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Billboard called them “Spectacular� which is pretty much dead-on. Answering Questions from the road is Juana Talked to You, the readers, to find your thoughts on the new Tegan + Sara single

Bear Hands

Interviews with Saint Motel, Deep Sea Divers, Priory, + Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Frank Turner Live @ The House Of Blues - Rachel Has Your Review + Photos from the Show

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Contents TEGAN + SARA REVIEW .........................8 Saint Motel Interview......................................24 OCTOBER RELEASES.............................10 Bear Hands........................................................26 LIVE CONCERT CALENDAR...................12 The Biz Infographics .......................................29 Halloween Playlists..............................14 Priory Interview...............................................30 Indie Costume Ideas .............................16 Deep Sea Diver..................................................32 Joanna Gruesome + Playlounge.............18 Be Your Own Pet...............................................35 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.....................20 October Festivals.............................................38 Canadian Rock Round-Up.......................22 Frank Turner Live............................................40

Fe atured Smashing band- bear hands answers questions from the road

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Page 32 The Shins Jessica Dobson is Deep Sea Diver.

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The other day I was inducted into the Worldwide Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs. During the interview process I was asked what I attributed my success to. Besides an incredible team, I answered that it was a fiery passion, persistence + attitude, that it was never becoming discouraged enough to let it get in the way of learning + continuing to learn- not ever settling and not being intimidated by power or success (something that took me a long time to learn myself). My step father explained to me once in a completely irrelevant situation that by asking for something the worse I could encounter was a “No.” I started seeing where others + myself would not even try for something We wanted because of the assumption that it wouldn’t work. Well you miss 100% of chances you don’t take so the story goes. A stronger quote though may be one of my favorite, that “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? ... as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” It is my hope that some of you receive some amount of the light that we are so incredibly blessed with. I am constantly baffled at how great things have just fallen into place, though I can say it was certainly years of hard work and continues to be insanely time consuming- it is more than worth it to be surrounded by all this immense talent and passion and to be able to give you this heart-filled work each month. We are getting ready to make more SXSW Announcements + another addition to our creative outlets, so please come connect with us @ Facebook. com/BlueSkyHardRock Thanks! You’re Beautiful!

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Tegan And Sara’s new change

The diversity of opinions about Tegan and Sara’s new single Closer was quite huge: while some people loved it and thought it was an evolution in their music, other people thought they were just trying to be mainstream and poppy. I had a conversation with Jaime, better known as wojo4hitz and popular between Tegan and Sara fans for her pictures and videos of almost every show. I was surprised to find in her opinion similar thoughts to mines, as when she told me: “Guess I can say that when I heard Closer for the first time, I was really skeptical about what they were trying to achieve with it. I didn’t dislike the song so much as question its purpose. It’s catchy and shiny and not very deep, and my first thought was that it sounded like Miley Cyrus, which is fine if they woke up one day and that’s what they felt like writing. But it didn’t feel so fine if what they were trying to do was to appeal to Miley Cyrus’s audience.” I understand her: it isn’t that we don’t want to have more popularity. We don’t want them to make music in order to be popular. Jaime added: “But I told her [Tegan] not to forget about us when Closer causes them to blow up, because I feel like it has the potential to do that for them.

Which is definitely exciting for them, but a little tough and selfish to watch as an older fan because we want to keep them to ourselves.” I thought it would be a good idea to ask some more Tegan and Sara fans from different ages and nationalities about their opinion on Closer and their expectations for the upcoming album, to be released next year, giving them the possibility to do it anonymously. As I result I had a wide variety of points of view that you can read below. “’Closer’ is a hit song, it’s catchy, full of synths and a classic Tegan song: straight to the point. And what’s the coolest thing about it? Sara wrote the chorus, Sara being straight to the point in songs is something we haven’t seen in their whole careers. These changes are what will make this new record stand out. They have grown so much as musicians. What’s on my mind when I think about the new album is: ‘Will it take the place that the The Con album has in my heart?’. I wouldn’t mind at all.” (Tegan And Sara Brasil) “To me, it’s logical for them to kind of ‘move on’ to a more poppier-sounding record. I was not at all disappointed by the poppy/electronic nature of this new single.

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They’ve done lots of collaborations with dance-artists (most notably ‘Feel It In My Bones”, featuring Tiësto). On the previous record, Sainthood, they had a few tunes that already showcased their ability to write catchy-as-hell electronic music. I’ve heard and seen fans complain about this new direction they’re taking, but to me, it’s not at all ‘new’. I think they could do anything, write any kind of music, and make it sound good. They are incredible talented, both as songwriters and musicians. I don’t expect to be disappointed by the new record, because I know I won’t be.” (Marlou , 20, Netherlands)

“It’s kind of fun and catchy, but definitely not my kind of music. I expect a lot more from Tegan and Sara music, and this was very much a mindless tune, not too different from what I can expect to hear on the radio. I just wish it hadn’t been used as a first look at their new album, which I hope is full of much more intriguing songs.” (Claire, 19, USA) “Unfortunately this is the only song of theirs that I have and have listened to, so I cannot compare it with other stuff they have done, but I like the way they sound. My first impression of them is a good one. They have (in my opinion) kind of an older sound style (like from the 80’s 90’s), but there is something modern and unique about it. Yet at the same time there is a bit of familiarity to it, if that makes sense. To me the lyrics seem to be about getting to know another person, not only in the physical aspect of a relationship, but the complications of being and starting one.” (Ha Rim Park, 24, Korean-American.) “I was actually surprised by this single since Tegan isn’t really known to write about making things “physical”. I like how she basically wrote a song about ‘getting it on’ but in a tasteful, emotional kind of way. Saying ‘yeah I want to get physical but it’s more than that’. It’s falling for that person and those intense feelings you get before getting closer. Compared to the one nightstand in ‘Body Work’. This song is like no other song on any of their previous albums and I think it’s a good change. Though with such a change come sour fans that claim Tegan and Sara are sellouts. I don’t think Tegan and Sara are sellouts; they are just regular people who need to pay bills. They will undoubtedly gain new fans with this new electronic, upbeat route they took for this new album, and their diehards will still be around no matter what they do. (Amanda, 20, USA)

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ew Releases 10.15.12 #willpower ft. David Guetta, John Legend + others

Leona Lewis Glassheart on Syco/RCA ft. Childish Gambino, and Calvin Harris Stone Sour House of Gold & Bones pt1

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The [SOS] Concert Calendar: BSH OCTOBER 2

Blue Sky Friends + Faves, BSHR Live | Schedule of Shows, TX/FL Shows Sun

Mon 30

7 !!! at Alex's Bar (07 Oct 12) with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) @ Abbot Festival 2012 Alex's Kinney Bar, 2913 E. Anaheim @ Kinney St.,Abbot 90804, Long Festival, Beach, CA, Circa Survive The Fox Abbot Kinney at Ave & Brooks US T h e a tVenice, e r ( 0 7 OCA, c t 1US 2) with Ave, Culture Festival Balance Collide and Composure 2012 @ Culture Collide and Touche Amore @ The Culture Festival, F o x T h e Collide aVarious t e r , 3 0 Festival 3 Los S. Garey Block Party 2012 @ 90026, Filter Angeles Locations, Ave., 91766, Pomona, CA, Dry River andUSCollide Magazine's Culture Los Angeles, CA, U S The H o u n d m oEcho u t h a tPark S o don a Bar Festival, Florence and Machine (07 Oct 12) @ the Soda Bar, Reservoir St., 90026, Los at Hollywood Bowl Oct 3615 El Cajon Blvd,(07 92104, Angeles, CA, US Jeff the 1 2 ) wDiego, i t h Brotherhood T h eCA, M aUS c c a b eat e sThe , San Casbah T h e W e e(07 k n dOct , a n12) d C a@mThe Lynyrd C a s b a h@ ,Skynyrd 2Hollywood 5 0 1 K eat t t nOpen eBowl, r Young S hv.eaa tieg a0d r1r,aAh B rd , rh 9, l2H Sv'aesn 2 3ko0yu1lTeN H a1n ., St. Vincent at McFarlin Rincon Casino (07 Oct 12)US @ Diego, CA, US 90068, Los Angeles, CA, M e m o r i a l A u d i t o r i u m , Open Sky Theater, Harrah's The S o u tAtaris h e rCasino, n Mat e t Asbury h o777 d i s t Lanes Rincon (U 0n7i vOecr ts i1tRincon 2 h cWay, Ftl a1t2f)o o y )( w 0 7i t O wti t h Harrah's 56, David @CMcFarlin 9 2 0 8Red 2 ,Byrne VCity a l l e yRadio, e n t e and r , C A ,1 4 Hold @ Asbury Lanes, Memorial U S TightAuditorium, 2 vMeentu , Band Horses The S0o9u t4htof ehr nA heo,at d0 i s7 t7 1 2Ritz Asbury NJ, Ybor (14Park, Oct6405 12) US @ TheLn., Ritz University, Boaz Bryan Y , 01Adams 3 5E2a7at s5t, Spreckels 7Dtahl l a s , T X , Sb t eo. r 1 15,0 7 T ) @ A 0 5c,t T1a2m pa, FL, Uhv Se anturee, (31346O SBTRKT at Theatre, Club Nokia Spreckels 121(14 US Oct B r o a12) d w awith y , 9 2Syd 1 0 1 Tha , S a nKyd Silversun Pickups at Nokia, and Kilo Kish Diego, CA, US@ Club T e r mWest i n a l 5Olympic ( 1 4 O c tBlvd 12) with 800 Smashing Cloud S u i t e ANothings 3 3 5Pumpkins , 9 0 0 1and 5 , LAtlas oats G ibson @ ACA, mTerminal p hUS i t h e a t r5, e 610 (14 Genius Angeles, Oct W e s12) t 5 6with t h S tAnberlin r e e t , 1 0 0@ 19, G ibso n A mNY, p h i tUS heatre, 100 New York, Universal City Plz, 91608, Universal City, CA, US 21

12 | Blue

Crystal Castles at Soma (21 Oct 12) with HEALTH and F rightened R b b i t a t 3350 Kontravoid @a Soma, Constellation Room at the Sports Arena Boulevard, H eblsme er vt San e l(l2y1UOpcCA, T e) r n O aattoB r yDiego, t a1v2US 92110, (21 @ Belly@Up withOct Arc12) in Round Jane's Addiction at Santa Tavern, 143 S Room Cedros Constellation atAve, the B w,l 3(Beach, 20 1 3OScot uCA, 1t2h) 92075, Oa brsbear rvaSolana a tBoor y 5 M . W a r d a t O r p h e u m with The Airborne Toxic U Sr b o r B o u l e v a r d , 9 2 7 0 4 , Ha T h e a t rAna, e ( 2 1Thenewno2 O c tUS 12) @ @ Event and Santa CA, M &uBK fS2 2 O m T tBroeou,ws8le,4 2o S arap nt th t ae airm bh aaretaaH 11 Blues (21 12) Kris B o ai ldpw a yS,Oct 1140,1with L, oSsa n N rM as t9, 0903 ta Toadies Belly Allen andat Oberhofer @ Angeles, Barbara, CA, US Up Tavern (21 Oct 12) @ Belly Up House of Blues, 2200 North Tavern, L a m a r S143 t . , 7S 5 2Cedros 0 2 , D a l lAve, a s ,2 8 92075, TX, US Solana Beach, CA, Converge at Echoplex (28 US Oct 12) w ith Torche, F urther See m s Nails F o r e v@ er at Kvelertak, and House of Blues (28 Oct Blvd 12) Echoplex, 1822 Sunset Switchfoot at City National with Chris Carrabba @ (Enter on Glendale Blvd. at Grove House Blues, a l l e y n of eofa rAnaheim 1 1 5 4 G1530 l e(28 n d S. aOct le D nwith e y90026, l aPaper n d Rock D rLos . Route , 9 2Angeles, 8 0Indie 2@ , City Blvd), Sky 12) +i sHard National of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA, US CA, US Grove

Tue 1

Dum Dum Girls at Other Music Nyc (01 Oct 12) @ Flying Lotus Nyc, at Amoeba Other Music New York, Music NY, US(01 Oct 12) @ Gabe Kubanda in Amoeb a M u s i c ,and 6 4 0Lost 0 Atlantis at Pacifica Sunset Blvd, 90028, High Los The at (Angeles, p r i vJezabels a t e SCA, h o wUS ) (The 0 1 OCasbah ct 12) (@ 0 1Pacifica O c t 1 2 ) High w i t h (private Yukon T h e W o Garden m a t s aCasbah, t H o u s eCA, of Blonde @bThe 2501 Show), Grove, Blues K r B oOct u l e 12) v a r d@ , 9House 2101, Ue St t n e(01 Wolf Gang1055 at Troubadour of 5th SanBlues, Diego, CA, US Avenue, (92101, 0 1 O c tSan 1 2 ) Diego, w i t h F rCA, a n k US and Derol, Frank Derol, and The Royal Concept @ Troubadour, 9081 Santa 8 Monica Blvd., 90069, West Dry The River The Hollywood, CA,atUS O b s er v a t o ry ( 0 8 O ct 1 2 ) @ Florence and the Machine The Observatory, 3503 S at H a Hollywood r b o r B l v d , 9Bowl 2 7 0 4 (08 , S aOct nta Gotye ofc aBlues 1 2 ) wCA, i tat h THouse he Mac bees Ana, US (a0n8d OTchte1W 2 )e w e ki tnhd G@i v e r s a n d How to Well at N. Jonti @ Dress House of Blues, Hollywood Bowl, 2301 Santos House (08 Oct 1490 E. Party Buena Vista Dr., Highland Ave., 90068, Los Peter at Valley 12) OCA, FUS 3 2 8 3with 0 ,Gabriel La kF e B uLove en a Vand ista, Angeles, View Casino Center (08 Oct Warm Ghost @ Santos FL, US The Black 12) P a r twith y H oBack u sKeys e , 9To 6 at LFront aHonda f a y e@ tte C e0 r View 0 ,8 NOCasino Valley Center, S te,n1t 0 1( 3 ecwt 1 Y2o)r kw , i tNhY , The House of Tegan and at Sara @ Honda 3500 Sports Arena Blvd., U S Hives B leunet s 0286O C e r(,San 9 Diego, 5c tE1. 2K) aw t ei tlhl aUS 92110, CA, The El, Rey Fidlar Blues, A v e .Raveonettes , 9@ 2 8House 0 6 , A n of a hat e im CA, T hS5e5a t5r e 1 t h( 0A8v eOncut e1, 29) 2w1i0t 1h, U0 Melody's Echo Chamber @ San Diego, CA, US El Rey Theatre, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, 90036, Los Angeles, CA, US 15 Band of Horses at House of Blues (15 Oct 12) @ House Ingrid Michaelson, Amy of Blues, 1490 E. Buena Stroup, V i s t a D rand . , 3 2Elliot 8 3 0 , LJacobson ake Silversun a t B e a cVista, h a Pickups m TFL, h e aUS t rat e (15 Oct Buena T e )r m ) iw i t h 12 wiint ha l S5u (g1a5r O & ctth1e2H Starfucker at Soho (15 Oct Cloud Nothings and Atlas Lows @ Beacham Theatre, 12) Genius @Onuinu Terminal 4 6 Nwith Ora ng e A v e@ . , Soho, 35, 2 8610 01, Twin 1 2e2s1t Shadow S5t6atthFL, e SSttUS . 0200159, , W e, eSEl tt, e1Rey Orlando, T t r, eS (a1n5NY, c US ta r1b2a) r w 9 3h1e0a1York, t aOB a ,i tChA , New Haim @ El Rey Theatre, US 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, 90036, Los Angeles, CA, US

22 Bob Dylan at Santa Barbara Bowl (22 Oct 12) Jason w i t h MLytle a r k K at n o The p f l e rCasbah and (Bob 2 2 ODylan c t 1 2 )&wHis i t h Band S e a o@ f Jeff Brotherhood at Bees S a n t the a@B aThe r b a Casbah, r a B o w l , 2501 1122 Stubb's BBQ 12) K t tinl pear sB otu, l 9 e(22 v1 a0 rOct d1 , 9 1, N eM S 3 S2 a1n0t a Kaki King Rey w i t h Diego, D i a r rCA, hate aEl PUS l a n e tTheatre and San CA, Barbara, US (Low 2 2 OTimes ct 12)@ w iStubb's t h L a d y BBQ, Lamb the 8 0 1 Beekeeper R e d R i v e r ,@ 7 8El 7 0Rey 1, T h e a t r e ,TX, 5 5 1US 5 Wilshire Austin, Boulevard, 90036, Los Angeles, CA, US 29 Motion City Soundtrack at La Zona Rosa (29 Oct 12) Special Surprise with Jukebox the Guests, Ghost and Thomas Gold, ATB at Now, Now @ Laand Zona Rosa, The Script Playhouse Hollywood 612 W F o u rat t h House S t , 7 8 7of0(29 1, B l u e12) s ( 2TX, 9 OUS cEscape t 12) with Hot Oct with Austin, Chelle Rae @ House of Recovery Party @ Music Magazine B l u e s , 2 2 0 0Hollywood, N o r t h L a m 6506 ar Playhouse

Wed 2


Daniel Bedingfield at Blood Red Shoes at The Anthology (02 Oct 12) @ Casbah (03 Oct 12) @ The Gabe Kubanda at India El Rancho Crystal att t Roseland Anthology, 1337 C a s b a h ,Castles 2501 Ke ner Charter Ba 3 2O 2 )a n with S t r e e t , 9School 2 1 0 1 , S(private, an Diego, o lul rl eovoamr d(,0 9 1c 0 t1 ,1 S Garbage Hollywood G a b e KCA, ub da at Helen Students Only) (02 Oct 12) HEALTH @a n Roseland CA, US at Diego, US P llad i u m ( 0 2Charter O c t 1 2 School ) with Bernstein @a El Rancho B a l l r o o m , High 2 3 9 WSchool e s t 5 2 n(03 d Lynyrd Garbage Screaming Oct inKimmel ( p r i v a t eSkynyrd , S tFemales u d e n tat s Club O@ nly), S t r e12) e t , 1with 0at0 1Jimmy 9Lost , New YAtlantis ork, Nokia Live! (03 Bernstein Oct 12) @ High Jimmy H o l l y w(02 o o dOct P a l12) l a d i@ u mClub , 6215 @ South Del Giorgio Road, NY,Helen US M 30sa HBn Al v M E George The Nokia, West K i m m e l Thorogood L i v e ! ,N6 Wilton 8 4 0 AndPl, S .e,E 9R0,S0Olympic 2A 8 ,I NU S School, 1309 9 2u88n 8et,t 800 A aMd h im CT BALLROOM at Destroyers at House of Los B l v d S u i t e ACA, 3 3 Manhattan 5US , 90015, Hollywood 90028, Hollywood, 90028, Los Blvd, Angeles, CA, US Red Hot Peppers Grouplove at US Humphrey's C e n tAngeles, e r ( 0Chili 2 O cCA, t 1 2US ) w i t hand Blues (03CA, Oct 12) with Los Angeles, Band of Skulls Concerts by the BayMike (03 Sun Airway @ at American George Thorogood, The Black Keys BALLROOM at Santa K imb r a Trio, a t F oAlt-J n d a Voodoo T@h e a t r e Airlines Center (02 Oct 12) Oct 12) with HAMMERSTEIN Eldred and B rMbaanr a lC ( 0e2n O (Humphrey's 03 Oct @ 1 2 )House wConcerts i t h Tofh eBlues, @ by a ta American h aBt o t awnAirlines t ecrt, 13 21)1 Lounge 9 with and Stepkids C r ,4 2 t1h5e3 0B S a y. ,D2@ 4Fonda 1 ySl ahnedlTheatre, t eDrr . , 1 0 WeenstteTegan 3 t h5 0S0 t rVeiecSara tt,o1r y0 0@0 1 , i s2 n e S a n t aYork, B a75201, r bNY, a r a US BDallas, o w l , 1 1TX, 22 6126 Avenue, I9s2l8a0n2dHollywood 9e 2 i1m 06 ,CSAa, nU S New ,D Arn. ,a h , Blvd., Andrew at3 1David Andrew Bird N St, 9 0 1 , S aA. nta 90028, Hollywood, CA, of US U SM i l p a sBird Diego, CA, USat House Straz, Jr. CA, Center Blues (10 Oct 12) with Here Barbara, US for the AWOLNATION at (09 House AWOLNATION The of Performing Arts Octof 12) We Go Magic @atHouse B e s ( 0 9A.OStraz, c t 1 2 ) Jr. w i t Center h O b s e r v1490 a t o r yE. ( 1Buena 0 O c t 1Vista 2) @l uDavid Blues, D e f tthe o n ePerforming sDragons a t M a j e sand t iArts, c ZEALE Bombay Imagine with for D r . , 3Imagine 2 8 3Bicycle 0 , L aDragons k e Club B u e nat aand V Tof h aM t ear c(I0n9 G r a n a dFL, a TThe h e aObservatory, ter (10 Oct @ House 1055 ZEALE @ 1 0e1n 0t uNr a . W . 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Su ite A33 900 15 , L(10 os Oct M cy laatnTdh90036, e rG e2 e Los k02 Freelance Whales at Trees with Planet @, 12) with Less Than Jake and Boulevard, Concerts by the Bay, 2241 D iestnr ieDiarrhea D . ,r 9 8 Angeles, CA, US T ( CA, 0uCA, 9r ,O9US cUS ) awnittah (Mad i tD hHouse rhoeuabt raed o 0t8112S of6 , Angeles, S1h0e lOtCaddies ecrt I1s2l )a nwd@ r., 9210 Anaheim, P ide.l, a9t@ a9 n ,t aW e s t Grimes Rey Half G e o gDiego, r aSunset pat h eEl rCA, @ TUS r eTheatre e s ,8430 2709 MeotneirMoon cG a aBbl rvRun 0S 0The 6 Blues, Strip, San B ar er b a hBeoaw 97 O (E 1el2v t,eaW G ea k rT tCA, rle(, 02 0 0c tN1. 2 ) m t),dw 7. ,5i t9 2h0 20 6E6 ,l i9D l l aess,t Hollywood, US S1lu0 nO sSectttr eB T r7 ,aSanta t os Grizzly at The Greek with To Gymnastics and MYTHS @ El Vh ee r mEBack oanr tl yAN vo e .vFront ,e9m0b0e2@ L TX, US BearCA, Hollywood, US G r ar b maerrac y he 9 Oct T ) w B a BCA, oTw lUS ,a1t e1 r2 2( 0N Rh ee y aTt rhee a( 1t r0e ,O5c5t 1152 W i list hi r e Angeles, The Script at3 1Radio M adonn a a t 90036, S t aThe p l e Los sGreek Center 12) Lower Dens @ M i l pwith a s S Cartel t, 9 0@ 1 , Gramercy S aCity nta Boulevard, Music (10 @0US Staples T h e a t eHall r, 1 2(09 7 E aOct s t 212) 3 r d with St., T h e Oct a t r e ,12) 270 N. Vermont Barbara, CA, US Angeles, CA, 16 Hot City Center, 1111 Los S. Figueroa 1 0 0 1Chelle 0 , N e wRae Y o r@ k , Radio NY, US Ave., 90027, Angeles,1 7 Music Hall, 1260 Avenue Of St,, 90017, Los Angeles, CA, US T h e AMusic m e r i cMarathon a s , 1 0 0 2 0 ,2012 N e w@ New CA,York, US NY, US CMJ York, NY, US Autodrone, Foxes In Bombay Bicycle Club at Fiction, and Datalog at Fonda Theatre (17 Oct 12) Bombay Bicycle Bowerbirds at El@Rey Spike Hill (16 OctClub 12) at @ with Vacationer Fonda House of Blues (16 Oct 12) T h e a t r e , ( 61 172O Spike Hill, 186 Bedford 6 cHt o1l2l y) wwoi tohd Bowerbirds Soho (16NY, Oct Chad with @ House of Strand Ave, Vacationer 11211, at Brooklyn, B l v d . ,Valley, 9of 0 0Oaks 2 8 , Erika H oand l l y Spring, wPrypyat ood, 1 ) ewsi,t h1 0S5t5r a5ntdh oAfvO ke s, and Rush Midnight,5515 Jensen B e na u @ Rey Theatre, U2lSu CA,ElUS Ellie Goulding at Ellie Goulding at Amoeba and Prypyat @ Soho, 1221 Sportag, Selebrities, 92101, San Diego, CA, US W i l s h i r e B o u l e v a r d , 9Chad 0036, Troubadour Music (17 OctCA, 12) @ S t a t e S t . , S t (16 e . 2 Oct 0 5 , 912) 3 1 0@ 1, Valley, Beacon, Michna at Los Angeles, US Freelance Whales at El Rey Freelance Whales at The T r o u b a d o u r , 9 0 8 1 S a n t a A m o e b a M u s i c , 6 4 0 0 Santa Barbara, CA, US Le Baron (17 Oct 12) @ Le T h e a t r e ( 1 6 O c t 1 2 ) w i t h O b s e r v a t o r y ( 1 7 O c t 1 2 ) Monica Blvd., 90069, West Sunset Los B a r o n , 3Blvd, 2 M u 90028, lberry S treet, Laura Marling High Los at Yost Geographer @ at ElUS Rey Dive with The Hollywood, CA, Angeles, 1 0 0 1Campesinos! 3Geographer , N eCA, w YUS o r k ,@ NY , US (16 Oct 12) @ High Dive, Theater (17 Oct 12) @ Theatre, 5515 Wilshire O b s e r v a t o r y , 3 5 0 3 S Yost Los Campesinos! atLos The Lupe Sean 210 SW Second Avenue, T ao tFiasco er r B , 3 N g e Boulevard, 90036, Hha er b l v0d7,and 9 .2 7SBig 0p4u,r S ao nn ta Casbah (16 @ The a tt .H l l7y0w1US o, oSda n P taal l A a dniau,mC A ( 1, 7 32601, Gainesville, US S , o 9CA, 2 Angeles, CA,Oct US12) FL, Ana, 2 3 24 Casbah, 2501 Kettner Oct U S 12) @ Hollywood Boulevard, 92101, San Palladium, 6215 Sunset CANCELLED: AWOLNATION Diego, CA, USOpeth at B l v d . , 9 0 0 2 8 , Hat o lThe l y w oRitz od, Canyon Club (23 Oct 12) Y b o rUS (24 Oct 12) with CA, Jason Lytle at Bootleg Bob Dylan at Valley with Katatonia @ Canyon Imagine Dragons andView ZEALE T h e a t e28912 r (23 O ct 12) with Casino Center (241503 Oct East 12) Club, Roadside @ The Ritz Ybor, Jeff the91301, Brotherhood Calexico Sea of Bees @Agoura Bootlegat with Drive, Hills, 7 t h AMark v e n uatKnopfler e ,Fonda 3 3 6 0 5Theatre ,@ T aValley mpa, C l uebaUS Oecvt e1r2l y) w i t h (View 2 4 US Oc t 1 2 ) wCenter, ith The D odos T h tD ea r ,d 2a 2(2203 B Casino 3500 CA, FL, Kaki at The Kaki Diarrhea Planet @Loft, ClubUC @ F o King n dArena a Tat h eThe aBlvd., t r e Barn, , 6 192110, 2 6UC Blvd.,King 90057, Los Angeles, Sports S an D, i7e5g2o2(62, 3DO w,i t h R iovl el yDiego, rw s iodoed( 2CA, c. ,t 91020) 2w8i,t h D d aUS a lclta s1 ,2 )T X H B4l vOdUS CA, San Shiny Toy Guns at Echoplex M a t t &Lamb K i m the a t HBeekeeper ouse of Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Lady US Hollywood, CA, US (@ 2 3The O c tLoft, 12) w i t hSan MND R @ B e s (Barn, 2 4 O cUC t 1 2Riverside, ) with UC Diego, @l uThe Taking Real Room Echoplex, Blvd Oberhofer 9 5 0 0 G iBack l l m1822 a nSunday D rSunset . , 9 2 0at9 3 , 9 0 0 UEstate n i v e r@ s iat tHouse y Canal A v e . ,of 92507, T r oJolla, u b aon do uGlendale r (US 2 3 O c tBlvd. 1 2 ) at (24 (Enter B l u eOct s , 112) 0 5 CA, 5@5 tCanal hUS A v e nRoom, ue, La CA, Riverside, Toadies at House of Blues, Taking Back Sunday at The with Man Overboard @ 2 8 5 W e s t B r o a d w a y , 013, alley near 1154 Glendale 92101, San Diego, CA,1 0US S u n s e t S t r i p ( 2 3 O c t 1 2 ) F o x T h e a t e r ( 2 4 O c t 1 2) T r o u b a90026, d o u r , 9Los 0 8 1 Angeles, Santa New York, NY, US Blvd), w iot n hUS Hae lB ml e @e s3t0 with Bayside @ The Fox 3 1 M ic v td .a, n9d0 0U6m9e, W CA, House of Blues, Sunset Theater, 303 S. Garey Ave., Hollywood, CA, US A Rocket toSunset the Moon at All Strip, 8430 Blvd., 9 1 7 Time 6 6 , P oLow m o nat a , House C A , U Sof The S tuWest dio atHollywood, Webs ter Hall Blues, Sunset Strip (31 Oct 90069, CA, Midtown Dickens and Com Grace Potter andLights The and (30 with Austin 12) with Hit the U S Oct 12) T ruise@ a t The M o hStudio a w k ( 3 at 0 Oct Nocturnals at House of@ Gibbs The Downtown Fiction Miike Lamb Hollywood 12) Blues (31 Octat 12) with W e bwith s tSnow e r Lost H a lat l , In 1Hollywood 2the 5 E aTrees, st Houseof ofGod Blues, Sunset P lad me t( ,3 01 0O0Poolside, c0t3 1, 2N) ew P a l l a d 8430 ium (3 1 O@ c t House 1Blvd., 2 ) w i tof h Shakey Rayland Baxter 1 1atl h SiturGraves, e wi t h Strip, Sunset Niki & NY, TheUS Dove @ @ IB e0se5,s5H e lbA eweon dou , dea,,n d and do RolĂŞ s9m , 1W York,Bonde 9n0l u0Fe6l a t 5aHt h o l ryv H l le a d iR um Sylosis @ Hollywood Moolhl ya w o ko , d 9 1P2aR i v,e 6 r ,2 1 5 92101, Diego, CA, US CA, US San

HR’s Schedule of Shows 2012


Oct 2012 (Pacific Time)


Fri 4

Coheed and Cambria at Troubadour (04 Oct 12) Colorfeels, Standards, with Aeges The @ Troubadour, and Taix 9 0 8 1Touchy S a n t a MMob o n i cat a B l v d . (04 , Cotton Oct with 9 0 0 612) 9 , Jones W e s t Immanu Hat o lThe l y w o oEl, d, O bse r v aOf t o rVerona, y ( 0 4 O cJared t 12) Tribes, CA, US Echorev, Valente, with Dr.Nichols, Dog @ Kyst, Theandand James Robbie O b s e r v aFitzsimmons t o rTaix, y , 3 51911 0 3 S at Coldair @ W.El Eyes at The Cid H a r b(04 oLips r Oct B l vEyes d12) , 990026, 2@ 7 0El 4 , Cid, SLos anta Sunset Blvd., Griffin 4 2 1 2 CA, W .(04 SUS uOct n sUS e t12) B l vwith d , Io Ana, Angeles, CA, Florence and the Machine Echo, Max and the Moon, 90029, Los Angeles, CA, US at Cricket Wireless and Castr and Troy @ The Gabe A i t, h1e3a1t0e rM(oand 0r4e n OLost Gm r i fpf h i nKubanda ac tB1l v2in d) . , Atlantis w i t h T hSan eatWHard eDiego, e k n dRock aCA, n d Café TUS he 92110, 11 Hollywood (04 Oct 12) Maccabees Blvd. @ Cricket w e nmepehM Wiitrhe lD ee s s tA i tc hkeean t ezri ,e @ AWOLNATION Hard Hollywood 2 0 5 0 Rock E n t e r tCafé a i nat m-eClub n t C iNokia rcle, (Blvd., 1 1 O c 6801 tChula 1 2 ) Hollywood w iVista, t h I m aCA, g i n eUS 91911, Band Zona Dragons and B l v d . ,ofS uSkulls i t e 1ZEALE 0 5at, 9La 0 0@ 2 8Club , Rosa Oct 12) with Black N o k iAngeles, a (11 , 800 W eCA, st O lymp ic Los US Black at Antone's Pistol Fire B l v d SLips uite @ A 3La 3 5 ,Zona 9 0 0 1Rosa, 5(11 , O 1 i trht hN o t , iUS n 6 1c2t Angeles, W2 )F w ou S 7 8t7h0e1 , Los CA, Bombay Bicycle Face and A Giant Dog at @ Austin, TX, US Club F Aint zt ogneer a' sl d , '2s1(31 1 WO e sctt 51t2h) CANCELLED: with @s t i n , T Xat, S t r e eVacationer t , 7 8 7 0 1 ,Pennywise Au House F a l dBlues ' s , 2 7 0(11 6 WOct h i t e12) UiSt z g e rof David with Street @u sHouse Oak D rByrne , 7 7 0Dogs 0 and 7 , H oSt. ton, Vincent Arlington of S. TX,Blues, US at1530 F ot ryoelta(5n16d1 aD o,f T Ot rcH Dlhiasetnaf e .t, o19u2s)8e0@2 Blues Oct 12) A r l i n g t(11 o n CA, T h e aUS t r e with , 1 3 1Less 7 Anaheim, F ntcree eW a l3eCaddies, a ,t S a n t a Than Mad S rt e ae t el aJake, S t ,h 9 1s0 1 F i t z gMrs. e r a l dCA, ' s ( US 11 Oct @ 12) and Skannotto Barbara, Girl Talk The 1055 with Geographer @ House of at Blues, 5th O bt ezsn eru o2'ry F g evrea, lt9d s1,0(2117 6act h1i2te)eg@ Aiv ,10SO nWD o, Gotye at Cynthia Woods The Observatory, 3503 O a k US D r , 7 7 0 0 7 , H o u s t o nS, CA, Mitchell Pavilion (11 Oct H a r bUS or Blvd, 92704, Santa TX, Grimes Porter's 12) Givers andPub, JontiUC @ Ana,with CA,at US S a n D i e gWoods o ( 1 1 OMitchell ct 12) with Cynthia 18 Elite Gymnastics and Pavilion, 2005 Lake MYTHS Porter's Pub, Robbins@Dr., 77380, TheUC S a n D i e g o , 9TX, 5 0 0 US Gilman Woodlands, Dr., 92037, La Jolla, CA, US AWOLNATION at Emo's East (18 Oct 12) with ZEALE and Bassnectar at Hollywood Imagine Dragons @ Emo's P a l l a d2015 i u m (E. 1 8Riverside, Oct 12) with East, Los Rey Gramatik 7 8 7 4Campesinos! 1 , A uand s t i n ,Gladkill T Xat , UEl S@ T r eo o( 1 t h2 1 5 Hh oel laytw d8PO a lcl ta d1 i2u)mw, i 6 M t isLovely seyta B hu t. , M9a0Things j0e2s8t ,i c and The S uan lva dBad V e n t u r aCampbell T h eCA, a t e rUS ( 1 8ElORey ct Moses @ Hollywood, Stolen 12) @t rMajestic Thea eBabies , 5 5 1 5 at WVentura i Whisky lshire A Go 12) T h eGo a t e r(18 , 2 6Oct S. C h e with stnut Boulevard, 90036, Los T h m eT,rhm l S 5 C t3 ua0r le0k1CA, F, eeVanetUS u eiAn,aU S, a9W nartte uT,r a C Angeles, (Dread 1 8 O c Crew t 12) w i t h D u m Dum of Oddwood, Twin Shadow at Fonda Girls @ Terminal 5, 610 and Yidhra @ Whisky A Go T heesa8901 O W tt r5e6 t(h1W8SSunset t rcete t1,21)Blvd, 0w0i1t h 9, Go, 25 Haim @ Theatre, New 9 0 0 6 9York, , WFonda e sNY, t H oUS llywood, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., CA, US Alesana at House ofCA, Blues 90028, Hollywood, US (25 Oct 12) with In Fear ATB at Sutra Lounge (25 and Faith, Vampires Oct 12) @ Sutra Lounge, Everywhere!, Glamour Of AWOLNATION 1 8 7 0Kill, Harb o r Human, B at l v dHouse . , 9and 2 6 2of 7, The All B l u e s Mesa, ( 2 5 OToney cCA, t 1 2 )US w i tHouse h Costa Dominique @ Calexico at Belly Up Tavern Imagine ZEALE of Blues,Dragons 1530 S. and (@ ) w e0 D os Blues, D2i5sHouse nOecytl a1n2of d Dirt.h, 9T2h81490 2 ,o dE. M KUp aD t rT.h e W @ B uaBelly et tn & a V iism t aTavern, 8 i3l0t e,Sr n Anaheim, CA, US, 3 2 143 (Cedros 2 5 O Buena c t Ave, 12) w ith Ob eSolana r hUS ofer 92075, Lake Vista, FL, Motion City at @ The W i l t eUS rSoundtrack n, 3790 Beach, CA, House of Blvd, Blues,90010, Sunset Wilshire Los M ec s t US D2i a) m S tyr iB p r(i 2g5h tCA, O 1 woi tnhd a t Angeles, Carnegie HallGhost (25 Oct Jukebox the and12) @ C a r n eNow g i e H@ a l lHouse , 5 7 t h of S t r e e t1 & Now, 7 t h A v eSunset n u e , 1 0Strip, 0 1 9 , N8430 ew Blues, York, S u n s eNY, t B l vUS d., 90069, West Hollywood, CA, US

Sat 5

Band of Skulls at Freebird Live (05 Oct 12) with Son Best Coast at @ Coussoulis of a Bad Man Freebird Arena, L i v e , 2 0Cal 0 NState 1 s t SSan t, 32210, Bombay Bicycle Club at@ The Bernardino (05 Oct 12) Jacksonville Beach, FL, US Social (05 Oct 12) @ Coussoulis Arena, CalThe State Class The Social, S a n B eActress r54 n a rNorth d i nat o , Orange 5 5 0 0Griffin (05 Ave, Orlando, U n i vOct e32801, r s i12) t y Pwith k w y .Jamuel , H p 1FL, 21, Dale Jr.@ Jr.The at CA, The Saxon and U S Earnhardt 92407, San Kitten Bernardino, B e l m o n t A u s t i n ( 0 5 O c G r i f f i n , 1 3 1 0 M o r e n a B lt v1d2. ,) US Dr. DogBelmont at John Anson @ The Austin, 92110, San Diego, CA, Ford US A he e , (T 0X 5 , OUcSt 1 2 ) 7 8m7p0h 1 i, t A uast ri n George Thorogood @ John Anson Ford at Fantasy & A m p h i t h Springs e a t r e , 2 5Resort 80 Casino (05 Blvd Oct 12) with 1 2 Cahuenga E, 90068, Kenny WayneCA, Shepherd @ Los Angeles, US Adventure Club 18 Year & Fantasy Springs Resort Anniversary at House Casino, 84-245 Indio of Alexis y Fido Blues with S p r i n g(12 s P kOct w yand .12) , 9 2Lenny 2 0 3 , Two Millones Majestic Door Club @ House Indio,Cinema CA,atUS Andrew V rHouse o fe n BtluureasBird ,T 2h2e0aat 0t eN o( r1t2h OLcof atm1a2r) Blues (12 Than Oct 12) @TX, House with Less Jake @ US St., 75202, Dallas, CANCELLED: of M aBlues, j e s t i c V1204 e n tPennywise uCaroline r a T h e a t e at r, The S e eObservatory u oOct 2 6t r S . tC, h7e7s0t0n2u, t HSot(12 . , s9t 3 0n0, 1 , Delta The Belmont 12) with Street Dogs @ The TX, USSpirit Ventura, CA,atUS (12 O b sOct e r v a12) t o r y@ , 3The 5 0 3 Belmont, S Delta The 3 877004Belmont 1, ,S a n t a H0a5r bW oSpirit r 6Bt hl v S d at ,t ,972 A u s t iCA, n (TX, 1 US 2 OUS ct 12) with The Austin, Ana, Gossip Fonda Theatre Whigs @atThe Belmont (1 2 Oc t 78701, 1 2 ) @ Fonda Austin, Austin, TX, G oet ya et r e a ,t 6V1e2r 6 izo eo a torde T Hno lTl yhw UhS at B l vGrand d . , 9 0 0Prairie 2 8 , H o l(12 l y w Oct ood, Grouplove at Josabis 12) and Jonti @ CA, with US Kimbra A t hTe h ae t raet r(e1 2a tOGcrt a1n2d) V emrp i zhoi n Jamie at Lure (12 with @0 1Josabis P r a i rAlt-J i exx , 10 P e r fPatio orman ce Oct A m p12) h i t75050, hwith e a t rJohn e Grand , 1 7 2Talabot 0 0Prairie, Place, M83, Jovanotti, and A-Trak @ Lure Patio, 1439 Ivar St, H i g hUS way 16 North, Helotes, TX, at CityCA, Limits Los Angeles, US (12 TX,Austin US 19 Oct 12) @ Austin City Limits, 2504 Whitis Ave, 78712, Austin, TX, US


Alternative Universe Music Festival 2012 @ Bella at0 0The A l a m oNovela dome, 1 Montana Slidebar S t r e e t , 7 Rock-n-Roll 8203, San CANCELLED: School ofi t h K i t c h e n ( TX, 0 6 OUS ct 12) w Antonio, Seven at and Bullet & FuneralBells Party David Byrne atRoom Sarofim Hall Constellation at the Snowfox @ The Slidebar -O H oer b bvya tCoery nKitchen, t(e0r6( 0O6ctO1 c2t )1@ 2 bs Rock-n-Roll 122 E.) D oo gnVincent awt e4atlht Room B. at 6 with St. @dv eSarofim Constellation C ro.mDm ha n A , ( 0the Oct 12) with H a -r v HFullerton, C3e5n0t3CA, e rSJones ,o7u 7t0h0 2 , O blsl e ao tbobr y ,Cotton 92832, US Dry at @ 345 Houston, US H a 4th r bThe o rand BRiver oTX, uB, lev a r dB , 9Street, 2704, T r o u b aAna, d o u rCA, ( 0 6 US O cCA, t 1 2 )US 92101, San Diego, Santa Eagle Music w i t h HRock oundm o u t h Festival @ 2012 T r o u b@ a dEagle o u r , 9Rock 0 8 1 SMusic anta Festival, M o n i c a BColorado l v d . , 9 0 0 6Blvd., 9 , W e s1t3 90041, Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA, US CA, US A Life Once Lost, Scion Label Showcase Som, Andrew AustinWall, City Atheist, Bird BlackatSheep Limits (13 Oct 12) @ Austin The Casualties, Saint Vitus, Austin CitySom Limits Music City Limits, 2504 Whitis and Scion Label Festival 2012 @ Zilker Ave, 78712, Austin, TX, US Showcase Night at The Balboa Beach Music Fest Park, Barton Springs Glass 2100 House (13 Oct 12) @ 2012 Peninsula Park, Road ,@787 46, Aus tin, TW. X, The Glass House, 200 Chelsea Wolfe atBeach, The CA, 92661, Newport U S Second Ave., 91766, O bservatory (13 Oct 12) U S Pomona, CA, USat Emo's Crystal Castles with Best Coast @ The E Oabsste (r 1v 3a tO o rcyt , 1325) 0w 3 i tSh David HEALTH Kontravoid H a r b o rByrne Band l v d , and 9 2 7 0St. 4 , S a n@ ta V i n c eCA, nEast, t aUS t T h2015 e G r E. eek Emo's Ana, Grouplove atO House of T h e T h e a t r e ( 1 378741, c t 1 2Austin, ) @ Riverside, Blues G r e eUS k (13 T h eOct a t r e12) , 2 7with 0 0 NAlt-J . TX, M t & mv e aBlues, h @ of V eaHouse rtm o nKt iA .t, B9e0a0c22200 7a ,m Los T hoer taht rL e a(m 1 3a rOUS N Sct . ,1 2 7 )5 2@0 2 , Angeles, CA, Nouvelle Vague B eacham T hUS e a t r at e , Club 46 N Dallas, TX, Nokia O r a n g e(13 A vOct e . , 312) 2 8 0@ 1 , Club Smashing Pumpkins at Nokia, 800 West Orlando, FL, US Olympic V c0 t 1152,) B il ev jda sS uAirte nAa 3(3153, O 90 20 with Anberlin CA, @ Viejas Los Angeles, US Arena, 5500 Canyon Crest Drive, 92182, San Diego, CA, US Eventvibe pres. TIESTO w/ Tommy Trash Club Life College Tour 2012 2012 @ Valley View Casino Center, 3500 Sports A dam A n t a t 92110, M a j e s t iSan c Arena Blvd., Diego, Adam CA, USAnt at City National Ventura Theater (19 Oct Grove of Anaheim (20 Oct AWOLNATION Wolf Pen AWOLNATION at House of 12) @ MajesticatVentura 12) with Brothers of Brazil, C eh ae t rset n( 1 B l u e s Ant (20 O ct 1 2 ) w iShow th T hr e eakt eA r ,m2p6hSi t.hC u 9t Adam Vip After Bowerbirds Crystal Castles Oct Chiddy Imagine Dragons and ZEALE S t . , 12) 9 3 0 0with 1 , Vat e nThe t u r aCasbah , Bang C A , U@ S Meet, and Greetat @ City (Wolf 1 9 OPen c t 1 2Creek ) with Strand of Hollywood (20 @ House Grove ofPalladium Blues, 2200 National of Anaheim, Death Eddie at The Oaks Prypyat Oct A m p hand i Angel thea t r eat, 1Whisky 0 1@ 5 TheA N hEMoney L. awith , v7e5.2,Coach 0and 2, 2 2o0r0t12) Km aa t er lHEALTH lS at .A Go with H 2n0aO c it Hollywood ) A w ,i tU h ST h e C a sGo b a h(19 , Dr, 2 5Oct 077840, 1 K12) ettn er Kontravoid @ Colgate College Dallas, TX, 9 2o8u0s6e, (A hUS e m1,2 C Eddie Money at Canyon Family Force 5 at Magnolia Threat Relatives B o u l e v aSignal rTX, d , 9US 2 1and 0 1 , Wretched San P a l l a d i u m@ , 6The 2 1 5 Coach Sunset Station, Club (19 Oct 12)Go, @ Canyon A v @ Whisky AUS Go 8901 W H o euns u ee ,90028, 3B3a1p5t7i sHollywood, Ct a( 2 m0i nOoc t 1 2 ) Diego, CA, Blvd., F r i g h t e n e d R a b b i t a t Frightened Rabbit Club, @ S u n s e28912 t B l v d ,Roadside 9 0 0 6 9 , WDrive, est C a Magnolia p iUS s t r a n o , Avenue 9 2 6 7 5 , at SBaptist, aIrenic n CA, T r o u b a Agoura d o u rCA, ( 1 9Hills, O c t 1CA, 2 ) US (20 12)CA, with 91301, Riverside, USArc Hollywood, US JuanOct Capistrano, CA, in US 2 6 27 with Arc in Round @ Round @ Irenic, 3090 Polk Troubadour, 9081 Santa Avenue, 92104, San Diego, Alesana F u r t US her Seems Forever at M o n i c a Bat l v House d . , 9 0 0 of 6 9 ,Blues, West CA, S u n s e t S t r i pCA, ( 2 6US Oct 12) Troubadour (27 Oct 12) @ Hollywood, Bob Hollywood Jane's with Dylan In Fearatand Faith, T r o u b aAddiction d o u r , 9 0 8 1atSThe anta B wp l i(r2e6s OEcvte1r y2 w ) h wei trhe !M W n B ( 2l 7 t he s t V aom , ark M oi lnt ei cr a v dO. ,c 9t 01026) 9w , iW Flying Lotus at Club Justin Townes Earle at Knopfler @ Hollywood Bowl, Thenewno2 @ The Glamour Of The Kill, Nokia and All Hollywood, CA, US Wiltern, (26 12) Nokia, Michael 2 3 0 1Oct N .@ H iHouse g@ h l aClub n dofA v e., 3 7 9 0 W i lSchimmel s h i r e B l v dCenter , 90010, Human Blues, Justin Long Beach 800 for Arts, Zombie Pace 90068, Los CA, Los the Angeles, CA, US Walk S u n sWest e tTownes S t Olympic r i Angeles, p , 8Earle 4 3 0 Blvd S at u n s eUS t Michael 2 e2 n ) Pwairtkh, S 3056,99, 0W 01 Los U0n1i v2 e@ r s iM t ya r(i2n7a OGcrte 1 Bu l vi tde. , A930Schimmel e5 s ,tCenter Knoup Kelly at Lost In the Trees atDr., Soda for the & Arts, Pace 386 East Shoreline Angeles, CA, US Joe Pug and The Low Hollywood, CA, US T u ebrasdi o ) ith B a r ( 2 7Long O 1Beach, 2 ) w i t hCA, US Urnoi v t yu r( 2(62 6OO c tc t1 21)2 w 90802, Anthem @c tMichael Lost In the Trees First Rusted Root at The with MAD TEMPLE, Midtown Dickens @ Soda Joe Pug and John at McCauley Schimmel Center forGriffin the Unitarian Los (Bar, 2 7 O3615 cPace t 1 2El )University, wCajon i t h L aBlvd, u r e3 n D w n t o w nChurch A t t r a c t- i o nCenter , @oMichael Schimmel Arts, M 8 3 a t L u r e ( 2 6 O c t 1 2 ) Tiger Army at The Fox Angeles (26 Oct 12) with Mann & the Fairly Odd Ceasefire, Red 9, and Lido 92104, US for the Arts, Pace S p r u c e San S t r eDiego, e t , 1 0 0CA, 38, N ew with Bentley T h e a t e@ r (The 2 7 OGriffin, ct 12) w ith 45 M i d t oJason w@ n D ic e n s a n@d Lure, D ana Folks 1310 Beach Troubadour, 9081 University, 3kSpruce York, NY, US 2 1 4 3 0 C a h u e n g a A v e , 9 0 0 2 8 , Grave & Goddamn Gallows Buoy M o r e n a B l v d . , 9 2 1 1 0 , S a n3 S a BNl e vw d . ,Y9o0r0k6, 9 , t rneteat@ ,M1oFirst 0n0i3c 8a ,Unitarian Hollywood, CA, US @ The Fox Theater, 303 S. Church Los Angeles, 2936 Diego, CA, US West Hollywood, CA, US NY, US Garey Ave., 91766, W 8th St, 90005, Los Pomona, CA, US Angeles, CA, US

Green Florida New York Texas Blue Southern California

Best Horror Movie Scores and Soundtracks Halloween Jaws Psycho The Exorcist Friday the 13th The Omen 28 Days Later Rosemary's Baby

Suspiria The Lost Boys Dawn of the Dead A Nightmare on Elm Street Something Wicked This Way Comes Interview with the Vampire The Shining

An Indie Halloween Playlist 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

by Meagan M. Jackson “Tokyo Witch” - Beach House “A Wolf at the Door” – Radiohead “Scarecrow” - Beck “The Hexx” - Pavement “Graveyard’s Full” - The Growlers “I Died So I Could Haunt You” - Stars “The Witching Hour” – Wild Nothing “Devil’s A-Go-Go” - Blitzen Trapper “Little Ghost” – The White Stripes “They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come” - Sufjan Stevens “So Haunted” - Cut Copy “Halloween” - Dead Kennedys “Halloween On The Barbary Coast” – The Flaming Lips “Let The Devil In” - TV on the Radio “Beast And Dragon, Adored” – Spoon “Like A Locust (Shake Hands With The Dead)” - The Appleseed Cast “Halloweenhead” – Ryan Adams “My Body is a Zombie For You” - Dead Man’s Bones “Country Death Song” - Violent Femmes “Crying Lightning” - Arctic Monkeys “Mirror’s Image” - The Horrors “beast infection” - Grimes “Lose Your Soul” - Dead Man’s Bones “A Forest” - Bat For Lashes “Ghost” - Little Boots “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” - Concrete Blonde “Werewolf Heart” - Dead Man’s Bones

14 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine





by Chris Thornhill


alloween is right around the corner and with all the obvious costumes coming to mind (trust me, someone else is coming to the party as a zombie hunter, I promise) what does the average teen/twenty-something dress as? If you are a guy, you could go the easy route of Rick Grimes, but that’s no fun when three other guys are at the party in the same costume, with the only thing separating your looks is how much effort you put in your costume and whether or not you read the comic or just watched the show Walking Dead. Either a guy or girl can zombify a simple outfit, but that’s overdone as well. Don’t bother thinking you are original and quirky and go with your boyfriend/girlfriend as Zooey Deshanel and M. Ward and call yourself She & Him, trust me, it is not as cool as it sounds. Trust me. So what to do? I will go ahead and give you, the wonderful reader of this small publication a male and female option, as well as some pointers on good ideas for your hip plans this Samhain, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, or whatever you are celebrating. If you are a man: Steve Jobs. It isn’t the most out there choice, and it won’t cost much at all, but it will save you from going as Harry Potter or Waldo again (I’m talking to you, round glasses owners.) Steve Jobs is an icon, and just carry an apple. People will get it and think you are clever. This costume will also look amazing and get you the ladies if you have an iphone 5 with you; although it may be the iPhone 5 getting you the ladies, who cares. If you are a Woman: You can go quirky and go as Minnie Mouse sure, people will think you are Zooey. So steer clear from that. Remember there is a third option for Halloween: Slutty, quirky, and clever. There are two of those that will give you attention, and for the sake of this magazine’s integrity, I will go with only one. Going clever would be a good choice, because both girls and guys will talk to you and not be distracted (or jealous.) If I were to pick one costume idea that would be clever and not overdone, I’d say go as Ellen Degeneres. She is the icon for the not offensive but forward thinking. Who doesn’t love Ellen? Really go as whatever you please. I personally love going to Halloween parties as John Travolta from grease, although I think I will retire that outfit and go with Steve Jobs this Halloween. Although I have no problems with girls dressing revealingly, I find no interest in a girl in a cheap packaged Alice in Wonderland costume acting more drunk than she is. Go original with whatever you dress as, and you will be proud of your outfit. Happy Halloween!

16 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine


Editor’s Choice: Indie Music Halloween Costumes

Lana Del Rey

Caroline Polachek from Chairlift

Tips: Make your hair all pretty, put on tons of makeup, get fake lips/strategically use makeup to make your lips big and ‘pucker up’ in every photograph.

Tips: Wear green unitard. Do bizarre dance moves all night. Bonus: Get your guy friend to dress in all white and cover himself in white paint. Leave lips and wear Green Contacts.

Victoria LeGrand of Beach House

Jamie xx

Tips: Curly hair/wig, blazer with shoulder pads,

Tips: Wear all black, black jacket, black cap


Tips: Buy a rat/mouse mask, dress like a DJ. If you are crafty the Mau5 head is an excellent DIY project + awesome costume.


Tyler the Creator

Steve Aoki

Das Racist

Zooey Deschanel

Tips: Requires Bro + Girl, both have long hair/ alternating parts, dress like you’re in a buzzband

Tips: Wear a SUPREME cap, dress like a blipster, act like you just ‘don’t give an eff ’

Tips: Requires 3 ‘ethnic looking bros’, dress like ‘swaggy rappers’ go on bender


Tips: Get Skrillex/Win Butler haircut, glasses with large frames, look like a relevant dubstep DJ

Ariel Pink

Tips: Long hair, women’s blouse, skinny pants/leggings, clogs, act like a lo-fi god + free spirit

Tips: Dress like an alt DJ, prob helps to be Asian, wear long haired wig

Tips: Wear a cutesy dress, have bangs, blue colored contacts, tons of eyeliner to make your eyes ‘pop’, jimmy jangle a tambourine all night

Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells

Tips: Wear tank top + tube top, leggings, and a leather jacket, have bangs, draw on colorful sleeve tattoo if needed.

Lindsay Lohan*

Tips: Dress like a hot mess...or a zombie

Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 17


I Can See a Future In You: Joanna Gruesome and Playlounge WRITTEN BY JUANA GIAIMO


discovered Joanna Gruesome and Playlounge on the same day and found in both, a similar, yet not identical, potential that I felt it needed to be shared with our readers. For this reason, I asked them to be part of the Blue Sky + Beginnings sampler (out with the September issue) and am now writing more deeply about them. Besides being musically alike, they were both part of the compilation of Art Is Hard Records, Family Portrait, and it is not surprising to see them share each other’s posts on Facebook. Let’s start with Joanna Gruesome: a five piece band from Cardiff with a long list of influences, including My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana, Yo La Tengo, The Magnetic Fields, etc. These influences are clearly present in their music: distorted guitars creating rough textures submerge you into an untidy but fun atmosphere. One of their strengths is the brilliant dynamic of vocals: Margie’s ghostly sweet and generally high-pitched voice balances with Owen’s one which is flat and gloomy. However, by being both a little bit lifeless they can strike directly into the listener when they put the littlest amount of emotion. They also contrast with the potency of their music, making the songs to be nonaggressive and welcoming you into their unruled confusion. On the other hand, Laurie and Sam are the two halves of Playlounge, a band from London whose debut 12” EP, Thrash Magic, will be released on October 22nd. Believe me when I say that these guys know how to transmit their energy! They don’t care about the mess of their music and only by listening to them you can imagine them strumming their guitars and hitting their drums as if it was the last time of their lives. Their short songs act like straightforward injections of Noise Pop, guided by an unrestrained voice veiled by the blasts of the cymbals and the distortion of the guitars. Just by closing your eyes you’ll feel like you are jumping in the middle of a crowd immersed into their slightly organized wildness. Last year, Yuck gave us an advance of the new 90’s generation with their debut self-titled album. But bands as Joanna Gruesome and Playlounge show as that there is still a lot more to come, so I would recommend you to take your Sonic Youth t-shirt out of your closet and put on a Pavement CD because the 90’s are back!


There isn’t much that I feel I need A solid soul and the blood I bleed But with a little girl, and by my spouse, I only want a proper house I don’t care for fancy things Or to take part in the freshest wave, But to provide for mine who ask I will, with heart, on my father’s grave On (On

my your

father’s father’s

grave grave)

I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things, Like a social status. I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls. BSHR Indie Music Magazine Lyrics | Animal Collective | My Girls | Artist Reserves All Rights


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


lec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for us before the band prepared for one of their shows with Edward Sharpe last month. We hope you guys enjoy the interview and that you get a chance to see these guys on tour. Our thanks to Alec, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah + their wonderful team, and thanks to Juana for setting this one up for you guys! +How did you meet each other and what lead you to come together to create music? I had some recordings I wanted to work on and I knew some people who were available to put them together… and then we did. +How did you decide on the name? It was someone’s graffiti written prominently on a wall somewhere in New York. We borrowed it but were going to give it back.

Ecstasy or disgust … nothing between.

+What can fans expect to experience at your live shows?

+Who are your biggest musical influences? Anyone “upcoming” that you are really into? At the moment, I like Beach House … also enjoying Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes … Are The Walkmen still upcoming? Biggest influences? Tom Waits and Tetsu Inoue. +Do you stream music online, or through a service? It’s a useful tool to get a glimpse but not the best way to really dig in … vinyl is the best way and, for me, listening to vinyl using headphones. +Where can fans best connect with the band? At the live show, certainly. I go to Johnny Brenda’s sometimes too. +What do you feel is the hardest thing about being an indie music band/ today? What do you love most about it? The hardest thing is touring. I love touring…


+Since everyone was a startup once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?

+When can we expect to see you touring and in which regions?

+Hysterical made a lot of people’s “Top Albums of 2011” list. When can we expect a new record from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah? +Any parting words, a message to your fans?

+Well, we definitely appreciate your time! Thanks again Alec!


Canadian Rock Round-Up

Featuring Japandroids Metric + Stars

By Shannon Neeley


he Canadian music scene has been particularly buzz-worthy these past few years. With the rise of some killer indie rock bands like Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Death From Above 1979 all going on to find international acclaim, a new light was cast on Canadian music. But there’s no resting on our Can-rock laurels. Recent months have been a hot bed for album releases and included some real gems from top-notch Northern talents. Metric’s fifth album Synthetica, is definitely going to please long time fans of the band. Metric don’t shy away from pulling out their musical calling card, and as the title suggests you can expect lots of synth-drenched tunes. Synthetica kicks off with a commanding urgency, snapping you to attention, and drives the album’s manic energy along. The first three songs fall together seamlessly, but the standout is the insanely catchy lead single, “Youth Without Youth”. Metric have found a sound that works for them and have put out a record that you can’t help put be pulled into. There is a strong 1980s influence weaving its way through the album. At times, you can hear early Blondie influences shining through. Lou Reed evens makes an appearance to accompany Emily Haines on “The Wanderlust”. There are some lagging parts towards the end of the album that play with the overall flow, but Metric brings their love of synth twiddling, 80s fuelled tunes full circle on Synthetica. Stars seemed to be drinking from the same synth-loving fountain as their pals in Metric. Exploring a more upbeat arrangement than their previous album The Five Ghosts, it feels like Stars most recent creation, The North is going to be a pivotal album for the band. Steeped in nostalgia, their sixth album once again tackles the reoccurring themes of time and its passing. The complimentary vocal paring of Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan continue to help separate Stars’ sound from the indie rock pack. During the duet “Do You Want to Die Together”, the two singers bounce back and forth against each other, caught in a fraught ridden doo-wop. “A Song is a Weapon” is a topical and poignant track that will end up ingraining itself in your head. Millan has also noted that it is a little nod to Woody Guthrie’s famous guitar slogan, this machine kills fascists. 22 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

23 Part of the pleasure of listening to any of Stars’ albums are the mini emotional journeys that the songs have the ability to take you on. The highly personal and introspective lyrics lend themselves to a level of intimacy and connection with the listener that few artists can achieve. With such contemplative lyrics centered around the universal musings of mortality and life purpose, Stars create songs that move you, and albums that will light up your mind.


ne of Canada’s most exciting musical exports has to be Japandroids. This drum and guitar two-piece, originally from Vancouver, are setting out to amp up the music industry with the raw sound of their latest album, Celebration Rock. Following the success of their debut album Post-Nothing, Brian King and David Prowse grabbed the attention of the music industry and left anxious fans waiting to see if Japandroids sophomore release could live up to the high expectations. The first chant-tastic single “The House That Heaven Built”, easily shuts down any doubts. You can practically feel the club’s walls shaking as King sings, “if they try to slow you down, tell them all to go to hell”. Japandroids have once again tapped into the well of youthful rebellion that has powered rock since its inception. Singing of crazy nights/mornings and living on the edge, Celebration Rock captures the pure energy and emotions of youthful abandon. Not an easy task. It is these memories of rock n’ roll ghosts and future promises that keep us searching and flocking to the dimly lit clubs and dingy bars. Raise a toast to the rock gods. Japandroids have brought back the key component to what can make an awesome rock song connect with so many people at such a core level, the celebration.

Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 23


an interview with

Saint Motel

+Please briefly introduce yourself We are a four piece band from Los Angeles. Our music has been described as all sorts of different things but my favorite right now is "if ELO wrote the soundtrack to the movie Casablanca". +How did you meet your bandmates? What made you decide to work with each other? We met in film school. We wanted to make cathartic music. +How did you decide on your band name? We wanted the music to define the name rather than the other way around. We liked how Saint and Motel didn't really belong together but somehow they did.

+What had been your most memorable show to play so far + why Are live shows are constantly changing. If you know the band at all, you'll know we are notorious for doing crazy @#$% live. We've had everything from zombies to David Lynch up on stage with us.

+What can listeners expect to get from listening +What songs have you covered or thought of to your music? covering and why? who do your songs speak to? what kind of We usually do a different cover every tour. This people are among your core fan base? past tour we did Brenton Wood's version of "Gimme A Little Sign", before that we did Del +Are there any general [funny] misconceptions Shanon, The Who, Hall & Oates, ELO, Bowie, about any of your music ie lyrics or meaning of and a bunch of music that I would say has a particular song? influenced us. I think our debut album "Voyeur" is kind of escapist music. It's a dream. It's music of +Anyone "upcoming" that you are really into? where you want to be more than music of I really am diggin Django Django, Mystery where you are. We tend to play high energy, Jets, the new Tame Impala and M83. fun music, because it is a fun release from the day to day pains of being alive. +What band/artist is on your iPod that you may have to explain or defend, or that might surprise us?

+Do you individually take on certain characteristics or roles on tour, in the studio, or at a show? Yeah, I've been told I have multiple personalities a bit. On stage and off. But that's what the stage is for I think. To release your demons. Do let your inhibitions die. +What is the hardest thing about being in a band these days? Don't really have much to compare it to, but I've heard stories of the go go 90s where people were getting million dollar deals left and right. Not so much anymore. Now it's billion dollar! Ha. Kidding. +What do you love the most about what you do? I really love writing music. I'm most at home when I'm being creative. But there is nothing like the rush of playing a big concert to a room packed full of people who actually want to hear your music. +If you weren't making music what would you choose as a career? Well, I'm a director and editor as well. Trying to make a career out of being creative I suppose. +For you describe the moment you will know you have "made it" in music. When David Bowie wants to jam with me. Petula Clark? Or Burt Bacharach maybe? Stuff that is somewhere between pop and retro easy listening. No need to defend it, but might be surprising? +If you were allowed to place one album besides your own in a time capsule what would it be? Hmm, you mean one that would represent all of humanity for the aliens that find our charred remains? Hmm, Yanni haha. +What are your thoughts and feelings about online music sharing? Music sharing is great but I have a tough time believing illegal downloading is really in anyone's benefit. +Where can your fans best connect with you online and where can they buy/hear your music? Facebook and Twitter are pretty actively monitored by the band. You can get and hear our music all over the interweb but our website www.saintmotel. com is a safe bet.

+What tips would you give to bands who are just starting out? Wow, that is tough. I would probably just say there are easier ways to meet girls if that's what it's about for you haha. +When will you be touring next and in what regions? Later this fall. It's going to be mostly western US dates and a little Canada. +Anything you would like share- new merch, upcoming shows or albums? Our album, "Voyeur" is now available as a 12" vinyl and we are selling those directly through We also designed our physical CD and vinyl with customizable, moveable, eyes. For more details check out the site. +Any parting words for your fans? We love you and we miss you. Hang soon?


Bear Hands

The Interview

Within a multitude of indie replicas, Bear Hands clearly doesn’t try to be anything but what they are, and why should they? Upon first listen it becomes apparent that there is an absurd amount of natural talent beneath the shimmering layers + multi-faceted styles that lend themselves to comforting honest lyrics creating something truly special, consistently different, and dare we say addicting? Well, it’s a start.

+Dylan and Ted- you both attended Wesleyan. Did you have classes together? Did either of you have class with Andrew or Ben (MGMT)? Ted and I both majored in film. He was a couple years younger than me but we definitely sat in the cinema together and watched a lot of good flicks. Never had classes with MGMT. Knew Ben a little through my friend Lee Pender but that's about it. +Was 'Julien' inspired by the Harmony Korine film (Julien Donkey Boy). If so can you relate to any of Julien’s family or what was it that stood out for you? Embarrassingly, I still haven't seen the movie. I wrote the song on Halloween at Wesleyan after a long night of huffing some ether a friend took from the chem lab. Big fan of the dude's other work though. +As film students, have you (or would you) follow the “Vows of Chastity”? Do any other Dogme 95 films stand out for you? Gummo is in my pantheon of most powerful/ effective films. Not sure if it's an official Dogme 95 film. Generally I'm not much for rules when it comes to songwriting. I find my ignorance of music theory creates more than enough limitations to create (hopefully) focused art. +What made you choose to start creating music and to pursue it? I couldn't say. Someday I'd like to make art in different mediums but who knows if that will happen. I might get a real job soon though. Music doesn't pay and occasionally I think art as a career is a dangerously narcissistic pursuit.

+Val and TJ had a project going on prior to Bear Hands for a while. What were you called then? They had a hardcore band called In Pieces but Bear Hands didn't exist until all four members were in place. +What was the first record you bought? Dunno maybe New Kids on the Block maybe Aerosmith. +Who are your biggest musical influences? What up-and-coming bands are you really digging? Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Biggie. In terms of new bands I like Slam Donahue, Action Bronson, Fort Lean. +What is the hardest thing about being in a band these days? What do you love the most about it? Worrying about wasting your life/waking up when you're 40 and being unskilled in a competitive job market. Also there are downsides. +What are your thoughts/feelings about online music sharing? I listen to music on youtube but I think there should be revenue sharing between tech companies who have profited off of a glut of free (but illegal) content and musicians/labels. +What tips would you give to bands who are just starting out? Decide what your thing is and work on it more than you think you have to.


+What are your favorite past-times/hobbies or belongings unrelated to music or film? Smoking pot. Reading. Snapple Iced Teas over ice. Basketball. Self-analysis. +Your last LP took over a year to complete in the studio and the label says there was general indecision around it’s release. What were your first thoughts upon the decision being finalized? It was tremendously satisfying to release our first LP. I can't say I think it's perfect but it makes me excited to do another one. +You remixed one of my favorite DJ’s miss Hesta Prynn. Were you each involved in the process? What brought this about? We did some shows with her and the remix idea came up on tour. Ted and I worked together on the instrumentals one night in the studio. Ted did most of the hard work but I was the "idea guy." +Your song Tall Trees says “I eat cats for their nine lives” freakin' genius! But I am guessing you don't eat cats. What evoked these lyrics from you? Mostly rhyme scheme. Maybe a little Gummo influence too. + Have you really managed to avoid being asked about your friend, "Frank"? I mean ...what's going on here? There's no real Frank. The song is about confusion/ mixed messages. +You’re currently on tour with GZA and Killer Mike. What has been your favorite show of this tour so far? Our LA show was great. Really good hang sesh and we sold a lot of tshirts so that was fun. +Can you tell us about the days you spent in Rawlins without the van? How did you manage not to kill each other? In moments of trauma the band has a pretty good record of coming together so morale didn't ever dip dangerously low. We just ate a lot and watched daytime tv. Met some interesting locals including a real life cowboy named Grady Cooper which is just perfect. +Was there any “whiskey boxing” to take out all the frustration maybe, or [are you] retired now? Haven't played that game for a while now.

+ You've played with some pretty respected names out there in what I call the “major indies”. What are a few moments that really stand out for you? Playing Reading and Leeds festival in the UK was great. We went to Brazil for a week for a festival once. That was like a vacation. +Where would you that your largest fan base is located? Has any city really surprised you? New York, LA, London are the obvious one. I guess we do better than expected in Cincinnati, Orlando, maybe Austin. +What’s the first thing you do when you get home from touring? Internet pornography. Pet my dog at home. Go see my folks. +Of course I have to ask, do you have any plans to come back out to California (or to tour) again soon? Yes we should be back on the road early 2013. +The EP “Songs from Utopia Part 1” is pretty political stuff. Were these all newly written songs? What specifically inspired them? Nah they were written over a number of years. Mostly while I was at school so that might have tipped the politics a little. +I know there are said to be more than a few songs that have been written and remain unrecorded. Do you think they will all be released at some point? I've got lots of nuggets hanging around. Always trying to write more. +Do you know what songs are going on the next LP? More or less +When can we get our hands on the next full album from Bear Hands? When can people expect to hear “Songs from Utopia Part II”? No immediate plans for Utopia II. LP2 should be coming out spring next year. +Any parting words or message to your fans? Nothing stays the same.

By Meagan M. Jackson with answers by Dylan Rau


Continued from Page 8: Your Thoughts on Tegan + Sara’s “Closer”

I want you clo se, I want you. . . “Instead of being guitar driven, it’s heavy on the pop and synthesizer side, to which was a background effect to their songs prior to this release. For me, although it may be something new from them musically it’s still them. The lyrics, the way the song makes a person feel and their vocals still distinguishes them from the rest of whatever songs are being played over the radio. You JUST KNOW it’s Tegan and Sara. I expect their new album Heartthrob to surprise older fans and invite newer ones. If they did in fact take a big leap with this album as stated during Carpool Confessional, I’m super excited for this upcoming era. “ (Nicky, 22, Filipino-American) “I really like Tegan and Sara’s new song ‘Closer’. I feel like it is different than their older stuff, it is a lot more electronic, and upbeat. I feel like this song along with their collaboration with Morgan Page on their song ‘Body Work’, demonstrates their progression in their career. I do have to say that I prefer the acoustic vibe of their older songs. I almost feel like they are changing their sound to compete with the changing tastes in music today, many people prefer the digitized music to actual instruments. I expect to see more music like ‘Closer’, and ‘Body Work’ on their upcoming album. ‘Closer’ and ‘Body Work’ seem to lack the poetic element that their music used to have. I hope to see a mixture of both the pop/electronic genre with the more acoustic indie genre.” (18, USA) “’Closer’ is an interesting new take for Tegan and Sara. While I wasn’t fond of the song at first, I began to understand that they’re eager as songwriters to test new waters and try other things in their careers. The lyrics are still typically Tegan-esque – especially since Sara is known for writing the deeper cuts most times. They’re taking influence from the dance-themed songs they’ve been featured on, and they’re making it their own. It’s a big step and a huge challenge, but it’s important for them to experiment and not let their sound grow stale. ‘Closer’ is a step in an unknown direction, but it brings so much excitement along with it.” (Alexander, USA) “I love the new song, I do think it’s very different from their other music but I greatly enjoy it and look forward to the album release highly. I think they have the bar set high after albums like This Business of Art and Sainthood but I’m sure they are fully capable of blowing those out of the water with this new release. They are honestly one of my top five favorite bands so it’d be very hard to disappoint me with the new album.” (Andy, 18, Caucasian American)

The Biz

ok g You a Lo n i v i G s c i try Infograph usic Indus M e h t o t n I


an interview with


Last year their self-titled debut lent multiple tracks to our high rotation + Editor’s Choice playlist. Now Priory is back in the studio preparing to unleash their promising sophomore album - starting with a new single next month! Here they share what you can expect and more. . .

+How did you meet each other and what lead you to come together to create music? Kyle and I met in 2004 while living in a hovel of a bachelor pad in NE Portland with 5 guys. We both had rooms filled with music gear leaving very little space for beds or clothing. so I guess you could say we were lead to create music through our similar decorating styles. We started writing music and it was a natural flow. We were both creative types and we had common ideas. Eventually pursuits with monetary gain sent us in separate directions. I went to farrier college in Oklahoma and Kyle went to work for a record label in Seattle. We reconnected in Portland in 2008 and began writing the songs while overindulging in homemade beer. The music was present and we both decided to quit our day jobs and became Priory. +How did you decide on the name? Originally we named the band Priory because we were a group with common life goals and aspirations and we devoted ourselves to music. Upon further research we learned that the Franciscan Friars used to only leave their Priory to get supplies etc.. Ironically, as a band, we have often been known to lock ourselves in to the studio and pretty much throw away the key for weeks at a time. +What can listeners expect to get from buying/listening to your music? We like to take hook driven melodies and place them in the middle of really thick musical textures. Lyrically, we write about we talk about: Life experience, our take on issues. Sometimes we just write something because it fits phonetically in the mix of the music. We work hard at what we do and hope that comes across in the music. +What can they expect to experience at your live shows? Kyle is a mad man on stage. Everyone is multi tasking during our live show, singing, playing bells, shaking tambo, triggering samples, playing keys...Oh, and we have video projection and lasers. We have a lot of fun. Our live show has become increasingly complex. Its like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. We do our best to make the show as entertaining as possible. +Who are your biggest musical influences? Anyone "upcoming" that you are really into? Duran Duran, Donkey Boy, Queen, Crystal Castles, Phil Collins, Brian Wilson, The Police, Big Freedia, Two Door Cinema Club, Future Islands, Hot Chip, Kanye West, M83, Yeasayer. Some Portland bands we really dig are Foreign Talks, Shy Girls and Onuinu. +What do you think about online music sharing? This is such a hot button issue because it can be both good and bad. It is a beautiful thing to be able to make a song and give it directly to your fans. The upside of online music, besides creating less waste for our planet, is being able to listen anytime anywhere. Pandora and Spotify are great examples of this. It is a wonderful way to expose your music to a broader audience. The problem is when Artists are not given the proper royalties for songs they spent so much time on. We want to share our music and get it to everyone, but we also want to make a small semblance of a living so that we can continue creating and being artists. +Where can fans find your music online or otherwise, either to stream, download or to purchase? 30 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

31 You can find all of the above on our official band website you can also purchase music on Amazon, iTunes, soundcloud. +Where can they connect with the band? Facebook-/prioryband Twitter-@prioryband Soundcoud-- Priory +What do you feel is the hardest thing about being an indie music band/ today? What do you love most about it? One of the harder things about being an indie band today is being labeled as an indie band. There are so many bands out there classified in this way and it can become hard for the music fan to find what they really enjoy. What we love most about it is the Freedom. Our Label (Expunged Records) has been great about giving us time and opportunity to create. We recently opened our own studio in Portland. This has given us time to work on our new album as well as produce other records. +Since everyone was a startup once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips? Start with good song writing. Next would be to gain an online presence that helps supports your touring.

Have a vision for your band then find a team that can help implement your vision. Lastly, make a quality, well recorded album. Spend the time to make your art sound the best it can. +When can we expect to see you touring and in which regions? You can expect to see us out on the road Nationally in the end of 2012 into 2013. +Anything you would like sharenew merch, upcoming shows or albums? We have been working on our new album for 6 months solid. We both agree it is the best thing we have ever done musically. Our goal is to release in Feb 2013. Our first single called “Put EM Up,� will be available on itunes in November. +Any parting words, a message to your fans or general populous? We will be out on the road late in 2012 and most of next year. Take care of one another because we are all in this together. All answers by Brandon Rush and Kyle Dieker

Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 31


Deep Sea Diver Juana Interviews Deep Sea Diver’s Jessica Dobson


t’s been three years since Jessica Dobson (The Shins) released the New Caves Ep as Deep Sea Diver. Since then, it passed from being a band, then to a solo project and finally a band again. But these hesitations were worth it and all these preparations can be clearly seen in their marvelous debut album: History Speaks. With Jessica’s haunting voice combined with the darkly upbeat and diverse melodies, Deep Sea Diver provides an album that flows extremely well throughout its nine tracks.

+Do you think your music has changed between “New Caves EP” and “History Speaks”? JD: In the same way that anything having to do with people and personalities change over the course of time. Working with different groups of people, having different experiences, being married, having tastes evolve, all contribute to my/our music changing and hopefully evolving.

Music is so inherently communal , that it only really makes sense in the context of we ourselves enjoying it and letting other people in on that joy.

+Deep Sea Diver was formed in 2006 and the album wasn’t released until this year, why did it take you so long? JD: deep sea diver as a band name became something of a moniker to go under and was chosen while I was recording my second record for Atlantic records, both of which were shelved... That process was a laborious one, which wasn’t truly resolved for a few years, and I had to work around meticulous contracts which had me bound and unable to release until the new caves e.p. the duration between that and history speaks had to do with the nature of playing with new people, developing a musical language together and not settling for songs that weren’t special or fitting for the album. +Why did you decide to name the album “History Speaks”? JD: History speaks is the final track of the album and is basically the lyrical and musical response to the rest of the album which is wrought with despair, hopelessness, sadness, and bedlam, which is basically a worship song to a God who makes sense of and works through the worst things we can imagine. +How do you think moving from Southern California to Seattle influenced the music of the album? 32 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine

JD: Most of the songs were written while we were in california, but moving to Seattle definitely put the fire under us to finish up the album. Starting over in a new city and having to earn your place was not daunting but incredibly exciting for us. +How would you describe your album? What type of thoughts and emotions it encloses and transmits? JD: Lyrically this album contains such a broad range of emotions that were true to what we were experiencing at the time. I think that Keep it Moving and Why Must a Man Change hold the hold the crux of what I was trying to understand about myself and others. You see these things in yourself that you want to abandon or hold true to , but so often our actions and words reflect the opposite of what we actually want. Why do put hope in people, circumstances, God etc? Where does that longing even come from? Those questions definitely pervade this record. +Do you think that the fact that the album went through so many cities had an influence in it? JD: Thankfully, we have incredibly talented friends in both LA and Seattle, and their musical contributions are what helped shape this record. Most bands like to keep a pretty tight lid on what they are doing creatively but we choose to work with people that we trusted and admired and when they had sweet ideas, we welcomed them. +Why did you decide to make Deep Sea Diver a band instead of a solo project? JD: having a community of people that you can share music and life with is much more rewarding than to just be an island trying to make things happen on your own. +Jessica, you’ve toured with many musicians and bands, such as Beck and The Shins, how did they influence you and what have you learnt from them? JD: Both beck and James are incredible songwriters with such integrity that it’s impossible not to glean from what they do and their successes, not necessarily commercially, but artistically and personally. +Would you tell us more about filming the music video of “NWO”? JD: Matt Wignall the producer/engineer/photographer/ videographer is a very talented and brave man. That video was the product of his initial idea followed by us as a band hanging out with him for two days, driving around Seattle, finding lynchian images and having a blast. He/we felt like that song lent itself to the most visceral imagery and was conceptually the most feasible with the budget, or

lack there of, that we had. It basically allowed us to romp around with a camera and call it work. +Who are your biggest influences? Is there any new band that you really like? JD: nick cave, Bjork, The Smiths, David Bowie, Paul Simon, and other such greats. In terms of new music, Daniel Rosen, deer hoof, delta spirit, the dirty projectors, Bryan John appleby, and others. +What do you think of online music sharing? JD: it’s the nature of the market right now, so rather than getting pissed off or stressed out about it, I try and see how it can be used. So there are the benefits of social media that can broadcast your music to a much larger audience. The drawback is that it is all available for free, which means that as musicians we have to pay top dollar for every element of the process (studio fee, producer cost, additional musicians, mixing engineer, artwork, mastering engineer, duplication, publicity, radio campaign, etc) and people could just find our album for free and download it without thinking that there was any cost. But, oh well, +What do you feel is the hardest thing about being an indie music band today? What do you love most about it? JD: it’s exceedingly difficult to make money. Which makes it hard to find people that can gamble away their lives and commit themselves to a band in the modern market. The most amazing thing about it is being able to connect with other people and share your gift with them, that they might be affected or blessed by it. Music is so inherently communal, that it only really makes sense in the context of we ourselves enjoying it and letting other people in on that joy. +Since everyone was a startup once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips? JD: We are still there. Write music you are proud of. If you aren’t good, get better. Be disciplined. Don’t complain about what you do. Learn to love every step of the process. Work damn hard. +When will you be touring next and in what regions? JD: we have a west coast tour coming up in November, so stay tuned. Beyond that, we plan on touring a lot this coming year. +Any parting words, a message to your fans? JD: thank you guys for caring enough to listen our music and read this interview. You guys rule.

Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 33

34 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine


Fo u r Y e ars w ith o u t Be Your Own Pet By Juana Giaimo


remember when I listened to Be Your Own Pet for the first time: I had never listened to anything as wild and crazy. I was surprised by their rough and imperfect sound: they just made loud enjoyable music. These guys had an endless container of energy to give out through their songs. It was on these days, back in 2008, when they announced that they were splitting up and though I had just started to get into their music I already knew how much I would miss them. But I wasn’t the only one surprised by their bestiality: reading the reviews of their debut self-titled album released in 2006, you can realize that they stood out and called the attention of listeners, who saw them as beasts released of their cage. And that is how former singer, Jemina Pearl, looked during concerts: her eyes wide open and her mouth gasping frantically, sometimes rolling over the floor tricks learnt from Karen O but personalized to her own style. Their debut album consists of 15 short tracks - only two are longer than three minutes long- and was released through Thurston Moore’s record label, Ecstatic Peace and XL Recordings. It is like a fast tornado that turns everything around and once it is finished you have no idea what has just happened but you know that you want to live it again. Their second release, Get Awkward, out in 2008, wasn’t so eccentric; however, it cannot be denied that their music stil consisted of a feverish catastrophe. There are plenty of reasons to have felt depressed and disappointed when they announced their last show ever, mainly because it was a band that demonstrated they stil had a lot to give. Four years after their break up, their members have been involved in plenty of projects, stil none of them serious enough – somehow they always finished breaking up or just being forgotten – with the exception of Jonas Stain’s band Turbo Fruits, who released their third record, Butter, on September 11th . This project started while Stein was stil part of Be Your Own Pet and also included John Eatherly (Be Your Own Pet’s drummer) until 2008. Jemina Pearl released her first solo album in 2009, which counted with the collaborations of Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop and Dave Sitek, from TV on the Radio. The songs, which were co-written with Eatherly, are probably the most organized ones of all her projects. Pearl is part now of Ultras S/C, a band she formed with Chetley “Cheetah” Weise from The Immortal Lee County Kil ers and Ben Swank from Soledad Brothers. Their song Black Face Time can already be listened on their soundcloud account, but no more news about the band have been said. Finally, former bass player Nathan Vasquez has two current projects: Deluxin, where he show us again his punkish style, and Blues Hole, a much more interesting side of him in which he explores slower melodies better arranged, but stil untidy and with a kind of a miserable style. Though Be Your Own pet wil be missed, it is clear that the four past members of have talent. What they need is time to organize their projects and hopefully we wil soon hear more about them to feel the thril in our veins again.

mumford and sons "After their acclaimed debut album, Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons’ second release was one of the most highly anticipated records of this year. The band was able to satisfy the fans through Babel, which offers twelve pleasant Folk tracks (fifteen with the deluxe edition) that altogether create a solid album. Its catchy songs combined with the mandolin, many acoustic guitars, and banjos –typical instrumentation of Folk music- create a feeling of natural freedom that is maintained during the whole record. Though not very dynamic or innovative, Babel is the kind of album that is made to enjoy and to relax while listening to it."

Babel review

Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 35


Virtual Music Expo

Indie Connect W ill H o s t t h e Wo r l d ’ s Fi rs t Al l -Vi rtual Music C o n f e r enc e I n January


ndie Connect is bringing together thousands of artists, songwriters, businesses and speakers from around the globe for 3 days of high-level networking, industry education, a business trade show and artist/label showcases! Since the entire event will occur exclusively online, there are no expensive plane fares, no wallet-breaking hotel rooms and no maddening crowds!


oin Blue Sky January 15-17, 2013 as we take part in Indie Connect’s exciting + groundbreaking event to unite the indie music industry! Check out Indie Connect online for more on this innovative + essential resource.

www.Virtua lMusicCon f erenc e. c o m



see it often, throughout the internet, becoming almost as common as the public distaste in Nickelback or Twilight. People are wondering how and why Nicki Minaj has fans at all, and it seems to be the norm to express a dislike for her, and her music. Why? Has she become repetitive to the point of annoyance? Has she taken her look too far? Has she gone too mainstream? Perhaps. It is true she is not rapping for the chance to get big; she has done her time there. She is now one of the biggest rappers in music today, and the most successful female rapper ever. And I enjoy her music, with no shame at all. As someone with a vast taste in music, like most people taking the time to read this, I of course respect music that has value. I love lyrics that speak to me, or have a wonderful melody, or that just flow together with a perfect blend of those two elements. But you know what other music I like? Any music. I love anything that makes me enjoy whatever moment I am sharing the song with. When I was little I loved The Backstreet Boys, and danced around like a dorky kid does when he is listening to cheesy pop. I don’t deny my love for the music just because it doesn’t speak to some artistic moment in my life. I embrace the love I have for the music based on the fact that I enjoyed it at one point. Backstreet Boys Millennium was a piece of my childhood. Nicki Minaj has some great catchy rap songs, that speak to the world about nothing but having a good time and how she is a female rapper in a man’s world. Being a woman in the rap game is a standout great thing in itself. I follow rap, and seeing a woman breaking boundaries, objectifying men for a change, speaking about the triumphs she has made is admirable in itself. The rap genre is not one that most people would consider full of integrity, but it is what it is. Rap is here to stay and Nicki Minaj has broken boundaries, and whether or not you enjoy her music, you should respect her, and how far she has come in her genre. And if you can’t dance at least a little to “Super Bass” then I just don’t know what to do to help you. Not every movie has to be deep and thoughtful, it is okay to watch a kids movie. Not every song has to be deep and emotional, it is okay to want to dance and feel like an empowered tough rapper. Indulge yourself.

BSHR Indie Music Magazine

October Festivals Parklife Perth 2012

WHERE: Perth, Western Australia WHEN: October 1, 2012

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2012 WHERE: San Francisco, CA WHEN: October 5-7, 2012 TICKETS: Free

Virgin Mobile Free Fest 2012 WHERE: Columbia, MD WHEN: October 6, 2012 TICKETS: Free

Ultra Music Festival Ibiza WHERE: Ibiza, Spain WHEN: October 7, 2012

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Treasure Island 2012

WHERE: San Francisco, CA WHEN: October 13-14, 2012 TICKETS: $75 1-Day / $129.50 2-Day

CMJ Music & Film Marathon WHERE: New York, NY WHEN: October 16-20, 2012 TICKETS: $149 5-day pass

City Arts Fest 2012

WHERE: Seattle, WA WHEN: October 18-20, 2012 TICKETS: $69 3-Day Pass

Moogfest 2012

WHERE: Asheville, NC WHEN: October 26-27, 2012 TICKETS: $100-$145 3-Day Pass

Curated by Meagan M. Jackson

Frank Turner Live @ House of Blues

40 | Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine


I've Been Up Since Half Past Five

Written By: Rachel Clare t was certainly a long day for Frank Turner, who played on the set of Conan O’Brien before making a stop at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. The English folk-punk musician is out on the road with Jenny Owens Young and Larry and his Flask as part of his 2012 Lost Evenings Tour, and what a lineup it is! Jenny Owens Young started off the night with all her own brand of acoustic rock (Side note: She’s also got a killer stripped-down cover of “Call Me Maybe” up on YouTube). And Larry and his Flask? If you’ve never seen these dudes, you should just know that it’s like a giant backyard party on stage, assuming this backyard party was jammed with a crazy country-rock style, mandolin and banjo included. The night was topped off with the man of the hour, Frank Turner, and his band The Sleeping Souls. The crowd was buzzing, half from the excitement and probably half from the whiskey and PBR they had consumed. Frank took to the stage to screams and applause, smiling when he had to wait a moment or two for the noise to die down so he could launch into his set. One of the set’s highlights included a song about Gene Simmons. Frank prefaced the performance by announcing that he had recently read the autobiography of Simmons, commenting, “You might know him as the guy with the tongue from KISS.” Needless to say, most of us are aware of Gene Simmons’ absurd escapades with far too many ladies, but did you know that he reportedly takes a Polaroid picture of each woman he sleeps with and stores them in a scrapbook (For future reference? To keep tally?)? Rockstar move of champions, I guess. A new track, “Wherefore Art Thou, Gene Simmons?” was born in response. Blue Sky + Hard Rock Indie Music Magazine | 41


Photos By: Rachel Clare


A Very Special Thanks to Team Hans

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Coming to Austin During SXSW 2013

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