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BORÅS IS THRIVING At fashion and textile fairs across the world, Borås is a famous city. The city has enjoyed a solid reputation for decades, even centuries. The same applies to shopping in Borås, at least in a Swedish context. Everyone knows about Knalleland and all the strong brands with offices in the city. If you mention Borås to anybody with an interest in art, they will soon rave about the city’s fantastic art, sculptures and street art. But whatever you do, don’t tell a football fan you’ve been to Borås. He will probably mutter that it was luck when Elfsborg beat his favourite team. Lucky or not, Borås is simply a city with a lot of gumption. We are building like never before. Cafés and restaurants are popping up on every street-corner, not to mention one of the best zoos in Sweden, indoor and outdoor pools in the middle of the city and a beautiful countryside within easy reach. Welcome to Borås.

Knalleland For forty years, Knalleland has been a magnet for shopaholics. Read about why seven million visitors per year can’t be wrong on pages 16-19. knalleland.se

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Textile Fashion Center Find out on pages 12-15 why you must not miss a visit to Sweden’s and Borüs’ international fashion, textile and design centre. textilefashioncenter.se

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Borüs city There is a great choice of shops, cafÊs and restaurants in Borüs city centre. We’ve also been told that the fashion city Borüs has more hair salons per capita than any other city in Sweden. Read more about what’s on offer on pages 8-11. borascity.se

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In this brochure we only present a selection of the wide range of offers in BorĂĽs. See more at: boras.com

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When you follow the Viskan Promenade you will find beautiful creations in the form of sculptures and murals along the way.

BEAUTIFUL WALKS ALONG THE RIVER VISKAN The river Viskan, which provided hydraulic energy for the textile industry, was once Borås’ commercial lifeblood. Today, Viskan is a spiritual lifeblood which connects the three centres of the city with its soothing flow. Strolling from the city centre to Knalleland is not only a beautiful walk of around 2 km, it is also a walk through history. From the city’s inner core built in 1621, through the old textile industrial area Simonsland, currently known as the Textile Fashion Centre, to Knalleland shopping centre, with Borås Arena and the Zoo around the corner. 7

Some facts Caroli Church, built in 1669, located between Stora Torget and Textile Fashion Center is the city’s oldest building. It has survived no less than four city fires – in 1681, 1727, 1822 and 1827.


Stora Torget is flanked by Rådhuset and Merkuriushuset. Both were built in the 1910s in the National Romantic style. Merkurius was designed by Ivar Tengbom, who is best known as the architect of Stockholm Concert Hall.

The vibrant mural of Alfred Nobel in the picture is by Eduardo Kobra, a Brazilian artist. Read more about the Street Art festival No Limit on page 24.

BORÅS CITY CENTRE Why not start your discovery of Borås city centre at the feet of Pinocchio. Jim Dines’ nine metre high sculpture at the start of Allégatan is a good starting point for a walk through Borås. Walk a couple of hundred yards in a north-west direction. Here, in the middle of Borås’ very own piazza, Sandwalls plats (see photo), you are surrounded by a bath house, cafés, restaurants, sculptures, street art and shops. Close at hand, Stora Torget has shops in all directions. Take a brief rest on one of the twelve granite chairs by sculptor Richard Nona next to the well on Stora Torget (the Main square).


BORÅS CITY CENTRE Stadsparken, the city’s oasis The city’s oasis was landscaped in 1899 and, with its beautiful flower arrangements, since then it has attracted everyone from couples having a picnic to lunchtime strollers. The park is used by families with toddlers in the modern playground, ice cream and food diners in Orangeriet designed by Gert Wingårdh, strollers on the way to Rosengården or workmates on the way to the adventure golf course up on Mariekulle. On summer Thursdays, there is dancing with live dance bands and in winter time you can go ice skating here. There are over 60 rose species in Rosengården of Stadsparken.

Trendy shopping city with an edge As a textile and fashion city, Borås is also a great city for some trendy shopping. The big chains are concentrated wall-to-wall with several unique boutiques in the city centre. borascity.se

Popular summer entertainment If you are lucky enough to be in Borås on a Thursday in the summer - then do as the Boråsers do - take to the streets and enjoy concerts, dance and entertainment at Stora Torget and in Stadsparken. After 25 years, Sommartorsdagarna® have become a popular tradition, for socialising and entertainment by Sweden’s top artists and dance bands. Obviously, it is free for everyone and the shops in the city centre are open till 9 pm. sommartorsdagarna.se


Make sure you book a table well in advance if you want to eat out in Borås on a Thursday in the summer.

Hungry for something delicious?

Adventure golf in the park

In Borås there is a wide variety of cafés and restaurants in the city center. Here you will find everything from Swedish traditional dishes to the most delicious little sushi pieces. On page 32 you will find more info about drinks and food.

Borås Äventyrsgolf is located on the highest peak of Stadsparken. The course looks like a miniature golf course with bunkers, a green and a water-filled moat. There are twelve holes and you don’t need a green card – everyone is welcome. The winner buys coffee in the ice cream café.



Always good swimming weather in Borås

The childrens favourite playground

With Stadsparksbadet in the middle of the city, there is always good weather for swimming in Borås. Bring your family and friends to this water park and explore caves, warm pools and slides. If you like competition, challenge each other to see who is fastest up the climbing wall! Have lunch at Bryggan Café & Bistro, accessible both from inside the water park and from outside.

The city park’s playground was built after the children got to vote on their favourite. It is a modern playground / activity site and a popular excursion destination in Borås. In the park many activities are arranged during the season.


Shopping With its charming city centre, Borås constantly attracts shoppers and walkers to its many shops and merchants. Traditional large outdoor markets are also held both in spring and autumn. Vendors spread over all of central Borås and offer everything from spices and old-fashioned confectionery products to clothes and carousels.

Every Thursday in the summer during Sommartorsdagarna®, you can dance in Stadsparken to the tunes of some of the most popular Swedish dance bands between 9 pm and 11.30 pm.




TEXTILE FASHION CENTER Imagine a creative centre where Europe’s perhaps most promising students in textile, fashion and design meet business, research and new brands. Imagine a neighbourhood where old textile industries are transformed through modern architecture into a creative melting pot. Textile Fashion Center is Sweden’s and Borås’ international fashion, textile and design centre. When Lars Wallin, perhaps Sweden’s foremost fashion designer, attended the inauguration in 2014, he was candid: “I feel all tingly thinking about all the fantastic fashion meetings that will take place here.” textilefashioncenter.se


Did you know Jaume Plensa’s mind-blowing sculpture House of Knowledge stands outside the entrance of Textile Fashion Center. It’s at least as fascinating at a distance as when you enter the sculpture. Don´t miss the street art represented here with works of PichiAvo and DALeast for instance.

The Simonsland neighbourhood, where Textile Fashion Center is located today, has had a textile connection since the mid 1800s. Dyeing, spinning mills and yarn processing, among others, have been located here.

Many famous brands connected with fashion, textile and mail order have their headquarters in Borås, among others Hemtex, Gina Tricot, Nelly, Ellos, Craft, Abecita and Morris.


TEXTILE FASHION CENTER Try on old or design new clothes At the Textile Museum, you can be both a spectator and a participant. Let yourself be impressed by the unique collection of clothes and costumes worn by ordinary folk through history or join a tour around the museum. Try on clothes from a whole century or design your own. Every month, new program items are presented, including lectures, workshops and guided tours. On your way out, shop for design classics and one-offs in the museum boutique. textilmuseet.se

Innovation at its best As a part of the University of BorĂĽs, Smart Textiles interweaves business and research. Aiming to improve everyday life and to create new jobs, they deliver innovation and research at its best. Head over to one of the exhibitions, that display knitted blood vessels, clothes that charge your mobile phone or other research and design projects in Smart Textiles. smarttextiles.se A knitted blood vessel, developed by Smart Textiles, is on display in the Smart Textile Showroom.

International centre for textile and design The Swedish School of Textiles is a knowledge centre for the textile industry and an international centre for textile and design. Some of the most coveted students in Sweden study here, to become designers, shop managers, and everything in between. textilhogskolan.se


A flavourful meeting place In the old industrial area that is now Textile Fashion Center, The Company is the logical melting pot. Restaurant, cafÊ and meeting place. Here you will also find the place for the beer lover, Pumphuset. Meet the creative forces of the area, locals and the city’s guests over a meal, a glass or a coffee break. thecompany.se thecompany.se/sv/pumphuset/

Creative inspiration for everyone With interactive exhibitions, experimental stations and challenges, Navet (the Hub) is a technological and creative playground for all children and adults. By way of interactive exhibitions and inspiring learning, we promise that your knowledge and your interest in physical sciences, technology and mathematics will grow at this creative Science Center! navet.com


Did you know Knalleland got it´s name from the local pedlars called ”knalle”. Their secret language, ‘månsing’, contained many words that are still used today – including ‘fika’ (to have coffee or refreshments), ‘stålar’ (cash) and ‘tjacka’ (to buy).


If you like shopping, don’t miss the summer outlet in the old roundhouses at Åhaga. There you will find many well-known brands at low prices.

Interested in photography and art? If you are, a visit to Abecita Konstmuseum and Wärenstam in Knalleland is a must! The permanent exhibition consists of graphic art and photography from Europe and the USA as well as award winning Nordic textile art.

KNALLELAND Knalleland is one of the best shopping centres in Sweden. People have journeyed here to shop for over four decades. They still do, but today Knalleland is much more than shopping. Obviously, the range of shops, chain stores and brands is much greater than when the doors were opened in 1975. However, Knalleland offers entertainment arenas that cannot be compared with any other shopping centre in Sweden. With Borås Zoo, indoor and outdoor pools, the photographic museum Abecita Konstmuseum, Wärenstams and Borås Arena, where Elfsborg play, Knalleland deserves several visits. knalleland.se


KNALLELAND The grass is always green at Borås Arena On IF Elfsborg’s home arena, the dress code is yellow. On the grandstand, the Guliganerna (a pun - yellow hooligans), perhaps the finest fans in Sweden, create an incredible atmosphere. Everyone who’s watched a football match here knows that the grass is always green on one of Sweden’s most modern arenas. elfsborg.se

Wide selection of shopping People have journeyed to Knalleland to go shopping for over four decades. No wonder, there is a wide range of shops and it’s open every day. If you wish, you can spend a whole day wandering around the 80 shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Parking at Knalleland is always free. knalleland.se

Information about the shopping centre is available at knalleland.se. You can also download a visitors’ guide from the site..


Treetop adventures Balance among the treetops or swing in the giant swing at eleven metres above ground. Borås adventure park Upzone offers high altitude adventures. Booking is mandatory, whether you wish to challenge each other in competing teams, or just try out climbing with an instructor. If you are ready for a challenge at a high level, you are in the right place. upzone.se

Parking is free at Knalleland but it´s not a long walk from the city centre. You can get here by a 15 minutes walk.

Popular aquatics centre Borås Simarena is an excellent exercise, training and competition facility. Apart from the 50 metre pool which offers plenty of space for everyone from exercise swimmers to water polo elite swimmers, there are large galleries, a cafeteria with a sundeck, sauna and space for warming up and dryland training. In the summer, the outdoor Alideberg facility is attractive with its high diving board, a pool for playing and paddling, large lawns, a beach volleyball court, and a kiosk. rebrand.ly/badboras_en

Animals from all over the world Just a couple of hundred metres east of Knalleland, Borås Zoo offers exceptional adventures. This is one of Sweden’s largest, most famous and modern zoos with nearly 600 animals. At boraszoo.se you can check out what’s happening in the park. Read more on the next page. boraszoo.se


BORÅS ZOO Borås Zoo is full of animals from all around the world. The large zoo is located near Knalleland, in the north of central Borås. When it was founded in 1962 it was unique – many of the magnificent animals in the zoo live side by side on a large savannah. Boråsers visit the zoo all days of the week to grill sausages, go for a walk among the animals or simply let their children run around the playground. boraszoo.se

Who will you encounter in the park? There have always been lions at Borås Zoo. The first animal to move in was the lion cub Simba, who accompanied founder Sigvard Berggren home from one of his many journeys. In the fenced savannah, you will also encounter the wise elephants, the cheetah - the fastest mammal in the world, elegant giraffes, beautiful rhinoceroses, buffalos, flamingos, antelopes, zebras, tigers and red pandas. Whatever you do, don’t miss all the funny monkeys. There are also some magnificent Nordic animals, including moose, bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine. Borås Zoo is home to over 60 different animal species.

Hungry as a wolf Walking around in a gigantic zoo can make anyone starving. Take the opportunity to eat in one of the many restaurants and cafés of the Zoo. The Savannah restaurant, the Bear House, the Yard Cafe, the Ice Cream Bar or the Boat House - there is something for everyone.

Become a sponsor Borås Zoo works to support the survival of several endangered animal species. By becoming a sponsor you can participate in and support the work of Borås Zoo. By doing so, you contribute to the conservation work. For more information on how you can contribute, please visit boraszoo.se

Go camping in the city Borås Camping, Sweden’s biggest city campsite, is located five minutes walk from Borås Zoo and just 2 km from central Borås. In addition to camping pitches, the campsite offers accommodation in a hostel and cabins. The campsite offers several accommodation packages with the wild animals of the Zoo in close proximity. Entrance to Borås Zoo and Stadsparksbadet is always included in the attractive packages. borascamping.com

Become a keeper for a day Did you know you can become a keeper for a day at Borås Zoo? If you are over 8 years old, you are welcome to participate in the daily care of the animals. Your day as a keeper starts promptly at 9 am with a review of the tasks of the day and continues around the entire park. You will get to meet and feed hungry animals, make sure that they are feeling well, clean up animal enclosures, have lunch and refreshments. Your day in the service of animals ends at 5 pm. Book in advance.


This years´s big news is the new Dinosaur Park with dinosaurs that both move and make sounds.

The zoo’s savannah, full of animals, is a whopping 23,000 m².


CULTURE Bor책s has in recent years developed strongly as a cultural destination, and public art in the city center is ever present and is constantly being expanded. Through the No Limit Street Art and Bor책s International Sculpture Biennial, combined with strong museums and galleries Bor책s - The city as a gallery is created, a cultural entity of international dimensions. What makes Bor책s unique is that everything is gathered so central and in walking distance. Within a radius of just under 1.5 kilometers there are more than a hundred installations, sculptures, murals and galleries, museums and the textile cluster around Textile Fashion Center. At the website boras.com/stadensomgalleri you will find information about museums and galleries as well as current and upcoming exhibitions together with information on guided tours that deepens and enhances the experience.


Worth knowing Borås grew most during the era of functionalism. As a result, there is an abundance of beautiful functionalist buildings in the city. The neighbourhood Steglitsen just above Kulturhuset is a fine example.

The music scene has always been broad in the city - from hard rock to club music. Some active music clubs are Cookin´ with blues music, Klubb Undergrunden with rock music and Kammarmusiken with classical music.

Tuesdays at Kulturhuset is a concept amongst people with social and cultural interests in Borås. Every Tuesday from autumn until spring, a new cultural experience is on offer.


CULTURE Boundless art on Borås’ facades In 2014, No Limit Street Art Festival for the first time made Borås into a gigantic outdoor gallery. Since then, the range has been expanded through two more festivals and now there are nearly 30 large murals and a myriad of small street art installations of impressive class. You will not have to look long before you see any of all the paintings that cover Borås house facades. Some of them as tall as seven-storey houses. nolimitboras.com

Interesting walks in the city of sculptures Sculptures in Borås are multifaceted and of the highest international class. In addition, they are allowed to stand out and take up space. A lot has been written about Jim Dines’ nine meter high “Walking to Borås” (popularly known as Pinocchio). Fredrik Wretman’s Bodhi was nearly as well publicised when the 3.5 metre high bronze bust representing the artist himself was anchored on the riverbed of Viskan in 2004. And that’s just two of many equally remarkable sculptures. Every second year, an international sculpture biennale takes place in Borås.


Art museum with international status Borås Konstmuseum is located in Kulturhuset next to Borås theatre and library. Widely known for its national and international exhibitions and for its rich collection of Swedish contemporary art. A visit is a must for anyone with even a slight interest in art. While you´re take the opportunity to enjoy the menu, cosy atmosphere and beautiful outdoor area at restaurant Utbult Borneby & Co.

Kulturhuset is easy to find. Head in the direction of the Gustav Adolf church steeple. Kulturhuset is next door. Only five minutes from the city.


Impressive collection of modern art and photography If you want to see graphic art and photography from the 1960´s and onwards, then head to Abecita Konstmuseum in Knalleland. The permanent exhibition of modern art and photography from Europe and the USA is impressive. Add to this award winning Nordic textile art and photography exhibitions, and you will find that you should keep track of the museum’s program as well as its frequent photography evenings. Don’t miss the well stocked museum shop, which has a wide selection of photography books. abecitakonst.se

Find more information about guided tours at: boras.com/stadensomgalleri

Maybe you will find one that suits you or you can book one of your own.


EVERYTHING AT HAND The great thing about Borås is that not only does the city have a lot to offer, but you can also reach Liseberg Amusement Park as well as the nearby archipelago and a number of other attractions in less than an hour. End the day with a quiet dinner in the city before walking home to the hotel.

Hall with interesting history Beautiful Torpa Stenhus, dating back to the 1500s, is located on the shores of the lake Åsunden. Here you can feel the tide of history and you might also meet a ghost or two - there are many tales about Torpa Stenhus. Visit the medieval days, botanise at the Christmas market or eat in the café of the old warehouse from the 1700s. Torpa Stenhus can also organise private parties and weddings in the castle. torpastenhus.se

A festive mansion Hofsnäs Herrgård is beautifully situated in a nature area surrounded by lakes. Here you will find boat rental with good fishing and a very appreciated beach. The restaurant, the café and their Lilla saluhall (Little Market) also attract visitors. For larger groups there is the possibility of barbecue nights, beer tastings and historical walks. hofsnas.se

Cosy café in beautiful surroundings Just north of Borås, Vänga Mill Café & Bakery is situated in scenic surroundings near nice walking paths. The café offers light meals, sandwiches and great “fika”, all baked on locally grown crops ground in Vänga mill which is located in the same building. The mill has been around since the mid-1800s and is still in use, and also offers a museum well worth a visit. You can also buy a sourdough bread or other tasty treats from the bakery. vangakvarn.se

A living textile heritage

This is only a small selection of all the things to see and do in the region around Borås. At boras.com you can find more. 26

Take the opportunity to visit one of Sweden’s oldest spinning mills. At Rydals museum, you can access a living textile tradition. The museum demonstrates spinning machines and tells the history of the old spinning mill. There is also a permanent exhibition about the local region, art, crafts, textile and design. To finish, we recommend a visit in the crafts shop Akleja where you can shop for new crafts in textile, wood and ceramics. mark.se/rydalsmuseum

Sweden’s oldest glassworks At Limmareds Glasbruk, founded in 1740, you will find Glasets Hus (the Glass House). An exciting excursion destination with glassworks, glass-blowing and and art exhibitions. There is also an exhibition with glass from the 18th century up to today’s ABSOLUT bottle, which is well worth a visit. You can have coffee in the winter garden or in front of the open fire. In short, a house of experiences. glasetshuslimmared.se

The biggest amusement park in the Nordic region Remember that the biggest amusement park in the Nordic region, Liseberg, is only 45 minutes away from Borås. Apart from amusement rides and enormous roller coasters, Liseberg also offers restaurants for all tastes, and artists on stage. At the end of the day, return home to your accommodation in pleasant and comfortable Borås. liseberg.se

Zebeda chocolate We promise that chocoholics will find all they can wish for. Luxurious pralines, raw chocolate and Spanish handmade chocolate. If you find it hard to choose your favourite, why not attend one of Zebeda’s chocolate or praline tastings. The shop stocks a wide range of chocolate, tea, coffee and gifts. Take out or sit down.


250 unique wood sculptures Uno Axelsson was a farmer with an impressive artistic talent. Over nearly 30 years, he carved 250 wood sculptures of different animals. Over the years, the wood artist Uno Axelsson’s animals have travelled around the world and been on display at exhibitions in Mexico, the USA and Canada, as well as at Virserums Konsthall, Nordiska Museet, Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm and Göteborgs Konstmuseum. All the sculptures are on display in Bredared, just north of Borås.


The connections between Borås and Gothenburg are very good. You can be in Gothenburg in an hour, by bus or by train.

Café in national heritage surroundings and farm shop Charming Hyssna kvarncafé welcomes guests for weddings, Christmas, baptisms, parties and musical evenings. The mill dates back to the 1700s and the surrounding area is a listed industrial heritage site, unique for its kind. There is a saw, a smithy, a mill and old residential houses, which are listed as a national heritage site.


Unique medieval church

Åhaga Quality Outlet summer shopping in old roundhouses

Sweden’s only remaining medieval stave church is located in Hedared, 16 km from Borås. The church in its current form was built in the 1500s. In connection with the renovation of the stave church, it was discovered that a part of the current structure dates back from as early as the 1100s. The church houses medieval inventories and beautiful paintings.

Once upon a time there was a large locomotive workshop here, but following extensive renovations the premises are now home to a fantastic venue with an impressive ceiling height. In summer, Åhaga is used as an outlet with famous brands. It’s a 15 minute walk from the city centre. Fittingly, the entrance is adorned by a beautiful steam locomotive.

LillPuttLand, Sweden in miniature if you like, is located in Hudene outside Herrljunga, 50 km north of Borås. An impressive 40 more or less famous buildings, such as Carl Larsson’s Sundborn and Herrljunga’s old mill, are built in this picturesque destination.




Sweden in miniature


NATURE AROUND THE CORNER The nature in and around Borås offers many possibilities for outdoor life and exercise. There are many hiking trails, MTB-trails and jogging tracks. With a cold winter and lots of snow, the ski trails are long and fine. Kypesjön is a gem you must not miss, with a wood-fired sauna, lakeshore swimming and numerous trails. There is more to be discovered.

Nature reserve with plenty to experience Hike along one of the 20 km long trails offered by the nature reserve Rya Åsar. Through virgin forest and grazed pastures via pleasant picnic spots, small lakes and viewpoints you can gaze over Borås and Öresjö. Deep inside the nature reserve, there are also several beautiful lakes. At Fjällsjön, you can spend the night under a shelter and have a refreshing morning dip. rebrand.ly/ryaasar_en

If you like cross country skiing, Borås has many fine ski tracks. As soon as it is cold enough, the snow canons work at full speed.

Cycle on the embankment Sjuhäradsrundans 150 km is mostly located on converted railway embankment. It is possible to cycle around it in one day, if you so wish. Most people take a little longer to enjoy the beautiful nature. The trail is divided into four stages between the cities Borås, Ulricehman, Tranemo and Svenljunga, and there are many opportunities for taking a break and doing some sightseeing. A cycling package including accommodation and assistance with luggage transport is also available. cykelledensjuharadsrundan.se

A leisure beach for everyone Almenäs is the definition of a leisure beach for everyone. Swim from the jetty, the beach or the swimming ramp. The entire leisure beach is adapted for disabled persons and there are also spaces for playing football, rounders, having a barbecue, throwing a frisbee, having a picnic or angling for fish. Speaking about food, at Almenäs there is also a cosy café and pub. almenascafe.se


Bird kingdom in Borås Even in the central parts of Borås you are always close to green areas. The city’s many parks and green paths is always available.

Vänga mosse is a 238 hectare municipal nature reserve where both birdwatchers and wetland birds thrive. With unlimited potential for excursions and bird watching, perhaps you might be tempted to come here even if you aren’t yet a birdwatcher. It’s easy to get around the nature reserve, and from the bird tower, with adapted accessibility for disabled persons, you can see very far. Not so far from Vänga mosse, refreshments are available at Vänga kvarn. rebrand.ly/vangamosse_en BORÅS boras.se/upplevaochgora/ friluftslivochnatur

Child-friendly skiing facility

For both short and long legs

A lot of golf

A modern and child-friendly skiing facility with a 140 metre drop and 7 pistes in Vistabergen northeast of Borås. Ulricehamn Skicenter offers fun downhill skiing, ski school, nice child slopes, rental of everything you need and a cosy restaurant where you can warm up and recharge your batteries. Take the opportunity to walk through picturesque Ulricehamn.

The area around Borås offers numerous hiking trails of different distances. The terrain is mostly hilly, rich in breath-taking lookouts and beautiful lakes. There are hiking maps on the Internet which can be downloaded as well as hiking packages with for example accommodation and food both at Årås Kvarn and the mill at Hyssna.

There are over 10 golf courses of varying sizes and difficulties in the vicinity of Borås. Many of the clubs offer golfing packages in cooperation with guesthouses and conference facilities nearby. Borås golf course also offers pay and play. Simply choose your tee and let the adventure begin.




Bike in Borås: boras.se/ trafikochstadsplanering/cykla Fishing: boras.se/upplevaochgora/ friluftslivochnatur/fiskemojligheter

HERRLJUNGA (north of) vastsverige.com/herrljunga/ ute-upplevelser-i-herrljungabygden

ULRICEHAMN (east of) vastsverige.com/ulricehamn/lassalyckan/

MARK (south of) upplevmark.com/sv/se-och-gora/ vandra-i-mark upplevmark.com/sv/se-och-gora/naturreservat

SVENLJUNGA/TRANEMO (to the southeast) vastsverige.com/svenljunga-tranemo/ upplev

VÅRGÅRDA (north of) rebrand.ly/vargarda


QUALITY ACCOMMODATION There are numerous accommodation alternatives - from Borås Camping nearby Borås Zoo to the Grand Hotel with Topfloor in the city centre.

Quality Hotel Grand Centrally located just next to Viskan river and Sandwalls plats. The four-star hotel has 158 rooms with a modern decor. From Topfloor on the 9th floor, there is a view of Borås. The hotel also offers a spa, restaurant, cocktail bar and a popular nightclub. nordicchoicehotels.se/ quality/quality-hotel-grand-boras/

Grand Hotel’s restaurant Bara is popular both for business lunch and as a bar.

Scandic Plaza Four-star with a central location near the University, the railway station and the travel centre. At the top of the Plaza-tower, there is a relaxation area with a gym, sauna and jacuzzi. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar. scandichotels.se/boras


Borås Camping

If you stay at Borås Camping, it’s only a short walk to Borås Zoo and Knalleland.

Best Western Plus Hotel Borås Four-star Best Western in the middle of Borås with rooms in all price ranges. The hotel has a restaurant and a sauna.

A stone’s throw away from Knalleland and Borås Zoo, stay in a cabin (from simple to larger with a shower and WC), tent, caravan or at the hostel. The campsite is the largest city campsite in Sweden and is open year round. borascamping.com

Hotel Solhem Park Hotel Solhem Park is only a 15 minute walk from the city centre. solhempark.se

Lages Motel & Restaurang Located at the east junction to Jönköping. It’s a 10 minute bus ride away from the city centre. lages.se


Comfort Hotel Jazz


Three-star modern city hotel with a relaxation area and a gym.

Accommodation is available in a hostel and flats. In the city centre.

nordicchoicehotels.se/ comfort/comfort-hotel-jazz/


Regementstadens vandrarhem A hostel that is Borås latest addition in accomodation. regementsstadensvandrarhem.se


FOOD AND DRINK The positive development in Borås in recent years has affected the city’s range of restaurants and cafés. Borås boasts many good restaurants and Boråsers are eating out like never before. Below is a small selection of restaurants located in the area around the hotels in the city centre. Find more information on the Internet at Borås Tidnings Krogtestare (in Swedish only): bt.se/boras/krogguiden

Viskan café och vinbar Viskan is a young café and lunch spot that’s always full of people. The wine bar, with enticing food and wines door to door with the café is also worth one or two visits. Outdoor seating. cafeviskan.se

Both Café Viskan and Vinci are mentioned in Sweden’s only comprehensive restaurant guide. – the White Guide.

Vinci Popular restaurant Vinci is located next to the Viskan river. The luxury neighbourhood restaurant serves delicious Italian food. On Fridays and Saturdays the bar is definitely full of party-loving guests, but the bar can get busy even on a weekday. Outdoor seating. vincivinci.se


The TownHouse


If you enjoy Greek and Mediterranean food, Oliven is an excellent choice. How about halloumi, souvlaki in various forms, charcoal grilled tuna or calamari. Outdoor seating.

The TownHouse reflects class, personality and a big city feel. With several concepts under one roof combined with food joy and passion for the raw material, each visit becomes an experience. Outdoor seating.

Renaissance offers food prepared from scratch, served in a beautiful Gustavian dining room. They have a wide menu, and are well known for their Wiener schnitzel, plank steak and other classic dishes. Outdoor seating.




Hell´s Burger

At Babbel you can eat tapas and other main dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Here you will find an open meeting place to hang out, eat good food, discuss and chat with friends. Outdoor seating.

Hamburgers in a different and pleasant environment. Burgers, all the condiments you can imagine and tasty shakes. Eat here or to go, the choice is yours! Outdoor seating.




Balthazar No matter who you are or where you are going, Balthazar is the perfect spot. Here is a restaurant and café with elements of both France and Sweden, guaranteed something for all tastes and budgets. Outdoor seating.

balthazar.se 32

La Copita/Ambar The restaurants we present here represent only a small selection of the wide range on offer in Borås.

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Tapas and Spanish food is available at La Copita, a stone’s throw from the Pinocchio sculpture. Candle-lit tables in a cosy surrounding and a family atmosphere. Outdoor seating. lacopita.se


Café Orion

Raw Food Café

The Company/ Pumphuset

Cyrano is located across the street from Caroli church. As the name suggests, the menu is French. The restaurant is best known for its Provençal pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Outdoor seating.

Classic café dating back to the 1930s. On Österlånggatan between Stora Torget and Södra Torget, choose between something tasty from the patisserie and fine salads. Outdoor seating.

Just beyond Södra Torget, healthy and tasty food is served - but never heated above 42 degrees. All in order to ensure maximum preservation of nutrients and enzymes.



The Company is the meeting place for everyone. The restaurant’s menu is varied with the season’s best ingredients. There is also a pub (Pumphuset) and a café (The Wine & Coffee Company). Outdoor seating.

thecompany.se thecompany.se/ sv/pumphuset/


Thai Silk

Café Bakgården


There are many nice Thai restaurants in Borås. Thai Silk serves a highly appreciated lunch buffet, but it is also open in the evenings. Don’t be late for lunch, Boråsers like Thai. Outdoor seating.

Very charming café. Have coffee right next to Caroli church in a cosy environment inside a beautiful old stone house. Tasty pastries as well as lunch are available. Outdoor seating.

A new dimension of how a restaurant visit can be. Order your whole meal, on-site, via the Pinchos app. .



cafebakgarden.se 33



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