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The Canadian Angus Foundation extends a welcome and heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated donors and supporters as we present the 12th Building the Legacy Sale. Contributing to the Foundation not only supports the ongoing success of the Foundation, it also empowers breeders young and old through research, grants and scholarships as well as preserving the history of Canadian Angus. Research and education have always been important aspects of the Foundation. The funds generated through this sale will help in the development of many tools that will further the growth of the breed and Association. I applaud those who see the benefit of the Canadian Angus Foundation and their willingness to donate to this great cause. Together we can continue to build the legacy of the great Angus breed that will preserve and expand it for generations to come. I wish everyone all the best at the sale and on your farm or ranch over the next year. It is a great time to be in the cattle business, so let’s celebrate and have some fun at this great event.

Chad Lorenz Chair, Building the Legacy Sale Committee

It is with both excitement and gratitude that we present Building the Legacy 12! For 12 years, this fundraiser has been the epitome of generosity and loyalty for the greater good. On behalf of the sale committee and Canadian Angus Foundation, I would like to thank all of the breeders, businesses and Angus enthusiasts that have contributed their genetics, services or time for the benefit of all Foundation initiatives.

Lots 1 through 5 feature significant genetic options via picks, pregnancies and a flush that will make a positive impact in any breeding program across the country, and if they hadn’t been kindly donated to the Legacy sale, most of them would have never been made available to the public. The frozen genetic selection includes progressive and exclusive options as well as some of the most proven and iconic donors and sires in the breed. The services and vouchers in the sale have been assembled from professionals throughout our industry. We hope that you will not only consider their donations in the Legacy sale but also their services throughout the entire year— their contributions certainly do not go unnoticed. Additionally, the offering will include experience packages, art and items that are suitable for your family or home.

Please reach out to any of our sale staff who also donate their time and expertise for this fundraising event. They will all be happy to assist you or represent you if you are unable to join us in Toronto on June 8th. The sale will also be broadcast on DLMS for your convenience. I encourage everyone to attend the Canadian Angus Convention for its entirety, which will conclude with Building the Legacy 12 on Saturday evening. See you all in Toronto.

Tom deWaal President, Canadian Angus Association

Hello and welcome to the Building the Legacy Sale 12. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this prestigious event with donations from all across the country: live picks of cattle, semen, embryos and services as well as trips and you name it are all part of the exciting offering. We have to remember that the proceeds from the Legacy Sale go towards the Canadian Angus Foundation and all of the great junior programs that it provides annually, along with contributing to preserving our history and building our future with contributions to research and educational events for our members. I had the pleasure of going to Showdown in Swift Current last summer where in excess of 150 kids were there enjoying, learning and getting to know each other in a friendly and safe environment. The cook-off was a spectacular event and taught the kids how to work as team members. I also attended the GOAL conference in Kelowna in February and I saw a lot of the youth building up their self-esteem in public speaking and communication. All these programs as well as research are supported by your Canadian Angus Foundation. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s offering in Toronto, and I would encourage you all to participate in the event. It’s good for kids, it’s good for their parents, and it’s good for the industry. Let me be the first to welcome your participation.

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Ryan Hurlburt....................................................306-292-9812

SAleS conSultAntS

Jaxon Payne

Bohrson Marketing Services ........................... 306-830-0456

Scott Bohrson

Bohrson Marketing Services ............................403-370-3010

Shane Castle

Castlerock Marketing..........................................306-741-7485

Chad Lorenz

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Roger Peters

OBI Livestock Ltd...............................................403-828-9815

Ben Wright T Bar C Cattle Company .................................... 519-374-3335

Member Awards 7:00 PM, sale to follow Saturday, June 8, 2024 • 8:00 PM

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North • Toronto, ON

For more lot information, please contact the donor or: Belinda Wagner • • 306-537-1518 Myles Immerkar • • 403-542-2088

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Mark Shologan 780-699-5082

DLMS Tech Support Team 780-991-3025

termS of SAle

• Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs and transportation of live lots.

• Contact the donor and arrange for transfer within 90 days of the sale date.

• No guarantees are made, lots are sold as is.

• The Canadian Angus Association’s Breeder’s Guarantee Guidelines will be followed for all “cattle” lots.

Special thanks to our 2024 donors


Alta Genetics

Bar 5 Stock Farm

Bluewater Angus Club

Bova-Tech Ltd.


Bow Valley Genetics Ltd.

Brooking Angus Ranch

Canadian Angus Association

Canadian Cattlemen Magazine

Certified Angus Beef

Clarke Family Farms Inc.

Coleman Angus

Coul Angus & Belvin Angus

Crescent Creek Angus

CSI Angus

Cudlobe Angus West

Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd.


Eastondale Angus

Enright Farms

Geis Angus Genex

Gilchrist Farms

Glen Islay Angus Farm

Greenwood Cattle

Harprey Farms

Hollinger Land & Cattle

Indian River Cattle Co

Intercity Packers Meat and Seafood

Iris Creek Farms

JPD Angus

KBJ Round Farms

Lewis Farms

Lisle Livestock

Mac Angus Farm

Manitoba Angus Association

Meadow Bridge Angus

Merit Cattle Co.

Miller Wilson Angus

OBI Livestock Ltd.

Peak Dot Ranch

Piro Red Angus

Ponoka Stampede

Poplar Meadows Angus

Premier Livestock

Pursuit—Banff Jasper Collection

Rafter D4 Cattle Co.

Ranch Covey Hill

Rocking Heart Range

Rolling Meadows Farms

Saskatchewan Angus Association


Tambri Angus

Telus Agriculture

Ter-Ron Farms

Towaw Cattle Co.

Triple L Angus

Tullamore Farms

Vos Vegas Farms

Windy Ridge Ultrasound

Worth-Mor Cattle

Wright Livestock

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to our past Building the Legacy donors

8 C’s Cattle Co. 2018

Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society 2016

ABS Global Inc 2013

Accelerated Genetics 2016

Allandale Angus 2019

Alberta Angus Association 2014, 2018

Allflex Canada 2015, 2019, 2022–2023

Allison Farms Red Angus 2018

Alta Genetics 2012–23

American Angus Association 2016

American Angus Hall of Fame 2013–14, 2017

***Anderson Cattle Co. 2017, 2023 PJ Budler 2017

*** Arda Farms/Freeway Angus 2015

Artisan Farms 2016–19

Aspen Hill Angus 2017

Atlasta Angus 2015, 2019

Austen Anderson 2012, 2014, 2017, 2021

Avula Safaris 2018

Bandura Ranches 2012, 2016

Bannockburn Maples Angus 2016

Bannockburn Valley Farm 2016, 2021

Bar 5 Stock Farms 2023

Bar-E-L Angus 2013, 2015–22

Barry LaBatte 2016, 2019

Basin Angus 2019

BC Angus Association 2017

BeefSmart Consulting Inc. 2021

Belinda Wagner 2014–18, 2021

Belvin Angus 2012, 2019, 2023

Benchmark Angus 2019–23

Bill and Tyler Fulton 2013

Blacklane Farms 2016–18

Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. 2012–18, 2021, 2023

Blairswest Land and Cattle 2017

Blue Mountains Angus 2019

BNK Cattle Co. 2023

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Canada Inc. 2021

Border Butte Angus 2012

Boss Lake Genetics 2018

Botany Angus 2017

Bouchard Livestock International 2016–18, 2021–22

Bova-Tech 2021–23

Bow Valley Genetics Inc. 2012, 2014–23

Bridgeway Livestock 2023

Brooking Angus Ranch 2014, 2016–17, 2019, 2023

Calgary Stampede 2015

Canadian Angus Association 2012–23

Canadian Sires—a division of Bohrson Marketing Services 2014–21

Canadian Western Agribition 2014–16

Castlerock Marketing 2023

CCIA 2022

C.D. Land & Cattle 2018

Certified Angus Beef 2023

Chapman Cattle Company 2019, 2022

Christian Moulding 2022

Cliffehanger Signs & Designs 2022

Cockburn Red Angus 2018

Coleman Angus 2023

Coul Angus—James Arnott 2021–23

*** Crescent Creek Angus 2017–18, 2022–23

CSI Angus 2015, 2023

*** Cudlobe Farms 2012–13, 2015–23

Dave & Yvonne Hinman 2017

Davis-Rairdan International 2013, 2021–23

Dead Wood Furniture 2014

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Dennis & Shelly Ericson 2021

Diamond C Ranch 2017

Diamond T Cattle Co. 2015–16

DJH & Associates Ltd. 2013

DLMS 2017–23

Dorran Marketing Inc. 2014–16

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Manitoba Angus Association 2016, 2021–22

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment 2021

Mar Mac Farms 2013–14, 2017

Maritime Angus Association 2019

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Maureen Tubman of Show Champions 2023

McEntire Red Angus 2017

McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizer 2021–22

Melmac Farms 2022

***Merit Cattle Co. 2017, 2022–23

Mexican Angus Association 2015

Miller Wilson Angus 2012–23

Minburn Angus 2018

MJT Cattle Co. 2017, 2019, 2023

Mogcks Angus Farm 2017

Morgan A.I. Services 2021

Mount Tremblant Resort 2016

Nelson Hirsche Purebreds 2017

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Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre 2014

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*** indicates donor of a “’Pick-of-the-Herd’ Heifer” and Thank you

Forsyth Ranch 2014

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Paige Albrecht Fine Art & Leather 2016

Building the Legacy 4

I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Angus cattle and see how Angus cattle flourish around the world. I strongly believe that these opportunities were made possible to me because of my involvement in programs and events that have been sponsored by groups like the Canadian Angus Foundation. The Foundation gives young Angus enthusiasts opportunities to attend events and programs that will further expand their experience and allow them the opportunity to make decisions that will move this great breed forward into the future.

We are proud to make available the pick of the 2024 calf crop, both bulls and heifers, solely owned by Gilchrist Farms. Our program has focused heavily on the use of industry-leading sires and dams that have surfaced as breeding matrons for our program as well as for others across North America. We have been honoured to have won the Premier Breeder or Exhibitor banner at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair at 7 out of the last 10 exhibitions. We have hosted the In It To Win It Sale with a number of other elite breeders and are proud to offer the largest selection of Angus bulls annually east of the Manitoba border.

We hope this opportunity will grow into a valuable asset for the successful bidder and know that the proceeds will be used to better this great breed for young Angus enthusiasts across the nation.

Building the Legacy 5
Lot 1
Gilchrist Farms Brad, Kristie and Peyton Gilchrist 519-440-6720

Tullamore Farms is pleased to offer the pick of our 2023 bred heifers in the Canadian Angus Foundation’s Building the Legacy Sale 12. As they are celebrating 102 years of being in the Angus business, they feel it is important to support the Canadian Angus Foundation as it endeavours to support our youth, the future of the Angus breed. As president of the Canadian Angus Association in 1993, Bill was humbled and honoured to sign the letters of incorporation for the Canadian Angus Foundation, a great initiative and investment for the future of the Angus breed by the board of directors at the time. Sylvia has fond memories of serving as a Foundation committee member for six years and as chair from 2014–2017. Purchasing new genetics and showing and selling Angus cattle have given Bill and Sylvia the opportunity to make a great many friends across Canada and they look forward to visiting again at the Canadian Angus Convention and the Legacy Sale 12. Pick to be completed by September 1, 2024.

Building the Legacy 6 PICK OF TULLAMORE 2023 BRED HEIFERS Lot 2
Tullamore Farms Bill Jackson 647-990-2697

When we were approached about participating in the Building the Legacy Sale, there was no hesitation on our part. However, when Matt inquired about the possibility of including an EF Primrose 925 pregnancy, there was a moment of contemplation. But seeing the benefits and knowing what all the Foundation does and also having benefited from it myself, it is only fitting that we do our part to help grow this great program. EF Primrose 925 has become one of the most decorated females in recent

years having been named Champion Angus Female nine times and Supreme Female eight times! Since moving to the donor pen, her progeny have followed in her footsteps, bringing home multiple banners on both sides of the border. EF Primrose 925 has been a female that has worked with any sire you cross her with, and we feel this pregnancy will be no exception. A great opportunity to acquire some elite genetics to benefit an elite event!

Building the Legacy 7 PREGNANT RECIPIENT C FCC BLACK JACK 001 SIREKRCASINO6243 MALSONS SAVANNAH 27Y Lot 3 DAMERON FIRST CLASS DAMEFPRIMROSE925 EXAR PRIMROSE 0731 BWWWYWMILKCEM Donor’s EPDs 2.463100309 Sire’s EPDs 5.063115343.0 EF PRIMROSE 925 DAUGHTERS OF EF PRIMROSE 925 2022 CWA SUPREME CHAMPION FEMALE Barry & Jane Enright and grandkids Jack & Lauren Oattes and family Sean & Kathryn Enright and family Robert & Ashley Enright and family Enright Farms Barry & Sean Enright 613-433-7655
2118557 | ESE 25G | Feb 5, 2019 • 2042212 | IMP 0243D | Jan 27, 2016 DONOR — EF PRIMROSE 925 • SIRE — KR CASINO 6243

Here’s quality you can BET on. Bringing you the best odds for a champion, Vos Vegas Black Pearl 15Y has earned a breed-leading reputation for production and quality across Canada. Not only has she raised multiple big-time females here in Ontario, but exact progeny sired by Bar-E-L Natural Law 52Y dominated the western show circuit in 2023, and this is your chance to get in on it. A full sister to the embryos, RL Black Pearl 49K ET was the 2023 Canadian Western Agribition BMO Junior Beef Extreme Champion. With both maternal and paternal pedigrees stacked with both production and success in the show ring, we are certain this pregnancy can elevate any program.

Building the Legacy 8
RECIPIENT DONOR — VOS VEGAS BLACK PEARL 15Y • SIRE — BAR-E-L NATURAL LAW 52Y S A V BISMARCK 5682 SIREBAR-E-LNATURALLAW52Y BAR-E-L MAGNOLIA 143K 1669105 | VOS 15Y | June 22, 2011 • 1629829 | DBR 52Y | February 18, 2011 Lot 4 EXAR SPARTAN 9573B DAMVOSVEGASBLACKPEARL15Y JUSTAMERE BLACK PEARL 908W BWWWYWMILKCEM Donor’s EPDs 2.94271210 Sire’s EPDs 3.256106218 Full sister to Pregnancy RL Black Pearl 49K ET Supreme Champion of the BMO Jr Beef Extreme 2023 Maternal Sibling to Pregnancy Vos Vegas Black Pearl 6E Masterfeeds Supreme Champion Female 2019 Maternal Sibling to Pregnancy Vos Vegas Black Pearl 3F First Lady Classic Overall Champion 2019 Vos Vegas Farms Andy Vos – 613-848-9008 Hailie Conley
– 613-743-2939

HLC Envious Blackbird 58K is a heifer that we have fallen in love with more and more from the day we purchased her from Hollinger Land and Cattle in 2022. She is as close to the ideal Angus cow as we have on our farm; she's deep middled, big hipped and has the udder we all dream of! She tore up the tanbark here in Ontario last summer and was recently named Ontario Show Female of the year for 2023. The best part to date is the heifer calf she had this spring.

Here is your opportunity to flush 58K to the sire of your choice in the spring of 2025. Be sure to look her up at Whiskey Lane on the Friday tour if you are at Convention!

Building the Legacy 9 FLUSH OF HLC ENVIOUS BLACKBIRD 58K S A V RENOVATION 6822 SIREBROOKINGRENEWAL8100 BROOKING QUEEN 4029 Lot 5 MERIT HEAVY METAL 5093 DAMHLCENVIOUSBLACKBIRD269F HLC ENVIOUS BLACKBIRD 178Z BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 3.565112264 HLC Envious Blackbird 58K 2023 Ontario Show Female of the Year Lisle Livestock The Twiss family Bryan, Melanie, Paul & Lyla Worth-Mor Cattle The Petherick family Kyle, Rachel, Jordyn & Mason 2261394 | CHD 58K | Jan 23, 2022 OFFERING THE RIGHT TO 1 FLUSH IN SPRING OF 2025 Kyle

It has been suggested that our high quality, easy fleshing, straight Canadian bred cows mated to the best of American bulls, could be a genetic explosion. So here it is, the best of both worlds. Glen Islay Pride 31A has been a favourite of many visitors and has been described as “exactly what an Angus cow should look like”. She has produced an outstanding herd sire for Southgate Angus that we plan

“Harley” has become one of the most admired females we have ever raised. She has a massive body and thickness coupled with a beautiful head, neck and udder. She is our next generation Socialite donor poised to take our program and yours to the next level. May City is an impressive individual who combines awesome muscle shape, a soft middle, great feet, big scrotal and a commanding presence. He’s backed by Belvin’s potent Georgina cow family. Canada, USA, Mexico qualified. Stored at Bow Valley Genetics.

• Glen Islay Angus Farm—Don & Jeanette Currie Don 705-715-2234 •

to use in our own herd, and one of her daughters is a very attractive and productive three-year-old for us. The sire of these embryos, Baldridge Badger, has created tremendous interest by walking the pastures at Schaff Angus Valley in North Dakota. Very limited semen from Badger came to Canada and these embryos will be some of the first progeny from Badger who is destined to be one of the most popular bulls in America.

Embryos are stored at Provitro ET Services at Kirkton Vet Services and are exportable.


Building the Legacy 10 MERIT SOCIALITE 1028J X BELVIN MAY CITY 0136 GLEN ISLAY PRIDE 31A X BALDRIDGE BADGER Lot 6 Lot 7 1 PACKAGE OF 2 EMBRYOS 1 PACKAGE OF 3 EMBRYOS MERIT SOCIALITE 1028J BELVIN MAY CITY 0136 BWWWYWMILKCEM Sire EPDs 3.171108166.0 Dam EPDs 2.873133379.0 2229499 | TJL 1028J | Feb 4, 2021 • 2141240 | BA 136H | Feb 1, 2020 1723559 | JPC 31A | Feb 20, 2013 • 2237367 | IMP 438F | May 12, 2018 Merit Cattle Co.—The Liebreich Family
Trent 306-869-7207, Garrett 306-815-7078
and Janelle

Cattle have been part of Iris Creek Farms since 1852 but the purebred Angus herd is a new adventure. We have worked to source Angus genetics that fit our program and the type of cattle we want to raise. We are offering choice from 2 exciting matings. Embryos are exportable.

KempBrothersBailey52DxBrookingNational0144 — We like the calves from this mating so much that we flushed the cow to National again. She traces back to one of the best Angus herds in Ontario, Bailey Acres.

GFLady218KxEllingsonBadlands0285 — We love the job this 2-year-old donor is doing on her Crackerjack heifer calf. There is some cow power built into this pedigree with Greenwood High Class as a sire. She goes back to the Hamilton Tibbie 22C cow family. The bottom side is stacked up with some great Johnson Livestock and SAV Renown genetics. S A V Emblynette 9812, a flush sister to the $250,000 S A V Bloodline 9578, has quickly risen to be a top producer in our herd. Her pathfinder dam, S A V Emblynette 2369, is unmatched in the breed for phenotype, performance, and overall production. Matched with the $1.5 million sire S A V America 8018, the resulting progeny is sure to make an impact! 1950380 | KBF 52D | Jan 25, 2016 • 2155812 | JSTN 144H | Feb 12, 2020 2256633 | GFA 218K | Jan 4, 2022 • 2306418 | IMP 0285H | Mar 4, 2020 or

Building the Legacy 11 KEMP BROTHERS BAILEY 52D X BROOKING NATIONAL 0144 GF LADY 218K X ELLINGSON BADLANDS 0285 S A V EMBLYNETTE 9812 X S A V AMERICA 8018 Lot 8 Lot 9 1 PACKAGE OF 3 EMBRYOS 1 PACKAGE OF 3 EMBRYOS S A V AMERICA 8018 S A V EMBLYNETTE 9812 COV 61K— DAUGHTER OF 9812 BROOKING NATIONAL 0144 ELLINGSON BADLANDS 0285 KEMP BROTHERS BAILEY 52D GF LADY 218K S A V RENOVATION 6822 SIREBROOKINGNATIONAL0144 SOO LINE ROSE 1019 ELLINGSON RIDER PRIDE 7282 SIREELLINGSONBADLANDS0285 EA BELLS GIRL 7617 S A V PRESIDENT 6847 SIRESAVAMERICA8018 S A V MADAME PRIDE 0075 S A V RESOURCE 1441 DAMKEMPBROTHERSBAILEY52D KEMP BRO’S BAILEY ZARA 14Z GREENWOOD HIGH CLASS JJP 87H DAMGFLADY218K JL LADY 7218 S A V RAINFALL 6846 DAMSAVEMBLYNETTE9812 S A V EMBLYNETTE 2369 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 2.64884205.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.65498153.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs -0.1621132411.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 2.770123220.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM Sire EPDs 4.88013416-3.0 Dam EPDs 4.164114306.0 2198170 | IMP 9812F | Dec 21, 2018 • 2161873 | IMP 8018F | Jan 31, 2018 Iris Creek Farms—The Ribey Family Bruce 519-353-8405 and Heather 519-389-7745 • Ranch Covey Hill—The Chenail Family • Sabrina 514-893-0280 • donated by donated by As Iris Creek Farms works to build our herd, we are excited to help
“build the legacy”.

MBA Madame Pride 9140 is a pin-up girl in our program. She has three daughters here in the spotlight with her last calf being in the top 25 registrations for weaning and yearling EPDs. These embryos combine the herd bull phenomenon SAV Renovation 6822 with our number one 2019 model cow by Capitalist 316 x International x 0075. Study her photo or better yet, come look at her in the flesh at Convention time... these eggs spell maternal!

This combination of Cudlobe W Erica 14D and Yon Saluda checks all the boxes for any Angus breeder. Functional, maternal, carcass and performance traits are all highlights in this mating. A Tour of Duty daughter, Erica 14D is a long bodied, powerful cow, with exceptional feet and leg structure. She is a Premier Dam in the Canadian Angus herdbook. Her mother’s sire, Cudlobe In Focus 5S, is a Canadian Elite Sire and an American Angus Pathfinder Sire. Her granddam is also an Elite Dam in the Canadian Herdbook. Yon Saluda comes with all the functional and phenotypical qualities you would expect from a Sitz Stellar son. His carcass profile is top shelf and perhaps the best of any Stellar son on the market. Our Saluda calves are looking exceptional this spring.

Building the Legacy 12 MBA MADAME PRIDE 9140 X S A V RENOVATION 6822 CUDLOBE ERICA 14D X YON SALUDA Lot 10 Lot 11 1 PACKAGE OF 3 EMBRYOS 1 PACKAGE OF 2 EMBRYOS 2293570 | IMP 9140G | Feb 7, 2019 • 1963240 | IMP 6822D | Jan 28, 2016 1942121 | UF 14D | Jan 7, 2016 • AAA20336998 | K104 | Sept 9, 2021 Meadow Bridge Angus—JJ Deslippe and Katie Deslippe JJ 519-275-1739 • Cudlobe Angus West—The Bolduc Family • Mat 403-625-1113 and David 403-625-0499 • donated by donated by S A V RENOWN 3439 SIRESAVRENOVATION6822 S A V MADAME PRIDE 0151 LD CAPITALIST 316 DAMMBAMADAMEPRIDE9140 S A V MADAME PRIDE 6618 BWWWYWMILKCEM Sire EPDs 2.466123163.0 Dam EPDs 2.375130244.0

This power bull has peaked several peoples’ interest when they have seen him and his calves. His name is Peak Dot Belfast 2099H. He is a powerful Colossal son that offers calving ease with more frame and performance. His easy fleshing, fertile Element dam has an excellent udder and very good feet. His sons are very consistent in type with added length, body mass, muscle and nice looking heads. They were the lead off sire group in the 2024 Peak Dot Ranch Spring Sale and his daughters are among some of our favourites in the replacement pen. Belfast ranks in the very top 1% of the Angus breed for weaning weight, yearling weight, heifer pregnancy rate, and maternal calving ease EPDs. He also ranks right near the top of the breed for carcass weight EPD.

Semen stored at Bovigen, Moose Jaw, SK.

S A V Theory 2914 is a highly recommended herd sire. He possesses a strong and masculine appearance with a straight top line, a big square hip, and impressive body dimension. In addition, he has a gentle and calm temperament, excellent foot structure, easy fleshing ability, and is a great natural breeder who covers females effortlessly. What sets him apart is his exceptional pedigree, which includes some of the most renowned cows in the Angus breed. His legendary dam, SAV Emblynette 2369, is unparalleled in terms of her contribution to phenotype, performance, and production. She has generated more than $4 million in progeny sales, with many top-selling bulls and females in SAV production sales. Furthermore, his paternal dam, S A V Emblynette 3243, is an exemplary Angus female and one of the most impressive daughters of Density worldwide. The initial calf crop at Brooking has instilled great excitement, hinting at a promising future for S A V Theory 2914. Stored at Alta Genetics, Balzac, AB.

Building the Legacy 13 S A V THEORY 2914 PEAK DOT BELFAST 2099H Lot 13 Lot 12 5 STRAWS 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS A & B 2310719 | IMP 2914J | Dec 25, 2021 2155332 | PDAR 2099H | Apr 3, 2020 Brooking Angus Ranch—The Morrison Family • Justin 306-536-4590 • Peak Dot Ranch—The Moneo Family • 306-266-4414 • donated by donated by LD CAPITALIST 316 SIREMUSGRAVE316COLOSSAL137 MUSGRAVE LADY BARBARA 545 S A V RESOURCE 1441 SIRESAVTERRITORY7225 S A V EMBLYNETTE 3293 4M ELEMENT 405 DAMPEAKDOTANNIEK2145E ANNIE
A V 707 RITO

A next generation kind of bull we feel can contribute to your program in any way you decide to make him. He’s most known for his recent win as the 2023 Canadian Western Agribition Grand Champion Angus Bull. When we think of Four Mile, we think of the generations of cow power stacked on top and bottom, the incredible look and muscle expression he possesses, the foot and udder quality backing him and the first calf crop that has already made an impact, including Ter-Ron Milestone 56L who topped the Ter-Ron bull sale at $40,000 to Peak Dot Ranch and Glasman Farms. He’s proven on heifers and he’s proven to add pounds. His Elite donor dam, 28Z, is icing on the cake; his list of highselling maternal brothers and sisters is no fluke. Utilize Four Mile’s outcross pedigree to the current mainstream and you won’t regret it!

& B

KT Gravity 3233 is a standout Glacier son from the KT program. His mother SAV Madame Pride 8126 is the feature cow at KT amongst the premier lineup of Angus donors. Gravity is a low birth, athletic individual that combines shape, look and Angus character with incredible numbers.

Building the Legacy 14 GREENWOOD FOUR MILE 47J KT GRAVITY 3233 Lot 14 Lot 15 5 STRAWS 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS 2220889 | JJP 47J | Feb 9, 2021 2348098 | KTC 3233L | Jan 18, 2023 Greenwood Cattle—The Payne Family • & Ter-Ron Farms—The Adams Family • Jayden Payne 306-821-2260 • and Rob Adams 780-385-0849 • Lewis Farms & Rocking Heart Range • Kyle 780-220-9188 • donated by donated by HF SYNDICATE 213Z SIREU-2COALITION206C U2 ERELITE 109Z S A V RENOWN 3439 SIRECOLEMANGLACIER041 COLEMANN DONNA 439 S A V HERITAGE 6295 DAMRRDTIBBIE28Z RRD TIBBIE 9W S A V RAINFALL 6846 DAMSAVMADAMEPRIDE8126 S A V MADAME PRIDE 4514 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.650962513.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.061114378.0

Bruno is the two-time and reigning Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Champion Bull while also being the 100th Anniversary Supreme Champion of the Royal and Supreme Angus in 2023. Popular south of the border as well, he was the Supreme Champion at the West Virginia State Fair and a division winner at both Louisville and the Atlantic National in 2023. Now in the Griswold sire lineup, he is quickly becoming a household name. Sired by the elite and hard to find Sandman, his dam is a prototype Angus cow with consistent production. Bruno’s first daughter highlighted the Quality Control Sale where she commanded $15,000 at just 6 months of age. The dominant Angus bull in Ontario for the past two years, he’s more than just a pretty face; with his genetic heritage, a balanced EPD profile, big square foot and structural integrity, Bruno is a breeding tool that can elevate any Angus to cow to the next level.

We are excited and proud to be a part in this year’s edition of the Building the Legacy Sale, with our donation semen lot from our senior herd sire. U2 Coalition 343F has never disappointed. He stands on an outstanding foot which to my knowledge, has never been touched. We now have daughters milking and they look good. We look forward to a big group of his daughters being cornerstone females in our herd moving forward. Sons have been very popular in our spring bull sale and others who have purchased semen from 343F earlier. Great proven son sired by the great breeding Coalition 206C bull. The semen is both Canadian and US qualified. Stored at Bovigen in Moose Jaw, SK.

Building the Legacy 15 BUCHANAN’S BRUNO C656 U2 COALITION 343F Lot 16 Lot 17 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS 2254340 | IMP 656J | Feb 16, 2021 2043345 | DUA 343F | Jan 26, 2018 Indian River Cattle Co—The Elmhirst Family & Rolling Meadows Farms • Billy 705-761-0896 • Eastondale Angus—Dale, Shelly & Erika Easton • Dale 306-577-7456 • donated by donated by EXAR CLASSEN 1422B SIRESELDOMRESTSANDMAN6075 SILVEIRAS S SIS SANDY 2354 HF SYNDICATE 213Z SIREU-2COALITION206C U2 ERELITE 109Z CHAMPION HILL FULLBACK 380 DAMBUCHANAN’SGEORGINAR266 CHAMPION HILL GEORGINA 6318 WIL-DORR 4336 28T DEN-ERIC 21Z DAMWIL-DORR127XTIBBIE29B MVF TIBBIE 172X BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.943702811.0 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 4.35088256.0
A & B
A & B
Coalition Daughter—High Selling Bred Heifer at the 2023 Masterpiece Sale to Golden Oak Poplar Coalition Son to Peake Livestock $15,000 daughter of Bruno

We are proud to be part of this year’s Legacy Sale with a donation of semen on the $55,000, 2023 National Champion Angus Bull, HLC CSI Elevation 100K! He is a bull that has been showcased at Canadian Western Agribition in back-to-back years, undefeated in his division. First, he was crowned Intermediate Bull Calf Champion in 2022, followed by Intermediate Yearling Champion in 2023, then going on to become a top 10 finalist in the CN Beef Supreme. With calves having moderate birth weight with excellent growth, the excitement is at an all-time high. Elevation is sure to add style with the perfect blend of calving ease and performance to any program. Don’t miss your opportunity to become part of what is sure to be a bull that is going to make his mark in the Angus world.




McGregor 601J is a dark red, long bodied, stout made rascal with plenty of growth that is put together about as correctly as you can make one. After a great fall run in Western Canada, he was named the CAA 2023 Red Angus Show Bull of the Year. He was Champion Bull at Olds, Reserve Champion at Lloydminster and Reserve Senior Bull at Farmfair, even though he really didn’t act like a show bull. Every time he hit the ring, he would cock his head sideways and show all the rest of the bulls how tough and masculine he was. He is an ET combination of a tremendous Red Towaw Indeed 104H daughter and the great breeding Contender bull from SSS. His full sister was a $17,000 heifer calf in the 2021 Red Roundup Sale. Limited semen sold for upwards of $600 per straw last fall.

Canada, USA, Australia qualified semen FOB from Alta Genetics, Alberta or World West Sires, Montana.

Building the Legacy 16 HLC CSI ELEVATION 100K RED TOWAW MCGREGOR 601J Lot 18 Lot 19 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS 5 STRAWS 2261490 | CHD 100K | Feb 5, 2022 2220519 | TRW 601J | Feb 8, 2021
Towaw Cattle Co.—The Wildman Family, Triple L Angus—The Tetzlaff Family, Piro Red Angus and Wright Livestock Kirk Wildman 780-305-1661 • and Randy Tetzlaff 306-231-6969 • donated by donated by S A V RAINFALL 6846 SIRESAVBLOODLINE9578 S A V EMBLYNETTE 2369 RED SSS SOLUTION 329Z SIREREDSSSCONTENDER121B RED SSS DYNA 688X S A V NATIONAL ANTHEM 5740 DAMHLCERICA561G BAR-E-L ERICA 74A RED TOWAW INDEED 104H DAMREDTOWAWCOPPER27W RED ANGEL COPPER 5R BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.34268277.0
Hollinger Land &
Hollinger Family, Rafter
Cattle Co.—Rhys Huber & CSI Angus—Roger
Chad 306-331-0302 • • Rhys 780-265-3958 • Roger 306-536-6112 •
A & B BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 3.972129276.0







Rare semen out of the legendary Pathfinder sire, Wandering Creek Dynasty JRM 2F. Dynasty is a straight Canadian bred bull who is widely recognized as one of the breed’s all-time great female producing sires of his time. He sired some highly influential females including the outstanding WAR Elba 43J. His daughters were well known for their femininity, outstanding udders, capacity and correctness. He also produced notable sires in several generations including DMM Dynasty 03G.

Wilson Angus—The Wilson Family • Lee 780-608-0257 • Dawn 780-781-9733 •

Density and Net Worth will forever be considered two of the most influential Angus sires who left an impact throughout the breed across North America and the world. Together they have more than 7,500 direct progeny registered in the Canadian herd book alone. They were both born 20 years ago and were two of the many heavily used sons of Traveler 8180. Twenty years later, each of them is still very relevant and semen is becoming rare, particularly if it is female sexed. Density has always been admired as one of the great female sires, improving phenotype, udder quality and fleshing ability. Net Worth has sired powerful sons, with added muscle and mass, and daughters that were very productive with added longevity. Here is a great opportunity to flush a cow to sexed female semen on two of the most proven and productive sires of all time.

Building the Legacy 17 WANDERING CRK DYNASTY JRM 2F Lot 20 3 AMPULES 430093
| WLS 2F | Feb 22, 1974
SON OF DYNASTY GRANDDAUGHTER OF DYNASTY S A V 004 DENSITY 4336 AND S A V NET WORTH 4200 Lot 21 2 STRAWS EACH SEXED FEMALE SEMEN 1266311 | IMP 4336P | Mar 25, 2004 • 1309743 | IMP 4200P | Mar 6, 2004 Poplar Meadows Angus—Tanya & Monty Belsham • Tanya 250-845-8474 • donated by

Coleman Resolve 7219 is a royally bred bull produced in the Coleman embryo program who serves as a herd sire for Coleman Angus Ranch and Pine Coulee Angus Ranch. This bull is the mating of the $175,000 GENEX proven sire, SAV Renown 3439, and the $290,000 valued Coleman Donna 14, who ranks as the all-time highincome-producing female in the Coleman Angus Ranch history. A full brother, ZWT Summit 6507, is a featured Coleman Angus Ranch herd sire and $40,000 ST Genetics AI sire. Maternal brothers include an impressive array of prominent sires headlined by the 450,000 record-seller, Coleman Bravo 6313. A full sister was the $140,000 one-half interest for a $280,000 valuation feature of the 2022 fall production sale going to K&M Cattle of Indiana. Coleman Resolve is an impressive individual with added depth, a beautiful hip and hind leg, and tremendous muscle shape in a beautiful package that will add dollars to your bottom line.

Building the Legacy 18 COLEMAN RESOLVE 7219 Lot 22 2211739 | IMP 7219E | June 27, 2017 Coleman Angus • Larry 406-240-2751 • donated by RITO 707 OF IDEAL 3407 7075 SIRESAVRENOWN3439
A & B COLEMAN KNIGHT 209 Lot 23 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS 1876440 | IMP 0209Y | Dec 28, 2011 Coleman Angus • Larry 406-240-2751 • donated by RITO N BAR SIRERRRITO707 ERISKAY OF ROLLIN ROCK 3 CONNEALY ONWARD DAMCOLEMANDONNA714 COLEMAN DONNA 386 Coleman Knight 209 is a GENEX Beef AI sire owned with Pine Coulee Angus Ranch from the mating of the timetested Pathfinder sire, RR Rito 707, and the $290,000 Coleman Donna 714 who ranks as the all-time highincome-producing female in the history of the Coleman Angus Ranch program. His grandmother is the $200,000 valued Coleman Donna 386 and the third dam is the $60,000 valued Coleman Donna, KMK Donna J311. BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 0.83857153.0 A & B 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS

of the most influential female makers in the Angus breed, EXT is the most widely used bull in Angus history, a bull that has stood the test of time. EXT is a sire that will live on forever with his ability to produce great females and his relevance will continue to last.

When we purchased Jullian from the Young family, we had two goals in mind: make highly productive females and create bulls that the commercial cattleman needs. With added length, muscle shape and herd bull character, Jullian accomplished exactly what we wanted. His low birth weight makes him an outcross pedigree to utilize in the replacement pen and still have calves with enough jam that they grow exceptionally well and will make the bull and replacement pens. Stored at Bow Valley

Building the Legacy 19 YOUNG DALE JULLIAN 64E Lot 25 5 STRAWS 1975693 | YDF 64E | Feb 8, 2017 Harprey Farms—The Hargrave Family Jarrett 519-374-5516 Allan 519-375-5541 • donated by YOUNG DALE JULIAN 108X SIREYOUNGDALEJULLIAN153Z S A V MADAME PRIDE 0261 YOUNG DALE NOZEKA 2Z DAMYOUNGDALERUBY53B YOUNG DALE RUBY 28T BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 0.960112210.0
N BAR EMULATION EXT Lot 24 5 STRAWS 849773 | IMP 479U | February 1, 1986 Canadian Angus Foundation • 306-537-1518 • donated by EMULATION 31 SIREEMULATIONNBAR5522 ANKONY 8F78 LASS 8F275 EMULATION 31 DAMNBARPRIMROSE2424 PRIMROSE N BAR 9962 BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 1.338682113.0
Genetics Inc., Bassano, AB

We are once again excited to participate in the Legacy sale. We offer what we believe is one of the cornerstone bulls in the Angus breed. We have used sons and grandsons of 6595 with huge success. He is one of the proven Angus sires that excels in the traits that make our breed so popular. Maternal traits and bulls with ease of fleshing and large testicles. These are time-tested genetics that will move a program forward.

Hobo 1961 was a legendary calving ease and maternal sire that was a high-volume sales leader for ABS throughout the 90s. His semen is very rare and hard to find these days as he sired 1,968 calves in Canada and exponentially more in the United States. He is a designated Elite Sire and is in the top 40% for combined index—quite a feat for a bull born in 1989.

Building the Legacy 20 SITZ ALLIANCE 6595 RED BUF CRK HOBO 1961 Lot 26 Lot 27 5 STRAWS 5 STRAWS 1036949 | IMP 6595E | Feb 17, 1995 706951 | IMP 1961Y | April 1, 1989 Crescent Creek Angus—The Olynyk Family • Wes 306-728-8284 and Wade 306-730-7673 • Canadian Angus Foundation • 306-537-1518 • donated by donated by G D A R TRAVELER 71 SIRESITZTRAVELER8180 SITZ EVERELDA ENTENSE 1137 RED BJR HOBO 800 SIREREDBUFCRKHOBO1413 BJR LANA 3140-302 3 BAR SPIKE 1766 DAMSITZBARBARAMEREJET2698 SITZ BARAMERE
155 RED
BWWWYWMILKCEM EPDs 2.44685339.0 Thank you to Western Litho Printers for partnering with us to produce our Legacy Sale catalogue. Contact them at 306-525-8796 for ‘Seriously Smart Printing’.
Building the Legacy 21 PICK OF ANY BULL FROM THE 2024 ALTA GENETICS INVENTORY PICK OF ANY BULL FROM THE 2024 SEMEX BEEF INVENTORY Lot 28 Lot 29 3 PACKAGES OF 10 STRAWS 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS Alta Genetics • 403-226-0666 • Semex • 519-821-5060 • donated by donated by
For more than 50 years, Alta Genetics has offered custom collection, storage and global distribution. For Building the
they are generously providing a $1,000 voucher toward any
collection you require. You may choose from any bull in the 2024 Semex catalogue (subject to availability). You can choose from every Canadian qualified bull in Semex inventory for a minimum of 5 units and a total of 10 units including the bulls pictured here.
Building the Legacy 22 Lot 30 PICK OF ANY BULL FROM THE 2024 GENEX BEEF INVENTORY You may choose from any bull in the 2024 Genex catalogue (subject to availability). You can choose from every Canadian qualified bull in Genex inventory for a minimum of 5 units and a total of 10 units including the bulls pictured here. No Sexed Semen will qualify. Please contact Patty Lasby if you need more information. A & B Genex • 519-835-3982 • donated by 2 PACKAGES OF 5 STRAWS

We are honoured and proud to support the Canadian Angus Foundation. The Foundation provides many opportunities to the youth of our industry, which we believe gives these young people an advantage over their peers. We would like to donate a $2,000 credit to the 2024 edition of the Premier and Guest Fallsview Production Sale along with overnight accommodations. The past history of Fallsview Production Sale makes this a great opportunity to add breed-leading genetics, whether you have an established program or are just starting your program.

AngusWORKS, formerly Telus Agriculture’s HerdTrax, is a game changer when it comes to record keeping. This easyto-use web-based program allows breeders to record calves, breeding and weights as well as herd health and nutrition data as well as animal, embryo and semen sale records. Easily use your entered data to retrieve pertinent information when making breeding and culling decisions as well as identify your best and poorest performing animals. One of the best features may be the program’s full offline functionality that allows for data entry practically anywhere with full syncing when reconnected to Wi-Fi. Valued at approximately $3,000.

Raising cattle in Canada has never been easy. Uncertain weather and markets have always been a challenge. Throughout much of that history with all its ups and downs, Canadian Cattlemen has been along with Canada’s cattle producers, appearing in their mailboxes every month since 1938. Every cattle operation is different, requiring different approaches to producing healthy forage and healthy cattle. In every issue we feature stories on these operations and the people and how they make them a success.

Published 12 times a year with subscribers across Canada. Take your advertising to the next level to reach the Canadian cattle producer. Valued at $2,180.

Building the Legacy 23
SALE CREDIT PACKAGE ANGUSWORKS 2 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CANADIAN CATTLEMEN HALF PAGE AD Premier Livestock—Peter Frijters 519-276-9314 • donated by Telus Agriculture & Canadian Angus Association • 403-571-3580 • donated by Canadian Cattlemen Magazine • Mike Millar 306-251-0011 • donated by Lot 31 Lot 32 Lot 33

Bova-Tech is offering one flush that includes all costs for set up, drugs for stimulating the donor, flushing of the donor and all freezing and related costs. This flush package does not include semen. Travel is the responsibility of the buyer if flushed on-farm, and if done at the facility near Cochrane, Alberta, board would be the responsibility of the buyer. Thanks to Bova-Tech for their support!

The team at Bow Valley Genetics are strong supporters of our sector and continue to support our Foundation offering what are, to many of us, essential services as part of our seedstock operations. This embryo flushing service credit can be used for embryo services at either of the BVG locations at Brooks, AB or at Regina, SK. For more than 50 years, Alta Genetics has offered custom collection, storage and global distribution. For Building the Legacy, they are generously providing a $1,000 voucher toward any semen collection you require.

Building the Legacy 24
FLUSH PACKAGE $1,000 CREDIT TOWARDS AN IVF CYCLE OR CONVENTIONAL FLUSH $1,000 SEMEN COLLECTION VOUCHER Bova-Tech 403-332-1567 • donated by Bow Valley Genetics Ltd.• Brooks 587-887-1934 • Regina 306-585-1234 • donated by Alta Genetics • 403-226-0666 • donated by Lot 34 Lot 35 Lot 36

Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants implants an average of 2,000 embryos annually and operates a fully equipped mobile laboratory, providing on-farm service anywhere in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The winning bidder will receive a $1,000 service credit.

Bovi-Gen is a new state-of-the-art bovine reproductive facility conveniently located just west of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on highway #1. Their facility is more than just the equipment: when you work with Bovi-Gen, you can trust a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals that are experienced, passionate and committed to providing your animals with exceptional care. Services Include: embryo IVF or conventional flushing, domestic semen production and export semen production.

DLMS/Cattlevids have been a long-time supporter of the Building the Legacy sale. This lot presents a great opportunity to get a head start on your sale planning for this fall or next spring with a $1,000 service credit for use on any of the services offered by DLMS/Cattlevids. Plan your sale with the industry-leading DLMS sale broadcast or have Cattlevids capture your sale offering with video or pictures. When it comes to online exposure for your sale, DLMS and have you covered. This credit is to be used by the end of the spring 2025 bull sale season.

Building the Legacy 25
$1,000 SERVICE CREDIT 2—$500 SERVICE CREDITS $1,000 SERVICE VOUCHER Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. • 403-946-4551 • donated by Bovigen 306-690-3243 • donated by DLMS/CattleVids • Mark Shologan 780-699-5082 donated by Lot 37 Lot 38 Lot 39 A & B

OBI has been a long-time supporter of the Legacy Sale, both as a donor and purchaser, along with assisting with marketing. This year they are once again offering a purchase credit for any OBI fully-managed sale. Credit must be used by December 31, 2024.

Windy Ridge Ultrasound provides both seedstock and feedlot ultrasound services to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Seedstock/ purebred ultrasound is performed in accordance with Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) certified field technicians and analyzed by Centralized Ultrasound Processing (CUP) labs. Feedlot ultrasound utilizes Cattle Performance Enhancement Company’s (CPEC) management software developed by John Brethour at Kansas State University. In addition to ultrasound services, Windy Ridge

Ultrasound is Canada’s first and foremost dealer in SILENCER hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes. Windy Ridge Ultrasound Inc. is committed to providing all customers with the best quality service available and assistance in their livestock marketing and breeding decisions. Voucher to be used in 2024 and is for one farm visit only.

Allflex APR250 Handheld Readers are compact and easy to use rugged portable RFID scanning devices for reading livestock electronic identification (EID) tags. The APR250 offers excellent reading range for HDX and FDX-B, and transmission via Bluetooth or USB. The internal memory can store up to 100,000 ID numbers along with the additional information. The integrated Li-Ion battery lasts for many days of work and even in continuous read mode works for up to six hours. Online mode and connectivity with iPhone and Android apps allow bi-directional wireless data communication. Best of all, the reader is lightweight and ergonomically designed with a large, backlit, colour display that facilitates basic records management. The reading process is easily controlled, even in noisy environments, with the help of two LED indicators, a vibrating motor, and loud, operation-specific sounds.

Building the Legacy 26
$750 SALE CREDIT IN 2024, OBI MANAGED $500 VOUCHER FOR ULTRASOUND SERVICES ALLFLEX APR250 RFID READER OBI Livestock Ltd. • Mark Holowaychuk 403-896-4990 donated by Windy Ridge Ultrasound • Rod Wendorff 403-330-3000 • donated by Allflex • Dave Lehman 780-305-6477 • donated by Lot 40 Lot 41 Lot 42

Join Angus enthusiasts from around the globe in Brisbane, Australia for the 2025 World Angus Forum (WAF). The WAF kicks off in Sydney on April 29 with a welcome cruise on Sydney Harbour followed by a 7-day pre-tour highlighting commercial and seedstock operations and wineries before arriving in Brisbane. During the Forum May 7-8 you’ll see high quality beef run sustainably in some of the harshest environments and explore the concepts and challenges of the Australian beef industry’s quest for carbon neutrality by 2030. Starting May 9th, a 7-day post-tour highlighting dinosaur fossils, aviation history, early European settlers, and of course, even more Angus operations will follow. Estimated value of approximately $7,500.

The Bluewater Angus Club is generously donating an incredible getaway package. Includes a twonight ski and stay package valued at $1,400 and a $500 Blue Mountain shopping spree gift card, along with a $500 credit for the Bluewater Angus

Sale. Attend the sale, go skiing or snowboarding, plus enjoy your choice of spas, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, shops, outdoor activities, and entertainment.

At Clarke Family Farms Inc we are excited to welcome you all to Ontario for the Canadian Angus Convention! We are offering a weekend get away to the Blenheim area and a tour of Clarke Family Farms Inc. We’re fairly new to the Angus breed and are looking forward to the future—we would love to tour you through our herd and show you what we have going on. We will treat you to a morning of some outstanding Walleye fishing, an afternoon of golf at the prize-winning Willow Ridge Golf Club and a nice Clarke Angus steak supper. There is a lot to see in the Blenheim area; it is a very diverse and scenic agricultural community—Hugh will also take you on guided tour of the area. Includes one night’s accommodations at the Willow Barrel Retreat.

Building the Legacy 27
WORLD ANGUS FORUM 2025 REGISTRATION FOR TWO PLUS THE CHOICE OF PRE OR POST TOUR SKI & STAY, GIFT CARD & SALE CREDIT FISHING/GOLF/TOUR PACKAGE Canadian Angus Association • 403-571-3580 • Bluewater Angus Club 705-718-1877 • Clarke Family Farms Inc.—Daryl, Connie, Phill & Spencer Clarke • Manager/Herdsman—Hugh M. Ross 519-365-4026 donated by donated by donated by Lot 43 Lot 44 Lot 45

JPD Angus is pleased to donate four centre-field tickets to the Toronto Argonauts versus the Calgary Stampeders on Friday, August 9 at 7:30 p.m. at BMO Field in Toronto along with Friday night hotel accommodations at Hotel X within walking distance from the field. JPD would then like to welcome guests to our pasture tour hosted in partnership with the Ontario Forage Council the morning of Saturday, August 10 just one hour north on Hwy. 400. After the pasture tour, we would love to complete the experience with a herd tour and barbecue dinner at JPD headquarters with the JPD crew. We look forward to a lovely visit and some good Angus conversation!


Get your hands on four tickets to see Canada’s only Major League Baseball Team, the Toronto Blue Jays during the 2024 or 2025 season (opening day not eligible). The Jays remain the only team outside the United States to win the world series championship in 1992 and 1993. At the start of this season, the Jays unveiled a newly renovated 100-level seating area, new-look dugouts and fresh turf making the experience more comfortable, more enjoyable and providing better views of the action.

The highest bidder will cheer the Jays on from section 125, row 2, seats 5–8.

The Round and Geis families have donated two seats in row 7 to a home game to be chosen by the highest bidder before the 2024–2025 season starts. Come to Oil country and cheer on one of the most storied franchises in NHL history, the team with five Stanley Cup wins and seven conference championships since 1979.

Building the Legacy 28
2 TWO EDMONTON OILERS TICKETS JPD Angus—The Chalmers Family Michaela 705-720-0085 • donated by Bar 5 Stock Farms—Ron, Carla, Greg & Ron Jr Nolan Ron 905-330-5299 • Greg 416-616-8834 • Ron Jr. 416-993-3218 donated by Geis Angus • KBJ Round Farms Brian Geis 780-674-0568 • Jim Round 780-307-1657 donated by Lot 46 Lot 47 Lot 48

The Niagara peninsula is the largest and most concentrated winemaking region in Canada. Nestled in the picturesque countryside along Lake Ontario and the Niagara River, conditions in the region are perfect for cool-climate wines.

Spend a day experiencing award-winning wines from the Niagara Region and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Wrap up the day with an exquisite three-course gourmet dinner. This package includes a two-night stay in the beautiful Niagara on the Lake. Book when it suits you, from June to October 2024 or May to October 2025.


The Canadian Angus Foundation is pleased to welcome back Pursuit, repeating last year’s stunning offer of 2 Adult Mountain Lakes and Waterfalls Tour passes. Pursuit is a collection of inspiring and unforgettable experiences in iconic places including the Canadian Rockies.

This tour includes soaring mountain summits; the iconic emerald lakes Louise, Moraine, and Emerald; a visit to Takakkaw Falls, the second-highest waterfall in Canada; and a hot lunch at the historic Emerald Lake Lodge.

Fine print: subject to availability, valid June 1, 2024 to October 1, 2024 and June 1, 2025 to October 1, 2025. Tour must be booked at least 48 hours before the expected travel dates.

Total retail value is approximately $535

Manitoba Angus is delighted to be hosting Convention June 12–14, 2025. They are offering a registration package including two full Convention registrations and three nights’ accomodations at the host hotel, the historic Fort Garry.

Building the Legacy 29
3 NIGHT’S HOTEL AND REGISTRATION FOR TWO FOR CONVENTION 2025 Tambri Angus—Tammi & Brian Ribey 519-389-4329 • donated by Manitoba Angus Association • 1-888-622-6487 • donated by Lot 49 Lot 50 Lot 51 Pursuit—Banff Jasper Collection donated by

The Saskatchewan Angus Summer Tour is not to be missed! Visit various herds in the north central area of the province July 23 & 24 and enjoy some of the finest hospitality Saskatchewan has to offer. If you’ve ever been on this tour, then you know there’s no summer event like a Saskatchewan Angus Summer tour. Package includes registration for two and twonights accommodation at the host hotel, the Canalta Humboldt.

Angus Association


It’s more than just a rodeo, the Ponoka Stampede is an 88-year-old tradition. It has grown from 3,000 rodeo fans to one of the top 10 rodeos in the world featuring chuckwagon races, beer gardens, dances, concerts, parades, midway and of course, all of the traditional rodeo events. The best cowboys and cowgirls in North America travel to the Ponoka Stampede to compete on the finest rodeo stock for more than $885,000 in prize money.

Package includes two tickets to each of Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon and evening tickets.

Last year’s Building the Legacy 11 was the exclusive launch for the new Canadian Angus Foundation commissioned print, “Heading Home” by artist Megan Weir. The original is on display at Angus Central. Only 25 prints total will be available. The highest bidder will receive print #2, custom framed on fine art paper and signed by the artist. This is only the second opportunity to own this stunning work of art.

Megan is a wife, mother, and sixth-generation rancher from Southeastern Alberta who is also a self-taught artist. Her medium of choice is oil paint. Megan describes her style as an expression of her experiences with agriculture combined with her personality.

To see more of her work, look up @meganweirart on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her website

Building the Legacy 30
306-537-1518 • donated by Ponoka
donated by Canadian Angus Foundation • 306-537-1518 • donated by Lot 52 Lot 53 Lot 54
Stampede •
403-783-3120 •

“The Red Angus” was unveiled at the Canadian Angus Association office during Convention 2015. Scotland’s James Arnott commissioned the painting from Angela Davidson using his Red Angus bull as the model. The power and detail of the bull is outstanding and literally takes visitors’ breath away when they walk into the office and see it for the first, second or tenth time. Canadian Angus secured the rights to market the print in Canada, and you only have one opportunity each year through Building the Legacy to add this masterpiece to your collection.

In 2019, the Canadian Angus Foundation launched The Breeds, the Legends, the History: Canadian Angus History Book, 2019 Edition, the first Canadian Angus history book produced since 1985. This year, we’re offering two limited edition leather-bound books that have not previously been available for purchase in beautiful custom boxes by Ty Wilson of Dead Wood Furniture.

The 560-page full-colour history book contains a comprehensive review of the history of the Angus breed, an overview of Angus in Canada, and 363 Canadian Angus member histories in the members’ own words. This book will make you laugh and cry and will make you feel incredibly proud to be part of the Canadian Angus fraternity. Intercity Packers is a Canadian company that is committed to serving as the leading supplier of high quality, value-added, and customized meat and seafood solutions across Canada. They aim to be a model of sustainability in the Canadian marketplace. We are thrilled to welcome their second donation of a case of portioned salmon and a case of lobster tales. The high bidder can choose to create delicious surf and pairings or enjoy a multitude of salmon and lobster dishes in combination or on their own.

Building the Legacy 31
ANGELA DAVIDSON RED PRINT LEATHER BOUND HISTORY BOOK SEAFOOD PACKAGE Canadian Angus Foundation • 306-537-1518 • donated by Canadian Angus Foundation • 306-537-1518 • donated by Intercity Packers Meat and Seafood • Dustin Bohn 780-220-6327 • donated by Lot 55 Lot 56 Lot 57 A & B

Beswick figurines have a well-deserved reputation for immense attention to detail, which is part of the reason they are valuable collectibles. This beautiful cow and calf showcase that exquisite attention to detail.

John Beswick founded the John Beswick Pottery Company in 1894 at Loughton, Stoke-on-Trent, England. Animal figurines were added to the company’s dinnerware offering in the early 1930s. The business was sold to Doulton & Co. Ltd in 1969, the factory closed in 2002, and the brand John Beswick was sold in 2004. There are not many opportunities to purchase these figurines and we are honoured to receive the donation for Building the Legacy.

Since the late 1800s, the Sample family of Quebec has produced maple syrup from their maple trees. Starting from the 15th of February until the end of April when most Angus breeders are focused on winter calving, most of the Sample family can be found in the sugar bush or in the sugar house making maple syrup. They have never missed a year of syrup production, and the highest bidder will enjoy this quality Canadian maple syrup produced from more than 100 years of experience and dedication.

Building the Legacy 32
BESWICK FIGURINES MAPLE SYRUP - 3, ONE GALLON PACKAGES Coul Angus—James Arnott and Belvin Angus—Gavin & Mabel Hamilton • James • Gavin & Mabel 403-224-2355 donated by Mac Angus Farms—The Sample Family 450-247-2696 • donated by Lot 59 Lot 60 A,B & C This distinctive gift collection of branded gifts is sure to make a positive impression while celebrating your Certified Angus Beef ® brand pride! Our exclusive bundle includes an Amish handcrafted cherry cutting board, set of four stemmed crystal wine glasses, set of four chophouse steak knives, chef’s salt and pepper duo, and a linen tea towel. CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF GIFT BASKET Certified Angus Beef • 330-345-2333 • donated by Lot 58

One of the greatest tandems is high quality beef and wine. In partnership with Vanessa Wineries of the Similkameen Valley, world-renowned master winemaker Howard Soon has crafted the perfect wine to be paired with Angus beef. Winemaker Howard Soon has been on the leading edge of winemaking innovation for more than three decades, one of the first people to be named to the Order of Canada for everything he has accomplished and contributed to the wine industry, and he continues to create the most precise flavour profiles that reflect our unique vineyard.

Genuine Angus is a 2018 Meritage blend consisting of 45% Cabernet Franc, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon and 27% Merlot. The nose balances red plum, cassis, cedar and dried herbs. The palate is elegant and full bodied with notes of ripe raspberry, blueberry, savoury herbs, and a hint of smoke with a long rich finish.

This exclusive wine is not available for general retail sale and supply is limited so get some before this blend is gone.

The Foundation relies on volunteers and fundraising to carry out its mandate. Thanks to the help and support of these volunteers and generous donors, the Foundation can offer programs to Canadian Angus Association members across Canada. You can support the Canadian Angus Foundation by donating and purchasing items in the Building the Legacy fundraiser; participating in the Future 15 initiative; purchasing CAF merchandise; supporting the Wall of Honour; Breeder’s Choice and Angus Roots programs; making a general donation; donating to a specific program; adding a charitable bequest to a will; living trust or insurance policy; and by donating your Angus memorabilia to the Canadian Angus Foundation archives; or by giving the gift of your time.

Building the Legacy 33
donated by Lot 61
Angus Association •
Looking for the perfect gift? ngusAThe Breed The Legends | The History Contact Canadian Angus Foundation Executive Director Belinda Wagner for more information: 306-757-6133 or Master of the Herd Maternal Watch Time Out Canadian Angus History Book Angus Roots Tree Leaves Canadian Angus Foundation National Angus Cookbook “I Love Angus” Pin Prints: The Canadian Angus Foundation has a variety of gifts for the holiday season! As a special thank you to all those who purchase an Angus Roots Leaf to support the Foundation before the new year, they will receive a free ‘I Love Angus’ pin! Print: Time Out by Wendy Risdale $150 Looking for the ngusAThe Breed The Contact Canadian Angus Foundation for more information: 306-757-6133 Master of the Herd Maternal Canadian Angus History Book Angus Roots Tree Leaves Prints: The Canadian Angus Foundation has As a special thank purchase an Angus the Foundation before will receive a free Print: Master of the Herd by Wendy Risdale $150 support the Other opportunities to 2019 Canadian Angus History Book $90 Cookbook $20 Commemorate an outstanding animal through the Breeder’s Choice wall Print: Heading Home by Megan Weir $250 Only 20 available A plaque on the Angus Roots tree supports the Angus Roots scholarship program Remember an Angus legend through the Wall of Honour

24th Annual Canadian Junior Angus




MOVE IN BEGINS JULY 17 AT 1 PM West Niagara Fairgrounds, Grassie, Ontario


Thursday, July 18, 2024

11 am • Move in complete • CJA Annual General Meeting & Orientation

12 noon • Lunch

12:30 pm • Judging (individual competition – written reasons)

1:30 pm • Team Grooming 5:30 pm • Supper & Extravaganza

Friday, July 19, 2024

8:30 am • Group Photo 9:00 am • Showmanship

9:00 am–1:00 pm • Print Marketing

1:00–4:00 pm • Sales Talk

12 noon • Public Speaking

2:00 pm • Team Judging (must qualify from individual competition)

6:00 pm • Cook-off & BBQ

Saturday, July 20, 2024

10:00 am • Conformation Classes

5:00 pm • Banquet, Awards Presentations, Auction & Dance

For up-to-date Showdown information, please visit

The Canadian Angus Foundation will provide travel and trucking bursaries to attend Showdown as well as significant cash prizes and scholarships for the Aggregate Winners. There will also be three draws made for vouchers to purchase Angus females—one at $3,000 and two at $2,000. All exhibitors will automatically be entered to win! Visit the Canadian Angus Foundation website at for more information and to apply for the bursaries.

Hillary Sauder • President: 306-677-7542

Morgan MacIntyre • Ontario director: 613-720-6684

Belinda Wagner • Coordinator: 306-537-1518 or

In 1998, the Canadian Angus Association introduced the long-term recognition award program to recognize those individuals and families that have demonstrated a long-time commitment to the Angus breed in Canada by maintaining a continuous membership in the Association for at least 50 years. The program was expanded in 2011 to also recognize families with 75 and 100 years of continuous membership. As of 2023, 219 families have been honoured for 50 years of continuous membership; 26 families have been honoured for 75 years and four families have been honoured for 100 years of continuous membership.

As part of their commitment to preserving history, the Canadian Angus Foundation decided to invest in increased recognition for 75 and 100-year award recipients in 2023 to acknowledge their tremendous dedication to the Angus breed.

75 Year Award Recipients

British Columbia

Alex W. Turner—Turner Meadows


ARDA Farms—Davis Family

Argwen Angus Ranch—Pope Family

Dalrene Farms—The Flint Family

Harold Spady Family

Jack Spady Family

Riverbend Farm—McBride Family

Southern Angus Farm

The Bradshaw Family—D.C. Bradshaw/Aberlynn Angus

Warrilow Family

Willabar Ranch


Bell Angus—Kenneth Bell

Early Sunset Ranch

Isla Bank Angus—Stables Family

Kenosee Park Angus—The Easton Family, Bob & Margaret Easton

Kenwaw Angus—The Easton Family

Parkwood Farm—Jack Burkell

Switzer Family


Mountain View Farm

Prairielane Farms—The Canning Family

The Anderson Family, Bruce & Ione Anderson, Anderson Cattle Company


Bluewater Angus Club

Colin G Trivers—Len Mar Farms

Earley Brothers

Elm Grove—Bailey Acres

Rodney J Ribey Family

100 Year Award Recipients


C.H. Richardson Family

Henderson Family

Matthews Family


Tullamore Angus Farm

Visit for the full list of recipients including all 50 year honourees.

Does your name belong on this list? Do you think your family may qualify for a 50, 75 or 100 year award? Contact Tina Zakowsky at or 403-571-3584.

return undelivered catalogues to:

Canadian Angus Association

292140 Wagon Wheel Blvd

Rocky View County, AB T4A 0E2

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