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For many years I have enjoyed seeking new knowledge about the heavens. For some, "the heavens" mean a religious place, and for others it means the galaxy. In my humble opinion, it means both. One of the first places I visited after moving to Florida was Kennedy Space Center. Since childhood I've had a fascination with space, science fiction and the mysterious. Growing up in West Virginia, many tales of UFO crashes and monsters echoed our local folklore. Fast forward to today and I'm still eager to learn more. Bill and I visited Roswell, New Mexico and the Petrified Forest National Park earlier this year. In some aspects these two places are very diverse, but in an odd way, they are both interrelated. I know, you're thinking I'm reaching here, but really I'm not. The energy from the wood found in the Petrified Forest may assist anyone who is feeling stuck, as well as helping to launch new goals or undertake a different path. Studying the Roswell UFO crash documents and research at the UFO Museum certainly opened up a new path for me and got me out of my old way of thinking. Here's to a life full of unexpected learning!

MELISA S. KENNEDY Founder & Editor in Chief Follow me



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People often ask me about the jewelry I'm wearing. Now they know! -Melisa

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BLOOD OF THE KINGDOM: BREAKING TRUTH Find out how an alien invasion and RH- negative blood merge in this thrilling story. SIGNEDÂ COPIES AVAILABLE AT: BLOODOFTHEKINGDOM.COM THEUFOWOMAN.COM



living a life of



“Curiosity killed the cat.� We've all heard that saying growing up, but is it really true? While the world is a risky place, it’s important to remember what curiosity really means. To me, it means the strong desire to know and to learn. It's not settling or just accepting everything you hear. Rather, it is being childlike in our pursuits of knowledge, truth and always open to learning something new. I can honestly say I am just as curious now as a 40-something woman as when I was a child. And in some ways, more curious because I am braver and more confident now than when I was younger. I strongly believe we are called to dwell on things that are honorable, just, pure, lovely, and commendable in our lives. Curiosity drives us in this process. We wonder and ask from a place of truth-seeking.

Curiosity drives us in this process. And I for one am always in a state of wonder and ask from a place of truth-seeking. It's a known trait for those of us with RHnegative blood type. From my earliest memories as a child, truth-seeking has been my guiding light on much of what I do. Proper curiosity opens our eyes to new knowledge and possibilities. I am super curious about our universe. Every day I learn something else about our solar system for example. I am also fascinated about the universe's energy and how it impacts every living thing. When I think about the principle behind energy never dying, it opens so many more questions for me. Curiosity about everything anchors us in mental strength as we learn more, seek more, and see more.

Curiosity is a powerful force - the key to solving many questions and overcoming many challenges we face in this world. It can genuinely change lives for the better and even change communities and cultures. May you have a life full of curiosity as I have. It makes for an exciting journey!

f o e t s Ta our F


KALE & SWEET POTATO SALAD Ingredients: 2 medium sweet potatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cups finely chopped curly kale 2 garlic cloves, minced salt + black pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a large, rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper for easy cleanup.To prepare the sweet potatoes, transfer them to the prepared baking sheet and toss them with 2 tablespoons olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and arrange in a single layer. Bake for 10 minutes, then toss and bake for 10 to 15 minutes longer, until tender and browning. Set the pan aside to cool. Drizzle any remaining olive oil plus garlic and gently toss all of the ingredients until evenly coated. Taste and mix in more oil if desired.Serve the salad at room temperature or cold.



STORM AREA 51? UFO Researchers weigh in on this Facebook event currently planned for September 20, 2019



IS THIS STORM A GOOD OR BAD IDEA? Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us is an American Facebook event currently planned for September 20, 2019 at Area 51, a United States Air Force facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range, to raid the site in search for extraterrestrial life. As a ufologist myself, I question whether or not Storm Area 51 is an effective way to get to the truth about extraterrestrials. I am definitely with the inquisitive minds out there who are seeking answers to that most ancient question, "Are we alone in the universe?" The answer very simply, is NO. But is storming a federal facility known for its UFO and extraterrestrial activities the answer? Is this jokey Facebook event the solution? So, I turned to my two colleagues and friends who will be attending UFO Con in Orlando, Nick Pope and Stephen Bassett to get their opinions. Nick Pope ran the British government's UFO project. He's a leading expert on the unexplained and conspiracy theories. He is a regular on History Channel's Ancient Aliens TV show among others. Here's what Nick had to say about this public Facebook event that’s gone viral. "I understand people's curiosity about Area 51 and about government UFO secrets more generally, and I completely support people's right to undertake a legal, peaceful protest, but that's not how this event is being billed. 'Storm


Area 51' clearly implies illegal trespass onto a military installation and that's a recipe for disaster. I utterly condemn such an action. It's irresponsible, illegal and potentially dangerous. Trespass on a military base is a federal offence and people run the risk of getting jail time, a fine and a criminal record. Warning signs at Area 51 even state that the use of lethal force is authorized. This is unlikely and guards are only authorized to open fire in exceptional circumstances, such as if they believe they're in imminent danger themselves, but who knows what might happen if things get out of hand? If a large crowd is rushing towards a guard and some idiot tries to grab his gun, it's easy to envisage a situation where someone might open fire. If anyone thinks this is impossible, they should remember that as recently as February, a man was shot and killed at a Navy base in Texas, after he crashed his vehicle into a security barrier and charged towards the guards.It's easy to imagine a whole bunch of other things going wrong here, with potentially tragic results. Area 51 is in a desolate and remote area and the terrain is rough. I could envisage cars running out of gas or overturning, people getting lost in the desert, all sorts of things - it might look easy on a computer screen, but in real life it isn't. I live in Tucson, so I know what desert terrain is like. It's beautiful, but it can be unforgiving. Temperatures can be brutal even in mid September, if people don't take enough water they can very quickly dehydrate dangerously, and then there are the rattlesnakes!

Nick Pope has written many books, including this one, Open Skies, Closed Minds.

"I understand people's curiosity about Area 51..."

Nick Pope on the 7-Eleven "Super 8 Check in to Space" promotion. Š AP Images.



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Follow along as Melisa Kennedy shares adventures of her UFO and paranormal investigations. The series promises to nourish its followers with quality, educational programming accessible 24/7 and across all screens.

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Even if there had ever been any alien technology - or aliens - at Area 51, it would be long gone. Common sense dictates that the moment a military base starts getting name checked in movies like Independence Day and TV shows like The X-Files, the cat is out of the bag, so any UFO-related material would probably long since have been moved elsewhere, to a location the public has never heard of. So even if anyone did actually manage to break into Area 51, all they'd probably find is various next-generation aircraft and drones - and because we don't want details of these getting to Russia, China or indeed anyone else, that's yet another reason why this plan is bad news. The only good news for the authorities is that any protest is likely to be much smaller than people think. It's very easy to click 'going' on a Facebook event, but it's much harder to actually go - especially to somewhere as remote as Area 51. Even so, the authorities are concerned, and rightly so. I find all this frustrating. As a result of the revelations concerning the Pentagon's AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) program, the topic of UFOs has come out of the fringe and into the mainstream. The US Navy has confirmed the reality of several mid-air encounters between pilots and UFOs, Congressional committees have investigated, Senators have received classified briefings and even the President has addressed the issue. All this progress could be undone by a stunt like this. If people feel so strongly about the issue, I suggest that instead of engaging in reckless actions, they educate themselves about AATIP, engage with their elected representatives, and ask them to support Congressional hearings and the production of a National Intelligence Estimate on the subject." I really enjoyed Nick's point of view on the subject matter but wanted to get another angle as well. Stephen Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to end a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the so called “UFO” phenomenon. Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal “Disclosure” by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He has given over 1000 radio and television interviews, and PRG’s advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media.


Stephen had the following interesting points on this event. "Storm Area 51 is a brilliant marketing meme. The originator is going to sell a lot of T-shirts. It is a perfect example of how interest in the ET/Disclosure issues is growing. After Disclosure there will be ten thousand marketing memes. A lot of money will change hands. Will there be a mass gathering outside Area 51? Not likely. Such events cost a lot of money and have considerable liability. Will some people show up and have a good time? Probably. Should they actually try to storm Area 51? A resounding "no." That would be a very bad idea. The idea of a mass protest outside Area 51 has been on the activist action list for some time. It hasn't happened for a number of reasons including it's too dangerous and the wrong location. The place for a mass protest against the abuse of secrecy by the U.S. Government is on the Mall in Washington, DC. Such protests require major funding and organization. Also, the core issue does not lend itself well to the mass protest approach. One day that could change. Storm Area 51 is a hint that day may be sooner than later." To hear more from Nick Pope and Stephen Bassett as well as learn more information about extraterrestrials, UFOs and the unexplained mysteries of our universe, attend UFO CON in Orlando on November 9, 2019. Tickets are on sale now at


Stephen Bassett in front of the White House.

"The Disclosure process is making a lot of progress. The last thing we need right now is a fiasco the debunkers can feast upon."


GLOWING ORB FLYING LOW OVER FLORIDA WATERS A Florida witness sailing in Key Largo reported videotaping a bright light "orb" object on June 3, 2019 at 7:44 PM. The object appeared from the north sky and flew horizontally toward the south at various speeds and altitudes in the video footage. No evidence of balloons, air debris or other flying objects. Winds were approximately 6 mph and skies were mainly clear with Education variable clouds. - Community - Research - Outreach


light orb made quick and sudden moves in a split second



Melisa Kennedy closed this case out as Unknown. Report a UFO sighting or learn about ufology at today.

exact same distance; boat was sitting still

PENNSYLVANIA UFO STORY NEAR BRIDGE A Pennsylvania witness, Anita Biers, was walking at night years ago when she saw a bright disc in the sky. She reported her story to me on my site, The UFO Woman. "I lived in a place called Sky Terrace, a low income housing development built after WWII that set on a hill, open to a clear sky. Many times at night my brother would say he would see UFO's but I just ignored him. When this happened to me he had moved away and I had just graduated and still lived with my parents. I was walking to the local store to kill some time hoping a boy I liked would show up or I would hear something about him since we were a small group of residents at the time. As I was walking up the hill to the Alumni Bridge which is above a highway, I happened to look up and see a light in the sky. I ignored it, thinking it was a plane or helicopter although it made no sound to indicate it was the latter and wasn't really moving much. Once in a while I would look back at it and it was still in the sky just sitting there. I got to the store and stayed about fifteen or twenty minutes. I read some magazines and looked around and finally saw this boys mom and her boyfriend come in so I picked out a pack gum or something and went to the register behind them. I didn't hear them talk about him and I didn't ask so after they left I bought the gum and waited until they drove away to leave. I began walking and when I got to the bridge I noticed the light in the sky was still just sitting there. Everything was silent and I tried to figure out how it could just sit in the sky and not move. It was a completely open sky and nothing could have created that light in the middle. Overhead lamps lit the bridge and I kind of felt like I was in a spot light because of this. I began to grow scared. At the end of the bridge as I walked down the hill I looked up and suddenly the light seemed to be dropping a bit in the sky and moving toward me. My heart was racing and I began to pick up speed and ascend the hill. Our apartment was right in front and I ran across the yard and slammed the front door shut. I told my dad there was something out there and we looked out the back door but whatever it was had vanished. I was never so scared walking alone. I had the feeling that if I had not run it would have taken me. I never walked that bridge alone at night after that and never saw it again."


The UFO reports we get break down into UFO Cases or UFO Stories. But what's the difference? A Case is an investigation about a specific UFO event. The investigation has been done by a credentialed UFO investigator (ufologist). Usually, after the investigation, a formal report is produced. A Story is an uninvestigated memory about a specific UFO event.  These are usually events that have taken place a long time ago and therefore, no real evidence or credentials can be proven.





When you are wanting to experience a different type of historical museum, think The Octagon Hall Museum in Franklin, Kentucky. The Octagon Hall is widely regarded as one of the most haunted places in the South. It has been featured on A&E, The Travel Channel, Syfy, The History Channel, Discovery, and many others. I sat down with Barry Gaunt, a Paranormal Investigator and Researcher, to find out more about his findings at this unique landmark known for its Civil War history and paranormal activity. Q: How long have you been a paranormal investigator/researcher? A: I have been studying, researching and investigating since the mid-1970s so that would be over forty years now. Barry Gaunt at the steps of The Octagon Hall Museum

Q: When and why did you become interested in the paranormal? A: I guess I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, it found me. As a young child, after my grandfather from my mom’s side passed in 1963, I saw him in my room, and he turned and walked out my door into the hallway. Then in May of 1964, while I was sleeping, I had my first of many experiences with aliens when I was abducted of the first time, after this I saw shadow figures, heard voices, (they would call my name a lot), heard odd sounding music, and saw full body apparitions. Also, as child I would listen to the grownups talk about the old folklore. I couldn’t get enough of it. My cousins and I would play “stiff as a board light as a feather” which today still amazes me. When we were a little older, mom brought home a Ouija board for us - a bad mistake! I guess she remembered it being fun when she was a kid, our board wasn’t fun - it was scary. After an odd experience one night, she took the board away and we never saw it again. Also, since I was young people and friends would say hey “if you want to see odd, strange and weird stuff, hang out with Barry." They still say that to this day. In 1976, after being abducted out of my moving car, late one night from a girlfriend’s house, I was left with a message which stated, “you’re doing it wrong, look and study your ancient history”. So now, I have never forgotten that, and history is my love, and It is an important part of all the paranormal investigations that I do.


Q: What was your first case? A: Actually I did ghost hunts with others and did cemeteries, but my first true case came in late 1977. A couple asked me for my help with a home that they had purchased in Hialeah, Florida. They were having many paranormal experiences, and they were concerned that it was do to the last owner from which they bought the home from. The last owners practiced, Santería, (a religion of Yoruba origin). Yes, they were correct on that assumption! Q: What is the strangest case you've dealt with? A: I have had many, but the strangest cases I work on are the ones dealing with alien abductions phenomena. These are my favorite cases and it is funny to me how the abductee(s) find me. It is like they are guided to me somehow. I know that may sound odd to many, but it’s true. Let me give you an example. I can be shopping or at a bar or restaurant and suddenly out of nowhere, a person will walk up to me and say “ you don’t know me but something told me that I can talk to you about something. Please don’t think I’m nuts or insane.” At this point I usually say “yes, I know please take a seat or give me your contact information.”

So back to the Case I guess it would be the Eric Mitchell Case, I’m not a liberty to tell you much since Eric is currently working on a book about his experience. But this case has it all, from UFOs, orange orbs, witnesses in his neighborhood coming to see or ask him about what is going on around and over his home nightly, Alien abductions on a ongoing bases, Milab adductions, alien being in his home or around his home, strange paranormal activities, dealing with shadow people, light orbs in his home, being followed and watched by what we may say is the government, black SUV, black helicopters and strange new abilities he received after these abductions or how his experiences change him from a normal slow talking southern person he was into a raise IQ person that he is today. Eric once asked me how he could ever repay me for what I did for him, my reply was past it forward to others that have had the experiences of dealing with this phenomenon, which proudly I say he does to this day!

Q: What can you tell people who are afraid or skeptical of the supernatural? A: First what we do is nothing like you see on TV. I know this has made many go out to haunted places or become the weekend warrior of paranormal or even start groups on their own, but believe me this is a real thing and to be honest, it is not for everyone! In fact, it can be and is often quite dangerous! And yes, they came follow you home. Quick story here, I had a friend beg me to take him on a case I took him to residential case which turned nasty quickly. He decided to open his mouth and challenge it, which in return he got a EVP response of “ You are weak, your soul is mine! “Since he was listening live to the recorder, he heard the response in real time, He threw off the headset put down the recorder and went into panic mood, he spent the rest of the night in my truck waiting for me and on the way home all I heard was that wasn’t ghost hunting it suppose to be fun. He doesn’t talk to me at all now,

ABOUT BARRY GAUNT Barry Bear” Gaunt, aka the "KY TruthSeeker", has been researching and investigating within all paranormal fields since 1976. His interest in the paranormal started as a child, as an experiencer, and he contributes his path of researching and investigating paranormal events from the opportunity to meet famed pioneering paranormal researcher, parapsychologist, and author Hans Holzer who lead to Barry to his first paranormal investigation in the mid 1970’s. He is also known as a paranormal lecturer, on the topics of UFOs, alien abductions, strange creatures, and spirit activity and has been featured on Radio, TV, Podcasts, Documentary Films, and in Newspaper Articles. Barry currently serves as a member of the renowned Society of the Supernatural, he is the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) State Director of Kentucky and is a STAR Team Certified Field Investigator for MUFON, he is also the host of “Into The Fire” a podcast on Blog Talk Radio, he is the Managing Director of the NightStalkers Paranormal Research Team, which researches, and investigates hauntings, UFO reports, alien abductions, and strange creature reports on a case by case basis. Barry is a full-time volunteer at the famed and haunted Octagon Hall Museum and assists the Museum Director with the daily operations of the Museum, along with hosting the Museum’s popular Novice Hunts with his paranormal team, Nightstalkers Paranormal. He is an Administrator for the Kentucky UFO Research Center on Facebook, Barry remains science minded, but always keeps an open mind, striving to find the truth, looking for the key to unlock the mysteries of the world we live in, With hopes of answering humanity’s oldest questions. What happens next, and are we alone in the universe?

Now after hearing this story I’m sure some of you are say that was a demon! It was not! I wish everybody would stop running around saying every ghost is a demon! Listen folks, there are demons, but thankfully they are few and far between, and if you ever encounter one, you will be thankful you got out with your life. They are not all Casper, but rather they are tricksters. They also will make you think they are children when they are not, just to let your guard down.. Like in real life, there are good and bad people - the same goes for the spiritual world. If you are interested in becoming and investigator, ask a veteran team for some help, but please don’t ask them to join their team. Teams are like family and they trust each completely with each other lives.


TH I W T A H T AC R E P X E L MA R O N A R A P KS N I P S E V DA by melisa kennedy

You just made several appearances on the new History Channel’s The UnXplained with William Shatner. What was the initial reaction to the program? Yes, I filmed several episodes for the show on various topics, which included evil places and strange creatures. I believe the series went over very well with the public. In fact, the initial ratings are very high on the show. I believe it was #14 out of the top 100 TV shows the first week and number #1 out of the all the other paranormal related shows. I mean you can't go wrong when the show host is William Shatner, right? What did it feel like to see yourself on William Shatner’s show? I must say it was surreal and a bit overwhelming when you realize you are on a show that Mr. Shatner is the host of. He is an icon in Hollywood and it was a pleasure and very humbling to be on a show that he is the star of and also a producer of. I grew up watching him on Star Trek and other great shows. I would have never imagined being on TV with him. So the haunted house called Willows Weep that aired on The UnXplained — tell us what that is. Do you have an entire magazine that can devote itself to just Willows Weep? Lol, seriously because there is so much to this location it would literally take something like that to explain this house and its history. There is more being uncovered about this house on a constant basis. But I'll give you the broad strokes of the house. Built in the late 1800s in the shape of a cross, it has a crossroads directly in front of it. It has several known deaths that have occurred within its walls, at least one suicide and possibly two more. There have been many paranormal investigators in the house that have experienced hairraising things such as being touched by unseen things,


people’s health has been affected, scratches and more. Investigators have captured photos of apparitions, and shadow figures inside the house along with numerous EVPS, and experienced disembodied voices. I first investigated this house back in 2013 with successive investigations in 2014 - 2016. Over that time, I became friends with the former owner and in 2017 we talked and she told me she was done with the house because she felt that it was trying to kill her and her husband. Both of them had been experiencing life-threatening health problems on more than one occasion. That was when I purchased the place in 2017 in the hopes of using it as my own paranormal laboratory to study paranormal phenomena. That is what is going on currently at the house. There is much more coming on this one-of-a-kind haunting, including TV and documentaries. I don’t want to spill all the beans so to speak, but just keep your eye out on it. You have a new book coming out this fall. Tell us about it. Yes, I have two books coming out and a third that is a joint book, One, is about the history and happenings in the Willows Weep house due out late 2019 or early 2020. The other is A UFO related book called Real West Virginia UFOs and it deals with significance of West Virginia in modern UFOLOGY. The mountain state is considered one of the hottest spots in the world when it comes to UFO sightings and I want to showcase that in this book. There are literally thousands of reports coming out of WV every year not to mention some of the most well known cases in UFOLOGY, to include The Flatwoods Monster incident in 1952, the Mothman sightings and 100s of reports of strange lights in the sky during that whole wave, and of course the Woody Derenberger story. I am hoping the UFO book will be in print by the time UFO CON Orlando happens. However, if it is not, it will be very close to release and folks can still order a signed copy directly from me at the UFO CON. Finally, I am part of joint book with my fellow Society of the Supernatural members, Co-founder David Weatherly and member Ross Allison called WV Haunted Case Files, which focuses on various areas and locations we all have investigated in the Mountain State. Lots going on and more to come!



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FOUR MAGAZINES | Vol 21 | The UFO Issue  

Storm Area 51 is the featured story of this issue when Melisa Kennedy interviews History Channel's Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett and Dave Spink...

FOUR MAGAZINES | Vol 21 | The UFO Issue  

Storm Area 51 is the featured story of this issue when Melisa Kennedy interviews History Channel's Nick Pope, Stephen Bassett and Dave Spink...