The Bluegrass Standard - September 2022

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Caleb Bailey & With hurricane season in full swing right now, it’s a time of the year when many down south can’t help but face memories of trying times and dire struggles. For Caleb Bailey & Paine’s Run, one of those memories led to a song and a new firsthand relationship with a harrowing storm tale of the past. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Caleb Bailey is, of course, the group’s frontman, creator, and namesake. “I wrote the song ‘Camille’ to tell the tragic story of the night that Nelson County, Virginia was devastated by the hurricane that claimed the lives of over a hundred people and washed away homes and cars,” Bailey explained of the 1969 tempest. The infamous storm came ashore along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and leveled those communities, but people further inland were not spared its wrath. As it 30