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Moving On Up

[How to Attract Clients When Your Salon Isn’t at Street Level]

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE [Animal-Inspired Nail Art]


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In Salon: May 1, 2011

ORLY Nail Lacquers are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

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you’re blushing créme

prelude to a kiss créme

jealous, much? créme

faint of heart créme

steel your heart shimmer

artificial sweetener

Chloé is wearing Faint of Heart



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COLORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh?, Pedal Faster Suzi!, Kiss Me on My Tulips, Red Lights Ahead…Where?, A Roll in The Hague, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, I Have a Herring Problem, Thanks a WindMillion, I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!, Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI?, Vampsterdam, Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

NATIONAL RELEASE DATE: 2/8/12 Model is wearing PEDAL FASTER SUZI! CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE For more information, contact your local OPI distributor. Call 800.341.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

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12/21/11 12:02 PM Š2011 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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DARK DELIGHT. A glossy, plump black cherry, picked at the height of its sweet-tartness. The perfect complement to nutmeg’s earthiness. The union is all at once rich and enchanting, savory and desirable. Black Cherry & Nutmeg Scentsations™. From CND.

touch & smell

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速 Magnetic Gel-Polish

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2012 Q1 Boys O.indd 1-2 na0212ads.indd 12

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11/11/11 4:58 PM 12/21/11 12:03 PM

2012 Q1 Deals O.indd 1-2 na0212ads.indd 14

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11/11/11 4:10 PM 12/21/11 12:03 PM



with Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex A complete hand care system that leaves skin positively glowing at an amazing cost-per-service value!*



AVOPLEX LIQUID SOAP Cleanses & nourishes with Avocado Lipid Complex, Vitamin E and soothing Aloe. Use as professional manicure soak; retail for daily use.

AVOPLEX REVITALIZING HAND & BODY SCRUB Instantly reveals softer, younger-looking skin! Hydrates with nutrient-rich Avocado Lipid Complex, Jojoba and Grape Seed Oils.

Experience the Avoplex difference with OPI’s Pro Manicure Kit offering 20 full services! *Average service cost using Pro Sizes = $0.65; Econ Sizes = $0.51.

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AVOPLEX MEET THE AVOCADO AVOCADO OIL Rich in natural skin-loving lipids that smooth and soothe.

VITAMINS A, D, & E Helps fight free radicals and encourage natural skin repair.

LECITHIN Natural emollient; helps soften and protect skin.

POTASSIUM An important elasticity-restoring mineral.

PROTEIN Increases elasticity, helps lock in moisture, and helps protect skin.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS Natural moisture-binding emollients nourish your skin.



A must for professional services – a weekly treat for hands and body!

Call 800-341-9999 or visit ©2011 OPI Products Inc.

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the ultimate in nail fashion

Scan to learn more.

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BEJEWELED 3D DESIGNS 36 appliqués / 9 sizes

FASHION PRINT DESIGNS 42 appliqués / 14 sizes

UV/LED CURE Apply Gelife Polish-On Soak-Off Base and Top Gel over DesignFX for stunning two-week wear!

Available in 36 stunning designs for fingers and toes.

©2011 Dashing Diva Professional. 866.665.3482.

Join our community.

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Purely pink. Perfectly yummy. Being more than “Just the Nail Girl”, you know that time-saving techniques make your business more profitable. So why not put off the need for a rebalance by using a beautiful coverage powder, like Purely Pink Masque? This easy-to-use, highly pigmented polymer will cover your client’s regrowth area for weeks, making fills a breeze. Did we mention this lovely pink shade flatters virtually every skin tone? We’ll keep making the chemistry. You keep making the eye candy. | 800.645.6741 Follow NSI Nails on

Purely Pink, Perfectly Yummy Liquid & Powder Deal. Buy an 8 Oz. Attraction Nail Liquid and get three 1.4 Oz. Nail Powders – including Purely Pink Masque – FREE! Scan for more information or to order online.

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EXPERIENCE THE WOW-FACTOR. Dashing Diva French Wrap Manicure na0212ads.indd 24

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It’s All About the WOW Patented innovation provides: No-chip, no-smudge French mani’s Up to 2 weeks of flawless wear Perfect smile lines, every time ch

Available in thin and thick Fren

1. APPLY French Wrap Plus

2. CLIP Application tab to release French color

3. APPLY Dashing Diva Base Seal and Top Seal

4. RESULTS A perfect French manicure that lasts on natural nails

French Wrap Manicure Kit provides over 20 perfect French manicures Kit Contains: 140-Ct Thin French Wrap Plus, 140-Ct Thick French Wrap Plus, Base Seal, Top Seal, Brush-On Glue

Join Our Community ©2011 Dashing Diva Professional. 866.665.3482.

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{in this issue}

February 2012 Volume 30, No. 1



120 On Your Marks, Get Set, E-File! E-files are racing into the next generation of nail techs who are ready to buff, sand, and backfill like the best of them. Here’s a roundup of electric files to get you up to speed. 124 Nail Salons Are For Lovers Couples’ services, chocolate pedicures, and extra-sensory touches like strawberries and wine can be a seductive force on clients in February. Here’s what some techs are doing for Valentine’s Day to give you some ideas.


128 Our Better Half NAILS is in the Valentine’s spirit, and so are many of our readers. As an ode to all of the significant others out there — who help with housework and, importantly in the beauty profession, cope with crazy night and weekend schedules — here are some couples who make it all work.


134 Inked: Tattoos in the Workplace Are tattoos more accepted in today’s workplace? We asked nail techs what they thought about visible tattoos at work and most of you told us it should be no big deal, but there seems to still be some stereotyping that comes along with that skin ink. 146 Walk on the Wild Side Unleash your and your clients’ feisty sides with animal printinspired nail art. With a stroke of your brush, a leopard can change its spots or a zebra can become rainbow-hued.



Cover Look


Moving On Up

page 96


page 146

On You Mark, Get Set, E-File!

page 120

[How to Attract Clients When Your Salon Isn’t at Street Level]

Nails: Sarah Peterson, Rollo, Mo. Model: Ashley Mayer Photographer: Bobby Burger, Bobby’s Photography

page 124


[Animal-Inspired Nail Art]



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Need a quick color change? No problem. Gel FX works together with ORLY nail lacquer so you can go from day to night without ruining your Gel FX manicure.

Apply 2 coats of any ORLY nail lacquer over your Gel FX manicure

Your quick color change is complete

Remove nail lacquer with non-acetone remover

Your Gel FX manicure is back to normal


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{in this issue}

68 114



Technique 57

Business 89

60 Demos Step-by-steps from OPI and Hand & Nail Harmony 64 Signature Services Step-by-steps for a Chocolate Martini Pedicure and a Citrus Polished Pedicure 66 Behind the Scenes Find out how to the nails that are on this month’s cover. 68 Neon Toes Jamie Hess is seeing clients who love to get neon polish on their toes.

94 Reader to Reader Should the salon be open or closed on holidays and why? 96 Moving On Up Tucked inside and out of view, these salons seem to defy the first rule of business: location, location, location. How do salons succeed when they’re several stories up and out of sight? 100 Salon Profile Torrance, Calif.-based salon Gemist, owned by nail artist Meg Kaehler, incorporates Japanese-style services for customers.

Style 71

Health 109

76 Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs 80 Show Us Your…Window Displays Six salons share their successful displays. 84 Nail Trends from the Spring 2012 Fashion Week Runways Custom nail designs, fierce brights, and tasteful nude nails ruled the runways. 86 Boutique: Magnets Offer trendy magnet sets that add a splash of color and personality to any file cabinet or household refrigerator.

112 Under the Microscope: Exfoliative Keratolysis Exfoliative keratolysis is a condition where the top layer of the skin perpetually peels. 114 Sole Love: A Reflexology Primer Reflexology differs from traditional massage by releasing pressure points instead of rubbing muscles. 118 Secret Ingredient: Acetone A closer look at the clear and dear friend that makes nail product removal a snap.


In Every Issue 36 38 42 48 54 136 150 152 160 170

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On My Mind On Your Mind Nails File Freebies & Giveaways On The Road Ad Index Reader Nail Art Product Spotlight Deal Sheet My Other Life


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new at

nailsmag .com

Photography by Becky Maynes

Find everything you’re looking for on Whether you’re researching, shopping, or designing, you’ll find inspiration and answers at our website.

View Runway Nail Styles from All Over. Our Fashion Week online slideshow covers way more than just New York Fashion Week. You can look at couture nail styles from all over the globe, including Paris Fashion Week’s Charlie Le Mindu show, in which an entire dress was made from over 30,000 Minx nail coatings hand-wrapped over Kiss nail tips.

Find Award-Winning Products. We’ve been conducting our Readers’ Choice Awards since 2004, which is an annual survey in which NAILS’ readers choose their favorite professional products by popular vote. We’ve now compiled all of the results (from 2004 to the present) in an easy to understand chart that you can sort by year, rank, company, category, and product.

Upload your Valentine’s Day Nail Art. Our Nail Art Gallery is the perfect place to share your Valentine’s Day nail art designs. Just take a photo of a client’s finished design and upload it to the site. Be sure to tag it “Valentine’s Day” so viewers can easily find it.

Be Inspired by Nail-Themed Tattoos. Nail techs (and others in the beauty industry) are a creative bunch. We’ve rounded up some nail-themed tattoos for techs who show their love for their career on their skin.

Win Free Products and Samples. NAILS is always giving away nail care products and gifts. Check our online Freebies page regularly for contests and giveaways.



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12/22/11 12:54 PM

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12/22/11 12:54 PM

{on my mind} At the recommendation of CND’s Jan Arnold (who is always encouraging me to get a little bit crazier with my nails), I donned this perfectly simple (with a hint of bling) style using Shellac in Cocoa and a light dusting of champagne-colored glitter for the winter holidays.

Use the “Nail Polish Index” to Your Advantage

According to Women’s Wear Daily (and something you might already know in your own gut), an uptick in nail polish sales is a good indicator of the economic mood and ultimately, of consumer confidence. Women who might forego expensive clothes or lunches will indulge in

affordable luxuries like nail polish and lipstick (in fact, the Nail Polish Index used to be called the Lipstick Index) as a precursor to bigger spending. According to WWD, both colored polish and top and base coat sales were up 50%, implying that ladies have been giving themselves complete at-home manicures. It’s nice that women are feeling good and buying polish, even if they are doing it at home. So, how can YOU and your salon get in on the action? 1. Use the “nail polish index” in your promotions to hype up the fact that ladies still need to look their best even when times are tough. Stress the cost of a manicure/pedicure versus that of a full day visit to a spa or a new handbag or pair of shoes. Try something like, “Why pay $500 for those new Manolos when you can get our Diamond-Crusted Pedi for just a fraction of that price. Mention this ad for a free mani with your $75 Diamond-Crusted Pedi.” 2. Let everyone know you have the latest salon-only products available for services. How about a promo like this? “Want to know more about the two-week manicure you’ve read about in Vogue and The New York Times? Come visit us for a gel-polish [insert specific brand name] manicure. Available only at professional salons, we guarantee our service for two full weeks and every appointment comes with a free bottle of cuticle oil to help extend the length of your manicure.” 3. Appeal to their busy lives. “Don’t have the time to wait for your polish to dry while chasing after your little ones? Come in to [insert salon name here] and we’ll get you in and out with a chip-free, semi-permanent manicure in less than an hour. The best part? It will last two weeks, so you won’t have to fuss with your polish bottle at home anymore.” 4. Promote your skills. Yes, you’re a trained professional and a nail artist. You know all the latest trends, the coolest styles, and you have the ability to paint any design your clients’ hearts could desire. Show off your abilities with samples on your Facebook page or post pictures on your Twitter account. Try out a cool new design on a local newscaster or someone else who gets a lot of attention who you know will talk up your “mad skills.” Everyone wants to feel like they have the coolest new style. Be it magnetic polish designs, ombre looks, interesting glitter fades (like my cool nails at left that CND ambassador Michele Huynh did for me for the holidays) — you’re going to have more ideas and probably better artistic skills than the average home polisher. 5. If you can’t beat them, join them. Maybe you just won’t be able to sway some women to become regular salon-goers. Why not appeal to the DIY-ers by promoting how you have the latest colors and products so they can give themselves a salon-quality mani at home. “Want nails like Nicki Minaj? Buy her new OPI shades exclusively at [insert salon name here]. With the purchase of the new Nicki Minaj collection, you get a free brochure of nail art ideas to try at home. (Sure this might seem counterintuitive, but it will go a long way to creating customer loyalty when that do-it-yourselfer decides she’s tired of doing it herself. And she’ll definitely remember how helpful you were.)

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12/21/11 3:15 PM


©2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

“IS IT DRY?” TIME. No more re-do’s. No more driving “palms-only” on the steering wheel or returning to the salon before you’ve left the parking lot.

SCAN. WATCH. LEARN. 760.599.2900 800.833.NAIL ©2009 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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{on your mind} NOVEMBER 2011




Publisher Cyndy Drummey

I really enjoyed your November issue! Loved the Thanksgiving theme!

Rebekka Parry

Ten Terrific Talons Via e-mail

Great issue and articles this month (November). Also, I wanted to thank you for the kudos. I really appreciate it.

’Tis the Season for RETAIL Bring in the Reinforcements

An Easy Guide to Nail Repairs

La Sharn D. Newbill Via e-mail

Associate Publisher Michelle Mullen


Associate Publisher/Editor Hannah Lee

Is for Autoclave: THE AB







Managing Editor Sree Roy Features Editor Judy Lessin Senior Editor Tim Crowley

NAIL TECHS PAYING IT FORWARD I just received my goodie box the other day [as part of a NAILS Facebook giveaway] and it was amazing. All the wonderful art and products are so unique; thank you so much! There is also something else that I wanted to let you know. There is something very interesting taking place on Facebook right now. As we all know in this industry it can be trying at times, and in most towns or cities there is always some “unfriendly competition” going on. Unfortunately some nail techs can be catty. The thing is, I love all things nails, and it is not a competition to me. In fact, over the years I have been lucky enough to become friends with some of the best nail techs in my province. I feel honored when someone uses my designs as inspiration because that is what it is about. I am not afraid my clients will leave me and go to the competition because I do quality work and build quality relationships with them. I guess the best way to describe the interesting happenings on Facebook would be a sort of “pay it forward” situation. I have been talking with an amazing nail tech Sarah Payne (FB page Nail Designs by Sarah), who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We have been trading advice on products and ideas and it has been working out great. Sarah has a friend Stephanie (FB page Nails By Stephanie), who lives in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, who also does amazing nails and whose page I have liked.

38 | na0212oym.indd 38



Bear with me, this is where it gets a bit confusing. Stephanie “shared” on her page Shabby Chic Nail Studio (Langford Station, British Columbia, Canada) for people to enjoy the beautiful art. I shared Shabby Chic on my Posh Nails & Designs Facebook page and Shabby Chic came back with a wonderful compliment to my work and shared my page to all of its fans. So I have shared Sarah’s and Stephanie’s pages to increase their “likes” and now they have both done the same for me. It’s a great example of nail technicians coming together for a common reason — the love of nails! This is so cool to me, that there are so many wonderful and talented artists who are not afraid to share what they can do. This in itself is very inspiring. I already had a lot of nail technicians as friends and now, with their permission, I will share their pages as well. Most of us just want our work to be seen and recognized and to be spoken of as true artists, and I think this is the way to do it. I just checked my page again and there is a lovely lady named Alyssa who made a comment on my wall about my art being good. She said she “liked” my page and asked if I could return the favor to hers (Nails By Alyssa). The really cool thing is she lives in New Port Ritchey, Fla.

Aimie Westerman Posh Nails & Designs Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Editorial Assistant Brittni Rubin Contributing Writers Michelle Pratt, Erin Snyder Dixon Art Director Danielle Parisi Associate Art Director Ajay Peckham Graphic Artist Kimberly Pham Production Manager Carla Benavidez Western Sales Manager Michelle Mullen, (310) 533-2465 Eastern Sales Manager Mary Baughman, (562) 377-0465 Marketing/eMedia Coordinator Myla Diaz Audience Marketing Manager Katie Fillingame For subscription inquiries: (888) NAILS-44, Send business and editorial correspondence to: 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2400 (310) 533-2507 Fax Chairman Edward J. Bobit CEO/President Ty F. Bobit Chief Financial Officer Richard E. Johnson


12/21/11 6:49 PM

*When used as directed.

• On Like Polish • Wears Like Gel

Power Polish™ • Off In Minutes • No Nail Damage* (Really!) patent pending


©2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

ZERO DRY TIME. CND Shellac has no dry time—it’s UV cured. Reach in your purse. Grab your keys. Grab the wheel. And drive with confidence!

SCAN. WATCH. LEARN. 760.599.2900 800.833.NAIL ©2009 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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{on your mind} WHERE CAN I FIND?


How old were you when you enrolled in beauty school (for nails)?

So far all I have been able to find about Sweet Lady Jane 14K Nail Jewelry has been on your website. I am looking to purchase a few pieces. I lost one of mine the other day and would like to replace it. Can you help me find a seller?

Younger than 20














Over 50


Marion Allen Via e-mail

Editor’s Note: As far as we know, this company is no longer in business. You might try Snails Italian Jewelry at www. They have gold jewelry and charms for nails. Some of our Facebook fans were asking about Keyano Aromatics after we ran Keldara Salon & Spa’s Pumpkin Pedicure in the October issue. They were also curious how the salon owner liked the product line. Editor’s Note: We asked owner Julie Eisenhauer and here is what she said, “We love Keyano! The only reason we ever use another brand is because Keyano doesn’t have the particular scent we wanted at that time. They have multiple sizes and the prices are comparable to other lines and really good quality. They are out of New York and can be reached at (800) 800-0313. Call them and they’ll mail you a catalog.”

Log on to to answer this month’s question and check back here to see what other nail techs have to say. | | 800.86.NAILS

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12/21/11 6:49 PM

W Where in the world is N NAILS Magazine? Sarah is actually this month’s cover tech. Turn to page 66 to see how she did the nails.

Att Attached is a picture of me — a nail tech/ art of four years — reading my Bible artist (N (NAILS Magazine) in our famous pedicure ar Every person who comes into our area! sa tells us how cute our pedicure area salon is We have been open for one year this is. A August, and business is great! Having o own salon has been a dream of our my sister (Ashley Mayer) and mine since we were in school. We worked together in other salons but it just h t we wanted. t d We needed more style and a more upbeat wasn’t’t what place to show our stuff. Ashley then took it upon herself to open a salon and I followed right behind her. Thank you NAILS for being there for us!


Send your comments to or send us a letter via snail-mail to Hannah Lee, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. (NAILS Magazine reserves the right to edit letters for space and clarity. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.)

Sarah Petersen

Salon Legacy Rolla, Mo.

Do you have a picture of yourself reading NAILS? Send a pic to and make sure to include your name, salon name, city, state, and a brief synopsis. FEBRUARY 2012

na0212oym.indd 41



| 41 12/21/11 6:50 PM

{nails file}

Nails and Networking in the Northwest The 2011 Northwest Networking Retreat was an incredible success with a record 60 nail techs coming together October 14-17 on Vashon Island near Seattle. Nail techs from Canada and nine states reaching as far away as Maine joined in at Camp Burton to spend a weekend together to learn, network, and build friendships with other techs who share their passion. The event started Friday with an intense hands-on class that had techs thrilled about how their nails had improved in just a few short hours. Saturday and Sunday were filled with trade show demos, shopping, classes, and hands-on workshops, as well as evening seminars and a campfire overlooking the water. Quick, convenient, and low-cost, Entity Monday finished up with longer hands-on workshops including Vicki Peters’ Beauty’s webinars are designed to give nail e-file certification class. Throughout the weekend the techs participated in technicians an in-class experience from raffles that included amazing prizes like the Valentino Beauty Pure, Belava their own computers. Focusing on different Pedicure Tub, and Kupa U-power 2-G. In addition, each attendee went home product lines and nail applications, the with a swag bag worth more than $400 in free product from industry sponsors. webinars teach the same information and do “While a typical networking event takes place for one or two days and the same demonstrations online that would includes a trade show and workshops, the 2011 Retreat took it to a whole new be learned in a regular classroom setting. level, adding seminars, The webinars are hosted live and feature nail free competitions with technician Lorena Marquez, Entity’s global cash prizes, games, meals, artist. As a bonus, all paid attendees receive lodging, classes, and a 30-day coupon code for use toward Entity hands-on workshops for product purchases. four days and three nights “Our online webinars have been a huge — all included in the ticket success, selling out each time, showing us that price,” says Jessical Hoel, nail technicians are interested in expanding event director. Next year their product knowledge with continuing the organizers will be education,” says Jamie Stiely, regional sales heading down to Portland, director of Entity Beauty. Ore., for a traditional twoFor a list of dates and topics and to register day networking event, and online, visit resume the four-day webinars.aspx. >>> Retreat October 2013 at Camp Burton. Information on all NW Networking Vicki Peters judged the Events can be found at blind polish competition.

Entity Beauty Hosts Educational Webinars

42 |


na0212generalNF.indd 42



12/21/11 6:58 PM


With innovative gel technology polished to perform, GelColor by OPI gives clients weeks of glossy OPI color in lightning-speed, LED-cured services only your salon can deliver!

Call 800.341.9999 or visit Š2011 OPI Products Inc.

na0212generalNF.indd 43

12/21/11 6:58 PM

OPI Revamps iPhone App OPI has relaunched the OPI Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The updated app offers an easy, free way to browse and search over 200 OPI nail lacquer shades — now at faster speeds. The Try It On Color Studio continues to provide a look at all current OPI shades, while the search feature now incorporates retired shades, allowing users to view past favorites. The updated app also includes higher resolution images to further enhance visual displays. In addition to running faster, the application now has the capability to wait in the background while other programs are used, namely Facebook. This feature gives users the option to check OPI’s Facebook page without having to leave the app. Since its original debut, the app has added a sort-by-collection feature, highlighting current collections and promotions so that users will know what’s new to the brand. The app even lets users select favorites, storing lacquer choices for future reference.

World Record-Setting Cut-a-Thon Delivers for Charity In September, West Chester, Pa.-based Calista Grand Salon and Spa broke a Guinness World Record for most haircuts. From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., the salon hosted the Calistalicious “fun-raiser.” The event featured an eight-hour cut-a-thon in which 10 Calista Grand stylists and all the employees attempted to complete 264 haircuts. Instead the team completed 403 haircuts, beating their own goals. Calista Grand raised $15,000 from participants and donations that were divided between The Shine Foundation, the Cancer Program at Chester County Hospital, and Jordan Baumeister, a young man who is battling a form of cancer called sarcoma.

44 |


na0212generalNF.indd 44



12/21/11 6:58 PM

Autry Student Wins State Competition


Courtney McGinnis placed ďŹ rst in nail care at the Oklahoma SkillsUSA competition.

6$/21 63$

Autry Technology Center Cosmetology student Courtney McGinnis recently placed ďŹ rst in nail care at the Oklahoma SkillsUSA competition. The purpose of the nail care contest was to evaluate each contestant’s preparation for employment and to recognize outstanding students’ excellence and professionalism in the ďŹ eld of nail technology. The contest consisted of six segments: oral communication skills, acrylic application, tip and wrap application, nail polish application, nail art pedicuring, and a written exam. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers, and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. The organization serves teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations.


As of January 1, PNI Worldwide is officially known as Americanails. The company continues to manufacture the same brands, such as Nouveau Nail, RapidCure, Xtreme Nail, and Lightspeed. “Our 12 professional brands are recognized around the world and we wanted to change our name to display our pride in the good old U.S. of A.,� says president and CEO Michael Kerzner.

PNI Now Americanails

Group Supports Latino Beauty Professionals The National Latino Cosmetology Association (NLCA) is a non-proďŹ t organization made up of beauty professionals, salons and spas, distributors, and manufacturers. It is dedicated to improving the careers and individual businesses of its members, as well as the industry as a whole. Led by industry volunteers, the association offers business resources, education,, government advocacy, and networking, along with job leads at the NLCA’s “Para Realizar Su Suenoâ€? Career Center. The NLCA also works in collaboration with the Professional Beauty Association to promote Latino beauty professionals and their prominence in the industry. For more information, go to


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| 45 12/28/11 10:47 AM

Edwards Urges Consistency and Innovation Chicago-based nail tech Amber Edwards was recently named nail director for Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas, a chain with 18 locations throughout Illinois and Kansas. In this role, Edwards leads all aspects of the company’s nail services — from strategic planning to guest experience. NAILS asked Edwards how she intends to make her mark at the salon. What are you seeing as the latest trends you intend to incorporate into the Tricoci offerings? Edwards: We stay current with what’s happening in the fashion world; this year it’s a lot of color with a touch of metallic and sparkle. Our fall/winter line will be all of the above, giving the guest a lot of options in reds and browns with some blues and purples. These colors are available in creams or metallics. What do you emphasize when it comes to hiring and training Tricoci nail techs? Edwards: All of my nail techs are graduates of the proprietary Mario Tricoci system. This ensures that our guests receive the most consistent, high-quality experience they’ve ever received. In short, this is as follows: > Consistency, consistency, consistency. Our guests know that no matter which of our 18 locations they visit for services, they can depend on getting the same concierge-level quality of care and service. > One-and-Only-ism. When our guests arrive, the techs immediately cease any talking among themselves. They get into the “one-and-only” mode where they focus on the guest, by looking her in the eyes, smiling, and shaking her hand. From the moment our guest arrives, she is the only person in the universe to that nail tech. > Innovation. We are always seeking out new ways to improve our guest experience, our products, and our services. We have cultivated a corporate culture where our nail techs are encouraged to submit their ideas and observations in a weekly review session. Some of our best products, services, and protocols are derived from putting our “hive mind” together and collaborating on ideas. > Nail training. When our nail technicians aren’t servicing our guests, they are training to improve their existing skills while learning — and sometimes developing — cutting edge techniques and other salon trends. What do you think are the main challenges facing techs at any salon? Edwards: The main challenge facing any tech is speed. Time is money. The quicker she can provide the service while also achieving that delicate balance of not making a guest feel rushed and giving the best quality of service, the more money she will earn. How can the nail techs improve their game? Edwards: Practice techniques for increasing your speed in filing nails and applying artificial nail products. Attend every demonstration class available to you in your area. Attend any beauty shows in your geographic area to see what the next trends will be in nail products and services and keep up with what the celebrities are wearing.

46 |


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12/21/11 6:59 PM

Stylish and sassy shades inspired by the Queen of Hip-Hop

Colors from left to right:

Did It On ’Em, Fly, Metallic 4 Life, Pink Friday, Save Me, Super Bass Shatter Nicki is wearing SAVE ME

Find us on:

CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE Nail Lacquers feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide™ Brush (Patent pending).

na0212generalNF.indd 47

Call 800.341.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

12/21/11 6:59 PM

Go to to find web-exclusive giveaways.

freebies{and} giveaways!


To enter to win, go to by February 28.

China Glaze Sparkles With 3-D Glitter Polishes Easy Salon Management Anywhere, Anytime One lucky reader can win a SalonPOS salon management system from Digital Right Brain. An innovative point-ofsales solution, SalonPOS has a user-friendly interface and easy accessibility features that allow users to manage clients, employees, and schedules anytime, anywhere. Key features include a simple appointment scheduling system, real-time CCTV viewer, real-time head counts, service provision, and income tracking, analysis tools, and promotional tools including gift cards, stamps, reward points, and coupons.

Curve Art-Glitter Set 10 Salon Tip Boxes (110 pc each; size 0-10)

With Tip Jar’s Tips the Possibilities Are Endless Tip Jar’s Curve Art-Glitter Package is the perfect variety pack for any nail salon or nail art enthusiast. One reader can win a pack with 10 of the company’s most popular Curve Art-Glitter Designs. Each design comes in a 110-piece salon box, giving you 1,100 tips total. Tip Jar nail products are easy to use and come in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. The winner may also select a box from Tip Jar’s wide array of seasonal tips.

China Glaze incorporates 3-D glitters in its new Eye Candy collection and the results are a dazzling, supersparkly manicure. Multi-sized and differently shaped glitter particles are cleverly combined to create a sexy, decadent, 3-D finish. Five readers will win a set of six bright, eye-popping shades, including Love Marilyn, Blonde Bombshell, Lorelei’s Tiara, Material Girl, Some Like It Haute, and Marry A Millionaire.

Learn the Secrets to Profitability Sign up to receive free videos and a free CD titled “3 Secrets to a SixFigure Income From Your Salon While Having More Freedom and More Fun” at www. The CD covers how to attract more clients, make more profits, and streamline your salon or spa business so that it is less dependent on your personal skills and efforts.

Congratulations to December’s Winners 48 |


na0212freebies.indd 48


Five readers won the book Answering the Questions to Your Sole: Pedicure Treatments That Will Have Your Clients Begging for More by Ruth Windsor and three readers received the Wet Paint nail glaze system. FEBRUARY 2012

12/22/11 12:47 PM na0212freebies.indd 49

12/22/11 12:47 PM



} coverage

nails file

California-based salon owner Meg Kaehler recently went to Japan for the Tokyo Nail Expo, and she offered to take some pictures and share some of her trip with our readers.


The Tokyo Nail Expo is Japan’s biggest nail show — an estimated 50,000 people were in attendance for the two-day event on November 20-21. The show is filled with celebrity nail technicians, showcasing the latest products and featuring Japan’s latest nail trends. It is an exciting show, and I hope everyone who is interested in nails can find a way to attend the show at least once! BY MEG KAEHLER


This circle of technicians was a competition for only the world’s elite nail competitors. The circle formation makes it easier for audience members to see all the competitors’ techniques. A TV camera was circling the technicians and showed the competition on a big screen in real time.

Tom Holcomb was very important to the Japanese nail industry, and this memorial booth featured many warm and touching tributes to this very special man. The Japanese nail industry will always remember him.

Odyssey Nail Systems’ Trang Nguyen came all the way to Tokyo to participate in the show (and take this picture with me).

The 2011 Tokyo Nail Expo was held at Japan’s famous Tokyo Big Sight.

50 | na0212japan.indd 50



This Sanrio collaboration resulted in these very cute nails.

Even the cash registers featured cute decorations!



12/27/11 4:16 PM

In Memory of Tom Holcomb.

2012 Entity Beauty Inc.

His iconic nails deďŹ ned the industry.

na0212japan.indd 51

12/27/11 4:17 PM



} coverage

nails file


Fantasy nail art was displayed everywhere.

These embellished nails were on display at one of the booths.

A very large crowd gathered to see the Barbie X Ace Gel collaboration.

Some girls were fully decked out in Harajuku street fashions.

Some of the costumes for the fantasy nail art competitions were as beautiful and intricate as the nails themselves.

52 | na0212japan.indd 52



Collaborations with famous characters were popular this year. This booth features a collaboration between Sunshine Babe and Betty Boop.

Predecorated UV lamps were available for purchase.

BIG IN JAPAN Open product jars let nail technicians examine the actual product ďŹ rst-hand.


12/27/11 4:42 PM


na0212japan.indd 53

12/27/11 4:48 PM

Ki Nail Bar (shown) in Los Angeles is the girly Japanese sister of Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills. The wallpaper pattern used in both salons is identical, but at Ki its color is unabashedly pink, a distinction from Chi’s earth tones. [inset] Manager Esther Ton, owner Fawn Ton, and nail tech Mia Yang all work at both Ki and Chi.

{on the road} Ki Nail Bar & Organic Spa Learning from its 3-year-old sister salon (Chi Nail Bar), the newly opened Ki Nail Bar in downtown Los Angeles reflects owner Fawn Ton’s experience in growing Chi, while making itself distinctive by targeting a different demographic. BY SREE ROY

SISTER SALONS When I learned that Fawn Ton was opening a second salon, I wondered why this salon didn’t get the same name as the first. After all, her first salon, Chi Nail Bar, has built up great word-of-mouth marketing and is a TV darling. But after talking to Ton and seeing the new space, it makes sense. Ki really takes on its own personality from big sister Chi (where “Chi” means life force in Chinese; “Ki” means the same in Japanese). Whereas Chi targets celebrities and other affluent clientele, Ki targets the everyday salon-goer. Located in an open-air shopping center, Ki is conducive to walk-ins and offers lower prices on its service menu, making it more accessible.

LESSONS LEARNED At the original Chi Nail Bar, manicures and pedicures weren’t intended to be done at the same time. Ton figured that with an affluent clientele, folks would want to slow down and be pampered. However, as it turns out, even these clients are generally on the run. So, Chi has an ad hoc set up for mani-pedis to be done together. But at Ki, comfortable manicure tables were built into the custom pedicure benches from the start. Ton also learned to pays techs an hourly wage for these first few months, before switching them to commission. BUILDING WORD-OF-MOUTH Since it has a separate name, Ki has to undertake the task of building up its own word-of-mouth. I didn’t realize what a brilliant plan the salon’s rockstar gel manicure was in achieving this goal until after I walked out of the salon. Why? Because not a day has gone by in two weeks that I haven’t gotten at least one compliment on my stunningly glittery fingernails.

54 | na0212otr.indd 54

FUN FACTS > Fawn Ton found a lot of her nail techs by using the free classifieds website For now, she’s also asking employees of Chi Nail Bar to take turns working at Ki. > Ki uses UV-LED lights for its gels, since clients’ hands spend less time in them than in traditional UV-CFL lights. Even though an independent study (available at found that UV nail lamps don’t cause cancer, Ton says some clients still harbor this fear and that the shorter cure time seems to alleviate the fear for some clients. > Ton attends beauty tradeshows ISSE Long Beach and IBS Las Vegas every year. The salon will also sometimes pay for tradeshow tickets for its employees.

MENU HIGHLIGHTS Rockstar Gel Manicure: $60; Jade Stone Foot Treatment: $90; Stiletto Nails: $120; Ki Organic Facial: $100; Ki Pregnancy Massage (60 minutes): $120

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Gels and Gel-Polishes: Bio Sculpture Gel, CND Shellac, Hand & Nail Harmony Gelish, Nail Labo Presto Jade-Themed Services: Jadience Herbal Formulas Nail Coatings: Minx NAILS MAGAZINE



12/22/11 10:04 AM na0212otr.indd 55

12/22/11 10:04 AM


EDGE Silver 150 File

Delivers straight, clean sidewalls and quickly reduces product.


Unique professional shape 7” length for maximum filing surface Wide end for big jobs – narrow end for detailing!


EDGE Silver 180 File

Contours, shapes and refines scratches.

EDGE White 240 File

Gentle on natural nails; no black residue.

EDGE Silver/White 180/400 File

Economical, multi-use file shapes, contours and refines.

FLEX Silver 100/180 Buffer

Reduces scratches and preps for lacquer and gel top coats.

FLEX Silver/Moss 220/280 Buffer

Removes imperfections and preps for high-shine buffing.

FLEX Green/White 1000/4000 SHINER

Buffs enhancements to a brilliant, glass-like shine.

FLEX Violet/White 1000/4000 SHINER XL

Extra-thick, firm buffer for a high-shine in record time!

DISPOSABLE 1X USE Silver 150/180 File For economical shaping and contouring.

Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

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12/22/11 10:17 AM


Elegance In Pink Even though Oksana Cobb is a big fan of stilettos, it’s hard for her to wear the long and pointed extensions because of her work in the salon. So she came up with a design that is equally as impressive, but with a softer free edge. As round nails have become increasingly popular, and with Valentine’s Day in February, these pink-flavored nails should be a hit at any nail salon. Here’s how she does them.




1. Sculpt a round-shaped nail with a nude colored powder. 2. File the sculptured nail with a 100 to 180-grit file and then with a 220 to 240-grit file to give it a distinctive oval shape. Apply a pearl pink nail polish stripe, then a snowy white nail polish right below the pearl pink. 3. Use silver nail art polish with a thin brush to go over the edge of the pearl pink on either side. Let it dry for at least three minutes, and apply UV top coat for a finished gloss look and nail protection. >>>


na0212techNF.indd 57



| 57 12/22/11 10:17 AM

Rock & Bowl

J&A USA’s new Lenox GS marks the company’s debut into the custom spa “buildout� spectrum of the industry with its new “Hard Roc� Glass. The proprietary bowl is made by a glass manufacturer in the U.S. and is specially tailored to withstand the rigors of the pedicure spa industry. The crack-resistant, stainresistant, and scratch-resistant qualities of the Hard Roc glass coupled with an approval from IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) makes this glass bowl whirlpool system a smart choice for any custom spa build-out. The glass bowl whirlpool system is nestled on an exquisitely designed metal pedestal and is equipped with pipeless whirlpool technology and pertinent plumbing accoutrements for easy installation. The glass is available in Black Nickel, Crystal Reflections, and Champagne Gold colors with pedestal in two color choices, Copper and Nickel. For more information, go to

UV Gel Polish Has Met Its Match

Introducing the newest innovation in soak-off gel removal. Soak-off Gel Nail Wraps are the easiest, most comfortable way to get clean, polish-free nails in just three simple steps. t 1  FSGFDUGPSSFNPWJOHTPBLPò gel polish and acrylic.

Websites Worth Watching

t ' MFYJCMFEFTJHOGPSVTFPOĂśOHFS and toe nails. t & BTZUPBQQMZXJUIPVUXBTUJOH acetone on a full soak. t 6  OJRVFNBUFSJBMBOEFBTZQSFTT seal create non-slip wrap.


Shop or call 800-ASK-SALLY

phone: 800.438.8594 email: on the web:

What: Schoon ScientiďŹ c Where: www. schoonscientiďŹ Why click there?: Doug Schoon is a well-known chemist in the nail industry who has been instrumental in keeping nail techs, salon owners, and clients informed on important scientiďŹ c ďŹ ndings regarding the nail industry. His website, SchoonScientiďŹ c. com, continually puts out articles on the latest technologies in the nail industry, including the new LED lights and soak-off gel polishes. Here’s a sampling of one of his latest articles on the subject. The vibe: professional, informative, resourceful



There is a lot of confusion about LED lamps; can they be used to properly cure any type of UV curing nail product? The answer is NO! It is true that all LED lamps create UV light and will ‘harden’ UV curable products, but unless the LED lamp was speciďŹ cally designed to properly cure this particular UV nail product, don’t expect to achieve a proper cure.


nailwraps SOAK-OFF GEL

58 | na0212techNF.indd 58




12/22/11 10:17 AM


Gelish and the Lamp The Gelish LED 18G is a scientifically engineered, precisely calibrated LED (Light Emitting Diode) light. It is specially designed for rapid, efficient gel curing, particularly for the high-performance Gelish SoakOff Gel Polishes. The rugged light is guaranteed to provide years of reliable in-salon performance, without any variations in curing time temperatures while consistently producing properly cured gels. The LED lights last up to 50,000 hours of normal salon use, and the light has preset cure times of 5, 20, and 30 seconds. For more information, go to




of its Kind Since 1988

180+ Color Gels Soak-off Gel Sculpting Gel Strengthening Gel


Meet the Founder

I am still having a problem with my edges when doing acrylics. I would like to just get it right so I am not touching the sides and the cuticle. Try using a little less liquid to prevent it from running. Also you want to apply the product about 1/2 of a centimeter (approximately the length of a one-week grow out), and then use the tip of your brush to flatten the product and it will spread toward the cuticle without touching it. Be careful not to file into the sidewalls as this will remove the product and cause breakage. Instead hold your file at a 90° angle as if you are almost filing underneath the nail. This will file the free edge of the nails and not the sidewalls. — Dalonnie Preato is an educator for Light Elegance and owner of Dalonnie’s Hair & Nail Studio in Las Vegas.


I have bubbles in my acrylic. How do I stop this? Some clients have lifting around the eponychium area, even though I have sealed it. What am I doing wrong? Bubbles in acrylic are usually caused by an incorrect ratio of liquid to powder. They can also form when you over-work the acrylic (excessive patting). Try using smoother strokes depending on the consistency of the acrylic. For the eponychium area, applying product too close can cause lifting. Any interference with the acrylic and the natural nail bonding will result in the acrylic lifting off. This is why prep is so important. You must push back the cuticles and remove all residue from the nail plate, properly etch, and then dehydrate the nail plate to get the acrylic to adhere. Remember that too much primer and an incorrect liquid and powder ratio will also cause lifting at the cuticle. — Classic Mully is a nail tech from Gilbert, Ariz., who actively competes and writes about her experiences on NAILS’ Competition Insider Blog, at

Have a technique question? (about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

Elmien Scholtz “When I developed Bio Sculpture Gel I wanted a product that could be applied over natural nails, gel extensions, or artificial tips, that doesn’t chip or wear away at the free edge. I wanted all this with a shiny, flexible, hard protection that gives a neat well groomed appearance.”

The Very First Color Gel Launched Worldwide in 1990 #19 Pillar Box

1.800.770.4493 For more tips, follow us on:

Search: BioSculptureUSA FEBRUARY 2012

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| 59 12/22/11 10:17 AM

TECHNIQUE} demos 2



OPI’s GelColors are easily applied like traditional nail lacquers and are flash LED UV-cured in a total of four minutes (almost four times faster than standard gels). The line debuted with 30 of the most sought-after OPI hues — along with base and top coats — to produce glossy, smooth, chip-free color. Some popular colors include I’m Not Really A Waitress, Russian Navy, Bubble Bath, and Lincoln Park After Dark. 1. Prep the nails and shake each bottle before use. Polish on base coat. Cap the free edges and cure for 30 seconds. 2. Polish on GelColor. Cap free edges and cure for 30 seconds. Then apply a second thin coat, cap free edges, and cure for 30 seconds. 3. Polish on Top Coat, cap the free edges, and cure for 30 seconds. 4. Easy Removal: To remove moist surface residue, saturate an OPI Expert Touch Removal pad with OPI Expert Touch Remover. 5. Place the wrap over the gel and wrap around finger. 6. Check after 15 minutes and gently push off gel with a reusable cuticle stick.

OPI GelColor Application and Removal

For more information, go to


60 | na0212demos.indd 60






12/22/11 10:32 AM

na0212demos.indd 61

12/22/11 10:32 AM

TECHNIQUE} demos 2


Hand & Nail Harmony Magneto Gelish



Hand & Nail Harmony has a new line of magnetic Gelish soak-off gels called Magneto. The collection includes a range of colors that have magnetic particles in the gels so

when held close to a magnet, they realign to create an interesting pattern on the nail. The gel is then cured to seal the design in place and offer all the benefits of a gel-polish manicure. 1. After removing the shine from the natural nail plate, apply Gelish Cleanser to a lint-free nail wipe and wipe the nail to remove dust. 2. Apply Gelish pH Bond to the natural nail plate, then apply a thin coat of Gelish Foundation from the eponychium to the free edge (remember to seal the free edge). 3. Cure under the LED 18G light for five seconds or a UV light for one minute. 4. Apply a thin coat of Magneto magnetic gel polish. Cure the nails under the LED 18G light for 30 seconds or a UV light for two minutes. 5. Apply a second thin coat of magnetic gel polish to the nails. To create the magnetic EFX design pattern, immediately place the cap that contains the magnet directly above the nail for three to five seconds. Cure under the LED 18G light for 30 seconds or a UV light for two minutes. 6. Apply a thin coat of Gelish Top It Off Gel Sealer to seal in the design on the nail (remember to seal the edge of the nail). 7. Cure under the LED 18G light for 30 seconds or a UV light for two minutes. For more information, go to 8. Remove the tacky residue on nails with the Gelish Cleanser. Apply Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil.


62 | na0212demos.indd 62







12/22/11 10:32 AM


na0212demos.indd 63

12/28/11 9:30 AM

TECHNIQUE} signature services Chocolate Martini Pedicure Sparkle Beauty Bar, Portland, Ore.



Sparkle Beauty Bar uses: Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mineral Bath, Chocolate Scrub, Chocolate Mousse Mask, and Chocolate Butter Cream; CND Stickey base coat; OPI Lacquer, INM Out the Door top coat.

1. Soak the client’s feet in warm water with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mineral Bath for five minutes. Offer the client a beverage of either hot tea or wine. 2. Start toenail prep. 3. Exfoliate the client’s feet with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Scrub, then use a pumice stone on the feet to smooth calluses. 4. Massage Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Mousse Mask (a self-heating mask) onto the client’s feet, then wrap the client’s feet in hot towels for seven to 10 minutes. Soak the client’s feet in warm water to remove the mask. 5. Massage the client’s feet and lower legs with Keyano Aromatics Chocolate Butter Cream. 6. Complete toenail prep. 7. Apply CND Stickey base coat, two coats of OPI Lacquer, and INM Out the Door top coat.


price: $50 64 | na0212sigserv.indd 64




12/22/11 10:35 AM

Spring 2012 moda_insert.indd 1

12/30/11 1:54 PM


favors the bold.” I am so inspired by women who dream big, go with their instincts and always manage to put their best self forward. This supremely feminine collection creates the perfect spring wardrobe for every woman on a mission. With skin-flattering brights and power pastels to suit every occasion, she’s always at the top of her game with essie color. For those in the vanguard, blazing a trail of glory to new heights, there’s olé caliente; for a more gentle touch and soft-sell approach, a crewed interest is sure to post serious profits. Whatever your strategy, choose one of six ingenious colors that means business.

moda_insert.indd 2

navigate her

orange, it’s obvious!

olé caliente

new growth green

headstrong outspoken orange

spicy scarlet fever

tour de finance

to buy or not to buy

a crewed interest

incandescent fuchsia futures

limitless lilac shimmer

pretty pursuable peach

12/30/11 1:54 PM

moda_insert.indd 3

12/30/11 1:54 PM

“follow my

navigate her

to new worlds of color.”

4 pc Mega Mini Color Cube Holds 4 mega mini colors: Navigate Her, Olé Caliente, Tour De Finance, and To Buy or Not To Buy Salon Cost: $8.50 Sugg. Retail Price: $17.00 Item # P0608800 UPC Code: 884486085528

navigate her

12 Bottle Designer Display Holds 2 bottles each of 6 colors Salon Cost: $48.00 Sugg. Retail Price: $96.00 Item # P0608900 UPC Code: 884486085535

spring collection 2012 Available February 1, 2012

navigate her 785

36 Bottle Designer Display Holds 6 bottles each of 6 colors

orange, it’s obvious! 786

olé caliente 789

tour de finance 787

to buy or not to buy 788

a crewed interest 790

Individual Bottle Salon Cost: $4.00 Per Bottle Sugg. Retail Price: $8.00 DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde-free

Salon Cost: $144.00 Sugg. Retail Price: $288.00 Item # P0617800 UPC Code: 884486090263

For more information, call 1.866.313.7845 or visit

moda_insert.indd 4


12/30/11 1:54 PM

Citrus Polished Pedicure Polished Day Spa, Houston



Polished Day Spa uses: Nationwide Aroma Spa Salt (in lemon); CND Marine Cooling Masque, Stickey base coat, and Super Shiney top coat; Footlogix 18 Callus Softener, Cuccio Naturalé Tuscan Citrus Herb Butter Blend; Mastex Thermal Spa Paraffin (in lavender); polish; lemon slices, organic sugar, olive oil, essential oils.

1. Soak the client’s feet in warm water with Nationwide Aroma Spa Salt (in lemon) and lemon slices for two to four minutes. Create a homemade scrub of organic sugar, olive oil, essential oils, and lemons. 2. Prep nails. 3. Spray the client’s calluses with Footlogix 18 Callus Softener. Smooth calluses. 4. Exfoliate the client’s feet and lower legs with the homemade scrub and lemon slices for brightening. Wipe the lemon slices on the toenails for a brightening effect. Rinse off. 5. Apply CND Marine Cooling Masque to the client’s feet. Wrap the feet in hot towels. Remove the masque. 6. Use individual plastic bags to apply Mastex Thermal Spa Paraffin (in lavender). Remove after five to 10 minutes. 7. Massage the client’s feet and lower legs with Cuccio Naturalé Tuscan Citrus Herb Butter Blend for eight to 10 minutes. 8. Apply CND Stickey base coat, two coats of the client’s choice of polish, and CND Super Shiney top coat.

price: $55


Want to see your signature service here? E-mail details to


na0212sigserv.indd 65



| 65 12/22/11 10:35 AM

TECHNIQUE} behind the scenes Third Time’s the Charm Gorgeous nails, good composition, and a photogenic reptile — those are what earned Rolla,

Mo.-based nail tech Sarah Petersen a coveted spot on this issue’s cover. We were so taken with the image — one of Petersen three Petersen submitted to NAILS’ annual Cover Tech contest — that we selected it as our “editors’ pick.” “I have been trying for the cover in this contest for three years,” says Petersen. “It’s all I talk about with my clients and family. I do several photo shoots throughout the year to prepare for it.” This year, preparation involved a trip to a nearby pet store to pick up a baby alligator. “You can buy one for $99. I just rented it for an hour — I gave them $20,” she says. The alligator idea just came to her. “I knew I wanted to use an animal, and I wanted to do something different. I started asking around to see if anyone knew where I might be able to find an alligator. As soon as I located one, I started thinking about the shape and design of the nails. I didn’t actually know what I was going to do for sure until I did the nails for the photo shoot. I was doing two different shoots in the same day, so I wound up only having time to do one hand.” Having a living prop isn’t always easy, so Petersen was happy to find the little guy was cooperative. “They brought two out for us, just in case one wouldn’t cooperate. The other one actually bit the pet shop owner, but their teeth are small and clear, so it’s almost like a bad paper cut. The pet shop owner said they like their belly rubbed when they get wiggly.” Her model for the shoot was her sister Ashley Mayer, who owns Salon Legacy where Petersen works as a booth renter. It took her about an hour to sculpt the nails using OPI Absolute. She’s grateful to her “amazing and creative” photographer, Bobby Burger, for his input.





Here’s how you can do these nails: 1. Apply forms to nails that have been prepped. Sculpt the acrylic to a point. Shape and buff the nails. 2. Apply green circle decals with gold glitter polish. (She used China Glaze Gold Enchantment.) 3. Paint green lines with polish. (She used China Glaze Cherish and OPI Simply Smashing.) 4. Apply black lines and gold glitter. (She used China Glaze Liquid Leather.) Finish the nails with OPI Gel Top Coat.

66 | na0212bts.indd 66





12/22/11 3:12 PM

na0212bts.indd 67

12/22/11 3:12 PM

TECHNIQUE} Neon Toes 1


Jamie Hess of Valentine’s Salon & Day Spa in Greencastle, Pa., is seeing lots of clients who love to get neon nail polish on their toes.

“The young girls especially,” says Hess. “When I first started using the neon colors I had problems with them looking transparent and not as vibrant as they appear in the bottle. But applying a coat of white nail polish after the base coat solves this problem. It’s like putting a primer on your walls before you paint.” Though the design of this neon toenail set looks difficult, it is actually quite simple when broken down into steps.

1. Prep nails and apply base coat to all 10 nails and allow to dry. 2. Apply white polish to nails. Use a newer bottle of polish that is still fairly thin, and not one that is used for French services because it will be too sticky from being opened and closed so many times throughout the day. Make sure this layer dries completely. 3. Start with any neon color you like and randomly apply small blots of color to each nail. 4. Repeat this step with each polish you choose until all the white is covered. Hess likes to use neon pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. 5. Use a black striping brush to put strokes from side to side on each nail, pressing harder on the outside edges and letting up as you get to the center of the nail. 6. After making sure all the nails are dry, apply top coat.

68 |


na0212neonToes.indd 68







12/22/11 10:40 AM

na0212neonToes.indd 69

12/22/11 10:40 AM

ooh la la Voilà! ProGel

from SuperNail® is winning praise all over the world. Created for professionals by professionals, it’s the 100% gel that lasts for weeks and protects natural nails with mirror-gloss shine. Easy-to apply, it cures fast under LED or UV lights. In 24 super shades. Simple removal also saves time.

na0212styleNF.indd 70

12/22/11 10:50 AM


Flaming Hot Decor Art of Flame’s Luméjere is not a floating candle. It’s really a floating wick that sits on a layer of pure, fractioned coconut oil (fuel), on top of water. That means this centerpiece creates no odor and no soot, but, like certain types of candles, its oil can be used as a cuticle or massage oil on clients. (As an option, the oil can be enriched with sweet almond oil or jojoba for a richer treatment for dry skin and cuticles.) Art of Flame doesn’t sell the containers for the wicks, but it does provide guidelines for what types of containers are safe to use, then leaves the rest to your imagination. This one is shown with succulents in the bottom, but you can put anything in it (such as your salon logo on a transparency) or nothing, as the bottom portion is filled with water. For more information, go to www.nailsmag. com/fifi/12425. >>>


na0212styleNF.indd 71



| 71 12/22/11 10:50 AM


TREND watch: colorful camouflage

This is camouflage that’s actually meant to get you noticed. Instead of sticking to earth-tones like forest greens and browns, try camo patterns in bright colors or even pastels.

3-in-1 topcoat bullet proofs your nail lacquer for lasting shine with a protected finish. ORLY Nail Treatments are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

Taylar Hillman, Bliss Hair Body & Boutique, Anaconda, Mont.

Susan Wood, Serenity Salon & Nails, Deer Lodge, Mont.

Orient Express You might not be able to literally transport your clients to the Orient, but you can create the ambiance of the Far East in your salon with Gulfstream’s Oriental Decorative Backdrops. Use them to create privacy between pedicure spas or to separate the waiting area from the rest of the salon. These deep red-and-brown backdrops make an exotic and classy statement that brings Asia a little closer to home. For more information, go to


72 |


na0212styleNF.indd 72


If it’s 32°F or colder in the city where you’re reading this, then your clients will likely thank you if you retail BootiePies. The suede and leather boots with the warm and fuzzy interior have an innovative upgrade: a flap that folds down so clients can get their toenails polished without them having to wait for the polish to dry before they put their boots back on. They are available in the high boot (shown) and a new low boot. For more information, go to


12/28/11 10:49 AM

CARING CUTICLE THERAPY CREME Contains vitamins A & E to soften cuticles for easy grooming and stronger nail growth

All the Right Stripes Whether you’re looking to channel your inner tiger or complete a modern-day Picasso on a nail, It’s So Easy Stripe Rites come in handy. With a flick of the fine tip, a perfect line shoots across the nail or a leopard gets its spots. The wide range of finishes includes everything from creams, metallics, glitters, and neons in shades covering the rainbow. Amy MacGregor, It’s So Easy’s brand manager, shows us how to make psychedelic tiger stripes using the Stripe Rites.

ORLY Nail Treatments are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

You will need: > Neon Green > Neon Blue > Neon Pink > Neon Purple ly!! > For Rhinestones On at co top at/ base co 2

1. Apply It’s So Easy For Rhinestones Only!! base coat/top coat to the nail. 2. Starting at the edge of the nail, paint Neon Purple Stripe Rite towards the middle. Lift the brush as it reaches the middle of the nail to get a tapered look. Continue this process down the nail towards the tip, alternating between the right and left sides of the nail. 3. Taking the Neon Pink Stripe Rite, repeat the above process, starting directly underneath the Neon Purple. (You don’t have to wait in between Stripe Rites in this design, since the colors aren’t touching each other.) 4. Repeat the above process with the Neon Blue Stripe Rite, alternating between the right and left edges directly underneath the Neon Pink. 5. Complete the design using the Neon Green Stripe Rite by adding short, horizontal lines down the center, ending at the nail bed. 6. Wait until the nail dries. (It will look matte.) Seal with For Rhinestones Only!! base coat/top coat for shine and durability. For more information, go to >>>





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| 73 12/22/11 10:51 AM

STRONG NAILTRITION Helps stimulate faster nail growth and strengthens peeling & splitting nails ORLY Nail Treatments are Free of DBP, Formaldehyde & Toluene

1st: Robert Klonowski

Winning the Wild West The theme of the 14th Nail Art Poland Championships was “Very Wild, Wild West.” The participants created whole scenes of Western cities on the models’ nails, and the three amazing winning designs are shown here. As one of the prizes, the winners of the championships won the opportunity to represent Poland during the International Nail Art Championships and the Nailympics in London in 2012. The Poland championships were co-organized by Euro Fashion (NSI distributor for Eastern Europe) and prizes were sponsored by Euro Fashion, NSI, Akademia Paznokcia, EF Exclusive, Christrio, and RaNails. 2nd: Anna Skibicka

Q 800.275.1111


na0212styleNF.indd 74



I have a man on my books who wants a thin French polish on his toes, but for it to look natural what color do I do? If your male client has a nice healthy looking nail bed on his toes, I would suggest that you go with a low shine clear coat for the body of the nail as his natural nail color will (of course) look the most natural. If his nails are a little on the white side, I find that going with a peach or beige color is your best bet for a look that is still clean and healthy looking without being too pink and feminine. Do a sample on his big toe first. If it’s too heavily pigmented for his liking, tone it down by mixing in (in a separate container like a dappen dish or on a margarine container lid) small amounts of low-shine clear until he is satisfied with the color. If he wants a white tip on his toe, keep the nails nice and short and tone the white down in the same way (mixing in clear) and apply it in a thin line. — Carla Foster is a veteran nail tech and owns Carla Foster Nails in Shaughnessy, Alberta, Canada.


74 |


3rd: Anna Pustelnik

Have a style question?

(about nail art, fashion, salon decor, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.


12/22/11 10:51 AM

na0212styleNF.indd 75

12/22/11 10:52 AM

STYLE} nail art studio Love These Nails 1. Shape the nail at an angle. Polish the nail pink. Use a brush saturated in acetone to remove polish from a semi-circular area at the corner near the eponychium. Fill in the semi-circle with sparkly silver polish. 2. Add a line of pink and silver glitter to separate the pink and the silver polishes. Either use a nail art stamp or an airbrush with a stencil to add the word “love” along the free edge (shown is a Bundle Monster stamp). 3. Apply top coat. Apply rhinestones. Tina Alberino, Attitudes Total Body Image, Tampa, Fla.

Sealed with Kisses 1. Polish the nail a light color (shown is Butter London’s Pink Ribbon). Using a thin-tipped brush, draw an elongated “M” shape in a contrasting color 2. Using the same color as the “M”, draw an elongated “U” shape below it. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, changing the size, shape, and color of the kisses at your discretion. Christina Culver,, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Red Romance 1. Apply Nubar red acrylic one third of the way down the nail. 2. Mix Nubar pink with a little glitter, then apply it to the nail, fading it into the red. 3. Add Nubar Ultra White acrylic at the free edge, fading it into the pink. 4. Use Nubar clear acrylic to attach holographic hearts. Add white and red dots around the hearts. Apply UV top coat. Cure. Diane Self, Revive Salon and Spa, Gilbert, Ariz.

76 | na0212nas.indd 76





12/22/11 10:44 AM

Love Letter 1. Use a black striper to draw an angled rectangle on the nail. Use the striper to draw a diagonal line above it. 2. Use the striper to add the lines to turn the rectangle into an envelope and the diagonal line into an arrow. 3. Add small pink and red hearts all over the nail, including as a “seal” on the envelope. Lorri Silvestre, Nail Designs by Lorri, Grover Beach, Calif.

Queen of Hearts 1. Apply hot pink glitter acrylic to the free edge to create a French. 2. Apply clear acrylic to the rest of the nail. File the nail smooth, but do not buff. 3. Use white acrylic to create 3-D hearts. Buff and apply top coat.

Katie Pfaff, Just Teasin’ Hair and Nail Salon, Lolo, Mont.

Red-dy for Love 1. Polish the nail red. 2. Use a white striper to draw swooping lines as shown. 3. Add a white heart on either side of the lines. 4. Add two trails of white dots. Fill in the hearts with silver glitter.

Mimi Nguyen, Nail LUV, Thomaston, Ga.

Want to see your nail art how-to here?

Mail your tips (one for each step) and instructions to Sree Roy, NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Make sure to include your name, salon name (if applicable), city, state, and contact information.


For more nail art step-by-steps, visit,, then click on Nail Art.


na0212nas.indd 77



| 77 12/22/11 10:44 AM

na0212nas.indd 78

12/22/11 10:44 AM na0212nas.indd 79

12/28/11 9:34 AM


Show [Us] Your…

Window Displays Turn passers-by into walk-in clients with a creative window display. Six salons share the displays that work for them.

THE NAIL THERAPIST AT AJUDA DAY SPA, OAKLAND, CALIF. “We have a poster advertising lash extensions on the window, then a cute board behind that with a glimpse of the other services we offer. We also try to help promote neighborhood events in our window space (we put posters on the inside corner of the glass that clients walk by when entering the salon). Our display is changed according to the seasons by one of our stylists.” — Kanika Ashford

<<< NO CHIP QUEEN, CHICAGO “I am renting a space in a friend’s salon (she does hair and I do nails) and most of the window features the name of her salon. But I do have a pink sign on the front window that’s the ‘no-chip queen’ sitting on a pedestal with a drink in her hand. My sign stands out nicely since it’s pink and the queen on a pedestal is noticeable, fun, and cute, and all my clients love it. Just the other day there was a woman (now my client) who opened the door to ask, ‘Who is the no-chip queen?’ I answered, ‘Me!’” — Felicia Jogisoo

80 | na0212display.indd 80



COSMIC BEAUTY, CARNOUSTIE, SCOTLAND “We have the full range of our OPI offerings in the window, including Shatter, Nail Envy, Miss Universe polish display, and the Touring America display (displayed with an American flag). We also show products we carry from the Xen-Tan home range and the glitter eye colors we carry. Also, we do theme windows for certain holidays, like our Halloween-themed window that includes pumpkins and ghosts.” — Nikki Griffiths


12/22/11 10:53 AM

PATSY’S NAIL BAR, WASHINGTON D.C. “Since our salon is on the second floor of a townhouse-style building, our window displays have to be eye-catching to passers-by a floor below. So we have a large vertical Shellac poster in one window and we are always updating a video that we play continuously above our front door to show off our beautiful spa.” — Patsy Tavenner


PHOENIX HAIRSTYLISTS, BALHANNAH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA “We have various OPI polishes and GHD hair products, some of my competition 3-D nail entries, and a few window clings (including for Shellac, lash grafting, and hair products). In the main window is me waving and working hand-in-hand with my clients and when people pass by they hear the happy chatter of clients and stylists working on hair and hands.” — Monique Scott

GLAMOR NAILS, BOUND BROOK, N.J. “We’re about four months in since our grand opening. The current window display is a picture of a woman wearing red nail polish holding a rose. I purchased this picture for the purpose of making it the salon’s signature image. To that end, the same picture is on the salon gift cards, coupons, and ads. The salon has a large storefront window, so in addition to that picture, I put a picture of red toenails with rose petals on the other side. I also have a beautiful Gelez gel-polish manicure poster on the front entrance door. I also want to add a sticker for LCN gel soon.” — Chau “Julie” Le



na0212display.indd 81



| 81 12/22/11 10:54 AM

STYLE} Nail Trends from the Spring 2012 Fashion Week Runways On the New York Fashion Week runways, we saw tons of custom nail designs — created to specifically complement the presented garments. There were also some fierce brights, inspired by the ’60s. As every season, tasteful nude nails were also popular. At the Wayne show, CND’s Wanda Ruiz used Brilliant White with feathered strokes of Blackjack on the tip of each nail to accessorize teased bird nest hair. Photo courtesy of Creative Nail Design (CND) Designer Stacey Clark presented the Odilon line at the Metropolitan Pavilion, a day before Fashion Week’s official beginning and used custom Minx to complement the minimalist collection. Celebrity nail stylist Lisa Logan led the nail team and worked with Clark and stylist Keegan Singh to create the Minx. Photos by Ryan Koopmans

At the Diego Binetti show, CND’s Candice Manacchio used Raspberry Parfait and Frosting Cream capped in gold and silver metal for an artisanal finish. The toes were polished in CND Raspberry Parfait. Photo courtesy of Creative Nail Design (CND)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< At the Hervé Léger show, models wore OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy on both fingernails and toenails. Photo courtesy of OPI

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “The nail look at Pamela Love was inspired by the bohemian Moroccan theme of the collection,” said Essie manicurist Elle Gerstein. “We drew inspiration for the reverse chevron French manicure from the tribal graphic element of the clothing and the triangular jewelry paired with the collection.” Photography courtesy of Essie

82 | na0212fashion.indd 82




12/22/11 11:02 AM

na0212fashion.indd 83

12/22/11 11:02 AM

At the Nicole Miller show, nail tech Wanda Ruiz used CND Raspberry Parfait and a custom mix blue — CND Anchor Blue, Dark Ruby, and Eclectic Purple — with added blue pigment. The look was finished with Ice Blue Shimmer. Photo courtesy of Creative Nail Design (CND)

For the Proenza Schouler show, Perfect Formula created a special custom yellow nail shade, which will be available for purchase in February.

At Marc by Marc Jacobs, Elissa Ferri sponsored by Zoya used polish Olivia topped by a custom Zoya Matte Topcoat to create a “velvet seashell” for the nail.

Celebrity nail artist Honey polished models’ nails with LAQA & Co.’s polish pen in color WTF for the Rafael Cennamo show.

Inspired by ’60s glamour, the nails at The Blonds, created by CND’s Kristina Estabrooks, took over 100 hours to hand detail and included a “stockings series” of fishnets, lacy tights, and sexy seam manicures. Photo courtesy of Creative Nail Design (CND)

84 | na0212fashion.indd 84


At the Norman Ambrose show, CND’s Candice Manacchio created six luxe manicure looks to go with high glam ’60s pieces straight out of vintage Vogue — for the sexy, exotic woman who swims in her diamonds. Photo courtesy of Creative Nail Design (CND)


Pattie Yankee worked with designer Mark Fast to create three custom polish colors that matched his line perfectly. Using tones of Dashing Diva’s Pier 39, I Lilac Nothin’, Too Much Melon Drama, and NYC Fleet Week polishes, Yankee was able to create bright aqua, bold orange (shown), and subtle purple shades. 


12/22/11 11:02 AM

Designer Farah Angsana chose three different color schemes to match the brights and pastels in her collection. Pattie Yankee used Dashing Diva’s The Met (shown, a warm white), The Big Apple (a bright red), and I Lilac Nothin’ (pastel purple) with a top coat of I Need a Cocktail to add shine. 

At the Bibhu Mohapatra show, Sunshine Outing for Zoya polished models in Goldie, Hermina, Richelle (shown), Sunny, and Poppy.

At Cuchnie et Ochs, Dashing Diva’s Pattie Yankee worked with designers Carly and Michelle to create a “flesh extension” look. She used a base of Dashing Diva’s Mr. Right polish mixed with mineral makeup to match each model’s skin tone perfectly.

Daphne Allende for Priti NYC polished the models at the Carlos Miele show in Snapdragon # 457, a dark sunset orange. Photography by London Wright for Stylez4Women

Models at the Jason Wu show wore OPI Monsooner or Later on fingernails, a poppy red shade selected by MAC to match lips, and Samoan Sand on toenails. Photo courtesy of OPI



The nail look at L.A.M.B. featured Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles. “I loved working for L.A.M.B. Its cuttingedge fashions were reflective in the color choice of Essie’s Bobbing for Baubles, a deep darkest sapphire,” said Paula Knight-Osborne, a nail tech who worked the show. Photography courtesy of Essie

At the Bebe show, manicurist Daphne Allende for Priti NYC polished models’ nails in Hardy Water Lily # 673, a gold metallic shimmer. Photography by London Wright for Stylez4Women

China Glaze Nude was used for manicures at the Tadashi Shoji (shown) and Porter Grey shows. At Tadashi Shoji, China Glaze Innocence was used on toes. The neutral shades accentuated the ethereal gowns for which Tadashi Shoji is known. The nail tech team was led by Josephine More, who was assisted by Danielle Candido, Lauren Baranowski, and Natalie Figorotta-Frank. Photography by Matthew Carasella

Dashing Diva debuted its new DesignFX nail designs at the Jad Ghandour safari-themed show. The designer fell in love with the fierce Cheetah/Tiger print, Feline Menagerie. The models sported DesignFX and Flatiron District polish while the men wore DesignFX on their pinky fingers.

For more Fashion Week nail styles, visit


na0212fashion.indd 85



| 85 12/22/11 11:03 AM

STYLE} boutique

magnets Help your clients ditch the dull vacation souvenirs by offering trendy magnet sets that add a splash of color and personality to any file cabinet or household refrigerator. The witty graphics and modish images make these magnets attention-grabbing retail items.

1. Online magnet retailer Fridge Door — or the “single stop for all things magnetic” — offers a plethora of knick-knacks for refrigerators, lockers, and cars. You can find magnets in almost any theme, color, or pattern. With February approaching, the website is featuring Valentine’s Day magnet sets in addition to retro magnets and romantic magnetic cityscapes. 2. GamaGo’s super strength magnets are as cheerful as they are useful. They feature perky colors with graphics including cute and wide-eyed creatures such as owls and kittens, cupcakes with mustaches, and smiling sushi. These magnets with personality are 1.25 inches in diameter and sold in packs of four. 3. Jesse Janes’ handmade magnets feature a combination of trendy, modern graphics and vivid color palettes. Everything from

86 |


na0212boutique.indd 86


ladybugs to zombies graces the magnet faces — a wide variety is available online in a myriad of color schemes to match diverse salon or household decors. Box sets of nine come in contemporary tin cases. 4. iPop Clicks are small but strong and known for their unique designs, which showcase the artwork of up-and-coming artists as well as established designers. Each magnet dons a plastic dome overhead that magnifies the image, making it pop. Hang up a tiny piece of art with 1-inch wide iPop Clicks, available in packs of four. 5. Lucy Lu’s Mighty Magnets are feminine, colorful, and vintage-inspired. Each square- or rectangular-shaped magnet is handmade from recycled material and stored in a dainty transparent reusable case. Mighty Magnets come in box sets of


12 and feature themes including cats, fashion, flowers, birds, and women of the ’40s and ’50s. 6. Blue Q manufactures an assortment of witty magnets with graphics meant to give anyone’s kitchen a kick. They’re made from powerful yet thin material and can even stick to the inside of a fridge or freezer for a little extra fun. Available collections include “Guitars,” “Cat Butts,” “House Rules,” and many more. 7. Natasha Hanson’s handmade flower magnets are crafted from glossy resin and come in sets of four or more. The miniature floras are offered in different colors combinations — anything from warm pinks and purples to sunny yellow and teal. Natasha’s shop offers free U.S. shipping on most products. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIMBERLY PHAM

12/22/11 11:04 AM

look this Winter...

Warm your winter up with some fun color and festive glitter gels!

call now for a free sample!

LIGHT ELEGANCE Smart Chemistry made Beautiful na0212boutique.indd 87

12/22/11 11:04 AM

Experience the Freedom of Portability with the New Upower-2G Voted #1 Choice of Nail Professionals for Favorite Drill/Electric File

the New Upower-2G A winner every month. Register now at: Here is your chance to win the #1 choice of nail professionals–the portable Upower-2G. Leave behind the cords and outlets and take along full-size power. The all New Upower-2G electric nail filing system is manufactured exclusively for KUPA in Japan. The Upower-2G’s advanced rechargeable lithium ion power supply provides hours of unrestricted use without sacrificing power. At the end of each month, we will choose a random winner from all who register. Enter only once to qualify. All non-winners will remain eligible for future drawings if any. No purchase necessary to win. To register, go to Winners will be posted on facebook:

Scan the QR code and enter to Win the New Upower-2G or visit Download a free barcode reader at your mobile app store. ©2011 Kupa Inc. All rights reserved.

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12/22/11 11:07 AM


Monthly Memberships Mean Discounts Set in a charming pink and brown classic Craftsman bungalow, Venice, Calif.’s Nitespa is enticing patrons with a new loyalty program called the Nitespa Society Membership. “Clients can now become Nitespa Society Members at a variety of levels and enjoy consistent maintenance and substantial savings,” says salon owner Julia Martin. “Our clients always say they wish they could be more consistent with their beauty routines, so we decided to give them an incentive — nearly one third off regular pricing.” For $255 per month, the Luxe Membership includes a 90-minute custom massage, Detox Facial, and Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure. For $155, the Standard Membership gets clients a 45-minute facial or massage, Express Manicure and Pedicure, and brow and bikini wax. For $145, The Quickie includes a mini-facial, bikini wax, and Express Manicure and Pedicure. All memberships entitle the client to 10% off all products purchased and any additional services booked. Nitespa is open from noon to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. And if those hours are not flexible enough, earlier or later appointments are taken upon request. >>> FEBRUARY 2012

na0212busNF.indd 89



| 89 12/22/11 11:07 AM

A Gem of a Collection

The visual allure of semi-precious gems is indisputable — add to that delicious fragrances and you’ve got a combination your clients will love. The Semi-Precious Home Collection by The Amazing Stone Fragrance Corporation uses semi-precious gems to enhance candles, reed diffusers, room mists, hand soaps, and body oils — and the result is beautiful. Seven stones — amethyst, angel jasper, carnelian, labradorite, petrified wood, rose quartz, and wild agate — have been expertly matched to an exclusive signature scent, each reflecting the gem’s natural characteristics and historical roles. Explains company co-founder Jamie Mehditash: “Each gemstone naturally contains a life-force of energy that for centuries has been known to sustain, nourish, and enliven.” Use them in the salon or retail them to clients. For more information, go to

Interview Rule #1: Don’t Stink

Simple mistakes can cost you a new job, according to Patricia D. Sadar, a 20-year veteran of human resources management and author of Congratulations…You Aced the Interview and Congratulations…You’re Hired ( Here are some tips from Sadar to acing your interview: > Prepare for the interview — what you do before, during, and after counts. Know how to get there and allow extra time so you don’t arrive late. Don’t use strong cologne or tobacco products, and don’t drink coffee beforehand, all of which can be smelly turn-offs. Do pop a breath mint — not chewing gum, which has no place in an interview. If your palms are sweaty, wipe your hand discreetly before giving a firm handshake. Follow up with a thank-you note to the interviewer within 24 hours. > Be truthful when asked about weaknesses. People often avoid these questions or answer by presenting what they consider to be a strength as a weakness, such as “I’m a workaholic” or “I’m a perfectionist.” The interviewer wants to know if you can recognize your weaknesses and how you’re working on them, or whether you can admit mistakes and learn from them. Be prepared to honestly discuss one weakness and one past mistake. > Ask questions, but not about salary, benefits, sick, or vacation time. Go prepared to ask three to five questions about the business, the department, or the position. You might ask the interviewer to describe the ideal candidate for the job, what she most enjoys about working for the business, or what the business’s biggest challenges will be in the coming year.

na0212busNF.indd 90

12/22/11 11:07 AM

Mobile Marketing Best Practices

“Mobile marketing for salons is a cost-effective way to build repeat business by keeping customers informed about the latest offers and any new services,” says David Wachs, president of Cellit, a provider of mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Below are Cellit’s tips for how salons and spas can quickly and effectively leverage mobile marketing to drive repeat visits and increase customer spending. > Create excitement through a mobile loyalty club. Create a sense of excitement and exclusivity by promising special rewards and offers for mobile club members only. This approach will help drive initial sign-ups, ensure high retention rates, and encourage redemption. > Promote the mobile club in-store and online. Encourage customers to sign up for the mobile program at the reception desk, on the website, and on social media platforms. > Develop compelling up-sell offers. Mobile coupons do not necessarily mean straight discounts on services. Compelling offers can include cross-selling with paired purchases such as a discount on a product when purchasing a service, or up-selling through offering service packages. > Drive more repeat business. Mobile loyalty programs are a great way to stay top of mind with existing customers. To successfully attract and retain mobile loyalty club members, variety in mobile messaging is critical. Messages should vary and include mobile coupons as well as announcements about new employees or new available services and treatments. > Use mobile messaging for special occasions and slow days. Mobile messaging is equally effective on special occasions such as Mother’s Day as it is on driving traffic to the business during typically slower times. Tailor messages for each special occasion or provide a compelling and immediate offer to drive traffic during the slower season. For more information, go to >>>

na0212busNF.indd 91

12/22/11 11:07 AM

Sell It

Retail Analysis & Coaching Tools for the Salon and Spa from Milady is a key tool to help you take your current retail sales and put them on the fast-track to becoming a larger share of your business. Track your retail sales through straightforward spreadsheets created specifically for salons. The information will illustrate how each interaction with your client is an opportunity to boost your bottom line and keep clients coming back. Available in either a web-based or CD-based format, the tools include a Microsoft Excel basics tutorial. Simple spreadsheets allow you to enter your current numbers and see immediate calculations to accelerate goal-setting. Audio tutorials explain each spreadsheet and what it means to your business. The accompanying workbook offers suggestions and guidance for implementing spreadsheets and understanding your retail business. For more information, go to




I’m opening a salon and plan on having retail. However I live in a city and have to be mindful of security. Any suggestions on how to avoid theft without keeping everything behind bars? Theft should be a concern in all retail environments — with or without an urban zip code. Some key points to addressing theft include your store layout, customer service, and store return policies. When considering your store layout, plan your cash register as well as your point-of-sale displays toward the back, center of your store. Since you are servicefocused first, then product-focused second, having customers come to the back of your store will not steer them away from making a purchase. However, if they plan to steal something, this might. Additionally, you can keep an eye on all areas of your salon when standing at the check-out area, not giving thieves a chance to steal. Combine this with strong store management and customer service, and potential shoplifters won’t have a chance to snag anything without someone seeing. It’s important you train your team to always welcome customers and keep an eye on them if they are shopping your retail section. This should be a priority for all staff. Finally, theft can take place without anything even being sold, but rather returned without being originally purchased in your store. Strict return policies should be enforced, including an original receipt and certain items being excluded from returns as necessary. This may include nail polish and earrings, among other items. While it will take a combination of efforts to avoid theft, it’s something easily managed if approached correctly. Remember to be diligent with staff training, merchandising inventory, and salon policies as a whole to effectively distract potential shoplifters. — Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle is founder/writer/ speaker of Retail Minded (

Have a business question?

(about marketing, pricing, personnel, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

na0212busNF.indd 92

12/22/11 3:13 PM

NEW Revolutionary Satin Etched Zebra Print Collection

Ultra Durable. 100% Sanitizable. Wildly Stylish. Autoclave-friendly and super long lasting, these elegantly etched, premium stainless steel essentials are luxuriously crafted for the highest level of quality, precision & performance. Slant Tweezer, Cuticle Nipper and Nail Clipper Set Sold Separately

meets For more detailed information and a distributor near you please visit or call 1-800-645-3340 na0212busNF.indd 93 12/22/11 11:40 AM

BUSINESS} reader to reader Should the salon be open or closed on holidays (days when most clients have the day off work) and why?

D CLOenSd tiEme

to sp families with our

I think salons should be closed on the big holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.). I absolutely love what I do — no questions asked — but these are the times when I want to be with my family and money doesn’t matter.

ffany Johnson Angie’s Salon & Day Spa, St. Joseph, Mo.

I offer appointments but say they must be booked with a deposit at least a week before. I don’t see the point in sitting and waiting, knowing that if the sun’s shinning clients will be out enjoying it and may forget about their appointment (hence the deposit). I do send a courtesy text so they don’t lose their appointment.

Chauntelle Cracknell

day off. However, family comes first and I have to draw the line somewhere.

Jade Sewell

Kara Milner

Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont.

Polish!, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Salons should be closed on all major holidays. Salons could extend hours of operations up to three days before each holiday to accommodate clients. Holidays should be enjoyed by all regardless of your profession.

I used to be open the day before and after. But this year I prebooked all my clients around my schedule, and whatever dates didn’t work, I worked with theirs. I love my clients, but I need my family time and holidays too. I usually tell clients months before I plan time off so they are aware.

Bernie Clark Washington D.C.

We’re open on holidays since everyone else has the day off. It’s just common sense. We’re open on Sundays too, for the same reason.

Michelle Phoenix Wet Paint Nail Spa, Cambridge, Mass.

Penny Lawler

Closed. People who have a full schedule don’t get much time off, and it’s a little much to work through holidays and have no personal time to ourselves or our families.

Monaco Nail Artists, Auckland, New Zealand

Lauren Scales Graffiti Nail Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

I believe in being available to my clients as much as possible but also putting family first. My compromise is working all holidays with the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, and Easter Sunday. I don’t take every holiday off as an excuse to get an extra

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Amura Enciso Divalicious Nails, Albuquerque, N.M.

Beautiful Nails, Wareham, Dorset, England

I stay open. Those days are some of my busiest, and it would be a disservice to turn away that business. There are plenty of days during the year when a day off has much lower impact on the business.

Closed. I find that a lot of people book in, then end up cancelling.


Of course we should be available for our clients during some holidays. As an employee who once worked in the corporate world, I know firsthand how hard it can be to get in to have that perfect set of nails done by your favorite tech if the salon closes early. Yes we all want our holidays to be spent with our families but if we choose to be in the area of customer service then we should be willing to make the sacrifice to adjust our schedule so that our clients can come first.

Maria Trimmell Star Treatment Nails, Wichita, Kan.

Next question:

Do you practice what you preach when it comes to having impeccable nails? (If yes, always, how do you fit it into your busy schedule?) [Answers


will be printed in the May 2012 issue.] Share your opinion on the topic by e-mailing your response by February 15 to Please include your name, salon name, city, and state with your response. ILLUSTRATION BY AJAY PECKHAM

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12/28/11 9:28 AM

BUSINESS} Moving On Up

Tucked inside and out of view, these salons seem to defy the first rule of business: location, location, location. How do salons succeed when they’re several stories up and out of sight? BY MICHELLE PRATT

Patsy’s Nail Bar attracts customers with a brightly colored awning over the second-level windows and by placing a sandwich board at street level.

In December 2010, Nadine Ferber and Adair Ilyinsky opened a nail salon, tenoverten,

in Tribeca, a trendy, popular neighborhood in New York City. The address was perfect, located on Tribeca’s coveted “six corners.” The only drawback: the spot was on the second floor of a five-story building. How would two women who aren’t nail techs (no industry connections, no clientele) be able to get word out to let people know about a salon with no visibility?

Patsy Tavenner had the same dilemma. Retired from her job in government and ready to tackle a new challenge, Tavenner opened Patsy’s Nail Bar in Washington, D.C., in February 2010. She had no built-in clientele and no networks in the nail industry. She chose a location on the second and third floors of a three-story building. Both salons are doing well despite operating above the head of pedestrians in areas already saturated with salons.

How did they do it? To begin with, they opened salons that fill a void in the market. “Tribeca is very much a neighborhood place, and we saw the neighborhood was lacking the type of salon we wanted,” says Ferber. “We built our business out of our experience as passionate customers.” Tribeca has day spas and discount salons, but Ferber and Ilyinsky wanted a salon “with a relaxed and social atmosphere.” Clients walk into what Ferber describes as a “gritty stairwell,” >>>

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12/22/11 11:43 AM


005 - 1/4 Jaw CUTICLE NIPPER Also available in 1/2 and Full Jaw

Suggested Salon Price:


$19.99 ea

300 - 1/4 Jaw CUTICLE NIPPER

Mehaz has expanded to offer you professional nailcare and skincare implements in a variety of styles and price points.

Suggested Salon Price:

Also available in 1/2 Jaw

$25.99 ea


Mehaz implements: Patent Pending

• Are handcrafted by experts to meet uncompromising standards • Provide you with top performance


• Offer exceptional European craftsmanship and lifetime guarantee

Suggested Salon Price:

$35.99 ea

Also available in 1/2 Jaw

When you choose a Mehaz implement, you can feel the difference. Ask your local distributor or call (888) 225-6342 for a distributor near you.



Cuticle Pusher Patented Convertible Spring


Suggested Salon Price:

$42.89 ea

Also available in 1/8 and 1/2 Jaw Stainless

na0212movingUp.indd 97

12/22/11 11:43 AM




up a flight of stairs to a landing, and then climb another flight of stairs before they walk into a salon with 12 manicure stations and 12 pedicure booths. It’s worth the work. Manicure tables are equipped with iPads for each client, while pedicure clients face huge windows that allow them to “look out onto the city without the city looking back,” says Ferber. “It’s very loftlike; you feel like you’re stepping into someone’s apartment.” Tavenner describes a similar catalyst for opening her salon. “We asked ourselves what was missing in the neighborhood,” says Tavenner. “We have nail salons and expensive day spas where people can get manicures and pedicures, but we had no nail spa.” Tavenner opened Patsy’s Nail Bar with extras not typically found in traditional salons: The handcrafted nail bar has Silestone countertops and Italian tiles, and Romero Brito paintings hang on the walls. The salon’s second level — which is the third floor of the building — provides privacy for couples’ pedicures and spa parties, plus the area functions as a “man-cave” for male clients who want a beer, a wide-screen TV, and a pedicure without an audience.



Tenoverten and Patsy’s Nail Bar fill

a niche that keeps clients coming back, but how did clients find them in the first place? Ferber says she and Ilyinsky put the word out to their personal and professional networks. Ferber owns a clothing boutique and Ilyinsky is a fashion financial analyst. Their connections drew the attention of Vogue magazine who announced their opening as a “Vogue Secret.” Other press includes The New York Times, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, and Allure. “We were very fortunate with press,” says Ferber. Tavenner also credits press with spreading the word about her salon. “We were the first salon in D.C. to be trained in Shellac,” says Tavenner. Articles announcing the service, along with descriptions of the salon, were featured in Daily Candy D.C., Shape, and the Washington Post Express. Tavenner says she still sends press releases out to media sources to keep her name in front of readers.

OFFER A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE The secret to keeping clients coming back to an out-of-the-way location, when they could choose an easier-to-navigate spot on street level, is the one-of-a-kind experience that rewards them once they leave the street. Salons like tenoverten and Patsy’s Nail Bar understand they attract a limited clientele. They don’t try

to provide “something for everyone.” They excel at satisfying the client who is looking for something beyond what satisfies the masses. Designing a salon that caters to the preferences of a limited clientele is working for veteran techs, too. Experience has taught these techs the value of fine-tuning their services to cultivate a specific clientele, and many have found their best location to be above ground level. Sisters Myra and Ilisa Green opened Green’s Nails & Massage in Chicago as 30-year veterans in the industry. Though many faithful clients followed them to their location on the 15th floor of the building, they credit the unique experience they offer as the reason new clients continue to seek them out. “We do not rush our services and appointments,” says Myra. “We have a quiet, out-of-the-way spot removed from the rush of the city where clients receive personal attention and good conversation. Their time here is like being with a friend.” Green’s offers gel enhancements, natural nail services, and massage. The atmosphere is holistic, relaxed, and soothing, plus the privacy affords clients opportunities they aren’t likely to find somewhere else. Ilisa tells of famous clients who visit Green’s because they enjoy services without interruption and of couples who make the salon a



> We get a lot of light, even on darker days, because of all the sunlight from the windows. > We don’t have to contend with garbage on the streets or go out a few times a day to sweep the sidewalks. > Limited visibility. > It’s difficult for women who are carrying a lot, including strollers.

> We like the feeling of being “part of the block” that comes with working in a big building. > Clients are able to step outside of the rush of the city to relax. > It’s hard for clients who drive to get through when the city has big events, such as the marathon. > If someone has only a half-hour for lunch, they aren’t likely to have time to walk over, take the elevator, stay for the appointment and be back in time, unless they are tenants in the building.

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na0212movingUp.indd 98



12/22/11 11:44 AM



date destination, bringing in baskets with wine and cheese to enjoy during their services. Maggie Franklin has been a nail tech for 20 years. Recently she moved her salon, The Art of Nailz, to the fourth floor of a historic building on Main Street in her hometown of Visalia, Calif. She echoes the observation that a tucked-away nail salon can be successful when the owner understands the opportunity to meet the needs of a smaller audience. “Different tiers of professionals exist in the industry,” says Franklin. “Working without a storefront allows someone to work by appointment and to develop a certain clientele. If your business is largely dependent on impulse bookings, it may be harder.” Though, notes Franklin, her walk-in business has never been stronger than at her present, fourthstory location. “I don’t know if it’s the foot traffic from Main Street or that the Internet is coming of age in our small town so people use their phones to find me on Google and come over because I’m within walking distance.” Either way, moving to the fourth floor hasn’t slowed her business growth despite no evidence of her salon from the street.

LET CLIENTS IN ON YOUR SECRET The experience clients have at abovestreet-level salons is by its nature more


private. When salon owners capitalize on this unique distinction, they create a deeper loyalty among customers. “For the first six months we were in business, people only saw a sign with 10/10,” says Ferber. “We had no signs advertising us as a nail salon. We became the place for people to discover. Even now when the salon is full, clients feel as if it’s ‘their place,’ a hidden gem.” The feeling of discovering a secret place is certainly tantalizing. While Patsy’s Nail Bar is allowed signs in the windows, sandwich boards on the sidewalks, even video from a TV at ground level showing pedestrians the inside of the salon, it’s the surprise clients get when they enter the salon that makes them feel like they’ve found a secret spot in the city. “We’ve heard complaints about the stairs,” says Patsy, “but when clients walk in, they’re always surprised at what they find, and they love it.” Filling a niche by understanding what satisfies a targeted clientele and delivering an exceptional experience helped these four salons succeed even though clients have to search to find them. But, just like salons at street level, their success is ultimately linked to word of mouth. Yelp, Citysearch, Facebook, and Google were all cited as ways new clients learned about the salon and as ways salon owners

1. Sisters Ilisa (on left) and Myra Green pose in the doorway of their salon located on the 15th floor. 2. The colorful doorway marks the entrance to the Art of Nailz, one business of many on the upper floors of a beautiful, historical building on Main Street in Visalia, Calif. 3. Tenoverten clients are positioned to face the windows during pedicures where they enjoy a view of the city. Being above street level protects customers from the inquisitive eye of pedestrians. 4. Hidden from view and tucked within this corner building, tenoverten is a escape from the activity of the city. 5. Once through the door, clients are welcomed to Maggie Franklin’s salon, where large windows provide plenty of sunlight and a view of the mountains. 6. Once inside, customers enter a narrow hallway and climb a flight of stairs before they find Patsy’s Nail Bar.

continue to market the location and unique experience they offer. Pictures, client testimonies, and a list of available services help to reduce some of the apprehension of walking off the street and into the unknown. “Twitter is also a useful way to interact with customers,” suggests Franklin. (Search “artofnails” and “tenoverten” at to see the possibilities.) Every location will have its benefits and drawbacks, but for those looking to open a new salon or move into a new spot, the ideal location may not be the one right in front of your eyes. Maybe the best way to find your spot is to start looking up.



> We are able to hang signs, and we’re located at a street light so people can look up and see our name in the window. Plus, a restaurant is across the street, so people can see our salon when they’re seated at their table. > People can’t see what you look like; they’re uncertain about going where they don’t know what they’ll find. > There’s no elevator.

> I have a great view of the mountains and awesome seating for the Annual Christmas Parade and weekly Farmers’ Market. > Our senator and assemblywoman have offices in my building, so I get a great view of the protests.


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BUSINESS} salon profile

Gemist’s waiting area is filled with colorful flowers and embellishments, which work together to create a homey feel. There is also a collection of nail art on display for customers to peruse during their wait.

Rich in Culture and Color Torrance, Calif.-based salon Gemist, owned by nail artist Meg Kaehler, incorporates Japanese-style services for customers, attracting an international clientele and those who favor nail art over nail maintenance. BY BRITTNI RUBIN Meg Kaehler brought a little piece of Japan to Torrance, Calif., when she opened Gemist

Nail Salon in 2009. After studying nail art in Japan for a number of years, the licensed manicurist moved to California to learn the American market. She developed her technique — sometimes practicing at home for eight hours a day — and attended seminars regularly. But as time passed, the growing nail artist felt something was missing. “After working for other salons, I realized that I wanted to open a Japanese-style salon that focused on the service as much as the nails themselves,” says Kaehler. She’s now the owner of Gemist. Located in recently revitalized Old

100 | na0212profile.indd 100



Torrance on a street lined with cute of treatment you might receive in a shops and boutiques, the trendy salon salon in Japan. fits right in. However, its interior doesn’t evoke what we’d think of as TREATING THE “CUSTOMER AS traditionally Japanese decor. It has GOD” Gemist delivers a more spaa contemporary feel with a design like experience for its clients. At any Kaehler calls shabby chic. “Shabby given time, there is a maximum of only chic is a very feminine look that employs a lot of vintage and bohemian elements. It’s cute Salon Name: Gemist Nail Salon and warm, and it prevents the Location: Torrance, Calif. salon from feeling clinical,” says Owner: Meg Kaehler Kaehler. Square Footage: 800 What Japanese-inspired Opened: 2008 about Gemist is the mentality Number of Nail Techs/Total Staff: 3/3 of Kaehler and her staff. Both Specialties: Acrylics, soak-off gel nails, customer service and the nail custom colors, and 3-D nail art services offered mimic the type


Compensation: Commission/Salary Website:


12/22/11 3:33 PM

“NO pipes necessary”. “all-in-one” set-up for pedicure, manicure, wax & facial. Compact, lightweight, with disposable liners to maintain your sanitation standards, adjustable footrest, and nail tech stool. Indulge.

“Not your traditional” pedicure chair combines the versatility and simplicity Belava is known for with the luxury of the most expensive salon chairs on the market. Pipeless, plush & extra wide, with heat & massage for the feet and the body, pivoting manicure/facial table, adjustable nail tech stool.

Sanitary disposable liner for each client, heat and massage for feet, durable pedicure tub This commercial grade pedicure system is designed to improve pedicure experience.

t h e a r t o f a s a fe ped i c u r e

888.708.7131 na0212profile.indd 101

12/22/11 3:33 PM

The main area of Gemist features these mid-century chairs — stocked with pillows and blankets — placed strategically next to side tables for customers’ magazines, books, or beverages.

three nail technicians working, and appointments are never overbooked. Employees show their clients respect by spending ample time tailoring services to satisfy each customer’s particular needs. There is also an individual consultation beforehand between the client and nail technician to discuss the details of the chosen service.

“Having worked in salons that tried to cram too many appointments into a short amount of time, I saw firsthand how it could create stress for both the nail tech and the client,” says Kaehler. “We prevent that by dedicating ourselves to our customers and giving our employees the time they need to do their best work.” For Kaehler, the relaxation that emerges from this kind of service has clear cultural roots. “Japan has a very strong ‘customer as God’ mindset — we make sure to treat our clients thoughtfully and with the utmost respect,” says Kaehler. That also means paying attention to the small details that make a salon experience comfortable. Aside from personalized nail services, clients receive tea and a place to put their personal belongings. Someone will offer to take their coats, and employees refrain from engaging in “inside” conversations in the presence of clients. Additionally, Kaehler still makes time to see clients herself. “Though the day-to-day aspects of running the salon keep me busy, I still like to see as many clients as I possibly can,” she says. “I love creating nails, and I love seeing my customers leave the salon feeling happy and beautiful with a new set of nails.” This commitment to clients has given Gemist a loyal client-base. While the salon has a wide range of regulars — from students to celebrities — it is also known to attract a lot of international clients. Gemist’s nail techs display a unique sensitivity to culture, and according to Kaehler, are always looking for new ways to make clients feel at home while they are in a new country. “The attention and care we give to all clients, regardless of their background or nationality, makes them feel warm and cared for,” says Kaehler. “We don’t want to be just an ‘in-and-out’ salon.” According to Kaehler, the authenticity of the service at Gemist attracts a significant amount of Japanese clientele as well. “Torrance has a large Japanese

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12/22/11 3:34 PM

na0212profile.indd 103

12/22/11 3:34 PM

[left] Gemist has a wide collection of colorful polishes for manicures, pedicures, and nail art — everything from Orly to Essie. [right] Owner and manicurist Meg Kaehler opened the Torrance, Calif.-based nail salon, Gemist, in the spring of 2009 after moving from Japan to America.

population and many Japanese citizens are sent here by the companies they work for, including diplomats and their wives,” explained Kaehler.

“Having a similar background and understanding about their cultural needs and expectations is another advantage we have.”

AN ARTFUL FOCUS At Gemist, the primary focus is on nail art rather than nail maintenance. All of Gemist’s nail techs, including Kaehler, are experienced nail art competitors. Although Gemist does offer basic manicures and pedicures — such as the Gemist Mani, priced at $45, which includes a hand bath, a massage with aroma oil and lotion, filing, cuticle care, scrub, and color or buff — the salon is known for its more artistic services. This concentration on nail art echoes Gemist’s Japanese influences: “In Japan, a trip to the salon is seen as more of a luxury,” says Kaehler. “Decorative nails are very popular there, and significantly more clients opt for design nails.” There’s an extensive array of options for the nail art fanatic at Gemist. Starting at $5 per nail, customers can receive 3-D designs that showcase anything from Swarovski crystals and holograms to acrylic-based Hello Kitty designs. Gemist often creates custom colors for their art as well. “3-D art design is complex; it entails a design that sits in three dimensions on the nail,” says Kaehler. “All of our designs are custom and individual to each client.” Kaehler has left the pricing for nail art generally open-ended, giving customers the option to request designs that aren’t necessarily listed on the menu, or add extra embellishments. Price elevates with the intricacy of the request and the amount of materials needed. Gels, too, are customized at Gemist. The salon offers a variety of different soak-off gel products, so the nail technician will consult with clients to determine the best type of gel to use on each type of nail. The actual application process varies depending on which product the customer chooses. Just like with their 3-D nail art

104 | na0212profile.indd 104




12/22/11 3:34 PM na0212profile.indd 105

12/22/11 3:34 PM





30 1 31





32 1








Pol sh 1








Numb 1






18 17 1







[top] Gemist Nail Salon incorporates vintage, bohemian, and contemporary elements to create a warm, feminine atmosphere for clients. According to salon owner Meg Kaehler, it also prevents the salon from looking clinical. [bottom] As part of its Japaneseinspired customer service, Gemist offers personalized amenities that increase relaxation and make clients feel pampered, such as this tea station. Customers will also find magazines, water, and snacks meant to make their time in the salon more enjoyable.

services, Gemist nail techs can create custom colors for gel manicures and pedicures. “We will work with the client when we create a custom color, and then we have the client approve the final color,” says Kaehler.


106 | na0212profile.indd 106







demanding field — it’s very important to stay abreast of the latest design trends. One of the staff’s biggest tactics for keeping up is attending tradeshows. Kaehler and her team scope them out as often as possible to pick up new techniques, or simply see what products are on the horizon. “Tradeshows are a great way for us to network within the industry too,” says Kaehler. “Nail innovations are happening all across the world, and I will be attending more international shows so that I can see more of the latest trends first-hand.” Recently, Kaehler traveled back to Japan to attend the Tokyo Nail Expo. (See her report on page 51.) “We learn so much at these shows and try to implement the best things into Gemist’s services,” says Kaehler. “Of course we will practice and perfect any new techniques before bringing them to our clientele, but the inspiration we get from these shows always encourages us to work harder.” Since Kaehler and her staff are also nail competitors, they hold regular practice sessions to keep their skills refined. Diligent training is one of the most important aspects of her business, and a personal value she holds from her early days as a burgeoning nail tech. “I’m fortunate to have a talented staff, but I still make sure to set aside time where we can all practice together,” says Kaehler. “I like to take one-on-one lessons from many top professionals, and I like to share the things I learn with my staff during these training sessions. Of course, I encourage my staff to study on their own and bring their own learning to these practice sessions too.”


12/22/11 3:34 PM

Elegance with practical functionality


Nails Magazine Special


Pedispa with HT-045PS

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2 pockets on back for extra Side pockets for remote Cup holder storage to hold price menus or control on both sides of chair technician clipboard Visit for complete pedispa and massage chair features.


Removable state-of-the-art click manicure tables

Katai® II Pedispa features:

Stores two 8oz bottles in each drawer

Lower footrest and stronger adjustable footrest mechanism

Two pull out side trays

Build Your Pedispa

4 steps to a custom pedispa

1 2 3 4


Human Touch® HT-045PS chair features:



Pedispa base colors:

Accent panels:

Human Touch® Massage chair models and upholstery colors:

* Accent panels are optional for $100


NEW HT-045PS Remote control

Fiberglass sink features raised foot steps, embedded LED light, multifunctional shower head, drain knob and overflow valve

Get Katai®II with HT-245-PS and receive great free gifts! Call in for details.


Riverstone Grey Zebrano

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1. 800. 572. 9938 * Nails Magazine Special and promotion valid from 1/15/2011 to 3/15/2012. No substitution allowed. Not valid with any other offer or previous purchase. Shipping is only included for customers in the contiguous United States. Customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and in Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories other than District of Columbia; and international customers are responsible for all shipping charges, duties, and/or fees. Valid while supplies last during promotion period. Due to inconsistencies in the scanning/printing process, all printed colors shown may vary slightly from the actual color of the items. Distributed by Alfalfa Nail Supply, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA 70815. © 2011. All rights reserved. HT, Human Touch and Logo are trademarks of Human Touch, LLC. All other brand and/or product names and logos appearing in this ad are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner(s). All rights reserved. na0212profile.indd 107

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7C@CIFB5=@G H<5H@5GH 40 luxurious colours No smudging, No chipping, No cracking Long lasting very high gloss shine Protects the natural nail Easily removed in 10 minutes 100% pure gel

NAILS PERFECTED â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Only from Akzentz 7CDMF=;<H<5=;<=B8IGHF=9G=B7"

na0212healthNF.indd 108

12/22/11 3:55 PM

HEALTH} Icky But Safe Fish pedicures are unlikely to cause infection, according to a report released in October from the U.K.’s Health Protection Agency (HPA) titled “Guidance on the Management of Public Health Risks from Fish Pedicures.” “Provided that good standards of hygiene are followed by salons, members of the public are unlikely to get an infection from a fish spa pedicure, however the risk will be higher for certain people,” says Dr. Hilary Kirkbride, consultant epidemiologist at the HPA. “We feel it’s important for salons to ensure the client has no underlying health conditions that could put them at risk and that a thorough foot examination is performed to make sure there are no cuts, grazes, or existing skin conditions that could spread infection. “Anyone considering a fish pedicure can help reduce the risk of infection — both to themselves and others — by taking simple precautions. Allowing any cuts or infections you may have on your feet or legs to heal before having the treatment and waiting at least 24 hours after having a leg wax or shaving will minimize your chances of catching anything. If you do experience any ill effects after the treatment, you should visit your GP.” Adds Dr. Paul Cosford, director of health protection services at the HPA: “As with any beauty salon, it’s really important that strict standards of cleanliness are followed to ensure that the risk of infection is kept to a minimum.” For salons that offer the fish pedicure, the report has a lot of suggestions for minimizing health risk. This includes washing (with soap) and drying the client’s feet before letting her put them in the fish soak and having the client fill out a written form prior to the service to see if she’s aware of any contraindications to the service. Also, the report recommends having the salon staff trained in the basic care and welfare of fish. Clients with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions, including diabetes and psoriasis, are likely to be at increased risk of infection, so fish pedicures are not recommended for these individuals. Note that several states, including Texas, Washington, and Florida, have banned fish pedicures, so be sure to check with your state board or licensing authority if you are considering adding this service. You can read the report in its entirety at www.tinyurl. com/4x69arn. >>>


na0212healthNF.indd 109




| 109 12/22/11 11:08 AM


Cool Design, Clean Air A durable, high-quality indoor air purification system, the LightAir IonFlow 50 features a sleek and stylish design that would complement any salon or spa decor. The air in even the cleanest salons can harbor dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and other airborne contaminants. LightAir removes practically all airborne particles and is especially efficient in removing the smallest and most harmful particles. According to the manufacturer, it performs as well as a good HEPA filter-based air purifier, but without the noise, energy consumption, and expensive filter change. The unit comes with a 10-year warranty. For more information, go to


Salon Inspector


Hopefully you were able to implement last month’s tip. Are you ready to take charge again, and make improvements in another area? A couple of years ago Salon Inspector Butler did a survey with clients of hair salons and nail salons. We asked the clients to tell us what their number-one turn-off was at their own salon. One of the answers we kept getting over and over was: “My guy’s/gal’s station is always cluttered.” Tip #2: Clutter Is Crazy Nothing screams “unprofessional” louder than a station cluttered with stuff. Unclutter your manicure table and keep it clutter-free throughout the service. It only takes a couple of minutes and a little bit of discipline to keep it that way. Keep your station clear of unnecessary items like your wallet, papers, drinks, photos, trinkets, etc. Your manicure table will not only look cleaner and more professional, it will also be easier to clean. Maintaining a clutter-free space is easy, too: Once you are done with an item, dispose of it immediately, either into the trash (in the case of non-reusable items) or into a container that is labeled “soiled.”

This is the second in a series of tips from Monika Herzog Butler, the founder of Salon Inspector (www.

.com To read all the tips, search “Inspector Monika” at

110 |


na0212healthNF.indd 110



12/22/11 11:09 AM

Nontoxique: The Name Says It All

When it turned out the nail and beauty products she used every day as a nail tech were making her sick, Sheila Fredriksen sought out healthy, holistic, and effective products to use instead. When she found nothing that fit the bill, she hired a chemist and together they created the Nontoxique line of hand and foot care products. “Our formulas are 100% authentically natural,” she says. “Each product is made from pure plant and fruit parts right out of nature — not adulterated, nutritionally stripped, synthetic, or left biologically inactive. Following the holistic paradigm, all ingredients work synergistically together to support or enhance the healing and regenerative ability of each ingredient.” > Hand Cleanser moisturizes the eponychium, nourishes nails, regenerates aging skin, soothes sensitive skin, and washes away germs and grime. It contains essential oils of elemi, myrrh, sweet orange, and mandarin, as well as rosemary, coconut, and olive. > Herbal Scrub increases cell hydration, moisturizes skin, promotes optimal nutrient absorption, revitalizes damaged skin, and sloughs dead, dry skin. It uses almond oil, shea butter, and various essential oils to exfoliate and smooth. > Age Reversal Serum increases moisture, improves skin radiance, and neutralizes free radicals. Ingredients include buriti and jojoba oils, licorice, kiwi seed, arbutin, and Moroccan blue chamomile. Sea buckthorn and rosehips seed oils aid in cellular rejuvenation. > Restore Day Crème improves skin elasticity, increase collagen synthesis, locks in hydration, and soothes sensitive skin. Mowrah and mango butters prevent skin drying and minimize fine lines. It also includes turmeric, gotu kola, alfalfa, sage, ginseng, comfrey, and avocado oil. > Cuticle & Nail Balm maintains nail and tissue suppleness and flexibility. It nourishes, softens, and waterproofs using myrrh, beeswax, avocado, kiwi seed, coconut, and vitamin E. For more information, go to




Can artificial nails make a nail fungus infection even worse than it already is? I was approached by a new client who has had a nail fungus since she was an infant (she is now 19). She says no treatments have worked so she’d like to get enhancements. Is it OK for me to work on her nails? Artificial nails can definitely make a nail fungus worse by entrapping the fungus in a closed space. It is very unusual for an infant who is otherwise healthy to have nail fungus. Your client would benefit from being evaluated by a dermatologist to confirm that she has fungus. She may, for example, have separation of the nail from the underlying bed (onycholysis), which often results in secondary issues such as fungus, yeast, or bacteria growing beneath the nail. The first step is for her to have an accurate diagnosis. — Dana Stern, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in nails. She works in private practice in New York City.

No Lift Nails Cuticle Oil brings together three of nature’s richest ingredients: Avocado,Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E. The result is a superb natural oil that conditions nails and softens skin with a single drop. Our unique formula won’t promote lifting. After all, it’s from No Lift Nails, the industry leader for three decades. Available in 1/8 oz, 1 oz and 4 oz size, No Lift is a naturally rich cuticle oil for your customers and a rich source of profits for you.

Have a health question?

(about salon safety and sanitation, nail disorders, science, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. FEBRUARY 2012

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| 111 12/22/11 11:11 AM

HEALTH} under the microscope

Exfoliative Keratolysis Exfoliative keratolysis is a condition where the top layer of the skin perpetually peels due to a breakdown in the keratin that forms the epidermal tissue. Exfoliative keratolysis (EK) refers to an exfoliation of the top layer of the epidermis (the skin). The epidermis, while being the outermost layer of skin, is itself made up of multiple layers. These layers are made of keratin, a protein that gives skin its strength and flexibility and makes it waterproof. When the keratin breaks down, the skin loses its strength and begins to shed, or exfoliate. In its earliest stages, small, air-filled blisters appear on the skin. As the condition worsens, the air pockets break open, removing the epidermis, which acts as protective barrier. The compromised skin is now exposed to and unprotected from the elements and irritants, such as water, sun, and detergents.

What is it?

While the exact cause of EK is unknown, a variety of factors can contribute to an outbreak. In some cases people are predisposed to EK because of family genetics. Others find that outside factors converge, creating the perfect environment for EK to develop. Those factors include a weakened immune system, stress, allergies, irritants, and temperature change. Young adults are more prone to develop EK than any other age group. EK is often a seasonal problem, or the body’s response to acute stress or an allergen, which means its appearance can be sporadic and inconsistent.

How do you get it?

It’s not easy to find a treatment plan that works, because the response to EK treatments varies from person to person. However, some general rules apply. The first treatment is always prevention: avoid all soaps, detergents, or solvents that could irritate the skin. Choose hypoallergenic products for the body, hair, and cleaning supplies. In the event of an outbreak, treat the peeling skin. The first step in terms of over-the-counter treatments is to find a moisturizer that contains urea. If the over-thecounter treatments don’t work, a prescription may be in order. Doctors can prescribe a number of medications, including topical steroids and cortisone creams.

How is it treated?

EK is not in any way contagious, so techs do not have to fear touching and serving clients with EK. However, techs may need to alter their products for clients with EK, avoiding a fragranced moisturizer, for example, or by having hypoallergenic hand soap available for client use. In addition, clients who have nail enhancements may need to have them removed, depending on the severity of the outbreak. Exposure to nail products could irritate the skin unnecessarily. Techs can still offer natural nail services to clients. If a client has a particularly severe outbreak of EK, techs may want to avoid polishing the nails and instead offer to buff them to a high shine. Avoid trying to slough, exfoliate, or buff the dry skin off the palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet. This will irritate rather than aid the condition.

What can a tech do?

Because it’s possible for EK to appear on the hands and heal in a few weeks, many sufferers don’t realize they are dealing with a life-long problem until multiple EK outbreaks have appeared and healed. It could take a number of months or even years before sufferers and doctors consider the diagnosis of exfoliative keratolysis.

What else?

For more information about exfoliative keratolysis, log on to

112 |


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12/22/11 11:48 AM

na0212disease.indd 113

12/22/11 11:48 AM


Sole Love: A Reflexology Primer

Reflexology is a massage technique that is gaining popularity in salons. It differs from traditional massage by releasing pressure points instead of rubbing muscles. BY MICHELLE PRATT

114 |


na0212reflexology.indd 114



I don’t know about you, but the term “reflexology” intimidates me. It sounds so much more technical than the simple and approachable

“massage.” When I see reflexology advertised in a salon window or listed as an add-on in the salon menu, I imagine the tech has sat under the tutelage of an ancient Chinese sage and is aware of hidden chi secrets. Secrets I am not privy to. So it came as a surprise to learn that reflexology describes a specific technique of massage; it’s not a practice that requires its own certification or license. Reflexology is a technique in the same way that hot stone, Swedish, or deep-tissue is a technique. >>>


12/22/11 11:57 AM

The Next Generation of Pedicure Sauna Pedicure System

Exclusively available at The Nail Superstore Red Dragon Sauna (patent-pending) takes pedicures to a whole new level.

Patent-pending #13078560

đƫ Uses steam instead of water đƫ Takes just 1 cup of water per service đƫ Completely portable with no plumbing hookups đƫ Complete system costs hundreds of dollars less than traditional pedicure chair đƫ Environmentally friendly

30% Off!

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The true Gel Polish with a flawless finish that grabs hold for over 2 weeks.

Cures all gel and UV top coat within seconds.

30,000 rpm. Foot control & bits included!

Item # 720073

Item # 410108

Includes Pure Color White & Pink Powders 1/2 oz, Ultra Crystal Clear Powder 1/2 oz, UltiMax Liquid 1 oz, Primex Primer, Nail Prep 1/2 oz & C-Smile Form.

ProMaster CCFL 36 W UV Gel Light

Artisan GelEfex Polish Now $9.95 Reg. $12.95

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Diamond Cuts Available - XX Fine - X Fine - Fine - Medium - Coarse - X Coarse - XX Coarse

Features replaceable waterproof abrasives.

Set of 16 pieces.

Item # 429000 #429002

3D Flowers, Dry Flowers, Stars, Tear Drop, Heart, Glitters, Sea Shells & more.

Reg. $75.00

ProTool USA™ Carbides

Artisan Pedicure Foot Files Now $5.95/ea

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Visit our website and online store at


We speak your language: English, Tiếng Việt, Français, Español,

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That’s good news for nail techs and clients, too. By learning the purpose and procedure of reflexology, techs can expand their service offerings and tailor the massage portion of a pedicure as a client needs. Ramona French describes foot reflexology as a “detailed foot massage where techs work every inch of the foot slowly, looking for places where the tissue feels as though there are little crystals under the skin.” The idea is to massage those crystals until they disappear. “They aren’t actually crystals,” explains French, “most likely they are muscle spasms or small deposits of scar tissue.” As a former massage school owner, French has taught massage for 28 years and has written textbooks on Swedish, deep-tissue, lymph drainage, and acupressure massage. She is also the author of the book, “A Guide to Lymph Drainage Massage” published by Milady. French says foot reflexology is beneficial because it offers a soothing, relaxing way to relieve the stress in our bodies. “Stress triggers the fightor-flight reaction,” explains French. “That reaction causes hormones to be released in our body, which causes our systems to race and wears out our organs. Foot reflexology can bring a person to a ‘rest-and-digest’ state, which stops those hormones from being released.” The benefits to the body can continue for hours, says French. In the salon, techs can offer foot reflexology as an alternative to the massage already included during a pedicure service, or they can offer it as an add-on for an additional fee. To learn foot reflexology, French suggests

116 |


na0212reflexology.indd 116



making an appointment for a reflexology foot massage in order to experience the benefits first hand. Refer to a chart of the foot to learn the muscles, tendons, and bones of the feet. Next, read books and watch videos to gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory behind reflexology, especially how pressure points in the foot are believed to gauge health in other areas of the body. Releasing pressure in a particular area of the foot is believed to accelerate health in a corresponding organ. A reflexology chart will outline which part of the foot is associated with other areas of the body. Finally, practice on friends to get honest feedback about the pressure you apply and how well you find the problem areas. Before working on clients, be cautious to protect yourself and others by examining the foot for any cuts, abrasions, blisters, or athlete’s foot. French says techs may need to use gloves, or even bandage certain areas, as in the case of blisters. “A tech may even need to refuse a massage if there is an open cut. Never massage over abrasions,” French warns. Once you’re ready, be systematic in your approach. Though every tech will personalize the steps of a foot reflexology massage, French shares her step-by-step instructions: Step 1. Wrap a steamed towel around the foot. Squeeze and rub the foot gently with the towel as you remove it. Step 2. Apply lotion or massage oil onto the foot in long,


12/22/11 11:57 AM



smooth strokes, moving to a kneading motion at the heel and ball of the foot. This is a general introduction to let the client know you’re ready to begin working. Step 3. Begin the massage by using your thumb to “march” in tiny steps across the entire foot. The movement is a rocking motion with the tip of the thumb, pressing gently into the foot to feel if there is any area where you can detect the “crystals.” Watch the client for signs of discomfort, which is often expressed through wincing or pulling away. Step 4. Once you have “marched” with your thumb over the entire foot, it’s time to massage the toes. Start at the medial side of the big toe and rock the tip of the thumb into the toe as you move your hand around the toe in a pattern that outlines it. Massage the “neck” of the big toe. Massage between the big toe and the second toe and then work around the second toe as if outlining it. Continue with the other toes, outlining the toe, moving down the neck, and pressing between and into the web between each toe. Any time you feel the client react with pain, back off on the pressure and gently massage that point until the client indicates it feels better. The tech should feel a change in the tissue, which should become softer, more elastic, and warmer. Step 5. After the toes are done, work across the bottom of the foot in systematic rows. Start with the fleshy part of the foot under the big toe, rocking the tip of the thumb in a circular motion, and move across the foot to the smallest toe. When you reach the end of that “row,” move a half-inch down and repeat the massage across the new row. Continue moving


down the foot a half-inch at a time until you get to the bottom edge of the foot, then use the circular thumb pressure in a pattern that outlines the heel and edge of the foot. Step 6. Once the bottom of the foot is complete, move to the dorsum of the foot (the top of the foot where we typically tan). Rub your thumbs (or fingers if the thumbs need a rest) gently between the metatarsal bones, working from the toes to the ankles, not the reverse. Step 7. You’ve just spent time pressing and massaging the points on the bottom of the foot, and then you moved to the bones on the top of the foot. Now it’s time to put it all together. Using your fingers and your thumbs to cup the foot, work in long, systematic movements to massage from the tendon under the arch (also called the spine of the foot) to the outside edge of the foot. Be sure to also work the area around the ankle. Step 8. Work the achilles tendon by placing your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other to massage the entire tendon at once. Step 9. Finish the massage with big, sliding movements in lines and circles across the whole foot. Also massage the lower legs with both hands, using the same motion.

To find out more about reflexology, check out the required reading at


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HEALTH} secret ingredient


The clear and dear friend that makes polish removal a snap, and acrylic and gel removal possible, is a bedrock for the nail industry. An organic compound with high flammability, acetone is a very useful solvent that helps break down the polymers in polish, gels, and acrylic so they can be removed easily from the natural nail. So what exactly is acetone and where does it come from?



The Use Acetone is used primarily as a solvent to break down coatings for removal. It is a very strong one at that, and can penetrate the structure of plastic polymers to swell and soften them. This is how acetone works on nail products. It is used in the removal of paint and varnish and as a paint thinner, as well as in the leather industry for cleaning. In beauty, it is also used in some chemical skin peeling-procedures.

The Compound Acetone is a colorless organic compound comprised of a carbon atom double-bonded to an oxygen atom, and then bonded on either side by carbon, which in formula text looks like this: (CH3)2CO. Acetone is part of a group called the ketones and is the most basic and simplest example of one. Acetone is produced within the human body as part of the metabolic process. Especially when we eat a high-protein and low-carb diet, or exercise, or when we fast. The halitosis that happens when someone has fasted is attributed in part to the acetone being created in the stomach. Acetone is synthesized for industrial use through the petroleum refining process and is produced from propylene, which is a colorless gas derived from fossil fuels.


The Safety Acetone is highly flammable and care should be taken when handling it. Acetone should never be heated in the microwave.There have been lots of studies and discussion about its toxicity effect on humans. Inhaling large amounts of acetone fumes can irritate the throat and eyes, and nail technicians should be mindful of keeping proper ventilation in their work space. But studies have seemed to reach a consensus that acetone is generally a safe substance when handled at low concentrations. Acetone will dehydrate skin, so care should be taken when using it in the salon to minimize the contact it has with the skin and focus it on the nail enhancement on the nail bed.

For more information on acetone, check out the NAILS Encyclopedia at

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12/22/11 12:00 PM


MARCH 3 – 5, 2012 McCormick Place CHICAGO 312.321.6809

800.648.2505 Ameri casBea u t y S h o w. c o m


na0212ingredient.indd 119

Photography: Luis Alvarez of Aquage; Hair: Ann Bray, Shelly Devlin, Carly Campbell, Lala Todorovic of Aquage; Make-up: Wanda Alvarez; Nails: Angi Wingle of CND; Fashion Stylist: Patric Chauvez; Production: Don Wismer of Aquage. Americas Beauty Show is a registered trademark of Cosmetologists Chicago®.

12/22/11 12:00 PM

On Your Marks, Get Set,

E-FILE! Like finely-tuned sports cars, e-files are racing into the next generation of nail techs who are ready to buff, sand, and backfill like the best of them. Here’s a roundup of the top electric files on the market to get you up to speed.

Antoine De Paris’ Micro Motor Drill is lightweight and powerful with variable speed and direction control and a top speed of 25,000 RPM. The unit is made in the U.S.A. and has an ergonomic handpiece for optimal control and minimal vibration and noise. (888) 745-4030 x12461

Atwood Industry’s Supra is a 30,000

RPM e-file with a small, lightweight handpiece that has almost no vibration. The e-file has both forward and reverse directions while delivering a quiet and smooth operation. The foot pedal for on/off comes included and the unit has a one-year warranty. (888) 745-4030 x12462

120 | na0212efiles.indd 120

Want to learn more about e-files? Check out NAILS’ e-file section at NAILS MAGAZINE




12/22/11 12:04 PM

Erica’s MT-20 was built to last. The blue

controller housing is made of stainless steel to protect the machine from acetone spills and drops. But the real highlight of this electric file is the slim, light-weight handpiece that fits perfectly in the hand and operates with no vibration. The MT-20 features 20,000 RPM, a six-month factory warranty on the handpiece, and a one-year warranty on the control box. The built-in speed control allows for seamless and accurate speed changes. (888) 745-4030 x12463

Experience the freedom of portability with Kupa’s latest Upower 2-G. Manufactured in Japan exclusively for Kupa, the Upower 2-G electric nail filing system proves that portability doesn’t have to be ugly. It features an advanced rechargeable lithium ion power supply that provides hours of unrestricted use without sacrificing power. The 2-G battery is not only rechargeable but replaceable, and you can keep an extra battery charged and ready to go. Also it has a digital interface where you can control the power, speed, and direction of the e-file. (888) 745-4030 x12464

LCN’s newest e-file, the Quick File

PLUS, has a filter system that removes dust from the technician’s working area while still operating at very low noise levels. The vacuum has an integrated hour counter, which also reminds you to change the filter bag after 20 hours of operation. The e-file has 30,000 RPM and push-button rotary control for direction and speed. (888) 745-4030 x12465


na0212efiles.indd 121




| 121 12/22/11 12:04 PM

The Nail Superstore’s SuperSonic4 Electric Nail File Machine is a powerful, high-performance e-file with forward/ reverse capability and an easy twist/ lock chuck. The SuperSonic4 has an operating speed up to 30,000 RPM and a lightweight handpiece. The unit also comes with a foot pedal, six sanding bands, and six assorted diamond bits. (888) 745-4030 x12466

Nail Labo’s NL-X Portable is a light-

weight e-file with the power and speed of a 20,000 RPM motor. This portable file will allow you to work anywhere. The rechargeable battery provides you up to four hours of operating time on each full charge. (888) 745-4030 x12467

Medicool’s Pro Power 20K is a highquality manicure and pedicure file. Its cordless, rechargeable design allows for convenient portability making it a versatile filing system for any work station. This compact unit clips conveniently to your belt allowing freedom of movement, and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. The unit operates with no vibration and is very quiet. (888) 745-4030 x12468

Nailite’s Elite comes with the standard tabletop handpiece holder or two detachable handpiece holders on either side of the control box. The unit has an LED display for speed and a lightweight handpiece that does not vibrate and fits comfortably into the hand. The control box has two built-in storage compartments, one for bits and arbor bands and one for your handpiece, keeping it safe while traveling. (888) 745-4030 x12469

122 | na0212efiles.indd 122




12/28/11 10:59 AM

Americanails’ PNI 12 Bullet Electric File Kit has a compact design and is meant for mobility with its convenient carrying case. The unit includes six bits, three sanding bands, an AC adaptor, and easy one-switch operation. The Bullet Drill is deceptively compact and powerful, making it an ideal e-file for the experienced tech as well as for newbies. (888) 745-4030 x12470

RAM Products’ Mystisa Pocket Drill offers

nail technicians a compact portable electric file with essential features including a forward/reverse switch, A/C or battery power option, speed range from 0 to 30,000 RPM, and a slim streamlined design for improved grip. The handpiece has a grooved nose cone for a positive grip and a quick release twist ring for easy bit changes. (888) 745-4030 x12471

Super Nail’s Ultimate Manicure Machine

is a cordless, rechargeable manicure and pedicure machine that features adjustable speed for greater control. Designed for natural nails, acrylics, gels, and wraps, the e-file operates quietly and with no vibration to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for the nail tech. (888) 745-4030 x12472

Young Nails’ YN-99 Electric File runs at

30,000 RPM and is ultra-light to help you work smarter and faster with less fatigue. With its digital faceplate, you’ll never have to worry about buttons breaking off the control box or other hazards. There’s also a built-in cradle and bit holder to eliminate clutter. This e-file is perfect for both left- and righthanders. (888) 745-4030 x12473


na0212efiles.indd 123



| 123 12/22/11 12:05 PM

S l i a N alo

A s n re F ov o r L ers What’s the quickest way to a client’s heart? Is it through endearing nail tech personalities, attention to smile lines, or wham-bam Valentine’s Day salon specials? Couples’ services, chocolate pedicures, and extra-sensory touches like strawberries and wine can be quite a seductive force on clients in February. Here’s what some techs are doing for Valentine’s Day to give you some ideas. BY TIM CROWLEY

A nail service is what you make of it, and like anything it’s limited only by your imagination and

the energy you have to carry it out. For industries like nails and spa services (and even for other professions like restaurant ownership and hospitality), holidays become easy beacons for you to target services around and make an extra difference in your income for the month. The beauty of Valentine’s Day is that its celebration of the well-known feelings of companionship, desire, and even loneliness, correlate perfectly with the expert services a local salon can fulfill, and a creative salon team can make Valentine’s Day a trademark staple in its community. As a stroll down the greeting card section will show you, Valentine’s Day has a place for everyone — the lovebirds, the broken-hearted, the single socialites, the romantics — all of whom are likely clients of your salon.

A Chocolate Improvisational

Christine Hinds, Summa Nails, Bridge Town, Barbados “I wanted to do something sweet for Valentine’s Day,” says owner Christine Hinds. “So I came up with the Ultimate Chocolate Mint Pedicure. I use Haken Chocolate Products, which smell and feel delicious but are white-colored and don’t look like chocolate, so I created my own recipe to give them that chocolate-brown presentation.” Hinds adds chocolate powder and sugar to the scrub, cream, and mask for visual effect. When she drizzles powder onto the mask it ends up looking like chocolate mousse that almost looks good enough to eat. The pedicure lasts for one hour and 15 minutes. >>>

124 | na0212lovers.indd 124




12/22/11 12:20 PM

na0212lovers.indd 125

12/22/11 12:21 PM

To Be Young in Paris

Naomi Gonzalez, Le Petit Nails, Sanford, Fla. Le Petit Nails has a couples-only service called “A Night in Paris, Candlelight Couples Pedicure.” Owner Naomi Gonzalez creates an evening of exquisite pampering in her Parisian-inspired nail boutique. The glow of candlelight, the essence of French champagne or wine, and a très magnifique appetizer platter get the mood started. The couple is then treated to Godiva chocolates or chocolate-covered strawberries as they relax to a 45-minute pedicure with 20 minutes of foot reflexology. And to enhance the romantic mood the client has a choice of candlelight music, a customized playlist, or even a live string quartet booked for an additional cost.

Be My Nail Design

Sharon McCabe, Cherry Beauty Babes, Uddington, Glasgow, Scotland McCabe will be offering her clients alternative Valentine’s nail art designs, loosely based on a heart/love theme and using various media and effects such as Swarovski crystals, acrylic paint, cut-outs from magazines, glitters mixed with gels, and fimo canes and sequins. Clients will also receive a little goodie bag of heart-shaped sweets, a rock glitter tattoo, and a bottle of cuticle oil and hand cream, in addition to having their nails styled. “I think my clients will love this,” says McCabe. “I’m planning to call the promotion ‘LOVE Your Nails.’”

Melting Hearts of Stone

Lenzi Moore, Spoiled Spa & Salon, Vancouver, Wash. The Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Retreat at Spoiled Spa & Salon incorporates a Keyano Hot Stone foot massage in between the relaxation-focused full-body spa services included in the special. “We offer this package as a regular throughout the year,” says owner Lenzi Moore. “But Valentine’s Day gets it the big holiday sales.” For the rest of the retreat, the couple is slathered in full-body chocolate scrubs (also by Keyano), showered, massaged, steam-roomed, capped with manicure polish, and given a service-ending hair treatment and styling.

126 | na0212lovers.indd 126




12/22/11 12:21 PM

The Hot Tub

Jamie Hess, Valentine’s Salon & Day Spa, Greencastle, Pa. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Valentine’s Salon & Day Spa proves it’s the place to be for Valentine’s Day with its couple’s package that includes a dip in the Jacuzzi. “That is always popular for the couples, along with the dual massages,” says employee Jamie Hess. “And we also have chocolate-scented products for the pedicures, chocolate treats, and of course Valentine’s Day nail art.”

Chocolate Transgressions

Lynn Torello, Essentials Nail Body, Branford, Conn. Lynn Torello’s chocolate-inspired couple’s service has been gaining momentum going into this Valentine’s Day. After first trying out the Lisa Ann Skin Care line of products three years ago after a client recommended it, Torello has seen an increase in the amount of women who get their men into the salon for a first-time pedicure. The service features Lisa Ann’s Chocolate Pedicure Scrub and Mask, and includes a paraffin dip, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and Essie’s Chocolate Kisses polish.


na0212lovers.indd 127



| 127 12/22/11 12:22 PM

Our Better Half NAILS is in the Valentine’s spirit, and so are many of our readers. As an ode to all of the significant others out there — who help with housework and, importantly in the beauty profession, cope with crazy night and weekend schedules — here are some beauty professionals and their loved ones who make it all work.

Lisa Marie Santos, nail tech (at Studio One80 Salon in Crestview, Fla.) and Georges Stokes, information assurance analyst for U. S. Special Operations Command Together: 10 months. Met: Via a mutual friend who is a stylist at the salon where Lisa Marie works. Lisa Marie, on overcoming low points with Georges’ encouragement: A while back I got totally frustrated and Georges reminded me of the passion I have for this industry and how much of a blessing and God-given career this industry is for me. It made me pull myself into a corner by my ear and have a long talk with myself and God. Lisa Marie, on communicating with Georges while at work: Georges is a romantic. He tells me he will always date me. And he has done just that…I get random texts or e-mails from him that make me giggle or smile. He was away on temporary duty for a few days in my hometown of Tampa and he took mini videos for me of the surroundings, telling me how much he wished I was there with him to enjoy the city. Georges, on coping with Lisa Marie’s odd hours: Lisa’s schedule is more dynamic than mine, and it often includes weekends, holidays, and early evening hours. On the weekends I like to take a Starbucks’ Caramel Macchiato to the shop on my way to the home improvement store. I usually utilize the weekend time when she is at work to take care of projects around the house. On average I’m done by the time her day is over. Holidays are a little more challenging. We try to be creative and ensure we have plans to celebrate the occasion. If there is an activity taking place, such as a parade, we try to make time and partake in it as a family. When this is not possible we try to do something after she is done at work. Georges, on seeing Lisa Marie in action at the salon: I never realized the science behind her work. Polymers, layers of the nail bed, bonding agents, temperature, etc. It is like a mad scientist lab in there. Her knowledge and skills were impressive but what impressed me the most is the fact that she is tracking all of these complex tasks and still able to carry a conversation about whether the Kardashian marriage was a publicity stunt. At the same time she is being tactful in giving advice to a customer seeking a service/product that might not >>> fulfill the client’s expectations!

128 |


na0212betterhalf.indd 128


“We have two households to maintain for now so there’s lots of ‘work’ to be done outside of work. We’re a team and understand that working together is what makes our family run smoothly.”


12/22/11 1:22 PM na0212betterhalf.indd 129

12/22/11 1:22 PM

Anthony Charles Licata III,

salon owner (of Licata’s Nail Studio in Macomb Township, Mich.) and

“From dealing with my clients blowing up my cell phone day and night for their nail appointments (and being male in this profession, it’s hard on her to have women calling me all the time) to being understanding of early mornings and late nights to dealing with all the stress of opening the new salon, I’m blessed to have my fiancée help me with my personal life while I live at the salon.”

Rachel Demers, teacher

Together: 5 years. Met: Via working at the same club (he as security and she as a bartender), then getting to know each other while he did her nails. Anthony, on working as a team: We both have our careers, mine in the salon plus I have a security company, and Rachel is a teacher. I have an 8-year-old son (Anthony) so we work together on raising him to the best of our ability. He comes to the salon sometimes because she has to stay at school late. Or on nights I have to stay late she will get him home to start his homework. Our communication has to be our greatest asset because my hours change a lot due to cancellations or sick clients. She also has a ton of after school activities that keep her late many nights. Whoever gets home first starts dinner, laundry, cleaning, etc. We do our best to share as many responsibilities as possible to help each other out. Anthony, on communicating with Rachel while at work: Rachel calls me every day on her breaks and lunch. If I’m not with a client I pick up so I can hear her voice. I can’t really call her because she is usually in class, but I do my best to text her a few times a day to let her know I love her. Rachel, on why Anthony’s job as a nail tech/salon owner is a great fit for him: For starters he’s one of the biggest gossip kings I know. He knows everything about everyone from working his second job at the bar, meeting new people wherever we go, and keeping in touch with his oldest friends. Anthony doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to listening to his clients vent about life, love, and everything in between (I mean everything!). On a more serious note he is one of the most creative people I know. His ability to transform projects and thoughts into reality adds to his ability when creating the highest-quality nail service. Rachel, on the best benefit of having a fiancé in the beauty industry: I get my nails done regularly every two weeks. And if a nail is broken it can be fixed at home. (He is amazing.)

Justine Nelson, salon owner (of Tips-N-Toes in Tremonton, Utah) and Darin Nelson, truck driver Together: 16 years. Met: Via a mutual friend. Justine, on switching from being an auto mechanic to entering the beauty industry: He helped every step of the way. I was at risk of being laid off when my husband saw an ad for nail school. I enrolled, completed, and graduated. He put up with constant nail dust and endless nail talk. I love him so much for helping me follow my dream. Justine, on working as a team: We help each other in any way we can. If I have a slow day I do the housework, and if he’s home he will help with it. And if not for my two little men helping with jobs around the house, it would be chaos. Darin, on seeing Justine in action at the salon: She is very professional with her customers. Darin, on the “secret” of a successful relationship: Working together.

130 |


na0212betterhalf.indd 130


“I wouldn’t have gone to nail school if it wasn’t for my amazing hubby.”


12/22/11 1:22 PM

Susan Acciari (right), nail tech and make-up artist (at Spalon Montage in Woodbury, Minn.) and Nicole Acciari,

before-and after-school care giver for students and a personal trainer Together: 2 years. Met: At a bar. Susan’s heels were making it hard for her to dance, so they went outside and talked instead. Susan, on switching from being a paralegal to entering the beauty industry: Nikki was completely up for me going to beauty school. I was unsure because I had tried so many other things and quit, but after talking about it in detail, I knew this was something I really wanted to do. People always told me I should have gone into the beauty industry but I was afraid until I met someone who supported me. Susan, on overcoming low points with Nikki’s encouragement: There are low times and whenever I am stressed out with fears of failing, building up a clientele, or even upset over missing a funeral because of work, my partner reminds me of what I should be thankful for and reminds me to look at the positive side to missing these things and puts a smile back on my face. Nikki, on working as a team: I am off on weekends and she is off on Monday and Tuesday, so we take turns making dinner, cleaning, taking the dog out, and doing chores. This way, we are not putting all the pressure on one person in the household to do everything. Nikki, on coping with Susan’s odd hours: I like it for the most part. On Saturdays it gives me a chance to do things I need to do, i.e. errands, workout, train my clients, do house-related projects, and relax. It’s funny because before I even know it she is back home. I think the hardest for me is her working on Sundays because of family functions and having a day off together. Since our marriage, we have not had a weekend off together.

“My partner supported me through a career change. Nicole paid for my nail school tuition, took care of our home, planned our wedding, and let me quit working to go to school full time. If she hadn’t helped, I would not have been able to become a nail tech.”

Amy Cerioni,

nail tech (at Aqua Essentials Day Spa & Salon in Madera, Calif.) and

Ryan Cerioni, controller for a builder/developer

“He is my biggest fan. He has a stack of my cards in his truck and hands them out to everyone... even in the drive-thru!”

Together: 8.5 years. Met: Via working for different companies in the same building. Amy, on working as a team: We run a tight ship at our house. I will do a load of laundry in the morning while I am getting ready for work and Ryan puts it away. If I am going to be late he will start preparing dinner. Since I work six days a week, I try to set aside time to tidy up the house. While I was going to beauty school, I was also working a full time job Monday through Friday. I would get off work at 5 p.m., then race to school 30 miles away, finally getting home after 10 p.m. I did this for four months. During that time I hardly saw our two children. He was Mr. Mom while I was in school, and I could not have done it without him. Amy, on communicating with Ryan while at work: We text a few times a day. The building he works in is down the street from the salon so he will walk over almost every day to give me a kiss and bring me lunch. He gets to meet my clients and they tell me how lucky I am to have a man like him. Ryan, on working as a team: We share responsibilities around the house. We pick up the slack for each other. I help take care of the family finances as well as her business finances. Ryan, on the “secret” to a successful relationship: We have date night once a week. We also try to have lunch once a week to touch base with each other and see how our day is going. It’s important to our relationship to be able to walk away from dayto-day stress and spend quality time with each other. >>> FEBRUARY 2012

na0212betterhalf.indd 131



| 131 12/22/11 1:22 PM

Lisa Marie Manderfield,

salon owner (of Krush Hair + Nail Salon in Kokomo, Ind.) and

Brett Lebo, farm worker and student Together: 7 years. Met: At a friend’s house. Lisa Marie, on working as a team: He literally built my salon. He stayed up until 3 a.m. working on it, then went to his job at 7 a.m. and worked all day and came back to my shop at 7 p.m. to work even more. He even put a fish tank in and cut the logo for my shop out of wood so you can see the fish through the logo. He did an amazing job and continues to help in any way, whether it’s letting me try new products on him or going to nail shows with me. He’s an all-around guy and helps out with my son while I put extra hours in at the shop to build up a clientele. Lisa Marie, on overcoming low points with Brett’s encouragement: I was five months into owning the salon and was asked to teach nails. Teaching was a big goal of mine that was put off because of opening a salon and when the opportunity came Brett said do it! He would do the Mr. Mom role. A month after I had been missing the kids’ games and homework projects, I just wanted to be a mom again. He gave me a pep talk and started texting photos of games and projects and funny things the kids would do or say. It made me feel a part of the family again. Brett, on getting nail services from Lisa: I have received numerous services from Lisa. I am her practice client when she wants to try a new product. I have had manis, a pedi, acrylics, and nail art. But I’m extremely ticklish, so my first pedi was my last. Brett, on seeing Lisa Marie in action at the salon: She has only owned Krush for a year and six months, but she has grown exponentially as a business owner in that time. She has found her niche. Every day she impresses me, from new nail art she texts me photos of to the way she handles different situations in the salon.

“We just know what each other’s schedules will be and keep in contact often. Communication really is key.”

132 |


na0212betterhalf.indd 132



12/22/11 3:59 PM

Meghan Avezzano,

salon owner (of Meghan Ave. Salon in Poughquag, N.Y.) and

Thano Lomiento, musician Meghan, on working as a team: Believe it or not he handles everything and he helps me all the time with my salon. Meghan, on overcoming low points with Thano’s encouragement: The biggest one was when my best friend of 15 years/my only stylist gave me two weeks’ notice after seven years in our salon. I wanted to give up, close the salon, and go work in Manhattan, somewhere fancy where I could just show up, do my job, and go home with a normal paycheck. Thano encouraged me not to give up on what we had built. We decided to give it a shot, hire new people, and keep moving forward. It was a rocky road, emotionally and financially. Thano supported me 100% in every way. Two years later the salon is doing better than ever, and I’ve made some great new friends.

“If it weren’t for my fiancé completely supporting me financially and emotionally while I got my salon started I would not have been able to do it at all. Now we have a successful business that supports our family.” Thano, on working as a team: I have always been more in charge of domestic concerns, but we try to find a balance. The plus side to Meg being her own boss is she can make time for important things like school conferences or my son’s sporting events. Thano, on seeing Meghan in action at the salon: I’ve seen Meg at the salon countless times and what surprises me most is her level of confidence in the services she and her staff deliver. She never seems to doubt that the customer is going to leave happy and come back. FEBRUARY 2012

na0212betterhalf.indd 133



| 133 12/22/11 1:23 PM

Are tattoos more accepted in today’s workplace? As members of the beauty industry, do you think it’s more accepted than in corporate America? We asked nail techs what they thought about visible tattoos at work and most of you told us it should be no big deal, but there seems to still be some stereotyping that comes along with that skin ink. BY HANNAH LEE

According to U.S. News & World Report, tattooing has become one of America’s fastest-growing

categories of retail business over the last 10 years. There are now an estimated 15,000 tattoo studios in operation. And by best estimates of what I could find online, approximately 15% of Americans have at least one tattoo. In 2010, according to the Pew Research Center, it was noted that 39% of millennials (those born after 1980) have at least one tattoo. (At NAILS, four out of 12 of us have tattoos. I have several visible tattoos myself.) We wanted to see what nail techs thought of tattoos in the workplace. We asked our Facebook (www. and Twitter ( followers to chime in.

134 | na0212tattoo.indd 134




“I have a lot of tattoos and have never had a problem with clients and how they feel about them. As a matter of fact the first thing they usually do is compliment my tattoos and get on the subject of getting one or showing me their own. It’s definitely a good ice breaker. I think being in the beauty industry, keeping up with the trends, and being expected to be creative helps people not judge us as much as they would on the street. I think tattoos are more accepted these days than before. All in all, I think people are looking at the whole package, for instance the way you carry yourself, your clothes, makeup, hair, and most importantly your attitude. If you can pass that personal test with clients, the tattoos are just an added bonus and conversation piece.”

— Dianna Medeiros, Woodbury Heights, N.J.

continued on page 140

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“I know firsthand how it is to be turned away for having tattoos and piercings. It had to come down to me coming up with the money to booth rent at a salon studio in order to do nails. There are so many people who are close-minded about the whole thing. I have to cover up what I can in order to get new clients, then slowly start to show my tattoos so they don’t judge me right of the bat. I have a noticeable chest tattoo and almost a complete arm covered in tattoos. All of my tattoos are nonoffensive and are (in my opinion) tasteful. I feel like cosmetologists can get away with tattoos more than nail techs or estheticians. I have never gone into a salon where the nail tech or esthetician had tattoos like the cosmetologists do. A lot of people, especially the older generation, do not accept them. My generation has a lot more people getting tattooed than ever before. I try to market to that generation. But I hate that salons won’t even give me a chance to show what I know and the talent I can offer. I am always smiling, in a good mood, always dressing appropriately, and I’m very reliable. But I still get judged and turned down for the job due to my tattoos. I actually had one salon tell me that if I ever decide to get them removed they would be glad to hire me. Yet they had a cosmetologist with full-sleeve tattoos. I think people need to stop judging a book by its cover and start looking at the credentials and how the person is in their heart. But we live in a society that is constantly judging others by the way they look.”

“This story is particularly interesting to me. In the spring of 2010, I got my first two tattoos at the age of 35. I got mine after coming out of an abusive marriage. One larger one on my shoulder is my reminder of the strength I had to get out with the unspoken encouragement of my teenage daughter. The second is my maiden name on my neck — Love — as a reminder of the good wholesome home I came from. I am re-entering the beauty industry after about six years of being out of it. My larger shoulder tattoo can be covered for the most part and the smaller one on my neck is sometimes covered depending on what shirt I wear. When I first got my tattoos I was concerned about the stigma that would go along with having them. However I have found tattoos are far more accepted today. I still do not believe that having your entire body marked up in the workplace is acceptable (my opinion only) but I do believe that tasteful tattoos that can be covered if needed are completely acceptable. We live in a world where stereotypes are becoming a thing of the past and acceptance is encouraged. We are all individuals with a very personal right to express ourselves. I feel that tattoos are simply a permanent expression of one’s individuality. I personally don’t try to cover my tattoos. I’ve had older women comment on how pretty they are. I am a professional woman and I conduct myself in a professional manner. My tattoos do not affect how I interact with people, my clients, my family, or my friends.”

— Tara Love, La Sage, Battle Mountain, Nev.

— Kendra Budjenska, Nailz by Kendra, Tempe, Ariz. 140 | na0212tattoo.indd 140




12/22/11 12:36 PM

“I am an Orly educator and a full cosmetologist. I have six visible tattoos on my right arm. I started as a hair assistant and nail tech in Beverly Hills, an area where Paris Hilton, the Lakers, and many more stars frequent. I was not treated differently because of my tattoos. Then I worked in other places and for reality shows and awards presentations. My tattoos have gotten a couple of ‘please wear long sleeves to cover up your tattoos’ and also ‘you have beautiful art work on you.’ I think the beauty industry is open to whatever anyone looks like, including tattoos, piercings, and different looks. My piercings never get negative feedback. I do wish companies didn’t make me wear long sleeves but I understand completely when they do. My hair is blue and turquoise and everyone seems to love my look. I often have clients say ‘I don’t like tattoos or crazy things but it really looks nice on you and you pull it off gracefully.’ This is the best compliment to me.”

— Roxy Carrillo, Los Angeles

“As a salon owner who is heavily tattooed, I feel that people in my area are accepting of people who are tattooed as long as it’s tasteful. All of mine can be covered with some type of clothing but I have a large leg piece that has been in process for a couple years now and my clients love seeing when I’ve added more to it. You could say I’m a walking advertisement for my tattoo artist, as I send him lots of business via my clients.”

— Cherie Plank, Simply Polished Nail Studio, Fort Morgan, Colo.

“I have three tattoos that I have had for a while. I have worked at jobs where I had to wear a shirt that exposed the tattoos. They were not an issue, but more of a conversation piece. When I decided I wanted to open a nail and tattoo studio (coming soon), plenty of people said, ‘Wow that is unique. But they both are related. I could see going there to get services.’ I consider both occupations — a nail tech and a tattoo artist — an expression of art. When I start my hiring process, I will not discriminate if a potential employee has tattoos. I will welcome their uniqueness and their creativity.”

— LaShondra W. White, CRAVE Nails & Tats (coming soon), Macomb County, Mich. >>>


na0212tattoo.indd 141



| 141 12/22/11 12:36 PM

“I am a college-educated individual with two degrees who left the teaching profession to pursue my life-long interest in the beauty industry — and my forearms are visibly tattooed. While working as a teacher in both private and public schools in New York City it was never an issue. My students and their parents, as well as faculty and supervisors, were extremely accepting of my appearance and it never occurred to me that it would be a problem in any other modern workplace in New York City. For two years now, I have been employed in the corporate side of the nail industry and have also been a professional nail technician for a little over a year. During that time I have been fortunate enough to work with several high-profile nail companies as an educator and for events such as New York Fashion Week, beauty shows, and photo shoots. My experience at these events has always been positive and I am happy to see that backstage a great number of nail technicians, hairstylists, and makeup artists are also visibly tattooed. These are highly professional, educated, and talented individuals who choose to express themselves creatively through their style of dress, hair color, and body art. Suffice it to say, I felt at home among these individuals and never suspected I would run into any discrimination in this industry because of my personal style. However that is exactly what happened a few months ago. To make a long story short, I was told by a nail company that my appearance is acceptable in certain venues (such as beauty shows), but it is not how they wish to portray their corporate image in more intimate settings such as business presentations. During the conversation they reassured me that they highly respect my skill and professionalism, but their concern was that my ‘tattoos and black clothing’ are not the type of image they want to exhibit during business dealings as they are a ‘conservative and traditional’ company. To say that I felt shocked and insulted is an understatement. When I interviewed with this company, they were aware of my appearance and it was never communicated that they objected to my body art. In fact, when I was hired and began to build a steady working relationship with them I believed my preferred color of clothing and tattoos were viewed just as they had been in my previous profession — as a non-issue. I was deeply hurt by the comments they made to me and the fact that my ability to function in my position was being unjustly limited. As a nail technician, I have never had a client, coworker, or any other employer make a negative comment based on my tattoos. One company that I regularly work with even encourages the nail techs who work with them to show off their tattoos, piercings, funky hair, and individual style. Now that time has passed, I have to believe that such short-sighted opinions are the result of ignorance. To judge someone based on their physical appearance alone is superficial, but to know them and acknowledge that you highly regard their skill and work ethic, yet still look down on them for something as trivial as a tattoo is discriminatory — plain and simple. In this situation, the best revenge I can think of is to become a better nail technician for having gone through it and gain wisdom through the experience. This injustice only motivates me to continue to pursue my passion and dedicate myself to my art — and to never, ever compromise my individuality and self-expression along the way.”

— Teresa King, Nailing It, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“I have managed salons for almost 10 years and everyone has tattoos. In Austin it seems as if you’re the odd man out if you don’t have them. Austin is unique, even lawyers have visible tattoos, so in the salon no one thinks twice about it. Is it like that anywhere else in the world? I have no idea, but in Austin, it’s tattoos all the way!”

— Donna Pells, Austin, Texas

142 | na0212tattoo.indd 142




12/22/11 12:36 PM

“I am 22 years old and have been a successful nail tech for four years. I also have several visible and large tattoos, as well as a few facial piercings (side of lip, nose, and stretched ear lobes). I rent a booth in dFine Salon in Sonora, Calif., which has won several awards including Salon of the Year in Tuolumne County. My work has always spoken for itself. I feel that if a client was ever unsure about my appearance (which has never been brought to my attention) then it would have shown by now. I have built an extremely full clientele and maintain it. On top of working six days a week, averaging 10-13 hours a day, I have also in the past had two side jobs that required me to be in a customer service position. I still keep a professional appearance and am well put together. My pin-up/rockabilly appearance may be more forgiving with tattoos, I suppose, as they have never posed a problem at the workplace or when interviewing for a job. I do not cover my tattoos either. Both insides of my forearms are covered from wrists to elbows. I have a quote running across my collar bone shoulder to shoulder as well as a half sleeve from the top of my shoulder to my elbow. They are all tasteful and are not offensive in any way.”

— Amanda Holmes, dFine Salon, Sonora, Calif.

“I don’t think visible tattoos in a corporate setting would be very accepted, but in other workplaces tattoos fit right in. Tattoos are becoming mainstream and almost a fashion accessory in some cases. I think tattoos are very accepted in the beauty industry! We are all creative and it is a form of selfexpression. Look at the Barbie that was released last year with pink hair and tattoos. In my case I have my knuckles tattooed, both arms fully tattooed, my chest done, my calves, and my back. I don’t dress any differently for work then I do in my normal life so my tattoos show — that’s the way it is. I have spent a lot of money on my tattoos and have some amazing artwork so why would I cover them? I have interviewed at a few different salons and my tattoos were never brought up. My talent outshined my tattoos. Every time I get a new tattoo, my mom says, ‘What if you have to change salons?’ And my response is, ‘Out of the last five hairstylists you have had, which one of them wasn’t tattooed?’ That usually ends the conversation. Do I feel there is a stigma attached? Sure, and that might never go away because people are entitled to their opinion. I have hardly had bad feedback from my clients. I have heard coworkers’ clients make rude comments. I specifically heard someone say, ‘How can someone who makes that many poor choices in her life be good at anything?’ I responded, ‘Oh did I show you the October issue of NAILS Magazine with my published work in it?’ That’s all it took. Her client said she was sorry and was quiet the rest of her service. It didn’t hurt my feelings or make me mad. But like the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Best quote I ever heard was, ‘The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is tattooed people don’t care if you are not tattooed.’“

— Amanda Lenher, Posare Salon, Las Vegas

“I have 11 tattoos that I am able to cover up. Several of the gals that work at my day spa and salon also have them. The younger generation seems to have no problem with it at all. It is the older generation — stylists and patrons — that are requesting they be covered up. However, the majority of the tattoo complaints have been made when a person with tattoos shows them off by wearing skimpy clothing. That is more of a problem about the clothing. At the same time, if it was appropriate to sneak a peek at everybody at your salon, it sure would be interesting to see just how many of them have even just a little heart tattoo hidden somewhere and won’t admit it. So in my opinion, we all need to wear our hearts on our sleeves and perhaps be more professional and not gossip by offering our patrons some water, coffee, or even better, a nice glass of wine.”

— Natalie Peters, Capelli International Day Spa and Salon, Yorba Linda, Calif. FEBRUARY 2012

na0212tattoo.indd 143



| 143 12/22/11 12:36 PM

na0212tattoo.indd 144

12/22/11 12:36 PM

na0212tattoo.indd 145

12/22/11 12:36 PM

walk on the Rachel Odom International School of Skin and Nail Care, Atlanta

Jenny Meek Classy Nails by Jenny, Fletcher, Okla.

146 |


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12/22/11 12:40 PM

WILD SIDE Unleash your and your clients’ feisty sides with animal print-inspired nail art. With a stroke of your brush, a leopard can change its spots or a zebra can magically become rainbow-hued.

Jennifer McCormick Jans Tan’s Day Spa, Medford, Ore.

Dianna Medeiros Woodbury Heights, N.J. >>>


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| 147 12/22/11 12:40 PM

Kari Evich Nails by Kari in Merle Norman, Covington, Va.

Tanya Sisson Nail Girl Salon, Aloha, Ore.

Lisa DeLegge Jula Salon and Spa, Colorado Springs, Colo.

148 |


na0212wildAnimal.indd 148



12/28/11 12:11 PM

Rhonda Kibuk The Purple Pinkie, Ford City, Pa.

Amanda Lenher Posare Salon, Las Vegas


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| 149 12/22/11 12:41 PM


Want to seee your nail art here?

{reader nail art}

Just e-mail digital pictures of your art to; please include your name, salon name, city, state, and phone number. Or, mail printed pictures or the tips themselves to Sree Roy, 3520 Challenger St.; Torrance, CA 90503. All submitted nail art will also be considered for publication on




Carol Brown-Gockley A Cut Above Hair & Nail Design, Newport, Tenn.

Gunjan Bhatia Bhugra Gunjan’s Nail Studio, Lucknow, India

Laura McCarthy Divine Digitz, Bantry, Ireland

Teresa Vigil Artistic Nails & Spa, Fontana, Calif.

Vivian Le Vivian’s Nails Bar, San Jose, Calif.

KeyAnn “K Danielle” Gladden Nails by Key at Xotic Nails Day Spa, Newport News, Va.

Diane-Michelle Duong Nail Art, Las Vegas

150 | na0212rna.indd 150



Vanessa Durand Cannes, France Kim Hanzlik Nails Hands Feet and Toes, Winnemucca, Nev.


12/22/11 12:42 PM




nails mall

The Original Pedi-Sox® Double your Pedicure business! Pedi-Sox™ encourage wintertime pedicure services! Feet stay comfy and cozy warm; and freshly pedicured feet stay clean. Moisturizers absorb better…for softer and smoother skin. Slip on PediSox™ as the final step before you paint the toenails. It’s that easy! Extra thick premium cotton make Pedi-Sox® comfortable to walk in — alone or with sandals. Foot caressing California Lite Weight Pedi-Sox® are perfect for warmer climates. 23 Fun & Fashionable Colors and Styles. The Original Pedi-Sox® (888) 536-1577

Flowery Professional Go Wild with File Catty™ from Flowery®. The Wild Styles collection features exclusive patterns on quality 5” files with coordinating translucent cases. The unique patented File Catty case protects cell phones, sunglasses and other items from being scuffed by the file, while keeping the file inside clean and free from lint and dust. Also available in an 18-piece display, File Catty Wild Styles are perfect for salon retail, client gifts or just for you! Flowery Professional (800) 347-7456

Mehaz A “must have” for gel polish applications, the Mehaz Curette features two tiny scoops for cleaning under and around the nails. This 6” stainless steel tool is hand crafted in Solingen, Germany, and features a textured grip for extra control. The perfect tool for manicures and pedicures. Mehaz (888) 225-6342

For more information on advertising in this section, call 310.533.2465 (Michelle Mullen) or 310.533.2412 (Mary Baughman). FEBRUARY 2012

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| 151 12/28/11 9:54 AM

{product spotlight} Kupa’s Upower Carbide Bit is a high quality bit specially designed for all Upower machines. The bit is made of 100% premium carbide and operates at a speed range of 7,000 to 15,000 RPM. The precision flutes engraved on the bit allow for channeling of heat energy away from the nail and bit for a more effective result on the nail. (888) 745-4030 x12324

Barielle’s new Gem Stone collection is a five piece ensemble of frosted and full coverage sheers that can complement any wardrobe. The colors are Green Opal, Back to Nature, Amber Sparkler, Granite Glitter, and Pink Quartz. (888) 745-4030 x12317

Nubar’s Polished Chic Collection of polish has eight new fashion forward colors perfect for work, casual daytime wear, and even a night out. Every woman can look to Nubar’s Polished Chic Collection to update her look. The colors are Classic Camel, Faded Putty, Edgy Umber, Beguiling Carmine, Vogue Vert, Mod Aqua, Stylish Peacock, and Elegant Indigo. (888) 745-4030 x12320

152 |


na0212products.indd 152


CND is adding six gorgeous new Shellac shades to the line-up. Whether you’re a classic taupe addict or a metallic iron maiden, with a total now of 36 Shellac shades there is a sophisticated look to suit all digit desires. The new colors are Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP Status, Rubble, Dark Lava, Cityscape, and Silver Chrome. (888) 745-4030 x12323

Cácee has a new polish line called BFF (Best Friends Forever), which offers a full range of colors from the elegant nudes shown here to bright bold colors for a total of over 60 shades to match any client’s preference. The colors pictured are Katherine, Sam, and Betty. (888) 745-4030 x12319


12/22/11 11:42 AM

Shooting Star International has come out with a new line of Valentine’s Day themed nail art tips. The premium quality half-well tips require no blending or special prep work and are applied with an overlay of either clear gel or acrylic. The tips feature cute heart designs and can be cut and filed for any length. (888) 745-4030 x12318

LCN’s Urea pedicure line has expanded to include new products to help winter-proof feet and bring healing to dry, rough, and chapped skin. The line ranges from foot creams and sprays to foot baths, all featuring the main ingredient urea, which keeps skin hydrated and supple. Urea 40% is an extra strength skin cream that gives maximum hydration to very dry skin like chapped heels. (888) 745-4030 x12322

Bio Sculpture Gel’s Vitamin Dose is a unique form of vitamins that are essential to the keratin structure and cell metabolism of natural nails. It contains ginseng root extract, a unique source of the vitamin B-Group; camellia linensis leaf extract, which provides a unique form of Vitamin C and flavonoids essential for the keratin structure and cell metabolism; and Hamamelis Virginia extract, which promotes blood vessel health. (888) 745-4030 x12321 >>>


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| 153 12/22/11 11:38 AM

4,587 stories 310 polish articles

{product spotlight}

583 all-new Encyclopedia entries

This precision implement is available in gold or satin finish, single or double spring, and with 5-mm. jaw. (888) 745-4030 x12327

NAILSMAG.COM 485 step-by-step demos

eight blogs

four giveaways every month

NAILSMAG.COM 340 reader questions answered

336 covers to view twenty eight years’ worth of magazine content

the brand new

NAILSMAG.COM — everything a nail tech needs

Kinetics introduces Hand & Soul, its line of smooth, silky moisturizing hand lotions with a refined, enchanting blend of fragrances to lift the spirits. Carefully crafted in the tradition of fine perfumes, Hand & Soul Lotions provide the perfect finishing touch to any Kinetics manicure. Hand & Soul Lotions come in eight sophisticated scents: Ylang-Ylang & Madagascar Vanilla, Orange Blossom & Ginger, Jasmine & White Musk, Hibiscus & Rose Water, Turkish Rose & Black Tea, Spiced Orange & Sandalwood, Brazilian Lime & Cedar, and Mandarin & Bergamot. (888) 745-4030 x12325

Akzéntz’s Luxio soak-off gels come in polish-like bottles and brush on easily like polish, while soaking off in 10 minutes. The colored gels last for three weeks without any chipping, smudging, cracking, or lifting, and have 24 custom colors for your clients to choose from. (888) 745-4030 x12328

57 combined years of editorial experience

122 photo galleries 58,062 NAIL ART PICTURES

NAILSMAG.COM 8,300 other art images

247 technical videos 20 years’ of industry statistics


Where heavy metal meets rocker chic, China Glaze introduces its spring 2012 collection, ElectroPop. Inspired by all things girly, edgy, and fun, the 12 shades of ElectroPop bring out the inner rock star in all. The colors are Kinetic Candy, Electric Beat, Aquadelic, Gaga for Green, Sunshine Pop, Make Some Noise, Wicked Style, Fuchsia Fanatic, Gothic Lolita, Dance Baby, Sweet Hook, and Techno. (888) 745-4030 x12326

seventy three articles on working healthy

80 nail disorders explained

153 salon profiles NAILSMAG.COM 1,436 companies in our salon directory

154 |


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The original Antoine De Paris Acrylic Nipper, #11 Gold, was created 35 years ago when founder Antoine de Paris created the first triple-reinforced acrylic nipper with a box joint and made of cobalt stainless steel.

Backscratchers’ Heavenly Soles Foot Care System offers a complete pedicure kit in one box. The all-in-one package has four easy steps to create a lavish pedicure experience: an aromatic footbath, a natural ingredient exfoliator, rich moisturizers, and an elixir of enzymes to protect freshly pampered feet. (888) 745-4030 x12329

ASP Aspire’s French manicure pen creates that simple, classic French manicure look within seconds with little to no line clean up. The French Manicure Pen is filled with a white polish that passes through a controlled nib to easily transfer to the natural nail for perfect Frenches in seconds. (888) 745-4030 x12330 >>>


12/22/11 11:42 AM

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12/22/11 11:43 AM

The Belava Embrace is a solution for high-end salons looking to offer a luxurious spa pedicure but unwilling to yield in their standards. The Embrace has a high back, is plush, and is extra wide to initiate the perfect snuggle. The Embrace is also a massage chair with several settings. In addition, the Embrace comes with an adjustable manicure table and a sliding heater/massager unit to accommodate clients to their level of comfort. (888) 745-4030 x12331


Lavender II

Mini Lavender 1-877-622-4853

Dashing Diva’s DesignFX line is comprised of 36 unique nail appliqués that feature cutting edge nail art combined with highend fashion. The nail appliqués apply easily for full-coverage wear and often match 3-D bling like rhinestones and gems with intricate and brightly colored designs. (888) 745-4030 x12332

LeChat’s Nail Architecture Acrylic System provides strong and durable wear, an easy application with a superior texture, and a spectrum of luxurious color powders that will enhance the elegance and appearance of any fashionable nail art designs. The color powder collections are offered in individual sets like the Cabaret collection shown here. Nail Architecture provides precision acrylic brushes for meticulous applications. (888) 745-4030 x12333

The Acrylic Starter Kit from Hand & Nail Harmony utilizes one of the latest technologies allowing a strong bond to the natural nail without the use of harsh acid primers. Harmony ensures that colors will stay true and won’t yellow. The starter kit includes Fusion Sculpting Monomer, Total Control Bliss Plink, True Clear, and Pure White Powders, pH Bond, Pro Bond, and 20 nail forms. (888) 745-4030 x12334

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12/22/11 11:44 AM

with relaxation, skin nourishment, and increasing circulation. (888) 745-4030 x12338

Duri’s Drop N Go helps you set nails fast. The instant drying drops dry enamel from the top to the bottom while giving polished nails a nice shine. Simply add one or two drops a minute after top coat has been applied and clients will be ready to go. (888) 745-4030 x12335

Light Elegance’s Pedi-Cure Kit is a great kit for techs who want to get into gel pedicures. It comes with everything needed to get started including a Pedi-Cure Lamp, Bonder, Super-Shiny, Cleanser, Gel Polishes, Dry

Glitters, Perfect Files, an Oval Application Brush, and an application guide. (888) 745-4030 x12339 >>>

Entity’s brush-on gel polish, Entity 1 Color Couture, combines the long-lasting and high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of polish. No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. The primary collection comes with Entity Prep, Nu Bond, base and top coat, as well as 12 colors. (888) 745-4030 x12336

The RapidCure Mach I LED Curing Lamp from Americanails Cures LED formula gels, gel polishes, and top coats in seconds. Mirrors surround the hand for rapid, even curing and the LED bulbs do not need to be changed for the life of the lamp. (888) 745-4030 x12337

JOIN US! Maximum relaxation awaits with SpaRitual’s Instinctual 21 Mineral Organic Bath Salts. Made with 70% organic vegan ingredients and ginger oil, this new addition to SpaRitual’s Chakra Care System energizes your client’s root chakra to help FEBRUARY 2012

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| 157 12/22/11 11:44 AM

OPI Launches its Holland Collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Inspired by the country’s range of stunning shades as seen in vivid tulips, windmill-dotted hillsides, and bustling canals, the collection’s 12 shades offer a mixture of sophisticated neutrals and highly-pigmented brights. The colors are A Roll in the Hague, Red Lights Ahead…Where?, Kiss Me on My Tulips, Pedal Faster Suzi!, Dutch ‘Ya Just Love OPI?, Vamperstam, Did You ‘ear About Van Gogh?, Thanks a WindMillion, Wooden Shoe Like to Know?, I Have Herring Problem, I Don’t Give a Rotterdam!, and Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. (888) 745-4030 x12340

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X, Orly’s soak-off color gel, Orly GelFX, applies like polish but cures and soakss off like a gel and is matched to 32 off s. the top-selling Orly polish colors. o The shades range from neutrals to e, glittering and vibrant hues of blue, purple, and black. The formula nourishes nails for durability, strength, and shine. The matching Orly polishes can be used to touch up the nail as it grows out. (888) 745-4030 x12341

The NSI Polish Pro Accessory Collection includes six different finishes to change the appearance of any Polish Pro color. Become a nail “stylist” and create unlimited looks for your clients. NSI Polish Pro applies like polish but has the durability of a gel and comes in a range of colors. (888) 745-4030 x12342

Naturally Clean by Essie is a complete nail care system that safely cleanses hands and nails while restoring hydration with essential oils and natural botanical ingredients. The system includes Purifying Hand Wash, Nail Cleanser, Manicure Revitalizer, and Purifying Polish Remover. (888) 745-4030 x12343


12/27/11 2:57 PM


Functional modern art for your salon


Your time is money, so make the most of it with the very latest Designer French Tips® from Shooting Star®. These premium half-well tips require no blending or special prep work. Simply apply using an overlay of clear acrylic or clear gel. Delight your clients while generating more profit in less time — without any special equipment, supplies or mess to clean up. And, with nearly 100 original creations, there are styles and colors to suit every taste and season.


Shooting Star . 310.618.1270 . All Designs and Content © Shooting Star 2002-2012.

Kami Nail Art® Valentine’s Day Nail Art Decals with FREE Rhinestones

18 Pre-Adhesive Decals PLUS 24 FREE Acrylic Rhinestones


BeautyyTec ch


Deluxe 6 on. Gem Tweezer and Scoop * Use the scoop for sprinkling glitter into

gel for Rock-Star effects * Sharp tweezer end for precision placement of nail art

Kami Nail Art® offers the most extensive line of USA-made professional nail art with hundreds of dazzling products PLUS Swarovski® Crystals — 35 colors in sizes 5, 7, 9, 12, and 16.

Order online at Kami Nail Art® (800)344-3299

Stainless Steel Mini Measuring Spoons, 3 pc set * Dash 1/8 tsp., pinch 1/16 tsp., and smidgen 1/32 tsp

* Choose the right size to

measure your glitter for perfect recipes every time!

Deluxe Stainless Steel Stir Spatula * 6 3/4 in. long with 2x5/16 in. spatula

* Stir your pot or bottle gels

for perfect color consistency

* Scoop loose glitter and gemstones

* Pluck Fimo Clay Cane slice from your stash 1-631-981-1273


Like to Advertise

In The Marketplace? PLEASE CONTACT: Mary Baughman - East Coast 310.533.2412


Michelle Mullen - West/Canada 310.533.2465

NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 • 310/533-2400

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We manufacture & distribute the FINEST machines & bits available — GUARANTEED! We service & repair most “Quality” machines — quickly.

Call (800) 451-6733 or E-mail

12/27/11 4:00 PM


DEAL S H E E T Deal Sheet shows you all the bimonthly deals offered by your favorite manufacturers and distributors. Browse through this issue, brought to you by NAILS Magazine, before doing your shopping at your distributor.

161, 162-163 164 165 166 167 168 169

161, 162-163



Premier Nail Source Pedi World Star Nail Konad


Lexor Inc. Hollywood Nail Supply Nailite Inc.



Call your professional beauty products supplier directly to take advantage of this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great deals. Tell them you heard about them in NAILS Deal Sheet!

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12/28/11 11:06 AM


$15.95 each

.25 oz. bottles




















$26.77 Replacement Bulbs 4-pk.

















.5 OZ.





Remover Wraps 100-ct.



Contains a reflective barrier with optical enhancers

.25 oz.

Base Coat or Top Coat


$11.95 .75 OZ.








.3 0Z.








1,2,3… DRY!































4 OZ.

34 OZ.



.5 oz. bottle















Orange Scented




EACH 14 OZ. $13.95 VALUE

SAVE $15


SAVE $2.50




$995 plus additional shipping*

BEAUTY WIPES 200-CT. 4" x 4" $4.95 #DKL08A


2" x 2" $1.50 #DKL08B


* Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $99 or more; excludes oversized items noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $99 or more weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes brokering fee/taxes incurred when clearing customs.


na0212ds.indd 161

12/27/11 12:28 PM



0HONE  s &AX   Want to be notified about our Weekly Hot Deals? Sign up for e-mail notifications on our website.


YOUR CHOICE: #NB0191 Black #NB0192 Burgundy #NB0193 Red #NB0194 Pink #NB0195 French Pink #NB0196 Beige












Mr. Pumice

Sanitation Kits







Mr. Pumice





B Zebra
















$1 per roll


NAIL $6.95 500-ct. 1-10 BASIX $1.95 / 50-ct. refills XN301




Xtreme Cut-Out

Xtreme Curve XL






Xtreme Cut-Out Curve

Xtreme Cut-Out Clear






&RENCH White

Xtreme Cut-Out White


Your Choice

Spoon Pusher #NB0201


Straight Pusher / Cleaner #NB0204




$1 $1 'ERMAN


.75 oz.

2 oz.

4 oz.




NB1101 NB1104 NB1107 NB1110 NB1113 NB1116 NB1119

NB1102 NB1105 NB1108 NB1111 NB1114 NB1117 NB1120

NB1103 NB1106 NB1109 NB1112 NB1115 NB1118 NB1121

2 oz. NB1056

6 OZ



8 OZ

4 oz. NB1018

Dust Brush

Komfort Wedge

For A Perfect C-Curve Every Time




Hospital Grade


16 oz. #PN114B







.!), !24

"253( SALE! 3%4


$1.95 NB1022

Brush-On Activator

ss." ss."

Brush stores in handle!


ss." ss."

Resin $3.95 3INGLE 0ROCESS56 'EL

2 oz. NB1058 8 oz. NB1020

Extender Tips

1 oz. NB1026

$2.95 $4.95

10-ct. 95¢ NB1052

Brush-On Resin $1.95

$1.95 $3.95


10 gm NB1025


Triple Dappen

Sonic Touch III

$5.95 NB0318 $1.00 NB0319 $1.00 NB0320 $139.95 ST01

Acetone Proof

4 oz. $19.95 16 oz. $59.95

Pink Bright Pink White Bright White Clear X-Thick

UV Gel Sealer $4.95 Shimmer Gel NB1045 1/2 oz. NB1024 FIBREGEL



2 for

1 oz. $6.95

SALE! $5.95



Porcelain w/ Lid


Split Second Activator Spray

2 oz. NB1057 8 oz. NB1021

1/2 oz. NB1023



Anti-Fungal Prep Spray


KOLINSKY $1 PURE Acrylic Brushes $1 $1



4 oz. #NB0410

Nylon Gel Brush #NB0407

SAVE $40 Ceramic w/Cork

Flat Sable Acrylic Brush

LONG #NB0406

GAL. #PN114G

Brush Cleaner


Round Sable Acrylic Brush



4 oz. NB0323 Mushroom Pump Twist-Lock Pump 8 oz. NB0324




8 oz. NB1019


$2.50 #NB0308

Brush Cleaner Holder SALE!

$6.95 6-CT.


Horseshoe Forms


$2.95 NB0314 $2.95 NB0315 $11.95 WEDGE1 $1.95 NB0322 $1.95 NB0321 $5.95 EACH


C-CURVE STICKS Shaping Tools


$2.95 #NB0307

Stainless Steel Dust Masks



Rectangular Forms




25¢ each $23.95 100-ct. $99.95 Case (500)



ACRYLIC LIQUID VIOLET MONOMER 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1053 $2.95 NB1054 $4.95 NB1013 $6.95 ODORLESS ACRYLIC LIQUID 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1055 $3.95 NB1016 $6.95 NB1017 $11.95 UV CURABLE ODOR FREE


Brush-On Nail Glue 6 gm. $2.95 #IBD305

Gel Glue 4 gm. $3.95 #IBD309




Curved #NB0213 / Straight #NB0214 TM

Clear White Bright White Pink Bright Pink Natural French Dip



Professional Nail Glue 2 gm. $1.75 #IBD301








Locking Handle




Dries in Seconds!

BOX OF 250



20¢ ;7'&&#FA '.$/+ CASE (500) ./$/+ SANITIZABLE BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Purple Med/Coarse NB0001 NB0001P NB0001C Orange Med/Fine NB0002 NB0002P NB0002C Blue Fine/Super Fine NB0003 NB0003P NB0003C ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;¢ NB0034 NB0034P NB0034C

3 GM.





2-Sided Straight Pusher #NB0203




Extra Strength Bullet Glue Twist-Off #NC0305 20¢ Nozzle!

Spoon Pusher / Pterygium Remover #NB0202



MINI ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;¢ (EACH) #NB0040 '&&#F79AD8&&*&F97I;D8&&*&9



Xtreme Square






2 GM.


NAIL BASIX BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Yellow Manicure NB0004 NB0004P NB0004C Pink Pedicure NB0005 NB0005P NB0005C


1, 2, 3â&#x20AC;¦ DRY!â&#x201E;¢




I Cuticle Eraser Stones 65¢ ea.



12-pr. #SB0405

MINI ORANGE BLOCKS (EACH) #NB0041 '&&#F79AD8&&*'F97I;D8&&*'9


3-Way 49¢ #NB0031 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0031P 4-Way 49¢ #NB0032 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0032P




F Natural Nail Garnet Boards 20-ct. $2.95 #NB0025 G Professional Pink Glass File $1.49 #NB0030L H Professional Buffers 49¢ ea. 50-ct. $19.95



German Callus Planer Blades 10-ct.

Onezees Toe Spa Thong Slippers Separators




MINI-FILES 100/180 GRIT DISPOSABLE MINI BLOCKS 20-ct. $2.50 15¢ ;7$'&&#FA $13.95 97I;'&&& $119.95

180/180 #NB0013 100/100 #NB0015 180/180 #NB0017

$9.95 / 500-ct. / Sizes 1-10 $2.95 / 50-ct. refills








100/180 #NB0012 80/80 #NB0014 100/180 #NB0016


Hygienic Files 20-ct. $5.95 Individually Sealed 3-Way Shiner Blocks C Black .&%.&D8&&'.'&&%'&&D8&&'/'&&%'.&D8&&(& ` #NB0037 D Zebra .&%.&D8&&(''&&%'&&D8&&(('&&%'.&D8&&() 3!,%! #4 E Econo Cushioned Files 50-ct. $6.95 

Waterproof Material





T I P S â&#x20AC;&#x201D; G L U E S



Professional Cushioned Files 20-ct. $4.95 A Black 80/80 #NB0010 100/100 #NB0011



Lava Stone

Tropical Shine Ultimate Pumi Bar Purple Pumi Bar Colossal File

by Graham Professional

BALI #HT0002


$1 B U F F E R S



Pink NB1046 Clear NB1047



Fiberglass or Silk Strips 1" x 36", 2 ct. Fiberglass (NB1048) Silk (NB1049) $2.95 Litl Diprâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10-ct.

$1 NB0336 $9.95 LD1004


PHONE: 1-800-727-111Ã&#x2039;VÃ&#x2039;  L : CATALOG@PREMIERNAILSOURCE.COM

Also Available: Pre-Cut Fingers 70-ct. Fiberglass (NB1050) Silk (NB1051) $2.95


Prices in this ad are valid January 1 through January 31, 2012. Afterward prices subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are denoted in parenthesis. na0212ds.indd 162

12/27/11 12:28 PM





BreatheEasyâ&#x201E;˘ DUST COLLECTOR


We accept ACH/E-Checks, Wire Transfers and these Credit Cards:

Whisks dust and debris out of the air!

jm_d\Wdi ^ej%YebZ Wkjeed%e\\


Acrylic Bit Stand Holds 6

Large Barrel #NB0501

Large Barrel #NB0508

Small Barrel #NB0502

Small Barrel #NB0509

Cone #NB0503 Toothpick #NB0504


Football #NB0505 4-wk Backfill #NB0506

1000 ct. 100 ct.

#NB0518 Fine #NB0519 Medium #NB0520 Coarse

Backfill #NB0511 Football #NB0512




¢ #NB0517

Buffing Stone "ITS

Black #NAB0002



Gold #NAB0004 Green #NAB0005 Iridescent #NAB0006 Light Blue #NAB0007

$1.95 10-CT.







Choose from many styles at








.25 oz.




.5 OZ.

.33 OZ.

.25 OZ.






2.5 OZ.




Detail Brush #NAB0112 Angled #NAB0113




.6 OZ.

.5 OZ.

.5 OZ.






Pedicure Slippers

Toe Separators

per roll






Pumice Sponges #SB0408

$3.95 per pound 6 lb. Box $17.95*($5 S&H)





1 LB. 6 LBS. PEACH #SB0202 #SB0203 LAVENDER #SB0204 #SB0205 VANILLA #SB0206 #SB0207


Manicure Scrub Heavy Duty 4-Way NEW! SPA FIZZâ&#x201E;˘ #SB0304 Red Pedicure File Brushes BUBBLE BOWL


` #SB0412

` EACH "/8/&






Holds All Popular Brands

Manicure Warmer $9.95 25-CT. WHITE CUPS





$49.95 #SB0201



MANICURE CUSHION Enhance client comfort! $11.95 #NC0128


Gauze Wipes

100-ct. 4ERRY#LOTH -ITTENS /2"OOTIES Birchwood  Sticks SB0215



Pedicure Socks

$19.95 #NC0127

PEDISTILâ&#x201E;˘ Pedicure Foot & Leg Rest $19.95 #PediStil1

Black #SB0409 White #SB0410

$2.95 pair

MANICURE FIZZ Peppermint Pedicure Collection



.25 OZ.

0!)2 100-ct.


TABLE TOP DISPLAYS Holds 30 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 60 Bottles - $29.95 WALL MOUNTED Holds 36 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 90 Bottles - $29.95


$3.95 24-ct. $1







Toe Separators




.5 OZ.






.33 OZ.

Fan Brush #NAB0114

$1 $ 1





Striper Brush #NAB0111





9 WATT #NC0007


Art Club



UV BULBS $4.95 EA.






7 WATT #NC0231


RHINESTONE WHEELS 240-CT. .I>7F;I AVAILABLE $1.95 1200-CT. $4.95


Red #NAB0010




$99.95 #NC0229 $49.95 #NC0004




Purple #NAB0009




15,000 RPM

$69.95 VALUE





UV Lamp with Removable Shade #NB1504


Pink #NAB0008


Cone NB0516




Barrel NB0515


#EDMT20 20,000 RPM


SALE! $149.95

Includes 3 bits and no-hassle warranty.


$11.95 $2.95


Clear #NAB0001 Blue #NAB0003


Professional UV Lamp #NB1500



$2.95 EACH.

Chamois Buffer Bit



-!.) 02/

Exclusive Price! 25,000 RPM

Includes 6 bits, 3 sanding bands and convenient carrying case.






â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE BULLETâ&#x20AC;? DRILL KIT


Cone #NB0510

Toothpick #NB0513

2-wk Backfill #NB0507

$4.95 EACH.





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Gentle Exfoliating Sloughing CrĂŠme


5 Gallons $59.95


Gal. $14.95


CrĂŠme Mask

Pedicure Scrub

Rock Salts

Ice Cooling Gel

($10 S&H)

($5 S&H)

8 oz. $2.95



S N U A I P L P L A I R E T S A C C E S S O R I & E S







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my other life

Devonné Franks, nail tech In her other life: MRI technologist

Putting Patients at Ease

Devonné Franks’ two careers couldn’t be more different. “Instead of making people feel good about themselves and look beautiful, I worry if I’m going to find something on their exam,” say Franks, who works as an MRI technologist



in a hospital in Lima, Ohio, and also does nails at Shear Brilliance in Delphos. “MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. I take very detailed pictures of the various parts of the body using magnetic energy and radio frequency waves. It’s a safe way to examine the internal structures of the body without using radiation. I bring the inside out, so to speak. “I love working in the hospital setting, but it can be stressful,” says Franks, who earned an associate’s degree in Applied Sciences in Medical Imaging to be able to do X-rays, then followed that up with a year of on-the-job training specifically for MRIs. “I see patients who are very sick, some with incurable diseases. I always remember those patients as I tend to get to know them over time.” Her job as an MRI technician means a steady paycheck (and benefits!), but also a whole lot more. “I take a lot of pride in knowing I’m giving my patients the best care I can and my full attention,” she says. “Our patients are scheduled to be moved through pretty quickly, but I spend as much time as I need to explain the test thoroughly, answer any questions they may have, and get them comfortable. Claustrophobia is a major problem with MRI. The scanner is also very noisy; it sounds like a jackhammer. If they know what to expect it’s a lot easier for them to relax. “Each person is different and I treat each patient how I would want to be treated.”

I treat each patient how I would want to be treated.

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WHO ARE YOU? The girl with the edge? The style standout? Retention+™ is not your mother’s acrylic. It’s the original game changer for long, sleek, naturallooking nails. And now with new Retention+ Powder the sky’s the limit. Shape. Lengthen. Construct. Build. Totally transform! Retention+ Liquid & Powder System. New from CND.

8 YEARS IN A ROW! ©2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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Model is wearing RED LIGHTS AHEAD...WHERE?


CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE For more information, contact your local OPI distributor. Call 800.341.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

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