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June/July 2012 issue #2

A Guide to Summer Festivals PLUS! Newest Skydiver Jenn Fredrickson Shows You How to Survive Summer on a Tour Bus (+Budget!)

European Summer

Sets Stage for Anomaly

The Hot New Act Talks to us After Signing to New Indie Label Sick Music Records

Blue Sky + Daniel Hart A Look at Who’s Making Waves this Summer with Indie’s

- St. Vincent = Interview Inside

Newest Bands + Supergroups News, Tours + Releases.

Music's Be

st Movies

Staying In to Beat the Heat?

Watch These Music Biopics from Your Favorite “Chill” Spot.

photo by Chris Bates | Stolen Soul Photography | , All Rights Reserved

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Editorial By Meagan M. Jackson

Photojournalist Illyana Boc Singer/Songwriter Film + Live Video Breezy Films Journalist Breanna Technical Advice Specialist Paul Jackson Assistant Producer

Anomaly Interview By Meagan M. Jackson Answers by Jen of Anomaly


Daniel Hart Interview By Illyana Boc Answers by Daniel Hart

Gear Expert Wayne Short Guitarist Singer + Songwriter Audio Recording Bret Hudzietz Engineer/Producer [Farewell Studios]

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Phone: +1 818 925 8399 Twitter @BlueSkyMusicEnt

June 1st - July 31st 2012 BSHR Entertainment

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Summer Fest Guide By Meagan M. Jackson


Survival Kit

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By Jenn Fredrickson

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New Releases By Meagan M. Jackson

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Smashing Pumpkins By Meagan M. Jackson


Ulfur Hannson Interview By Juana Giaimo Answers by Ulfur

News + Reviews A Collaboration Reviews by Juana + Chris



Love Editor Meagan M. Jackson Stylist/Contributor Jennifer Fredrickson Head of Photography Rachel Clare Press Play Photography Journalist/Trendsetter Juana Giaimo

Social Skies By Meagan M. Jackson

Changing Gears Featuring A Song for BSHR! (awww!)

Reviews,/Technology/Film Chris Thornhill


Additional Photography by Teresa “Tree” Sims + Chris Bates, Stolen Soul

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Music’s Best Movies Left Article by Chris Thornhill List By Meagan M. Jackson

MCA Tribute by Chris Thornhill

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June 1st - July 31st 2012 BSHR Entertainment

Editorial | BSHR Magazine

Notes From the Sky...

written by Meagan Jackson

Meagan M. Jackson

“Where Words Fail” a call to arms

“You learn something new every day” or so they say + I think on most days for most people that stands true. I can’t say if I used to believe it for myself, but nowadays I must learn one new thing each day AT LEAST. It has really been an adventure, an experience + an honor to be able to create and shape Blue Sky into what it is and what it is still growing into. It has also been a magnificent challenge. In creating this issue I learned how to Free myself from my phone + email (this took too much time afterall). I learned of incredible new artists like Anomaly (I already knew Ulfur + Daniel, know I wasn’tleaving them out0 they are wonderful!) and I learned of Changing Gears and Persistance (that last one isn’t a band). This issue was/is of course our “Summer Special” and summer is super special this year with indie music blooming fully all around. I am so happily humbled to be bringing you new music on Blue Sky + now to be a part of Broadway Recording Company where we have great plans to bring you much more wonderful music this fall + next Spring, and of course for the forseeable future. While the future is looking incredibly bright, it seems time as a whole is looking less- with summer being half over already! That said, the thing I learned today is that in order to keep growing at this rate, we will also need to be growing in numbers + in support. So I have declared a December “Official Launch” for Blue Sky Artist Services + though we will strive to bring you monthly ediions of BSHR Magazine, we will have the official launch of that in the Spirng of next year with a “Giant” Party during SXSW. If you enjoy any of the content we put out, we would love for you to get in touch and be a part in any way- even if that is the only way. Just by being in touch you help push us forward. And as much as we appreciate the feedback from our readers, friends + supporters, we’ll be looking out especially for artists and writers + other music/talents and companies to be on the front lines reporting here, booking events, recording @ Farewell Studios and joining us in this effort to “Protect endangered Music.” And we have so much more Music to share. I hope we’ll be hearing from some of you out there + seeing you out on the road in the near-ish future. That and much more exciting news to come in the remainder of 2012. I thank you with all my heart for reading + being a part of what we do. THANKS! =)

ps. thank you Brittany Howard, your words really helped me to “Hold on” in ths making of this one!

Love + rockets-

Meagan M. Jackson

You’re young until you’re not You love until you don’t You try until you can’t You laugh until you cry You cry until you laugh And everyone must breathe Until their dying breath

| BSHR Magazine

Europe’s Summer Sky Sets the Stage for New Breaking Artists, Anomaly If you missed the debut of Anomaly’s first single, Rush Hour on Blue Sky, Facebook, SoundCloud + Twitter, R U N don’t walk + go listen to this 100% genuine, unique and chill-out track now! If you heard it + failed to fine Anomaly via Google Search- we got you’re back, with this exclusive interview +Who are the members involved in making music under Anomaly and how did you meet? Anomaly is a pseudonym I came up with, primarily because I didn’t want to use my real name, and to avoid confusion and contractual conflicts with other projects I’ve worked on. Whilst the name Anomaly was my choice, it’s not just me who works on the project! The guys Soulsa and Apollo compose all the music and I just do my thing over the top. It’s very much a collaborative process and I think it’s fair to say I’ve been spoilt in terms of the range of tracks the guys have let me have a go at writing on. Soulsa’s been around in the South DJ-ing all over the place for years so I trust his judgement, he knows the audience and their appetites far better than I do. And Apollo is the Producer of the project, and, again, his track record and credentials speak for themselves really. He’s found a way of working to deliver a really unique sound that combines a really diverse range of styles and genres so, as I say, I’ve been a bit spoilt really! In terms of how we met, it was all a bit of a happy-accident. I’d been working on my own stuff with producers in London, running around town with my guitar on my back, and the guys had been doing their thing in clubs up and down the country and had decided to set up their own label. They were looking for an indie female singer/songwriter that could contribute on a couple of their tracks as they were starting to get a decent amount of radio play and they wanted to expand their setlist. They put out an ad online, I responded and everything just clicked really. +How did you decide on the name Anomaly? Anomaly was just a name that had been rolling around my head for years. I like how it sounds phonetically and I like what it means as well. The guys told me they were going to release “Rush Hour” and I had to come up with something quick so I chose that. +What can listeners expect to get from buying/listening to your music? It’s very difficult to say what listeners can expect - mostly because I never know what to expect! I think as a songwriter I’m always going to write from a place that’s quite personal and intimate but by the time it’s a finished song I often find I’ve accidentally disguised what I originally meant anyway! It’s hard to explain. The only thing I really know as a creative person it’s much more fulfilling to try something new that challenges you than to just settle in a comfort-zone because it works. That’s not exciting to me. I think as a fan of music I love being surprised by something that doesn’t give me what I was expecting. +What can they expect to experience at your live shows? The live shows are pretty hectic! The guys have been dressing up for years and I kind of liked the idea of creating this on-stage alter-ego so that’s what we’ve gone with! (Mostly because it’s fun!) In terms of our next characters you’ll have to wait and see (meaning we haven’t bought the costumes yet!) One thing’s for sure, there’s always a lot of energy bouncing around!

+Who are your biggest musical influences? My musical influences are quite varied but I’ve always been a big fan of The Smiths. I love how Morrissey can just take an intellectual concept, wrap it up in irony and then deliver it as emotion. And as a guitarist I’ve always thought Johnny Marr is the bees knees. Melodically, it doesn’t really get much better than that for me. But I like a lot of different music, from Motown to dubstep and everything in between. I go through phases with stuff like most people I think. +Is there anyone “upcoming” that you are really into? In terms of upcoming artists I’m tempted to be cheeky and say Anomaly! I suppose Washed Out are fairly new and upcoming. I like them. I’ve been listening to a lot of Frankie Rose’s new solo stuff recently, too. +Where can fans find your music online or otherwise, either to stream, download or to purchase? Fans can buy the single and the remix of “Rush Hour” on all good download sites (and some rubbish ones too!) iTunes, Soundcloud etc. They can listen and purchase it directly from the Sick Music Records website as well. +Where can they connect with the band/yourself? In terms of connecting with us, people can contact us through the website or the Facebook page or they can come chat to us at the live shows. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for new dates etc. +What do you feel is the hardest thing about being in the music industry today? I think the hardest thing about being in the music industry today is the same thing as it’s always been - the major labels saturating the charts with music that caters to ten year olds. I’m not picking a fight with ten year olds but I’d like to see the industry’s major players take more risks in terms of what they invest in. I’ve had my own experience with record companies who won’t sign you unless you sound exactly like so-and-so because that’s what’s selling right now and producers who don’t care what you want unless it’s cookie-cut for Radio 1. It’s just really counterproductive to the artists and the fans who love original music. I don’t think the reality shows and talent competitions on TV have helped the situation much either. They’ve just seemed to exacerbate the problem. And when you factor in illegal downloads and all that jazz, record companies really don’t want to take any financial risks and, subsequently, you’re seeing a lot of DIY indie labels spring up as artists take control for themselves. But that’s just my opinion from my experience. I could be totally wrong! +What do you love most about it? I love about music what I imagine a lot of people do - I love to be able to connect to it. Whether that be the actual sound that you connect with on a physical level - the beat and the bass taking you somewhere else - or the vocals/lyrics and melody that you connect with on an emotional level. I like hearing something that I can relate to. +For you, what would be the one defining moment when you will then know you have “made it”? I think for me the idea of “making it” is making music that I like and that I would actually bother to buy, surrounded by people who have values and integrity about what they put out. I love working with Soulsa and Apollo because they’re so open to ideas and, whilst we come from completely different reference-points musically, we have very similar values about what makes a record exciting. I already think I’ve “made it” in terms of being really grateful that I get to spend my time working for and with really talented people. That makes me really happy and I don’t really think much further into the future than the next track. +When can we expect to see you touring and in which regions? You can expect us to be gigging soon but we haven’t set any dates for tours or anything like that yet. We’re all still in and out of the studio most of the time at the moment so we’re still focused on that for the time being but watch this space... +Last we heard the MP3 Rush Hour was going on sale, is there anything else new as of now? when can fans expect to hear more? Yes, there will be more to come. “Rush Hour” is the first single and it’s only just been released so we’ll be assessing the response and see what comes back at us from that and then there’ll be follow-ups but in the meantime both Soulsa and Apollo will likely be releasing more of their own tracks and possibly the label will be releasing some other new artists tracks, Plastic Shaman is really impressing at the moment, but I’m not the best person to ask about that. I’m not the brains of the outfit! But, yes, there will be more to come, we’re not done just yet!

+Any parting words, a message to readers/fans/the world in general? Just thanks for the interest really! Keep an eye out for us and keep supporting artists and labels that you like - we really appreciate it!

The Folks at The Fly in London were “gracious enough” to feature [Twin Shadow] on the cover of their magazine, to celebrate the release [they are] doing a free intimate show at The Garage on July 12th. We’re giving 50 tickets away for free, on a first come first serve basis. To submit your request just visit Twin Shadow on Tumblr.

“I am made of blue sky and hard rock, and I will live this way forever. . . “


BSHR will hold an international songwriter competition starting today and running through the fall. Any original song may be submitted by the rights holder. Submissions become elegible for many levels of rewards including possible sponsorships from Blue Sky + Friends, various access and inclusion in marketing + VIP events, Preferred status in booking on any BSHR show, a trip to SXSW 2013 + a chance to showcase your musical talents at an unofficial SXSW party. Grand Prize: A Recording deal with Broadway Recording Company to record and release your next album. You’ll come to California to record in a world class studio + work with our very own in house producer. Submit through the regular Blue SkyPresents page on Sonic Bids, Soundcload/Dropbox or by emailing an epk, bio, pic + 1 - 2 tracks with subject “Viva Indie” to For more on BSHR services, please feel free to contact us and come visit us on Girl Talk has partnered up with Bacardi. The two are offering you a chance to host a show in your hometown. One lucky winner will take the reigns of a guestlist of up to 200 people to rock out and party to Girl Talk live! The contest runs until August 8th. Complete details are available on Bacardi’s Facebook Page.

Pink F loyd, “Hey Y ou”

A Blue Sky Interview With St. Vincent’s Daniel Hart Best Known Maybe for the Beautiful Violin sounds behind Annie Clark in St. Vincent, Daniel Hart also rocks an indie/folk crowd with his own solo project based out of Los Angeles, CA

+ Can you tell us more about your previous sideproject Physics of Meaning? And what made you decide to start going by your own name? The Physics of Meaning was a project that I started in 2005. It was my attempt at grandeur. Full orchestrations, solo violin pieces, a second album entitled “Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight”...We toured the US about 6 times from 2005-2009, but never picked up the kind of steam I had hoped we would. By the last tour, I was ready to try something new, and was tired of a band name that had no visceral qualities, and didn’t seem to have much relevance for anyone, let alone any meaning for myself. So I decided to go under a different band name for the new set of songs I was writing, which also happened to be an attempt at less grandeur, more simplicity in arrangement and in songwriting. After wracking my brain for six months or so, I never came up with a band name that satisfied both me and the friends that I trust to tell me if my ideas are bad ones. So I ended up with the one band name I can never drop: my own.

+ With all the bands you’ve toured with, are there things you’ve learned that you have applied to your own music? Every band I’ve toured with has been an education for me. Even the bad ones, or ones whose music doesn’t excite me as much as other music does. I learned so much about touring from John Vanderslice, about how to make sense of life on the road. Touring with Other Lives was a revelation in how to create the best sounding live performance. Playing a few shows with Broken Social Scene last year was the ultimate lesson in showmanship.

+ What are some of your non-musical inspriations? For The Orientalist, a lot of the influences for the songs came from Indian culture. Amrita Sher-Gil is an Indian painter, Arundhati Roy is an Indian writer and Konkona Sen Sharma is an Indian actress. All of their work was a big influence on me when I was writing songs for The Orientalist. Traveling and exploring new places has a big influence on me. And meeting new people, making new friends.

+ Favorite band you have played with? Well, I’m not sure if you mean ‘favorite band i’ve played in’ or ‘favorite band that’s also played a show that i played’. besides playing my own music with my band, my favorite band that i’ve played in is Other Lives. My favorite bands that I’ve played shows with are Radiohead and The Teeth.

+ What is your favorite thing about touring? My favorite thing about touring is the reason for the touring itself: performing music for people, sharing music with people. But beyond that somewhat boring answer, my two favorite things about touring are a) being able to hang out with friends who live in other cities, whom I otherwise wouldn’t see very often, and b) eating at Cafe Little Poca Cosa in Tucson, Arizona

I know this question sounds like something from a high school lecture but, what are some of your goals for your music? Example: Would you want to play a huge and completely sold out show? Win a Grammy? don’t care about grammys. yes, i would love to play a huge sold out show with my own band. but my main goal is to make music that is consistently true to who I am, that is beautiful in some way, that challenges me, that has some merit and has some meaning for other people. What has been your favorite tour memory thus far? too many tour memories to pick a favorite. But when Phil Selway came up to me at the end of the Radiohead/Other Lives dates to say goodbye and I said, “It’s been such a pleasure and an honor” and he immediately said, “the pleasure was all ours”, with a big smile on his face...well, that was pretty special. Nicest thing someone has told you about your music? someone told me once that watching us perform was like going to church. she seemed

to mean that in a good way. :) a couple people have cried at shows when we play specific songs and that means more to me than just about anything anyone could say. Within your songs the violin style you use is so very unique and sounds beautiful. Did you take lessons as a child? yep, violin lessons starting at age 3. I don’t really remember, but my father says that as soon as I picked up the violin, it was like a fish to water. I studied Western classical music with a teacher all the way through high school. I started playing in bands in college and started studying other kinds of violin music on my own after that - jazz, Indian classical. What is your writing process like for songs? Are you solely the composer and lyricist? Yep, I mostly write on my own. Sometimes I’ll bring musical ideas of mine to the band, or at least to a drummer, and play them through to help flesh them out, but otherwise I do most of the arranging on my own as well. Trying to change that now and make the process a bit

more collaborative, but I do get very specific ideas about how I hear bass parts and drum parts, even if I’m not the one who will end up playing them. However, it’s always been the case that the other people in the band will improve my ideas with their own contributions, in terms of arrangements/parts. When we were recording the song “The Orientalist”, we were having a very hard time making the slower sections of the song sound good in any way. Anthony LaMarca, the drummer for that session, suggested that we change the drum setup completely for the slower sections, use a rack of roto-toms and a percussion table instead of a drum kit. It turned the whole thing around. Off of your album The Orientalist, was there something particular that inspired you to write “Happy Forever”? During your live show I remember feeling your energy come through that song. Also, could you tell us one thing that inspired you to write any of the songs off your album? Like, is there a story behind one of them?

happy forever is based on this Spanish film called “Abre Sus Ojos”; “Vanilla Sky” is the American version of that film. I wrote it a long time ago, and tried to record it several times before this album, but was never happy with the arrangement or the recording until now. “O Sangeeta” is based on a true story, about a woman I really wanted to date who wasn’t interested. “I Took the Western Rail to Ahmedabad” is about my travels in the state of Gujarat and my interviews with NGO workers and survivors of the religious violence and massacre from 2002. “How Can Love Be Wrong” is based on characters from the novel “God of Small Things”, as is the song by that title. Elizabeth Russell is a character in the Bollywood film “Lagaan”. Photograhy by Blue Sky’s

Illyana Boc

Video of live performance filmed by Breanna Available on

BSHR’s Giant Guide to Summer Music Festivals The best festivals, + ways to experience it all no matter how much you are left with after the insanely high ATM service fee


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Top Annual Music Festivals (In no particular order)

(In No Particular Order)

1. CBGB Music Festival 2. Lollapalooza 3. 4 Knots Festival 4. Catalpa 5. Outside Lands 6. The Voodoo Music Experience 7. Hard Summer 8. Rock The Bells 9. Electric Zoo 10. FYF Festival 11. Wanderlust California 12. Sunset Strip Music Festival 13. Nerdapalooza* 14. Electric Forest 15. Summerfest 16. The Governors Ball 17. SXSW Music Festival 18. Hootenanny 19. Camp Bisco 20. Wavefront 21. All Good 22. Wicker Park 23. Austin City Limits 24. Identity 25. Mayhem Festival

26. Fun Fun Fun Fest 27. Paradiso* 28. Bunbury Music Festival 29. Musikfest 30. Burning Man 31. High Sierra* 32. Woodist* 33. Make Music Pasadena 34. North Coast 35. Riot Fest East 36. Gnarnia Festival* 37. iHeartRadio 38. Northside Festival 39. Telluride Bluegrass 40. Firefly* 41. Vans Warped Tour 41. Orion Music More 42. Barge to Hell* 43. DeLuna Fest* 44. Clearwater 45. Culture Collide* 46. Bonnaroo 47. Coachella 48. Spring Awakening 49. Sasquatch 50. Treasure Island

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Summer Music Festivals 2012 JULY 7.11 Larmer Tree Festival 2012 - Salisbury, UK 7.12 EXIT Festival 2012 - Novi Sad, Serbia Camp Bisco 2012 - Mariaville, NY Latitude 2012 - Suffolk, UK 7.13 Melt! Festival 2012 - Ferropolis, Germany Forecastle Festival 2012 - Louisville, KY Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2012 - Vancouver, BC Hard Rock Calling 2012 - London, UK Ultra Music Festival Poland 2012 - Warsaw, Poland Pitchfork Music Festival: Chicago 2012 - Chicago, IL Bunbury Music Festival 2012 - Cincinnati, OH The Great South Bay Music Festival - Patchogue, NY 7.14 Edgefest 2012 - Toronto, ON 4Knots Festival 2012 - New York, NY 7.17 Identity Festival 2012 - USA & Canada Tour 7.18 Red Sky Music Festival 2012 - Omaha, NE 7.19 Moondance Jam 2012 - Walker, MN Rock Fest 2012 - Cadott, WI The Secret Garden Party 2012 - Abbots Ripton, UK All Good 2012 - Thornville, OH The Underground Music Showcase 2012 - Denver, CO Jamboree in the Hills 2012 - Morristown, OH Riot Fest Philadelphia 2012 - Philadelphia, PA Folk on the Rocks 2012 - Yellowknife, NWT String Cheese Incident Festival - Horning’s Hideout, OR 7.20 Rewind Festival - Scone Palace, Scotland Capitol Hill Block Party 2012 - Seattle, WA Das Fest 2012 - Karlsruhe, Germany Bristol Harbour Festival 2012 - Bristol, UK Firefly Music Festival 2012 - Dover, Delaware 7.26 FloydFest 2012 - Floyd, VA Calgary Folk Music Festival 2012 - Calgary, AB Wanderlust California 2012 - North Lake Tahoe, CA SoundTown Festival 2012 - Somerset, WI Camp Bestival 2012 - Dorset, UK Newport Folk Festival 2012 - Newport, RI Global Gathering 2012 - Stratford Upon Avon, UK 7.27 Fuji Rock 2012 - Yuzawa, Japan What The Festival 2012 - White River Canyon, OR 7.28 Wicker Park Festival 2012 - Chicago, IL Catalpa NYC Music Festival 2012 - New York City, NY Electric Beach Festival 2012 - Watergate Bay, UK Boom Festival 2012 - Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

5 Festivals to Look Forward to in the Fall FYF Fest - Los Angeles, CA September 1st Bumbershoot - Seattle, WA September 1st, Hopscotch - Raleigh, NC September 6th Bestival - Isle of Wight, UK September 6th Telluride Blues and Brews Festival- Telluride, CO September 14th

AUGUST 8.02 Big Valley Jamboree 2012 - Camrose, Alberta Cambridge Rock Festival 2012 - Cambridge, UK 8.03 Lollapalooza 2012 - Chicago, ILAugust 3rd, 2012 Musikfest 2012 - Bethlehem, PA Osheaga Festival 2012 - Montreal, QC Oregon Jamboree 2012 - Sweet Home, OR Hevy Music Festival 2012 - Kent, UK Hard Summer 2012 - Los Angeles, CA Ultra Music Festival Korea 2012 - Seoul, Korea Telluride Jazz Celebration 2012 - Telluride, CO Watershed Music Festival 2012 - George, WA Nerdapalooza 2012 - Orlando, FL 8.04 Eastern Electrics Festival 2012 - London, UK 8.09 Way Out West 2012 - Goteborg, Sweden 8.10 Summer Meltdown 2012 - Darrington, WA Outside Lands 2012 - San Francisco, CA Brussels Summer Festival 2012 - Brussels, Belgium The Peach Music Festival 2012 - Scranton, PA Rockin’ The Rivers 2012 - Three Forks, MT One Love Festival 2012 - Kent, UK 8.16 Sunset Strip Music Festival 2012 - Hollywood, CA 8.17 Lowlands Festival - Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands Philadelphia Folk Festival 2012 - Salford Township, PA World Electronic Music Festival - South Algonquin, ON 8.18 Summer Sonic Tokyo 2012 - Tokyo, Japan Summer Sonic Osaka 2012 - Osaka, Japan Rock The Bells 2012 - USA TourAugust 8.23 Camp Barefoot 2012 - Bartow, WV Wanderlust Whistler 2012 - Whistler, BC Towersey Festival 2012 - Towersey, UK 8.24 Rock Jam 2012 - Grand Junction, CO Greenbelt Festival 2012 - Gloucestershire, UK Leeds Festival 2012 - Leeds, UK Reading Festival 2012 - Reading, UK Live At Squamish 2012 - Squamish, BC Summer Set Music Festival 2012 - Somerset, WI 8.25 LouFest 2012 - St. Louis, MO The Ride Festival 2012 - Telluride, CO Afro Punk 2012 - Brooklyn, NY 8.26 Rhythm Festival 2012 - Bedfordshire, UK 8.27 Burning Man 2012 - Black Rock Desert, NV 8.30 Abbey Road on the River DC 2012 - Washington, DC Outlook Festival 2012 - Pula, Croatia 8.31 Electric Zoo 2012 - Randall’s Island Park, NYC End of the Road Festival 2012 - North Dorset, UK Electric Picnic 2012 - Stradbally Hall, Ireland North Coast Music Festival 2012 - Chicago, IL Dark Star Jubilee 2012 - Thornville, OHAugust Stir Fry Music Revival 2012 - Wind Gap, PA

Style of the Phoenix | BSHR

Survival Kit

Tricks to Surviving the Open Road Our Newest Edition to BSHR is the incredible Jennifer Fredrickson who does Rockstar Hair with Rockstar Flair. She’ll bring you + your band all the tips you need to look your best, starting with How to Survive Tour on any Budget It’s summer festival and tour season, a magical time of year. For me it’s better than Christmas. There are bands, booze and all around shenanigans. However, just because you’re living in a van with 5 other smelly dudes is no excuse to let yourself fall apart. Whether this is your first van tour or you’ve elevated to tour bus status, these essentials will keep you looking (and smelling) like a rockstar.

Th e V a n T o ur for beauty on a budget

2.) Clean And Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturizer- $6.59 Use this moisturizer after washing your face to form a hydrating barrier against the day and leave your skin silkier than a baby’s..... 3.) Coppertone Sport SPF 80- $9.99 Every two hours re-apply this baby. EVERYWHERE, especially your face and back of your neck. Last thing you want is faded tattoos and skin cancer, right? 4.) Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes$6.99 Great for getting off guy-liner, and for cleaning away sweat in between sets.

Let’s be honest, it’s tour. As excited as you are the first week, by week three of being in a random “fan” from Facebook’s shower, sunburnt and stressed, you’re going to want to be home. Here’s how to keep your skin blemish free and your hair looking hot when temperatures are through the roof and stress hits and all-time high without breaking your tour budget. S k in E s se nt i a l s 1.) Neutrogena Oil Free Acne-Stress Control Cleanser- $6.41 Use this cleanser twice a day to detox your skin of all the sweat, sunscreen, oils and other gross things it absorbs from a day on the stage.


Secret Outlast ClearGel- $4.99 Use a little bit of this on your forehead and temples to keep from sweating till your stage blind. No groupie wants pics of sweat pouring down your face. :) 6.) Rubbing Alcohol Keep this handy for multi-uses. Can be used to dry out pimples, clean clogged pores, relieve ingrown hairs and for sterilizing your guy-liner after your drummer “borrows” it. 7.) Cornstarch I love this as an all around go to product, dust it on your face to keep from ending up oily and shiny. Or sprinkle it in your bassists shoes to prevent odor, a pinch in your hair will remove grease. Oh, and for a near trick you can use it to breathe fire.


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Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

Style of the Phoenix | BSHR

A Stylist’s “Ultimate How To” Guide for Looking Your Best Through Your Summer Tour

8.) Sephora Papers- $8.00 Rice paper sheets to blot off the oils and sweat. These little bad boys will keep you photo-ready no matter how hot it is out. Just blot away the grime and kiss the girls.

5.) Murray’s Pomade Guys, use this for Dean-worthy ladies, you too can borrow this men’s staple! I love using it for slicked back pony’s and sleek sides on the’s awesome for texture and sleek, frizz free style.

9.) Clearasil Acne Gel- $5.99 Breakouts happen, no need to freak out. Dab some of this clear gel on the pimple and watch it disappear.

6.) Downey Dryer SheetsCrucial when hitting the southern states an the east coast. Rub these over your hair to eliminate static an frizz on those humid days where even breathing feels like you’re underwater.

10.) Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil-$5.09 Smudge this on your waterline or under your lashes. Smear it with a q-tip and have the ultimate Nikki Sixx stare.

7.) CHI Flat IronOk, we’ve done this mostly on a budget but Hair K it this is the one splurge you truly need. It uses infrared sensors to adjust the temperature 1.) Unite 2nd Day Dry Shampoo to the optimum heat for your hair. No more Spray this on your roots and brush out for broken, fried hair. Consider it an investment that clean feeling when you don’t have ac- into your beauty future. cess to a shower. 8.) BW Boyd Combs 2.) Coppola Lock Luster Spray Conditioner These are worth the 5.00 a pop. They don’t No need to fry your hair in the heat. Spray break, melt or warp. They’re strong enough this baby in for condition and shine anytime to survive everything you throw at them and you save money in the long run because and anywhere. they last FOREVER! I still have some of these from beauty school. 3.) Bumble & Bumble Classic Hair Spray Now you too can have the perfectly coifed styles of rockstars that will last all day come 9.) Paul Mitchell Spray Wax Best styling aid ever. Use it for short hair or rain or shine. long, flat iron it into clean hair to create texture, use a little or a lot....this is a fail safe 4.) Paul Mitchell Heat SealPlease, please use protection. Paul Mitch- way to rock star hair. ell’s Heat Seal Spray locks out humidity and protects your strands from flat irons and stage lights.


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SOS Concert Cal

Music Festivals July 6-July 8, 2012 High Sierra Music Festival 2012 - Quincy, CA | Quebec City Summer Festival 2012 - Quebec City, QC | Wanderlust Colorado 2012 - Copper Mou Urban Art Forms Festival 2012 - Wien, Austria | CBGB Music Festival 2012 - New York, NY | Essence Festival 2012 - New Orleans, LA | Indietracks 2012 - Derbysh T in the Park 2012 - Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland | Lounge on the Farm 2012 - Canterbury, UK | Relentless NASS Festival 2012 - Somerset, UK Wireless Festival 2012 - London, UK | 80/35 Music Festival 2012 - Des Moines, IAJ | Wakestock 2012 - Cardigan Bay, North Wales, UK Cavendish Beach Festival 2012 - Cavendish, PE | Corbridge Festival 2012 - Corbridge, UK | Vancouver Island MusicFest 2012 - Vancouver Island, BC B’estfest 2012 - Bucharest, Romania | Basilica Block Party 2012 - Minneapolis, MN | Sonisphere UK 2012 - Knebworth, UK | Ruisrock 2012 - Turku, Finland Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues Fest 2012 - Burton Agnes, UK | estival Beauregard 2012 - Herouville St-Clair, France | Great Blue Heron Festival 2012 - Sherman, N Bloc 2012 - London, UK | Dancity 2012 - Foligno, Italy | FreeRotation 2012 - Wales, UK | Boise Music Festival 2012 - Boise, ID | Sonisphere France 2012 Amneville, France | Blues at The Fold 2012 - Worcester, UK | Saturday in the Park 2012 - Sioux City, IA | Love Family Park 2012 - Hanau, Germany

You should now be able to navigate this calendar direct from your web browser. Try it out + Let us know what you think by dropping us an email or a message on one of our Social BS H R Accounts- or leave us a comment on We love to hear from you! Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine InDesign Magazine / Newsletter Template


endar July 2012

untain, CO hire, UK



Blue Sky I n D+ e s i Hard g n M a g aRock z i n e / N Indie e w s l e t t Music e r T e m p l aMagazine te

Recapping June From the Start of the Warped Tour to Announcements of Fall Festival Line-ups to the Infamous Festivals of the Epic Indie Cities-- each year June seems to be an excellent month for music. We take a look back on some of our Blue Sky Team’s reviews


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Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine


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Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

New Music Releases O’Death Blue Sky’s Most Daytrotter Anticipateed O’Death DaytrotterStudio Studio6/28/2012 6/28/2012| |THE THECINEMATIC CINEMATICORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA/In /InMotion Motion#1#1 Conor #1 Passion Pit, Gossamer [7.24] ConorOberst Oberstand andthe theMystic MysticValley ValleyBand Band– One – OneOfOfMy MyKind Kind British Sea Power – EP5 | Supreme Cuts – Whispers In The #2 Minus the Bear, Infinity Overhead British Sea Power – EP5 | Supreme Cuts – Whispers In TheDark Dark Antlers, Undersea Montreux 2008 #3 The xx, Coexist THE THERACONTEURS RACONTEURSLive LiveAtAtThe Montreux 2008(DVD/Blu-ray) (DVD/Blu-ray) Blood Diamonds, Phone Sex 6/18/2012 | |Micachu #4Grizzly Bear White WhiteDenim Denim– Big – BigOrange OrangeStudios Studios 6/18/2012 Micachu– Never – Never Eternal Summers, Correct Behavior Great Captain The | |Athletics – Who #5Right Muse ::Away, Animal Collective Heavenly Beat, Talent RightAway, Great Captain– [tie[ – TheLost LostSea Sea Athletics – WhoYou YouAre AreIsIsNot NotEnough Enough Purity Purity Micachu and the Shapes, Never Ring Ring– Shrines – Shrines| |L.A. L.A.GUNS GUNSHollywood HollywoodForever Forever| |LPLP– Into – IntoThe TheWild Wild[Live} [Live} Panoramic & True, Wonderlust The Walkmen – Heaven | Beat Connection – The Palace Garden The Walkmen – Heaven | Purity BeatRing, Connection Shrines – The Palace Garden Bon Heat #3#3EPThe ShadowBox,– Haunted by Colors BonIver Iver– |– |iTunes iTunesSession Session| | Los LosCampesinos! Campesinos! – HeatRash Rash TheFutureheads Futureheads– Rant – Rant| | Slug Guts, Playin’ inRepose Time With the Deadbeat Glen Hansard – Rhythm and Glen Hansard – Rhythm and Repose Young Moon, Navigated Like the Swan Best BestCoast Coast– The – TheOnly OnlyPlace Place| |Chain ChainAnd AndThe TheGang Gang– In – InCool CoolBlood BloodEmpires Empires– Garage – GarageHymns Hymns Aesop Rock Skelethon Walk WalkThe TheMoon Moon– Walk – WalkThe TheMoon MoonBee BeeAnd AndFlower Flower– Suspension – Suspension Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan Emperors – Stay Frosty Caged Animals – This Summer Hank Williams Jr. Old SchoolEmperors New Rules – Stay Frosty Caged Animals – This Summer

Niki & the Rob Zombi Sixpence N So Many W Dead Can D Yellowcar


Holograms Holograms Marina and the Diamonds Electra Heart Mission Of Burma Unsound The Early November In Currents Twin Shadow Confess

Superchunk – This Summer | James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat | Metric – Synthetica Right Away,SuperchunkGreat Captain! – TheSummer Church Of The Good ThiefMcMorrow| A Place to– We BuryDon’t Strangers – This | James Vincent Eat – Worship Hatcham Social – About – Petition –/ The My Better POPGood ETC Thief | Craft Spells – Gallery RightGirls Away,| Tennis Great Captain! ChurchSelf Of |The CocoRosie – We Are On Fire |toFather Misty –Daytrotter A Place Bury John Strangers– Worship Session 5/23/2012 Young Galaxy –Hatcham ShorelessSocialKid | Eisley – Daytrotter Studio 6/4/2012 Gregory AndSelf The Hawk – Come, – About Girls | Tennis- – Petition /|My Better Now | Kaiser Chiefs – Souvenir | Awolnation – I’ve| Craft Been Dreaming | Kevin Devine – Matter of Time POP ETCself-titled Spells - Gallery Wintersleep – Hello Hum

CocoRosie -– We Are On Fire | Father John Misty -–Daytrotter Session 5/23/2012 Young Galaxy –- Shoreless Kid | Eisley–- Daytrotter Studio 6/4/2012 Gregory And The Hawk -– Come, Now | Kaiser Chiefs–- Souvenir Awolnation- – I’ve Been Dreaming Kevin Devine- – Matter of Time | Wintersleep- – Hello Hum

Bloc Party - F Four Tet - Pin Owl City - Th Ariel Pink’s H Teengirl Fant The Darkness Yeasayer - Fra Wild Nothing

>> >>

+Cure The Highl Visit each Tuesday + Thursday to get the latest on new Sept 4 Imagine indie musc releases as they are made available. Sept 4 Animal Sept 4 Two Doo

More New Music

e Dove - Instinct ie - Mondo Sex Head None The Richer - Lost In Transition Wizards - Warm Nothing Dance - Anastasis Alanis Morissette -Havoc And Bright Lights rd - Southern Air

Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits [Spoon’s Britt Daniel, Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, and New Bomb Turks’ Sam Brown] Flobots - The Circle In The Square Matthew Dear - Beams Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead Poor Moon = Poor Moon

Four nk he Midsummer Station Haunted Graffiti - MatureThemes tasy - Tracer - Hot Cakes agrant World g - Nocturne

>AHeading towards Fall lbum Releases

e Fall Blues with These+ yAnticipated Albums e Dragons - Night Visions Collective - Centipede Hz or Cinema Club - Beacon

Sept 11 The xx Coexist Sept 17 Muse - The 2nd Law Sept 18 Grizzly Bear - TBA Sept 25 Green Day -¡Uno! Sept 25 No Doubt - Push and Shove

JukboxThe Ghost – Safe Travels Hot Chip

Metric – Synthetica The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends Slaughterhouse Ty Segall Band The Tarnished Gold Beachwood Sparks Oshin DIIV Wild Peace Echo Lake User The Henry Clay People Invisible Star Lostprophets Zulu Winter The Idler Wheel Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do Fiona Apple Oceania Smashing Pumpkins Rhythm and Repose Glen Hansard Trouble Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Go Motion City Soundtrack Guided by Voices Traps Jaill The Lion the Beast the Beat Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Clockwork Angels Rush Radlands Mystery Jets Celebration Rock Japandroids WIXIW Liars Lex Hives The Hives Life Will Write the Words The Rocket Summer

| BSHR Magazine

The Smashing Pumpkins

Reissue 3rd Album, Pisces Iscariot


he Smashing Pumpkins will reissue 1994 album Pisces Iscariot for the first time in various formats. The original release followed albums Gish + Siamese Dreams, and went on to become platinum-certified reaching #4 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. The reissued release will be available July 17th In North America and July 16th internationally.

My approach was to look at the album like a mix tape. It was as if I was going to make a mix tape for a friend to say, `Hey, check out this other stuff I did with my band that’s not on the albums.’ I didn’t feel as if it had to work as a great album, but it had to work as a good mix tape.” --Billy Corgan, 2012, on the PISCES ISCARIOT reissue


eaturing the band’s take on the Fleetwood Mac/ Stevie Nicks song “Landslide” which reached #3 on Modern Rock Tracks chart, PISCES ISCARIOT is being released in multiple configurations:



Deluxe Physical Album Contents - Original Album Remastered & Reissued For The First Time - 17 Previously Unreleased or Alternate Versions of Pisces Era Songs - 24 Previously Unreleased Live Performances (Pulse Basement Jam, 1988) (DVD logo) - First Ever SP Demo Reproduced on Cassette - Postcards, Watercolor Illustrations, Lyrics, Photos - Liner Notes by David Wild and Track-by-Track Annotations by Billy Corgan Deluxe Digital Contents - Original Album Remastered - 17 Previously Unreleased or Alternate Versions of Pisces Era Songs Standard Physical, Digital and 180G Vinyl  Original Album Remastered & Reissued For The First Time  Includes: Starla, Landslide & La Dolly Vita


Deluxe Physical/Digital, Standard Physical/Digital, Vinyl

1. Soothe 2. Frail And Bedazzled 3. Plume 4. Whir 5. Blew Away 6. Pissant 7. Hello Kitty Kat 8. Obscured 9. Landslide 10. Starla 11. Blue 12. Girl Named Sandoz 13. La Dolly Vita 14. Spaced

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| BSHR Magazine

“This unlikely smash album that some came to mistake for the Pumpkins’ third studio effort even yielded a hit singleanother wonderfully odd moment in the landslide that was the intense early success story of Smashing Pumpkins.” David Wild --David

Deluxe Physical or Digital only

A collection of odds + orphans from the dusky realms of PumpkinlandPISCES ISCARIOT was the little mix tape that went platinum.

1. By June (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 mix) 2. My Dahlia (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix) 3. Jesus Loves His Babies (Gish Sessions rough mix) 4. Cinnamon Girl (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix) 5. Glynis (2012 Mix) 6. Crawl (Gish Sessions outtake) 7. Cinder Open (Eddy St. demo/2012 mix) 8. Blissed (Sadlands demo/2012 Mix) 9. Slunk (Live) 10. Jackie Blue 11. Venus In Furs (Live) 12. Translucent (Sadlands demo/2012 mix) 13. French Movie Theme (Siamese Sessions outtake) 14. Purr Snickety (Gish b-sides session outtake) 15. There It Goes (demo/2012 mix) 16. Vanilla (Ignoffo Sessions) 17. Why Am I So Tired (Live in studio demo)

[CD 2]

Billy Corgan

Bonus Performances 1. Blue (10/22/1991 - Atomic Records - Milwaukee, WI) 2. Offer Up (6/9/1992 - The Unicorn - Milwaukee, WI) 3. The Joker (6/10/1992 The Unicorn - Milwaukee) 4. Slunk (6/10/1992 - The Unicorn - Milwaukee, WI) 5. Dancing in the Moonlight (7/4/1993 - Raymond Revue Bar London, UK) 6. Snap (8/11/1989 - Avalon - Chicago, IL) 7. Hello Kitty Kat (8/21/1994 - Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX - Lollapalooza performance)

[DVD ] (Deluxe Physical Only) Pulse Basement Jam 11/19/1988 Introduction by Lou Hinkhouse 1. There It Goes 2. She (Inc.) EMO CASSETTE 3. She (Deluxe Physical Only) 4. Under Your Spell SIDE A 1. Jennifer Ever 2. East 5. My Eternity (Inc.) 3. Nothing And Everything 6. My Eternity (Inc.) SIDE B 1. Sun (remix) 2. She (live) 7. My Eternity (Inc.) 3. Spiteface 8. My Eternity 9. Bleed 10. Nothing and Everything 11. Jennifer Ever (Inc.) 12. Jennifer Ever (Inc.) @smashingpumpkin | @Billy 13. Jennifer Ever (Inc.) w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / 14. Jennifer Ever (Inc.) smashingpumpkins 15. Jennifer Ever 16. Death of a Mind 17. Spiteface




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Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

Ulfur Hansson The buzz on Ulfur started in 2010 when he joined Jonsi for a world tour playing bass. He has a wide range of style like few do- creating everything from metal to electronica. Earlier this +What can listeners expect to get year we were honored to have him on our Blue from buying/listening to your music? Sky Sampler promoting the release of his solo You can expect a lot of space, so album “White Mountain” Get to know the man listen intently. behind the music right here. +What can they expect to experience at your live shows? Performing this music live is very challenging, but i have some very talented friends that play with me. +Anyone “upcoming” that you are really into? I really like Julia Holter, especially her recent Tragedy album.

+Since everyone was a startup once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips? Hmmm… Talking to promoters in person is always helpful, and being sincere and honest to everybody involved is equally important. What you are doing might not be a dayjob, but it is work.

+Could you tell us about your experience of the tour with Jónsi? It was amazing. I realized there is so much to be learnt.

+When can we expect to see you touring and in which regions? Hopefully the US and Japan soon. I’ll keep you posted!

+What do you think about online music sharing? I think it enables musicians to cut out the middle man and fully enjoy the fruits of their labour. I think the future is very exciting for the music business. InDesign Magazine / Newsletter Template


A Must Hear Track! From Brand New UK Artists Anomaly Divine Fits Announce Debut Album Meagan on One Week One Mix This week’s Monday Mixtape from Jeff Glasvegas Starts Recording Album #3 Today Help Out the WFMU Documentary The Parklife 2012 Line-Up Revealed Pre-sale Ticket Alert: David Byrne + St. Vincent The ABC’s of Outside Lands 2012 FYF Jun 18th 5 notes Get Blue Sky Direct to Your Amazon Kindle Sunset Strip Music Festival Announces Bands Kaki King in the studio again For the Love of The Killls “Coexist” with The xx | The xx Announce New Album

We are testing out the feature that should allow you to interact with the Magazine’s Content. Let us know what you think! Here are some of our Top Spotify Playlists- have a listen. . .

AH! 2012

A Running Playlist of Our Favorite Tracks of 2012

Long Lean Queen

Inspired by Brooklyn Band Bear Hands

RAC-ness [monster] Indie Rock Remixes by RAC

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News, Tours Reviews


What can you expect from Indie Music staples, new artists on the rise, startup’s, music fans + even Blue Sky for the rest of 2012? Read on and explore the possibilities.

Girls Frontman Leaves the Band

Dear all, This may come as a surprise to many & has been an issue of much thought for me. My decision was not easy to make. I am leaving Girls. My reasons at this time are personal. I need to do this in order to progress. I will continue to write & record music. More will be announced soon. I thank you all for everything. Sincerely — Christopher Owens [ @Chri55yBaby] July 2, 2012

Divine Fits Announce Debut Album

After giving you little news about this amazing supergroup integrated by Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks) we can finally announce that their debut album will be out on August 28th. It is titled “A Thing Called the Divine Fits” and it includes the following songs: My Love Is Real New Free EP from Bear Hands Flaggin a Ride Songs from Utopia Vol. 1 What Gets You Alone available now @ Would That Not Be Nice The Salton Sea Baby Get Worse Civilian Stripes For Your Heart Shivers Like Ice Cream Neopolitans Fans can already stream their first single, My Love Is Real, and the third track, What Gets You Alone

The Flaming Lips set a World Record June 28th, performing eight concerts in a 24 hour time period!

Need new way to smuggle your booze into venues?


Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine


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Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

Social Sky In a day and age where it seems impossible to get a live person on the phone and more and more obvious that digitalization is the name of the game, we are sounding off on the matter-- from both sides! Computers are without a doubt a fantastic tool, and with exploration of this tool comes knowledge and therefore responsibility. Educate yourselves on topics that matter and ways to change the world for the better. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things that are ment to distract you. Okay, we loved “Kittens inspired by Kittens” just as much as the rest of it’s 16,000,000 viewers. That said, there is a time a place and a way to be entertained and enjoy the viral virtual world while keeping your feet planted here in the “real world” (and of course you can find all the tools online to help you do both! So after you watch you Kitten video a few times, and check your Facebook Newsfeed + your Pinterest, I hope you are opening up Google + learning new amazing things, or searching for your government’s laws and candidates opinions, or finding out how to make something you have always dreamed of making- a song, a connection, a website or magazine maybe (wink, wink) Of Course, there is no other place quite like the internet for finding oodles of Music. So we have compiled some of our favorite infographics to show you where the industry stands, and how it effects you as an artist + as a listener. In a Challenge from Matt Nathanson, we thought of the top 3 things the computer/internet cannot replace for us #1 “Real Hugs” from those we love. #2 That “New Band” feeling first discovered live @ a show #3 Long Drives with No Destination + only the music (maybe a good friends to enjoy it with)

We want to take this to the next level- Be Our friends! Come join us across the social networks. You can find Almost all our links on the Social Sky link on Blue Sky, and at


Blue Sky I n D+ e s i Hard g n M a g aRock z i n e / N Indie e w s l e t t Music e r T e m p l aMagazine te

A Song by Changing Gears for Blue Sky + Hard Rock Listen to the song Changing Gears came up with to grab our attention + win our hearts + ears. You can also check out the debut EP from this band Banner of Dubliners on their bandcamp page. Advertising

We’ll take this opportunity to announce that we will be hosting several unofficial SXSW events in Austin next Spring with some wild crazy tricks up our sleeves. We’ll be bringing out a few friends, and if Changing Gears will be attending the festival/conference we will extend the offer to have them perform this track live for you guys during the premiere party.

Check out Changing Gears online on the following sites: We’d like to thank the band for making this song and for getting in touch with us to share their music.

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Chris's Corner Biopic Movies + Music

A Jimi Hendrix biopic is underway, with Andre Benjamin (Better known as Outkast ’s Andre 3000) at the helm to star as the lead. Although it could be prohibited from actually featuring Hendrix’s music, the f ilm is in the works nonetheless. Here are some other notable biopics of legendary artists that have fared well on the big screen: Walk The Line ( Johhny Cash) – Joaquin Pheonix did a phenomenal job portraying country’s biggest baddass, singing the songs himself and fully encompassing Mr. Cash in a way that simply couldn’t be done better by anyone. Not a surprise at all, he was handpicked by none other than Mr. Cash himself, even though he didn’t live to actually view the f ilm. Walk the Line went on to be nominated for f ive academy awards, with Reese Witherspoon bringing one home for her portrayal of June Carter Cash. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf) – Marion Cotillard broke out into America’s audience with her role as the famous French singer Edith Piaf. She struck a nerve in everyone’s heart; those familiar with Edith Piaf and those learning of her through the f ilm. She became the f irst woman to ever bring home an Academy Award for a foreign f ilm, and also went on to have large roles in f ilms like Inception, Midnight In Paris, Nine, Contagion, and look for her in The Dark Knight Rises. Ray (Ray Charles) – Jamie Foxx truly validated himself as a comedian, singer, and extremely talented actor with his portrayal of Ray Charles in this 2004 f ilm. Ray Charles unfortunately died mere months before its release, but the f ilm did go on to receive large critical acclaim, with Jamie Foxx winning an Oscar for his role. Forrest Gump (Elvis) – With an Elvis biopic in the works, we will end up talking about that portrayal of Elvis. For now though, we can always look at the ever endearing rendition in the beginning of Forrest Gump, where young Forrest is swinging his hips with a broomstick as what we of course assume is Elvis playing a song, only to later see Elvis doing the same dance on a television some time later. It may not be a big part, but I am sure we all remember it, and smile.


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Music's Best Movies Woodstock

This is Spinal Tap

This mov i e g i v e s u s a w in d ow in to a wor l d t h a t ma n y of u s w ou l d ne v e r g e t t o see: th e c razy, w o n d e r f ul , an d w ild w or ld o f Wo o d s t o ck. It’s on e o f t he lo n g e s t o v e r 3 h ou rs lo ng, b u t i t ’ s w o r t h w atc h in g to ge t a sm a l l t a s t e of w h at o f t he W o o ds t o c k crow d w as e x pe r ie nc i n g d ur i ng on e of th e m os t f am o us t i m e s in m u sic. S o u lf u l an d i n s p i r ed Jim i Hen d r ix h a s a f e a t u re in th is on e (of co u r s e ) . B e s ur e to c h eck th is o ne o u t.

One of the funni est movi es about musi c you’l l ever see, and one re sponsi bl e for popul ari zi ng the mockumentary genre. Fi cti onal b and, Spi nal Tap struggl es to keep th e i r name l egendary. From a mi ni S tonehenge stage mi shap to the amp th at goes to 11, the wri ters and actors of Spi nal Tap managed to make a legendary movi e that i s great ti me a nd ti me agai n.

High Fidelity A f abu lo u s A l l - A m erica n ren dit io n o f N i c k H o r nsby’s n ovel w hic h w a s s e t i n Lo n d on . A mu st for mu s ic l ove r s .

Don’t Look Back 1967 charming biopic on Bob Dylan

Meeting People is Easy Epid Radiohead documentary.

24 Hour Party P e o p l e birth of punk and the explosion of club culture in the Rise + Fall of Facotory Records.

Almost Famous O bl i gatory, but sti l l amazi ng.

Control NME photographer f ilms this Joy Division flick.


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Blue Blue Sky Sky ++ Hard Hard Rock Rock Indie Indie Music Music Magazine Magazine

A Fond Farewell Blue Sky’s Chris Thornhill pays respect to the late Great Beastie Boy [MCA] Adam Yauch.

When I was young the first I heard of the Beastie Boys was when someone was telling me about them in school, asking if I had heard of them. I said, “Duh I have heard of the Backstreet Boys, come on.” It was second grade, so cut me some slack. It wasn’t till a few years later that I found them out for myself, and gave them a listen. The summer before high school, I immersed myself in the Beastie Boys, three white rappers from New York, breaking boundaries I had previously accredited to Eminem. I had no idea these guys were not only rapping with serious flow before Eminem, they were doing it before A LOT of people. They started when Run DMC started. They partied, made music, and lived it up through the 80’s and 90’s. Hell, they even came back out of nowhere in 2006 with Ch-Check it Out. Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D were, for me, the very definition of “swag” and I can honestly say there music taught me to fight for my right to party, as well as what girls were supposed to do. To do the dishes, to clean up my room.. etc. (just kidding) in all seriousness, there influence just cannot be ignored. The loss of Adam Yauch, MCA, is a tremendous one. Such unity that the Beastie Boys had… you just can’t see one of them going. I would have pictured them passing at an extremely old age, doing a sold out stadium show and something falling out from the sky, taking them all together, doing what they were best at. Or better yet, not at all. I am so happy that Adam Yauch and the rest of the Beastie Boys were honored with a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and they truly deserved it. I will forever keep my old beat up “Licensed to Ill” CD, and it will always be a part of my musical databank in my head, under albums I will never not know the words to. Rest in peace MCA, you made me feel like a Beastie.

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Blue Sky + Hard Rock's Summer Special Edition  

BSHR's Summer Issue features the best of new indie rock music with interviews from St.Vincent's Daniel Hart, new UK act Anomaly, + Ulfur of...