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boiMAG.com Jeanette Thomas "Not Mine" Feature Artist Story

On my block in the eighties, every house with a basement at some time or another had a House party. People would come from blocks away to get in the dark basement with probably one red light for illumination, sometimes it would be to rub against the boys, and for boys to sneak a free feel from girls, but mostly it was for the music, the music known throughout the world as House music.

At everyone’s House party, there was one classic song, much like the song “Family Reunion,” by the O’Jays. This song “Shake Your Body” by Jeanette thomas on Chicago Connection Records was an underground, cult sensation, and is still a go-to jam for DJs today. The record was so hot in its day, pop mega-star, Madonna called it her “favorite song.”

After the release of the song, Shake Your Body, Jeanette Thomas seemingly vanished from the scene for over 30 years. Fame for some can be a deep hole, a mind-blowing, backward experience. Jeanette was a Preacher’s kid from the West side of Chicago, who found herself a hood hero with trust issues, and not at all ready for the responsibilities fame would bring her. She struggled with depression, alcoholism, and the loss of her first husband. As a single parent, she had to deal with the demons of the past so that her child could see hope for the future. Jeanette fought to overcome her struggles to once again record.

In collaboration with Flame Fire Music and production assistance from House music pioneers Vince Lawrence and K- Alexi, Jeanette Thomas steps back into the scene with a hot new single, “Not Mine,” which is the first song off her upcoming EPK “This Is My House” scheduled to be released in September of 2021. This song’s lyrics speak their truth pointing to the fact that Jeanette is an “old school queen” when it comes to House Music and chooses to stick close to her roots stylistically. “Get ready for this track to ignite dance floors everywhere,” says worldwide Pro-Motion’s Brad lebeau.

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