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david walker, director, Bsa lottie andrews, communications and engagement manager, Bsa Jo cameron, Bsa chair 2024 and PrinciPal, Queenswood school

international Boarding day (sat 8 oct) round-uP heads on the move #iloveBoarding news in BrieF

going From strength to strength on Board

irish Boarding conFerence international Boarding kingsley’s earth centre

Jack harty, earth centre manager, kingsley school

weekends in Boarding

staFF wellBeing / staFFing models in the Boarding house catering For Both national and international PuPils

emily liPscomBe, head oF Boarding, slindon college

adding engineering, enterPrise and technology into the curriculum michael alton, head oF eer, Fettes college

Boarding house PuPPy

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David Walker Director BSA

Lottie Andrews Communications and Engagement Manager Boarding Schools’ Association

From From the Director the Editor While celebrating the vibrancy of boarding life, this

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of this latest

often overlooked—the wellbeing of dedicated staff

sparking conversations about the vitality and spirit

issue sheds some deserved light on a crucial aspect

who make it all happen. maintaining a healthy work-life

balance is particularly challenging given the immersive

edition. May it serve as a source of inspiration, that define our boarding communities.

nature of boarding, so what methods are schools

with spring almost upon us, the Bsa team is looking

insight into the brilliant strategies being utilised in

those reading this edition of the magazine will be joining

adopting? the staff wellbeing feature gives an interesting schools to bring staff wellbeing up the priority list

ensuring those who give so much can continue to thrive

within their roles.

at the same time, we should acknowledge the great

benefits to wellbeing that being in, and leading, a closeknit community can bring. indeed, many practitioners

ahead to conference season. we certainly hope many of us at our Annual Conference for Heads

(May 7-8) and Annual Boarding Conference (June 4-5). Both events are located centrally at the hilton hotel, london heathrow t5 and offer a hugely valuable

opportunity for the boarding sector to come together to share experiences and explore the future of boarding.

will raise an eyebrow about the term ‘work-life balance’,

if you would like to contribute towards a future edition of

within this binary term.

the Bsa team via

rightly pointing out the shades of grey that can exist

additionally, the great sense of purpose and meaning

given to us by supporting young people as they learn to

this publication, circulated each term, please do contact

Happy reading!

navigate the world around them is brilliant for our

wellbeing. we must never forget the impact our roles have on young people.

i hope you find this magazine helpful and interesting.

thank you for taking the time to read it and to all those who have contributed to its production.

Front cover: Stonyhurst

the institute oF Boarding

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BSA/TIOB Annual Boarding Conference

Future proof your boarding ConfErEnCE CHAir HoStEd By CHriS WHEElEr, PrinCiPAl, Monkton CoMBE SCHool

AudiEnCE Deputy HeaDs, HeaDs of BoarDing, BoarDing House staff VEnuE Hilton, lonDon HeatHrow, terminal 5

Part of the Bsa group

04-05 June 2024


Jo Cameron BSA Chair 2024 and Principal Queenswood School

From the Chair A warm welcome to the Spring 2024

edition of Boarding School, the

official magazine of the BSA

published each term. it is a great

pleasure to be writing my first

foreword as new BSA Chair. i am

delighted to represent such a hard

working and committed

community of people.

This digital publication is an opportunity

Day in October. It was wonderful to feel

united in this collective effort to protect

the environment and see sustainable

initiatives in action across the boarding

sector. Flick to pages 6-7 to view the


BSA’s extensive CPD programme offers

fantastic training opportunities this

spring. In January webinars and

seminars cover areas such as boarding

for the boarding community to connect

compliance, the Single Central Register

to improve boarding provision for the

Chaplain training, to name but a few.

and share experiences as we continue

young people in our care.

Alongside regular success stories and

accomplishments, this edition

celebrates international boarding,

delves behind the scenes during a

typical weekend in boarding and shares

staff wellbeing techniques as we

(SCR), inclusion and GAP assistant and

The full event calendar is available via

the BSA website and please do get in touch with the BSA should you ever

need support or guidance.

Finally, thank you for everything you do for the sector to nurture, encourage

and support our boarders. I hope you

continue to navigate busy boarding

will find the pages of this magazine

Also featured are the celebrations from

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


the eco-themed International Boarding

interesting reading.


International boarding day (Saturday October 08) round-up a




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BSA went green for this year’s #internationalBoardingday on October 08! We invited our boarding community to celebrate by sharing their eco boarding initiatives with us.



Schoolblazer are experts in innovation in school uniform; here they discuss incorporating heritage and fashion insight into their designs. Schoolblazer has built a reputation for “thinking outside the box” when it comes to school uniform design. Both fabrics and

tailoring are sourced directly, allowing not only certainty that

they meet strict environmental and ethical standards, but also

enabling swift innovation in response to changing trends.

knits, often to offer a modern alternative

There has been an overall decrease in

shirt or polo, this is more reflective of

knitwear, in a reflection of smaller logos

schools can be confident that their

shirt, jumper and blazer combination.

example Denstone, have opted not to

both their heritage and elements of

In 2023, Schoolblazer introduced a two-

Styles in uniform, though distinct from

designer and high street fashion, follow

these trends and are always considered

when designing a new look. Schoolblazer

bespoke uniform design will incorporate

recent fashion innovation.

New uniform requirements have

to blazers. When paired with a classic

adult trends rather than a traditional

can be worn outside of school.

popular in partner schools. The two-

colours are becoming more common;

summer dress which was immediately

Schoolblazer introduced a new relaxed

and more practical take on the classic

has seen significant uptake, mirroring

feature a crest on their blazer at all, so it Conversely, jacquard linings are more

piece consists of a blouse and culotte in

style of trouser for their schools which

on designer clothes; a few schools, for

piece alternative to the traditional

followed trends in businesswear

following the pandemic. In 2023,

the size of crests, particularly on

a complementary style, but is a modern

dress, allowing girls to move more freely.

popular than ever and contrasting

Westholme School for example has a

purple and lime green blazer. Schools

are exploring alternative ways of creating a distinctive look without making a huge

feature of their crest, which can come

Many schools are interested in a more

across as old-fashioned.

style. This shape can also help with fit,

in terms of achieving gender equity.

Uniform style is not decided by fashion

tricky to get right across a broad range

culottes instead of skirts for girls. There

make a new uniform stand out in a

There has also been an increase in

girls; switching to pocket inserts to

uniform look. For example, several

appearance, without losing this

the shift in business casual from tailored,

formal looks towards a more relaxed

for example hip-waist fit, which can be of teenage girls.

subtle advancements of the classic

schools have opted for bold knitwear

choices, such as quarter zips and cable

unisex approach to uniform, particularly

Some, such as Charterhouse, have taken

has been a slight move away from ties for boys as there is no equivalent for denote houses allows for a unified


trends, but an awareness of them can crowd. The team at Schoolblazer

understand that a school’s heritage

must be combined with modern

understanding of fit and style, to create a look that is unique for your school.


Hea on the

mrs lisa Kerr Principal George Watson’s College Taking over from Melvyn Roffe January 2024

mr James neville Head loughborough Amherst School Taking over from Dr Julian Murphy September 2023

mr neil Hampton Head rugby School Group Moving up from his current post of deputy executive headmaster September 2023

Dr Julian He the or Took ov Mr Joe Septemb

mrs Carmel mary o'Dolan Head Guildhouse School Took over from Mr Craig Wilson and Mr Jason Lewis September 2023

Dr gareth lloyd Head Malvern St James Girls Taking over from Mrs Olivera Raraty January 2024

mrs Helen foster Head loughborough Grammar School Took over from Dr Daniel Koch September 2023

mr phil He Ashville Pr Septemb

mrs sophie mcCabe New Head Mayfield school September 2023

mrs anne wakefield Head St Mary's Calne and St Margaret's Prep Taking over from Mr L Bromwich September 2024

mrs michelle Hill Head durham High School September 2023

mrs Julia Interi Woldi Took o Dr James Septem




murphy ad ratory ver from Smith ber 2023

mr Joe smith Head St Benedict’s Took over from Mr Andrew Johnson September 2023

mr James Jones Head Sidcot School Taking over from Mr Iain Kilpatrick January 2024

mr iain Kilpatrick Executive Headmaster yk Pao School Taking over from Mr David Mansfield December 2023

soutar ad rep School ber 2023

mrs Victoria taylor Head Adcote School

mrs anna paul Head South Hampstead High School Took over from Mrs Bingham September 2023

mr simon Burbury Head Marlborough College Malaysia Took over from Mr Alan Stevens September 2023

Harrington m Head ingham over from Whitehead mber 2023

mr Damian Henderson Head king William’s College Took over from Mr Joss Buchanan September 2023

mr peter green Head Gordonstoun Taking over from Mrs Lisa Kerr January 2024

mr irfan latif Head royal Hospital School Taking over from Mr Simon Lockyer September 2024

07-00284 may 2

0 10:30-17:0

Annual conference for Heads

Dynamic, Different & Div HoStEd By Jo CAMEron PrinCiPAl, QuEEnSWood And BSA CHAir ElECt, 2024 VEnuE Hilton, london HEAtHroW, tErMinAl 5

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sponsoreD By


Creating engaging Food Technology spaces for

Clifton College, Bristol durinG tHE lAtE SuMMEr of 2023, WitlEy JonES furniturE WAS ASkEd By Clifton CollEGE for ASSiStAnCE in dESiGninG And rEPurPoSinG A firSt-floor rooM in tHE PrEPArAtory SCHool into A BESPokE food tECHnoloGy ClASSrooM.

having worked closely with clifton college over many years, successfully delivering numerous boarding and day room furniture

projects, Paul williams, director of estates, asked for our assistance in creating an engaging and practical Food technology room. the brief for the project was to design the layout and manufacture furniture for a space suitable for class sizes of up to 20 pupils as their introduction to learning food technology.

the team at clifton college specified a high-end finish, meeting catering kitchen standards whilst also creating a warm and welcoming environment.

ConSidErEd kitCHEn dESiGn

With a long and narrow room with eaves detail and “nooks and

crannies” to work around, it was crucial how we considered the

layout of each workstation, location of ovens and sinks and to

create a safe environment to work in. This showcased our

dEliVErEd for nEW SCHool tErM Meeting a tight timeframe and collaborating seamlessly with

other trades, we delivered the project on time, with precision.

The result was a Food Technology classroom that not only met

the school’s deadline but also exceeded expectations - with

commitment to tailored solutions that meet the specific needs

zero snagging.

The heart of this project lay in shaping a classroom specifically

“Clifton College have been using Witley Jones for many years for boarding and day room furniture design, manufacture and installation and recently asked them to design and fit out our new Preparatory School Food Technology teaching space which we are very pleased with.

of the school, whilst optimising the space available.

designed for younger children to explore the realms of Food

Technology. Collaboration with the school team and M&E

contractors was vital in achieving the requirements of the curriculum whilst being aesthetically pleasing, safe and practical to work in.

Trespa, a solid grade laminate worktop material, was chosen for its durability and plenty of storage was factored into the

design with integrated Bosch appliances giving the finishing touch of quality to a really satisfying project.

“Their products are of the highest quality, the personal service provided is excellent and the costs are always reasonable. “We often give them very strict timescales which they have never failed to adhere to.”

Paul williams, estates capital Projects director





schools register

Schools Allergy Register A trust mark for allergy management Earned by schools, trusted by parents Allergy assessment + expert support + CPD accredited training Book your free consultation at

07597 780800

A DV ERTO RI A L Join the new Schools Allergy Register Setting the standard for best practice Schools committed to keeping pupils with allergies safe and included can now apply to join a new Schools Allergy Register, a published list of schools following best practice. They will also earn a trust mark. This is a special endorsement for schools that go above and beyond their statutory responsibilities, and are putting the safety and inclusion of their pupils first. “Allergy is an often over-looked area of safeguarding and we need to give parents, pupils and staff greater confidence that schools really understand allergy and know how to reduce risk.” John Murphie, Chief Operating Officer of the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association Schools on the Register are awarded their place after undergoing an assessment to ensure they meet the criteria laid out in the Schools Allergy Code. The Schools Allergy Code is a code of practice for allergy management drawn up by The Allergy Team, the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) and Benedict Blythe Foundation. A clear framework for schools to follow Described as a “game-changer for safety in schools”, the Code provides a set of standards for schools to make their settings as safe and as inclusive as possible. Any school can sign up to the Code, which has three main principles: 1.

Take every allergy seriously – allergic reactions are unpredictable and every child with a diagnosed allergy should be included in the measures outlined in the Code.


Every child matters – allergies are as unique as the children who have them. It is crucial that an individualised approach is adopted to implementing the Code, working with families and children to understand their experiences.


Prioritise safety and inclusion over the ‘status quo’ – responding to the needs of children with allergy can require finding new ways of doing things, with schools prioritising safety and inclusion every time. The Code includes guidance on taking a whole-school approach, clear communication about allergies, having clear governance and risk management, and readiness to respond to an allergic reaction in school. Schools aspiring to join the Register will benefit from a package of support. We work with you to reduce risk, shore up your procedures and develop practical policies, actionable in the real-world. You will have unlimited access to our flagship CPD-accredited allergy and anaphylaxis training and our expert webinar series.

A track record of delivering for schools

The Allergy Team has supported thousands of school staff with allergy and anaphylaxis training and carried out Allergy Reviews of schools across the country. Founded by Sarah Knight, whose children have multiple allergies, and backed by allergy clinicians across the UK, we are the experts in managing food allergies in schools and our aim is to share best practice as widely as possible to help keep pupils with allergies safer.


Reduce risk with ongoing support

NEWS IN a round-up of some of the stories fr

MillfiEld SCHool MillfiEld CHAMPionS GirlS in SPort WitH Pilot ProGrAMME Millfield is pioneering ‘girls in sport’ with a programme to support female youth sport that is ahead of top UK professional women’s teams.


CHriSt'S HoS dr MAGGiE AdErin-PoCoCk M StudEntS to rEA

The aim is to educate, raise awareness and remove taboos around girls’ needs in sports that can hamper progress, such as puberty, menstruation, hip and breast health and concussion in females.

The programme was launched a year ago, before The Lionesses pre-World Cup injuries, colour change of shorts and youth training disparities came into the spotlight. This media attention highlighted the lack of support for female athletes at a young age and lack of knowledge around the impact of menstrual cycles on training and development.

Looking ahead, Millfield aims to host guest lectures, develop better sportswear for female athletes, and celebrate girls' games. This comprehensive approach aims to empower and promote equality for female athletes, with the hope of inspiring broader changes in the future.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, the brilliant British space scientist and science educator, visited Christ’s Hospital on September 21 to give an inspiring talk in the CH Theatre for all students, as part of a series of events to mark the 350th anniversary of the Royal Mathematical School at Christ’s Hospital.


“We were thrilled to have Dr Maggie Ad

with her remarkable story and achieveme

! D “Millfield has gone beyond simply acknowledging the barriers that girls face in the

has left a lasting impact o

September 21 to give an insp

sports space and we hope that they can empower changes within the elite pathways.”


N BRIEF rom across the boarding community





September 21 to give an inspiring talk in the CH Theatr

PitAl SCHool BE inSPirES CHriSt’S HoSPitAl ACH for tHE StArS

BEdAlES SCHool BEdAlES’ BiG BurSAry WAlk for tHE JoHn BAdlEy foundAtion Bedales celebrated its annual 'Badley Day' on September 20, supporting the John Badley Foundation (JBF). Despite wet weather, students, staff, and parents completed sponsored walks totalling over 5,000km, raising £11,500+ with gift aid. JBF offers bursaries for students in Year 7 to Year 13, fostering opportunities in Bedales' unique educational environment. Bedales Prep (Years 4-8) and Pre-prep (Nursery to Year 3) students contributed

Dr Maggie held her young audience captive with her fascinating account of how she overcame many obstacles, including being dyslexic, to pursue her dream of becoming a space scientist. There was a lively Q and A session, with students asking a range of pertinent questions; finally, two Year 13 students had the opportunity to interview Dr Maggie.

with their own estate walk. Younger children enjoyed activity stations set up by Year 13 students. Older students showcased their talents in 'Bedales' Got Talent,' featuring magic, dance, music, and more. The evening hosted a reception for JBF supporters, celebrating their progress and discussing plans to expand bursary opportunities for young people. Bedales' Badley Day combined fundraising, fun, and talent, all in support of a noble cause.


derin-Pocock with us to inspire our students

ents – she is a true role model, and her talk n students and staff alike.” “It was wonderful to see the whole school get behind the John Badley Foundation


put the time and effort piring talk in the CH Theatre for allandstudents, as into understanding its work.”



The concerning rise in cost to recover unpaid school fees A Pr AG MAt i C , C AlC ulAt E d & ConSC i E nt i ouS APPr oAC H to r E CoVE r i nG SC H ool fE E S i S r E Qui r E d. In the last few years, I have been contacted by a

considerable number of schools regarding spiralling

legal costs to recover their unpaid fees and the

trend does not seem to be slowing down.

I launched RecoverAble Solutions several years ago

to combat what seems to be a never-ending rise in

the cost to schools to simply recover what they are

legally due. This is especially prevalent when the

matter pertains to fees in lieu of notice and debt

balances below the County Court small claims

threshold (£10,000), where legal costs cannot be


Through the 12 years of working with schools of all

sizes in my career, I began to understand the

intricacies and complexities that come from

protecting the schools good name, whilst working

with individuals from all backgrounds and sitting on

the various sides of the wealth divide.

‘My thinking is quite simple; no two cases or debtor situations are the same. Neither are the relationships between the individual schools and those specific parents, so why should we, as their agent, treat all files the same?’ I am acutely aware of the expectation on schools to issue the heaviest handed enforcement option

available and missing the key first phase of recovery, which is the most critical element. This can lead to unnecessary costs, the majority of which are

destined never to be recovered, regardless of how

strong the schools’ terms & conditions may be.

simon Handley managing Director

Having onboarded numerous independent schools

and one of the UK’s largest school groups, our sole

aim has been to maximise the pre-action protocol

stage to understand the underlying issue behind

non-payment, taking a ‘forensic’ view of the parents’ finances and truly ascertain the viability and

suitability of escalation, based on a case-by-case


I demand the highest level of care before my firm

begin and this conscientious approach has yielded

improved levels of service, reduced complaints to

the school, better PR and improved collection rates

across the board.

To further prove our commitment to reducing cost

to schools, we offer reduced introductory rates of

commission and I would be delighted to explain our

service in more detail.

‘RecoverAble are absolutely amazing. They assist in not just debt collection but also advising us and reporting. Simon and his team are friendly and brilliant to work with. So far we have had a 100% return rate. Would highly recommend them for your debt recovery needs, in particular within the Education sector’

mrs K Beach, Babington House school, Kent review from google

Is your school struggling with unpaid fees? We reduce the cost of recovering unpaid boarding & school fees by up to 60% Fully transparent debt recovery 0208 798 2495


“I enjoyed being creative with my nanny, we went to the woods to find the wildflowers and feather, she showed me how to press the flowers and we attached the feather as a quill and bookmark”.



fElStEd SCHool fElStEd PrEP StudEntS tAkE A lEAf out of SHAkESPEArE’S Book

To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's First Folio, primary school children nationwide were invited to create their Shakespeare-inspired books. Open to two age groups, 4-7 and 8-11, the competition drew over 1,000 entries from Reception to Year 6 students, resulting in just a handful of individual winners and two school winners. Felsted Prep students exhibited remarkable creativity, crafting various book styles, including Shakespearean plays, short stories, poems, puzzles, and more. They secured five places among the 18 winners, with Harriet, aged 10, clinching the top spot in the 8-11 category. The competition, titled 'Write till your ink be dry,' was organised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and saw participation from

renowned children's authors like Michael Rosen, Marcia Williams, and Martin Brown. Felsted Prep received a 'highly commended' certificate for their collective effort. English Teacher Helen Boroughs expressed her pride in the students' perseverance and creativity. Winners received Shakespearethemed prizes, art materials, books, and personal congratulatory letters. Harriet's book, a collection of Shakespeare facts, jokes, poems, and artwork, was lauded for its originality and joy. Young Edward, aged 5, was a runner-up, creating a delightful book about his favourite Shakespearean plays, showcasing his creativity and pride in his work.

Th following have joi


since our













he g schools ined the


last issue: ACADEMY









Hamelin laie international School


Enhancing Independent Schools with TG Escapes’ Net-Zero Modular Buildings

i nd E PE nd E nt SC H oolS St r i VE to Pr oVi d E A H oli St i C And E xC E Pt i onAl lE Ar ni nG E nVi r onME nt for t H E i r St ud E nt S. tG E SC APE S Mod ulAr E Co-Bui ld i nG S H AVE E ME r G E d AS An i d E Al Solut i on for SC H oolS look i nG to E xPAnd t H E i r fAC i li t i E S WH i lE MAi ntAi ni nG A CoMMi t ME nt to SuStAi nABi li t y, E nVi r onME ntAl r E SPonSi Bi li t y And H i G H -QuAli t y d E Si G n.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly design TG Escapes’ structures are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and sustainable materials while providing an aesthetically pleasing yet practical and inspirational space for a school’s students. Quick and Efficient Construction One of the biggest advantages of TG Escapes’ modular eco-buildings is their speed of construction. Traditional building projects can take months or even years to complete, causing disruptions to school activities. In contrast, modular ecobuildings are constructed off-site and can be installed within a matter of weeks. Customization to Suit Educational needs Independent schools often have unique requirements and specific educational programs. TG Escapes understands this and their design team works closely with schools to create a modular building that perfectly suits their educational needs. Whether it is additional classrooms, art studios, science labs, sports pavilion or a quiet library space, TG Escapes’ modular buildings can be tailored to fit.

Aesthetic Appeal and integration with natural Surroundings Independent schools value the appearance of their campuses and how new buildings integrate with their surroundings. TG Escapes’ eco-buildings place a strong emphasis on aesthetics and feature many natural materials, resulting in structures that are highly functional but that also add to the beauty of the school campus.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings As tuition costs rise, independent schools are under increasing pressure to manage their budgets effectively. TG Escapes’ modular eco-buildings use the latest energy saving materials and technology to create buildings that are net-zero in operation resulting in substantial long-term savings. Adaptability for future needs TG Escapes’ modular buildings are not only quick to construct but also easy to adapt or expand as needs evolve ensuring that schools can respond rapidly to changing educational requirements without a major overhaul or new construction project.

Customers Score 4.9 out of 5 Based on 187 reviews A recent 10 classroom building at Ratcliffe College was awarded Project of the Year in the 2023 Modern Methods of Construction Awards. Their Head of English said – “It has all been received very well by parents and staff from other departments with comments like ‘Wow! This is amazing.’ Because it is the best building in the school. The most impressive building.” Headmaster at Collegiate School, Bristol “Excellent, would recommend them to any school.” Estates Manager at Claremont School, Esher – “Working with TG Escapes was very good. The buildings provide a betterquality environment for staff and students.”

TG Escapes are a certified supplier to the Boarding Schools Association. For more information visit, call 0800 917 7726 or email


G oi nG fr oM St r E nG t H to St r E nG t H

BSA Boardin Orchard

“The orchard is just one example of the School’s commitment to the environment.”

ng d


Helen Harkness Senior Boarding Housemistress St Catherine’s School

fruit trees at St Catherine’s School, Bramley were first planted

in 1928 with Miss routley superintending the planting of an

avenue of apple trees adjacent to the games field. 22 trees

were given as a gift to the School. in 1932 the avenue of fruit

trees was noted in the School Magazine as being ‘extremely

beautiful in the spring’ and remarks on the staff and girls

‘enjoying their produce’. Since then our orchard has been added

to with memorial trees in honour of members of the School

community including teachers and alumnae who have left

legacy gifts to the School. nine of the original planting of

trees remain.

Today our orchard includes an addition of an apple tree in 2015 when

St Catherine’s joined in the Boarding Schools’ Association campaign to

plant trees to create the largest orchard in the world by distance and

symbolise the tree of knowledge. Carefully tended by the School’s

Gardener Emma Browne and enjoyed by all the girls, the orchard is also

fondly remembered by alumnae as lining the path to the lax pitches

and competitive sports matches and the route to the Music School.

We have avenues of apple trees that include Blenheim Orange,

Discovery, Laxton’s Superb, Red Falstaff and of course Bramley! Pear

trees are interspersed, and we have just planted a ‘Marjorie’s Seedling’

plum which is located appropriately beside our new Art & MakerSpace that includes the Culinary Arts studio. The fruit from the orchard is

shared with our kitchen to create apple crumbles that sustain the girls

through Autumnal days of lacrosse and outdoor sports! The orchard is

just one example of the School’s commitment to the environment.

There is an active Green CAT’s Club in the Prep School and an equally

committed EcoCAT group in the Senior School.

David Walker, Director of BSA visited St Catherine’s School to meet with Senior Boarding Housemistress, Helen Harkness to tour the orchard.


Surval Montreux & Govox Wellbeing are setting new proactive standards in Student & Staff Wellbeing with a new technology partnership announced today. Sur VAl Mont r E ux r E C E nt ly PAr t nE r E d Wi t H BSA G old SuPPli E r – G oVox WE llBE i nG , to E nH AnC E t H E i r WH olE SC H ool WE llBE i nG St r At E G y. H AVi nG r E C E nt ly J oi nE d Sur VAl Mont r E Aux, SH i r lE y Mi tC H E ll i S lE Ad i nG t H i S nE W E nH AnC E d St r At E G y.

“On joining Surval Montreux as Vice Principal in September 2023, one of my main focuses is the whole school wellbeing. My goal is to ensure wellbeing is part of the culture of the school, not just something we wheel out for world mental health day or address once someone is already struggling.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to ensure there is a continual oversight of the wellbeing throughout the school in order to identify any patterns of concern. There are many wellbeing platforms available for use in schools and many of these were investigated before identifying Govox as the best fit for Surval.


outrEACH And EnGAGEMEnt A CornErStonE of itS

EduCAtionAl PHiloSoPHy. tHE SCHool AiMS to foStEr

A SEnSE of BElonGinG And SErViCE AMonG itS Kat Portman Smith

Director of Community Engagement Tonbridge School

StudEntS, PrEPArinG tHEM to BE CoMPASSionAtE,

WEll-roundEd, And outWArd-lookinG indiViduAlS

WHo CAn ContriButE PoSitiVEly to tHEir loCAl And

GloBAl CoMMunitiES. HErE’S A CloSEr look At HoW tonBridGE SCHool EnGAGES WitH itS loCAl


Primary Schools Partnership: Tonbridge School has strong

partnerships with ten local primary schools. One notable initiative is the ‘book buddies’ scheme, where Year 9 students work with

younger pupils to nurture a love for reading. The Learning

Strategies Department also trains mentors to support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) on a one-to-one

basis. Additionally, the school’s Science for Schools program offers

hands-on science experiments for primary school children in their

Science Centre, sparking their interest in practical-based science.


tonbridge Community Action: The

Tonbridge Community Action program

involves over 120 boys volunteering

each week. They assist with classroom

mentoring and after-school clubs in

various subjects, including languages,

art, drama, and sports. Additionally,

students support local special schools

by helping autistic children with

activities like swimming and football.

Giving day: A highlight of the primary

school partnerships is the annual

Giving Day. On this day, all students and staff come together to give back to the

Ukrainian Welcome Evenings, bringing

together host families, guests, and local

services to provide support and a sense

of community.

These community initiatives involve a

significant portion of the school’s

academic staff and students. Over a

quarter of them participate in weekly

community activities throughout the

academic year. This engagement helps

students develop crucial skills like

communication, leadership, empathy,

local community. The school’s campus

and understanding of others. It also has

local primary schools, offering a day

pupils’ behaviour and academic

and artistic activities. The day

attendance on days when Tonbridge

hosts around 700 children from 15


ukrainian Welcome Evenings: The

school has been hosting regular

filled with over 30 sporting, academic,

culminates in events like the Colour


a positive impact on primary school

performance, and many enjoy improved students are present.

Beyond community engagement, the

Secondary Schools Partnership:

school is actively involved in charitable

Marsh Academy, sharing facilities for

for local and international causes.

Tonbridge School collaborates with the

academic sessions, sports coaching,

and an annual cookery competition

called ‘Marshterchef.’

refugee and Asylum Seeker

Support: Due to its geographical

location, Tonbridge School often serves

as the first point of arrival for asylum

seekers in the UK. The school has been

working with Kent County Council to provide support to Unaccompanied

Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) aged 16-18. These young men receive

support through sport sessions and fun

activities on campus. The aim is to offer them a positive experience and help

them feel welcomed in the UK.

fundraising, raising substantial amounts

Tonbridge School’s commitment to

community service and philanthropy is

a testament to its dedication to holistic

education and social responsibility.


Emergency Anaphylaxis Kitts + CPD Accredited Training from Kitt Medical being deployed across UK boarding schools “Like a defibrillator, but for allergies” severe allergic reactions (called ‘anaphylaxis’) can be fatal unless they’re treated immediately with a dose of adrenaline from an auto-injector pen (aai). But studies have found that almost half of those with allergies don’t carry their own pens - they’re either forgotten or out of date.

On top of this, anyone can actually develop an allergy to anything at any time in their lives… in fact, 20% of serious anaphylaxis incidents that occur in schools across the UK happen to children that didn’t know they had any allergies.

After a student named Karanbir Cheema died as a result of a severe allergic reaction to cheese at his school in 2017, legislation in the UK changed allowing schools to purchase spare AAIs which can be used by anyone, for anyone, in an emergency. However, they’ve found that schools often struggle to purchase, keep up-to-date, store correctly, and provide training for AAIs.

To try and combat these issues, allergy sufferer zak Marks founded Kitt Medical - aiming to raise awareness about the severity of allergies and make sure life-saving anaphylaxis medication can be accessed by anyone who needs it in an emergency.

Through their Anaphylaxis Kitt service, schools receive an award-winning all-in-one package, including:

• 2 x 300mcg and 2 x 150mcg spare adrenaline pens to be used in emergencies, with all replenishments taken care of for no extra fees regardless of usage or expiry. • Wall-mounted kitts to be installed in accessible areas with 4 x keys, an emergency key box, and a lanyard. • CPd-accredited online video training for all staff members to access whenever they desire which can be tracked to see completion. • Access to the online Kitt portal for check-up reminders and incident report forms.

They recently partnered with the Kent based Aquila Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust, who’s CEO Annie Wiles said: “The Anaphylaxis Kitts and CPDaccredited training that has been installed across our 14 school trust has become an important part of our strategy, ensuring we can respond appropriately to incidents, including those which could be life-threatening, and that we’re committing to our responsibility to keep our children safe. I am delighted that our schools can now react quickly and effectively if a child or adult has a severe allergic reaction.” The Kitt team have recently launched in over 150 schools and academies across the country after running a successful pilot phase and winning multiple prestigious awards. They already support many of our BSA members with their service and would love to work to establish a new standard of allergy care across all UK boarding schools.

To find out more about Kitt Medical’s Anaphylaxis Kitt service for your school, take a look at their website and place an enquiry directly through their contact page.


novem :15 16 09:00-


Irish Boarding Conference the annual irish Boarding Conference took place on tuesday

november 21, hosted by the royal school, Dungannon. attendees,

including school leaders, bursars, and boarding practitioners, had the opportunity to network and engage with key members of the Bsa team and other expert speakers.

the conference kicked off with a welcome session led by David

walker, Director, Bsa, and sarah winslow, Head of Boarding at the

royal school, Dungannon, including a presentation by David, sharing the results of the recent boarding sector survey across the republic of ireland and northern ireland.

subsequent sessions covered crucial topics such as supporting

international students, financial warning signs for schools, and promoting strategic and financial thinking in leadership. the

afternoon sessions delved into staffing and pastoral provision,

featuring discussions on the changing face of staffing at boarding

schools and a bursars’ forum. the conference also addressed child

protection and safeguarding trends for the coming year, with insights from Dale wilkins, senior Director of Bsa group.

many thanks to David woodgate and John murphie from isBa for

their contributions and to the royal school, Dungannon for hosting.

Part of the Bsa group


A New Model of Special Education



“Every child has the right to an education; this pioneering project makes it happen.” Dr Helen Wright, Advisory Board Member

The Divergent School Group is building a new model of special education, providing for children whose needs sit between typical mainstream and special school offers. We cater to the spectrum of needs and talents found in the children who make up this missing middle. We have created a model which is both individualised and integrated, children will have a school experience which is just the right fit for them. With an innovative pedagogy, rooted in contemporary evidence, The Divergent School Group will be at the cutting edge of education for children with special needs. By establishing excellent schools that bridge the gap in provision, and advocating for the needs of neuro-divergent children, The Divergent School Group is on a mission to change the shape of special education in the UK.

Follow us for more, it’s going to be quite the journey.

Follow us for more,

From Co-Founders, Daniel Wellings & Amy Creatura



fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl

Ashley Fitzgibbons Head of Boarding Swiss International School, Dubai

Choosing the right boarding school “Dubai is a very safe and dynamic city, home to some of the most exciting entertainment options waterparks, theme parks, desert safaris, water sports, beaches, shopping malls and mountains – Choosing an international boarding school instead of one much closer to

home can feel like a drastic decision but it can be incredibly rewarding and

beneficial, especially for families looking for a multi-cultural education for

their children.

Moving countries takes a lot of organisation, resilience and adaptability all of which

are skills that are beneficial to acquire early on. Additionally, these skills will be highly

sought after by university admissions teams and, beyond, in the workforce. Not only

are students learning about the rich local culture of the UAE, they are also exposed

to the diverse culture of their peers. This kind of exposure teaches our students

about the importance of being open minded and reinforces their roles as global

citizens, meaning, students with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully

to creating a sustainable future.

An international boarding school also means the opportunity to acquire language

skills. In a setting like the one at SISD, language acquisition extends beyond the

classroom as students can hear and practice their new language with classmates in

more natural settings which is a great way to improve fluency.

A large portion of the IB curriculum is centered around open-mindedness, risk

taking, communicating and independence and an international boarding school is

the perfect environment to learn and acquire real practice out of these skills.

1 43

in the world – a teenager’s dream!”


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

Emma Winstanley Head of Learning Support Stonyhurst

The Importance of Being International


n September, Stonyhurst

College welcomed back our

children and young people

from over twenty-seven

countries; this certainly

enriches the cultural

experience of our pupils! Bringing a vibrancy to the curriculum and inter-House activities program, our

international boarding school context supports

children to authentically develop their cultural awareness and understanding of the lives,

language, and views of others. By exploring and discussing the experiences of their friends and

peers, our children and young people gain a

deeper sense of diversity, often developing life-

skills such as tolerance and empathy. Our young

people are supported to learn from each other

about the different views and perspectives of their

friends, who often give them their first-hand

account on issues effecting young people, globally,

whether this is in the classroom or boarding


Creating a culture of inclusiveness is intrinsic to the

personal development of all pupils. It is

advantageous for children to be able to share their

experiences with each other whilst living together

in a supportive, school community; it affords them

the opportunity to be inquisitive about the cultural

similarities and differences. The opportunity to

experience such an openness has been beneficial

in facilitating a growth in confidence and respect

for those who are studying at Stonyhurst as

international pupils. We know that boarders form

strong life-long bonds (becoming OS alumni) which often were nurtured as part of their international

boarding experience. Such an education gives

young people a global-perspective and the ability

to develop their intercultural communication skills,

something so fundamentally important as they

look ahead to the future.

1 45

“ Our young people are supported to learn from each other about the different views and perspectives of their friends.


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

Global Citizens: the Significance of International Boarding Schools Beenal Roberts Head of Boarding Jerudong International School

“The international boarding experience unlocks academic excellence and fosters a global perspective, nurturing cultural enrichment and connections that span the globe, shaping international leaders.” This is what Beenal roberts, Head of Boarding at Jerudong

International School (JIS), finds to be the heart and soul of our international boarding community. JIS gained ‘Beacon Status’ for Outstanding Practice in Boarding (COBIS, October 2022).

1 47

Boarding schools strive to provide a

home from home for students. Not

only providing an outstanding

educational experience, but also

promoting independence and resilience.

Located in Brunei Darussalam, with over

1660 students from 45 countries, JIS is

dedicated to nurturing global citizens.

Our educational philosophy strives to

create an environment that encourages

leadership on a global scale. Our diverse

tapestry of students continuously

demonstrates the power of an

international boarding education.

We love celebrating the individual success

stories that underscore the global impact

we strive for: Whether it’s Isaac Chang, a

Malaysian boarding student that achieved

Eagle Scout rank with the Boy Scouts of

America. Or Anna Pei, a full-boarding

student from China, who went from

struggling with English to achieving 3 A*/A

grades in her A Levels. Not forgetting

Ganiyat Sadiq, a Canadian boarding

alumni, who was selected to join the 6th

Cohort of the Canadian Prime Minister’s Youth Council, all in this year alone.

Students from all over the world are

bound to thrive when given the platform to achieve excellence in an environment

that shows them that there are no

boundaries to the heights they can reach.


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

INTERNATIONAL BOARDING AT HAILEYBURY Chris Hill Deputy Head Pastoral & Housemaster

BrilliAnt BritiSH BoArdinG in BAnGlAdESH


we endeavor to give our children the best in life, taking care over

scholarships transform lives. awarding schola

their home country is now a genuine option for Bangladeshi

and it influences future outcomes. Conditiona

the decisions we make for them. an outstanding education in parents based in london and around the world.

minds can change outlooks and prospects. it i

scholarships underscore the importance of de ambition and self-regulation.

Haileybury Bhaluka has entered the education

trailblazing scholarship scheme has been wide first premier international boarding school in

academic excellence scholarship fund to supp

students . offering up to 100% support, it fund

school education in an outstanding education

1 49


nExt StEPS

nspires further achievement,

year, i would urge parents residing overseas to consider the

arships to the country’s best

al on continued success,

etermination and hard work,

as Haileybury Bhaluka welcomes its first students in august this benefits of allowing your son to return ‘Home’ for schooling and

immerse himself in the rich experience and diverse skill sets that boarding develops.

n market by storm. its

to explore your son’s education further, please contact our senior

Bangladesh, it launched its $15m for more information.

ely reported in the media. as the

port meritorious Bangladeshi

ds the entirety of a student’s al environment.

admissions officer: ms Jisha Hasnin


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

Haileybury Bhaluka offers a unique educational experience: an outstanding British boarding school in Bangladesh supported by collaborations with worldclass universities striving to develop Asia’s finest pupils.

1 51

Aleksandrs Melniks Head of Boarding Hatherop Castle School

Freedom of choices and self-regulation though comes with responsibilities – having room and shared spaces neat and clean, being back to the boarding on time and keeping the academic results in line with the expectations of the faculty.

Our Exupery International School boarding stands on four pillars our Exupery international School boarding stands on four pillars – choices balanced by responsibility empowered by trust and pastoral care. As

opposed to the traditional boarding concept our boarders have ample

choices – from when exactly to do their homework to what to do on their spare time, from cooking or eating what is being catered, decide for

themselves where are the priorities at any given point in time. the

resources of the school also enhance these choices – there is gym and two

libraries, music studio, various afterschool activities and proximity to both the Baltic Sea and Art novae masterpiece of the city.


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

my mandate as a

to trust and supp

what helps t

autonomous, re

adults, as we hos

very exciting, but

transition fro


pastoral care – k

from excitemen own to missing

the boundari

boarders aware

and lows in advan

a hand in cop

putting that toget by my previo

experience in s

much depend

motivation and n

you an outstandi

you investing into as in sports, it i

profession and

grateful to my w

taken this journe

a Boarding Hous

1 53

head of boarding is

port the students in

them become

eliable and aware

st our students at a

t fragile moment of m childhood to

Here comes the

knowing the cycle

t of being on your

home and testing

ies, making the

of upcoming highs

nce and giving them

ping with them.

ther is made easier

us professional

sports, where too

ds on your own

no coach can make

ing athlete without

o it wholeheartedly.

s a lifestyle, not a

d i am immensely

ife, liene, who had

ey along with me as e Deputy Director.


fE At ur E 1 i nt E r nAt i onAl >>>

Engage “Our ‘Engage with China’ (a UK Charity) Scholars will gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture by sharing experiences, food, and conversations with new friends.”

Dr Paul Silverwood Executive Head, Wycombe Abbey in september, we welcomed our first

applications, interviews, visas, and flights

they have visited ancient water towns o

a range of schools and backgrounds in

quickly assimilated into life in our busy

attended the Xitaihu mid-autumn

cohort of ten international students from the uK to wycombe abbey school,

Changzhou (wasCZ) in a unique venture. Coming just as borders fully reopened, we encourage a group of inquisitive

students to engage with China in a way

that had only been talked about before. wasCZ is the first school in China to

welcome uK students to study a levels

within the space of two months. they

boarding school, with places in different Houses. they joined clubs as diverse as

fencing, robotics, and the world scholar’s Cup, made it on to the swim team,

starting Dofe gold awards, volunteered at events, and joined early morning rowing training.

alongside Chinese Culture with the aim

our ‘engage with China’ (a uK Charity)

global citizens. with a range of language

understanding of Chinese culture by

to develop pioneers, ambassadors and

skills, from beginner to HsK3, the intrepid students were fast tracked through

scholars will gain a deeper

sharing experiences, food, and

conversations with new friends. already

suzhou, experienced street food in wux festival, seen the bright lights of

shanghai, climbed Jiangsu’s purple

mountain to the Buddhist temple and explored the site of the nanjing

massacre. these students are receiving

truly global perspective, an opportunity to live and learn as international

students and mirroring experiences of

many Chinese students who have been

brave enough to come to schools in the uK for years. pioneers they have been. ambassadors they are. global Citizens they will be.

e with




1 1 55



BSA Legal: Easing the of UKVI Compliance fo C

ompliance with stringent sponsor duties, ever-

changing legal policy and

guidance is burdensome for

schools sponsoring international students.

navigating the intricacies of uK

immigration law can be challenging and

mistakes are costly; sponsor schools

cannot afford to get it wrong.

laborious task, it is important to remember

well as ongoing monitoring, reporting

the power to offer international students a

meet their sponsor duties, as well as

schools are de facto immigration officers, with

legal route to reside in the UK independent of

conduct thorough due diligence at the

Through BSA Group Legal, we seek to

their compliance duties run the real risk of

schools and make sponsor licence

for abuse. Indeed, schools who do not

recruitment stage nor sufficiently maintain

to review the compliance practices of sponsor

UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) compliance

robust systems and processes are in place to

support your UKVI compliance journey.

Whilst compliance duties can often feel like a

permeating child safeguarding


supporting child trafficking and exploitation.

schools, so now really is the time to ensure

record-keeping are imperative for sch

their family members, making the route ripe

Today, the Home Office has a dedicated

Student sponsor compliance inspection team

Stringent checks at the enrolment sta

why UKVI sets such high standards. Sponsor

is by no means limited to the visa application

process. Sponsor duties kick in from the

moment the CAS is assigned and continue for

the duration of the student’s sponsorship.

the burden of UKVI compliance for o

management as straightforward, stre and cost-effective as possible, so tha

schools can focus on providing a fant international student experience.

Whether schools seek full support wi

issuing CAS to their international stud

i mmi g r ati o n su p p o r t f o r sCHo o ls |

burden or schools

age as

g and

hools to

o ease



t our



dents or

want to check their current processes are

compliant, we offer integrated support and

services to suit all needs, including:

• Hotline service for ad hoc sponsorship queries

• Immigration Toolkit

So, whether you are confident with your

sponsor duties but need a buffer of support,

lE G Al t E AM

or this is an area of confusion and doubt, we

are here to help you. Please get in touch with

our team today.

• In-person UKVI compliance audits

• School support packages (including endto-end CAS management)

• Policy, record keeping and reporting support

• Mock UKVI compliance audits

• Agent/guardian checks

Contact Bsa group legal +44 (0)207 798 1583

kAtE HollyEr Legal and Public Affairs Director

lEiGH StEEr Immigration Executive

• Due diligence checks to assess financial and pupil eligibility

• Bespoke immigration training

| tHe B oa r Di n g sCHo o l s’ a sso Ci ati o n

MEGAn WArMAn Immigration Executive


Author, Mairi Fraiser, previously held press officer positions at Kilgraston and Glenalmond before moving on to become freelance. Her first novel, Private Matters, has been inspired by her love of boarding and follows the twists and turns of an academic year at a fictional boarding school named Bartford Academy. The book is available to purchase from Amazon.



Educational visits: ask an adviser J Ak E Wi i d, of E VolVE AdVi C E , E xPlAi nS H oW your E d uC At i onAl Vi Si t S AdVi SE r C An H E lP you At All StAG E S of your Vi Si t PlAnni nG And d E li VE r y.

A great Educational Visits Adviser: • takes time to understand your school or setting • Empowers you to make decisions • listens to your priorities • is quick to respond (and to-the-point) • Helps you reduce paperwork and streamline processes As Educational Visits Advisers, we provide advice, guidance and training to schools on all matters related to educational visits. It’s a huge privilege to be part of the development of trips and visits that will have a lifelong impact on children and young people. That’s why we do what we do, and what drives us to continually improve the services we offer to schools. Advisers are the EVC’s critical friend Our advice helps schools to ensure visits are safe and that they meet the relevant legal, safety and safeguarding requirements, including National Guidance*. Sometimes EVCs simply need reassurance that they’re on the right path. Even experienced Heads come to us to work through their ideas and to get advice from a ‘critical friend’. At EVOLVE Advice, we’re a small, but highly experienced team with extensive experience in leading educational visits and outdoor activities. We each contribute our own specialist knowledge too - where else could you get legal expertise, technical advice, classroom experience, and hands-on outdoor education instruction all in one place? That means we can tackle even the most obscure questions – try us! *Visit for National Guidance. A good starting point is 1b Foundations and 4.3a Good Practice Basics. The OEAP’s EVC, Visit Leader and Heads checklists are also really useful.

risk assessment – it doesn’t have to be complicated Risk management is an area where schools benefit most from the support of Educational Visits Advisers. At EVOLVE Advice, we understand the pressures on schools to reduce any risks associated with learning beyond the classroom. We help you to take a proportionate approach – after all, learning to manage risk is an important outcome for children and young people’s development through educational visits. In educational visits, risk can never be eliminated, only reduced or managed. What is ‘tolerable risk’ in one situation can change depending on the ability of the staff and participants to manage this risk, and on your planned learning outcomes. Your Educational Visits Adviser can be a useful sounding board if you’re struggling with finding this balance. Our advice to schools is to approach risk assessment as a process, not just a document. Try to focus on a set of simple but effective actions, rather than on creating lots of paperwork. We

always recommend using the STAGED approach (Staffing - Transport – Activities – Group – Environment – Distance) as a framework. Our EVC and Visit Leader training covers the STAGED approach in detail, along with case studies and example risk assessments:

About EVOLVE Advice In the 2022/23 school year, EVOLVE Advice supported schools to plan and deliver 208,648 educational visits, including 14,386 overseas, residential, and adventurous visits. We work with over 3,000 schools in the UK and overseas, including independent and boarding schools and groups.

Jake Wiid is Educational Visits Adviser and Director of EVOLVE Advice.


Jack H Earth Centre Manag

JACk HArty, EArtH C

kinGSlEy SCHool in d

initiAtiVE to intEGr

EColoGy, And EnViro

SCHool’S CurriCulu

GoAl iS to PrEPArE

CHAllEnGES of tHE f

EduCAtion tHAt i


Kingsley’s E Vision of E our approach emphasizes that all environmental and sustainability

initiatives at the school prioritize learning. This means ensuring that

students acquire knowledge and skills that are grounded in real-world

Our commitment to avoiding tokenis decision at the school has a learning critical thinkers and problem solvers

context and relevance, eliminating the detached nature of traditional

and involved in decision-making proc

While recognising the valuable existing sustainability programs, Kingsley is

collaboration. We work closely with e

education. This approach spans from the prep school to the 6th form.

also developing new curricula. This includes a diploma in sustainability

The school’s approach is grounded in ensure that the curriculum aligns wit

studies for years 7-9, focusing on sustainability, ecology, and

transformed a rugby pitch into a rege

based courses relevant to students’ futures, integrating environmental

monitor the school’s carbon footprin

environmentalism. For years 10 and 11, we offer practical and knowledge-

management of our school grounds.

providing opportunities for hands-on where evidence-based decisions are


Harty ger, Kingsley School


dEVon, iS lEAdinG An

rAtE SuStAinABility,

nMEntAliSM into tHE M And CulturE. tHE

E StudEntS for tHE

futurE By ProVidinG

iS EnriCHinG And

Er tHAn tokEniStiC.

Earth Centre Education

m ensures that every action and

Additionally, the school actively engages with the green industry to

and encourages them to feel valued

students are well-prepared for careers in sustainability.

outcome. This empowers students as


n science, research, and industry

xperts and industry professionals to

h real-world needs. For example, we

enerative permaculture ecology zone,

n learning and research. Kingsley also t and biodiversity, creating a culture encouraged.

understand the skills needed for future employment, ensuring that

Ultimately, the school’s student-centered approach aims to empower

students to be future leaders and change-makers. We believe that by equipping students with knowledge and skills, fostering the right

environment, and modelling sustainable decision-making, we can inspire

young people to believe in their ability to make a positive impact on the world.












TRANSFORM STUDENTS’ MENTAL HEALTH An overseas trip could be a step in the right direction for young people struggling with mental health challenges.


w it h a p u

y ar


a d ve n t





t ra o r d i



There’s never been a better time to seek a remedy for students’ mental health. Research* shows that young people’s happiness and confidence are at an alltime low. Expedition tours give students the perfect opportunity to start afresh, gain a different perspective, make new friends and improve their mental fortitude – ready for whatever life brings.

A CLEAN SLATE One of the benefits of an overseas trip is that students arrive with a clean slate. “When you’re thrown together on an expedition, it doesn’t matter what maths set you’re in or whether you got into the school football team. On expedition tours, everyone joins as equals,” Skinner says. “There’s a Russian expression ‘tabula rasa’, which means ‘clean slate’. It’s exactly that on an expedition. People can become the person they want to be, not the person they think they are.”


Expedition leader and mental health advocate Stu Skinner experienced PTSD, anxiety, and depression as a teenager. He’s now the Director of the mental health charity Changing Horizons – and his road to recovery began with a 4,500-mile cycle through Asia. Reflecting on the lasting impact of that overseas trip, he says: “I found passion and joy; but most importantly, I found my purpose and identity. I created a new identity for myself.”

The physical aspect of expeditions can also have a positive impact. Pushing boundaries – both physical and mental – and working as a team has far-reaching benefits. Skinner explains: “On expeditions, students push themselves harder and further than they thought possible. They break what they thought was their limit. Things they want to achieve become more attainable. Seeing someone pick themselves up after being down is the most inspiring part of being an expedition leader.”



In 2017, World Challenge made mental health first aid training mandatory for expedition leaders, alongside physical first aid. Stuart Morris, World Challenge’s Global Operations and Product Director, runs this important coaching. Morris notes the increasing number of travellers with mental health challenges, particularly in remote areas. “Having leaders who understand and support individuals in such situations is vital for a positive experience,” he says.

Travel can be deeply transformative. “I’ve seen people heal from grief on expeditions,” Skinner says. “One student was at a low point after his mother’s death. He found a family on that trip with his fellow participants. His Spanish was also so good that he became like our translator – and his confidence flourished in this role. The transformation was mindblowingly powerful.”

A mental health first aid training course gives leaders the confidence to have conversations to support young people with their mental health – from anxiety disorders to depression. While abroad, there can be anxiety surrounding food, toilet hygiene and becoming sick. Trip leaders learn how to navigate these challenges.


An overseas trip may not be a miracle cure for mental health challenges – but it’s a good place to start. “Expeditions give young people memories to carry through life,” Skinner says. “These trips open doors, expand students’ horizons and nourish resilience – so they’re better able to face life’s challenges.” * A 2022 study by The Prince’s Trust found that 48% of all young people have experienced a mental health problem.

fE At ur E 2 WE E k E nd S i n BoAr d i nG

Sam Cooper Head of Boarding Gordon’s School

Action-packed Gordon’s weekend


“We run a comprehensive weekend programme. With sport fixtures on Saturdays and a mixture of downtime and activities in-between, boarders are certainly kept busy!” hat’s not to like for a boarder

at weekends – the run of a

school, dozens of friends and

plenty of entertainment on

offer? Some describe

boarding at Gordon’s as a

‘home from home’, others as ‘one big sleepover’.

Most weekends, after a relaxed brunch or

pancake-making, they are off somewhere –

paintball, cinema and shopping, kayaking. Then

there are the seasonal events such as pumpkin

carving, Halloween silent disco, Christmas

shopping, ice skating and plenty of ‘slip and slide’ water events in the summer.

When they’re ‘home’ in their boarding houses, they

taking down!) their tents, gathering around a firepit

to toast marshmallows and making life-long

memories. Not just great fun and an enjoyable way

to bond but the perfect practice for the Duke of

Edinburgh’s Awards Scheme! Within each boarding

house are competitions with younger years mixing

with older peers in ‘families’ to compete at

anything from dodgeball and quizzes, to gingerbread cake decorating!

And if there’s any spare time, with almost 300

residential boarders there are always plenty of

people around for an impromptu game of ‘catch

the flag’ or badminton.

We run a comprehensive weekend programme.

might indulge in pizza making, cooking or a

With sport fixtures on a Saturday and a mixture of

Younger years might seize a weekend for camping

certainly kept busy!

glowsticks manhunt across the 50 acre site!

in the woods at Gordon’s, including putting up (and

downtime and activities in-between - boarders are

2 71


fE At ur E 2 WE E k E nd S i n BoAr d i nG >>>

Mrs Hilary Phillips Head of Hanford







2 73

Hanford weekends include all the above.

our small size and family feel means we

can make the most of weekends and plan

our time according to whim and the


after sport on a saturday afternoon or

practice in pony management, we have a

series of Hanford games which are ever

popular. “escape to Hanford” is a good

one, where pupils try to creep back into

the school without being seen. it’s even

more exciting at night!

saturday evenings are often film nights

although everyone enjoys strictly in the

autumn. we will make popcorn or

perhaps churros to keep us going.

sundays start with breakfast in pyjamas

followed by letter writing. stickers and gel

pens are much in evidence and great

pride is taken in decorating the page; the

girls know these letters will be treasured

and read for years to come. then it’s into

best clothes for an interactive Chapel

“The only batteries that need recharging at Hanford are a girl’s internal one; no devices are needed here to have a good time!”

service followed by free time and a

glorious roast lunch. fortified by this, the

girls will then go den building, gardening

or perhaps head off across the fields to

the old railway station for a look at the

steam train and to buy an ice cream. no

doubt there’ll be a stop at the adventure playground on the way home and the

blackberries they pick will find their way into a delicious crumble once back at school.

the evening is a time to play games in the library by the fire, bury yourself in a book and then get sorted for the week ahead.

Big girls help with hair brushing and read stories to the younger pupils before they too head to bed.





fE At ur E 2 WE E k E nd S i n BoAr d i nG >>>

Laura MacKenzie Housemaster, Head of Trivium and Teacher of Politics Oundle School

Weekends with Oundle School Ah, Saturday night. An opportunity to catch up on your favourite boxset;

invite friends round for a game of pool; go for a pint at the pub. Sound

familiar? Well, it’s also how Saturday nights work here, at a seven-day-a-

week boarding school.

When I first made the move to boarding, I was rather cynical. What on earth would

children do at school on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons? Six years on, I am a

convert to full boarding for three reasons:


the breadth and depth of opportunity. As a full boarding school,

there are activities on offer almost round the clock. After lessons or

sport, pupils can create art in the paint studios, or create music in one

of the School’s orchestras; stretch their minds in academic surgeries,

or stretch their legs at the gym; try out new skills in elective clubs, or further old skills in academic societies.


the friendships developed. B children are living with their frie of School commitments ending happens at weekends. They wo

course, but friendships develop

way they will learn to live alongs

developing tolerance and under

2 75

Boarding school provides a great combination of support whilst encouraging independent organisation and planning. It really is the best of all worlds.

Being at boarding school means that

nds and can socialise within minutes

. Indeed, much of the socialising

n’t be best friends with everyone, of

ed here will last for life. And along the

side people different from them,

rstanding of others.


the independence fostered. Being at School 24/7 means that our

young people have to find ways of occupying themselves outside of

the times activities are organised and to balance downtime with being busy. Boarding school provides a great combination of support whilst

encouraging independent organisation and planning. It really is the

best of all worlds.


fE At ur E 2 WE E k E nd S i n BoAr d i nG >>>

Enriching excursions with St Mary’s


I really enjoy the weekend trips our boarding house organises. I can see new places and learn more about the history of the country I’m living in. Year Nine Boarder t. Mary’s School, Cambridge, places great

importance on the well-rounded experience

of its full boarder students. our carefully curated weekend schedule balances

enriching activities, personal study time, and

relaxation. Saturday mornings begin with a

relaxed brunch, followed by physical activities, including garden circuits, swimming, and yoga on a rotating basis. School team members have the option to attend practices at our state-ofthe-art sports facility, developed in collaboration with

Homerton College, Cambridge university. Saturday afternoons

offer leisure, with opportunities for town visits or study

sessions. Sixth formers, with parental consent, can embark on a 45-minute train journey to london for shopping, dining, or

gallery visits.

Claire Elliott Head of Boarding St Mary’s School, Cambridge

2 77

s Sundays are dedicated to

enriching excursions, fully covered

by fees. Students can enjoy

thrilling outings to Thorpe Park,

bowling sessions, serene punting

on the River Cam, scenic walks to

Grantchester, exploration of the

Cambridge University Botanic

Garden, ice-skating, and

challenging escape room

adventures. London excursions

offer visits to institutions like the

The highlight of our boarding

British Museum and the BBC Earth

calendar is the annual Christmas

opportunity to explore the

the Cambridge Colleges. This

Experience, along with a unique

wonders of the natural world.

Additionally, the Victoria and

dinner at Peterhouse, the oldest of

formal dinner, held on the last

Saturday of the Autumn term,

Albert Museum hosts the highly

takes place in a candle-lit, wood-

providing insights into the realm of

cherished memory for our

anticipated Chanel Exhibition, fashion and design.

panelled dining hall, creating a




Justine Tomlinson Deputy Head Pastoral Malbrough College

Staff wellbeing at Malbrough College “Here at Marlborough College Malaysia we have a wide range of inclusive staff lead activities and social events which help to foster a community spirit throughout the College. This is complemented by our Staff Peer Mentor initiative which acts as a vehicle to ensure every voice is heard.” Working in boarding is incredibly rewarding but can

also be very busy for those in ‘loco parentis’. At

Marlborough College Malaysia, boarding staff are well

cared for to ensure that both pupils and staff fully

enjoy their boarding experience. Each House is

supported by three separate staff members and their

families. As well as Housemasters and

Housemistresses, Deputies and Resident tutors all live

attached to the House and help provide a warm and

friendly atmosphere. The rest of the teaching staff

carry out evening and weekend duties meaning that looking after boarders is a real team effort.

As well as this, the College also has a peer mentoring scheme for staff to make sure there is always an

experienced staff member to offer guidance or answer

questions. There are a range of ways that those on-site

can enjoy some down time and staff are encouraged

to make use of the excellent facilities including the gym, swimming pool, climbing wall and lake, or by

getting involved in staff wellbeing clubs such as the book club or quiz nights.

2 79

“How to Stay Sane in an Insane World” MENTAL HEALTH TALKS FOR ACADEMIC STAFF, LAY STAFF, AND PARENTS Jeremy Thomas is the host of the mental health podcast ‘Shed Talks’, and a leading speaker to schools and companies. He had a twenty year career in the music business working with some of the biggest names, from John Williams to James Brown. He is a passionate advocate for mental health – specifically, that prevention is better than cure. Since 2012, Jeremy has been a leading speaker for students, parents and staff about his own experiences in overcoming poor mental health, such as addiction and bipolar disorder. Underpinning all of his talks and workshops is Jeremy’s dashboard of dials that he uses to demonstrate how people can keep in balance, and stay sane. Having co-produced the Emmy Award winning ‘Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’ and co-writing ‘An A-Z Guide to Good Mental Health’, Jeremy offers authentic and practical advice on getting the best out of life, and importantly, helping others do so too. In 2024, Jeremy will be directing his talks solely to school staff and parents. He will hopefully bring humour, humanity, and practical advice through his keynote talk, as well as making workshops available on the topics of: Depression Self-Esteem

Stress and Trauma Resilience

Contact for more information and to book Jeremy’s talk for your school staff or parents. Scan the QR code below for a sneak preview of How to Stay Sane in an Insane World, also available to rent or buy. “Jeremy’s talks could not be more-timely. He has much to say to individuals and institutions - whether within, i.e. Families, Community, Business, Education, the Law, or NHS. That he does it with such style, humour and compassion is a fine achievement. Highly recommended!” Christopher Cordess, FRCP., FRCPsych, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, University of Sheffield, UK. Psychoanalyst

“Jeremy provides valuable inspirational Mental Health presentations and is an inspirational and engaging speaker. The ability to turn on an unfavourable feeling into a stimulating one is a powerful method and Jeremy has the right tools to construct the right method.” Sally Tweedy, HR Manager, Cranleigh School


fE At ur E 3 StAff WE llBE i nG / StAffi nG Mod E lS i n t H E >>>

Kate Boyd Wellbeing Coach

How can promote sta in a bo environ

PrACtiCAl tiPS And AdViCE ArE GrEAt. HAVinG tHE oPPortunity to diSCuSS idEAS

Anyone who has worked in the world of boarding knows that one of the greatest

joys of doing so is the close relationships

we build. Yet, on the flip side, one of the

disadvantages of living and breathing

together 24/7, is the difficulty we have in maintaining healthy boundaries.

This focus point is always one that

generates many questions when I teach

this coaching topic as part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Certificate. Very

often, staff have not taken the time to

reflect, or know where to begin, with

considering how they could establish

boundaries for themselves that either

protect them from giving from an

emotionally empty-tank, or working until

they fall asleep, physically exhausted, at

their desk.

Staff often choose to attend the Certificate

course in order to learn practical strategies

to use with pupils. As this attendee

mentioned in their feedback, this

constitutes a key element of the course:

BoAr d i nG H ouSE

3 83

d-Williams and Consultant

you best aff wellbeing oarding nment?

S And SHArE ExPEriEnCES WitH PEoPlE in SiMilAr rolES iS AlSo rEAlly HElPful.

“Practical tips and advice are great. Having

the opportunity to discuss ideas and share

experiences with people in similar roles is also really helpful.”

However, it sometimes comes as a surprise to participants, that the guest speakers

and I, reiterate the importance of looking

after themselves first and refer to the

oxygen-mask analogy. All too often, our

own wellbeing is the easiest thing to forget

and forego when we operate in a busy and

The importance of this point cannot be

undermined. Jenny Anderson, a journalist

specialising in Education Issues, discovered

when she surveyed a number of students,

and asked why they don’t go to teachers

for support: the students’ reply was,

“because they look so stressed


When this is the case, it is clear that

something has to change.

pressured environment.


fE At ur E 3 StAff WE llBE i nG / StAffi nG Mod E lS i n t H E >>>

Ben Sunderland Director of Boarding, Sherborne

Putting staff wellbeing first at Sherborne


I was struck by just how tired all the Housemasters looked; I almost suggested it would be a good idea for all of them to try and get some more sleep, but thought better of it, knowing only too well the challenges of the role! fter 12 amazing, rewarding and fruitful

years as Housemaster at Sherborne

School, I only just feel I have had a

grow and become the best version of themselves are vast,

with the right support. It requires a very special type of

person to take on these roles – there are no half measure

chance to reflect on this chapter of my

here, you have to be ‘all in’, and it is vitally important that

the Michaelmas half term, I was struck

young people to thrive.

life. In the last Housemasters’ meeting of

by just how tired all the Housemasters looked; I almost

suggested it would be a good idea for all of them to try and

everyone in the boarding team pulls together to enable our

Working with highly motivated, extraordinarily committed

get some more sleep, but thought better of it, knowing only

and ‘can do’ people is what nourished and sustained me

working in a boarding community, as a Housemaster,

that we carve out time in our busy working lives to allow

too well the challenges of the role! Living, breathing and Resident, Matron or as a duty tutor is an all-consuming,

whilst incredible rewarding occupation – it challenges you physically, mentally and perhaps moreover anything else,

emotionally. Everything we do is about education, not

merely academic, but much more broadly, helping pupils

navigating their way through social dynamics, their interactions with others, developing resilience and

ultimately building their emotional intelligence. It happens constantly, for the entire time the pupils are in school and

in a full boarding School the opportunities for pupils to

through my time in the House; however, it is vital we ensure

ourselves to take breath, talk, share, off-load and bounce

ideas around for us to realise, that in amongst the

‘busyness’ we are doing is vital. It is enriching and can be life

changing and being part of this, being able to contribute to shaping young people to flourish is truly a privilege.

Ben Sunderland, currently serving as the Director of

Boarding at Sherborne Boys, assumed the mantle of this

Senior Leadership Team role this term after an enriching 12

year tenure as Housemaster of Lyon House and Senior.

BoAr d i nG H ouSE

3 85



What matters most to your community? Wi t H PuPi l WE llBE i nG noW fr ont And C E nt r E of t H E i Si i nSPE C t i on fr AME Wor k , und E r StAnd i nG WH At MAt t E r S MoSt to your PuPi lS And StAff H AS nE VE r BE E n Mor E i MPor tAnt. J oE PAr fi t t, E d uC At i on ConSultAnC y d i r E C tor At li t MuS, E xPlor E S H oW SC H oolS C An E nG AG E Mor E C loSE ly Wi t H t H E i r CoMMuni t i E S.

Customer satisfaction surveys have been around a long time. Feedback systems show that schools care and should help them improve the service provided. Unlike in day schools, where the success or otherwise of a catering service can be measured by pupil uptake or sales through the till, boarding schools have captive audiences, and so seeking their views is vital. But do surveys deliver the intelligence needed? Do the outputs help things improve? Was pupil and staff satisfaction increased as a result?

Food committees and school councils are commonplace. Whilst these forums allow pupils to give school leaders feedback on what works well and what could be better, the views are often those of the most outspoken pupils. Furthermore, individual likes and dislikes (more chips!) are discussed rather than insights into broader service issues and an understanding of whether the opinions are those of the many or just the few. The inspectorate also requires that staff views are heard, and their wellbeing promoted. A more structured approach is needed and one that results in schools prioritising change on matters that have the greatest chance of improving the customer experience.

Before launching a survey, schools need to understand what issues matter most to their community. Asking questions on relatively trivial matters can be a distraction and diverts focus to areas that will have limited impact on the overall experience. For this reason, focus groups and individual interviews

These surveys can be repeated at set intervals and be key performance indicators for both in-house and outsourced services. If there is House dining then surveys can be set up to show performance by House and introduce healthy competition. The data can be cut and sliced to show the opinions of sub-set groups across the school.

Joe parfitt education Consultancy Director

with key stakeholders are a great way to know what you should be asking. You can’t ask everything, as respondents will quickly switch off, so remain focused on the truly important issues.

The best survey outputs are achieved by measuring satisfaction gaps - the differences between the importance and satisfaction ratings for elements of a service by each respondent. Everyone’s different and each of us has our own priorities and preferences. The skill is determining what actions will have the greatest impact. Respondents are presented with statements such as “The quality of the non-meat options” and they give that statement two scores. Firstly, the importance of the topic / service outlined in the statement and, secondly, how satisfied they are with the delivery of the topic / service. People will typically rate differently on both counts and that is the satisfaction gap.

Getting responses is a feat in itself; survey fatigue can be a big problem. If respondents know why they are being asked for feedback, they are more likely to respond. For example, if your school is planning to refurbish the facilities, survey responses can help shape the scheme. Letting them know this and how you’re going to use and share the results will also help. Make it easy for them to participate – a QR code they scan or a link that is texted or e-mailed to them means the survey can be completed from their smart phone, there and then. And we’ve found that rewarding the House with the greatest number of responses with a pizza night can be a great incentive!

Acting upon well executed and well analysed Consumer Insight programmes can transform services, and not just for catering. Just small changes can make a big difference to pupil and staff contentment on issues that matter most to them.

For further information visit rvices/consumer-insight/


fE At ur E 3 StAff WE llBE i nG / StAffi nG

We by lifting

GilBErt WAtSon – dEPuty HEAd

G Mod E lS i n t H E BoAr d i nG H ouSE

3 89

rise g others & HEAd of BoArdinG At Aldro



“Laying foundations for staff wellbeing – how belonging, purpose and personal growth are becoming the building blocks of our strategy.”


‘We rise by lifting others.’ This quote,

from Robert Ingersoll, is one of my

favourites, and the concept of service

to others is of course familiar to

boarding practitioners who are well

aware that the role requires us to give

of ourselves on a regular basis. The

demands of providing top-drawer

provision for pupils while facing

challenges presented by staff

recruitment and financial pressures,

mean that it can be hard not to ask

too much of staff. With such

constraints, it is easy for efforts to

support staff wellbeing to become

afterthoughts or ‘add-ons’, rather than

being embedded in school culture.

At Aldro, we are working towards an

overarching strategy that will help us

embed wellbeing across the school

and have been trying to identify

using the TES Staff Pulse to survey

staff – giving them a voice is very much

part of the first of our foundations;

developing a sense of belonging

among the school community. Building

from that lie a sense of purpose

(shared and individual vision) and of

growth (personal development), and a

working party is currently reimagining

our staff appraisal system to

incorporate these alongside our

school values.

Our hope is that anchoring any actions

in these foundations will lead to lasting

and effective change in the wellbeing

of our team, and I would encourage all

schools to reflect on how actively they

develop those senses of belonging,

purpose and growth amongst their

staff team.

underlying foundations to wellbeing,

three of which I’d like to share here. As

part of this process, we have started



Safeguard Students Online with a Robust Online Filtering Strategy for uk boarding schools, providing a safe, connected

environment for students extends beyond the classroom.

Managing expansive networks, servers, and devices across

campuses and dorms brings unique it challenges. As a leading

education it networking and cybersecurity provider, Switchshop

offers solutions purposely designed for academic institutions. Switchshop has delivered network

solutions to hundreds of schools across

the UK including numerous boarding

monitoring aligned to safeguarding

combined with our industry visibility and

evaluating and updating systems and

Switchshop is perfectly placed to provide

obligations. This includes regularly

allowing for customer defined additions,

schools. Our experience makes us

balancing safety with learning.

up to date, dynamic keyword reporting

needs of this sector. We are also proud

Effective filtering and monitoring


familiar with the specific technology

partners with leading vendors such as

HPE, HPE Aruba Networking, and

Fortinet among others, giving us the

technology breadth to serve schools of

all sizes and requirements.

One service that can provide major

advantages for IT teams at boarding

systems block inappropriate or

dangerous websites and content.

Ongoing reviews ensure this protection

evolves as new online risks emerge.

Policies empower schools to identify and

respond to issues appropriately and

escalate serious concerns. A whole-

school approach balances safety and

and altering aimed at keeping your users

RepLog integrates with Fortinet firewalls

to provide in-depth traffic analysis


• Web Filtering Reports - Monitor

browsing activity for inappropriate or

banned content.

• Anti-Virus Reports – Detect malware

schools is our RepLog offering. The

educational goals.

for students to learn and grow. However,

Designed for education, RepLog

• Application Control Reports – Block

your own on-prem reporting and logging

• Instant Alerts – Act quickly when

internet opens a world of opportunities

it also exposes them to potential risks such as inappropriate content,

cyberbullying and more. Schools have a

duty to safeguard children online and

empower them to use technology


removes the complexity of managing

tools which can be costly and complex to

maintain. As a managed service,

Switchshop handles hosting for you in

our secure cloud environment and

provides regular detailed reports on

Schools have an ever increasing duty to

internet usage and provide alerts to

strategies. The Department for

Digital Safeguarding Leads in the event

implementing risk-based filtering and

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF),

implement comprehensive online safety

Education provides guidance on

network administrators and nominated of keyword triggers. As a member of the


unapproved apps and services.

threats are identified.

Empower students learning whilst

ensuring their safety today by allowing

Switchshop to support your school’s online safeguarding efforts.

01438 831870



Emily Lip Head of Boarding

“Slindon CollEGE’S BoA tHE EtHoS of tHE Wid

SMAll And inCluSiV


BArriErS to lEArninG i

PuPilS’ PErSonAl dEVE

Slindon CollEGE AP

PArEnt of A SPAniS

Catering nation internatio

BOAR Boarding at Slindon College caters for both national and

international pupils; at its heart is outstanding pastoral care

complemented by an exciting enrichment programme. the extra-

curricular activities offered enhance physical and emotional wellbeing; promote perseverance, team building, initiative and creativity.

slindon offers a great mix of activities and relaxing down-time for

weekend boarders. Pupils’ individual needs are well-catered for and houseparents are sensitive and supportive in a positive emotional

environment. the college provides

pupils including those with english a

the college is set within the south d made of the exciting local area whe

weekend boarders. Pupils can enjoy

boarding and kayaking as well as m greenpower electric car racing and

additionally, slindon college has str


pscombe g, Slindon College

ArdinG HouSE rEflECtS

Er CollEGE in BEinG A

VE EnVironMEnt. tHE

unity And rEMoVinG

n ordEr to EnCourAGE


PArt froM otHErS.”

SH BoArdinG PuPil

g for both nal and nal pupils

RDING excellent support for international

as an additional language.

downs national Park and much is

n it comes to arranging activities for

y water activities such as paddle ountain biking, orienteering, the college’s very own farm.

rong links with the chichester

Festival theater which offers an impressive youth engagement

programme. an extensive schedule of offsite weekend activities is

based upon the pupil voice and includes seasonal outings such as Bluebell railway santa special, beach and bbq events and visits to

football and rugby matches. on the creative side, boarders have the chance to enjoy a trinity arts programme, textile studies, graphics, photography, creative writing and cookery.



“Slindon College helped us to fi that our son likes, looking for a n to attend Cat


ind the extracurricular activities nearby football team and for him tholic Mass.”


RE-IMAGINE In a rst for a British public school: Fettes College has pioneered linking travel record keeping to travel management and journey execution. This visionary approach, in partnership with I-GTM, has revolutionised how the school handles student travel logistics, bene ting parents, staff, and, most importantly, the students themselves. View the case study:

Sue Bruce, Head “I-GTM has provided us with a system that of Wellbeing at intelligently gathers the travel records for Fettes College our entire boarding contingent and seamlessly books taxis with Central Taxis, our preferred Edinburgh Black cab eet, thus freeing up considerable resource for pastoral care and improving our transport solution to students and parents.”


Solution Effortless Parent Involvement: Parents can now record essential travel information with ease, thanks to syncing with school systems. Student and Fellow Student Engagement: Students and their ride-sharers can seamlessly track their taxi in real-time. Enhanced Security Measures: From the end of 2023 the security team will have full visibility of arriving taxis and the passengers they carry. Intuitive Travel Dashboard: A centralised travel dashboard offers a comprehensive overview, empowering house staff and security personnel with the data they need. Automated Billing: The solution automates the charging and billing process, streamlining administrative tasks. Streamlined, Managed Parent Communication: System automation sends out templated reminders to record & book travel, keeping a log of laggards as travel day approaches.

Impact Fettes College experienced a profound transformation in its approach to travel record keeping and logistics. House Staff Relief: House staff, whose days were once consumed by travel data collection, can now dedicate more time to pastoral aspects of their roles. This once relentless task now happens seamlessly and ef ciently. Parents Empowered: Parents appreciate the streamlined process, which leverages the school’s existing data, reduces data entry, and offers a clear overview of transportation plans. It alleviates the hassle of redundant data submission and eases concerns about their children’s travels. Centralised travel dashboard: satis es house and school staff while also complying with minimum standards as per UKVI and NMS regulations for boarding schools.

If you’d like to discuss how these innovations can bene t your school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. David Williams on T. 020 3355 2413.


Michael Alton Head of EET, Fettes College

“Adding Engineering, Enterprise and Technology (EET) into the curriculum at Fettes was a distinctive opportunity which the school had to seize.



Adding Engineering, Enterprise and Technology into the curric Adding Engineering, Enterprise

curriculum, an ed

curriculum at fettes was a

classroom and th

and technology (EEt) into the

distinctive opportunity which the school had to seize. it

provides our students with the

opportunity to problem solve through perseverance and

curiosity, while also allowing them to foster these skills through the practical

application of knowledge. It also allows us to move away from the traditional approach to

learning, focused on memorisation

and standardised testing, which is

no longer sufficient on its own to prepare individuals for the

complexities of modern life, and

doesn’t contribute to building a

curriculum for the future.

While more traditional subjects will

always have their place in the

bridges the gap b

one where learnin

to textbooks, is es

The demand for t

practical and digit

market and wider the reason why u

now ringfencing t

own curriculums t

skills that can be a

the classroom. So

schools do the sa

The EET model of

traditional practic

manufacturing, us

technology to enh experience. It me

flourish through h experience and p As they enter the

Fettes, all student



culum ucation that etween the

e real world, and

ng isn’t confined


hese hands on,

tal skills in the job

r world is clear. It’s

niversities are

ime within their

receiving an education in the

development of EET, featuring

lessons in robotics, structural

engineering, programming and 3D

printing. From September next

year, students will also have the

option to take EET as an alternative

to one of their GCSE options and

will qualify for a Higher Project

Qualification (HPQ) in its place.

to teach practical

With this change will come

o, why shouldn’t

from a traditional education

applied outside of me?

f learning blends es of

sing software and

hance that

ans students can


ractical wisdom. Senior School at

ts are now

challenges, as with any divergence programme. We must embrace

that change.

This new kind of learning provides

more opportunities for richer

problem-solving experiences both

in and out of the classroom.


The ability to tailor check-in questions for students, making it specifically relevant to our all-girls school and age group, a choice of when to prompt check in reminders and the ease of use were all things which appealed to us. One thing we particularly like is the ‘red flag’ function. We can choose to be notified if any student answers a question in a way which gives cause for concern, allowing us to take action immediately. Something we have focused on is ensuring people are aware of the responsibility they have to look after their own mental health. It is, of course, important to provide help and support, however empowering our school community to understand they are in control of their own wellbeing is an exercise in long term coping strategies and resilience. Another function of Govox, is the personalised resources provided after each check in. The answers to the check in questions are analysed and useful links and resources are emailed to each individual in response to this. Govox enables the support not only of the student community, but there is also a mirrored provision for staff. The wellbeing of our staff is paramount in embedding a whole school culture and often we are so focused on students that this takes a backseat. However, Govox allows Surval to place equal importance on every member of the school community, students, teachers, support staff, even out kitchen staff, housekeeping team and maintenance team, every member of the school is valued equally.

T O RIA L 103

Another very exciting function is that we will be able to utilise this platform during our 6 week period of summer camps. It is very difficult to measure the wellbeing of a student who is often only here for a couple of weeks and this will enable us to monitor every camper and it is enormously reassuring for parents to know we have a measurable way to monitor the wellbeing of their child. We have just completed the first round of check ins for students and staff and already it has yielded insight into patterns of thought and feeling across the school. I also really like the

happiness index which provides a great snapshot of the general health of the school. We are excited to continue to build on the data Govox provides and to embed wellbeing into the culture of Surval and benefit from what that brings. The Learning Policy Institute says, ‘Schools that prioritise a nurturing culture witness a decline in behavioural issues and an increase in collaborative learning’. Will we see this at Surval? Watch this space!”

To see how Govox is supporting BSA schools, you can take a complimentary Student or Staff Check In


As well as welcoming ten new boarders to

lairthwaite Boarding House this September, we are very excited to share news about our other

new arrivals. freyja, our new golden retriever

puppy arrived on sunday and has settled in very

Sal Pepper Boarding Development Manager Keswick School

well, with expert guidance from our 9 year old retriever, Venus.

Both dogs play an integral part in the boarding

house, the boarders enjoy taking them for walks and they are always available for any boarder who needs a little reassurance or is a bit homesick. Venus acts

as a reading dog for students in our learning support department.

we have also been very busy over the summer, building a chicken coup in the boarding house

grounds and very early on wednesday morning we received six new point of lay hens. there is great

excitement regarding looking after the hens and of course, collecting and eating the fresh eggs. the house has a wonderful buzz with so many new arrivals and lots to look forward to!

Dogs play an integral part in the boarding house, the boarders enjoy taking them for walks and they are always available for any boarder who needs a little reassurance .

New arrivals @


Keswick School


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Protecting y students, fac and staff whe !




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International SOS provides global s

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EXAMPLES OF SERVICES INT Emotional support fo 24/7 health and

Incident & C

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orocco who were facing flight restrictions resulting

VID-19 outbreak.



for a student dealing with mental health challenges

abroad in London.

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y support for a faculty member in a serious car




abbatical in rural Chile.

medical and security teams to help a university

broad programmes during the pandemic.

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BSA’s new Due Diligence Service in partnership with Verisio is a bespoke service for UK boarding schools which recruit international students. This new service will couple Verisio’s expertise in ethical and effective international due diligence with BSA’s understanding of UKVI compliance requirements in independent schools to ensure best practice in knowing who your school is doing business with. We can provide you with the security knowing who your international parents are, how they their money, who their business associates are and the of their funds. For further information, visit

BSA Certified Agent and Guardian schemes

The BSA Certified Agent and Guardian schemes continue to grow, providi the schemes' training and

certification programmes assure

BSA boarding schools they are

dealing with educational guardians

and agents who have the highest

standards in the safeguarding of

children, safer recruitment and

training of staff and host families,

knowledge of the uk education

system and careful liaison with

parents and schools. the schemes

are a clear demonstration to BSA

boarding schools of the quality and

intention of the educational agents

and guardians who reach certified


Both schemes launched in 2020 and

agent has integrity and knowledge of

“again looking at our survey of chinese

scheme aims to do.

respondents this year highlighted the

the school and family is what the

currently 68 agents and 58 guardians

“with our certified agent scheme,

all the time.

agent that schools need to do to

have been certified, with more joining caroline nixon, international &

membership director, Bsa group, said:

we’re doing the due diligence on an maintain their ukvi sponsorship

status. if an agent is Bsa certified,

schools don’t need to do their own

“Finding a suitable educational agent

checks so this saves our members a

schools and parents, but it’s an

agents demonstrate a clear

can be a time-consuming process for absolutely vital one. our recent survey of chinese parents tells us that agents have a major influence when it comes to choosing the right school for their child, with 89% relying on an agent’s

recommendation, so making sure the

huge amount of time. we ensure

understanding of the uk education

system; carry out checks on parents;

recommend schools which are right for individual students, and maintain the

highest standards of integrity in placing

and supporting each child.”

parents, an increasing number of

importance they placed in having assurance around a guardian’s

certification. and that’s what our

certified guardian scheme provides. similar to the criteria agents are

required to meet, guardians have to demonstrate the highest standards

around their interaction with schools, parents, pupils, and show that they meet our strict assurance

requirements for all aspects of safeguarding.


ing reassurance for schools and families.

“certification comes with many benefits for both agents and guardians, as those who are certified get access to

Bsa membership, are listed on the Bsa website, receive

regular updates from Bsa on training and changes to

legislation, and two free places annually on Bsa training days, as well as discounted access to other events such as Bsa conferences, events and training. we can also

support agents and guardians with free specialist advice and attendance at their events.”

For more information about the agent scheme, please visit the Certified Guardian Scheme page of the Bsa

website. For a full list of Bsa certified agents, please go

to page 76.

For more information about the guardian scheme,

please visit the Certified Agent Scheme page of the

Bsa website. For a full list of Bsa certified guardians, please go to page 78.

The following organisations have achieved BSA Certified Guardian status since the last edition of the magazine was published: alina yegorova

churchill education services

eduexcellence consulting services rv sport and education test education centre

a very warm welcome to the Bsa family.

For more information on the Bsa certified guardian scheme, please visit our website.


BSA Certified Guardians: abby Plumb education guardian service

Prestige guardians (provisional)

academic Families

redoor education (provisional)

alderwood international (provisional)

robin education

access uk education

alina yegorova (provisional) alpha guardians

regent guardians

ruyang guardian service (england)

rv sport and education (provisional)

anglo international student centre (provisional)

scottish overseas guardianship association

Belgravia guardians

see world

amber education

Berkeley guardians

Boarding schools ireland (provisional)

cambridge guardian angels

(soga) (provisional)

st george’s guardians study links

test education centre

carfax guardians

the guardian Family network

clarendon international education

uk guardians

churchill education services college guardians connexcel

convoy education (uk wide) cotswold guardians

crown guardians (england, wales)

eduexcellence consulting services (provisional)

east coast guardians

edinburgh guardian angels

education and exchange in europe (provisional)

elite anglo-chinese services english country guardians gabbitas

genesis education Planning great British guardians

guardians international support

guardians uk (south uk)

high schools international hostlink uk

hyde global education

international student guardianship ireland

(isgi) (provisional) iQ consultancy Jd consultancy

overseas Personal development services oxbridge guardians

trusted guardianship ukguardianship

uk tuition services

um education (provisional)

ying lang guardian, glamour edu ltd

The following organisations have achieved BSA Certified Agent status since the last edition of the magazine was published: Be education Brighteru

esta educational consultancy Future Perfect leo education

orpington education group oxbridgecrew education rv sport and education test education centre um education

a very warm welcome to the Bsa family to you all.

For more information on the Bsa certified agent scheme, please visit our website.

BSA Certified Agents: abby Plumb education guardian service (china and hong kong) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian) academic asia (china)

academic Families (worldwide) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian)

akademis (germany, austria, switzerland)

anglo international student centre (china) applyeasyPro (china and taiwan) aster tuition (china, worldwide) aston education (hong kong) @school-in-uk (russia)

Baltic council for international education (latvia, lithuania, estonia & Poland)

Barbara glasmacher internationale (germany) Be education

Be education (china, hong kong, singapore) Bego education (china)

Bespoke education (kazakhstan, uzbekistan) Better school! internatsberatung (germany) Bosss uk (china)

Britannia studylink (hong kong) Brighteru

British international consulting ltd (china)

British united education services (hong kong) carfax consultants (worldwide)

chamberlain educational services (hong kong and china) cherry education consultancy (china)

connexcel (china) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian) convoy education (china) crest education (china)

dickinson school consulting (germany and worldwide) eduexcellence consulting services (china)

edugo guardian (south korea, worldwide) edukatus (china, hong kong, singapore) esta educational consultancy Future Perfect

genesis education Planning (china) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian)

global education tumulka (get) (germany) golden apple tree (china)

hkies overseas education centre (hong kong)

115 i-learner (hong kong)

intake education (worldwide)

intergreat education group (china) iQ consultancy (russia) itec (russia)

ivyu education J3 group (hk)

Jd consultancy (china) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian)

kulturwerke deutschland sprachreisen (germany) leo education

mark Brooks education (ghana, nigeria, worldwide) meridian group (latvia)

orpington education group

overseas Personal development services (china) oxbridgecrew education

Panoba (nigeria and saudi arabia)

Petra heinemann internationale schulberatung (germany) Prime uk education (china)

Qed education group (china)

rise smart overseas education centre (hong kong) rv sport and education

sarah Jochums internatsberatung (germany) school Britannia (France)

sino-uk arts & cultural Bridge ltd (china) test education centre

the independent education consultants (worldwide) the watanabe office (Japan)

uk academics & guardianship (ukag) (china) uk education guide (middle east, worldwide)

uk tuition services (china) (Certified Agent and Certified Guardian) um education

unibridge international education (china).


The Wellbeing Hub, a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. the Wellbeing Hub supports whole school communities

to look after the mental health and wellbeing of the young

people in their care. We know we are making a difference

$ $ from the impact research $ we carry out and $ the$ feedback we receive. $Learn $ more and see some of our case studies $ here. $$


the new iSi framework places the responsibility of the

school’s leadership, management and governance to

actively promote the wellbeing of pupils at the centre of

tHE WEllBEinG HuB MEntAl HEAltH CourSE for PuPilS in CollABorAtion WitH HEAtHfiEld SCHool – A PROACTIVE APPROACH This interactive course is designed to give pupils a

thorough understanding of mental health and mental

illness, along with the skills and strategies required to

support their own wellbeing.

HEAtHfiEld SCHool triAl fEEdBACk:

of the'school. The ' ISI’s evaluation ' ' ' Wellbeing ' ' Hub provides a platform for schools to do this; areas covered ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ! ' ' ' 'include ' ' safeguarding, ' ' parenting ' ' support, ' staff ' ' ' ' 'pupil’s 'voice, training, careers and much more. '' ' ! ' '' ' ' ' ' ' ''


“I feel as if I have learnt how I can help myself

and others in ways that will benefit the situation and all the things I have learnt will not only help me through my schooling but through my life as

' ' ' *nE ' W* i n 't H 'E WE llBE i nG H uB t H i S t E r M Ar E 2 PuPi l Cour SE S, ' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' WH i C H WE k noW Ar E Alr E Ady ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' H AVi nG A PoSi t i VE i MPAC t i n ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' SoME of our SC H ool '' ' ' ' ' ' ' CoMMuni' t i E S: ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '



! !' !

! ! !


! !




This course has been designed to help young people build

the skills to be a supportive and positive person, as well as




learn about ways in which they can guide and support

others who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing.

! !

! ! ' ' ' ' '



' '

' '

! ! our iMPACt rESEArCH SHoWS - 100% of ( ( pupils !felt more confident in supporting their peers with their mental health and wellbeing



“This course helped me to have a deeper

understanding of my own mind and the ones of others” Mimi, Year 10

“I learned that there is more than one way to


' '! '!

well” Matilda, Year 10

' after 'completing this course. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

cope with certain situations than just breathing” Zoe, Year 10











These highlighted courses are just some of the ways The



' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Wellbeing Hub can support your school community. ' ' ' '

' ' '




' '


Please do get in touch! to arrange tour so ! a virtual !

we can show you all that the Wellbeing Hub has to

( ( ( (( ( ( or(01273 ( ( 093( 940. ( offer; (









(( ( (

( (



( (

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( (


( (

! '





!' '

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' '

' ' ''


( ( (

G o l d


M e m b e r

2 0 2 4

Gold Certified Supplier 2024 Schoolblazer / Limitless

school uniform and sports kit supplier

Witley Jones

designers, manufacturers and installers of quality school furniture for

Bsa boarding schools


a powerful and flexible platform delivering effective communication, control, reporting and insight across your school.


award-winning website design, digital marketing, and measurement.


Certified Suppliers Allergy Team: wellbeing The Divergent School Group Enhanced catering: recruitment Govox: wellbeing Hays: recruitment Jeremy Thomas Talks: wellbeing Kitt Medical: anaphylaxis emergency kits Pavocat: compliance The Wellbeing Hub: wellbeing True Adventure: travel Unifrog: careers guidance software Utility Aid: energy broker WCBS: management system Witley Jones: furniture supplies World Challenge: travel Zeelo: bus and transport services Powerful Allies: renewable energy SDS Group: archives, history, development and alumni Breck Foundation: Safeguarding IDAT: School Management Solutions Recoverable Solutions: Debt Collectors TG Escapes: Construction Redwood: Debt Collectors Switchshop: IT Network and Cybersecurity Towergate: Insurance brokers Anderson Quigley: Supporting People & Organisations School Teeth: Orthodontic and Dental Evolve Advice Ltd: Compliance, Health and Safety, Advice International SOS Assistance UK Limited: Risk Management The Sleep Charity: Wellbeing Vectare: Transport Management The Litmus Partnership Ltd: Catering, Facilities Management iSAMS: School Management Solutions Shelleys: Design and Print



Navigating the AI evolution in schools By Hayley Mintern, Anderson Quigley Wi t H t H E E VE r E VolVi nG t E C H lAnd SC APE , t H E AdVE nt of Ar t i fi C i Al i nt E lli G E nC E (Ai ) i S SE t to r E SH APE t H E E d uC At i on SE C tor . E lon MuSk ' S r E C E nt StAt E ME nt t H At " no J oB i S nE E d E d " i n t H E fut ur E d uE to Ai H AS i G ni t E d t H E SE d i SC uSSi onS fur t H E r .

With the ever evolving tech landscape, the advent of artificial intelligence (ai) is set to reshape the education sector. elon musk's recent statement that "no job is needed" in the future due to ai has ignited these discussions further. while some experts predict the end of the traditional classroom, others see this transformation as an opportunity for growth and innovation. similar to the pandemic the education sector will have to adapt and remain resilient in spite of these changes. while we are seeing the uptake of technology in the sector, human centred soft skills are still highly valued and needed now more than ever. for independent schools for example, the role of bursar has changed considerably. typically a bursar would be responsible for managing a school’s financial affairs. now technology, management practices, and the complexity of school operations have evolved, forcing them to also. many schools now use titles such as Chief operating officer, Director of finances and resources, or managing Director to reflect the expanding responsibilities of this position. with advancements in ai, schools are increasingly in need of leaders who possess vision, passion, and high emotional intelligence. the demand for talented candidates that can also be versatile, innovate and adapt has never been more pronounced. ai can shoulder some of the burdensome administrative tasks

traditionally taken on by bursars, giving them more time to dedicate themselves to other areas of the school’s operations. But this requires future bursars to be technology literate and capable of managing the cyber risks associated with ai - such as gDpr compliance. fundamentally ai should be recognised as a tool bursars can use to improve decision-making but not overestimate its capability either. soft skills such as efficient communication across various school departments is still vital. it’s also important to note that a bursar is not a lone-wolf; they operate within a wider school team to tackle a growing list of management responsibilities, it’s not a job done alone. looking to the future where ai is front and centre, human skills remain a crucial part of the equation. education leaders will have to navigate the challenges and the opportunities ai brings, which may require redefining some of the roles within the sector. this being said, it’s also important to keep our attention laser focused on delivering the best education for our young people and making any transitions as smooth as possible. for more information please contact

ABout AndErSon QuiGlEy anderson Quigley is an executive search and interim management consultancy delivering leadership recruitment in education, healthcare, social care, charities, cultural organisations, the arts and government. Driven by a core set of values - integrity, diversity and hands-on project ownership - anderson Quigley’s team of executive search experts support organisations across the public sector to build better leaders for a better society. the business was founded in 2017 and brings together decades of knowledge and experience in executive search, interim management and advisory services.

T ORIA L 121

ABout HAylEy MintErn Hayley mintern is a partner at executive search agency anderson Quigley. she has supported the education sector for ten years, providing executive search and interim and consultancy solutions to independent schools, academy trusts, fe Colleges, and universities. Her speciality is understanding the education sector and connecting talent that is passionate about providing high quality inclusive education. Hayley has built a track record with education leaders and helped many organisations identifying top talent. Hayley has a passion for education, she is a governor for mat working closely with the head and trust leaders to ensure excellent levels of education. she previously worked closely with england rugby schools to deliver inclusive sport in schools and has strong understanding of the curriculum. Hayley joined the aQ team to further develop the schools and colleges practice and is driven by making a positive difference to the education sector through the quality of leadership appointment.





The universal destinations platform Unifrog is the one-stop shop for your whole-school CEIAG programme. Achieve higher student engagement and increase the diversity of progression routes.




say Unifrog has helped them meet the Gatsby Benchmarks

say we made a “ significant positive impact”

would recommend us to another school or college

“The Unifrog team are all helpful and the feedback from our students and parents on Unifrog is really positive and I’m delighted they have engaged with it so readily.” Ms McNally, UCAS Coordinator, Claremont Senior School

Scan to book a free demo

020 3372 5991 |


Benefits for teachers and advisors Achieve higher student engagement and improve destinations outcomes Enhance your planning strategy with our comprehensive library of 400 plug-andplay lessons, whole-school PSHE lesson pack, WEX placements, free psychometric testing, Personal Development curriculum, and more Get ready for ISI inspections with our customisable Careers Year Plan, mapped to Gatsby and ISI Benchmarks and PSHE Association objectives Centralise processes for building world-class applications and streamline reference writing One-on-one consultation to identify CEIAG goals and give bespoke staff training Exclusive invites to CPD days, conferences, training and networking events to connect with top UK and international universities and employers

Benefits for students Engaging, personalised quizzes and psychometric testing to understand interests, personalities, and skills Comprehensive search tools for all pathways to explore and rank all post-school options including UK and international universities, and apprenticeships Craft world-class applications to universities in the UK and abroad, including tools for Personal Statements and Common App essays Opportunities to have meaningful interactions with top employers and universities

Join our community of 3,500+ schools and colleges around the world Book a demo:


A Collector’s Dozen: 13 Tips for Managing Unpaid School Fees nAVi G At i nG t H E CoMPlE xi t i E S of fE E CollE C t i on i S i MPor tAnt for E VE r y i nd E PE nd E nt SC H ool. G r Ant Mur r Ay fr oM d E Bt CollE C t i on AG E nC y r E dWood CollE C t i onS offE r S H i S SuG G E St i onS on H oW to E ffE C t i VE ly Pr E VE nt And r E CoVE r unPAi d fE E S.

1. Robust terms and conditions (T&Cs): it's crucial to have comprehensive T&Cs. These should include clear provisions for recovering legal costs if necessary. Detailed terms not only act as a deterrent for late payments but also support any necessary legal actions. T&Cs should be overhauled if significantly old. 2. Reasonable interest on overdue payments: your T&Cs should include a clause for charging interest on late fees. Linking this interest to the Bank of England’s base rate helps maintain consistency and avoids unpredictability in monetary policy.

3. Clear withdrawal notice terms: specify that withdrawal notices must be officially received, not just sent. This clarity prevents disputes about the timing of notices, which is crucial for dealing with later debt disputes. 4. Detailed escalation process: outline a clear escalation process in your credit control procedures. Set specific deadlines for payment and communicate these clearly to encourage prompt payment and minimise delays. 5. Mentioning a debt collection agency (DCA): the mere mention of involving a DCA in your communications can act as a significant deterrent. It signals your institution's commitment to pursuing unpaid fees rigorously – and costs you nothing.

10. Selling the debt: Selling of Independent school debt is now possible, with our BRANCH debt purchase service. Unload the financial and administrative burden of chasing fee. Often utilised for historic batches of unpaid debts, schools are seeing a tremendous return on debts longconsidered to be ‘write-offs’.

6. Opting for a DCA over a solicitor: Who should take the helm? DCAs specialise in collecting debts and often have more effective communication and an outcomefocused approach. We would suggest a solicitor for your general legal needs and a DCA for their expertise, but make sure they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority! 7. Timely referral to a DCA: adhere strictly to your timeline for involving a DCA. Consistency in your approach emphasises the seriousness of your collection efforts and maintains the continuity of the chase.

8. Considering legal action: when advised by your DCA, seriously consider legal action. DCAs have the expertise to suggest when such steps are necessary and can guide you through the legal complexities.

9. Sensitive case management: in cases requiring a delicate approach, a DCA can help set up payment plans or secure charging orders on properties, which can accrue interest. This sensitivity is crucial in maintaining goodwill while ensuring payment.

11. Assessing assets when considering insolvency actions: in cases where debtors possess substantial assets but are offering minimal payments, consider taking action under the Insolvency Act 1986. It is not reasonable for a customer to pay the school at a low rate, while keeping hundreds of thousands behind their back. 12. Rigorous vetting of third-party agencies: carefully vet any thirdparty agencies, especially those dealing with international students. Ensure they align with your school's fee policies and have a reliable track record.

13. Cultivating a culture of robust debt collections: establish a strong culture of debt collection within your institution. This is only fair for the good, reliable payers. Parents talk and if a firm, fair approach is taken, this will quickly spread. The reverse is also true!

We are pleased to be joining the BSA and would be delighted to discuss fee collection with any school whenever they need guidance. Grant Murray Head of Risk & Compliance at Redwood Collections Ltd 020 8080 2888




UK abbey college, cambridge abbey college, manchester abbotsholme school abingdon school abrar academy ackworth school acs international school cobham adcote school aldenham school aldro school aldwickbury school all hallows school alliance Francaise ampleforth college amesbury school appleford school ardingly college ardvreck school ashfold school ashford school ashville college atlantic college aysgarth school Badminton school Barnard castle school Barnardiston hall Preparatory school Bath academy Battle abbey school Beachborough school Beaudesert Park school Bedales (incl Prep) Bede’s Preparatory school Bede’s senior school Bedford school Bedstone college Beech grove school and academy Beechen cliff school Beechwood Park school Beechwood sacred heart school Beeston hall school Belhaven hill school Belmont school Benenden school Berkhamsted school Bethany school Bilton grange school Bishop’s stortford college (incl Prep) Bishopstrow college Bloxham school Blundell’s school Bootham school Bosworth independent college Boundary oak school Bournemouth collegiate school Box hill school Bradfield college Brambletye school Bredon school Brentwood school Brighton college Bristol international college Brockhurst and marlston house schools Brockwood Park school Bromsgrove school (incl Prep) Brooke house college Brookes united kingdom Bruern abbey school Bryanston school Brymore academy Buckswood school Burford school Burgess hill girls caldicott Preparatory school cambridge tutors college campbell college canford school cardiff academy sixth Form college cardiff sixth Form college cargilfield Preparatory school casterton sedbergh Preparatory school caterham school cats college, cambridge cats college, canterbury cats college, london (guildhouse school) chafyn grove school charterhouse school chase grammar school cheam school cheltenham college (incl Prep) cheltenham ladies’ college cherwell college oxford chetham’s school of music chigwell school christ church cathedral school christ college, Brecon christ’s hospital school city of london Freemen’s school claremont school clayesmore Preparatory school clayesmore school clifton college

clifton college Preparatory school cobham hall school colchester royal grammar school concord college copthorne Preparatory school cothill house school cotswold chine school cottesmore school cranbrook school cranleigh school (incl Prep) culford school (incl Prep) cumnor house school cundall manor school dallam school darul uloom dawatul imaan darul uloom london school dauntsey’s school david game college dean close Preparatory school dean close school dean close st John’s denstone college dld college, london dollar academy dorset house school dover college d’overbroeck’s downe house school downside school dragon school dulwich college dulwich Preparatory school, cranbrook durham school eagle house school earlscliffe eastbourne college edgeborough school ellesmere college elmfield rudolf steiner school elmhurst Ballet school, Birmingham elstree school embley epsom college eton college exeter cathedral school exeter college Fairview international school Farleigh school Farlington school Farringtons school Felsted school (incl Prep) Feltonfleet school Fettes college (incl Prep) Five islands academy Foremarke hall, repton Preparatory school Forres sandle manor school Framlingham college Frensham heights school (incl Junior) Frewen college Fulneck school Fyling hall school trust ltd george watson’s college giggleswick school glenalmond college godolphin school godstowe Preparatory school gordon’s school gordonstoun (incl Junior) gresham’s school (incl Prep) haberdashers’ adams haileybury hall grove school handcross Park school hanford school harrogate ladies’ college harrow school hatherop castle Prep school hazlegrove Preparatory school headington school heath mount school heathfield school hereford cathedral school highfield school hockerill anglo-european college holmewood house school holmwood house school (incl Prep) holyport college horris hill school hurstpierpoint college hurtwood house school international school of creative arts ipswich high school ipswich school Jamea al kauthar Jamia al - hudaa Jersey college for girls Junior king’s school, canterbury kensington Park school kent college nursery, infant and Junior school kent college, canterbury

kent college, Pembury (incl Prep) keswick school kilgraston school kimbolton school king edward’s school, witley king william’s college, isle of man kingham hill school kings Bournemouth king’s college school, cambridge king’s college, taunton king’s hall school king’s school , rochester (incl Prep) king’s school, Bruton king’s school, ely (incl Junior) kingsley school kingswood Preparatory school kingswood school kirkham grammar school kitebrook Prep school lambrook school lancaster royal grammar school lancing college langley school lathallan school leighton Park school leweston school (incl Prep) lime house school lincoln minster school liverpool college llandovery college lockers Park school lomond school longridge towers school lord wandsworth college loretto school (incl Junior) loughborough grammar school luckley house school lucton school (incl Prep) ludgrove school lvs ascot maidwell hall school malvern college malvern st James manchester city Football club marlborough college marlborough house school marymount london mayfield school merchiston castle school mill hill school Foundation millfield Preparatory school millfield school milton abbey school monkton combe Preparatory school monkton combe senior school monmouth school for Boys monmouth school for girls moor Park school moorland school more house school moreton hall school moulsford Preparatory school mount kelly school (incl Prep) mount st mary’s college mowden hall school moyles court school mPw london myddelton college new hall school north london grammar school northbourne Park school oakham school old Buckenham hall school old swinford hospital orwell Park school oswestry school oundle school oxford international college Brighton oxford sixth Form college Packwood haugh school Padworth college Pangbourne college Papplewick school Perrott hill school Peter symonds college Pinewood school Plymouth college Pocklington school (incl Prep) Polwhele house Port regis Preparatory school Prestfelde school Prior Park college Prior’s Field school Queen anne’s school Queen ethelburga’s collegiate Queen margaret’s school Queen mary’s school Queen’s college, taunton (incl Prep) Queenswood school radley college ratcliffe college (incl Prep)

reading school reddam house Berkshire reed’s school rendcomb college repton school richard huish college rikkyo school in england ripon grammar school rishworth school rochester independent college rockport school roedean school rookwood school rossall school royal alexandra & albert school royal high school, Bath royal hospital school royal russell school rugby school ruthin school ryde school with upper chine rye st antony school (incl Prep) s.anselm’s Preparatory school saint Felix school saint ronan’s school salisbury cathedral school sandroyd school scarborough college scarisbrick hall school seaford college (incl Prep) sedbergh school sevenoaks school sexey’s school shaftesbury school shebbear college sherborne girls sherborne Preparatory school sherborne school sherfield school shiplake college shrewsbury school sibford school sidcot school slindon college st andrew’s college, cambridge st andrew’s Preparatory school, eastbourne st andrew’s school, Pangbourne st Bees school st catherine’s, Bramley st christopher school st clare’s, oxford st david’s college, llandudno st edmund’s school, surrey st edmund’s college & Prep school, hertfordshire st edmund’s school, canterbury (incl Junior) st edward’s oxford st Francis’ college st george’s school, ascot st george’s school, harpenden st george’s school, windsor st george’s, edinburgh st hugh’s Prep school, lincolnshire st hugh’s Prep school, oxfordshire st John’s college school, cambridge st John’s college, southsea st John’s Beaumont Preparatory school st John’s school, leatherhead st John’s school, sidmouth st Joseph’s college (incl Prep) st lawrence college (incl Junior) st leonards school, Fife st margaret’s school, Bushey st mary’s calne st mary’s music school st mary’s school, ascot st mary’s school, cambridge st michael’s school st Paul’s cathedral school st Paul’s school, london st Peter’s Prep school st Peter’s school, york (incl st olave’s) st swithun’s school st teresa’s school stamford endowed schools stamford Junior school stanborough secondary school stephen Perse Foundation stewart’s melville college steyning grammar school stoke college stonar school stonyhurst college stonyhurst st mary’s hall stover school (incl Prep) strathallan school (incl Prep) summer Fields school sunningdale school sutton valence school (incl Prep) swanbourne house school talbot heath school (incl Junior)

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tasis, the american school in england taunton Preparatory school taunton school teikyo Foundation school terra nova school terrington hall school tettenhall college the chorister school the downs malvern the duke of york’s royal military school the elms school the hammond school the king’s school, canterbury the leys school the mary erskine school the montessori Place, hove the mount school the national mathematics and science college the new Beacon school the oratory Preparatory school the oratory school the Pilgrims’ school the Prebendal school the Purcell school for young musicians the read school the royal Ballet school the royal grammar school, high wycombe the royal masonic school for girls the royal school, armagh the royal school, dungannon the royal school, surrey the royal school, wolverhampton the thomas adams school the wellington academy thetford grammar school thornton college tonbridge school trent college tring Park school for the Performing arts trinity school truro high school for girls (incl Prep) truro school tudor hall school twyford school uppingham school vinehall school walhampton school warminster school (incl Prep) warwick school wellesley house school wellington college wellington school wells cathedral school (incl Prep) west Buckland school west hill Park school westbourne house school westbourne school westminster abbey choir school westminster cathedral choir school westminster school, westminster westonbirt school (incl Prep) whitgift school winchester college winchester house school windermere school windlesham house school wisbech grammar school witham hall school woldingham school woodbridge school woodcote house school woodhouse grove school worksop college (incl Prep) worth school wrekin college wychwood school (oxford) ltd wycliffe college (incl Prep) wycombe abbey wymondham college wymondham college Prep school yehudi menuhin school

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assam valley school, india Benenden Bilingual school guangzhou Braeburn garden estate school British international school lagos Bromsgrove international school, thailand episcopal high school, usa epsom college in malaysia Fettes guangzshou Frensham, australia greensteds international school, kenya h Farm international school haileybury Bhaluka hangzhou greentown yuhua school, china harrow innovation leadership academy chongqing harrow innovation leadership academy nanning harrow international school shenzhen Qianhai harrow innovation leadership academy Zhuhai harrow international school Bangkok, thailand harrow international school Bengaluru harrow international school haikou harrow international school, hong kong harrow appi Japan heritage girls school huawei-tongman Foreign language school hulli school nantong idyllwild arts academy, usa Jerudong international school, Brunei kincoppal-rose Bay, australia king henry viii college, malaysia kolej tuanku Ja’afar, malaysia lady eleanor holles international school Foshan, china the lawrence school, lovedale, india the lawrence school, sanawar, india marlborough college, malaysia merchiston international school, china michaelhouse, south africa new school georgia north london collegiate school, Jeju, korea nucB international college, Japan Peponi school, kenya Pinegrove school, india Prem tinsulanonda international school, thailand Pymble ladies’ college, australia regents international school Pattaya, thailand rong Qiao sedbergh school school of leadership, afghanistan (sola) the scindia school, gwalior, india sela Qui international school, india selborne college sek international school el castillo shenzhen international Foundation college st andrew’s college, south africa st andrew’s Prep school turi, kenya st andrew’s senior school turi, kenya st christopher schools, kenya st george’s college, argentina swiss international scientific school dubai, uae thailand kis reignwood Park school the British school of lome’, togo the doon school, india the Forman school, usa the hun school of Princeton, usa the international school of Penang (uplands), malaysia the international school, Bangalore, india the king’s school, australia the mayo college, india the regent secondary school, nigeriatoowoomba anglican school, australia united world college south east asia, singapore wellington college international tianjin, china wellington college international Pune wellington college international hangzhou welham Boys’ school, india welham girls’ school, india westlake international school, malaysia woodstock school, india whanganui collegiate school, new Zealand wycombe abbey school changzhou, china wycombe abbey school, hangzhou, china wycombe abbey school, hong kong wycombe abbey school nanjing, china y k Pao school yew chung international school of Qingdao (ycis -Qd), china yew wah international education school of guangzhou (ywies-gZ) , china yew wah international education school, Zhejiang tongxiang campus, (ywies-tX), china yew wah school of shanghai changning. (ywies - gB), china yew wah international education school of shanghai lingang (ywies - shlg), china

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