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Looking Forward As you look toward furthering your career and industry knowledge, look at ways to get involved with BOMA. (See page 2.)

Covid Resources Resources you can use to make your property and team safer and more productive. (See page 4.)

BOMA Member Profiles Learn more about Principal Member Nancy Le, Transwestern, and Associate Member Michael McCormick, Monarch Landscape Companies. (See pages 8 and 9.)

Members’ News Learn what your BOMA friends have accomplished and where their careers are taking them. (See page 10.)

Autumn Events See our schedule of educational and social events. In-person lunches return! (See last page.)

Showcase Showdown Draws Large Enthusiastic Crowd Booths, Beer, Friends and Views!


elighted to gather in person, an enthusiastic crowd of BOMA OEB members gathered on August 25 for the Showcase Showdown, the annual showcase of associate members. Held on a pictureperfect evening at Faction Brewing in Alameda, the venue afforded a safe environment for members to network and learn about the services of more than three dozen exhibitors while enjoying craft beers, games and waterfront views. (Continued on page 15) Top photo: team from Cranbrook enjoy posing in the photo booth. Lower photo: Marilyn Banks, Newmark (Walnut Creek Center), and David Henry, ABM.

2 President’s Corner: Looking Forward by Kelly Lynch Where does the time go?!?! As I continue to age like a fine wine, it feels more and more like life is racing by. The bummer about that feeling is with Covid it also feels like I’m living the same day over and over. I am trying more and more to focus on looking forward rather than back. Don’t get me wrong! Reflecting on things is the best way to grow. It’s what I do for myself personally, and it’s what we do as your BOMA leadership. It’s how we don’t get stuck in the monotony of routine. It’s how we push ourselves to be better. It’s how we keep ourselves and others engaged. It’s what makes me choose to devote my time to voice my views, attend events, and even write this article that I definitely didn’t have the time to write. Your BOMA staff, board of directors and workgroup members have been working diligently behind the scenes all year to bring you great content, share relevant current world information, and keep us all connected. I can’t say thank you enough to our volunteers who show up and dedicate their precious time to our BOMA community. We are hosting our annual roundtable event soon, where the workgroup leadership gets together and plans the next year. It’s such an amazing collaboration between our four workgroups, BOMA staff and your board of directors to discuss content, share ideas, confer on what is important to our members and find new ways to keep

everyone engaged. It’s the behind-the-scenes event that shapes what our next year will look like. And the best part is that we are doing it in person this year! It’s an inspiring collaboration that I look forward to every year. You know, I get asked all the time how members can get more involved in BOMA. The magical secret answer to this question is — it’s not that hard a thing to do, you just do it. First of all, we have only four workgroups to consider. These generally meet once every month or two, depending on the group. Choose the workgroup that appeals to you most, and then you just show up to a meeting. There is no commitment to come and see what it’s about. Please bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, your perspective on the CRE industry and what’s important to you. If you’re still undecided on what group to join, come to our October 14th in-person luncheon at Rosewood Commons in Pleasanton. At this outdoor event we will have each workgroup represented by our current volunteers and their board liaisons to give you a little 101 intro on what it’s all about and answer any questions. I can’t say this enough: you get out of BOMA what you put in! Workgroups are a great way to get more engaged in the BOMA community. (See descriptions below.) While this year has been challenging and everyone is still constantly having to adjust to the ever-changing ways of the world, I’m so grateful to be able to stay engaged with my BOMA community and to look forward to more and more opportunities to be together in person. Wishing you all a happy and healthy rest of the year! Lynch is BOMA OEB President and General Manager of Northern California at Overton Moore Properties.

Find a workgroup that interests you... Strategic Planning focuses on ensuring that the organization stays financially solvent, continues to grow our leadership potential and manages our advocacy responsibilities. Stakeholder Engagement focuses on membership retention, stakeholder involvement and providing valuable networking opportunities.

Education & Careers leads our education programming and career growth for our membership. Marketing & Collaboration ensures that our messaging is relevant and easily accessible. Facilitates marketing efforts for events, programming and announcements.

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With Appreciation to Our 2021 Partners

Clifford R. Horner Brendan J. Dooley w Paymon P. Hifai w Jon P. Tonsing

Horner Law Group, PC specializes in business and real estate litigation and represents a diverse client group in all aspects of disputes involving the development, ownership, operation, management, leasing, construction, finance and purchase and sale of real estate and all types of contractual, partnership, ownership and other related business disputes and issues. As a preeminent real estate and business litigation “boutique” firm, we offer the highest level of exceptional and personally tailored client service, experience and superior work product that is on par with the national law firms with a very competitive rate structure. A majority of our attorneys have more than 25 years of experience, and attorneys working on our clients’ matters possess an aggressive style tempered by common sense and sharp business intuition. Our goal is to meet each client’s individual objectives, which makes us ideal problem-solvers even in the most challenging and complex cases. 800 S. Broadway, Suite 200 w Walnut Creek, CA 94596

925.943.6570 w

About BOMA Horizons BOMA HORIZONS is published by Eason Communications LLC for BOMA OEB. Editor: Henry Eason Ad and Art Director: Ellen Eason To advertise, contact: Ellen Eason at 415.596.9466 or

Platinum Partners Century Commercial Service Gidel & Kocal Construction Company Metcon ProTech Gold Partners Able Services Allied Universal Legacy Mechanical & Energy Silver Partners AAA Roofing Arborwell/a SavATree company BSM CBRE Metro Services Group rs Company Securitas WCI-GC Bronze Partners ABM CIM Group Corporate Care Montgomery Technologies Harvest Properties Next Play LLC Paramount Property Co. PJMB Commercial Restoration Management Company RiverRock Real Estate Group Rossi Builders Inc. Security 101 For Partnership opportunities, contact Julie Taylor at


Covid Comeback... Resources to Help Your Team Navigating the Covid landscape for your building or company? At BOMA OEB, we know it’s challenging to locate the resources you need to make informed decisions. With this in mind, we keep you informed of breaking news through our e-blasts. We also have assembled relevant information on a Covid-19 resource page on our website. Tailored to CRE and updated regularly. this information includes: z Links for federal, state and local level information z Elevator resources z Two Slack channels to connect you with fellow BOMA OEB members We also provide links to recordings from our Getting Back to Work Series. Subjects include: security, building systems, and janitorial and cleaning. Because HVAC is a major concern in building safety, you will find guidance for building operations from ASHRAE, the global society of heating, refrigeration and air conditioning engineers. Our BOMA OEB associate member partners provided links to valuable information on general contracting best practices, security, Covid screening, technology solutions, janitorial, upholstery cleaning and more. 2021, No. 3


Resources from BOMA International

In addition to our local resources, as a BOMA member you have access to many publications from BOMA International. When establishing procedures for your building, be sure to consult the BOMA International report: “Getting Back to Work 3.0: Best Practices for Managing Commercial Buildings During COVID-19 Recovery.” Health, Wellness and Sustainability Beyond COVID-19 We won’t be speaking through plexiglass forever. What’s next? By John Salustri




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Earlier this year, BOMA International launched a Deep Dive series to provide members more in-depth insights and context to navigate the ever-evolving CRE landscape. The series, which just produced its fourth edition, covers topics such as connectivity, technology and the nuances of the “Great Return.” (See summaries and/or download them at www. In June, findings from the Q2 2021 “BOMA International COVID-19 Commercial Real Estate Impact Study” were released. The study draws on responses of more than 3,000 U.S. tenant decision-makers. Some key findings: z 64% of respondents want building owners and operators to make additional investments that go above and beyond health and wellness measures put in place during COVID-19. z Full-time remote work will not become the norm, but tenants do anticipate a clear shift toward hybrid work options. z 78% of respondents recognize the necessity of the office, saying in-person workplaces are “vital” to operating their businesses (up 4% since the Q4 2020 study). z Fewer tenants will reassess their space needs. At 56%, the number of respondents reporting a planned reassessment of space needs has dropped five points since the prior study. z 86% approve of their landlord’s response to COVID-19. This is up 8% from Q4 2020, demonstrating that commercial property owners and operators are delivering strong value to tenants in actively responding to the pandemic. Photo: Adobe Stock


Thank you to the essential workers that have kept us safe.

Engineering | Janitorial | IFM | Sustainability | 800. 461. 9033 |

back to the office. w e m a k e s u r e y o u l o v e i t.


Fall Forward By Julie Taylor, CAE, Executive Director, BOMA Oakland/East Bay Fall is approaching and I’m feeling calm and renewed. I recently spent eight nights rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with my widows’ adventure group. The twenty-five of us boarded our motorboats in Lee’s Ferry, leaving the real world behind. We left behind electricity, Wi-Fi, cell service, hot showers, and flushing toilets. As we started under Navajo Bridge (see below), we reflected on how much the world had changed since our five-day trip in 2019. There was a tension in our voices as we wondered what the world would look like when we got off the river, would our kids and family members be healthy and COVID-free. A few “Manifest” theories were even started! Being with these widows, who all have different stories of what led them to the club, is such a gift. With them I can cry, laugh, joke, be angry and not have to say, “I’m fine.” We learn from each other—from the insurance and pension/social security wars to raising kids without their dads. We push each other on the hikes and literally lift each other up over rocks and boulders. It’s a community of badass women who inspire me to keep moving forward. This year we did a rope course around boulders, and I was scared to death. But my ladies had me and cheered as I made it up the last rope ladder. My reward was the beautiful waterfall shown above! This group is my safe space. That type of space is what I hope you all find in this association. You spend your days supporting your tenants, customers, owners, and co-workers. This association is a place for you to build a community that will support you, laugh with you, help you with resources, and most of all a place where you can be you. There is no better example of that than our recent Showcase Showdown, where I observed so many smiles, hugs/ fist bumps and laughter among the group. This year we held the event outdoors at Faction Brewing, and more than 250 BOMA OEB members attended. The

Associate Members pulled out all the stops for a fun night of networking, food, and games. (See photos on pages 1 and 15.) The CREATE Wine Vault was back, too. Congratulations to Matt Griggs, Treat Towers, whose key unlocked the wine vault! We raised $1,950 for the CREATE Foundation through the sale of keys to the vault. The Commercial Real Estate Alliance for Tomorrow’s Employees (CREATE) educates a diverse workforce and connects career-ready candidates to employers in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry. Our Annual Golf Tournament in April was a sell-out! 148 golfers enjoyed a day at Round Hill Country Club, and our CREATE Hole raised over $3,400. To learn more about CREATE and how you can get involved in the East Bay’s CREATE efforts, contact Hayley Crickmore at While we haven’t been able to hold educational or luncheon events in person, our programs have included great topics from COVID re-entry practices to CRE Technology and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Be sure to check out our online learning center and catch up on any sessions you may have missed. We’ve had several new organizations join us. Connect with them and help us welcome them to our community. (See page 11.) Thanks for being part of our community, I can’t wait to see more of you in person soon. Be well!




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DEI & CRE: Building a Culture of Inclusion BOMA OEB members recently participated in an educational session on building a culture of inclusion in commercial real estate that was led by Nekisha Killings, an equity educator who has consulted with groups for more than 20 years. “Data shows that diversity improves performance and outcomes in organizations,” Killings noted. “Building a culture of inclusion is based on a decision to move your organization or your own perspectives forward.” As demographics change at lightening speed, a culture of inclusion also helps attract workers who look like California’s diverse population. And if your workforce is already diverse, ask if you are creating a safe space where everyone feels welcome. The concept of “othering” was discussed, which results in alienating another person with or without intention. One views or treats others as intrinsically different or alien. Killings said that your openness, safeness and inclusivity

are obvious in everything you do if you are truly building an inclusive culture. Anything else reinforces a culture of separatism, isolation, neglect. It’s human nature to seek out and embrace what is like us. We naturally gravitate toward what is comfortable, resulting in an unconscious bias. This is why it’s important to incorporate other lenses and to have other perspectives at the table. Learning to check our bias is important. As Killings said, we need to “check our bias to wreck our bias.” She recommended a self-audit. Online tests developed by Harvard let you do this (see html). The tests gauge one’s automatic associations to people and groups of people. Steps to dismantle bias on an organizational level include: assess policies and practices, continuous training, engage many viewpoints, and a shared decision-making model. Measuring your organization’s policies may include asking if your applications, forms and website are welcoming. In closing, Killings noted that “you get to choose if you are a builder or a wrecker.”


Principal Profile

Nancy Le, Assistant Property Manager Historic Central Building, Oakland, Transwestern

Joining the team at the Historic Central Building in May 2020 has been both a challenge and a joy for Assistant Manager Nancy Le. “It was a real challenge joining a new property during the pandemic, much less a historic one! I got to know my tenants through emails vs. in-person, and some I still haven’t met. Even with these limitations, it’s been a real joy getting to manage and preserve the beauty and history of this building.” Since the early days of the pandemic, the Historic Central team has worked closely with its janitorial company to implement procedures that include enhanced disinfectant and cleaning protocols, high-touch areas to be sanitized throughout the day, mask requirements, social distancing, case-notification procedure, and other measurements to support the health and safety of our building’s tenants and staff. “We follow the CDC guidelines closely to ensure that we are current with all the recommendations so we can maintain a healthy environment at the building,” Le explains. “Because we are going through such unusual times now, we also make sure to approach certain situations with more kindness and patience here at Historic Central.” Nancy Le Le serves as the lead for the Marketing & Communications Workgroup at BOMA OEB. “The group brainstorms how to best support upcoming events through social media. We each volunteer to be in various meetings and bring back to the table any take-aways that we feel could use some industry exposure,” says Le. “We find creative ways to update and educate the community through social media since large gatherings are not quite safe yet.” Off hours, Le has played in softball leagues and dabbles in golf, but says her swing could definitely use some work. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and being the “best auntie she can to her nieces and nephew.” Her guiding philosophy: “I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as work-life-balance— it is all life,” says Le. “The balance has to be within ourselves.”

Rely on ProTech to Safeguard Your Bay Area Properties ProTech Security Services specializes in supplying security professionals to commercial and residential high-rise, medical and industrial buildings throughout the Bay Area. Our guards are trained to use fire life-safety systems, access control applications and CCTV equipment. Field supervision and scheduling teams offer 24/7 services.

To learn more contact: Antony Kimuyu, East Bay Branch Manager z 510.645.9202 Visit:


Associate Profile

Michael McCormick, Business Development Manager Monarch Landscape Companies

Associate member Michael McCormick assists existing and prospective clients with their commercial landscape needs in his role as Business Development Manager for Monarch Landscape Companies. Although the company name may be new to BOMA members, they are likely to be familiar with Jensen Landscape and Terracare Associates, which are now a part of the Monarch Landscape Companies. “We are able to provide the scale and resources of a national company at a local level,” says McCormick. This is especially advantageous to property professionals whose portfolios extend beyond Northern California. The company has offices in Northern and Southern California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Texas. Monarch Landscape Companies’ array of services encompasses landscape and water management, in-house tree care, enhancements and new construction. Clients include Hines, CBRE, Kilroy, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. The company continues to enhance its technology to serve clients more efficiently, improving reporting and communications. In the pandemic era, outdoor spaces are more important than ever to a building’s tenants. Michael McCormick “More properties now are seeking to better utilize their outdoor areas with turf renovation or turf removal to improve and decrease water use,” explains McCormick. “The planting of new trees and maintaining existing trees, adding perennials and developing activity areas liven up outdoor workspaces.” He adds that in assessing your property’s landscaping, you may consider a fertigation system: “With the increased use of drip irrigation, installing a fertigation system is the most effective and efficient way to deliver organic fertilizer in a liquid form to plants and trees.” McCormick volunteers his time serving on BOMA OEB workgroups and will be the lead for the Education Workgroup in 2022. During his leisure time, he likes camping and off-roading in the great outdoors.

10 Newsmakers: BOMA OEB Members Announce Changes CA plus six core branches in Oakland, Redwood City, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Portland and Seattle. “SavATree shares our same core values and high-quality standards, making this a great fit to move the company forward and provide clients with continued expert service and our employees with additional professional growth opportunities,”said Peter Sortwell, CEO and Founder of Arborwell. Reach out to BOMA OEB member Gina Phillips, Business Development Manager, to learn more. Debbi Nakahara (left) with Kriss Kokoefer.

Debbi Nakahara has joined Kay Chesterfield, Inc. in the role of Director of Customer Relationships. Bringing with her over 20 years of experience in the textile cleaning industry, Debbi will work hand-in-hand to bring furniture full-circle! Kay Chesterfield is a 100 year-old Oakland Legacy firm specializing in the support of their clients’ furniture sustainability missions through continued maintenance and re-upholstery, in an effort to extend the life of their upholstered furniture investment. Led by President Kriss Kokoefer, Kay Chesterfield will partner directly with CRE and trusted designers, furniture dealerships, and global companies and institutions to reduce furniture waste ending up in landfills. BOMA OEB associate member company Arborwell has merged with SavATree, an industry leader in professional tree and shrub care headquartered in New York state. The merger involved Arborwell Professional Tree Management of California, Oregon and Washington State. Operations include a corporate office in Hayward,

Restoration Management Company (RMC) welcomed Salvador Plascencia to lead the day-to-day operations of its Specialty Building Services Division. He is an industry expert with 30+ years of experience in floor care, metal, and wood maintenance in the commercial real estate market. He will lead the team that specializes in: tile and grout, polished concrete and terrazzo, epoxy, hardwood and manufactured floors, carpets and rugs, wall & ceiling fabrics, metal maintenance, upholstery and more. RMC is a full-service restoration and cleaning company.

BOMA International Honors Our Local Leaders Manny Moreno, a past BOMA OEB President, was elected to another term on the BOMA International Executive Committee. He has also been promoted from Director of Property Management to President of PJMB Commercial, Inc.

The BOMA International Board of Governors announced that Karen Cowan was named Regional Member of the Year for the Pacific Southwest Region. She is an Account Executive for Restoration Management Company and serves on the BOMA OEB Board of Directors.

Send your news items about members to


WELCOME TO BOMA OEB Join us in welcoming these new members to BOMA OEB. Be sure to check out their info in the directory. Remember to Bid BOMA!

Arbor MD Tree Care Doug Hagge

Axis Construction Dawn Alonzo

Kay Chesterfield, Inc. Debbi Nakahara

LandCare Riley Scordelis

Madsen Roofing & Waterproofing Kayla Gutierrez

Monarch Landscape Michael McCormick

The Veranda Concord/Center Cal Prop. Izamar Hernandez-Hook

Uptown Station Rick Klagstad

Ygrene Energy Fund Emily Ramey

12 BOMA OEB produces programs to help members navigate the evolving CRE landscape. Here are some highlights of recent sessions. Missed a session? See the Online Learning Center on our website for recordings.

CRE Tech Trends In a recent webinar on CRE Tech trends, Gijo Mathew, Chief Product Manager of VTS, identified four top CRE tech trends that are being accelerated by Covid. These trends are: 1) Informing with real-time CRE data, 2) Digitizing CRE marketing, 3) Accelerating CRE leasing, and 4) Modernizing the CRE experience. All types of industries, from sports to media are using data more than ever. How can data be leveraged in CRE? Mathew observed the following: Access to real-time data informs leasing and asset strategy. Managers can uncover tenants’ insights and benchmark to competitors with real-time data. Digital marketing for assets may drive virtual tours, provide searchable inventory, and offer market performance metrics and analytics. With accelerated leasing, deals can move more quickly. Terms and proposals can be generated online, and deals can be executed online. Finally, technology allows the delivery of best-in-class experience for tenants and a new level of portfolio insight. Tenant utilization of space and amenities as well as tenant sentiment can be tracked. Learn about VTS, the modern commercial real estate platform, at

The next presenter, Danielle Caprio from Yardi, gave an overview of her company’s extensive suite of products for commercial real estate. Property Manager Platforms include: Yardi Voyager, the flagship product and the foundational layer for other products, Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier. Breeze is a powerful property management tool that allows you to work anywhere from any device. Yardi’s Procurement and Payments solution is Procure to Pay, which automates invoicing with PayScan and a bill paying function. Procure to Pay also features vendor management tools, including VendorCafé. There are more than 300,000 vendors on the platform. Commercial Café is an integrated tenant portal that can improve customer service, facilitate work orders and automate some tasks. Yardi Elevate is the Asset Management solution and is designed to engage client teams. Functions include: Lease Manager, Deal Manager, Forecast Manger, Construction Manager and Retail Manager. Lease Manager is a new solution that was developed during Covid. Forecast Manager saves you time on work orders and inspections. Reach Danielle Caprio at

Best Practices: Getting Back to Work Marc Gille, Executive Vice President, Rockhill Management, conducted a program entitled “Charting a Path to the Future of the Office,” which focused on lessons learned in getting back to work and best practices for managing commercial buildings during Covid-19 recovery. Information was drawn from a nationwide workgroup pulled together by BOMA International in March 2020. With a year’s experience and regional variations, recommendations were revised in March 2021. Lessons learned going forward in 2021 were presented in the program. Some highlights: z Update your re-entry plan and stay prepared z Stay informed about social distancing, PPE, federal, state and local guidelines z Pay attention to the safe use and occupancy of elevators, common areas, stairwells and amenity spaces

z Security issues are key: limit building access, signage and parking z Review procedures with building personnel, and contractors, as well as janitorial, engineering and security vendors z Examine mechanical systems (HVAC and plumbing) z Make sure that emergency preparedness plans are updated: training, evacuation drills, changing safety protocols z Communication with tenants through Zoom, emails, letters and posted announcements z Risk management: know requirements for your building’s carrier, ensure that all tenants and contrac tors have current coverage z Legal considerations include: internal precautions and reviews, contracts and leases, exposure from contrac tors and vendors Finally, fail to plan and you might as well plan to fail.



For our members, for our industry, for our communities.

The Carpenters Union works with signatory construction, modular and mill-cabinet manufacturing and installation contractors to keep our jobs safe and to keep our industry moving forward. Joaquin Galindo, Eriberto Bolanos and (below) Dan Foley, members of the Carpenters Mill-Cabinet Local 2236, build custom cabinets and fixtures at USA Millwork-Mission Bell in Morgan Hill.


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Spring Golf Report

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The Walter Finch Spring Golf Event was a smashing success with a sold-out number of foursomes teeing up. Plus, we offered an outdoor Wine & Bites Reception afterwards for golfers and non-golfers. Congratulations to the winning team: Talmage Scoffield, Kye Huff (Blueline); Mustafa Qarshi and Andrew Brown (Embarcadero Realty Partners)!

Rely on Our Expertise When your business depends on the uninterrupted delivery of plumbing and heating services, you can depend on prompt, professional repair, maintenance and service from Kruse. n n n n n

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Count on Kruse and Our Century of Service! 510.644.0260 920 Pardee Street Berkeley, CA 94710

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Promote Your Company in BOMA Horizons Reach your prospects in BOMA by advertising in BOMA Horizons. Contact Ellen Eason at 415.596.9466 or to learn more.


Showcase Showdown (Continued from front page)

Associate members welcomed the opportunity to interact with property managers and other principal members. “It was nice to be back and see everyone after no events in 2020,” said Carol Leytem of Rossi Builders. “The outdoor venue was great, with lots of space!” The team had a great deal of exposure with BOMA principal members. “We enjoyed this year’s BOMA OEB Showcase! What a beautiful view and great night to reconnect,” said American Asphalt Director of Marketing Jeannie Nyberg. “There was a good turnout of guest moving around Faction. We had fun coming up with our own game, Hoop Wars, adding a little twist to the theme.” “Reconnecting in person was great, seeing our clients, meeting new people, tasting delicious food! The timing is right, as it is budget season, and you don’t want to neglect your asphalt and concrete. It will only lead to more costly budgets down the road. We are your trusted asphalt experts in the industry, let’s talk asphalt,” she added. “This year more than ever, it was inspiring to welcome our associate members who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to continue to serve our building community,” said BOMA OEB Executive Directer Julie Taylor. “They are truly essential workers, and we are so grateful to their support of our industry and association.” A special thanks to Metro Services for sponsoring the Wine Vault at the showcase. Through the sale of keys to the vault, $1950 was raised for the CREATE (Commercial Real Estate Alliance for Tomorrow’s Employees) Foundation. From the top: team from Ideal at their booth; Eric Brown, BSM, sells keys for the wine vault to support CREATE. Team from Arborwell, a SavATree company.

Thank you to Our Showcase Exhibitors AAA Roofing, by Gene • Able Services • ABM • Alliance Roofing • Allied Universal • Alston Construction American Asphalt • Arbor MD Tree Care • Arborwell • ATI Restoration • Baker’s Floor & Surface Blue Streak Lighting Services • BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC • BSM • C3 Transportation Century Commercial Service • City Wide Property Service • Cole Supply Company Inc. • First OnSite Forticon • Gidel & Kocal • Home Depot Pro • Ideal • Kastle Systems • Legacy Mechanical & Energy Services, Inc. Matrix HG • Monarch Landscape Companies • Petalon Landscape Management • Rossi Builders State Roofing Systems • Universal Site Services • Varsity Painting • Ygrene Energy Fund

BOMA Oakland/East Bay 436 14th Street, Suite 1216 Oakland, CA 94612


Autumn Events September 30 – OAKtoberfest Building Tour October 6-9 – BOMA International Conference (see below) October 14 – In-Person Lunch: Peer-to-Peer Learning October 21 – CAMs and Cocktails: An Introductory Workshop

November 1-3 – BOMA International Medical Office Building (MOB) and Healthcare Real Estate (in Dallas) November 4 – In-Person Lunch: 2021 Annual Meeting & Board Election December 9 – Holiday Party

Visit for updates and registration information.

BOMA Conference in Boston BOMA 2021 will be held on October 6-9 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. This year’s Conference & Expo is timelier than ever. Exhibitors will be offering stateof-the-art products, services and solutions to achieve safe and healthy buildings amid the pandemic, and there will be several educational sessions on health and wellness and pandemic recovery. See Notes: attendees and exhibitors will be required to provide either proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before they arrive at the conference. In addition, the city of Boston has issued a public health order requiring face coverings to be worn in all indoor public settings.