selection of silicone-

perfect for wrapping any gift for any

sealed lids, these various sizes of

material in a blue box, use it to wrap

age, size, gender or cost! They are

tempered glass containers are perfect

up your gifts. Get extra creative and

durable, machine washable, and roll up

to hold your homemade shortbreads,

find pictures, graphics, and letters to

like a pair of socks to carry on the go.

cranberry sauce, precious jewellery or

make a personalized card. Cool tip:

These bags are so great, it's a bonus if

(hair) accessories. It’s the gift package

newspaper can be cut and curled just

there's even a gift inside of them!

that keeps on giving.

like curly ribbon. Try it!

Flip & Tumble

Wean Green Tubs

Instead of putting your old reading

What Should You Do The Day After? Re-use Wrapping paper and ribbon from others Re-create The big pile of holiday cards from everyone (make them into note cards) Re-gift Unneeded and unwanted stuff Re-mind‌ Family and Friends that next year they can do what you've done so well this year

Enjoy the giving and receiving! Happy Holidays!

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