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JULY 2012


step into summer A NAIL TECH’S GUIDE TO




Test Your SANITATION Knowledge




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A Shimmering Formula with Magnetic Particle Infusion

Katie is wearing Opposites Attract

Each shade is paired with its own custom magnetic design:


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no reason for cold feet The OPI GelColor pedicure has arrived!

• Ready-for-anything pedicures • Get out the door fast • 2-weeks (plus!) wear

MODEL IS WEARING GELCOLOR BY OPI CAJUN SHRIMP ©2012 OPI Products Inc. Call 800.341.9999 or visit

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Š2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.


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YOUR HANDS Nail Professionals are the pulse of CND. That’s why we are committed to remaining a 100% professional brand. Like Susan, with the CND Shellac system, you too can give your clients the power to get on with their lives.

Susan Nam Nail Professional Owner, Polished Beauty Bar, New York

Power Polish


Susan is wearing CND Shellac Silver VIP Status layered over Studio White.

* When used as directed.

That’s POWER!

On Like Polish. Wears Like Gel. Off in Minutes. No Nail Damage*. (Really!) Go to to learn more about Susan and additional tips, tricks and layering combinations.

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HM-1401 They’re Gonna Gotta Get Gelished! Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Made in the USA 714. 773. 9758

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Scan • Watch • Learn

© 2012 Hand & Nail Harmony • Brea, CA 92821 - Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony are registered trademarks of Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc.

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From Sunset to Sunrise, Gelish owns the Sizzling Summer Nights! Whatever the destination, from an exclusive rooftop party to midnight cruise on the bay, this collection spices up your summer nights.



Big City Siren

Shake Your Money Maker!

Sunrise and the City

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5/7/12 10:22 AM 5/22/12 2:28 PM Š2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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TANGERINE TANGO. Experience a citrusy wake-up call for the skin and the senses, with the tingling zest of Tangerine and Lemongrass. Summer’s juiciest duo combines bright-tart essences that never fail to energize and invigorate, even in the sultriest weather. Tangerine & Lemongrass Scentsations™. From CND.

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Germany Collection

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COLORS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: My Very First Knockwurst*, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons*, Berlin There Done That*, Don’t Talk Bach to Me, Schnapps Out of It!*, Deutsch You Want Me Baby?, Danke-Shiny Red, Suzi & the 7 Düsseldorfs, Every Month is Oktoberfest, German-icure by OPI, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!*, Unfor-greta-bly Blue*

36-piece display

National Release Date: 8/8/12

*Also available in GelColor by OPI (colors subject to change). MODEL IS WEARING DON’T TALK BACH TO ME CONTAINS NO DBP, TOLUENE, OR FORMALDEHYDE For more information, contact your local OPI distributor. Call 800.341.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

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90-piece display

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The first and fastest system in a bottle that cures in 5, 20, 30 seconds using our LED Technology.

Scan • Watch • Learn

Follow us on: They’re Gonna Gotta Get Gelished! Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Made in the USA

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THE NEW full service PROFESSIONAL Nail Line Exclusively at All Cosmoprof Locations Nationwide.

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The HIghest Quality Professional Products At substantial savings to you.


Perfected. Acrylics. Gels. Wraps. Top Coats. Boards. Blocks. Files. Accessories.

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Visit for inspiring ways to create gorgeous nails.

SCAN. WATCH. LEARN. Š2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

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ADD. BLEND. CREATE. Flaunt your creativity and delight your clients! CND introduces a new way to bring color to your clients: Additives, an eye-opening collection of pure pigments and lustrous effects. Blend Additives into any CND sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac™ for the ultimate artistic freedom. Additives. From CND.

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has never looked more

artistic (from left to right): Secure Permanent Primer 02008 Smart Seal Tack Free Top Gel 02009 Gel Coat Brush On Clear Gel 02011 5 Second Frech Quick Cure White Gel 02017 Clear Forming Gel 02010 White Forming Gel 02012 Pink Forming Gel 02013

The Smart gel system utilizes the speed of LED light and superior formulation to give you professional results in seconds. Work smarter, not harder. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Tel: 714. 635. 5110

PROFESSIONAL FORMULAS | PROFESSIONAL RESULTS © 2012 Artistic Nail Design • Beverly Hills, CA 90210 • Artistic Nail Design and Colour Gloss are registered trademarks of Artistic Nail Design, Inc. / Made in the USA

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A revolution in gel technology. UV is a thing of the past. Never replace bulbs again! The LED Pro 30 Light cures all 5 fingers in seconds providing professional results at rapid speeds.


Beverly Hills

New York






Contact your Authorized Distributor for Artistic Smart Gel today.

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Available in Forming Gels and Brush Ons.

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{in this issue}

July 2012 Volume 30, No. 6

Features 118 Hit Me With Your Best Shot With the explosion of nail art, techs are expanding their creativity into the field of photography. Here are tips on how to capture the best shot.


128 What’s on Your Bucket List? The idea of these ticking lists — of things to accomplish before you “kick the bucket,” so to speak — are gaining popularity via blogs, ad campaigns, and other media outlets. We asked our readers to share their professional ones. (No offense to pros-and-cons lists, but we think bucket lists are much more fun!) 134 Handy Hand Care Products A quick lotion or hand scrub can make a manicure quite memorable. And a sales pitch on the beneficial ingredients of a hand care product as you massage it into your clients’ skin can make them want to purchase the product for home use. To help you with retail as well as with themed services, NAILS has compiled the latest delicious-smelling hand products to keep hands well-moisturized and supple.



142 Toes in the Sand Summer styles are more relaxed and casual. Women are wearing strappy sandals and flip-flops, or maybe even going barefoot on the beach. This is the perfect time to ramp up your toenail art business and help your clients dip their toes in the sand in style. 146 A Nail Tech’s Guide to Essential Oils Have you been interested in adding aromatherapy to your nail service menu, but were unsure about where to start? We provide you with some handy tips on working with essential oils, plus a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

JULY 2012


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Cover Look

Nails: Holly Schippers, FingerNailFixer, Bussey, Iowa Photographer: Vu Ong Model: Ariel Paredes, Body Parts Models


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Test Your SANITATION Knowledge

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step into summer A NAIL TECH’S GUIDE TO

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JULY 2012

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minnie mouse I’M ALL EARS Tell me how much you love this magenta shimmer.

NOTHIN’ MOUSIE ‘BOUT IT Don’t squeak it—SHOUT IT! This confetti light pink is tops!

IF YOU MOUST YOU MOUST You gotta pink what you gotta pink.

© Disney

THE COLOR OF MINNIE You had this little mouse at “red.”

She’s flirty. She’s stylish. She’s totally fa-“mouse.” And now her irresistible charm is yours to enjoy! MINNIE MOUSE 12-PIECE DISPLAY

Find us on:


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Call 800.341.9999 ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

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{in this issue}

70 88


Technique 59

Business 91

62 Demos Step-by-steps from Nubar and Bio Seaweed Gel 66 Signature Services Step-by-steps for a Tropical Bliss Pedicure and a Red Carpet Pedi “The Step and Repeat” 70 A Stiletto Gets Its Wings Germany’s Alexandra Lust shows how to segment the design across all four nails to create a wonderful illusion of a butterfly. 72 Behind the Scenes Find out how to do the nails that are on this month’s cover.

94 Reader to Reader How do you politely ask moms not to bring their babies and toddlers with them to their nail appointments? 96 10 Things Your Employees Won’t Tell You Do you ever wish you were a fly on the wall so you could hear what your employees say? Here’s your chance to learn what they won’t tell you, but wish you knew. 100 Salon Profile Sisters Castle and Lauren Searcy built their business from the ground up, opening their very first salon, Tootsies Nail Shoppe, in 2006. After hard work and diligent cross-promoting, they now run two salons, a certified nail school, and a barbershop, all under the Tootsies brand.

Style 75 80 Nail Art Studio Step-by-steps on new nail art designs 84 How to Create Your Own Pedicure Platform Elevating clients for feet-focused services generally improves nail tech ergonomics, as you don’t have to hunch over to do close-up work. And building your own set-up means you can design and decorate it however you want. 88 Boutique: Patriotic Items American-inspired accessories, decorations, and bakeware make great retail items. Stock your salon with fun and festive products for Independence Day.


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110 Under the Microscope: Yellow Nail Syndrome A rare disorder, yellow nail syndrome could indicate a serious health concern involving the respiratory or lymphatic systems. 112 Test Your Sanitation Knowledge Take this quick quiz to see where you stand on sanitation. Pencil ready? Get set. Go. 116 Secret Ingredient: Lotions A closer look at the ingredients that make up these hydrating products.

In Every Issue 36 38 44 54 56

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Health 107


On My Mind On Your Mind Nails File Freebies & Giveaways On The Road

152 160 164 169 186

Reader Nail Art Ad Index Product Spotlight Deal Sheet My Other Life

JULY 2012

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Victoria is wearing Shockwave










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new at

nailsmag .com

Find everything you’re looking for on Whether you’re researching, shopping, or designing, you’ll find inspiration and answers at our website.

Serve Summer Pedicures. Masterworks Salon in Germantown, Wis., shares the steps for its Watermelon Slush Pedicure, which features the popular picnic fruit through-and-through: from the scented soak to the gel color.

Acquaint Yourself with Essential Oils. Our updated photo gallery of some of the most popular essential oils includes a description of the oils’ properties and a category for use (i.e. rejuvenating, relaxing, etc.).

Follow the FingerNailFixer. This month’s cover tech, Holly Schippers, has been blogging for since December 2010. Her blog, FingerNailFixer, offers useful ideas and information to you with a smile.

Create the Ultimate Bridal Nail. Look Up Nail-Related Terms. The NAILS Encyclopedia covers nail diseases and disorders, the specialized terms pertaining to nail art and design, histories of the top companies and nail professionals, product ingredients, as well as hundreds of other terms and concepts.

These seven designs can be customized to match a bride’s wedding colors, flowers, or theme, and let her get some stellar photos with her new ring.

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JULY 2012

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{on my mind}

Establishing Habits OK, I’m going to share a little secret with you all. I created a “May Challenge” for myself and I’m feeling really good. You can call me crazy if you want, but I’ve just finished doing a five-day juice

H you “liked” us Have on Facebook yet ? If not, what are you waiting for? You’ll be the first to know what’s going on in the nail industry, you might be asked to participate in an upcoming story for NAILS, and we also do fun product giveaways! So make sure to join us at www.

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cleanse and I’m about 10 days away from completing a personal challenge to go to yoga every day for a solid month. Sure, I’m trying to be healthier and drop a few unwanted pounds, but it also has been an eye-opening experience that has taught me a few lessons about discipline. Many experts agree that it takes 21 days to form a habit (or 21 days to break a bad habit). As I write this, I’m officially 21 days into my May Challenge and I definitely feel like I’ve started to form some new habits. But it hasn’t been easy, despite using some tried-and-true methods to help me stay on track. This process got me thinking that we all either have bad habits to break or the desire to set new, good habits into motion. Whether it has to do with your own personal health or something to do with your career (getting to work earlier, upselling services, being more of a team player), the methods are all the same. To start, you must be sure about your intentions. If you’re always running late and you want to create a new habit to get to work on time, state that as your intention. Write it down. “I’m going to arrive to work 15 minutes early so I can have time to get myself settled before my first client.” It also helps to write down the reason for your intention (to get yourself settled, to have time to review your schedule for the day, etc.). The more you can convince yourself that this is a positive habit to establish, the more likely you are to stick to it. Next, you’ll need to find substitute routines to help you stay on track. Do you find yourself running late because you have to pack your kids’ lunches in the morning? Try packing them the night before. Do you often turn on “The Today Show” and get sucked in when you’re supposed to be getting ready for work? Don’t allow yourself to turn the television on. There are always things you can’t control that might make you late for work (traffic, an unexpected phone call), so try to control the things you can. Celebrate each step of the way. Positive affirmations help. Tell yourself you’re making progress and moving closer to your goal. Enlist others to help you stay motivated. If you tell your coworkers that your goal is to come to work 15 minutes early for the next three weeks and they see that happening, they’ll offer moral support, which will help reinforce the positive habit. On the same note, stay clear of negative people who might sabotage your efforts to change. For my own May Challenge, I wrote down my intentions (along with a few things that would help me achieve my goals) and I posted it on my bathroom wall so I’d see it every morning when I got up. I also put a May calendar up and used stickers (yes, I’m an adult and I used stickers) to mark every day I met my goals. There’s something about seeing that calendar fill up that makes you want to keep going. I admit I got a little obsessed about filling up the calendar with stickers. I also told my friends and everyone here at NAILS what I was doing and they’ve been supportive (a couple even joined me for part of the juice cleanse). I find that the more I talk about my intentions, the more likely I am to make them my new reality. I’m accountable to myself and to others. And it’s definitely worked for me. I’m 10 days away from my goal and now yoga is a regular part of my daily routine. Set your own intentions for change and let me know how you’re going about making that new habit stick!

JULY 2012

5/23/12 11:28 AM

Lose the brush lines. Forget the acetone.

The way you do color is changed forever.

Š2012 Dashing Diva Professional.

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g n i m Co

. . . n o so

5/23/12 11:29 AM


Publisher Cyndy Drummey

2012 MAY

COVER LOVE It was my pleasure to spend the COV day with w the NAILS team. You are so much fun! I love the May cover and both of the accompanying editorial stories! Wow, what a acc treat tre and a privilege to be part of your magazine. Thank you for the extra copies; m everyone is really enjoying them. e




GLOIL CUP NA REA KO Teen Turn ts Into nts Clien ime Clie Lifet


Terri Silacci




Nail Candy Lounge Monterey, Calif.



Associate Publisher Michelle Mullen Associate Publisher/Editor Hannah Lee Managing Editor Sree Roy Features Editor Judy Lessin Senior Editor Tim Crowley

d 2 dd r.ind ove 12ccov na0512

SALON MAKEOVER Thank you for a great article you wrote about my salon in your story about salon renovations. I have been reading NAILS Magazine since 1989. I can’t wait for the June issue!

Ruth Gurry

Sensationails by Ruth Manchester Center, Vt.

can also go directly to www.nailsmag. com/tipsforstateboards to read our “21 Tips for Passing Your State Board Exam.” The newest issue of the Career Handbook will be shipping this month. You can order a copy of it on our website.

Editorial Assistant Brittni Rubin Contributing Writers Michelle Pratt, Erin Snyder Dixon Art Director Danielle Parisi Graphic Artist Kimberly Pham

MINI MASTERPIECES I entered the Mini-Masterpiece contest and I was just wondering when those nails would be posted? I’d love to see what everyone else came up with.

Graphic Artist Yuiko Sugino Production Manager Carla Benavidez

Christy Slavinksy


Editor’s Note: Winners will be announced in our August issue. We’ll also be posting them online by mid-August. If you’d like to see some of our past entries, you can go to minimaster.

TIPS FOR TEST-TAKERS I graduated from beauty school in 2010 but never took my nail tech exam. I have always regretted not taking it. I am getting ready to take it, and I am glad I am almost there. Does anyone have any advice for taking the test?

Kelly Wilson

Western Sales Manager Michelle Mullen, (310) 533-2465 Eastern Sales Manager Mary Baughman, (562) 377-0465 I am currently attending Stylemasters College of Hair Design where I am studying to be a nail technician. These are a set of acrylics I did on a fellow student. This was my first attempt at inlaying the glitter. And I have to say I impressed myself with the end result. Transparent blue tips, strip glitter, buffed, and top coat.



Heber Springs, Ark. Via e-mail

Jason Bowen

Editor’s Note: You should check out our Career Handbook section online (www. You

Editor’s Note: Keep up the good work Jason. We’re excited to hear more from >>> you in the future.

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Via e-mail

Marketing/eMedia Coordinator Myla Diaz Audience Marketing Manager Katie Fillingame For subscription inquiries: (888) NAILS-44, Send business and editorial correspondence to: 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2507 Fax Chairman Edward J. Bobit CEO/President Ty F. Bobit Chief Financial Officer Richard E. Johnson

JULY 2012

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© 2012 Hand & Nail Harmony • Brea, CA 92821 - Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony are registered trademarks of Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc. HM-1567

A collection of EFX Magnetic Gel-Polish and Nail Lacquer that instantly transforms your manicure from normal to extraterrestrial. The metallic particle enriched nail colors fuse with the magnet to create nail art that is truly a force to be reckoned with. The two easy to apply formulas are currently available in six unique ATTRACT-ive shades.





Before curing, hold the magnet over the nail, the iron powder in the Gel-Polish will move aimlessly toward the magnet creating a magnifying design! They’re Gonna Gotta Get Gelished! Ask your local distributor for genuine Gelish today Scan • Watch • Learn Made in the USA Follow us on:

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5/23/12 12:55 PM

{on your mind} MY NAIL ART IN LIGHTS How do I submit nail art to your magazine?


Where can I find an updated list of classes in my area? JENNY PETERS Via e-mail

Janelle Moody

Via e-mail

Editor’s Note: We are always looking for new nail art contributors. There are several ways you can submit nail art. First, you can e-mail pictures of your nail art (without watermarks) to Remember we work about three months ahead of time so if you have seasonal or holiday nail art, we’d need it three months before the actual day. Second, you can e-mail your nail art pictures to editor@nailsmag. com to be included in our 365 Days of Nail Art blog ( Since that’s a daily blog, we don’t need your holiday art so far in advance. Third, you can send the actual nail art on tips to Sree Roy, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503.

Editor’s Note: You can find a comprehensive list at But you also might try checking with your local distributor or favorite manufacturer to see if they have any upcoming classes. Is it possible for you to recommend a school in the Los Angeles are where I can ge licensed to be a nail tech? MARIANNA KARAGARIAN Via e-mail

Editor’s Note: We’ve heard great things about Marinello Beauty Schools ( There are several in the Los Angeles area. You might also try searching on www. to see if you can find a school close to you.


WE LOVE BEING DIFFERENT! PEDI REDI PLUS Pedicure soak solution is available in over 80 fragrances and 12 colors.

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| JULY 2012

5/23/12 12:17 PM

the ultimate in nail fashion

Color Redefined Streak-free application Acetone-free removal Brilliant two-week wear

Available in 6 neon colors for fingers and toes.





Available at:

To find a store nearest you, visit or call 1.800.912.3463. To place an order, call 1.800.362.3186.

©2012 Dashing Diva Professional. 866.665.3482.

To find a store nearest you, visit or call 1.800.688.8286.

Join Our Community

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Where in the world is NAILS Magazine?


M NAILS Magazine My ca came just in time for m my cruise to Key West a and Mexico. I could nnot have asked for anything else!

Do you eat breakfast?

Yes, most/all of the time




Natalie Anderson LJ & Company Anderson, S.C.


No, never

We asked. You answered. Log on to www.nailsmag. com to answer this month’s question and check back here to see what other nail techs have to say.

Do you have a picture of yourself reading NAILS? Send a pic to and make sure to include your name, salon name, city, state, and a brief synopsis.


Send your comments to or send us a letter via snail-mail to Hannah Lee, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. (NAILS Magazine reserves the right to edit letters for space and clarity. Please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.)

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JULY 2012

5/23/12 12:18 PM

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5/23/12 12:18 PM

{nails file}

Want to see how it’s don Sca e? watch the n the QR code and step by or click step video on the cod e Kupa Incor porated | 2353 W. La Palm a Ave. Anaheim, CA 9280 1


Ph. (800 ) 994-5872 | Fx. (714 ) 739-2084 | Ph. (714 ) 739-2081

| www .kupainc.c om

(800) 994-5 872


Become a Kupa Cover Artist

Slow Down Your World Today’s fast world needs a pause button, so SpaRitual founder Shel Pink launched Slow Beauty to deliver just that. This new blog serves as a digital platform for the slow beauty movement, a new way of self-care that involves nurturing both the true self and our planet. “Beauty is no longer about the war against aging, but rather a celebration of life and the natural process of our individual evolution,” says Pink. Slow Beauty helps inspire positive change through blog entries from activists, lifestyle experts, socially conscious cious entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, and wellness ness professionals. Pink has developed seven outposts of Slow low Beauty aimed at helping to find a place in everyone’s ne’s life where it can be instituted. These outposts include de Spa Tradition, Mindful Consumption, Rituals, Renewal, al, Meditation, Self-Expression, and Nourished Mind. d. “Through Slow Beauty, we can all hopefully becomee more mindful of our own inner strength and the world’ss boundless possibility,” she says. Check it out at and at

44 |


na0712generalNF.indd 44




A bimonthly e-newsletter, Nail Monthly for Beautiful Nails by Kupa Inc. features gorgeous shots that offer QR codes to download videos on how the cover was done, along with a fullpage profile on the cover artist and details on the products used. Also included is a letter from the president, Kupa news, product specials, show and class calendars, and a special feature article by Vicki Peters. And it’s free — just sign up on Interested in becoming a cover artist? Send your resume and photos of your work to >>>

JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:05 PM

-(:; JUST GOT Client comfort pad


Availale at Cosmo ProfÂŽ and Armstrong McCall





Take a look under the hood:



na0712generalNF.indd 45

5/23/12 1:00 PM

Cuccio Acquires New Building to Aid Expansion Efforts 20

Upcoming Networking Event

What: Pennsylvania Barber and Cosmetology Association First Annual Nail Networking Event When: Sunday, July 29 Where: Comfort Inn, Rte. 93, West Hazleton, Pa. Organizer: Gloria Spraguer, committee chairperson Contact: (570) 646-2779,,

The growth of Cuccio Naturalé, including Cuccio Pro, has resulted in a demand for more space for Valencia, Calif.based Star Nail International — 40,000 sq. ft. more to be exact. The result is an impressive combined total of 120,000 sq. ft. between the two corporate buildings the company now occupies. “This is a proud moment because our global distributors and our new lines have forced the need for more square footage,” says Tony Cuccio, CEO of Star Nail International. The new corporate office and warehouse facility is designated for the expansion of Cuccio, providing additional space for an exciting lineup of launches expected this year. Among the products being added to the Cuccio franchise are Veneer, a soak-off LED/UV gel color, Cuccio Colour, a line of professional lacquer engineered with pigmentperfected technology, Nail Solutions, a collection of eight nail treatments, and an innovative line of pedicure and manicure products designed to treat, soothe, hydrate, and nourish.

Oh, App-y Day Does your salon have its own app yet? If not, perhaps you can take inspiration from the folks at Knoxville, Tenn.-based Salon Visage, who recently released the Visage Concierge application for iPhone/Android. “This app isn’t just for fun. We’ve taken the ‘concierge’ term very seriously,” says Frank Gambuzza, co-owner of Salon Visage. “We have found a way to truly add value to those who wish to stay in touch with us by mobile phone. Users request appointments and receive appointment notifications as well as check their scheduled visits by phone.” “There is also a red phone on the app that is tied to four unique direct lines at our corporate office,” adds Belinda Gambuzza, co-owner of Salon Visage. “Clicking on the red phone guarantees assistance with a personal touch during business hours. We’ll be on hand to answer questions, schedule appointments, process gift orders — anything salon- or spa-related that users can think of.” Other features include specials that are only available by mobile device, GPS guided directions, and a gallery of images. >>>

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JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:06 PM

Just so easy to match



na0712generalNF.indd 47

5/22/12 2:06 PM

A Change for the Better

We know you love being a nail tech, but everybody’s got at least one gripe, right? We asked readers to tell us: Is there one part of your job you wish you could change?

I wish I could make clients understand I’m not there because I thought it might be fun. I am there because this is my job and no-showing, being late, and constantly asking for “discounts” is super annoying!

Lacy Hood En Wrapture Salon, Post Falls, Idaho

I wish I could change the lack of quality education in schools and banish all the damaging myths put out there by nonstandard salons. Both damage our industry. What is so bad is that both of these can be changed. It just has not happened.

Bri McCloud Cloud Nine Nails, Athens, Tenn.

I wish clients wouldn’t pick their Shellac off then try to blame me and/or the product when their nails get trashed. They expect perfection but don’t want to follow home-care instructions.

Ashley Martin Hardiman Salon Zen, Norman, Okla.

I wish I could change the economy to be the way it used to be. My shop was busy and money was good. Now I have to figure out how to keep clientele, how to keep prices stable, and how to stay in business.

Marsee Essington Nails by Marsee, Mount Pleasant, Pa.

I wish that owners would have to take classes in nails, because most have

48 |


na0712generalNF.indd 48


JULY 2012

no experience in the industry. Just because you were a manager at a retail store or fitness center does not qualify you to own a salon.

Nyree Matthews Hampton, Ga.

I wish I could not have no-shows, nocalls. Just be considerate of me. If you cannot make your appointment, call, text message, something! Whatever happened to treat others the way you would like to be treated?

Tanya Lohmann Nails by Tanya in Reflections Family Hair Care, Greenview, Mo.

At our salon we give our clients our personal phone numbers because we aren’t always there. So I would change that people would be considerate and not text or call at all hours of the night with questions and wanting appointments.

Crystal Merrifield The Cutting Edge Salon, Salem, Ore.

The one thing I wish could change is how you can’t move to a new area without starting all over again in building up clientele. Even moving to another salon 10 miles away means you are starting over from scratch.

Christel Weixelman

I wish there was a genie to do my daily/ weekly/monthly bookkeeping.

Julep Nail Parlor, Seattle

Sara Cole

I’d change the size of my room. I currently have roughly 50 sq. ft. Somewhere in the 100-200 sq. ft. size would be perfect — oh, but in my current salon!

Parisian Nails of Sequim, Sequim, Wash.

I wish product manufacturers would understand how we are at their mercy for our regular products and consistently produce the things we use and have used for years for our livelihood. I am an avid CND user, but in the past two years they have discontinued several items I relied on on a day-to-day basis. It took three months to get used to different brushes and then the company discontinued all colored acrylics. It makes it tough to do my job with consistent results and offering the creativity my clients expect.

Holly Gregson VIP Nails, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Dana Kurtz Artistry of the Nail @Salon Shibumi, Portland, Ore.

I would like more regulations to be set in place to make the budget nail bars do the right thing. Also I’d like to have no no-shows. Even when I confirm they sometimes still don’t come! So rude.

Susie Gaston Empire Nails, Nail Artistry by Susie Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia >>>


5/22/12 2:06 PM

Just so easy to match



na0712generalNF.indd 49

5/22/12 2:06 PM

Mama Mia! It’s Maternity-Safe Nail Polish Opinions may vary on whether traditional nail polish is safe for all wearers, but no one doubts that pregnant women have the right to feel safe and secure when it comes to their cosmetics. Advertising itself as “four-free,” Knocked Up Nails contains no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor. According to the manufacturer, it is also safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients, and children. Cruelty-free and made in the U.S., the polishes bear names like Preggers in Pink, Red-E or Not Here Comes Baby, Prenatal Princess, and 18K Gold Crown(ing). For more information go to

Refine Your Skills at Nail U “We take a different approach to education. Instead of concentrating on selling product, we encourage our students to bring in their own,” says Shari Finger, owner of W. Dundee, Ill.-based Finger’s Nail Studios. Through her Nail University, Finger offers continuing education for nail techs. “Our non-product-specific approach allows the student to receive help with the products she is using every day — or a generic product will be supplied at no extra charge,” she says. Only 12 students are accepted into each class, so everyone receives individual attention. Each technique class includes hands-on time to work one-on-one with an instructor. Technical subjects include acrylics, gels, wraps, nail art, and natural nail care. Along with technical education, each class has a special business section where subjects such as marketing, customer service, and business ethics are covered. Nail University also offers private classes and classes designed exclusively for large groups such as distributors, associations, salons with in-house educational programs, and nail technology teachers. To learn more, call (847) 428-4761 or visit >>> na0712generalNF.indd 50

5/22/12 2:06 PM

Just so easy to match



na0712generalNF.indd 51

5/22/12 2:07 PM

Amp Up Your Art.

Š 2012 Entity Beauty Inc. Model is wearing Divalicious.

Entity One Color Couture. High-gloss. Long-lasting. Chip-proof. And now available in the fastest growing color palette on the market. Everything from subtle shimmers to striking bolds and trendy surprises. High voltage color and performance that set you, and your art, apart.

na0712generalNF.indd 52

5/22/12 2:07 PM

Fast. Our new LED light cuts more than 20 minutes off UV-cured manicures.

Tranquility, Japanese Hospitality Hallmarks of New L.A. Salon Mars The Salon, one of Tokyo’s most luxurious nail-care destinations, has opened its first outpost in North America with the debut of Mars The Salon Los Angeles, located near the fashionable intersection of Melrose and La Cienega. A combination of natural elements and soothing lines, Mars is designed to put the body at ease and the mind at peace in a serene environment. Each nail service is performed in a large private room lavishly appointed with a custom-made leather chair, a built-in porcelain foot bath and a highdefinition television with headphones. A changing room is provided for guests who wish to slip into comfortable pants or sandals prior to their service, or dress for an occasion upon completion. No detail has been overlooked, down to immaculate restroom facilities with a Japanese-style toilet and bidet. Mars adheres to the Japanese cultural tradition of “treasuring every encounter” by warmly welcoming each guest and delivering an exemplary level of attentiveness. Each of the salon’s nail professionals has received rigorous training, not only in the art of nail care and design, but also in service to ensure every guest’s complete comfort and satisfaction. The staff is equally adept at serving both male and female guests and the salon’s clientele in Tokyo is typically split evenly. Truly artists, Mars’ expert staff can match any color using custom pigments and recreate any design or pattern a guest desires. In addition, the salon’s refined application technique produces nail art that can last for three or more weeks. Among the salon’s other offerings are a 90-minute spa manicure that includes fastidious attention to the nail bed and cuticles, a seasonal scrub, mask, and massage applied to the lower arms and hands, plus polish application. The 100-minute spa pedicure includes nail and callus care, seasonal scrub, mask, a luxurious foot massage, and polish. Both services can be combined with two nail artists working simultaneously.

Consistent. Our unique color-blend technology ensures no shaking or separating. Bottle to bottle. Service to service.

Durable. Formulated for three weeks of uninterrupted wear. The longestlasting gel enamel formula on the market.

Vibrant. Radiant colors that shimmer, sizzle and shine. Entity One Color Couture. Color that stays. And when the color stays, so does your client. © 2012 Entity Beauty Inc.

na0712generalNF.indd 53

5/22/12 2:07 PM

Go to to find web-exclusive giveaways.

freebies{and} giveaways!


To enter to win, go to by July 31.

Paint Your Portrait and Win

The Bohemian Gypsy Crafts Jewelry Specially for You Wear your favorite polish color with these unique handmade polish-bottle necklaces from The Bohemian Gypsy. Three can win a necklace featuring a differentshaped bottle of polish held by a vintage brass hand. The necklaces measure 18-in. and close with a lobster claw clasp. The Bohemian Gypsy (thebohemiangypsy. specializes in unique jewelry for nail techs and hairstylists.

What could be more delightful than seeing your beautiful face on a nail tip? How about taking home a $100 prize for your efforts? There’s still time to enter NAILS’ 2012 Self-Portrait Contest. The rules are simple: Using a photo as a guide, paint a portrait of yourself on a #1 nail tip. Submit both the nail tip and the photograph to arrive at NAILS by the deadline of July 11. The winner will receive $100 from NAILS. Mail your entries to NAILS Self-Portrait Contest, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Don’t forget to include your name, salon name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. For more information, call (310) 5332457 or e-mail

La Palm Products’ Gel II Goes on Faster Five lucky winners will receive a set of La Palm Products’ Gel II. Strong, thin, and nearly odorless, Gel II is unique because the base coat is directly bonded inside the gel so there is no need for a separate base coat. Each gel session requires 60 seconds under the LED light with a total dry time of three minutes. The gel is infused with essential vitamins and minerals to help strengthen the nail.

Congratulations to May’s Freebie Winners Five readers received Backscratchers’ Herbal Synergy Nail and Cuticle Enhancer and 250 readers received Dadi’Oil Nail Treatment from Famous Names.

54 |


na0712freebies.indd 54


Win “The One That Works” Aerovex Systems is giving away one “The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier to a lucky salon. The air purifier filters and controls odors, collects dust, and circulates clean air throughout the salon. Its unique “fountain airflow” circulates up to 600 cubic feet of clean air per minute throughout the salon, while removing chemical vapors, nail dust, and other dust, debris, and bacteria. It’s easy to enter to win — just go to by Sunday, June 10th. The winner will be announced at a live drawing at IBS Las Vegas on Monday, June 11.

JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:08 PM



SJ na0712freebies.indd 55

5/22/12 2:08 PM



on the road

Nails & Cosmetics

Owner Zekiya Demirkaya has been a nail tech since 1998. I was so happy she could squeeze me into her schedule. Pedicures aren’t big in Switzerland, but Demirkaya said they are gaining in popularity largely due to gel-polish services that allow women, even in the cold months, to walk out of the salon without dinging their polish. I enjoyed an OPI GelColor service in my favorite shade (You Don’t Know Jacques).

Grenchen, Switzerland, might be well-known for its watch industry, but there was no need to tell time during my relaxing gel-polish pedicure in this bright, airy nail salon. BY HANNAH LEE FULL-SERVICE, NAIL-FOCUSED Nails & Cosmetics is a nail salon that also offers a full range of massage and esthetics services. There are three private rooms in the two-story 1,615-sq.-ft. salon dedicated to all of the non-nail services. The salon hosts bridal parties that include makeup, as well as nail care. Lash extensions, which are $350 CHF (that’s about $383 U.S.), are popular among her clients. Other services available include permanent makeup, waxing, facials, lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatments, and other forms of massage. But it’s nails, particularly gel nails, that make up a large percentage of her business. The open nail area of the salon includes three manicure tables and two pedicure stations. THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS Owner Zekiya Demirkaya explained that natural nail manicures aren’t very popular at her salon, mostly because the price (the equivalent of about $48 U.S.) isn’t worth it for the nail techs. They prefer to see clients for gels (which cost the equivalent of about $164 U.S.) because they can do the service in roughly the same amount of time, but make triple the money. Lucky for the staff, gel nails are very popular in Switzerland. Fills will cost a client anywhere from $82-$93 U.S. Gel-polish services are gaining some traction with both nail techs and clients, and the service price falls somewhere in between a manicure and a gel fill.

A NICE PLACE TO WORK The salon is open Monday through Friday. When I asked Demirkaya why she wasn’t open on the weekend, she told me it’s because she wants her employees to enjoy time with their families. Five employees work at the salon, which is located directly across the street from the Swatch watch factory. Many clients come from that office and other nearby watch makers. Demirkaya prefers to hire employees with little experience so she can train them in her techniques. Because they are only open during the week, the salon relies mainly on scheduled appointments but they’ll take walk-ins when possible.

56 |

FUN FACTS > The city of Grenchen houses a large traditional watch industry and several famous manufacturers — including Breitling, ETA (that’s Swatch), Fortis, Epos, Eterna, Nivada, and Titoni. > In addition to owning Nails & Cosmetics, Demirkaya is an instructor for Nail International by Marlise K, and she has one of about 30 or 40 salons in Switzerland who have obtained the “Q” rating, showing they have taken a certain amount of courses in order to reach a higher level of standards. > There are three unofficial languages in Switzerland — German, Swiss German, and French. Demirkaya speaks all three and an additional four languages.

MENU HIGHLIGHTS Manicure: $44 (CHF) Pedicure: $65 (CHF) Gels (full set): $150 (CHF) Gel Fill: $85 (CHF) Gel French Fill: $105 (CHF) Gel-Polish Pedicure: $115 (CHF) Full Lash Set: $350 (CHF)

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Nails & Cosmetics uses almost exclusively OPI Products, including Axxium, GelColor, and Manicure/ Pedicure by OPI. They also use Germanmanufactured Nail Selection products. NAILS MAGAZINE

na0712OnTheRoad.indd 56


JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:09 PM

na0712OnTheRoad.indd 57

5/22/12 2:09 PM

NEW One-Day Workshop!

GelColor by OPI

Featuring... Master lightning-speed services and design techniques in this full day workshop. Joey Brown, OPI International Spokesperson

• Give your salon menu a make over with GelColor by OPI • Discover easy artistic add-ons (that add up!), including trendy graphics, animal prints and floral designs • Learn how to power book for profits!

Vu Nguyen, Internationally-acclaimed OPI Guest Artist

COMING SOON TO A LOCATION NEAR YOU! Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Professional Beauty Supply Baltimore, MD Tickets – 800-233-5956 ext. 118

Beauty Systems Group Charlotte, NC Tickets – 800-362-3186

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blondies International West Palm Beach, FL Tickets – 561-471-3343/ 800-256-6397

Tru Beauty Concepts Southampton, PA Tickets – 888-371-5040

What to Bring: OPI LED Light or Axxium UV Light, Tooling implements, Nail Art brushes. For more information about OPI Education Programs, log on as a professional at or contact your Authorized OPI Distributor.

0712techniqueNF.indd 58

5/23/12 2:47 PM




1 1

3 3

2 2


The Possibilities Are Endless One of the great things about acrylic is that when it is layered with different colors or embedded with nail art materials, and then encased in clear acrylic, the finish file can perfectly blend the design together and create a flat surface with a 3-D illusion. One of the experts in this is CND educator ambassador Marilyn Olemma Garcia of Caguas, Puerto Rico. Here she shows how with pre-made — and wild-styled — acrylic sculpts and pieces of fabric, she can create fun, funky, and artistic nails. Style 1 1. Garcia makes these elongated designs away from the nail, by putting color gel into a sculpting form. Making these beforehand is essential in the salon to save you time during application. 2. Garcia places them over the extension. 3. She encases everything with clear acrylic and files the entire design to a smooth surface. Top with a little finishing touch of acrylic paint and some rhinestones. Style 2 1. For this design, Garcia uses pieces of fabric cut into small pieces. 2. She makes a base layer of acrylic and then places the fabric on top with tweezers. 3. She encases the fabric designs in clear acrylic and finish files. She adds borders between the fabric using a striper brush and black polish. >>> JULY 2012

0712techniqueNF.indd 59



| 59 5/23/12 2:47 PM



Gotcha! Krackled Kimmie

OPI’s Chamomile Mint Leopard Sorbet

OPI releases its latest formula for the Manicure/Pedicure line of scrub, mask, and massage lotion — Chamomile Mint. The products are infused with chamomile to soothe and de-stress naturally, vitamins that help heal and protect, and refreshing mint, plus an alluring honey-sweet aroma. Hydrating and revitalizing moisture and scrub agents will leave hands and feet feeling refreshed, soft, and silky smooth just in time for summer. For more information, go to


Strawberry Cuticles Psychedelic Funk


Republic Nail Cuticle Oils come in two different scents to add a slight aroma to fingers as they are massaged after manicures. The oils are infused with different oil and vitamin extracts to replenish parched cuticles with needed nutrients and to help prevent splitting and cracking. The 1/2-oz. bottles have a formula that helps to slow growth of the cuticle and has antioxidants to help prevent aging. Republic Nail Cuticle Oils are available in Wild Flowers and Strawberry scents. For more information, go to

0712techniqueNF.indd 60

5/23/12 2:47 PM 2/21/12 2:52 PM

Nubar’s New Nail Foil Wraps Nubar Professional Nail Foil Wraps are pre-cut foil sheets that have a cotton pad attached to make soaking off nail enhancements a fast and easy service. They are easy to apply and have a larger pad to cover the nail. No more wondering if the cotton is covering the enhancement you are removing. With Nubar Professional Nail Foil Wraps, nail technicians will save time and money by removing the product in its entirety with less mess and waste. For more information, go to




I’m a newbie nail tech in my first job. For two weeks I’ve been bringing in models to increase my experience on acrylics and tips before I start taking on real clients. So far three out of the five models are complaining of their nail tips chipping off, popping off, etc. I have no clue as to what I’m doing wrong. I’m so discouraged. I worked so hard to do those nails (for free), and I have unhappy people and no idea if it’s my technique or if these people are prying things open with their acrylic nails and using them like tools. I feel like I should quit now before I upset any clients. Your freebies need to understand you’re doing their nails for free because you’re still learning. They have a certain responsibility to help you. Start asking questions. What were you doing when the nails chipped or came off? Did they lift from the cuticle area and then come off or were they doing something to put pressure on them to make it happen? The answers to those questions will tell you a lot and will help you do nails better. If they are lifting, then coming off, most likely it’s your nail prep or technique (liquid to powder ratio, stress area, product placement). Take some steps to perfect those things and you’ll solve many of your problems. Watch lots of videos on YouTube. I’d suggest the Young Nails series. They really get down to basics. Their education works for all systems. Go to as many classes as you can afford and ask for help! The educators have all been in your shoes and love to help. If your client testers are just being abusive to their nails then you don’t need them to help. Get two or three people who are very willing to help you out no matter what happens with their enhancements. And remind them their nails are something you put on top of natural nails — they are jewels, not tools — they need to treat them that way. Hang in there. We all had the same problems. You’ll do just fine. Keep on working the education. — Sharon Frenz, The Nail Boutique, Tomah, Wis.

I believe the rule of nails is 100 sets. It does take a lot of practice to get it down pat. Keep practicing and you will get it! — Brenda Bakker, Pretty Pampered Salon, Thedford, Ontario, Canada

Have a technique question? (about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

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5/23/12 3:19 PM

TECHNIQUE} demos 2




Nubar’s soak-off gel-polish, Gelicure, cures quickly in UV or LED lights and applies like nail polish with a lasting high-gloss finish that shines for over three weeks. The gels do not chip or peel, and they soak off in

Nubar Gelicure

just 15 minutes. 1. File and shape the free edge of the natural nail to the desired shape using a nail file. Use Nubar’s Cuti-Care and gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher. 2. Gently remove any loose cuticle. 3. Use Nubar’s Cleansing Solution and a lint-free gauze to wipe the nail of any extra dust and to balance its pH. 4. Apply Step #1 UV Gel Prep UV501 and allow it to dry. This is a dehydrator for the nail bed and will get rid of oil and impurities. Apply one coat of Step #2 Nail Prime UV502 to all ten nails and let it dry for 30 seconds. Nail Prime will look wet with a shiny appearance when dry. Be sure not to touch the surrounding skin and cuticles with the Nail Prime. 5. Apply one layer of Gelicure Base Coat in a thin application and seal the edge of the nail. Cure for two minutes in a UV light or 20 seconds in an LED light. 6. Apply one layer of Gelicure color in a thin application and cure for two minutes with a UV light or 20 seconds with an LED light. If additional coverage is desired, repeat. 7. Apply Gelicure Top Coat Sealer and cure for two minutes in a UV light or 20 seconds in an LED light. 8. Clean the nail plate using a lint-free wipe and Nubar’s NAX38 Cleansing Solution. Wash hands with soap and water and massage in cuticle oil. For more information, go to


62 |

na0712demos.indd 62






JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:10 PM

na0712demos.indd 63

5/23/12 2:39 PM




Bio Seaweed Gel’s Unity All-In-One Color Gel Pedicure



Unity All-In-One Color Gel-Polish by Bio Seaweed Gel has arrived just in time for summer sandal weather. Unity is an exclusive gel pedicure product that requires no filing, primers, bonders, cleanser, base, or top gel. Bio Seaweed Gel presents the perfect summertime treat for color enthusiasts, with over 80 vibrant no-chip tones and sparkles. With the strength and shine of BSG’s Base and Top Gels already combined into every bottle of Unity, enjoy the quickest gel pedicure in the market. 1. Perform a regular pedicure. Push back cuticles and shape toenails to desired length and shape. 2. Dry feet completely and lightly buff toenails with a regular nail buffer to smooth out surface. 3. Brush with a hand brush and wipe toenails clean with 70% alcohol. 4. Once toenails are dry, apply the first thin coat of Unity All-In-One Color Gel-Polish. (Model is wearing #186 Bubble Gum.) 5. Cure under a UV light for 90 seconds or an LED light for 30 seconds. 6. Apply a second thin coat of Unity Color Gel-Polish and cure for same the amount of time. 7. No need to clean with any cleansers or alcohol, Unity cures with no leftover residue. 8. Massage toenails with cuticle oil.

For more information, go to


64 |

na0712demos.indd 64






JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:10 PM

Patented Innovation Provides: 路 No-chip, no-smudge French 路 Up to 2 weeks of wear 路 Perfect smile lines, every time




APPLY French Wrap Plus

CLIP Application tab to release French color

SEAL With Dashing Diva Base Seal and Top Seal

Available in thin and thick French band for short and long free edges.

French Wrap Manicure Kit provides over 20 perfect French manicures Kit Contains: 140-ct Thin French Wrap Plus,140-ct Thick French Wrap Plus, Base Seal, Top Seal, Brush-On Glue


EXPERIENCE THE WOW-FACTOR Dashing Diva French Wrap Manicure

漏2012 Dashing Diva Professional. 866.665.3482.

Join Our Community

Scan to learn more na0712demos.indd 65

5/23/12 2:40 PM

TECHNIQUE} signature services Tropical Bliss Pedicure Island Spirit Healing Center and Day Spa, Kealakekua, Hawaii


Island Spirit Healing Center and Day Spa uses: Aina Botanica Hibiscus Rose Thalassotherapy Soak, Pineapple Macadamia Nut Body & Foot Scrub or Hibiscus Kava Vanilla Bean Dry Scrub, Herbal Infused Honey Mask, Tropica Blend Body Oil, and (optional) Muscle Comfort All Purpose Skin Salve; Hawaiian salts, hibiscus, Meyer lemons, limes, and oranges (preferably organic and locally grown); Hawaiian Pohakus Stones (preferably with aromatherapy); (optional) base coat, polish, top coat.

1. Soak the client’s feet for 10 minutes in water with Aina Botanica Hibiscus Rose Thalassotherapy Soak, Hawaiian Salts, hibiscus, and slices of Meyer lemons, limes, and oranges. Customize the water temperature to the client. (Don’t add heat to already heated muscles. Use cooler water if needed for problematic water retention.) 2. Exfoliate the client’s feet with Aina Botanica Pineapple Macadamia Nut Body & Foot Scrub or Aina Botanica Hibiscus Kava Vanilla Bean Dry Scrub. 3. Prep nails. 4. Apply Aina Botanica Herbal Infused Honey Mask to the client’s feet, and let sit for five minutes. Wrap each foot with hot or cool towels, depending on the client’s needs. (To help absorb congestion from heated muscles, use two hand towels to soak up cool temperature brine water and Aina Botanica Muscle Comfort All Purpose Skin Salve and use as a compress.) Remove towels after about 10 minutes. 5. Place Hawaiian Pohakus Stones flat on the ground or in an empty pedicure tub and have the client place her feet on top of them, which will target nerve endings. 6. Massage the client’s feet and lower legs with Aina Botanica Tropica Blend Body Oil for five to 10 minutes. Give the client a choice of a longer massage or polish. 7. Apply either a steaming hot or a cool towel wrap (depending on the client’s condition) on both of her feet. 8. Apply base coat, two layers of polish, and top coat (optional). Advise the client to drink lots of water.

66 |


na0712SigServices.indd 66




price: $122 Watch a video step-by-step of this pedicure on NAILStv:

JULY 2012

5/23/12 10:27 AM


AVOJUICE SWEET TEA SKIN QUENCHERS HAND & BODY LOTION An invigorating blend of red tea and succulent melon. Bustling with natural moisturizers to juice up your skin! Silky and “juicy” Avojuice Sweet Tea treats your skin to a drink of smooth, rich moisturizers, plus smoothing avocado and aloe extracts – all with the sweet aroma of red tea and succulent melon.

Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

na0712SigServices.indd 67

5/23/12 10:28 AM

TECHNIQUE} signature services Red Carpet Pedi “The Step and Repeat” Cindy Walston Salon, Portland, Ore.


Cindy Walston Salon uses: CND Almond Milk Bath, Almond Moisture Scrub, Almond Illuminating Masque, and Almond Hydrating Lotion; Gena Pedi Septic; fine gold glitter; base coat, gold polish, top coat; (optional) other gold nail embellishments.


1. Soak the client’s feet in warm water with CND Almond Milk Bath and Gena Pedi Septic for 10 minutes. 2. Prep nails. 3. Exfoliate the client’s feet with CND Almond Moisture Scrub. Rinse and pat dry. 4. Apply CND Almond Illuminating Masque to the client’s feet. Wrap feet in warm wet towels. After a few minutes, rinse. 5. Massage CND Almond Hydrating Lotion into the client’s lower legs and feet. 6. Apply base coat, two layers of gold polish (shown is OPI Gala Gold), and top coat. (Optional): Apply transfer foil and gold pigment powder to nails or any other gold-toned embellishments. 7. Mix a generous amount of lotion and fine gold glitter (shown is Martha Stewart Crafts Florentine Gold). Apply onto the tops of the feet and calves. (This is the “repeat,” applying the lotion twice, and also refers to the “Step and Repeat” that goes on when celebrities pose on the red carpet.) Your client’s feet and legs will gleam in the sun.


price: $58 Want to see your signature service here? E-mail details to

68 |


na0712SigServices.indd 68


JULY 2012

5/23/12 10:28 AM



na0712SigServices.indd 69

5/23/12 2:29 PM

TECHNIQUE} A Stiletto Gets Its Wings 1




This fantastic mural butterfly design was created by Alexandra Lust of Germany. She uses acrylics (camouflage, pink, transparent, opal, and black), acrylic paints (black, white, red, yellow, light blue, and gold), top coat, and a lot of talent. Here she shows how to segment the design across all four nails to create a wonderful illusion of a butterfly. 1. Prep the natural nails and place stiletto forms. 2. Elongate the nail beds using camouflage acrylic and spread a thin layer of transparent acrylic. 3. Spread iridescent opal acrylic along the French smile line. 4. Lightly file to perfect the shape of the stiletto and blend the opal and transparent acrylic. 5. Begin the slight contour of the butterfly’s wings with black acrylic paint. The body of the butterfly is done with black acrylic in 3-D. 6. Draw the wings with acrylic paint, transitioning the colors from black to red and yellow. 7. Draw the wing texture coloring on the edges of the butterfly’s wings using white, yellow, and orange acrylic paints. 8. Continue to decorate the wings with thin black and white lines as well as different dots. Drag white acrylic paint over the body to add detail. 9. Add thin black lines and dots to outline the contour of the butterfly. Use gold paint to accent.

70 |


na0712stilettowings.indd 70







JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:12 PM

na0712stilettowings.indd 71

5/22/12 2:12 PM

TECHNIQUE} behind the scenes Slow and Steady Cover tech Holly Schippers has been known to say that there is a turtle in her logo for a reason. Known in the industry as the

The FingerNailFixer logo includes this turtle doing her nails. Schippers says it represents how meticulous and detailed she is in her work. “Slow and steady sets me apart,” she says.

72 |


na0712BehindtheScenes.indd 72


JULY 2012

FingerNailFixer, the name came about early in her career. “It actually started out by some friends teasing me about my Texas accent when I said I was ‘fixin’ to fix some fingernails,’” says Schippers. “The turtle soon followed with the symbolism of slow and steady to set me apart as meticulous and detailed in my work.” Detailed she is, but I wouldn’t call her slow. The Bussey, Iowa-based CND educator has a jam-packed schedule. She teaches classes anywhere from two to five days a week. Her home territory includes Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota. And in the last year she’s taught in the U.K., Hawaii, Texas, California, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. She spends about 170 hours a month doing social media (for FingerNailFixer, for NAILS, and for CND). She spends a few hours a week working on her NAILS blog. She spends about four to five hours a month making nail videos. She sees clients two days a week, every other week at her cousin’s salon the Hairport. She operates her booth rental business there as FingerNailFixer at the Hairport. And if all that wasn’t enough, she volunteers at Look Good Feel Better once a month, she’s a member of the Iowa Cosmetology Educators (ICE) Design Team, and she spends about two to three hours a week troubleshooting with techs on the phone. You certainly can’t be slow to handle that kind of multi-tasking. (And that’s all when she isn’t raising her 5-year-old son and her 16-year-old daughter or helping her husband on their working cattle farm.) “My husband’s family has a farm that has been in the family since 1895. When I’m not working one of my many jobs, I can be found at home and on the farm. I know how to bottle feed calves, help run cows, and drive a tractor. But when I’m not home, my husband is super dad. He takes care of everything — laundry, cooking, and taking care of the kids,” says Schippers. Her love is educating. “I love making educational videos to help nail professionals help themselves,” she says. “They are simple one-take videos and I don’t edit the mistakes out. They are meant to inspire techs to try something new and different or help them work on some basics. I hope these videos bridge the gap between school, salon life, and classes.” You can find videos of the techniques she used for this month’s cover on her Facebook page and YouTube channel.


5/23/12 1:49 PM







Here’s how you can do these nails: 1. Prepare the toes with cuticle work, shape them, and apply CND ScrubFresh. 2. Apply a thin layer of base coat to all five toes on the first foot. Cure for 10 seconds and repeat on the other foot. 3. Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac in Silver Chrome to all five toes on the first foot. Cure for two minutes and repeat on the other foot. On the big toes apply a second layer of Silver Chrome and cure for two minutes. 4. Apply a very thin layer of CND Shellac in Rock Royalty to all five toes on the first foot. Don’t cure. 5. Lightly brush side to side with a fan brush to expose some of the Silver Chrome underneath the Rock Royalty. 6. On the big toe draw a butterfly and dot in the wing details with CND Shellac in Cream Puff. Use Silver Chrome to make the body. Cure for two minutes and repeat on the other foot. 7. Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Top Coat to all five toes on the first foot. Cure for two minutes and repeat on the other foot. Scrub the toenails clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol.



Of getting started with CND in 2004 Schippers says, “I discovered CND products right out of school and I fell in love with the educators in my area, which led to my love for the product. I basically stalked them and took every class within a six-hour driving range. An educator and a distributor both recommended me to a regional manager at CND.” (She’s got more than 10,000 fans!) (Her videos have been viewed almost 700,000 times!)

JULY 2012

na0712BehindtheScenes.indd 73



| 73 5/23/12 2:06 PM

Four fluorescent hues that sizzle with fun! Ridiculously Yellow ©ISTOCKPHOTO COM/ ALENCHI

So yellow, it’s beyond understanding.

Formidably Orange Brace yourself for this powerful orange.

Riotously Pink This pink has been known to create a scene.

Seriously Purple I really mean it... it’s really purple!

Plus White Base and Top Coat

Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

na0712StyleNF.indd 74

5/23/12 2:35 PM


TREND watch:



Symmetrical and colorful, these prints are similar to what you viewed looking through a kaleidoscope as a kid.

Megumi “Meg” Sawase, Gemist Nail Salon, Torrance, Calif.

Amanda Stephenson-Bush, Itz a Gurl Thang Nail Shop & More, Lander, Wyo.


na0712StyleNF.indd 75

Amanda Lenher, Posare Salon, Las Vegas

JULY 2012



| 75 5/22/12 2:14 PM


Seen Heard (Color) Block Party. Hand & Nail Harmony decked out guests at retailer Alice and Olivia’s color denim preview party with Gelish Color Block Manicures using the Gelish Candy Land collection. NAILS managing editor Sree Roy gets a manicure from Melanie McCulley featuring Sugar N’ Spice & Everything Nice, Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss, and Sugar Daddy.

Star Power. Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees has taken some of her signature nail designs to the masses. Nail manufacturer Elegant Touch collaborated with Kyees to create and design her first full-coverage nail tips, which are branded with Kyees’ name and available at retailers including Ulta and Kitson.

All Eyes on Nails. Miley Cyrus showed off her nails and toes via Twitter as she was wearing ncLA’s polish in color Poolside Party… All Eyes On Me. The singer and actress tweeted, “Doing my 2 fav things, nails & watching Prison Break w @jennahipp @Shopncla LOVE “Poolside Party, All eyes on me!”

More Wah Nails. Sharmadean Reid, the founder of nail artfocused Wah Nails salon in London, has released hardcover book The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art. Autographed copies are available for sale at From simple techniques like stripes to the trickier tuxedo nails, the book shares 25 of the salon’s most in-demand designs. According to the website, “It’s filled with step-by-step instructions and cheat techniques on how to make your nails pop.”

na0712StyleNF.indd 76 NA0412harmonygelminithrd.indd 1

5/22/12 2:14 PM 2/21/12 11:22 AM

Princess Charming P For those clients for whom no nail design is too extravagant, carry Solid 14K Gold Posted Nail Charms by Nail Art a la Carte. The company’s lockable three-tier countertop display showcases 15 charms at a time, in three elegant black velvet and white satin cases, all while occupying less than 10 inches of counter space. For more information, go to www.nailsmag. com/fifi/18421.

Polished to Perfection Already well-loved in the industry for its diverse array of products, including Butter Blends, Lytes lotions, and foot files, Cuccio has just added a huge category to its offerings: nail polish. Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer offers 60 fabulous core line shades that promise to fill in nail imperfections, self-level, and quickly dry between coats. The stunning bottle was designed by nail tech Elaine Watson (vice president of marketing and head of education for Star Nail) for maximum tech comfort. It features an inverted design for maximum product usage, and the professional flat stem brush contains 600+ high-end DuPont nylon filaments bristles. Cuccio Colour is offering five unique 12-color collection displays you can show off in the salon. For more information, go to

Websites Worth Watching


What: Noel Asmar Uniforms revamped website Where: Why click there?: Zoom in features let you have a better look at garment details; the site tells you about back orders before check out so you can weigh your options; create wish lists and compare lists. The vibe: Professional, detailed, convenient.

na0712StyleNF.indd 77

5/22/12 2:15 PM NA0412harmonyledthrd.indd 1

ePillow Talk When you’re selecting pillows to toss on your pedicure bench, you may consider purchasing an ePillow or two for clients who enjoy reading on their iPads or tablet PCs at your salon. Available in a variety of color options to match your décor, the ePillow by Veyl Products contains a “ledge” that surrounds the pillow’s outside to hold the tablet either horizontally or vertically. It’s constructed of soft polyester with a suede feel, is double-stitched for durability, and the latest designs are available in both twill cotton and synthetic leather. You may also want to stock some for your salon’s retail area, for clients who like it so much they want to take it home. For more information, go to

{ EXPLORE THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION WITH GELISH® MAGNETO, a collection of EFX Magnetic Soak-Off Gel Polish that instantly transforms your manicure from normal to extraterrestrial. The metallic particle enriched nail colors fuse with the magnet to create nail art that is truly a force to be reckoned with. Cures in seconds with LED Light. Removes in just minutes.









Where do I get a cute-plus sized apron or jacket? When I wear the one-size-fitsall apron when giving a pedicure, I get product and water on my knees. I’d be interested in what others wear. We posed this question to our Facebook fans ( and the consensus seemed to be that other nail techs either put a towel across their knees to prevent product and water spillage or several DIY types made their own aprons or smocks. We published an article on cute salon aprons, which is now available online at, so you may consider contacting some of those manufacturers and asking about plus-sizes. (Readers: If you know of a cute plus-size salon apron or jacket, e-mail editor@, and we’ll try to share your response in an upcoming issue.)


Should nail length factor into color choice? Are there specific shades that look best on short nails or best on long nails? Short nails look really good in strong colors, for example black and dark brown, but the nails have to be well-shaped (into either square, squoval, or round). Long nails will look good in any color. However if the wearer wants to tone down the length, she can opt for the French look (it can be a combination of other colors beside pink and white) or go for glitters and shimmers. — Catherine Wong ( is a Singapore-based nail tech and competitor who has written nail art step-by-step books including Nail It! and NailQ Signature.


Can you use gouache paint for One-Stroke nail art, instead of acrylic paint? I looked up this paint, which I haven’t tried before. It looks like it is re-wetable and if this is so, it reminds me of a watercolor-type paint. My guess is when you put a top coat of any kind on it that you would re-wet it, which would move the paint and lose the design. But I would love you to try and let me know at — Donna Dewberry ( is the inventor of the One-Stroke painting technique.

Scan • Watch • Learn Gotta Get Gelished! Gel-Polish • Polish On/Soak-Off Made in the USA © 2012 Hand & Nail Harmony • Brea, CA 92821 Gelish and Hand & Nail Harmony are registered trademarks of Hand & Nail Harmony, Inc. HM-1575

Have a style question?

(about nail art, fashion, salon decor, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

na0712StyleNF.indd 78

5/22/12 2:15 PM

SUMMER FUN Nail Art Contest


WIN $1,000 Grand Prize $1,000 2nd Prize $500 3rd Prize $250 20 Congratulations Winners $25 Sally Beauty Gift Cards


Contest runs July 1-31, 2012 See Official Rules at which govern. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. You must be a legal USA resident 16 years of age or older to enter. Void where prohibited. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Sponsor: American International Industries, LLC, 2220 Gaspar Ave., Los Angeles CA 90040

na0712StyleNF.indd 79

5/23/12 4:00 PM

STYLE} nail art studio Independence Day Acrylic 1. Create a smile line using red glitter acrylic, dipping it down further on one end than the other. 2. Apply white glitter acrylic to the free edge, applying it diagonally and touching the red so that it’s a wedge shape. 3. Cover the rest of the free edge in blue glitter acrylic. 4. Apply base coat. Add four silver stars. Brandy Williams, Glendive, Mont.

Circles and Squares 1. Mix glitter with Nubar Clear Acrylic, then apply to the nail. 2. Before the acrylic hardens, press in flat silver circles or other embellishments. Apply Nubar Clear Acrylic over the entire nail. 3. File to shape. 4. Use a Nubar Nail Art Pen to add swirls. 5. Apply square rhinestones in the center of the circles. Diane Self, Revive Salon and Spa, Gilbert, Ariz.

Summer Neon 1. Polish the nail neon yellow. Use a nail art brush to draw half of a red heart. 2. Complete the heart. Outline it in silver glitter. Add an “S”-shaped curved line in black as shown. 3. Highlight the black line with silver glitter. Add a clear rhinestone at the tip of the “S.”

Oanh Le, JL Nails, Sartell, Minn.

80 |


na0712nailartstudio.indd 80


JULY 2012


5/22/12 2:16 PM

summer in St.


Welcome to the Good Life. Artistic Nail Design presents a palette of Nail Colour so luxurious it’s in a Class of its own. Go ahead, Indulge yourself.

6 NEW Gel Colours Available in 15 mL ℮ .5 fl oz








HM-1426 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Tel: 714. 635. 5110

© 2012 Artistic Nail Design • Beverly Hills, CA 90210 • Artistic Nail Design and Colour Gloss are registered trademarks of Artistic Nail Design, Inc. / Made in the USA

na0712nailartstudio.indd 81

5/23/12 2:41 PM

STYLE} nail art studio Sponge Painting with Tiger Print 1. Wet a piece of kitchen sponge in water, then dip it into white acrylic craft paint. Dab the color all over the nail. 2. Dip a different side of the sponge into a different paint color (pink is shown here), then dab the color onto a specific section of the nail (on top of the white). Repeat with different colors on different sections of the nail. Let dry for about 10 minutes. 3. Use a striper brush and black paint to create long triangle stripes back and forth horizontally along the nail. Let dry. 4. Apply top coat. 5. Add a line of rhinestones vertically down the center.

Mindy Hardy, Hotnailart Studio, Orlando, Fla.


Watch a video of this step-by-step on NAILStv:

Heartthrob 1. Diagonally polish half of the nail with OPI polish in Animal-istic. Polish the rest with OPI polish in Designer…De Better! 2. Draw a diagonal line with white acrylic paint to separate the two colors. Feather out the bottom using both white and red acrylic paint. 3. Apply red heart rhinestones and clear rhinestones along the white line. Ebonye Allen, Taylor Lane Day Spa, Jacksonville, Fla.

Flower Garden 1. Dip one end of a 1/8 angular brush into pink acrylic paint, then dip the other end in white acrylic paint. Place the brush on the nail and drag to form a half-flower. 2. Use the same method to create a second flower, this time with purple acrylic paint. 3. Use green acrylic paint to add leaves. Use brown paint to color in the flower centers, leaving a bit of the white exposed. 4. Use a dotting tool and brown acrylic paint to draw a dragonfly body. Add pink wings. Lorri Silvestre, Nail Designs by Lorri, Grover Beach, Calif.

Want to see your nail art how-to here?

Mail your tips (one for each step) and instructions to Sree Roy, NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503. Make sure to include your name, salon name (if applicable), city, state, and contact information. 82 |


na0712nailartstudio.indd 82


.com For more nail art step-by-steps, visit, then click on Nail Art. When mailing us tips for Nail Art Studio, please mail them in a padded envelope or box to keep the nail tips fully intact in transit.

JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:16 PM

For The Best Results, Go Pro. Polish Pro. NOW even better than before. Because you’re more than just a Nail Girl, you’re a Pro. So why not work with one? You asked. We answered. NSI Polish Pro NOW longer lasting. NOW superior high-gloss shine. NOW curable under both LED & UV Lamps. NOW with a choice of two base coats, one especially for weaker nails. NOW with a redesigned brush for easier, thinner application. NOW available in an ever-expanding array of sassy shades, including our 2012 Resort Collection. We’ll keep making the chemistry. You keep working with a gel polish that’s as professional as you are.

Bronze Goddess

Pink Pareo

Tennis Buff

Lime in the Coconut

Private Island

Where the Glitterati Go | 800.354.6741 Follow NSINails:

na0712nailartstudio.indd 83

5/23/12 3:36 PM

STYLE} YOU’LL NEED: FOR THE PLATFORM AND STEPS: Materials: > (1) 4’x8’ sheet of 3/4” interior grade plywood > (2) 8’ lengths of 4”x4” posts > (6) 8’ 2”x4” boards > 1 box of 3” deck screws > 1 box of 1 ½” deck screws > 1 quart paint > (optional) glitter > 24-oz. Mod Podge (two coats) > 144”x 17.5” fabric for skirting for platform > 168” x 9” fabric for skirting for steps > 9 yards wide stiff ribbon for platform and steps > (optional) 9 yards beaded fringe > felt pads for under the legs

How to Create Your Own Pedicure Platform Elevating clients for feet-focused services generally improves nail tech ergonomics, as you don’t have to hunch over to do close-up work. And building your own set-up means you can design and decorate it however you want. (Hello, purple paint and glitter!) BY CANDICE EVEREST

For over a year, I tried to come up with a better pedicure station. The 21” platforms I originally used worked great for getting my clients’ feet up higher for me to work on, but not everyone had an easy time with the two steps. Plus when someone sat at the front of the chair to put their shoes on, the chair had a tendency to rock forward. I finally came up with a solution that is easier for clients, keeps their feet high enough, and accommodates both my FootsieBath pedicure basins and gel toe services. One long weekend later and with the building skills of my husband, the new pedicure platform was complete. I absolutely love the new set-up. Here’s how we built it.

Tools: > saw > power screwdriver > tape measure > paintbrushes > staple gun

FOR THE FOOT CARTS: Materials: > (2) 1”x6”x14” boards > (2) 14”x20” leather sheets > (2) 2”x6”x14” foam > (8) IKEA Capita 8.5” high cabinet legs > (2) IKEA Odda nightstands > machine screws, washers & nuts Tools: > staple gun > spray adhesive > power screwdriver > drill


CUT LUMBER TO SIZE 1. Plywood: Cut (1) 30”x84” piece for the platform and (2) 18”x24” pieces for the steps. 2. 4x4’s: Cut (6) 16.625” legs for the platform and (8) 8.25” legs for the steps. 3. 2x4’s: Cut (2) 84” lengths and (4) 26.5” lengths for the platform and (4) 24” lengths and (4) 14.5” lengths for the steps.

Read more about Everest’s journey to open her salon, Panache Nail Studio in Stanwood, Wash., at

84 |


na0712platform.indd 84


Materials: > (2) IKEA Poäng chairs > (2) FootsieBath pedicure basins > (2) UV lights for gel toes Tools: > 3” carriage bolts and washers > drill > scissors

JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:17 PM





BUILD THE PLATFORM AND TWO STEPS 1. Assemble the 2x4’s by laying out the long boards with the four short boards between them. Space the two center 2x4’s so that the 4x4 legs can be screwed in between them. Assemble the frame with 3” deck screws. Once the frame is assembled, screw the platform top to the frame using 1 ½” deck screws. 2. Position the 16.625” 4x4 legs and screw them in place through the adjacent 2x4’s using four screws per leg. 3. Assemble the steps in the same manner, using (2) 24” 2x4’s and (2) 14.5” 2x4’s for each step, and secure the legs in the corners through the platform surface as well as through the 2x4’s. 4. Paint the top surface of the platform and the steps. Paint the second coat and optionally sprinkle the glitters of your choice into the wet paint. Seal with two coats of Mod Podge. 5. Staple fabric for skirting to the platform (wrapping around the sides) and the two steps (covering all four sides). Leave a slight gap at the top of the fabric, which will be covered by the ribbon, so that no fabric will peek out at the top. 6. Staple a wide ribbon across the top of the front of the platform, flush with the top surface to create a clean edge. Be sure to use a stiff ribbon so it won’t sag. Staple beaded fringe (if using) over the ribbon.



BUILD THE TWO FOOT CARTS (Instructions below are for one cart. Repeat to create the second cart.) 7. Staple leather to one side of a 1”x6”x14” board. 8. Use spray adhesive to attach the 2”x6”x14” foam to the top side of the board. 9. Close the foam within the leather, then staple the leather along the second side. Fold and staple the ends. 10. Attach four IKEA cabinet legs to the bottom of the leather-topped board. Drill holes through the cabinet leg foot base and the nightstand, attach the footbase to the nightstand with machine screws. 11. Attach the bottom leg inserts into an IKEA Odda nightstand.


PUT IT ALL TOGETHER 12. Position the IKEA Poäng chairs, hold them firmly in place and drill through the base and the platform surface. Use 3” carriage bolts and washers to secure the chairs in place so they don’t tip over. 13. Use scissors to slit the skirt to allow the steps to be pushed under the platform. Use your finished set-up with FootsieBath pedicure basins and a UV light, which can be placed on the empty part of the foot rest cart. The light and FootsieBath will fit side by side under the chairs so that you can switch them out if doing gel toes with a pedicure.



9 10


JULY 2012

na0712platform.indd 85




| 85 5/22/12 2:17 PM

na0712platform.indd 86 NA0410duritrtmntfp.indd 1

5/22/12 2:18 PM 2/18/10 4:18:03 PM

NA0312duripolishfp.indd NA0312duripolishfp.indd na0712platform.indd 87 1 2/18/10 4:18:03 PM

1/17/12 2:18 3:27 PM PM 5/22/12

STYLE} boutique patriotic items American-inspired accessories, decorations, and bakeware make great retail items. Stock your salon with fun and festive products for Independence Day, and don’t be afraid to display them again come Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans’ Day, and even Thanksgiving!

1. Help clients make their Independence Day parties festive with CK Products’ patriotic bakeware. Sure to jazz up any holiday treat, the dainty collection includes blue- and red-striped baking cups, starshaped cookie cutters, and edible confetti in red, white, and blue stars. A full list of themed products is available on the wholesaler’s website.

making fashionable headbands for her daughters. She has now expanded her business online, creating thousands of custom handmade headwear pieces for weddings, baby showers, holidays, and more. Purchase a few of her elegant red, white, and blue flowered headbands for clients and their kids to flaunt this Fourth of July.

2. Hooked on Arts ’N Crafts offers a wide variety of patriotic paper crafts such as garlands, scrapbook cut-outs, and confetti. Perfect for party decorations, these affordable products are digitally designed by artist Kate Feil, and then cut electronically to ensure precision. Many different styles and colors are available. Custom and wholesale orders are welcome.

4. MainStreet - Store welcomes the Fourth of July this year with celebratory aprons. Clients can spice up their holiday baking by wearing stars on a field of blue and red stripes. Heart-shaped pockets give the apron a feminine flare, while printed words from the Declaration of Independence add a touch of sentiment. Enjoy free shipping within the U.S.

3. Snuggle Bugs Bowtique’s designer Stephanie Sanders started out by

88 |


na0712Boutique.indd 88


JULY 2012

5. Scarf4all features the American Kef, a light scarf designed by fashion insider Boris Chertok, which uses American-

inspired images and words to celebrate the nation. With a trendy and delicate ball trim on its ends, this article makes an excellent fashion accessory for the month of July. 6. Promote the green scene this Independence Day with Icy Cools’ “Red, Ice, and Blue” reusable ice cubes. Clients can cool their drinks without dilution or pollution, while still looking festive in the summer sun. The cubes are pre-filled with purified water and come in packs of 24. 7. Support veterans by purchasing patriotic jewelry through The Veterans Site to sell in your retail boutique. Anywhere from 3% to 50% of each item is donated to charity through the site’s partner, GreaterGood Network. Funds go toward meals for homeless or hungry veterans.


5/23/12 10:22 AM na0712Boutique.indd 89

5/23/12 10:22 AM

Cleans and disinfects tools, hard surfaces, and pedicure spas and tubs Hospital-grade, EPAregistered disinfectant Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, and mildew


CLEANLINESS! OPI makes it easy and economical to keep your salon compliant with state regulations with just one single product – OPI Spa Complete One-Step Cleaner and Disinfectant.

Deodorizes Built-in chelator dissolves hard-water mineral deposits Degreaser cleans residue left by oily pedicure scrubs Non-acid, pipe-safe cleaning Economical – one gallon makes up to 128 gallons of cleaning solution Meets most state board sanitation regulations

AVERAGE COST PER USE HARD SURFACES (using the gallon size)

Clean and disinfect your station 20 times for just 1 penny.

IMPLEMENT DISINFECTION Call 800.341.9999 or visit ©2012 OPI Products Inc.

Disinfect implements for 20 cents a day.

PEDICURE SPAS & TUBS Clean and disinfect for 39 cents per gallon of water.

NEW! Now available in 32 Fl. Oz.

na0712businessNF.indd 90

5/23/12 9:07 AM


New Training Can Transform the Nail Department reThinkSpa is an innovative consulting, education, and training tool that helps elevate the credibility, professionalism, client experience, and profits of the nail department. Brought to you by manicurist and Nontoxique CEO Sheila Fredriksen, the reThinkSpa training is broken into five steps that represent five gaps Fredriksen and her team — all licensed manicurists — have identified in most nail departments. It starts with a unique 33-page DNA Assessment given prior to the training. “The assessment eliminates tough conversations with spa owners and staff that may make them feel put on the spot because they don’t know what they should, or think they know what they actually don’t,” says Fredriksen. “Instead, the assessment helps them quietly realize their own blind spots so the gaps can be closed.” Based on the results, the training is customized to focus on the spa’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Training is done onsite at each spa over two days. “Because the nail department is very much misunderstood, it’s not properly utilized, education is sub-par and often not where it needs to be, and ultimately the department is not given the respect it deserves,” says Fredriksen. “Because of this, nail departments suffer issues that impact everything from team unity and productivity to client experiences and profits. Unless you’ve worked behind the chair, or really paid attention to the unique client dynamics in this department, you don’t get that it has potential to be the business-building hub for the entire spa.” For more information, visit or call (612) 408-3856. >>> JULY 2012

na0712businessNF.indd 91



| 91 5/23/12 9:07 AM

Perfect Retail for the Shoe Obsessed The flip flop junkies among your clientele will be thrilled with Tigerlily Interchangeable Sandals. Invented by salon owner Tyla Lusk, Tigerlilys are customizable sandals with mix-and-match strips and add-on accessories. Each pair includes one set of Accessorize! decorative strips in the company’s signature leopard print and can be personalized from there with interchangeable inserts and accessories. “If you have a retail area then you have come to the right place,” says Lusk. “We have the perfect plan to help you not only sell our interchangeable sandals but present them in a way that they will sell themselves and provide you with excellent profits.” For more information, go to fifi/18441 or check out Tigerlily’s Facebook page to enter a drawing for free Tigerlily swag.

YOU KEEP YOUR SALON SPOTLESS. Is your salon air clean too?


The One That Works Salon Air Purifier was designed to remove bad smells, strong odors and nail dust. Your clients will be impressed by how fresh your salon air is from the moment they walk in! Convenient Size: 16.5” Diam. 15” Height

FREE art lc 3-wr phortaebeility ahnadbalen filter

fo e-was machin ention extra you m



this ad

Order yours today!


Mention Code NA09 Our 30-day performance guarantee promises that, if you’re not in love with



I’ve been a tech for one year and am having trouble building a clientele. I’m thinking about advertising in my local paper. Is this a good idea? You could advertise in your local paper, however, we would recommend that this be a last resort due to cost. What can be a more effective and multi-layered approach would be to do the following: > Launch a referral contest with your existing clients. Offer them 50% off of their next service once they send you three people. (Most importantly, explain to them your situation and they will help. Sometimes technicians are apprehensive about doing this, but it is exactly what you should do.) > Focus heavily on rebooking your clients for their next visit before they leave. > Cross promote with other stylists/estheticians in your salon or spa. > Visit your local gyms and create a networking relationship with personal trainers. Offer them your services and in return they send you clients and continue to save money with you. > Create a Facebook fan page and build a following. Have all of your clients become fans and fill your page with tips, pictures of your work, etc. Brand yourself as an expert and build a following. > Lastly, if you do advertise in the newspaper, keep your ad simple and to the point. Remember, less is more. — Steve Gomez is professional development manager for Milady.

The One That Works, you can return it for a full refund.

Have a business question?

(about marketing, pricing, personnel, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. CLEAN AIR MADE SIMPLE

92 |


NABBK09aerovexthrd.indd na0712businessNF.indd 921


JULY 2012

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Turn a Negativee Online Review Into a Positive BY TIFFANI DOUGLAS Our industry thrives on customer er referrals and positive reports to build d clientele and increase revenue. Itt is often said that the best form of advertising, especially in the beauty biz, is word-of-mouth. Positive online reviews can drive your business, providing excellent ent word-of-mouth marketing. Conversely, ely negative reviews can hurt your business, causing you to lose potential clients and revenue. At some point every salon owner is going to come face-to-face with negative online reviewers, but it does not have to be doomsday for your salon or spa. Negative reviews can equal critical feedback for improving the way you run your salon. Be objective, and think of it as constructive criticism. Not if, but when, you experience negative online reviews, below are some practical tools that will help you emerge in a positive light. 1. Do not ignore it. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away; in fact, it can make it worse in some cases. You want potential customers who read reviews to see that you are actively trying to satisfy dissatisfied customers. 2. Do not argue. Being defensive will only make you look bad. Even if the statements are false or erroneous, be sincere in your responses and stick to the facts. Remember, people who read reviews are also reading your responses. Your responses will reflect your character and business ethics. 3. Respond promptly. Responses to negative reviews should come from the owner or manager, a person in authority who has the power to do something to correct the situation. You should be sincere, and invite the reviewer to contact you directly to discuss further. Sometimes, people simply want to be heard. 4. Rectify the situation. In your response, you should be specific about how you plan to resolve the issues raised. 5. Ask the negative reviewer to write another review. If you were able to come to an understanding, and talk the reviewer into giving you another shot at satisfying her, ask if she would be willing to submit a follow-up review discussing her most recent experience. If you did what you were supposed to and provided her with excellent customer service then she will likely be more than happy to oblige. Negative client feedback can be the best Nail tech and social form of learning how to improve customer media expert Tiffani service. Remember, it is our failures that make Douglas is founder us great, not our successes. So listen, assess, of Tiffani’s Beauty and use the opportunity to learn from negative Parlor (www.tiffanisreviews to improve upon your business.

Innovative. Comprehensive. HandsDown® from Graham Beauty is proud to bring you a complete line of products that takes nail care from start to finish.

2273 Larsen Road • PO Box 19031 Green Bay, WI 54307-9031 phone: 800.438.8594 email: on the web: JULY 2012

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BUSINESS} reader to reader How do you politely ask moms not to bring their babies and toddlers with them to their nail appointments? I would pull the client aside and say that I notice she’s not relaxed because she is trying to make sure her child is behaving and safe. The nail salon is a place of solace, and I feel bad that she does not get the pleasure to relax because she deserves to rest. I would end the conversation saying, “You deserve a few hours alone to unwind. Don’t you agree?”

ffany Ector

I have never actually asked moms not to bring their children. I have been on the other side of the nail desk, when I was the working mom with little free time and no babysitter. I had to take my children with me or sacrifice salon visits. I enjoy getting to know my guests and have become friends with many of them, including watching their children grow up and sharing that part of life with them.

Vicky Kissick

Nailtricity, Cleveland

I sent out an e-mail (after a poorly supervised toddler broke a snow globe) indicating that my insurance wouldn’t allow children in the salon unless they had an appointment. I explained that the salon holds potential hazards for a child left unattended and that if injured, I and my insurance company would not be responsible.

Teresa Heppenheimer Tee’s Nail NV, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I do nails in my house and have my own kids around. For the moms who can’t get sitters I offer my daughter’s babysitting services. It’s a win-win. She gets paid, I get paid, and mom knows her little one is close by.

Chrissy Toovey Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada

StudioV Nails & Hair by Vicky/Suite 5 Signature Salon Suites, Avon Park, Fla.

I say, “I absolutely love your daughter/ son, and I understand that sometimes child care can be difficult. But this would be much more pampering to you if we can schedule your appointment around child care opportunities. Or let’s look at Saturday appointments. We must understand that other clients come here for pampering as well…so let’s try to schedule your next appointment around child care.”

Lisa Anderson Avanti Salon, Sparks, Nev.

I have learned over the 30+ years of doing nails to post a simple statement in a cute frame on or near my table. It states: “We love kids and have several

of our own. We are here to pamper you and appreciate your making other arrangements for your children while YOU are in OUR care. Thanks so much.”

Les Howard Edge of Beauty, Price, Utah

All children are different. I don’t have a policy against my clients bringing their kids with them. If they have a child who is wild, then I ask the client to bring another adult with them next time. Most clients get the hint and leave the kids with someone at home. Also, I keep child-friendly activities at the salon to keep children busy.

Tracy Balistreri Nails by Tracy, Milwaukee

My boss has taken care of this issue for me. I am in a large full-service salon and children not having services are not allowed. Also children’s services are only booked on the weekend. The owner has no problem telling clients who arrive with children that they will have to reschedule their appointments. Many clients have expressed that they appreciate this policy and for some that is one of the reasons they patronize our salon.

Heather Wise Kenneth Wildes Salon, Newton, Mass.

Next question:

Was your family supportive of your decision to go into the beauty industry? And how did their support (or lack thereof) affect your beauty career? [Answers will be printed in the October 2012 issue.] Share your opinion on the topic by e-mailing your response by July 15 to Please include your name, salon name, city, and state with your response.

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Bravo! ProGel

™ from SuperNail® is winning praise all over the world. Created for professionals by professionals, it’s the 100% gel that lasts for weeks and protects natural nails with mirror-gloss shine. Easy-to apply, it cures fast under LED or UV lights. Simple removal also saves time. Now in 48 super shades with more to come!

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BUSINESS} Ten Things Your Employees Won’t Tell You Do you ever wish you were a fly on the wall so you could hear what your employees say? Here’s your chance to learn what they won’t tell you, but wish you knew. BY MICHELLE PRATT

As an owner, you want what’s best for your employees. After all, a happy employee improves the atmosphere of the salon, draws in new customers, and makes your job easier. But even if you have one-on-one meetings with your employees to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, it’s possible they’re holding something back. That’s not always the case, of course. Alexandra Lopez, a nail tech at Spa-ta-neity Natural Nail Salon in Fort Worth, Texas, says she can’t think of one thing she wouldn’t be able to tell her boss. “I even asked my coworkers and the response was blank stares,” she notes. Kudos to the team at Spa-taneity for creating such an open workplace. If that’s your goal but not your reality, read what these techs — who wished to remain anonymous — resist revealing to their boss. Could they be talking about your salon?

ONE. Explain the financial cost of business. “Let us know where the money goes. Every single tech says, ‘We charge $45 dollars for Service A, and I only make X%? Where does the money go?!’ Anyone who has been selfemployed knows a business has expenses, including the cost of product, rent, power, and taxes. Plus you have to pay those nice people who wash your towels and answer your phones. While we know it, it’s easier to understand if you show us the expenses; help us own the bottom line. We may even help reduce costs if it means you will reward us with bonuses or goodies.”

TWO. Be consistent/fair. “We don’t mind procedures or rules, but we despise them being applied unequally between us. Stop playing favorites. How are we ever going to be a team, build the brand, and be happy with each other when you bend the rules for some but not for others?” “I’m a nail tech who works as an employee, but I also manage the nail department, which has a total of nine nail

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techs. Sometimes I’m told to look the other way for certain people, but then I have to address the same situation with a different employee because the owner makes exceptions for the techs who are flexible or more helpful. I understand rewarding people for helping us out, but I think we should thank them directly or even with a gift certificate. We shouldn’t look the other way when they do something negative. We need to treat everyone the same. The employees notice, and they think it’s unfair.”

THREE. Remember the Golden Rule. “Do unto others... Be kind. Be fair. Be honest. Do as you say. When you need help, ask. When you are stuck, tell us. If you lead by example, we will respect you. We follow who we respect.” “Don’t gossip in front of clients or tell them your personal problems. You’re teaching us to ‘do as you say, not as you do.’” “When you talk negatively about other employees when they are not around, we assume you are talking about us, too.” “Anything you ask us to do you should be willing to do yourself.” “Remember the old adage that says, ‘Catch people doing something right’? It’s true. If you never notice when we are busting our behinds, but scold us whenever we do something wrong, we will get cranky and revolt. You worry about the attitude we give clients, but the attitude you give us is the one that is not good for business.”

FOUR. Make the hard decisions. “When you have one employee who is trouble to the rest of the team, do us all a favor: Ride her until she acts right. If that doesn’t happen, give her three write-ups and then fire her. We will pick up the slack in the more pleasant working environment, and it will be easier for you to hire someone into a happy team.”


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“When an issue needs your attention, deal with it immediately, not at your convenience.”

FIVE. We are trained, licensed, educated professionals. Use us as a resource. “We have valuable input about our profession. We read, try new products, and learn through trial-and-error on willing, select clients who ask us to push the limits. Listen to us. Encourage open conversation because our combined experiences make us all a stronger team.” “Don’t assume because you’ve sat in on a few training classes you can explain the service to a client or tell us how the product should be applied.” “Trust us to make decisions. If you don’t think we can handle it then you shouldn’t be hiring us.”

SIX. Don’t cut corners on product. “We can’t do our job without all of our supplies. In the same vein, if the supplies we are given are low-quality or difficult to work with, that will be evident in the quality of our services.” “Don’t change our product without telling us. (And don’t fill


name-brand containers with off-brand product.)” “Ask us when it’s time to place an order if we need anything. Don’t wait until we’re out of product to order it. Make sure it’s there when we need it.”

SEVEN. Let us have some control over our schedule. “We are not magicians; if a client calls to say she will be late, don’t respond with a flippant, ‘It’s OK. No worries; we’ll see you when you get here!’ Explain that being late means we may have to forego polish or some other part of the service ... or the appointment may need to be rescheduled. The front desk staff should support, not undermine, our policies. Teach them how to explain the policies to clients.” “A nail tech is not like a stylist who may be able to sneak a break in during a color process. We give our clients our full attention the whole time they are with us. Don’t reschedule or shrink our lunch breaks to fit in more clients.” “I wish my boss had a better understanding of what it is we do. Even though she is a licensed nail tech, I think she is out of the loop because she isn’t doing nails anymore. Every client is different, so some may need a little more (or less) time for

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an appointment. When I can’t extend a service time, I end up doing a mediocre job to be finished on time.”

EIGHT. Consider our side of money matters. “Don’t hold my tips all week and include them in my paycheck. Tips are the clients’ gift to me. I should receive them in cash on the day of the service.” “Uniforms should be provided as part of the company’s expense, not the employees’. If it’s too costly for you to provide uniforms to everyone, at least sell them to me at cost. You shouldn’t be making a profit on something I’m required to buy.”

NINE. Give us some respect. “We know that customer satisfaction is important, but if a client has a complaint and you know we did nothing wrong, please back us up.” “The customer is not always right! Some clients complain just to get a discount.” “Don’t allow the unlicensed receptionist to sell retail to clients based upon what she feels suits the client’s needs.” “So many times the nail tech/nail department is seen as the

red-headed stepchild of the beauty industry — the last to be recognized for any work and the last to be supplied with proper education and supplies. We want to be treated with the same respect as the stylists; we work just as hard.” “Communicate with us. If you decide to start retailing a new product or want to run a special, make sure we all have the pertinent information. It reflects poorly on the entire company if a client has gotten a promotional e-mail and the employees have no idea what they are talking about.” “Making major changes to benefits may cost you some good employees. Many people make decisions on where to work based primarily on the benefits being offered. Big changes put many people in a difficult position.” “Get to know me. Be genuinely interested in how I am and what’s going on in my life.”

TEN. Expect excellence in everyone. “Don’t assume employees will continue with their education on their own. Either include training as a benefit or insist we show proof of further education. We want the standard of excellence to be an expectation and requirement for all nail techs working in the salon.” JULY 2012

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BUSINESS} salon profile

Tootsies’ interior is comprised of one large room equipped with two nail bars and seven individual pedicure chairs. The openness of the space makes the salon’s atmosphere exceedingly social.

A Modern Day Beauty Shop Sisters Castle and Lauren Searcy built their business from the ground up, opening their very first salon, Tootsies Nail Shoppe, in 2006. After hard work and diligent cross-promoting, they now run two salons, a certified nail school, and a barbershop, all under the Tootsies brand. BY BRITTNI RUBIN

Tootsies the Nail Shoppe of Washington Park is one of two locations in Denver founded by sisters Castle and Lauren Searcy. Although Tootsies offers spa-quality services, its atmosphere is anything but pretentious. The 650-sq.-ft. salon is comprised of one open room with seven individual pedicure chairs and two nail bars, which hold about eight clients each. During treatments, customers sit facing one another, and according to salon owner Castle Searcy, this layout has created an exceedingly

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social environment. “Everyone talks; it’s kind of family style,” says Searcy. “We’re like an old school barbershop, but with chic decor. So I’d say that makes Tootsies a modern-day beauty shop.” Checkered floors, wooden tables, and crystal chandeliers give the salon a vintage look, while bright turquoise walls and metallic silver lining add an air of contemporariness. Searcy says the design is a

fusion of inspirations — including the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” the Chrysler Building, and 1940s art deco >>> — all with an industrial twist.

QUICK LOOK Salon Name: Tootsies the Nail Shoppe Location: 2 salons in Denver Owner: Castle and Lauren Searcy Square Footage: 650 and 550 Opened: 2006 (original location) Number of Nail Techs/Total Staff: 11/40 Specialties: Express manis and pedis, long-lasting polish Compensation: Commission Website:

5/22/12 2:19 PM

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Featured above is a handful of Tootsies’ nail techs and employees, including founders Castle (sixth from left) and Lauren Searcy (seated in foreground).

THE SECRET SERVICE Denver residents come from far and wide for Tootsie’s unique service. Co-owner Lauren Searcy, who has worked with nails since the age of 17, claims to have discovered a new long-lasting solution that delays polish chipping by weeks. “We have a special technique we teach our staff and use what we think are the best products,” says her sister. “Our prices aren’t low, but we’re competitive considering the quality we provide. And clients say it’s worth it because of our polishing secret.” While the Searcy sisters didn’t share their secret with NAILS, they did say they use mostly OPI products. Catering to a more “on-the-go” type of clientele, which includes young professionals, career women, and people who generally stay active, Tootsies offers an “express” version of almost everything on its menu. Therefore, even clients who come in on their lunch breaks can find something fitting. “As a boutique salon, we aren’t just about the manis and the pedis, but the overall experience as well,” says Castle Searcy. The salon’s most popular service is the express pedicure, priced at $33. It takes exactly 30 minutes to perform, Searcy guarantees. “Punctuality is part of our reputation. Clients can rely on us and know that we won’t go overtime on a service so they can get back to work without worrying,” says Searcy. “The assurance is what our customers find relaxing.” Express manicures run 15 minutes and are priced at $17. Both the express manicure and pedicure include all of the basic treatment elements such as a soak, filing, cuticle/ callus attention, buffing, and polish. Clients can upgrade to a spa pedicure ($48) or spa manicure ($32), which tacks on an extra 15 minutes to the service. It includes a sugar scrub in addition to a 10-minute massage with aromatherapy. While the salon focuses on natural nails, the Searcys recently introduced Hand & Nail Harmony’s Gelish and

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5/22/12 2:19 PM2/16/12 9:35 AM

>MF?MK CADDAF? HGO=J This large “Tootsies the Nail Shoppe� sign sits outside Tootsies’ Washington Park location. Its color and design echo the decor of the salon’s interior, which is described by salon owner Castle Searcy as “New York art deco.�

OPI’s GelColor gel-polish lines, which have become very popular among Tootsies’ clients. The Gelish mani is $37 for express and $52 for spa, and the GelColor mani is priced at $40 for express and $55 for spa.

INVEST IN TRAINING Training is a very important part of Tootsies’ operation. Every Tootsies nail tech completes an official apprenticeship before going out on the floor, even if she’s already licensed. “What we teach them is different from anything they’ll learn in nail school,� says Searcy. The salon has its own training manager, Tracey Moore. She is in charge of quality control and handles all basic and product training. Before acquiring this position, she studied under Lauren Searcy for many years and teaches her students Searcy’s personal methods. Employees can spend anywhere from two days to a month training with Moore, and she determines when they are customer-ready. “We are all about consistency,� says Searcy. “We want to make sure that every pedicure or manicure is standard regardless of the nail tech performing the service. The intense training leads to better service all around, which leads to more repeat customers.� The salon is also very strict about refusing service to people with any, even minor, signs of nail fungus or infection. According to Searcy, this is a big problem in Denver since many people ski recreationally, frequently injuring their toes. These injuries can lead to fungal problems without a customer even realizing. Employees are trained to handle this situation in a respectful manner.

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BUILDING A BRAND After the success of their in-house training programs, the Searcys started Tootsies University, a certified nail school for people who have never done nails before. There are two campuses in Colorado. With the university, the Searcys hope to reinvigorate the nail industry in Denver and create more nail techs. >>>

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BCBY[ckgf +(+)*l`9n]K$9 K]Ylld]$O910),, OD%MK9:]YmlqKmhhdq 1)1):gdkY9n]fm] O]kleafkl]j$;91*.0+  OD%EYjqkFYadKmhhdq Yf\D]:]dd] -/(0F]oH]Y[`Lj]]J\& 9ldYflY$?9+(+,)  OD%L`]:]YmlqKmhhda]j ,1(/OHa[g:dn\ Dgk9f_]d]k$;91(()1  FYad:YqKmhhdq ))01<gj[`]kl]j9n] <gj[`]kl]j$E9(*)*- JULY 2012

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Salon owner Castle Searcy describes Tootsies’ decor as “New York art deco meets ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ with an industrial twist.” Initially, the Searcy sisters put in a lot of personal effort to make the salon’s underdeveloped space attractive.

Tootsies has two nail bars at its Washington Park location, each sitting seven to eight clients at a time.

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The Milan Nail Table, a classic look with posh appeal

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380.00 plus freight

“As Tootsies salons grew, we needed more skilled nail techs and had a hard time finding them,” says Searcy. “With a local education program available, we hope to increase the market.” Clients can obtain services from students at these locations for a discounted price. The University website reads, “These students are trained under the same Tootsies System…Clients can enjoy the same quality service, just with someone a little less experienced and maybe a little less timely than a Tootsies Signature Nail Technician.” In addition to the Nail University and the second Tootsies salon location in the Highlands of Denver, the Searcy’s also oversee a barbershop called Proper, which offers nail services. Tootsies Nail Shoppe has also partnered with Beauty Bar, a salonthemed nightclub, for “Martinis and Manicures.” Attendees can get a free mini manicure with the purchase of a $10 martini; nail techs are there five nights a week. The Searcy’s have partnered with a few local yoga and dance studios over the years as well. “We’re building a cross-promotion network between our salon and other entities,” Searcy says. While Lauren is the master nail technician at Tootsies, Castle has a background in marketing and sees even greater potential in their brand. “I want to expand Tootsies even outside of Colorado after expanding organically in Denver,” says Searcy. “The main plan is to eventually franchise or license our locations out.”

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Professional Callus & Cuticle Removers

Fast and effective formulas from a brand you can trust s.ON DRIP GENTLEFORMULA s0ROFESSIONALSPREFERREDCHOICE s0ROUDLYMADEINTHE53!

Available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. sizes

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na0712HealthNF.indd 106

5/22/12 2:21 PM


Get a [More Ergonomic] Grip How do you hold your client’s hand when using an electric file? According to Young Nails’ Greg Salo, the most ergonomic way to do this is with an over-grip. “The technique keeps tension out of your wrists and prevents your clients from wanting to look up at their fingers while you’re working,” he says. “The key is having your clients sit at an angle so you don’t need to bend your wrists. The other advantage is cutting in smile lines during a backfill. Your wrists don’t bump into each other and you are able to cut from one side to the other without skipping or stuttering.” >>>

JULY 2012

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| 107 5/22/12 2:21 PM

Wrist-Assist Redesigned The Wrist-Assist from R.S. Innovations, LLC, was developed to ease repetitive strain issues associated with working in the nail industry. The newly redesigned Wrist-Assist has threaded end discs that allow for interchangeable cushion sizes and cushion replacement. A kit containing both the original and large-size cushion is now available. The WristAssist elevates and holds the client’s hand and arm, reducing technician strain. It can be used horizontally or vertically to achieve the desired support height. The design improves technicians’ posture and relieves muscle fatigue. For more information, go to

Soy Candles Make for Great Private Labeling Because Soi candles are made of 100% all-natural soy oil, your clients will enjoy clean, soot-free burning that lasts 40% longer than paraffin wax candles. Unlike wax, soy oil burns coolly at 106 degrees into a reflective pool of soy that can also be used as a skin moisturizer and to help remedy sunburns, eczema, psoriasis, and poison oak, according to the company. Available in over 30 scents and a variety of sizes and styles, The Soi Company’s eco-friendly and hand-crafted candles can be private labeled with your logo for use in the salon or promoted in your retail area. Triple-fragranced with a variety of delightful aromas, Soi candles can scent a 2,500 square-foot area. For more information, go to


Waste Not Tamara Jercha of the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas says your salon can affirm its commitment to the earth by recycling items that are not recycled by your local municipality, like rubber gloves, foils, and empty make-up containers. Sign up for the Personal Care & Beauty Brigade at TerraCycle (

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na0712HealthNF.indd 108


JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:21 PM

Podiatrist Formulates Natural Foot Cream and Nail Oil New York City-based podiatrist Dr. Krista Archer has launched her own line of ARCH skin products, which use natural ingredients to heal and moisturize dry, cracked feet and protect the nails. Formulated with no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, Sole Savour Foot Creme contains hydrating natural essential oils to solve dry and cracking skin issues, shea butter, and oat beta glucan to promote healing. Even though Sole Savour Creme was developed with feet in mind, it can be used anywhere. Dr. Archer’s Sole Savour Nail Oil was developed to protect and nourish the nails before, after, and in-between pedicures. It uses tea tree oil to fend off fungus and bacteria as well as containing other beneficial essential oils, vitamins, and shea butter. For more information, go to fifi/18452.




I have tried almost every new LED lamp out there. Except for one brand, they all generate a lot of heat. I thought LED was not supposed to be hot. I am not talking about the heat spike that can happen with the exothermic reaction, I am talking about heat in general. I’d like to understand more about this. Most people talk about the exothermic reaction as the heat of the gel when it cures and want this heat reduced or eliminated. Since you are not referring to the exothermic reaction, the only other heat source is from the light itself. The heat generated by the light would be from the LED bulbs — and they don’t generate very much heat. The more powerful the light — meaning the more watts that the light generates, the more heat will be generated. This being said, if we are discussing an 18-watt light, the bulbs inside will generate more heat than a 6-watt or 9-watt light because the 18-watt light uses more electricity to create the light. There is little that can be done about the heat from the LEDs other than using a lower power light. Some lights have a power converter in the cord that converts the power from alternating current to direct current (AC to DC). The lights that have the AC/DC converter in the cord generate less heat than the lights that have the converter inside the light unit. In an effort to find an LED light that generates the least amount of heat, look for lights that have the AC/DC converter on the cord and not inside the light. — Jim McConnell is president of Redmond, Ore.-based Light Elegance.

Have a health question?

(about salon safety and sanitation, nail disorders, science, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. JULY 2012

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NA0312blainethrd.indd 1

| 109 5/22/12 2:22 PM

HEALTH} under the microscope

Yellow Nail Syndrome A rare disorder, yellow nail syndrome could indicate a serious health concern involving the respiratory or lymphatic systems.

The nails of a client with yellow nail syndrome will have some or all of these characteristics: They will be thicker than normal and they may have a dark, greenish edge. They will grow slower than normal. A secondary result of the slow growth will be ridges or lines in the nails. There will be a pronounced, almost exaggerated curve to the nails. All the nails will be affected. Some of the nails may have onycholysis (separation of the nail plate from the nail bed), and the cuticle will be absent. In order to receive a medical diagnosis of yellow nail syndrome, two of these three conditions must be present: changes to the nails, chronic respiratory disorders, and primary lymphedema.

What is it?

While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, it has been shown to run in some families, which suggests a possible genetic component. Yellow nail syndrome is most often associated with health conditions involving lymphedema or diseases of the lung. Lymphedema is the swelling that occurs when a blockage in the lymphatic system prevents the lymph fluid in the arm or leg from draining adequately. Yellow nail syndrome may also be present in clients who suffer from pleural effusion. A membrane called the pleura lines our chest cavity and surrounds each of our lungs. When fluid accumulates between the layers of that membrane, pleural effusion occurs.

How do you get it?

Because it is not considered a distinct condition, no treatment exists for yellow nail syndrome. Under the care of a doctor, conditions such as lymphedema or respiratory problems that are present alongside yellow nail syndrome may have treatment options. These include physical therapy, prescription medications, or even natural alternatives. Yellow nail syndrome can clear up once the other condition has been treated.

How is it treated?

If a doctor has confirmed the presence of yellow nail syndrome, a tech must determine the appropriate option for the client’s nails. Remember, a common result of yellow nail syndrome is onycholysis. If a client’s nails are separated from the nail bed, do not apply an enhancement. If the nails and skin are uncompromised, you can manicure or pedicure the nails and apply polish. Enhancements can be applied with care, but don’t jump to this option too soon. The nails will already have an exaggerated curve and extra thickness, so if the client isn’t a nail biter, a natural nail manicure may be the best choice for her.

What can a tech do?

If you suspect a client’s yellow nails results from yellow nail syndrome instead of the more traditional causes, such as staining from polish or smoking, take a few minutes to discuss the nails with the client. Be alert to symptoms such as swelling in the legs, hands, or arms. Other symptoms are trouble breathing, shortness of breath, or sharp pain associated with breathing. If appropriate, recommend that the client see a doctor. Yellow nail syndrome is a very rare condition, so more than likely she will return with a clean bill of health.

What else?

110 |

na0712disease.indd 110



JULY 2012

For more information about yellow nail syndrome, log on to

5/22/12 2:22 PM


Search: BioSculptureUSA NA0712biosculptfp.indd na0712disease.indd 1111

5/22/12 AM 5/22/12 10:20 2:22 PM



Your Sanitation Knowledge Take this quick quiz to see where you stand on sanitation. Pencil ready? Get set. Go. BY ERIN SNYDER DIXON

True or False? 1. All bacteria are dangerous and we should aim to kill all of them around us in the salon. T F 2. A written cleaning log should be kept for each pedicure station. T F 3. EPA-registered means that a product has Extra Protective Action in killing germs. T F 4. Hand-washing will kill all the germs on your hands before a service. T F 5. Fungal spores can easily be killed with white vinegar. T F

Multiple Choice 6. The most comprehensive guidelines for sanitation requirements for your state may be found… a. In your cosmetology textbook from school. b. On the manicure governing board’s website for your state. c. On disinfectant packaging. d. From coworkers in the salon. 7. If an implement is dropped on the floor during a service… a. Blow off any dust before continuing with the service. b. It must be fully disinfected before being put back into service again. c. Check it to see if it got dirty before continuing. d. Hope the client didn’t notice. 8. Failure to comply with sanitation guidelines set by the state board may… a. Put your health and your clients’ health at risk. b. Put the salon at risk for fines, revocation of licenses, or salon closure. c. Put the salon at risk of lawsuits. d. All of the above. 9. Disinfection is… a. Something you should do to your hands before working on a client. b. Something you should do to the client’s nail before applying an enhancement. c. A chemical procedure that eliminates virtually all pathogenic microorganisms but not all microbial forms. d. A process that destroys all microbial life on a surface. 10. The kill time for a disinfectant is… a. The exposure time required to be effective in killing pathogens.

112 |


na0712sanitationQUiz.indd 112


JULY 2012

b. The time before a disinfectant goes flat or needs to be replaced. c. The time in which it is toxic to humans who are exposed. d. None of the above. 11. Ventilation is an important part of sanitation because… a. It keeps you from sweating during the summer. b. It is a way to remove particulates and vapors from the indoor air. c. It makes things smell clean. d. All of the above. 12. The best way to handle sanitation is to… a. Make every member of the salon an informed participant. b. Have written guidelines and regular employee trainings on procedures. c. Let clients see the process going on in the salon. d. All of the above. 13. Quaternary ammonium solution used for immersion disinfection… a. Must be fresh to be effective. b. Will stay fresh for days or weeks at a time allowing you to disinfect many implements before changing it. c. Allows users to forgo the pre-cleaning requirement and saves time. d. None of the above. 14. If implements cannot be sanitized… a. They can be gifted to the client at the end of her service. b. They should be disposed of in a properly labeled trash receptacle. c. Both a and b. d. None of the above. Turn to page 114 to see how you did. If you are regular NAILS reader we know you nailed it! 5/23/12 3:00 PM

un-hook & un-leash Win! a New portable Upower-2G A winner every month, register at: Scan the QR code and register to qualify. Download a free barcode reader at your mobile app store.

Š2012 Kupa Inc. All rights reserved.

na0712sanitationQUiz.indd 113

5/23/12 3:00 PM

Answer Key 1. False. Some bacteria are beneficial and even help with things such as digestion.




2. True. Clients or inspectors may ask to see the log as evidence that proper cleaning is taking place. Be ready to answer any questions they may have about the process.


3. False. EPA-registered means the product has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

30 1 31





32 1








Pol sh by Numbers 1

4. False. Hand-washing will remove many, but not all, disease-causing pathogens when done properly. It is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs in the salon.





















na0911Cover–New.indd 2

7/27/11 5:08:50 PM



5. False. Spores are difficult to kill. Never attempt to treat a suspected disease in the salon. 6. b. Most states now post regulations online. 7. b. Accidents happen. It’s always a good idea to have backups of disinfected implements in case one malfunctions or is dropped. 8. d. Just keep it clean. It’s not worth the risks.

9. c. Disinfection is used on implements and equipment to eliminate virtually all pathogenic microorganisms. Sanitization must take place before disinfection in the form of pre-cleaning to rid the items of soil and debris. Living human tissue is not disinfected. 10. a. Items must be pre-cleaned and then remain wet or submerged in disinfectant for a specified period of time to work effectively. Check labels for the specific kill time required. 11. b. Ventilation removes some of the contaminants from the salon air by exhausting it to the outside air.



12. d. Go ahead, make a production of sanitation. Clients and employees should be well informed. 13. a. Always mix up fresh “quats” solution according to the label instructions and dispose at the first sign of contamination or visible debris, or when it has expired. Label containers with the date/time mixed to track it. And, yes, pre-cleaning is required. 14. c. As long as the item is appropriate for home use there is nothing wrong with gifting it to the client instead of throwing it away. Under no circumstances should it be reused.


114 |


NABBK11webhahlf.indd 1 114 na0712sanitationQUiz.indd



JULY 2012

5/23/12 3:00 PM11/9/11 3:37 PM

na0712sanitationQUiz.indd 115

5/23/12 3:01 PM

HEALTH} secret ingredient

lotions Lotions in the nail industry are used as manicure and pedicure service add-ons as well as retail products to help hydrate, rejuvenate, and soothe clients’ skin. They are often infused with various fragrances and anti-aging compounds to further enhance the benefits to the skin. But what is lotion really made of?


Oil and Water: The base foundation of modern day lotions is two simple ingredients, water and oil. Typically the oils used in beauty lotions are organic ones like jojoba, sunflower, and other plant-derived oils, as well as synthetic oils refined from petroleum.

Emulsifiers: Because water and oil do not mix, a special ingredient is used to ensure that the oil and water remain blended and properly dispersed throughout the bottle. These ingredients are called emulsifiers. A common emulsifier you might know is lecithin, which is found in egg yolk and used in lots of food products like mayonnaise. Stearic acid, emulsifying wax NF, PEG 40 hydrogenated castor oil, cetyl phosphate, glyceryl stearate, polyglyceryl-2-diisosterate and PEG-100 stearate are just a handful of the numerous emulsifiers commonly used in lotions.

Preservatives: The beauty industry often uses organic oils in its lotions, but a problem is that without preservatives the organic oils will turn rancid over time. Vitamin E and vitamin C are two antioxidants that are often used to prevent botanical oils from becoming oxidized and thus turn bad. Other preservatives in lotions are used to prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and mold. Some common preservatives in the industry include paraben, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, and methylisothiazolinone, but there are many more.



.com 116 |


Glitter: Humectants are products that promote water retention (hydration). They are the ingredients that help hydrate the skin. Common humectants are aloe vera, urea, glycerin, and honey.

Check out the “lotion” entry on NAILS Encyclopedia,, for more articles about everything you’d want to know about lotions.


na0712SecretIngredient.indd 116


JULY 2012


5/22/12 2:23 PM


Rinato Spa™


THE ULTIMATE TECHNICIAN’S TOOL HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. Treat yourself and your clients to the best seat in the house.

Rinato o Sp pa™ fe eatures the

an Touch h Pip pe-F Free® techn nolo ogy Clea

The reader’s Th d ’ choice 6 years and counting!

Faster. Clean Touch system disassembles and reassembles quickly and easily, saving so much time that some salons are able to add several extra appointments each day. Easier. Clean Touch was created with the help of nail technicians. It’s no wonder 83% of nail techs prefer the Clean Touch system to other pipe-free systems. Better. Most clients prefer the invigorating under-foot water massage of Clean Touch.

Call today for more information or to find a dealer near you.


na0712SecretIngredient.indd NA0412eurotouchfp.indd 1 117

5/22/12 8:50 2:23 AM PM 2/16/12

hit me with your


With the explosion of nail art, techs are expanding their creativity into the field of photography. Here are tips on how to capture the best shot. BY MICHELLE PRATT

Learn the Terms

DSLR: Literally “digital single lens reflex,” DSLR means the digital camera

Bokeh: Often thought of as the beau-

tifully blurred points of light in the background of photos, bokeh is actually the aesthetically pleasing quality of the blur, not the blur itself. Good bokeh can be found in soft-edged circles of light. Crisp edges, even in a blur, can steer the eye away from your art.

118 |


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 118


Nails by Viv Simmonds

Nails by Nicole Dang

Nails by Junko Yanagihara

has a lens that uses a mirror and prism system. Typically, the DSLR is also an interchangeable lens camera, which allows you to connect a variety of lenses to your camera base.

Macro: It’s a mystery why someone chose the word “macro” (meaning “large-scale”) as the name of the lens you need for up-close pictures. Possibly because when you use this setting and focus up-close, the shot appears large? Whatever the reason, the “macro” setting is often the best choice for up-close nail art images.

DPI: “Dots per inch.” DPI tells you how many pixels are in a square inch. If you want to print a photo, it needs to be 250-300 DPI. Be sure the settings in your camera are set to take pictures large enough to print photos at this resolution. If you use photos online, the size can be smaller, since online images look clear at 72 DPI.

JULY 2012

5/22/12 6:23 PM

Aperture: The lens opening that F-stop or f-number: The “f” stands

ISO: Remember the days of film, where you chose between 100/200/400, etc., speed film? Now you can choose the speed through the ISO setting. Traditionally, ISO speed is increased to accommodate moving objects, so a low ISO speed (100/200) should work well for nail art.

Megapixel: Literally “one million pixels.” A pixel is a little dot. Pictures are made up of millions of these little dots, 4M, 5M, 12M, for example. When a camera has a low number of megapixels, the picture it produces begins to look grainy as it increases in size, a situation described as “pixelated.” (See photo far right)

Nails by Shiori Sato

Nails by Kasumi Ishii

for focal length. The “f” is always followed by a number; the smaller the number, the wider the opening (aperture). The wider the aperture, the more focused the lens becomes on a particular spot. So, to take a crisp, clear picture of nail art with that beautiful bokeh in the background, choose a low f-stop. (See photo below)

allows light into the camera. The size of this adjustable opening is measured in f-stops.

THANK YOU TO THE TECHS WHO HELPED US WITH THIS ARTICLE > Jessica Hoel, educator for Akzentz Professional Nail Products and owner/ nail tech at LuvNailz, Bellevue, Wash. > Ana Isabel, Ana Isabel Photography, Gloucester, Va. > Olga Palylyk, nail technician at Ornate Nailz by Olga, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada > Louise Callaway, nail tech and educator for Hand & Nail Harmony, Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire, U.K. > Sarah Payne, nail tech, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada > Tiffany Cofer, owner Tiffany’s Touch, East Stroudsburg, Pa. >>> JULY 2012

na0712shootingNailArt.indd 119



| 119 5/23/12 9:06 AM

Which Setting Is Best for Taking Pictures to Get That Crisp, Zoomed-In Shot? > Start with the macro setting — the little icon of the flower. This setting works best for up-close photography, and the camera will automatically blur the background. Also, try increasing the exposure (the +/button) to 1/3 and see if you like the result. By default, it’s at 0. If you turn it up to 1/3+, it makes a huge difference in brightness. Try setting the white balance at “tungsten.” — Payne > Use the “auto” setting and allow the camera to focus on a nail before you shoot. Typically this happens by holding the shutter button down halfway to focus, then pressing all the way to shoot. — Hoel > With a DSLR, play with the aperture to see which f-stop gives you the desired result. Nails by Olga Palylyk

Point-and-Shoot nt-and-Shoot vs. DSLRs With a DSLR, you have the choice of multiple lenses to give you different looks. If I’m shooting a set of nails and want the background blurred out nicely, having a lens with the ability to properly control the depth of field is very helpful and is what gives a picture a more professional look. Different lenses also gather different light. I may find that shooting a picture with one lens will turn out nicer than the same frame of picture using a different lens. Point and shoots are great for pictures that are simply straight on without any background, like staggered hands or gripping a jar. — Hoel >>> Nails by Jessica Hoel

120 |


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 120


JULY 2012

5/22/12 4:12 PM

NA0312superelaxfp.ind VS0112superelaxfp.ind

na0712shootingNailArt.indd 121 NA0312superelaxfp.indd VS0112superelaxfp.indd 1

5/22/12 4:12 PM 1/20/12 10:07 8:37 AM 12/9/11

Most Common Mistake: Blurry Pictures Number-One Fix: Use the Macro Function. First, try using the macro setting. In this setting, you’ll need to get very close to the nail for the camera to focus. If your camera doesn’t have a good macro lens and the picture is blurry, then stand farther away and use a normal setting. With today’s cameras, you have VERY large pictures to work with. So stand back two to three feet from the nails and get a good, focused picture. On your computer you can crop in closer to the nails. — Hoel Nails by Sam Biddle

Props vs. No Props > I take a minimalist approach because I want the focus to be on the nails. Having one well-placed prop is enough.  I use simple, generic poses and props for the pictures I put in my photo gallery. I use these to show clients the options they have for their nails. It’s easier for clients to choose art if the models have consistent poses. I typically pose models with overlapped hands, which I feel looks most elegant and is flattering to the nails. The walls of my salon have posed pictures of models and more dominant props, like you would see in a magazine. In the posters, the complete picture is seen as art. — Hoel Nails by Olga Palylyk Nails by Susan Moskal > I love taking pictures on white backgrounds because it puts the attention on the art. If I do use props, I choose them based on the nail design. For simple and sophisticated designs, I like to use art-deco jewelry, provided it doesn’t distract from the design. If it’s a nail design with lots of bling, I like to raise the photographic bar by adding rings and bracelets that give the shot some extra pizzazz. Imagination is the key to taking shots of nail designs to a new, more creative and professional level. — Cofer

How to Choose a Photographer Ana Isabel says photographers will charge either by the hour or by the product. If you find one who charges by the product, expect to pay a low “sitting” fee, but a higher price per print. Here the photographer makes her money with the sale of the pictures. When a photographer charges by the hour, the expense might seem steep ($200 or more per hour), but you’ll own the digital images, which means you can use them anywhere you want, print them, and blow them up to the size you want, as often as you need them. Remember, you’re paying for more than just the time it takes to snap the picture. Your finished product will have gone through an editing phase to produce the eye-catching, professional results you need. Before you decide which photographer to use, ask to see a portfolio so you’re sure you like the “eye” of the artist you choose. Choose a photographer who has examples of close-up shots, then work with her to discuss the look and feel you want to see in your final product. She will have some good ideas, too, so ask for her opinion. If you find a photographer you absolutely love, but whose prices seem out of your range, consider bartering for an exchange of services. Even if she doesn’t want nail services, she may be interested in working in exchange for gift certificates, which she could hand out to her customers as a “free gift” for contracting with her.

122 |


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 122


JULY 2012


5/22/12 4:12 PM

“NO pipes necessary”. “all-in-one” set-up for pedicure, manicure, wax & facial. Compact, lightweight, with disposable liners to maintain your sanitation standards, adjustable footrest, and nail tech stool. Indulge.

“Not your traditional” pedicure chair combines the versatility and simplicity Belava is known for with the luxury of the most expensive salon chairs on the market. Pipeless, plush & extra wide, with heat & massage for the feet and the body, pivoting manicure/facial table, adjustable nail tech stool.

Sanitary disposable liner for each client, heat and massage for feet, durable pedicure tub This commercial grade pedicure system is designed to improve pedicure experience. na0712shootingNailArt.indd 123

t h e a r t o f a s a fe ped i c u r e

888.708.7131 5/22/12 4:12 PM

Tips For Techs Common Hand Positions: Pros and Cons The Grip

It’s a good pose, but it’s important for the nails to be positioned so that each nail sits slightly lower than the next one. When the nails are in line with one another, there’s a tendency to compare the nails. — Palylyk

Louise Callaway:

> Make sure hands are relaxed and don’t look rigid. Rigidity makes the knuckles look wrinkled. > The hands and nail area need to be clean and tidy. There’s nothing worse than great nails with bad cuticles. > Don’t place the hands on top of each other. It makes the image look like a bunch of bananas. > Know when to stop. Nails can be ruined when you throw your whole nail kit at them. Olga Palylyk:

This is great when a nail tech wants to get a picture of her own nails. It’s nice, too, because it can be used with or without a prop. When you take your own nails, use a macro lens. If you’re taking a picture of someone else’s nails, you’ll be able to take the picture from a little further away and then crop the picture as needed. If done well, this pose with the hand around an interesting prop looks good blown up as a poster. — Hoel

> Purchase a tripod, even a small one, so you can take pictures without your hands shaking. Shaky hands take blurry pictures. > Another way to avoid shaky hands is to use the self-timer feature. > Diffuse glare by placing a white piece of paper in front of the light. > Don’t rush. Study your camera’s features. Take the time to prepare the right lighting and correct background. Keep the background subdued so you don’t overpower the art. > Have fun! Ana Isabel:

The Claw

The Claw allows you can see the art well on all five nails, but the hand looks uncomfortable and unnatural. — Palylyk The background of a hand is distracting, but I can see the reason someone poses a hand into a claw, especially to include nail art on the thumb. That would probably be the only reason I would do a picture this way. — Hoel

For more helpful tips, see “Just Like You Picture It” in the May 2008 issue of NAILS. You can also find it online at

124 |


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 124


> Don’t use a flash, if at all possible. It pales everything, adds shadows, and causes a glare. > If you need extra light, take a lamp and point it up so it will bounce off the ceiling area, not the nails. Jessica Hoel:

> I prefer to shoot with natural light, even outside if possible. Natural light eliminates glare, shadows, and bad lighting, which alters the look of the nails. > Take pictures of your model from different angles. Tweak fingers so they are evenly spaced and nails face the same direction. Use an orangewood stick to tap fingers slightly to help move them. (This works better than having the model move her fingers; models almost always move fingers too far!) > Just as the camera can add pounds to the body, so a nail can look thicker in a photo. For pictures submitted for competition, design the nail thinner than you would on a client. > Use post-production software. >>> Picasa has a free application you can download that lets you control basic functions, such as contrast, brightness, and cropping.

JULY 2012

5/22/12 4:12 PM


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 125

5/22/12 4:13 PM

Common Hand Positions: Pros and Cons

Lots of Fingers

I don’t ever position hands this way. The art overwhelms the eye. — Palylyk I think this has its place if you are trying to match nail art from one nail to the next, two halves of a heart, for example. For any other reason, I would switch to a more flattering pose. The “lots of fingers” pose makes fingers look wide. — Hoel

One Hand on Top of the Other

This is a better pose than “lots of fingers,” but the vertical angle makes fingers look short, and the art is still overwhelming. The viewer doesn’t know where to look when all the nails are laid out like this; there’s no focal point. — Palylyk Placing one hand on top of the other makes the nails and fingers look wide. It doesn’t flatter the nails or the fingers of the client. — Hoel

Hands Staggered

A staggered pose allows you to see the nails well, and fingers look longer and more natural. Diagonal nail placement always looks better. — Palylyk Staggered hands is certainly my favorite pose. The fingers don’t look as wide and you can angle them properly to catch the light well. Be careful not to overlap the hands too much. I suggest bringing the top hand up a bit so you can see all the nails without hiding the bottom hand. — Hoel

One Hand

This pose is esthetically pleasing, especially if the hands are in a natural diagonal position. Plus, it makes fingers look longer and thin. — Palylyk One hand poses can certainly look excellent. If you are going to shoot one hand, keep it angled. This will give you a better shot than taking the picture sideways or straight up and down. — Hoel

126 |


na0712shootingNailArt.indd 126


JULY 2012

5/22/12 4:13 PM na0712shootingNailArt.indd NA0512shanghaininefp.indd 127 1

5/22/12 3/26/12 4:13 3:02 PM PM


BUCKET The idea of these ticking lists — of things to accomp accomplish before you “kick the bucket,” so to speak — are ga gaining popularity via blogs, ad campaigns, and other m media outlets. We asked our readers to share their prof professional ones. (No offense to pros-and-cons lists, bu but we think bucket lists are much more fun!)

Starr Sullivan Rooks Academy of Nails and Esthetics, Charlotte, N.C. 1. Meet John Hauk. 2. Meet Greg and Habib Salo. 3. Enter a nail competition. 4. Become an instructor. 5. Open a nail salon. 6. Travel to other countries to learn different techniques. 7. Open a nail academy. 8. Master pink-and-whites. 9. Create nails for a magazine cover.

{reader nail art}

Want to seee your nail art here?


Just e-mail digital pictures please include your name, of your art to; salon name, city, state, number. Or, mail printed and phone pictures or the tips themselves Roy, 3520 Challenger St.; to Sree Torrance, CA 90503. All art will also be considered submitted nail for publication on .

10. Have artwork published in a magazine.

{ TOP TO BOTTOM} Leah Vanzella Sidney, British Columbia, Canada Hanh Lisa Nguyen VIP Nails and Spa, Mobile, Ala. Meryl Hayton Lounge Hair Studio, Denville, N.J.

{ TOP TO BOTTOM} Tiffany Ha Hailey Nails & Spa, Tracy, Calif. Kari Ferrara Salon Ferrara, Rochester, N.Y. Amanda Lenher Posare Salon, Las Vegas

{ TOP TO BOTTOM} Rosario Muething Just P’nk, Winnemucca, Nev. Kathleen Marie Roach Lady Fingers Salon, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Natasha MacIntyre Crofton, Md.


128 |


na0712bucketlist.indd 128


na0512rna.indd 170

JULY 2012

3/27/12 10:22 AM

5/22/12 4:22 PM

Tashawna Hundley Square Nails, Jersey City, N.J. 1. Quit my day job and do nails for commercial shoots and films. 2. Open a shop in an urban zone (so they can also receive quality service). 3. Open a spa in Miami. 4. Teach nails at a cosmetology school. 5. Open an affordable dream vacation location in the Caribbean.

Angie Roman Chicago 1. Say that I have been a professional nail technician for over 20 years. 2. Become an educator for a professional nail product company. 3. Travel to Puerto Rico to see the San Juan Beauty Show. 4. Visit some of the huge nail product companies for a tour of their labs. 5. Get my nails done by other well-known technicians in other cities. 6. Finally win first or second place in the NAILS mural or mini-masterpiece contests. (I’ve been honorably mentioned four times.)

We heard from more than 30 nail techs and salon owners who shared their bucket lists with us. Though we couldn’t print them all here, we did note some interesting commonalities: We declare a tie for the most common bucket list item: to open your own salon and to do editorial work (for celebrities, magazine photo shoots, and runway shows).

7. Take some amazing continuing education classes. 8. Do Ivy Queen’s nails once. Or any other famous person’s nails. 9. Sit in on an OPI polish naming meeting. 10. Hear that some of the students I taught are doing BIG things with nails. 11. Create a nail art book that will be published. 12. Be the nail tech for photo shoots and wellknown photographers. >>> JULY 2012

na0712bucketlist.indd 129



| 129 5/22/12 4:23 PM

Nykicia S. Anderson Upper Marlboro, Md. 1. Become an educator or mentor more nail techs. 2. Earn my e-file certification. 3. Attend the week-long Young Nails acrylic

and gel class in California. 4. Host my own networking day for nail techs.  5. Develop my own product line. 6. Open my own nail studio. 7. Have my nails done by Princess Gard , Amy Oung,

Anjanette Saint-Bartlett, and Joy McCray. 8. Have my nails showcased on the cover of NAILS Magazine. 9. Enter a competition and place. 10. Be a part of an editorial photo shoot.

Sharon Byrne Ne Webb United Kingdom 1. Get my masters in Shellac and acrylic with CND. 2. Become an education ambassador for CND.

Laura McCarthy

3. Enter nail competitions.

Divine Digitz, Bantry, Co.Cork, Ireland 4. Open my own training school. 1. Become an educator. 5. Do the nails for a photo shoot. 2. Enter the international nail competitions. 3. Do a few famous people’s nails, preferably with mad art, i.e. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, or Lady Gaga.

6. Be part of London/Milan/Paris fashion week. 7. Do a celebrity’s nails.

4. Earn enough through my passion to provide enough and more for my kids and their educations. 5. Win some nail art championships. 6. Meet and train with the world’s best and most talented nail artists. 7. Be so highly regarded that I get a cover of NAILS >>> Magazine (or an interview at least!). SMAG.COM WWW.NAIL MAY 2012


The celebrities you want to do nails for? Women with fierce style: Katy Perry, Pink, Ivy Queen, Lady Gaga.




n European l] ail] Nail N Nail] [Nail] n INSIDE ion atio Vaccat GLOBAL NAIL CUP KOREA a Get Turn DS Get SDS Teen MS er

v ver ov Clients Into Makeo Lifetime Clients





11:56 AM

Ten nail techs specifically mentioned wanting to do a NAILS Magazine cover before they die. (We’re flattered!)




r.indd 2


3/27/12 3:49 PM

130 |


na0712bucketlist.indd 130


JULY 2012

5/22/12 4:23 PM

na0712bucketlist.indd 131

5/22/12 4:23 PM

La Sharn Newbill My enHANDSments by La Sharn, Bolingbrook, Ill., and Elkridge, Md. 1. Own one bricks-and-mortar spa-salon. 2. Own one mobile spa. 3 To be an expert witness for nails in court. 4. Do five of my favorite celebrities’ manicures and/

or pedicures.

Jamika Whatley 5. Continue to assist those who aren’t able to get


their nails done. 6. Own a small nail school for anyone in high school. 7. Continue to stand out from the next nail tech. 8. Continue to assist other nail techs who are

struggling in the industry.

1. Open my own nail bar. 2. Extend that nail bar to multiple locations. 3. Travel overseas to gather ideas from other nail salons that may be great in the States. 4. Develop my own nail lotions/scrubs/brand.

9. Compete internationally.

5. Give back to battered women’s shelters or senior citizens by doing their nails periodically.

10. Patent a product.

6. Mentor others wanting to open a nail bar.

NaStasha J. Cochran Cleveland 1. Write a successful business plan. 2. Open ENJCE Nail Bar and ENJCE Nail Bar+. 3. Become a successful business woman. 4. Watch my kids graduate from college. 5. Host a charity fundraiser to provide hair and nail care to the developmentally disabled population. 6. Give back to my community. 7. Open a chain of ENJCE Nail and Hair Academies. 8. Enjoy educating the world about nail care and the fun of it all!

10. Die smiling.


na0712bucketlist.indd 132


When it comes to attending trade shows, the International Beauty Show (IBS) in Las Vegas is a life goal for more techs than any other show. Either many of you loved nail school (or are committed to improving it — or both!) because 10 of you want to either become instructors or open your own schools.

9. Retire and live like a queen.

132 |

Ten techs have a life goal of traveling the world for nails. Destinations abound from England to Russia to Japan.

JULY 2012

5/23/12 11:03 AM



񡑄񡑘񡑖񡑗񡑁񡑃񡑇񡑙񡑈񡑀񡑂񡑈񡑇񡑘񡑗񡑠񡑀񡑆񡑔񡑔񡑒񡑖 񡑉񡑔񡑕񡑀񡑗񡑐񡑈񡑀񡑅񡑕񡑔񡑉񡑈񡑖񡑖񡑑񡑔񡑓񡑇񡑒 PEDRO CALLUS STONE


񡑄񡑤񡑓񡑉񡑦񡑓񡑀񡑉񡑀񡑥񡑧񡑣񡑓񡑤񡑀񡑗񡑡񡑦񡑓񡑡񡑥񡑓 񡑑񡑧񡑤񡑙񡑀񡑉񡑡񡑒񡑀񡑤񡑧񡑡񡑩񡑉񡑱񡑀񡑦񡑤񡑉񡑔񡑔񡑗񡑑 񡑥񡑦񡑢񡑣񡑣񡑗񡑡񡑕񡑀񡑙񡑉񡑥񡑖񡑓񡑥񡑀񡑩񡑗񡑦񡑖 񡑦񡑖񡑗񡑥񡑀񡑣񡑤񡑓񡑠񡑗񡑧񡑠񡑀񡑑񡑧񡑤񡑙񡑓񡑤

񡑆񡑡񡑒񡑗񡑥񡑣񡑓񡑡񡑥񡑉񡑐񡑙񡑓񡑀񡑔񡑢񡑤񡑀񡑦񡑖񡑓 񡑇񡑤񡑢񡑔񡑓񡑥񡑥񡑗񡑢񡑡񡑉񡑙񡑂񡑀񡑦񡑖񡑗񡑥񡑀񡑙񡑢񡑡񡑕񡑃񡑙񡑉񡑥񡑦񡑗񡑡񡑕 񡑦񡑩񡑢񡑃񡑥񡑗񡑒񡑓񡑒񡑀񡑑񡑓񡑤񡑉񡑠񡑗񡑑񡑀񡑥񡑦񡑢񡑡񡑓񡑀 񡑦񡑤񡑓񡑉񡑦񡑥񡑀񡑑񡑙񡑗񡑓񡑡񡑦񡑥񡑀񡑦񡑢񡑀񡑦񡑖񡑓񡑀񡑥񡑢񡑔񡑦񡑓񡑥񡑦񡑂 񡑥񡑠񡑢񡑢񡑦񡑖񡑓񡑥񡑦񡑀񡑔񡑓񡑓񡑦


񡑈񡑖񡑗񡑥񡑀񡑉񡑩񡑉񡑤񡑒񡑀񡑩񡑗񡑡񡑡񡑗񡑡񡑕񡑀񡑒񡑓񡑥񡑗񡑕񡑡񡑂 񡑤񡑓񡑗񡑡񡑔񡑢񡑤񡑑񡑓񡑒񡑀񡑐񡑱񡑀񡑗񡑦񡑥񡑀񡑧񡑙񡑦񡑤񡑉񡑃񡑒񡑧񡑤񡑉񡑐񡑙񡑓 񡑑񡑢񡑡񡑥񡑦񡑤񡑧񡑑񡑦񡑗񡑢񡑡񡑀񡑉񡑡񡑒񡑀񡑥񡑖񡑉񡑤񡑣 񡑣񡑤񡑓񡑑񡑗񡑥񡑗񡑢񡑡񡑀񡑐񡑙񡑉񡑒񡑓񡑥񡑂񡑀񡑒񡑓񡑙񡑗񡑨񡑓񡑤񡑥񡑀񡑦񡑖񡑓 񡑧񡑙񡑦񡑗񡑠񡑉񡑦񡑓񡑀񡑗񡑡񡑀񡑔񡑢񡑤񡑠񡑀񡑁񡑀񡑔񡑧񡑡񡑑񡑦񡑗񡑢񡑡


񡑅񡑉񡑠񡑢񡑧񡑥񡑀񡑓񡑰񡑣񡑓񡑤񡑦 񡑣񡑤񡑓񡑑񡑗񡑥񡑗񡑢񡑡񡑀񡑉񡑡񡑒 񡑣񡑓񡑤񡑔񡑢񡑤񡑠񡑉񡑡񡑑񡑓 񡑠񡑉񡑘񡑓񡑀񡑦񡑖񡑗񡑥 񡑉񡑩񡑉񡑤񡑒񡑀񡑩񡑗񡑡񡑡񡑓񡑤 񡑦񡑖񡑓񡑀񡑧񡑙񡑦񡑗񡑠񡑉񡑦񡑓 񡑐񡑤񡑢񡑩񡑀񡑥񡑖񡑉񡑣񡑓񡑤

Recognized worldwide for quality, performance, innovation and service.

For more detailed information and a distributor near you please visit or call 1-800-645-3340 na0712bucketlist.indd 133

5/23/12 3:07 PM

handy BODY DRENCH Green Tea + Bamboo Hand Repair Lotion has a non-greasy but rich formula with a light, fresh scent. The green tea contains powerful antioxidants that protect and soothe skin, and the bamboo extract polishes the skin, leaving it fresh and vibrant. (888) 745-4030 x18461

products A quick lotion or hand scrub can make a manicure quite memorable. And a sales pitch on the beneficial ingredients of a hand care product as you massage it into your clients’ skin can make them want to purchase the product for home use. To help you with retail as well as with themed services, NAILS has compiled the latest delicioussmelling hand products to keep hands well-moisturized and supple.

Pamper hands with CLEAN + EASY’S Restore Dermal Therapy Lotion. The squalene, Shea butter, and aloe vera formula soothes, heals, and protects skin — perfect for post-hair removal on hands or after a luxurious paraffin dip. (888) 745-4030 x18463 fifi/18463

CND’S Citrus SpaManicure System awakens the senses with lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, and lime essential oils and enlivens skin with antioxidants derived from grapeseed oil. Nail professionals can now indulge their clients with a manicure service that excites, energizes, and refreshes. The system includes Citrus Milk Bath, Moisture Scrub, Illuminating Masque, Hydrating Lotion, and Soothing Crème. (888) 745-4030 x18464

CUCCIO NATURALÉ’S Anti-Aging Youth Kit has three simple additions to your traditional manicure to make for a quick and easy transition into a brand new anti-aging themed service. Use the Pomegranate and Fig Skin Polisher to slough off dead skin cells. Accelerate moisture with the Grape Seed Hand Anti-Oxidant Oil. Then lock in moisture with the Pomegranate & Açai Butter Lyte. (888) 745-4030 x18462 fifi/18462


134 |


na0712handcare.indd 134


JULY 2012

5/23/12 8:56 AM

NA0712mehazprofp.indd NA0312mehazprofp.indd NA0212mehazprofp.indd NA0112mehazprofp.indd


005 - 1/4 Jaw CUTICLE NIPPER Also available in 1/2 and Full Jaw

Suggested Salon Price:


$19.99 ea

300 - 1/4 Jaw CUTICLE NIPPER

Mehaz has expanded to offer you professional nailcare and skincare implements in a variety of styles and price points.

Suggested Salon Price:

Also available in 1/2 Jaw

$25.99 ea


Mehaz implements: Patent Pending

• Are handcrafted by experts to meet uncompromising standards • Provide you with top performance


• Offer exceptional European craftsmanship and lifetime guarantee

Suggested Salon Price:

$35.99 ea

Also available in 1/2 Jaw

When you choose a Mehaz implement, you can feel the difference. Ask your local distributor or call (888) 225-6342 for a distributor near you.



Cuticle Pusher Patented Convertible Spring


Suggested Salon Price:

$42.89 ea

Also available in 1/8 and 1/2 Jaw Stainless

NA0712mehazprofp.indd NA0312mehazprofp.indd na0712handcare.indd 13511 NA0212mehazprofp.indd NA0112mehazprofp.indd

4:33 PM 1/18/12 12:04 2:29 5/23/12 4:43 1/12/12 11/22/11 12:05 PM

EN VOGUE’S Hand & Body Lotions are soothing, moisturizing, softening, and refreshing. The lotions contain only the best ingredients nature has to offer, a unique combination of sweet almond, apricot kernel, calendula oil, aloe vera extract, and a variety of essential oils from grapefruit, ginger, sweet orange lemon, lime, fennel, and coconut (varies with product). Available in Original Ginger Zest, Coconut Lime, and Lemon Fennel.

ESSIE’S ejuvenate is a revolutionary system for younger-looking hands. The comprehensive hand treatment is infused with proven spa-quality agedefiers like rice extract, arginine, vitamins A and C, glycolic acid, and licorice root extract to help combat signs of aging and reveal new, younger-looking skin. (888) 745-4030 x18466

(888) 745-4030x18465 fifi/18465

ENTITY’S Nanovive Skin Revival System Kit contains four products in the Nanovive System. They are a Penetrating Lotion, Cuticle Rescue, Glycolic Exfoliating Serum, and Intense Skin Treatment. Each uses nanotechnology to penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface to deliver nourishment at the cellular level.

EZFLOW’S Hand Renew Sugar Scrub is a perfect add-on to any manicure service. A natural sugar scrub infused with sunflower oil, vitamins A, D, and E, the Hand Renew Scrub exfoliates and seals in moisture, leaving hands feeling soft and restored. It also has a refreshing fragrance blend of pink grapefruit, lime, and orange blossom to awaken the senses. (888) 745-4030 x18469

(888) 745-4030 x18467 fifi/18467


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na0712handcare.indd 136


JULY 2012

5/23/12 8:57 AM

na0712handcare.indd 137

5/23/12 8:57 AM

Revitalize hands with JESSICA’S ZenSpa Pampered Calming Green Tea Lotion. The lotion is light and moisturizes dry skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. It features a blend of papain and AHA lactic acids to gently exfoliate and regenerate skin. (888) 745-4030 x18476

LCN’S Hydro & Balance line protects skin from oxidative stress, light-aging, and the formation of moles and wrinkles. The products include an extract complex from the resurrection plant, an antiphotoaging active ingredient from the mayten tree, as well as an extract from the root of the Imperata cylindrica plant. The Hydro & Balance products have a fortifying combination of active ingredients that allows them to protect the skin from climatic conditions. The products in the line include Hand Lotion, Peeling, Mask, Bath, and Spray. (888) 745-4030 x18470

NSI Nurture Lotions and Oil are the perfect products for quenching your clients’ thirsty skin. Nurture Lotions are infused with jojoba oil and grapeseed oil, which help provide long-lasting, luxuriously soft skin. The lotions are available in six different scents. Nurture Oil helps to prolong enhancements’ durability and flexibility. NSI Nurture Oil is also a great retail item for clients.

NUBAR’S Lavender Sage Essentials Aromatic Hand Scrub is infused with pure sage extract to soothe, calm, and revitalize. The sage extract is known for its antifungal qualities. Organic sugar plays a vital function in proper skin cell health and rejuvenation. Nubar’s Skin Essentials is a signature collection of aromatherapy lotions to give skin antioxidants in six deliciously scented formulas.

(888) 745-4030 x18471

(888) 745-4030 x18472


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na0712handcare.indd 138


JULY 2012

5/23/12 8:57 AM

na0712handcare.indd 139

5/23/12 8:57 AM

ORLY’S French Polynesian line brings the perfect blend of tropical nutrients with repairing emollients to leave hands feeling like they’ve been on vacation. The line includes Paradise Polish, a renewing hand buff; Hot Lava, a selfwarming hand repair mask; and Tropical Dew, a maximum moisture hand butter.

Shake up your average manicure with Manicure Shakers from XTREME NAIL. Shake in a little for a touch of fizz or shake in a lot for a refreshing effervescent experience. Softens the cuticles, whitens the nails, and releases an irresistible scentsation. Available in Pink Bubblegum, Green Apple, and Funky Fresh. (888) 745-4030 x18475

(888) 745-4030 x18473 fifi/18473

YOUNG NAILS’ Lomasi Cremes provide intense, prolonged moisturizing for hands. Both the ingredients and scents are intended to enhance the manicure experience and to heighten its youthful, relaxing effects. The lotions can also be used for themed manicures. The five scents available are Pomegranate, Mango Coconut, Cucumber Aloe, Ginger Lime, and Ivory Blossom. OPI’S Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream envelops overworked hands in protective butters, OPI’s Advanced Avocado Lipid Complex, and a unique deep-penetrating hydrolyzed protein that binds with skin and nails to lock moisture within. With repeated use the result is a dramatic increase in elasticity for softer, smoother hands and more flexible nails.

(888) 745-4030 x18474

(888) 745-4030 x18468

140 |


na0712handcare.indd 140


JULY 2012

5/23/12 8:57 AM

na0611Q&Ahafp.indd 2

I need help selecting a good UV light. What should I look for? Is price a good indicator? Why is it important to ask new clients if they have any allergies? I’m thinking about doing a client survey. What questions should I include and what’s the best way to go about it? How do you thank your competition model? I have a 50-year-old client with hard, brittle nails with recurring ingrown nails. Can I help prevent the ingrown nails? How do I get a small business loan to open my own nail salon? What is the chemistry behind nail prep items that help with bonding? What are “color drops” for acrylic monomers? Why aren’t my soak-off gels looking shiny after the first few days? When mixing glitters, what gives more of the 3-D look? Why do I have headaches at work? How can I get my nails to grow? What is your policy when it comes to putting enhancements on teens? Is it true that most white gels do not cure all the way? How do I avoid raising prices in this economy when my product costs are increasing? What is the best way to handle no-shows? Why did my client’s natural nails suddenly become grooved? I have a new client coming in and he told us he has athlete’s foot. How should I deal with this? Can I work on his feet? How do I approach our employees about staying in the salon when it’s not busy? What’s the trick to getting dark glitters to cure when doing rock star gel nails? Is it better to perform pedicures with or without gloves? A client wearing acrylics wants to come in weekly. Should another coat of acrylic be added or is there another procedure to follow? How do I keep wraps from lifting on a client with poor circulation? Why do tiny white spots appear on my finished acrylics? How do I know if a salon is right for me? Will the chlorine in swimming pool water affect nail polish colors? Can a booth renter make a commission for retail in the salon she rents from? If oil causes acrylic nails to lift, then why are we urged to use it and to tell clients to use cuticle oil? How to correct a vertical split in the nail? Where can I find manicurist-themed wall art or good manicurist clip art? How do I get clients to book their next appointment after their service is finished rather than calling just before they want to come in? What is the average shelf life for acrylic powder and monomer? I am trying to keep my hours down and work shorter days but I just can’t say “no” to my clients. Any advice? What do you do to be environmentally friendly in your salon? When someone comes to me for an acrylic fill and I wasn’t the one who put on the previous set, does it matter what product I use? Can you embed nail art in gels? Should a beginner tech earn the same wages as a more season tech? What techniques can techs use to keep salon conversations professional? What causes artificial nails to turn yellow? What is the best way to market to university students near a college campus? What should I wear on my first day of work? Can you offer any tips for keeping my books as full in the fall and winter months? Is it true that when you remove calluses with a razor, they come back harder? Can you use any primer with any acrylic? What does it mean to be an independent contractor? What causes the burning sensation when gels are curing? Do you bargain when it comes to your prices? What nail shapes and polish colors are best for natural nail clients with short nail beds? Am I entitled to a key as a booth renter in the salon where I work? Could chlorine in the water make my client’s acrylics lift? How do I promote myself within a full-service salon when I am the only manicurist? What methods and type of equipment do I need for paraffin treatments? How do you warn your clients not to use lotion before they come in? How do I determine my fee for party packages? How much space do I need to have spa parties? Should we have clients sign a consent form prior to receiving nail services? What’s the best way to keep rhinestones on the nail so they don’t fall off as easily? How do I fire a nail tech? How should I respond when clients ask me why they should pay a higher price for my services? Why do you choose not to wear a mask when filing acrylics or gels? Do you discuss politics in the salon? Is there a product that would help with the swollen and irritated cuticles for my nail biter client?


everything a nail tech needs na0712handcare.indd 2141 na0611Q&Ahafp.indd

5/23/12 8:58 AM AM 5/13/11 11:16:13

s e o T

in e th

As the song goes, “summertime and the living is easy”. The weather is warm, people are on vacation, and styles are more relaxed and casual. Women are wearing strappy sandals and flip-flops, or maybe even going barefoot on the beach. This is the perfect time to ramp up your toenail art business and help your clients dip their toes in the sand in style.

CRYSTAL L. JONES, The Salon: Hair, Nails, and Fitness Studio, Danville, Ky.

YVETTE PITT, The Lacquer Beauty Lounge, Watsonville, Calif

142 |


na0712toenailArt.indd 142


JULY 2012


5/23/12 11:00 AM

d n a S HEATHER REYNOSA-DAVIS, Palmer, Alaska

SHELENA ROBINSON, Hip Chicks Salon, Crooked River, Ore.

JULY 2012

na0712toenailArt.indd 143



| 143 5/23/12 11:00 AM

JENNIFER HARRISON, Head to Toe Salon, Goodlettsville, Tenn.

KAREN SMITH, Bodywyze Health and Beauty Salon, Manchester, England

144 |


na0712toenailArt.indd 144


JULY 2012

5/23/12 11:01 AM

For more cool toenail art ideas, go to

ROBIN MOSES,, Florence, Ore.


JULY 2012

na0712toenailArt.indd 145



| 145 5/23/12 11:01 AM

t n i e a s s l EOils A NAIL TECH’S GUIDE TO

Have you been interested in adding aromatherapy to your nail service menu, but were unsure about where to start? We provide you with some handy tips on working with essential oils, plus a closer look at some of the most popular ones. BY SREE ROY

Essential Oil: a natural, volatile, aromatic substance that can be extracted (mainly by distillation or expression) from a plant. Among other uses, the highly concentrated oils are employed in aromatherapy and perfume making. TIPS OF THE TRADE 1. Start Slow. As you gain more experience working with essential oils, you’ll be able to successfully blend up to four or five different scents together, but it’s a good idea to start with combining only two or three, so you don’t overwhelm or confuse your and your client’s noses. 2. Overall Odor. Essential oils can be useful in controlling the overall odor level in your salon. To mask the smell of acrylic, place a cotton pad in a small glass dish, then add a few drops of essential oil to the pad. Just make sure the scent complements the fragrances used in your salon services. You can also create a signature scent to spray on your business cards (and possibly sell to clients to remind them of your salon). 3. Oil & Water Don’t Mix. You might be tempted to dilute an essential oil by blending it with water instead of a carrier oil, but your blend won’t last very long. The oil and water will separate. The only exception is for room air fresheners. In this case, add a few drops of essential oil into distilled water and store in a spray bottle. Shake it up before each use. 4. Not Sure Where to Start? Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, and any citrus blend are some of the most popular essential oils for hand and feet services. There are also plenty of aromatherapy recipe books available, like The Aromatic SpaBook by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, 556 Aromatherapy Formulas for Mind & Body by David Schiller and Carol Schiller and Aromatherapy for the Beauty Therapist by Valerie Ann Worwood. You can also let your clients decide. Offer them a choice between an “energizing” (citrus), “rejuvenating” (peppermint), “relaxing” (lavender), or “aphrodisiac” (jasmine) blend. 5. Making Beautiful Music Together. When selecting oils to use in a particular service, keep in mind that different oils have different perfume “notes,” much like in music. “Top notes” are the

146 |

na0712oils.indd 146



JULY 2012

strongest scents but don’t last as long. “Base notes” are milder but carry the fragrance longer. And “middle notes” fall into the middle of the strength and length spectrum. 6. Talk to Me. It’s important to do a client consultation before using essential oils on any client because many oils can cause adverse reactions. Some are photosensitizers (causing skin irritation if skin is exposed to UV light too soon) and others are inappropriate for clients with certain allergies or disorders (see sidebar on oils to avoid while pregnant). Arm yourself with knowledge from your product manufacturer, books, and reputable websites before you offer services. 7. Storage Solutions. Always store your essential oils in dark bottles and out of the sunlight. The oils are light sensitive and will otherwise start to break down over time, including possibly eating away at the bottle in which they’re stored. Keep oils fresh; citrus oils (including orange, lemon, and lime) and conifer oils (like pines, spruce, and fir) quickly lose antiseptic powers and become more irritating to the skin as the oils age. Oxygen also degrades the oils, so make sure to keep the lids tightly closed. 8. Can’t Touch This. It is recommended that no essential oils should be used in their pure form. They must first be blended into a carrier oil (see sidebar for popular carrier oils) to dilute the essential oil to help prevent adverse reactions. Thanks to the experts we’ve spoken to Sensitization can occur by throughout the years, who expertise was compiled for this story, including Beth using undiluted essential Hickey, director of marketing and oils. A 5% dilution is development at Body High Spa/EOH recommended; this means Beauty Brands, and Sylla Shepphard15 drops of essential oil to Hanger, founder and director of the one ounce of carrier oil. >>> Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy.


5/23/12 9:11 AM


Have you seen my


Log on to to create your own proďŹ le and start uploading your art today!

na0712oils.indd 147 na0510nailarthafp.indd 2

5/23/122:31:44 9:11 AM 3/23/10 PM

Essential Oil



Essential Oil


Bay Laurel

Balances nervous system; mental stimulant; antidepressant; warms emotions; heightens awareness; builds confidence


Soothes and calms; stabilizes; promotes inner strength


Stimulates the immune system; promotes mental clarity; inspires confidence, courage, and selfawareness


Balancing; antidepressant; relieves fatigue and tension; used as an astringent, antiseptic

Black Pepper

Relieves muscle aches; improves circulation; mental stimulant; increases alertness


Relieves aching muscles and joints; helps with circulatory problems, nervous exhaustion; sharpens senses


Mental grounding; calms emotions; relieves muscle tension; promotes meditation


Dispels melancholy, depression, headache, performance stress; relieves muscle fatigue; energizes; detoxifies


Helps relieve dry patches, eczema, and itchy skin; has natural calming agents that soothe nerves and anxiety


Lifts depression; calms nerves; promotes relaxation


Used as an antiseptic; eases exhaustion and tension


Energizes; relieves exhaustion; improves mental clarity; purifies the body; general stimulant

Clary Sage

Used as an antibacterial, antiviral; dispels depression, fatigue, stress, fear; stimulates creativity, dreams


Relaxes the body; lifts moods; calms anxiety; soothes nerves


Refreshes and uplifts; disinfects; boosts the immune system; relieves anxiety and depression

Helps with odors; assists with arthritis; refreshing; used as an astringent, antiseptic


Fades bruises; supportive and comforting; improves creativity; increases dream activity

Used as an antiseptic, skin toner; balances the nervous system; stress reliever; relieves muscle aches; increases circulation


Relieves fatigue; refreshing; energizing; mood lifting


Increases circulation; relieves muscle cramps; reduces nervous tension and other stress-related problems


Everlasting/ Helichrysum

148 |

na0712oils.indd 148




JULY 2012

5/23/12 9:11 AM

Essential Oil



Essential Oil


Rose Maroc Absolute

Brightens mood; enhances creativity; relieves tension, depression, sadness and grief; balances and regulates female reproductive system; aids regeneration of skin cells



Used as an antiseptic; helps alleviate stress; digestive; diuretic; laxative; sedative


Sedative; relieves headache, migraine, stress, depression, anxiety


Heals spider veins, scars; nourishes mature skin; increases circulation; relieves anxiety, melancholy, nervous tension; aphrodisiac

Promotes self-conďŹ dence, courage; stimulates mental clarity, memory, and creativity; rejuvenates skin cells; stimulates hair growth


Anti-aging; relieves tension and irritability; hydrating and moisturizing

Sweet Basil

Clears the mind; improves memory and concentration; builds courage and conďŹ dence; lifts depression

Tea Tree

Used as an antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic


Aids memory and concentration; relieves fatigue; relieves muscle aches and pains

Ylang Ylang

Increases creativity and appreciation for beauty; eases depression; calms nerves and soothes negative emotions; balances oily skin




Palma Rosa

Cheers; comforting and warming; dispels tension, stress; revives when feeling bored or lacking energy

Muscle relaxant; stimulant; energizes mind and body; relieves headaches

Clears the mind; hydrates and soothes skin; used as an antiseptic and bactericide; helps with nervous exhaustion, stressrelated conditions


Relaxes tight muscles; mood lifting; skin moisturizer


Stimulates the mind; acts as an antiseptic and deodorizer

What Kind of Oil Is It? Pine


Increases energy; stimulates immune system; relieves joint aches and pains

Used in skin care; used as an antiviral

Use this handy key to determine what category each of your favorite essential oils falls into. = energizing

= rejuvenating

= relaxing

= aphrodisiac

JULY 2012

na0712oils.indd 149



| 149 5/23/12 9:11 AM

USE CAUTION WITH CERTAIN ESSENTIAL OILS POPULAR CARRIER OILS A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels, or nuts. Mix your choice of essential oils into one of these common carrier oils essential in order to dilute the ess essentia oil.

apricot kernel avocado borage seed calendula

Irritation and sensitivity are possible with the use of almost any essential oil, says Jimm Harrison, author of Milady’s Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics. This is one reason most aromatherapy experts recommend against using undiluted oils on the skin. Still, certain oils are more likely to cause irritation, including thyme, oregano, cinnamon, and clove. They are safest under a 10% dilution, says Harrison, who also cautions users about the potential irritant properties of citrus oils, needle tree oils, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and rosemary. “If irritation occurs when an oil is applied, or spills, on the skin, remove it by applying a fair amount of vegetable oil, such as olive or safflower, and wipe it from the skin,” says Harrison. “Water should not be used alone to wipe off an irritant oil. Water will push the essential oils deeper, and more aggressively, into the skin.” For that reason using essential oil in a foot bath or applying it to wet skin increases the chances of irritation.

canola coconut grapeseed hazelnut hemp he em jojoba joj jo rose hip ros safflower o sunfl ower su unflo soybean soy oyb sweet aalmond

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JULY 2012

AVOID THESE ESSENTIAL OILS WITH PREGNANT CLIENTS It’s hard to believe the practice of aromatherapy could be harmful to a pregnant client, but in fact some essential oils — called “emmenagogues” — are known to induce menstruation or other types of bleeding. Oils in this category include cedarwood, chamomile, cinnamon, clary sage, ginger, jasmine, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, rose, rosemary, and rosemary, any of which may be used in products for manicure and pedicure services. It is unlikely that the amount of exposure a woman encounters during a salon service would have an affect on her and the baby, but for liability and safety reasons,emmenagogues should be avoided, especially during the first trimester. To be perfectly safe, you might want to avoid these oils during the entire pregnancy.


5/23/12 9:11 AM

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5/23/12 9:12 AM

{reader nail art}




Leticia Aguilera-Rodriguez Passion Nails, Milwaukee

Yadira Polanco Zebritaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nails, Lajas, Puerto Rico

Lisa Stoffer Tangles Design Team, Magnolia, Ohio

Misti Shereda Springfield, Ill.

Yvette Pitt The Lacquer Beauty Lounge, Watsonville, Calif.

Oval Eldridge Central Nails & More, Ceres, Calif.

Taylar Hillman Bliss Hair Body & Boutique, Anaconda, Mont.

Susan Wood Serenity Salon & Nails, Deer Lodge, Mont. >>>

Tanaira Carrington Temple Hills, Md.

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na0712ReaderNailArt.indd 152


JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:23 PM

NA0411prospafp.indd VS0311prospafp.indd 1

na0712ReaderNailArt.indd 153 NA0411prospafp.indd VS0311prospafp.indd 1

5/23/12 4:24 PM 2/24/11 10:12:24 9:13:23 AM 2/3/11

{reader nail art}


Want to seee your nail art here?

Just e-mail digital pictures of your art to; please include your name, salon name, city, state, and phone number. Or, mail printed pictures or the tips themselves to Sree Roy, 3520 Challenger St.; Torrance, CA 90503. All submitted nail art will also be considered for publication on




Britt Taxara Get Nailed, Redding, Calif.

Ainhoa DeNeale A Great Escape Spalon, Farmville, Va.

Benson Nguyen Fantasy Nails & Hair, San Antonio, Texas

Amy T. Tropical Nails, Beloit, Wis.

Jeanette Wright Tropical Oasis, Chicago

Sandi Paull LushUs Nails, Batemans Bay, Australia

Becky Knauss The Beauty Lounge, Perrysburg, Ohio

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na0712ReaderNailArt.indd 154


Ondrej Boyd Nails of Distinction, St. Louis Monique Kauffman Profiles on PineIsland, Cape Coral, Fla.

JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:24 PM




nails mall

tone…a pure and natu A Receive FRE customers B Participate in program C Enjoy SUBS profits, WIT

DREMU Make BIG profits with Airbrush, the world’s finest eye cream (rated 5 stars on Oprah’s iVillage), and Dremu Oil Serum, better than Botox! Just give our free samples to your clients and see what happens! You’ll receive free samples and brochures; participate in our guaranteed no-risk salon sales program and enjoy large discounts, mark-ups, and profits WITHOUT RISK! Contact George Pollack, Wholesale Manager. DREMU (800) 542-0026

Visit w

Flowery Professional Don’t settle for imitations! The Original Swedish Clover Red Fot Fil by Flowery features a rigid unbreakable handle that requires less pressure when reducing calluses and smoothing rough skin. One side is 60 grit for tougher jobs, the other is 100 grit for leaving feet silky smooth. Washable and long lasting, the Original Fot Fil will not peel or break! Available in its signature red color; in pink with an embossed pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness; and in green with the new comfort grip.   Flowery Professional (800) 347-7456

Mehaz Mehaz Professional Ingrown Toenail Lifter: the ultimate tool to care for ingrown toenails! One end is curved to easily lift the nail away from the skin; the other end is a spatula to apply antiseptic cream right where it is needed. This 6” stainless steel tool is hand crafted in Solingen, Germany and features a secure grip handle design for control, even when hands or tools are wet. Treat your clients well with premium tools from Mehaz. Mehaz (888) 225-6342

For more information on advertising in this section, call 310.533.2465 (Michelle Mullen) or 310.533.2412 (Mary Baughman). JULY 2012

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NA0512dremuqtr.indd 1



| 155 5/23/12 4:06 PM



product spotlight

Jessica has a new collection of elegant neutrals, The Awakening Collection. These six evocative colors can go with clients from the workplace to happy hour and includes Monarch, Sky High, Flutter, Wing It, Soar, and Sunrise. (888) 745-4030 x18317

SpaRitual’s new Pigment Collection for summer 2012 features a range of bold, color-saturated shades. Inspired by the precious resources of the earth, the line highlights natural colors with boldness and strength. The colors are Clay, Poppy, Heliotrope, Indigo, Camellisa, and Henna. (888) 745-4030 x18318

China Glaze’s new Summer Neon collection will have clients’ fingers popping with color. The collection features 12 sizzling shades perfect for surf, sand, and nightlife. The colors are Pink Plumeria, Under the Boardwalk, Splish Splash, Love’s A Beach, HangTen Toes, Beach Cruise-r, Orange You Hot?, Surfin’ For Boys, Flirty Tankini, Ride the Waves, I’m With the Lifeguard, and Sun-kissed. (888) 745-4030 x18319

OPI has a limited edition nail lacquer collection and new Shatter that is inspired by Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man. The line features six nail lacquers in addition to Shatter the Scales, Your Web or Mine?, Into the Night, Call Me Gwen-ever, Just Spotted the Lizard, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and Number One Nemesis. The film villain’s reptilian look can be replicated with the green Shatter the Scales top coat. (888) 745-4030 x18320

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na0712ProductSpotlight.indd 156


JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:13 PM

Essie’s Wedding Collection tip toes the thin lines of passionate relationships, with subtle shades of pinks and light turquoise and blue. The colors are Like to Be Bad, Love and Acceptance, Who Is The Boss, and Instant Hot. (888) 745-4030 x18321

wHet Nail Lacquers is a new line of polish created with the nail artist in mind. Created by Benjamin Nissanoff, the founder of the luxury bath and body care company, ME! Bath, wHet’s avant-garde approach offers a unique open source system that has been tested and proven to work with a multitude of products and brands. The colors are Quixotic, Yesternight, Faux Pas, Megalomaniac, Serendipity, Salacious, Wanderlust, Conundrum, Nonchalant, Ethereal, and Vertigo. Incognito is the Base and Top Coat. (888) 745-4030 x18322

Gelousy’s new Total Polish Replacement (TPR) is a colored gel in a bottle that can be applied like regular nail polish. It will cure in both an LED and UV nail lamp. TPR features three week wear time and is capable of soaking off in minutes, making it quick and easy to do. Colors include Dance With Me, Bio Red, Mauven, and Lollipop. (888) 745-4030 x18323

Charisma Nail Innovations has a new product, Additive, that can be added to any nail lacquer to turn it into an LED or UV light curable soak-off gel-polish. No more wishing you could have a specific color or waiting for your favorite color to be released. Add Additive to Charisma Nails’ special Mixer bottles up to the required percentage (different colors require different amounts of formula), then stir in the polish using Charisma Nail’s Gel Stirring Spatula. Place a custom blend label on to protect the new soak-off formula from light, and you have a new custom soak-off gel-polish color. >>> (888) 745-4030 x18324

JULY 2012

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| 157 5/23/12 4:13 PM

{product spotlight}

Princess Nails’ Brush-On Resin Adhesive Nail Glue is an excellent product for gluing tip extensions onto the free edge of natural nails. The glue bonds quickly and applies cleaner and more smoothly than most other glues. The 1/2-oz. bottles can be purchased in 12-piece display units that fit conveniently on shelves and countertops. (888) 745-4030 x18325

Cuccio Naturalé’s new Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane Lyte Ultra-Sheer Body Butter has excellent antioxidant qualities slowing down the signs of aging while delivering extra-moisturizing benefits. The ultra-sheer butter lyte provides all the same features as the original non-oily Cuccio Naturalé Butter Blends but with an ultra-sheer consistency. The new Vanilla Bean & Sugarcane Lyte gives 24 hours of hydration with a two-hour timerelease moisturizing patented technology utilizing unique levels of rich emollients. (888) 745-4030 x18326

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na0712ProductSpotlight.indd 158


Nouveau Nail’s One-Step UV/LED Gel System gives clients the appearance of longer, stronger nails in under 30 seconds. By adding LED photo-reactors to its proven gel formula, techs can produce glossy, durable nail extensions in a matter of seconds under the free Rapidcure Mach I LED Lamp (included with the system kit). (888) 745-4030 x18327

Nontoxique’s Cuticle & Nail Balm utilizes pure plant and fruit nutrition to specific aspects of nail and tissue health, especially tissue softness, suppleness, and flexibility. It is a cuticle and nail treatment rich in antiinflammatory properties and uses beeswax, vitamins, minerals, and antibacterial protection for cuticle and nail strengthening. (888) 745-4030 x18328

Antoine De Paris’ #44 Combination Tool has a convex pusher to push back the cuticle without scratching the nail. It also has a pterygium knife tool to scrape the adhered skin off the nail plate. The tool is made from cobalt stainless steel. (888) 745-4030 x18329

Gella by ENP is a solvent free gel-polish that is easy to apply, has minimal shrinkage, and gives a long-lasting and high-gloss shine. Gella is easy to soak off and has 48 trendy colors to choose from. (888) 745-4030 x18330

Akzéntz’s Competition White Gel gives brilliant shine with superior strength for high-quality Frenches and more. Designed to satisfy both novice and advanced nail technicians, this unique formula is perfect for sculpting new sets and fills. Competition White cures easily without special forms and holds a sharp smile line while being easy to remove. (888) 745-4030 x18331

CND’s Shellac colors for spring 2012 are Dark Lava, Rubble, Cityscape, Silver Chrome, Gold VIP, and Silver VIP. The UV-cured gels apply like polish and soak off easily. Whether you’re a classic taupe addict or a metallic iron maiden, the 36 total Shellac shades will provide a sophisticated look to suit all digit desires. (888) 745-4030 x18332

JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:14 PM

Backscratchers’ Divine Design Fimo Cane flowers are pre-sliced and come in a variety of colors to complement any nail design. Use either a small drop of Emergency Stikr from Backscratchers or clear nail polish where nail art is to be applied. The flowers can also be used with gels and acrylics. (888) 745-4030 x18333

Belava’s Indulgence Chair is a simple yet effective accessory to the Belava Pedicure Tub. The sleek design allows clients to swivel and recline while the tech performs an effortless manicure or pedicure, and the foot pad rests right above the pedicure tub holder so techs do not get muscle fatigue or cramps. (888) 745-4030 x18334

Kinetics Hand & Soul is a line of smooth, silky moisturizing hand lotions with a refined, enchanting blend of fragrances to lift the spirits. Carefully crafted in the tradition of fine perfumes, Hand & Soul Lotions provide the perfect finishing touch to any Kinetics manicure. Hand & Soul Lotions come in eight sophisticated scents: Ylang-Ylang & Madagascar Vanilla, Orange Blossom & Ginger, Jasmine & White Musk, Hibiscus & Rose Water, Turkish Rose & Black Tea, Spiced Orange & Sandalwood, Brazilian Lime & Cedar, and Mandarin & Bergamot. (888) 745-4030 x18360

How to contact us: Send business and editorial correspondence to: 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 (310) 533-2400, (310) 533-2507 Fax Website:


To contribute an article, make a suggestion, or ask a question, contact NAILS at the address above or: West Coast/Canada Call: (310) 533-2552 Fax: (310) 533-2504 Email:

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Dashing Diva’s DesignFX line is comprised of 36 unique nail appliqués that feature cutting edge nail art combined with high-end fashion. The appliqués apply easily for full-coverage wear and often match 3-D bling like rhinestones and gems with intricate and brightly colored designs. Top with Gelife for long-lasting wear. (888) 745-4030 x18335 (continued on page 164) >>>


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| 159 5/23/12 4:14 PM

{ad index}

For more information direct from our advertisers, call (888) 745-4030, or go online to

Fifi #



Fifi #



1st National Processing .................................................................. 167


Incoco.....................................................................................28-29, 167

Action Bag Company ...................................................................... 167


International Nail Manufacturers ................................................101


Aerovex Systems................................................................................92


It’s So Easy ............................................................................................79


Akzentz Nail Products ....................................................................106


J & A USA ...................................................................................131, 166

18261 .............................................................174-175


Jessica Cosmetics .......................................................................55, 97


Antoine de Paris ...............................................................................163


Konad ...................................................................................................180


Artistic Nail Design ..............................................................26-27, 81


Kupa Inc................................................................................................ 113


Atwood Industries ........................................................................... 167


LeChat .................................................................................................. 137


Bags Rep .............................................................................................. 167


Lexor Intl......................................................................................181, 183


Beauty Millennium ..........................................................................184


Luraco Technologies Inc...................................................................99


Beauty Tech ........................................................................................ 167


Maxim ................................................................................................... 40


Belava ................................................................................................... 123


Medicool .............................................................................................166


Bio Sculpture Gel ................................................................................111


Mehaz Professional ................................................................ 135, 155


Bio Seaweed Gel .......................................................................176-177


Minx....................................................................................................... 60


Blaine Labs Inc...................................................................................109


Nail Superstore, The ........................................................................ 178


China Glaze .................................................................................. 35, 89


Nail Tech Supply Inc. ........................................................................ 151


CND ....................................................................4-5, 16-17, 24-25, C3


Nailite ..........................................................................................102, 182


Continuum Footspas.........................................................................42


nailuv .......................................................................................................61


Dashing Diva.......................................................................... 37, 41, 65


NSI ...........................................................................................................83


Deco Polish Racks ............................................................................166


O’Nine Technologies ....................................................................... 127


Dollar Nail Art ................................................................................... 167


Dr. G’s ...................................................................................................103


Orly International ........................................................................... C2-1


Dremu .................................................................................................. 155


Orly International ...............................................................................33


Duri Treatments ..................................................................................86


Orly International ...............................................................................69


Duri Cosmetics ...................................................................................87


Premier Nail Source ................................................170-171, 172-173


Entity Beauty Inc..........................................................................52, 53


Pro Spa ................................................................................................. 153

OPI Products ..............................2-3, 18-19, 31, 58, 67, 74, 90, C4

Essie Cosmetics ...........................................................8-9, 10-11, 139


Prolinc ...................................................................................................115


European Touch ................................................................................. 117


Q-tickles .............................................................................................. 167


EZ Flow ..................................................................................................57


Seche .............................................................................................. 43, 63


Flowery Beauty Products ......................................................105, 155


Star Nail Products ............................................................................179


Gena ..................................................................................................... 125


StarPro ............................................................................................ 22-23


Graham Beauty ...................................................................................93


Super Relax.......................................................................................... 121


Gulfstream Plastics..........................................................................104


SuperNail........................................................................................ 71, 95


Hand & Nail Harmony ..................6-7, 20-21, 39, 45, 76, 77, 78,


Supply Source, The ..........................................................................185


ibd .......................................................................................47, 49, 50, 51


Tweezerman International ............................................................ 133




Young Nails ........................................................................ 12-13, 14-15

The Ad Index is provided as a courtesy to NAILS advertisers. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:26 PM

ȇȐ@ɑɕҥ The #1 Choice for the Professional

Proven Quality and Durability for over 40 years

Antoine de Paris ® Cobalt Inox Stainless Steel Box Joint Ingrown Nail Cutters

Original Acrylic Nippers

Worlds best Cuticle Nippers

$30.00 ea.

$25.00 ea. Satin

$25.00 ea.

Reg. $45.00 each Single or Double Spring #38 - 5.5” Autoclavable Available #37 4.5” length

Reg. $35.00 each $2.00 extra for gold Single or Double Spring

Reg. $35.00 each Single or Double Spring #12 - 3mm #14 - 5mm #16 - 7mm

#11 Acrylic Nipper Box Joint 5mm 1/2 Jaw Triple Reinforced Jaw

Side view #37 &#38

Micro Motor Drill Lightweight & Powerful #300 Micro Motor Drill Variable Speed & Lightweight for the Professional. Regular price $500.00


Includes Sales Tax

25,000 RPM’s 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Forward & Reverse Varied Speed Control Optional Foot Pedal Lightweight Hand Piece Made in the U.S.A.

Visit our New Online Store for Our Full line, New Items and Great Savings Daily!


6FDQ6KRS6DYH 1-800-222-3243

na0712adindex.indd 163

5/23/12 4:27 PM

The Duri Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is aptly named Keep Your Options Open to match the easy-going flow of the coming seasons, while inspiring a sense of fun-loving adventure wherever life takes you. The 12 new shades paint nails in an assortment of soft and sophisticated muted tones, fun-loving pastels, vivid modern brights, and metallic glitter. (888) 745-4030 x18336

Nubar’s Jeans is a three-shade collection of blues inspired by traditional denim colors. The polishes are formaldehyde-, toluene-, and DBP-free and include the colors Faded Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, and Dark Wash Jeans. (888) 745-4030 x18339

Bio Sculpture Gel’s Pedicure Scrubs offer exquisite exfoliation and hydrating powers that will satisfy even the craggiest of feet. The Apricot Kernel Scrub is light and fluffy with apricot kernels, pumice, and urea to rejuvenate feet upon deep massage. And the Potpourri Salt Scrub contains rose petals and geranium to lightly fragrance feet. For both scrubs, apply to wet skin in massaging, circular motions. (888) 745-4030 x18342

Entity’s brush-on gel polish, Entity 1 Color Couture, combines the long-lasting and high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of polish. No smudging, no chipping, and no dry time. The primary collection comes with Entity Prep, Nu Bond, base and top coat, as well as 12 colors. (888) 745-4030 x18337

Orly’s soak-off color gel, Orly GelFX, applies like polish but cures and soaks off like a gel. It is matched to 32 of the top-selling Orly polish colors. The shades range from neutrals to glittering and vibrant hues of blue, purple, and black. The formula nourishes nails for durability, strength, and shine. The matching Orly polishes can be used to touch up the nail as it grows out. (888) 745-4030 x18340

Young Nails ManiQ Color Gels brush on like polish but cure like gel and soak off quickly for easy color changes. The colors range from dark greens and blues to purples and reds, and Young Nails has come out with seasonal collections for spring and winter. (888) 745-4030 x18343

The perfect complement to your gel-polish service is the high-quality, cost-effective Versa Cure UV Nail Bonding Lamp from NSI. Cure fingers and toes with the touch of a button. Timer settings include 10, 90, and 120 seconds. (888) 745-4030 x18338

Beyond Nail Enamel from Alfalfa Nail Supply offers a wide range of colors to keep clients’ nails chic and fashionable throughout the seasons. The shades range from creams to deep reds and include the colors shown here, Caramel Swirls, Bed of Roses, Mimosa, and Wild Cherry. (888) 745-4030 x18341

VB Cosmetics’ Dazzle Dry has a new collection of polish called SummerScape. It features bright and exciting colors to reflect the fun and enjoyment of exotic locations. The colors are Tropical Sunset, Calypso Romance, Summer Safari, Week In Provence, Aegean Cruise, and Tuscan Holiday. (888) 745-4030 x18344

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na0712ProductSpotlight.indd 164


JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:14 PM

NailGrafx by Sha-Nail Japan is a product of delicate, photo-quality prints that fit and conform to nail surfaces with no wrinkles to make interesting and easy nail art designs. The prints come in bright colors and can be combined to create vivid 3-D effects. NailGrafx prints are thin enough to cut, layer, and combine freely for a wealth of nail art possibilities. (888) 745-4030 x18345

Miss Professional Nail started in 1983 and features a wide range of polish colors in different bottles as well as nail art brushes and pen. The latest Sation collection includes the colors Sparkling Ruby, Champagne, Shiny Brown, Midtown Haze, and Bump In Beige. (888) 745-4030 x18346

The long-lasting and smudge-free, NaiLuv UV Gel Polish promises polish lovers out there a nail care experience that will make them fall in love over and over again. Carefully handpicked by a team of beauty experts to complement any skin tone and season, NaiLuv will surely capture your heart as it offers an array of fashionable colors, with amusing and “intoxicating” names to match: Dynamic Duo, Berry Sweetie, Lovestruck, Eternal Passion, and Love Power. (888) 745-4030 x18347

Nail Tek’s Restore Damaged Nails kit helps repair weak nails back to health and vitality. The kit includes Nail Tek II Foundation, a base coat with a special blend of stregtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers, and natural fillers; Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy, a solution for soft, peeling nails; and Nail Tek Renew, a natural cuticle oil with tea tree that nourishes and conditions the cuticle. (888) 745-4030 x18348

Nailite’s Gentle Gel has recently been reformulated to soak off the nail in less than 10 minutes. No more filing and no more dust, use Gentle Gel over nail tips as a natural nail overlay or as a base gel for UV Colored Gel Polish applications. When cured in a 9-watt lamp, nails will be shiny and flexible. To seal and protect the UV Gel application, use Nailite’s UV cured Gentle Gloss. (888) 745-4030 x18349

Maxim-ize your pedicures with Maxim’s Pedi Redi Plus. This foot soak formula was designed by a nail technician to deliver maximum exfoliation and help reduce filing and scrubbing time. Pedi Redi Plus is available in over 80 fragrances and sold in four convenient sizes. Maxim also offers this great product without dyes and/or fragrances. (888) 745-4030 x18350

Light Elegance pastels offer durable gel shades in soft, pretty, and popular colors — everything a client wants for her summer wardrobe. Light Elegance gel nail products are odorless, easy-to-apply, and have strength and flexibility for full-sets and fills. (888) 745-4030 x18351

The Beautiful Nails Kit by Kupa Inc. offers both the professional and student a great acrylic starter kit. Complete with an instructional DVD, the kit has two monomers (odorless and traditional), dappen dish, #6 flat sculpting brush, brush-on glue, files, buffers, forms, tips, cuticle oil, prep, primer, and three Poly Mojo Powders — clear, white, and pink. (888) 745-4030 x18352

INM’s Gelavish Transforming Tint Enhance-It can be applied over any Gelavish gel-polish color for a transformation into shimmering and luminous pigments. Enhance-It comes in Purple, Bronze, Blue, Silver, and Gold and cures in both CFL and LED gel lamps. >>> (888) 745-4030 x18353

JULY 2012

na0712ProductSpotlight.indd 165



| 165 5/23/12 4:15 PM

MARKETPLACE Professional Electric Filing System

New Item !

• Powerful 20,000 RPM motor • Lightweight hand piece • Variable speed control • Twist locking chuck 120302_4

• Forward & reverse • Built-in hand piece cradle • 110V -240V • Includes 2 Free Bits • Full one-year warranty

Famous Names’ Dadi’Oil helps keep nails nurtured and flexible and skin healthy and hydrated. The formula is 95% organic and blends refined avocado oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and extra virgin olive oil for a nail and cuticle treatment that absorbs quickly into the nail plate and surrounding skin. (888) 745-4030 x18354

Evolutionman introduces Rebel Nail Paints for the no-nonsense rebel male market. These nail paints are perfectly formulated so clients can reap the benefits of a perfectly groomed MAN-icure. You don’t have to be in a band to rock these colors, says the company. The smart and obscure paint collection references colors already seen and introduces them in a revolutionary light. Rebel Nail Paints will also help protect nails from environmental damage, ensuring a stronger, more resilient nail. (888) 745-4030 x18357


Functional modern art for your salon

European Touch’s ElleSpa comes standard with a full body back massage and vibration massage in the bottom seat cushion, as well as a durable steel support frame in the base and pop-up trays for manicure service or beverage placement. The chair comes in colors Cappuccino, Black, and Wine. (888) 745-4030 x18355

En Vogue has a new soak-off gel-polish line, Lac It! The newest colors for spring include Scarlet Ribbons, Aubergine, and Pretty In Pink. The gel-polish goes on quickly and evenly with a traditional polish-like brush-on application. And the gels cure and soak-off quickly so techs can keep the clients coming back for more. (888) 745-4030 x18356

Fōm is a useful foam product designed for manicurists, so much so that the company made the name an acronym for “friends of manicurists.” Fōm comes in strips that can be cut to perform any service or need. They can be used for prep as a surface cleaner, for removing gel residue or the tacky layer, and for polish removal just to name a few. (888) 745-4030 x18358

Cácee’s new polish line called BFF (Best Friends Forever) offers a full range of colors from the elegant nudes shown here to bright bold colors for a total of over 60 shades to match any client’s preference. The colors pictured are Katherine, Sam, and Betty. (888) 745-4030 x18359

166 |


na0712ProductSpotlight.indd 166


JULY 2012

5/23/12 4:15 PM


BeautyyTec ch


Deluxe 6 on. Gem Tweezer and Scoop * Use the scoop for sprinkling glitter into

gel for Rock-Star effects * Sharp tweezer end for precision placement of nail art

Stainless Steel Mini Measuring Spoons, 3 pc set * Dash 1/8 tsp., pinch 1/16 tsp., and smidgen 1/32 tsp

* Choose the right size to

measure your glitter for perfect recipes every time!


Deluxe Stainless Steel Stir Spatula * 6 3/4 in. long with 2x5/16 in. spatula

* Stir your pot or bottle gels

for perfect color consistency

* Scoop loose glitter and gemstones

* Pluck Fimo Clay Cane slice from your stash 1-631-981-1273


NA0811beautytechTools.indd 1

6/27/11 2:51:47 PM

Like to Advertise

In The Marketplace? PLEASE CONTACT: Mary Baughman - East Coast 310.533.2412 Michelle Mullen - West/Canada 310.533.2465

NAILS Magazine, 3520 Challenger St., Torrance, CA 90503 • 310/533-2400

Purse Bags


Call (800) 451-6733 or E-mail

These unique totes from Action Bag Company are perfect for holding a gift card or nail polish. Secure contents elegantly with a ribbon closure. Add a personalized label or add your imprinted nail salon logo for instant brand building. Call us at (800) 301-0852 or visit us online for a FREE catalog and samples today.

We manufacture & distribute the FINEST machines & bits available — GUARANTEED! We service & repair most “Quality” machines — quickly.

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JULY 2012



170-171, 172-173




Deal Sheet shows you all the bimonthly deals offered by your favorite manufacturers and distributors. Browse through this issue, brought to you by NAILS Magazine, before doing your shopping at your distributor.


170-173 174-175 176-177 178 179 180 181, 183 182 184 185

Premier Nail Source Bio Seaweed Gel


The Nail Superstore Star Nail Konad


Lexor Inc. Nailite Inc. Beauty Millennium Supply Source

181, 183


184 Call your professional beauty products supplier directly to take advantage of this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great deals. Tell them you heard about them in NAILS Deal Sheet! 185

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0HONE  s &AX  


COLOR TIPS YOUR CHOICE: #NB0191 Black #NB0192 Burgundy #NB0193 Red #NB0194 Pink #NB0195 French Pink #NB0196 Beige












Sanitation Kits Mr. Pumice




Mr. Pumice


















$1 per roll


NAIL $6.95 500-ct. 1-10 BASIX $1.95 / 50-ct. refills





100/180 #NB0012 80/80 #NB0014 100/180 #NB0016

Onezees Toe Spa Thong Slippers Separators

H Cuticle Eraser Stones 65¢ ea.





Xtreme Cut-Out

Xtreme Curve XL





#NB0106 (ALF 7ELL





&RENCH White

Xtreme Cut-Out White

Your Choice

Spoon Pusher #NB0201






$1 $1 'ERMAN


.75 oz.

2 oz.

4 oz.




NB1101 NB1104 NB1107 NB1110 NB1113 NB1116 NB1119

NB1102 NB1105 NB1108 NB1111 NB1114 NB1117 NB1120

NB1103 NB1106 NB1109 NB1112 NB1115 NB1118 NB1121

6 OZ


4 oz.

16 oz. #PN114B

Brush Cleaner


8 oz.

$3.95 NB1018 $6.95 NB1019 $11.95 8 OZ


SALE! $4.75




$1.95 NB1022

Brush-On Activator

$1.95 1/2 oz. NB1023

Dust Brush

Komfort Wedge

4 oz. NB0323 Mushroom Pump Twist-Lock Pump 8 oz. NB0324

$2.95 NB0314 $2.95 NB0315 $11.95 WEDGE1 $1.95 NB0322 $1.95 NB0321 $5.95 EACH


'.'*$/+D8&*&* (&'-$/+D8&*''


Brush-On Resin $1.95 10 gm NB1025


Triple Dappen

Sonic Touch III

Acetone Proof 2 for



Pink Bright Pink White Bright White Clear X-Thick

UV Gel Sealer $4.95 Shimmer Gel NB1045



Porcelain w/ Lid


Resin $3.95 3INGLE 0ROCESS56 'EL 1 oz. NB1026 1 oz. $6.95 4 oz. $19.95 Extender Tips 16 oz. $59.95 10-ct. 95¢

$1.95 $3.95



Brush stores in handle!

Anti-Fungal Prep Spray

SAVE $40 Ceramic w/Cork



$2.95 $4.95

$5.95 NB0318 $1.00 NB0319 $1.00 NB0320 $139.95 ST01



Split Second Activator Spray

2 oz. NB1057 8 oz. NB1021




2 oz. NB1058 8 oz. NB1020

KOLINSKY $1 PURE Acrylic Brushes $1 $1


Stainless Steel Dust Masks

Nylon Gel Brush #NB0407

.!), !24

"253( SALE! 3%4

4 oz. #NB0410


Flat Sable Acrylic Brush

LONG #NB0406




Round Sable Acrylic Brush


Hospital Grade



2 oz. NB1056




GAL. #PN114G

ACRYLIC LIQUID VIOLET MONOMER 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1053 $2.95 NB1054 $4.95 NB1013 $6.95 ODORLESS ACRYLIC LIQUID 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. NB1055 $3.95 NB1016 $6.95 NB1017 $11.95 UV CURABLE ODOR FREE



$2.50 #NB0308




Horseshoe Forms

Brush Cleaner Holder SALE!

$6.95 6-CT.


$2.95 #NB0307



Curved #NB0213 / Straight #NB0214 TM

Clear White Bright White Pink Bright Pink Natural French Dip


For A Perfect C-Curve Every Time #NC0134








C-CURVE STICKS Shaping Tools


Rectangular Forms


2-Sided Straight Pusher #NB0203


25¢ each $23.95 100-ct. $99.95 Case (500)


Gel Glue 4 gm. $3.95 #IBD309





Brush-On Nail Glue 6 gm. $2.95 #IBD305

Professional Nail Glue 2 gm. $1.75 #IBD301


Dries in Seconds!

BOX OF 250

Xtreme Square

Straight Pusher / Cleaner #NB0204







20¢ ;7'&&#FA '.$/+ CASE (500) ./$/+ SANITIZABLE BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Purple Med/Coarse NB0001 NB0001P NB0001C Orange Med/Fine NB0002 NB0002P NB0002C Blue Fine/Super Fine NB0003 NB0003P NB0003C ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;˘ NB0034 NB0034P NB0034C

3 GM.

Extra Strength Bullet Glue Twist-Off #NC0305 20¢ Nozzle!

Spoon Pusher / Pterygium Remover #NB0202

Locking Handle





$1 1X




MINI ARCTIC BLOCKSâ&#x201E;˘ (EACH) #NB0040 '&&#F79AD8&&*&F97I;D8&&*&9





Xtreme Cut-Out Clear







NAIL BASIX BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Yellow Manicure NB0004 NB0004P NB0004C Pink Pedicure NB0005 NB0005P NB0005C



2 GM.



12-pr. #SB0405

MINI ORANGE BLOCKS (EACH) #NB0041 '&&#F79AD8&&*'F97I;D8&&*'9


1, 2, 3â&#x20AC;Ś DRY!â&#x201E;˘

Xtreme Cut-Out Curve


German Callus Planer Blades 10-ct.

DISPOSABLE MINI BLOCKS MINI-FILES 20-ct. $2.50 15¢ ;7$'&&#FA $13.95 97I;'&&& $119.95

180/180 #NB0013 100/100 #NB0015 180/180 #NB0017

3-Way 49¢ #NB0031 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0031P 4-Way 49¢ #NB0032 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0032P






100/180 GRIT

E Natural Nail Garnet Boards 20-ct. $2.95 #NB0025 F Professional Pink Glass File $1.49 #NB0030L G Professional Buffers 49¢ ea. 50-ct. $19.95





$9.95 / 500-ct. / Sizes 1-10 $2.95 / 50-ct. refills





Hygienic Files 20-ct. $5.95 Individually Sealed 3-Way Shiner Blocks C Black .&%.&D8&&'.'&&%'&&D8&&'/'&&%'.&D8&&(& 49¢ #NB0037 3!,%! #4 D Zebra .&%.&D8&&(''&&%'&&D8&&(('&&%'.&D8&&()

Waterproof Material




B Zebra





T I P S â&#x20AC;&#x201D; G L U E S

BALI #HT0002

Cuccio NaturalĂŠ Aqua Leaves Pedicure Discs

Ultimate Foot File

Professional Cushioned Files 20-ct. $4.95 A Black 80/80 #NB0010 100/100 #NB0011




Mr. Pumice

Ultimate Pumi Bar Purple Pumi Bar

by Graham Professional

$1 B U F F E R S

Want to be notified about our Weekly Hot Deals? Sign up for e-mail notifications on our website.

Pink NB1046 Clear NB1047



Fiberglass or Silk Strips 1" x 36", 2 ct. Fiberglass (NB1048) Silk (NB1049) $2.95 Litl Diprâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 10-ct.

$1 NB0336 $9.95 LD1004

#1 FOR QUALITY, SELECTION & VALUE PHONE: 1-800-727-111Ă&#x2039;VĂ&#x2039;8 .0 ]Ă&#x2039;888Âą+-  -!.#2- Âą #

Also Available: Pre-Cut Fingers 70-ct. Fiberglass (NB1050) Silk (NB1051) $2.95


Prices in this ad are valid July 1 through August 31, 2012. Afterward prices subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are denoted in parenthesis. na0712ds.indd 170

5/23/12 9:33 AM



Now accepting






We also accept ACH/E-checks, wire transfers and these credit cards:

Whisks dust and debris out of the air!

jm_d\Wdi ^ej%YebZ Wkjeed%e\\


Acrylic Bit Stand Holds 6

Small Barrel #NB0502

Small Barrel #NB0509

#NB0518 Fine

Cone #NB0510

#NB0519 Medium #NB0520 Coarse

Backfill #NB0511 Football #NB0512


Toothpick #NB0504 Football #NB0505 4-wk Backfill #NB0506

Toothpick #NB0513

2-wk Backfill #NB0507

$3.95 Chamois Buffer Bit

49¢ #NB0517


Clear #NAB0001

Gold #NAB0004



$19.95 9 WATT




$1 $1




Choose from many styles at





.5 OZ. .25 OZ.



.35 OZ.







.5 OZ.

.33 OZ.


.6 OZ.




Pedicure Slippers

Toe Separators




Pumice Sponges #SB0408






55¢ EACH $11.95



15¢ EACH







Fan Brush #NAB0114







$49.95 #SB0201


with 20 abrasive pads




SALE! Microplane


Colossal Foot File SAVE

Pedicure Socks

20 replacement pads $4.95


$9.95 #SB0417

PEDISTILâ&#x201E;˘ Pedicure Foot & Leg Rest $19.95 #PediStil1

Black #SB0409 White #SB0410


$2.95 pair

MANICURE FIZZ Peppermint Pedicure Collection

Gentle Exfoliating Sloughing CrĂŠme


5 Gallons $59.95


Gal. $14.95


CrĂŠme Mask

Pedicure Scrub

Rock Salts

Ice Cooling Gel

($10 S&H)

($5 S&H)

8 oz. $2.95



S N U A I P L P L A I R E T S A C C E S S O R I & E S


Stainless Steel Pedicure File

Gauze Wipes

100-ct. 4ERRY#LOTH -ITTENS /2"OOTIES Birchwood $4.95 Sticks SB0215

Holds All Popular Brands 25-CT. WHITE CUPS

0!)2 100-ct.



Manicure Warmer $9.95



TABLE TOP DISPLAYS Holds 30 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 60 Bottles - $29.95 WALL MOUNTED Holds 36 Bottles - $19.95 Holds 90 Bottles - $29.95






.5 OZ.



Detail Brush #NAB0112

per roll

.3 OZ.

1 LB. 6 LBS. PEACH #SB0202 #SB0203 LAVENDER #SB0204 #SB0205 VANILLA #SB0206 #SB0207



Striper Brush #NAB0111

$1 $ 1


$3.95 per pound* 6 lb. Box $17.95*($5 S&H)

Manicure Scrub Heavy Duty 4-Way NEW! SPA FIZZâ&#x201E;˘ #SB0304 Red Pedicure File Brushes BUBBLE BOWL #SB0412



.6 OZ.



Toe Separators $3.95 24-ct. $1




.25 OZ.




` $59.95


Art Club

2.5 OZ. TM

Art Club


.33 OZ.



.25 OZ.


9 WATT #NC0007




UV BULBS $4.95 EA.


RHINESTONE WHEELS 240-CT. .I>7F;I AVAILABLE $1.95 1200-CT. $4.95




7 WATT #NC0231









$99.95 #NC0229 $49.95 #NC0004



#EDMT20 20,000 RPM

15,000 RPM

$69.95 VALUE



Red #NAB0010




Purple #NAB0009


UV Lamp with Removable Shade #NB1504



Pink #NAB0008


Cone NB0516




Barrel NB0515


SALE! $149.95

Includes 3 bits and no-hassle warranty.


$11.95 $2.95


Green #NAB0005


Professional UV Lamp #NB1500


Iridescent #NAB0006 Light Blue #NAB0007




Black #NAB0002 Blue #NAB0003



-!.) 02/

Exclusive Price! 25,000 RPM

Includes 6 bits, 3 sanding bands and convenient carrying case.


Buffing Stone "ITS



â&#x20AC;&#x153;THE BULLETâ&#x20AC;? DRILL KIT

0EDICURE Bit #NB0522

$2.95 EACH.

$4.95 EACH.



Large Barrel #NB0501

Cone #NB0503


1000 ct. 100 ct.

Large Barrel #NB0508








* Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $99 or more; excludes oversized items as noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $99 or more shipped in a single box weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes $19.95 brokering fee & import taxes.






Photos are merely representational. Items are not necessarily shown to scale in relation to other products shown. Not responsible for typographical errors. na0712ds.indd 171

5/23/12 9:33 AM


SJ $6.00





.25 OZ.

BUY 2 =;J 1 <H;;

BUY 2 =;J 1 <H;;

.5 OZ. "59ĂĽ/.%ĂĽ%!#(ĂĽ/&ĂĽh3#!2,%4vĂĽ!.$ h&2/34")4%v ĂĽ'%4ĂĽh3./7vĂĽ&2%%ĂĽ



.5 OZ. "59ĂĽ/.%ĂĽ%!#(ĂĽ/&ĂĽh0).+ĂĽ6/,4!'%vĂĽ!.$ĂĽ h4/7%,ĂĽ"/9ĂĽ4/9v ĂĽ'%4ĂĽh./6!vĂĽ&2%%ĂĽ











.5 OZ.




Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s #1 Selling Super Fast Drying Top Coat!



BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;










($5 S&H)


$29ĂĽ(%%, %,)-).!4/2 4 OZ.

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;

0%$)ĂĽ#!2%ĂĽ 0%$)ĂĽ3/!+ĂĽ 0%$)ĂĽ3/&4ĂĽ 0%$)ĂĽ)#%ĂĽ 0%$)ĂĽ3#25"ĂĽ


'% '% '% '% '%

sĂĽ./. &/!-).' sĂĽ2%3)$5% &2%%







$4.95 #VR02

#OML1 .5 OZ.

#/.4!).3ĂĽ&$! !002/6%$ 5.$%#9,%.)#ĂĽ!#)$ #/.4!).3ĂĽ./ĂĽ 4(9-/, 7/2+3ĂĽ/6%2 ,!#15%2ĂĽ!.$ !24)&)#)!,ĂĽ.!),3

$99.90 #SC12 3!.) 4!",%43ĂĽ 0%$)#52%ĂĽ #(!)2ĂĽ $)3).&%#4!.4ĂĽ 4!",%43  #4


14.1 OZ. 0%$)ĂĽ*%4ĂĽ./. &/!-).'ĂĽ&//4ĂĽ3/!+ĂĽ

($5 S&H)

Deep Exfoliating Aloe Vera Scrub Gel with Chamomile and Oak Bark.



BUY 2 =;J 1 <H;;









Remove calluses in seconds! No Run Formula Clean Citrus Scent

#AC09 ĂĽ342)0%2 ,!#15%23

ĂĽ*!23ĂĽ/& 302).+,%3

ĂĽ3(%%43ĂĽ/& 3%,& 34)#+ $%#!,3


/2)').!,ĂĽ CALLUS %,)-).!4/2 18 OZ.


While $1.00 Supplies #MP111 Last!



$9.95 #MC01

















(%!,4(9ĂĽ&%%4 &//4ĂĽ302!9




14 OZ.




2 OZ.


02/&%33)/.!,ĂĽ",!$%3ĂĽ #4






SAVE $2.50

"59ĂĽ/.%ĂĽ.!),ĂĽ4%+ĂĽ)))ĂĽ02/4%#4)/.ĂĽ0,53ĂĽ '%4ĂĽ/.%ĂĽ&/5.$!4)/.ĂĽ)))ĂĽĂĽ/:ĂĽFREE!

$4.95 SAVE









"59ĂĽ/.% ,)4,%ĂĽ$)023ĂĽ 7%!2!",%ĂĽ 3/!+%23ĂĽ  #4 ĂĽ'%4ĂĽ ,)4,%ĂĽ$)023ĂĽ !#%4/.%ĂĽ 2%-/6%2 4 OZ. FREE!



BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;

WHITE B?=>JD?D= #/,/33!,ĂĽ&),%ĂĽ


SAVE $15.00


$5+!,ĂĽ30!ĂĽ#/44/.ĂĽ&),,%$ĂĽ '!5:%ĂĽ30/.'%3ĂĽ #4


Wax Warmer, Brazilian Body Hard Wax 14 oz., Pre-Epilation Oil 2 oz., Post Wax Cooling Gel 2 oz., Large Accu-Edge Applicators 10-ct., Small Accu Edge Applicators 10-ct., Petite Applicators 10-ct., DVD



with #BD1279 rhinestone zipper

TWO-SIDED 50-CT. $4.95

While Supplies Last!


<H;;I>?FF?D=EDEH:;HIE<$99 OR MORE!* * Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $99 or more; excludes oversized items noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $99 or more when shipped in a single box weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes $19.95 brokering fee/taxes incurred when clearing customs.


na0712ds.indd 172

5/23/12 9:33 AM


56 RETENTION+â&#x201E;˘ ESSENTIAL PACK $49.95 SAVE 50%

NEW â&#x20AC;&#x153;ADDITIVESâ&#x20AC;?

Pack Includes: Retention+ Sculpting Liquid 8 oz. H[j[dj_ed!IYkbfj_d]FemZ[hi0

ADD. BLEND. CREATE! 12 pure pigments and effects for no-limits nail artistry. Blend into any sculpting powder or gel, or layer over CND Shellac. $7.95 each

Intense Pink Sheer .8 oz. Bright White Opaque .8 oz.

ProSeries L&P Round Brush #8 IYhkX<h[i^.ep$ IebWhE_b$(+ep$ <H;;9D:Be]e8W]#CND1085

SCULPT & SAVE! Purchase any 16 oz. CND Sculpting Liquid, get one Perfect Color Sculpting Powder 3.7 oz. FREE! $59.95 SAVE $32.75




2 OFF BULK SpaManicure SpaPedicure Products

Select MoxieÂŽ, Retention+ÂŽ or SolarNailÂŽ Liquid 16 oz.


ADDITIVES NAIL ART KIT 6 Additives plus a FREE CND logo case and FREE 5-piece tool kit! #CND1084 LYTE ULTRA-SHEER BODY BUTTERS



SAVE $18.50


FkhY^Wi[Ed[I^_cc[h_p[=[b'ep$" =[jEd[IjWhb_j[=[b9b[Wh'ep$<H;;

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;


8 OZ.



F;:?#<IZZ 160-CT. MILK & HONEY

$29.95 $47.95 EACH

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;













1.75 OZ.


.3 OZ.

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;






$1.00 2 GRAMS #SSNG2





BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;

.5 OZ. #CP13

$4.95 #CP16


$49.95 36 WATT TUNNEL UV LAMP with built-in timer and surrounding mirror panels



64 OZ. TM

Tropical Twist Collection

Natural Nail System

SAVE $20


$99.95 â&#x20AC;&#x153;CLASSICâ&#x20AC;?



BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;



SAVE $50



IE7A#E<< KL=;B



;\\[hl[iY[dj <h[i^IY[dj

Easy application, glossy finish, strength and durability.

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;





BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;


Leading Professional Brands Recognized Around the World

$74.95 #CP100 SALON VALUE

BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;; 1 OZ.






1, 2, 3â&#x20AC;Ś DRY! BUY 1 =;J 1 <H;;



na0712ds.indd 173

5/23/12 9:33 AM

na0712ds.indd 174

5/23/12 9:34 AM na0712ds.indd 175

5/23/12 9:34 AM

NA0712bioseaweedspd.indd 2-3 na0712ds.indd 176

5/23/12 9:34 AM

na0712ds.indd 177

5/22/12 5/23/12 2:48 9:34 PM AM

A New Revolution: Pedicures Just Got Steamy

Watch product demo

The patent-pending Red Dragon Sauna system uses gentle steam to pamper feet, significantly reducing water consumption and taking up considerably less space. Experience this totally new concept in pedicure treatments today!

System starts at



Patent-pending #13078560



Professional Electric Nail File System

$20 off plus free refill pads (30 ct)

Limited time offer!



Item# 410108 - 410111

Item# 429006 Reg. price $59.95

Reg. price $175.00



Cures UV gel polish within 30 seconds!

Hurry, get yours today



Item# 720073 Reg. price $175.00


Item# 720069 - 720072 Reg. price $79.95

Visit our website and online store at


We speak your language: English, Tiếng Việt, Français, Español,

na0712ds.indd 178

5/23/12 9:34 AM

na0712ds.indd 179

5/23/12 9:34 AM

na0712ds.indd 180 1 NA0412konadfp.indd

5/23/12 11:23 9:35 AM 2/16/12 AM




Enlightened Luxury

PRICE - $2995

PRICE - $2995



Buy ONE & recieve $500 Lexor Cash to spend on any Lexor Product. Restrictions Apply.

-USTBEUSEDWITHINTHESAMETRANSACTIONOFTHE)NĂ&#x17E;NITYOR Luminous purchase. Redeemable for any Lexor products, excluding pedicure spa chairs, shipping, labor costs and sales tax. Cannot be redeemed for cash or cash discount. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

Expires: 07/31/2012 Promo code: ML500CASH

Spend your Lexor Cash on: Nail Table


Extended Warranty

Customer Chair



- 211 - 7404 1RZÂżQGXVRQ

2/16/12 11:23 AM

na0712ds.indd 181

5/23/12 9:35 AM na0712ds.indd 182 NA0412nailitefp.indd 1

5/23/12 9:35 AM 2/16/12 2:28 PM



The Liberte Spa & the Nail Table


C Auto-Fill


UL ®


Made in USA

*Color: Champagne and White Pearl Base, Neptune and Sand Cushion, Sky Blue AnGELicâ&#x201E;¢ Bowl


- 211 - 7404 1RZ¿QGXVRQ


Promotions cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, additional discounts, or substitutions and are valid only at time of purchase. While supplies last. Pedi-Spatm models, features, and specifications are based upon information available at time of printing and is subject to change without notice. Contact your sales representative for a list of current models, features and specifications. Due to limitations of the printing process, actual colors may be different from colors shown in bulkmail. Unless specified, All Promotions Expire 7/31/2012

2/16/12 2:28 PM

na0712ds.indd 183

5/23/12 9:35 AM

na0712ds.indd 184 NA0712beautymillenfp.indd 1

5/23/12 5/23/12 10:42 9:40 AM AM

5/22/12 4:13 PM

na0712ds.indd 185 NA1111supplysourcefp.indd 1

5/23/12 9:35 AM 4/11/11 12:11:36 PM


my other life

Rebekah Summers, nail tech In her other life: school bus driver

She’s Got Drive “If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be a bus driver today and would be loving my job, I would have laughed out loud,” says Rebekah Summers, the owner of Perfect 10 Nails inside Don’s Barber Shop in Cadiz, Ky. Summers


I get attached to the kids, seeing them five days a week, knowing just about every part of their lives.


began driving a school bus for the Trigg County School Systems in 2002 and her schedule is anything but laid back. She does her morning route on the bus, parks the bus on the school campus, walks a half-mile to work, and opens the salon for business at 8 a.m. By 2:30 she walks back to the bus, does the afternoon route, parks the bus at her house then walks a short way back to the shop to accommodate any late appointments. “I have driven the same route the whole time, so I have had just about the same group of kids since I started,” she says. “They range from kindergarteners to seniors. Believe it or not, it’s less hectic this way. The older kids usually don’t want anything to do with the younger kids, so everyone stays to themselves.” The only challenge, says Summers, is new kids or kindergarteners. “They don’t already know the rules of my bus, so I constantly have to repeat myself. I always feel like I’m nagging and no one wants to be remembered as a nagging bus driver.” The only other difficulty is saying goodbye to the seniors. “I get attached to the kids, seeing them five days a week, knowing just about every part of their lives. Then they graduate and go off to school,” she says. “Sometimes I still get text messages from them just wondering what I am doing. “I absolutely love both of my jobs. I have the best bus of kids in the world and the best group of clients in the world.”

NAILS (ISSN 0896-193x) (USPS 001-426) (CDN IPM# 40013413) is published monthly, with an extra issue in December, by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Periodicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Nails, P.O. Box 1067 Skokie, IL 60076-8068. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for address changes to take effect. Subscription Prices - United States $20 per year; Canada $57 per year; Foreign $87 per year. Single copy price - $5; Big Book - $40. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your first issue. Bobit Business Media reserves the right to refuse non-qualified subscriptions. Please address Editorial and Advertising correspondence to the Executive Offices at 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, California 90503-1640 or online at The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of Bobit Business Media. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission.

186 |


na0712myotherlife.indd 186


JULY 2012

5/22/12 2:24 PM

WHO ARE YOU? The girl with the edge? The style standout? Retention+™ is not your mother’s acrylic. It’s the original game changer for long, sleek, naturallooking nails. And now with new Retention+ Powder the sky’s the limit. Shape. Lengthen. Construct. Build. Totally transform! Retention+ Liquid & Powder System. New from CND.

8 YEARS IN A ROW! ©2012 Creative Nail Design, Inc.

na0712myotherlife.indd C3

5/22/12 2:25 PM


MODEL IS WEARING GELCOLOR BY OPI A GRAPE FIT! ©2012 OPI Products Inc. Call 800.341.9999 or visit

na0712myotherlife.indd C4

5/22/12 2:25 PM

Nails Magazine July 2012  

Magazine for the professional nail industry.

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