BMW Owners News for November 2022

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For those at home watching the event, the Trophy starts on what is thought of as Day 1. But those attending, and those who have previously participated, know the Trophy starts on Day Zero. This is the day participants are given their bikes, and all final business is handled before the teams hit the trails. Com systems are fitted, team photos are taken, and most importantly, teams are led through the day by a marshal, getting the first glimpse of how the week will be conducted. By the end of that day, the reunited team was ready to kick back with a few beers and muse on what was to come. The first day of the event was an exciting one. Team USA had an extra job that morning, as they were assigned to be the team to load every participant’s gear bag onto the transport truck. Each day, the task was assigned to a different team, and Team USA was lucky Number One. As would be expected of each day, the team was partnered with another team and a marshal to guide them through their day. Immediately upon leaving base camp, the riders experienced some of the beautiful and technical terrain they would face each day. But points were not awarded based on the day’s riding. Points for the GS Trophy competitions are awarded to teams based on each day’s special stages. The team that scouts the routes, provides the marshals, and so much more also creates two to three special stages per day. Some are riding challenges, and some are based on motorcycle mechanical knowledge, the history of BMW Motorrad, and even the teams’ creative abilities and reach on social media.

Throughout the competition, points are earned not only for technical riding skills, but GPS and physical challenges, mechanical knowledge, BMW Motorrad history and creativity and social media reach.


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