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Modern technology, skilled staff and good workmanship is the cornerstone for BM2 lndustri A/S to deliver high quality.

For more than 30 years BM2 lndustri A/S has continued to strengthen her position as one of the major precision engineering companies in Scandinavia for CNC machining of large workpieces.

lf we should make a profile of ourselves... As an order-producing precision engineering company BM2 lndustri A/S has a close collaboration with our customers. This means that our customers always take an active part in the initial stages and that quotations and project planning are tailored to meet our customers’ needs. BM2 lndustri A/S specializes in CNC turning, milling, drilling and boring of large workpieces. To do so we apply high-tech production machinery incorporating CNC turning centers and dividing tables for machining workpieces to tolerances down to 1/1000 mm. Technological developments move fast, and to keep up the expertise our employees are trained successively.

Mogens Christiansen Managing Director

BM2 lndustri A/S closely monitors developments to continue to enforce our objective to supply quality workpieces at competitive prices.

CNC machining of large workpieces.

Our vision.

Technological developments make it possible to de- The aim of BM2 industri A/S is to become one of sign ever increasing constructions that consist of the top Scandinavian precision engineering compaelements and workpieces of very large dimensions. nies focusing on CNC machining like turning, milling, drilling and boring of large workpieces. BM2 lndustri A/S has kept up with developments and has continually invested in the latest high-tech We will continue to keep up with technological demachinery. This enables us to do CNC machining of velopments in production machinery for CNC maworkpieces of extraordinary dimensions to be ap- chining. Through constant training our workforce plied by industries within such areas as wind power, will be in a position to meet any customer needs offshore and cement. with qualified workmanship. Large constructions are joined together of components where precision and quality is an absolute must. A highly skilled workforce and a wide technical expertise makes BM2 Industri A/S meet all engineering requirements. Add to this a flexible production whereby we can offer high-quality solutions mixed with the most demanding of delivery schedules. BM2 lndustri A/S has specialized in CNC turning, milling, drilling and boring of large workpieces made to customer specification in both small and large numbers.

Our mission. BM2 lndustri A/S manufactures custom-made workpieces in large dimensions for Danish and international industrial companies. The manufacturing processes are carried through on high-tech production machinery on which CNC machining can be made in all flexibility in batches of variable size. BM2 industri A/S also makes welding work on constructions.


Largest magnetic pallet CNC turning machinery in Scandinavia.


The recent investment of BM2 lndustri A/S in a CNC turning machine with a pallet that can hold the workpiece with magnetic force renders simultaneous machining of the workpiece possible on three sides; this magnetic force also ensures exact parallelism and tight flatness, and machining time is minimized substantially.

Working diameter: Ă˜3900 / Ă˜2200 for magnets.

Magnetic clamping makes this machinery ideal for thin flanges.

Drilling and milling / CNC rotary table.


This machine is equipped with a 150 mm heavy-duty spindle and 3D buttons for measuring.

Working diameter: X3000 - Y2000 - Z1600 - W600 CNC rotary table: pallet 1800 x 2200

For optional use it may be fitted with a Ă˜3000 mm rotary attachment with 8 claws.

CNC unit: Heidenhain

BM2 lndustri A/S has a total of 7 CNC vertical boring and turning centres. The range of machinery BM2 lndustri A/S has at her disposal comprises 7 CNC vertical boring and turning centres each equipped with 2 booms for faster machining. Strong tool clamps with a precision in thousandths ensure an exact production. Rail-mounted fastening tools make swift changes to other dimensions possible for machining thin flanges.

Data. Working area: Ă˜500 - Ă˜4200 Working height: 2000 Motor: 50 - 100 KW CNC unit: Siemens 840 D

Two portal milling machines.


Each milling machine is equipped with a CNC dividing table operating with an accuracy of 1/10000 degrees.

Working diameter: Ă˜4200

One milling machine is fitted with a W-axis for machining workpieces to a height of up to 1000 mm.

Equipped with: X - Y - Z and C (W) axes.

Working height: 2000

CNC unit: Heidenhain

CNC dividing table.


The dividing table makes pitches including progressive pitches as well as holes.

Working area: Ă˜600 - X3000 - 0,001 degrees CNC unit: Heidenhain

DS/EN ISO 9001:2008

Quality for more than 30 years.

lt is not only our products that have the highest quality rank. BM2 lndustri A/S has achieved and has been assigned the quality assurance certification to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008, and with this quality assurance we can fully monitor all processes in our company.

BM2 lndustri A/S has specialized in machining large workpieces. Hence our customer portfolio naturally consists of companies who make use of large workpieces in their production. For more than 30 years we have kept up with technological developments and cherish all qualities of workmanship.

Thus we may control, measure and optimize all operations and processes in our company such as procurement, quotations, project planning, produc- This means that we are always in a position to suption, administration, deliveries and service. ply custom-built workpieces machined precisely to meet all customer needs. Our quality assurance system brings our customers into focus and ensures high-quality supplies at competitive prices and with maximum service.

Official presentation of DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 - Mogens Christiansen left.

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BM2 Industri specializes in drilling, boring and milling of large pieces. Furthermore we apply a high technological production machinery and...