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BOMA Gala Celebrates Outstanding Building Teams and Members of the Year

BOMA OEB Advocates CRE Interests in D.C.

BOMA members from both sides of the Bay gathered for the BOMA Bay Area Awards Gala on 2/20/20 to celebrate outstanding building teams and other honorees who give so much time and talent to BOMA Oakland/ East Bay and BOMA San Francisco. The teams that serve our thriving commercial real estate market are

“We are celebrating those who own and manage our incredible properties and recognizing Associate members who support our efforts,” Barkdull remarked. Cutting-Edge TOBY Teams At the Gala, two BOMA OEB property teams took home TOBY trophies: 1111 Broadway in Oakland, managed by CBRE, won in the

BOMA OEB representatives lobbied on Capitol Hill during the BOMA International Winter Business Meeting. (See pages 4 and 6.)

Key Issues Facing Our Industry Update on issues energy-efficiency tax deductions, fixed QIP legislation and energy savings in new buildings. (See page 5.)

Annual Awards Gala Members celebrated at the BOMA Bay Area Annual Awards Gala. (See page 15.)

Team from 1111 Broadway accepts TOBY award. From left: Marc Barkdull, BOMA OEB President; Mark Kelly, Able; Jason Sprague; Nicholas Fitzpatrick; Tanica Jackson; Alisa Orris; Michelle Nash; Patrick Tahara; and Christine Mann, BOMA SF President.

pioneering practices that delight the discerning tenants in the Bay Area. BOMA OEB President Marc Barkdull joined BOMA SF President Christine Mann in co-hosting the program. “BOMA International’s TOBY is the most prestigious and comprehensive program of its kind in the commercial real estate industry, recognizing quality in office buildings and rewarding excellence in office building management,” said Mann.

500,000 –1 million square feet category; and Pleasanton Corporate Commons, Pleasanton, managed by Hines, won in the Suburban Office Park category. The journeys behind these teams’ winning strategies are inspiring. Since welcoming its first tenants in 1990, the 24-story Class A office building at 1111 Broadway continues to evolve, with a newly renovated lobby that features four video art displays with changing digital artwork and a peaceful (Continued on page 12)

2 Leadership Corner Update from Liz Despins Greetings BOMA OEB members! I wish that I was able to start the year out with my excitement over the great things that we have planned for this year, but sadly, I must share sad news. As I announced at our January membership luncheon, I am stepping down as your 2020 President. As many of you already know, my 10 year-old daughter, Alexa, was diagnosed with a rare disease called HLH, hemophagocytic lymphohisteocytocis. It is an extremely rare disorder in which the immune system no longer works properly. I won’t go into too many details, but essentially her white blood cells don’t function the way they should, which causes inflammation. It is not cancer, but it is treated by oncology with similar treatment plans as many childhood cancers. She was treated with steroids and chemo this past fall, and we were hopeful that the treatment had worked. Unfortunately, she relapsed. It was discovered that her HLH now had central nervous system involvement, with swelling around her brain. What that means is that the normal course of treatment was not enough for her, and our next step is a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the bone marrow transplant process is extremely complicated and risky. We hope that a donor will be found soon and that she’ll have the transplant sometime this year. She will need a lot of care while we wait for the transplant. As such, I have made the extremely difficult decision to step down as your BOMA OEB President this year so that I can provide Alexa the care that she needs. I don’t believe it would be fair to all of you if I was not able to give BOMA 100 percent of my attention as President. Unfortunately, this unexpected turn in my family’s life means that I just cannot serve BOMA in the way that I had intended. I apologize that I won’t be able to fulfill my duty to the membership this year, but once Alexa is healed, I fully intend to come back. For the remainder of 2020, the Board of Directors has all agreed to contribute, and both Marc Barkdull and Warren Mead have agreed to stay in their roles for this year. I cannot thank the current board enough for being understanding and helping me to be able to put my family first. (See the box to the right for the able board members who will be leading our association this year.) As for me, I will be taking a leave of absence from my job to be at home with Alexa until and through the transplant. After that, she will not be going back to school for at least a year, so my family is still working out our long-term plans. I do hope to

continue to attend a few BOMA events throughout the year as my schedule permits. So many of you have reached out to me directly. We have received gifts, well wishes, prayers and so much love and support from all of you. For that, I am so very grateful. If you’d like to follow Alexa’s journey, you will find my updates here: https://www.caringbridge.org/ visit/lexisjourneytohealing. Thank you for trusting me enough to vote me in as your President for 2020 and I do hope that I have the opportunity to fulfill your faith in me again someday.

Your BOMA OEB 2020 Leaders President Marc Barkdull, PJMB Commercial, Inc.

Vice President Kelly Lynch, Overton Moore Properties

Past President Warren Mead, Cushman & Wakefield

Treasurer Jenna Hattersley, Harvest Properties

Directors for 2019-2020 Leigh Renard, Union Property Capital Karen Cowan, Restoration Management Andrew Gardner, Peacock Construction

Directors for 2020-2021 Hayley Crickmore, Wilson Meany Nicole Price, Cushman & Wakefield Samantha Stires, CBRE Sandra Litchy, TMG Partners Eric Brown, BSM Facility Services

Executive Director Julie Taylor, CAE BOMA OEB Executive Director

3 Thanks to Our 2020 Partners Platinum Partners Century Commercial Service Gidel & Kocal Construction Company Metcon Gold Partners Able Services Allied Universal Kastle Systems WCI-GC Silver Partners Arborwell CBRE Forensic Analytical Consulting Gachina Landscape Management LandCare Legacy Mechanical & Energy McNevin Bay Area Cleaning Specialists Metro Services Montgomery Technologies rs Company Securitas Bronze Partners ABM CIM Group Corporate Care Georgia-Pacific Professional Harvest Properties Home Depot Pro (SupplyWorks) Jensen Landscape Next Play LLC PJMB Commercial Restoration Management Company RiverRock Real Estate Group Rossi Builders Inc. Waxie For Partnership opportunities, contact Julie Taylor at julie@bomaoeb.org.

Clifford R. Horner Anne J. Kelly w Jan A. Gruen w Brendan J. Dooley w Paymon P. Hifai w Jon P. Tonsing

Horner Law Group, PC specializes in business and real estate litigation and represents a diverse client group in all aspects of disputes involving the development, ownership, operation, management, leasing, construction, finance and purchase and sale of real estate and all types of contractual, partnership, ownership and other related business disputes and issues. As a preeminent real estate and business litigation “boutique” firm, we offer the highest level of exceptional and personally tailored client service, experience and superior work product that is on par with the national law firms and with a very competitive rate structure. A majority of our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience, and attorneys working on our clients’ matters possess an aggressive style tempered by common sense and sharp business intuition. Our goal is to meet each client’s individual objectives, which makes us ideal problem-solvers even in the most challenging and complex cases. 800 S. Broadway, Suite 200 w Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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925.943.6570 w www.hornerlawgroup.com

There’s no better way to reach your prospects in BOMA than showcasing your company in BOMA Horizons, our quarterly print and digital publication that is mailed to BOMA members and distributed at events. In addition, the digital version is emailed and hosted on the BOMA website. To learn more, contact Ellen Eason at 415.596.9466 or ellen@ easoncom.com

About BOMA Horizons BOMA HORIZONS is published by Eason Communications LLC for BOMA OEB. Editor: Henry Eason Ad and Art Director: Ellen Eason To advertise, contact: Ellen Eason at 415.596.9466 or ellen@easoncom.com


Call to Action: Advocacy and You By Julie Taylor, CAE, Executive Director, BOMA Oakland/East Bay Every two years BOMA International holds its National Issues Conference in Washington, D.C. Manny Moreno, BOMA OEB Past President and current BOMA International Executive Board Member; Kelly Lynch, BOMA OEB Vice President; and I participated in the three-day event in early February. Manny also shares his observations and insights in this issue. (See page 6.) Going to D.C. is always exciting. This year was even more exciting with the impeachment trial going on in the Senate and President Trump’s State of the Union address occurring. The esteemed author Robert Woodward spoke at the conference’s keynote lunch. His talk was full of insight and engaging stories about the District. He attributed his success to doing his research, being prepared and “letting the silence suck the truth out.” It was a great prep for our visit to Capitol Hill the next day. We headed up to the Hill where we met with six of our elected officials or their aides. We met with staff for Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, Representative

Lee and Representative DeSaulnier. We were fortunate to meet personally with Representative Swalwell and Representative McNerney. There were three issues we covered in our meetings. These are examples of how BOMA is looking out for the Commercial Real Estate industry. (See next page for issue highlights.) In addition to visiting the Hill, we participated in the Industry Defense Fund (IDF) meeting where Manny Moreno requested on behalf of BOMA California for assistance to fight the upcoming Split Roll Tax proposition. This is the same proposition that Rex Hime, BOMA California, discussed at our January luncheon. The great news is that BOMA California received $100,000 to fight this proposition. BOMA OEB has committed $10,000 as well. Every year all BOMA locals pay into the IDF and can request funds to get support for issues in their area. You can track the IDF issues that are funded at https://www.boma.org/ BOMA/Advocacy/IDF.aspx. With this being an election year, we’ll be covering more about these issues and new ones that get put on the ballot. Top left: Julie Taylor with author Robert Woodward. Center: Manny Moreno; PJMB; Rep. Swalwell; Kelly Lynch, Overton Moore Properties, and Julie Taylor.

5 Key Issues Facing CRE Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction The Issue: The Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction, commonly referred to as 179D, offers building owners a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for next-level energy-efficient improvements made to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; the building envelope, including windows; and lighting upgrades that exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 (currently version 2007) by 50 percent. Buildings must be independently certified to receive this deduction. The tax deduction helps real estate owners who might not otherwise have the necessary capital to enact energy-efficiency retrofits. 179D remains the only federal incentive for commercial buildings to become energy efficient. Since its inception in 2005, 179D has been extended various times, most recently retroactively for 2018 through 2020. BOMA’s Position: BOMA urges Congress to make 179D a permanent part of the tax code so that building owners can be able to plan for expensive next-level retrofits in a manner that is currently not possible with shortterm and retroactive extensions. The costs associated with advanced energy-efficiency retrofits often have long-term paybacks well outside most investment scenarios. 179D will help bridge that gap, lowering energy costs that translates to more money for tenants to invest back into their businesses.

Fixed Qualified Improvement Property The Issue: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 inadvertently raised the depreciation period of leasehold improvements from 15 years to 39 due to drafting error. The definitions of leasehold, restaurant and retail improvement property were intended to be combined into one property class known as “qualified improvement property”(QIP). Unfortunately, instead of lowering the depreciation rate for these property types, the drafting error increased the depreciation period of leasehold improvements. This resulted in two problems. First, the depreciation for interior improvements has reverted to 39 years, up from 15 years. Second, this error prevents QIP from being fully expensed under the tax bill’s temporary 100% bonus depreciation (until 2022). The Restoring Investment in Improvements Act (S. 803/H.R. 1869) sponsored by Senators Patrick Toomey (R-PA) and Doug Jones (D-AL) and Representatives Jimmy Panetta (D-CA) and Jackie Walorski (R-IN) would correct this error. BOMA’s Position: BOMA strongly urges Congress to correct the property life of QIP to 15 years and include QIP as eligible property for 100% bonus depreciation. As building owners negotiate leases with tenants, QIP is considered while determining tenant improvement dollars. Those dollars create jobs in building trades such as painters, carpenters, plumbers and electricians. With less money for tenant improvements, local jobs will suffer.

The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act The Issue: The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2019 represents a dynamic shift in how energy efficiency is established in new building codes. Originally sponsored by Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), and Representatives Peter Welch (D-VT) and David McKinley (R-WV), this legislation codifies efficiency targets through a federal rulemaking, balancing the goal of efficiency gains against the upfront cost to building owners and investors. Widely regarded as a bipartisan solution to increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions, the bills have been endorsed by numerous efficiency and environmental groups, as well as many real estate and business interests. BOMA’s Position: As the only commercial real estate association that participates in the national code development process, our members believe that increasing energy efficiency in the built environment is of paramount importance. There is a compelling business case to be made for property owners— saving energy reduces one of the largest controllable operating costs for buildings owners and their tenants. Ensuring that efficiency gains are paired with technical feasibility and economic realities is the right approach to address national sustainability and energy goals. Stay Tuned! We will update members as these issues continue to develop.


Direction Set at BOMA International Conference in D.C. By Manny Moreno, Director of Property Management, PJMB Commercial, Inc., and Executive Director, BOMA International

From February 2-5, I had the pleasure of representing BOMA International and BOMA Oakland/East Bay at BOMA International’s Winter Business Meeting (WBM) and National Issues Conference (NIC) in Washington, D.C. During the first quarter of the year, BOMA International members engage in planning sessions to set the federation’s direction for the upcoming year and beyond. Every other year, the group meets in Washington, D.C. as part of our National Issues Conference, giving BOMA members an opportunity to meet with their Congressional representatives. These meetings take place in the representatives’ Capitol Hill offices, which is a very unique and exciting experience. I am pleased to announce that this year’s WBM and NIC had the highest attendance since 2010, with 411 attendees. Additionally, we had the highest number of Congressional visits ever scheduled, with 200. This is double the number of meetings scheduled in 2018! Representing Oakland/East Bay were Julie Taylor, Kelly Lynch, and me. We had the opportunity to join other California locals to meet with staff members from the offices of Senators Feinstein and Harris. We met with Representatives Swalwell and McNerney, and with aides from Representatives Lee and DeSaulnier’s offices. It was a very eventful day on the Hill for us. Upon our return to California, we received an exciting update from BOMA International staff. Representative McNerney, a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, who was unfamiliar with The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2019 prior to our meeting, fully supported the bill during a Committee meeting. He cited a recent meeting with constituents who brought this bill to his attention and who helped him under-

stand its intent and purpose. That constituent group was our Oakland/East Bay team! This is a great example of BOMA advocating on behalf of the CRE industry and truly having an impact on Federal legislation. As a current member of BOMA International’s Executive Committee, I would also like to provide some highlights and updates from BOMA International. w BOMA is the strategic business partner that commercial real estate professionals rely on to maximize value for their careers, companies and assets. This partnership is reinforced through BOMA’s successful advocacy efforts, new educational and knowledgesharing opportunities, high-performance offerings like the BOMA 360 Performance Program, and worldrenowned resources like our floor measurements standards and Experience Exchange Report. BOMA proactively anticipates the changing needs of property professionals so they have exactly the tools they need at the exact moment they need them. w BOMA membership grew by 2 percent in 2019, and we have contracted with Moery Company to work with us and BOMA local associations to develop strategies, tools and resources to achieve long-term membership growth across the federation. w We heard you! Thanks to your responses to our recent communications survey, we’re bringing back the print version of the BOMA Magazine, and it’s hitting mailboxes now. (Continued on next page)

Top photo: Congressional staffers; Rep. McNerney; Julie Taylor, BOMA OEB; Kelly Lynch, Overton Moore Properties; and Manny Moreno, PJMB. Lower photo: Lynch and Moreno visiting the office of Rep. Barbara Lee.


BOMA Conference (Continued from page 6)

Don’t miss the interview with our own BOMA OEB member, Mark Kelly of Able Services, who is also on the BOMA International Executive Committee. We’re also keeping the mobile-friendly digital version, and you can continue to access all issues in the BOMA International app and all articles in the new online BOMA Knowledge Center. w We continue to build on our capacity to conduct industry research and recently completed a study with the Urban Land Institute and the Rocky Mountain Institute on energy efficiency and green leasing opportunities for Class B and C buildings. The study was funded through a grant from Yardi, and the final report is available on our website in the Research and Resources area. w We need your help in raising funds to support two very important initiatives at BOMA: z First, the BOMA PAC. Thanks to your generous contributions in 2019, we raised over $90,000, breaking all previous records. Our 2020 goal is to raise $100,000. You can contribute online at boma.org and be a part of BOMA history.

Landscape Maintenance Landscape Enhancement Sustainable Practices Water Management Plant Healthcare Bryan Thomas ~ bthomas@gachina.com ~ 650.537.2025 ~ www.gachina.com

z Second, the J. Michael Coleman Scholarship Fund that supports scholarships for young and emerging professionals to attend BOMA’s annual conference and recently expanded to provide scholarships for the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) certification and CMCP prep course. Please visit boma.org to contribute and find out how to win a $500 gift card for contributing as little as $25 to this important fund. (See a description of the certification program below.)

CMCP Fast-Tracks PM Careers Have you heard about the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP™) certification that was launched to help early-career property managers take their careers to the next level? There are three simple steps to earn the CMCP: 1) Meet all eligibility requirements. 2) Satisfy the 30-hour training requirement with the Exam Prep Course. 3) Submit an online application and, once accepted, take the exam.

The BOMA Foundation created a scholarship to fund individuals pursuing the CMCP certification. Applicants may use the scholarship to cover either the CMCP application/exam fee or the Exam Prep Course. The CMCP is offered through the Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute™ (CRECI™), an independent certification body formed by BOMA International and BOMI International. Learn more at www.creci.org. Image: Adobe Stock.

Knowledge, experience and ability determine security. 510-847-1680




Principal Profile

Karissa Obeso, Assistant Property Manager CBRE/The Research Park at Marina Village

Serving a diverse tenant mix in the 31 buildings at The Research Park at Marina Village offers Assistant Property Manager Karissa Obeso the opportunity to work closely with the operations team and ownership on nearly everything happening at the property. Handling tenant relations, on-site vendor management and contracts, tenant improvement projects and capital projects are some of her responsibilities. The property’s recent ownership change prompted property management to survey tenants about what they thought would enhance the campus experience. “Surprisingly, the day-to-day needs of the full-service office tenants and life science tenants were similar—better security, enhanced customer service, and access to more food and service options,” Obeso said. “Since then, we have brought in a variety of weekly food trucks, worked with our lighting vendor to enhance exterior lighting, bid out security and increased security hours. Ownership also built out a tenant amenity center with free food and drinks, meeting space, work benches, and a new gym with state-of-the-art equipment. In the next year, we plan on adding more EV charging stations, a building café and a pop-up shop.” Obeso finds that “Alameda is exciting, as there is a ton of potential along beautiful untapped waterfront. Alameda is also positioned to draw innovative and exciting life science and bio-tech companies.” Prior to her current role, she worked for many years managing downtown Oakland properties. Just named BOMA OEB Principal Member of the Year, Obeso has a deep commitment to our association. Her contributions include: vice chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee, vice chair and chair of the Events Committee, and participation on the Awards Committee. She currently co-leads the Stakeholder Engagement Group. She observes that “being a part of all these amazing groups has allowed me to help plan some of our annual events. The golf tournament, trade show, holiday party and awards gala are just of few of these activities.” During her off-hours, adventure calls. “I love to camp and go backpacking and travel as much as I can,” Obeso says.

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Associate Profile

Trevor Davis, Project Manager Peacock Construction

Peacock Construction Project Manager Trevor Davis thrives on the challenges and rewards of being a part of something that is always changing day to day. “You never know what obstacles you will have to overcome,” he observes. “You get to see the project evolve from day one to the ultimate end goal of a beautiful finished space.” Peacock Construction has been in business for 35 years and prides itself on providing high-quality construction for commercial interiors, healthcare and capital improvement projects. “We stand for three things at Peacock Construction: Partnerships, Solutions and Solid. Focusing on these three key words has given us a great reputation and is proven by our 90% repeat customer base,” Davis notes. The firm can assist BOMA members from the beginning of a project to the end, starting with design ideas, value engineering and meeting a specific budget. Davis describes a recent project in which Peacock worked hand in hand with a Harvest Properties team to create a speculative suite: Davis stays on the go “It consisted of a complete demolition of a suite, including the ceiling. We were tasked with performing visiting josbites. a detailed cleaning of the underside of the deck to provide a beautiful open-ceiling concept. This space also included two large conference rooms and a built-in breakroom.” At BOMA OEB, Davis graduated from the BOMA Leadership Academy in 2019 and is the co-leader for the academy this year. “I had a very enjoyable experience with the Leadership Academy, learning about all the things BOMA offers and seeing the true passion each and every BOMA member shows through the many groups and activities,” he says. “I want to be involved in this great program and give back to the academy. My goal is to get more people involved and provide awareness of everything BOMA provides to members.” How does Davis relax from his busy workdays? “In my off time you can find me usually out on the boat surfing around the lake during the summer or on the golf course looking for my golf ball.”


Refinished Wood Features Add Character to Spaces


ood floors, decks and other architectural features are desirable design elements, adding warmth and character to a space. Yet maintaining wood finishes or restoring them to their former luster requires craftsmanship. “Whether we’re refinishing a restaurant’s wooden bar or a floor in a hightraffic building, we carefully assess the condition,” says Baker’s Floor and Surface President Chris Baker. “Some surfaces may only require a simple cleaning and polishing, while others may need a customized restoration solution. We have the resources and experience to provide everything from simple to complex restoration services.” A San Francisco restaurant recently hired Baker’s Floor and Surface to refinish its 25-foot wood bar which had a stubborn chemical stain. Our highly trained wood refinishing technicians sanded down the wood, stained it to the customer’s preferred color and applied a matte finish lacquer to create a gleaming finished surface. Yet another customer wanted to change the color of the wood floors in an office building. If done correctly, the results can be stunning—and also economical. Baker explains: “Staining and sealing existing wood floors is much more cost-effective than replacing the floors.” The Baker team consulted with the customer to determine the desired look. The final product was exactly what the customer requested and took only about two days to complete. Businesses throughout the Bay Area turn to Baker’s for wood refinishing EPOXY ~ CONCRETE ~ METAL ~ STONE ~ WOOD projects, as well as maintaining and enhancing metal, epoxy, concrete and stone surfaces. We’d be happy to visit your property to discuss your projects. 650.652.9440 u chris@bakersfloorandsurface.com Top photo: floor after cleaning, staining & sealing. Lower photo: before treatment.

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September 8 – Fall TOBY Workshop September 10 – September Luncheon September – OAKtoberfest: Downtown Lobby Crawl (date to be announced) October 15 – Bay Area Boat Bash: An Emerging Professionals Mixer November 12 – November Luncheon December 10 – Holiday Party

Visit www.bomaoeb.org for a listing of all events, seminars and meetings.

The Next Big Thing We’re on it!

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CARPENTERS REGIONAL COUNCIL Meet us on Facebook at facebook.com/NCCRC Or learn about Carpenters apprenticeship program at www.CTCNC.org

—photo by Ellen Rosenthal

12 Celebration Honors TOBY Winners (Continued from front page)

Zen sculpture garden that the work we had done over the last few years and the posidraws tenants and guests tive impact that work has had on improving the asset. When to the adjacent outdoor reading through the submissions together, we realized how space. The building is truly impactful our teamwork has been as a result of focusing LEED Gold certified, on shared objectives,” added Jackson. with an EnergyStar certi“We are particularly proud of this year’s win because it is fied rating of 92, as well happening at a pivotal time for the building. 1111 Broadway as a WireScore Platinum has transformed over the last few years to meet the diversicertification. The CBREty of the business community in Oakland and has done so managed property is exceptionally well,” Jackson continued. “The tenant base has owned by Broadway expanded to reflect a diverse community of professional Franklin LLC. organizations and the aesthetics have transformed to accomIn preparing for modate the changing work styles of our professionals. Not the TOBY submittal, only is 1111 Broadway an exemplary asset in the local market, “our approach was to it is sophisticated and refined at a level to compete at the address all aspects of next level.” TOBY winner 1111 Broadway. the property—building Suburban Office Park Excellence improvements, systems, aesthetics and property management TOBY winner Pleasanton Corporate Commons is a services to ensure that each area really showcased the property Class A, suburban, multi-tenant campus, managed by Hines as a premier asset,” said General and owned by UBS. The lush Manager Tanica Jackson. “We grounds are home to more than considered competing in 2018. 250 trees and native plants and However, we took a step back are filled with rich tenant ameto focus on fine-tuning newly nities such as bocce ball courts, implemented processes and putting green and bike storsystems. We also gave a lot of age. Other features are 21 EV attention to creating a community charging stations, dry cleaning within the building with our drop stations, a carpool program, tenants and service partners in same-day mobile gas delivery, order to achieve and maintain onsite fitness and conference operational efficiencies and create room center, exterior Wi-Fi and a distinctive pleasant and enjoyable an onsite café and bakery. The vibe in the lobby.” property is LEED Platinum cerBeginning in September, the tified, with an average EnergyStar Pleasanton Corporate Commons team accepts award. team held weekly meetings to From left: Marc Barkdull, BOMA OEB President; Sonia rating of 92, and since 2010 has Sharma, Hines; Mark Kelly, Able; Lauren McCormack, prepare for the submission deadline its BOMA 360 Performance Hines; and Christine Mann, BOMA SF President. in December. “Our initial priority Building certification. was to review the documents and photo attachments For the entry, “we chose to focus on our tenant relations, required for each category, which each team member worked amenities and customer service,” said Lauren McCormack, diligently to compile,” said Real Estate Manager Alisa Orris. Assistant Property Manager. “Our tenants and their experi“From there, the team shifted focus to writing the narratives ence are our priority. We are a new team, and some of the and then allotted the month of December to fine-tune the key players changed since our last submittal. This was a great application.” exercise to learn more about the property and the resources Property management and engineering worked closely available. We learned so much regarding the engineering together on the submittal. “Participating in the competition side of things. The experience definitely brought our team really helped us to develop a stronger sense of camaraderie. together and allowed us to all collaborate with ideas.” We were able to demonstrate our strengths by highlighting (Continued on next page)


Principal Member of the Year – Karissa Obeso Assistant Real Estate Manager, CBRE Principal Member of the Year Karissa Obeso has been an active member of BOMA OEB for over nine years, during which time she has been a leader on the emerging professionals and events committees. She has been with CBRE since 2011 and currently manages The Research Park in Marina Village. Obeso not only gives to BOMA, but also gives back to the community by volunteering for Wardrobe for Opportunity and the Boys and Girls Club of Alameda.

BOMA recognized these Members of the Year at the Awards Gala. Congratulations! Associate Member of the Year – Jeannie Nyberg Director of Marketing, American Asphalt Associate Member of the Year Jeannie Nyberg, the Director of Marketing at American Asphalt, is a dedicated BOMA OEB volunteer and past chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee. Nyberg loves helping people and solving problem, skill sets that are her driving force. She lives by her motto, “Life is too short to hold back.” (Continued from previous page)

TOBY winner Pleasanton Corporate Commons.

Engineer Member of the Year – Toby Ludwick Chief Engineer, CBRE, 2100 Powell, Emeryville Toby Ludwick joined the team at 2100 Powell Street in Emeryville in 2018, returning to CBRE after having worked in the past as an engineer at four different CBRE-managed properties. He has a life-long involvement in facilities management, growing up in a family of engineers—his father was a longtime chief in San Francisco and his two brothers were in the trade as well.

Property management and engineering worked closely to ensure all submittals were in alignment with operational and sustainable policies. “While the property management side of submittals came easy, it was crucial for engineering team to provide us the support we needed to be successful in the technical building processes/questions,” McCormack added. “We are a campus of four identical buildings. For the TOBY judges’ tour, we strategically highlighted common areas. For example, we visited a roof of one building, MPOE of another, elevator machine room in another and boiler room on another. We also did a mock tour to make sure we hit all our points within the allotted time.”

“I think we impressed the judges with our overall building cleanliness/functionality, tenant relations/events, and the amenities we offer. We are very excited and humbled to move on to regionals,” McCormack said. The TOBY competition begins at the local BOMA level. In addition to the East Bay winners, two San Francisco properties won TOBYs: 333 Bush and 455 Market. All BOMA Bay Area winners will advance to the regional level. Regional winners then advance to the international level. The International TOBY Awards will be presented at the BOMA International Conference & Expo during the TOBY Awards Banquet in Philadelphia in June. Good luck to our Bay Area TOBY winners!


The commercial real estate industry is evolving, and BOMA ’20 rises to the challenge with some serious updates. We’ve redesigned and optimized your user experience so that you can tackle education, products and services in a way that works for you. These major changes bring you a new, more reliable BOMA International Conference & Expo giving you everything

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BOMA OEB Celebrates at BOMA Bay Area Awards Gala

Top right: Chris Nyberg, Century Commercial Service; and Jeannie Nyberg, American Asphalt. Center right: Sue Rinetti, ABM; Manny Moreno, PJMB; and Marc Barkdull; PJMB. Top left: Hayley Crickmore, Wilson Meany; Alisa Orris, CBRE; and Marlene Machernery, Metro Services Group. Center left: Gina Phillips and Doug Hagge, Arborwell. Lower left: Guests from Able, the Grand Sponsor of the celebration. Photo credit for all Gala photos: Olivia Smartt Photography.

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Profile for BOMA Oakland/East Bay

BOMA OEB Horizons Q1 2020  

News from BOMA Oakland/East Bay

BOMA OEB Horizons Q1 2020  

News from BOMA Oakland/East Bay

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