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The reigning two time Champion! The King of the Ring 2012 and 2013 Glodi Eneste, Norway

Bor책shallen, november 21-23th 2014 kingoftheringboras


Organizer BK REBELL - Last day of en FRIDAY 09.00-13.00 Weigh - in and medical

SATURDAY 07.30-09.00 Weigh - in and medical

15.00 Meeting for the managers

10.30 Fighttime!

17.00 Fighttime!

19.00 Elite contest!

The schedule is preliminary!

Category Year of birth Elite A 95-74 Elite B 95-74 Elite C 95-74 Youth A 96-97 Youth B 96-97 Youth C 96-97 Junior A 98-99 Junior B 98-99 Diploma A 99-00 Diploma B 01-02 Diploma C 03-04

Num of bouts 15 Bouts or more 6-14 Bouts 0-5 Bouts 15 Bouts or more 6-14 Bouts 0-5 Bouts 7 Bouts or more 0-6 Bouts n/a n/a n/a

NOTICE! Number of bouts include all types of martial arts where pu

Judges and referees!

If you have judges or referees who can participate, please con for information about payment.

Bor책shallen, november 21-23th 2014

ntry november 19 2014

SUNDAY 07.30-08.30 Weigh - in and medical 08.00-09.30 Sparring 10.00 Fighttime!

15.00 Price ceremony

Roundlength 3x3 min 3x3 min 3x2 min 3x3 min 3x3 min 3x2 min 3x2 min 3x2 min 3x2 min 3x1,5 min 3x1 min

unches to the head occur.

ntact the management



Enter boxers at

The fee 300 kr (34 Euro) will be paid the first day of the tournament att the weigh - in. Other ways of payment - contact Raymond Husac,, +46 735 94 54 11

Information/Food/Accomodation/Travel Please visit us at

Bor책s Touristoffice +46 33 35 70 90, is happy to help you with further information and questions about the City of Bor책s.



King of the Ring 2014  

A warm welcome to King of the Ring boxing tournament in Borås, Sweden.