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Elmlodge Polled Herefords “The Elmhirsts” Grant & Mary Elmhirst elmlodge@nexicom.net705-295-6960 Billy, Juanita, Owen & Katie Elmhirst Res: 705-295-2708 Billy’s cell: 705-761-0896 Juanita’s cell: ircc@nexicom.net705-772-2697 SOURCE FOR SUCCESS XXIElmlodge & Friends 1:00pm ~ Saturday, September 17, 2022 ~ Indian River, ON, Canada (10 miles East of Peterborough) Our Friends... Hiddenview Herefords Joe & Karen Paszternak Joe: Karen:705-957-7470705-957-3739 JDL/D&S Cattle Co David, Shirley, Josh, Jessica, Justin, Jaimie & Jase Lasby Justin: 519-943-4147 Dave: 519-939-0485 Circle L Farms Nathan & Joanne Luchies Cell: 705-308-7405 Charsha Farms Pat & Erin Hobbs Cell: 905-376-3651 Morningcall Farm Doug & Patsy Martin Cell: 519-215-0153 Sale Location 1870 Settlers Line, R. R. # 1, Indian River, ON, KOL 2BO Sandy Ridge Farms Adrian Ocolisan Cell: 519-282-6788 Shady Birch Farm Leon & Bev Silk Res: 905-349-3766 Stonewood Grange Chris, Cyndi, Matt, Ange, Logan, Blake Luke & Abe Leahy Cell: 705-927-4995 Truluck Livestock Matt & Chantal Van Esse Cell: 519-359-3310 Whiskey Lane Livestock Scott & Paula Cornish Cell: 705-878-3248 Abby Hill Graham Green Cell: 613-794-7049 AXA Farms Allan Marshall Cell: 506-636-1877 Dale Black Cell: 506-323-8085 SHCR Shelby Crawford Jane cell: 519-317-5263 Reed cell: 519-857-7333 Reegan Cell:WadeCell:226-378-0086SawyerGraham519-868-2087

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Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance participating in Source for Success XXI. Billyoriginal homestead

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Accommodations Best Western Otonabee Inn 84 Lansdown Street East 1209Comfort705-742-3454InnLansdowne Street West 1074Quality705-740-7000InnLansdown Street West 705-745-3225HighwayRobyn’s705-748-6801Motel#7East Directions 12km East of Peterborough on Hwy 7, 2km South to 1870 on Settlers Line Bull Wintering Program If you purchase a bull calf in the Source for Success XXI sale, you can take immediate possession or let us winter him for a fee discussed with the consignor. Delivery Elmlodge and consignors will arrange delivery at cost to the buyer. All cattle will be available for loading as soon as they are settled for. Purchases will be looked after at no charge until delivery can be arranged.

Trucking H.S. Knill Company Ltd. 877-442-3106 All cattle sell under the terms of the Canadian Hereford Association. Sales Staff Ryan Dorran 403-507-6483

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Taylor Richards 306-821-4169

The 2022 offering is stacked with an abundance of quality backed by some of the most elite and exciting genetics in the breed. Always offering the kind that are ultra competitive, many of the cattle in the sale are already winners or destined to be in the hunt at the upcoming 100th Royal Winter Fair. The group that consigns to this sale always brings their A game, part of the show string, and are progressive in their breeding programs. And the best part is that so many times, past sale lots surface in the pedigrees of sale toppers and show winners everywhere. That is a true testament to the quality of the cattle on offer on the third Saturday in September for the past 21 years. It’s gonna be a fun ride, with new energy in the breed, a bull market, and lots of feed, it’s a great time to add fresh genetics and youth to your program.

Billy’s Cell 705-761-0896 Juanita’s Cell 705-772-2697

on Villiers Line HEIFER LOTTERY 2022 How to participate and sign up to bid 1. Go to www.liveauctions.TV 2. Click the 3 bars on the right hand side of the webpage. 3. Fill out all the required fields 4. Verify your account, you will receive an email. 5. Click on the sale you wish to bid on. 6. Request a buyer number. 7. You will receive a text code to input 8. Once the code is entered you are good to go. You no longer need the app to bid from your phone! For support during the sale, chat live with one of our representatives or our support team @ 1-800-431-4452 Nicki 587-377-1580 SALE VIDEOS WILL BE AVAILABLE ON

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Welcome to Source for Success XXI Boy, the Hereford business is alive and well in Ontario and the recent Bonanza show in Lindsay was a shining example of the outstanding youth that are poised to revive and lead this breed forward. Couple that with a booming cattle business that predicts a great fall calf run and the future looks extremely bright. And it’s gonna stay that way.

Hugh Ross 403-363-3539

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Established in 1820, the Elmhirst Family celebrated 200 years in Canada at the

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Picture Perfect 1 “Elm-Lodge Flirtin 42F” Female C03046019 TAX 42F 03/03/2018 Polled HYALITE ON TARGET 936 Sire: R LEADER 6964 R MISS REVOLUTION 1009 CRR ABOUT TIME 743 Dam: GG 743 PERFECT TIMING 105Y KJ F202 PERFECT MISS 038R ET EPDs BW 1.8 WW 60 YW 92 MM 24 TM 54 SELLING THE RIGHT TO FLUSH Beautiful bovine that has captivated cattle enthusiast her entire life. Always a standout she was a Royal Futurity Champion and won her division in the open show, a champion at Youth Forum, Beef Expo and the Empire Classic in NY. Recently crowned Bonanza Champion at one of the largest Canadian Junior Nationals of all time she just gets better with age. Her impeccable structure, udder quality and powerful build make her so easy to look at while those same attributes allow her to raise herd bulls like the one she has on side and last year’s high seller, John Dutton who was just named Champion bull in St. Hyacinthe for the NLCL partnership. Flush to be conducted at Elmlodge after her February calving. We guarantee 6 grade A transferable embryos with no cap. Buyer pays all flush expenses. 2 “Elm-Lodge Kickin It 11K” Male C03092785 TAX 11K 19/01/2022 Horned UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Sire: H DEBERARD 7454 ET RST GAT NST Y79D LADY 54B ET R LEADER 6964 Dam: ELM-LODGE FLIRTIN 42F GG 743 PERFECT TIMING 105Y EPDs BW 5.9 WW 68 YW 108 MM 27 TM 61 Intriguing herd bull prospect with extra muscle and genuine shape. Part of the Grand Champion Female duo at Bonanza, he also has his momma’s good looks and we all know a herdbull is only as good as his mother. Owned with Robinsons 2022 Bonanza Champion Female

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - STUDS 3 “Elm-Lodge 6153 Kawartha 3K” Male C03096537 TAX 3K 02/01/2022 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: BOYD 31Z BLUEPRINT 6153 NJW 91H 100W RITA 31Z ET UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Dam: GOBLE ROLLINS MISS SENSA 103H GOBLE MISS TRUST 301B EPDs BW 2.6 WW 63 YW 100 MM 33 TM 65 4 “Elm-Lodge Kilimanjaro 23K” Male C03095154 TAX 23K 14/02/2022 Polled KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET HAROLDSONS WLC RHINO ET 48Y Dam: STONEWOOD ELVIRA 20E STONEWOOD YEN 6Y EPDs BW 5.0 WW 69 YW 117 MM 30 TM 65 One of the most unique breeding pieces we’ve raised in a long while. Current, predictable genetics for maternal strength and that elusive spread from birth make this bull calf pretty special. Out of a beautiful uddered 1st calf heifer that absolutely out did herself in her first attempt at motherhood. This guy checks a lot of boxes. Super low birthweight, explosive growth, huge middled, massive muscle and monster nuts all combine into a super attractive stud that has already been crowned Champion Bull twice in his only 2 outings. Sky could be the limit here so we will announce our plans for him closer to sale time. BW 71 LBS Well named, mountain of a bull here with all the cosmetics and growth data to match his impressive actual stature. Heavy, heavy muscled he’s an outlier whose feature, fancy ¾ sister will impress you as well as lot 8. BW 96 LBS 5 4 SISTERSIRESIRE

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Calving Ease 5 “Elm-Lodge Kanye 20K” Male C03092786 TAX 20K 10/02/2022 Polled CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X Sire: NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET NJW 73S 38W DAYDREAM 160B TH FRONTIER 174E Dam: EAGLE-C JR 174E HOLLYWOOD 8H ELM-LODGE FLICKA 24F EPDs BW 1.2 WW 62 YW 98 MM 34 TM 65 Dark red, short marked fella that is great numbered. He’s a great example of the production quality in Source for Success. His dam was a feature from Rand’s last fall, out of a past sale favourite from years before. Backed by our original cow family with loads of udder quality and production. BW 76 LBS 6 “Elm-Lodge Kt Kingly 7K” Male C03094479 ELLA 7K 12/01/2022 Polled CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X Sire: NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET NJW 73S 38W DAYDREAM 160B ELM-LODGE CHECKMATE 21C Dam: ELM-LODGE ENCHANTED 65E ELM-LODGE BEDAZZLE 56B EPDs BW -0.2 WW 48 YW 77 MM 31 TM 55 Solid, super low birthweight bull here out of Katie’s 2018 Bonanza B&O Champion. Great fit for the heifer pen with enough power and maternal to use across the board. BW 78 LBS 7 “Elm-Lodge Jax 60J” Male C03096491 TAX 60J 02/09/2021 Polled CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 Sire: ELM-LODGE ENGINEER 31E ELM-LODGE NECKLACE ET 31Y ELM-LODGE CHECKMATE 21C Dam: ELM-LODGE FANTASIA 72F ELM-LODGE ZANTASTIC 2Z EPDs BW 4.0 WW 53 YW 89 MM 25 TM 51 Dense-made, moderate, stout-made creature here with some extra age and maturity for next spring. Out of one of our most decorated cow families with sensible calving ease to create multiple options.BW 84 LBSGRANDDAMDAMDAM

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - the Colour of Gold 8 “Elm-Lodge Abby 24-Karat 24K” Female C03096020 TAX 24K 14/02/2022 Polled KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET BR BELLE AIR 6011 Dam: ELM-LODGE HOLY SMOKES 9H STONEWOOD ELVIRA 20E EPDs BW 4.2 WW 70 YW 118 MM 33 TM 68 9 “Elm-Lodge Kaleidoscope 10K” Female C03092780 TAX 10K 17/01/2022 Polled TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET Sire: TH FRONTIER 174E FTF TRUSTING LADY 312A MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R Dam: ELM-LODGE BELL OF THE BALL 14B PED 100L R VALLEY LARISSA 106R EPDs BW 3.4 WW 69 YW 115 MM 33 TM 67 Red eyed feature favourite heifer calf that has had a bunch of fans this summer. Much like her picturesque dam who was a sale topper and show winner, this heifer has a lot going on. Rich pedigree, stellar numbers, pigment, proven maternal productivity and stunning good looks. Her namesake a few years back, mothered a Denver Champion and carved a big piece into Hereford history; this one could do the same. Owned with Abby Hill Farms Opportunity to get in on a proven winner out of a proven productive family. Class winner at Bonanza she was also a great fit in peewee showmanship. Belle of the Ball never missed in the ring in her day and has never missed producing winners. Show heifer here to build a cow family from. Owned with Robinsons. DAM SISTER SISTER CLASS WINNER

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Pretty & Powerful 10 “Elm-Lodge Kover Girl 4K” Female C03092777 TAX 4K 06/01/2022 Polled UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Sire: H MONTGOMERY 7437 ET RST GAT NST Y79D LADY 54B ET RVP 100W DUKE 31D Dam: GOBLE MISS GORGEOUS 206F TRENT-HILL MYRA 1Z EPDs BW 4.2 WW 56 YW 95 MM 33 TM 61 Banner chaser deluxe here that has already won one, as Reserve Champion female (behind lot 1) in her one and only outing this summer. Elegant fronted yet bold and robust from there back, she also boasts impressive data to make her a very complete package. Her maternal sister just won Jesse Procyk a banner and Junior Incentive earnings at Bonanza, while that extremely nice uddered cow family climbs up another rung at Elm-Lodge. 11 “Elm-Lodge Kiki 16K” Female C03092784 TAX 16K 02/02/2022 Polled UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Sire: H DEBERARD 7454 ET RST GAT NST Y79D LADY 54B ET SQUARE-D KING EDWARD 361X Dam: WCC 361X EMMA 230A SQUARE-D LASSIE 3230X EPDs BW 5.5 WW 57 YW 90 MM 27 TM 56 Big-time performance here with extra timber and shape. Sired by a past Denver Champion that injects raw power into his progeny. Check the support picture of her sister winning in Toronto and envision this one in leather next summer as well. Sister Sister

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Lookers!! 12 “Elm-Lodge Kisses N Hugs 45K” Female C03094247 TAX 45K 03/04/2022 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: BOYD 31Z BLUEPRINT 6153 NJW 91H 100W RITA 31Z ET H DEBERARD 7454 ET Dam: ELM-LODGE BD HUGS N KISSES 67H ELM-LODGE BOOM BOOM 32B EPDs BW 2.7 WW 62 YW 94 MM 29 TM 60 13 “Elm-Lodge Champagne 18C” Female C03006652 TAX18C 17/01/2015 Polled TH JWR SOP 16G 57G TUNDRA 63N Sire: H WCC/WB 668 WYARNO 9500 ET H KATHY 668 ET ELM-LODGE PAYCHECK 11P Dam: ELM-LODGE 42H TOP SECRET 15T ELM-LODGE HALO 42H EPDs BW 5.2 WW 43 YW 71 MM 27 TM Super48 exciting junior yearling show prospect with oodles of family history. Backed by the 2015 Royal and Agribition Champion you know this heifer can compete at the highest level while her genetics read maternal all day long. Stout built with extras in terms of dimension and style, she’ll be a fun one. Owned with Taydown and Robinsons. You can bet one named Champagne around here has been special since birth. A past show champion and now a leading donor candidate. Study her picture and wait till you see her in the flesh. You’ll not find a cow anywhere that can hold a girlish figure like she has. Her dam also anchors the great Perfecto Power bull that Whiskey Lane and Brost have had so much success with. Projected to calve by sale time she has unlimited potential to build a cow family from. Exposed to Ramsey Elm Hutton 40 (BR Charles Hutton 6033 x Ribeye 88X x Outcross) 13 DAM

Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Beauty Breds 14 “Elmlodge Marvel 33J” Female applied TAX 33J 15/03/2021 Polled NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET Sire: LOEWEN GENESIS G16 ET LOEWEN 77 48 MISS 344N 4RB42ET THM SOLUTION 6056 Dam: GLENVIEW 6056 MARVEL X2 ET ELM-LODGE MARVEL 9M EPDs BW 1.8 WW 55 YW 91 MM 27 TM 55 Absolute gem that will be one of a very few Genesis breds available in Canada. An ET daughter of our timeless and productive X2 Marvel cow. She’ll be a sister to Alleghany, Checkmate and the stunning $15000 Hoopla female we own with Venture. Pigment, pedigree and proven maternal power. Bred AI to TH Masterplan(sexed heifer) on April 18. 15 “Elm-Lodge Juniper 42J” Female C03082941 TAX 42J 02/04/2021 Polled CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 Sire: ELM-LODGE ENGINEER 31E ELM-LODGE NECKLACE ET 31Y HAROLDSONS WLC RHINO ET 48Y Dam: STONEWOOD ELVIRA 20E STONEWOOD YEN 6Y EPDs BW 3.8 WW 58 YW 95 MM 28 TM 57 Big-bodied bred heifer that is powerful for her age and carries an exciting early service. You’ll notice many of her family members as featured in this sale. Bred AI to LCX Perfecto 11B on April 3. 16 “Elm-Lodge Jan 43J” Female C03082942 TAX 43J 02/04/2021 Horned ELM-LODGE CLOUT 37C Sire: ELM-LODGE EMPEROR 67E ELM-LODGE 43N TAPESTRY 64T NJW 98S R117 RIBEYE 88X ET Dam: SSF 051 NEVA 88X 453 SSF M22 NEVA 36N 051 ET EPDs BW 3.9 WW 52 YW 87 MM 24 TM 51 Maternally stacked young female that carries the likes of 88X and Beyond on the bottom side to ensure udder quality and productivity. Top side stacks the best of Elmlodge for 50 years. Exposed to Ramsey Elm Hutton 40 from May 1. Genesis Masterplan

17 “Square-D Becky 589E” Female C03037443 SAZ 589E 26/04/2017 Polled SQUARE-D RANCHMAN 257R Sire: SQUARE-D MR BEEF 465A SQUARE-D ERIN 760U REMITALL PRECISION 455P Dam: SQUARE-D AVERY 789Y SQUARE-D LEXUS 189N EPDs BW 4.1 WW 47 YW 73 MM 28 TM 51 The feature cow in the prime of her life with a functional, productive, lasting build and design. Raised a feature bull calf last year selling to Ferme Champagne. She’s exactly what a profitable beef cow should look like and her best is yet to come. Bred to Elmlodge Head Honcho 56H on May25 and exposed to him. 18a “Elm-Lodge Katrina 32K” Female REG TAX 32K 02/03/2022 Polled NJW 73S W18 HOMETOWN 10Y ET Sire: BLAIR-ATHOL 10Y HOMERUN 24C HAROLDSON’S WLC68M KATRINA 33P NJW 103Y 174X DIABLO 156C ET Dam: RU BA 156 SENORITA 224F RU BA 475Z COWGIRL 212D EPDs BW 3.4 WW 58 YW 92 MM 24 TM 52 Really solid made, short marked heifer calf that is level designed, attractive and well balanced. Has the look and substance to compete and would look great in PEI at Bonanza 2023. 17a “Elm-Lodge Krissy 34K” Female C03096536 TAX 34K 06/03/2022 Polled ELM-LODGE CLOUT 37C Sire: ELM-LODGE EMPEROR 67E ELM-LODGE 43N TAPESTRY 64T EPDs BW 4.3 WW 52 YW 85 MM 26 TM 52 Moderate stout made breeding piece just like her dam. Expect years of productivity out of this one. 18 “Ru Ba 24C Angel 283H” Female C03072184 EKD 283H 12/03/2020 Polled TH 506B 358C BENCHMARK 531E ET Sire: TH 529B 531E BENCHMARK 505H ET TH 60W 11X MS DOM 529B ET EPDs BW 5.7 WW 61 YW 101 MM 25 TM 55 Gave Jeff my specs for a nice one and got just what everybody likes. Dark red, pigmented good looking one with power . Bonus is the heifer calf she is masterfully raising has the same great colour and looks. Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Power Pairs Exposed to LCC The Standard ET 5J(American Classic) from May 15 HonchoHead StandardThe

19 “Gh A222 British Lady 779G” Female C03060554 NHP 779G 03/03/2019 Polled LAKE 002 KILOWATTS 104S Sire: GCC JPF EXCITER A222 JPF K01 HONEY U30 LBH 102T SUPER RIB 166Y Dam: FA 166Y BRITISHER LADY 82D DA 204Y BRITISHER LADY 286A EPDs BW 6.1 WW 59 YW 95 MM 22 TM 52 Our pick of the GH sale for her maternal value and added good looks. Idealistic udder welded underneath this gal to ensure longevity and profit. She obviously can make ‘em great. Check out her elite show prospect selling. Bred to Elm-Lodge Head Honcho 56H on May 31. 20 “LCC 5815 Miss Tic Toc 925” Female C03093396 925 25/01/2019 Polled BAR S LHF 028 240 Sire: JCS 240 FLINTLOCK 5815 LJR MSU WHITNEY 182Z RST TIME’S A WASTIN’ 0124 Dam: LCC 0124 REMETEE 715 ET JB REMETEE 213 EPDs BW 3.3 WW 62 YW 102 MM 36 TM 67 Calf raiser extraordinaire, this young female puts it all into her calves. Her udder quality and rich milk allow her to consistently raise top end, heavy weight money makers. This year’s calf is blowing her contemporaries away. Bred to Elm-Lodge Head Honcho 56H, July 19. 19a “Elm-Lodge Kicky 50K” Female C03096023 TAX 50K 04/04/2022 Polled ELM-LODGE CLOUT 37C Sire: ELM-LODGE EMPEROR 67E ELM-LODGE 43N TAPESTRY 64T EPDs BW 7.8 WW 64 YW 106 MM 23.3 TM 55 You just don’t find this cut and look around these parts. Just a youngster, she’s one to manage into glory and greatness. 20a “Elm-Lodge Kriss Kross 46K” Female C03096544 TAX 46K 03/04/2022 Polled NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET Sire: RVP 100W DUKE 31D SRF AFFECTION 138A EPDs BW 3.0 WW 61 YW 103 MM 33 TM 64 Big time growth and performance with locked in maternal strength. She’ll dwarf and outclass her competition in the junior yearling split next year. Elmlodge Polled Herefords - Young Pairs

Doug & Patsy’s Girls 21 “Elm-Lodge J’Adore 28J” Female C03084444 TAX 28J 02/03/2021 Polled EPDs BW 4.6 WW 53 YW 87 MM 20 TM 47 CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 Sire: ELM-LODGE ENGINEER 31E ELM-LODGE NECKLACE ET 31Y TH 75J 243R BAILOUT 144U ET Dam: ELM-LODGE BLOSSOM 26B ELM-LODGE 41D NECTARINE 57N Dark red, pigmented heifer, that like her Bonanza Champion sister also tasted victory as a class winner there. Plenty of cow family power here that are known for udder quality and production. A great temperament accompanies this heifer as well. Exposed to Ramsey ELM Hutton 40 from May 1. 22 “Stonewood Britt Susie 30J” Female C03082178 SWG 30J 07/03/2021 Polled EFBEEF TFL U208 TESTED X651 ET Sire: EFBEEF BR VALIDATED B413 EFBEEF 4R THYRA Y865 CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X Dam: STONEWOOD SUSIE 6F DALMUIR SUSIE 608B EPDs BW 0.4 WW 55 YW 86 MM 35 TM 62 Eye appealing straight lined young heifer that is covered in a short marked rich dark red hair coat. She’s feminine, correct and out of one of the breeds high numbered, popular bulls. Exposed to Ramsey ELM Hutton 40 from May 1, observed bred May 19. 23 “Elm-Lodge Jolt 25J” Female C03082881 TAX 25J 20/02/2021 Polled UPS SENSATION 2296 ET Sire: H MONTGOMERY 7437 ET RST GAT NST Y79D LADY 54B ET SQUARE-D KING EDWARD 361X Dam: WCC 361X EMMA 230A SQUARE-D LASSIE 3230X EPDs BW 3.0 WW 49 YW 92 MM 32 TM 57 Well bred heifer that has an impressive little sister in the sale as well. Destined to build a cow family for Morningcall Farms, she is available only because of health issues. Nice young female sired by a legend. Exposed to Ramsey ELM Hutton 40 from May 1, observed bred May 4. NOTE: These 3 heifers were Doug and Patsy’s selections out of last year’s sale. The plan was to show these heifers and add new cow families to their herd. Unfortunately their help got busy with motherhood and Doug’s health is forcing them to downsize, making these girls available.

REMS June Bug 1J has been a standout since day one, and just keeps getting better. She is the first calf out of SHCR Gwen 501G that we are now offering for sale. June Bug is a long bodied, attractive fronted, smooth jointed female that puts it all together in a eye appealing package. Not to mention she has always had an incredible hair coat. Her grand dam Dorbay Miss Betsy 403B was 2014 heifer calf champion at Bonanza. The breeding possibilities are endless with this female, don’t miss the chance of owning this truly unique breeding piece. Examined safe in calf to Bar Star Fresh Prince 018 ET bred April 10th 2022. We would like to retain show rights until after the 2022 RAWF.

Owner: Shelby Crawford

Champion B&O Heifer Calf at Bonanza. Glencoe Gals 24 “SHCR Kiki 530K” Female C03092380 SHCR 530K 22/01/2022 Polled TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y Sire: CSC 701 BOLDER 901 CSC 502 LADY DEW 701 MCM 6964 BOLT 652D Dam: SHCR HEIDI 501H DORBAY MISS BETSY 403B EPDs BW -0.5 WW 60 YW 93 MM 29 TM 59 25 “REMS June Bug 1J” Female C03091039 REMS 1J 21/03/2021 Polled CRR ABOUT TIME 743 Sire: SULL TCC MR CUSTOM MADE 340 ET TCC MISS SHELBY 82 ET MCM 6964 BOLT 652D Dam: SHCR GWEN 501G DORBAY MISS BETSY 403B Star Fresh Prince 018 ET This bomb proof sweet heart will be hard to see leave but her dam is just a two year old and has a bright future here! This calf will be one of the first Bolder progeny to sell, he adds calving ease and great maternal strength. The cow family behind Kiki never disappoints; from winning banners to raising stout bulls. SHCR Kiki 530K is sleek in her design, deep bodied, sound moving, all wrapped up in a pretty package.

25 24

Lasby Family 26 “D&S JDL CJVK Carla 901 114K” Female C03095206 DSL 114K 14/01/2022 Polled TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y Sire: CSC 701 BOLDER 901 CSC 502 LADY DEW 701 WORR OWEN TANKERAY Y79D ET Dam: MLPH CARLA Y79D 225H ANL 10Y CARLA 52A 113E EPDs BW 0.1 WW 56 YW 92 MM 31 TM 59 Carla 114K is a very attractive, big ribbed, moderate framed female. This freckle faced female is sweet fronted, very complete and super sound. Her dam was a sale feature in the 2021 Source for Success and is now owned with Chula Vista Polled Herefords. 114K’s sire CSC BOLDER 901 is a popular new Semex Sire that is making waves in the Hereford breed. We think this one has a very bright future. Owned with Chula-Vista Polled Herefords 27 D&S Ms Supreme 901 131K Female C03092701 DSL 131K 31/01/2022 Polled TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y Sire: CSC 701 BOLDER 901 CSC 502 LADY DEW 701 BOYD MASTERPIECE 0220 Dam: D&S MS SUPREME 0220 614C GROSVENOR MS SUPREME 743 202Y EPDs BW 0.2 WW 52 YW 86 MM 28 TM 55 Ms. Supreme 131K is a big hipped, big topped, easy fleshing female. Out of our Ms. Supreme cow family this broody female is backed by generations of proven cow power. This awesome numbered female has maternal sisters working for Whiskey Lane, Jason Hebert and Hirsche Hereford. Her sire is proving himself to be a high-quality calving ease sire. 28 “MLPH Carla 303T 304K” Female C03092699 MLPH 304K 04/03/2022 Polled LAGRAND RELOAD 80P ET Sire: GROSVENOR TITANIUM 80P 303T GROSVENOR MS SUPREME 29F 508N NJW 73S W18 HOMETOWN 10Y ET Dam: ANL 10Y CARLA 52A 113E ANL 425X CARLA 52A EPDs BW 4.7 WW 55 YW 96 MM 29 TM 56 Carla 304K is a long sided, super feminine individual. 304K is a maternal sister to the dam of DSL 114K who also sells in the 2022 Source for Success Sale. The dam of 304K is a perfect uddered Hereford cow out of the ANL program. The sire of Carla 304K- Titanium 303T has done more than any other sire we have used in the last 10 years to improve our cowherd. A full sister to 301K sold to Travis Angel in the 2019 SOURCE FOR SUCCESS.

Stonewood 29 “Stonewood Evermore 5K” Female C03095874 SWG 5K 07/01/2022 Polled NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET Sire: RSK 173D COMMAND ET 91H NEXT GEN RIESLING 295 ET MF MASTERPLAN 1B ET Dam: MAST-R EVERMORE 15E TRIARA FOREVER 150Y EPDs BW 3.2 WW 62 YW 99 MM 25 TM 66 30 “Stonewood Remember Me 2K” Female C03095541 SWG 2K 02/01/2022 Polled GOLDEN-OAK FUSION 3S Sire: GOLDEN-OAK OUTCROSS 18U GOLDEN-OAK 60D MALLORY 15M SQUARE-D RED ROCK 946Z Dam: MAST-R BRILLIANT 4B TRIARA REMEMBER ME ET 409X EPDs BW 4.5 WW 57 YW 92 MM 24 TM 52 Fancy, upheaded level in structure balanced and puts it all together with a striking look. Dark attractive and has substance to compliment her look. This heifer will sure be a fun one could compete at the top for any junior or senior. 2K this girl is a special one, complete, balanced nice hair and bred to be a cow. Would make a super show heifer for that junior who likes a well mannered calf that could compete. Her sister has done well for Wooden Shoe this summer at Junior National. 30 29 Command

Stonewood 31 “Stonewood Rose 14H” Female C03070194 SWG 14H 19/01/2020 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: HARVIE OVHF CONCEPT ET 245F NEXT GEN RIESLING 295 ET HAROLDSONS WLC RHINO ET 48Y Dam: STONEWOOD ROSE 9E STONEWOOD ROSE 7B EPDs BW 5.3 WW 74 YW 121 MM 23 TM 61 32 “Stonewood Rose 2J” Female C03082165 SWG 2J 01/01/2021 Horned NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S PW VICTOR BOOMER P606 Dam: STONEWOOD ROSE 12F STONEWOOD ROSE 6C EPDs BW 3.3 WW 60 YW 95 MM 34 TM 64 A nice young cow we are proud to offer in this sale. She is a tremendous milking female raising a big bull calf that will be a herdsire. Could be a large part of someone’s program moving forward. This pair has been shown and will continue to show if new owner desires. She carries an exciting mating to Haroldsons Pavatti on June 2nd. Owned with Little Creek A red eyed beauty here big bodied broody and powerful. One we promised to keep but offering our best she sells. This heifer has nice udder development and structure to produce for years. Bred AI to Boyd Power Surge on Apr 24th, checked safe. 32 31 Sister sold to the Chantler girls

Stonewood 33 “Stonewood Rose 8J” Female C03082170 SWG 8J 05/01/2021 Polled NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S CRR ABOUT TIME 743 Dam: STONEWOOD ROSE 12Z STONEWOOD ROSE 8X EPDs BW 0.9 WW 55 YW 90 MM 30 TM 58 8J a nice heifer to add to herd. She has the genetic potential to produce profitable offspring. The Long Range x Rose combination will be very exciting. Bred S Mandate March 24, checked safe. 34 “Stonewood Evermore 20J” Female C03095893 SWG 20J 02/02/2021 Polled NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S MF MASTERPLAN 1B ET Dam: MAST-R EVERMORE 15E TRIARA FOREVER 150Y EPDs BW 2.8 WW 56 YW 92 MM 31 TM 59 A stout made Longrange heifer that is becoming very impressive. This girl has been shown this summer and nice to work with. She has the makings of a tremendous brood cow. Bred AI to GH Eclipse on April 8 checked safe. 35 “Stonewood Susie 41J” Female C03082163 SWG 41J 16/05/2021 Polled NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 Dam: STONEWOOD SUSIE 12G DALMUIR SUSIE 422B EPDs BW 3.3 WW 59 YW 95 MM 32 TM 62 A gorgeous cow prospect in the making dark red freckled and friendly. She comes from a good powerful mom that produces. This heifer is our junior yearling show heifer this year . The Susie line has had many generations of success. Exposed to Haroldsons Pavatti vet checked bred early May.Haroldson’s Pavati 48G 74J

Stonewood 36 “Stonewood Wendy 39H” Female C03070273 SWG 39H 09/04/2020 Polled NJW 78P TWENTYTWELVE 190Z ET Sire: ELM-LODGE FIFTH AVENUE 5F MOHICAN WHATAGIRL Z32 DALMUIR WINSOME 108W Dam: DALMUIR WENDY 201Z DALMUIR WENDY 129T EPDs BW 2.8 WW 49 YW 74 MM 27 TM 52 An older heifer that will be highly maternal and raise a big calf. Halter broke and nice to work with. A sister to the Wendy cow at Steele Brook Farm who has won many shows in Quebec. Bred Apr 5 to Haroldsons Upgrade 72H checked safe. 37 “Stonewood Supreme 42H” Female C03070200 SWG 42H 02/05/2020 Polled NJW 78P TWENTYTWELVE 190Z ET Sire: ELM-LODGE FIFTH AVENUE 5F MOHICAN WHATAGIRL Z32 GOLDEN-OAK OUTCROSS 18U Dam: STONEWOOD SUPREME ET 23E GROSVENOR MS SUPREME 29F 214U EPDs BW 4.2 WW 51 YW 83 MM 21 TM 47 This heifer is sure to be a top end female. Long sound and functional. The Supreme Family has done very well for us over the years. We strive to maintain cow familiesthat work. Bred Mar 28 to Haroldson’s Upgrade 72H checked safe. 38 “Stonewood Susie 23K” Female C03095622 SWG 23K 15/02/2022 Polled HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE T100 33D Sire: HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE 33D ET 72H HAROLDSON’S MARVEL 45P 5W REMITALL BOOMER 46B Dam: STONEWOOD SUSIE 16H DALMUIR SUSIE 114B EPDs BW 6.0 WW 54 YW 88 MM 23 TM 50 A beauty Susie calf. Soft sound and complete In her makeup. Really nice heifer to work with. This heifer has a unique pedigree sired by Upgrade and of a 46B two year old. That combination will make a great female. This calf will become a valued member of her new herd. Sister Owned by Steele Brook Farms Haroldson’s Upgrade 72H

39 “SRF Haze 4H”(MDF) Female C03071029 OPHF 4H 21/01/2020 Polled CRR 719 CATAPULT 109 Sire: CRR 109 CATAPULT 322 CRR 713 KELLY 0117 NJW 73S W18 HOMETOWN 10Y ET Dam: LONE-SPRUCE 10Y EXCELLE 4E LONE-SPRUCE 21W KANSAS 14Z EPDs BW 2.1 WW 52 YW 87 MM 33 TM 59 A moderate sized hard working female that put all she has into her calf. This is a rare and hard to find Catapult 322 daughter. Great numbers for a female that will just continue to work her heart out. Bred Mar 22/22 to Whitehawk Warrior. Exposed Apr 13/22 to May 25/22 to SRF Hollywood 216H, preg checked safe in calf. 40 “Haroldson’s Vanity 24E 11H” Female C03074270 AFSY 11H 09/02/2020 Polled H BK CCC SR GAME CHANGER ET Sire: HAROLDSON’S JVJ ROYAL 24E HAROLDSON’S AD JESSICA 48Y 13B MOHICAN WAR DRUM 409W ET Dam: ANL R 409W VANITY 27U 117Z ANL R P606 VANITY 27U EPDs BW 5.1 WW 49 YW 82 MM 27 TM 51 This female should never leave our farm but thought this female and her heifer calf could be a sale feature. 11H was one of the top selling heifer calves in the 2020 Blair Athol Haroldson fall sale. This female is squarely made; nicely uddered and the type everyone wants to take home.Bred to the ever popular Endure Mar 22/22 and exposed Apr 13/22 to May 25/22 to SRF Hollywood 216H. Preg checked safe in calf. 39a “SRF Miss Krispy 14K” Female pending OPHF 14K 20/01/2022 Polled CHURCHILL ROCK 646D ET Sire:SRF HOLYWOOD 216H CHULA-VISTA CONNIE 216C EPDs BW 3.0 WW 56 YW 90 MM 34 TM 61 A real sweet heifer sired by the Hollywood bull Casey Van Kessel and Sandy Ridge owned together. This calf has the potential to go on and make a top ranked cow given the fact her numbers and genetics are second to none. 40a “SRF Miss Kanada 11K” Female C03093676 OPHF 11K 06/01/2022 Polled KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET EPDs BW 4.6 WW 62 YW 106 MM 29 TM 61 Here is a calf by Endure that was a standout since birth. Her dam has done just a tremendous job on this powerful calf. You have to admire the extension of neck; the length of body and not to mention her overall appearance and fantastic numbers. These Endure females will be keepers. Sandy Ridge

Sandy Ridge 41 “SRF Katie 33K” Female C03093673 OPHF 33K 05/01/2022 Polled KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET TH 113W 11X HI-TECH 17A Dam: ANL 17A NORTHERN LADY 153W 33C ANL 80S NORTHERN LADY 153W EPDs BW 3.9 WW 63 YW 106 MM 30 TM 62 This Endure heifer is deep; thick; goggled eyed and just flat out good. This could very well be the best calf the ANL cow has dropped to date. A maternal sister sold to McDonald Farm in Grand Rapids MI. In 2020 a maternal sister topped the Source for Success @ $21,500 going to Lone Spruce Farm. This gem has power to burn. 42 “SRF Kanda 133K” Female C03095123 OPHF 133K 15/01/2022 Polled KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET Sire: NJW 79Z Z311 ENDURE 173D ET BW 91H 100W RITA 79Z ET CHURCHILL ROCK 646D ET Dam: SRF HAYLEE 33H P ANL 17A NORTHERN LADY 153W 33C EPDs BW 4.1 WW 68 YW 112 MM 32 TM 66 Hey juniors have a look here. This is a real fancy; picture prone Endure heifer calf that would look good at any junior’s home. This calf has superior genetics to no end as her dam was the high selling female @ $21,500 in the 2020 Source for Success sale. Quality breeds success. Co-owned with Lone Spruce Farms. 43 “4 Grade A embryos” R LEADER 6964 Sire: HARVIE OVHF EMPOWER ET 5F NEXT GEN RIESLING 295 ET SHF MANNING W18 Z22 Donor: CHULA-VISTA CONNIE 216C GHC EB MISS TRACI 71A Projected EPD’S BW 3.8 WW 67.5 YW 103.65 MM 26.5 TM 60.5 One of the best uddered females in the industry. Top selling cow 2018 River Valley sale. Empower calves topped the Harvie dispersal. Turn the clock ahead with powerful genetics. Co owned with Chula Vista Polled Herefords

Sire: TH FRONTIER 174E FTF TRUSTING LADY 312A BNMHPH 13P HEAT 101S Dam: XLP 101S SARAH 228G OSF SARAH 521X 228A EPDs BW 4.2 WW 71 YW 116 MM 34 TM 70 Frontier semen has been scarce in Canada the last couple years and his progeny are in high demand. If you’re having a hard time imagining her as a yearling just have a look at her maternal sister selling as well. The youngest of our offering, this one packs a lot of potential. She is halter broken.

TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET

Applelane / Shady Birch 44 “Applelane Belle Air Kat ET 1K” Female pending ALFJ 1K 13/01/2022 Polled BAR S LHF 028 240 Sire: BR BELLE AIR 6011 BR BELLE 4082 ET ELM-LODGE X-MAN 18X Dam: ELM-LODGE CATWOMAN 50C PED 201P SITTING PRETTY 45S EPDs BW 4.3 WW 64 YW 104 MM 33 TM 65 Fancy ET calf sired by the very popular Belle Air bull who is a two time Denver National Champion Bull. Catwoman was the dominant show heifer in her day, that then mothered the 2018 Res. National Champion Female. She will be coming at you fresh, green and good looking with a world of opportunity ahead of her. Owned by Applelane Herefords 45 “Shady-Birch Kohlrabi 6K ” Female C03091801 LSH 6K 30/01/2022 Polled TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET Sire: TH FRONTIER 174E FTF TRUSTING LADY 312A NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET Dam: SHADY-BIRCH DELPHINIUM 2D ABBY-HILL MS MODEL 3N 415S EPDs BW 1.7 WW 67 YW 112 MM 36 TM 70 Sired by the popular Frontier bull and out of a reliable daughter of Trust, she’s got the makings of a cow. Her maternal brother by 322 was used here as our walking bull and sired an impressive group of calves. She is halter broken. 46 “Shady-Birch Kinnikinick 8K”

Female C03091803 LSH 8K 09/02/2022 Polled

Don’t let the name confuse you, this green goddess is full of red meat. For a heifer with as much substance and power as she has, she remains exquisitely elegant through her front end and massively deep through her lower third. Calf champion at her very first outing at Brooklin Fair, she is well halter broken and ready to continue winning.

Shady Birch 47 “Shady-Birch Jasmine 6J” Female REG TATTOO DOB Polled TH 121L 63N TUNDRA 16S Sire: TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y TH 62N 3L KELSEY 22R BNMHPH 13P HEAT 101S Dam: XLP 101S SARAH 228G OSF SARAH 521X 228A EPDs BW 0.5 WW 55 YW 85 MM 20 TM 48 48 “Shady-Birch Kale 2K” Female C03091976 LSH 2K 02/01/2022 Polled NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R Dam: RVP 4R DAISY-MAE 35D BLAIR-ATHOL 100W YAHOO 4B EPDs BW 2.2 WW 61 YW 100 MM 31 TM Jasmine61offers a whole new world of opportunity. She won her class at Bonanza in one of the most competitive senior yearling groups ever. Maybe one of the last Lambeau daughters you’ll come across for sale, and the first calf from an impressive daughter of Heat. She is the junior project for Sydney Galt and show rights are reserved through the Junior Beef Heifer Show at the Royal. Bred May 5th to TH Big Country.

48 47

AXA 49 “Glenlees Bnc 68E Nellie 97G” Female C03066045 AHL 97G DOB Polled TH 71U 17Y MOUNTAINEER 420A Sire: ANL 420A MOUNTAINEER 787X 68E VG KLONDIKE KATE 787X TH 809T 14Z PLAYMAKER 80B Dam: BNC GLENLEES 80B NELLIE 144D BNC R117 NELLIE ET 401Y EPDs BW 3.7 WW 53 YW 88 MM 26 TM 52 A beautiful cow who has done a great job on her calf. She is out of the same Nellie cow family as the 2018 Agribition Champion & Miss World’s Champion. Don’t miss out on this exciting mating to SHF Hodgeman! Bred to SHF Hodgeman H244 on April 3rd Exposed to SHF IceBox J030 May 1st -June 20th 49a “AXA GO Pioneer Princess 228K” Female C03091283 AXA 228K 21/01/2022 Polled TH 89T 755T STOCKMAN 475Z Sire: TH 403A 475Z PIONEER 358C ET TH 71U 17Y RITA 403A EPDs BW 4.2 WW 66 YW 113 MM 27 TM 60 SHF Hodgeman

AXA 50 “AXA 36G 1D Miss United 111K” Female C03091202 AXA 111K 08/01/2022 Polled HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE T100 33D Sire: HAROLDSON’S UNITED 33D 36G HAROLDSON’S WLC MIRA ET 52B NJW 73S W18 HOMEGROWN 8Y ET Dam: AXA 8Y NELLIE 1D BLAIR’S NELLIE R117 ET 3B EPDs BW 4.2 WW 62 YW 103 MM 32 TM 62 51 “AXA 36G 519D Miss United 114K” Female C03095306 AXA 114K 13/01/2022 Polled HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE T100 33D Sire: HAROLDSON’S UNITED 33D 36G HAROLDSON’S WLC MIRA ET 52B KCF BENNETT REVOLUTION X51 Dam: AXA X51 SARAH 519D DORBAY MISS BLOSSOM 401B EPDs BW 4.7 WW 65 YW 107 MM 26 TM United/Nellie58 pedigree that wIll produce, no questions asked. Breed her to the bull of your choice and standby for a great calf. All of these United heifers produced at AXA this year have been pleasant on the eyes, no calving problems and growth you dream about. Consider this female for one of your foundation females. She has the EPDs to produce great offspring. 51 50

AXA 52 “AXA 36G 512D MISS UNITED 103K” Female C03091199 AXA 103K 01/01/2022 Polled HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE T100 33D Sire: HAROLDSON’S UNITED 33D 36G HAROLDSON’S WLC MIRA ET 52B KCF BENNETT REVOLUTION X51 Dam: AXA X51 NELLIE 512D AXA GOLDEN-OAK NELLIE ET 705X EPDs BW 5.8 WW 69 YW 111 MM 23 TM 58 United x Nellie combo that carries a little extra birth weight but explodes in performance EPDs. Weaning weight, yearling weight and maternal all tie together to make an excellent prospect. 53 “AXA 36G 130F Miss United 108K” Female C03091201 AXA 108K 06/01/2022 Polled HAROLDSON’S UPGRADE T100 33D Sire: HAROLDSON’S UNITED 33D 36G HAROLDSON’S WLC MIRA ET 52B SHF WONDER M326 W18 ET Dam: TL W18 FREEBIRD 130F KIPPENHAME ASPEN 6A EPDs BW 5.9 WW 67 YW 111 MM 29 TM 62 The United female out of an excellent Freebird female exhibits dreamt about growth numbers. Take this female and breed her to a low birthweight bull and you should get championship-quality progeny. 54 “AXA P606 57B Miss Boomer 117K” Female C03091204 AXA 117K 15/01/2022 Polled REMITALL BOOMER 46B Sire: PW VICTOR BOOMER P606 PW VICTORIA 964 8114 NJW 73S M326 TRUST 100W ET Dam: RVP 100W BLUEBELL 57B ELM-LODGE YELLOW ROSE 13Y EPDs BW 4.5 WW 47 YW 74 MM 32 TM 56 Consider the power in the pedigree of this heifer. P606, Trust, Maxium and Elmlodge Yellow Rose. The pedigree reads production and maternal.

AXA 55 “AXA Z311 705D Unique 17J” Female C03080190 AXA 17J 01/01/2021 Polled SCHU-LAR ON TARGET 22S Sire: KCF BENNETT ENCORE Z311 ET KCF MISS REVOLUTION X338 ET HARVIE DAN T-BONE 196T Dam: AXA T-BONE UNIQUE ET 705D HARVIE OVHF MS UNIQUE 80W EPDs BW 3.7 WW 66 YW 110 MM 25 TM 58 An Encore female out of the Harvie T-Bone family. Low birth weight, high yearling weight and excellent maternal EPDs. Bred AI to SHF Hodgeman F158 H244 on April 19 and exposed to Glenlees Bryck from May 8 to June 15. Preg checked safe to AI breeding. 56 “AXA 14E 415G Rainmaker Gal 13J” Female C03080187 AXA 13J 01/01/2021 Polled KCL WPF THE PROFESSOR 7110ET Sire: REMITALL-W RAINMAKER ET 14E REMITALL-WEST MARVEL ET 76Y LF ALWAYS DIGNIFIED 5113 Dam: DORBAY MISS REVOLUTION 415G DOSS MISS REVOLUTION DHY10 EPDs BW 4.8 WW 54 YW 86 MM 27 TM 55 Really nice bred out of a Revolution female owned by Dorbay. The Rainmaker/Revolution combo makes for a balanced set of EPDs. Exposed to Glenlees Bryck from May 8 to June 15. Preg checked safe.

AXA 57 “AXA 200Z 14G Nellie 14J” Female C03080188 AXA 14J 01/01/2021 Polled CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X Sire: CHURCHILL RED BULL 200Z CHURCHILL LADY 002X ET NJW 79Z 22Z HEAVY DUTY 72C ET Dam: AXA 72C 115E NELLIE 14G AXA X51 703X NELLIE 115E EPDs BW 2.7 WW 60 YW 102 MM 34 TM 64 Redbull x Nellie combo showing low birthweight, high yearling, milk and maternal. A producer by design. Bred AI on April 23 to Glenlees AXA Evolve ET 112 J owned with Glenlees and River Valley Polled Herefords. Exposed to Glenlees Bryck from May 8 to June 15. Preg checked safe to AI service. 58 “AXA P606 J262 Miss Revolt 33J ” Female C03080194 AXA 33J 21/01/2021 Polled REMITALL BOOMER 46B Sire: PW VICTOR BOOMER P606 PW VICTORIA 964 8114 MSU TCF REVOLUTION 4R Dam: SSF 2Y MS REVOLUTION 262 DJB 078K LADY KIM 2Y EPDs BW 3.9 WW 49 YW 75 MM 29 TM 53 A female with a genetic background to be a great producer. P606 on the top side and Revolution on the bottom side spells a great future. Bred AI on April 9 to SHF Hodgman F158 H244 to the much talked about bull purchased with Tom McNeely and Nathan Reimer from Sandhill Farms. The P606/Revolution pedigree will work especially with the Hodgeman in the mix. Exposed to Glenlees Bryck from May 8 to June 15. Preg checked safe to AI breeding. 59 “Thunderbrook 652D Jackie 6J” Female C03081102 TBC 6J 03/01/2021 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: MCM 6964 BOLT 652D MCM 028X MARLIE 413B MCCOY 55M ABSOLUTE 49S Dam: DENLORI 49S CANDY 1C DENLORI 5W YASMINE 1Y EPDs BW 1.1 WW 64 YW 98 MM 22 TM 54 Bred yearling that would stand first in class in a great many shows. EPDs showing low birthweight an excellent yearling weight. Bred AI on April 22 to Glenlees AXA Evolve ET 112J and exposed to Glenlees Bryce 39G from May 8 to June 1. Preg checked safe to AI. Evolve

AXA / Truluck 60 “Haroldson’s Lady 50E 61H” Female C03074302 AFSY 61H 22/03/2020 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: HAROLDSON’S TRACTION ET 50E HAROLDSON’S MARVEL 45P 5W HAROLDSONS WLC RHINO ET 48Y Dam: HAROLDSON’S LADY 48Y 57C LRL MISS LAKES 50K 57M EPDs BW 3.2 WW 51 YW 80 MM 22 TM 47 61 H is the complete package. She’s moderate framed, deep bodied and has a beautiful udder. Her mating to SHF Hodgeman will be an exciting cross. Exposed to SHF Hodgeman H244 April 1st- May 1st Exposed 20th SHF Icebox J030 May 5th -June 20th owned by AXA 61 “Blair-Athol 001A Trisha 2H” Female C03072068 DVL 2H 21/01/2020 Polled KCF BENNETT 9126J R294 Sire: GERBER ANODYNE 001A GERBER 627S HOLLY 096Y CHURCHILL KICKSTART 501C ET Dam: MCCOY 501C TRISHA ET 80F MCCOY 719T TRISHA 16Z EPDs BW 1.8 WW 61 YW 97 MM 28 TM 58 2H is a hard working young cow who pours everything into her calf. She’s long sided with an attractive front end. Exposed to SHF Hodgeman H244 April 1st-May 1st Exposed to SHF Icebox J030 May 5th June 20th. Owned by AXA 62 “Truluck Ms Ronda 1841K” Female C03095199 TRUL 1841K 30/01/2022 Polled TH 121L 63N TUNDRA 16S Sire: TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y TH 62N 3L KELSEY 22R TH FRONTIER 174E Dam: TRULUCK MS RONDA 184H OVHF GBHS MS RONDA 18C EPDs BW 0.4 WW 58 YW 93 MM 25 TM 54 A well balanced female with style and flash. She is very clean in her lines, powerful with good pigmentation. She was successfully campaigned as a 4H project this summer, and one of the favourites with our junior crew. Owned by Truluck.

Paszternak / Hobbs / Luchies 63 “Hidden-View Keepsake 201N 21K” Female C03094083 JKP 21K 12/02/2022 Polled REMITALL ONLINE 122L Sire: HAROLDSON’S GLF 122L 201N BLAIR-ATHOL FUTURE FANNY 9J EJM WINSTON 24R 49W Dam: HIDDEN-VIEW MISS BANGLE 49W 2B MARJON 28M RENATTA 310R EPDs BW 6.9 WW 55 YW 94 MM 19 TM 37 You will want to be sure to find this Online granddaughter on sale day. The Online granddaughters have worked for us and because we have her full sister, it was decided we could make her available. KeepSake is a very eye appealing female, dark red with just the right amount of chrome, and made stout, she has been a favourite since day 1. This heifer is being shown and there is no doubt she will go on to make a great cow like her dam and sisters. She’ll be one you want to take home and KEEP 64 “Charsha Jewel 4J” Female C03083224 DCU 4J 05/01/2021 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: BOYD 31Z BLUEPRINT 6153 NJW 91H 100W RITA 31Z ET TH 71U 719T MR HEREFORD 11X Dam: CHARSHA CALISTA 11X 10C CHARSHA ABSOLUTELY LUCKY 2A EPDs BW 1.7 WW 52 YW 85 MM 23 TM 49 Jewel is a long spined, deep ribbed and powerful chested female that will add dimension and easy fleshing genetics to any program. Her dam is one of our hardest working cows and the Blueprint females we have in use on our farm impress us every day. Bred to Custom Made 340 for an early February calf. 65 “Circle-L Jelly Bean 5J” Female C03085522 CSNJ 5J 11/01/2021 Polled NJW 135U 10Y HOMETOWN 27A Sire: NJW 76S 27A LONG RANGE 203D ET NJW 55N STARDUST 76S MAPLEWOOD BRAIZER 101B Dam: MAPLEWOOD HEIDI 205D MAPLEWOOD BROOKE 131B EPDs BW 3.4 WW 59 YW 99 MM 28 TM 58 This is a deep dark Long Range female we are proud to have raised. This is the first female we are parting with out of Maplewood Heidi. Her maternal sisters are hard working no nonsense females as she is sure to be as well. Bred AI to Bolt for a early January calf (exposed to WLL Hat Trick 17H (Perfecto Power x McCoy 55M Absolute)

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EXCEPTION TO GUARANTEE - In cases where the animal is subjected to any hormonal or surgical reproduction techniques after the sale, the guarantee shall be null and void. In the cases of bulls, they are guaranteed to breed naturally according to Canadian Hereford Association Guarantee but no guarantee is given that semen from any bull will freeze.

ACCIDENTS -All persons attend the sale at their own risk. Although every precaution will be taken to protect the safety and comfort of buyers, neither the owners of the facility, Sales Management, auctioneer, or Association assumes any responsibility in this matter and disclaims any liability legal or otherwise in the event of accident, sickness, death or loss of property.

Whiskey Lane Livestock 66 “WLL Kahlua 8K” Female C03093049 WLL 8K 04/01/2022 Polled TH 22R 16S LAMBEAU 17Y Sire: CSC 701 BOLDER 901 CSC 502 LADY DEW 701 LCX PERFECTO POWER 2D Dam: WLL FOREVER MORE 34F WLL DANICAEPDs13DBW 1.5 WW 56 YW 90 MM 29 TM 57 Great Opportunity here! 8K is one of the first CS Bolder calves to sell in Canada. Kahula is long sided, square hipped with a tremendous rib and she puts it all together in a stylish eye appealing package. She is extremely quiet and has be shown by Shelby very successfully. We think a lot of this heifer and would be more than happy to help the new owners show her this fall. She is entered in the Royal Futurity. 67 “WLL Jane 33J” Female C03096076 WLL 33J 01/02/2021 Polled R LEADER 6964 Sire: MCM 6964 BOLT 652D MCM 028X MARLIE 413B WLL ALL IN 23A Dam: WLL CUPCAKE 48C WLL YEN 29Y EPDs BW 30 WW 66 YW 106 MM 26 TM 59 This is a very attractive, moderate Bolt daughter that has a beautiful profile with exceptional thickness. She was bred to CSC Bolder on March 28th and due to calve January 4th CSC 701 BOLDER 901


ANNOUNCEMENTS from the auction block will take precedence over printed matter in the catalogue. Buyers are therefore cautioned to pay attention to any such announcements.

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS - The above terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a contract between the buyer and the seller and be equally binding to both. Resale of animals following purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected thereto are not covered by the terms and conditions of this sale.

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PURCHASER’S RISK - Each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser as soon as sold

TERMS - The terms of the sale are cheque at satisfactory been made prior The right of pass until after settlement is made. The Source For Success Sale reserves the right to require a certified as settlement before releasing any Should the purchaser fail to settle for his purchase, The Source for Success Sale reserves full power to resell the animal to the best advantage either privately, without further notice. Any loss arising from such resale together with keep and all other expenses shall be payable by the defaulter. All settlements must be made with the clerks of the sale before any cattle will be released. The owners, The Source For Success Sale and sales staff have the right to refuse bids from anyone who has a previous record of default in payment and or who has not made prior credit arrangements, prior to the sale with the owners and or Sales DISPUTESManagement.-Incases of disputes, bidding will be reopened between the parties involved. If no further bid is made the buyer will be the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. The auctioneer’s decision in such matters will be final.

property shall not

THE Source For Success IS AN AGENT ONLY - It is clearly understood that The Source For Success Sale, acts only as agent between buyer and seller and is not in any way responsible for any failure by either party to live up to his or her obligations. The Source For Success Sale does not assume any financial obligations to collect or enforce collection of moneys by either parties, and in exceptional case, any legal action will be between buyer and seller. The Source For Success Sale has no ownership of the facility and assumes no responsibility for the operation of said facility.

GUARANTEE - All animals will carry standard breeding guarantee as specified by the Canadian Hereford Association. At no time shall the seller’s liability exceed the purchased price of the animal.

Terms & Conditions


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Sold in dam to JKF & Hirsche and was their lead off sale bull at $25,000 Sold as Choice of the Champions to Robinsons 2022 Bonanza Champion - Flush sells! Sold in dam to Arthur Polled Herefords. Lot 1 high selling bull at $8500 in their 2021 sale Sold to Jesse Procyk Bonanza Reserve Lottery Heifer Champion Sold to Summer Arthur in 2021 Agribition Class Winner Sold to Wooden Shoe Winner at the Utah Jackpot Sold to Top of the Hill 2022 Spring Forward Champion Sold to Eaglecrest Herefords Junior Champion at Beachburg/ 2nd Bonanza Sold to BonanzaNLCLReserve Senior Yearling Sold to BonanzaMorningcallClassWinner for Rylee Rodgers Sold as Pick of the Crop in 2021 Bonanza Res Calf Champion for Heidi McFadden Youth Forum Champion Winner of the CHA Jr Show Incentive