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BOMA OEB Pivots to Provide Tailored Resources to Our Members Get Better Acquainted with BOMA Colleagues Our featured profiled members include: Sandra Litchy, TMG Partners; Alisa Orris, CBRE; Nick Haycock, Metcon; and Alissa Hall, Century Commercial Service. (See pages 8-10.)

Members Making Moves Member news about Lucinda Alipio, KGIP; Rafael Madrigal, Kastle Systems; Warren Mead, Paramount Property Company; Nicole Price, Cushman & Wakefield; Malcolm Stanley, BluSky Restoration; and Luz Zepeda, McMillan Electric. (See page 13.)

Next TOBY Awards Don’t delay! Now is the time to register your building for the TOBY Awards and start crafting your team’s submittal. (See page 14.)

Events Go Virtual We’ve put together a full schedule of virtual events, both educational and social. (See last page.)

Since the pandemic first began to The BOMA International impact commercial real estate, BOMA Conference & Expo, held virtually OEB sprung into action to provide in July, brought together experts in timely resources to our members. healthy buildings, business continui“Disseminating ty, cleaning accurate up-toprotocols, date informasecurity and tion that was more. With tailored to the theme our industry “The Reboot and our own Starts Now,” local market the conference was essential,” delved into says Executive how commerDirector cial real estate Julie Taylor. is pivoting BOMA members Zoom in for a virtual wine-tasting. “Our memduring the bers turned to us for advice on keeping pandemic. As BOMA International their teams and tenants safe and their President Henry Chamberlain noted: buildings operating efficiently. We also “This amazing reboot really spurs mixed in some social diversions to keep innovation in what will be a stronger our spirits high and networks strong.” industry and economy.” Attendees BOMA quickly developed resources learned how CRE changes in a postthat included: a Coronavirus Resources pandemic world will focus on creating page on our website; a dedicated Slack healthier buildings so people feel safe channel; and Fireside Chat programs. returning to offices. A “Getting Back to Work” webinar Focus on Well-Being series explored topics such as: security “We knew that our members were issues, protocols for working with conjuggling everything from urgent tenant tractors, janitorial best practices, and issues to work-from-home challenges emergency resources. to childcare demands,” Taylor says. Since one of the most valuable “With that in mind, we created our aspects of being a BOMA member Wellness Wednesdays webinar series to is your network, we developed a address well-being.” Programs includdirectory of services to connect ed “Performing Under Pressure When members with expert providers. It Matter Most,” which uncovered We also drew upon the excellent steps for managing pressure so that it resources of BOMA International. becomes a competitive advantage for (See page 4 for highlights.) you and your organization. Following (Continued on page 4)

2 President’s Corner: What’s Next? by Marc Barkdull I saw a t-shirt the other day that made me chuckle. There was a large #13 printed across the chest and next to it a text bubble that said “I’m the worst number.” Below that was printed #666 with its claim, “No I’m the worst number.” Below that was 2020 and its text bubble says “Really? Give me a break!” Sums the year up pretty well. Sometimes I wake up and think….What’s next? The commercial real estate industry certainly has been dramatically affected both directly and indirectly as a result of the Coronavirus and subsequent economic near shut-down. Here are just a few of our worries: How do we keep the doors open when tenants can’t pay? How do we socially distance in an elevator? Is this mass exodus from the city permanent or just a knee-jerk reaction to fear? Will businesses need less space because everybody is working from home or more space because we need social distancing in the workplace? How often do I need to scrub down and disinfect the lobby? Is this eviction moratorium

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going to result in foreclosure on my property? When are they going to be able to start shooting the new season of my favorite Netflix series? Yet with all this going on, I remain hopeful for the future! I have seen first-hand our community of building owners and managers step up to impossible situations with courage, grace, creativity and determination. I have witnessed a community reaching out to each other to offer support, advice on best practices, resources and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on. I also congratulate our Executive Director Julie Taylor, our Member Services Manager Noelle Blanchard and the entire BOMA OEB Board of Directors for being a timely and valuable resource to our members in all questions COVID, fire and protests. And although here at BOMA OEB we famously love our parties and social interactions (and miss them desperately), the true role of BOMA is to inform, educate, support and advocate for our membership…and they have done it admirably. So that is why I am hopeful for the future. You should be, too. Barkdull is BOMA OEB President and President of PJMB Commercial, Inc.

BOMA’s Free Guide The scale and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic caught many unprepared and presented a daunting, fast-moving challenge to commercial real estate professionals. Using guidance from leading experts and lessons learned from across the industry, BOMA International has created Managing Through Pandemics: Preparing Your Buildings, Tenants and Staff, a guidebook covering every aspect of managing a commercial building through a global health crisis. Covering everything from creating a pandemic plan and building-wide preparations to business continuity and legal considerations, this is an essential resource.

MANAGING THROUGH PANDEMICS Preparing Your Buildings, Tenants and Staff

Click to download your copy.


Thanks to Our 2020 Partners Platinum Partners Century Commercial Service Gidel & Kocal Construction Company Metcon Gold Partners Able Services Allied Universal AT&T Kastle Systems WCI-GC Silver Partners Arborwell CBRE Forensic Analytical Consulting Gachina Landscape Management LandCare Legacy Mechanical & Energy McNevin Bay Area Cleaning Specialists Metro Services Montgomery Technologies rs Company Securitas Bronze Partners ABM CIM Group Corporate Care Georgia-Pacific Professional Harvest Properties Home Depot Pro (SupplyWorks) Jensen Landscape Next Play LLC PJMB Commercial Restoration Management Company RiverRock Real Estate Group Rossi Builders Inc. Waxie For Partnership opportunities, contact Julie Taylor at

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4 BOMA OEB Pivots (Continued from front page)

Keeping It Social Overnight our popular events went virtual. BOMA members rapidly learned to navigate Zoom and got their work-from-home spaces camera-ready for virtual meet-ups. At the Guided Whiskey Tasting with Town Tavern in Alameda, BOMA members enjoyed learning about whiskeys, the Jim Beam family of bourbons, and “booze yoga.” Next up was a virtual sommelier-led wine tasting. More than 40 members sampled Good Taste’s Wild Child wine flight. There was plenty of time for networking and sharing laughs. “The wine tasting event was great,” said Eric Brown, BSM Facility Services Group Account Executive. “Such a cool concept with the way the wine box arrived. It was also nice to see a bunch of old faces as well as some new. I would do this again any day!” Check out all of our upcoming events on the last page.

programs were: “Going Full Frontal to Develop Successful Leaders” and “Women Face a Second Layer of Pressure.” Presenters noted differences in women’s and men’s brains which lead them to act differently under pressure. To be successful, organizations need both male and female team members. “I have been hugely grateful for BOMA during the pandemic for its sense of community and for its constant reminders that we are not going through this alone,” says CBRE Real Estate Manager Alisa Orris. “The Wellness Wednesdays series provided me with helpful career insights, while events like the virtual wine tasting created the space to maintain connections with those in the BOMA community that I may no longer regularly see. I think that BOMA has done a terrific job of adapting to the virtual world in order to uphold this strong sense of community.”

See how BOMA has supported members throughout the pandemic.

is made for times like these

Whether essential personnel showing up for work under exceptional circumstances or working from home to prevent the spread of the virus, commercial real estate professionals are keeping our critical infrastructure safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re proud of our members’ resilience and are honored to support their work through our efforts.


of the Industry


Created a COVID-19 legislative tracking tool to monitor all COVID-19-related bills.


of the BOMA Network


Successfully lobbied at federal, state and local levels to classify CRE professionals as essential



CRE professionals in


BOMA local associations in the U.S

JAN: What You Need to Know FEB: Preparedness Checklist


MAR: Tenant FAQ MAY: Preparing Buildings for Re-Entry

countries worldwide

analysis of the CARES Act,

Operational and Management Guidelines for Industrial Properties

including a flash call for members to explain the provisions pertinent to CRE.

legislative issues.

Current federal lobbying activities include:

Crucial information sharing through

hundreds of virtual information exchanges and socially distanced events.

BOMA International’s first-ever virtual conference, held live and on demand, with:

Tax credit to help pay for additional cleaning expenses Liability protection for reopening businesses Inclusion of CRE in future Paycheck Protection Program Pandemic risk/business interruption insurance for future pandemics

COVID-19 guidance documents

With 28,000+ Total Downloads

Prepared a comprehensive

Regularly updating members on emerging COVID-19-related

Published 7

when the industry needed them.

1,500 attendees




education sessions

The event program and expo provided innovative solutions to navigate through the new normal.

JUN: Preparing for

Emergency Evacuations

NEW! Pandemic Guide 14,000+ participants across 100s of webinars and virtual events on COVID-19-related topics. 40,000+ visits to our online Coronavirus Resource Center curating critical resources and vetting credible information. Best-practice guidance that was distributed via the power of social media.



Ensuring a Safe Return to the Workplace Touchless Everything

Screen In / Screen Out

Contact Tracing

Social Distancing

LEARN MORE HERE: 415.962.1300 415.962.1300





2020: Resiliency, Perseverance & Growth By Julie Taylor, CAE, Executive Director, BOMA Oakland/East Bay The last few months have been extremely trying and chaotic for so many of us. Trying to help our tenants, customers, and family during a pandemic is probably one of the greatest challenges we’ll ever face. I wanted to let you know how incredibly hard your association is working on your behalf and how we’re continuing to connect, engage, and advocate for commercial real estate. (See graphic on the next page for a summary.) Moving from meeting face to face to Zoom events wasn’t easy. We all learned a lot: how to turn on our cameras, setting up home offices, and unmuting ourselves. After six months, I still talk while on mute. Ironically, the week before the shelter in place, your BOMA OEB Board held its annual strategic shaping retreat. One of the big goals coming out of the retreat included incorporating web-based training into our portfolio. Little did we know that COVID-19 would make web-based our only delivery mechanism. Your Board, workgroups and staff came together to proactively provide you the information, connection, and services that you expect from us. Understanding COVID19 was the priority. Fireside Chats began in April, covering everything from janitorial to building systems to security to legal issues and working with general contractors. These sessions capitalized on the expertise of our BOMA OEB Partners and provided the latest information to manage COVID for our members. We also published an electronic directory of Associates and their services during COVID. Everything was changing so fast, and we wanted to provide you 24/7 access to the latest information. We set up a Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resource page. It has grown extensively since March and has great resources

to go back to as you navigate re-opening your offices and buildings. We also recorded our virtual events; they are available on our website in the new Online Learning Center. While we’ve been in a holding pattern of shelter in place, quarantine and social distancing, you shared topics that you’d wanted us to cover. Our Wellness Wednesday events took place in September and are available online too. Our Talent Management Series begins in midOctober, and Becky Lunders will cover managing a team virtually, hiring virtually, and building virtual relationships. We hope these sessions give you the information and inspiration to help you manage your stress, well-being, and your teams. With the tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, it became apparent that the diversity, equity, and inclusion work your Board began three years ago to improve the diversity of our leadership was not enough. We know that there is more we can do. To start, we held our first diversity workshop led by Risha Grant. The session entitled “Getting Rid of the BS,” covered unconscious biases from Risha’s book. Thank you to Tyler Morley and Metcon-TI, with whose generous support we were able to provide the BOMA’s in California this event at no cost. This year has been troubling on so many levels and in true BOMA OEB manner, we kept connected to laugh, share and vent. We held virtual events including Whiskey Tasting and Wine Tasting. There are more coming your way: CHOPPED Board, Charcuterie Plate How-to, and Holiday Cookie Decorating. Learning and growing our skills has been huge in 2020, I hope through it all you’ve found that your association was there to help you grow and learn. 2021 planning is starting, and we’re focused on how we can remain nimble and flexible in programming our events and resources. Based on the health indicators in California, we are planning to focus on virtual events until April 1. Be assured if we can get back together sooner, we will! Renewal emails for 2021 dues, with no fee increases, will be going out on November 1. We are continuing to


Defeated SB 939. Saved CRE

$11 billion

Supported with matching funds

No On 15: Split Roll

billion statewide in rental income

50+ meetings

with BOMA International, BOMA Cal, our board and other government staff in response to the pandemic

150+ links added to our

Coronavirus Resource Center


900+ users

visits to our Coronavirus Resouce Center

3,500 homepage views Launched the new

Virtual Learning

Education Sessions EDUCATION

TOBY Awards

350+ attendees

in 10+ webinars, Fireside Chats


50+ actively engaged members & leaders

Whiskey Tasting, Wine Tasting & Fireside Check-ins

followers on social media


1 - Pacific Southwest Regional Winner


impressions on social media

25 participants in the Leadership Academy

During this challenging time, BOMA Oakland/East Bay continues to stand together as a caring and connected community. The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on BOMA OEB, the commercial real estate industry, and the members we serve. Yet, we are proud to say, we have continued to build on our strengths – advocacy, education, and community engagement – even during this difficult time. The facts and figures above are a few highlights of our activity during the past few . months.

2020: Resiliency, Perseverance & Growth (Continued from previous page)

work very hard to provide the services that mean the most to you. That said, you may have been hurt financially by the current crisis. If you are able, please renew your dues. If you can’t, we’ll wait. But please do contact me to talk about it.

I’m so proud to be part of this organization. COVID-19 has made us more resilient, challenged our ability to persevere and grown our knowledge, skills and abilities. Be safe, wear your mask and let me know if there’s anything we can do to help you and your organization.


Principal Profile

Sandra Litchy, Senior Property Manager TMG Partners, 1221 Broadway, Oakland

TMG Partners Senior Property Manager Sandra Litchy oversees all aspects of managing 1221 Broadway in the City Center area, from capital repair projects to the annual budget as well as the property team and the engineering, janitorial and security teams. “COVID has changed a lot of how we work quite a bit, and both my role and my team’s role is all about being flexible while continuing to follow industry standards,” Litchy observes. “When capital and tenant improvement projects began in May, our team started taking turns working from the office one to two days per week.” “Early on after COVID hit, we sent the tenants a survey about their re-occupancy timing and what information or help they needed from us. We provided resources for signage, Sandra Litchy at the Monarch re-organization of their space, extra cleaning services, etc.,” Litchy adds. “We are impleButterfly Sanctuary in Pacific Grove. menting a touchless visitor management system whereby tenants will register their guests in advance into our visitor management software and the guest can check in, then pick up their badge. The software also allows us to upload a health and safety questionnaire or other documents. We also changed restroom fixtures to be touchless and programmed some of our entry and exit doors to open automatically with the swipe of an employee access badge, or by an occupancy sensor.” This is Litchy’s first year being an elected Director on the Board of BOMA OEB, which is a two-year commitment. Previously she had chaired the Industrial SIG and served on other committees. “I wanted more involvement because I believe in BOMA and really wanted to be a part of programming for our members,” she said. “BOMA OEB — Julie, Noelle and the Board—has done an amazing job keeping our members informed with COVID updates, legislation that needs our members’ attention and programming of informational webinars on timely topics.” When she gets a chance to work on her hobbies, Litchy loves to read, make jewelry and put together puzzles. “On the weekends, I try to go hiking in the hills,” she says. “My family and I look forward to summer when we go camping in the mountains and try to make it to Yosemite a couple times a year. If I get to visit my parents in Minnesota, I have to go fishing a few times while I’m there. If the fishing is good, then it’s hard to leave the lake at the end of the day.” Where superior service meets with superior customers in Northern California

HONESTY INTEGRITY QUALITY HVAC + Energy Conservation Services for industry & facility leaders




3130 Crow Canyon Pl. #410 San Ramon, CA 94583 California License #808022



Exceptional tenant improvement and building renovations for projects of all sizes. Hire our team of detail-oriented professionals so you can focus on the big picture.

Principal Profile

Alisa Orris, Real Estate Manager CBRE, 1111 Broadway, Oakland

As part of the management team at the TOBY award-winning 1111 Broadway property, Real Estate Manager Alisa Orris is tasked with managing operations, tenant relations, financial reporting, and coordinating tenant improvement and capital projects. She brings to her position “a passion for this beautiful planet and ensuring that it remains so for future generations” which stems from her environmental studies background and degree from UC Santa Cruz. When Orris graduated, she realized that “to affect change in the real world, my focus needed to be Alisa Orris. on improving the institutionalized structures that were already in place. That came to fruition in a very physical sense for me when I was introduced to property management. I was excited to see that there was a huge emphasis placed on energy efficiency and sustainability in the Bay Area market, and that progress was not only encouraged but also awarded through various certification programs and incentives,” she says. Since COVID hit, Orris and her team continue to innovate. She notes: “COVID has presented a great deal of new challenges, but in some ways, it has also provided space for us to reevaluate our priorities and to grow. Our team wanted to ensure that we remained focused on maintaining a strong connection with our tenants, despite the fact that most were working remotely. In addition to sending out regular and informative newsletters, we implemented a new online tenant concierge platform called 1111 Broadway Connect, which offers weekly contests, expert wellness advice, on-demand fitness classes, and helpful working from home tips. This platform has created the ideal space to foster impactful connections with our building community and keep tenants feeling supported during these challenging times.” At BOMA OEB, Orris serves as the coordinator for the Stakeholder Engagement Group. “This has allowed me to participate in the impressive planning efforts that take place behind the scenes in order to keep members engaged and ensure that they are getting the most from BOMA,” she says. Outside of work, Orris loves to hike, spend time at the ocean and read. She also looks forward to traveling again once restrictions are lifted.


Associate Member Profiles Nick Haycock, Vice President, Metcon Metcon Vice President Nick Haycock finds inspiration in getting through unique challenges that various projects present to his team. “The thing I love most about my job is that my workday is never the same,” he says. Now that many properties are looking to reconfigure their spaces for social distancing and other safety measures, Metcon finds itself in demand for its TI work. Asked for advice about best practices, Haycock comments: “This question reminds me of a quote that I love by Eric Hoffer: ‘In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves Nick Haycock. beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.’ The construction/real estate market is constantly changing, and our strategy is to continue to adapt and to keep up with the most stringent safety protocols while keeping projects moving on schedule and minimizing costs and disruptions.” He remarks that “it’s well known in the BOMA community that Metcon does a lot of office space improvements, but it might not be as well known that we also specialize in labs/life science and industrial space,” sectors that are poised for growth in this evolving economy. A few of the current projects that Metcon is working on with BOMA principal members include: Pleasanton Corporate Commons in Pleasanton (Sonia Sharma, Hines), 333 Hegenberger in Oakland (Salina Lee, Kennedy Wilson), 436 14th Street in Oakland (Hayley Crickmore, Transwestern) and Alto Pharmacy in San Jose (Manny Moreno, PJMB). As a Platinum Partner of BOMA OEB, Metcon is deeply involved with the association. Haycock says that his favorite committee involvement has been with the Emerging Professionals Committee. “Going to educational and social events has been helpful in building a network that can share insider industry knowledge and tips.” During his leisure time, Haycock enjoys staying active with golfing, mountain biking and traveling.

Alissa Hall, Business Development Manager, Century Commercial Service A passion for helping people and providing excellent customer service makes Alissa Hall an ideal fit for her role as business development manager for Century Commercial Service. “When you get to spend every day serving others, it gives you a reason to look forward to each day,” Hall says. After starting her career in commercial property management seven years ago, Hall transitioned into working on the vendor side of the industry two years ago. “These positions have provided me with strong and varied experience on both sides of the industry,” she notes. Century’s array of services include solutions for lighting, electrical, plumbing and mechanical needs. “With the largest fleet of high-reach bucket trucks in the region and a state-of-the-art dispatching system, we are able to provide prompt and reliable service in any situation,” adds Hall. “Our goal is to be Alissa Hall. the best provider of services for the commercial property management industry. We take pride in being able to overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver excellent service.” Throughout the pandemic, Century has remained strong and stayed open for business. As an essential service provider and committed service partner, the company follows the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding COVID-19. “We have implemented their recommendations within our business,” says Hall. “Our office and support team was able to move to a work-from-home status and has been able to receive and process all services and requests.” At BOMA OEB, Hall serves on the Marketing & Communications Workgroup. “This year the group has focused on increasing our social media exposure and hosting virtual events such as a fitness challenge for members,” she says. “I enjoy being able to help and support our BOMA chapter and give back. Being involved with BOMA has allowed me to strengthen my relationships with my industry peers, while collaborating and executing new ideas.” In her free time, Hall says she “loves spending time with friends and family, especially my 10 year-old daughter, Isabella. I also enjoy spending the day at the beach, traveling and wine tasting!”


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—photo by Ellen Rosenthal

13 BOMA OEB Members Making Moves 2020 has been an exciting year for Lucinda Alipio, RPA. She welcomed a second child and a new position with KG Investment Properties as their newest Property Manager. In her new role, Alipio oversees a portfolio of office and industrial projects in San Mateo and San Leandro for her institutional clients. With her exceptional team she is able to get back to the basics of providing excellent client and property management services. She looks forward to growing both personally and professionally with KGIP for years to come. Rafael Madrigal is Kastle Systems’ latest addition to the business development team in San Francisco. Madrigal, a Bay Area native, comes to Kastle Systems with over 20 years of experience in the electronic security industry. As Business Development Manger, his focus of responsibility in his new role is to create brand awareness and promote Kastle Systems’ white glove, cloud-based managed security services. Warren Mead, RPA, has been named Executive Vice President of Paramount Property Company, an independent commercial property management company with assets in a number of Western U.S. markets. Its Bay Area assets include 1440 Broadway, 1904 Franklin, 2341 Peralta Street, 304 12th Street in Oakland, The Promenade on University Avenue in Berkeley, Belvedere Place in San Rafael, and Hookston Square in Pleasant Hill. Prior to advancing to this position, he spent a decade at Cushman & Wakefield where he served as Director of Asset Management for the past seven years, overseeing over 8 million square feet of office, retail, industrial and medical office properties. As the former President of BOMA OEB, he serves on the association’s Executive Committee.

Nicole Price, a dedicated member of the Cushman & Wakefield team for the last five years, was recently promoted to Associate Director. Her new responsibilities include the direct oversight of several property management teams around the Bay Area. The portfolios under these teams consist of a mix of high-rise office, retail and industrial assets, along with an equally diverse clientele. A critical function of this position is contributing to the achievement of goals and objectives for both the company and client through strategic management, communication and integrating service platforms accordingly. As an Associate Director, she will have a seat on the Nor-Cal Leadership team for Cushman & Wakefield. This team is responsible for tactical decisionmaking and implementation across the region. There’s a new restoration name in town! Recently HARBRO Emergency and Restoration, Inc. announced its merger with Denver– headquartered BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC. For BOMA OEB members, Business Development Manager Malcolm Stanley is your BluSky contact (shown winning a BOMA award). The first goal for the newly combined company is to work together to hone its complementary strengths— including HARBRO’s significant mitigation experience and BluSky’s robust reputation for reconstruction work. As the new Director of Business Development, Luz Zepeda is responsible for growing and maintaining business for all of McMillan Electric divisions, which include: MNetworks/ Riser Management, Audio Visual, Low Voltage Systems and McMillan Electric. Prior to joining McMillan Electric, she spent seven years in the telecommunications industry as a technology consultant. She has worked for CenturyLink (Level 3), AT&T Business, XO Communications a Verizon company, and Cogent Communications. Send news items about members to


Now’s the time to register your building for the 2021 TOBY competition! This year’s competition is being managed by BOMA Oakland/East Bay. You may register online on the BOMA Oakland/East Bay website (see the Events page) and pay the $425 per property entrance fee online. Register by October 30. The competition portal opened September 8 and closes December 18. For assistance with registration questions, contact Noelle Blanchard with BOMA Oakland East Bay (noelle@ Direct competition questions to Kelly Lynch (, BOMA OEB, or Glenn Good (, BOMA SF. Good luck to all who enter this year!

As part of the 2020 TOBY Awards, BOMA OEB Past President Manny Moreno was named BOMA Pacific Southwest Person of the Year. On a Zoom call with PSW leaders and the BOMA OEB Board, he received the honors. Due to shelter-in-place restrictions, we called upon his family to help present the award. Kudos to Manny for this recognition!



Tenant Improvements Restaurant Remodels Building Common Areas Restroom Upgrades

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Celebrate CONNECT ENGAGE EMPLOY Virtual Celebration November 12, 2020 4:45 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Visit to Donate Today Complimentary Registration Opens 10/12/20

Honoring z 925.256.5900

CREATE is an Alliance of

In Memoriam We are sad to share that Akiba Davis-Everett, BOMA San Francisco’s Education Coordinator, passed away recently. Many of you will remember Akiba championing the RPA education in the Bay Area. She spearheaded the administration of the program and was very active in the community including membership with 100 Black Women and participation in the Jefferson Awards. She lived in Oakland with her daughter and grandson. The Bay Area BOMA community lost a true friend and dedicated volunteer in May with the passing of Fred West of Marble West. In Fred’s 40+ years of BOMA membership, he served as a dedicated member of the BOMA SF Associates/ Events Committee, chairing golf tournaments and the popular wine tour for numerous years. He also volunteered on BOMA OEB’s Associates/Events Committee for years. BOMA members recently raised a glass in his memory at the Virtual Wine Tasting. His joie de vivre, his love of good food, friends, family, wine and a good joke will be remembered fondly.

• new tenants


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Fall events have gone virtual, providing ample opportunities for learning and networking. Tune into a program, get involved with a work group or join us for a social meet-up. October 15 – Talent Management: Hiring in a Virtual Environment October 22 – Talent Management: Managing a Remote Team October 27 – Chopped Challenge: Cooking with Chefs Eric Brown and Andrew Gardner October 28 – Virtual Showcase October 29 – Talent Management: Virtual Relationships November 2 – Education & Careers Work Group Meeting

More than 40 BOMA members participated in a recent virtual wine-tasting with suggestions for food pairings.

November 3 – Stakeholder Engagement Work Group Meeting November 12 – November Annual Meeting Featuring Board Election November 12 – Virtual CREATE Gala December 1 – Stakeholder Engagement Work Group Meeting December 1 – Governance Work Group Meeting Events are continually being added. Visit for updates.

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