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Tamagotchis teaching us the basics of parenthood …not!

High School Musical - who

remembers queueing up for the third film in the cinema?

iPod Shuffles/Nanos – revolutionising school trips


Guitar Hero -

a 2000’s essential to rock out with friends

9 8

89 7 7

6 56 5

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1 1

Motorola flip phones oh, how times have changed!




Team Jacob vs. Team Edward – the most pertinent Q of any Twilight fan to date

Drake & J osh – c

an you be l been 15 y ieve it’s ears since it aired?


Kiera Byland Sports Diploma Level 3

Rachel Musekiwa Health & Social Care Level 3

‘The tutors have really pushed me to reach my potential. I’ve won three cycling Olympic gold medals and next month, I’m representing Team GB at the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi.’

‘I loved the psychology part of this course so I’m now at the University of Westminster studying this.’

Interested in Sport:

Interested in Health & Social Care:

Peter Dzuga Business Diploma Level 3

Jack Regan Public Services Level 3

‘I achieved three distinction stars, the equivalent of three A*s at A-Level! I’m now continuing my studies at university.’

‘I like the variety of things we cover in class. We’ve visited the Police and Army, and in the future, I’m planning on joining the Fire Brigade.’


Interested in Business:

Interested in Public Services:

Missile expert returns to College After leaving Bolton College, engineering student Ben Hardman landed a role with missile manufacturers MBDA UK, who have an annual turnover of ₏4.2 billion! Ben returned to College to talk to current students about his exciting role and the amazing careers an Engineering qualification can lead to. Watch Ben’s presentation in full

Interested in Engineering:




Zak Percival Progressed to Carpentry & Joinery Apprenticeship Level 3 Working at Alfa Joinery Ltd

Farhan Adam Electrical Installation Apprenticeship Level 3 Working on the Community Allotment Project for Bolton at Home

‘I’ve worked on a range of projects and I’m learning from highly-skilled tradespeople.’

‘I’m hoping to work abroad in the future and add more skills to my portfolio.’

Interested in Carpentry & Joinery:

Interested in Electrical:

Luke Foster Plastering Apprenticeship Level 2 Working at Chabell Plastering Services

Leighton Smith Plumbing Apprenticeship Level 3 Working at Bruntwood

‘Once you get a trade behind you, you have a job for life and the money’s good too.’

‘I’ve worked across Greater Manchester on different commercial jobs – no day is ever the same!’


Interested in Plastering:

Interested in Plumbing:

Brush with Success

Tonya Pepper Progressed to Painting & Decorating Apprenticeship Level 3 Working at Bolton College ‘Apprenticeships are really practical – I’ve learnt so much from skilled tradespeople, which is much better than sitting in a classroom. I’ve even painted the College’s Atrium in preparation for a visit from the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham!’

Interested in Painting & Decorating:



Beth McGlinn Hairdressing Apprenticeship Level 2 Working at John-Lee Guy Salon

Joe Potts Teaching & Learning Apprenticeship Level 2 Working at Atherton Community School

‘Colour’s my speciality and I even deliver masterclasses to my colleagues. I’ve also reached the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ finals of the Bolton Business Awards.’

‘I love seeing the pupils have fun whilst they’re learning; if they’re enjoying themselves, you know you’re doing something right!’

Interested in Hairdressing:

Interested in Teaching:

Chelsea Lewin Childcare Apprenticeship Level 2 Working at High View Kindergarten

Daniel Lloyd Fitness Instructing Apprenticeship Working at Bolton College

‘I’ve always wanted to work with children, but didn’t want to be in a classroom, so the Apprenticeship’s perfect.’

‘The tutors have been brilliant; I’ve studied at my own pace in a really fun environment.’


Interested in Childcare: yp-childcare

Interested in Sport:

Fine Body of Work Jake Roberts Motor Vehicle Body Repair Apprenticeship Level 3 Working at Boundary Garage ‘My Apprenticeship has been such a positive experience; I achieved my Level 3 qualification and I now work here full-time.’

Interested in Motor Vehicle:


Winter’s the time of year when we binge on Netflix series and snuggle up in the warm until we rack up the courage to face going outside.

Interested in Public Services:

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our favourite shows, games and movies

“Birdbox” – a Netflix original film. (15)

Bolton College’s very own Bird Box Challenge! Bolton College’s Public Services students got a taste of army life when they spent the day at Bolton’s Army Reserve Centre. They took part in various activities, including a blindfolded team challenge, to build their teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

IMPORTANT: This activity was supervised by professionals. Please do not attempt this.

If you haven’t watched it already, we would recommend grabbing some popcorn...

...and a brave friend, to watch this intriguing thriller starring Sandra Bullock...

...which has had viewers on the edge of their seat since its release.

BOOK w e i ev


STAGS, by M. A. Bennett: “Nine students. Three blood sports. One deadly weekend.” Said to read like a combination of Gossip Girl, The Hunger Games and Pretty Little Liars. Some titles from the 15-16 yr old suggested



The Three Musketeers



Jack Kerouac

H.G. Wells

The Time Machine

Game of Thrones George RR Martin



Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen

Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe

David Copperfield Charles Dickens


East of Eden


John Steinbeck 11



Interested in Beauty Therapy:


Lates t

Bolton College’s Blerta Zhitia, a Business Administration Level 3 Apprentice, has won ‘Best Young Worker’ at Bolton Council’s annual staff awards, ‘Best of Bolton’. Congratulations Blerta!


Interested in Apprenticeships:

Bolton College’s famous chatbot Ada, Bolton College’s artificial intelligence chatbot, has been praised by the Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, as an example of technology at its most beneficial. Ada has so far responded to over 70,000 student questions; learners can access the chatbot in College and at home, via an app on their phone or by installing a skill on Amazon’s Alexa Echo. Last September, Ada won the award for innovation at the Bolton Business Awards and in March, the College will learn the outcome of the AoC Beacon Awards; Ada has again been nominated in the innovation category.

Business students help the homeless Bolton College’s kind-hearted Level 2 and Level 3 Business learners gave up their Sunday to travel to Manchester to hand out hats, gloves and socks to the homeless, whilst Level 1 students designed posters to support the project. Interested in Business:


Are you the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Or simply want to test you r book/movie kno wledge? You’ve com e to the right place! 3. 3. What What were were used used to to 1.1. What What ssymbol ymbol is is on on the the 4. 4. What What breed breed of of dragon dragon destro destroyy the the Horcruxes? Horcruxes? Huff Hufflepuff lepuff crest? crest? is is Hag Hagrid’s rid’s pet? pet? 2. 2. What What position position does does Harry Harry pla playy on on the the Quidditch Quidditch team? team?

5. 5. Who Who killed killed Bella Bella Lestrange? Lestrange?

Don’t worry if you got som e wrong! Cong ratulations if you got them all right! * Ans wers on the back page!


‘Mag With No Name’ isn’t the catchiest of titles, so we need YOU to come up with a name and a logo for the next edition of this e-magazine. Get creative and email your ideas to The competition closes on 28th February 2019 How the winner will be chosen Our Principal will choose the winning name and logo and we’ll announce the winner in the next edition. Should several people submit the winning name, we’ll award the prize to the best design re





Issue 1




Part of Unive the rsity of Bo

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with no name!



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Days of the week in social Monday Mystery - I help you from your head to your toes. The more I work, the smaller I grow.* Tuesday Teezer - What do you get when you divide 30 by 1/2 and add 10?*

Wednesday Wow! - Originally, Nutella was a smart solution to a tricky problem: the shortage of cocoa supplies following World War Two.

Thursday thoughts - “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin

Friday funnys - To Friday…

*Answers on the back page!


Mythbuster There are a lot of misconceptions about various course subjects and careers. We’re here to uncover the truth about these myths and set the record straight. Let’s start with the common myths about engineers…

a. b. c. d.

LOVE maths and science Sit at a computer all day Aren't very creative Women can't be engineers

Here to prove that women can be engineers is...

“A lot of people tend to go into mechanical engineering, but I wanted to be different and chose electrical engineering, which I’m now studying at the University of Birmingham.”


Interested in Engineering:


…don’t believe in astrology? You won’t after reading this

Find out what the Bolton College parody horoscope has in store for you this week…

CAPRICORN: 23 DEC 20 JAN After a long week for the Capricorn, you are feeling extremely tired. It is likely that you may find you fall asleep at some point.


Your communication zone is blazing with fire today – it’s up to you to actually get out of bed, stop binging Netflix and leave the house.


After a night out on the town, you are unlikely to feel yourself for the next few days…being the water sign of the Zodiac, we suggest you channel your inner fish and drink a lot of water.


Be adventurous! You know how you always want to order that other dish but you’re like “what if I don’t like it and then I’ve wasted all this money when I should’ve just chosen what I already know I like”? Well this week Aries, you’re feeling brave.



When setting yourself goals, This week, everything will set your sights to be “better become just as clear as it is than great” so that if you don’t unclear. succeed, you’ll at least be able a to blame it on trying too hard.


You may not win today, but you are not a loser. You just... don’t...not...un-win.


You face a hugely important decision at the end of this week, one that will have you and the others around you debating…Dominos or Indian takeaway?

LEO: 23 JUL 22 AUG

Prepare yourself Leo…The stars suggest you were once born, and that you will meet someone else in the near future, who was also once born. You may or may not exchange words that may or may not be interesting.


Well, it’s a banner day for turning up the notch in your relationships… and no not your relationship with food, football or the Xbox!


You may receive an email this month saying you are the winner of a large sum of money. Unfortunately, the email is likely to a be a hoax…


You’re getting in touch with your feelings using music this week Sagittarius. You’re a sucker for the radio, where you’re certain to hear Post Malone & Ariana Grande on repeat.


.. t. n e m h ic r n e in k e e w is h T

Our Spo rts stud y p ro g r a a r e a ll a mmes a b o u t ke nd Appr ep better t e n t ic e s h o le a d o in g o u r s t u d e n t ip s u r le a r n s a c t iv e M il it a r y e , so who rs than c a t io n , Ac who spe le a d e r s h c ia li s e in t iv a t e a n d ip a n d c a range omman Last we of d c h a ll e ek, huge nges! in  a t a b h a ll in t o le s t r a n a g ia n t s fo r m e d o co m p e t ou e d t o c o b s t a c le c o u r s e a s g ro u p r s p o r t s m p le t e o v e r a ll t s h c h a m p io e co u r s e ns. and be c ro w n e d

led s w e re e g n rs e l learne f chal r o u o n o t i lly pu ing elect nd a s h o re a out be a b w a e , l s t e r s u 't ju sonn T h e co ry per ing isn a n t r i l a i e re . m L ick he a ce s . l by exp c r e i s e a , ple gh th t h ro u l a s s ro o m ! e ve n t e h t c f ro m in the hotos p l l a w To v i e

Interested in Sport:



Interested in Art & Design:


Progression to Higher Education Our full-time study programmes and Apprenticeships provide the perfect stepping-stone to university and Higher Education. In College, we offer a range of HNCs, HNDs and Specialised Professional courses whilst our merger with the University of Bolton has created plenty of opportunities too; over the years, hundreds of Bolton College students have graduated from the University of Bolton, thanks to clear progression pathways to over 170 degree programmes.


Whatever your ambitions, studying at Bolton College is only just the beginning!

Daanish Hussain Computing Level 3 ‘I’m training to build dynamic websites at the University of Bolton.’

Mohammed Nabeel Computing Level 3

Daniel Morris Performing Arts Level 3

‘I’m now studying to become a Games Designer at the University of Bolton.’

‘I progressed to the University of Bolton to study acting. In the long term, I’d love to be an Actor or a Writer.’


For more detailed information please visit:

Time to Celebrate In June, our Higher Education students celebrated their graduation in a ceremony at the University of Bolton. 85% of our graduating students received either a Distinction or Merit!

Atimizia Afonso Applied Science Level 3 ‘My plan is to progress to university to study adult nursing.’

Due to support from our Student Services Careers Team, 92% of students met the university deadline for the receipt of applications, significantly higher than the national average. Danielle Naylor Health & Social Care BTEC Extended Diploma Level 3 ‘I’ve secured a place at university to study adult nursing and then I plan to complete a masters in midwifery. ’

English & Maths If you’re planning to go to university and have a grade 4 (GCSE grade C) in English or maths please check your university requirements. If you do require a grade 5 (GCSE high grade C or above) please speak to your Learning Development Mentor who will ensure you get on to an appropriate course.




Book your Interview Slot You can book an interview time via our online service. The booking link will be in your interview invitation text/email. You can also ring us on 01204 482 155 once you have your invite.

to Apply 1

Visit the Young People’s Online Course Guide


View our full-time study programmes and Apprenticeships at


At your interview a tutor will tell you all about our study programmes and Apprenticeships to make sure they’re right for you. They will also ask you some questions. Check out our Guide to Interviews

Submit an Application

You can apply online at (ask your school for your login details) or You can also fill out a paper form and return it to us.

3 Look out for your Invitation to an Interview by Text/Email

Come along for an Interview


Details of Offer This will confirm the study programme/Apprenticeship we think is best for you. It will also detail any conditions of your offer, such as achieving certain GCSE results or getting a good school reference. We’ll send you and your parent/carer a confirmation of your offer by email.

Keep your mobile number and email address up-to-date as this is how we will contact you about your application.


To apply click here: www.bolt


New Student Day & Initial Assessment Our New Student Day is on Thursday 11th July 2019. You will need to book early. Details will be in your offer email. You will need to take an initial assessment and we’ll write to you to tell you when to do this after Easter.



Congratulations! You have now enrolled on to your study programme. Don’t forget to bring your College ID every time you are in College.

Come and Enrol In August, once you have received your GCSE results, come and enrol at our Deane Road Campus. We will send you details of your enrolment slot nearer the time. Please bring your GCSE results with you.

School Events & Taster Sessions Look out for Bolton College’s Schools Liaison Team at your school events so you, or your parents/carers, can talk to us about opportunities at the College, as well as Further Education in general. We also offer taster sessions in a variety of subjects to help you gain an insight into post-GCSE study choices. Taster sessions are usually arranged through your school.


Part of th e University of Bo

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Admis sions admis sions@ 0 bolton 1204 482 1 55 Appre k nt appren iceships 0 ticesh ips@b 1204 482 0 3 oltonc Custom 6 er Sup info@ p bolton ort 01204 482 00 k 0 Learne r Supp or studen tsuppo t 0 rtadm 1204 482 66 ins@b Studen oltonc 9 t Finan ce 01204 482 18 2 Studen t Servi ces 01204 482 18 2 Keep i n

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ith us

on soc


Bolton College equips young people with the skills needed to develop, enabling them to become well-rounded individuals, prepare for further study or ready themselves for the world of work.

ial me


Monday Mystery: A bar of soap! Tuesday Teezer: 70 – a 1/5 is 0.5 Harry Potter Answers: 1. Badger 2. Seeker 3. Sword of GryďŹƒndor/Fiendfyre/Basilisk fang 4. Norwegian Ridgeback 5. Molly Weasley

Please click here to learn more about how you can support your son or daughte r during their time at College.


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Mag with No Name Issue 1  


Mag with No Name Issue 1