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Today, an estimated 75 million people consider themselves NASCAR racing fans. - Street & Smith Sports Business Journal


yrs & counting

ISC - THE POWER OF ONE International Speedway Corporation utilizes a unique corporate structure that facilitates a centralized approach to the management of ISC's collective base of assets. That's why many of America's top Fortune 500 companies make International Speedway Corporation part of their successful marketing program. Corporate partners such as Wal-Mart, UPS, Disney and Pepsi understand that our large national footprint can leverage a consistent and direct message to consumers in more than two-thirds of the Direct Marketing Areas (DMA's) in the United States. More than 300 corporate partners annually trust ISC to deliver their brand message year in and year out at our nationwide facilities.

Annually we leverage relationships with over 300 sponsors including more than 120 multi-track partners. Our sponsors and partners include prestigious organizations such as those listed below, just to name a few.

Bill France proposes construction of a

Initial organizational meeting for

1948 NASCAR formally incorporated on Feb. 21.

1947 NASCAR conducted on Dec. 14


1953 permanent speedway facility on April 4. Bill France Racing, Inc. becomes incorporated.

by Bill France and associates.

We currently


owned & operated facilities

ISC - UNPARALLELED MARKETING POWER Over two hundred and eighty million people live in America and 80% of them reside within the primary trading area of an ISC facility. No other sports facility operator in this country has the ability to offer marketing partners access and promotional licensing rights to 12 major race facilities, including rights to the racing industry's "Super Bowl" event, the Daytona 500.

From California to New York, Chicago to Miami and markets in between, ISC has the entertainment facilities and national reach to take your brand to the next level. At least one of our facilities is within the reach of 7 of the 10 largest metropolitan areas and/or 6 of 10 fastest growing cities in the United States. Your brand will touch millions of loyal fans during a year round sales cycle thanks to our 11-month racing season.














Target Market - Seattle


Target Market - New York


Bill France Racing, Inc. changes

1955 name to Daytona International Speedway Corporation.

1957 Ground clearing for Daytona International

1959 Daytona International Speedway opens.

Speedway begins on Nov. 25.

First Daytona 500 is run on Feb. 22.


manage over one million grandstand seats & have a presence in six of the country’s top ten media markets.


7 2




3 9



10 6



= 6 hrs. or approx. 500 miles distance from each facility.

“We are focusing considerable efforts on strengthening relationships with corporate partners to help them achieve their marketing goals and maximize their return on investment.� - ISC Annual Report Bill France meets with Talladega Mayor to

1966 propose the constructions of a superspeedway

1968 Bill France Racing, Inc. changes name to

on a site near Talladega.

International Speedway corporation.

We leveraged relationships with over 300 sponsors, including more than 120 multi-track partners. New multi-track relationships with well-known organizations including DeWalt, Labor Ready, Newell-Rubbermaid, Smirnoff Ice and US Army, to name a few. CORPORATE PARTNERS Anheuser Busch Argent Mortgage Con-Agra Foods Dewalt Ford Gatorade General Motors

Home Depot Levis Miller Brewing Nextel Pepsi Sunoco

SunTrust Toyota Unilever UPS Visa Wachovia


1969 Construction begins on the Talladega Superspeedway.

1970 Motor Racing Network goes on the air to


broadcast the 1970 Daytona 500 on Feb. 22.

ISC - COMMITMENT TO PARTNERSHIP Over the past fifty years, one brand has emerged as the preeminent leader of the motorsports entertainment industry in America - International Speedway Corporation. We have worked tirelessly since 1959 to build a solid foundation for motorsports and we are proud of the contribution we've made to the growth and success of American racing.

More than six million fans all over the country annually walk through our gates for events hosted by International Speedway Corporation (ISC) ranging from the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing (NASCAR) to the Indy Racing League (IRL), Grand American Road Racing Association (Grand American) to International Race of Champions (IROC) and American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). Another 200 million fans watch these events on television broadcast from our facilities. We will never stop trying to make the live racing experience bigger, better, unique and more memorable for our fans.


corporate sponsors

“We were able to reach consumers from coast-to-coast. From California to Florida with stops in between.” - John Galloway, Pepsi Corporation



ISC purchases historic Darlington Raceway in South Carolina.

ICS - LICENSING BRAND MANAGEMENT International Speedway Corporation's Licensing and Brand Management department concentrates on developing quality licensing platforms for merchandise and products through integrated licensing and marketing programs. The goal of these platforms is to drive revenue for your company by leveraging ISC’s powerful brands. As a licensee you will enjoy leveraging the intellectual property assets of 12 national facilities and events including the Daytona 500 and the Ford Championship Weekend at Homestead-Miami. Using International Speedway Corporation marks will allow you to tap into 75 million race fans of which two-thirds purchase and/or try products related to NASCAR racing. Partner with ISC Licensing and Brand Management to create a fully rounded licensing platform creating a compelling point of difference from your competition.


ISC purchases interest in Watkins Glen International road course in upstate New York.


DAYTONA USA, “The Ultimate Motorsports Attraction,” opens to the public on July 5.

LICENSING PARTNERS Ashworth Disney EA Sports Justice League Warner Brothers SunTrust 1997

ISC acquires Phoenix International Raceway.


ISC joins with Indianapolis Motorspeedway and Route 66 Raceway to build motorsports facility in chicago.


ISC completes merger with Penske Motorsports, Inc. acquiring 4 more tracks.


NASCAR’s major racing series command the highest level of brand loyalty and sponsor satisfaction in all of major sports. - Street & Smith Sports Business Journal


million Nascar fans


million viewers

ISC ensures a sponsor’s message is not only seen, but it is woven into the overall fabric of the event.


Groundbreaking for Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas


Kansas Speedway and Chicagoland Speedway host inaugural NASCAR Winston Cup Race.

ISC - LICENSING OPPORTUNITIES With 12 nationwide facilities, over 1 million grandstand seats and 500 luxury corporate suites, we have the power to extend your business reach. Licensing opportunities are available in almost all categories ranging from traditional mass merchandise programs to unique channel programs. In addition to hosting racing events, our facilities have been licensed to be the backdrop for commercials and the location for Hollywood movie shoots, concerts, media extravaganzas and special events. Companies from all over the world access International Speedway Corporation's collection of more than 2 million images for their ad campaigns, in-house training, marketing and numerous other creative needs. We also boast the largest and most unique collection of archival racing video, still photography and memorabilia dating back to the early days of beach racing. These are just a few of the new opportunities available for you to license from ISC's Licensing and Brand Management.



ISC acquires Martinsville Speedway.

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