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BOMA Celebrates a Year of Connecting, Engaging & Learning; Looks Ahead to 2020

Power Shutoffs: Is Your Property Prepared? This fall many Bay Area residents experienced planned safety power shutoffs. Is your property prepared for this new norm? (See page 2.)

The Turbulent 20’s The 2020’s are almost here! Get involved in BOMA OEB in the new year and new decade. (See page 4.)

Networking Scenes BOMA members enjoyed fall networking. (See pages 14 and 15.)

“Today is about celebration and Strength Through Connections looking forward to 2020,” BOMA “BOMA OEB is more than OEB President Marc Barkdull told Oakland/East Bay,” Barkdull said. a packed room at the November “We have connections and ties to luncheon, following a lively reception many more organizations.” Connecand volunteer tradeshow. “It’s also the tions include BOMA International, time of year we look back and reflect which benefits members through on what we’ve advocacy, accomplished the BOMA in 2019.” International Connecting, Annual Engaging Conference, and Learning codes and There were standards abundant updates and opportunities expertise, and for BOMA industrial and members to asset manageconnect, engage ment courses. Manny Moreno, PJMB; Samantha Stires, CBRE; Karen Cowan, Restoration Management Company; and learn this BOMA and Marc Barkdull, PJMB, and BOMA President. year. Members OEB is offerconnected at mixers, BOMA 101, ing two scholarships for 2020: one the golf tournament, the innovation to attend the BOMA International showcase and the holiday party — Conference in Philadelphia (a $2,825 always a good time. value) and one for the new Certified Some engagement highlights Manager of Commercial Properties were a new Partner program and the certification test (learn more abut the first-ever BOMA OEB Leadership CMCP program on page 10). Academy. “The leadership academy In addition, BOMA OEB is part ensures that we develop our pipeline” of BOMA California, a group of of future leaders, Barkdull noted. eight BOMA locals that advocates for On the learning front, BOMA’s important issues like codes changes and educational events focused on issues the split-roll tax initiative, which will including active shooter scenarios, be heating up next year. (Be sure to the art of leasing, sustainability, canattend our January luncheon where we nabis and the Green Janitor Education discuss how it will affect CRE in the Program (more information on page 9). Bay Area.) (Continued on page 12)

2 President’s Corner with Marc Barkdull

Power Shutdowns: The New Norm for Property Managers Unfortunately, I have never had the experience of owning or managing property in a third-world country. If I had, I might have been better prepared for the PG&E shutdowns which occurred during the past few weeks. Here in the Bay Area, we have experienced power outages, but never for more than a few hours — and they can hardly be considered frequent. As property professionals, our usual plan of action is to field calls from tenants who seem to think we have a giant PG&E switch in our office that somebody must have mistakenly turned off and assure them that the power will soon be restored (because it always is) within a few hours or even minutes. Job done, let’s go to lunch! There are lots of theories on why PG&E is instigating these shutdowns—punishment for litigation resulting from recent fires, showing us how bad it can get if taxpayers don’t bail them out of their current financial mess, justification of rate hikes to repair outdated and antiquated equipment, and a genuine plan of action to help prevent catastrophic fires. Whatever the newest theory, our reality is that we can expect this to become the new norm. We need to prepare as property professionals how best to deal with these extended shutdowns in a manner that ensures the safety, security, comfort and general well-being of our tenants and buildings. This requires thoughtful evaluation of all possible building systems affected and a discussion of how to mitigate potential problems such as access, monitoring, data loss, surge protection, etc. For example, we have a biotech tenant with large refrigerators full of all sorts of specimens that would be lost if they couldn’t keep the refrigerators running. They brought in temporary generators to solve the immediate problem, and now we are working with them to create Image: Adobe Stock.

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Thanks to Our 2019 Partners Platinum Partners ProTech Security Metcon Gold Partners Able Services ABM Allied Universal AT&T Century Commercial Service Gidel & Kocal Kastle Systems Thorpe Designs Silver Partners Arborwell CBRE First Security Services HARBRO Legacy Mechanical & Energy McNevin Bay Area Cleaning Specialists Peacock Construction Metro Services Group RS Designs Securitas SupplyWorks WCI-GC Bronze Partners BSM Facilities Services Group CIM Group Cushman & Wakefield Georgia Pacific Harvest Properties Jensen Landscape LAZ Parking Next Play Consulting PJMB Commercial Restoration Management RiverRock Real Estate Group Rossi Builders Inc. For Partnership opportunities, contact Julie Taylor at

About BOMA Horizons BOMA HORIZONS is published by Eason Communications LLC for BOMA OEB. Editor: Henry Eason Ad and Art Director: Ellen Eason To advertise, contact: Ellen Eason at 415.596.9466 or


President’s Column (Continued from page 2)

a permanent solution for the inevitable reality in the coming years. Another tenant was concerned about what to do when the power came back on and the issue of power surge protection. This prompted us to look at our building systems and how the power surge would affect them. Start with information. We sent out emails to all of our tenants with the PG&E map of the proposed shutdown areas. We had one resourceful contractor call us, ask if our building had a generator and, being informed that we didn’t, let us know they would not be showing up. They not only took one thing off the table for us to worry about, but they also didn’t have to spend resources on employees showing up and not being able to work. Smart. I am sure many of you are just as smart and have or are developing best practices for our new reality. The power outages served as a reminder for many of us to re-examine and refine our buildings’ emergency plans. BOMA OEB is dedicated to being a top resource for property professionals in the commercial real estate industry, and BOMA received many calls during the shutdowns from members requesting information. We would love to hear from you regarding your experiences, any surprises, and any effective best practices that we may share with the membership. Job done, let’s go to lunch!

Barkdull is President of BOMA OEB and President of PJMB Commercial, Inc.


The Turbulent 20’s: Ready, Set, Go! By Julie Taylor, CAE, Executive Director, BOMA Oakland/East Bay Closing out 2019 and looking forward to 2020 has me thinking about a different decade altogether—The Roaring 20’s. Filled with jazz bands, flappers, explosive industrial growth, speakeasies and abolition, the 1920s differ so much from the world we live in today as we head into the what many are calling the “Turbulent 20’s.” The last 100 years have transformed how we live, the jobs we hold, what and where we eat, and the collective imagination as to what is possible. Communication and technology changed in ways that no one ever imagined. Like the U.S., associations struggle with the changes that affect our members and their businesses.


z New member reverse trade show (new) & mixer z CREATE fundraisers & a give-back day z Walter Finch Golf Tournament & Wine Tour­: Yup! We’ve brought it back

z Innovation Showcase: moving to May—get that budget info before you start your budget z Fall Member Mixer z Toy Drive: giving back to UCSF Children’s Hospital and Shelter, Inc. z Holiday Party Images: Adobe Stock.

Over the past three years, your board has been looking at trends, talking to our members about their struggles/needs and expanding their knowledge of association governing boards’ best practices. They have developed a strategic framework that is transforming the way we develop and provide the education, connection and community for you, our members. The new workgroup structure will provide you with a way to volunteer in ways that fit your schedule. (See the following page for details on each workgroup.) Each workgroup has volunteer opportunities that range from 1-2 hours at an event to being part of a planning team. Be sure to check out the online sign-up on our website to find a volunteer job. Some of the education program topics we have planned for 2020 include: w Split-Roll Taxes Proposition: What you should know w 2020 Codes: The new, the changes w Social Media: Strengthen your brand w Sustainability: What you need to know about BREEAM w Homelessness: Property management rights and responsibilities w Social Styles and You: Getting the best out of your relationships at work and home BOMA OEB wouldn’t be OEB without fun and giving back! Here’s what we’ve got planned in 2020 to connect you and have fun with each other. See box at left for a preview of events for 2020.


Find a workgroup that interests you... Government & Finance focuses on ensuring that the organization stays financially solvent, continues to grow our leadership potential and manages our advocacy responsibilities. Stakeholder Engagement focuses on membership retention, stakeholder involvement and providing valuable networking opportunities.

Education & Careers leads our education programming and career growth for our membership. Marketing & Collaboration ensures that our messaging is relevant and easily accessible. Facilitates marketing efforts for events, programming and announcements.

Email for more information.


Principal Profile

Caroline Barber, Assistant Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield/Starwood Portfolio

Assistant Property Manager Caroline Barber brings to her position valuable skills she developed during her hospitality career — appreciating the customer perspective, quick problem-solving and developing relationships with vendors and team members. Barber moved from a career in hospitality to commercial real estate three years ago and is now a part of the management team for Cushman & Wakefield’s Starwood Portfolio in Oakland, consisting of Center 21, 1901 Harrison and the YMCA Garage. “I work closely with our operations team daily to handle tenant relations, on-site vendor teams, tenant improvement projects and capital projects,” says Barber. “As a team, transitioning onto an entirely new property means that we are setting new standards and processes that will create a lasting impact for our client and our tenants. The long-term responsibility of setting it up the right way is exciting. In addition, we recently changed to a new janitorial services company across our portfolio. This was an incredible learning experience, as I was able to create the standards for our buildings and teams and set tenant expectations. Leading a successful project that has a daily impact on our tenant experience, employee happiness and the overall environment of the building has been the highlight of this role so far.” At BOMA OEB, Barber participates in the BOMA Leadership Academy. “This experience has expanded my understanding of the influence BOMA has on our industry,” she observes. “It’s Barber enjoys stand-up paddle also shown me the possibilities of developing our community involvement even more and having boarding on the bay. a significant impact on the communities where we manage our properties.” Outside of work, Barber keeps busy with a variety of interests. “I have just recently started stand-up paddle boarding and am trying to get out on the water more. Crab Cove in Alameda is an excellent spot for beginners,” she says. In addition, she is an avid reader of science fiction and really loves to throw a good dinner party.

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Your commercial IPM/Green/LEED specialists

Count on Crane for Pest Management Expertise Serving commercial property managers throughout the Greater Bay Area...since 1930 NPMA GreenPro Certified

Count on Kruse and Our Century of Service! 510.644.0260 920 Pardee Street Berkeley, CA 94710

510-536-1222 • 800-592-7777


First Security Specializes in Serving Property Managers u Uniformed Security Officers u Marked Vehicle Patrol u 24/7 Dispatch Center

(UL/FM/DOD) u Alarm Division for full service, efficiency and savings from bundled security solutions u Providing public and private sector security services without interruption for 50 years Your BOMA OEB Contact: Rebecca Clevenger (408) 510-4940 u

Associate Profile

Michael McCormick, Regional Sales Director, Allied Landscape

Every day brings something new for Michael McCormick, Regional Sales Director for Allied Landscape. “I enjoy working with people and creating solutions for them,” McCormick says. Allied Landscape focuses on green landscape practices for improved property value and safety. “Our core values are: care for the land, care for the investments, care for the people, care for the future,” said McCormick. In January, the company voluntarily decided to eliminate the use of glyphosate-based products including Roundup and replace them with organic alternatives. “We believe that this is an important step for our employees and clients alike. It ties in with our being an environmentally focused McCormick enjoys company, using less toxic chemicals and synthetic. We are also utilizing electric and propane-powered visiting clients’ sites. equipment for operations as technology continues to improve. Our best management practices are drawn from LEED Sites, CalGreen, and ReScape California,” McCormick added. The locally owned and operated company has a landscape management, irrigation management, and design/construction division serving the East Bay/Tri Valley, South Bay, Peninsula and West Central Valley. Commercial clients include Harvest Properties, Overton Moore Properties, Prologis, Cushman & Wakefield and CBRE. Recent projects include Prologis Oakland Global Logistics Center and the 1,800-acre Prologis International Park of Commerce. As commercial landscapes evolve, Allied Landscape is seeing and tending to edible organic gardens, bee hives, and solarpowered irrigation controllers. McCormick also noted that tech improvements allow improved reporting to property managers. At BOMA OEB, McCormick participates in the Industrial Committee, BOMA Roundtable and membership luncheons. “Being actively involved with BOMA OEB has allowed relationships to form organically,” he observed. “Members want to work with members who they know and see at events. We are involved in different industry organizations and have seen a great ROI with our BOMA OEB membership.” During his leisure time, McCormick enjoys the great outdoors. Hiking and camping are favorite activities.



hat an action-packed year in the ProTech Oakland Branch office, and the year is not over yet! Starting as a security employee in the field and working my way up the chain of command, I was fortunate to see the needs and desires of potential clients. This allowed me to earn their trust and business. We are currently working on developing training strategies for our staff by meeting with management team and supervisors to continue to develop innovative ideas.

I’ve had tremendous success overseeing the ProTech Oakland office for the past five years with the help of my amazing office staff and field personnel, allowing me to build strong lasting relationships with our many clients by providing them with innovative technology and welltrained security personnel. With my own 15 years of experience in Bay Area security services and the expertise of industry leaders such as Sergio Reyes and Sam Houston, the ProTech Oakland office is more than capable of handling any property’s security needs. The knowledge and support of my colleagues has been a great inspiration. The ProTech Oakland Branch Office continues to challenge other security companies throughout the East Bay by providing knowledge and experience.

LIC # PP011251

The ProTech Oakland Branch has grown our client base in the past six months, and we’re ready to take on your security needs. With unmatched services and competitive rates, we are a force to be reckoned with in the East Bay. Quality is not something everyone can and is willing to pay for. We are the Platinum Partner of BOMA Oakland/East Bay this year. Our established partnerships have created strong networks with other BOMA industry leaders. I could write more about our great company, but you can always call me directly. We can talk about ProTech’s cornerstones: Performance, Innovation, Trust & Reliability. Antony Kimuyu East Bay Branch Manager (510) 645-9202

w w w . pr o t e c h b a y a r e a . c o m

A n t on y @ pr ot e ch ba y a r e a . c om


Lunch & Learn Explores Green Cleaning Program At a recent BOMA OEB lunch and learn, Able Services presented alongside Building Skills Partnership and Next Play Consulting LLC at Stoneridge Corporate Plaza, covering the success of the Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) at the site. GJEP was created to bridge the divide between janitors and their impact on the environment. A collaborative program between USGBC-LA, BOMAGLA, SEIU-West and Service Providers, the GJEP provides sustainability education to janitors. The program is funded by service providers and is administered by BSP, which also provides a variety of life-enhancing educational programs such as ESL, computer skills, and advocacy training so janitors and other service workers can help their children attend higher education. Attendees traveled from as far as Riverside to hear about how they can implement a similar program at their facilities. They were also fortunate enough to hear from an onsite day porter about her experiences.

The program, a 30-hour education provided by BSP, is a qualified USGBC program through which janitors are accredited. It provides hands-on energy management and green cleaning training to address Operations and Maintenance (O+M) practices that enable buildings to meet green performance standards, with special focus on resulting energy efficiency. The program addresses energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, water conservation and other sustainable and green cleaning practices. The take-away was simple: the program provided a relatively unseen workforce with an education that connected them to the purpose of why they were cleaning green. The “staff felt appreciated” and “buzzwords became a reality.” It was even said that “the facility is now cleaner than it was before because the cleaning staff is more dedicated.” If you are interested in learning more about the program, contact Christian Valdez of BSP ( or Sam Shapiro of Able Services (

Shown above: Sam Shapiro, Director of Communications & Sustainability, Able Services; Mayra Andres, Day Porter, Able Services; Elizabeth Murphy, Property Experience Manager at Stoneridge Corporate Plaza; Daniel Timmerman, Janitorial Operations, Able Services; and Christian Valdez, Northern California Regional Coordinator, Building Skills Partnership.

Benchmarking Made as Easy as (Pumpkin) Pie Running your building based on outdated data is like eating from last year’s harvest. With autumn in the air, there’s no better time to feast your eyes on the latest and most accurate benchmarking data for the office and industrial sector: BOMA International’s Office and Industrial Experience Exchange Reports. Fuel your critical business decisions with detailed income, expense and occupancy information gathered from thousands of properties across hundreds of markets. Whether you’re looking to assess market trends, refine operating strategies or even create a better budget, the Office EER and Industrial EER provide the comprehensive data you need to help your property thrive. Plus, the interactive online reports allow you to break down line item details based on property location, size and other specifications. Now that’s pumpkin to talk about. Subscribe now at


Eco-Grip® Flooring Offers Slip-Resistant, Durable Solution


nderstanding that safety and durability are important to our customers, Baker’s Floor and Surface is excited to introduce a superior new flooring system for Bay Area businesses — Eco-Grip® flooring. “This cutting-edge material is hard-wearing and slip-resistant,” says Baker’s Floor and Surface President Chris Baker. “Eco-Grip is an ideal solution for kitchens, warehouses and other areas where waterproofing and durability are important.” Baker’s Floor and Surface recently installed Eco-Grip floors at a large Silicon Valley tech company, using an attractive pewter-toned system in the two kitchens and freezer room. This type of flooring was perfect for the project. In addition to being slip-resistant, Eco-Grip is also antifatigue and resistant to chemicals and bacteria. Five out of the seven Michelin-rated restaurants in the Bay Area have Eco-Grip floors in their facilities. Have an upcoming flooring project? Shown above and right: Eco-Grip Baker’s Floor and Surface reps are glad to flooring is ideal for kitchens in restaurants or commercial buildings. visit your property to discuss solutions Photos courtesy of Eco-Grip. that enhance your building.

EPOXY ~ CONCRETE ~ METAL ~ STONE ~ WOOD 650.652.9440 u

CMCP Certification: Fast-Track Your PM Career Have you heard? There’s a new certification designed to help early-career property managers take their careers to the next level— the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties™ (CMCP™) certification. There are three simple steps to earn the CMCP: 1) Meet all of the eligibility requirements. 2) Satisfy the 30-hour training requirement with the Exam Prep Course. 3) Submit an online application and, once accepted, take the exam. Image: Adobe Stock.

The BOMA Foundation created a scholarship to fund individuals pursuing the CMCP certification. Applicants may use the scholarship to cover either the CMCP application/ exam fee or the Exam Prep Course. The CMCP is offered through the Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute™ (CRECI™), an independent certification body formed by BOMA International and BOMI International. Learn more at


Meet us on or learn about Carpenter’s apprenticeship at

12 BOMA OEB Celebration (Continued from front page)

Volunteers & New Structure “This is your organization,” Barkdull said. The more you’re involved, the more it will be tailored to you. In 2017, we defined our strategic shaping for the organization and looked internally at our structure. Since then, we’ve been moving towards a volunteer structure that aligns with our strategic goals. The structure that’s now in place makes getting involved easier for your schedule, with workgroups that meet every other month. (See page 5 for organizational structure graphic.) The newly launched BOMA OEB Leadership Academy was a huge success this year, said Board Member Andrew Gardner, who was the co-lead on the project with Kelly Lynch. In its first year, the academy presented four sessions. The 2019 BOMA OEB Board of Directors was honored for its service and received backpacks as a token of appreciation.

2019 Board Recognition & Election for 2020 BOMA’s board of directors plays an important role in guiding the organization. The 2019 board was recognized for its service and presented backpacks as a token of appreciation. Thank you to board members: Marc Barkdull, President (PJMB Commercial), Liz Despins, Vice President (Newmark Knight Frank), Warren Mead, Immediate Past President (Cushman & Wakefield), Kelly Lynch, Treasurer (Overton Moore Properties), Leigh Renard (Union Property Capital), Karen Cowan (Restoration Management), Andrew Gardner Brittani Marsten; Next Play Consulting; (Peacock Construction), Jenna Hattersly Andrew Gardner, Peacock Construction; and Courtney Belanger, Shorenstein (Harvest Properties), John Eckmann (retired, Realty Services. formerly with CBRE), Samantha Stires (CBRE), Sandra Litchy (TMG Partners) and Ryan Rusler In the new year, two happy hours will (HARBRO). Three outgoing board members be added. To get involved, refer to the were honored (Eckmann, Rusler and Mead). application on the BOMA website. Next Warren Mead, who served on the nomThirteen 2019 Academy Members ination committee for the board, led the 2020 were recognized. Congratulations Board Election. He said that BOMA is committo: Caroline Barber (Cushman & ted to a diverse board and that the committee Wakefield), Victor Cozart (Control has worked to improve the nomination process Air North, Inc.), Trevor Davis and make it more transparent. Mead noted that (Peacock Construction), Tamika Nancy Le, Transwestern; and many association members applied, but that we Edwards (Westcore Properties), Marc Barkdull, PJMB Commercial need more principal members to apply. Linda Foster (RiverRock Real Estate and BOMA OEB President. For 2020, principal members were elected to Group), Santiago Guardado (LandCare), serve a two-year term on the board: Hayley Crickmore (Wilson Alissa Hall (Century Commercial Services), Nancy Le Meany), Nicole Price (Cushman & Wakefield), Samantha (Transwestern), Brittani Marston (Next Play Consulting), Stires (CBRE) and Sandra Litchy (TMG Partners). Associate Jim Poyer (Legacy Mechanical Energy Services), Justin Stein member Eric Brown (BSM Facility Services Group) was also (Richlen Construction) and Malcolm Stanley (HARBRO (Continued on page 13) elected. Emergency Services & Restoration).


BOMA Celebration (Continued from page 12)

BOMA OEB officers for 2020 will be: President: Liz Despins (Newmark Knight Frank), Vice President: Kelly Lynch (Overton Moore Properties), Treasurer: Jenna Hattersly (Harvest Properties) and Past President: Marc Barkdull, (PJMB Commercial).

Clifford R. Horner Anne J. Kelly w Jan A. Gruen w Brendan J. Dooley w Paymon P. Hifai w Jon P. Tonsing

Board members: Sandra Litchy, TMG Partners; Warren Mead, Cushman & Wakefield; and Leigh Renard, Union Property Capital.

Partners and Members of the Year The final part of the program was devoted to recognizing the 2019 BOMA OEB Partners, who are so important to the organization. (For a full list of 2019 Partners, see page 2). Interested in finding out how to become a BOMA Partner for 2020? There are a variety of Partnership levels and benefits for your company. See box below or contact Executive Director Julie Taylor at On another note, nominations for Outstanding Members of the Year are due by Dec. 31. Nominations for principal, associate and engineer members will be considered, and winners will be recognized at the Bay Area Annual Awards Gala on February 20. See you there!

BOMA OEB 2020 Partner Opportunities

Horner Law Group, PC specializes in business and real estate litigation and represents a diverse client group in all aspects of disputes involving the development, ownership, operation, management, leasing, construction, finance and purchase and sale of real estate and all types of contractual, partnership, ownership and other related business disputes and issues. As a preeminent real estate and business litigation “boutique” firm, we offer the highest level of exceptional and personally tailored client service, experience and superior work product that is on par with the national law firms and with a very competitive rate structure. A majority of our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience, and attorneys working on our clients’ matters possess an aggressive style tempered by common sense and sharp business intuition. Our goal is to meet each client’s individual objectives, which makes us ideal problem-solvers even in the most challenging and complex cases. 800 S. Broadway, Suite 200 w Walnut Creek, CA 94596

925.943.6570 w

Want to up your company’s involvement in BOMA next year? Check out our Partner opportunities at store_home.asp. We offer different levels that offer a variety of benefits, such as event tickets, logo on the website, complimentary ad in Horizons, showcase booth or discount, and participation in the Partner Council. You may sign up online at the link above, or contact the BOMA office at 510.893.8780 or


BOMA Bay Area Annual Boat Bash In October, BOMA OEB Emerging Professionals joined with BOMA San Francisco EPs for an evening of sailing and networking. Above: Sylwia Preis, BOMA SF; Paul Baker, Baker’s Floor and Surface; Erik Carlson, Able; and Micah Kohler, Georgia Pacific. Lower left: Sherif Eldash, Alex Perez, Matt Gonzales and Mark McBrien, all with Rossi Builders. Lower right: Rebecca Pandelis, Flat Roof Pros; Andrew Gardner, Peacock Construction; and Brittany Fulks, VCO.

Jan. 9 – January Luncheon– Split-Roll Taxes 2020: All You Need to Know

Feb. 20 – 6th Annual Bay Area Awards Gala, Featuring the TOBY Awards

Jan. 16 – Branding Bash

Feb. 21 – Foundations of Real Estate Class 4

Jan. 31 – Foundations of Real Estate Class 1 Feb. 7 – Foundations of Real Estate Class 2 Feb. 14 – Foundations of Real Estate Class 3

Feb. 28 – Foundations of Real Estate Class 5 April 20 –2020 Walter Finch Golf Tournament & Wine Tour May 14 – CREATE Gala

Visit for list of all events, seminars and meetings.

15 BOMA Members Connect at the November Lunch

Top left: Don Rogers, CIM Group; Lace Piscatelli, Jensen Landscape; and Howard Fish, Skyline Construction. Top right: Rebecca Clevenger, First Security Services; and Alex Runkel, CBRE. In circle: Linda Foster and Nicole Daly, RiverRock Real Estate Group. Lower left: Eric Brown (holding plaque) and other team members from BSM Facility Services Group.

Photo credit: Kent Goetz




BOMA Oakland/East Bay 436 14th Street, Suite 1216 Oakland, CA 94612

510.893.8780 Printed on recycled paper.

Where superior service meets with superior customers in Northern California

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