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scope week five

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from the desk of Madame President Bondies,

Welcome to a brand new Scope and a new sea of faces making up you r BUSA Management Committee! newly elected team has been wor Our king hard to hit the ground runnin g for our first official week in office, are excited about our plans for the and upcoming twelve months. It’s been an absolute privilege to serve for the last year as Secretary on BUSA. A huge thank you mu Matt McLean, Matt Boyce, Fiona st go to Self, James Mulholland, Rupert Ho lden, Lena Vo, Dora Huang, Rhys Carl-Frederik Wibroe, Zoe Kaese Larsen, hagen, Jose Ausejo, Harriet Johnst on, Lee Jarman, Caroline Stanley de Bondt, Mitchell Willocks and , Jayde Emilie Soust. It’s been a pleasur e and we have big shoes to fill this I’m pleased to be working again year. with Mark Schulz, our Postgradua te Student Liaison, and looking for to collaborating with him and the ward Postgraduate Student Association to enhance the diversity of our stud experience for students studying pos ent tgraduate degrees or higher degree s by research, in addition to our ma age students. Mark has some exc ture iting plans ahead and is always see king more feedback, which can be sent to There will be a few noticeable cha nges over the next few weeks. We ’ve has shifted the publication dat Scope to Monday and added a ‘Wh e of at’s Due’ column to the ‘What’s On’ Monday all-student email, wh we’re hoping will allow you to stay ich on top of the busy Bond schedule. In the next few weeks, we’ll be add fortnightly reports to the BUSA ing website to provide you with the opportunity to hear what BUSA and an function to enable is up to, you to post anonymous questions for clarification on anything from disciplinary hearing to registering a non-Bondies for Mid-Semester Bas h in week eight. Make sure you your phones ready with the hav e and Instagram apps for this launch. We’re also hoping to see many of at Mid-Semester Bash on Thursd you ay 31 October (Week 8) and again for the new-look Footy Fest at the Spo Fields on Thursday 14 November rts (Week 10). One of the things I’m most loo king forward to are the celebration s for Bond’s 25th birthday in Ma year. Teaser events will be held y next earlier in the year, with a debate in February featuring some of Aus most public profiles, and plans in tralia’s place for a Fun Run in March fro m the Bond campus to the Bond of Health and Sport. The main cele Institute brations will be in the week comme ncing Monday 12 May, with excitin additions to the Foundation Day g Celebrations including a Speaker Series, numerous events for alum students, and the Gala Ball on Sat ni and urday 17 May to conclude the wee k. I’m a firm believer that many of Bon d’s greatest attributes are the intangi ble ones – the experiences we sha the memories we make and the re, relationships we keep. My team and I are thoroughly looking for celebrating our 25th year and reuniti war d to ng many members of the Bond community, and are looking forwar pursuing this same collegiate cult d to ure throughout the next year. As always, please feel free to em ail us on, give us a call on 5595 4009 from 9am on weekdays, or drop into our offi -4pm ce near the Brasserie and Undergra duate Lounge. In addition, I’m alw available personally at president.b ays Mel x

The Captain’s Corner Greetings Bondies, Scope’s had a week break and now it’s on…Monday’s! What better way to start your week than to grab yourself a copy of Scope and then trudge of to your the halls of academic learning. Honestly, it’s all good because you’ll have your trusty ally in moments of boredom and mid-sem despair by your side. There’s new sections included and many more to come over the next few weeks, so there’s something to brighten your day, no matter how last minute you leave you Skills assignments. I’d like to extend gratitude to the outgoing editor-in-chief, Caro, for all the amazing work she did during the previous term. I know personally she has been a great support in the last few days as I’ve developed my first edition, and a great mentor when I worked under her in her sub-commitee. I’d like to also congratulate my new sub-committee. It’s an eclectic mix of old faces and new faces and all I know will bring a wealth of brilliance and originality in their respective roles. I’d also like to thank the photographers who got out for Palaver. With such short notice they all did an excellent job. Scope will be becoming more interactive over the coming weeks, so get on board! Bondy Banter is a mixed grouping of sections that each involve you guys involvement. If your mate says something stupid, let us know. If you have a question for Dr Bond, text us. We all love some quality banter, so join in and it’ll be a great time. Also, being included in the coming weeks is Don’s Tales. Ye ol’ Don’s knows all our secrets, so every Thursday get on your phones and text in the anecdotes of a casual Thursday @ Don’s. I was incredibly humbled to be elected as your Publications Director, and I look forward to working with my team on Scope every week for you all. If you ever have any questions or wish to submit an article send them to Get keen for the week ahead, with some exciting events, and don’t loose your marbles on the Mid-Sems. You stay classy Bond, Jeffers

Introducing your new BUSA Almost two weeks to the day you thought you elected a sensible group of students to manage BUSA 2013/2014. But how well do you know those you’ve enstrusted? I asked them three questons. 1. You have been given the chance for an unlimited supply of one thing forever. What would it be? 2. You’ve woken up one morning and you’ve become Miley Cyrus. What would you do? 3. You’re to write a book about yourself name it. President – Melanie Hayden 1) Heels. 2) Find Michelle Pham ASAP for twerking lessons. 3) ‘Little Woman.’

Secretary – Steph Smith 1) International travel packages. 2) Take a selfie. 3) ‘You are not an individual.’ by Stephanie.smith2

Treasurer – Nick Hooper 1) 1D Merchandise. 2) Get checked. 3) ‘Jumping through financial Hoops for dummies.’

Postgraduate Student Liason – Mark Schulz 1) Haribo Gummi Bears – no explanation needed. 2) Inquire what year I am in, for I am obviously not in the year 2013; we have not figured out how to transfer human consciousness from one host to another yet. (At least from what I have read to date)… 3) ‘μ.’

Vice President (Education) – Luke Lovegrove 1) Beer. Because beer. 2) Twerk. All day. 3) ‘How To Lose Friends and Alienate People.’

Advocacy Director -Ed Sinclair 1) Rare candy’s. Nothing gets the girls like all your Pokemon on level 100. 2) Do exactly what she’s been doing. You can’t perfect perfection. 3) ‘Sin and sincerity. The life and times of Edward Sinclair.’

Special Interests Director – Jenaya Keats 1) Lemon and ginger: it cures everything. 2) Cry. 3) ‘It’s character building.’

International Student Liason – Yahya Qatramiz 1) Chocolate Cake 2) Send the United Nations a twerk video. 3) ‘How to do an assignment the night before it’s due.’

Vice President (Sport) – Jakes Rischbieth 1) Money - so much fishing equipment. 2) Apologise to the world. And twerk. 3) ‘Piscatorial adventures on student budget.’

Sporting Clubs & Events Director – Jack Blackburn 1) Sunscreen - its tough being white on the GC 2) Woken up: Call up Lindsey Lohan and become a bigger wreckingball 3) ‘SWAG: Sex with a Ginger.’

Sporting Projects & Development Director - Caitlin Liddelow 1) Hugo’s chips with aioli. 2) Get back with Liam. The sexy beast. 3) ‘Born Toey.’

Vice President (Recreation) – Ben Thangkam 1) Food. 2) I’d start twerking and then brainstorm ideas for Bondstock 2014 3) ‘Eye am Ben Thangkam.’

Campus Life Director – Anna Lane 1) Weetbix. I f•••ing love Weetbix. 2) Get weird with myself. 3) It’s already written. It’s called ‘50 Shades of Grey.’

Social Director – Alex Kinloch 1) No carb beer so I at least feel happy when I drink. 2) Go back to sleep. 3) ‘The autobiography of a Fat Avicii.’

Cultural Clubs & Societies Director – Michelle Pham 1) Carbonara. I WOULD GET SO PHAT. 2) Learn how to fucking twerk properly. 3) ‘Pham and Fortune: The Life and Times of Michelle Pham.’

IT & Multimedia Director – Michaela Orsmond 1)Wishes, duh. 2) Throw myself off the nearest building. 3) ‘Swimming with big fish.’

Communications Director – Bridie O’Sullivan 1) Tequila. 2) Ride a ball. 3) ‘How to battle through life.’

Corporate Relations Director – Maddie McDermid 1) Ferrero Rocher- best chocolate treat ever! 2) Do the HoeDown ThrowDown! :) 3) ‘‘The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).’

Publications Director – James Jeffree 1) Gin. 2) Find cucumber. 3) ‘‘The lost years.’


IN WEEK 9 last semester I brought you an article detailing the Core Curriculum Review process and an evaluation thereof (see below). I am pleased to say that the response from you was extremely proactive, and many students submitted their own feedback on this process as well. I am back again to give you an update on how the review process is going.

RUSSELL MCPHEE, famed Reasoning Skills lecturer and PhD student, is on the SDP for Core 1, Critical Thinking and Communication, and has been directly involved in the creative construction process for the new curriculum. Russell was also responsible for writing the initial Reasoning Skills curriculum. I asked him if he believes the creative process is going to improve the core subjects and why, and this is what he said: “the course I’m involved with is looking excellent. All students will take this subject in their first semester, so it needs to be able to uniformly A QUICK SUMMARY of the process so far: Early provide students with the foundational skills necessary for this year the Vice-Chancellor commissioned a committee their university career.” Russell goes on to explain that all of to review the Core Curriculum (the CCG), composed of a the faculties are involved in the SDPs, rather than each core member from each faculty, alumni, local employers and the being faculty specific as it is now, even to the extent that it VP(Education) of BUSA. This committee resolved that the is being proposed that each faculty take ownership of some core curriculum needed complete overhaul and recreated the weekly content and assessment items. Russell believes that curriculum from scratch to include three 10 credit subjects this cross-faculty engagement will address some student’s and one 0 credit subject (the outline is at the end). fears that the cores are irrelevant. He also hinted that a debate may be used for assessment. SINCE MY LAST ARTICLE, over 50 more students have sent in substantial feedback to the committee on their results. The Academic Senate have approved the CCG’s recommendation and have created the Core Curriculum Implementation Working Group to oversee the process, who in turn have created Subject Design Panels to build the curriculum for each of the new cores. These Subject Design Panels (SDPs) include most of the current course coordinators and various other academic staff members. The feedback from students appears to have been taken on board by these members and they are forming the courses around some of the student recommendations. One student who had encouraged other Bondies to submit feedback, Kiara Greenway, was initially unaware of the Senate decision and panels, and I asked her how she felt the process was going now, she said it seems to be a step forward for the university and that with “the involvement of the current course coordinators and feedback and opinions of students, the end result will be an improved, more effective, core curriculum.” IN A MEETING I had with the Vice Chancellor, it was very clear that the process has become studentorientated with the Review Committee and the VC united in looking for the best outcome for the students. Rupert Holden, the outgoing VP(Education), was a member of the Implementation Working Group for the SDPs, was one of the people who approved the members of the SDPs and is the only student with direct input to the process. Rupert is very optimistic that better subjects will come out of the process and believes that, despite the fact that there are no students on the panels, “the report makes it clear that student concerns are pivotal” and explains that “the student voice will be more important on the overarching committee [where] feedback can be given to views as presented.” Matt McLean, outgoing President of BUSA and previous VP(Ed) expresses the belief that the process “…will deliver students a refreshed and heightened core subject experience” with “lengthy consultation with industry, experts, academics and most importantly students. The Bond University Student Association is pleased to have a seat at the table for this important core renewal process.”

WHAT DO I THINK? This creation process seems to be very productive and beneficial. The best people for each subject have been chosen to build it through the SDPs, as the course coordinators are finally being involved in the process. Student feedback appears to have gotten through to the reviewers and will hopefully be taken on board. Truth be told, until the new curriculum is released to students, we will not really know whether this change will be for the better, but it seems to be on track to provide a real difference. I AM HONOURED to have been elected the VP(Education) and will henceforth be involved in the process. This is a preliminary update, but a more comprehensive one will follow later in the semester with further details about the cores. All of the information in this article is information that was gathered before assuming the position.

CALL FOR FEEDBACK: Due to the Design stage of the Cores at the moment, there is much scope for further feedback from the students. I will endeavour to articulate any suggestions or concerns you may have during future meetings, so please send through recommendations or questions to education.busa@student. I also have office hours from 9am-12pm every Thursday, so feel free to drop into the BUSA office during that time to discuss this with me.

LINKS ‘What the cabbage have they done to our cores?’: http:// Core Review Outline: proposedcorecurriculum Academic Senate Proposal: academicsenate


Wherever I go, I always have the need for action, thrills and excitement. Luckily, the Gold Coast has several exhausting adrenaline filled attractions to offer, as well as more relaxing ones where you can calm down after a long day. Here are a few from my travel diary for you to experience.

A Winding Road Tour to the Best of All Lookouts Why drive a car when you can hit the hills on a motorbike instead? You don’t need to worry about experience or gear, the Honda bikes are safe and suitable Jet-ski Safari To Tropical Getaway for anyone who wants to have a good time. Going to North Stradbroke island on a jet-ski going 60km/h definitely satisfies your need for speed, or at least makes you feel like someone from ‘The fast and You feel so much more alive sitting behind an the Furious’ movies when racing past fishing boat after experienced driver on a motorbike instead of in a car, fishing boat. not to mention feeling the temperature drop as the altitude gets higher. It’s minimal prep time and no gear requirement makes it an instant getaway. You will never Nothing beats feeling such speed going through regret the experience the moment you see the entire your body- it pushes you backwards as you hold on as coastline from the mountain roads; so far yet so close. hard as you can. Unfortunately my family and I discovered the 60km/h limit pretty soon, and our excitement hit its limits as well. The highlight is when you reach the top of Springbrook Mountain and the ‘Best of All Lookouts’. It’s only a short walk through the tropical forest to the The tour guide could tell we were action-junkies lookout and the view range from here stretches all the compared to the other two in the group after watching way to Byron Bay, NSW. us hit full speed right from the start. “You’ve done this before, hey,” he said but dropped his jaw when our answer was no. Being an adrenalin junkie myself, I recommend the experience to fellow junkies. I’ll definitely go on this ride again anytime. Countless jumps over the waves later, our pale skin got a much-needed break from the water’s reflection of the sun as we anchored at North Stradbroke Island.

Even if the speed limit didn’t reach my expectations, the island did. It looked similar to an island in Thailand and had only one current resident living in a hut. The palms and lapping of the water against the shore gives you the impression of time at a standstill. According to me, that was the most precious moment of the vacation.

way up the mountain. I can proudly say I’ve successfully attempted throwing a boomerang.

Boomerang Baby

Halfway to Mt Tambourine in a Nissan Patrol Land Rover Defender, you get to stop at a large grass field and have a go at throwing a boomerang. Even if the boomerang doesn’t catch the wind, makes the perfect curve and returns to your hand, the wine tastings in the mountain top village set the mood right again.

The Gold Coast is the perfect place for anyone with a thrill-seeking self. Even if you have tried many different things and attractions, there are always many more out there for you to try.


Winding Road Tours: mini tours $99 (1.5-2hrs), Tripadvisor has rated ‘Southern Cross 4WD Tours’ as the standard tours $149 (2.5-3hrs) and full day tours best Gold Coast Tour Operator and has rewarded them $249 (6hrs). Call 0404 649 871 or visit http:// the Certificate of Excellence in both 2011 and 2012. Jet-ski Safari: no license or experience required, see Except for a wine tasting at the local award winning images/location_tour.jpg for tour maps. Located at Mariners Cove, Main Beach, book now at 0409 754 538. Website: Private Mt Tamborine Tour: morning tours depart at 8am and return 1pm, afternoon tours depart at 1pm and return 5.30pm. Prices start at $188 per person but are discounted the bigger your group is. Call (+61) 7 5574 5041 or email tours@ for bookings. Website: http://

winery, the guide takes you on a rainforest walk to Tamborine’s only waterfall, shows you where to try the famous Tamborine chocolate fudge, and points out the perfect spot to watch the coastline disappear into the horizon.

Although, I have to admit one of the highlights was seeing the cuddly Golden Retriever at the café stop on the


We may have seen signs that say “Danger – Lead paint in

use”. When I first saw one of these I remember thinking ‘It’s just paint for crying out loud. What’s the big deal?’ I got a bit of clarity in one of Dr.Tony Badrick’s Pathology lectures. Turns out it is a

called a vampire syndrome where some of the patients are too photosensitive. This was also observed in a few of his later self portraits showing abnormal irises and also by the fact that most of his later paintings were of the night.

huge deal. Mild to severe lead poisoning can cause the following:

The symptoms did not stop there. He presented with

High blood pressure, decline in mental functioning, pain,

a variety of muscle and joint aches which his doctor treated

numbness or tingling of the extremities, muscular weakness,

with purpurea in a herbal form. He became so deranged that

headache, abdominal pain, memory loss and mood disorders.

he supposedly shot himself and the bullet which was luckily

Lead poisoning (publism), an important manifestation

deflected by his sternum lodged itself in his spine. He was

of acute porphyria was most commonly diagnosed in artists,

apparently so far-gone that he walked his way to the doctors and

plumbers and farmers working with exposure to lead. The most

was smoking pipe in the waiting. His health later deteriorated

fascinating case to study is the post-impressionist artist Vincent

rapidly and ended the great mad artist’s life.

Willem van Gogh.

It is widely speculated that mad King George III also

Post-impressionism was rightly called ‘Life as seen

had and inherited form of porphyria which caused his long and

through the artist’s eyes.’ van Gogh was one of the good artists. Like

inexplicable cursing spells. It is also speculated to be one of the

most artists in those days, his lifestyle comprised of abundant and

causes of the fall of the great intellectual Roman Empire as the

continuous consumption of alcohol especially absinthe, painting

Romans were famous for their lead plumbing inventions. Porphyria

with colours containing varying degrees of lead pigments and a

being a predominantly inherited disease has an increased risk of

lonely life with purpurea medication for his illnesses.

presenting itself due to lead exposure. Exposure to lead during

Famously known as the “artist in the yellow house” his vision soon turned nearly entirely yellow. This symptom of porphyria is clearly exhibited in his pictures of the sunflowers starting with a great blue-green contrast, a milder more dull colour tone, yellow shaded to entirely tones of yellow. Even many later outdoor paintings of his have a significantly high yellow colouration. It was bad enough that he could only see yellow but worse because as an artist, colours are what define. Despite all the yellow, his paintings were widely acclaimed for their honest description of life, at least until the hallucinations started. Lead based porphyria is also known to cause mental degeneration and hallucinations. According to the accounts of his doctor, neighbours and his brother’s widow, van Gogh had fits of despair and complete madness where he could make no sense of anything, followed by brief completely lucid spells when he would paint amidst hallucinations. A great example of this is the range of starry night pictures starting from small almost reallooking stars to bigger more cartoony stars to huge starry swirls. Some of his daylight paintings also featured starry swirls clearly indicating his hallucinative state while painting. Porphyria is also

the early stages of life can cause permanent neurological damage. Some crockery made of china or melamine had a significant use of lead paints but was later reduced following health concerns. Though the amount of lead from these plates and cups are not nearly enough to cause acute lead poisoning, prolonged use can cause depletion of intelligence over a period of time. So next time you see one of those signs, do take it seriously as lead leads to a lot of trouble!

week five Photographer: Steph Smith, Sowmya Ram, Ben Thangkam Events: Palaver: Post-Apocalypse

social United States of Australia by Andrew WILSON

Baggy shorts, long socks and 5 am parties in the Accommodation Centre; that is right Bondies, it is the final semester of the year and our American friends have come to visit! Every third semester of the year, resident Bondies look forward to the plethora of cultural delights our Yankee study abroad students have to offer such as denim shorts, alluring accents, and obvious humour. Whilst their fashion sense may be lacking as is their tolerance to VIP entitlements, our visitors inject Bond’s social calendar with an unparalleled enthusiasm which catalyses the university into a hive of activity. Those devoted disciples of Thursday nights at Don’s will have noticed a spike on their attendance graphs compared to last semester, a sight that tingles the shiny cranium of Don’s owner Tony as he rubs his hands with glee at his projected semester earnings. As many of us would have found, the arrival of the Americans has caused longterm students to venture out of the dimly lit bat labs and into the strobes to observe the fresh mass of writhing, moist bodies that pack the dance floor. And what a sight that makes! It appears that the concept of ‘grinding’ has taken on a new meaning in the States where the female proceeds to place her shoulders on the ground and mop the floor with her hair, whilst bumping against a satisfied male. From a recent study conducted around campus, it was calculated that approximately 0% of Australian males were opposed to this style of dancing.

Palaver 133 proved to be a highlight in the social calendar for many of the Americans that I spoke to. Whether it was the chance to see the opposite sex dressed formally or the VIP entitlements, our Atlantic friends turned out in their droves to the BSA’s event which in turn was a resounding success. Once more, their readiness to ‘get down’ was on show, with more study abroad students than fulltime Bondies managing to stagger out to East Broadbeach for the after party; although this may be more of a reflection on the quantity of VIP entitlements that the veteran Bondies managed to guzzle. Indeed Palaver was the occasion for crosscultural hook-ups that inevitably occur in such a mass of people. I overheard wild claims that, “Australian are easy”, only to hear the opposite, “American are easy”, moments later. Whether it was the exotic accents or the Smirnoff Ices, both of these rather chauvinistic claims were somewhat irrelevant as both nationalities and both sexes became “loose” attributed to the universal leveller of dignity: VIP entitlements. With their cheerful, open, and often naïve nature, our Americans have been readily accepted into Bond’s community. Final semester is regarded as the hub of wild parties and new friendships; of culture shock and globalisation. Bondies relish the opportunity for cultural diversity and have embraced the eye opening experience this provides.

bondy banter a place for all bondies to throw the banter around

Join the banter for next week by emailing publications. or texting in at 0481 311 994. OPEN LETTERS An arbitrary and often passive-aggressive letter aimed at certain stereotypes of people that need some serious advice.

haiku korner A haiku. To that American Whose taste was so fleeting Please return to Don’s -          ‘Don’s’ Juan

A haiku. Shame on selfless men

Dear Bar Hovering Chick, I am not looking at your tits. I am looking at the beer tap. Its sweet nectar is far better than yours. Please move.

That debase the fairer sex Misogynist pricks -          Jewels Gerrard

Yours truly, Thirsty

A haiku.

SPOTTED When something embarrassing or entertaining is witnessed around campus it becomes SPOTTED

Playing a water sport

‘Rearranging the Fixtures’ During an oral presentation, a male student blatantly ‘reordered the jewels’. Oral context is everything gentlemen. OVERHEARD Quotes or anecdotes based on [mostly] true events around campus ‘The Bond Paradigm’ At first it was a glance; a feeling… like the whisper of perfection upon the wings of fate. Then it was a soft breeze; caressing my cheek… like the pale hands of a maiden mermaid. Then it was a strong pull; my gaze was compelled towards you… like a blind alcoholic in a brewery. There I was, a country boy slickin’ it amongst the big city types, but now I could add one more sight to the beautiful outback vista of my happy place. I utilised every class, every event and every opportunity that provided me a chance to show you I existed, that to me, you are the oxygen that sustains my life. The first time I heard the beautiful chimes of your laugh I was helpless, like a sailor following the elusive siren call. I was drawn to you like a marionette on a string. Destiny struck. The string was cut. Alas, when your gaze fell upon the emaciated state of my wallet a stark realisation was visited upon me in a slightly pitched and regressive exclamation from you… “Oh”. I was just too f***ing poor.

Washboard stomach Kindly f*** off -          Beta Male



with the Birdcage. Dear Dr Bond, I had sex with a a person in the blocks that live exactly above me. How should I deal with this? Dear student, Firstly, change your air-conditioner settings so their room gets incredibly hot during this warm summer. As they will be so ashamed of sleeping with you, it is likely that their blinds and door will always be shut. The correlation of these events will causes large amounts of mould and fungus. This will deter you from going back their the following night, and hopefully cause them to leave the university in a big fit of shame. DB

the master debate

with theBond

Debating Union

topic: that the new tram on the Gold Coast is more trouble than it is worth

FOR So, with the new tram line apparently ready to go on the Gold Coast, now is the time when we as the public do the most important thing. Decide whether or not we like it, and why we do or don’t like it. So, to get the ball rolling here at Bond, let’s have a think about exactly this question. As we see it, there are three issues. Firstly, why is it more trouble than it’s worth? Well, the tram is going to just give more people the ability to get to Surfers for cheap, further raising the issue of drunken violence. Add in the risk to drunken people around train lines and it seems like a disaster waiting to happen. And how about the traffic issues which have been caused? They have been horrible and, even worse, are set to continue as they begin to expand as far as Coolangatta over the coming years. Surely for most of us, this is going to cause more problems than it solves in the coming 5-10 years. How about the economy on the Gold Coast? It is bad enough without the government spending billions of dollars on a system mostly developed and constructed overseas. Why not spend the money on public works that lower our reliance on tourism?

AGAINST The system is a necessity with the upcoming Commonwealth Games. It is far better to offer that public transport option to tourists than having thousands more cars, taxis and buses on the road for the month long period during and around the games. Secondly, the bus system on the Gold Coast is pretty bad (don’t even worry about the whole FIVE train stops…) and if this gives a new option along the whole coast from Helensvale to Coolangatta, it gives a much needed avenue of transport that isn’t a car or a taxi. Finally, as Australia’s fourth largest city (behind Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), the need for a sophisticated and complete transport system is required as the population grows. The GC city council needs to work to catch up to the larger cities and keep our name on that list.

What’s your thoughts. If you have an opinion email it through to, and look out on the Scope FB Page for next weeks topic!

the scoop

Lorde - Pure Heroine review

Oliver Tank – Dreams EP by Meg RYAN

To all of you Lorde lovers out there lucky enough to be catching her show in Brisbane next week, don’t just be excited about the main act. Supporting artist, Oliver Tank, is one to be equally anticipated. In today’s growing appreciation for minimalist, downtempo electronica, Tank’s debut EP Dreams delivers. Dubbed “Australia’s James Blake”, Tank has aptly categorised the chill-out, post-dubstep feel of his music into a genre of its own: dream wave. It is exactly She’s only 16, but dear Lorde, has she achieved. Everyone remembers the hype New that – music for the mind that is Zealand songstress Ella Yelich-O’Connor gained when ‘Royals’ was born; a very emotionally inspiring. anti-mainstream song that commented on images of exuberance and luxury so often portrayed in the music videos of pop artists. “We will never be royals” is the line that Dreams begins slowly and simply was belted by thousands upon thousands across the world. Arguably, Lorde, with all with deep bass backing Tank’s her disdain towards the music industry, is the queen of the very thing she resented so hypnotising processed vocals on heavily. But has she sold out? One listen to Pure Heroine suggests otherwise. An album ‘Up All Night’. Instrumentation is of honest youthful innocence mixed with the feelings of a girl who has had to grow gradually layered, before abruptly up tremendously fast over the past 10 months or so, Pure Heroine is a standout release ending as a lead into the rest of the awesome (in the true sense of of 2013. the word) EP. There are definite In such a female dominated industry it is becoming harder to hit that sweet spot links between the individual where popular culture and indie zeitgeist collide. Lana Del Rey has held this spot for a tracks, with some lines featuring while, but Lorde, with her dreamy synth pop has dethroned Del Rey. There are hints in several songs – helping to form of girl-group influences as Ella harmonises with herself and provides her own backing a sense of completeness and vocals. This is most obvious on ‘Glory and Gore’, a track demonstrating Lorde’s use of resonance from a collection of subdued trap beats and floaty oohs and aahs. Her slurred and husky vocals are explicit otherwise fragmented beats and lyrics. enough to make you forget she is a 16-year-old girl for a moment. by David SIMMONS

A highlight of the EP is the most awkwardly titled track, ‘Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion’. It really does seem to resemble the sound track of a dream or memory in slow motion. Oliver Tank describes some of his EP as resembling times when, “You replay those last moments over and over again in your head, … [and] it consumes you”, which seems to accurately describe many Lorde’s ability to tap into the musical zeitgeist is uncanny. Pure Heroine is facets of Dreams – a hypnotic comparable to the xx’s debut album in that it is so sure of its direction and purpose. realm, scattered with cascades of Ella leaves the album with parting words of advice for critics and journalists worldwide melodies and developing sonic complexities. - “let ‘em talk”, and well, she sure made ‘em talk. Pure Heroine proves that Lorde is not just a one hit wonder. Previous hit singles ‘Tennis Court’ and ‘Royals’ are present on the album, but they are polarized by stellar new tracks. ‘Buzzcut Season’ is a true spectacle of emotional performance. Lorde shows true lyrical maturity on the track, singing “We ride the buss with our knees pulled in / People should see how we’re living.” Her life in New Zealand is a topic touched quite often on the album, and obviously plays a large part of her musical inspiration. You can hear the degraded and languid mood of a girl too big for the town she’s stuck in through the minor chords and muffled kick drums so dominant on the album. Everything sounds slow, even when the tempo is would suggest otherwise. The album is a haze of boredom whilst remaining incredibly captivating and addictive. Lorde pulls of blasé with ease.

Tank is not afraid to venture a bit further either, having produced This week we investigated Bond’s music tastes with a game called “guess what music this one likes”. We called it ‘Looks Like / Sounds Like’. Recognise any of the players? a mesmerising rework of club anthem, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’. by Antony SCHOLEFIELD IN DA CLUB

That distinctive beat we all secretly adore is notably maintained in an ambient environment. Oliver Tank’s numerous entrancing collaborations with other electronic and 808 lovers like Oisima and Ta-ku¬, as well as his impressive opening sets for artists as big as James Blake, give an idea of the remarkable standard and uniqueness of the Sydney musician’s work.

Looks Like: Alt-pop Sounds Like: Dance Music We were actually hunting for hipsters when we found this girl. Her shirt had shiny things - we thought we had the right idea. Once introduced, however, we realised she wasn’t a fringe player. She’s a party girl who likes club music. And One Direction. She still looks damn cool, though.

Watch out for Tank’s upcoming EP, Slow Motion Music, to get more of a taste and be pulled into another dimension. So if you’re heading BORN IN THE USA out to see Lorde, don’t miss Tank’s spellbinding live set – it is truly a Looks Like: Hip Hop unique experience. Sounds Like: House Music

America. It’s the land of Katy Perry, Chris Brown, and this bloke. He likes house music, which isn’t surprising - we can imagine him at the type of parties that hipsters like us don’t hear about. Right now, though, he’s listening to John Mayer, so maybe he and his countrymen aren’t as completely simple as we like to think. #MURRICA

TRUE COLOURS Looks Like: Indie Sounds Like: Majestic You may think you’re indie, but you’ll never be orange-hair-big-necklaceleather-gloves-nose-piercing indie. This girl isn’t a Bondie - just a local - but we included her for additional awesomeness. She’s currently listening to a subgenre called “majestic”. That’s too hip for us, but we’re imagining it’s not for dancing. It’s deep. It’s so deep that Adele is rolling in it somewhere. (PS Lame joke aside, this chick is epic.)


list of places that quench our thirst for something beyond the cover of I’ve lived in this town for nearly all of flash and dazzle. Skip Event Cinemas my life, and for many years, the appeal and check out the vintage cinemas of Water Parks, hot summer days at at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, the the beach, and cheap UGG-boots in Brisbane French Film Festival, or go Surfers Paradise gleamed bright. But to an exhibition at 19 Karen. Instead stick around long enough and you of ordering dominos, try Justin’s Lane start to see past the shine. You find Pizzaria in Burleigh. Take a break out your boots are nothing but weak, from Sin City and try the nautical bar, overseas copies. The tropical typhoon Cambus Wallace in Nobby’s Beach. like weather leaves the beach ragged By Justine LANDIS-HANLEY and the water chill. And there are only so many times you can ride the manGold Coast. If you punch it into Google made waves at Wet-N-Wild before the Don’t believe me? Watch this space Maps you are offered a small, purple- realisation gruesomely hits that you are every week for interesting events, places outlined pocket lying flush against the just voluntarily submerging yourself in and people within commuting distance. East Australian shore line. a watered-down cocktail of little kids’ pee. (If you know of any interesting cultural pocket

We are, in every respect, the ‘Gold Coast’: the city up north whose pristine sand and sparkling waters are monopolised by the Australian Tourism Industry and marketed as the place to be when you head Down Under. The flurry of camera-snapping travellers during the late 20th marked a defining moment in the city’s commercial demographic: A slurry of hotels, holiday rentals, cheap restaurants offering a falsely-authentic multicultural spread, and several theme parks erupted on the shoreline in the hopes of grabbing the unsuspecting vacationer and shaking them for every penny.

My mother always told me to never judge a book by its cover. That being said, she usually pulled this phrase from her optimistic arsenal as she trudged heroically into some dismal looking café or rundown rental property that appeared nothing like its airbrushed advertisement. I, for one, always tended to question any novel with poor coverart or cheap one-liner subtitles.



But if you break through the polished glass and glossy plastic, you’ll find underpinning our town is a vibrant sub-pocket cultivated by local artists, writers, musicians, designers and thinkers whose desire for creativity has trumped the market demand for cheap imports and currency exchange stalls.

We are part of the Cultural Revolution: the moment where the minds of our Generation Y and Z populous are coming together to create this emerging underground network to combat the superficiality and chic-tedium label that is too often stereotypically plastered over our city’s name.

It’s taken many conversations with friends, dozens of scribbled notes on the backs of napkins and receipts, a few way-ward Google searches and several serendipitous encounters while driving aimlessly around Nobby’s Beach, but I have pulled together an ever-growing

Visit the Miami Marketta this Friday at Rabbit and Cocoon from 5pm-10pm for art, fashion, design, great street food, live music.

on the Gold Coast, please send the details of it through to au and she will check it out).


Go and see the unique cinematic event, The Turning, at the Gold Coat Arts Centre.


Check out the nautical themed bar Cambus Wallace this weekend in Nobby’s Beach. They have great sharing platters for an inexpensive outing with friends.


E very creative industry has its landmark pieces. These include the very rare works of art that some people may come to deeply love, and others may come to passionately hate. The emotional reactions differ when people interact with these art forms, and they are almost always as authentic as they are intense.

However, universally and almost undisputedly, these landmark pieces whether admired or despised are respected for what they are and the very real emotions that they have the unique ability to draw from people.

Recently one such work of art was introduced to the video gaming world, and it is entitled, “The Last of Us.”

Not once before in my life have I been so emotionally affected by a work of fiction, and this is possibly the main reason why I consider it to be the best game of the year (which is no small feat considering I died hard for Devil May Cry, GTA, Tomb Raider and the like…).

The story is set some twenty years in the future, after an outbreak of a deadly mutating virus turns much of the world’s population into violent monsters. The remaining non-infected survivors are

incessantly tested both physically and emotionally by the need to scavenge to stay alive. The main character Joel, once a simple Texan single father, turns to smuggling to make ends meet in the apocalyptic future world. The main storyline begins when Joel is given a mission to smuggle a young girl, Ellie, between quarantine zones. Joel soon finds out that Ellie is the ultimate cargo, as she potentially carries the cure to the all-consuming infection. All in all, it is the journey Joel and Ellie must take together to survive when any possible hope of a better life does not exist.

The attention to detail paid by the designers of this game is, for want of a better word, flawless. The set-pieces and art direction throughout the decaying world is completely brilliant, with nothing left untouched in terms of intricate design. The rust and dirt covering old weaponry is visible down to the speck, and you’d almost swear in cut-scene close ups that the characters facial expressions were real.

The scripting and pace of the game is entirely what you would expect to be realistic of a post-apocalyptic world, and becomes almost palpable as they become more strained by the environment.

If I had any criticism to make with regards to gameplay, its the fact that the word ‘difficult’ has been given a new strength. Playing on the harder settings is incredibly testing even for the best of gamers, and even on a casual basis the player is constantly tried.

However, if what you’re looking for is realism in an unrealistic setting, then The Last of Us is your game.

I’d encourage anybody who appreciates a work of art to play this game, and no matter what your reaction to it, you’ll find yourself inevitably admiring this creation.

sport A recap of AUG by Rizal REDZUAN

A long and gruelling week in Week 4 of the Bond University calendar September Semester with blood, sweat and tears ended with victory for the Bond University Bullsharks. The 2013 Australian University Games came to an end on Friday and the at the end crowned our Bullsharks team were crowned with the Doug Ellis Per Capita Champions. Even though the officials recorded false information with our student population being at a mere 4,200 they declared us as a 7,000 University population we still managed to pull through to victory. The Bullsharks team racked up 7 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze, which is in fact a record achieved by the Bond Bullsharks at this nationwide event. The sports in which we obtained gold medals were: Golf Cricket Men’s Beach Volleyball Women’s Volleyball Swimming The 128 student athlete contingency wearing the blue and gold of Bond were well disciplined throughout the week to go through the gruelling challenges faced by each of the different athletes of different sports. From the recovery sessions after a night long of partying to those disciplined enough to not go out for the parties and focusing on bringing

home the gold. It is now back to reality to the student athletes trying to catch up on their studies and on behalf of the Bullsharks team, I would like to thank Jen Younger and Jackie Heffernan for being our Bullsharks team managers for the week. Furthermore, a kind thanks to all the Bondies who have supported us throughout the week whether it was going down to the different competitions or just simply giving moral support over the week to the athletes who were still staying on campus throughout the successful week.

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