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we have spent years painstakingly ensuring that every detail and concept is as original as nature itself. the true essence of this brand is, however, people. without people we would have nothing. blu_line started with only two young brothers and an idea but over the past nearly two decades, in various ways, has touched thousands of people. this brand is dynamic, ever changing and continuously evolving. this brand, this story, our story is people.




our story would not be possible without every single person who has played a role in building this brand. from our dedicated and highly talented staff to our clients, suppliers, collaborators and even our competitors both locally and internationally. every single one has contributed to pushing us further and especially to every single family who has been supportive and given continual encouragement. the blu_line brand journey started with two brothers coming to the decision that they wanted to do something different. the discussion on that day was about whether they would offer the latest products to all their clients as a blu_line standard. this was something no one else was doing locally and would position the brand differently. the course was set, and they strived from that day forward to only offer the ultimate in design style, a superior product offering and, ultimately, creating a completely unique experience. this has been, and continues to be, the very foundation of the brand - a concept derived from that discussion by two brothers nearly two decades ago.


it is said that it can take up to twenty years to build a brand but we believe that a true iconic brand is never perfect, never complete, continually evolving, and we are just beginning!


design is an art form; it is personal and requires time. this has been our pursuit for the last two decades. considering every detail, every form, every texture of the kitchen. we have pushed the boundaries to discover more, risked more, and created more with these collections being the culmination of the last two decades of innovation. those early years had many challenges, but we are so grateful for every client who gave us the opportunity to push the boundaries with their projects. our story is people, because so many people were willing to take a risk on us. they caught onto our vision and understood where we wanted to go and worked with us to get us one step closer.




the monoline collection is all about subtle details and sleek lines, offering a sophisticated play on visual aesthetic as well as textures. monoline features a balance of contrasts with the focus being on flush, streamlined cabinetry. delicate detailing is an essential aspect of this collection, where all elements of the design include thinner profiling. overall, the monoline collection offers a toned back look with a sophisticated overall appearance.


thin detailing is the critical element of the monoline collection. this is enhanced via specific accent features within the space. flush units streamline the overall look of this collection, creating an understated appearance while still adhering to our “truth to materials� principle.





foldaway doors in the stand-alone units are an excellent example of how functionality is never compromised for pure aesthetics, but rather a cohesion between these two vital elements.

the thin detailing continues even inside the units where bespoke aluminium shelving has been utilised, ensuring that the attention to detail and a subtle application of materials, happens throughout the space.


a blu_line kitchen is an emotional space where the simplicity of the clean lines has been painstakingly thought through so that there is a seamless flow between the different functions. our sensorline technology can be adapted into each collection. the sensorline tap, developed exclusively by blu_line ensures overall functionality while seamlessly merging technology with our physical reality.







the monoline collection has taken inspiration from architectural dimensions and details, resulting in design elements that are created to enhance the surrounding environment. the proportions of this island are subtle yet make a huge statement continuing the monoline theme.



where beauty and functionality collide in harmony, that is the true essence of blu_line





this collection can handle a great deal of variety in both textures and design elements. while levels and depth are essential, the fundamental focus of the monoarc collection is on beautifully curved detailing. the use of countered angles and subtle curves soften the appeal of the space, giving it a profile that is truly unique and fully customisable. the overall look of the monoarc collection is breathtakingly modern and able to incorporate either flush, sleek lines or the fuller, more dynamic detailing, ultimately defined by the featured design arc.




the entire space is taken into consideration during the design process as is every material used, ensuring this collection tells a visual story. the design direction is one of contrasts as the curved surfaces interact with the straight lines. monoarc is an exploration of movement and flow to enhance the emotional experience of every person who interacts with the space.



authentic textures combined with our inhouse technology runs through the entire collection


the natural curves in nature have been used as inspiration to develop the monoarc collection. the detail is further enhanced through precise, modern craftsmanship. the idea is that the kitchen space is a living space allowing natural elements to come through both physically and visually.


the finishes can be combined to bring about much depth and character while the design is dynamic, adapting to the various functions being performed in the space. the accent curved elements that the monoarc collection boasts are observed in intentional detailing unseen in the modern kitchen today. this focus is subtle but dramatic, where the authentic softening of select materials delivers on sophisticated class.


the boundaries are pushed in this collection as we work with metals and natural stones, softening the hard edges to create subtle luxury which integrates with the surrounding environment.




the overall look of the monobloc collection is noticeably dramatic, offering bold statements. this collection is influenced by considerable contrasts in both textures and colours while accentuating segments of the space, using dramatically thick counters, bold units and various levels. depth of contrast is enhanced through staggering design elements that offer volume and intensity to the overall design scheme. the monobloc collection makes a dynamic statement as all of these elements culminate, resulting in a beautifully bold space.





the monobloc collection is a bold statement, created through accent design elements. every component is fully functional while providing depth in contrast through the materials used. dramatic counters are finally used to accentuate the bold look that is monobloc.

each level of the kitchen has been designed as organically as possible by using lighting as well as tactile materials, which creates the drama. monobloc is rich in contrast and seeks to push the boundaries of our emotions.




we are intent on creating bold spaces

integrated seating is a concept developed by blu_line as part of the exploration of architectural concepts. architecture adapts to the surrounding environments in which it finds itself, and so too our kitchens. depth is made real not just through the materials used but through the spatial arrangements of every element of this collection.





this collection is dynamic in that it develops intuitively with the surrounding environments. the use of our sensorline technology is seen strongly in this collection, allowing for a combination of dramatic materials while serving the experience. the use of marbles and various natural stones gives the space a sense of telling a story with the viewer wanting to explore more details. the surprise lies in sliding motion where the experience of the kitchen is unlike any other.







we have needed every person, every challenge, every failure, every project to be where we are today. our story is people.


we have had quite a journey to get to this place. starting out in a little flatlet to our own small showroom to two flagship showrooms in Joburg and cape town with our own manufacturing facility. we were so young and, because no one told us what we couldn’t do, we did it anyway. this has been an adventure for us of massive proportions. many tears, much sweat and so many lessons learnt the hard way, what has stuck with us and the people who have journeyed with us, is that, as a company, as people, we really care. we have cared about the product, the details, the experience of every client. and that is our continued pursuit today. to every single person who has supported us, pushed us, invested in us, challenged us. to every client who told us the brutal truth so that we could become better. to every team member who worked tirelessly with us. thank you!







this is a concept kitchen collection developed in collaboration with one of south africa’s top designers. the thinking behind the collection was to remove the kitchen from the walls of the living space, opening up the area which enabled free movement, not only around the kitchen island and tall cabinets but allowing space through them.


this concept demonstrates how blu_line continuously seeks to push the boundaries of design. it takes a different approach to how we interact with kitchen furniture and the overall space. details matter and this is a design philosophy strongly employed by blu_line in the development of all collections with craftsmanship experienced at every single touchpoint of this kitchen.




technology is used to offer enhanced functionality as well as a more emotive experience



the brass panel was fitted with the latest sensorline 4.0 technology developed by blu_line. this enabled the brass panel to act as a feature piece, but when cooking begins, the panel would seamlessly slide away. this is all controlled electronically, revealing a homefarm hydroponics herb garden as well as the oven. a living area was incorporated as part of the space, offering a natural flow around the kitchen area.

the island was broken up into three sections, allowing seamless movement through the kitchen, thereby removing any restrictions of ergonomic flow. the island units were finished in the latest terrazzo stone finish. the tall cabinets were in a custom fishbone veneer, adding to the drama of the space and contrasting with angled walls in hot rolled steel .





texture takes our kitchens from a product to an experience.


there have been incredibly hard times and incredibly rewarding times, but this, we believe, is what has forged the foundation of this brand. we never back away from a challenge. we are a brand that is all in, and we will keep trying to move forward with more significant innovation and more “pure� design. we will continue pushing for the ultimate experience, the ultimate product for every one of our niche clients.







integrated technology enhances the experience of a blu_line kitchen








we have developed inhouse technology that drives stone counters. this adaptive philosophy is our continual pursuit of an experience for every client. the kitchen is a functional space but also an emotional reality that must adapt to our ever changing demands.



our sensorline range is continually evolving striving to integrate technology into our design ethos. the focus though, is that technology must enhance the overall experience and not diminish it. with this said, we have developed a lighting system driven by home automation where the floating shelving is able to offer various experience within the same space. the philosophy is that we want our clients to live in a dynamic space continually adapting to their surrounding environments.










this brand belongs to everyone_everyone that has worked with us, supported us and challenged us.






a r e s i d e n c e i n b r ya n s t o n



blu_line sees each living space like a beautiful piece of music where the key to its brilliance is not found in how many notes are played but rather where the silence is brought in. every wall and open area, therefore, is not cluttered but rather focus is given to essentials that bring character and functionality to the space. the glass doors create a depth which is contrasted with the rawness of the marble, adding drama to the overall scheme.



a r e s i d e n c e i n b e d fo r d v i ew


this space expresses a calmness and tranquillity while managing to show forth style and elegance. the nero timber veneer cladding warms the space, allowing the dusk glass doors to effortlessly state the modern touch. the combination of stone ensures that the island is dramatic without overpowering the gentle tones. a space that is timeless in style and class.




a r e s i d e n c e i n s t ey n c i t y



the vastness of the space frames each section of the design, ensuring the kitchen is functional while remaining dramatic in scope. the rich timber offers a palette from which the crater stone and etched aluminum bring interest to the centre of the space. the glass finally gives depth to the area accentuating the beautiful proportions.




a r e s i d e n c e i n s i l ve r l a ke s e s t a t e

the grand scale of this design is made evident in the dramatic use of nero oak timber that causes the emotions to crescendo but ultimately find their resolve in the neutral palette of the satin doors. the stone cladding combined with the warm toned glass holds the tension and is complemented by polished floors that float effortlessly in this serene, yet grand space.



a r e s i d e n c e i n m eye r s d a l e c o e s t a t e





the natural stone doors create drama between the soft-toned satin lacquer and the smoked mirrors without being flamboyant. the detailed chamfer of the charcoal stone counter flows seamlessly from the island, giving the feeling of movement without detracting from the functionality. the raised cut veneer adds the final touches to this exquisite design.


a r e s i d e n c e i n h e l d e r fo n t e i n e s t a t e




the very nature of this space allowed for a creation so distinguished by its understated beauty that ultimately it would result in simplicity and ease, ensuring the person using the space could not help but be inspired. the warm-toned, glass doors were set against the smoked mirror extractor housing. a subtle, yet effective use of timber found in washed oak gives the space a lift but is naturally brought down to earth by the serene and tranquil nature of the counters.



a r e s i d e n c e i n wa t e r fa l l e s t a t e




a modern architectural masterpiece was the setting for this blu_line kitchen. the key objective was to adhere to the architectural beauty of the home in order to ensure that all the elements made a statement while not detracting from the home’s overall character. the large centre island in the kitchen is a feast for the senses, with the focal point being an architectural slab of solid concrete which allows for food preparation as well as serving. the kitchen plays with both levels and depths between surfaces ensuring a dramatic overall look of the monobloc collection.



a r e s i d e n c e i n m e l ro s e e s t a t e


a delicate balance of contrasts is instantly evident on entering the kitchen. a low key, yet luxurious aesthetic was achieved by using etched aluminium contrasted with truview glass to finish the walls. the soft colour palette combined with subtle reflection gives this space an ever-changing dynamic which exudes a sense of sophistication and unique authenticity.





a residence in irene


this kitchen had to be functional while at the same time blending seamlessly in with the surrounding space. blu_line adopts a modern and contemporary design style that ensures the created spaces are clean and simple without appearing cold or harsh. functionality is crucial, but must not interfere with the aesthetic appeal.



a residence in monte cristo estate


blu_line ensured that a sophisticated, yet neutral canvas was created, which allowed for personal touches such as object d’art. timeless design is essential to a blu_lin kitchen while still ensuring a visual feast of beautiful lines, finishes and textures. every aspect was taken into consideration, resulting in a space that integrated seamlessly with its surroundings.






touch. texture. this runs through the blu_line brand affecting every design. we believe in touch materials to ensure every space created is human! clean lines are important, and technology is critical, but texture takes it from a product to an experience. materials have always been a part of our journey and will continue to be, as we risk more, we discover more to serve our clients. from the first timbers we explored to our current finishes we have always ensured that our finishes are themselves an experience.



the difference is that we consider every person. every person matters and this is why our story is people.





a blu_line kitchen has at its core, relational living; which simply means that the space is designed in a way where the experience of each person - performing a task or not - is enhanced and not hindered, ensuring that all the functional requirements of each area in the kitchen have been met.

detail is where you find true differentiation. details matter





the kitchen is a space to be lived in and enjoyed. an organised space does not need to be off-limits to the rest of the family. the kitchen needs to be an inclusive space that everybody can enjoy.


the blu_line concept we are developing is seen in merging the function and the form of the kitchen. what this shows is that the functional elements of the kitchen, as well as the overall layout, need not be separated from the aesthetics. the inner dividers for storage can be as much a showpiece as the island, for example. the door detail must be functional but can also be a feature. details matter and this has never been more important than today to ensure a personal and unique experience.


the kitchen needs to offer ultimate functionality while still having an aesthetic quality. customised zone planning is essential and something we have taken many years to develop. we design spaces that interact seamlessly with the needs of every person in the home while at the same time serving as the architectural anchor to the surrounding environment.




as long as there is more to discover, we will keep pushing.



we are always considering the future of the brand and what astounds us daily is the opportunity. we have never seen blu_line as just a local concept but an international brand. we know we have a long way to go but we have a vision and with the right people we believe it is possible.


our vision though is not just brand exposure but far more, far richer. Its unrivalled opportunities for our people.we have been privileged to see people grow and develop taking on roles and responsibilities in the business that no one thought was possible. this is the dream, people doing what no one thought was possible.




by b l u _ l i n e



open system


moving away from the kitchen, our exclusive wardrobe range ensures that the essence of blu_line is continued through to the remainder of the home. various internal options serve the functional needs while our elite finishes ensure that a distinctive blu_line aesthetic permeates the entirety of the house. our open wardrobe system features bespoke lighting and exclusive detailing, offering a variety of practical solutions which meet the demands of everyday life.



the details matter and this is evident in the attention given to the very functional applications of the blu_line wardrobe collection. aluminium detailing offered in a variety of textures ensure that every function is catered for, with authentic materials adding warmth and character to the overall feel of the space.




closed system




the functionality of this area is critical to the experience of the end-user. the bedroom is a space that demands simplicity and calm that continuously answers the call of everyday needs. drawer components that offer internal, velvet finished divisions enhance storage options, while glass-fronted drawer units create a feeling of comfort and splendour. shoe systems that boast custom aluminium internals ensure durability and style.




this book is the culmination of almost two decades but at the same time the beginning of the next twenty.


the next twenty years will be the beginning of going further than anyone thought possible. the beginning of discovering what can be done if you are willing to risk and continue to explore. it will be harder and require more risk and more significant innovation, but our strength is people, and that is why we believe it is possible.




all blu_line team members past and present, every blu_line family and every person involved. thank you.

we would like to extend our gratitude to every single client, present, past and future. thank you.

to all our collaborators, architects, designers, creatives, suppliers. to every person who has assisted every year. thank you.

our story is people

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