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boiMAG.com "Finding Yourself" Health & Wellness Article

We’re all a little lost sometimes. A sense of self and having a real sense of identity is not always easy to achieve or easy to find. The hard part is no one can do this for you. You’re flying solo on this one. You can talk to friends, you can talk to family, and you can even talk to a counselor, but at the end of the day, it’s on you. Where and how do you find you?

First, you find yourself among people you choose to spend time with at home, work and play. Remember when your parents said, “You are your friends”? Well, they weren’t too far off. The beliefs and values of each of these groups and a look at where they are and where they’re going might just give you some insight into you or a big push to make some changes and do some thinking.

Second, know that who you are, your wants and needs can change with time. Circumstances, your environments, and life experiences, in general, can move you forward (or backward). All of these things help to identify you and shape you and your identity. Next, look at what is the best of who you currently are? What makes you unique in the positive sense? Hang on to these and consider ways to do more and be more of the best part of you.

Don’t hurry! Self-examination takes time. If you have really taken stock of the people in your life personally and professionally, you’ve shaken off the dust of past experiences, remembering them, but leaving them behind, and you’ve identified your best assets, then it is time to answer these questions:

What really matters to me? Who am I willing to ask to support my process of searching and change? (Get ready for soulsearching feedback!) What dreams and aspirations have I put aside and need to revisit? We’re all a little lost sometimes. And that’s ok, as long as you find a way to get found.

The team at Lake Behavioral Hospital knows that there are times when life can be confusing and you can feel really lost. If you feel like you need support and need to understand what level of care will help you feel better, please call us. We can be reached at 855 990 1900. We are waiting to help 24/7/365.

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